Okay guys and gals. Due to popular demand, the FREE SPEECH ZONE is now expanded to its second page. Because of its countless comments (thanks to everyone for their invaluable input – very cliche but never mind), the page takes time to load and many are frustrated. So here you are, my merdeka gift to you all. Free Speech Zone 2. Do your best or worst 🙂

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  1. padzac says:


  2. stcin says:

    NAZRIN has been prophesied in RAHMAN, amen !

  3. stcin says:

    NAZRIN has been prophesied in RAHMAN, amen !

  4. Sad and broken hearted all because of you.I cant help it if i am still in love with you.

  5. stenson says:

    The wise man has spoken.Listen those of you who have ears.From the darkness rises a great man.Dont shut you ears umno goons and dont clamp your eyes.The dead will rise from the grave to hear the good tidings.

  6. kittykat46 says:

    Thanks, Susan.
    The Original Free Speech Zone was getting too slow to load, even with a fast connection.

  7. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Drifting Arrow,
    Sounds a bit like the lyrics of “All For The Love Of A Girl” by Johnny Horton.

    Well, today I’m so weary.
    Today I’m so blue.
    Sad and broken hearted,
    And it’s all because of you.
    Life was so sweet dear,
    Life was a song.
    Now you’ve gone and left me,
    Oh, where do I belong?

    He was famous long before I was born, but I’m a collector of 1950s songs.

    The full lyrics here


  8. stcin says:

    ” N…N…Nazrin… are you the People’s Man…?!”

  9. whispering9 says:

    I found the song now….Gwen Stefani rocks. Datuk Wong has a ‘cute’ write-up today on the silly protest against her. He even attempted to snipe in a joke. Hahaha. Remember guys and gals…burning flag is a no no…period. Won’t be posting much next few days. See you at her party.

  10. stcin says:

    ” NAZRIN, please HELP !!”

  11. monsterball says:

    Susan..padzac said..FTC….Free To Curse!
    Will the messages be carry forward or start all over again?
    It’s should be carried forward!!
    stenson…you mean a monkey has turned soothsayer? Will be nice if he can predict when election will come.

  12. stcin says:

    i can’t register with MT, PLEASE HELP !

  13. stcin says:

    hot issue now in MT : who is N after A in RAHMAN ?, Nazrin-lah who else ! please support, tq.

  14. stcin says:

    Nazrin, you are surely the P..people’s ..M..man !
    no doubt about it, please work it out !

  15. monsterball says:

    stcin…Is Susan’s blog so successful that you are send here on a mission to rojak it?
    Only an UMNO dimwit supporter will talk like you.
    Happy MERDEKA….stcin.

  16. stcin says:

    sorry, monty, i really enjoy both blogs, tq.

  17. monsterball says:

    stcin…..By all means do enjoy…but not put out all those silly messages to disturb Susan’s blog.
    Is that enjoyment? Ask everyone.
    It’s trying to rojak the site….why are you doing this stcin?

  18. The lyrics remind me of a lady i fancy.Maybe another one ‘ ooopppps i did it again ‘.I never learn.

  19. bamboo river says:

    Wah! Susan, thank you lah. Now we are in Part 2 of FSZ. Just click and FSZ 2 appears in my monitor immediately.
    Okay lah…now make full use of this site.

    Hey, Monty…thanks for announcing my absence in FSZ .
    But, I think we got our SMS mixed up lah!

    My friend did not lost his way in the jungle. He lose his 4WD to the jungle!
    You see, his 4WD decided to stay put with mother nature and told my friend to get lost!

    Actually it was on a day offroad trip with 2 other guys. You knowlah offroad kaki, once hand itchy, just go for a trip !

    Unfortunately for him, while descending on a trail, his 4WD skidded and crashed into a ravine.
    Luckily only 15 feet deep. So, got stuck there .
    He managed to call my friend whom is having teh tarik with me at my workplace. (The owner of the 4WD is a friend of my teh tarik buddy.I have yet to know this 4WD chap)
    So, both of us managed to get 2 4WDs and 5 guys plus recovery equipment within that evening.
    The problem is we don’t know which trail that he took. H/p signal is no problem but in the jungle trail, left can be right and vice versa.
    That is why we decided to move out that night. When I SMSed you .The moment we reached the so called pre fixed location, we phoned him to point his 4WD spot light towards the sky and sort of sway it around.
    Well, we managed to reach him about midnight.

    We set up tent at a nearby stream and cook some food before retiring .
    The next morning, we can only start recovery work past noon because the trail is wet due to morning mist and a light drizzle the night before.

    We managed to get the 4WD out by evening and later decided to spend another night on a new camping spot.
    After that balik to KL and reached home just in time to bring my family afternoon shopping lah for groceries.

    Well, I had made friends with 5 strangers, and the 4WD owner is ofcourse owed us roti telur and teh tarik .
    BTW, I and a few of the guys are fully retired from offroad. Sold my 4WD , commitment to business and family lah. Now cari makan susah, family must jaga…where got time to go jungle offroad.But for the above case, exception lah. good reason to tell other half of mine …it is for a GOOD cause!!

    Have a good night rest everyone!
    Looking forward to a happy Monday.
    Good night and God Bless!

  20. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river!! What a good Samaritan you are!
    God bless your kind soul.
    Sheih’s mom is in grave condition.
    Please….let us all offer a prayer to Sheih’s mom for speedy recovery.

  21. bamboo river says:

    yes, Monty. I had just visited Bro Sheih ‘s blog.
    My prayer for his mum’s recovery and his family to be strong.

  22. jeancumlately says:

    Nice of you bamboo river… now I know who to call when I got caught in traffic jam and unable to move. Or that one not considered a distress?

    N is for Nazrin… yessss, please, please, please…. and please dont tell me that N is for Monkey.

    stcin… it happened sometimes in MT. You just have to keep on trying.

  23. hawk says:

    Actually N can also qualify ANWAR.

    U know how prophesy works, always got some twists and turns to maintain mystery.

    AN ……. sounds as N

  24. hawk says:

    NAZRIN …..is good idea but not likely he will bow this low to be premier. Maybe as interim premier until we find the Mister or Madam Right.

    Lets starting by counting and listing out the clowns we have in UMNO. Are all of them clowns?

    Rather, they are thieves, like the thieves of Badhdad. But here, they are working with Alibabas.

  25. bamboo river says:

    Aiya, Jean if you are nearby where I am, no problem lah. But traffic jam ? I don’t know lah.
    I guess distress in the jungle is easier than in the urban street.
    If you are stuck in the middle of the road, everyone will start honking and cursing like nobody business. They didn’t think that one day will be their turn if they are unlucky.
    May as well pull over and help to push their car to the side.
    In the jungle, I guess only the leeches nad mosquitos will have a feast on us.

    But Jean, how are you going to call me if you are in distress? No worry lah. Malaysians are very helpful. I believe many will stop to help you.

    Yes, there is an article in MT about Raja Nazrin be our next PM.
    However, I think it will be just an impossible wish. I am keeping my mind open.
    As long as anyone whom has the qualities of leadership and intergrity , will do fine with me.
    But first, before we can build a house , we must have a good foundation and solid ground.

    Another important factor is UNITY.
    We can’t move forward for changes if everyone is not in unison. That is the main setback that we have to overcome. Which is also another quite impossible wish after almost 50 years!

  26. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Bamboo River,
    Good to have you back. Nice to know you are an off-road enthusiast.

    I’m not really an off-roader – I don’t own a serious 4WD – but I have been a navigator on a couple of Ford Lanun Darat outings. Too bad,lah, most weekends are for family outings these days.

    I drive a Ford Escape 2.3 – yeah, its a sissy compared the real solid Ranger and Toyota Hilux. But its comfortable for everyday use. I do appreciate its higher ground clearance on some weekends due to my photography hobby. I sometimes join Outdoor and Landscape Photography expeditions, and having a light 4WD capability provides wider opportunities for pictures which I would miss if I only stayed on the tarred roads.

    There are jokes floating around about Bangsar Tractors – its a send-up of what they call Chelsea Tractors in London – big, tough, SUVs that are only used in suburbia and never see a single inch of mud…

    On a more sombre note, I left a prayer on Sheih’s blog for his mother’s recovery.

  27. padzac says:

    monty :O

    first to comment la… can u imagine me cursing??

    good morning everyone, have a blessed week 🙂

  28. jeancumlately says:

    I know bamboo river, there are lots and lots of helpful malaysians out there but we also see in the recent news about that 30-year old woman in JB who was abducted and raped, a wife strangled to death by her husband, a man cut up to 11 pieces and stuffed in a freezer, a college student raped and murdered… It sure does not sound like Malaysia we used to know.

    Come to think about it, the “jungle” is even worse in the city. The tiger, the buaya and the leeches exists in different form, shape and sizes.

  29. Talking about share’s market.I wish the ground i stood on could open up and swallow me in whole.

  30. People who are fed with silver spoons from cradles to graves talking about others worshipping false god.I never laugh so much in my life.Earn your living mates if you want us to respect you.

  31. kittykat46 says:

    Hi drifting arrow,
    You did get some sound advice posted on this blog last week that the market was going to get VERY ugly.

    It will be a lot worse before it gets any better.
    When US home prices market crashes, lot of Americans are going to find soon that they owe more on their mortage than their house is worth – negative nett worth. All hell is going to break loose.

    But its not the end of the world. If its not cash that you need for the next few months or a year, no problem. Just sit tight, play defensive.

    If you need to roll the cash in the next few weeks, you are looking at a definite loss, maybe a big loss.

  32. whispering9 says:

    OMG…that was really you, padzac. I wanted to stay off this FSZ for various reasons but I need to tell you something. In urban dictionary, FTC is not ‘First to comment’. It is also not as pleasant as MB ‘First to Curse’. It starts with a four letter word and ends with a four letter word. ROFLz.

    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ftc .

  33. monsterball says:

    padzac…..Don’t try to be too smart!
    When you wrote FTC …it means Free To Curse zone….hinting at me and others cursing each other…not the refine sweet you.
    So you can be sarcastic too eh?

  34. monsterball says:

    kittykat46 is teaching guys how to flock and stock shares….and if all not well….even if your son is getting married …postpone it…no money…no problem…just postpone.
    Sit tight for few weeks…and all will go well.
    kittykat is a compulsive gambler!!

  35. monsterball says:

    yea whispeering9…padzac did put out FTC and I never realize you are so smart…. to twist and turn those initials into fouls words all over.Looks like itchify week for some….including holy holy ones.

  36. bamboo river says:

    KK46, I was an offroad nut. That was long time ago. Now, no lah. Maybe when my kids are about in their teen , I might consider another round of 4×4.
    I am the mother nature type of person. Prefer to spend my free time with waterfalls and green environment. No hustle and bustle of urban living for a few days.
    Hey KK46, Ford Escape is a good medium SUV.
    My previous 4WD is a Land Cruiser.
    A good one. Have to let her go with a heavy heart!. Took me 2 months to get over with it.

    Nowadays, big SUV is just for urban driving. Not suitable for tough off roading. I am sure you don’t buy a RM 200 k SUV for off roading right?
    Unless, very rich and no place to spend.

    Family 4×4 outing is the norm now. Good to bring family for this excursions.
    Most of my former trips are those heavy type.

    Jean, Malaysians are really helpful. Sad to say, those murder and rape cases had badly affected our conscience.
    That is why I said getting yourself in distress in a jungle is much safer than in urban areas.
    So, be extra cautious and think twice before accepting any strangers offer to help.
    If you doubt his personality, stay in your car and lock all doors. Even if you are some way obstructing traffic.
    In this situation more motorist will stop to give you a hand. You will be much safer then.

    If you are alone in a deserted road. Better stay inside your car and call a friend .If some one approach you. Give the description of the person ,car make, registration number to your friend to note down. Asked the person to stop another motorist just to make sure there is a third party.
    Leave a slot of your window to talk to the person.
    Do not get off no matter what if you doubt the person.

    This a normal advice you will get from anyone concern safety while driving. So, no need for me to blah,blah .Afterwards people will say I am long winded. LOL!

    However, if I am to help a motorist especially lady drivers, just in case she doubt my sincerity, I would show my IC and advise her not to get off if she doesn’t want to.
    So far only tukar tayar pancit for lady drivers lah.Guys, well once helped a guy whom do not know how to use a car jack! That’s life lah.

    Last but not least Jean, you had missed out a very important urban animal in you list.
    Keep Smiling all of you!

  37. jeancumlately says:

    Ya lah bamboo river… how could I forget THE monkey. Can FIL be considered as an animal? Have to ask the other jeanne on that one.

    I remembered at one time I had to drive alone thru’ seremban2 at 10 p.m and one proton wira with three guys inside tried to drive me off the road. The front fender of the car was hit but I took the risk of not stopping knowing that I have a better chance of surviving by this way. The wira chased me but gave up after a few km and I got closer to the highway. It was scary but after reading what had happened to others, I know I made the correct decision.

    To the ladies, dont drive alone especially at night.

  38. monsterball says:

    hi jeancumlately hundreds of ladies do drive alone at late nights. Don’t frighten them with your bad experience lah.
    Yes you maybe right….but also wrong…as they maybe chasing you to apologize or wanting to be friendly..why not slow down..pull down the door glass window and ask them…what do they want.
    You may have a broken tail light..not working..this or that. Sometimes..being a gentleman or a good Samaritan is difficult to sexy gals…..mostly snobs and think you are after them.
    To the ladies…drive alone…don’t be scared…learn kungfu fighting…..kick some balls…buy stingking spray to ward off intruders.
    But you you drive late at night at very lonely roads…you are asking for trouble..man or woman…no matter.
    Drive late at night in KL cities….very very safe.

  39. monsterball says:

    I used to go to Banting and love driving back late at night..and stop by a nice open space makan kedai…so friendly and lively.
    Those guys will insist I drink Tongkat Ali tea….refused….give me one and say..don’t like it…free…but I pay lah…they care for me ‘energy’ lost.
    steam fresh fish..vege…tomyam…all so cheap and nice.

  40. padzac says:

    we use FTC at Yahoo 36 Blogs all the time to indicate first to comment… i didnt mean the other one la…. aiyo…

    u can go my page and check also…

  41. monsterball says:

    Padzac’s FTC…also mean” F…The Commentators”
    Hope not “Feel The C…t”
    But she is such a nice lady ..can mean “Forward Towards Christianity”
    Unless..she is such a good imposter is a drinking kaki..to mean..”Fellow Tottler Companions”
    But she likes law and order and justices done”…so becareful…it may mean….”Free The Criminals” campaign.

  42. padzac says:

    too bad if i have given you such an impression, monty. well if u choose to think negatively about me, that is your prerrogative. i cant really do much abt it.

  43. monsterball says:

    FTC…”Finish That Chinese”…..WHO???….monsterball?.
    FTC…”Fellow Talented Commentators”…ah that’s nice.
    FTC….”Fellowship Teaching Christianity” Blog? No wonder hawk is also doing that.
    FTC….Still I think ‘Free To Curse” was in her mind.

  44. monsterball says:

    I have no nEgatives but pure love and respect for you.
    But since we are all nameless and faceless..we need to put on our thinking cap and put out what we feel.
    In your case…if I am proven wrong…which I hope so…then it’s all fine…is it not?

  45. stcin says:

    NAZRIN, NAZRIN, NAZRIN, NAZRIN ……..bless you and your family, amen !

  46. whispering9 says:

    Dear padzac,

    I am still doing some works here and thot I pop in a word. Sorry for my misunderstanding with your FTC. I was getting paranoiac with the impostors that have been alloying this space. Sorry again. Goodnite.

  47. monsterball says:

    FTC….means” F… The C…t” by whispering9
    Goodnight whispering9….Sweet DREAMS.
    No harm done…we both are teasing padzac….are we not?
    At least …that’s what I am doing……hahahahahaha

  48. bamboo river says:

    Well. Jean, you did the most sensible thing !
    I would definitely do the same if I were in your position.
    Monsterball, on your opinion. Yes and no. Yes you can stop if you are in a safe environment. No , you don’t stop and wind down your window to talk to them. Preferably and better to stop at a safe place say a petrol station or shops.
    If I want to warn a motorist about say, their door is not properly closed or one of their car tyre is flat , I would just honk, drive along side if possible and signal to them.
    To learn kung fu ?
    Well, if you are within striking distance and your assailant is not holding a weapon like a three feet parang okaylah.
    I normally keep a ‘tonfa’ beside my driver’s seat just in case I need to defend myself.
    But ,if my family is with me, No way man! I am just going to drive off even if I have to side whack the assailant’s car. Damaged car can be repaired. Family safety comes first!

    So ladies, if you are driving alone at night. Be extra careful.

  49. kittykat46 says:

    Some commentators are turning Susan’s main blog comments section for the posts on Merdeka and on the Flag into something like Malaysia Today’s swimming pool.

    Please, Comments are for people to express ideas, not go for other commentator’s throats.

    Whatever happened to “I may disagree with you but I will defend your right to express your ideas”

    Ironically, MT’s comments section is actually getting a bit more civil – some people realise they should avoid getting RPK into trouble unnecessarily.

    I value Susan’s blog – please don’t spoil it.

  50. jeancumlately says:

    Monty, I dont think when a car came out of nowhere from behind, overtook you and hit yours, he was just tring to get to know you…

    (But somebody did used that trick and he’s a miilionaire monkey now… read MT).

    Well kk46, if you you noticed, there are some who have this fetish about other’s throat and just cant help but go after it at every opportunity.

  51. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46, The split personality Raja troll has been slain – the last time he was masquerading as “GOD”. Clever, but not clever enough. He might try a reincarnational comeback though, let him, we’ll see…

  52. bamboo river says:

    I guess it is time Susan brings out the AK 47 machine gun .
    I too was confused at the the Merdeka and flag posting.
    We are now been given a round about by these irresponsible act.
    So, maybe we should put our thumbprint to prevent untowards incident in Susan’s Blog.
    For the time being , the main target by this so called imposter are towards Monsterball.

    Maybe Susan can do something like MT where when we click the nick of the commentator, the IP will appear.
    So, ladies and guys, any other better ideas?

  53. jeancumlately says:

    Its not an opinion but some questions to bamboo river.

    We should register then… sigh… anything that involves having to register scares me. What is the risk of registering, anyway?

    I did registered with MT, commented and received a few personal e-mails after that. So, what’s the risk? I dont want to be famous because I am not as tough as susan. Cari makan is already tough enough these days.

  54. padzac says:

    jean, i also got personal emails from god knows who at MT. i never replied any.

  55. wits0 says:

    BR: “I guess it is time Susan brings out the AK 47 machine gun .”

    I think Susan needs use only the last fingernail on her last finger to squash such a sick bug.

  56. kittykat46 says:

    I never like registering on a political blog/ website, its a real turn-off. If a blog’s commentators have descended to the level that requires pre-registration, I won’t bother to comment.

    Yeah, I got spam mail after registering on MT.
    Needless to say, I requested deletion of my registration and never posted on MT ever again.

    I do register on some other Internet forums, where I use my real name. But those are different, related to either my profession or my hobby, and I use my real name there. They are like a society or club, you have to enroll as a member to post on the forum.

    And they are all very nice and polite….heheheh.

  57. bamboo river says:

    I had registered in MT. But no personal e mails lah! How come?
    But when I registered, I used my real name. Not bamboo river. That is before I discovered Susan’s blog from MT.
    Not that I don’t want to use my real name in Susan’s blog and the rest. My first comment in Blog is from Susan’s. So, discovered Monsterball. The rest is as now lah.
    I do received unsolicited e mails from other sources. I don’t open suspicious e mail. Just click, click and delete.
    Susan can always omit the link to your e mail add. in your IP. I think so? I am not a PC geek.

    Witso, that was a good one! LOL!
    Maybe ‘Flick It’ sounds better!

  58. monsterball says:

    And bamboo river stuck on to me..because he likes BARK GOOD DAY….and promise to blanja me one year ago…still waiting…..hahahahahaha
    Sheih sms me….saying his mom is getting better. GREAT NEWS!

  59. monsterball says:

    kittykat…..You mean guys here are not so polite to you that your registerd club.
    Tell me who…..I will hatam for you….maybe hatam myself?….hahahahahahaha

  60. monsterball says:

    If I ever drive and meet jeancumlately….I will bang at her arse side…I mean her car backside…damage it….so we can talk and talk about the repair cost for hours.
    To me…that’s worth every cent to get a snob like her to meet me and stenson …. face to face. Let money talk……….hahahahahahaha

  61. monsterball says:

    padzac is ignoring me…..how sad.

  62. monsterball says:

    hi kittykat..Your message 7th8.43am refers.
    Why tell it here? Go there and put a message to tell them off.
    You are right…….but tell it there like I did…more effective.

  63. jeancumlately says:

    monty, you called me a snob? It means stuck-up, arrogant, patronizing and is the opposite of modest or humble. Gee, monty, I have the feeling that I am beginning to look like you?… now you scare me.

    BTW, whatever happened to those days when the gentleman can walk up to a lady and asked politely “may I know your name” kinda stuff instead of rear-ending her? KJ is really setting a bad example.

  64. monsterball says:

    hi jean …no need to describe snob with so many details to advertise yourself lah.
    To everyone..you are so nice…but to stenson and me…you are a snob
    You dare not prove we are wrong….but now scared of me? Why scared? I am more scared of you than you of me…and I never let any woman scared me off…but you do.
    Because you are a teaser too. Wait till I get a chance to hatam your backside. What is your car number?

  65. monsterball says:

    Susan….Sheih improvised a technique to identify copycats.
    What he did was put monsterball “Under Moderation”….then those not under moderations using my nick is a copycat. It works!!
    Then he will delete and release the word ‘under moderation” from my messages and start from that time and date again.

  66. monsterball says:

    See jeancumlately ..so sensitive nowadays…not spotting anymore.
    Maybe business not too good. Mine 35 years old company is dying…yet I keep positive attitudes….smile and keep faith ..as so many customers do have faith in me…cannot get worst….only better.
    So jeancumlately should treat stenson and me as customers….very fussy type and practice her art and craft how to win our trust in her.
    Can do that successfully…..train an employee…sit and relax and see how sales keep pouring in.
    Need help? stenson and I are available…free of charge.

  67. monsterball says:

    Maybe busybody witsO may volunteer too….hahahahahaha
    But becareful of hawk…he may make your company world wide one very fast and then you will go to hell with him.

  68. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…The hell I am referring to… is non stop burning fire….tortures and suffering for all your life.
    That’s hawk’s hell.
    Mine hell is drinking…singing and be merry. That’s ‘Way Of Life” hell…so don’t get confused.

  69. hawk says:

    Monty, your prayers can only be answered if you are mindful of your words and deeds. So u cannot pray with one mouth and curse with it too.

    Since last week u were in prayer mood. I hope you endure the temptation of cursing remarks such that your prayers get answered.

    Take GOD seriously. Dont pray from your mouth. Do it from your heart.

  70. monsterball says:

    hawk..watch me do that and be blessed.
    Better than hypocrites and wipers like you.

  71. hantutelur says:

    monty, i like the idea of you hantaming yourself! please borrow my nick and start doing it. we’ll see if you can outdo yourself… hahaha

  72. hawk says:

    Sure, u will be blessed.

    Remember, one can be blessed by the DEVIL in this world. Thats the power of deception.

  73. hawk says:

    Hello monty,

    Monty s type of hell…..figure it out

    Why do we often greet each other Hell…O?

    R we all already in HELL, with such politicians as the custodians of our life?

  74. jeancumlately says:

    Not disapprearing lah monty… have to work. Some clients are just so damn fussy and acted as if when they engage you, they own you. Worst part is, they dont even own the company but merely working for it. Just like when you go to pejabat tanah, the kerani will act like a CEO of a PLC and we have to buy them dinner some more!

    Thanks for the offer for advice. If you noticed, stenson is missing already and maybe he is going back to his old habit… his joystick.

    Wanna know about hell? Try to do business here and now. I dont know what sin malaysians had done to deserve pak lah… Hawk may have the answer.

  75. padzac says:

    aiyo, no la monty… i was busy all day yesterday. so much of work to do. some people have to work la. i was not ignoring it at all.

    who is this stchin, by the way? i see so many msgs from him but cannot figure out who he is posting the messages to.

    i am doing the malaysia blogs at my page now. so that is also taking up a lot of my time. between work, hubby, blogging, 2 spoilt cats and 3 kittens — i can barely breathe la…

    i cant sleep at night also. for the past 3 nights i have been having dream after dream. i wrote all of it down and see what will be revealed. a lot of the dream is about malaysia. and not nice dreams at all.

    anyway, have a blessed day everyone 🙂

  76. padzac says:

    jean, are u working for a developer ah?

  77. monsterball says:

    Jeancumlately is working to develop an image to make stenson real crazy of her.
    But she and I know where hell really is.

  78. Zaiaku says:

    Hmmm when did this become a catfight??

  79. stenson says:

    Jean must have teased the guys in wira with a twinkle in her eyes.’ Catch me if you can.I got more than what you see outside’.Then the race is on knowing the wira l.3L cant catch up with her high powered honda.Should her car break down,she just dial and monty will drop from the sky like soon wu kong to rescue a dame in distress.So jean is safely in monty’s arms.No loser – both win.That is heaven man.

  80. jeancumlately says:

    Monty!? Geez… where the hell did you get such an idea? I was not trying to impress anybody lah… I am just like everyone else trying to chip in with my 2 sens and my personal experiences. Aint got nothin’ to flaunt. I dont even have a ps3 to entice stenson.

    padzac dear… I am not a developer or working for one lah. I was talking about about pej tanah based on my own experience.

  81. monsterball says:

    There jeancumlately….I told you….stenson is always on the lookout for you….and I like his version on your car chasing episode…..saying YOU ASKED FOR IT!!
    But stenson is grossly mistaking jean needs me to rescue he in anything.She is such an expert…wink one the eye…asking for trouble….wink another time with an innocent look….saying…”hi you are mistaken”…then wink again with a laugh….saying ‘you nitwits”..an expert teaser.
    I call her Wonder Woman…so she rescue me.
    When stenson is happy I am happy. Reminds me “Two men and a woman” is okay with us..if jean is game….but I am one on one….cannot imagine two on one situation….also old and engine not reliable. Better give way….that’s most sensible.
    So jean…stenson has come….when can you release and stop controlling. SAY IT WITH LOVE!!

  82. jeancumlately says:

    …monty will drop from the sky like soon wu kong to rescue a dame in distress.So jean is safely in monty’s arms…

    – Stenson

    Have you heard this malay proverb, “terlepas dari mulut harimau masuk ke mulut buaya?”

  83. kittykat46 says:

    Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.

  84. monsterball says:

    “From the mouth of a Tiger to the mouth of a crocodile”…..what are you tryingto say…jeancumlately?
    Are you saying I and stenson are tiger and crocodile?
    Since I am older…must be the ugly crock lah.
    We treat you like pussy cat…so cute and sexy.
    And here come kittykat.. nak campor chakapan cinta kita chakapan. nak potong jalan.

  85. monsterball says:

    Lets get serious!
    Opposition party announce they will contest one to oner on all seats in coming election.
    That’s smart move.
    One writer said correctly…..BN using Daching…so simple and unified logo.
    Opposition should come out with their united logo to….but then DAP will be too proud of their famous logo…and again do not want to be associated with PAS…but to co-operate in the election for the good of the nation.
    I don’t think they will have a logo showing they are together. It will give BN lots to say against them.
    But if the want a logo…maybe the famous Justice woman picture…with the daching.

  86. jeancumlately says:

    The opposition can contest in all places but they have to be practical and look at their limited resources against the might of BN Machinery. Might as well concentrate on places they have a fighting chance.

    In this election, the chinese voters can make the difference especially the urban areas. Forget about trying to win the malay voters in the rural areas for the time being. You cant afford them.

    A tip to the opposition. You cannot win a malay vote by harping on the inter-ethnic disparity due to NEP. Highlight the intra-ethnic disparity i.e. the gap within the malay community itself as a result of NEP. The urban malays will understand you very well.

  87. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Jeancumlately,
    Why do you struggle so hard, lah.
    Join UMNO – and be rich. In the Malay kampung next to my housing area, the biggest houses belong to UMNO fellas. Nice Mercedes and 4WD in their drive way.

  88. jeancumlately says:

    kiitykat.. that’s the best example of harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.

    BTW, not everyone is born to be a politician. Some people are born with conscience. Some people have principles in life. Some people do have the sense of right and wrong. Similarly, some malays are not born to be umnoputras.

  89. hantutelur says:

    The above proverbs have an English version: out of the frying pan… into the fire.

    …so, IF the opposition manage to wrestle into power by the next election, is there a guarantee that they won’t become another BN? To unvote the current govt in hope for a better replacement, but it’s everymonty’s knowlege the opposition parties has nothing in common, can they work together to achieve different goals? Wouldn’t it be like… out of the frying pan into the fire?

  90. stenson says:

    Malas aku nak jawab.

  91. hantutelur says:

    UMNO, BN and the Constitution are the greatest formulae ever created and they should last at least another milleneum. The problem is whose hands they fall into. Like giving a Lamborghini to a mat rempit, it will end up under an 18-wheeler soon after.

  92. stenson says:

    Harapkan padi,padi makan pagar.

  93. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…..That’s good!!….sock it to kittykat!!

  94. bamboo river says:

    We lacked on inter-racial UNITY. Period.
    How to command a majority be it opposition or ruling party ?
    And I don’t think the opposition will succeed being a ruling party even all three major oppositions combined together.
    However , what we must strive now is a quantum of opposition voice in the parliment. Sort of check and balance .
    Do you think the component parties can voice their objection openly?
    If you object, you are against the main party objective. If you abstain, you are not towing the same line. So, what is the component party for?
    To represent the rakyat or to follow the leader even if is not according to the rakyat’s wish?

    As hantutelur’s opinion at 2:14 p.m….it makes sense. So, we are merely doing things that we felt should be done NOW. What is the guarantee we can get after that? No one knows.

    Our feelings of dissatisfaction,anger,dissapointment etc.etc can be used against us by politicians to their benefits.

    We are in a no win win situation but just like a chinese saying “No meat got soup also can ” We are in a dilema. But we have the option to change things . CHECK & BALANCE.

  95. monsterball says:

    If Susan is controlling me…I AM OUT!!
    Few of my responses at main sites do not appear.
    Let her reply to me.

  96. monsterball says:

    First she cannot control copycats on me…then my reply to hutchrun cannot go through.I am being monitored and copied.
    Is she sacrificing me?
    If so…I accept.
    Let me be the first to congratulate her in advance for being a millionairess. I HOPE I DID PLAY A PART IN IT!!
    And this is the real monsterball.

  97. hantutelur says:

    monty, she is moderating you, what… you asked for it!

  98. wits0 says:

    When was the last type you clean your PC of all those stale leftovers, those stale cookies, adwares, malwares trojans and temporary Internet files? Sure you are cleared of rootkits?

    Assuming your anti-virus is working okay, that is, the above also need attention.

  99. kittykat46 says:

    Sure win prediction.
    Monty will be back very, very soon.

  100. wits0 says:

    I buy that! 😉

  101. whispering9 says:

    Especially if I start to hentam him again…like last time.

  102. hantutelur says:

    the last time he said goodbye he actually went for a vacation. where is he going this time?

  103. hantutelur says:

    owh… please tell monsterball it’s the net that is lagging. this page doesn’t refresh immediately. and i am confused with the bangkok time

  104. padzac says:

    jean, *clap* *clap*… i applaud your attitude la.

    I know many malays like you also.

  105. whispering9 says:

    Jean’s and RPK’s attitude is the main reason why they are worried about the blogs. Many Malays are stepping into their Rennaisance man and libertarian roles confidently. Since millions are moving into the cities for jobs, the factored Malay heartland loyalty may not be easily satisfied with tokenism in another 8 years or so.

  106. stenson says:

    Clap clap my foot.Jean has to struggle so hard to earn her livings.The umno goons just make use of racial and religious rhetoric to make the malays believe they are the heroes and sheroes of their race.Btw they rake in millions and millions. If you ask me how can they pray when they are so corrupted.I dont have the answer.

  107. stenson says:

    Is monty is serious that he has stop blogging? sad indeed…only jean can bring him back.

  108. hawk says:

    This is not a playground.

    Its suppose to be a free speech zone like hydepark, only in cyber world.

    So, monty should be out of here and I hope he finds other playgrounds, where explicits and rudeness are fairgame.

    Lets discuss serious things. Like why Mahathir complains abt foreign countries using Malaysian brains, the Malaysian brains which Malaysia dont want to nurture.

    If we dont want them, why should make noise that others take them?

  109. bamboo river says:

    Monty, the Bark Good Day is waiting! Please come out to confirm.
    The pot is boiling but the fire is dying.
    You have till Friday 10/8/2007 morning to reply.
    After that , I will get you in person and make sure you get your Bark Good Day I promised less than one year ago. Ha,Ha,Ha.

    Susan is not witholding your comments.
    Maybe she is programming a new entry code for your IP to be thumbprinted.
    So, any other fake Montys will be redirected to the trash bin for recycling.

    Sorry stenson, not meant to beat Jean to it. Just that Monty’s appoinment with me had to be confirm by tommorow.

  110. jeancumlately says:

    Me bringing monty out again? I was thinking about tempting him with a cigar at one of the cigar room in say, concorde or pick up a fight with him by saying something like tdm is the best pm malaysia ever had. I’ll just leave it to bamboo river for the time being.

    Stenson… i do work hard and that was why I get really pissed-off when people start to imply that I had it easy because of NEP. NEP’s original intention is not all that bad but the umnoputra had been abusing it so bad until the majority of malays became the victims. Look at the gap between the rich and poor within the malay race itself and sooner or later, this will be the downfall of umno.

    Do agree with hantutelur that BN has the best formula but hatutelur dear, dont insult the mat rempit by comparing it to our pm. All mat rempits did was rammed his kapcai and die. I dont have to pay for his jet, his house in perth and yacht. I dont even have to pay for the mat rempit’s honeymoon with his bohsia.

  111. whispering9 says:

    Its hurts but the truth of the matter is “no person is above moderation” even when free speech is championed. In the last month or so there are many wannabe impostors out to prove that they can conduct psychological operations (psyops) to influence a target audience’s emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and behavior. They are probably not in the legion of um_0 cyber troopers but are definitely trying to get the attention. If we track backward, we can easily assess that many of the regular commentators have fallen into their stint. Looking into perspectives, the author of this blog is perhaps the most vulnerable amongst all the sopo bloggers because she has somewhat alienated herself from the ‘all-blogs’ pack and she is very passionate about her country and freedom to write. After a few catch and release psyops, they will just go for a vulnerable blogger where comments border on seditious remarks with an equally sexy blog titles. What then…I am pretty sure even some bloggers will midly agree that the comments are undesirable. Should the author blows in humidity seeking their solidarity and snickers? There is always a right moment for everything…getting interrogated or even incarcerated for ‘modified behaviours’ is just stupidity. I do not intend to castigate anyone but love and respect is never selfish or throwing tantrum. Is this two way hurt worth a million hits? Nope…that is my sincere answer. It is better to suffer humility before friends then enemies.

  112. bamboo river says:

    Hawk, sometimes you are real pain in the you know what like what Monty decribed you.
    To avoid problems with copycats and for doing Susan and us a favour, he might have volunteered to stop posting .He is most loved and respected in his own way by us . Susan’s trusted friend sacrificing for her sake. So, by all means, don’t try to be too smart with your comment.
    We will miss him and hope he will return soon.

  113. kittykat46 says:

    Yeah, come back Monty.

    NOT all is forgiven, but we miss you anyway.

  114. hantutelur says:

    I heard monty is starting his own blog. let’s pay him a visit everyone.



  115. kittykat46 says:

    I’m sure Monty still hangs around this blog –

    I know one sure way to force a response from him, but I won’t do it, lah.
    Must get someone like BigDog or Raja or Hutch singh to do it.

  116. bamboo river says:

    kittykat , don’t push your luck !
    That statement callous and uncalled for.
    Enough of problems from the gomen towards bloggers.
    I believe all bloggers like BigDog understands the hostile situation that bloggers are facing with the gomen.
    Bloggers might not agree to certain things….but bloggers agrees on one thing. Solidarity.
    No bloggers would like to have another blogger in trouble with the gomen.
    So we as non blog owners must show some respect to our host.

  117. hawk says:

    bamboo river,

    Not being too smart. But his style is not my cup of tea.

    I hope he gets his blog done, and all of u, who thinks his way is the social norm, then have a party there.

    Lets see if he keeps his word that its really a GOOD bye. And if he failed to resist posting here, it would not be the first time he failed in resisting anything.

  118. kittykat46 says:

    Hi bamboo river,
    I’m not sure whether you read Big Dog’s blog regularly, but I do.
    Just last week July 24 – after Raja Petra’s interview with the Police, he took another swipe at Susan’s blog.

    Quote “Then again, in other blog, moderators purposely and irresponsibly allowed slanderous lies and defamatory remarks against leaders and even HRH Malay Rulers be posted and continuously linger for public consumption, like in the case of Susan Loone.” Unquote.

  119. stenson says:

    Thank you bamboo river for taking the initiative to influence monty back to join us again.I am so lonely without him.Should you failed,i dont think that would be the scenario,our charming jean with her attractive smile and charming look and witty remarks would melt monty heart of steel.Monty is susceptible to woman’s charm.So am i.
    Regarding remarks against the rulers,i dont think i ever read that in susan’s blog.I dont think RPK is capable of making that kind of mistakes.The comments in MT are more deadly and vulgar than anyway i have seen.Are you sure what you are saying pussykat?
    Monty,susan is not motoring you.She is trying to figure out how to fix the commentators who are attempting to imitate the famous ‘monsterball’.She loves you like she loves her dad.
    Yes jean,i would be staying in hard rock cafe or maybe genting this sunday.Wish me good luck should i end up in genting.

  120. bamboo river says:

    Hawk, if you think Monty don’t deserve to join us in Susan’s blog, then you are a sore loser!
    No such thing as “I win all the time”
    You get yourself crossing sword with Monty, then you must face it.
    You says if Monty starts his own blog then we should have a party there. Please don’t be a spoil spot. What , you are not having a party here in Susan’s blog?
    Don’t be an Idiot just because you don’t like what you get here and you are telling everyone to move out.
    Helloooooo, hawk….get your sense right.

    If Monty failed to resist posting here, that shows he is a true friend who cares about all of us and to support Susan. That I know for SURE!

    Kittykat46, I read BigDog’s article you mentioned in MT. So, what’s the big deal? You may be concern. But why not you put it down in FSZ then? Because you think it is not a big deal? NO?
    So, in the first place since it is not a big deal , no need lah to drag BigDog in here. Susan knows how to take it like a pinch of salt. So, we don’t need to take it on Susan’s behalf.

    That is BigDog’s agenda and blog. He can write what he thinks if adequate. We don’t read Susan talk bad of other bloggers. So , why must we do that?
    Let Susan handle personal attacks. She is well experienced and definitely capable .

    Just hope Monty will be back soon. Do what we like most. Talking to each other and getting smacked ones in a while.

  121. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Bamboo River,
    I did think it was a big deal. I took a swipe at Big Dog on his blog, but he did not allow my comment through.
    I cooled down a while, but something I read today brought it back to the surface.
    Anyway, I don’t really like arguing with anybody, so I’ll just leave the issue.

  122. hawk says:

    Cmon bamboo.

    Its nothing to do with crossing swords with monty.

    I didnt push him out. Anyone and everyone is welcomed here. He thinks he has become irrelevant and quit. Its not about winning and losing, he recognised he is irrelevant.

    I didnt come here to party. I seek debate on issues which cannot be debated.

    I said we need GOD. Monty challenged me to go further. And we went on and on….. adn we let it be.

    During his last final days here, he PRAYED, whether to my GOD or DOG, TUHAN or HANTU……… He prayed.

    Lucky he is out now, u are beginning to write like monty….calling me idiot . U feel nice calling people all kinds of names?

  123. bamboo river says:

    Kittykat46, so now you know lah how things is going. Good to learn new things on what is going on.
    No, no need to argue just to digress on the issue.
    So, let it be .
    Have a Kit kat !

  124. bamboo river says:

    Hawk, please don’t twist your words to me like you did to Monty.
    You better read again what you had posted .

    What do you mean you came here to debate issues that cannot be debated.?
    You mean you have no other place to debate or just because Monty is confronting you on the things you said?
    Monty did not say he is irrelevant in Susan’s blog and quit. I guess you are reading his posting on your context.

    I don’t feel nice calling a person an IDIOT if he or she don’t deserved it. So , go and think what you like!
    And I had called you an IDIOT. One word and not all kinds.
    Don’t patronised me!

  125. jeancumlately says:

    I would certainly hope that all of us are mature enough to look at issues, one at a time instead of the person all the time. Similarly, just like hawk, monty or even big dog, I myself would not label anyone with certain label and go after his throat everytime he showed up. I did not agree with monty all the time and honestly, I dont even know what he was trying to say at times. However, I would not get my machine gun out every time I saw monty’s name. Afterall, he did made some sense some of the time… just like hawk or big dog.

    Anyway, dont worry lah stenson… leave it to bamboo river. He knows how to drag ole monty back. Without him around, I have no one to fight with..sob…sob… so help me bamboo…

  126. hawk says:


    Aiya, after monty left, it seems that someone decided to his place.
    Who patronised You?

    I even recall your sensibility that u can learn things from here to teach your kids and also told u an elephant story.

    Monty took me on becos of things I said that he finds repulsive and unacceptable. I talk GOD. He tot I m an idiot , so an easy meat. To show his prowess of English and clever logic. Well, we all know what he got from me. He got washed out and always got himself cornered, loss of words other than explicits.

    I didnt say Monty wrote he finds himself irrelevant. I said I think he thinks he has become irrelevant. Who is now twisting whose words.

    Maybe he is relevant, but now he just needs time to count his seven holes over and over again. U were not around about the seven holes discovery lesson. Ask monty to count yours and make your conclusions that u learnt something from me too.

  127. hantutelur says:

    Someone said monty is a man with a heart of steel? Heart of steel my foot! A little misunderstanding (on his part) and he went sulking like a 3 year old baby. You see, he was being pampered by susan and kickdefella fella when no other bloggers could tolerate him and he was being moderated by that kickdefella fella – first he thought it was a method put by the fella to identify nick-jacker – but later realised he was ACTUALLLY being moderated. So he thought susan too moderates him here (and the irony of it it was him who suggested the idea to susan!). What really happened was on the the day monty said goodbye, this blog suffers serious lag, like when you post a comment, it doesn’t get refreshed immediately. It happened to me, between my comment at 2:19 and 3:36 pm on the 8th I notice only one other comment by stenson, but when I came back later then appeared other comments by monty and bambooriver.

    I remember the days of IRC and dialup internet, the server lag can get real severe that the whole chat would sound nonsensical, like you asking someone something and you get ridiculous answer.

    But then again, with monty here, even if there’s no lag you still get ridiculous responses from him.

  128. whispering9 says:

    I tend to agree with bamboo river that MB temporary needs to sacrify his freedom of expression for a better good. He should choose his own time to re-post again but some form of self moderation must exist. kk46 is not wrong in his judgement because not all sopo bloggers share the same comrade-in-arms spirit compare to a year ago. Many have developed bruised ego. A popular local sopoblogger recently asked whether he should expunge his previous postings to avoid unneccessary persecution…almost all his commentators encouraged him to do so. I, too, shall support any similar course of action here. When a tiger is cornered it gets more desperately dangerous.

  129. bamboo river says:

    Jean, have to dissapoint you this time. Stenson is right. You are the most appropiate candidate to attract Monty out . Me think you had that chemistry where we guys don’t have lah.

    Hawk, no one especially myself can take over Monty’s place. He is what he is. Just to bring a point here.
    So, because Monty is missing for a day ,you can say things where you know well Monty is unable to respond.

    You said “He thinks he has become irrelevant and quit.” You did not say ” I think he thinks he has become irrelevant and quit” !

    So, you are twisting your words the second time ! Please , hawk, I may not be a prolific commentator like Monty , you or anyone else. But I do learn to keep quiet and read and digress.

    I may not be around during your so said 7 holes encounter. But , you forgot, I do READ what I missed out.
    Ask Monty to count mine and learn something from you? Hawk, in the first place , I don’t need Monty to teach me how to count holes. You yourself coudn’t even count on the exact words you said to me! Please don’t make me you call you an idiot for the second time in a day.My conclusions? You are sure running in circles.

    hantutelur, out of respect maybe you knew Sheih personnally. Did Sheih really told you personally that he is moderating Monsterball?
    How do you know Monty is sulking like a baby?
    Did he tell you and when? I could not get him since this afternoon. God knows where is Monty.

    Since Susan is silent here, I do not want to speak anything on her behalf if she really is moderating Monty. But I guess not.
    Normally she would annouce to Monty when she is deleting some of his comments.
    So far since this morning I don’t face any lag in posting comments. Maybe it your PC is having to much lag.

  130. hawk says:


    Why r u so picky and sticky?

    This is not a legal document. But what I wrote does imply that MONTY did not say he was irrelevant. I speculated that he thinks he is irrelevant. Whether my speculation is true or not I have that freedom to think it.

    Even if MONTY is here, I wont shy to write what I think of him or his comments. U imply I will it differently if he is here. He is HERE…watching and digressing….and trying his best to stay away.

    U can call me an idiot a hundred times over. What I think of myself matters, and when what u think of me makes sense, I will then work to improve me. In the meantime, I dont think I am an idiot.

    A nut perhaps, waiting for that screw loose guy. Or a screw loose guy waiting for that nut.

  131. wits0 says:

    Hawk: “Even if MONTY is here, I wont shy to write what I think of him or his comments. U imply I will it differently if he is here. He is HERE…watching and digressing….and trying his best to stay away.”
    Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll come to terms with them too although I won’t know if expletives may or may not be included in the replies. 😉 He’ll return at the time of his own choosing.

    Watch the exchange of pleasantries between Hutch and Monty. Hutch is very direct and does not consider Monty as threatening or fearful, rather, as just funny. I think they may even be friends later. 😀

  132. hantutelur says:

    bamboo, it seems that you think i am guessing. Well, on sheih moderating monsterball, it’s monty himself declares in this blog. On monty sulking like a baby, just refer to his babbling on his last few posts. On susan moderating monty, i never said she did. On my pc lagging… owh, i watch video streams smoothly everyday. you don’t feel any lag because it took you 45 minutes to type a comment.

  133. monsterball says:

    papa Sheih resigned from all blogs to please baby monty and mama susan crearted FSZ for baby monty to have fun…..hahahahaha

  134. padzac says:

    so what’s new, folks? monty left? i think he’s a silent lurker secretly reading all comments posted here. he’ll be back.. soon i’m sure.

  135. monsterball says:

    hantutelur is a liar and and a instigator….par excellence.
    I have written proofs from Sheih saying I am not being moderated as what you think. Have you got any proof…..hantutelur for what you are saying?

  136. monsterball says:

    hi GUYS…Thanks alot!!
    Bamboo river surprised me with his messages defending me. I am very grateful he trust me so much. Thanks BAMBOO RIVER.

  137. monsterball says:

    I leave it to bamboo river to handle him.
    Useless nut.

  138. monsterball says:

    hantutelur talks alot of lies about me when I am not around. This hantu have no balls.

  139. monsterball says:

    hantutelur will try to be nice to me …to see my reactions.I have aways keep an arm’s lenghth away from this crooked minded character.Then play the part of a fool for awhile…then he will instigate anything and everything…from politics to personal matters….but he target me on personal.
    That is his biggest mistake….and I will be around to shut his smelly mouth.

  140. bamboo river says:

    Hawk, it is you are picky and sticky. You like to pick on Monty even when he is absent . You kept on sticking to your selfish and envious mind that Monty must be taught a lesson.
    Why can’t you learn something like what witso said at 10.53 p.m.????

    The crux of our so called exchange of words are …you like to turn your words when I highlighted your mistake.
    Your last paragraph sums it all about your character.

    And if you think what matters most is yourself, then what people has to say about you means you are very perfect lah?
    You don’t speculate until you have solid proof on what you says.

    hantutelur, you observed that I took 45 minutes to type my comment. No, it is actually 15 minutes and I am typing OFFLINE. I normally post my comment after I am sure what I type is what I want to say. Especially when I have to respond to long winded and twisting words from people like hawk.It took me 3 seconds for my comment to appear on FSZ.

    About Sheih moderating Monty….well, seems you do not know the true story. I knew about the actual reason. Which is what is happening in Susan’s blog. To many hantu s using Monty’s nick.

  141. stcin says:

    …..come to the FATHER, though your gift is small, broken hearts n broken lives, HE can take them all, power of the word n power of the love, everything was done so you would come !

    Bless you all bloggers , amen.

  142. monsterball says:

    I am going to keep quiet again….that is if everyone can tell people like hantutelur and hawk to change and toe the line.
    I could have stayed silent for longer time had someone can handle this sickening hantutelur….but what he wrote..the lies about me…..only I can response.
    Again thank you very much to one and all for being so loving to me……especially to bamboo river.
    See you all on Monday!
    Will miss you all by trying so hard to keep quiet.
    You know me…how not to response to all those accusations from a hantu. hawk??….he is a nut with the biggest twisting and turning mouth we have seen here….no one takes him seriously. He have such clear split personality and hallucinations……being the hero to beat me in a debate…that he is really believing it now. So he is a confirmed NUT…let Dr. Bamboo River handle him….with all the assistants he can get from all of you.

  143. hantutelur says:

    Now who is this nick-jacker imposter who uses monty’s nick? So perfect grammar, spelling and all. Think I buy it? You, bambooriver? Talking ’bout split personality… what a laff!

  144. hantutelur says:

    Bamboo, you’d ask me, how do I know… Tell you what, moron, it’s so obvious-lah. You wish so much that monty would praise you and now he left, you have to do it yourself, hah?

  145. hawk says:

    Told you…..he cant stay away and giving all kinds of reasons to hustify his return.

    As for bamboo….pls check the dictionery the meaning of speculation ler!! We speculate as like guessing but with more wise assessments.

    And MONTY, a believer of free speech SETS his terms. He is no beeter than UMNO ler. He wants me hantutelur and whoever else to TOE his line.

    What u think his political party be like if he LEADS one?

    Mahathir asks us to toe the line, Najib asks us to toe the line or else the keris, wqho else asks us to toe the line?

    The only lines we should toe are the rules of the blog.

    No EXPLICITS, and follow the other rules. Comments must be more of contents of issues rather than being personal.

    Here , even not only got BOOING but also WOOING. Apaler……. this is not BLOGGING. This is having a party.

  146. jeancumlately says:

    Practice what you preached ler…

    Who are you people (general) to say who should be in and who should be out, any way? The same people who complained about monty’s four letter words are also generous with with it. The same people who was complaining about monty’s personal attacks are also attacking the person personally…

    So you still think that you have the right to comment because you are wiser, more civilized, more cultured, more knowledgeable, more refined and more handsome than monty? Then your place should be beside nazri, kj and the rest of the umnoputras you said you hate so much.

  147. bamboo river says:

    hantutelur, looks like you are confused on who is the real Monsterball.
    Ha,ha,ha. Huh???Me doing a Monsterball to praise myself? You are out of your devil’s mind lah!
    Cuba lagi sampai berjaya ya , hantutelur?

    Hawk, ‘wise assesment’ ???
    Oh, ya, forgot that you are in the pink forms business.
    Look who is getting personal in the first place?
    You just can’t come to your senses that no matter what Monty will always confront you and you liked it. Yah?

    Okay, since you speculated and with your wise assesment, go ahead , enjoy yourself.

    Just in case Jean too is confused…..did I once asked you if you had the licence to use the tagline “priceless” ?
    Now Jean will know if I am who I am.

  148. hantutelur says:

    Yeah, nice one fake one, you’re taking on everybody. That is like trying to imitate the real monsterball. I think you’re obsessed, no… possessed, by the old man’s spirit!

  149. hawk says:

    Well, who are the ones who started hitting personal? He harvests what he sows. We are all trying to steer the blogging to its original vision but always get blurred away.

    As for Monty… He reflects his true quality….the guru of CONTROL and RELEASE…….

    He cant even control for two days and gotta release his pissing and hissing all over again.

    Go to a bush and masturbate ler……haha master of control and release??? Bocoh ler u in boleh land.


  150. jeancumlately says:

    Bamboo river, no I am not confused. Hahaha… sorry if I “stole” that tag line. Can I just use it for one more time? Thanks.

    “…the look on hawk’s face when monserball re-appeared… priceless”

    Hantutelur, was your comment for me?

  151. hawk says:

    Its not difficult to fake monsterball. Any idiot can do it.

    I show u how easy it is…….

    1. pariah ler him…
    2. haha …he pondan
    3. that idiot, stupid fool
    4. screw loose guy
    5. NUT ler
    6. Sickening braggart
    7. F….. bitch
    8. U fanatic idiot……..
    9. Bloody fool….. who do u think u r?

    is that all? If any find some more of his desperate explicits, pls add on!!

  152. kittykat46 says:

    I have some simple principles on free speech.

    Try to be civil as far as possible. We can always disagree, but we should be focussed on the ideas, not going for the person.
    If you dish out junk , you have to be prepared to take it standing in return, like a man. Otherwise don’t dish it out.

  153. hawk says:

    So, bamboo,

    Do u want our blog to be filled with such garbage? U begin to sound like your peer, Monty. Calling me an idiot. It wont be difficult for u to progressively evolve to tongue of explicits like him. All it takes is to start using one explicit at a time.

    Our parliament also have such personalities like MONTY. Lucky we got rules there and also a speaker. If not, all we hear will be grunting explicits and no content.

  154. wits0 says:

    Hawk, do you not mean, “expletive” instead, all this while? 😉

    When I called someone scum, for instance, I also have “bag” put into my mouth. In any case an intentional mischief maker on the Blog has to be vile and this sort of motives exceeds the common infringement of just expletives because of the real potential harm involved.

  155. padzac says:

    oh my, i feel like i’m right in the middle of a family argument.

  156. kittykat46 says:

    A bit like a Bolywood movie.

  157. hawk says:

    it should be vulgar or offensive explicits.

    The word explicits is defined as words which are plain and clear, no other meaning to it.

    But that four letter word had been overused on almost any occassions that it seems not to convey its real meaning anymore.

    expletive….cant find the meaning in my dictionary. Maybe, should check out a Bahasa one.

  158. hawk says:

    Ya, Perhaps a BOLEHWOOD drama.

    By the way, r u flying our MALAYSIAN flag?

    Lets show our patriotism to our country, not neccessary the govt.

  159. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Susan,
    Just as an aside.

    I used an Excel formula to confirm the count –

    The original Free Speech Zone has 1,879 comments.

    That has to be a record of some sort.

  160. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Hawk,
    I’d rather not bring the flag discussion over here –
    there’s already too much heat on the other post on the flag.

    My Dad lives with us. He’s a proud ex-Serviceman, we always have the Malaysian flag flying outside our home on Merdeka day.
    Its got nothing to do with the UMNO thieves.

    But I’m still very confused myself about the patriotism thing.
    Too many crooks wrapping themselves with the Flag.

  161. bamboo river says:

    Hantutelur, janganlah ciplakkan saya dengan Monty. It so happens I am completely au fait on Monty’s character.
    You could be so obsessed to pick on Monty, maybe he got you possessed.

    No , Jean, that comment is for me.

    Kittykat46, finished your kit kat? Join the party. Our friend hawk and hantutelur is having good smacking time here.Your comment is duly noted .

    Hawk, with your wise assesment without speculating, can you tell me what is garbage and what is not in this FSZ?
    You mean after all our responds to each other is all garbage? Aiya, you spoiled the fun lah.

    Calling you an idiot is a compliment don’t you know that? You said you don’t mind even I call you idiot 100 times. Why be such a ‘siew hei’?

    I thought you are a person whom can be admired after reading your comments regarding GOD.
    But , tsk,tsk,tsk…look what you had written on the last paragraph at 10.39 a.m.
    Just like a nangka falling to the ground. There goes another 69 points from your character evaluation chart.

    Explicits? No I rather let Monty do that.
    I am still far behind to express myself using explicits.
    Have a good week end.

  162. hawk says:

    How many times must I explain.

    I am a Christian. This does imply I am HOLY or even GODLY. Yes, I M not RIGHTEOUS?

    I am as regular as all of you. The only difference is I accept the Good News of Jesus Christ. That I am forgiven and need not pass judgement. A Judgement that I will certainly fall short of.

  163. jeancumlately says:

    Ok BR… I thought someone was referring to me as a fake just now and I tried to recall if there is any silicon in my body.

    By the way, I love the exchanges including the “expletive” and the “explicit.” Lets just setlle with “explicit expletives,” shall we?

    Like padzac said, its a family arguments. The “who’s going to take out the garbage kinda things.” I was tempted to volunteer and take out all the garbage, but seriously guys, its part of free speech and without it (the garbage), what do we have left?

  164. hawk says:

    Anyway, masterbation is even mentioned in the BIBLE.

    After Sodom and Gommorah, Lot (the hero)’s daughters were fearful thier generation will be ended. So they make or saw thier father drunk and then masterbated him, then inseminate on them thier next line of generation.

    Hmmm…artificial insemination was invented so long ago.

  165. hawk says:

    on 1.26pm

    it should read, this does not imply…..

  166. hawk says:

    I think masterbation should be spelt masturbation.

    Less monty will jump in declaring he is the master masturbator, and not the master control and release guy anymore.

  167. wits0 says:

    Noun: expletive
    1. Profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger
    2. A word or phrase conveying no independent meaning but added to fill out a sentence or metrical line


  168. wits0 says:

    Err, Hawk, Lot’s daughter got their father drunk and then slept with him. I think this is the standard understanding according to the scriptures. This was because there was no male heir in the family. I do not recall the added finesse” in ypur revisionist version. 😀

  169. monsterball says:

    I got to break silence again…not for hawk…he is an idiot…I leave it to all of you to enjoy….but that hantutelur…trying to confuse everyone about me here…and at the main current site.
    Lets see how smart that hantu is. Who dares to joke with Susan? Tell me hantu besar….who dares to joke with Susan. Do you know how to read Chinese? If the above two messages are not mine…whose?….bamboo river? Does he dare to joke with SUSAN?
    He purposely confront bamboo river….to confuse you all. Fortunately…even jeancumlately knows it is me. Thank you dear.
    At the main site….I was talking about the Royalties and there comes hantutelur saying someone copy my nick…it’s again not me.
    Then if he have a chance…he will surely put out a message to copy me.
    hantutelur seems bend to confuse everyone with his idiotic thick skinned snaky ways….even saying the English is perfect…..not mine.. How low can a person go to try destroy and confuse.
    Ofcourse …he is an idiot too.
    Hantutelur….I challenge you try to tease Susan like I do…..try it…if you dare.
    bamboo river…..thanks again.
    Now that I have straighten things out…I leave you all in peace.
    Can you imagine a person with
    hantutelur’ nick behave like a real person? Somehow he has to choose the word ‘hantu’ to tell everyone who he is….and adding ‘telur’….to tell us..he loves to visit bomohs to charm people or con someone….if he can….as he has no balls to do things naturally. So guys becareful of this real coward.
    ONE DAY…SOMEONE WILL APPLY A REAL HANTUTELUR TO HIS FAMILY TO TEACH HIM A LESSON. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WISH…..hantutelur…just wait and see….unless you do not believe in Allah.
    He is using me to confuse everyone and indirectly rojak Susan’s blog.
    Open your eyes and see..but keep blind….you will get the real hantu.

  170. hantutelur says:

    hello “monsterball” guy. joking to susan is as easy as cut and pastelah. now where is the real monsterball, will he reappear to sort this matter out? everyone is confused now, including me.

  171. hantutelur says:

    oh… i need to add about the cut-and-paste thing: to speak in chinese to susan is easy, all you need to do is locate the original monsterball’s remark in earlier post, cut and paste it here. I don’t have to understand a word of chinese to do that what?

  172. hawk says:

    Thx witso, then expletives it shall be.

    well yours was monster, ….. and then u add on balls to it.

    How much diifer in concept is monsterball from hantutelur?

    Come to think of it, I met one real monsterball. His body was huge as a ball and his head so small.

  173. kittykat46 says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the hantutelur nickname is a direct reaction to the “monsterball” nick. If the person behind it comments on other blogs, I’m quite sure its not using that name.

    It was purposely created to haunt and taunt monsterball. So don’t be surprised if it behaves exactly as intended.

    Anyway I do enjoy having a ball, but I don’t enjoy arguments, so I’ll stay out of this cat-fight.

  174. noname says:

    BODOH punya Monsterball

  175. hantutelur says:

    kk46, it was not. monsterball is my inspiration. my mission now is to taunt the guy who is using monsterball nick because i believe the man now is on vacation and he has no access to this blog. the imposter is using his nick to post comments in similar style to the original monsterball. but it is telling, the “new” monsterball types perfect english and perfect bahasa while the “real” monsterball can’t spell “bola” right. right now he’s having fun but when the real monty returns, he’ll get hell.

  176. whispering9 says:

    Thanks God It Is Friday. Carry on guys…if this is what you need for an orgasmic performance tonite. Shouldn’t let yourself down…with viagra and an artificial ommh. Please remember to go home ok. Don’t take your troubles home. Hahahaha.

  177. hawk says:

    Heres an IQ test. Lets see how u score. All u hv to do is to pair up all these nicks which are jumbled up. 10 nicks all, Just find the 5 pairs of same group.

    moon river,
    bamboo river,

    All answers correct…IQ 160 ler. Straight to menza

  178. hawk says:

    How come no one copy me?

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Cmon monty, dont be bashful. If any got copied , I suppose, he/she has made the mark. So come on back, be around for us to bash and also we need your bashings.

    Hmmm….. is this a copied hawk?

  179. jeancumlately says:

    …sob…sob… I dont understand hawk’s question… Does that mean I am dumb? No menza for me? I have a twin?

  180. kittykat46 says:

    Just a bunch of guys (and ladies) pissing into the same pot…ROTFL… Have a good weekend 🙂

  181. wits0 says:

    Hawk, since this is the Free Speech Zone, to get the facts straight over your favourite subject, Lot was not masturbated on by his daughters – they did it more directly.

    This happened years after the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah and the death of Lot’s wife who was turned into a pillar of salt (and ash)by Lot’s “God” for “looking back” at the city(she was a native of it) against his Commandments. [It would appear to me that “God” destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah by nukes and Lot’s wife did not just looked back but actually lingered back.

    Genesis 19:23 KJV

    “The sun was risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Zoar. (24)Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven; (25) And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground. (26) But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.”

    What a severe “God” – truly incompetent with the Loving One that Jesus Christ proclaimed later.

    What kind of “God” would kill Er and then Onan for who appeared to have performed coitus interruptus on Er’s widow, Tamar who he had to marry her according to the established custom of theirs. Can you explain, Hawk?

    One thing is certain, the “God” of the old Covenant simply cannot cut it, thats why the New Testament had to take its place if the Faith were to survive.

  182. whispering9 says:

    Does this quote have any meaning?

    In the nineteenth century the problem was that God is dead. In the twentieth century the problem is that man is dead.
    Erich Fromm

    Please stop dragging God and Jesus into silliness. Mastubation and severe “God”….seeesh. Like cow and dung.

    My dedication to myself tonite. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02X5hCfxEX0&mode=related&search=

  183. hawk says:

    I dont think God interceded in “that”. It was the random events of mankind in thier living and GOD put it on record.

    Hmmm….. am quite surprised that drunken sperms could do the job too.

    Anyway, I interprete “lay” as masturbation as I cant imagine how the coitus could be performed when that guy is so drunk.

    Ya, the old testament was a GOD of the LAW. The new testament was a GOD who has to do away with the LAW by grace, such HIS holy sanctity is still preserved.

    By the way, where u got that second para from. I cant find it in my KJV.

  184. wits0 says:


    That “God” also sent two “beings” who were seized by the denizens of S and G and Lot was said to have offered his two daughters so that these two would be freed. How could almighty “God” have sent 2 such puny beings?

    To cut the whole story short, it’s is clearly indicative that the “God” of Lot was none other than the leader of a super advance humanoid being flying in vimanas. http://www.mystae.com/restricted/streams/scripts/vimana.html The later reference of ‘God’ by Jesus Christ alluded to something more transcending and Spiritual. Ancient people tended to confuse the two.

    Hence they were very particular about sperms of a race that they have earlier conducted genetic engineering on. They wanted this experimental race to stay pure. So much so that they weren’t so concerned about the moral issue of the acts incest which Lot’s daughters performed. They earlier punished Onan because he did not further the numbers of this experimental race.

    I repeat, ancient people can hardly distinguished the material beings from Spiritual ones…they always lump the two together and superstitious people even today dare not question the context of the OT stories.

  185. wits0 says:

    Hawk, the Lord or God as referred to in the OT is NOT One but a plurality as seen in the Story of the Tower of Babel:

    The story is found in Genesis 11:1-9 as follows:

    1 And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech. 2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there. 3 And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar. 4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. 5 And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children builded. 6 And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. 7 Go to, let US go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. 8 So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. 9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel (confusion); because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

    You see, they had to ‘go down’ to confound the language ; why would an almighty “God” have to do that?!

  186. sloone says:

    hey everyone, what is this that i have started moderating? I haven’t. but i do wipe out impersonators. it’s one thing to use different nicks and another to impersonate. i hate the latter.

    sometimes your comments get blocked by the spam blocker itself, especially if you have more than two links or some words which the spam blocker feels it must block. i have 20,+++ spams so I am sorry that I cant look for it, unless you tell me specifically which ones. Like Lucia did the other time, and I did release her comment from th e spam blocker.

    Anyway, I had been away from the 7th. sorry, if I left this blog too long. I am back now 🙂

  187. monsterball says:

    Glad to hear you back safely Susan.
    Black and I had lunch yesterday and was talking about your coming back.
    Most glad you have confirm no moderations.
    Now we all may have to go back to God’s businesses….hahahahahaha

  188. monsterball says:

    kittykat46…Don’t let that hantu snake talk cock and bull to you. He keeps churning out lies after lies and I have proven him to be so….yet he will twist and turn with his onion face to put out messages….that i am sure all f you will find him boring and sickening.
    But I will start off again today to focus on him…braking my promise….since Susan have responded .
    READ HIS 10TH 3.49PM MESSAGE. Noticed he has nothing to say about my responses to all his lies ad deceits…but talking like an idiot now.
    That’s good….as liars usually talk like that.
    Had I not responded…he will use all his lies and instigations…expanded and try make suckers out of everyone.
    I am sure Susan is now reading and the hantutelur may turn to be hantu tak guna right now.
    Ignore him….was witsO wise advise days ago….but for me….I will hatam him day and night and leave hawk for all of you to play.
    Enjoy hawk…all of you….but anyone wants to join me to be ghostbuster…most welcome.

  189. monsterball says:

    Susan…hantutelur is not only telling lies and create confusions….but is accusing our nice bamboo river copying my nick.
    He defended me like a gentleman…and bamboo river is being targeted by hantutelur.
    WitsO have exposed Raja….so have I on Silverfox…now this hantu can talk nonsense at Free Speech Zone…but he is talking same thing at your current sites….thus indirectly is spamming your blog.!! Check it out yourself on his attack on bamboo river at your current sites.
    One bamboo river is worth 10 times more hantu….so delete him from current sites. He does not give opinions or comments. He just comment on me and now on bamboo river.
    He is trying to upset good flow of thoughts.

  190. hantutelur says:

    we hear lots of calls for hrh raja nazrin of perak to replace abdullah as the prime minister. i wonder how we can make that happen… first of all, hrh raja nazrin is not a politician. now we must stop this fantasy. i believe the idea of calling raja nazrin for pm sprouted from somebody’s obsession of the r.a.h.m.a.n prophecy which i tell you is ridiculous and, omg, i can’t believe all of these ppl who thought they are intelligent enuf, would go along with that! the first two initials (r and a) are already inconsistent as the first two pm’s share the same initials (abdul rahman and abdul razak) so how can you give one person an “r” and the other an “a”?

    they wrote in malaysia-today that r.a.h.m.a.n “theory” may not work, or if it happens, can be very dangerous. the most logical “n” must be najib. must be, because he is the dpm. but no, they say because najib’s future in politic is on the line – his name is already mentioned once in altantuya’s trial (remember the dinner-in-paris photo?) so, if it’s not najib then who? nazri? he’s foot in the mouth. hishamuddin the kris-wielding ultra? no, his name doesn’t start with an “n”. who else? nuar? nik aziz? not in umno. so ppl at raja petra’s blog suggested raja nazrin. and now almost all sopo blogs are talking about the possibility.

    they claim it is possible, coz out constitution allows our rulers to sack the elected pm and replace him with about anyone the king’s fancy. as rpk puts himself, even the king’s gardener. so rpk’s friend the current agong might be persuaded to pick naja nazrin. o… dream on. on ppl like monsterball can buy this idea.

    why monsterball? why because he can’t differentiate between the fake and the genuine. i am out here to protect his pride by trying to expose the impersonator and he accuses me a liar. i was so sure that the earlier “monsterball” comments were not from the man himself, so i thought i could be someone else using his nick. am i that bad for trying to defend you, monty?

    i have been following monty and read all of his comments here and elsewhere on other blogs. i know his style, language, tones and all. how could i tell that he already change his style? i miss the good old monty who throw explicit expletive like no tomorrow, the good only monty who can’t even spell his name right. the “new” monsterball is so… polished and sounds so… intelligent, so i thought it must be a different person behind the nick.

    well, monty, no thanks from you is okay for me, i guest. looks like i’m the fool here fighting for the wrong cause. it’s ok. i’m a martyr.

    but anyway, why don’t someone suggests monsterball to be next prime minister? no? coz his name starts win an “m”? hey, than “n” in r.a.h.m.a.n may indicate “No-one_knows-for-sure” so it could be monty. yeee-hah! let’s call for monsterball to be the next pm!

  191. hantutelur says:

    some typos up there but please read in context

  192. bamboo river says:

    hantutelur, just to make sure you have a good sunday . My comments posted to you and hawk are really mine…BAMBOO RIVER.
    Saya sumpah pada nama TUHAN YANG MAHA ESA.
    I don’t like to impersonate any other person’s nick.
    If you read all my previous comments since about a year ago (if you have time lah) you will know. If not go to kickdefella’s blog.
    I am chinese malaysian grew up in a Malay kampung environment.
    My reason to our exchange of words to hawk is to make him or rather everyone including myself, FSZ is not for us to cherypick.
    Anything between you and Monty after that is not for me to elaborate . Monty can deal with you on his own.
    Salam Sejahtera.

  193. monsterball says:

    You think you are so damn smart …are you not…. hantu?
    Try harder to talk cock about me.
    So you are showing to Susan…you can post one message ..so call intelligently…to avoid being marked for permanent sayonara .
    Good try. Anyone who believes you are protecting me is a nut. How on earth you can keep talking like this …twisting and turning..without any shame nor guilt?
    Your onion face is like Samy Vellu.

  194. monsterball says:

    Good morning bamboo river and all…excluding hantu.
    Talk logic with hantu? he is enjoying with his twist and turn like a snake. He knows we are originals…but purposely said all that to make an issue out of no issue…then he will copy me or you to prove he is right.
    Don’t trust this hantu!!!

  195. monsterball says:

    hantu even talk about me and Shieh….ALL NONSENSE. Cannot work….he try other things.
    You see….talking about me and Sheih are not in good terms is not funny….yet he did it.
    Here he try to so call defend me from copycats.
    This person is not contributing anything to her blog…but finding ways and means to throw commentators have serious discussions or fun….like a family. He is a trouble causer and great instigator. We don’t need him to join in…ask witsO.

  196. whispering9 says:

    I did mention earlier that for every monsterball down two would take his place. I guess I was right because when MB revealed indication to leave FSZ, more than 3 avatars were unwittingly filling in for him. Hahahaha…even bamboo river almost become one himself and not to mention a mild attempt by Jean. No offence guys and gal, just my humble observation. It only reinforced my prognosis that many likes to hentam or to be hentamed just for stress relief and mental vascular workout. Weird but anything is almost okay in cyber FSZ. Susan and MB might just have started a new kind of talking cure for some of us. I think even raja turns rajah turns hajar turns M-Q?….even possibly Ob? like it too. Very soon even gentlemanly Mr. Lee might join in using a new handle. I came to this conclusion because many just keep coming back for more and more. Weird but okay….sorry, no pun intended, I am just pot cracking again. v9

  197. monsterball says:

    hi whispering9….In a nutshell….not filling up for me…but shows I have such loyal and loving friends.
    Get the right picture.
    And those defending me..are doing just that. Am I not a luck bloke with so many good friends.
    Have a nice weekend.

  198. monsterball says:

    I just bought a HP ..with #..017-6186807…ONLY for sms from anyone of you who wish to contact me.
    I will not response to phone calls from his number.
    The purpose is that I feel some of you and I love to meet each other…but no way to contact …so that number is basically for this purpose.

  199. monsterball says:

    And whispering9…If Susan created the FSZ and I with my fellow friends have contributed to guys releasing stress…..why ..on behalf of my ghostbuster team..thanks you for the compliments.
    However….success do attract jealousies..and that’s exactly what the position is now..great success…and few are trying to make it a failure.
    Can you indentify the ghosts?

  200. hawk says:

    Whoooooosh, I woke up late today, and the gaps between me and witso is filled up by so many entries, basically monty.

    Thx witso, u r indeed a gem. Whatever u sent are interesting , not they can be accepted wholesale without thinking and debate.

    Welcome monsterball. I guess this water hole (blog) is too addictive for anyone of us to turn away. Somehow, sometime, we gonna turn back and come here for that drink. But monty, pls come and drink without your elephant trunk OK? Here is decent place.

  201. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, Monty. 017-6186807. You’ll get lots of SMS from Nubile wenches who are hot for “experienced” men.

    Just be careful…they may rob you of everything, even your “ball”.

  202. hawk says:

    This is the answer to my IQ tests.

    The pairs are : hawk and eagle
    bamboo river and moon river
    jeancumlately and honeycumback
    kittykat46 and mars88

    monsterball and hantutelur

    The test is to show the concepts of the nicks of monsterball and hantutelur follow the same tots. Hence they are birds of the same feather
    Fools seldom differ. Wisemen think alike.

    So whatever monty accuses of hantu, he accuses himself?

    M I logical about this, or I am a NUT, or is it a screw loose again ?

  203. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Thanks for your advise. Being an old man…what have I not seen and experience.
    Don’t worry…my balls are intact. I hope yours will be so too.

  204. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha..hawk trying so hard to get me irritated and response to him.
    You are public property now…..hawk.
    I go for hantu only.

  205. hawk says:

    And u r PUBIC property

  206. Hawk is the skunk and scum of the planet earth whose capital is the ‘ bible ‘ and he is cocking and bullshiting all the time.
    Hantutelor is a cybertrooper whose paymaster is hantybungkus.He is playing an insidious game in this blog.

  207. hantutelur says:

    thanks bamboo river for explaining and it is not necessary to swear by the name of God. contratulations to monsterball in your success to create yet another enemy and your new phone might come in handy. and hawk, what a fine analysis and to compare me with monty and put us into the class of “fools”, wow! i’m honored and pampered. monsterball, i can’t understand why you hate me so much, i never uttered a single harsh word directly to you ever since the first day i was in susan’s blog. i will never start doing it however hard you wish for it because i’m naturally a nice soft spoken person which i have proven myself so far in this blog. maybe you are scared of my nick “hantu”, well every child fears hantu, though no one ever seen one. i fear a monster more than a hantu, coz a monster has physical body.

  208. hantutelur says:

    wrong choice of word: flattered, not pampered

  209. sloone says:

    Hi everyone, do support blogger Black’s first album “STOP THE WAR”. It’s really a good effort by the young activist Black. His also singing the Bau Bau Cafe in Central Market on 30 August. So make his night and be there 🙂

  210. whispering9 says:

    As a matter of fact, I am rather good at catching ghosts…cyber ghost that is. I don’t use high tech stuffs like witso and kk46, detecting IP addresses and all. I have this rather uncanny ability to link comments shattered throughout cyberspace and come to a pretty good conclusion. It
    can give me high blood pressure and headache though. So nowadays, I only scan for economic news…trying to corner the share market sort of thing. No point getting a headache without some wealth returns. There was one ghost….I think has become your friend so no problem lah. Try to turn more ghosts into friends. Burn a paper phone today. Hahaha. Have a Happy weekend on me. Same to you, bamboo river. 😉

  211. monsterball says:

    Yes Susan….Bought two copies from him yesterday during our lunch date. Noted he up-dated his blog format?….my idea…hahahahaha
    But now I am having problem in getting into his blog. hope others don’t have it.
    Yes please do support Black’s blog…a wonderful young intelligent Human Rights Activist…amongst other nice things…like singing..hahahaha
    I will be at the central Market on his launching day of his album.
    If guys want to go there and meet each other….why we can all meet there…have coffee and cigars on me.

  212. hawk says:

    I like the new mosterball.

    I guess he is towing the line. Decent postings.

    Congrats monty. If u cant tame us , join us.

  213. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha….hawk missed me for sure. “can’t tame us…join us”…who is ‘us’ hawk?
    hahahahaha…Join you ? You sure is one kind…okay lah…as long as you keep talking like this…I will join you for a drink one day.
    Decency depends on the decent or indecent onlookers view of points….but the picture may look decent to a hypocrite…when it has always remain indecent or decent to other people. Thus if one sees a picture…looking indecent and now think very decent…that viewer have turned to be a hypocrite or trying very hard to change to be decent…even seeing an indecent picture or photo.
    One who sees so call indecent picture….and have always appreciate the great work of art…not the indecency of the picture… is one that have great depth in life and understanding.

  214. wits0 says:

    I imagine Hawk and Monsterball will be friends very soon – afterall, the preliminary “exchanges of pleasantries” simply cannot be something so inexhausible. 🙂 Change being the Way of Nature and Hawk isn’t named Simon and leeway for positive interactivity is quite immense. 😀

  215. hantutelur says:

    so they lived happily ever after…

  216. monsterball says:

    And hantuelur can go to hell…or MONSTERball will hunt him down….one way or another.
    Ghosts have many kinds….and usually ghosts are cowards with a bad bad heart…that’s why they are ghosts…but hawk was behaving ghostly previously….but like to borak..now better than real hantu…can change to be human…..hahahahahaha

  217. monsterball says:

    witsO have turned to become a preacher after the war with bloggers are all settled down.
    Reminds me of Aramis of the Three Musketeers…..but when needed…he will become “one for all and all for one” with me plus stenson ….bamboo river and Lady Jane.
    Bamboo River is changing….watch out for the new bamboo river….hantutelur and hawk.

  218. monsterball says:

    bamboo river have never call anyone an idiot before.
    He has such a mild mannered nature…but monsterball …the teacher …cares for him. That’s the start. I heard he is watch alot of gangsters movies to learn few F….words….expanding his aggressiveness to greater heights in life.
    So watch out you punks….bamboo is just itching to try his new him. Irritate him and see what gives.

  219. wits0 says:

    Hantutelur “so they lived happily ever after…”

    Would you rather that unnecessary conflicts persist….so that more pertinent says are sidetracked and obscurated in the process? That would be like a “batu api” sort.

    Yes, Monty, I like Bamboo River too. He is sufficiently balanced and constrained, able to put his point across without sounding a mite too cocky.

  220. padzac says:

    yoo hooo knock knock!

  221. whispering9 says:

    Yes padzac…what how can I help you? Are you lonesome tonite? Me…I am working late on a saturday nite preparing a dive brief for my underwater survey project. I am tire and don’t mind ranting. How about dedicating a song for me?

  222. monsterball says:

    padzac sound abit frisky!

  223. monsterball says:

    And whispering is game.
    I hope I am wrong.

  224. whispering9 says:

    Heeheehee…you are wrong. I am really working at home and dead tired. Not in the mood for any game. Can’t you see, I have my what how wrong? Do you know what…hawk is probably right. How could Lot ‘game’ when he was so drunk…hawk sure talked with the experience! Have to be the first recorded artificial insemination in history. Hahaha.

  225. whispering9 says:

    Here is the song for those who feel tonite 😉

  226. whispering9 says:

    Do you remember this love song from the king himself?

    Sorry for my typo-mistakes. Will check in later at 1.30AM Malaysia Time.

  227. monsterball says:

    Such a song like ‘Are you lonesome tonight” can mean one thing.Lost in share market this week……hahahahaha
    Not too disappointed….but who can be happy on a loosing game.
    Best is hawk….don’t gamble…don’t drink hard stuffs…don’t two time wife….infect…don’t know what his wife is saying ….when signing…”Do that to me one more time”
    What a nice adorable idiot.

  228. whispering9 says:

    OMG. Sorry…don’t click the link at 11:52. The song I meant was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHJwqE5wdVc
    MB you are right…the market did ‘kill’ me last week.

  229. whispering9 says:

    In that case, I want to dedicate this song “Do that to me one more time” to bro. hawk.

  230. wits0 says:

    Why is Hawk so certain about sex and alcohol?

    – says it’s possible….

    I understand why he has to sanitize the Lot’s episode as the “first recorded artificial insemination in history”. 😀

    Whispering9, the Market is going down next week too. Bolehland’s Market is NOT one that you may normally reenter after making a big killing. Reentry is more likely fry you in the spaceshuttle Columbia style on reentry!

  231. monsterball says:

    I will like to repeat what Susan said about Black@AminIskandar. He is a young and brave Human Right Activist. He went to few countries as one of the person watching fair elections to be held in Korea…Indonesia and lately at Philipines…where one Activist was killed. He was at the same village!!
    Go to his blog and noticed how much he love fair play and justices for all….with all his messages.
    Do put a message at his blog. I tried few times lately…but find it difficult to get in…but will not give up. He is my personal friend.
    Susan latest post was all about Black….showing how much Susan respect and love him.
    So if we love Susan…go and put out your comments.Susan dedicated one site to Black. How much time needed for you to support such a good guy….1 minute? We all say we love Susan…show it!! HER FRIEND IS OUR FRIEND….HER LOVE OF ANY PERSON IS OUR LOVE.
    Black’s music album is selling at RM15 each….all songs are about Human Rights matters.
    What is RM15 to support a person with such good character? Are we not proud to have such person as Malaysian?
    Black has given the place to send the money for his DVD music album.
    Who wants it and seriously cannot afford it….I will pay….but I know RM15 is peanuts to all…so be magnificently kind hearted and buy one album.
    I am sure Black will appreciate and thank all of you. He is not out to make money with such a music album.
    He wrote ALL the songs and want to share with us his thoughts.

  232. padzac says:

    yes like a cat, i suffer midnight madness also. i’m up doing laundry. maid coming in tomorrow. i’m one of those who cleans up for maid. dont want ppl to see my mess.

  233. whispering9 says:

    witso…if Bolehland’s market collapses…so will the balance coalition. They will try to prop up the market before the election. It would be all the way to hell after the election. Anyway, speculating in shares is gambling. Thanks for your advice. Good sunday morning.

  234. monsterball says:

    Good morning one and all.
    If anyone loves gamblimg…be prepared to loose…otherwise don’t gamble.
    I go to Genting Highland casino…with some friends..always prepared to loose. My friends used to tell me…that’s no good omen. I replied who wants to loose..certainly not me. l love black jack.
    So far….for years I can say..I broke even and had so much fun.I stopped when they used 7 packs of cards….as percentage is more against the players.
    NEVER borrow money to gamble.

  235. kittykat46 says:

    Ah, Genting Casino….the House always wins…
    But the Securities Exchange was never meant to be the gambling den it has become.
    If a business needs to raise funds for its growth, the common choice is either to inject their own cash, borrow from the bank or other entities, or share the equity (and risk) with others.
    Its often not possible or desirable to fund your business all with your own money.
    Borrowing money from the bank raises the risk of losing the business if the payments can’t be met. The Stock Exchange is a means for the company to raise cash by sharing the ownership and the risk of the business with the general public. It is considered one of the greatest inventions of the Capitalist economy.
    The problem with Bursa Malaysia is, like so much of Bolehland, the information related to the activities and business situation of the listed companies is not available or not reliable, or downright false. As a result , many investors base their decisions on rumours or risk-taking.

    Call it gambling…just that its halal.

  236. monsterball says:

    If you can borrow money from the bank to do business….then you are trusted.
    I know of one guy who borrowed more than RM600 million and was listed at the stock exchanged second board. Price tumbled..till it was worthless.
    Bank did not bankcrupt the company…but instead…bought it up to clear all the debts….at mutual looses. Now he is again so filthy rich….doing something again…with bank loans.
    There you see….the more you can borrow…the safer you are….hahahahahahaha

  237. wits0 says:

    “There you see….the more you can borrow…the safer you are….hahahahahahaha”

    How true. How perverse is the System.

  238. hawk says:

    My church land was bought for RM20m some 30 years ago.

    The bishop and its committee sold it RM20m recently.

    This land at anytime is worth RM200m now. Wont tell u where it is.

    The congregation suspects heavy hanky panky. Oh dear!!!. And, they will be forgiven, thats the salvation system. Told my wife, just keeo the faith, not for us to judge. Jesus is true and remains true to our hearts.

    U think only UMNO got thieves?

    They are everywhere. Even on Chruch land. What about Buddhist and Hindu temples?

  239. kittykat46 says:

    Hindu temple…no money, lah.
    Between Ananda Krishnan and Samy Vellu, they have most of the Indian-owned equity in the country.

    The rest are just bread-crumbs

  240. whispering9 says:

    Whoa…I finally finished my brief. Crooks are found everywhere like cockroahes and lizards. Money and power tend to corrupt absolutely even replacing the fear of God and tribulation. A friend said “With internet easily available…even monks cannot be pure”. He was refering to porn sites lah. Heehee.

  241. wits0 says:

    Institutions, my dear Hawk, will become decadent because the committee/custodians reflects the influence of the societies where they are found. Yet their existence become paramount, as all human institutions do, even as a shell that takes on a life of their own. Therefore all reference to “salvation” in the itinerary is only mainly individualistic at the actual core.

  242. hawk says:


    But I wont judge.

    Becos if such opportunity befalls me, what is the option I will take? I take it as a blessing that I m not in that committee.

    And, its also a blessing that I m not as powerfeul as NAJIB.

  243. wits0 says:

    A great saying from your Jesus Christ would be, “He that is greatest among you, let him be your servant.”

    But in reality this simply does not happen and is especially impossible within a society with Neanderthals as leaders preaching hypes and image – alll devoid of essential substance.

  244. monsterball says:

    hawk sounds angry because he was not chosen to be one of the committee?
    hi hawk..have the guts…go to the police and sunbit a report.
    How on earth only you only know?
    Anyhow glad you dare to tell the truths.
    In Buddhist Vihara at Brickfield Road…. my temple..no such idiotic thing lah. If so…monsterball would have created a revolution.
    But sending money back to Sri Lanka to help Universities….many times….yet when building the recent new huge building..short of funds….it is the Sri Lanka…Sasana soceity that gave the short amount to finish the job.
    But many monks are ROMANTIC…this is the big problem. Having mastered the Truths…they want to have fun. These are the weaklings…..but many monks are filthy rich….and have lovers….which we all have read in papers.
    So hawk….I have also revealed….I repeat…no corruptions. We are a very poor religion. Only the rich can afford to be christians?…hahahahahaha

  245. monsterball says:

    The way hawk is writing…exposing crooks with his own church….and ..I quote..”U think only UMNO got thieves?”..unquote….sound like he is telling everyone to forgive UMNO and vote for them in coming election.
    I smell hawk is an UMNO worker…….working under the Industrial Dept…not a Industrialist ….as he claim to be. If that’s so..UMNO can make a RM1 company into a successful one…. filled with RMmillions profitable cash…so his two factories with 50 workers each are what he read working there….true..but not his.
    Whatever it is….hawk …like I said…is an adorable idiot…but he does possess an art to promote and destroy with love……hahahahha
    He should see more sex and gangster movies like bamboo river is doing now…..then change his ever forgiving hypocritical character to the Right Path…hahahahahahaha

  246. hawk says:


    speculate……… but not so wildly.

  247. hawk says:

    Just some tots…..

    When is it sin?

    If a porno web appeared on my mail…..and I clicked in,…..is this considered sin?

    If not, then

    If I clicked in and view it……is this considered sin?

    If not, then

    If I viewed it and get an erection………is this considered sin?

    If not, then,

    If I got an erection and run to the toilet to get it over with…..is this sin?

    If not,

    then I control my sweat and go visit a massage parlour or karoake lounge and book one…..is this sin?

  248. hawk says:

    Above qu are not for monty becos he cant get pass the 3rd question.

  249. wits0 says:

    Don’t get too obsessed with “mini sins”, Hawk, otherwise there may be no end of it. Don’t choose to be something like being penny wise and pound foolish. Hahaha! Your questions suggest a defectively(and impractically) implied G-d conceptualisation, an affliction without a cure.

  250. kittykat46 says:

    Malaysia’s institutions are going down the drain.

    I did a double-take when I read Tun Hanif Omar’s very frank write up in today’s Star on Police corruption. I had to re-read it to make sure I hadn’t been mistaken.
    This is a former IGP, a solid member of the establishment. Not some pesky blogger.

    He was talking about 40% of PDRM’s senior echelons being indictable simply on the basis of their huge personal fortunes….

  251. hawk says:

    The former IGP is not corrupt?

    He has a life term pension with a golden salary as a what? with Genting group?

    Pot calling kettles black?

    If theres no GOD……….
    Most are behaving like theres none……, even my church elders. Wow!! Sweat ler…..

  252. hawk says:

    The end to it is to seek forgiveness lor. Then we are sanctifed for a glorious eternity.

    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD.

    Big sins , small sins, sins just in tots , sins done up to C4 explosion. They are sins, all the same.

  253. monsterball says:

    hawk…do you know Tun Hanif Omar personally or keep talking through your nose? I know him personally…do you?
    if there is an intelligent well educated and righteous IGP…it was him..and him only.He sees everyone as Malaysians and have exposed our country’s weaknesses for years….off and on without fear nor favor.
    Please don’t talk idiotic nonsense all the time….including your stupid questions.
    There is a limit to call you ‘adorable idiot’..when you start belittling a noble man.
    You do need God to control your monkey mind.

  254. wits0 says:

    Hawk, gosh, wrt sins, one size fits all and equally foul? I wouldn’t have anything to do with a lazy G-d. Hahahaa!

  255. monsterball says:

    It looks like Susan also give up following the Atlantayu’s murder case.
    The A-G and IGP are at loggerheads right now, Pak Lah said “Law will be amended if necessary”
    Bar Council President said otherwise.
    So much outright differences in opinions. PM can do nothing…that’s the fact….as all these are implanted for 22 years before he came into power.
    Filthy and dirty corrupted politics have reached the greatest hight in the history …since Mederka under 22 years Mahathir dictatorial rule..not mange as a good elected servant….RULE US…not even any God blessed rulers have done to his subjects….Mahathir did that….yet now he talks of so much wrongs of other countries and here in our own….all created by him.
    Aboveall….Pak Lah is honoring his greatest enemy now. Only in UMNO can show how magnificently ever forgiving people they are. We are all uneducated fools. They are the gentlemen…..truly following Allah’s great teachings.

  256. wits0 says:

    “We are all uneducated fools.”
    The MSM will see to that we’re all uninformed and forgetful ignoramus too…..as if it can.

  257. wits0 says:

    The MSM will see to IT that we’re all uninformed and forgetful ignoramus too…..as if it can.

    Not forgetting the %$#!*# BN parties, of course.

  258. monsterball says:

    Goodmorning everyone.
    Tiger Woods won again!
    Now to bathe and go to work.
    Need to cari makan lah.

  259. jeancumlately says:

    Whoa! Monty knows tun Haniff prsonally and therefore, can testify on his integrity.

    My Q is, how sure are you that you really know a person? Even a married woman would always be the last person to know that the husband is gay. Just an example. Monty, as a muslim, its wrong to be a chairman of genting. Unless Genting had found a way you can gamble in an islamic way, gambling is a sin. There is no two way about it.

    BTW Hawk, even if Haniff is a pot and not supposed to call the kettle black, his contention that 40% of the police top brass had been amassing wealth illegally should still be taken seriously. We have to look beyond the person who gave the message sometimes.

    Happy to see Monty and Hawk had kissed and made up… heh..heh… sound a bit weird but I guess God do work in a mysterious way. Cheers!!
    So, where do we celebrate?

  260. wits0 says:

    Tun Haniff do look better and have a better smile – just like Jimmy Chua had a better one than his successor and are less associated with all the bad news that the MSM(like Bernama)apparently ‘relishes’ to report.

  261. kittykat46 says:

    By now, I realise the Bolehland’s governing system inherently corrupts anybody who has dealings with it (including myself).

    But a “one size fits all” approach isn’t going to help us fight corruption.
    We need to differentiate Criminal corruption as defined as “misuse by government officials of their governmental powers for illegitimate private gain” vs. what may be unethical.

    Nobody is totally ethical.

    Depending on your religious belief, the last perfectly ethical fella died about 1,400 years ago, or 2,000 years or 2600 years ago.

    I don’t consider Genting’s gambling operations as an ethical business, but legal ?, Yes its legal, unless and until Malaysia becomes an Islamic state.

    Tun Haniff has obviously done very well financially after his retirement, from his links to Genting Berhad. Dodgy , maybe, but its not really corruption.

  262. bamboo river says:

    Monty, wa lau eh !!…Sex and gangster Movie ???
    Ai yo, habislah like that! However, I appreciate your advice and opinion you gave me. Thank you Monty.

    Jean , your comment at 10.39 a.m. 2nd para is very interesting.
    I hope you or some of our muslim commentator could enlighten us a few questions I am going to put down. This is not meant to offend our muslim friends , but for us to understand from the muslim point of view.
    Here goes,
    1) If muslims are to work in a gambling related company to make a living. (please don’t say work somewhere else !). Example, ‘nombor ramalan’ outlet as drivers, technicians etc. Then, how are we going to describe if it is the right thing to do?

    2) If muslims working in breweries. Alcohol is ‘haram’. So , where do we stand on this?

    3) What is the gomen going to do with all the ‘sin tax’ collected?

    4) Muslims work in hotel,pubs and places that sells alcohol, so , what are we going to conclude on this situation?

    So Jean, sometimes this is too subjective for us to say which is right and which is not. I hope my questions does not offend you.

    Lagi satu, Jean, Hawk and Monty kissed and made up? Yeah lah, very weird in fact ! JKKK !

  263. bamboo river says:

    JKKK = Jangan Ketawa Kuat Kuat !

  264. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…Your logic that muslim cannot work at Genting Highland Hotel group is totally out of proportion.
    First and foremost..Tun is in charge of the Security Dept. Hundreds of muslims are working there as waitresses…hotel assistants/clerks of all sorts.
    Problem with our muslims in Malaysia are too narrow minded and not logical at times.
    And I have not so call kissed and be friendly to hawk…like the way you describe me. I call him an adorable idiot. Hope he stays that way…period.
    What’s the big deal knowing Tun Hanif? I knew him BEFORE he was IGP…when he was in Malacca.Want to know more?

  265. monsterball says:

    bamboo river…Kalau ku berani ketawa pada chegu ku….nanti satu hari saya jumpa ku…kami tarok obat berak dalam kopi kasi ku minnum.
    Kurang hajah!!
    Perji perlajah apa macham gangsters hantam orang…pakai mulut…bukan lawan2. Phaham?

  266. monsterball says:

    Susan….Angchor bor tia tok lu jawab gua sms?

  267. monsterball says:

    I read again jeancumlately message and noted a touch of naughtiness..or friskiness or itchiness ….one of these or all combine….I still cannot figure it out.
    But it is surely a loving message disguised as an insult.
    However…her very very backward old fashion way of describing muslims have given me some ideas what Ijok malays are like.
    She does have split personality….move to KL…want to be modern and be one of us….but MOVE closer to her…the Islamic part of 1500 years ago takes over.
    stenson have somewhat given up hope.
    If hawk tells jean..that he is prepared to be a muslim….if she becomes his second wife…I think jeancumlately will sacrifice herself for the sake of Allah get one more…..hahahahahaha
    And if hawk can convince jeancumlately..to be a Christian….I will shave of my head ti be a monk.
    And if bamboo river dares to KKK…I will go mad…and when I am mad….I am really mad.

  268. bamboo river says:

    See what I meant ? No such as thing as Monty kissed and made up with hawk!

    Monty, I am having a serious food poisoning last two days. Almost admitted to Sunway Med. If no improvement, doctor says I have to go on drip !
    I hate drips. Got that two years ago for 10 blady days. Even have to hold that thing in the bathroom!
    Don’t lah put obat berak some more. Ha,Ha,ha.
    If I am going to laugh out loud, I need to be in the toilet just in case.

    DOn’t be angry, ‘very weird in fact’ means wait till it snows in Hawaii. Got my meaning?
    I have to go to chinese medical shop with this medicine prescription given to me by a client.
    Hell, I don’t know what is written, hope will relieve my food poisoning.
    Take care.

  269. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….Before I can apply anything…you already got it!!
    See how powerful my ‘plans’ are….so advance that it’s done before I give “IT” an order.
    Now I hope you will get completely well and good fast.
    HAWK….scared or not?

  270. monsterball says:

    And seriously bamboo river…You take care of your health. Nowadays….simple things can turn to be dangerous.
    Do see a Chinese sinseh for second opinion.
    You take care too!!

  271. wits0 says:

    Once a person is obsessed with right and wrong on the basis of “sin”, all things can go awry(Like Murphy’s Law on mechanical devices, saying that whatever can go wrong, will). Bamboo River’s diarrhea has a cure, sin obsession, none.

  272. kittykat46 says:

    Get well soon, Bamboo River…
    Food poisoning is potentially very dangerous if there is no medical treatment. Just the dehydration can get you into serious trouble.

  273. sloone says:

    dear bamboo river,
    aiyoo worried for you lah…..take care..drink warm tea…and get some jabs from the doctor…then take some rest and later report back to us if you are ok, ok?

    monty, no worries. will explain to u in time why yr sms doesnt reach me 🙂

  274. hawk says:

    Will be away for a few days.

    As for bamboo river and the theres who may food poisoning….swallow some carbon tablets. If none avaiable, charcaol chips may help.

    Carbon adsorbs gases readily. Food poisoning emits lots of such gases to stimulate purging etc.

    Well, those kingpins also know IGPs. Whats the big deal abt this? I know the present IGP and my son knows the IGP s son. Sometimes, better not to know.

    Haniff got his chance to clean the force. The corruption was there when he was there. Is there a difference now and then? 20 years ago they picked up bribes for speeding. 10 years ago also same, Now also same. Is there any difference?

    As for Haniff s role in Genting, it may not be corruption but can it be likened to protection money?

  275. hawk says:

    Behind a successful man is a woman.

    Behind a very successful man is another woman,
    (provided the wife didnt find out).

    Behind a satisfied man are many women.

    Behind a satisfied and very successful woman is a dead man.


    I m not looking for any woman ler. Alas, she may become very satisified and successful…. over my dead body!!

  276. monsterball says:

    Behind that idiotic brain is one behind him….wanting to irritate me. It’s like Two Face in “Batman” movie.
    Did I say I was a bid deal to know Hanif?
    Soooooo stupid you are!!

  277. monsterball says:

    Okay SUSAN!! Waited for you to say that for a long time. I will inform BLACK.
    Take care.

  278. wits0 says:

    For Hawk:
    “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

    Matthew 7:12
    (Note it speaks not about “brothers” or just infer to any members of one’s own community etc., but all men in general…and therefore is the true Golden Rule)

    “Sin” obsession is the indulgence of theologians and those sucked into the whirlpool of superciliousness.

  279. monsterball says:

    I heard hawk will be away for few days….go visiting his beloved relations to borrow some money to start a factory he dream of with 50 staffs at Belakong…not Thailand…as his lies after lies are taunting him with nightmares..speaking out loudly and wife could not take it. Asked him to sleep seperate room…and next thing…you know what…so to avoid that and to mend his SINS!!
    Lets hear his results when he return in few days.
    Meanwhile…good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Peace be on Earth to all Mankind without hawk and the likes of him….otherwise…it is again …to chase a ghost from this site…my lifetime dirty job….no want wants ……eeerrrrrr what a life…..wwooooo what a life….gggrrrrggrr..what a life….hahahahahahaha..[Elvis anyone?}

  280. monsterball says:

    hawk is behaving like a doctor to bamboo river.
    He must have so many food poisoning incidents…got all those pills and now tell hawk what to do.
    Notice ..he never say… ‘get well soon bamboo river”?
    Is that not a badly brought up Two Face? The real two face was nice to Batman…not hawk..that’s why he keeps mocking Jesus….thinking it’s fun…now blame his pastor ..just recently move to another Church..’Born Again” Christian. Notice he speaks less about Jesus nowadays? His new Pastor must have told him to shut up. Good for him.

  281. monsterball says:

    jeanny….hawk said you are after his money..if you behave lovingly nice to him.
    He rather die…than be close to you!!
    He is a scrooge….and I wonder what money he has that jeanny have not seen.
    Everyday..eating roti channai….then one awhile… get a real meal with meat and few dishes…it is a feast to him..that’s how scrooge behaves. Poor family.I think if wife knows he is such a stingy man…will not marry him….but that idiot do have a sweet cunning mouth..can even tempt a bird to sit and shit at his shoulder.
    Wait till Christmas…hawk will be haunted by the holy ghost for such cheap presents to his family…..then get food poisoning and be done with him….not over his dead body…not that cruel…..but berak and berak for few days….that’s should wake him up….if not need to change to another church to teach him how to be generous to family and friends…hahahahahahaha
    Good night.

  282. monsterball says:

    Good Morning Folks!

  283. monsterball says:

    Good Afternoon Folks!

  284. kittykat46 says:

    Bamboo River still recovering from illness, Hawk travelling, Whispering9 busy with something else.
    Wits0 busy with other posts.
    Jean busy with new boyfriend.
    So nobody posts on the Free Speech Zone.

  285. monsterball says:

    What a nice NIGHT tonight is!
    Silent night..holy night..all is calm..all is bright.
    yea…kittykat….one of those nights.
    It’s like mating season…..and getting sick for careless people trying to mate at the wrong place.

  286. monsterball says:

    SUSAN!! I just finish another message at 10.20pm for your current new site.
    Will you check at your spam dustbin and put it out?
    I wrote it to explain ‘without bias’…..and was thrown out….blaming TDM the cause of it all…why thrown out?

  287. monsterball says:

    All quiet on the western front!
    I also go make woopies….maybe nine months later…another monty Jr.

  288. bamboo river says:

    Hello and Good Morning everyone ! Thank you all for your wishes and concerns.
    I am fine now but with a sored butt !
    Yes, Susan, I got a jab from the doc.
    I asked him why not jab on my shoulder?
    The doc replied ” My friend , it is your butt that is suffering the most ”
    Yah, he is right. My butt is suffering now !
    Got to catch up with my job.
    Will be back later today.

  289. jeancumlately says:

    Ahh… feel like brand new. A few days break helped a lot sometimes. No phone, no tv, no interaction with the outside world. Stone age is not all that bad.

    BR, first of all I do believe that you are fine now after that one shot in the butt. At least its better than a kick in the ass. Secondly, I am not at all feel insulted by the questions you posted. It merits some answers. Infact, even muslims themselves were asking the same question. I’ll answer that when I have the opportunity. It cant be answered in simple few words because of the gray areas.

    Monty, hawk and jean is like a fish and a bicycle. Enough said.

    KK46, no, I was not busy with boyfriend. It should be the other way around.

    Nice day.

  290. monsterball says:

    jean…Then you is the bicycle and stenson is the easy rider.
    Who’s that? Me plenty smart er?
    Nice day to all too.

  291. monsterball says:

    Or maybe you prefer a rough rider….you choose lah

  292. kittykat46 says:

    Wah jeancumlately…”No phone, no tv, no interaction with the outside world”.

    I’m trying to figure out where you may have been. These days even remote kampongs have TV, Phones, even Handphone coverage.

    No such luxury for me, unfortunately. My work requires me to be contactable 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. “They” rarely call me after 8 pm or on weekends, but I’m simply not allowed to switch off that idiotic H/P. If I’m going somewhere I’m uncontactable, I have to tell them in advance.

    A bit like what used to be known as a “Call-girl”

    My in-laws live in rural Kelantan, even there they have H/P coverage and Streamyx, so I don’t have the “Out-of-range” excuse when I’m visiting them.

  293. bamboo river says:

    Jean, having a good time eh ?
    What ? Stone age is not all that bad ? Reminds me of Flintstone ! He, He, He.”Wilmaaaaaaaaaaa!”
    Okay, take your time, I will be expecting your reply.

    Monty, is always a bit naughty towards Jean. But , in all that naughtiness, Monty treats Jean like a special person in his heart.
    And he is trying his best to get Jean paired with our friend Stenson.

    Hey, Stenson, what lah you. Monty is helping you , where are you lah?

  294. monsterball says:

    Don’t let jeancumlately fool you. She mist be at Club Med. with special one lah.
    Only that place is exactly what she described.
    Me I go to 100% natural mountain place with people living as they were and on going for hundred of years.
    stenson…sorry no luck for you. The bicycle has a rider already.
    Wait abit longer…she always change riders.
    You or someone else…..goodluck. I will take a ride to ijok now….onward to Kuala Selangor….for some nice cheap sea food.

  295. jeancumlately says:

    KK46 – you dont have to crack your head to figure out where in malaysia “No phone, no tv, no interaction with the outside world”. They actually introduced the on/off switch a long time ago. You can find it on your hp, your lap-top, your tv. Use it.

    BR – for what ever reason, monty do have a soft spot for stenson – like a son. Maybe stenson reminds monty of his younger days. Loooooong ago.

    Back to you questions BR.

    All the scenarios you post are gray areas. In is Islam, how do we handle these? There is such term called “dharurat” or crudely interpreted as “emergency.” In such situation, you are allowed to resort to the best available alternative.
    For instance, gambling, just like zina (sex out of wedlock)and liquor are all grave sins and muslims are not allowed to do it, be associated with it or do anything that may lead towards it.

    How about working in brewery or 4-D outlets then? The question is, do he have a choice? Do tun Haniff have a choice? Is it a “dharurat” i.e. you cannot live without it? Not so long ago, a religious scholar named Dato’ Mashitah did mentioned that a woman may be allowed to prostitute herself if that is the only way for her to feed the children. Does Tun Haniff fall into this category?

    I do think that this principle of “dharurat” is universal to other religions. Yes, it is open to a lot of interpretation from even within the same religion. However, it should not be used as an excuse to commit sins.

    Anyway, I am not a mufti so if there are other muslim commenters, please correct me.

    I’ll get to the sin tax part later.

  296. jeancumlately says:

    BR… I already answered some part of your question, posted it but it got lost somehow. Before I re-type again, I might as well wait. Who knows it might re-appear. I am not under moderation, am I?

    Monty, your imagination gets a bit wild lah… I only change a rider when it keeps on insisting to be a bicycle.

    As for stenson, the mee rebus, the constant harrassment and some bullets are a bit too much for him. You miss him monty?

  297. bamboo river says:

    Monty, go to Sekinchan’s bagan. The seafood there is much cheaper than Pasir Penampang.
    ‘Lai Niew Har’ is fantastic.

  298. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…don’t pass the buck to me. stenson is not around because whether you want to be the rider or the bicycle…he is also confused..and when everything is clear….you change the subject to mee rubus. How to understand you?

  299. stenson says:

    Uncle monty and bamboo river,dont play play ok.I marry jean then both of you will get hearts attack.Both of you have to foot the bills.I will bring her to the north pole and build an igloo for her.Dig a hole in the ice and drop the line with 5 hooks.Caught 5 fishes – jean takes 2 and boss takes 3.If jean sits beside me in the casino sure make money.More than enough to pay for her car side mirrors – brand new and original.No need to fight with mat – minah – pondan armpits.Br with diarroea can still tease jean and me.Fortunately female doctor jabbed your butt.If male doctor,you sure end up something sticking there.Doctors are horny creatures.
    I thought of not going online.A couple of my postings got block.I feel i am not welcome here.I dont think jean miss me.Dont miss me ok miss sweety jean.

  300. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha..stenson….you marry jean…your muslim name should be “Matsten bin Soner”..then guarantee she will marry you….and I will more than willing to foot the bill….with bamboo river chipping in. Afterall…he also have a big mouth too….hahahahaha
    Now the real issue is not bamboo river or me getting heart attacks. It is whether can you apply a tender trap to this sexy cat that have nine lives and not yet reach nine lovers to call it quits..then give up and marry you.
    So nice to hear from you.

  301. monsterball says:

    SUSAN…Did you hear that from stenson?
    He also felt not welcome in your blog!!
    Do something with your dustbin.
    And we spend time and efforts to post intelligently..yet get thrown out.
    LONG MESSAGES…suddenly clicked off!!

  302. monsterball says:

    Seriously….how nice if at Susan’s blog…we can be cupids and get one couple REALLY get married!!
    Right now….best candidate is jeancumlately and stenson.
    They sure are smart enough to just talk and get wildly aroused…what more if close encounters of these two kinds begins….like bats…..fighting and yet so loving to each other for life.
    But jeancumlately must also be prepared to be call
    Mrs. Stens On…both depending on each other and let no Gods interfere with true earthlings lovers.

  303. whispering9 says:

    Hi…I am back…if you miss me. After reading comments supporting Joceline’s article, I want to stay here in solitude. At least, there is no one to propagate me …especially when the future for Malaysia is predictable. UM_O will win again…Khai_y will try to reinforce his hold…more money will be appropriated. More in-fighting and more propaganda; maybe even more C4. As usual, people have started moving nearer the winner rostrum. Mat rempits and outcasts will benefit from the ‘out of the box thinking’, seeesh. Who will suffer? Malaysians, when we accept candidates on the merits of coffers, good writings, good speeches, empty promises, slogans and handsome looks. I really want to throw a spanner into all these scheming, plotting and the politician silhouette.

    There is one ‘Eskimo joke’ I secretly like…

    Eskimo Woe: http://www.abeautifulrevolution.com/blog/eskimo_woe/index.html

    I like to dedicate a song to Rox (hope she is here)

  304. monsterball says:

    Great idea whispering9. Put stenson and jeancumlately in Eskimo land …and let them F… each other.
    Stenson said he will use jean to hook up fishes…but I doubted every word he said for once as sincere.
    The moment he had jeancumlately pinned down in no man’s land….he will us her as a bicycle to ride anyway he wants….until she treat him well..treat him nice…as he arn’t a hounddog…but a man in love…living like a house alone….urging jean to love him tender …love him sweet and never let him go.. ..but she has eyes cannot see…and stenson have lips cannot kiss her.
    Jailhouse Rock will start soon when stenson response. Just wait!

  305. monsterball says:

    Susan dear. My message for current post just put out few minutes ago was thrown to the dustbin again!!
    You can understand how frustrating it is to focus and write serious AND GET THROWN OUT…and then come to FSZ to be normal with loving friends.
    I think you do loose out few good commentators….while trying to contain unwanted messages…or unwanted commentators.
    I don’t envy you…but knowing you…I am sure you can improve the system…..now that you are so successful as a blogger…it will be an endless tasks by few trying to make you fail.
    Hope you can improve the dustbin system

  306. wits0 says:

    The Eskimoes were said to have a tradition of showing hospitality to their guest by letting their wife “laugh with the guest”. Dun know if it’s still current, though.

    “Laugh with”, here = euphemism. meaning ‘sleep with’.

  307. monsterball says:

    witsO….Eskimos allows their wife to “take care” all the way lah…..but no more….or else stenson will jump aboard a plane to get free lunch and dinner everyday….forgetting poor jeancumlately.
    But back home…Ibans Chieftans will offer their daughters to anyone they fancy to be good husbands. This is on-going….but deep deep into the jungle. Ibans females are welknown to be beautiful and sexy too!! Once stenson get hooked by one…then I believe he can say go to hell with jeancumlately….but he has no guts to go into the deep jungle…afraid of snakes.and tigers…..hahahahaha

  308. bamboo river says:

    ha,ha,ha, Stenson, your humour makes my day! Thank you.
    What makes you say doctors are horny creatures?
    Did a doctor get horny with you? Maybe the lady doctor is attracted to you lah.

    Monty, so far I don’t have problem posting in Susan’s blog.Maybe the spam blocker is working overtime.

    Witso, the eskimo letting his wife ‘laughing with the guest’. Yeah, heard that part before during my school days. Now, I don’t think so. We will get a harpoon tip on our butt if we try to laugh with the eskimo’s wife. Maybe a polar bear to hug. LOL.

    Jean, noted your reply.
    But ‘dharurat’ is applicable during certain situations.
    Like once, an army friend told me, when he is in the jungle, for instance if they ran out of rations, they will hunt wild boars to survive .
    You are right that we should not make an excuse to commit sins .
    But can we commit sins with an excusable reasons? What is considered excusable reasons?
    This is a biggie question.

    Whispering9, don’t need to rant and complaint the situation we faced now in our country. Make a change. When GE comes….’Pangkah Yang Mana PATUT’!
    Remember that song?
    ‘Marilah , mari, marilah undi.
    Tunaikan kewajipan kita,
    Untuk masa hadapan kami”

    Just to let loose a bit.

  309. stenson says:

    Malaysia is not a bodohland.Malaysia is not a bolehland.Malaysia is a land of beauty.It is the politicians that give this country an ugly image with their twisted mind,forked tongues,evil deeds.I feel a sense of loss,hopelessness,despair.I ask the ALMIGHTY to intercede for us.I guess HE is too busy to notice me.The rats are plundering the nation.Am i being influnced by the websters?Perhaps yes,maybe no.I can think for myself.
    I am sad and feel like trap in my own prison.

  310. jeancumlately says:

    BR, lets talk about the serious stuff first.

    What is considered a “dharurat” or “excusable reasons?”

    PERSONALLY, it is easy for me. I’ll just ask myself, do I have a choice? Most of the time, the answer lies within you and only you can decide. Back to the Tun Haniff question, was he forced to head genting? Or was it because genting is simply a better option because it pays higher? “Better option” is not a “dharurat.”

    Now the sin tax. Money once it flowed into the system, you can no longer separate the “good” from the “bad.” Just like water in a stream, it came from from various sources. One cannnot separate clean and dirty water in order to clean oneself or take ablution before prayers. Unless if the water had changed its characteristics i.e. color and smell. You are not supposed to clean yourself with air longkang just because it flows like a stream. (There are various type of water in Islam but I am not going into details).

    Again, any muslim is free to correct me. I am still learning too. So BR, that is the best explntn I can give you.

    (Thanks susan for releasing my previous entry).

  311. jeancumlately says:

    And now on lighter notes.

    Guys, stop teasing stenson lah. We are not going to the north pole anytime soon to start a new life in an igloo. He was just joking and I am not about to give-up the sunshine, the good food and the good people of this land for some polar bears and spend my time digging holes ice.

    Wits0, the worst punishment an eskimo wife could get is to have monty over as her husband’s guest. Its gonna be a long night.

    Stenson, you sounded suicidal… I am not exactly a “devoted muslims” and I dont even wear a tudung but I do believe in God and he do worked in mysterious ways. Have faith.

  312. kittykat46 says:

    A believer’s faith is in his or her heart, and is practiced through actions.

    What they choose to wear (I guess as long as they cover up all the “important” parts) is just fashion. That’s why all this Tudung and Aurat fixation by the Taliban wanabees is so ridiculous.

  313. monsterball says:

    Jeancumlately wants to talk about ex-IGP haram job…waiting for me to response…yet on the other hand…wish I was in the North Pole as a gust to an Eskimo.
    But best part is hinting to stenson
    ‘Have faith”….meaning got chance lah.
    But when stenson move in…she back out and talk mee rubus stuffs again.
    How much can a man take?
    Just agree to marry him and be done with it….but I heard Ijok ladies like to play hard to get in KL city….especially sexy and beautiful. If she had squint eyes…or flat top…one of these….she won’t tarek hariga so long.
    Tarek …tarek like layang layang…the string will snap and love is gone forever.

  314. kittykat46 says:

    The nearest I’ve been to the North Pole (on the ground) was Anchorage, Alaska 420 km from the North Pole. I was on a KL – Hong Kong – Toronto flight. The plane stopped there for refuelling, but there was a technical problem which delayed the take-off by 3 hours.

    Think of the coldest place you can ever imagine and multiply that 2 x.

    BRRRR…sure would be nice to be curled up in a thick quilt and do some “laughing”

  315. padzac says:

    no more family argument… good good. i can safely return.

    how have u all been? i’m busy painting my bedroom now. i have never painted anything all my life. contractors have become too expensive, so decided to do it myself. but i am scared of climbing up the ladder, i get giddy when i look down.

    hopefully i can finish today or tomorrow.

    till then, be nice and kind to each other 😀

  316. jeancumlately says:

    Dont get me wrong lah monty. I am not an authority to talk about this haram this and that. Just answering BR the best I could.

    KK46, I am not wearing one but I am not going to say it is ridiculous at all. It is actually a requirement in islam for women to cover their hairs but it is true also that what is in the heart is also important. It does not hurt to have good heart and cover your head at the same time. The sikhs, the jews and even nuns do have some kind of headgears and I would not say its ridiculous. Fashion or not is a different matter. If one feels that they need to wear tudung, there is nothing wrong in making it fashionable as well. Right?

    Monty, why not leave sten with his joystick to get over his depression… I did not play tolak-tarik with him. BTW, North pole sounds too cold and too far away. There are plenty around here for laugh’s sake…

  317. kittykat46 says:

    Sorry for being so crude, but this was a frank comment from my Malay teh-tarik buddies on a big group of tudung-clad ladies walking past.

    “Atas tutup, bawah buka”

  318. wits0 says:

    I’ve heard that so many times before, KK46…the sayers understood the hollowness of dogmas but cannot attack the source.

  319. stenson says:

    I am trying to improve my written english.This lady from Ijok i thought could correct my mistakes.Instead she is trying to send me to an asylum.Dont you think she is a real pain?I love myself in real life and i love GOD too.I am not that foolish to commit suicide.I am not about to end my life because of the corrupted politicians.I dont care they are dead or alive.I do care for jean though,haha.I know you dont like me but i enjoy so much when you post comments even hitting me below the belt…haha.You have ways with words.I can use monty words only when i am in casino and my luck is running down.

  320. kittykat46 says:

    Need a new joystick ?
    I have a very good one in the storeroom, somewhere.
    Legacy of my PC game days, long ago. I was a pretty good Doom and Wolfenstein player.

    Went through all the levels at Advanced stage – Nice Weapons, nice Enemies.

  321. bamboo river says:

    Thank you Jean for spending your valuable time to explain to me. No doubt this is basically an individual decision to all muslims.
    Sometimes we have to take what comes in order to make a living. More important is what you think is right and how you are gonna answer to GOD when time comes.

    Looks like our friend Stenson is quite moooooody.
    Lighten up Stenson. Pour your inner feelings out here and see if anyone one of us could write something to advice you. Monty is one of them besides Jean and Witso.

    Padzac, hiiya, why you are so afraid of family argument?
    BY the way, when you paint your house, haven’t you heard of ‘extended pole’? No need to use ladder wat. Get your other half to do the job lah. Just make some nice cookies and tea for him.

    Kittykat46, yah you should apologize for being very crude. Maybe you should cut down not on teh tarik but with your the buddies of yours. Don’t want you to get bash up by the girls’ ABANG and BAPAK!

  322. jeancumlately says:

    Hahaha kk46… its true. Again, the concept of covering your “aurat” is also misunderstood sometimes. You are not supposed to flaunt your vital assets. You can actually cover it all but still flaunting it at the same time – like wearing a flimsy or body hugging materials. Kebaya is another good example. So, the spirit of covering your aurat is not fully understood by some in these instances – me no better.

    HOWEVER, no one should say that they dressed more appropriately than others. Afterall, “tutup atas bawah buka” is still better than “atas buka, bawah buka.”

    Stenson, buddy… I dont have the intention to send you to the asylum lah. I need a punching bag… kidding.

  323. hutchrun says:

    During our 49th Convocation, a top student refused to attend the convocation simply because she opposed strongly for the wearing of tudung. The consequences were for her to give up the some awards. This year, the student who is a named and expected Best Student Award recipient refused to attend the ceromony for the same reason.


  324. monsterball says:

    stenson…When jean said ‘i need a punching bag’….she needs you but shy to say it loud and clear…and but the word ‘kidding’ to cover it up.
    I can also mean..she takes you a the most stupid lover she has ever come across…talk talk no action.
    like me..go get an extra HP and give her your HP number..for private contact.
    Mine have few weird sms right now…hahahahaha
    jeancumlately….is smart to read what is written in the Koran may not be practical after 1500 years.
    Following strictly to attire ….like a uniform to sow you are a muslim or does not make one a good muslim. lie she said…it is the heart that counts.
    For that…..stenson…she loves your heart very much….Go for it pal. She keeps talking ‘joystick’….she needs one now!!!
    As for all of you….carry on!!

  325. monsterball says:

    Any religion insisting it is compulsory to wear this or that…..based on the so call holy book….is not practical or logical after so many hundred of years years advancements in life.
    Concentrate on morals and to dress with dignity and pride is enough.Fee the mind to do things freely and to think…not to guide them like monkies in a zoo.
    In that way..it is controlling the minds….and the trainer is a parrot or a man below par as a trainer for modern days

  326. monsterball says:

    Susan…Please check your dustbin. I just wrote a message on Mahathir matters and was thrown out?

  327. padzac says:

    bamboo river,

    yes i am using the pole but i still have to paint the edges lah. hubby works all day, his job is really tough; physically and mentally… i kesian him lah. also i dont bake. i dont know how… never bothered to learn and yes i make good tea but he doesnt drink tea. he likes soyabean milk… lol

    family arguments not scary lah but sometimes a lot of things get said in between…. after many many years u will find out a family member was deeply hurt by something said so many years before. i’ve always been a peacemaker lah.

    i bought two shades of the same colour for the bedroom… i just discovered i painted an entire wall with the wrong shade :(… stupid me lah… i shld have checked… hopefully when i paint the second coat the mistake will be rectified… i praying and painting at the same time.. so that i make the msot minimal boo boo.

    hope you guys had a nice day. i am discovering the joys of drinking and enjoying different kinds of chinese tea. you chinese people have such a refined culture i enjoy so much. i am learning abt what type of pot to use for different teas. i only got one pot now.

    any suggestion on the type or brtand of tea i should try?

  328. monsterball says:

    padzac….Glad you are trying to master the art of drinking tea. Once you get the craze of it..in no time…you maybe collecting hundreds of tea pots as a hobby.
    Concerning tea….it was in India that started it all. Remember the Boston Tea Party incident?
    India failed to follow through….China took the plants from India and developed into a cultural thins for the Chinese.
    But the Japanese seems to believe..one type…the so call “green tea” is the best for health reasons. it is sold everywhere at health shops.
    For me…I drink tea to bring down all the fats from eating but kut teh.
    From my monks from Sri Lanka…I learn to drink and enjoy tea..like we find at mamak stalls.
    My monks tell me tea is an antidot to cancer.

  329. padzac says:

    lol, chinese bone tea ah u drink. i have friends who are nuts abt it… i dont eat pork but i’ll follow them to the chinese bone tea place. the best place is in johor bahru lah… thats what they claims… these kl people will travel all over malaysia just to taste chinese bone tea.

    monty, the indian tea culture is there… huge also … in india it is just not in malaysia. but if u go to a typical indian grocery store u can find many different varieties.

    yes lah i know abt the boston tea party… thats why those americans dont drink so much tea now but all are getting into the green tea culture now kah…

    well, i have heard that too, monty… tea good anti oxidant lah… thats what they say…

    i also like coffee very much…

  330. monsterball says:

    I have been selling coffee and tea for 36 years and on going. I drink at least 10 cups of coffee everyday for past 40 years .
    Years ago….doctors used to say coffee is no good for the health…now they say it is good.
    Yes India’s tea is still very famous..but their marketing skills are still backward.
    Infect most European import raw tea leaves from India and blend them to be famous English tea …but green tea is catching up fast all over the world.

  331. padzac says:

    can u recommend a good shop where i can buy some chinese tea and learn something ah, monty? most tea shop proprietors think i’m strange because i ask too many questions…

  332. monsterball says:

    No I can’t…as I am not that crazy to drink tea like the Chinese do…..but it is quite easy…if you walk around Petaling Street and find one.
    But at Summit Shopping complex…eating floor…you will find a shop selling alot of tea pots and chinese tea.
    Don’t be shy to ask questions…and learn.

  333. stenson says:

    Bamboo river or maybe monty is an epert in chinese tea.When i was in dali,this pretty chick so good in convincing us that this particular brand of tea is good it cures everything.The name is pu’er.I use to hear this name in sword fighting chinese film.Can anyone enlighten me?Padzac,
    I dont think indians like to drink tea.They like coffee.Coffee got kick if you make it thick.

  334. padzac says:

    i know quite a bit about coffee….

    and for the indians if u go to india, tea is the main drink and not coffee…

    i doubt i want to get a brand of tea thats pushed by a pretty “chick”. i rather talk to people like monty… they have yrs and yrs of experience…

    monty, will go to summit then.. and i’m not shy about asking questions… anyone in particular i shld look for there?

  335. monsterball says:

    No..but you can see who is the boss quite easily.
    Go there and tell me later what have you learn.

  336. monsterball says:

    stenson….On coffee I am okay…but what are you say that Indian lady tells you…don’t believe it …as tea…experts are from China and Japan….but if you want to know all about Indian tea and coffee…there is an Indian company Jothi Impex…0393771733…they import alot of Indian tea and coffee. Ask for Mr.Kumaresan and he maybe able to tell you about ‘pu’er.’

  337. monsterball says:

    stenson….coffee is like cigarettes….more than a hundred brands with different aromas and tastes.
    Basically…the best of all is suppose to be…”Expresso” coffee….to drink it with a touch of brown sugar…no milk!!
    The best expresso I drank were from Rome and Cairo. Have yet to find one good one in KL./PJ. I guess the beans imported in are old stocks..or of poor quality.
    And in Amsterdam….my dear friend made a cup of coffee for me from a special pot. It was really nice fresh brewed. Found same sold at a coffee house here…again different taste.
    All they know is charge the high prices, One cup of expresso may not cost the owner 80sen and sold at RM15 per tiny cup!! Coffee house sells standard so call American coffee at RM7 ..which cost them 20sen. Tea is even cheaper.
    Government is controlling poor tea tarik stalls ..even on 10sen more per cup…but ignore totally the coffee houses that slaughter customers. I guess their thinking is only the rich go to hotel coffee house…they can afford to be slaughtered.

  338. whispering9 says:

    Hi padzac,
    I am finally free again. I can’t help but have to answer some of your questions. I have a collection of about 100 odds tea pots; only miniture sizes with thickness less than 1mm which were make from fine purple clay extracted at > 500m below the surface. The pots have a metallic sound when you twang it. Getting the right tea pot collection is a very technical stuff…you need to know the master, the date of kilning, the weight, the size, etc. Please look around before you start buying those cheap stuff with weird shapes from just any shop. Try buying tea leaves from Taiwan and if possible avoid cheap China tea (too much insecticide). Begin with the spring leaf, follow by the summer, then autumn and finally winter from the same tea plant. Try Purple Cane tea shops. Sorry MB, I won’t recommend Summit Tea Shop…the tea is not fresh and most things are quite expensive. Recently, I brought about 200gm of puer for RM1000.00. Which would come up to RM5.00 for a slip of tea. Had to buy, no choice because it is from my client. Now back to work for me again.

  339. monsterball says:

    No matter how high the cost on one cup serve to a customer in a coffee house..it does not warrant that high price.
    Government should take note of the time and cost to serve a cup..plus washing it. The waiter wage may cost RM1 per customer. Why the huge extra profit?
    They also have so call ‘service charges’ added to it.
    The washing of cups and saucer is even cheaper than tea tarik stall…fully automatic machine.
    SIMIMLARLY…BANKS apply very high service charges for all sorts of things. It takes days to get your check cleared…but they charge you interest by the MINUTES!! So their delays of two days are infect using your money to turn over and make money illegally from all of us.
    Don’t look at your few hundred RM deposits or withdrawals being delayed as pea nuts for banks to earn interest. Put the figures and multiply it by the thousands of depositors…that may give the bank few millions RM to delay payments or clearing it…at 7% per year…or around more that 1/2% per month!! Look how much they robbed from depositors EVERYDAY!!

  340. monsterball says:

    Great whispering9! At least padzac have an expert to guide her on tea matters and pots.
    So where do you expect padzac to start off learning….if Summit is not the place.
    Can you give her a specific place here? Don’t tell me she needs to fly to Taiwan…which every hook and corner of your tour…you can easily get tea experts there to learn…..hahahahahaha

  341. monsterball says:

    On tea…I have been served with so call a small cup costing more than RM10!! What is it…I don’t know…but strong and nice aroma.
    And in Malaysia….the experts are the Teochew and Hokkien.
    I drank alot mixing with these guys…watching them make the drinks from an art form…but never took an interest in that. I have too many other hobbies at that time.

  342. monsterball says:

    padzac..Go to the Summit shopping complex…see the stuffs and ask questions. You need to start somewhere..then go to book shop and buy a book on this subject…in no time…you will be and expert. I learn by making mistakes..got cheated and reading….no other ways.
    People are by nature selfish and will not teach us…so go learn the hard way….like me.

  343. monsterball says:

    I had so many hobbies worth few millions..all sold or gave away to my children.
    The thing I regretted most was collecting ivory carvings from late 70’s to end 80’s….most of them sold back to the shops and few cannot be sold at all.
    Investments on collecting gold coins only was huge…but that was sold off easily.
    I travelled far and wide and was crazy to collect minature brandy and whisky bottles..beers too…some were so expensive….one can not imagine.
    Had more than 300 different types and gave away to one child….displaying that with pride.
    Tried chinese paintings collections and had few quite rare..also gave away to my children.
    Now I collect movies and clowns!!
    I have more than 500 clowns..all imported and many books on clowns history. That my young daughter has booked it and it is hers.
    My movies and books are all left for me….but few books I gave away to friends….as non of my children want my books.
    Each somewhat personify my character.
    So I spent my whole life working and enjoying …even now…and trying to part all my knowledge I can to others. I hate to talk big and be selfish.
    Most of my multi millionaire friends know how to earn money..but don’t know how to enjoy..or cannot enjoy due to afraid to die young. I am eating the same food as I ate all my life…and I like fatty stuffs!!

  344. monsterball says:

    I also collect watches…more than 300 pieces…mostly mechanical and automatic…except Swatch …and that I buy only limited Edition ones.
    All sold off..keeping three for personal use and Swatch is still available for sale.
    Almost all watch bosses know me…as you must have alotof technical knowledge to be a watch collector. The knowledge is rather lacking by Malaysians….but catching up quickly. In Europe…one prefer a Jeagger Le Courte than a Rolex anytime for true good mechanical movements…and Rolex do buy complicated movements from someone else. I have stopped following up for past five years now….after selling off my collections. I am wearing simple cricket with two dates and alarm. I like it.

  345. whispering9 says:

    Good Morning and sorry MB…didn’t respond to your comment last night. I slept at 2.30am Malaysian Time and crawled out of bed at 7.00am to continue with my ‘paper-work’. Ya…padzac should go and have a look at the Summit Tea Shop because it has a big collection of tea sets and apparatus. There are many types of tea, too. Besides, the lady boss can chat with you for a long time and you should also make a appointment to see MB during this time. 🙂 I love watches more than tea pots. In fact, I have given up collecting tea pots as an interest. Even my bonsai trees are becoming unhealthy because I spend too much time with the internet. Got to strike a good balance soon. Bye.

  346. hawk says:

    Good morning,

    Monty, if I may, U regularly use the word infect which should be “in fact”.

    Infect is like when one infects another with AIDS.

    Ive learnt from this site, and maybe if I can point out a mistake or two. I suppose its OK, right?

    By the way, just a reminder, while all of you have hobbies collecting this and that, the DEVIL collects souls. Instead of collecting, hope any of us wont get collected.

    Best regards,


  347. monsterball says:

    Thanks hawk.You are a doll.
    I am trying to collect your soul too….hahahahahahaha

  348. monsterball says:

    I forgot!! Good morning to Susan and all.
    hawk….not only devils collect souls…live humans do that too!! They are call bomohs……hahahaha
    But me…I am trying to CORRECT your soul to think properly…. by guiding and talking to you…like a lost sheep in the wilderness and I am the shepherd.
    But best method is to bring you to a health centre……get a sexy one to massage all your dirt in your head away. That….kittykat is very good at it.

  349. kittykat46 says:

    Yup, Monty….anyone game for good, healthy massage this weekend…Hotel Malaya health club…Saturday or Sunday is OK.

    You might also catch a glimpse of Altantuya’s hungry ghost wandering the corridor.

    Its the Chinese 7th month, when all the Good Friends come out to play…mooooaaaahh…

    Some years ago I saw a guy who started talking perfectly fluent Hainanese, which he doesn’t know a single word of. Apparently the spirit of an accident victim who had no close relatives to pray for his soul…so he wanders around.

  350. jeancumlately says:

    Everyone was talking about their hobbies and I was wondering what’s mine… Teapot is definitely not my cup of tea. I thought BOH is THE tea. Apparently not. I’ll just stick to books then.

    KK46 and Malaya Health Club. Can join kah?

  351. monsterball says:

    kittykat….nan boti nan
    qui boti qui
    boh tonjon ke nan.

  352. monsterball says:

    Again kitty kat….sup kor hoilam….kui kor ting.
    yut kor meem ting..chu fatt sun king….cantonese translated to english….meaning ten hainanese..nine are coffee shop owner…making coffee with spoon making ting ting sound.
    The one who does not know how to open a coffee shop or make coffee is the mad fool.
    Even hainanese does not know the real translation…and thought the cantonese version was a big insult to them. Actually the real truth is….the cantonese was trying to insult the hainanese…but it takes a smart hainanese to turn it to what i have translated to you.

  353. monsterball says:

    Jeancumlately is too straight forward and simple minded….but I think her simple minded personified is not really her.
    I have yet to find out the real jean.

  354. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty…..Don’t push your luck.

    My mother is Hainanese, and I learnt the dialect since I was 4 years old….

    Actually that’s how I got involved in the 7th month “posssession” incident I described above.

    It was causing quite a disruption on the factory floor. The “possessed” fella was babbling something nobody could understand, but they realised it was Hainanese dialect. Then someone recalled that I could speak Hainanese, and pulled me in.
    It was Really weird acting as interpreter to the “spirit”.

    I sat in front of the Buddha image praying every night for a whole month after that .

  355. monsterball says:

    kittykat few months ago…one ghost tried to trap a hainanese with ungentlemanly methods…to be the hero of a pack of toothless wolves…and years go….my maid can talk japanese..after walking at the seaside at night.
    Yes it was a Japanese ghost caught inside her body. I put a talisment at her forehead….and out came the ghost. This ..you need to act fast. If too long..very difficult to get the ghost out….ast get more and more control of the body and once the body surrenders to the ghost….no amount of medical powers…not exortism…nor bomohs work can help.

  356. monsterball says:

    So…kittykat…You should understand where that famous phrase came from…..how was it formed.
    You see…one day a man was sitting near his well watching the beautiful moon.
    All of a sudden….he felt something passed by him and hit behind the well.
    He called that person out..but received no response….then he said to himself….’nan boti nan…human yet not human…qui boti qui….ghost yet not a ghost. boh tonjon ke nan. I must be a fool seeing things.

  357. monsterball says:

    hawk! arse became ass…orang hutan became rang-a-tang….so “infact”[british] can be written as “infect”[malaysian]..as long as the word sound the same. Gone are the days…where grammars and spellings are important. I have spoken to so many who passed off From 5…and they can’t even speak better than my 8 year old grandson in English.
    Anyway..thanks again.

  358. hawk says:

    no ler, only monty write “in fact” as “infect” be they english or malaysian or chap cheng.

    i m really tired of the amercians. how can they accept goods, sell/distribute them and then say they are faulty. Then recall and push the whole liability to that chinaman? mampus ler china.

    becos of this, i m throwing away my disney opportunity. Its not worth to live in worry. better sell little and be assured money in my pocket is my money.

  359. jeancumlately says:

    hmm… why do I keep on losing my comments?

    Sorry if it reappear later and and I am reppeating myself.

    Monty, I thought you said you already saw me last time? Of course u dont know me. You are lucky bcoz what you dont know won’t hurt you. BTW, ass and arse have the same meaning while infact and infect, do not. Yes, not even in malaysia.

    That strange language u used to talk to kk46… was that a charm / mantra or something? I read it and I feel dizzy already. I hope I would not get possessed and do something funny after this…

  360. kittykat46 says:

    Hoho, Hawk…if you want to sell anything to the US, you need to take up serious Product Liability insurance. Its the most litigious society in the world.

    Caveat emptor rule has many restrictions in the States. In a way, it is good protection for consumers, but may a bit too much in favour of one side.

    In Malaysia , consumers have very little protection. Try returning something you bought but doesn’t function as advertised – forget it.

  361. monsterball says:

    Infact..being infected with an infectious group of unknown nameless and faceless infecting speakers ….one will…. as a matter of fact become infectiously bodoh.
    Facts are facts ..but fect is not a fact. Infact there is not such thing as fect..after being infected with that disease…….hahahahahahaha

  362. monsterball says:

    hawk is infected with the best protecting system for consumers….if his goods are rejected and thrown into US Custom warehouse…to be destroyed in 30 days….if not claimed for reshipping back by he sender.
    Especially medicial stuffs…made from china are not allowed in. That my friend is sad case for Americans….as some so call good protections are INFACT protecting their manufacturers….not the consumers….yet US government demands fair trade from other countries.

  363. hawk says:

    When was arse and ass the same?

    I tot ass is an off breed donkey

    And arse is that which offer me some cushion.

    Kick the arse of an ass, and I guess u get kicked back. Heehaw hee haw hee hawk….oops.

  364. hawk says:

    Ya, English is strange.

    Whats that worth. Whats that priced? It means the same.

    Then, saying Jean is priceless

    and monty is worthless,.


  365. monsterball says:

    Adorable idiot hawk is giving me a lesson in English Language. At my age…being understood perfectly well by all English speaking business people all over the world is enough.
    I have witnessed and seen right now…..people who can speak and write beautiful English…but cannot produce or perform well as a worker in offices.
    I guess from the start….these people master the language with the hope to migrate or to please their future ruler of his life.
    But people like Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir master the English language to be the best political actors in Asia.
    So why must I master that language….when already proven for 45 years good enough to those who claim it is their mother tongue.Productivity counts….not master this or that and cannot produce good results.
    Then I need to master few other languages and Chinese dialects to do business. That again was accomplished.
    So hawk..move on…my English is being understood and INFACT not infecting others with confused minds of my messages….maybe you and jeancumlately..the two persons that seldom understand me…okay lah….win some ….loose some.
    PS” This is talking to friends.In business…I do not type with one finger typing and make so many typing mistakes. I dictate to my secretary whose English must be better than hawk…otherwise I replace her with another….Friday girl.

  366. monsterball says:

    Another imposter name hutchrun who supports Mahathir..but disguised himself as patriotic citizen.
    He is like a snake. His English is also perfect..but his cow brain is INFECTED with cow diseases.
    I welcome him here to battle me..if his cow balls are still intact.
    All agree that Mahathir is a rogue….hutchrun learn the art how to agree to disagree and apply his subtle hero worship of that crook.
    Come here balls carrier of Mahathir….come and watch monsterball F….you..which TDM said no good to F……but I prefer to F…that talk so refine like him….as all con men must be gentleman and refined in nature. Otherwise how to con? I am no con man…and balls carrier like hutchrun…who think he can fool others by saying he belongs to no party. Sure he does not..as he is owned by one man….this snaky hutchrun.

  367. monsterball says:

    hutchrun used to compliment me whenever I say anything against Pak Lah or the government.
    I must be an idiot to hurt my supporter…but whenever things said against Mahathir….out comes hutchrun praising him.
    He thinks he is very smart…so come here and lets talk cock and bull.
    If he dare not…that this cow…sure not a pig…but maybe a huge lamb….mistaken as a cow…whatever…have no balls. It is a pondan weird animal….no friends…so stay home…master the English language..in case need to run away if no one wants to employ him in the future.
    Your days are numbered…you snake!! Plan your migrations.

  368. monsterball says:

    Just to let you know….hutchrun said Chinese and Indians are not loyal citizens in Malaysia.
    Go read it at main post….yet he said I am harmless when others are against me.
    He is doing that to carry my balls…but once I expose him…out come the perfect English…responding..as if “so what’?. Main site…I need to control myself. Here he says ‘so what”….I will F….him left and right on behalf of Indians and Chinese. Had he said SOME….I may agree…but saying ALL Chinese And Indians are not loyal citizens…who is he.?.Hutchrun Singh …or Jaswan Singh…or Awtar Singh..trying to carry balls of a Mahathir?

  369. monsterball says:

    okay folks….carry on your usual subjects or things you all want to talk about.
    hutchrun have no balls to come here.
    He knows when he enters a zone where all behave like true Malaysians….he will get a heap of trouble.
    CARRY ON…YOU LOVELY PEOPLE…including adorable hawk.

  370. wits0 says:

    “adorable hawk”

    I see hope, the light at the end of the tunnel here. 😀

  371. monsterball says:

    witsO….You must be enjoying hutchy and me as two clowns in the making .
    So quiet…then spoke out and now seeing hope like from the Cape Of Good Hope….useless cape…no holes to pass through….just for water to hit and hit until one day….it may become Cave Of No Hope in South Africa.
    hawk is sooooo adorable…and you want to poke fire.
    hawk….hatam witsO!!

  372. monsterball says:

    hawk is so adorable ..calling me worthless…actually meaning priceless.
    Sometimes he does make mistakes too.

  373. monsterball says:

    Hawk…jean is never priceless. She has a price ..not on her head as a convict..but a price for her to fall head over heels over a man. the problem is …what price she wants..never say…just hint hint and hint.
    Me worthless is actually priceless.Like I say so many times…your English is hhhhmmmm so so so…but your ortak..not so so….needs fine tuning.
    Don’t worry….I will try my best. Don’t depend on witsO…he loves to see light from a dark room to search for a tinnee winee tunnel…actually a hole. He has lousy bombastic English.
    Time to blast him off..what say you hawk?

  374. monsterball says:

    Goodnight! I am going to my comfortable hole…I mean room with my chihuahua and pug to play and sleep.Must safer to have one like…jeancumlately…who in the morning can make any man a pondan by cutting the dick off..if she is not satisfied for whatever reasons.
    She is one lady…not easy to please….that 5ft 6″…tall slim ..busty…18″ waist…with long long hair…walk like a chick…but actual a duck from Ijok….famous for carrying parangs in oldern days…fierce and narrow minded people…play play with their daughters…out come Matsten bin Son or else!!

  375. monsterball says:


  376. monsterball says:

    Good morning to Susan and all.
    I slept well. Hope all of you do so.
    When I turn my face to the right…sleeping side ways…I get dreams.
    But to the left..no dreams.
    Best way to sleep is face facing upward…but I cannot do that. I need to have a bolster..if not …cannot sleep. Hotels do not supply bolsters…so use another pillow to hug…okay lah.
    Maybe we like to tell our dreams on day…but dreams do reveal your secret fears or desires.
    As for me…after watching Transformers…I create my own chapters to continue seeing the movie.
    I tell my brains…”okay brain dream about this or that”..it works…but forget to do so….dreams of unexplainable events do creep into my sleep. There was one dream..so nice..showing me a young man rider my Vespa scooter stop over at a village for a short rest and snacks. So peaceful and nice.I keep asking my brain to dream it again and again…and sure enough it came….and I slept well…always.
    After few years…I found a similar place in a village in Indonesia….bought the house…[so happen house owner was desperate to sell too!}…renovated it….and now owner asked me to sell back tp her for a profit to me….no deal. It look similar as my dream house and is my rest house….away from home.. now…whenever I go to that village. I have so many ‘relatives’ and friends there….usually ‘relatives’ gather near my house…no matter how late…. they wait for my arrival..welcoming me back…also same thing on departure day. I do feel so peaceful and happy there and my children and grands love it too!!!
    The grands keep pestering me to go back there.
    So dreams do come true in life.
    Today is the start of a school short holiday. This will mean less traffic jams.

  377. hutchrun says:

    Another imposter name hutchrun who supports Mahathir..
    Hypocrit and Liar. I never did. Ill bred taugeh towkays like you always did.

    I must be an idiot to hurt my supporter…
    Self praise

    ….out comes hutchrun praising him.
    You don`t know what `praise` means

    ….yet he said I am harmless when others are against me.
    `amusing` if I remember. You still are.

    It is a pondan weird animal….no friends…so stay home…
    You post more than I. So you must be the friendless stay-at-home pondan . Most of the time you are talking `sex-related` things anyway, even the comment above, about how sexually oriented you are.
    So it doesn`t need a rocket scientist to figure out that your brains are in your little dilapidated weenie.
    You can`t think without thinking of your taugeh weenie. Maybe you are suffering from priapism. Lots of maybes for you there in fact.

    I am no con man…
    What you say does not lend weight to that.

    ….hutchrun said Chinese and Indians are not loyal citizens in Malaysia
    Once again you excel in stupidity confirming that you do not understand what you read.

    …I need to control myself
    Well at least you are begining to realize, but it will be very difficult for you.

    ”….I will F….him left and right on behalf of Indians and Chinese
    heehee snakeoil peddler

    ..trying to carry balls of a Mahathir?
    Never did. But taugeh towkays always did. When he stepped down they shifted loyalties to the `new order`.

    hutchrun have no balls to come here
    Not my problem, since you are a pimple on the dimple of the left ball of an ant.

  378. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty, About the MCA thing, I’m not any kind of office bearer….just an ordinary member. I’m no Chinaputra either – I have a very good career, but I work very hard for it, no connections used whatsoever.

    Life has been kind to me in many ways – material, spiritual and family. I’ve wanted to give back to society. One way is my voluntary work with a Buddhist association. Another way was voluntary work with MCA…

    DAP – I support many of their policy stands, but when it comes to people in there, it doesn’t appeal to me.
    At the risk of being punched in the face…let me say there are many good folks in MCA, especially ordinary members. The leaders….lots of slippery characters…
    Maybe I’ll join Keadilan eventually, but they are just so disorganised….

  379. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…..hutchrun is here..after praying in the morning for guts to come meet monsterball.
    Maybe calling him an imposter is not quite accurate….but a snake that can twist and turn … can be bought one day…..and sold to another highest bidder. He has no balls!!!
    I have watched this hutchy posted a long time….like to praise Mahathir…and using the most cunning idiotic reason to support TDM..as an alternative to win votes for opposition parties.
    What a jerk he is….playing dirty politics instead of saying straight to the point.
    Twisters are like TDM good students….and try to smart ..but is an idiot.
    I have battled all these few months ago…and hucky is a taugeh to me.
    Come on….hutchy…besides SELECTED matters you want to defend yourself…lets talk your latest idiotic comment at current post…like a knife can be a weapon and a useful tool….hi..even young children knows that. Is that your best comment?
    You can say so much …defending Mahathir. Other than that…you are a daft.[that’s what he calls me….and I am proving that ..the hat fits himself.}
    Me a daft??? You are asking for it.
    hi hutchy….want to talk Chinese and Indian stuffs?…shoot.
    Without these two great races….you will be panchin ikan to earn a living.
    Do you dare to reveal your race? Why not? Why hide it? Say it…what are you….Bangali..Bugis…Iban…Portugeuse??

  380. monsterball says:

    hi kittykat…I like you…but when you say you are an MCA man…it makes no sense to be too close to you.
    What you wrote…is much to be admired.
    My advise to you is get rid of being any party supporter..and be free.
    Let me ask you this…if Keadilan offers you something nice and then being countered offer by MCA to stay loyal…what will you do?
    Be free…my dear friend. Then we can talk more at ease. Look at most of your posts….you do support MCA in whichever ways you can.
    Similarly…that snake…hutchy…keep praising Mahathir and love criticizing UMNO…..real Two Face cunning bloke.. Such guys cannot be too friendly with….and he calls me a daft…idiot…crazy man….yet NEVER reveal his race…yet talk bad about Chinese and Indians.
    So my friend….stay neutral..free and frankly speaking…MCA may have few noble and good intelligent politicians…but I have seen enough that they dare not fight to the end for the Chinese rights. They love to give in..or so call compromise.
    DAP do fights for Chinese rights. It is because they have no power…all their efforts are not seen as brave and great….did not bear results….we need to change that…yet I do not fully support DAP at all. Right now…I am more interested to see Malaysia becomes a strong democratic country…with less corruptions….as corruptions are is such huge proportions under Mahathir..that it is now like daylight robberies…not afraid to be caught.
    Hutchy calls me a daft….but that cowardly idiot dare not even reveal his own race….faceless…nameless…RACELESS…living in thin air…no home address.
    Such commentator should sit on the fence….not take sides.
    Now he is judging me too.
    I will F…him left and right….the useless worm.

  381. hawk says:

    Truly, I m appalled.

    I dont think Jean has a price. If so, then she is worthless to any gentlemen.

    If theres a price, its not monetary. M sure the expectations are noble and beyond what money can buy.

    She knows her value and when that man comes along, with that priceless offer, she will know and accept it.

    Stenson? Well I think its a tease to her. Sleasy slungs wont win any proper lady. Maybe, a wink or two.

    She is a priceless prize. A trophy to the worthy.

  382. monsterball says:

    him hawk…Every woman has a price…including your wife…but you have to think deep to understand it.
    The price is SECURITY.
    Unless yours is an arranged marriage…you think your wife will marry you …if she does not feel you can offer her security..besides love?
    Even if you are so handsome….so intelligent…she will put all that aside and think of her security….her future.
    What is security and future?…..MONEY!!
    Got it??

  383. monsterball says:

    hutchy keep promoting Rocky’s blog in a cunning way. I have seen him do that few times.
    Right now doing just that at current post.
    This sly fox…a pro Mahathir supporter….RACELESS idiot…call me a daft!!
    I think he is one of the old pro Mahathir guys…change a nick to post here. The style is quite similar to one bloody coward.

  384. wits0 says:

    KK46: “Another way was voluntary work with MCA”

    (Sigh..)Wouldn’t touch that dead animal with a ten foot pole and help accrue credit to that unworthy outfit. Life wasn’t so especially kind to me but I’m not complaining – yet the MCA did once intrude maliciously and unjustiably and made things worse.

  385. monsterball says:

    So he is not raceless….just do not have the guts to choose a nick to identify clearly his race.
    okay lah…but don’t fool with monsterball..if you don’t have the guts to reveal …..or hint what race you are.
    Look at stenson….kittykat….bamboo river….all chinese….then jean..so proud to be muslim….then witsO..never rally know what race….but never offended me…and we think so alike.
    And best of all…we behave as Malaysians!!
    jean sometimes support UMNO…but we all love her…that’s okay.
    So hutchy…..don’t be a balls carrier when you don’t have the balls to talk straight.
    He may response…but until he reveal what race he belongs to….useless real daffer should be ignored.

  386. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…witsO is back…who said hutchy and I can be good friends.
    He is a lousy judge on characters.
    Good-morning…witsO. How are you today?

  387. monsterball says:

    I will keep quiet…apply control…but no release…must tahan lama lama.
    Susan and all..have a nice weekend.

  388. monsterball says:

    But FOLKS!!
    Another 1800 hits….Susan is a millionairess.
    Keep watch…be happy and hope Susan will post.
    Now to keep promise..tahan lama lama.

  389. hawk says:

    Now new matadors taking on Monty the bull.

    This is not a bull fight arena, but its to be this way becos of one bull headed guy charging around with a mind full of unvented temper over, maybe a history of personal frustrations, over wives and kids, and business and failures, and whatever. In short, An old man that didnt grew up, becos he was pampered with an inheritance from a banker s father.

    Ive often wondered how the lifes of such ppl will be lived. And here , at this zone, I get a glimpse.

    And, theres no envy for thiers. Becos , I ve found out. Life is not abt money alone, we need to be challenged. And, like monty, never having needed to face a challenge, he has diverted himself to take on commentors by speculating, accusing and damning etc etc. so he can make belief himself as a “champion of sorts”.

  390. hutchrun says:

    ..after praying in the morning for guts
    Nah. Just feeding on yours. Your stupidity is `amusing`.

    ..even young children knows that
    But you do not. It has to be drummed into you.

    … can be bought one day…..and sold to another highest bidder
    Being a hypocrite you shmust have been done unto many a time. You have a thief`s morals.

    ….like to praise Mahathir
    As a confirmed Liar you must say that. Maybe you sold some relative to M`s cronies so your `taugeh` biz could prosper.
    Now you slink around like a worm saying `i hate him`. He did say many who used to come n see him now do not.

    Hutchy calls me a daft….
    I was being polite. I meant you are an `amusing idiot`. Notice the compliment – your `amusing` has been upgraded.

  391. wits0 says:

    “He is a lousy judge on characters.”

    On the contrary, I can refrain from open judging when it is unhelpful. 😉

    Actually it was just a hope. 😀

  392. stenson says:

    I warn you hawk,dont step on my toe you sickening braggart.I am trying not to belittle you.I find it not worth responding to you.I dont want to waste my time on you.You can marry a prostitute,i dont really care.Keep out of my business.

  393. hawk says:

    When u call an idiot an idiot, he takes offence, becos he is an idiot. When we tell a truth, that truth hurts, then theres some truth to it. So, Stenson was hurt by some mild comments of mine?

  394. hawk says:

    As for monty,

    U still dont realise. Women want to be loved. Love, meaning not as what u always think…. not that f…. love. Love that means faithfullness, caring, commitment and security and even sacrifice, like donating a kidney or an eye to save her. etc. Plainly, its unconditional SAYANG.

    I wish Jean good wishes , that she finds her love , true, sincere, everlasting, and everlusting.

    Monty has been paying his way thru his life. Even his wives are paid. He was paid by his dad, he paid for his kids, he paid for his frens. So he thinks in life u pay and get what u want.

    A HOME need not be a mansion, it can be just an attap hut. Its most important furnitures is LOVE.

    I m not being idealistic. But this is truth. How many kampong and village families were happy, truly happy. How many mansions get broken?

    Monty s mansion? I think its a broken home or rather house, broken 3 times over.

    Learn to make your house into a HOME.

    In baseball, after an unhit 3rd strike , u r out!!. But for monty, maybe, u are a handicapp, so u can try for the forth time. Go , and hit a home run.

  395. jeancumlately says:

    TQ hawk for replying on my behalf. There are things in life that do not carry price tags. Men could promise security, money, home, cars and a king size bed to women who dont have it and in return, expect good wives – whatever that means. My advise is, might as well you spend the money to get a maid and a hooker. Relationship is real when you take these things out of the equation. When I looked at the mak cik and the pak cik selling goreng pisang together to raise 8 children, that is love. But when I see an ugly, fat, balding 60-something man with a 20-something bimbo who professed real love to the man, I would just say yeah, sure. I bet she faked her orgasm too.

    I dont mean to be crude, but really… it sucks to work on saturday.

  396. kittykat46 says:

    Hi jeancumlately, Heheheheh, the most powerful attractant in the world is called…Vitamin M.

    In a big city, you are incessantly bombarded by direct or indirect messages of what money can buy…

    I think Malay girls are generally less materialistic compared to Chinese, but that may not be true in a big city like KL anymore.

    Love is of course still important in a marriage, but the material prospects of the marriage is often a pretty major consideration.

    For better or worse, for richer or poorer…worth reminding ourselves those words now and then…

  397. sloone says:

    hawk, divorce isnt necessarily bad, nor does it lead to broken homes. sometimes divorce is just what is needed to save both the person’s soul. every relationship has a time limit. some for a day, or a season, and some perhaps till the day we die.

    in any of these, when a relationship ends, many doors open. and sometimes it leads to better things in life. it’s also better to be honest and admit you cant live together and end the relationship, instead of pretending everything is alright, but both lives are miserable.

  398. wits0 says:

    Hawk, hear, hear, do alleviate some staidness from your own worldview. 🙂

    Marriage is basically man-made institution and while people will want to read and invoke the best blessings into it, reality always become the final arbiter between success and failure in such a venture. Don’t allow it to become a lifelong torture chamber. Real harmony between two persons isn’t something that falls into people’s lap from heaven even with the best of intention or hope.

  399. jeancumlately says:

    susan, divorce is not a bad thing as long as you dont make a habbit out of it. Some people get in and out of marriage (OR RELATIONSHIP) like changing clothes and each time, they blame the clothes for being too tight, out of fashion, too bright, too colorful or what have you. They failed to look at what is wrong with them that made the clothes suddenly get too tight. (This is what I saw happening a lot in the east coast when I was there).

    Divorce is a good thing coz it open doors. But its a bad thing if the divorce is for the sake of opening new doors.

    kk46… money is the mean and not the purpose. That is the difference between a wife and a hooker.

  400. bamboo river says:

    Hawk, there you go again!
    If you are lost of idiot words, please don’t go to that stupid brain of yours and talk about Monty’s past .

    If you want to deal with a person, deal with the cards in your hand. Play like a gentleman.
    Don’t give me that crap about what is true love.
    Everyone has their own ups and downs in life. But that does not give us the right to say things about people personal life.

    You beginning to sound exactly like those “Yee Mah Koo Cheh” with a lot of those paT poH attitude.

    GO sell or give away your mansion (If you have one) Go and built a hut is a no man’s land.
    See if you are LOVED!
    You may not had experienced the life of poverty ,hardship and marginalised!
    I HAVE !
    You don’t know how it feels to see your parent suffered to make a living staying in a wooden hut.
    I HAVE !

    I find your comment to Monty @ 10.56 especially that last para is despicable and dishonour to your ideology about Love.

    You are always saying things BUT the last para always contradict what you start earlier.
    Don’t again ask me which part.
    Because I am going to tell you again…Go Read What You Write !

  401. hawk says:

    I m fortunate. really fortunate not to have to face a prospect of divorce. Though there were many times we fought, but somehow, the bonding was there, and we were resilient

    I found the magic potion. Love a woman well, and u get loved in return 10 times more.

    I m pleased to also mention, none of my frens in my inner circle, neither do any of my siblings got their marriages on the rocks. Maybe some cracks, but none were broken.

    I think the options for easy divorce make marriages brittle. As I said before, the biggest sin of all….PRIDE. It stands in the way of compromise.

    As for bamboo, abt monty…… to me, its just obvious that monty is brought up differently from all of us. His brash attitude at this site shows it. He is a rather inconsiderate person… SPOILT. Money seems to hv always given him his way.

    He didnt have a childhood like u and me. Mine was better than yours though, but certainly, I hv my hard lessons and experiences too.

    I think men have misunderstood what women want. And, also women are now more liberated and can secure themselves without men. So the equation, is somehow different, than for our fathers and mothers.

    My wife was with me when I was broke. Ya, for better or for worse. This is proof that women will stand by thier man when u love them well. She even pawned whatever little she got to make my business roll.

    When one tells me WOMAN is a word that links the word “WOE” to “MAN”, I will readily oppose it.

    It links “WOW” to “MAN”.

  402. monsterball says:

    Like Mahathir said…’tak boleh tahan lah”
    That bloody idiotic hawk…just because I up grade him from adorable idiot to adorable..leaving out the idiot…he thinks I have again lost a debate to him. I announce ..wait long long time to post..and there he takes advantage to talk cock and bull about me. He talk so much of real cock and bull about my family matters…that everyone knows what a sickening hypocrite he is…as true religious man don’t talk like that….and one who so call have factories selling to the whole world….his products…also don’t talk like that. What a liar..bullshitter and sickening hawk turns out to be…from worst to gone case lunatic.
    Thanks to bamboo river….this sickening born and reborn again Christian is a real pain in the arse….which all ca handle him.
    He know next to nothing about life ..success or failures and thinks all guys divorcing wives are failures. He is such a shit pot…talking cock about mansions I inherited from my parents…as if he knows so much about my life.I try to explain nicely to him about love and security….he twisted and turn the facts into insulting me.
    Perhaps…like bamboo river .said…his unsound mind and nature keeps crawling out..and boy….how he defended jeancumlately…which to my surprise …jean seems to agree with him.
    jeancumlately seems to get sick of old guys getting young chicks for a wife…when the facts is….those old guys may have the money and luck to get one….regardless out of true love or false orgasm given by the young chick….as long as both are happy and enjoying their lives…who cares. Jeancumlately is always trying to tell every guy what is true love and what is a hooker or what is a perfect wife. …which to my opinion is full of shit too. Jeancumlately have stepped overboard by saying all young chicks marrying old men are after their money. Never once she can think that young chick is ever grateful to the old man marrying her and save her and her young sister from being a prostitute…and their family now have someone to feed them for life.
    jeancumlately sounds like one….loosing out to young chicks as her competitor.
    Whatever it is…..I hope it is her bad Saturday talking….and change over to prepare herself to celebrate Susan’s millionaire status very very soon…..latest to-morrow!!
    Thanks again to bamboo river and Susan’s explaination shows what a wise and far sighted lady she is. Jean will do no harm to read and learn and stop being so stubborn to keep hitting hard on old man loving a young chick.
    I wonder if she is 18 years old now and a multi millionaire or a sultan of 60 yrs old..wants her for his wife….will she turn down the offer.
    I love to read her response on this.

  403. monsterball says:


  404. hawk says:

    During my hard times, my wife stayed with me above the shop. If this can be equated to an urban hut. Our only furniture is steadfast LOVE.

  405. hawk says:

    Hv I not written, abiding to a gentlemens code? Its almost difficult to find any expletives from me, though I may put in insinuating phrases to highlight my views. And, all are wittily done as possible.

    Is bringing up a past , not playing the cards? The person s past makes the person now.

    And, I try to tell monty the power of love, becos I think he got his loving perspective all wrong. LOVE has no price. Its from the heart, and its free and abundant.

    Whats the price of that goreng pisang hawker s love to his wife as compared to Najibs love price to his mistresses? Which price has more value, and may even be priceless.

  406. monsterball says:

    Shit hawk is talking cock….concluding what I am..why I got divorced…how I live…all his bloody idiotic sickening conclusions.
    I call him adorable idiot…than cut off that idiot..and here he is trying to tell everyone…how smart he is …knowing so much about life…birds and bees.
    He lived in a coocoon life…a liaer..and a braggart..yet he still ignore all these which everyone knows what he is…..and still put on the thick onion skin to display his idiotic self day after day.
    From today onward…..you son of a gun will have no loving kindness from me. F..you is the best medicine. No cure for such a bastard like you.

  407. monsterball says:

    Thanks Susan!

  408. monsterball says:

    That bloody hawk who lies and brag and mocked Jesus…now is giving me a lecture how to be a good husband and live a righteous life.
    That strooge…whose one sen is like a bullock cart with a one screw loose brain…is one special idiot that can go from one extreme to another…..yet he found jeancumlately… his best friend.
    Jean is a coocoo bird in the making….if she does not wake up and keep away from hawk.

  409. monsterball says:

    hi idiotic hawk…Your life with your wife does not represents the whole Malaysia birds and bees.
    Who cares you need to struggle.
    Are you also so blind that more fortunate people than you may have ten times more love charity and hope than you and your wife can give to each other and to others that are less fortunate?
    Why are you such an idiot to think all love is true love based on your story Yours is a simple idiotic low class one?
    The fact that you try to teach me about love …when I AM BLESSED …three times over….I repeat…three times over. I guess an idiot like you can never understand what that means….as I do not need to explain to you…except to tell you all my three ex wives are my loving friends.
    I am still surrounded by love of my children and grands…and eat your heart out…few young chicks love to take care of me.
    My life is not the same like you….I live in a different world?….sure I am….but I made all from my own …never depended anyone.
    So what if I have a rich father? Does that make you jealous or what?
    Bamboo river comes from a very poor life…yet he is respecting and protecting me from your sickening remarks on me. You know why? We met few times and he can judge and know what makes a man. You will never have chances to get to meet
    successful people…as all will keep away from you …simple because you have a filthy dirty mouth and a sick brain.

  410. monsterball says:

    Enough of hawk!!
    I predict before midnight..Susan’s blog will get the million hits. SOOOOOOOOOO…….
    Congratulations and Celebrations
    When I tell everyone
    That you are a millionaire.
    Congratulations and Jubilations
    I want the whole world to know
    I’m happy as can be.
    PS: Inspired by Cliff Richard

  411. bamboo river says:

    your 2.27 comment shows that you are such a Boaster.
    Good for you that you have your family life intact.
    But remember….not all broken marriages are to blame on the spouse.
    You must have not seen much because you and your friends are the lucky ones.
    So, just because you are so called perfect in life, you have to condem and vilify people from broken marriages?

    Such a typical ‘I am lucky and better than thou”

    You said ‘ The person’s past makes the person now”

    You must be from that very perfect family past that you can critise people whom are no better than you .

    Why if you can spread your ideology about LOVE that you can’t forgoes peoples’ past?

    Don’t compare Monty’s past wealth with me.
    Monty has his good life with lots of ups and downs .
    Just because Monty is money wise better than you, you are using the word MONEY to condem him?
    Don’t put me in your category, Hawk.

    I am not well off, but I don’t envy rich people.
    Money don’t just fall from the sky.

    Hey, Hawk, peoples’ money is peoples’ business.
    If you are no better than a rich man, shut up and work for your money.

    You are saying that if a person is a thief or robber due to circumtances are not allowed to start a new life?
    If you LOVE a person, you don’t think about their past. You think about what you can do for their future.

  412. hawk says:

    Bamboo. I dont get u at all. It seems u r out of focus and dont understand what was written by me.

  413. monsterball says:


  414. hawk says:

    Ya, and 600,000 is from monsterball

  415. sloone says:

    well hawk if that is the case, at least i have a commentator who gives me 600k hits. do you? does anyone else?

  416. wits0 says:

    No. not really, Hawk, Bamboo River doesn’t come across as one who lacks focus from amongst us. Whether I agree or not with his specific takes is another matter. I believe he thinks sufficiently before delivering his thoughts in words.

  417. hawk says:

    Sorry SusanLoone and also sorry to Monty. It was unbecoming of me for that comment. I just didnt feel the ummmmmph about it, but thats my personal feeling.

    Anyway, regardless, congrats and lets see what the next million will bring.

    Best regards,


  418. monsterball says:

    Good morning Susan and all.
    Saturday…18-8-2007 was a glorious day for Susan.
    We are all guests of this gracious lady who have achieved history in Malaysian blogging…not only in achieving one million hits…but the first lady blogger in Malaysia to do that.
    We visitors here….also only know .. how special she is with the ‘Free Speech Zone”…achieving an unknown record too.
    It is a period of rejoice and happiness.
    I cannot thank her enough for the countless hours of enjoyment I get commenting in her blog.
    I feel so welcome too.
    How each and everyone interpret her success is up to you. She thanked us for being good friends and supporters.
    I wish to thank her for giving me a chance to express my views on Malaysian politics in her blog…without fear nor favor.
    Then from her blog….I have gone to another step of my life….knowing few new nice friends…including her.
    I cannot and will not ignore my one true blogger and dear friend..Sheih..who started giving me the first chance. Without Sheih…I have no opportunity to meet Susan and others…and most delightful news is that Sheih and Susan love and respect each other like brother and sister.
    So dear friends….let us ….for few days….keep this site with fun and laughters….and forgive each other….if forgiveness needed be.
    Let us all wish Susan a happy bright future in working life ..good health ..peace in mind and ever be the same dear precious soul to us all.

  419. hawk says:

    Lead is toxic? Ya it is . But as recently as year 2000, we were using leaded petrol. Our petrol contains tetra ethyl lead, a component that prevents engine knocking. The Americans didnt have a solution to this problem, hence all over the world, cars were emitting lead to the atmosphere. I guess we are still breathing in the lead today.

    Now, they have found a solution to leaded petrol and leaded petrol is banned.

    Similarly, with the OZONE layer. Dupont USA invented freon, a volatile gas that is an excellent refrigerant and was then used for all kinds of air conditioning applications. It is also used extensively for aerosol cans. Now an OZONE hole is opened and use in aerosol is banned becos there is an alternative, LP Gas. In refregeration, freon is still widely used, though ammonia is a considered alternative.

    Then when Malaysia has a boom of latex gloves production, the Americans claim that residual proteins in our gloves is allergic to humans, though, only a very small minority. They insists that latex gloves must be made from systhetic rubber and specified a grade called nitrile. Then Malaysian glove makers start churning out these nitrile gloves only to find out many years later that they are patented and are now facing a law suit to pay up backdated royalties that could wipe the manufacturers out of business. Not to mention that they cant eat food fried with palm oil becos they can cause heart attacks.

    So, if alternatives are not around, for our convenience and luxury, we still can continue to use things that are harmful.

    Lead in toys can be avoided, becos essentially they come from the pigments and paint coatings. But the issue here is these goods, made to their specs and labels, were checked and passed by them BEFORE they were imported. And sometimes, also quality checks are enforced during various stages of production. If such defects were to escape thru, why should the manufactureres be held responsible? The buyers are the ones who specify, and the toys were made to their specs. Thier control systems are installed in the vendors factories and many are like mini “colonies” of work horses for these imperialistic companies.

    By the way, are we still using lead water pipes? M sure they were around duing our parents days. My mom is still around, and so is monsterball.

  420. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Hawk, I know you love Yank bashing, but lets keep to the facts, shall we ?

    USA started phasing out lead from petrol in 1973, with a 20-year time frame. By 1995 only 0.6% of their petrol was using lead, and it was totally banned there in 1996.

    In the Fischer-Price China-made toy case, the manufacturer was legally accountable for the lead in the paint, precisely because they violated the specifications for the paint. Knowingly or unknowingly I guess its debatable. They bought the paint, not Fischer-Price.

    Buyer Quality assurance systems at installed supplier site are meant to be a form of forward-defense mechanism, it never absolves the supplier of their responsibility for quality.
    Again, inspection by the purchaser is a form of defense mechanism, it never absolves the supplier of legal responsibility for quality of their product, especially for non-obvious defects like this.

    Latex protein allergy is a rarely documented condition in almost all countries except apparently the US. I guess they have a special genetic defect in the US, hahahaha…

    I’m sorry to say this Hawk, with your cavalier attitude towards quality responsibility, I sure wouldn’t want to be buying a product from your factory…

  421. monsterball says:

    I am still around because I can consume any thing….drinking water from leaded pipes….played colorful toys with leaded paints..especially gold color….eat roadside food most of the time..yet fit and healthy. If hawk is doing that…he may have landed himself six feet underground by now.
    On the issue of the toys being recalled by Matel is a forced issue when someone maybe suing Matel for an infant’s death right now. It is one in a million chance…being sued…but it did happen.
    I used to make alot of toys for coin savings for the banks …by the hundreds of thousands per order from bank..each order. Our uniqueness is our designs offered and all my toys are imported from HongKong. Out of a dozen buyers…it takes our Bank Simpanan National to keep complaining the toys were not made under so call specifications.
    To cut the story short…all were okay…when I almost needed to give them free of charge…suffering great looses.
    I avoided doing business with ALL government controlled companies from that time onwards….leaving to freelance Malays to handle them.
    Back to Matel..it is the world biggest toy maker and regardless whree the products are made…be it Timbuktu or China…if it bears the Matel name….then Matel is fully responsible for any mishaps. The recent incident had the Chinese proprietor committed suicide is sad…and China govt. is suing Matel….right legal move.
    When comes to quality control and updating products….USA is far far more advance than Malaysia. Yes few items maybe under strict control due to dirty politics…but within their country…they are very strict in checking against health hazards products being sold there.

  422. hutchrun says:

    When I got the coin boxes made for a m`sian bank, the moulds were made in Taiwan, and the coin boxes got manufactured in M`sia.
    No problems at all. They even made a second order.

  423. hawk says:

    Now , I wouldnt OEM for any American brand, including Disney which recently did an audit of my production facility. If u look at thier vendors regulations, u will pengsan. And Walmart? Ya they were around at Hong Kong shows, flashing thier business cards. And, none of us clamoured for business from them. They can make you and they can kill you. So, might as well not leave my head on their chopping block.

    From now onwards, I will do so, only that they bear responsibility for thier trade mark. If they cant, then they sell with my trade mark, and these smart Americans know the value of BRANDING over products.

    Now what about batteries? They contain the most dangerous toxic waste ever and becos they r of much use now, why no hoo hah? I think they should be banned and all of us should use primitive wind up dynamos for our laptops.

    This is an American world. When soy bean was introduced as a meal, they think its worthy only as animal feed. Now soya bean has become a main USA crop and they say soy based food are health food.

    Palm Oil? Its not edible!! Why? Palm Oil threatens soy bean oil. They even have disney cartoons to damn plam oil.

    Look at the way StarBucks and Coffee Bean whacked Ethiopian coffee. It costs practically nothing to them, and how they charge us for a sip. The Ethiopian Govt cant even brand thier coffee as Malaysia found difficulty branding Standard Malaysian Rubber for sale to USA. Ethopia, a full fledge nation, cannot register their coffee with a trademark? Starbucks can.

    That time, there was a hooh hah and all Malaysian rubber has to be tested by a devise called the Monsanto Rheometer in order for Malaysian rubber to be sold there as SMR!! Monsanto is American of course. And one device, hardly the size of a PC costs several hundred thousand ringgit. Its OK, the rubber estates were cash rich then.

    And more recently, a case that is touching everybody s nerves. The call for Peking Olympic Boycott? See how silly they can be? Just becos they know they will loose in the games, got cold feet and then want the world to boycott. USA will not be in top place this time. China will be. Want a wager?

    I think AlQaeda is doing many a favour. The only way to touch, let alone hurt the Americans is by way of suicide.

  424. hutchrun says:

    Palm Oil? Its not edible!! Why? Palm Oil threatens soy bean oil. They even have disney cartoons to damn plam oil.
    With increased banning of trans fats in the US, palmoil imports into the US increased contributing to doubling palmoil prices since Feb. 2007.
    The trend is expected to continue as more States follow.
    This in turn will lead to high prices for cooking oil in M`sia/Indonesia which the people will have to bear. M`sia does not allow free import of Indonesian palmoil. Refineries have to `aplly` to FELDA for approval, which will then determine their `necessity`.

  425. hutchrun says:

    I think AlQaeda is doing many a favour. The only way to touch, let alone hurt the Americans is by way of suicide.
    You`ll get your wish. There are reports of 24 homegrown cells operating in the Nort East US. Question is when?
    There are also reports of the Uighurs exerting their demands for a separate homeland during the Beijing Olympics.
    Apparently it was the nuisance created by the Uighurs, many of whom were at the Lal Masjid, that forced the China Govt. to get Prez Mush of Pakistan into the crackdown on the Lal Masjid.
    Quite a few china workers were killed after that crackdown as a `revenge`.
    The South Koreans, who look like Chinese, are part of the greater effort in Afghanistan.

  426. monsterball says:

    Pak Lah said ….” a true Malaysian patriot loves Malaysia and all Malaysians”
    No wonder he is at loggerheads with Mahathir.
    Similarly..few commentators are at loggerheads with each other….as some are commenting with a touch to promote a party of his/her choice and not as a patriot for all Malaysians.
    One or two put of weird messages to indirectly spam this blog.
    The truths should reveal itself…as truths always win.

  427. kittykat46 says:

    Yes, the US market is a very tough one to break in. But no need to wallow in self-pity and envy and condemnation.

    Japan, South Korea, China , Taiwan all have made quite a success selling various products into the market. Ask yourself, how did they succeed where Bolehland companies failed ?

  428. monsterball says:

    kittykat!! MCA said they have no masters nor is a slave to anyone in the BN. It is indirectly saying UMNO is not their master. Khairy was a guest of honor and was confused when asked to comment…as speeches were made in mandarin……hahahahaha
    Election time is near!!
    How many times have I heard MCA talk like this when election time is near…after that….got elected…they talk Tamil…hahahahaha
    Take my advise lah….kittykat..be a free man and vote MCA if you think it is best….but don’t get tied up like a slave.

  429. hawk says:

    Monty :

    Well if lead didnt kill you, ay least we know it caused u brain damage.


  430. hawk says:

    U succeed when u agree to dance to thier tunes. In other words, carry thier balls. If I want to do that, better to start carrying, khairy or m bin m balls and once in a while, tickle some monterballs.

    I m not willing to do that. They are double face , double tongue, double anything. Ask the Red Indians what they got. I suggest we pass resolution in UN that all of Manhattan be given back to Red Indians, (For Samy Vellu : I repeat, RED Indians) that it be declared thier homeland, becos historically, it belong to them.

    If the Jews can be given Israel which was Palestine after 2,000 years, why cant the RED Indians s have Manhatten back when it was taken from them hardly 300 years ago? Who cares if its so well developed now. So was HongKong, to China!!

  431. monsterball says:

    It did not cause me any brain damange either….as all my friends know how normal and smart I am….except you.
    Therefore…we can conclude your brain is not so good….just check how you belittle Susan…then apologize.
    Try not to repeat your mistakes over and over again….but then…I am talking to a gone case person…no cure….hahahahahahaha

  432. hawk says:

    Oh , it slipped my mind,

    Japan , China and Korea…… It had a people and govt which support local industry….. So, Theygot a base to run thier capacity and deal more effectivively with exports.

    Here, u know ler…..unless we r…… like proton saga, in which case even VW scared to team up.

  433. monsterball says:

    hawk..Talk is cheap!!
    Whether you have the arse luck to carry Khairy or M bin M balls are left to b e seen.
    I have seen guys talking like you…sour grapes attitudes…because no chance to carry balls.
    I have seen guys… like your truly have chances after chances…but never do that.
    Judging from your character…if you have a chance… you not only carry balls but lick them… to give extra voooooomph…..hahahahahaha

  434. monsterball says:

    You mind us alway slippery …quite natural for one like you.
    Carry on your INTERNATIONAL TRADING .worldwide knowledge and connections messages…hahahahahaha
    All are reading and learning….hahahahaha

  435. monsterball says:


  436. monsterball says:

    I recalled someone had enough of his nonsense and told hawk to go back to God’s stuffs…recently?

  437. monsterball says:

    Sorry Susan…10.58 was a error from me.

  438. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty,
    My work with MCA is more akin to social welfare , not politics. In a small way, I use my knowledge, experience and time to assist people who come to the MCA to seek help with various difficulties. I might add quite a number of non-Chinese as well, even Malays. If it gets too complicated, the issue gets passed to more “heavyweight” fellas. You all have heard of Michael Chong’s department.

    And its purely unpaid voluntary work, a few hours a week.

    I AM a free man – if I walk away tomorrow, I don’t lose anything at all.

    Did I mention that I pray to the Buddha every night ?
    We all need to work on our Karma.

  439. monsterball says:

    So glad you are a social worker in MCA only.
    For that matter…few Buddhists ..Christians…even Muslims… are working side by side sincerely for the good of the poor and needy without caring which religion they belong to…or which religion sponsoring the just cause.
    You have my respect and admiration for that.. kittykat. Now all settled…..don’t you think MCA is playing wayang kulit to say they have no boss in BN….come on kittykat….UMNO is boss to all in BN…PERIOD.

  440. monsterball says:

    Yes kittykat….gain as much good karmas you can in whatever ways you can all your life.
    There will be times …no money…no nothing can help you solve any problems…except the ripened karmas to help you.
    From what you are doing…please don’t expect goodness only for yourself. It may have ripened to help your love ones.
    witsO is somewhat an expert in karmas.
    I have experienced few times..huge problems of mine are solved with someone from no where come help me….either by employing the right person at that time….or a stranger became a friend.

  441. bamboo river says:

    Today is SUNday. Since everyone is celebrating Susan’s Blog 1,000,000 plus biggie bang bang, I am going to be nice to Hawk ‘today’ becos he too played a part in Susan’s achievement.

    Hey,hey,hey, it’s a beautiful day!
    I am going to take a walk in the park with my family.

  442. hutchrun says:

    If the Jews can be given Israel which was Palestine after 2,000 years, why cant the RED Indians s have Manhatten back..
    Well for one thing the Jews had purchased most of the land.
    If the injuns were to do the same, they`ll own it too.

  443. hutchrun says:

    They are double face , double tongue, double anything.
    This should lift your blues:
    Former CNN Correspondent Suggests Hurricane Dean Is God’s Wrath for President Bush

  444. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river….What a great father you are.
    Blessed is one who can tolerate and ignore the nuts and bolts that need to be screwed….putting aside..for the sake to celebrate Susan’s great achievements in blogging.
    Bless you even more to be happy for her.
    Enjoy your Sunday with your family.

  445. wits0 says:

    Hawk: “If the Jews can be given Israel which was Palestine after 2,000 years, why cant the RED Indians s have Manhatten back …”
    How is it that you are supposed to know your Old Testament and understand not its content so badly. Or are you doing a chameleon ala d Lutheran Church or is doing a KTemock? Do you always speak without reference and knowledge of the facts?

  446. monsterball says:

    Bless witsO who is somewhat blessed with great knowledge on comparative religions.
    Bless him for coming out to straighten things out.
    Most of all…bless MYSELF..that is if one can bless himself.. for being so refine and cultured to celebrate Susan’s happy achievements. I sudah tahan very lama….and continue to do so.
    All I know is Susan owes me a coffee and curry puff.
    Whether she admits owing me that is another story.

  447. wits0 says:

    Here, here, Hawk, you may find Joshua Kong your preferred cup of tea:

    He’s very assertive and quite a character in Borneo. Hahaha!

  448. wits0 says:


    “KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 (Bernama) — MCA believes the murder of Padang Serai MCA Youth vice-chariman Ching Eng Wah is not over politics or internal party problems, party secretary-general Datuk Ong Ka Chuan said today. “We don’t believe it is related to the party or politics, definitely not…..”
    Conclusion: He HOPES.

  449. hawk says:


    Dont be so cynical ler!! I mean abt that BORNEO guy.

    Pls rewrite to me. I m still in confusion, abt that injun land.

    Then must I write with secured references? Cant I write with assumptions and move forward? I write what I think I know which may show that I really dunno. Never ever claimed I know best….as long as better than Monty…happy ler.

  450. wits0 says:

    ( 1626 Peter Minuit bought Manhattan island from the local Indians for a load of cloth, beads, hatchets, and other odds and ends then worth 60 Dutch guilders…in 1992 value = roughly 17 billion

    Oh about that Joshua, he’s very fundamentalist and thinks others’ beliefs are entirely invalid. Have had some Net exchanges with him in another forum years b4.

    About giving back certain lands, Persians, Mesopotamians, Armenians and lots others oughta have their land back too, in that case, as well….all those ancient lands captured by conquests and jihads.

  451. monsterball says:

    ‘I write what I think’..’as long as better than monty’
    hahahhahaha….everyone F…him..only jean somewhat supports him…witsO loves to play with him.
    hahahahaha..he talks cowboy and injuns…than injuns and jews…lead and toys…pipes and holes…love without money…but NOTHING on God’s stuffs nowadays!!
    But it is still controlling without releasing period….and he is enjoying peace…..releasing shit stuffs….so much so bamboo river had to give up and went for a walk at the park.
    I had to keep away from the computer.
    kittykat must have gone to an empty Micheal Chong’s office…to find something to do…than to read his messages.
    stenson warned him and went off..until time to F…
    Well my friends…..F…time is after 12am tonight…so tahan 6 more hours….Malaysian time.

  452. monsterball says:

    hawk..you sure is better than me writing high quality shit stuffs. INFACT….I know nothing of injuns against jews…love without money….writing without facts….born again without new or old holy books to refer….god is speaking to him like to moses….so much so bamboo river went to the park for walk…stenson simply cannot stand him…kittykat begging M.Chong for charity work on Sunday….ME?….drove to my pet shop and bought another chihwahwa….wanted to name ‘hawk’..but daughter said so cute…why such an ugly name…so change to “Prince” and future hubby to my “Lulu”..female chihwahwa.
    Somehow Susan’s success is causing me some pains. However..no bullshit…Friday 17th August….was a sales record day for my businesses for a long long time. Things are picking up. So good news do come for Susan and me in August..one day apart.
    It’s hawk that spoils all my fun.

  453. monsterball says:


  454. hawk says:

    Witso, how do u get to know all these things? Are u a professor of some sort?

  455. monsterball says:


  456. wits0 says:

    Oh, about “giving back” land, Hawk, when is the UMNO giving back the same to the Orang Asli?

    No need to be a professor ler, Hawk, the known saying goes that a specialist knows less of everything, holds. You and I have lived and are still living ; therefore we should know some and where NOT to fall for fallacies, especially those populist nonsense that come package with political correctness.

    Political correctness, btw, is often the common refuge of ignoramuses, wimps, appeaseniks and the wanton idiosyncratics. It ends up often as the rogue enabling amorality like the new morality…something so much loved by the likes of the darn UN.

  457. monsterball says:

    No wonder witsO has somewhat tone down his style of correcting hawk.
    Previously was carrying by balls for awhile…when I call him adorable idiot.
    Now is witsO’s balls and jean’s pussy.
    Bamboo river..kittykat….stenson and me have balls that need no carrying…so we are the lost souls in the wilderness for hawk to become a sheaperd again to bring us back to the Kingdom Of Heaven….but he also left the Kingdom to be reborn again to another Kingdom.
    How goes the present Kingdom on lost sheeps…he has not reveal that to us.
    But of late love to talk love WITHOUT money. Sadly have jeancumlately agreeing with him.
    He has not really reveal his born again man. Jesus must have so many many millions of wives standing by to receive the souls of people like hawk to be born and reborn again. How terrible to mock Jesus like that…..yet he does not care.

  458. monsterball says:

    hawk..I think witsO is a professor of some sort. He is trying to be modest…so as not to scare you away…to come down to your level… trying to save a lost soul to live in his “Kingdom”.
    Once accomplished…he will try to catch me.
    He loves to see us love and curdle each other…that I have suspected for a long time.
    Why is he doing that…..only a professor can understand….perhaps getting old but me getting younger……..hahahahahaha

  459. wits0 says:

    “But of late love to talk love WITHOUT money.”

    Ya mean, the Chinese saying(apparently) that, “Got love, drink water is filling enough”. First heard that when about 5 or 6 and didn’t realise that the word apparently taken as ‘love’ also meant a vase (used to collect water with). Hahaha.

    No, Monty, I’m not cynic or an idealist leaning towards any one side but is just a realist.

  460. monsterball says:

    So I am unrealistic?

  461. wits0 says:

    Hawk may be unrealistically idealistic, you have associated many marriages as a macho thing….when it’s largely an expression of available $.

    Plain direct talking here. Hahaha!

  462. ExecutiveSolutions says:

    can someone enlighten me about your discussion =D

  463. Mike says:

    hey guys.First time at forum.Just a question do you thinks its appropiate fer someone my age to write my type of post

  464. monsterball says:

    Just read on and improvise …or put what you think we are writing about. It’s free speech…anything goes.. ExecutiveSolutions.
    Mike…what is your age?
    Welcome to FPZ….both of you.

  465. monsterball says:

    hi witsO…For all your so call high intellgence….your descriptons on my failed marriages are sadly not true. You failed miserably on love and money matters.
    Anyone who behave and talk like me are machos…..no need marriages and money to be in.
    No wonder you like hawk…like a pondan. Are you gay?….hahahahahahaha
    You need to get kittykat…to show you where to have a good massage by sexy chicks…than maybe you will not keep disagreeing with him so much after that.
    hi witsO…..Reading not enough…go and experince all. Mucho and money….what a jerk…..hahahahahaha

  466. monsterball says:

    hi ExeSol & Mike……I guess my typing mistake on FSZ…you guys know what I mean.

  467. wits0 says:

    Monty, never claimed anything on my part, not even mucho and macho experience indulged in and pursued by the itchy rich. But I observe and make my own deduction and come to my own understanding.

    You make yours according to your own nature, means and inclination. At the end of the day, how happy one is with oneself is only truly known to oneself and accountable for by oneslf.

    Didn’t called Hawk a pondan, where did I? BR may be correct though that Hawk might not experienced much real hardship compared to himself. Have you? Was Buddha gay? In your worldview, how much nuances are you aware of?

    Kittykat writes broadly in a manner to accomodate the conventional understanding and I think he’s agreat guy despite his affinity for the MCA.

  468. monsterball says:

    Susan eeer….gua sern tiok …gnor lark gay bloggers bor kionghee lu. chit gay hor penyu.. chin cia kankor. sama bor bin tui lu hor. pohr lumpar tennang emm kar lie kionhee lu. kia tukchoi lim chew penyu kaki loh.

  469. monsterball says:

    SUSAN! hit gay por lum par… por kow arnay chu bin oh!!

  470. wits0 says:

    Susan knows….especially about maintaining the true dignity of refined silence. 😉

  471. monsterball says:

    Are you an ex learned monk…witsO?
    Such refine words..such deep way out explainations…such great diplomacy.
    Never straight to the point nor out of it.
    WOW!! witsO….If you are not an ex monk…you must be an ex professor of some sort….hahahahahaha
    By the way witsO….great cat sniper photo!!
    kittykat..witsO said you are great guy…but….??
    witsO..You know how to read my sign language to Susan?

  472. monsterball says:

    witsO…when I exposed Mahathir and All Blogs..we think so alike. Do you think it takes three ex wives for me to talk like that?

  473. monsterball says:

    I hope sometime today….mike and ExecutiveSolution will join the happy family and just say what they want…. I will back them up or answer their questions…if any. Young or old…does not matter.

  474. monsterball says:

    Mike..Join us here!
    I read your message at main site….you are open minded guy and a true Malaysan.
    What do you want to say?

  475. jeancumlately says:

    Wow, no wonder I had a sleepless night. I was under siege! Err… did I stepped on someone’s toe? I thought I was not referring to any specific person… yang hidup atau pun yang mati.

    BTW, congrats susan.

    Monty, in this forum, I commented based on issues and not personality. I stayed away from commenting on anything personal.

    Monty said, “jeancumlately sounds like one….loosing out to young chicks as her competitor.”

    Hmm… if that is all the message you are getting from my comment, then I must go back to school and learn how to read and write in english again. Its a metaphor… I think and you can correct me wits0. I was talking about the “value” of love between a 60-year old man with a 20-year old chick against a pak cik and a mak cik selling goreng pisang to feed their eight children…

    And to answer monty… no, I am not losing out to any chick. In any race, I am not the person in hot pants carrying the umbrealla. I am the race driver. Err… is that another metaphor?

  476. Benny Loh Version 2 says:

    I found this while crawling another blog.

    For your enjoyment

    The main blog is also not bad for lunchtime reading


  477. stenson says:

    I am oredi dead ,jean,are you happy? No more nightmare for you.

  478. jeancumlately says:

    aw come on stenson… now I remember I did attacked personality! You! That was for fun ler… I did not mean that…

    No one here is a nightmare for me lah. Already had enough nightmares in real life and I would not be coming here looking for one.

    Now, stop being dead. Be a sport. I need to make fun of somebody. Namewee did that and I really need to aim these bullets at someone, anything…

  479. monsterball says:

    jeamcunlately… answer me this..If you are an 18 years old girl and a old multi-millionaire or a 60 years old sultan wants to marry you…what will be your answer?
    Please don’t reply…’ah but monty…I am not 18….bla bla bka” stuff. Think hard and give me your finest sincere reply.

  480. monsterball says:

    By the way jean…sudah congrats Susan one million hits?

  481. monsterball says:

    alamak!..Bullets to hawk lah…why stenson? See he is BEHAVING DEAD….not normal…all because of you.
    Congrats at right site too lah to Susan . Ini kita chacap2 like family. There official lah…bodoh.

  482. monsterball says:

    hi hawk! stenson spelling is horrible….why not correct him…why me only?
    But becareful…..he is behaving “oredi dead.” because of jean…and did give you a strong warning…and this is the month where ghosts coming out to play play. Catch one give cigar and fire water to drink..tell ghost to give you hell…then you know.
    And if I can write this…no ghost will disturb me …..so don’t try same stunt.

  483. jeancumlately says:

    Haha… the what ifs…

    If I am 18, my father would say “no” on my behalf. At 20, I would say “no” myself.

    If a 60-year old guy came to me and say, “hey womanl, I am a millionaire and would you be my wife? You’ll be number three but dont worry, I can keep everyone happy because I can pay all of you every night… ”

    You see monty, I may choose to say yes to the 60-year old BUT not because he has millions or a sultan. I am not a hooker.

    But if that 60-year old is Raja Nazrin… errr… I dont mind if we have to settle down in one small house in ulu kinta. Never mind, the house is on me…

  484. monsterball says:

    There you see jean….you are not being realistic and truthful.
    The answer is one big YES….yet you twist and turn….knowing it will never be true to your life..but you can never tell the truth based on dreams you cannot have. That’s not realistic…that’s stubborness and one track minded person.
    No wonder stenson ‘oredi dead’ with you in his heart….YOU ASKED FOR IT!!

  485. monsterball says:

    Raja Nazin will tell you go fly kites..if you have that condition to marry him….hahahahahaha

  486. monsterball says:

    But for all jean’s short comings…I really like her very much..as she will do what is necessary…if I ask her to do so….like posting congrats to Susan at right site.
    The only thing I fail in changing her mind is to treat stenson with feelings…not like a dead man.

  487. monsterball says:


  488. monsterball says:

    parzac and whispering9 also missing.
    Where are their manners and respect for Susan?

  489. kittykat46 says:

    hawk on August 18th, 2007 at 7:36 pm did mention where he thought 60% of the hits came from…that was quite unbecoming for him to say.

  490. stenson says:

    Sorry lah monty…forget to say ‘CONGRATULATION’ to susan loone for her great achievement.Well done miss susan.Pat on the back from stenson.

  491. stenson says:

    Dont friend jean anymore.She always hurt my feelings.

  492. jeancumlately says:

    Gee Monty, since when did I put conditions to anybody? Let alone Raja Nazrin. I am beginning to feel that my english is really deteriorating… cant even put my message across anymore.

    …for all jean’s “shortcomings”…

    wow, in plural some more… Well, I disagree with pak lah too sometimes and not just you. And I love tdm. Sheesh… two shortcomings in your book oredi!

    …treat stenson with feeling… Huh? What? Last time he said he was heading for genting and the next thing I know he is dead oredi. Other than diamond, I would rather have feelings with living things. Your call, stenson. You are not doing anybody any favour by being dead.

    And I do admire susan a lot. The same hands that rock the craddle can really rock the world.

  493. hawk says:

    This is free speech, meaning freechoice. How can u impose anyhing on anyone?

    Anyway, I posted an apology and I beleive I did say congrats….but I dont feel ummmmmph about this. I dont think this is a spectacular achievement that need skill or special outstanding feats, like being able to play Mozart at age 6 or win any olympic medai or record. U may disagree with my opinion with all my respect.

    Let this remain free speech and free opinion. OK?

  494. kittykat46 says:

    Diamonds…a girl’s best friend.

    Did you know that the diamond trade is one of the most profitable legal business in the world ?

    You would have to go into something like drug trafficking or pornography to make more money.

  495. stenson says:

    I am a staunch christian and jean is a good muslim.It is not possible for us to be together,even in the north pole.I dont like to be addressed as mohd.stenson ( i dont dare runaway with people’s daughter and married her in a foreign land ‘and she does not like to be called glamorous name like montynee jean.Morever she does not like to dig holes in the ice.She is happy just playing with my joystick…. ooooops….soryy man….i mean golf sticks.
    If she needs me to drive her around as a friend,i am more than happy to offer my service.So monty please dont push jean ok.She is a fine lady. She is sensitive and a matured,smart lady.I just like to fool around with her that is all.Nothing serious.Adios senorita.

  496. kittykat46 says:

    Aiyah, a bit of naughty flirting on-line is perfectly harmless…no conversion in either direction or “potong” necessary….

  497. monsterball says:

    stenson..jean knows sincere care and love her like a daughter. When my daughters come visiting me…they are always prepared for a good lecture from me. jean keeps hinting I misread her messages. Hope so.Now that both of you are contented not to play with joystick or golfstick and be adorable friends…maybe one can be a bicycle and the other… a rider. stenson be the bicycle…as jean love to stir her destiny..no one to tell her what to do…then she will be a happy rider.
    She has one site for that..go put message there.
    Now leaving padzac and hawk to do that.

  498. monsterball says:

    hawk is such a sickening idiot. No one is imposing you where to put a congrat message. I am trying to advise you the RIGHT PLACE to do it. you should thank me!!
    You are such a stubborn bloke…yet write before you can think..not think and write fast….simply write without thinking….then apologize….how many times you did that?
    A braggart too…therefore keep writing illogical nonsense. GO TO THE PROPER SITE TO CONGRAT…dum dum!! If you don’t…then you sure don’t know manners and sense of proportions.

  499. monsterball says:

    hawk is saying achieving one million hits is not any achievement in blogging….and by a lady too.
    He is the ONLY ONE with this logic….because he is the one and only lunatic at Susan’s blog.

  500. monsterball says:

    hawk….More than 30 intelligent bloggers and commentators have already recognized Susan’s great achievement….you bloody idiot. Some visits once in a blue moon…..yet congrat her….what more from us….her own blog frequent visitors?
    And proper place is at the right site for her own record. Is that bad advise?

  501. monsterball says:

    sooooooo jean..you are a tdm lover err?
    No wonder ..your sense of proportion is totally out…but somehow…you are the only tdm lover I care about…others can go to hell.
    “A kiss on the hand maybe quite continental….but diamond is girl’s best friend”…so said jean …hinting to guys how to win her heart…..manyat mahal lah….susah orang miskin chinta dia.

  502. monsterball says:

    stenson..Give her a house and a three carat 4c diamond worth half million…she may forget all the Gods and treat you like one…do as you wish..ask and it shall be given..not need to search holes in alaska..she will gladly get few for you…if you want and if that makes you happy. You can be a staunch christian…as they is a staunch lover of diamonds…so no contradictions…just different strokes…very exciting.
    I have a strange feeling jean plays hard to get…but once caught…she will forget loving tdm..if one say so…such loving sexy cat….hard to find..don’t give up.

  503. Mike says:

    Main site?u mean susans or my blog?I dunno really i suppose my political awarenes started and odd 5 years a go when i read Mandela and Lee kuan yews autobiographys .Thanks to my parents who really dint seem to care whether their 10 year old was reading mein kampf or the communist ideologi.I moved on to may 13 declassified and political book of all sorts from Chad to sierra leone to the lewinsky scandal.

    Well i am 15 if you must know i do suppose i lacked first hand experience on this large scale political factors but i see how the NEP affects everyday on the LRT or when walking around bangsar or bukit damansara.how old are monsterball.But i wont say much today as i have written alot on myblog fingers are cramped.

  504. monsterball says:

    However stenson…your live maybe shorten by her wild cat love….but what the heck…you will die laughing and satisfied. Is that no good?
    Old man…will die within a week…you may last few more weeks longer…but sure to die…as her power of love is unbelievable.
    Give her a bicycle..she will pump and pump the tyres till it burst…so becareful stenson..tell her to ride like a lady….never let her do pumping. You must take responsibility for that…then you may live a longer life.
    But if you give up loving her….she will hantam me everyday with her subtle insults…..so keep her happy …I cannot stand her hantam…sure get heart attack. 500 bullets cannot kill me….few from her…gone case.

  505. hawk says:

    Had there been 10000 commentators, knocking out the 1m hits every month, it will mean much more. The comments would show a better spread of opinions. But a million hits from 1 or 2 hundred hitters, its like a gossip corner moaning and groaning over,……. hmmm what else to say?

    True, if I put up my blog, I may get only a few hitters or not at all. But, this is not my trade.

    As for Susan, I would say, theres a challenge ahead, and that your blog attract a wider audience. My wishes are that from this seed of hardcore in hand, that it may grow to attract many to put in thier pieces. So, all of us can have a good understanding of the average Malaysian Mind and what we really want.

    Monsterball dont even know what women want, let alone, what Malaysians want.

    For a start, I would like to declare what I want.

    I want SECURITY. For this, I want first class leadership and excellent governance. I want to be treated as I am a true citizen so I can be proud and gratefully loyal to this nation. That I can dedicate my talents and bring about a positive difference to Malaysia, so the future is good and abundant for my offsprings and offsprings of thiers.

  506. monsterball says:

    hi MIKE..WELCOME!!
    What the heck are you talking about?
    What have Lee Kuan Yew..Mandela…Hitler have in common…writing books….and Hitler wrote his classic in jail..then to LRT..NEP. Slow down..one subject at a time.
    How old am I ? 68 full house…birth month July.
    Now how old are you?

  507. monsterball says:

    hawk…As long as you remain a man with no manners and respect for Susan… and with a sick brain…I will leave others to talk to you …or you can talk to yourself….for all we care.
    Now everyone knows how badly brought up you are….a liar…onion face….sickening braggart!!
    Get lost!

  508. hawk says:

    Scrool up and down. Who is talking to himself?


    Now, I just scroll over what u post. As far as I m concerned, U r irrelevant.

  509. monsterball says:

    Mike..Without Stamford Raffles…no Singapore..without Lee Kuan Yew…Singapore will not be what is today.
    Without Mendela sacrificing himself for more than 25 years in jail…there will be no freedom in South Africa.
    Without Hitler…there will be no WW2…but was he a tyrant or a genius….don’t read too much US and British properganda.
    Without NEP in our country..we will all be Malaysians and not be divided by race and religion. We will be much much more richer and developed country….by natural forces of Malaysians productivity work..
    Without LTR…you will not get to bangsar and damansara that fast and cheap from other vicinities to there.

  510. monsterball says:

    Mike….being a retarded man does not mean you need to keep to yourself. I am sure you have ask “why me?” and get no answer…so God respecting from you is out of the question.
    You have developed a withdrawal syndrome.
    Get out of it!!
    Everything has a reason..don’t blame anyone.
    Once you free yourself to be more open minded..accepting what you are now with a happy and contented composure…your brain will make you think further and who knows…you maybe the Malaysian professor Hawkings in the making.
    Don’t hate others for what you are and don’t have inferiority complexes.
    Now lets talk.

  511. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Hawk,
    Don’t be mislead by the apparently small number of people who comment on Susan’s blog.
    Many times more people read her blog, regularly or otherwise, and don’t put up many comments. I was a “silent” reader of her blog for a long time before I wrote any comments.

  512. Mike says:

    and some southpark humor dint hurt

  513. monsterball says:

    No mike…but lets talk one subject at a time. Your brain is working too fast! you are burning the candle at both ends.
    I like what you put out at your blog…even the designs of words…so colourful..but readers may not understand your great talent.
    Go to plain black and white writings and design your blog…not your messages.
    Please don’t get offended. I am trying to part my sincere advises.
    Somewhere…there will be a soul mate waiting for you with great love….ignoring your outward disadvantages …simply admiring your inner soul and brain.
    How old are you? Be fair…you asked…I responded. Now’s your turn.

  514. whispering9 says:

    Dear mike,

    If you are really only 15+ years of age and read all those books…I have only one advice for you. Keep your mind free and don’t allow fixed opinions into your mind yet. Don’t decide who is absolutely right or wrong in politics. Allow yourself the opportunity of youth to explore and understand information without the rush to have a conclusion. Let me stop here before I become patronizing…especially, since, I presume you watch Southpark cartoon.

  515. monsterball says:

    Is he 15 years old whispering9?
    Good advises to Mike ..if so.
    But whispering9.. usually retarded people are much more matured than normal guys…as they read alot and do nothing…like the Jews.
    Let him tell us more of himself…if he really want us old folks to be his sincere friends.
    Now he has got our attention….don’t he ever say no one cares for him.

  516. monsterball says:

    Good morning Susan and all.
    Hope to read lively messages today.
    May all of you have a happy Tuesday.
    My 15 year old daughter is enjoying her short school holiday. She is using the desk and I go to my laptop. Without her using it……I prefer my desk with a 21″ screen…so big and nice to read messages…no strain to old man’s eyes.
    Meet with you all you later!!

  517. whispering9 says:

    Sorry MB…went to bed right after my last posting. Mike asked in his earlier comment whether it was appropriate for a 15 year like himself to post his thots here. I don’t think he is a retard…it is just another Southpark humour of distortion…a reverse psychology approach in characterisation of sort. Younglings have their ways of ‘educating’ adults by using such description on themselves.

    South Park cartoon is quite similar to The Simpsons. It is about a group of young children interacting with a full cast of townspeople that provides the platform for humorous antics and rich social commentary. The cartoon doesn’t restrict itself only to basic social scruples like The Simpsons since it also revels in the offensive humour of the 16–25 year-old male demographic subjects like sex jokes, faecal jokes, gay jokes, oriental stereotypes, religious parodies, and racial slurs. Almost everything is fair game with no sacred cows; God can be portrayed as a small green furry reptile.

    I guess Namewee type of characterisation is getting younger and younger these days. First it was a 27 old Nat and then came 24 old Namewee. And now…a 15? As such, politics will eventually evolve beyond UM-O ransom policy of containment and tokens. There may be hope yet…but I am sure parents will be tossing in their beds. IMHO, younglings must not missed the experience of ‘just doing nothing’ but learning and studying. Appreciating all those ‘free’ things and times before they grow up to a world where everything forms an opinion and a conclusion. For example, when you discuss social politics you must decide who you want to vote. Decisions…decisions….leading to conclusion…conclusion for better or worse.

  518. monsterball says:

    I hope you are right whispering9. I do have a full colections os Simpsons and Dilbert cartoons..but no South Park.
    If Mike is trying to pull a fast one one people who are sincere and concern about him…then he will be the ultimate looser.
    hawk is a gone case too! look at him insulting Susan…then apologize…then insult again. He has no manners and think I am irrelevant here. This shows how sickening his sense of proportions are…yet lie and talk factories he owns.
    Mike will become one like him….if he keep on fooling his own mind…but until he reply to my response to him…I am giving him the benefit of the doubt…he is a retarded and need true friends….fatherly figures to advise him.
    He who thinks he is fooling others ….is fooling himself.
    So Mike…please response.

  519. whispering9 says:

    Dear Monsterball,

    In some ways…you have a somewhat southpark humour. Young folks tend to be attracted to such personification. Mike is okay if he is indeed a 15 year old. Urban younglings seem to mature rather quickly these days. Even my wife and I can’t cope with my 13 year old son antics. Namewee’s rap appeals to them as anti-establishment and anti-adult; especially after the Gman makes it an issue. We can squarely blame it on the politicians who continue to harp on it for mileage. Politicians here have lost touch with realities and live in the bliss of oblivion…eventually their good fortunes will come to a full stop. Gotta go…busy again.

  520. monsterball says:

    Do I….whisperimng9….hahahahaha
    Hope that will encourage Mike to be my friend.
    hawk has FINALLY made a message at message at right site..congratulating Susan.
    How long does it takes him to understand…yet…never thank me for my good advice. Me irrelevant? What idiotic conclusion.

  521. monsterball says:

    stenson also posted. congrat at right site…..leaving padzac.

  522. whispering9 says:

    …I come back briefly. Had to say this first. Please remember that hawk, hantutelur, raja, observer, witso, frank…and all those I did not mention are actually part of The Simpsons crossed Southpark casting. The actors , the actresses and the townfolks. Surpisingly, its takes a 15 years old revelation to enlighten part of my quest to understand why this blog is endearing. Wow! Must try to listen to my kid more often than not. Hahaha…actually I do, it is my wifey who doesn’t their developing complexity. Kids, please try to be kind to your parents for some peace at home.

  523. hawk says:





  524. hawk says:




  525. kittykat46 says:

    Commenting with All Caps amounts to shouting – considered rude in Cyber-Space.

    Mutiara Damansara, where Ikea, Ikano Power etc. are now, used to be a Oil Palm estate, a Rubber estate before that. I suppose it was once Orang Asli land, but that must have been a long time ago.

    Damansara Perdana, the hilly area developed by MK land, was definitely an Orang Asli Temuan settlement until recently. The Bukit Lanjan Orang Asli are still there, resettled nearby.

    Perhaps MK Land pulled a fast one on the Temuan, but the land negotiation deal was never revealed, to my knowledge.

  526. bamboo river says:

    Waahhh Hawk. You got “Flex Tan’s Syndrome “ah ?
    Suddenly all caps!
    Or your keyboard Caps Lock kaput already?
    Don’t lah be so angry. Moreover your spelling all kelam labut.
    Why ah?
    The development around Sungai Penchala are called Urbanisation. Yah, it was formally orang asli ‘area’ with a rock quarry . I used to hang around there, not to throw stones but to buy durians from the orang asli.
    In fact those area was gazetted as forest reserve until the gomen made a deal with developers.

    The land was developed mainly to cater the NKVE to Damansara. Later the rest of the forest is being taken over like what you see now..commercial and residentials.

    During the 70’s the forest from Kepong to Sungai Buloh are all gazetted as reserve. You can see all kinds of pine trees . Just like Cameron Highlands.

    “Even my church kaki is not honourable and we don’t need God ?”
    Hawk…..go see a pshyciatrist…it will help!

  527. jeancumlately says:

    All land used to belong to somebody / something once upon a time. It depends on how far back you want to go. Eventually, you’ll discover that the original owner is an amoeba. Let us return everything to them then.

    Mike, how come you sound like stenson? I think they are of the same age. 15? Wow, do you know how long you have to live and how much you have to go through to be monty?

    Thank you sten for offering your friendship. We can drive around town sometimes. I dont mind a bicycle if you dont have a driving license. P Ramlee used to do that and aahhh… so sweet. Err… you are not 15, are you?

  528. wits0 says:

    “Even my church kaki is not honourable and we don’t need God ?”

    Then what’s the real benefit of of a formal group, a congregation? The lower common denomination of honor can only then descend more into common earthiness, no? Unity, as echoed by Susan’s Blog is clearly less important than Integrity

    Where is it stated that God worship cannot be private and if following the St Peter’s reference to the Church, why so many subsequent fall outs, splintering and different denominations? Each naturally must be claiming greater integrity.

    Yes, pls don’t use all Caps, it’s not polite.

  529. monsterball says:

    Talking to hawk may make one vomit blood.
    Sometimes I suspect he loves to be F…ed up. bamboo river has improve tremendously and hawk is his training ground….to be aggressive. Calling him an idiot is a good start from such a refine and cultured man. Hope more to come.

  530. monsterball says:

    500 bullets and countless insults from hawk…plus few unseen sarcastic remarks from you….jeancumlately.
    Can Mike pass the test? I think he can.

  531. whispering9 says:

    Hahahaha….now you got it, jean. Plus 3-4 years. I know he don’t ‘like’ me. But it was fun, anyway. LOL. BR, I like your advice ‘go see a pshyciatrist…it will help!’ because it really help.

  532. monsterball says:

    That crack pot hawk is waiting for me to crack up.
    Onion face..liar…idiot…braggart….bloody fool…son of a gun…weird…no manners…etc etc etc.
    If I am him..no more face and plan to commit suicide….but that’s if he have principles in life.
    It took him 48 hours to think….took my advise…then put a congratulating message to Susan at the right site.
    Can you imagine an International factory owner spend so much time talking nonsense? His 50 workers must all be selected to perform like Superman.
    eeerrrrr…Sick of him…let bamboo river and others enjoy him.
    I am more interested in MIKE now..

  533. jeancumlately says:

    Ahhh…Monty dear, what’s a few sarcasms between buddies, right? I told you not to take life too seriously. Laugh a bit more and you’ll get a few more years added. Really. I survived by making fun of my own stupidity, my bad decisions, my temporary insanity and my momentary lapse of reasons. Like you said, “jean’s shortcomings.”

    w9… he likes you… trust me… really. I like ’em. Both of them.

  534. monsterball says:

    When will you have moments of loving kindness to stenson…jeancumlately?
    All those moments have come and gone..but you never make a real commitment to meet him….now you are suspecting he is Mike?
    Seriously jean…listening to you sometimes can make a man turn coocooo like you.
    No wonder you like hawk…and what is this w9 ‘both’ stuffs….spell it out..who is ‘both’.

  535. hawk says:

    Ya I was shouting out!!. At least all of u took notice.

  536. hawk says:

    Hey, Monty, I m not wooing here. If I want to woo, I wont hide behind a screen. I ll show the real me.

  537. Mike says:

    hawk is mike.Who is that delusional?

    And btw monster what makes think that.From what i know i am infamous through scholl for being being and hanging around with the biggest rulebreakers.So fine my political self may be kept hidden from my friends.And so i am only known as the lazy rulebreaker who gets slightly above average marks.I dont know where you find inferiority complex in there?

  538. Mike says:

    and who the hell is monty?

  539. Mike says:

    no offense monster but whispering9 does have a point perhaps he understands teens abit more i mean he does currently have a teenage child.And perhaps understands why we listen to rap and thrash metal

  540. Mike says:

    and how the hell do i seem to be fooling with my own mind?you tell me.Do i ever looked asthough i insulted susan?Yeesh monster dont judge a book by its cover

  541. jeancumlately says:

    Monty dear, I was being kind to stenson all the time. You dont joke and fool around around with your enemy, would you? Ever saw me fool around with hawk? Errr… who would fool around with a priest anyway? But hawk, right, if I want to woo anybody, I would show myself too.

    Mike, mike… slow down. Now take a deep breath and gather your thoughts. What are you talking about?

    Okay, you a are a closet politician who masked himself as a gangster at school. Anybody said you have inferiority complex? Nah… they are the one delusional. Mike is hawk? Now you made me delusional.

    Monty is for monsterball. You know, like jean for jeancumlately, or KJ for kera jantan…

    Dont worry, you are dont seem like fooling around with your own mind. Its our mind we are worried about when u start talking like a rapper immitating a freak train. Slow down dear.

    Anyway, I admire you, really. Your age especially.

    (hawk… just kidding, ok)

  542. bamboo river says:

    Mike, Monty is short for Monsterball.
    By reading your comments, I guess you are the outspoken type with quite an intelligent mind.
    Do not be so hot tempered. Angry mind would not see the thru picture of words and wisdoms given to you.

    Raps and trash metal…..I have gone that too , but mostly on trash metal. Sort of relishing the inner dissastifaction and anger hold up together.
    Like your mind outgrows your physical self.
    Stay cool Mike.

    Hawk…….well you did get our attention but with the wrong reason.
    You sounds like you are cracking up! You lose your marbles or what?
    Business dealings gone bad?
    Problem in your factory?
    You want to get attention by all means , but do it in a proper way lah.
    No need to go and bang someones head if you have a bad head ache.

    An angry boss will make the staff moody and of course make lousy product.

    Change your way of thinking. You have to be flexible to accommodate the situation. Especially in business. About friends, you have to ask yourself frankly.

  543. hantutelur says:

    No offence to susie for what i am gonna say…. a million hits after 14 months is an achievement indeed because not so many bloggers enjoy that kinda popularity. but how that translates to the influence of thi blog on the public/malaysian population? like how many unique visitors visit susan’s blog every day? judging from the number of commenters we can hardly have ten commenters on any day. so the argument will be, of course there are bigger number visitors who drop by just to read the postings and comments, but how many are they, a hundred? two? i suspect the best days maybe you have, say, 50 visitors. now compare that to how many people read the mainstream newspaper, any newspaper? or watch the mainstream tv’s or listen to the mainstream radios. what i’m getting at is, monty can scream his lungs out but who is listening? maybe 0.002 percent of malaysian population. so monty don’t worry, you are not a threat to the nation. neither is hawk, wits0, BR, everybody, including me. we are only a drop of water in the ocean. and of the 50 visitors, maybe less than half are unique visitors, the rest are repeating. so how are you going to accumulate followers. well, the impact we do here is by shouting to each other. i had my fun here especially in teasing monty. i know he is harmless, he can’t lay a finger on me. now the fun is gone. sopo blogs are really waste of time. hey, just go out there like jeff do, there at least you can have a chance to do something useful. there’s no education here, everyone’s trying to outdo the next person, to voice the best opinion, or to pride their mastery of the english language, grammar, spelling and punctuation. best of luck everybody, in everything. and boasty monty, 21 inch is not big enough for browsing for blogs, go for 50 inches LCD! once again, no offence susie, it’s just a thought from a fool (what monty might label me after this or even worse).

  544. wits0 says:

    What are you implying, Hantu, that those other than you is trying to change the world and are in a hurry? The wise never (need that)intend to change the world, and least of all in a hurry ; they first understand themselves and in doing so understand the world. Is Susan thereby the helmswoman in this frantic effort?

    Where and when there is a need, to speak out, they would and should for the sanity that’s being progressively obscured by the Darkness here.

    So b4 you have to get too judgemental, it seems helpful to understand some inner basics. The fun has just begun whenever the the prideful and deceitful power of that Darkness and its coteries of supporters(jerks) are shamed and exposed.

  545. whispering9 says:

    Dear hantutelur,

    I don’t normally like to interrupt a person thoughts or opinion. I like people to leave me alone and I like to leave people alone. But I need to make an exception today.

    I think you got your math wrong. 1,000,000 divide by 14 months = 71,428 hits. Divide that figure by 2 (assuming on the average we viewed this page 2 times a day) = 35,714 hits a month. Since an average wage earner only spends 2 days in a week to view blogs, Susan should be enjoying more than 4,500 hits in a normal day. 50 hits a day estimation is certainly an understatement.

    Padzac describes them as ‘Lurkers’; people who watch in silent without commenting. If they can come here regularly, Susan must have done something right.

    Anyway, history has foretold many times before that you don’t need one million to change the world. Most of the time, you only need to influence the One Person to make the difference.

    Furthermore, I think Susan is also doing great stuff in the “Talking Cure” division. Not everything is about politics and the SIL. Even if BN rules again next year, the sun will still set and rise. Burung gagak will still come home to roost at dusk. You and I will still be giving comments.

  546. whispering9 says:

    Let me give you another calculation. I assume MB clicks on this page on the average 12 times a day. Assuming he is always on 20hours/7day/30day/14 months net duty…he will only accounted for 5040 hits. Together with witso, they accounted for 10,000 hits. Now, compare 10,000 with 1,000,000. See…we need the perspective. Don’t look down on your own contribution to the success of this section…that being the reason for Susan to express ‘Thank You’. It is not for the glamour or self gratification. Remember…Internet Revives the Art of Conversation. I hope more will join in. That is…after overcoming the initial fear of the fame attacks. (ps: I know where that punctuation remark is aimed at…heehee)

  547. monsterball says:


  548. monsterball says:

    What whispering9 is telling those idiots….don’t hero worship witsO and monsterball for Susan’s success.
    They contribute 10% together…not 60% as hawk ..the biggest idiot of all was saying about me…and now this hantu is trying hard to downgrade me.

  549. hutchrun says:

    He can`t even remember his wife`s name:

    “I call someone else’s name but a different person appears,” he said


  550. jeancumlately says:

    hantutelur, you are right. The truth is that this one blog wil not change malaysia tomorrow, let alone the world. However:

    i. the world would not be a better place without susan’s blog either. Susan will only make this world worse than it is if you are the corrupts, the murderers, the monkeys and the the ones susan and all of us wants to shred to pieces.
    ii. susan may not make that big difference, but she did make a difference and for the least, she is doing something to make a difference. That alone will put you and I to shame.
    iii. it is sad that the truth never really reached the masses. If someone like susan is willing to make that first step and took the risks of being blown to smithereens, the least we could do is to support her. Sooner or later, the message will come across. It’ll be sooner if someone like susan take that first step.

    Hantutelur is right in calling all of us to realize that we may have overestimated the impact of this blog. However, he is wrong if he underestimated the impact. Even m2m, kj, zam and the monkeys realized that!

    Susan, I am with u even if if you have only one hit a day – mine.

  551. whispering9 says:

    Monsterball, you do play an important part here. I have mentioned it many times before. Please don’t hentam me, the calculation only comes up to 1% altogether and not even 10%. Hehehe.

  552. monsterball says:

    Susan…..Sheih must be working like hell day and night…on his job..preparing for elections..training guys…..renovating his new home and taking care of a sick mother.
    So don’t expect him to response…as I think he don’t read much nor change posts regularly or comment for months.
    Lets give him time.
    If you want to know…Black and I are planning to go to KB during Sept. Date is up to him…3 days the most….and that is…after confirming Sheih is there to be with us.

  553. kittykat46 says:

    The most significant role which Blogs play in the body politic in Bolehland is the exposure of embarassing truths which would otherwise have otherwise been buried real deep, with the collusion of the MSM.

    Its not going the change the world, or change the government in itself, but make no mistake, it is politically significant.

    Why do you think its driving the likes of M2M , Kera Jantan, JoBa, and Lord Zam into neurotic territory ?

  554. hawk says:

    I think we bloggers have shown our royal guys what we think of our govt. Then that Prince took notice and politely made some nosies. Afterall, there is protocol and he cant come barging in blowing his top.

    I think a difference has been impacted . Now, the royals know what the masses are thinking. Before that, they were so slighted by the govt and we think of them as though they are, spoilt, bad ppl , parasites and all that, getting money without working. They were so imtimidated, and heart sickened, that they just sign away thier ruling rights.

    Now at least we see some action. And, the rakyat wants and need them. Before, they tot, the rakyat wants no Agong , wants a republic. Thats what the govt tell the Agong, that the rakyat dont want them. The double headed snakes then poisoned our minds to think badly of our royalty, as though they are worth nothing.

    Oh boy, how wrong they are . Lets go get them, with the support of the royals. And, only the royalty can temper with them, becos any lesser ppl, as like us, will end up in ISA, C4 ed or dunno ler , maybe classifed as mad and be in asylum…tanjong rambutan.

  555. hawk says:

    Before the govt can classify me as mad, monty already did so.

    Is monty from special squad Bukit Aman, can say I m mad and then put me asylum?

  556. monsterball says:

    I have few Malay neighbors.Three are clearly significant strange bed fellows.
    It all started when one did a major renovations…another follow and the the third one…so all look nice. It takes i year for all three to stop building noises.
    But six months later….the first one again did some renovation…than the two follow again….one more year of noises.
    Then not even six months…the first one did another renovation….guess what,….two also follow.
    It’s like telling each other…anything you can do I can do better. You think you are rich….I am richer……yet all drove middle class cars.
    One goes to mosgue punctually. The other two…never seen them out.
    What confuses me how wasteful these three house owners are. They stay in terrace houses….not corner lots….yet one put spot light to shine at the road!!
    What I am trying to get at…I have never seen such great jealousies amongst each other…except now….and guess what ..all MUSLIMS!!
    Then my dear friend Rosli…another neighbour…year in year out…wife pregnant. I counted seven births in nine years…BUT it is the most educated…most cultured couple I have ever met. Not one single child is uneducated or disrespectful to the elders..all are graduates from Univesities…one by one got married …so time to renovate house for bigger family. He did it once and so practical. Wife is a lecturer speaks excellent English and hubby senior Govt.servant. Now bought another terrace house for expanded family…and no lavish renovations…just the basic necessary ones.
    Traveling alot and holding high positions…yet so humble.
    Here I say I use a 21″ monitor…out come a sarcastic remarks from jealous blokes. Eat your heart put…hawk and hantu… one who can afford to smoke more than 10 cigars per day is somewhat a wealthy person lah…why get jealous? I mentioned that without any intention to brag…yet it was translated to be that way…..so now I have no choice..but to brag….a little.
    1% you say whispering9?…that much ah?

  557. monsterball says:

    Becareful hawk…don’t ask for what you don’t wish to know about me.

  558. monsterball says:

    hi hawk…re your 6.12pm post…please tell me ..besides talking all nonsense and shit stuffs…what have you contributed to so call impact…for government to take note of your messages?
    You cannot differentiate between a blogger and a commentator.Show me your blog?
    But for once …I see you talk some sense concerning royalties and the dirty politics…trying to downgrade them.
    Other than that….what have you contribute?
    Only one out of a 100 messages?…so 99% …you are talking shit and disturb others.
    You are lucky Susan did not throw you into the dustbin.

  559. hawk says:

    Aiya, u r just over the hill, and trying to climb back.

    Careful abt what, U know Haniff?

    I know TDM ler but dunno he knows me.

  560. hawk says:

    Ya jean,

    I m a sporting fella, whatever u want to say, just punch out ler.

    Another 10 days, and Its Merdeka.

    And its a special one, 50 years. Too bad my company not qualified to do the march past. Maybe another 5 years lor. See got chance or not.

  561. monsterball says:

    hawk is suck a pain in the arse….speaking so bravely under a faceless..nameless situation.
    If he consider me over the hill…why not accept to meet me at Summit for a cup of coffee and cigar?
    Again using a message to defend Tun Hanif…now he twist to say like as if I am bragging tom know Hanif at all. This is a real Indian snake….no doubt about it…and surely will get him to say I am a racialist. only an Indian can talk like hawk…be an idiot like hawk…and brag like hawk. I am reflecting his character …same as Samy Vellu. Who can twist and turn like a snake…better than Samy? Is he not an Indian?
    Come meet me for a slap or cigar.

  562. monsterball says:

    hi braggart! I thought you say your company is a worldwide well accepted International company?
    Why not qualified to participate in march past? No money to pay for the entrance fee or your 50 workers are all hantus.
    No march past…come meet me. I have enough of your nonsense.
    If you dare not…you are a real coward and a pondan.

  563. monsterball says:

    M bin M have huge joystick…now cannot get it stand up straight.
    hawk has a tineee winnee one…also hole too big..no satisfaction.
    Both need backside to be serviced. Both are pondans…..hahahahahaha

  564. Mike says:

    No.no.no i think you took it wrongly.Me gangster? please i am not such a single celled Neanderthal.Imagine the group of practical jokers that might occasionally get out of hand.

    Oh and hawk can tell you tell me some thing?How did a exceptionally big headed s hit head like you managed to set up a company much less “an internationally company” to boot.I have seen idiot like you running around my school the big headed idiots that brags about every thing think that they know everything and are friendless.

  565. monsterball says:

    Good Morning Susan and all…except hawk!
    hi hawkeye….even a new comer despises you.
    He even dare to insult Susan….but quickly apologize when Susan responded to him sarcastically.
    Why you muka like Samy?
    Go response to Mike….if you dare.

  566. monsterball says:

    MIKE!! Thanks for be one of us…you are most welcome. Do put out anything…a post or ask questions for others opinions. We want to enjoy each other….talk like friends..to agree and disagree like cultured people…but if idiotic hawkeye joins in…ignore that braggart.
    I have never got up from bed and scold anyone in my life….except hawkeye. They say bad for business…but my company is 35 years old and on going…small…but our good reputation of our products and service after sales are trusted. Hawkeye can never be a businessman. He is full of shit and a big big liar.We learn through ONE mistake! He repeats the same mistake over and over again. He is out of job…no one wants to employ him…so father make him do ordinary chores ..and he dream her is an Intl. businessman. …much in demand entrepreneur…yet cannot get into Merdeka march past celebrations.. That idiot thinks it’s free….hahahahahaha.

  567. bamboo river says:

    Hantutelur, I was beaten to respond your comment by Jean,Monty, Witso, Kittykat46 and calculative Whispering9.

    However allow me to voice a small part of my opinion about Susan’s Blog.

    Susan had given us what we normally don’t get at most of blogs……Communication among ourselves…..especially in FSZ.

    What is important here is….we talk and share our views on what we face on our daily life.
    Although we have disagreement with some exchanges of explicit explitives like Jean said, we don’t get to do this outside the internet.

    All of us are only working,working and working not forgetting responsibility to family.

    We overlooked the importance of understanding the current issues without a proper place to discuss or debate .

    When we are at work, we are too busy getting our job done. At home, to busy attending family matters.
    Here in Susan’s blog eg.FSZ, we can share and discuss matters which sometimes we are ignorant about.

    Now, I would say commentators like everyone here had known each other well like close friends.

    Quantity of friends is not that important, qualities of friendship is what we amassed here in Susan’s blog.

    I valued our so called blog friends here and definitely felt that my experience here is PRICELESS.
    Again I would like to thank Susan and all our regular commentators here.
    Thank you all!

  568. monsterball says:

    hear hear hear bamboo river…..except hawk!
    No compromise. He is a gone case.
    Now I got to get ready for work! Must work to earn some money to support few slightly used virgins. One corrected me …saying..”seldom used”….then my American friend said ..”slightly used “is more appropriate….but I do trust the British English much more than Americans. What say you all….”slightly used” or “seldom used”? But hawk can never use…he has no balls.
    See you all later.

  569. hawk says:


    y should I take pride to things I cannot be proud of? If such can raise your peacock tail to roost about, thats your pleasure. One’s meat is another’s poison.

    If smoking 10 cigars make u feel as mighty as a fidel castro, then feel it. As far as many are concerned u r like a fidel castrated.

    Mike? He types like stenson…Cant do his spacing correctly after a sentence.

    Name calling dont concern me. Comments on my comments will recieve my counter comments, agreeing or disagreeing.

    As for Susan, even if she didnt reply, I would have apologised. I overshot my time and was in a hurry elsewhere. Anyway, its OK. I m pleased I did apologise, and to monty too, and meant it. I m not ashamed to reckon my mistakes and eat the humble pie. At least, it is known I am malleable and not hindered by pride.

    And good morning to all, monty n mike n stenson as well.

  570. hawk says:

    Sorry, it should read : infidel castrated

  571. bamboo river says:

    Hawk, spelling and spacing are the least we could be bothered.
    My english also ‘half bucket of water’
    So, what’s the problem?
    As long the message is understood.

    “This is not a legal document” Quoting you at 9th Aug 07 @ 9.27!

    You seems to find some other excuse to deviate when you are cornered?

    Since you had stepped on Stenson’s foot. Wait for his carbide tipped arrow aimed at your butt.

    Mike is fine with me. So are the rest!

    Name calling don’t concern you ?
    I rest my case……..!

  572. hawk says:

    Bamboo river,

    The spacing anomaly is commented not becos it disturbs me. Only, It does link mike to stenson….some detective work of mine, i.e., maybe they are the same person.

    What case are u barking at?

    There were no corners I encountered. Perhaps some cliff hanging situations, whereby most heroes tend to encounter when fighting out, only to escape, victorious.

    Actually, I was bypassing whatever u were commenting abt me, becos u seem to get things out of context. But here m i, some attention to u.

    Hostilities are not my game, just that some got to be tamed. Those who booed at this site and one or two, for some unclear reasons, go about wooing.

    Here is free speech. Not free love.

  573. jeancumlately says:

    Hmm BR, Carbide-tipped arrow… I have to add that one to my collection of arsenals. I used to see my friends used this carbide for “meriam buloh” during hari raya. How I missed those childhood days… and the mercun they used to throw at me. Must try this carbide-tipped arrow on stenson.

    I also agree with BR on this FSZ. Where else can you be intelligent, egoistic, stupid, slutty and all at the same time and its ok.

    Mike, you must not take all comments literally. Stay awhile and you’ll understand sarcasms and rhetoric from yours truly, jean. You are lucky monty happens to like you.

    Nice day y’all.

  574. kittykat46 says:

    Mike does sound a bit like Stenson….but I’ll take it as face value that he’s not the same person.

    Hawk sounded OK when he was talking about religion. When he started commenting on society and politics, well I just scroll over, otherwise I get upset.

  575. stenson says:

    Hawk,i told you a couple of times,dont mention my name.I dont like you means i dont like you.I dont bother about coma,full stop,colon or semi-colon,apostrophe or post office.You are an incorrigible neurotic braggart.When i f… i f….i dont count the numbers of pubic hair she got.You can go around bonking your clean shaven whores in your ware house.Who cares anyway.Stop bugging me or else i blast you off.Can you understand english?

  576. hawk says:

    Its easy to get monty to like you. Just shoot at hawk.

  577. Mike says:

    Yeah i agree with stenson.So i dont type perfectly.What is this bloody english class?Hawk if you run of of stuff to write dont go ahead and insult our writing.

    Like is said hawk i know kids like you.Always acting so big and bragging but when it comes to a reaal fight you guys either cry or run to a teacher.You snivelling coward.

  578. hantutelur says:

    BR, your comment at 7.12. Well said, buddy. I can’t argue with you on that point. I didn’t say this blog is useless or pointless. What I meant was if we believe that we can make any change to the society through this blog, it is just a waste of time. If you want to do that, just go outside, be heard and be seen. Those who ever read and understood the postings and comments in this blogs are only the bunch of us. The people to whom we target all the comments couldn’t be bothered with them. They never even drop by. It’s like monty barking at the moon.

  579. hawk says:


    U a r new kid on the block. Dont try and muscle in, act tough, be too smart and think u can position yrself as taikor here.

    U claim u r 15. Likely u decieve, then claim naiveness, in case u get whacked here.

    I really hv no time for you as like many of u who got perverted and likened to assimilate monterball. Its easier to assimilate bad qualities than good ones. Go and smoke yr cigars, and brag yr encounters with sluttish “virgins” Be proud of all such. These acts, and if i indulge in, I will be quiet as will feel so ashamed about it.

    Monty is 68, he can do as he like, as his time is short. You are 15, I suggest u seek the toilets and pump yourself out in solitude.

    I think u seek attention from me so as to jostle yourself to limelight attention. My goodness, I fall prey to your ploy.

    Smart for a 15?

  580. sofiairdina says:

    Mike, you are one fast learner, arent you? Dont forget to learn the better things from this blogs. Trading insults are the easy part. Even mat rempits could do the cussing and swearing like they were born with that talent. And be careful with strangers.

    And btw guys, I do look at hawk’s comments and to be fair, he did mentioned about the spacing stuff just because it reminded him of stenson. Its not an insult lah mike. Infact, as a 15-year old you should take it as a compliment to be confused with stenson.

    Meanwhile, let me get my bullet-proof vast …

  581. hawk says:

    Oh! a blogger is one who sets up a blog? If thats the case, I m happy just to be a commentator.

    Lets see monty talk like this at a hindu temple gathering. He has no respect for anyone, let alone be it races, or religions, or professions. Sure he is a bigot.

    Monty got thrown more times to the garbage bin than any other. He just realised he is next to garbage. Why should Susan throw me? She knows her rules and respects even negative remarks about herself. That is what we call confidence. And to be a public figure, she got what it takes, a woman of substance, taking woes and wows,. She can take, she can give.

    Monty cant even control and release.

  582. wits0 says:

    Hawk: “Lets see monty talk like this at a hindu temple gathering. He has no respect for anyone, let alone be it races, or religions, or professions. Sure he is a bigot.”
    I’m not supporting Monty if I were to state a truism nor am I a bigot. The fact (one of those inconvenient and unPC things to say)is that you wouldn’t choose to stay in a terrace house with indians as your neighbours either – why? Figure it out and it becomes self-evident. Even Indians wouldn’t if they can help it. But of course you’re probably staying in a bangalow.

    Prejudice or something else where the law of generalisation is one of valid common experience and of known traits in reality? One of those things which we don’t express less it hurts others but in doing so, never can improve because we mollycoddles our own egos and call it sensitivities.

    Perhaps you’ll see some merit also in being direct too, sometimes. For all his faults, Monty dares.

  583. monsterball says:

    68 years old..and my times is up.I wonder can he touch 58 in his lifetime. He is cock sure to out live me? hhhhmmm…this born again christian must have his new Lord talk what he likes to hear. Once he hears what he does not like. like getting a stroke or gout…he will blame the present lord….and look for third one to be reborn again…then going through the period of ‘living dead” he so deserves. All will not pity such a bastard. All will be celebrating.
    All are against him….this pariah thinks he is a gem in Susan’s blog…simply because Susan is a gracious host….and Susan is so damn smart to realize all of us do need someone to punch around….to release our stress…yet he thinks I am the garbage….hahahahahahaha. He cannot even identify who is the real garbage. Susan knows we are enjoying…so let that pariah be here….hahahahahaha
    Maybe he knows and enjoy being punched up and is asking for more….thus find everything and anything to insult everyone of us.
    Who know how a goblock…crazy nut thinks.

  584. monsterball says:

    This goblock crazy nut do not realize he is our punching bag.
    I wonder can he perform like me when he is 68 years old. Maybe by 58….he will have a heart attack and suffer from gout and become a vegetable…than blame his second LORD…look for the third one to be reborn again christian. What a disgrace to the Christianity faith he is.
    Let you all enjoy him.
    Sometimes I suspect he loves to be punched or f…up by us..as he backside is itchy.

  585. bamboo river says:

    Jean, carbide is as of ‘Tungsten carbide’
    A very hard and brittle composition of metal formed under high temperature and pressure to a certain shape.
    Mainly used for fabrication,cutting and forming of products that have high wear and abrasives characteristics.
    You can check wiki by typing “Tungsten carbide”

    As for your meriam buloh….the material used is call carbine. When in contact with water , it will produce a flameable gas that smell like stink bomb.

    Hawk, your view is being reciprocated by Kittykat46, Stenson and Mike….do I need to add ?

    Your detective work is obviously putting you in a BIG suckerhole.
    Your comment to a 15 year old guy @ 12.31 p.m.
    shows the true picture of your personal inadequatecy.

    What more do you need to draw attention?

    Your comment noted….but ain’t other blogs too face the same predicament of propogating the topics posted?
    If we should go out of the cyber world to be seen ,speak and be heard. I think it has already being in progress…
    However , which mainstream media is willing to publish and do you think our message will be reciprocated accordingly?

    If the persons whom we targeted could be bothered, why they are so “terhegeh – hegeh” on bloggers? Calling bloggers monkeys,”pondan”?

    Then they don’t have to form that so called ‘cybertroopers’ to spam bloggers.

    It is working hantuteleur….time will tell…..

  586. whispering9 says:

    Guys and Gals,

    May I interrupt? Do you know that the internet exists like a super cool dictionary that keeps impeccable records? Forget about the hi-tech stuff which is witso and kk46 specialty; like cracking codes, analysing IP addresses and hacking. Do you know that you leave fingerprints when you type on the keyboard? Do you know you can detect whether you have been tagged or followed, like witso New Jersey Stalker? Simply type in your nick or avatar on Google or Yahoo search machines. There are even more advance search machines available to really dig into your comments to prepare a complete profile on you. Better use the right choice of words when commenting on younglings. _ike, did you know you left a photo of yourself and parent on the net? Just an advice from an experience guy. I know some of you guys out there want to imitate the profiling stuff. Just be careful with your comments. Sorry to spoil your fun so early. Hate to do this…gotta to do it though. You may hentam me now.

  587. monsterball says:

    So it is confirm…hawk is an Indian snake.
    That idiot ask me to talk like this at an Indian temple.
    I am not against any Indians…except you bloody snaky Indian hawkeye. Are you also claiming to represent the Indian community like Samy?
    As days passes by …hawk is getting more and more sickening.
    Hi hawkeye….Where is your Creator?…the one and only mighty ONE….not three but always one…where is he? so many lost sheep….including kittykat…same faith as you.Is this not the best place and opportunity to apply your skill …to get back lost sheep? Why lost interest in the LORD? How come? HE will haunt you down to abandon him. Maybe HE is doing it right now….as you are getting more and more like a cracko everyday…and quarrelling with everyone. Only witsO..is praying hard you will change.

  588. monsterball says:

    whisper9…No one will hantam you for the good advises….but no one is bothered to be so cautious and careful…like you.
    Who cares what come next?
    We are speaking what we feel …..why must we censor our thoughts like you and may sound like a hypocrite? You want to be cautious….hint…talk diplomatically..go ahead…but don’t try to frighten others to withdraw being brave and direct…..applying freedom of speeches as our rights.

  589. jeancumlately says:

    Thanks for the chemistry lesson BR. No wonder I got a C in my spm… sheesh. I should tell all the Ijok people that it is carbine, not carbide. Either way, both “things” do sound painful.

  590. monsterball says:

    Have you been poked by carbine or carbide jean?

  591. jeancumlately says:

    Errr… excuse me?

  592. monsterball says:

    jean once you get a carbine fire at you..you will feel no pain. You are dead!
    Carbide was carbon ..then become carbonate….mix in your stomach……to fut it out….harmless..just depend what smell…petai or durian…will not kill you.

  593. monsterball says:

    I hope I am right..but I never did well in chemistry ….hahahahahahahaha

  594. kittykat46 says:

    So Jeancumlately is from Ijok, ah….sorrylah I think I wrote something very uncomplementary about Ijok people in the aftermath of the by-elections there. You can probably still find it on Google…just as Whispering9 pointed out.

    You are not a registered voter there are you ?

  595. whispering9 says:

    Monsterball, I am only concern about mike because his footprint is too obvious. Don’t take it the wrong way, Mike? One day you will understand why I have to do what I have to do today. I am not censoring you because I really welcome your thots and observation.

  596. bamboo river says:

    Sorry Jean…..
    Carbine should be spelt CARBENE.
    You can check in wiki to understand the characteristic .

  597. jeancumlately says:

    Honestly kk46, I was disappointed with what happened in ijok too. I was hoping that they are wise enough to send some message to putrajaya.

    Other than politics and their confusion between carbide and carbine, Ijokians are nice and simple people. The malays are mostly of javanese descent. Very trusting and generous. But if you hurt them, they’ll kill you. I am no longer a registered voter there but its my hometown. Hi friends!

    Monty, I’ll stick with the real thing and stay away from all form of perversions. You can have the carbine.

  598. jeancumlately says:

    Gee BR… now I have to correct the Ijok folks again! Thanks but now they’ll say that I am teaching them “ajaran sesat…”

  599. monsterball says:

    whisper9…no need to be concern…..as freedom of speeches is what we all must be brave to do. How do you think Mike is going to learn anything …he take your advises and control his thoughts?If he does not speak out…how is he going to learn?
    We will guide him…if he does Say something wrong…and Susan will delete it….no need you be that concern and dramatic.
    I know you meant well…but he is not a fool to talk idiotic against royalties? What Wee did is now even proven not offensive…yet one or two UMNO politicians want tio made an issue out of it.
    As long as one speaks the TRUTHS….why be afraid?

  600. monsterball says:

    Now bamboo river is confusing me….saying carbine should be carbene.
    Ijok residences is no different that other small towns…jeancumlately.
    Perhaps Chinese residences to not resort to killing as the first step….as so call being hurt by others…but as the last step..if no choices but to do it.
    You sound like if one accidentally kill a cow or a person crossing the road..the Ijok people will not listen to reasons…but out to kill the innocent driver?
    That is donkey years ago sickening mentalities.
    I think the law has improved and people…..especially the Malays are not allowed to take law into their own hands like before.

  601. whispering9 says:

    Dear Monsterball,

    This is going to be one of my long speeches. Please be seated. I am not afraid to speak the truths or do a Southpark conversation with all of you. Just need to refrain from explicit words with mike. He can always post whatever he wants, we are all ears and admiration for him. If he wants, we can also share our advice. Just don’t use foul languages or such on him.

    Do you know how US rates the TV shows popularity? Well, they select a few subjects, tag them and monitor their viewing preferences without their knowledge. Susan’s blog don’t get so many hits without being ‘chosen’ as a tag subject to monitor the people opinions and behaviour. I don’t think this monitoring is done by our local agency. For some unknown reason, I was chosen as one of the ‘tag commentator’ and the trace goes back as far as the Eastern Block Countries. So you see, hantutelur, you are wrong if you think this blog is of no consequence. Hate to be so direct…kill me. Mike, sorry don’t misunderstand me. You are most welcome. I do not want to speak about this subject again. It that alright with you, MB?

  602. monsterball says:

    I was about to tell jean..if one just poke a carbine..no need to fire at her…she will feel the pain….do as he says…or else….boooom…dead!
    And if the carbonated acid in her stomach will not come out from her backside hole…it will travel round and round….poking the intestines…creating great pains. Then she need to poke a tube of salty solution…let it fight with the acid….and within few minutes….fut and shit…all out…she smiles and feel relieve….and she will be okay.
    But what is carbene….I don’t know.

  603. kittykat46 says:

    Whispering9, yeah found the possible picture of Mike on the internet…..too obvious. But maybe its not him.

    There are many ways to pretend to be somebody else on the internet. But style of writing can be a giveaway, assuming the person is writing with their natural style.

    It is well known that individual handwriting is quite unique and not easy to fake. Typed writing is less easy to check, but the theory is that usage of words, length of sentences, writing style , even repeated grammatical and spelling errors provide a kind of fingerprint of a person’s writings.

    The FBI calls it language profiling, they even developed software to analyse and compare different pieces of writing.
    It can provide probabilities when comparing two pieces of writing from unknown authors, or even better, comparing something written by a known author with writing of unknown origin.

    The method is not very accurate, it can never stand up in court as evidence but has been a useful investigation tool in some cases.

    It requires really powerful computers to do all the computations and comparison. Wah, Whispering9, if you do this manually, it must give you a big headache..

    One outcome may be of interest to Christians like Hawk. When they applied the language fingerprinting software to the various books of the Bible, even the oldest known versions, they found that most of them were likely written by many different people. Some books of the Bible were probably written by up to a dozen different people.

    I’m not denigrating Christianity, OK , just don’t take the exact words in the Bible too literarily…its likely a melange written by many different contributors.

  604. monsterball says:

    whispering9…You started it…then you put out the above confusing message and expect us to read and keep quiet?
    Who appoint you as ‘tag commentator”? Show us proof. What is it?
    Susan’s slogan is …’may the truth save us all”
    We intend to abide to that. How want to express with foul languages or expressions….is one’s own character and identity. One may take foul language as from a not educated person…but one well educated person like me talks with foul words as my wish to express my feelings. WE ARE NOT POLITICIANS NOR DIPLOMATS!! We are speaking ….freely as we feel. I for one uses alot of foul languages. Imagine a 68 years old man talk like that….but whispering9….I can be as refine and as cultured like you…if I want to be. Many BROAD MINDED …OPEN MINDED….people know some people uses foul words to create a joke or put out a point as that person sees it. I have few very cultured friends that will start off by saying..’Where the f….have you been ?”
    Please do not bring your up-bring …culture and manner of speaking and stuff them to others way of life….especially to the Chinese race.
    I take great exceptions of your braggart attitude… saying you are appointed this or that to check us out??…who cares!!
    What you really want us is to be what you are. That is impossible as we are far apart in way of thinking and way of living….way way different in cultures.
    I presume you are a Muslim or an Indian…as Chinese will never tell another Chinese like what you are saying….unless it is a balls carrying chinese.

  605. jeancumlately says:

    Never mind w9. We do understand your message and what you are getting at.

  606. monsterball says:

    Thousands of movies are using foul languages…yet no one stop or censor them.
    Compare to that…our foul language is not even foul.
    whispering9…you are giving bad advises to Mike….but if Mike talks bad about a religion….that again…check it out…so many other bloggers are doing it all over the world….why correct him only?
    Stop advising anybody and no one care two hoots about your so call appointment. tell that to the marines. You have had three nicks..whispering9…virgin9…v9. Are you showing bad example to others?
    That to me..is worst that foul words.

  607. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty,
    Nobody “appoints” a commentator to be tagged. My guess is if you comment quite frequently and your nick is quite unique (in the whole WordPress sphere) the WordPress system software may put a tag on your nick.

    I think my nick got tagged, too, but the problem is there is another totally unrelated person in the US who blogs as “kittykat46” , AND it sounds like a very horny girl actively looking for Guys on the Internet. Hehehehehehe…..

  608. hawk says:

    Monty dares?

    I think he is just foolhardy.

    If he talks as he writes here, he will get bashed up, even if its from a read indian

    By his comments he has disqualified himself to be critical of any UMNOPUTRA racist remarks.

  609. monsterball says:

    WHISPERING9/V9/VIRGIN9….Mahathir just made a remark about foul languages used..not good for Malaysian way of life.
    Now you are saying same thing.
    Con men MUST BE liked and trusted and speak very politely. Now don’t twist and say…all speak nicely are con men…NO!!
    But for a con man like Mahathir to advise others to speak nicely….we must expose him….hopefully he will shut up.
    Are you pro Mahathir?

  610. monsterball says:

    kittykat…But that whisper9 said he is an appointed tag commentator. Does it mean he has the power to stop monsterball or Mike from blogging?
    I like to see him do it.

  611. hawk says:

    M aware that the Bible is written by many ppl. Thats the miracle behind it . Written by many people yet the connectivity is fulid.

    Here, its the opposite. Many people writing and even before the second comment is posted, all seems so divergent and pulling everything apart.

  612. monsterball says:

    MIKE…Continue your way of speaking..good english or not…does not matter.
    You are very intelligent. Don’t let anyone confuse or bring you down.
    But leave out religions … race or sensitive issues …unless you are cock sure of your facts. Old guys like us live through it..so we are not afraid to tell the truths…but don’t get inspired and add salt to the wound..if you cannot defend yourself.
    F…anyone and enjoy the fun…no harm done.
    Just talk…enjoy and let go without fear nor favor.
    Bless you.

  613. jeancumlately says:

    Monty, I am sorry to interrupt.

    I dont think foul language is the issue here. Not at all. That was not what w9’s all about.

    Tagged commentator means being monitored. That means w9 is the one being monitored and not the one monitoring.

  614. monsterball says:

    Right now…one Mike is worth three whispering9..but w9 should post as he was before WITHOUT advising others.

  615. monsterball says:

    jean…Go believe what you want to read about what whispering9 said.
    How such a refine man is being monitored?
    I think whispering9 is trying to frighten Mike..that’s how I think. Let other judge.
    He is so nice to me..why should I want to loose a friend?….but go read most of his messages…mostly talking about Mike. Why so concern?

  616. hawk says:

    I think theres another carbide, called calcium carbide. This when added with water, liberates acetylene gas. The gas can be used to bloat up floating balloons or light up lamps, in our parents days. And, certainly theres a unique smell.

    Acetylene gas is a base stock for many plastics. They get converted to be monomers like vinyl chlorides, which are then polymerised to become poly vinyl chloride or PVC. PVC plastic is then extruded to pipes, replacing lead pipes so Monty can can have a drink without lead poisoning, which had caused him brain damage.

    But to say monty have brain damage is a compliment. Becos, first of all, he needs to have a BRAIN first to get it damaged. Now I think he got NO brains ler. What is he thinking with?

    His balls ler? All the time that tiny head of his is leading him to satisfy his animal desires. he cums, then he found out that cum is not cummed enuf. So, he gotta seek for that elusive cum which should sort of blow out all his cum. But then, with no brains, how to tell him that regardless how he cummed, his testicles (balls) will naturally refill, then needing that control and release to jerk up his next round of cumming.

    Jean, as a precaution, pls dont cum early today. Please cum later.

  617. monsterball says:

    He should encourage..not discourage..and if you say he is saying he is being tagged or whatever that is ….I think it is because he uses three nicks.
    Then serve him right.
    I said before..a person using three nicks…keep far away from me….remember jean?
    But he is back to one….most welcome as friends.

  618. monsterball says:

    hahahahahahaha..How hawkeye missed me.

  619. hantutelur says:

    w9: I think my nick got tagged, too, but the problem is there is another totally unrelated person in the US who blogs as “kittykat46″ , AND it sounds like a very horny girl actively looking for Guys on the Internet. Hehehehehehe…..

    Could it be you masquerading, but dun bother the change da nick?

  620. hawk says:

    Ya , can use foul language. Use it with style, and u got class.

  621. hantutelur says:

    sorry, that was for kk46

  622. monsterball says:

    When the Drama King do not want to play with one of his subject…then that subject is a gone case.

  623. jeancumlately says:

    Ah hah..hawk, then it must be calcium carbide because that same substance was used to light up lamps especially in pasar malams before the flourescene light came. Then the ijokians are right from the start. I hope.

    Monty, I am not taking anything at face value lah… but I think you had mistaken w9 as somebody like a class monitor when we were at school. You know, the one recording our naughtiness and then reporting it to the teacher.
    That was not his message at all lah… and he was not trying to frighten mike but it does not hurt for mike to know. To me, I learnt something new from w9 today. It never crossed my mind that they did that kind of monitoring. Scary ha…

    Hawk, on you last comment…errr…do I have to choose?

  624. whispering9 says:

    You cannot use foul languages with a 15 year old kid period. There is an agency that is always monitoring words like kids, children, 15 years old, sex, f..k, etc., especially from this region where there are paedophiles. Besides, I do not agree with kids less than 18 to be engaged in adult conversation. I honestly don’t bother with what you think of me. I don’t run to the teachers or brothers. kk42, I am not talking about wordpress or other tags search machine for my case. I managed to track a few of my comments which were translated into foreign languages. Maybe someone likes me. Hahaha. It is nothing special really…they are not coming after me or susan or anyone of you. It is purely for research purposes and strategic planning. The comments might even be stored in archives without read. Really nothing to elaborate and to be bothered. I knew about this a long time ago. I did not bring it out to ‘frighten’ anyone. However, associating unappropriate languages with a 15 old kid whose identity is now known…is insanity. I will not respond further to this subject even if my message is still not clear. Have a nice day everyone…get a teh tarik on bamboo river 555.

  625. monsterball says:

    jean ..We all learn and appreciate good advises….but Mahathir has just spoken about not using foul words.
    Whatever it is…I am trying to make Mike ‘
    “not scary”..you a lady…quite natural…but Mike a man…just came to this blog…and I want to advise him …be brave and if I have mistaken w9 message…so will few others. ….I am sure.
    Afterall we keep misunderstand each other also..don’t we…yet few understood some of my double meanings…..teasing you.
    Just had lunch with bamboo river…he understands me quite well…and we did talk about whispering9…if you want to know.
    I just hope everyone make Mike most welcome and don’t give nagative advises nor ‘scary advises’ to him. Let him be..and I don’t think he is using two nicks.

  626. monsterball says:

    Why must we presume Mike is 15 years old? Even if he said so…can’t he pull a fast one on us?
    I doubt a 15 year old can talk like him.
    He is having fun.

  627. monsterball says:

    Who cares what Malaysian government is monitoring this or that? Do they have the creditabilties to teach us?
    Foul words …if used without having the mind and heart to think or speak dirty…but a way of expressing one’s self…is not a foul word as some jarkuns in Malaysia are thinking.
    F…..Malaysian hypocracies. They may not speak the F….words…but they are F..left and right the country…people and innocent by standers.

  628. monsterball says:

    I rather have a 15 year old use foul words….and KNOW he has good heart…great sincerity and great self confidence….then find one …so cultured and refine…yet become a con man. Usually one that speaks with the mind censoring the words is never a sincere man.
    How can you stop youngsters to talk foul words…if movies are seen doing that by 15 year old or even younger? Copying Western style is the powerful thing for generations.
    So I am more concern on the character and let everyone be free to talk as they like.
    For my children…I am always strict and old fashion. I have a 15 year old daughter. She knows when to talk certain things and not to talk certain things infront of me….and believe me…her friends know her better than me.
    Blogging is faceless and nameless….so even if Mike is really 15 year old…he speaks foul words with the feeling no one knows who he is. That’s the advantage of internet..to let oneself be free and easy. Daily is a controlled life…why must internet apply censorship and controlled by our government…when so many tangible unfair things we see are not being controlled or censored by them.
    No …..the government have no creditability to behave like a father to us.

  629. monsterball says:

    Old 20 years or more buses are used and daily killing people from boarding them.You mean the government do not know those buses cannot be used or the license should be withheld..at least on that said bus?
    No it takes dozens of death…..now blame on the bus company.
    Leaks at the new multi billion new building…again blame it on the contractors.
    Freeway that may take 3 years to build is commonly seen …take more than ten years….one malay contractor run away….quietly replace with another….for no other races can win such tenders.
    What so F…important to correct a 15 year old using foul words ..when all above…plus the police and judges are at loggerheads…all not solved.
    Shit…..why are we so blind to priorities and talking cock?
    Go ahead…have your 15 year old child CONTROLLED not to use foul words…and let him grow up carrying balls to succeed.

  630. wits0 says:

    Hawk: “Monty dares?
    I think he is just foolhardy.”

    He’s not so rash as to say somethings out of here – some of which may turn out to be the inconvenient but the rude truth.

    I fancy you’re too political correct to do the same. When you first entered with with the suggestion of “resist not evil” theme, you also created a bad sermonizing impression thru being ‘holier than thou’.

  631. monsterball says:

    jean….Please don’t patronized whispering9/virgin9/v9. and convince me how noble he is.
    I think he has an agenda….and I have the right to conclude as I feel and see it.

  632. hantutelur says:

    one moment you are very rational, monty, the next moment you are so skeptical and prejudice. is it random choice?

  633. hawk says:

    Witso please,

    Whatever, whenever or wherever, its not fair to accuse I portrayed a holier than thou stance.

    Can u resist evil? U know we cant becos u or another tried to quantify evil….to small evil or big evil. So, at which end, do we consider ourselves sinful?

    R u less sinful than me, and me less than monty and monty less than samy velu, and samy vellu less than najib , and najib less than hitler, and hitler less than ???? At which point , we will fall short ?

    The debate on GOD was to Montys challenge, and much a while later he prayed. Whom he prayed to, its irrelevant, but he prayed, signaling he acknowledeges an omnipotent.

  634. wits0 says:

    Hawk, using “sin” as a measure of human error is never a useful one for obvious reasons. To suggest that your “G-D” meant non violence to be applicable until people can be asked to imitate all those ancient Christians thrown to the lions in the Roman Area ever again is utter madness. To preach non violence at the expense of self destruction is madness. A madness that only further embolden and encourage the truly evil men. To foist an over glorified Gandhi as a cure-all is also madness.

  635. monsterball says:

    How about truthful….sincere…witty….brave….level headed…hot headed but harmless….defender of human rights to speech freely….non political….respected and loved…versatile….well educated…unselfish…person.
    Why only the negatives?

  636. monsterball says:

    Good Morning to children of all ages!
    Be active..healthy and smart.
    Be lazy…you will become a pig.
    Be hardworking…You will obtain your rewards one way or another.
    Be naughty and play with fire..you will get burnt.
    Be cute and kind and generous ..you will be loved and respected…like me……hahahahahahaha
    Be a jealous bloke…you will develop to be a pain in the arse in society.
    Be ever happy for others success….you will live a good and healthy life.
    Be helpful and you will get help
    Be generous and you will live a free from diseases good life.
    Be cruel you will be reborn an animal
    Be a robber or a con man….you will not enjoy those wealth as you expect to do.All will be taken away one day.
    Be cunning and a sly fox…you will also be reborn as an animal.
    Be arrogant…no manners…never admit own’s mistakes…you will have no true friends.
    Be ever sincere and kind…few you can call are your true and faithful friends.
    Be like me…all will be well and good….hahahahahahahaha
    PS” Sermon on the Bukit Tinggi..given by monsterball.

  637. monsterball says:

    One day a man bought a kitten and….small breed dog…a chihwahwa
    Then he bought a baby minor bird.
    He let them all loose and train them to go to toilet.
    After almost a year..he was so satisfied to see dog..cat and bird play with each other.
    Inspired by that…he bought a baby monkey…also grew up to play along.
    He left them all in his bed room and go to work.
    One day he came back from work and saw…bird …dog and and cat..all dead..torn into pieces and monkey was happy.
    He took monkey and gave to the zoo.
    PS:Parable by monsterball….Never trust a monkey….hahahahahaha

  638. monsterball says:

    Ten Commandments
    1.Thou shall not only kill for food ..but kill to defend yourself from being killed.
    2.Thou can tackle your neighbors wife..if she is unhappy and want you to.
    3.Thou shall speak ill of your parents if they are gamblers and drunkards..steal or rob others.
    4.Thou shall not offer donations to religious centers if you see only fat people taking them.
    5. Thou shall not pray in religious centers…if those centers are converted to be political arenas.
    6. Thou shall devote all Sundays to the family.
    7. Thou shall worship all types of Gods as you choose.
    8. Thou shall make idols of your all Gods and sell..do business.
    0. Thou shall pay respects to the holy ones…dead or alive.
    10. Thou shall not mock monsterball.

  639. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Whispering9,

    Just to maybe scare you a bit.
    – Apparently there is a Whispering9 Blog in blogspot but its locked. I don’t know if it has anything to do with you.

    – Whispering9 has been registered on a China-based social-networking forum, I think its mainly frequented by 15- 19 year old adolescents.
    Are you also 15 years old , like Mike ?

    Seems to be a lot of kids reading Susan’s blog these days……

    There’s also a kittykat46 registered on an on-line dating forum, another in a forum for hot girls looking for hot guys. But nothing to do with me – the other kittykat46 is apparently a blond-haired 20 year old American chick.

    Uh-oh, I better change my nick – I could end up being stalked by a 6-foot Blond Haired Rapist !

  640. monsterball says:

    Kit Tan is nice and good…but MontyJr. is better….hahahahahaha

  641. jeancumlately says:

    Monty, I never “patronized” w9 or tried to prove to you how noble he is. My opinions were always issue-centered and were never on personality – unless when I was just fooling around. Liking a person does not mean agreeing with everything he said. If your a friend is about to jump from the twin tower, you have to tell him honestly that he is acting stupid… I have so much respect for everyone, for wits0’s new words everyday, for padzac’s grace, for hawk’s God, for stenson’s innocence (?), BR’s gentlemanly conducts, your talent to shoot at different directions at one time, kk46’s hacking abilities, mike’s youth and all… but hey, no one from the above is perfect. Admit it and the world will be a better place.

  642. monsterball says:

    “your talent to shoot at different directions at one time”
    What a doll..I gave out a sermon…and here she gives one back to me.
    She can never be my deciple…fighting hard to be my teacher. Teacher’s pet is stenson…not me…but stenson don’t want to be petty anymore. He wants the real stuffs.
    This teacher is bohon besar…a teaser.

  643. monsterball says:

    She is a master of sarcasm.
    What a waste. what a doll.
    “got a crying talking ..sleeping ..living doll.
    got to do my best to hatam and hatam ….the living doll. She got roving eyes for guys….making them crazy for her.
    Got the one and only living doll at Susan’s blog”
    PS: inspired by Sir Cliff.

  644. kittykat46 says:

    I knew a Jean once, absolutely gorgeous doll.

    The type of face and figure which makes guys turn when she walked through a crowded place.

    Last time I heard, she married a Tan Sri’s son….one of THOSE types…

  645. monsterball says:

    According to jean’s intepretation….witsO keep putting put messages harder and harder for ordinary people to understand. How true.
    padzac says grace morning noon and night.”holy holy one.
    skip one…Drama King have spoken.
    stenson is a wolf in sheep’s clothings.
    Bamboo river is a simple man.
    kk46 can be a crook.
    Mike is young..really young and she wants all of him.
    ME?…a six gun shooter….capable to shoot at all directions…..YET….jean is like Annie Oakly…’Anything you can do…I can do better. Anything better…I can do better than you”

  646. jeancumlately says:

    kk46… I think you are talking about levi’s. You know, the one that shrinks to fit. I heard this type of jeans look and feel better slightly used. I dont know about tan sri’s son but have you seen the way pl smile these days?

    Monty… ouch!!! One of your bullets hit me!

  647. hawk says:


    Monty finally cummed, comparable to Buddha getting enlightened.

    I suppose his sage stage was accomplished when he kept himself in solitaire in the toilet for several days. His new religion will have the toilet roll as the prayer symbol.

    Good luck to your new religion. Most likely, U may make money out of it.

    Get yr disciples here, Start with 15 yr old mike.


  648. monsterball says:

    For once you feel me jean…hahahahahaha

  649. stenson says:

    I definitely wont want to jump from petronas towel and end up in a honda.I would rather jump from my bed and up softly on sofia – sorry – silly me – i mean sofa.
    The only one here i would say have the traits of a gentleman is bamboo river.
    My arrow is not make from ‘ buluh kampung ‘ and tipped with carbine,carbene,carbon or carbomb.It is stainless steel and tipped with C4.It is not about to hit the butt of ijokian.It knows its target.
    I am a wolf monty.A real wolf in feathers clothing.
    I try sheeps clothing next time around.

  650. wits0 says:

    Take a breather folks, and note this :
    Judicial rot: Look who’s talking

    Whatta SHAM!

  651. bamboo river says:

    Hey, Guys and Gals……after reading all your comments today , I am quite surprised that they are some of you have the feelings of insecure of being tagged ,monitored etc.

    Live life to the fullest !
    No pain no gain.
    No risk no fun.
    If we are to take every step of our life with hesitation, when are we going to reach our goals?

    Just do what you feel is right and be happy.
    You will regret later when the opportunity is gone.

    Life is a challenge, the obstacle is no one but yourself.

    Just make sure what you do is within the law of the universe! Ha,ha,ha.
    One example : Like jumping of the twin tower.
    That is against the law of the universe = Law of Gravity.

    So, stop putting fear into your mind.
    Fear will only haunt but not control you.
    Whispering9……the above is for you ….now where is my buku 555 ?

  652. monsterball says:

    See jeanny…stenson is all wolf man!
    Must have been inspired by Jack Nicholson.
    Now want sofia…trying to hide it…but he is.
    You don’t know what you are missing…but I guess that’s the story of your life.
    And bamboo river is advising you..no f… no son.

  653. monsterball says:

    At last witsO put out a message that I can understand fully. Most of The time…kepela pusin trying to find out what the hell is he talking about.

  654. jeancumlately says:

    BR, can open account in your 555 also ah?

    Wow stenson, you are looking preety cool nowadays, walking around with a stainless steel arrow tipped with a c4. Errr… that is not the right equipment, I think.

    Monty, I know. I should take risks sometimes but the idea of having a son that smell / look / resembles a c4? Nah, I would rather jump from the twin towel and land on a honda.

  655. monsterball says:

    stenson!..jeanny said she will rather commit suicide than have a baby by you because you cannot do the work in her honda.
    She loves excitements and you turn her off.

  656. monsterball says:

    bamboo river buku 555 is what famous bookies and Ah Longs use to record bets and money loan out.
    I wonder how does he know.
    Now don’t tell me…..quiet nice bamboo river is a…..
    I just found out ..there is a fish call Bamboo..sold at Crocodile Farm Restaurant….next to Holiday Villa.
    I was laughing..and that fish look like a real monster…..hahahahahaha
    No wonder bamboo and monsterball are close friends..hahahahahaha

  657. stenson says:

    You are there monty to catch her when she jumps.She loves experienced real man like you.Dont shake the honda car too violently.Pejabat ugama guys hanging around.I dont you to get caught with your pants down and her skirt up.Be gentle and tender with her.

  658. whispering9 says:

    Hi kk46,

    I knew about it more than a couple of months back. Nothing to takut lah. Don’t worry bamboo river, I am not easily frightened nor procrastinate freedom and happiness. That blog was actually mine. I created it just for fun and to keep my thoughts tight on tracks. I am one of those who just can’t stop ‘thinking and analyzing’ all the time. I had a work like yours once upon a time but it was ‘killing’ without the help of today internet. Anyway, I found it restful to put everything down on that blog; from politics to madness to social behavior and even picking out Bursa shares. It was rather good therapy for me. I had to lock up that blog when it was tagged and my wifey was upset about it. Please leave it alone…thanks. Let me give you an example on how my mind works in your area of specialty. As an encouragement to my hidden ‘admirers’ on the power of open box thinking. Hehehe. So prideful!

    Early in the year…there was a lot of buzz on the mons—n cup, on the villa down under and the famous ‘Pat..Ba..L-m’. Everyone wanted to set him in pillory but I took another approach to the situation. I analyzed his behavior, his company, his management and his financial position. After 1 month, I put it out that his company share should move from 30 sen to minimum RM3.80 to warrant all that attention and pillorying. I advise a few friends and needless to say, they made a sizeable capital return. Nah, I didn’t make any killing because I am sort of a King Midas…I can’t benefit from my gift. However, I am slowly learning how to broke back this curse and afford a yacht myself come one fine day. Hahaha..I put lots of such stuffs in my blog which I think caused the unwarranted attention.

    What is the possibility that another human in this planet earth use a nick designed specifically by you like kittykat46. 2 in 500,000. I think you have admirers out there…like they said ‘Copying is the best compliment’. Thanks jean…your list of admirers is even longer. That was the reason why I asked you not to change the nick. Did you know you have been quoted and complimented by bloggers? What a compliment! Hehehe…you forgot to delete your real name and picture. Quick2 do it now…just joking only. I wish I am 15 lah…how nice and sweet. I am also a Sagittarius borne in the year of the —. Not a good year for me according to fengshui. Hi mike…have you decided on your boarding school? Did you know my 13 year old son’s friend was caught and punished for sneaking into the girl dorm at 2am? My son escaped because he also sleeps like a log. Teachers do not sleep. Try using the computer with webcam…I advised him, my son… stop here and carry on henceforth (a riddle for you to solve).

    Ps: Sorry for the long read…didn’t want to post initially…but considering it is rude not to repay kindness. Sigh…this is killing me softly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mpqXu0z3wU&mode=related&search=

  659. monsterball says:

    stenson…Jean frightens me! And I am an old man. Shakin and rollin days are gone for me….what more in a honda car.
    And I can never be gentle to jean…as my mind is set to be on the look out for her teasing musin.
    Now she is okay…but sometime sarcastic…sometime I also don’t know what she is talking about.
    So if you give up hope on her…perhaps the most suitable person for her is gentle bamboo river with his buku 555. She knows what that buku555 is all about. Maybe both of them have same side line business…nothing surprises me these days.
    You better focus on jean twin sister…sofia.
    Where the heck is she now?
    Take care…my friend.

  660. jeancumlately says:

    Hi w9, its ok. I had just deleted my pics from my pc. I did noticed jeanne’s comments being quoted by a blogger – I wished it was me, jean. But I dont mind being mistaken as jeanne. Like, its a compliment when you walk down the street and someone shouts, are you siti nurhaliza?

    Hehehe…nah, not that easy to confuse you. I dont think so that line will work.

    Well monty, I dont mind a teh tarik with BR as long as he bring along his 555. I am sorry if sometimes you dont know what I was talking about. Atleast we have something in common i.e. I have the same experience when I read yours…

    Nite everybody. Mike, Go do your homework!

  661. stenson says:

    I dont know what everybody is saying.I dont even know what i am saying.I better stop saying anything.Good night monty,jean and all – sweet dream.

  662. monsterball says:

    Since we are unable to understand what each is saying tonight..it is better to say less..as tonight maybe a ghost came out and make all of us unable to think or speak logically..
    Others reading and keep quiet are also scratching their heads ..balls…or puss..thinking same like us.
    So goodnight….sleep tight.

  663. monsterball says:

    Good Morning Susan and all…excluding…you know who!
    Seldom slept so early…but with 5-6 hours good sleep for me…I am awake well and healthy. Then in the afternoon..I sleep for few hours to release all the stress I get from working.
    Some stress is good for everyone……but as one gets older…one need to stay stress free as much as possible.
    I can take extreme stress…..as business was exciting..families is exciting and getting divorce 3 times added unwanted stress..not exciting…until I won the custody of my children. Bringing up children can be most stressful…if you are unlucky..but for me…the were my joy.
    Certainly I do not recommend anyone to divorce a wife…..and I am not proud of that too. Don’t get me wrong….but each have their own destiny and mine seems to go well having my children’s mother as friends…rather than as wives.
    Enough of that.
    I sleep with my ‘lulu’..the female chihwahwa…and ‘pinky”..female pug. both like to play figjhting…and pinky is a real clown…can pretend to be som fierce..each time i will give a slap at the backside she barks..she like it so much. After few more slaps..her backside gets itchy..she wants to use mouth to bite of the itch..I used to stop her ..to irritate her…then pity her…and I scratch her…she will make the satisfied sound..’hhhhmmeeem” She loves to sing for half an hour before sleeping…..not howling…but singing wit different octaves tones I taught her. I will copy each time she stops after few notes…and we both sing along…dog style.
    I have 7 more pugs….all out side…cannot come into the house..except the fat grand mother…my first pug..name Dutch. She is like a show dog….so beautiful and she loves all dogs in the house.
    Last week..I bought a male chihwahwa…name ‘prince’..now 3 months old…everyone including dogs run away from him. He likes to bite with his needle sharp teeth..even though he has close to a dozen dog toys to play…but he will lick my face for more than 10 minutes before sleeping. now three are sleeping with me.
    My other pugs names are….
    jasmin…bruno…hutch…max….cutie and duke.
    panpan ..original duke died…gave away taisun and fifi….to two good friends.
    Maid must spend half an hour to vacuum all the pillows and blankets…and change bed sheets every day.
    Have a useful and happy Friday.

  664. monsterball says:

    Susan..stenson..kitykat..bamboo river and all cinakui..RPK is getting F….up Malaysian Chinese..saying we have no balls. The truth applies only to Susan.
    His blog lacks Chinese visitors….what a smart way to get Chinese visitors…but F….him….all Chinese may read and ignore that pro-Mahathir blog.
    I laugh and laugh at so many cute responses to RPK’s idiotic write up.

  665. hawk says:

    Then, whats keeping many away from Susans blog?

    It s YOU monsterball.

    Its YOU that cause the blog to loose content and lack a better spread of commentators.

    Dont worry about RPK. Just be concerned about here.

    Whats the head count at Thx for yr hits?

  666. kittykat46 says:

    RPK was specifically refering to the unwillingness of local Web-hosting services to accept his Website. He may have written it while rather upset, but its true.

    Ya-lah , most of the local Web-hosts are run by Chinapeks….

    I would say his blog has a wide multi-racial following. That’s part of his blog’s tremendous influence.

  667. jeancumlately says:

    monty, rpk’s blog lacks chinese visitors? I am not sure about that. From the commentaries, especially when there is an opportunity to hit at malays or anything malays, you can see that the blog was never short of non-malay voices – I assumed mostly chinese.

    I would agree with kk46 that the blog do have multi-racial followings. And again, I dont think the chinese would ignore the articles because they were pro-tdm. Given the two choices, past and present, most of the chinese I met wished for the past for one simple reason: the economy. Most of the news were not really pro-tdm but were against the current administration which is understandable.

  668. hawk says:

    I agree with kitty and jean. RPK s blog is open house. All races are there. At first it appears like a TDM clone, but in essence its RPK s own mind, independent and free. He even allows dissent to his comments.

    I m a Badawi fan but not UMNOputras, and what is said abt BADAWI is quite difficult to stomach. He was pictured as a MR CLEAN. Now I am not sure.

    I guess rotten apples spoil good ones, and the other way around is impossible. Since they are in the same basket, whats there to hope for?

  669. kittykat46 says:

    Badawi fan, ah…Yeah I WAS a supporter, too. He seemed so decent, so refreshing after TDM’s excesses, especially his promise to rein in irresponsible levels of government expenditure.

    I still believe he is personally a decent man, but useless as a PM. The captain of the ship is accountable for the good management of his ship, and the actions of his subordinates. He either acts to fix the problems, or relinquish his post.
    Has any senior government official been removed, let alone subject to legal action for misbehaviour under his watch ?

    Apart from Kasitah Gaddam, an expendable minor operative from Sabah, the answer is NOBODY.

    I loved the poster by Sheih Kickdefella last year on Bedol

    – “Perjuanganmu – Sudah Selesai”

  670. monsterball says:

    yea kittykat and jean…Both of you are right. I overlooked the logical side….but RPK sure knows how to create sensational news.

  671. monsterball says:

    It is sad RPK does not want to take up politics. It will be fun to watch him stand for elections….but I guess it is a strong Malay party or nothing else.
    He sounds damn good for DAP….but perhaps will be in insignificant person in a Chinese dominate party. However…if he sincerely love Malaysians THAT MUCH…eat the humble pie..prove it’s worth and DAP must recognize him sooner or later.
    Everyone is wishing he is the PM……hahahahahaha
    WW3 will start from Malaysia…..hahahaha

  672. monsterball says:

    kittykat/jean….We agree RPK is a decent man. I wonder why with his so smart brain …why is he not doing big time business…like the Negri Sembilan Royalties.
    Perhaps he does not play golf ….hahahahaha
    But seriously…if you read how smart ….witty and cunning he is….politics is good for him…not business.

  673. wits0 says:

    “..most of the local Web-hosts are run by Chinapeks….”

    And they are scared, RPK is correct. Thanks to the persistent MCA sell-ass factor. Even biz ppl like hawk and monty are having second thoughts.

  674. wits0 says:

    “Malaysia falls behind Singapore, Vietnam and China in attracting FDI and is far from becoming the new Asian metropolis; FDI dropped from $5.5 billion in 2001to $3.9 billion in 2006”

    Woo hooo!

  675. jeancumlately says:

    Why rpk is not doing business? With that kind of brain, even dap would love him. May be.

    Well monty, not everyone use money as a measure of success or something that can bring them happiness. Ghandi did not. Mother Theresa did not. Muhammad did not. Jesus did not. May be its not proper to equate them with rpk but I hope you get my point.

    Secondly, rpk maybe a good, smart, decent and a strong man. But it is not a guarantee that he’ll turn into JFK if he enters politic or turn into a donald trump if he enters business. He’s just good to be rpk, doing what he do best.

    Thirdly, destiny, fate, luck – the x factor. There are 28 million malaysian citizens, half malays, of which so many do have brains, willing to work hard, honest, not a bad looking, sleep only five-hours a day, decent son-in-law, read books, a leader and all that. Yet, we ended up with someone with everything we dont want. How would you explain that? How unlucky can malaysians be? Just bad luck, I guess.

  676. kittykat46 says:

    If I’m not mistaken, RPK is quite a lot wealthier than he lets on.
    He was a businessman before, but he’s basically full-time on Malaysia Today and various supporting activities.
    He’s financially independent enough to be unafraid of any pressure from that direction.

    The “Establishment” can and does throw many other kinds of pressure at their critics than obvious ones like ISA or OSA.

    I know people in Aliran who have had pressure from “unseen hands” put on their employers to fire them or on their clients & customers to take their business elsewhere. Many of us still have families to feed, kids to bring up, and that kind of extra-legal action can be quite intimidating.

  677. monsterball says:

    Greed is the word..jeancumlately
    Greed from those who have the power to be fair…but are not. Furthermore…this small country is blessed with so many natural resources….foremost…oil.
    So we are the sons and daughters of the soil….fooling around with no experiences of real sufferings and pains..except reading them.
    It is heading backward and backward every year…and oil wells must dry up one day.
    Once that happen…..real sufferings starts and all will be united and well again……but damn too late. History will start repeating itself….with foreigners ruling Malaysia.
    That’s the nature of selfish corrupted countries.

  678. monsterball says:

    Have anyone ever wonders maybe the government planted RPK to be anti-government blog and from there…they can read and learn what oppositions are thinking and work towards doing and saying what oppositions voters like to hear and turn to favoring them… ..while keep robbing the country for party and personal benefits?
    Few are copying RPK to get attentions and jobs…but RPK may well be someone in UMNO…without anyone realizing it. Once you know…his MT blog is gone case. Yea..MT was known also to support Anwar..think along the line and tell me…what is Anwar now.

  679. bamboo river says:

    Cinapeks are cowards?
    Yes and no.
    Yes if you are the type of cinapeks where your marbles are being squeezed if you are not towing the line.
    No, if you are type where you are not being held by your marbles ….like Monty.

    Look at the Namewee fiasco…Once if they are sure action will be taken against Namewee, why want to call press conference in the first place.
    Don’t they ‘consult’ the BN head in the first place?
    Now they look like a bunch of fools turning their words around. This is a milestone for them coming GE.

    RPK, is right in the sense that cinapeks are cowards. But did RPK specified which group of C.Cs? (Coward cinapeks)
    I am sure we all knows which group that RPK is talking about.
    That is why , RPK’s article do not affect me and I agree with him totally.

    Hawk is implying that Monty is causing visitors away from Susan’ blog.
    Can you tell me , Hawk, how many visitors personally told you that ?
    Or is it your wise assessment speculating out from the idiot brain of yours?

    Where is Mike? Hawk,don’t you realised that you had told off Mike on 22 Aug2007 @ 12.31 p.m. ?
    I was about to confront you but alas,…..Hawk is a bully. Can’t get Monty, go for the 15 year old guy .
    So, who is causing visitors away, especially young people?

    Sorry everyone, I may be a gentleman as you all presumed…..but my gentlemanly conduct (as Jean said….Terimakasih ya?) has its limit.
    Of course my reaction will be within the law of the universe….maybe a slap on Hawk’s face?
    Hawk, bully someone your age and size!
    Yah, don’t worry about RPK….just be concerned about yourself ..Hawk!

    Those who understands Monty’s character are not perturbed by his antics.
    Although Monty had told me off a few times, I took it as a lesson on words of advice and wisdom from him.
    I don’t need to say much about Monty because that is between Monty and myself.

  680. hantutelur says:

    Wow, a great conspiracy theory you put there, Monty. But if so, I think its rather ridiculous for RPK to mount attacks on his “bosses” the PM, SIL, IGP and the menteris. Much like suicide to me.

  681. monsterball says:

    It is good advertising in terms of politics.

  682. monsterball says:

    Bamboo river…Many thanks.
    He was talking to himself and about to get lost. Notice all ignored him?
    You have given him a new lease of life to talk more.
    His last message was a hint to leave…and telling Susan it is because of me….hahahahahaha
    However..your ever gentleman and defender of the good people is most appreciated.
    I got sick of playing with that idiot. He can NEVER bully me….Everyone know my face..real name…all details….he is talking big faceless and nameless. Don’t bully others…okay….but try to copy like me…with a touch of bully attitude to defend the weak and innocence….show me the real face….and yes Mike was chased out by him. I hope Mike will return
    Take care, my friend.
    PS: Still cannot help laughing thinking of the bamboo fish.

  683. monsterball says:

    Take one case…if RPK did not speak out against IGP….how can IGP speak out what he is talking today….exposing all the corrupt cops..not himself?
    So UMNO need one to tell what the voters want to hear…and prove all are rumors ..for not one so call important subject spoken by RPK have got ministers arrested or jailed.
    Again to the police and judicial dept…now watch what is happening amongst judges and the AG….quarreling among each other. How to start exposing….if no one can start a fire?
    and look at all cunning and smart political bloggers…I repeat CUNNING and SMART….not one can come close to RPK.

  684. hawk says:

    An idiot cant speculate this but a wise guy can.

    I m that wise guy. Not that too wise a guy ler, but wise enuf.

    Who will come in and make comments at a site that is booing and wooing when most who come here want to feel politics and thier position in this society?

    Have u done the head count? Its about 35!! Add 5 times for quite surfers and whats the number? I dont think it will be anywhere near Malaysia today. Becos at that site, its well managed, Ppl like monty wont stand a chance to boo and woo. No one in interested becos for such , theres the msn dating site etc etc. Go there and boasts his machoness.

    Ppl dont want to waste time here engaging with a self proclaimed new religious and political leader of sorts, who is also over the hill, waiting for time out.

    I tried to sober him up, but he is an old nnt with a loose screw.

  685. hawk says:

    BR…… Mike is Stenson ler. His cover was blown. He tried to shove me with a disguise. Wjo is a coward?

    He started the bullying ……..and if he chicken out, thats his failure ler.

  686. monsterball says:

    hawk…You can talk with your twisted tongue and idiotic character till doomsday.
    Trying soooo hard to get my response…okay one.
    Go read all your sickening messages….really from a cracko..one day praise me…next day insult me..than bully Mike….even no respect to the blog owner.
    What you want is attention and respect through your idiotic style of writing…..which both you will never get in Susan’s blog. Try someone else…but you dare not….because you will get f…up by so many more than you can imagine. It is at Susan’s blog….you are tolerated. You know it.
    I am Susan’s Drama King……GOT IT?

  687. jeancumlately says:

    Anybody tried clicking on mike’s name? Enjoy the trip…

  688. hantutelur says:

    For comparison purposes MT is a food court while SL Blog is a kopitiam. Have a cup of coffee and chit chat for hours. Occasionally we shout at each other. Cigar chomping MB is an awesome sight. Very commanding and wise not unlike TDM but when he’s furious better leave his table and find another spot at the corner like I did. Monty, your assumption that RPK might be planted by the gomen might be true but I believe close to impossible. He’s dangerous for the gomen and the gomen don’t have that sophistication to play with that kind of risk. RPK is regarded as people’s last hope when the opposition fail. It the case of Free Anwar Movement he played his role to fight for justice and his mission was accomplished as Anwar was eventually freed. Now he’s fighting corruption so we see the results, some skeletons in the closet finally being exposed. Have you all heard the latest? All 37 charges against Zakaria has been dropped. Check KLPos for the news. Now that’s old news.

  689. 2legit says:

    Monty, Remember your argument about political bloggers and the little girl blogger that would have those low-life politicians calling monyet, goblok, pondan and coward, I found a case in point to prove you right.

    click to:


  690. kittykat46 says:

    Ah, 11-year old Aishah is Big Dog’s daughter…she has her own blog now.


  691. wits0 says:

    Hantu: “..He’s dangerous for the gomen and the gomen don’t have that sophistication to play with that kind of risk… ”

    I agree. No way he’s such a machination by all appearance.

    He(RPK) has done much better after the removal of the AI facror.

  692. wits0 says:

    BR, all those ah mows and ah tows under the influenced by the MCA by a measure of fear(and not just stupidity). For themselves, the MCA, esp the elites are motivated by greed and simply self-interests.

  693. wits0 says:

    BR, all those ah mows and ah tows under the influenced of the MCA ARE INTIMIDATED by a measure of fear(and not just stupidity). RPK is certainly right to say that the MCA is there to keep the Chinese as second-class citizens.

  694. monsterball says:

    First they have few mahcais and one side kick…now using few children of their own to bulldoze their agendas?
    What are they trying to prove..children like those understand politics or supporting their rights to represent all bloggers? Are they trying to say how powerful they are to Pak Lah? Walk around busy streets like Bukit Bintang..Petaling Street……I bet you..no one will know them….including RPK.
    100 they have?…hmmmmm someone is sure doing a great job to fool so many. They should print out all the bloggers names supporting all blogs and not just say a figure.
    Are they registered yet? Now known as …”Malaysian All Blogs”….???
    Anyway…I know for a fact dozens of welknown bloggers are not supporting them…and to say children bloggers are supporting them…I leave that to the PARENTS of these innocent bloggers to respond to them. It is worst than hitting below the belt.
    I guess many are desperate to get jobs….or paid to do or say things for them in politics.
    After election…all are dead ducks.

  695. monsterball says:

    Watch it….Wed and Friday…all drinking kaki at NPC
    Tuesday…mee rubus…near the mosques opposite Colgate Palmolive factory.
    Been doing for years. Are they not a gang?

  696. monsterball says:

    Some drink from Monday to Saturday at NPC.
    What do you call these people?……drink and go back to sleep only?
    These people are bloggers leaders?

  697. monsterball says:

    Tuesday 12 noon till 4pm….you will see the gathering of a gang….having mee rubus.

  698. hawk says:


    If all were to ***** me here, it will be about 40 ler. This mob wont kill me ler.

    So, the challenge is this. We gotta encourage more crowd , not only hits.

    U mean Susan cannot take this analysis of mine. I m sure she can. Shes a woman of substance. But some take her to be a woman of substantial appeal, to be wooed. She opened up with a serious blog, and she attracts the wrong crowd, luckilly, only a few , 2 or 3. I suppose this will happen statiscally, anywhere….there are always desperados, who will make a pass on anything that moves, be it leaves on any bush.

    I suggest monty to be more hospitable, even this may not be his blog. Prospect commentators get terrified by your senseless rants and expletives. Lady commentators will shy away , becos instead of getting contented contents commentaries, they get wooed.

    Even without a show of mini – skirts, they get wooed. How pathetic can monty be?

  699. kittykat46 says:

    Human beings by nature tend to flock together for whatever reason.
    Susan’s Free Speech Zone here is like a teh tarik gang….
    I also have a photography kaki group, we meet once a month, drink (mainly non-alcoholic – its a multi-racial group and there are ladies as well) talk photography – shutter speeds, exposures , potrait composing, colour balancing….

  700. monsterball says:

    hantutelur….I need to than you for your kind words.Lets us debate..talk…discuss…and yes..if I sense any pro this or that….I will blow up. We must stay sincerely as patriotic Malaysians…not for a party or for pro one politician.
    I don’t like what I see …particularly Pak Lah’s weak leadership….but I sometimes give credit to him…when credit is due to him……not always going against him. He cannot be that bad. I am no balls carrier or belong to any party.
    So when one writes…you can actually read his character…and hantutelur…like witsO said..you are okay….but I sometimes suspect both of you belong to a political party ….certainly not UMNO…BUT WHO KNOWS!! Like I said…the obvious is never obvious. It is the fools to think it that way…simple ..one track minded. So about RPK..can you honestly say you can trust him?
    However…I have always admire RPK bravery and a fantastic story teller.

  701. whispering9 says:

    I think there is a common misconception here. Most are looking into head counts or ‘hits’ to achieve that difference in our political landscape. Bloggers emphasize that often enough whilst the BN machinery constantly drums it into her supporters. Let’s not analyze the differences between their antagonistic views. Look at the similarities and you spot the give away clue?

    Yes! Both teams want your votes be your elected politicians. All you can hope out of this deliverance is some tokens of relief and occasional, if not utter, delusion.

    I am not looking forward for head counts; I am looking out for the suitable candidate to arrive and sweep all of me into his march. Unfortunately, more often than not, we can only spot genuine gem after we have been cheated on fakes too often than shouldn’t. I am more likely to find him/her having a conversation here in SL blog then elsewhere. So let’s enjoy our cups of coffee during the waiting, ranting and conversation until that magical moment arrive. Life ain’t that bad yet. Come election…just go out and vote who you think can help Malaysia the most; after all the commentation you should have come to your own decision and conclusion by now. Roti canai, anyone?

  702. monsterball says:

    hi kittykat..You go to Hotel Malaya twice a week to support few sightly used virgins.
    Please include that….hahahahahaha

  703. monsterball says:

    kittykat….I REPEAT drinking kaki…fire water…not yours and mine pondan stuffs…hahahahaha

  704. jeancumlately says:

    Hei, I love this kopitiam! Where else can you get your gun out whenever you feel like it and just shoot at random. And the best part is, there is always a target. I think fsz should be included as one of mankind’s greatest invention.

    I love monty’s conspiracy theory sometimes. Like rpk is actually umno’s cybertrooper while kpmu said rpk is a malay priest. Azalina thought he is a man and we thought pak lah is our prime minister. KJ thought he is the prime minister and badawi thought patrick is his son. Closer to home, hawk thinks mike is stenson.

    BR… one more teh tarik in your 555 please. Looks like Susan is about to open FSZ3.

  705. monsterball says:

    Whispering9 is sharp and wise. Yes in Susan’s blog..we have established a group of sincere friends…excluding..you know who.
    Where can you find another human rights or politcal blog like this? Close to it….is Elizabeth Wong and Kata Tak Nak….seems to get more and more faithful visitors like me too.
    Sheih is loosing his popularity….and he knows it!!
    Once he settled all his family matters and frantic work load for Husam….and after the election…Sheih will be back to his old self….witty and smart.
    Then look at those political bloggers …MT..Rocky…Big Dog..a voice ..sha101….all pro Mahathir…under the disguise as freedom fighters for Malaysians. This group is constantly trying to score points for Mahathir. Only MT…stands out..others are low class…except Rocky.
    Rocky is a nice guy….but is desperate to be noticed by political leaders. I hope he succeed and show his true colour.
    Other than that…so many many smart intelligent bloggers talking no politics. These bloggers are true the credit to Malaysian blogsphere…including Susan.

  706. hawk says:

    Correction, jean,

    Womankind’s greatest invention. It was set up by a woman isnt it?

    She knows, you know, ………why it gotta be done.

  707. kittykat46 says:

    “Azalina thought he(?) is a man” – jeancumlately
    ..Heheheheheheheheheh….I better not say any more at risk of getting Susan into trouble….I heard some very juicy stories from UMNO fellas themselves…

  708. hawk says:

    Ya, u know how monty speculates, wild and out of target.

    I think he is proUMNO.

    Maybe, he is Tamil,

    And, a pondan.

    If an IDIOT can be any better

    Whispering,…….. why dont you shout it out : “I am MONTYs balls”

    Great……..All the cuppas on me.

  709. monsterball says:

    hi guys and jean…..have you heard of “check and balance” in commercial business?
    So why can’t RPK be the checker for UMNO and gauge publics reactions…as they cannot balance all their unbalanced books and through RPK comes hue and cry..then the unbalanced books need to be juggled further.The advantage these guys have are control from all fronts..so whatever cannot be balanced..only the professional or smart people know. How many? Still the majority must be checKed to make sue vote for UMNO.
    So RPK is still the APPOINTED checker …to see how ordinary voters think..and UMNO is watching how many half past sixes are infact now smart voters…. and UMNO must change their tune again….if the checker…RPK does his job well….which he does.
    RPK I say..is UMNO checker.

  710. jeancumlately says:

    No kk46, I am not talking about the Azalina the Cabinet member, the minister of Youth that has something to do with Puteri UMNO. I was talking about azalina the womanizer, you know, the lesbian stuff. Dont get confused and get me into trouble lah…

    … and to clarify further…

    When I said KJ I meant the kera jantan and not Khairi Jamaluddin the oxford graduate investment banker son-in-law extraordinaire. I have so much respect for him. And patrick is just a contractor who did the renovation for my house and disappeared half-way. Nothing to do with patrick lim the monsoon cupper cum equine something. I dont think he would renovate my house.

    Stenson and mike, well, they are stenson and mike. Nite everyone.

  711. kittykat46 says:

    Patrick Lim Soo Kit is a very nice, decent guy, and I have known him since we were both kids.
    I still have contact with his family, but not him personally. He moves around in private jets and big Mercedes these days, we live in different worlds.

    He ran a moderately successful property development firm, then somewhere during the mid-1990’s got entwined with the Badawi gang.
    The rest, well, you know the story.

  712. monsterball says:

    Dedicated to Susan and jeancumlately.
    “Oh, the shark , babe, has sharp teeth dear
    And he shows them pearly white.
    Just a jack-knife has old Mac-heath babe
    And he kept it, out of sight.
    You know that shark bites with his teeth babe
    Scarlet bellows start to spread
    Fancy gloves though wears old Mac-heath babe
    So there’s never never trace of red.
    Now the sidewalk, ooh Sunday morning ah ha
    Lies a body just a-oozing life
    Eee, yeah someone’s sneaking round the corner
    Could that someone be mack the knife”
    PS:Song written and sung by the late Bobby Darin. So if someone try to be funny with you gals…just call mac-heath…I mean…monsterball.

  713. monsterball says:

    kittykat..Leave it to jeancumlately with her twisting tongue. She is waiting for one to agrees with her and then make you a sucker. I warn you all..she is a great teaser.,,but it takes huge talents to be like her…but cannot get marry type…simply too smart for all men…hahahahaghaha
    Live in okay.

  714. jeancumlately says:

    darn… now I have to stay awhile…

    Wow… so mean lah you monty. I dont think I made anyone from this blog a sucker. Geez, I never even met anyone…

    Cannot get marry type? Me? You mean like when two people fall in love, say “I do” and then live happily ever after? I thought you would be the one to tell me not to believe in it.

    On my twisted tongue… you are the first man to complain. The rest must be abnormal.

    Nite again.

  715. hawk says:

    I think hawk and monsterball are same person. A jekyll and hyde sort.

    Hawk is to check and balance for monsterball.

    Can u see a similarity?

    Monsterball is poetic, so was hawk. Somehow, there lies in the divide, a common boundary.

    best regards,


    er……I mean, hawk

  716. hawk says:

    Above is to let u see how ridiculous monty can be. Speculating RPK is sort of an UMNO plant.

    As for jean, dont be too upset ler. Expressions likened to sour grapes. The ploy is to make u guilty about yr behaviour towards them so u be more compromising, the next time they pass on you again.

    Its a lame game, monty. No wonder I disgusts you.

  717. obnoxious9 says:

    Hawk, I think I am your penis. Goodnite.

  718. hawk says:

    No wonder it was dull for a couple of days.

    Got to get it exorcised.

  719. monsterball says:

    jeancumlalety..I did say ‘i do” three times and found out it means nothing to both of us.
    In that sense…you are a smart gal not to say ‘i do’ to have a lasting loverboy.
    But you still cannot find one…because you treat most like ‘living doll’…just to play play.

  720. hantutelur says:

    Gosh, I thought the discussions could lead to something but it strayed away as usual.

    To answer some points by MB, first let me declare that I am an UMNO member, much more faithful to the party than Sheih but please don’t kill me, I’m not an UMNOputra nor a cybertrooper. UMNO members may wear the same cap but they don’t wear the same head.

    RPK can’t be UMNO’s mole not after being ISAed and being interrogated for 8 hours. He’s angry, daring and reckless but he can afford to be just like that being a royalty, a Sultan’s cousin and Agong’s friend at that. He somewhat got that immunity accorded to the royals, lest he will be just like the chinese cowards he told us about. I heard in this country if you are nobody you’ll get life sentence for carrying a toy gun.

    MB, I notice you got sort of vendetta against the MAB, wonder why? I thought once in a while you join them too, offering cigars and such. If not how come you know all their activities. I read their blogs too… but now after your revelation I am beginning to have second thoughts on them. Are their heads talking or the botol?

  721. monsterball says:

    hanty..There I was right…you are a party supporter commentator…but never mind
    Maybe I have reveal RPK so well..you are declaring you an UMNO member to confuse others….hahahahahah
    botol and mee rubus make them united.
    I have no vendetta. They have a conspiracy……to shut me up few months ago..remember?
    WHY?…because I ..ALONE…dare to confront them and expose their agendas.Offering a cigar and drink with your enemies like buddies…showed that I can be more cultured and daring than Mahathir to his enemies……hahahahahaha

  722. monsterball says:

    Sorry hantu ..mistyped your nick name.
    hi hantu…You UMNO member…you live your live. Die hard does not make you a better UMNO member than Sheih. UMNO can sack Sheih if he did wrong…but the top people are more smarter and broadminded than you. Sheih is just working…treat it as a job…and what a great post. Imagine an UMNO member being trusted by the biggest enemy. So wish him well and do not think all UMNO members work for opposition party companies are threat the the party or disloyal people. Maybe..he may vote for PAS..that is his rights….and I do hope many thousands of UMNO members vote opposition parties to give the country..a more meaningful democratic life. It should be that way…if they love the country more than the party.

  723. hantutelur says:

    The SOPO bloggers are not all pro-TDM. Some are pro-AI and some are PKR, DAP and PAS members. They have one thing in common, that is anti-PM and anti-UMNO, like kk46 said, they all flock together coz they have one common interest, to oppose the govt. And they sensationalise issues like any oppostion would do. Some stuff they claim may have some truth but just like the other party they are against, they hide some and show some, just to make it believable to people like us. Never mind which party I belong to, but I am Malaysian just like you. I don’t care what party you belong to either, Monty, to me it doesn’t matter. Back home I have friends from all the parties and we chat and work together. Politics are for politicians, we are here just to discuss them not to be like them.

  724. monsterball says:

    PAP in S’pore and UMNO in M’sia will say ..if you vote opposition party…no this or that… to frighten simple minded voters.
    They are banging on the hopes voters are greedy like them….and so they are.
    But in smarter and more advanced countries like USA and Britian….the voters do love the country more than themselves.
    Here is vote to benefit…especially from the Malays and actually it is the Chinese who are the smart voters…can swing their votes like Tarzan….making the monkies kepela pusin….not knowing how to catch them and be loyal to them.
    Money cannot buy vast majority Chinese voters!!
    Proof of being fair to all will appeal to them.They vote for progress…harmony …and children’s future in education.
    What do Malays voters vote for? Fortunately majority Malays also do not believe in certain UMNO leaders….even if they are UMNO members. These are the smart Malay voters..getting bigger and bigger in numbers every year..especially the young people. They care for the country…and have minds of their own.

  725. monsterball says:

    hantu…Rocky…shar101…Big Dog..a voice are the pro Mahathir bloggers. They make up the core of so call All Blogs.
    Others who are members like Patrick Teoh…is a very independent person…no one can buy him.
    Liz Wong and Jeff support other parties …. are not active in All BLOGS …so is Patrick Teoh. They socialize..yes…but are no pro Mahathir.
    They were there to support the two bloggers ..Rocky and Jeff… being sued by the government and got stuck in the so call rushed job of forming the All Blog . Sheih has pulled out. Susan …such a popular blogger was somewhat ignored….but they deny it.
    Get it very very clear…they are pro Mahathir..yet Umno members….anti-PakLah….thus everyday proving PM leadership is no good….not UMNO is no good. However..All Blog is no more recognized and after the elections…all will need desperately to search for jobs or some work to do. Now ..still dreaming to be as lucky as Sheih and Jeff.
    Employers are no fools.

  726. monsterball says:


  727. monsterball says:

    Good Morning FOLKS!
    The bad news is ..one of my fish died.
    The good news is ..I am seeing lots of little baby fish. I guess some fish just die after giving birth.

  728. bamboo river says:

    Good day everyone. Interesting discussions.
    All of you are moving towards a correct path regarding the political situation we are facing now, er….except Hawk ….keep on pricking Monty.
    Obnoxious9 was spot on!

    Jean , my buku 555 is always opened for teh tarik for you and everyone here. Hawk …..well…..can always consider if he is man enough to accept.

    Hantutelur is an UMNO member. Well, I have many malay friends from UMNO, PAS, PKR .
    As you had explained, we mix and have teh tarik at the warong with no problem. Politik is politik.
    Real ‘kawan’ will not put politik in between our friendship. Anyway, we all all Malaysians.

    RPK…..yes, I admired his bravery and ‘No holds barred’ attitude. My late father once told me our late Agung/Sultan Selangor is a very brave and fair person.

    About sopo bloggers, well, everyone has their agendas, their choice. Fine with me, as long as whatever they are championing for, its for the community, they will have my words of support.

    The only thing that worries me is, once the trophy is won, will they change?
    Big question isn’t it?

  729. hawk says:

    Sure u didnt spill some of “yours” in that aquarium? Stained used tissues mistakenly ended there etc?….Killed a mother fish and fertilised some eggs.

    I guess sex acts of fish will be rather boring for FISH, and m sure monty wouldnt want to be reborn a FISH.

    Imagine, the eggs and sperm are discharged into the waters, where they get fertilised. No physical contact at all!! Fun out of sex taken away.

    If this mode of fertilisation is for humans, there may be no need for religious conduct, or reasons for war. Becos all we gotta do is gang up in the rivers, seas, lakes, or now present day swimming pools, and all get done.

  730. hawk says:

    Sure, I notice some sobering up.

    But we are free to agree or disagree, right, That our comments are attacked, but not ourselves.

  731. monsterball says:

    bamboo river! I thought today is family day out.
    Maybe raining…change your mind?
    Yes bamboo river….that idiot keeps needling me to get attention he desperate needs.
    He thinks focusing on me….he will be a somewhat hero…..hahahahaha
    I love the way obnoxious9…one sentence to him…hahahahaha
    Notice he dare not response?
    No bamboo river…he can never bully me. He is the only blogging toy I play with…and I am not interested now….that’s what make him angry….as if I response to him…he feel he is somebody important. That’s how a parish thinks.
    Bamboo fish?…..hahahahahahaha

  732. monsterball says:

    Susan!! Perhaps 26000+++ spams…500 belongs to me…hahahahaha
    Seems like most messages are thrown out.
    Like jean said…FSZ3 on the way.
    How many total FSZ1 and FSZ2 now? Can anyone tell?

  733. hawk says:

    Obnox was responded…..of course, monty didnt understand…….


    No need to meet up ler. Prefer to be behind the screen. This is like a fools paradise for me. I can fool around yet not known for real.

    Haha Monty is getting what he used to give to others. Finally he met one who succeeded in pissing him off.

    Sure, this bull is pacing away….scared ler to lock horns with hawk the matador.

    Now he cant resort to expeltives becos postings get thrown to garbage, so have to shut his filthy mouth becos he got nothing else to say.

    Go fishing ler monty. If possible, get a swim too, without swim suit. Some male fish may mistaken yours as a female fish and squirt its sperm all over it. U hv been doing this without respect for women, about time u get squirted upon too, even so, by FISH.

  734. kittykat46 says:

    I deliberately tested Susan’s comments section for various kinds of words – it seems she has quite aggressive Spam blocking turned on.

    So if you want to avoid your comments getting blocked, don’t use all the usual expletives.

    There are many ways to scold someone in the English language without resorting to expletives. I’m ready to provide Free Tuition.

  735. jeancumlately says:

    Scanning thru’ today’s news. All charges against zakaria dropped. Bloggers are like karaoke singers. Government to bail out klang port authority. Another child gone missing. Ahhh… Raja Nazrin again. More girls than boys in university and the related debate over should men be househusbands. Mat rempits fought over a girl at selayang hospital leaving one mat rempit seriously dead. One fish died leaving behind orphaned little fishes.

    Now, where do we start? Teh tarik satu…

  736. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…An idiot with the thick onion face like Samy…..keep thinking how smart he is.
    TRY TRY HARDER…NOT ENOUGH PUNCH…but do make me laugh….listening to a lunatic talking.
    Has anyone experience listening to a one screw loose person talking?
    As much as I pity that person..what he utters out are miles ahead all logical sense and do make people laugh….not that it is an intelligent joke…but such such stupid childish points put out.
    hahahahahaha…Look at him talking about fish. Can anyone understand him?

  737. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately slept at 10pm last night!
    Reading papers and reporting to us….how sweet.

  738. kittykat46 says:

    I have to leave for my usual Saturday activities….will log in again tonight to try some good roti canai.

  739. monsterball says:

    Yip..kittykat…you are right…got few of miner thrown out…more often than ever…but if we complaint..Susan may put them out…like she did before…unless she feels they are endangering her blog….then quite understandable.
    Millionaire baby needs to cautious of jealous eyes.

  740. monsterball says:

    kittykat….You mean to Hotel Malaya and get fresh birds…not used yet.

  741. whispering9 says:

    hantutelur, very interesting conversation piece. Seriously, tell me more. What was hidden behind the usual lies and truths. Not more gossips or propaganda, I hope though. Then I would rather listen to MB and hawk talk about fishes evolution and AI ( not artificial intelligent…artificial insemination). Anyway, you much too intelligent for that. Tell me more…can only respond later at night after obnoxious9 tidur.

  742. bamboo river says:

    No lah Monty, Saturday half is finishing touches on my weekly projects. Another half is catch up some friends and later go back to do my regular housechores.
    SUNday reserved for family.

    Hawk, is a gone case lah. Sheep lost and I hope his Master sheperd will find him soon.
    Hawk, I don’t like to put words to you as I don’t want to spoil my weekend. So , this is what I am
    going to tell you….God Bless You!

    Jean, as usual a rose among the thorns. Sofia is the Lily and Padzac the Morning Glory.

    Susan…..ahhhh…she is the garden for all beautiful flowers.

    We guys are , bees,ladybirds (male) ,butterflies,wasps and humming birds.

    Aiya, kittykat46, want to scold people in english without being blocked very easy lah. But, no needlah for tuition.
    Just a few legit example…..
    1) People mountain , people sea.
    2) Big eye see no mountain.
    Translate above in cantonese.
    So, if we are to curse with all those dirty words from chinese to english also can .
    Basic cursery suffice for now.

    I think I should have a cup of coffee.
    “Mamak, kopi jantan ada jual kah?”

  743. jeancumlately says:

    OK… Kopi jantan siappp…

    BTW, I was driving to office today and what was so glaring was only 2 or three cars with malaysian flags. 6 days to merdeka and I wonder why I dont really feel it. And I guess I am not alone. Am I not being patriotic or am I just one pissed off cat?

    Like hantutelur, I am an umno member too eventhough I never donned that pink dress. No flag for this year because I dont want badawi to think that he is one helluva guy. Daulat Tuanku…

  744. hawk says:

    Aiya, that Port Kelang guy got relieved of all charges.

    Its just a show of force ler, between the royals and the govt.

    I guess the sultan of Selangor is fuming.

  745. bamboo river says:

    Jean, same here at my place lah. Out of 10 vehicles only 2 got flags . So, what’s going on?
    Saw the giant flags at Proton Center of Excellence complex at Kesas.

    Merdeka of 50 years looks gloomy.

    Maybe there will be a reversed of history?
    A Royal Prince will lead the country?
    Just like our Late Tunku Abdul Rahman?

    However, the only best memory of Merdeka that I always can recall is watching our famous singer
    the Late Sudirman Haji Arshad singing the unforgetable ….”Tanggal tiga puloh satu, bulan lapan , lima puloh tujuh…Merdeka,Merdeka……
    at Stadium Merdeka with his loooonnng Malaysia flag costume……those were the days of racial unity. I missed him. May his Soul rest in peace.
    I have to find his CD compilation .

  746. wits0 says:

    BR, how is the opiate of hype supposed to last much more than 50 years? Image, always about image and (subsequently)the hell with substance…despite all the endowment of rich natural resources including oil? the last may turn out to be a curse, if it hasn’t already. Pride, and hollow pride(spell vanity).

    Sure, understandably Proton flies a large flag ; it ostentatiously made one big and unkindly cut on the ordinary driving public, making driving less safe for them all.

  747. hutchrun says:

    Malaysia will descend into chaos if the social contract agreed upon 50 years ago was unraveled, said Umno leader Razaleigh Hamzah yesterday.

  748. monsterball says:

    hahahahahahaha…When all of you are here and especially bamboo river…you know that guy born without a father is talking normal…trying to be one of us.
    I noticed 4 letter words are totally censored…thrown to dustbin.
    Got to improvise.

  749. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river…Surdiman is no doubt one of Malaysis’s best showman. Sad he died so young.
    But he loves men and I know from the music world keep patronizing him….seeing all his shows whenever possible.
    He was like the evergreen… the one and only Anita Sarawak….seeing live is best.
    By the way….Anita Sarawak was a S’pore citizen. I guess now is Malaysian? Her live shows are truly entertaining…witty and lively…..for the past 35 years…no change.

  750. whispering9 says:

    Aiyah hutchrun,

    Do you think that the non-bumiputras have been waiting haplessly for the day of Armageddon to seek deliverance and redemption from this social contract. 50 years! Good grief…we have moved on and around this contract many moons ago. We did not emulate Big Chief Running Bull’s wait in settlements after signing social contracts with great white men. This social contract only stands as a racial libretto for politicians and activists to rally for public sympathy and votes. To me, only the intended recipients of this social contract, the bumiputras, should decide amongst themselves whether this policy has served them well or it has been abused by their appointed politicians and trustees. Ultimately, if there are good men and women in UMNO, they must stand up and re-examine their own futures more earnestly without the fear and intervention of the other races. This world has become flat with teh tarik and roti canai serve across borders. I rather listen to our resident odd couples, MB and hawk, timeless renditions of Shangri-La ‘living together and sharing together’. And how they populate our depleting fish resources. …hello I am back!

  751. whispering9 says:

    Hi hutchrun,

    Have I dedicated any song to you? Here is good song from my past….the trouble with old songs are the codes used to record them. It is best to click the pause button and listen to it say 5 minutes later. Geeez….where is Padzac ? Wonder if she tagged me?

  752. hantutelur says:

    My hometown is rural. National flags abundant. On cars, motorcycles, houses and shops. It’s Merdeka what we’re celebrating, not Badawi. Maybe rural folks are naive (or misinformed as some of you might claim) but that’s good for us. We are like 30-40 years behind the city folks, but that was the time when some of us want to go back, right? Especially Monty, then was his prime time. The time when, while we identified ourselves as Malay, Chinese, Indian, we celebrated Merdeka as Malaysians.

  753. monsterball says:

    hutchy is at it again!
    Sock it to him folks!

  754. hawk says:

    I must be naive.

    Actually I tot I tamed monty and made him more civil without expletives.

    Alas its not true, He got thrown out to garbage, one time too many, only to realise many foul words just can get thru.

    Amidst all these, I m entering into a business partnership with an ex Bumi class mate of mine, and no strings attached to govt opportunities. We are going in together as Malaysians and are aiming for world business. There is a spirit of sharing, and certainly no ali baba style.

    Our govt is STUPID. If they can put the act together and harness the power of the main 3 races, we will be a supreme economy in the world.

    The CHINESE can link us to CHINA, The INDIANS, INDIA . While the MALAYS can handle most of muslim MIDDLE EAST. (Malaysia is regarded as the most industrialised muslim majority nation). Collectively, this is more than 3/4 of the world market. And, we can have an inherent tied-in relationship base access to it!!. Which other country in the world can ask for such leverage?

    I m thinking of labelling a range of my products in ARABIC, and with anti American sentiments, I may gain a ready market. Wow. what a life, not needing to make for AMERICAN OEM brands.

  755. monsterball says:

    There are ways to describe you exactly like the four letter words…you worm.
    Law is law…and watch monsterball use his brain…you nickumpoo.
    How does a fatherless man who have a cow brain think?
    Well for a start today…to get govt. business. did we all not herd him say his product is worldwide and every home uses it?
    How does a double headed snake think?
    The great liar …his hero is Samy.
    Now hawkeye…..observe brain waves working.
    Everyone will know exactly how I describe you before…now and future will be the same….and MORE….to come.
    Go play with your small one…since sperms was what you were thinking last.Wife won’t let you in eeer?

  756. monsterball says:

    How’s your arse?…feel painful?

  757. monsterball says:

    Good Morning…. FOLKS!!
    Sunday sermon….dedicated to ONE idiot….for his God so love his beloved son…He will change the law and crucify him ..to be gone from this earth for good.
    Go guess who is hawkey godly father.

  758. monsterball says:

    Bingo!!….he loves to play or watch hockey..
    confirmed tamil snake.

  759. monsterball says:

    Never judge a person by the skin….as being black is due to the areas he lives in…hot and dry.
    But the untouchables in India..hockey boy ancestor cam from…..out of a few hundred …bound to have one cracko…liar..and all those I described.
    That is hawk right here…so my Indian friends…enjoy….laugh and I know none of you are offended….go play with my race…same bad apples also exists and let me f… him.
    Don’t be surprise…he was hit by a hockey ball to have such an onion face and pea brain.

  760. monsterball says:

    okay…let you all play with his fatherless hockey boy.
    Remember…he got a system to get govt. business and penetrate to USA market..to fool USA govt. import policy. What a satanic man he is…………hahahahahahaha

  761. stcin says:

    ….so sad, NAZRIN doesn’t bother to respond ……..sigh !

  762. monsterball says:

    Braggart with a think short dick is suffering from lack of respect and attentions….he want so much.
    Dickhead better half is not satisfied….keep playing his joystick to let out sperms and feed to his fish..and turn that experiences on me…hahahahahahaha. He keeps searching for a punching bag….got few he thinks he can bully…did scare Mike away…then focus on monsterball only…to prove what a hero he is.
    All f..him..yet he still dream on and on….imagining he won this or that…and keep trying to prove he is smarter than me.
    On Sunday…suppose to be sinless day..he made it his sin day…by talking dirty business …how to cheat USA importing policy and team up with a malay to hookwink govt.business.

  763. monsterball says:

    stcin..What the hell are you talking about and feeling sad?
    Cheer up man…and don’t have false dreams…wishes or hope.

  764. padzac says:

    me morning glory ah.. LOL. ask my husband and he will tell u i’m very grumpy in the morning hehehe. my bedroom and balcony painting is finally finished. now waiting for the bedroom floor to be installed.

    i cannot afford any of these renovations.. i thought why not lah. its for me, my birthday is coming up. so you people dont forget to wish me on friday. and have some tea in my honour. any tea, black, white, green, purple.. just drink it for me… ok

  765. padzac says:


    nazrin cannot respond lah. u must consider his position also. but he has been giving some powderful speeches. however, the majority of malaysia does not know abt these speeches. most people never bothered to read it when the star printed the speech a few months ago.

    how many people you know are waving the flag? people just dont love their country enough. as long as they are ok, their kids are ok… for them everything is ok. they dont know we need the change for generations to come.

    i am just so sick and tired of everything that is happening. my own father is a staunch supporter of “u know who”. he think that man can do no wrong. nonsense, i tell him… just because he came and shook your hand and did some small talk with u… he good man ah????

    i even showed him some of the articles, i printed out. he said its all slander… (nonsense), i give up lah on my father. i cannot understand how the indians have been so “put aside” all these years and continue supporting “u know who”.

    for the indians as long as the tv stations show all the good and latest indian movies, they are happy. how stupid is that lah. i am just so sick of my own race right now.

  766. hantutelur says:

    indian movies are good lessons for indian ppl. see how they portray mafias and corrupted police and ministers in the movies, tell your dad, padzac, it happens here in malaysia too. don’t just enjoy the fight and sing and dance parts only.

  767. stenson says:

    You have good reasons to be sick of your own race.I am sick of your race since i was born haha.Fortunately you are an exception.

  768. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Folks,
    Susan’s Free Speech Zone 2 now has 766 comments

    Breakdown of commentators
    Monsterball 304
    Hawk 96
    Kittykat46 60
    Jeancumlately 57
    wits0 52
    Bamboo River 41
    Whispering9 39
    Hantutelur 30
    Stenson 20
    Padzac 18
    Hutchrun 12
    stcin 11 (same as stenson ?)
    Various Others 10

    Don’t worry, I didn’t do it manually.

    kittykat46 earns a living by making sense of tonnes of complex data every day , I’m a bit of a wizard with html and excel.
    Susan’s Blog is my teh-tarik break time.

    Have fun !

  769. hutchrun says:

    So this`ll make it 13 comments. For hawk who`s got 96. So what you think of this comment at ew`s blog:

    “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666″ (Rev. 13:16-18).


  770. monsterball says:

    Thanks Ancut Nyamai. I don’t need protection. Susan will know what is right or wrong for her blog…and I will not hold her responsible if anything happens to me.
    I prefer to create my own interpretations to replace the fouls words I use frequently to stay faithful to my own feelings…not let others to guide me.

  771. monsterball says:

    kittykat…No good…where is Mike…obnoxious9…v9…virgin9…sofia etc? Did you lump them all up into my count?…hahahahahaha. In proper book balancing..I will not hire an accountant like you.
    But why not….you praise me for contributing to Susan’s success by 50%…..hahahahahahaha
    Get one massage FOC from me. Owe first…pay you when we meet one day for cigar and coffee with bamboo river and Black.
    Will be at Central Market on Merdeka Day to hear him sing. Love to have few of you join me and have a party.

  772. monsterball says:

    FOLKS! Don’t join any so call Organization and pay a yearly subscription for protections on using foul words.
    Be free…..post without fear nor favor.
    Most of these are also created to earn millions for their own pockets. Be careful!
    As for me…I have said ..as above…and will be prepare to stop commenting..if there are too much restrictions on me. Susan has responded and I think she will release any of my comments with foul words…and take the risks with me…if I request for it…but as a guest…why give her problems?.

  773. hantutelur says:

    so good to know that i’m 10% of monsterball

  774. monsterball says:

    ‘Others” 10…kittykat?
    100% accurate? If so….okay lah.
    What about FSZ 1?

  775. monsterball says:

    hantutelur………You mean you are 90% better than me? Speak clearly lah.

  776. monsterball says:

    At Sheih’s blog..he is talking about Husam taking on Pak Lah and so all opposition leaders should take on those BN and UMNO big guys and one by one …same race to contest against each other.
    To finish the job in uniting people…
    PABS and All Blogs should fight it out in a contest to represent bloggers.
    Sheih to take on leader…Rocky
    Susan to take on side kick Zorro
    Monsterball to take on all machais…Big Dog..shar101…”a voice” and balls carrier simon wee.
    Looks like soon everybody be united or go to hell.
    PS” PABS..is “Preventing Animals Being Slaughtered” and “People’s All Blogs Society”…no own building yet…..poor lah..but huge huge amount of supporters..from kittykat surveying informations…hahahahahahaha
    Who do you vote for? NO SECRET VOTES!! All open… no fear type.

  777. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Everyone
    The Free Speech Zone 1 had a total of 1879 comments, breakdown by commentators below

    monsterball 680
    wits0 198
    hawk 178
    padzac 139
    kittykat46 103
    jeancumlately 83
    whispering9 65
    stenson chin 50
    bamboo river 49
    bennyloh 36
    stenson 35
    simon wee 31
    susan loone 30
    hutchrun 28
    hantutelur 24
    sofiairdina 17
    virgin9 14
    noname 13
    silverwolf 13
    v9 13
    sloone 11
    Anon 6
    obnoxious9 5
    drifting arrow 3
    Freethinker 3
    jinbaragas 3
    monsterball redux 3
    monstermeatball 3
    stcin2 3
    anonymous 2
    notsosmart 2
    obnoxious 10 2
    peter quah 2
    Philip Lau 2
    SunDev 2
    the ducky 2
    v9, virgin 9 & whispering9 2
    Arifabdull 1
    ball-less_monster 1
    Black 1
    california2007 1
    FREE SPEECH ZONE « “may the truth saves us all” 1
    Go Swee Wah 1
    hasilox 1
    irfan 1
    jeancumearly 1
    Linken Lim 1
    luclai 1
    Mason From Kuching 1
    morkee 1
    Moses Foo 1
    Nora aka Anon Fm. Miri 1
    Peter 1
    pong 1
    Rajah 1
    Raksasa Jahat 1
    slinger 1
    stcin 1
    the duck 1
    The Gremlin. « O.B.E. 1
    zainuddin maidin 1

  778. hawk says:

    The bar code system has linking to 666.

    the 2 bars 9longer strokes) at beginning, at middle at at end of code are of a spacing that is decoded to the number 6. Check out the number 6 on the left side of the barcode system. The spacing is same as that of the beginning, middle and end bars.

    www can also be linked to 666. w is the 23rd alphabet. When u multiply 2 X 3 , its 6 !.

    Are these situations of coincidences that is building up to a 666 society? Becos if one is not allowed to use www or 666 by any authority, one is wiped out of business.

  779. hawk says:

    The bar code system has linking to 666.

    the 2 bars 9longer strokes) at beginning, at middle at at end of code are of a spacing that is decoded to the number 6. Check out the number 6 on the left side of the barcode system. The spacing is same as that of the beginning, middle and end bars.

    www can also be linked to 666. w is the 23rd alphabet. When u multiply 2 X 3 , its 6 !.

    Are these situations of coincidences that is building up to a 666 society? Becos if one is not allowed to use www or 666 by any authority, one is wiped out of business.

    This is in reply to hutchrun.

  780. hawk says:

    See how, prolific monty is? He talks to himself and does not know it. Mad fella.

  781. kittykat46 says:

    The little marks to the left and right and in the middle of the UPC bar code are called “synchronization marks”.
    They help the barcode reader recognise that its reading a real barcode, not just a random collection of lines, determines the scaling of the barcode. The equipment has to be able to read barcodes of a wide variety of widths.

  782. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….That jarkun who likes to brag does not read how my friends talk back to me..miss me….and realize ….more than half of my messages were F…him….a drum leader that make others follow suite…f… him too.
    And when guys response to him without me drumming up…..are also calling him an idiot.
    The only thing he got it correct is I am a prolific writer…and to be one…must have great varieties of subjects and experiences. Otherwise all will tell me to get lost. And Susan getting million hits…means visitors love reading me..f..a Samy clone.He….. born with out a father has to focus calling me names…yet I gave him ten times more than he can describe me. None of his are valid..but keep showing what a suck man he is.
    Me mad fella…okay lah….better than liar….onion face…braggart…idiot and what have you…and usually a sickening jealous pea brain worm cannot differentiate smart and keep showing how shallow his brain is.
    Now tell me..how on earth a man who runs huge factories have so much time to talk so much cock and bull? And when he talks businesses…he is exposing he is the real 666 man….any followers? NONE.

  783. monsterball says:

    kittykat…If you can get total messages put out from all sites…then that will be the final and most accurate report. It may have a list of more than 5o writers.
    Somehow ..you are proving you are a wizard…and onion face is cashing into your talent.
    What will he not do next?

  784. monsterball says:

    FOLKS!! Notice a con man trying to get me paying money to be protected is being deleted by Susan?
    Never..I repeat never allow anyone to convince you to pay any subscriptions for this or that.
    Only Malaysiakini did that long long ago and proving to be an internet newspaper….yet it must be exciting to keep getting members renewing it.
    One group is trying hard to be like them..you know who and everyone was forewarned by me.
    RPK could easily do it….but he never did. In that sense..he is a special blogger.
    Con men usually are smart blokes. Be careful!!

  785. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…usually snaky hockey stick will blast out reading I have contributed 680 out of 1879.
    He will use all his ammunitions to say..there I told you so….but he just ignore that .
    Getting Susan responded once…he learned so fast….because that idiot knows it is a compliment to me…so apologize and move on. Now he still say I chase people out…yet dare not use what kittykat’s report to prove his point.
    What a cunning Indian snake he is.

  786. hawk says:


    Sure, but the codes are as per the spacing between two lines. For ea number , the spacing remains same and not random. You will notice the bars which code the number 6 on the right side of of the bar code has the same spacing as the bars at the start, middle and end!!


    Yr peer is monty, I would assume u n some else who regard him as such, do not realise his likes will be likened upon you when you subscribe to him. He has even claimed to be a desecrator of virginal or just freshly stained vaginas and proud of it. Say aye to it and let us hear your support of this mad man so we can classify the some here to his group, as same flock.

    And, I m not TAMIL, but if I am, I am not ashamed of it. He judges skin, He disrespects women, He mocks religion. If not for control, we will see only expletives from all his entries.

    And Susan could hold the record of having the most millions of foul explicits in her blog. Thats a record one can be proud of?

  787. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha..Instigating Susan and bamboo river..and insulting with twisted tongue about me…well not full tamil…maybe a mamak…worst still. He knows he has tamil blood for sure.
    That idiot does not know supporting slightly used virgins are noble cause and responsibilities by men for thousands of years…hahahahahaha
    What a backward brain he has.
    Yip…this born without a father is sure a son of a no name gun….shooting sperm from his small water pistol to his fishes. now that his wife ignores him…..hahahahaha

  788. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Hawk,
    The synchronisation marks are NOT number 6 !

    Just to be clear – 1 represents dark line, 0 is light.
    Left/ Right Synchronisation Mark = 101
    Middle Synchronisation Mark = 01010
    The Actual Code for 6 = 1010000

    What you fail to see are the four light (zero) bars needed to form the full code for Six.

    I’m familiar with this because unfortunately I’m of the age when we actually had to write our own software to read and write barcodes.

    I got kicked “upstairs” into Management years ago, but I still know my stuff, OK.

    Many of the young IT guys these days couldn’t tell you this – they’re just “Black Box Users”, hehehehe..

  789. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…Teaching a successful blogger like Susan how to run a blog!!
    What’s next non supporter of slightly used virgin…or are you such a sickening hypocrite…two face idiot with no balls to write the truths because afraid wife but berak pills into you coffee? If you are what you are…your small dick is not worth money spent out to support these poor souls….not money’s worth…….hahahahahahaha…. what a smart bloke you are…so play your joystick yourself.
    With this idiot…nothing surprises me.

  790. monsterball says:

    Now he is trying to tell kittykat he knows more…infact everything he knows more than others……hahahahahahaha

  791. monsterball says:

    hi bloody sick man from India…….Susan has thank all contributors to her success.
    What are you such an idiot?

  792. monsterball says:

    Now that I have tested all my substitutes for foul words to hawkeye…I am contented.
    He got stung…as usual……otherwise he will not complaint to Susan…..hahahahahahahaha

  793. monsterball says:

    ‘He judges skin, he disrespects women. He mocks religion.”…so said half tamil..half animal…crazy nut.
    Open your eyes….all type of skins talk to be as friends here. Are you so blind?
    hahahahahaha..This is the best..disrespecting women. He insulted Susan…the blog owner so many times…teaching her how to run a blog and will not stop until Susan say yes…which Susan simply ignore him…unless his insults go beyond the norm…..yet he never learn. Disrespecting women by supporting slightly used virgins?….hahahahahaha….I have said enough.
    And he HIMSELF is mocking all religions twist it…and say it is me. witsO is the one battling him on religion…he forgot. He is such a thick thick skin braggart ..that he forgot what he wrote months ago……and now change his tone….and keep that onion face getting more layers and thicker everyday.
    Usually born again Christians are better than before…but this small prick guy with great inferiority complexes …putting out superiority fronts want to show how smart he is by taking each and everyone. in evey subject and when brain cannot work…put out a sarcastic comment…never change. …getting worst and more cunning than ever….definitely no manners to blog owner.
    Actually…ignoring him is best solution…but I needed to test my new style…and make sure my feelings of him are true to me.
    It works! He can feeeel me….hahahahahaha

  794. hutchrun says:

    hawk: This is in reply to hutchrun.
    That thing about barcodes is a fable.
    Now guess where you find `6666 verses`
    If you don`t know just do a google search, `6666 verses`and click the 1st item. It`s from the Washington Times.

  795. monsterball says:

    He mocks Jesus so much…that what he is today is what he deserves.

  796. wits0 says:

    Hawk, “And Susan could hold the record of having the most millions of foul explicits in her blog. Thats a record one can be proud of?”
    Not a valid critique or tactful expression as I see it as it’s wrong to imply blame on to Susan over expletives not expressed by her. Your own hands(mouth, or fingers on the keyboard, as you like it) wasn’t impeccably clean either.

    What if I were to imply that your poor knowledge of Biblical content is reflecting badly on Christianity?

    Yes, I’m incidentally more inclined to be critical of boss types because I haved experienced some of the worse infernal types.

  797. kittykat46 says:

    I’ve never ever read Susan write any expletives on her blog.

  798. Ancut Nyamai says:

    Susan wrote:

    hey everyone, what is this that i have started moderating? I haven’t. but i do wipe out impersonators. it’s one thing to use different nicks and another to impersonate. i hate the latter.

    I recalled of posted some comments about sexual fantasy here. The blogowner surely knows who I am but as she averred of hating the latter, (refer to the above caption, does it mean she changes her whimsical vagaries by deleting my duality of nicks and commentery as i couldnt find my postings. Anyway, no hard feelings, for there must be reason/s best known to her. Keep it up lady and cheer up. hahahahaha.

  799. monsterball says:

    hi another born without a father…Ancut Nyamai….Stop trying to con people here!! You have been doing it off and on….all deleted by Susan. She was not born yesterday….neither am I. You tried to con me personally …just three days ago….I exposed you….Susan deleted you….so what?
    Your double talk to Susan will not work.
    You are not commenting..but putting out this or that to get suckers. Cannot work….blame the blog owner.
    Get the hell out of here!!

  800. monsterball says:

    If there is no hard feelings…why comment….you double headed snake person.
    Even con person can be a sore looser? What have I not seen.
    GET LOST!!

  801. monsterball says:

    ‘my duality of nicks”….so admit this person with different nicks… no dignity…no shame…..yet complaint.
    Another jealous one?
    I learn so much ..how a person can stoop so low .. no backbone..a sickening coward…ONLY from blogs.
    In real life….these are the has been…no future…no hope and God help the children….that is if Ancut Nyamai is married. I hope not.

  802. wits0 says:

    What’s the point and (worthy) rhyme and reason for using multiple nicks?

    Impersonating another really rachets up the suspicion that a commentator is intending mischief. The context of impersonated postings also tend to substantiate some bad motive.

    The anti spam system in Blogs may not always be 100% accurate via automation. Legitimate comments can once in a while also land in the spam bin.

  803. monsterball says:

    Good Morning Folks!
    hahahahahahaha…witsO must have few of his legitimate comments landed in dustbin.
    yea…sock it to her…I think…as she addresses me ‘dear monsterball’…trying to con me. And look at how she addresses Susan…”Susan wrote:”….Must be fed up Susan spoiled her chances to con for a living.
    Lets see US19.99 ..around RM65?
    Wow….get 1000 suckers…very rich. Have we not read few con cases in papers….some by the millions?
    One nick exposed..try another nick?

  804. monsterball says:

    Biggest football bookies are from Malaysia.
    Taksin bought Manchester City…add vooooomp to big time gambling.
    Biggest daylight robbers…Malaysia
    Biggest hypocrites…..Malaysia
    Biggest amount of frauds and cheats…base on population…Malaysia
    Biggest amount of half past sixes running a country….Malaysia
    Biggest amount of bad taxi drivers in the world…Malaysia
    Biggest amount of drug addicts driving public Mbuses..Malaysia
    Biggest amount to unnecessary accidents resulting many deaths…Malaysia
    Biggest amount of people buying houses in Perth..Australia…Malaysia
    Biggest amount of students owing to government money…no intentions to pay..Malaysia
    Biggest banks bull shitting policies….Malaysia
    Biggest amount of stink bombs with durian and petai smell…..Malaysia
    Biggest amount of foul word used in blogging……Malaysia…ME!!
    Biggest consumers of indian food outside India…Malaysia.
    Biggest car buyers..based on population…Malaysia..at least two cars per person…..poor and middle car folks..not the rich ones.
    Biggest boraks in the world….Malaysia
    PS: kittykat…How is my survey?

  805. monsterball says:

    There witsO..Wrote a long list of Biggest of the world…using refine words..thrown to the dustbin.
    SUSAN dear…put it out! Thanks.

  806. kittykat46 says:

    Haha Monsterball…I think Zimbabwe beats Bolehland on some of the “biggest” statistics…

  807. kittykat46 says:

    Ancut Nyamai is actually a regular in another guise ? Wah….let me guess Stenson/ Michael ? Or Hawk ?(!)

  808. hawk says:

    Oh my!!

    Must have touched some truths which are really sore nerves and painful to monty.

    See, how infuriated he is !!. Whats wrong with a mamak? One achieved premiership in bolehland. Whether he did it well or not is another matter, But, he did became a PM.

    See, he exposes his prejudices and paranoia.

    Now, I m enjoying myself thorougly, becos I can manipulate MONTY. I m in CONTROL. Sooner or later he will get tamed. Once tamed, I will train him up. And, all done in cyper space. Wow!! First time something wild is tamed up in cyber.

    I think following this, at least 50 of yr comments will get thrown in garbage, due to excessive expletives. As a hint, try using the real technical terms to describe those foul words. They wont be thrown out.

    Sure, kitty, but do understand , the DEVIL is deceptive in his ways. Thx for yr inputs anyway…….never claimed to be correct abt this, but just a tot.

  809. Ancut Nyamai says:

    Thank You for your (responsible?) criticisms Monsterball. If my commenteries which were deleted were re-instated, only then you have the opportunity to find any slanderous(?), vexatious(?) remarks against anything or anyone other than kinky embellishments.

    I only question the blog-owner as of her deletion whether my commenteries are obsence or was it my nick that merits her action? Apparently, having dragged countless of commenters to FREE SPEECH ZONE to trade tirades, u even have the guts to demand me to “GET OUT OF HERE?”.

    Talking about CON and CONNIVING repeatedly and accusing many of such acts by intepreting and distorting facts to support your self-rightoeus
    conclusions, I deemed it it pointless to engage u in a time wasting quarrels.

    As of your DEMAND for my removal of any postings or even viewing, I will do as u wish.

    However, my aforesaid opinions does not apply to bona-fine commenters like WitsO nor anyone else.

    Like I mentioned I find it ‘amusing’ for the blog-owner to delete my postings.

    Let me assure you that this will be my last posting
    in THE FREE SPEECH ZONE, MR. GATE-KEePER, monsterball.

  810. kittykat46 says:

    Never quarrel with the Blog Owner. It is after all, his / her personal space. Of course, Susan is pretty open minded on the amount of latitude she give us, but in the end its her call.

    Not to forget, as the authorities make abundantly clear to RPK and Nat Tan, they hold the Blog Owner jointly accountable for the comments posted on the blog.

  811. whispering9 says:

    Dearest Ancut Nyamai…

    You should have observed by now how hawk and some of us have either become onion skinned or deaf (namely, me). Jean described this FSZ evolution as ‘rojak’. Spam killer is a rather funny software especially set to high level mode. If you have logged in with your blog I.D. which have been invaded by spywares or unauthorised tagging sources…you can be sent to the dustbin. In fact, a few of the bloggers’ sites have spywares attached to their comment sections. Recently, one commentator even planted a ‘virus’ into the link at the comment section of EW blog. How disgusting! Try logging in with a new mail ID. Sometimes when you logged using free hotspot Wifi which have been used repeatedly for spamming…you can be rejected into the dustbin. One thing I am sure…susan is usually not aware of the ‘rubbishing’ unless you do what you just did at 12.40am. Btw…she is on leave now, nope? So no response from her now la. Most of the time, in FSZ, I talked to myself like a looner. Who cares. hohoho.

  812. monsterball says:

    whisperinng9..well said ans Susan is not on leave.She is just keeping quiet like a gracious host.
    Goodbye Ancut Nyamai….Until you learn to respect the blog owner rights….don’t cash on free speeches and do a you like….and certainly not from other bloggers too. Being sarcastic to me does not help….but okay…you can call me jaga pintu…if you like. take care…and do come back…if you want to put sensible comments and be friends to all.

  813. whispering9 says:

    Let me dedicates this timeless piece to our new found friend…Ancut Nyamai…hopefully is someone new and not stenson , hawk or micheal.

    Wonder why she hasn’t stop my incessant youtube dedications or spaming? Still cannot figure it out yet. Merdeka.

  814. monsterball says:

    hi Ancut Nyamai..I read your two messages…both directed to me…with ‘dear monsterball”….remember?
    You are trying to con me….and if I fall into your trap….hundreds will follow.!
    Don’t be too nice….just get lost.

  815. monsterball says:

    Why does a so call holy nut wants a nick call hawk?
    Eagle represents American…Garuda..which is hawk represents Indonesia.
    Hawk and eagles are the same?
    So why does a half tamil choose hawk as his nick?
    H A W K
    1.Can it be….Hantu Attack Woman’s Kopitiam?
    2.What about Hidden Agenda With KTmoc
    3.Hatam Almighty With Kris?
    4.Hookwinck American With Kickapoo
    5 Oh my…can it be..Have Another Wife…Kapook!!
    But I think it is Hell And Worm Kingdom…and he is the King.
    No matter how many others correct and hate him…he just ignore and start all over again.
    But then…he is special..born without a father.

  816. jeancumlately says:

    Ancut Nyamai – how do I pronounce that anyway? So kuat merajuk meh? Kena censored once in a while okay what? Do like Gwen Stefanie lah, cover sikit ler… still can continue with the show, what… People wants to hear her singing and not her moaning mah… Apply the same rule la.

    Wow w9… I forgot referring this fsz as rojak already. Your memory is amazing.

    Monty and hawk saga… newbies would’ve mistaken them for spouses. They hate each other but still go back to the same home. I bet they miss each other too. Sooo cute.

  817. monsterball says:

    jean..If we are spouses…’her’ backside hole will be enlarge by my hockey stick…few times bigger than normal size..and he can go to hell.
    Don’t tell me..you can imagine hawk as the man…no way!!

  818. monsterball says:

    whispering9….Don’t accuse others with different nicks when you have two more.
    Who knows….you and hawk maybe the same person…as you forgot your pass…virgin9 ..v9.. and accused others of the same game you play…just like hawk.
    stenson cannot have two nicks. If he has….he will be man enough to say it.

  819. monsterball says:

    Now who wants to go to Central Market on the 30th…at 8pm..to blogger Black singing. I understand Susan maybe there.
    Put out your names and I will tell Black..first two drinks for each person in on me.
    No one wants this good offer..good…I save some money. Each will get Black’s DVD worth RM15 FOC….limited to the first 10.
    With all these goodies…still no one want to come…I will resign as Black’s self appointed promotional manager.
    Bamboo river said cannot come…just to let you all know.

  820. monsterball says:

    Okay …If no response for next 24 hours…I can report to Black…all are not free to go ..or will not want to reveal their true person.
    jean…come to think of it…you are encouraging hawk to keep needling me!!
    Don’t poke fire lah. I hate him like poison and he is just a jealous child…looking in every way for attentions. So many tell him off…but you keep ignoring and you keep complimenting him….thus his nonsense will continue.
    Why like that ….buddy?

  821. stenson says:

    Knock knock who is there? where is the housekeeper?Busy preparing for merdeka?I drop in next time around.Have a good day.I am surprised jean can keep silence…normally she is a chatterbox.Adios my friends…adios senorita and adios amigo.

  822. kittykat46 says:

    Welcome back Michael..Oops…got the name wrong..

  823. whispering9 says:

    Hohohoho…that is a good one!

  824. jeancumlately says:

    W9, christmas already kah?

    Now another tittle for me; a chatterbox. Thanks… and I am saying it with a finger.

    Monty, I am sorry. i did it on purpose. I dont want you to stop your exchanges with hawk. Like I said, its sooo cute…

  825. stenson says:

    which finger? i bite it off next time you show it to me.I might kiss it you never know……pujaan hati ku jean jean jean.

  826. monsterball says:

    whispering9 and kittykat…don’t tease stenson and chase him away. I will f…both of you ..upside down.
    So be forewarn.

  827. bamboo river says:

    Ha,ha,ha,ha, Monty, “f…both of you…upside down”…..I had just digested my curry mee sooner than expected!

    Monty, I had informed Black I could not make it to his performance. Anyway , hope you and maybe Susan and all will have a good time supporting Black.

    I just want to tell you , Monty, I am very keen on your comments at the main site “Merdeka message”

    That was a good piece of writing, I had read them over again to see the picture of what you had drawn regarding the chaos in our country’s political situation.

    Hey Stenson my friend, you are planning a holiday this coming Merdeka? Have a good time but remember to come back…FSZ that is.

    Jean is prodding Monty with a carbene lit torch which may inadvertantly burned Monty’s cigar ….LOL.

    So, Jean….balik kampung kat Ijok ke?
    Don’t forget to tell the kampung folks about the danger of carbene bamboo cannon.

    Oh before I forget..Padzac…..Morning Glory is the most enchanting and beautiful flower.
    I like the purple color type. Only thing is it will bloom at sunrise and wither by about noon.

    So, I hope your morning grumpiness will change lah.

    Have you treated your bedroom floor ( I guess must be parquet) with anti termite?
    Just a reminder that’s all.

  828. jeancumlately says:

    Does it matter which finger, stenson? Just make sure you are of legal age! I dont want to be charged with statutory … well, its bad for my reputation.

    Monty, if there is anybody who teased stenson the most, it has to be me lah…

  829. monsterball says:

    There you go again..jean.
    Those two are dirty pricks…you are sweet pussy.
    stenson will f..me if I f..you for teasing him.
    The more you tease..the more he gets crazy of you…and that’s exactly what you want.
    So don’t get plenty smart with old fox…hahahahaha

  830. jeancumlately says:

    Hi BR… I dont know. In fact, I dont even have a plan yet. Dont worry about the Ijok folks. They know how to handle carbene or even carbene lit torch pretty well. However, I am still confused about carbene and carbide.

    Monty, do I look like somebody with a diabetes?

  831. monsterball says:

    There jean again replied to me strangely.
    I guess it’s true…she likes stenson and is blushing ..so talk nonsense.
    Lets see..’diabetes’….a disease where sugar and starch are not easily digested by the body.
    If jean is saying stenson is like a sugar pie to her…ah that’s good news.
    That means I am the starch..and you know what starch can make…glue…which means asking me not to stick to her like glue to chase stenson away.
    okay lah….say it straight…and don’t let me crack my head too much.
    ‘Merdeka message” site is already taking me too much..brain can burst..so be kind….jean.

  832. monsterball says:

    Actually this bloody jean is fighTing me at two fronts!
    How cruel can a wiper..I mean sniper be.
    Killing me softly….for what?
    HI BAMBOO RIVER!!….Glad you learn something on my messages at ‘merdeka ‘ site.
    Morning glory…mostly at cold places and bloom every morning….nice flower…but it is so fragile…like padzac?

  833. stenson says:

    Have a nice holiday bamboo river and your family.Nice to have a friend like you.
    Thank you monty for taking care of jean what you called…pussy?Have a happy merdeka.
    Dont let me fall in love with you naughty jean.You have been teasing me since day one.I cant help cinta pada mu.Ku ingin selalu di samping mu.Jangan marah ya.
    My name is stenson chin and my trade mark is drifting arrow.I have no other name.I chose to ignore when ppl are too suspicious of others.Dont play guessing game here.If i dont have the gut to use my name i would rather not comment.

  834. monsterball says:

    hi stenson…I always know you have one nick.
    Go to hell with those trying to chase you out. They do that to me many times…very thick skin blokes..don’t know who is Drama King.
    Glad your drifting arrow keep coming back to you.
    Yes bamboo river is righteous and brave like you.
    We also can click!
    Now back to pussy{cat} jean…she really like you…but in my olden days..chase a girl ..the most one year..cannot get…give up. So you still have 6 months from the day you declare your love to her…don’t give up.
    You have to understand..she was played out by a chinese …took off RM25k!!!
    So be supportive and understanding…but as for me…I better get lost. She is mean and sarcastic to me nowadays.

  835. hawk says:

    If monty is my hubby, I bet u, he ll cummed so ….oooommmmph and he wont need another.

    And, jean , u can cum as late as u want , becos monty has cummed his brains out.

    Well, its sad really, I guess our episode is ending. Just picture this wrestling ring, I m in the middle urging monty to cum out of his corner. He just string himself there, refuse to untie loose. He s scared, tired, defeated and most of all………………….finally cummed, fully cummed, completely cummed, cummed cum. The end!!

  836. monsterball says:

    Good Morning to all..except the nut.
    Make up your mind to celebrate UMNO’s divide to rule…race and religion…or real FREEDOM on Merdeka Day.

  837. hawk says:

    Thier rule is to Divide and then Rule the Divided?

    Lets let the RULERS rule them out!!

    They r incompetent about this strategy. They even divide themselves as they are not capable of dividing equally thier looting of our NATION.

    The RM600 m that Najib took, cant even be divided properly to end up with someone getting blown up.

    BADAWI is now bamboo…..wait a minute , not bamboo river., But like a bamboo, swaying to the wind…..non vertebrae etc etc. Initially, I tot he was being careful, as like defusing a bomb. Now I see he is scared, and not defusing any bomb but pretending to do so. It has taken too long.

    MERDEKA is here, at the blogs, not out there.

    Here we see minds, we see hearts. We see the person as he is.

    Our nicks dont tell our race, our creed or our beliefs. Our minds reveal us who want what we really are. And we got chance to thrash it out with anyone who wants to deal with us, the true us.

  838. hawk says:

    Good morning monty.

    Sorry for borrowing your idea.

  839. bamboo river says:

    Awwww…Hawk.,….you must be highly deficient on self egostic gamma rayed sperm!
    What lah you…..tak habis habis cum,cum,cum!
    Don’t spoil the garden with your filthy,smelly, messy stuff lah.!
    What are stupid jerk with a brain of a whampatan .

    You think you are a man with a pair a balls behind that pc constantly instigating Monty ah?

    You are really buang tabiat lah.
    Why no other thing to say ?

    Show your respect to our ladies here man.
    I am telling you now, if you want to write your dirty sexual stuff, please leave Jean or any other ladies out.

    The priest whom had baptised you (if you are baptised lah) ……God bless him.

    If you prefer to be a ballless coward and stick behind that pc of yours , than for your bloody sake, keep your dirtysexual stuff to your self.

    What a pathetic moron you are. Some more talk christianity but the mind and heart filled with satan’s shit and vomit !

    Sorry, I have to scroll far away from the above comment to avoid below comments from being contaminated.

    Jean, check on wiki for Carbene and Carbide. You will get to understand the difference. Nowadays any info is at our finger tips mah.
    No need to search in the library like I used to do years ago.

    Stenson, you and the rest except that puny bird are friends to me man!

  840. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…witsO and hutchrun must be laughing too!

  841. bamboo river says:

    Susan dear, my 8.30 a.m. 29th Aug comment lost in cyber space.
    Thank you.

  842. stenson says:

    I dont think jean is mean to you.Jean has always been sarcastic – that is jean.She can be sarcastically seductive.She does not like me.It does not matter.She is broad minded and she can play with words to make you confused.Must be a chinese guy who ripped off her 25k – pretty smart.
    The spirit of merdeka is not there.I dont feel a thing.The feelings of resentment,anger,frustrations
    and being marginalised are too much for the chinese in particular.Dont get me wrong.I love this country too much and i cant bear to see my race sufferings in silence.I dont think the royalty can do much.Feelings helpless and blur blur.Guess this merdeka i go fishing with jean if she is willing – just the two of us.Dont worry i am not a wolf.I wont take advantage of nice girl like you.If you dont reply the answer is yes.I will go to ijok to pick you up.I stayed in batang berjuntai before so i know where you live.Get ready my dear.

  843. monsterball says:

    And I will dig the worms….mix flour with telur and have a small bag of live prawns for both of you to catch whatever fishes you like.
    Even make nice sandwiches with flask of coffee.
    Have a passionate loving time together.
    Coming back…no fish means god news…no time to fish…hahahahahaha

  844. Mani says:

    Dear Susan.

    I bought some ( Victory’s) chewy Candy from a stall and being a strict vegetarian observed one of a ingeridient call “gelatin halal” and I have contacted them what is Gelatin Halal and surprisingly this ” Gelatin halal ” is from beef.

    This HALAL is not halal for those Hindhus and along with some Chinese are too strict vegetarians.

    Hindhus are not so fanatics when comes to food
    they buy a chicken burger from a burger stall on the street and it grilled along with beef.

    If someone else is buying beef burger at the same time it is grilled on the same pane.

    We observed this , even educated pious hindhus are not botherd or ignorant.

    Can a Malay or a Moslem buy burger from a Chinese or a Hindhu burger stall ( if any ) where they grilled both Ham and beef together what happens !! The whole country will put him behind bar.So sensitive…..

    Please wisit this http://www.kheesanfood.com for further details on the Chewy Candy issue.

    Please do cater correct and accurate info on the wrapper for those being vegetarians which we have respect thier policy DO NOT KILL !!

  845. stcin says:

    i dun mean to ask NAZRIN to respond to my message but to many n many who have … in MT.

  846. stcin says:

    …. i am guessing NAZRIN is reading both blogsites, both are sama-sama popular n hot !

  847. stcin says:

    susan, pls explain the time appears in your blog is different from mine in ipoh, perak, my : one hour earlier or later, why ? i am 62 , too old to figure out, tq.

  848. stenson says:

    There is heavy exchanges of fire on the main site between monty and jean.When jean is angry with monty she throws her tantrum at me.I am her punching bag.She throws punches at me too when she got her monthly blue…nasib tak baik.This merdeka i go deep in the jungle to meditate haha…..good idea.

  849. monsterball says:

    stcin…If Ipoh is 6pm…bangkok is 5pm…one hour earlier…got it?
    stenson…When come to serious stuffs about our country affairs…and jean still want to poke fire or tease me….she has problems with sense of proportions. That need to be arrested.
    Your sense of humor is great..keep it up!

  850. stcin says:

    monty, thanks.

  851. monsterball says:

    Good Morning Folks!
    Bright and shining and last day of work for me this week. Many staffs are on leave…so leaving few to be in office…which I intend to have it a half day..and let all go home.
    PS: stcin…You are welcome.

  852. jeancumlately says:

    Right stenson. Had never been mean to anybody. When did I get angry and threw any tantrum at someone else?

    When I go into an argument and he talked like a mat rempit, I would just walk away. I would still be driving away with my car and he would be complaining, raving, cussing, ranting and raving until he gets tired and in the end, drive away with his kapcai. I may have helped him to bear the cost of repairing his tail light if he had been nice. I may not even asked who was actually at fault.

    You see stenson, I dont know how to fish and the mosquitoes really hates me. But if I dont go fishing with you, it does not mean that it has anything to do with what you eat, which God you prayed to or if you eyes are smaller than mine.

    How about bungee jumping?

  853. bamboo river says:

    Jean, bungee jumping is a good idea. Provided the rubber used is standard pure getah Malaysia!

    Anyway, I would like to wish all commentators……….
    Happy Long Weekend. Duh! ….Mood Merdeka sudah tenggelam kat sungai Buloh lah………

  854. kittykat46 says:

    Very busy with work these few days….just thought I would say “hello” to everyone here.

    Have a happy holiday, spend quality time with your family.
    If you are not married , spend time with your parents or the boyfriend/girlfriend/ whatever..

    Don’t let all the political overtones and undercurrents spoil your holiday.

    Pax Vobis Cum
    Buddham Saranam Gacchami
    Namo AmiTofo
    Om Jaye Jagdish Hare

    Peace to All , Happy Merdeka Day.

  855. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha bamboo river!….I have the same feelings about the merdeka mood.
    Again this morning I try to see vehicles with flags….with better fast glances. I think I saw at lease 100 cars driven from opposite side….no flags!!
    From my stationary side…..looking far far away…two vehicles out of another 100 cars.
    Then shop houses used to put out flags near my office…one or two only.
    Faces of people are showing worries and look not happy.
    kittykat can be happy..one of he very few fortunate….but then he is an MCA man….why not.
    Yes in my office..I hang only the King and Queen photos….that’s enough.
    Whatever it is..it is a long holiday again..so enjoy the long rest and be well and happy.
    PS: Sheih flew in at 8am from KB and will fly back this afternoon…that’s all I can up-date his ‘activities’ to you all. What a bloody busy busy man….worst than James Bond…hahaahahaha

  856. kittykat46 says:

    Sheih was called in to Putrajaya for questioning by the Multimedia Commission over the Tian Chua “Altantuya” fake photograph.

    Really weird investigation path these monkeys are taking, Sheih had nothing to do with it whatsover.

  857. padzac says:


    I thought the same too. So weird.

  858. stenson says:

    Wei wei wei what are you driving at jean? The message is definitely not meant for me.Still fuming with anger? Dont be like that – be cool.
    I would rather leap from a towel and land on a tree.I cant afford to pay for the damage to your honda car.I might end up with few broken bones.I am sure the bomoh from ijok can fix it.No worry man.Have a nice holidays.Cheer up senorita.Dont you want to say hello to monty?Dont be upset lah – life is so short.

  859. monsterball says:

    Oh I see…kittykat and padzac got the right news. Anyway….off he went back to KB….just wasting his time….making life difficult for him.
    stenson ..You must have re the kawlwat case…imagining you are that lover with that beautiful sexy lady….thinking …’I will rather leap to the tree wrap up with a towel”….than to be caught. Anyway…she said her BF has forgiven her….and they will be married. How do you expect trees to grow on Concord Hotel….so tall…just near your bed room?
    And as for me…keeping far far away from trouble is best…so many birds in the bushes…why hunt for a particular half crazy one?
    And normal birds do not care how old the hunter is…as long as he is game and can release…for birds are meant to be hunted. It’s natural law. Some hunt with copying ..whistling same as that specie….some lay food inside a trap cage….some simply use slings and stones…worst are those hunting with hunting rifles.
    Translate that to bird to be a female…same tactics…talk same language…throw money and trap her heart…or can’t get ..use c4.
    That is why we are the worsT animal on earth.

  860. monsterball says:

    kittykat and padzac….The real story is Rocky is making a non issue into an issue with his post..to attract attention that he and few are supporting Sheih….when he is in trouble…to show how supportive All BLOGS are….as Sheih do command alot of bloggers respect.
    Look at them…getting a 11 year old blogger to support their opening ceremony of their RM1.4 miilion building. She is he daughter of Big Dog.
    All of them are pro Mahathir bloggers..with equally amount present …not pro..just to see what’s up. They are gambling to be pro M…and if M…wins anything…they all will be future ministers….hahahahahaha
    Few months more…most will give up active blogging or change style ….just watch.
    Sheih is no fool….he will not fall into a trap..to have problems in his career.
    How some of his friends love to see Sheih is back in KL…be like them. WHAT WONDERFUL FRIENDS.

  861. jeancumlately says:

    Yeah monty, I am quite amazed. Her boyfriend had forgiven her and they are getting married. That is a real man, real sweet … gee, where do I find one like that? She must be a real sweet-talker. Sorry honey, I dont know what happened… he must’ve bomoh me… I didnt know what I was doing or simply, I swear, I was at the hotel room with him discussing about our marriage. Geez. What a man…

    No lah stenson. The message was not meant for you. Only the fishing, the mosquitoes and the bungee jumping.

    BR, I was talking about bungee jumping for stenson. Now he knows that you used a chord (usually made of rubber) to do that. You really spoiled my plan…

    Happy holiday everyone. Drive safely. Dont drink and drive.

  862. monsterball says:

    kittykat….You are wizard!! Can you make a search who owns the RM1.4mil all blog build.?
    I mean the registered owner….not what we hear.
    Can get my lawyers to make that search also….try to save some money to buy more cigars…..hahahahaha

  863. monsterball says:

    But drive and drink…okay!!
    I must have a flash full whenever I drive long distance.

  864. kittykat46 says:

    Lets see, the Blog building is in…Wah Damansara Heights, ah. Nice Upmarket area.

    Sure, there are ways to find out. But only after the Merdeka weekend.
    Everyone I know seems to be away this weekend.

    Bye everyone….

  865. stenson says:

    You are right all the way monty.This jean is very sarcastic.I will keep away from her.Thank you for your advise.

  866. monsterball says:

    kittykat..This is my opinion…Jeff was there supporting the opening and he is a DAP man. The main reason he was there because he was tied up with Rocky on the court case matter and all bloggers and commmentators are supporting them against the govt. The case is still on going. What I am trying to imply is Jeff may not go to the opening….as he knows it is Pro Mahathir doing it…but he has no choice…he is tied up with Rocky as All BLOG VP….because of the court case…and not settle yet.
    He is one blogger I do respect alot…..and like to give my opinion …so understand and not get not confused why Jeff was there. How can that be Pro Mahathir….if Jeff was there will be All Blogs argument. They are very smart to twist and turn….SO THEY THINK!!
    Are you not sick to see a 11 year old used to promote their so call all blogs ….telling readers and other blogs…even children are supporting them. How low can one go to so call fight for the rights by fooling others? Can you sense Mahathir character being displayed in the actions?
    So my wizard friend…get me the details and I owe
    you one cigar and good massage…plus cake at Hotel Malaya.

  867. monsterball says:

    Smart man stenson.

  868. monsterball says:

    stenson….Just joke like me or response to her like an ordinary friend… and don’t talk love . She will twist everything.

  869. monsterball says:

    Susan…Just to let you know..I just returned from Bua Bua Restaurant….supporting Black launching his singing album….sitting amongst few of his NGO bloggers and friends…including his beautiful BF.
    Now I am sleepy and tired…thought to let you know…I was there to support a worthy blogger.
    He is quite a showman though and he sings like Bob Dylan. Quite a few bought his album on the spot.
    Good night.

  870. monsterball says:

    Goodmorning FOLKS!

  871. bamboo river says:

    Happy Birthday ….PADZAC !

  872. padzac says:

    Bamboooo River,

    U remembered… so nice of you. last night when we were returning home, hubby, friends and I decided to have supper a restaurant near us. So they were counting down merdeka along with the celebration on TV. But guess what everyone forgot to wish me (LOL), they forgot!! And of course I (unashamedly) reminded them

    Thanks again!