RAJA PETRA KAMARUDDIN. Image from Malaysiakini.com

Image of Tee from wattahack, in support of RAJA PETRA.

Welcome home, Pete.

This is what everyone is saying since 9.30am this morning. Malaysia’s ‘hero’ and famous blogger RAJA PETRA KAMARUDDIN is free – posted bail @RM5,000 and now awaits trial for his Sedition charge on 6 October.

If you want to know why he was arrested, well, it’s written all over the walls of Putrajaya…seriously, look here at my earlier post “Raja Petra goes to jail for Altantuya“.

I know I am a bit late in posting this, but all the same, I am delighted. What excited me more was the manner in which RPK came out of jail. Have you seen the black T-Shirt he was wearing – people tell me it says “RPK, C4ME!”.


I’d really like to have that T-shirt, Pete.

Anyway, he later wears another T-shirt that says “Justice for ALL…tantuya”. That was the T-shirt campaign he was talking about on 28 April, where I met him in Bangsar, 9 days before his arrest. He finally made it and I am sure Altantuya is looking down from wherever she is and saying “Thank you, bless you, Malaysia”.

Anyway, c4 was also the reason why RPK posted bail today.

According to Malaysiakini:

“The prison authority told me that they cannot guarantee my safety because they had received some reports of threat and that Sirul (Azhar Umar) and Azilah (Hadri) had shouted and said that something will happen to me,” he told reporters.

Sirul and Azilah are the two primary murder suspects in the ongoing hearing of the killing of Altantuya Shaariibuu, a young Mongolian woman.Both are currently being remanded at the Sungai Buloh prison where Raja Petra prior to today, had been detained as well.

Read more about this @ Raja Petra out, explains U-turn on bail

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  1. altantuya bin najib says:

    In our Bolehland we have Raja Petra goes to jail for Altantuya who was blow-up by our police using C4.

    Lim Guan Eng goes to jail for helping an old Malay lady whoes daugther got raped by one who walks the corridor of power.

    Anwar Ibrahim goes to jail for a cooked up story by a mamak disguised as a Melayu hero who walk the super corridor of power.

  2. Harrison says:

    What a superhero.

  3. gooeyglobs says:

    What puzzled me is that, how couuld Sirul and Azali threathen Raja Petra if no one tells them that Raja Petra wants the murderers to go to hell?

  4. Come see for me what everyone can clearly see
    Is actually happening in a land not so free
    Since when too much is revealed you pay a fee
    While those who might be guilty manage to flee

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 090508
    Fri. 9th May 2008.

  5. sandyow says:

    That IS indeed a cool t-shirt. T-shirt pirates will make a great profit by copying THAT design 😉

    What I can say is, bring it on RPK. I want to see the “proof” that you previously said you had.

    The people also needs to know who is the person who ordered the police and the AG to prosecute RPK for the article. Let the truth show itself!

  6. Muda says:

    Wellcome back Pak Engku . Words cannot express how we felt knowing that you are back with a vengeance . Look out world , Pete’s back !

  7. artemus22 says:

    Don’t really understand why Sirul and Azilah wanted to get RPK. RPK is not after them. I think people make that up because they are afraid that Sirul and Azilah (and Razak Baginda as well since he’s also in the same jail) might instead pass some important information to RPK and the whole conspiracy would be blown up into pieces like how they C4 the late Miss Altantuya.

    RPK, nice to hear that you’re back and eating again. May good health be with you always.

  8. Margeemar says:

    The word Sedition has been cropping up rather regularly these days. YM Raja Petra was slapped with it and now YB Karpal Singh seems to be next on the list. I really don’t understand the double standards and hypocracy of the Police and the BN/Umno regime on the issue of sedition.

    Just last month, we had Umno politicians making all sorts of unkind remarks against the King and the Raja of Perlis. During the Constitutional crisis, Umno politicians made plenty of what can be termed as Seditious remarks against the Malay Rulers. Then, we have the seditious remarks made by the likes of Hashim Suboh and the Umno clowns during last years Umno General Assembly. Let us not forget DPM Najib just before Operasi Lallang, wanted to bathe the Keris with the blood of Malaysian Chinese.

    All these does not seem to be seditious to the governmet and the impotent IGP and his goons at PDRM! I don’t see where YB Karpal has insulted the Monarchy. The questions he raised is of public interest. It is the idiot Bodohwi and his racist goons in Umno who are trying to stir up racial sentiments by suddenly championing the Malay Rulers and Malay rights. By asking the oxymoron Tengku Adnan to lodge a police report against YB Karpal, Badawi has really demonstrated to the world what kind of a moron and racist he is.

    I see a real danger here that as Umno is sinking, low life’s like SIL, MMT, Tengku Adnan, the MP of Batu Pahat etc. may use this issue to stir up racial tension just to be seen as the Knights of Shining armor in the eyes of the Malays

  9. CheeseBall says:

    The whole fiasco has been engineered to discourage RPK from further proceedings with the Altantuya case, which fortunately had the opposite desired effect.

    It sounds too convenient for RPK to just ‘happen upon’ the two assassin droids, who has probably been fed false information that RPK is the primary instigator who masterminded their imprisonment. What would anyone expect from people who follow orders without conscience nor question.

    Good on ya RPK. Keep up the great work you are doing for all Malaysians.

  10. hutchrun says:

    They were so considerate as to place him in the same block as the 2, and then worry about `safety` of RPK.

  11. amoker says:

    Well, i am glad he is out of there. I agree with CheeseBall that it is just too terserempak.

    Guard:Here is the bathing area… this is the end of the special prison tour.
    Prisoner: Oppss.. i drop my bar of soap..

  12. egmy says:

    Hi, Susan, you are not late, still in time. Glad to see RPK out of the prison. Looks like the murderers never repent what they have done. Now, we all know that all those thugs inside there do not deserve to be called members of PDRM, they have tarnished the good image of PDRM, like those chieves in Grand Saga Ordeal in Sg.Long. I hope the majority of the PDRM force who are clean and sincere will strike a balance one day and get rid of the bad apples in the force and flush away their eveil political masters and superiors who force them to turn against the RAKYAT in many occasion as we have witnessed recently. Hope they have the courage to stand side by side with the RAKYAT.

  13. szdulan says:

    I wonder whether RPK has the chance to chat with RAZAKBAGINDA , then we will have lots of interesting stories around. Ha, ha, how nice. Razak should be bold enough to reveal the TRUTH, nothing but THE TRUTH.

  14. tamade says:

    Hi, Susan, please remind RPK, he still needs to beware, those dirty and evil political masterminds out there can also buy someone to destroy him in Kajang prison. Remember how Napolean died in St Helena? (Remember DS Anwar Ibrahim who was almost down with Arsenic poisoning?) Well, those evil ones might do the same to RPK if the worst scenario happened. Even now, RPK has to be very ALERT and Extra Careful, , these EVIL POLITICAL MASTERMINDS can do anything to hurt him in Bolehland. Now he is the NATIONAL TREASURE of the BOLEHLAND, and the RAKYAT together with the country, cannot afford to lose him.

  15. ironic_law says:

    Just finish reading another great article from RPK about his days in the prison. Right to my own assumption that he is not posing for a hunger strike rather he done it wittily in the name of security (arsenic is tasteless, odourless and can be blended into any foods or drinks, even after being repetitive heated or washed, so please beware).

    Hmm did read about RPK’s prison experience which he says many inmates thou were criminals but are still HUMAN as well. They do care about the future of Malaysia, and the officials were too looking forward for RPK release as they give him a good gesture and smile whenever RPK greeted them “MAKKAL SAKTI”. But I doesn’t think BN leader will able to comprehend with that greetings (it’s in indian language and as we know, BN leaders are racist so no matter the gesture is for good or bad they just label it as BAD/FOUL/VULGAR greetings while they themselves were calling other indian as “KELINGS” sorry if I mentioned it but it was an IRONY FACT that happen in this country).

    Then RPK did mentioned that he met with the 2 TERMINATORs, and also how they shouted and warned him. Hmm I’m starting to wonder why is the fuss. RPK is in the same block prison as you are, each of you got your own cells, heck he can’t even write any seditious blog in the prison for what you were so worried that he was sharing the same block with you??? Was RPK was the person who was hindering their release?? Heck RPK was not the judge for their case, else RPK also doesn’t need to share the same block with them. In my own opinion, these 2 TERMINATORs still hope that the KANGAROO court of Altantuya case to be continued and they can benefited from it if it was sweep under the scope of the public. It was like they were very confident they will be released in the end, unscathed. UI!! How do they know about it? Do they both got clairvoyant powers that can predict the futures hahaha.

    RPK bail out cause the official in the prison warned him about the POSSIBILITIES in the prison. He even explain it in a lengthy manner to RPK and not just only asked but pleaded RPK to get out for the sake of their OWN health and career. Erm I just wanna inform those OFFICIALs 2 things actually… 1st is that it is your job to keep the safety, 2nd it was not RPK who chooses to go into prison but rather it was a procedure of the court on the SEDITIOUS charge which was misuse by your very own BN leaders who you voted during GE12 in the postal votes.. So it was still your own fault, and not RPK who was the culprit. Please do get this matter cleared. So it was their own BAD KARMA afterall and not RPK to be blamed for his standoff against the oppressive BN leaders.

    BOLEHLAND Truly IRONY to the MAX hehehehehehe

  16. Harrison says:

    Dear Susan,

    Wow, I mean wow, we must really reckon the impact of 1 man -raja Petra kamarudin who resurrected the Altantuya trial travesty to such an extent that
    got himself persecuted. Even Susan loone who cover the trial in the nascent stage to sometime in the middle couldn’t roar such an impact. However all your contribution to seek justice for Altantuya will never be forgotten. Is that T for sale?

  17. Hi,

    My friend’s website is running a poll on Sedition Act: Stay or Abolish in reaction to RPK’s persecution.

    Please do join the poll here: http:mylivingwall.com
    Poll is on the right, scroll down to middle section.

    Thanks !!!

  18. bamboo river says:

    I am utterly glad RPK is back to his family in good health.
    Harrison, buy those Ts and give them to the kopitiam customers at the other side as a gift.
    I like the RPK C4Me.

  19. caravanserai says:

    RPK cAme
    He took it away
    Dare to tell
    RPK C4 Me

    He stands tall
    The Kojak I call
    Walking amongst the crowd
    A royalty who shares and cares
    The people and the country
    He doesn’t care what happen to him

    The shining head
    The sun smiles proudly
    A son to the nation
    A man fights for his believes
    The freedom like the wind

    The government leaders
    They want to whip
    Isolate him if they can
    Let him be a lesson to others
    Don’t disturb the hornet’s nest

    The truth is
    The legend is born today
    Like his ancestors of the past
    The Bugis came, conquered and settled down

    RPK will fight it through
    For a better place for the people
    And you, me and the rest
    The wind flowing into all of us

  20. […] UPDATE 10 MAY 2008: RPK is released! And tells of threats by two police officers. See the snarky R.P.K. C4ME shirt. […]

  21. justie says:

    Thanks GOD. Thank God RPK did not take any food or drink offered by the Prison. Who knows what is put inside the food or drink. If those powerful people could use C4 to make someone dissappear thinking there would be no evidence, nothing is impossible for those people to turn RPK to R.I.P. Always be smart and cautious, RPK. GOD will always be with you to protect you as you do goodness to the millions. GOD is fair. But still be very very careful. We want you alive to walk with us for JUSTICE FOR ALL..tantuya. Blessings also to your wonderful supportive caring wife Marina Raja Petra. Bravo.You will be protected by HEAVENS.

  22. Fariq says:

    Najib and rosmah is them worried of this RPk,this two lovers now cannot sleep well,because something is behind this murder,future to become pm will gone by the wind

  23. hutchrun says:

    Fariq, he can easily follow in the footseps of his father, create an Emergency, toss Badawi out and then take over.

  24. billauchris says:

    Why is the trial taking such a long time?

    Why cannot the prosecutor(s) zoom into some relevant questions instead of dwelling into the irrelevant, ambiquous and trivial matters.

    If I were the prosecutor(s), I will just zoom in to those who are authorised for the release of the C4 explosive. Cantonese call it “Sae For” – it amply describes what it is. In the material case, who was the issuing authority?
    Why did he issue the C4? Under what circumstances? How much was issued? Where are the records? Are they still being kept in the armoury?
    Which armoury? Who was on duty and in charge that day? What reason and basis had be to issue the C4? Any written authority? AG Chamber,
    please be advised to be more focused. I am not trying to tell you guys what to do; but just do it for justice sake. You do not have to be afraid now. The door to justice is wide open.

    The whole nation and the whole world is looking at how our court is handling the case. Let us do justice to the departed soul.

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