Note: I do NOT get paid for writing about Altantuya Shariibuu, nor do I get paid for any articles on this blog. I write about Altantuya because she is a woman and she has been brutally murdered. This page is set up to remind everyone that this incident can happen to any of us, especially if you are a woman. 

(This video was produced in 2006 by Stev Shariibuu, Altantuya’s father, and is made public exclusively by this blog. The content of this video is a brief story of Altantuya, and a short clip about her youngest son, Atanshagai, who is sick and in need of medical treatment).

Please click on the video to view it.

The narration in this video is in Mongolian, but I have provided a translation below. The only stories we hear about Altantuya Shariibuu were the ones told by the police, by Abdul Razak Baginda in his affidavit, and by the local newspapers.

The only pictures we have seen about the young mother of two, were the passport photos in the local newspapers, always depicted alongside her alleged murderer, whenever her case had news value.

Curious about her, I traced her life back to the exotic land of Mongolia, where she hailed from, and tried to understand the woman behind all the sleazy, unsubstantiated stories. It was not an easy task.

I tried speaking to her father, Mr. Stev Shariibuu, personally, but he speaks very little English. He promised, through friends in Ulanbataar, that he would send some information about his daughter. After several weeks of waiting, her father, finally sent this video clip to me.

In his agony, and to preserve whatever memory he has of his beloved daughter, Shariibuu put together several pictures of Altantuya, followed by a brief narration about her life. There is also a short video clip about her sick, young boy – Atanshagai, 3 years old, whose DNA is being sought now, by experts who want to determine whose child he is.

I am sure it was not an easy job for him to do this.

I would like to request my dear readers to help ease the pain of the Shariibuu family by leaving some words of comfort in the comments section. These words will be compiled and sent to Altantuya’s family as a gesture of goodwill, from Malaysians, who feel their pain and emphatise with the Mongolians, who though so far away, now have a lasting bond with us, because of Altantuya.

We, too, have mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and girlfriends. And it is simply too heart-wrenching to have not only been shocked with news about her death, but to be left wondering if the late Altantuya will receive the justice she so rightly deserves.

In this 4.41 minute video, Mr. Shariibuu said in his own words:

Altantuya) is a nice and young Mongolian girl who got killed by cruel murderers, terminating her young life.

She was born as a dear child to her moderate parents, and like other children, she grew up, by spending ordinary days, day after day.

She grew up playing with her sister, who is so much like her, as birds of a feather.

The picture of the girl sitting on the lap of her Russian teacher in the remote Chimkent city of the Soviet Union shows the beginning of her educational path.

It was in the secondary school of Leningrad city that she began to get acquainted with the great history of humankind.

By giving birth to her first child, she became a mother to experience happiness of motherhood, although her livelihood burden increased as well.

Besides bringing up her son she strived to learn Russian, English and Chinese.

Her master’s, bachelor’s degrees and diplomas in Chinese Language and many other certificates bear witness to her increasing knowledge, certify her good command of those languages.

But life is full of surprises, and to overcome all possible difficulties in life, she often overloaded herself with work, trying to repay her parents goodness, to rear her children and educate her sister.

She had a rare nature, she did not begrudge her friends and sacrificed herself for the sake of others.

But her lifespan was limited, yet the success she achieved in this 20+ years of life, will make you think, that she lived her life, racing to be ahead of time.

Later, Altantuya gave birth to her second child, and put in enormous effort to bring him up as a healthy boy. This is a witness of what an extremely good mother and unique good-hearted girl she was.

The Mongolian girl who departed from this life so sensationally, deeply distressed her parents, orphaned her dear children and reminded the world of the realities of modern life.

She will be remembered by all honest people, and frankly she will serve God after her death.

Background voice and produced by: Mr. Stev Shariibuu, Ulanbataar, January 2007. Translation by Dashvadaa, from Mongolia.


Other stories on Altantuya, by this blog author can be found HERE or HERE.
Stories and other blog postings on Altantuya can be found HERE.

Stories about the video were also published by the local newspapers here, here, and here.

and by the foreign media – here.

Since the trial begin on June 4, 2007, Altantuya’s father had been in Kuala Lumpur. He gave several interviews to the alternative media (links below). Mr. Shariibuu was mostly disappointed with the mainstream local media and did not wish to meet them. Hope the stories on the alternative press do him and his daughter some justice:

A father’s sorrow – an exclusive interview with TVpas (In Malay, English and Mongolian)

“We are also human” – Stev Shariibuu (In Malay, English and Mongolian)

This interview I didn’t arrange, it was a press conference by Anwar (ex-deputy prime minister of Malaysia) on Altantuya (in TV – Malay)

A father’s fight – part 1, 2 and 3 (Tv – in English and Mongolian)

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  1. Tean says:


    Dont be too serious about yourself. Just be serious with what you are doing. I read that in the star today. That is what Najib would like to think of himself. Unfortunately obviously he is just another human being with attachment and ego.

    Fight for what you think is right. State your case as you see it. However, the truth is that it is just part of the games peoples play. At the end of the day we will say goodbye to this circle of unsatisfactory and suffering.

    May you be happy in what you do. Regards from Tean. Sawatdi.

  2. Sarantuya says:

    Алтантуяагийн гэр бүлд гүн эмгэнэл илэрхийлж байна. Бичлэгийг үзээд, хүүг нь хараад зүрх шимширч байна. Сарантуяа

  3. Chris Gan says:

    Mr. Stev Shariibuu

    May justice be served on the death of Altantuya
    May the perpetrators be punished for such a cruel act
    May they burn in the afterlife!
    Not only have they wronged against your daughter
    They have also brought shame to this country
    With a heidous act coming from people we should have trust
    But who have instead decided to abuse their position
    Luckily the world will be watching
    The Mongolian people and Prime Minister will be paying attention
    If justice cannot be served
    I would shudder to think what would’ve happen to common people like us if we were in your shoes

    Be strong and take care!
    Chris Gan

  4. mungun says:

    Shudarga unen gej bdag bol ene hergiig naashtai shiideesei. eejiigee aldsan hoorhii huuhduud…mongol tumnii setgel urgelj altantuyagiin ar geriinhentei hamt bgaa gedegt naidaj bna.

  5. Linda Frater says:

    To Altantuya’ s Family,

    My heart goes out to you. I cannot imagine your grief and pain. But I pray that Altantuya’s murderers will be brought to justice. The PM of Malaysia gave the assurance that there will be no cover-up and I hope that is true. How else can we have faith in a judicial system which is set up to protect the innocent. We shall see and the whole world is watching too.

  6. wave says:

    It is a disgrace that something of this magnitude happened in Malaysia. Episode that followed did not exactly made us proud either, with the exception of Judge Segara, whom had unfortunately been removed from the case.

    No one is above the law as the PM claimed. We will see how he intended to see through this pledge. Its not comforting, as we see how unusual bail was allowed, while obvious trails had been blatantly ignored. It is highly unusual that trace of C4 authorization was not being followed through.

    Mr. PM, staying silent may not be golden.

    While we do not dispute that we should allow the due process to take its couse, there are far too many unusual twists in the peripherals – for instance the change of Judge to a relatively inexperienced one. Is the same behind the scene player still allow to steer as the events unfolded? Its intersting that ARB and his lawyer seemed to be taken aback that their bail request was being turned down – when they did not even meet the criteria for the bail.

    That aside, would like to complement on the website content: It was good to raise awareness of Altantuya’s profession, against the misconception the defendant attempted to paint. Altantuya was obviously talented, and was providing professional services to the defendant. Far cry from the focus on the intimate liaison turned sour, and the protray of gold digger with frivorlous characateristics. Even if there were intimacy which yet to be proven, other facts should still be brought to light.

    We pray for wisdom and courage, for those who are in the position to ensure a fair trial.
    We pray for justice to prevail.
    We pray for the family.

  7. Becky says:

    I wish to view this video.

  8. charly says:

    Wishing the Sharibuu family peace and understanding in this madness. I am praying for justice to prevail, something which all caring Malaysians want to regain in our beautiful country.
    Could I watch the video, please.

  9. meorshamshir says:

    Justice for all…

  10. fely says:

    Mr. Sharibuu,

    I have been following this case from the start. I am also a mother, and I cried when I think of the departed 2 sons… I pray that justice will prevail. God give strength to Mr. Sharibuu and family.

  11. Truth Addict says:

    To Altantuya’s family

    You have my full support. I hope that the judicial system in Malaysia is not corrupted and totally separated from the executive and legislative systems, which is not always the case in the past. I pray and hope that justice will prevail.

    A Malaysian observer residing in U.K.

  12. mckhoo121 says:

    susan, pls send me the video on altantuya.

  13. kixif124 says:

    susan, i wish to view the video on altantuya.

  14. Mani says:

    Dear Susan
    Well said on the marriage cert is not important here but the justice is.

    She is just a ordinary young mother , a human being with feelings,Just imagine the very last minute of her , those animals point the gun at a defensless young women , imagine the last few seconds of her life she gone thorugh…

    Even they utter some arabian words during slaughtering a sheep or a cow….but what happens here ?

  15. Mani says:


    God bless your daughter’s soul !

    I am totally agree with you on the ” Razack’s team so proud abt yr daughters cruel mercyless death”

    Must be ashamed of this cruel death, the team and relatives dont have any huamanity perhaps !!

    Now everyone defence themself to prove innocent !!?? are they ? prove innocent to save thier valuable life and not thinking the agony of yr daughter’s last seconds !

  16. william says:

    Mr. Stev Shariibuu…

    you have my full support. i can throw my old history books away ‘cos i now know who the REAL barbarians are!!!!! and may the murderers burned in hell!!! and I’M PROUD SAYING SO.

  17. william says:

    Mr. Stev Shariibuu…

    you have my full support. i can throw my old history books away ‘cos i now know who the REAL barbarians are!!!!! and may the murderers burn in hell!!! and I’M PROUD SAYING SO.

  18. Alison says:

    Hello to the family and friends of Altantuya,

    I can’t really FEEL the pain that you are going through but I DO understand how you feel.

    I hope that those involve in the gruesome murder will die and punished in hell.

    As a Malaysian myself, I feel ashamed about the Government and I still don’t know what to say when people ask me about the case. I just tell them:” That is why I left the country.”

  19. Dissapointed says:

    My condelences to you and your family.
    Hope no stones remains unturn untill the truth comes out.
    Let it be a top officials or low ranking officer be brought to justice.
    Dont give up fighting but fight all the way for righteous.

    Mind you send me the video..


  20. Sandra Lau says:

    how i wish to see the video and get the whole pictures,

  21. Wangpuri says:

    Nothing could be done to bring back young Altantunya. We will all pray that justice will be done at least.

  22. Joan says:

    I would like to view the video.

  23. Mann9974 says:

    I would like to view the video.
    Please send me a copy.

  24. bentheo says:


    May GOD bless her soul! I hope that justice prevails.

  25. SY says:

    Can you send me a copy of the video?

    As a malaysian myself, my heart goes out to Altantunya’s family. I am sorry for all the pain and grieve we have experienced.

  26. LayMan says:

    Most Malaysian with a Sincere Heart felt the pain that you (Mr.Setev Shariibuu) and family are going through.

    Only those perpetrators and their families and associates felt otherwise and their actions be it in Court or in the news are a disgrace to the common Malaysian in general.

    Much have been said to discredit Althantuya & your Family by these perpetrators. But we believe Justice shall prevail.

    May God Bless You & family and May Althantuya Rest In Peace.

  27. stcin says:

    come to the FATHER, though your gift is small, broken hearts and broken lives, HE can take them all, power of HIS word and power of HIS love, everything is done, so you would come !

  28. joshlee says:

    man can do terrible things to hide the truth, but God knows everything. nothing is beyond His sight. i’m ashamed and furious to see what my own government & people is doing. I’m support goes to Mr Shariibuu and his family.
    may God have mercy on us all.

  29. Aaron says:

    May justice prevail.

    May the murderers be hung.

    It won’t bring back the victim but at least those who murder should pay with their lives.

  30. one says:

    susan i wish to see the video and the whole pictures

    My condelences to you and your family

  31. stcin says:

    beware of year 2060, says isaac newton

  32. BSS says:


    Could you please delete my comment?

    I have realised how inappropriate it is here. I stand by what I said but I shouldn’t have posted it here.

    Sloone: I’ve deleted your comment above as rquested.

  33. sham says:

    Justice for all..i wish to see the video.

  34. TW says:

    Mr. Stev Shariibu,

    May God bless your daughter’s soul

    Ms Susan,

    I would like to view the video.

    Thank you

  35. BSS says:

    Thank you Susan.

    Yes, Justice for ALL.

  36. Raymond says:

    May I view the video, and feel very sad for Miss Altantuya’s family. Please send my regards to her father, family and friends.
    Honestly speaking, we do not have confidence and trust in their police force, sad to say. Thanks.

  37. Mulan says:

    Dear Susan!

    I’m truly pleased what you’ve been doing for this BRUTAL murder case of Unlawfully left this world of Mongolian Ordinary Woman.

    Plse send me the copy of video. Thanks alot

  38. Khairul Azizan says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am a Malaysian, somehow rather, we are totally disagree on what had happened to her and the way court handling the case.

    I need a copy of the video. Pls send to my email so that I can forward to someone who could help to get for the real justice.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  39. a person says:

    one blogger on a site speculated that altantuya was pregnant by najib and
    blown up to eliminate the fetus. well, that maybe could be checked out. it’s
    known that foetal cells enter the maternal blood circulation. altantuya’s
    blood was found on a pair of slippers. maybe altantuya’s blood dna could be
    compared with najib’s dna and razak baginda’s dna, maybe based on the dna testing already done that
    identified altantuya. maybe pcr could be done on that blood from altantuya
    to increase the quantity of dna present and then compare with najib’s
    dna. maybe there would be hormones in the blood that could indicate if
    altantuya was pregnant, in addition to dna that might indicate
    paternity of a foetus.

  40. a person says:

    bones or bone fragments of altantuya may contain dna especially if they contain bone marrow. at least some of the bone is now in mongolia. the dna of the bones can be tested for dna of najib tun razak and razak baginda. that is because when a woman is pregnant some cells of the fetus enter the blood of the woman. if blood or bone of altantuya is tested, it might be possible to determine if she had been pregnant when she died (check hormone levels), also if fetal dna can be found in her blood or bone it can be compared to dna of najib tun razak or razak baginda to see if either of them is the father of the fetus.

  41. MRS CHANG says:

    Please let me view the video.

    I feel so sad for what happened to Altantuya. Send my regard to the late family and friends.


  42. V. M. Valdes-Munoz II says:

    I like what you are doing giving a voice for those who have there
    right to speak and to live taken away .

    Why do people have no compassion?
    It is not difficult to look down at the young 28 years old(her only
    crime is knowing Razak) business women and interpreter, Sharriibuu
    Altantuya. Some one that can not defend her self and had the right to
    live taken away. Can some people know or can they ever understand how
    one would perform under extreme pressure,stress,depression,fear and
    I am dyslexic that means that my spoken English is much better then
    my written English and I have two(It was not easy) University
    degrees,and there are millions like my self.I know of
    professors(mostly from asia)that speak broken English this dose not
    mean they do not know English for they can all understand read and
    write better then they can speak English.I know people that can
    understand speak read English but when come time to write all that
    will come out is nothing but broken English.Plus there are others
    that are very good with a number of languages but when it comes to
    English they only have a working knowledge of English, sufficient for
    My point being that when I was in Venezuela.I could not write
    Spanish to save my life, but my understanding,reading and speaking of
    Spanish is very good and for those individuals that do not know a
    word of Spanish my services was worth more then gold!
    The 46 years old at the time, Razak (He should know better)”the
    politcal analyst” in reality an ARMS DEALER (also a very ruthless and
    cowardly man)is a liar and a cheat one that have abused his position
    and power this is in it self criminal.

    When I think of what was done and what is still being done to
    Altantuya it brakes my heart to the core!!!

  43. V. M. Valdes-Munoz II says:

    Please let me view the video.

    I feel so sad for what happened to Altantuya. Send my regard to the late family and friends.

    I would like to know how i can help her father and family. I need to do some thing good for them !
    My G-D please help us all !!!


  44. monsterball says:

    Dear Sir,
    I do feel you pains and sorrows.
    Your beloved daughter have been dead for more than a month and I pray the court case will end soon….so that your sadness will reduce after you have your daughter’s bones to give her a proper burial. Until then…her soul will never rest in peace… are your sadness….including your dear family.
    No amount of words can comfort you right now….but hope it does prove we Malaysans do care for real justices.
    May you and your family be well and good.

  45. siti says:

    susan, pls send me the video on altantuya.

  46. meck says:

    pls send me the video.thanks.

  47. andrew says:

    Hi Susan,

    Keep up the good work.

    Justice will always prevail at the end of the day.

    Appreciate if you can send me the video.

  48. Sam Chung says:

    I would like to view the video. Please send me a copy.
    Thank you.

  49. Freddie Neil says:

    “Justice for Altantuya ” Our love and comfort to the family of late Altantuya.

  50. anie says:

    I would like to view the video. please send me a copy . Thank You

  51. stenson says:

    I am so angry,damn it.I feel so helpless and i cant do anything for altantuya.Where is justice?

  52. Dorothy says:

    Mr. Stev Shariibu,

    On behalf of Malaysia my country, I asked of your forgiveness on the tragedy that has happened to your daughter Altantuya. The leaders of my country are blinded and mocked by the evil spirits. They do not know what they are doing. They are driven by greed, power and pleasure at the moment, which will lead them to eternal destructions if they do not repent from their wicked ways. Their intentions may be to store up riches of golds for themselves right now, but little did they know that they can’t take a single cent with them when they pass on later.

    To the leaders of my country, I pray that you will repent to our Lord Jesus Christ NOW for all the wrong things you have done and ask God for His forgiveness. DON’T wait for tomorrow, for tomorrow may not come.

    I have recently read a book called “Divine Revelation of Hell” by Mary Baxter. Hell is real, and it is really not a place you want to be in there FOREVER. God will come and judge ALL that we have done on earth one day. Therefore, live a righteous life.

  53. Wong says:

    There were pieces of news that Altantuya was running after $$$ or prostituting. Well, in many countries prostitution is legal, a means of making a living, and prostitutes are protected. Perhaps she was just asking for her share of 0.5 million US$ in helping an arms deal closed. It is difficult to believe that the Defense Minister, making a deal with the Frence costing 5 billion Euro of submarines said to protect Malaysia or Malaysians, had failed to prevent his mens from murdering a helpless woman. Why should
    Malaysian tax payers pay for this 5 billion Euro ?
    Malaysians should donate for a fund for Altantuya’s parents to seek justice being served. Being Malaysian, it is very shameful to learn that this woman was blown into no traces in Shah Alam.

  54. Killer police says:

    Here we see policemen of very poor mentality
    are serving in every corner in Malaysia, a great
    nation indeed !

  55. stephanie says:

    hi susan,

    can u pls send me the video.


  56. Roberto says:

    Long live Altantuya

  57. Fazri says:

    Mr. Stev Shariibu and family,

    My sincerest apology for what happened to your daughter in Malaysia. The heinous nature of her murder is truly appalling. I pray that justice will prevail, and I condemn Abdul Razak Baginda’s family and supporters for their insensitive, idiotic and ‘kurang ajar’ actions during the trial.
    No father should have gone through what you did, and regardless of the outcome of the trial (or cover-up), please know that Ms. Altantuya and your family will always remain in our prayers.

  58. Valdes-Munoz says:


  59. Valdes-Munoz says:

    Ce se veves para siempre “Viva Altantuya”!

  60. australianflashpacker says:

    VALDES, are you a spaniard?

  61. australianflashpacker says:

    tu es espanolitos?

  62. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Dear Altantuya’s family,

    Ever since I read up on Altantuya’s case; it has haunt me. Maybe because I’ve experience vicious violence myself, and could not get any justice through the Malaysian police, justice system and the Ministry of Women. Such experience and being a woman and mother, has tied me in spirit to Altantuya. Besides, altantuya sounds like such a remarkable woman; an exemplary to many. I would suggest that Mr. Sharibuu write a letter to the UN and the EU to ensure such justice gets done for the sake of Altantuya, her young children, her family and all women victims out there. Please don’t ever give up; and many Malaysian women and men are behind you to pursue such justice. As the Women’s Aid Organization in Malaysia should too actively.

  63. Ahmad says:

    I agree with your opinion,It is brutal what had happend with Altantuya.Rumours says Najib Has son with her & Rosmah mansor Instruct police to blast her.whatever the truth is here.Please convey your message in 2 ways to all womens.

    1) You are writing this free of cost as Altantuya was a Women & it can happen to other women too.Then you should also know the Instruction to blast Altantuya is also give by WOMEN according to Rumors.

    2)Women should also learn not to make Extra matritial relations it can be DEADLY.

    Morever Malaysian Women is Wild,i can say All Asean womens are Wild.whatever has happend is fo good.Altantuya is example for Bitches it can happen to them.Only Bitches need to be scared not the Pious women ami rite my friends?

  64. ah long says:

    Ahmad, you are WRONG. Bitch or no bitch – no one has the right to take another’s life !!!

    Whoever had done this has a lot of explaining to do when he or she meets our maker.

  65. alex says:

    WHat century are you living in?
    No woman should be blasted the way Altantuya was.
    Your mind is corrupted, perhaps corrupted with religion.
    Pious or not, is NOT for you or me to judge.
    It is for the Almighty to judge.
    Do you think you are GOD, to say ALtantuya was a bitch?
    Better repent now. For you dont see her murder as a murderous act.
    Then what kind of person are you?
    And to say all Asean women are wild?
    Well..well..well…perhaps, you have tried to ‘tame’ one of them and could not?????
    That is why you are so bitter.
    To hell with men like you!

  66. […] me due credit for the story, even publishing my blog’s url, and mentioning the fact that the video uploaded by me can be found on youtube. For that service, Altantuya’s personal story reached […]

  67. artemus22 says:

    I chose to see that Altantuya did not die in vain. Her brutal death left a deep scar in many of our hearts and ignited the flame for many of us to rise up and vote against the government in the previous March 8, 2008 General Election. The victory in the 5 states is indeed a VICTORY for ALTANTUYA!

  68. Malaybaru says:

    My sincerest apology for what happened to your daughter in Malaysia.
    No father should have gone through what you did, and regardless of the outcome of the trial (or cover-up), please know that Ms. Altantuya and your family will always remain in our prayers.
    There are no justice in Malaysia, even if you become the number 2nd person in Malaysia. All judge have been controlled by Prime Minister Department, especially the one that involve in your Daughter murder is there. So nothing can do. If you want to see the justice . Only can find in heaven. Not in Malaysia.
    Otherwise you must get your country leader to give pressure to Malaysia Prime Minister. Get his Deputy charged.

  69. wits0 says:

    Ahmad, “…All Asean womens are Wild..”

    Your mother too… than you came along.

  70. Harrison says:

    Ahmad, “…All Asean womens are Wild..”

    Your mother too… than you came along.-Wits0


  71. wits0 says:

    “then”, t’was a typo thing. 😉

  72. su says:


    I’m not sure if you read the comments that come on this page, but if you do, I would really like to know of a way to help, even in the slightest. I read on ZOrro’s blog that we can send letters to the ministries to show our support for Altantuya, her family and her children, and to pester them into some action. I’m not sure if there are any current letters in circulation that we can print and send off, or if we write our own letters. Maybe sign a petition.

    Would really love for a way to help. get back to us with whatever information you have. Thanks.


  73. […] torture’ camp in Malaysia? I haven’t got over Raja Petra (Kamaruddin) and ALL…tantuya yet, and now […]

  74. Bola Hangus says:

    boy oh boy, i’ve seen so much hypocrasy in this country and this topic is one of them. i dont think many people here gave a damn abouth this rich girl as much as the vengeance toward those they perceive to be the murderers. Why is it everytime a beautiful fair skinned girl from upper middle class end up being murdered then all the cheerleaders come out? what happened when bangla, indian or other dark sikinned foreigners are murdered, almost on a daily basis. And no one even made a noise. Selective justice is practive alongside the hypocrasy of the masses here. Online Justice is definitely skewed. Whatever happened to that kid who was cut into little pieces and stuff into a bag? And i remember reading in RPK blog that when the found the body supposedly there were other human remains in the area designated as a bump off or something. what about their justice?

    Its great entertainment watching the circus go on with monkeys performing acrobats ,chameleons changing colors and elephants doing the ballet.

  75. Sophia says:

    What happened to the video? Why is it no more available?

  76. lankapo says:

    WIth latest video from Anwar,confession by key witness, Justive will prevail

    Private investigator P Balasubramaniam has made shocking claims that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had links with murdered Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.

    Full story in

  77. our-monkeygovernment says:

    malaysia no more justice…only left is useless PM doing nothing …no guts to show us justice

  78. our-monkeygovernment says:

    Pak lah pls show us rakyat that you can perform your duty as PM. Pls always bear in mind that rakyat is the boss not you . you are elected by us! show us you are capable as PM and bring justice back in place!

  79. tsudomy and duress says:

    GOD knows what to do with murderers.

  80. idizack says:

    Ahmad, you dulu sekolah kat mana?

  81. anna says:

    the video is not available O_O

  82. toughcookie says:

    …the world is round…everything moves in circle…so will karma…

  83. mossavi says:


  84. PP says:

    No one deserves what happened to her.
    May she rest in peace
    The devastation to her family cannot be erased.

  85. wkp says:

    Those who were involved in the murder of Altantuya will not have peace of mind, as the God-given conscience will keep reminding them of the case.

    They will face God’s judgement one day.

  86. salleh says:

    I wonder why Mr. Sharibu does not institute proceedings with the international criminal court of justice. For investigations, why not get INTERPOL involved ?

  87. Wong Chee Kong says:

    There are so many who wished her soul to rest in peace. How is that possible? How can someone who got killed the way she did really rest in peace? If that is possible, then people can go around killing and hope the victims can rest in peace.

    I have one wish for this poor soul. I wish that her restless soul will not leave her killers alone and would haunt them for the rest of their lives. Leave them with no peace of mind; cause them all kinds of illnesses and bad luck; haunt them with sleepless nights and the worst kinds of nightmares every night for the rest of their lives; drive them cuckoo until they have mental breakdowns and madness – torturing them mentally and killing them S-L-O-W-L-Y with such mental torture every minute and second of their lives. Only until the killers all go bonkers and die from madness will her soul finally rest in peace. And only after these bastards report to their Makers and receive their eternal punishments will her soul rest in peace.

    That would sound more like it – for peace and justice!!!

    From a voice in the wilderness.

  88. dinobeano says:

    Dr Setev,

    We met in Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur (Delicious Restuarant) together with Raja Petra and Susan Loone some months ago. If you have any material evidence that can shed light on the murder of your beloved Altantuya, you must come forth and let Malaysians know the facts.

    I know you are concerned about the issue of sub-judice since the Court in Shah Alam is hearing the case. But I think the time has come for you to consider other alternatives if it is justice that you seek for your late daughter. —Din Merican

  89. Ashleigh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharibuu & family,

    We Malaysians will forever be indebted to you, your family and lovely Altantuya, for it was us – Malaysians who have in the past 50 years voted in this government. But we will not stand indifferent any longer.

    The Malaysian judiciary is so paralysed it is no longer capable of serving justice. So please bring this case to the International Court. Malaysians too want truth to be told to the whole world so that we can be rid of such unworthy beasts and free our country from its tramples!

    I can never feel proud to be Malaysian again until we see light shone upon Altantuya’s soul.

    May justice be served and peace be with you and your family…

  90. scott says:

    Dear Dr Sharibuu & family,
    i regret what happened to your daughter and alot of malaysian is sad like u .
    no matter what happen is wrong to take someone life and the guilty must be punish.
    God is looking above us and the whole world is watching and following the stupid
    court case in our country. A lot of people in my country is sympathy to what happen
    and would like to help in what every ways we can . The Court in malaysia is like ?????
    Justice will prevaid in not times and see how those in volved will suffer later .
    what is malaysia court like ……….can be seen
    May justice be served and punishment be melted on those

  91. tokjan says:

    Since when your last time read news?

    Bala had drop his ‘AKUAN BERSUMPAH’…

    Fool and hopeless peoples…

  92. frustated rakyat says:

    our bodoh,no guts PM and guilty najib and killer rosmah ……. where is our malaysian laws and rights????????? they should be put to jail . malaysia is not a safe place, all the VVIP did wrong can be erase but not to the layman. very sad to hear the story of such a brutality mongolian murderers . even the immigration officer, the chief police are corrupted…… you have money, u have power, money can solve everything

  93. lunch-break says:

    i’m a malaysian chinese, i can ensure that 90% of my races here in malaysia are not happy with the live in malyasia and complaining around.i spend 1 hours to finish the whole blog, i realize the topic is going abit by abit to religion issue and politics. i dont think Sharibuu’s family is interest with,
    it wont cure them too. instead, this is hurting them and in the mean time anger will fill in many individual mindset.
    Believe karma, be proud of what we have now.
    justice will previel, if they dont, god knows the way.

    My condelences to you and your family,
    and also to all the unfortunate people around the world.

    life goes on, be strong.

  94. freemanz says:

    Forget her. Just peace you head. lets god punish Najib and Anwar. Chaos are nothing for Us but the benefit of politician. US agen, Anwar, Wolfowitz real satan.

  95. Rub says:

    kekeke freemanz BN agent sell lottery tickets here.

  96. Rub says:

    Yes, Permatang Pauh is going to be a very interesting by-election indeed. It is going to be very interesting not only because the outcome will have a bearing on the future of this country but also because the voters will be asked to choose between a ‘sodomite’ and the brother of two people who executed the biggest fraud in Malaysian history.

  97. freemanz says:

    i’m not BN supporter or Awar or DAP. I’m freeman

  98. Rub says:

    saifool make coffee for anwar then become freeman kekeke

  99. freemanz says:

    Love peace & hate chaos.

  100. Rub says:

    mata terang berak senang sekarang

  101. freemanz says:

    Peace All:
    Saifool & Anwar both stupid. And all others who make chaos- stupid. Trust God.

    This guys will be burned- if only God exist, and fair.

  102. Rub says:

    Aiyah God gone on long leave lah. Jangan kacau dia.

  103. freemanz says:

    So please, I’m god lover, peace maker. end of mine in susan loone.

    This all politic nothing. 500 years ago people do business. I hate BN & PR. all of them.

  104. Rub says:

    Nenek moyang punya cerita tu. 500 years people got slaves lah. Only business they do is pirates and slaves.

    Slave raids into Orang Asli settlements were not an uncommon feature in the 18th and 19th centuries. The slave-raiders were mainly Malays and Bataks, who considered the Orang Asli as ‘kafirs’,’non-humans’,’savages ‘ and ‘jungle-beasts.’

    The modus operandi was basically to swoop down on a settlement and kill off all the adult men. Women and children were preferred as they were less likely to run away and were ‘easier to tame.’ The Orang Asli slaves were sold off or given to local rulers and chieftains to gain their favour.

    A considerable trade in slaves thus soon developed – and even continued into the present century despite the official abolition of all forms of slavery in 1884. In fact, the derogatory term Sakai used to refer to the Orang Asli until the middle of this century meant slave or dependent. Many elders still remember this sad period of their history, and all Orang Asli detest being called Sakai.

  105. ifrid says:

    Rub (17:46:00) :

    ‘Nenek moyang punya cerita tu. 500 years people got slaves lah. Only business they do is pirates and slave’

    I never believe stupid fact & whatever it is. How long you trust is, it is yours. I don’t like “Full of Rubbish inside mind”.

  106. Rub says:

    I don’t like “Full of Rubbish inside mind”.- ifrid


  107. Azmin says:

    To : Ms Susan,

    I would like to view the video.

    Thank you

    To : Mr. Stev Shariibu and family,

    My sincerest apology for what happened to your daughter in Malaysia. The nature of her murder is truly appalling. I pray that justice will prevail.

    No father should have gone through what you did, and regardless of the outcome of the trial or cover-up.

    Altantuya and your family will always remain in our prayers.

    To :” Ahmad”

    You are the most inhuman person on Earth. There isn’t any word in this World best to describe on you EXCEPT HELL FOR YOU!!

  108. diiii says:

    i would like to view this video. send to me, please…

    thank …..

  109. Michael Lim says:


    how can i find back this video/youtube?


  110. Just Me... says:

    Referring to the news article published by Berita Harian on 23-Aug-08 below, Mongolian honorary consul-general to Malaysia Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi has revealed that he had succeeded in bringing into hiding Altantuya’s parents 1,200km away to Russian border!!!
    Just to avoid them from being interviewed by Anwar’s people??
    If there is nothing to hide, why such an effort?


    Konsul dedah penipuan

    BUKIT MERTAJAM: Konsul Jeneral Kehormat Mongolia ke Malaysia, Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi, buat kali pertama malam tadi mendedahkan bahawa segala dakwaan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kononnya Datuk Seri Najib Razak ada hubungan dengan Altantuya Shaaribu adalah satu pembohongan.

    Katanya, beliau adalah satu-satunya rakyat Malaysia yang tahu dengan mendalam mengenai kes pembunuhan Altantuya selepas menerima aduan dua rakan wanita berkenaan berikutan kehilangan Altantuya pada 31 Oktober 2006.

    “Saya orang pertama yang pergi ke Mongolia (selepas menerima aduan) dan membuka peti besi (berisi) dokumen yang disimpan oleh si mati.

    “Tidak ada satu pun perkataan yang tercatat nama Datuk Seri Najib di mana-mana sekalipun,” katanya pada majlis ceramah di Bilik Gerakan Barisan Nasional (BN) Guar Perahu, di sini, malam tadi.

    Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak turut berucap pada majlis itu.

    Syed Abdul Rahman juga berkata pembohongan Anwar serta akuan bersumpah penyiasat persendirian, P Bala Subramanian dan pengendali lama blog, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, yang mengaitkan Najib dan wanita berkenaan mengeruhkan hubungan di antara Mongolia dan Malaysia.
    “Apa yang dikatakan oleh beliau (Anwar) kononnya ada gambar dan video adalah bohong..tidak ada langsung.

    “Justeru, jangan kita keliru dan terlalu taksub dengan pidatonya. Kononnya dia menghantar orang dia untuk jumpa keluarga Altantuya untuk ditemubual tetapi saya berjaya menyembunyikan ibu dan bapa Altantuya sejauh 1,200 kilometer ke sempadan Russia,” katanya yang mengakui sumpah Najib mengenai perkara itu adalah benar.

    Beliau berkata, tindakan mengaitkan nama Timbalan Perdana Menteri dalam kes itu amat memalukan negara kerana ia membabitkan orang yang terhormat di dalam negara.

    Syed Abdul Rahman juga berkata dakwaan Raja Petra kononnya isteri Najib, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, menyaksikan pembunuhan wanita berkenaan juga tidak benar dan tidak masuk akal.

  111. Dear Stev Shariibuu

    May the good Lord bless u n keep u in good health in search of the truth

    haji muhammad abdullah @ tan wah guan

  112. izan bukan mail says:

    I was introduced to this new Datuk. “Inilah Datuk Syed Rahman,” Datuk Kamal said as I shook hands with him. Datuk Kamal probably saw in my face that the name did not ring a bell. He looked Indian, as some Arabs do, and if I had not been told he was a ‘Syed’ I would have thought he was just another of those millions of Mamaks running around all over the country and making a nuisance of themselves.

    “This is the Honorary Consul of Mongolia,” Datuk Kamal said. My face still did not show that I recognised this Arab. “You know, the Altantuya murder case.”

    “Oh, that’s right.” Now I know whom this Datuk Syed Rahman is. He is that man always on TV beside Dr Sharriibuu Setev, Altantuya’s father. I inched closer to Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi, now that I knew who he is.

    “Interesting,” I said. “I’m sure you can tell me a lot about the Altantuya murder which the newspapers are not reporting.”

    “That would be dangerous talking to you,” Datuk Syed Rahman replied. “You will quote what I say in Malaysia Today.”

    Datuk Syed Rahman’s shocker was about them finding the remains of seven or eight people at the murder site. “What? Seven or eight people? You mean Altantuya was not the only one murdered and dumped at that site?”

    “Those two UTK are assassins. Their job is to get rid of people. And that murder site is the place where they get rid of the bodies by blowing them up.”

    “Wow! This is dynamite.” For once I was flabbergasted and there is very little that can shock me.

    “Not dynamite. C4,” joked Datuk Syed Rahman.

    “Tell me,” I moved closer to Datuk Syed Rahman. “Did Najib order her murdered?”

    “No, not Najib, Rosmah. She ordered the murder.”

  113. The Good Samaritan says:

    I feel sorry for the family of Mr Shariibuu and this will give you an idea of what Malaysian Politics is about.


    They have power to hire Hitmen and get away with it.

  114. setia says:

    Thank you Susan for this page on Altantuya. We all hope one day Justice is served on the Person (s) who ordered her cruel killing.
    It seem that VVIPs in high office are being protected & may get away with murder ! They will not live in peace here or the hereafter as they will face their fate !

  115. RPK rocks says:

    yeah , for those who killed Altantuya , i cursed his whole family …hhhmmm…too cruel. I cursed whoever that involve in killing Altantuya die in hell. You know u wont escaped even thou you regret and keep praying cause that’s a lie too. I cursed and cursed and cursed and cursed you burn in HELL ! We shall dine in HELL ! i’ll see you in HELL sarkers. Gonna squeeze ya little brother to hell ! ! !

  116. Bitching Babe of Jakarta says:

    Yes this story was horrendous.

    Poor girl…Is the man going to escape justice just like that?

  117. Pegasus says:

    Dear Altantuya’s family ,
    Its so sad to know that justices for Altantuya is taking a long and winding road in Malaysia. Its a disgrace and shameful to know that the Malaysian Police and VIP are involve in this murder and there seem to be semblance of cover-up by the court. I sincerely hope that justices will be served and the murderer’s will be brought to the dock to face the music but knowing Malaysian law ..anything can happened in Bolehland, if justices is not given ,then Mr.Sharibu ,it will be the International Court of Justices for the next course of action. May God Bless her soul and we pray justices will prevail in the end.

  118. storm62 says:



  119. stephen says:

    why is the video clips NO MORE available for viewing ????????


  120. Shrek says:

    Stephen, are you using Google Web Accelerator? Uninstall it and you should be able to view youtube video clips. By the way of late Google has discontinued its download at but still available at other mirror sites. If not check your firewall configuration to allow youtube video.

    Shrek from MyBlogLog

  121. […] SENSE (my virtual art gallery) ;  FORBIDDEN WORDS (my poem blog) Campaigns I support: Anti-ISA ; Justice for Altantuya ; Local […]

  122. Conscience says:

    I support you to reveal the truth of this case.

  123. chan shee meng says:

    I am a Malaysian and I feel saddened and very sorry that this terrible crime has been committed against a Mongolian lady.

    I cannot imagine that this type of crimes can happen in a civilisd country.There will certainly be repercussions.

  124. Andrew says:

    I am a Malaysian and I am sorry such incident happen to your daughter due to some political agenda and seems that she’s the victim. May God bless her on her next journey and karma will caych up with those culprits.
    Be strong and take care of the others. A lot of Malaysian will pray for her and your family.

  125. chua says:

    With politic power, They can do what they want.
    “Human justice ” Is there a real truth?
    In the court, they are just playing ,acting ….show
    C4 explosive material, Is strictly control under Malaysia law. How come the do get in? From where they get it?
    There case is still happening in civil century.
    Be justice …..
    Who know?????????????????
    Sad ……

  126. Friend from Southern city says:

    This terrific and horrible news was widely reported here and all ppl here know well the story of Altantuya, a pretty lady and model from Mongolia.(our four languages Newspaper,Berita Harian,LianHeZaobao,Straits Times,Tamil Murasu have full coverage of the ill-fated lady)

    I feel very sad as it seems no justice at our Northen country. People feel their safety are under threaten.Murder,killing,sexual abuse,sex scandal-nude photos,brible,betrayal seems very common there. Some one should come out and uphold the justice, but who should do that? The Premier or the people themselves? If the Premier is unable to prove and show himself of a good example, how can his peoples and his subordinates?

    Confucious have its proverbs says: 《论语•为政》

    In English : Confucian emphasis on moral values, and advocate to deal with the conduct of public affairs in accordance with morality, which formed a system of rule by virtue of the idea.

    Justice will prevail one day!!!

  127. concerned says:


    In one blog they talk about
    Replacing the 2 policeman with someone else and give new identity to the cops
    Ha think for a moment

    Why would you keep 2 key witnesses alive who could blow the whistle???
    Really don’t make sense yes?
    Who will be there when the hangman puts the noose around their neck? Who will say yes this are the real 2 guys ha
    this is all getting out of hands and be clouded more and more by the day
    In goods name put an end to this as a nation
    Offer the family in Mongolia a settlement that lets them go one with their lives and care for the kids who have no mother any longer
    In god’s name
    Show the world that the nation is not made up out of barbaric killers but human beings in fact the blood in all our veins’ is read or is it?

    Stop it ……… the real truth GOD KNOWS…. and I believe the real offenders will be judged when judgment day arrives

    So meanwhile stand up as a nation and demand and amicable settlement to this misery for the suffering family

  128. concerned says:

    susan please contact me via e-mail urgent
    thank you

  129. JEFFRY BONG says:

    The court of public opinions has already passed judgement.
    People who are evil will continued to sinned, just wait FOR divine
    interventions and the wrath of GOD.

  130. Mena says:

    My heartfelt condolences to Altantuya’s family
    May justice prevail. Praying for that
    Her family has been devastated and her son left without a mother at such a young age.

  131. JEFFRY BONG says:

    It is shocking,it is outrageous,it is despicable,it is heart rending
    and totally unacceptable.Again it is all about POWER, MONEY AND WOMEN. These murderers are Godless ,I prayed divine interventions will come soon.

  132. concerned says:

    The honorable
    Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak
    Prime Minister of Malaysia


    Ulaanbaatar the 11th September 2009
    Re: Altantuya Sharibuu

    Dear Sir,
    I am an Australian citizen registered with The MARA (migration registration authority Australia) to work as a migration agent worldwide, and have been doing so for the better part of 7 years in Mongolia.

    So the Altantuya Sharibuu case is not new to me.
    Prime Minister the case of Altantuya has been trough the Malaysian courts and they decided that the two offenders have been found guilty of a heinous crime and received the death sentence.

    Therefore I believe there are no need and or requirements to keep the remains of said Altantuya in Malaysia, they should be returned for a proper burial to her home country without further delay.

    In anyone’s religion special in the KORAN the right of a burial are spoken of, I suppose you do read the KORAN,

    Prime Minister it is within your powers to arrange/authorize the return of her remains to Mongolia and not to withhold the same and therefore exerting further undue hardship and suffering to her family.
    I humbly request that you might just do this and expedite these arrangements.
    It is also the explicit wish of mister sharibuu the father of the murdered women that you commute the death sentence of the two offenders into a life sentence, as he says the execution of these two offenders will not bring back his daughter to life. It is not in the nature of Mongolians to demand or practice revenge so there is no need to have the two people executed.

    In the Name of God as merciful and understanding as he is in his teaching please try to return the remains for said burial.

    You might contact me for further information you might require as to the arrangements for said return.
    This I humbly request from you as by doing so the rest of the world knowing of this case will have a different outlook upon your country.
    I remain
    Respectfully yours in god

  133. JEFFRY BONG says:

    WAVE .APRIL10 is an excellent write up and to the point.This an explosives event wthout borders.Nobody can hide anything far from the truth for long .The world’s citizen would like to know the truth.Nothing but the truth.

  134. Chinbat says:

    I’ve watch video it’s horrible i’m really feel very sad in my inside world i think every one immortal with love please send this news to world

    Regret D Chinbat

  135. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Whoever is in power or in positions of authority who has taken side or remained quite or be neutral.You have chosen the side of the oppressor and the devil and you are equally guilty as such .

  136. HCookie says:

    This case doesn’t need anymore speculation. It needs to be asked the right question. Elementary really.

    The question is not ‘why’ she was killed. You’ll never find the answer.

    Ask why her body was destroyed with explosives and you’ll find the answer.

  137. wits0 says:

    “The question is not ‘why’ she was killed. You’ll never find the answer.”

    “WHY”, has been painstakingly proscribed in the entire court proceedings. Some trial!

  138. Mr Fair says:

    Angkatan Pemuda PR Serah Rakaman P Bala Kepada SPRM Untuk Menyiasat Penglibatan PM Dengan Pembunuhan Altantuya Sharibu.

  139. someone says:

    Ulaanbaatar the 27th of January2010

    Without prejudice


    I am somewhat disappointed over the way this matter is being
    handled by the Malaysian authority.
    I believe enough time has passed to allow your
    government/department to arrange for the return of the murdered women’s remains
    to her home country.
    In fact it his is bordering right up to total contempt for
    the rights of a proper burial and not even primitive civilizations would do
    What do you want the rest of the world to think of your country?
    Is it not enough having witnessed this barbaric act in contempt to a human
    life? Must now the family experience the prolonged trauma of being unable to
    perform a decent act of a burial?
    I believe it is high time that your government shows some
    respect for what comes natural in other countries.
    I now strongly request for immediate actions on your part to
    make necessary arrangements to repatriate the remains of murdered Mongolian national
    altantuya sharibuu

  140. I-4-C says:

    What a joke “Anwar going to London to seek justice”. What about justice for the nation by the betrayal of this guy in 1997/8 where he corraborated with the financial predators to destroy the ricebowls and livelihoods of innocents ones some of whom took their lives? This traitor should have been hung!!!

  141. hahahaha says:

    Najib got no balls to hang him

  142. sazarin says:

    Susan, would you fight for Altantuya if Najib is not the PM? Get a good night’s sleep on the matter.

  143. sazarin says:

    Wonder would you fight for Altantuya if Najib is not the PM?

  144. Anonymous says:


    Justice may not be done on earth because power rules on earth.
    Perpetrator, rot in hell when it is time for you to go.

  145. guycelestial says:

    I am the believer of Goddess. The feminine Power that gave birth to the Universe.May the Cosmic Mother forgives and punishs the Cold-Blooded murderer. and May the Cosmic Mother protects us all.
    Jai Maha Kali…

  146. Kaisar Indonesia says:

    Mr. Altantuya, I’m indonesian, i deeply hate malaysian people who export terorism to our country. i don’t think they’re moslem they are trully hipocrite. May god forgive your daughter so she can rest in peace.

  147. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳
    😳 Altantuya’s first warning for this rotten body ➡ 😳
    😳 When a Ghost or dirty things follow a person! then this particular person will feel itchy n rashes all over his body in a matter of time 😳
    Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳

  148. C says:

    this matter shall no dissolve..

  149. Francis Toh says:

    It is real sad that no foreign intervention on this particular murder case. Our bloody Government is able to cover up the case and hope that majority people will soon forget about this tragedy. This is the Umno Government ” Dirty ” tactic.

  150. tourman53 says:

    Who is right Bala, Anwar or RPK?

  151. tourman53 says:

    Deepak Jaikishan – implicated in alleged attempt to bribe a private investigator to retract damning claims against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak – has accused popular blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin a blackmailer extraordinaire. “I paid him RM50,000 and gave him a Sony laptop to have a story about me removed from (his blog) Malaysia Today. I can prove it,” Deepak told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur late yesterday evening. Contacted by email, Raja Petra – who is based in London – immediately denied the allegation. RPK’s response In an email response to Deepak’s allegation, RPK wrote: “Deepak has made these allegations against me. I deny them. “Since Deepak has dragged others into this then it would be appropriate for these ‘others’ to either confirm or deny Deepak’s allegations. “If they are unable to and Deepak pursues the threatened action against me then he does so at his peril. “In the meantime why doesn’t Deepak actually deal with the issues at hand? He is trying to distract attention away from them by these silly threats against me. “He should know by now that I am always ready for a fight. So let’s see how he addresses the real issue. “Why were you (Deepak) involved in getting (private investigator) P Balasubramaniam out of the country and paying him to stay away? Who asked you to do this? This is the issue at hand.” Full Story:

  152. nqthai says:

    Oh, my God!

  153. tourman53 says:

    Deepak vs. RPK: Round 8
    Deepak Jaikishan says he is going to sue me. That would be a good idea. Then we can ask Miss Wong — Deepak’s secretary in the red dress in the video below seated next to him — to explain why she escorted P.I. Balasubramanian’s wife and children to the Immigration office in Pusat Damansara to get their international passports done if Deepak is not involved with smuggling Bala and his family out of the country.

  154. Mongoloud says:

    We will never 4get. See Four is still alive and well.

  155. Tony Wong says:

    I feel sorry for Stev Shariibuu. Atlantuya is indeed a great loss to him and his grandchildren.

    Can we say that all this happen due to the government of Malaysia.

    The killer is not known, the person whom supposed to play the scapegoat is now walk free, and the two policemen were to be responsible for her death.

    No wonder why many rightful Malaysians are not proud to be Malaysian anymore.

  156. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥

    😥 My sincere SYMPATHY to Altantuyas + her unborn baby inside her womb!!! n the 👿 that instruct those 2 innocent bodyguard to c4 her will pay dearly for his/her sins soon!!! 😥


    Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥

  157. annaa says:

    long ago,the case of the late altantuya been talk all over the world……..until now no one knows for sure,why the two policemen murdered her…for what reason…orderded by who?
    we all here in malaysia hopes the justice prevail one day….not only for altantuya and her family,but for us as well.

    my condolence to her family members.

  158. SiG SG550 says:

    In the name of God most gracious most merciful.

    my sincere and most deepest condolence,
    i am just a common citizen my will have no effect of what so ever to the present government.
    but marked my word, I, who must break sweat every time to feed myself.
    my principle lies in my heart not in my stomach and i have totally lost confidence in the present government and my vote shall never go them.

    justice will prevail.. if not in this life, it will be in the afterlife on the day
    of judgement and that is a promise.

    my sympathy goes for the family members and friends and i pray that the perpetrator shall live in total misery until justice can be serve.


  159. Oracle says:

    I sympathise with the family of the victim for the pain they have to live with for the rest of their lives while the murderer remains at large. To the hidden hands behind the scene that helped the murderer escape, may you sleep well every night.

  160. tourman53 says:

    Suaram now calls the scandal ‘the great Malaysian robbery’, saying that the issue has now magnified into a web of lies involving a slew of companies.

  161. tourman53 says:

    Deputy minister offered to ‘settle’ Bala case

  162. tourman53 says:

  163. tourman53 says:

    Carpet dealer claims the police and MACC are getting orders from “higher ups” to stop him from revealing the truth behind Altantuya Shaariibuu’s murder.

  164. tourman53 says:

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