Why I blog, ah? — the answer is “saje-lah” – the Malay word for “simply”.

But seriously, I started to think of blogging when my editor(s) said something like this” “if you want to write as you like, and not get your stuff edited or censored, start your own website”.

Well, as more and more of my stories get censored even by so-called independent media under the guise of “clarity, brevity, balance and fairness, here i am.

The focus of this blog initially was to be on human rights or the “in-human” part of it, hence the tagline “in-human rights“.

Politicians in Asia often legitimise their disregard for human rights by saying “human rights is a Western concept”. How wrong could they be. Human rights are for all, the only language that transcends all human barriers – whether it is race, religion, ideology or simply social status. Beyond all, human rights? is a birth right.

But the contents of my blog are evolving. Nothing is fixed. The taglines are changing too, for I never believe in being constant. I love change.

Prof. KS Jomo?once said – when I asked him if he had seen my blog – “I don’t know what it is all for”. And I said “About anything and everything – relek lah”.

So I shall blog about everything and anything that touches me, and yes BE PREPARED. I have a “distorted” view of the world sometimes, a crooked and deviant’s view. Most of the time, it is a very harsh and political view. But always, a brutally honest one.

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  1. Dragan Stanimirovic says:

    YAh, Human rights for ALL!!

  2. susan loone says:

    Peace and Love to YOU my dear friend! where have you been???

  3. You harve lurvely eyeesssss! πŸ˜›

  4. eric tneh says:

    just browsed your website for 1st time. i’m hooked.

  5. joshua says:

    Hi Susan,

    Call me Joshua, a veteran journalist turned PR Consultant. Came across your blog by accident. and found it very interesting. Just wanted you to know that I was one of those editors who censor / edit work by journalists.

    Often we do so because the stories are not clear, or we know that the journalist / newspaper will get into loads of trouble if we ran a story the way it was written. I am not justifying it though … just stating the reality.

    Anyway, I enjoy your blog and will certainly stop by from time to time. Carry on with the good work.



  6. bravehobbit says:

    Stumbled on your blog whilst feeling some tugs to my birthplace (I left Malysia well over 30 years ago !!) Sad to hear that the vision that Tunku Abdul Rahman have not gone as planned… Keep up the good work and your writing

  7. SureshG says:

    I jsut stumbled across your site thru a wordpress link. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Although I will come back again to spend some more time. Cheers

  8. jingoza says:

    Really like your articles all this while but never respond or gave any comments,hope all the best & happy days ahead to you as there seems nothing left (safe) in this deteriorating world of ours today ! Just be happy & keep it that way ,as for the ‘dimwit’ Adnan is’nt he one of the conspirators in the famous ’tilam’ case of DSAI ! I think this post of his is his reward for that job welldone !
    Regards to you Susan πŸ™‚

  9. dollyprincess says:

    Hi…good day to you Susan. I really enjoy reading your blog. Yeah….it’s true…The only way to express anything without being edited is through your own blog. I’m actually a final year Journalism student from International Islamic University Malaysia. I’m currently looking forward to be a freelance writer. I would love to gain as much experience as I can. Hope I can learn something from you, Susan. I’m really proud of you. Keep up the great job! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. Philip Lau says:


    I suggest to you to be at the hearing on Monday, 4th June 2007, instead of obtaining the 2nd hand information from all your “kakis” for your personal observance. There is indeed for you once again to liase with your fellow cronies as many of them shall be from the major news’ agencies.

    Bring your laptop along (with additional Battery) and keep us informed within minute after minute of the proceedings as I do not think the Court Staff will stop you from performing your work. By the way, firstly are a accredited member of their Journalists’ Association there, since you were a journalist with The Star, a MCA publication some years ago? That will help, and if so you may be able to sit on Court’s Long Bench.

    But, there will be journalists throughout the world and you may be have problem in locating a comfortanle sitting position, since you do not belong to any internaltional newspapers with all their latest IT equipment.

    You can still scribble and type your news from your laptop sitting on your lap, like I note many students perform their school work on the MRT. But what happen to your office work? Will you be able to get leave as you say blogging is only yourn hobby?

    In view of the constitutional crisis especially in Bangkok, I like to spend a few days there. I am seeking opinion from my cronies there. My Thai friends know that I always reside at Oriental. But that is too far away from my buddies as I missed them for some time. They always grumble of the distance to see me there. I would like to try the Hotels in Chinatown, but I shall not be expected to be pampered.

    By the way, your photo above, does not tell you of your age. You are much younger than it looks.


    Take care

  11. ivan says:


  12. Alexandra says:

    Hi Susan, it’s good to know that there are still people who believe in truth and justice. It’s unbelievable how many corrupted people we have in this country and how powerful they can be in some organisation. And yet, they get away because of the strong connections they have with the upper echelons. Newpapers are no longer a means of “news” and people now resort to the new form of media – blogs – to obtain facts and reality !
    Keep up the good work, and people like me, although we are small in number, will definitely enjoy reading good true stories, instead of “edited- manoeuvred-controlled items in the mainstream media.

  13. stcin says:

    hi, good looking !

  14. al leong says:

    Hi susan,

    It’s good to know more wordpress bloggers.Blogging can be a lonely affair.

  15. zzeed says:

    Hello susan, hm.. i somehow agree w you, leong.

  16. the Razzler says:

    Hi! Susan …

    Had always admired your honest views on all things that matter to us … in one way or another!!

    I am an ardent reader of your wonderful Blog!!

    Please keep up your great works!!

  17. jkct says:

    I like what you write. Keep it up!

  18. dru says:

    Funny that I should find this after my first real leap into the world of conspiracy or whatever you want to call it.

  19. Desmond~ says:

    The play of words, Journalism.
    It’s very interesting. I wonder why I took Law instead. I love your writings. I think I should be a journalist, a freelancer journalist. Just like you, I suppose?


  20. David says:

    Blog is just an open personal dairy. It is belong to the right & property of individual & therefore it is private home for anyone. He or she should speak & express of mind. This shows the frankness & truthfulness of oneself. What wrong with it anyway?

  21. hantutelur says:

    Sorry Susan, last comment and last post here. Your blog hosts evil people. Very evil. People who are waging war. Extremely mental disorder in one 68 year old man who should set good example but instead picking up on everyone he dislikes. And his hatred towards fellow Malaysians now becomes contagious. I am leaving for good and I am sure few others will not be coming back as well. So sad to see a good effort being wasted away by a few crazy nuts. Now let them talk to each other instead. Good luck Susan.

  22. hantutelur says:

    sorry, i’m so disturbed. First line errata = last visit, not last post…

  23. Patrick C says:

    Nice blog. Will check on you from time to time.

  24. […] Susan explains at her site she started her blog because an increasing part of her articles were being censored even in media […]

  25. Philip Lau says:


    When are you to cease mourning?

  26. Ame says:

    Hi Susan,

    I like your blog and the pictures posted to make it all complete.
    I applaud your creative expression and I look forward to more!


  27. Damocles says:

    Susy, I’m really mesmerised by you penetrating eyes!
    I don’t think that I can leave your blog, even for a second!

  28. E sham says:


    All of us can say whatever we like. This is our absolute rights. Even if I say, you are one of stupid arrogant bloggers, useless one. This is my rights to say that. In the name of human rights, we can say anything we like, no matter whether it is true or not. No matter whether it will hurt others or not. No matter whether we are wrong or not. People must agree with what we feel, what we think, what we see, and what we want, otherwise we have rights to condemn them. This is what you call human rights. My God…

  29. I chanced upon your blog only yesterday afternoon. I think I like it and will be visiting you more often hereinafter.

    Human rights, I believe, is a battlecry coined insidiously for the western world to exert their political influence & patronage in the world which is now more complex and capitalist in nature. Remember Chairman Mao used to repeat in those good old days that “power is seen thro’ the eyes of a barrel”. But war now is by all means discouraged. Human rites is more appropriate for us, in the sense that rite=observation.

    Just like your own observation(and mine too) that “if we cannot beat them, leave them”. In most practise democracies, life is never bound to be compatible with our expectations b.coz simply of its namesake “practise”.

    Although we are better than many in the animal kingdom, still we all have one common ground and ie. survival and surviving well. Politicians have to choose, to rule well and people stay, or to rule a jungle or a desert.

  30. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan

    Sent to you Soros’ Repky to Dr Mahathir, the most corrupted man in Malaysia.

  31. tommycol says:

    Dear Susan

    just started blogging and as u hv said it right ; the right of birth ; and we hv been taught fr moment of birth ;freedom of speech – dont they make u cry at birth !!!!!!

  32. grinalk says:

    i do agree.. human right is a birth right πŸ˜€

  33. japspress says:

    nice to meet ur blog. -japs-

  34. NoktahHitam says:

    Added on Negaraku.net Project. Dont stop ok?

  35. true malaysian says:

    hi, susan. u have found the best way to put yr own personally views without been edited or sensored, that’s great , we have our own freedom but on one condition, freedom comes with responsibility, the consequences of our own doing.

  36. PP says:

    Hello Susan
    The latest thing I’m doing these days is checking out blogs …. lots of them….. all the different kinds …..
    I enjoy reading. Love to listen to various opinions, people speaking their minds, and tryin to get out of my “shell” and be more open-minded.
    Your surname caught my eye. Is Loone Chinese? Just curious.
    Will be checking your site from time to time ….

  37. BJBeejay says:

    Fear oops! Dear Susan,
    I came across your blog just now in a in a posting on Malaysia Today. having read all, and wanting for more, I now your thoughts to digest here . Thank you.

  38. Muhamad Qayum says:

    Em, is true that blogging is the only way we can express something thats usually we cant’t express it through other media and I know how its feel. Hope you can achieve your target. If you have a time, visit my blog. If can.

  39. Tean says:


    China, during the era of Mao destroyed books. Are we seeing the same trend now in Malaysia. Website like MT is being attacked and very difficult to access.
    They can blocked MT but with people like you and Rocky around we still have a healthy dose of news.

    I just want to thank you and keep up the good work.
    BTW, if you are back to Kuala Lumpur I would like to invite you for teh tarik with my friends PY and Din.

    Have a pleasant day Susan.

  40. gregornot says:

    Great Blog, thanks for taking the time to express your truths. It is truly appreciated, by all ( at least by me). Thanks for your hard work, as a fellow blogger I know the daily grind of publishing new, interesting items. Thanks again for you hard work.
    peace,Shundahai( A Newe word which means “Peace and Harmony with All Creation) Gregor Gable
    Nuclear and Indigenous
    Items of Interest

  41. Ohiit says:

    Yes I love the way you talk about in “Why I blog?” It reflect your personality well. Yes not all writers are really proficient but that is why I see every good and bad journalism on papers or on the web can twist the truth but it takes more than a creative mind to come up with everything in general view.

    From what I believe the world is ugly in-depth but not on the surface. I think you get what I mean? That is why we can’t go against mother nature. Everything no matter what, mankind has it own way of how system works the way they want it to be.

    Till then…

  42. Jane Priya says:

    I am Jane from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp) based in KL, I am trying to do a news feature on bloggers who cover on politics esp the the Permatang Pauh bi-election, how can i get in touch with you, pls email me if you gert this.
    QAlso if you have some other suggestions for bloggers based in Penang who blog on politics pls do let me know. Thanks!

  43. Michael Lim says:

    Hi Susan,

    About the message ‘Why I blog’.

    May I ask the permission to link your blog to mine? Until today, I never come across any blog/site with such a update-to-date news and politically neutral.

    And interestingly, I seldom read this kind of article but I just had spend some time on your articles. I can’t explain… ha.

    Pls reply if it’s favorable to you πŸ˜‰


  44. U4H says:

    “Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform”
    “Our opinions do not really blossom into fruition unitl we have expressed them to someone else.”
    -Mark Twain

    You write for the same reason many of us do because you must. Like drinking water and eating food, writing is a necessity. Keep sharing your ideas, thoughts, and opinions and good luck in all your future endeavors.
    -Vincenzo Scipioni

  45. Thong says:

    Need more people like you.

  46. feeha says:

    Although m new in tis world but m tryin to grasp all the factz πŸ™‚

  47. thissalesmanslife says:

    First time visitor – I like it so far

  48. G Mills says:

    What this country needs is to stop this fighting. We need to start thinking about Americans and that all. We can’t take on all the worlds problems as seen in Wall street these past days. The war in Iraq is cost us and I think Iraq should pay us back for all we’ve done. Then take that money and take care of the job problems in this country. Stop letting non Americans from sending money out of the country as I see in the post office all the time. Those who come to this great land to learn should be out as soon as their studies are over. I was in Europe in early 70s and they watched and knew when I was to leave so why can’t we do the same. Wall street has done the little man in again and now we have to bail them out. Hey, try and tell the person who lost his or hers home that S-. Bush knew this was going to happen and its funny that all of a sudden when he’s going to leave he tell the American people the surge has worked. Hey I’m no fool and what a corney apperance he made after Wall street failed. Tells me he and his cronies could care less. So America if you want this all over again then McCain is your man. Those how can see past color in this election should watch if it matters when you lose your home. And thats all I have to say.

  49. I blog because it is a platform for me to share my mind with people outthere and to speak my mind against any bad policy of the government without any dirty-editor editing the truth.It is fun bloging bacuse you feel inner joy for speaking the truth.
    people that are against it are criminal, that should be punish in any country that respect frrdom of speach.


  50. peacelovekindness says:

    The most obvious physical reason why we all wanna blog is because bags under the eyes are kinda the trendiest of looks in this age of the Internet Surfing craze! LOL πŸ˜‰ No offence, Susan… I’m having ’em baggy pair o’ eyes, too! πŸ™‚

    I simply blog for greater PEACE, LOVE and KINDNESS in this temporary world which is being loaned to us, mere mortals, by the RICHEST rightful CREATOR/OWNER of the whole Universe…

  51. Chui Lim says:

    Came upon your blog by chance & it made me laugh esp. the wicked ways u scalp our corrupt politicians & dish out d truth! More please & Cheers!

  52. Gitanjali says:

    Interesting write ups…an eye opener

  53. Loren says:

    Thank you. Good work.

  54. ikram says:

    Suan, am just wondering, do you really read your comments and let discussions go wild?

    Have you ever tried butting in the middle? I was hoping this blog would be a happy dose of ‘alternative views’ about this country.

    Rather than have meaningful discussions (too bad, I expect too much I guess), I’ve been the subject of name-calling by a bunch of copy-and-paste mofos.

    Too bad. I love reading your blog posts. I’ll just be a silent reader from now on. Keep up the good posts.

  55. a reader says:

    News item for you to blog about?
    May be not. anyway this is the reference:

    Najib launches a “new politics” book in a hotel written by a deputy minister but unfortunately his pretense of browsing was “fouled” as he reads the book upside down. ha ha
    see the image here:

    News Source: http://www.sun2surf.com/article.cfm?id=29427

  56. Blog on, love your blog πŸ™‚

  57. thanaif says:

    Miss Susan – bagaimana boleh saya mendapatkan email saudari?

  58. Ong Eu Soon says:

    Dear Susan,
    Penang state government roll out a plan called BEST stand for Bridge Express Shuttle Transit. The original ideas of this transport plan came from me. I wrote to articles in my blogs provided him the detail on how to

  59. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘
    πŸ’‘ Ms Susan πŸ’‘ Hope that you can find some MAGICAL time to post more exciting subjects for all of us here to comments more until 13th GE n by the way if you are to meet any Pakatan leaders or driving along the PG road or highway,(ROAD SAFETY) kindly notice that our road condition are really BAD n need repairing due to pot hole or unbalance problems n that might cause majority VOTERS to feel FRUSTRATED with PR gomen if action is not taken ASAP like previous Gerakan admin!!!!! Thanks πŸ˜‰
    Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘

  60. rebena says:

    Hi Susan,
    We thanks and highly appreciate your resourceful blog subjects and substance, enriching comment and views, throughout many years. I learned a lot of thru this space.

  61. Mek Jar says:

    I’m so happy to bump into yr blog just by chance today πŸ™‚ Great work Susan. Do keep it up. I believe that there’s more and more Malaysians out there who actually want a Malaysia for all Malaysian many thanks to people like yourself who chose to speak out loud, with reason and honesty.

    Hopefully one day Tunku’s vision will become a reality (I found a NG magazine with a special feature on Malaysia in conjunction with the creation of Malaysia in 1963 and was deeply sad to see how far we’ve deviated- but also motivated to strive towards its visions).

    Mek Jar

  62. play3dsnow says:

    saje saje je, relax la, i will read more of ur blog now. thx

  63. URL says:

    … [Trackback]…

    […] Read More here: sloone.wordpress.com/why-human-rights/ […]…

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