Contrary to the picture above, this space is where you can say most things where someone might hear you.

As promised, and in conjunction with Press Freedom month in May, here I am with FREE SPEECH ZONE 3. It’s a kind of kopi-tiam (coffee shop) where you can express yourself and comment about stuff which is off-topic from the ones in this blog. Some of you have been requesting for this to happen ages ago, and I am sorry for the delay. But here it is, better late than never, isn’t it?

I look forward to many conversations here.  I look forward to being entertained but also to learn many new things from you, my dear commentators.

So, bring ’em on…!

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  2. bamboo river says:

    Coffee or teh tarik anyone?
    Sorry for my multiple comments in the other side of the posting. Just came back from work asssignments and no internet lah.My old and cheap Nokia can only surf e mail.
    But cannot surf blogs….memory not enough.
    So, having the crave for surfing Susan’s blog like I missed my Nescafe for two weeks.
    Just enjoy my Nescafe and wait for all the honoured guests to in. 🙂

  3. susan loone says:

    Haha! Bamboo River, I was about to send you a mail to ask you where are you? Been pretty long your sudden but often disappearances these day!!!
    But glad you are back and well.
    Looking forward to see all old friends here again 🙂

  4. su says:

    Hey Susan

    Just thought of saying “hi” (mundane….) and thank you (mundane also……) for coming to my blog (*smile..) Means much to me that a BIG-TIME blogger like you who just hit 2 million ++hits in below two years would commend me on “good blogging”. I’m beginning to sound like an idiot..:)

    I’m not going to qualify as an “old friend”, but I’m sure you’ll welcome new ones, no?

  5. kittykat46 says:

    Thanks, Susan for this little FSZ 3 corner.

    Teh Tarik, Roti Canai, Murtabak, Iced Espresso , Mocha Latte, Cheesecake…whatever is your poison…

  6. Harrison says:

    Never check my mail that early today. Look at what we have here. New style. New cafe and the great same owner. Nescafe Kau Kau (is that the Chinese word? ) Another Puan Cik Fatimah (what do u call tongkat ali for woman?) for Je, Ah for Susan.

  7. Harrison says:

    Do anyone every get the hint that Fong Po Kuan may have dropped a comment here? Bamboo, I thought the “lady” is the one who was supposed to open this Grand Cafe, but since you did it, congrats. Another Nescafe, without any screws and spanners. Where’s my buddy, Stenson? :]

  8. :) says:

    I am just wondering where this M. is? He’s more refined now and no personal attacks like before. I guess someone who knew him may wana invite him here.

  9. :) says:

    Lat nite was the B.U.M. 2008 fest, and this morning RPK was visited by 6 police officers and still at his home according to Rocky Bru.

  10. bamboo river says:

    Sorry for my unexpected dissapearances all this while.
    Job hazard lah. Sometimes very free and sometimes things can go crazy.
    Harrison , where is your ‘Bin Hansome’ ? Sorry I could not help it lah. The kopitiam is wide open with the water boiling and all those wonderfull kuih muih in the larder. More over the owner had left a BIG note ” Help yourself “.

    su @ 8.32 a.m.,
    Everyone is equal no matter what they drink here.
    So, welcome to the third ‘Kopitiam’ and expect lots of coffeeshop talk .

    Kittykat, no overseas trip ahh? How is the market now ? I meant business market , not wet market.

  11. kittykat46 says:

    Haha Bamboo River,
    Yeah, I’m grounded for now…cost cutting….

    The international market is real bad, except China and the Oil-Rich states of the Middle East, I suppose. US , Europe by association, all hurting.

    Malaysia is right now cushioned somewhat by high-commodity prices.
    It hurts ordinary people through high food costs, but the overall economy should survive this.

    We live in very interesting times….

  12. kittykat46 says:

    The ‘ball is now reformed, just like UMNO/ Barisan Nasional ?

    He’s welcome to come back…

  13. :) says:

    Kitty kat,

    That is all I am trying so say till now. I don’t quite see “it” scouring about “hantaming” commentators. Where’s “it”? (referring to the nick)

  14. jeancumlately says:

    BR, kacip fatimah for me with no ice please. How much do I still owe you? See, I promised to come back and pay up. Sorry to miss the grand opening.

    Nice to c nearly everyone is back except monty, w9 and wait, stenson is not here? Oh well, I hope everyone is still in the same look, shape and size. I could imagine monty loading his gun, w9 trying hard to change the world and stenson looking for someone with screws and spanners to help change himself.

    kk46… dont worry too much. You have 27 million malaysian friends with the same concern. The price of rice is up again. I thot about eating rubber but it went up too.

    Good day everyone. Loves you Sue.

  15. kittykat46 says:

    Nice to see jeancumlately back here.
    How’s sofiairdina ?

    I’ve seen the ‘ball in some other blogs. He sounds very civil and reformed , just like Toyol after March 8…..kekekekek….

  16. bamboo river says:

    Aiya, Jean sudah mai sini! Welcome back! , mari jempot minum kopi kacip fatimah spesial. Hati – hati, kopi manyak panas lah.
    Itu Buku 555 gua sudah ‘update’ lah. No more hutang hutang from all patrons in this kopitiam. All is cleaned out to start anew. Only the list of names remains as from FSZ1.
    You said you thot of eating rubber ahhh? Do you know that rubber seed can be eaten provided you boiled the seeds in salt water overnight?
    If the seeds are not boiled properly, we can become ‘mabuk’ after eating them.

    Kittykat 46,
    High cost of daily food like rice, vege and fish is really eating into our wallet. I had started planting my own vege . Nope , no rice planting . Maybe to change from rice to potato for our daily carbohidrate.
    There are so many ways to cook potatos ….I should start planting potatos in my small garden lah.

  17. stenson says:

    Jean never fail to excite me.I need to change to be more loving to you,if not sure handsome sure to dapat you.Dont eat rubber ok.I mean the one guys wear for protection.Roti prata is cheap and last long too.I would rather go for ijiok mee reebus – javanese style – pedas pedas.
    I read in the press that only 25% of women in malaysia reached climax while having sex.Handsome is not doing his work.Hopefully jean is not one of the 25%.Nice to hear from you my darling jean and my handsome pal handsome.Adios senior and seniorita.

  18. Ancut Nyamai says:

    I read in the press that only 25% of women in malaysia reached climax while having sex-Stenson

    Since you raise the matter,

    A male friend of mine (around 30) confided in me that her gf at 35 does not even oozes a smidgen of juice during foreplay, but when they are having sex, the girl’ s love-juice seems to flush out like a leaking tap and has orgasms one after another before my friend ejaculates.

    Women suffers from impotence as well or else if the husband who suffer such malady, you will see lots of ever-readily mama that wanna be ++++++.

  19. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, dah jadi macam XXX-rated Free Speech Zone-ni.

  20. sofiairdina says:

    I am well kk46 and you are certainly right about this kopitiam being turned into an xxx-rated. Let us not do that okay… and I am working hard to convince my sis to drop that jeancumlately thing coz… well, it upsets atleast 75% of malaysian population.

    jean… go find another nick!

  21. Hunk says:

    Ai yah, BR, “kacip fatimah for me with no ice please”.-Jeancumlately

    Thanks for refreshing my memory my cyber sis. Kacip Fatimah it is called. Yeah!

  22. ah Long says:

    Hehehehe….how about Tongkat Ali. Or Tongkat Minah for new nicknames.

    I see this kopitiam got more civilised customers with a sense of humour.

  23. ah Long says:

    Don’t talk about sex, politics & religion then talk what? Talk about the weather how to get 2 million hits?

    Talk about eat rubber, we should recycle all our used condoms and use them to make chewing gum and sell to the Americans. Great for our export sales.

  24. Ancut Nyamai says:

    Ah Long,

    This is a Free Speech Zone, and I believe it is. But talking about sex may be indecent to Susan right now as of yesteryears. My commenteries are getting moderated now. Have to respect the owner or get banned……..

  25. rodsjournal says:

    This is the month of World Press Freedom Day, which is on 3 May (today).
    I don’t think there is a World Press Freedom Month. But I guess we can unofficially call it that, if we want to stretch it.

    Thought I should clarify 🙂

  26. bamboo river says:

    HALOooooooo, general knowledge about sex is okay lahhh.
    But to go deeeeep into the subject ..tak payah lahhhh.
    You know , I know, our partner knows …sudah lahhhhh.
    There are a lot of things to talk/write besides SEX.

    Lets go into the topic about our ADUN.
    My ADUN is now in Kamunting courtesy of our Minister of Internal Affairs and PDRM.
    According to Eli , he will be sworn in at Kamunting and officially (my words) we will have an ADUN (Adun Detained Under National) security. No offence to all ADUNs!
    So, what is going to happen to Mr Manoharan after that?
    I sympathised Mrs Manoharan and her children.
    Actually the sentiments among us especially the Indian communities are very strong.

    Don’t forget about other detainees besides the Hindraf 5.
    Some of them is being detained for 20 years according to RPK.
    Is there anyway the list of ISA detainees can be made public or it is under OSA?
    The next campaign from PR should be release all ISA detainees or give them a FAIR trial .

  27. su says:

    @ bamboo river
    i’ve got a list of ISA detainees on my blog,
    but I doubt that it is in any way the full list, because I’ve only got about 50++ people on it. But it’s a start. The thing about this list is that I think it was compiled by people who were following the arrests closely. Obviously the government wouldn’t be letting us see the list. Don’t think it’s under OSA though.

    It’s sort of like the list of students who died while doing the National Service thing. There’s no information on their official website, but i’m sure that there are lists out there somewhere documenting the students who died. It’s not a small deal.

  28. su says:

    Oh, and one more thing. The PR are going to table a motion in Parliament to have the ISA abolished on Monday (05/05/08) Or that’s what’s been reported. As for Manoharan, Elizabeth Wong says that he’s going to be sworn in some time soon, but in Kamunting!

    I wonder how he’s supposed to be an effective ADUN when he’s all alone separated from the public?

  29. bamboo river says:

    Thank you Su for the info. Yes , we are having a detained representative whom was found ‘guilty until proven innocent’..quoting RPK.
    I believe depending on our PR MPs alone to table the abolishment of ISA is not collectively effective.
    The ADUNs and rakyat too must do their part.
    I noticed a logo “SAY NO to ISA” in MT and if we could do our small part of displaying this logo prominently will probably sent a message for public awareness.

    Unfortunately, if we organise a public forum about this issue , I am sure the authorities will definitely against it.
    I had observed that SUHAKAM did looked into this issue but only concerning the well being of the detainees.
    Another suggestion is to declare “ABOLISH ISA Week” whereby everyone will wear a symbolic sign like a purple ribbon to show solidarity.
    We should voice out in a peaceful but obvious manner .We are already in the 21st century and yet the draconian law of the past century is still being used to curtail freedom of speech and democracy.

  30. ah Long says:

    Hard to see them abolish ISA, especially now that BN is fighting for survival and the internet and blogs like this is threatening their hold on to power.

    They need something to frighten you buggers and use it if they have to. The best that we can hope for is for them to amend ISA. Let us say can detain people suspected of terrorism for say 3 months without trial.

    I think 3 months is enough time for them to gather enough information to lay charges or release the accused. We cannot have indefinite jail without trial.

    Even the hypocrite Americans have to jail those without trial outside of US soil in Guatanomo bay. Even that they only jail non US citizens there.

  31. bin Hansome says:

    Today’s the World Press Freedom day, yeah? There are thousands of brave journalists whom in their course of seeking the truth was persecuted and even executed throughout the world. In many parts of the world, Malaysia included, you’ll have to report THEIR TRUTH. So what is truth, but fables concocted by winners, no? 😀

    Oh bamboo, thank you for remembering me, at least I still remember my old man’s (not too old actually) name. How’s work?

    Jeancumlately-sudah minum?

  32. bin Hansome says:

    The ISA was designed by the Brits during the colonial times to arrest the communist, but it was being misused and abused by the malaysian Government to incarcerate political dissidents of any false charges to satiate their desires.

  33. Bennyloh says:

    I reluctantly told my talkative (has been lately) friend to drop by FSZ, now that Fong Poh KUan is also here. MP without a blog?…but never mind this place can be a substitute in the absence of a blog. I hope you don’t mind:

  34. ah Long says:

    Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

  35. ah Long says:

    That Baginda’s daughter must be going through a tough time. Poor bugger. I think she honestly think her dad is innocent because he wasn’t caught with a smoking gun in his hand.

    But the verdict still remains to be seen. He has the motive, the means and the victim was last seen outside his house and of course the damning letter written by the victim raising her fear of Baginda wanting her dead.

    Why the prosecution hasn’t demanded for Baginda to be put on the stand for cross examination by counsel is the nine wonder of the world.

    The eight wonder is the “wonder bra”. You take off the bra and you wonder where the boobs have gone.

  36. bamboo river says:

    Hey, Bennyloh, managed to catch you in MT though. How’s cartoon world?
    Okay, ah Long, talking about ISA and detaining suspects for 3 months is the main issue. But do you seriously think the authorities are able to complete the job within 3 months?
    Look at the list of detainees provided by Su.
    There is not a slightest motive for them to amend ISA. If they do, then it will set the ball rolling for PR to fight for the abolishment of ISA through and thru.

    Hansome ,
    What lah you. One moment I see Harrison, the next is bin Hansome is replying to me. Apalah you brader. Indecisive or just confused who you are. Ok, I ‘ll just add. you the usual nick HbH. Overdosed of Kopi Jantan or Jean spiked your Nescafe ? 🙂
    As you noticed , I was ‘missing’ about two weeks. Actually supposed to be about ten days. Unfortunately, my client changed his mind about the project that I am commissioning AFTER I had completed the job. So, had to stay back to re-do the whole thing.

    Customer is always right PROVIDED they PAY what is due!

    I am still in my office now…after I had my dinner at home.
    Have some tail ends to complete so I could have a mind free Sunday tomorrow.
    Will catch up with you all on Monday.
    To everyone in this zone…have a beautiful Sunday!

  37. su says:

    It’s an awful Sunday, I don’t wanna get out of bed..Who ever allowed it to rain on Sundays….

    I’m going to shuffle over to get my cuppa..

  38. ah long says:

    Banboo river

    Maybe 3 months is not enough, how about 6 months maximum. What I am trying to say is, put a time limit on ISA detention without trial. If they want to detain anyone for longer than they must bring then to trial.

    The current systen is not acceptable, dont you think?

  39. cindaiberkias says:

    Envy you lah su… you are there with the option to stay in bed while I am here on the 24th floor of an office building on sunday morning looking at kl tower and hoping that it’ll give me an inspiration on how to get my job done and… go to bed. Some guys have all the luck…

    ISA is just like any weapon. It can be used to attack or defend yourself. There are lotsa people now under ISA but somehow many are being forgotten. Beside hindraf, there are also JI and all, i think, but did anybody actually fought for those detained because of JI? Is it because Hindrafs are “freedom fighters” while JI are “terrorists?” No wonder DAP or PR never even asked.

    BR, just give HbH or harrison or bin hansome a cup of kacip fatimah and we’ll see the effect. I wanna find out too.

    Yup, thanks hansome, saya sudah minum tapi belum bayar…

  40. su says:

    I agree with ah long on the ISA thing. Definitely not working. That’s why something’s gotta change bout the ISA.

    cindaiberkias, unfortunately, i don’t really have an option, what with my assignments piled up higher and higher by the second…

    i think my morning cup of caffeine has worn off already…

  41. bennyloh says:

    Bamboo river,
    Hi, Cartooning has always been my favorite pastime.
    I got this from an email,
    “Put a bomb in a lady’s bra”
    (you get) tits-bits
    “Put a bomb inside a man’s underwear”
    (You get) Banana-splits

  42. Harrison says:


    Yes, “customers are always right” has been a phrase and in the norm every now and then. But given the word “always” within suits the the upperhand of their status being not TOTALLY right.

    Only when you go to Petaling Street, the hucksters towkays are always right. You cannot find a “wrong” in them unless you walks in the corridors of more-powerful.

    Hi cindaiberkias, I really wana pay for your drink but I can’t coz u looks like Jeancumlately, sounds like Jeancumlately, however, I will only pay for your drink if you are really Jeancumlately. it’s ok Ah Long, because whenever u appear, I know my buddy Stenson is here, correct (?)

    I really like coffee but not Tongkat Ali coz the last time I drank one cup at about 7pm, it drags my eyes open till 3a.m. Kacip Faimah. No, thanks.
    I might as well go for silicon implants. Thanks anyway. I am very very
    happy and proud to be a man.

    Last nite I went to a dinner, when a lass friend of mine was wearing a T that reads “what men can do, a women can do better”. While I was reading , the whole bunch at the tables were laughing incessantly. 😉

    Good day gentlemen, I am going for a swim later. Oh yeah, call me Harrison. HbH is not a nick but my acronym. Thanks. I am a M. I don’t eat pork. But I am not sure whether ham is pork. by pretending not to know too much, I think I may be sinless, yeah?

    All the best to commentator “Su” in her studies. Do me a favor will ya? Don’t turn around, ya? =) No insinuation intended. U looks perfectly fine at this angle.

  43. su says:

    Thanks Harrison, I’m going to need all the luck I can get.

    And no worries, I won’t turn around. What I look like is going to remain a secret. After all, “a secret makes a woman woman”, no? 🙂

  44. kittykat46 says:

    Bedol is now talking about building a multi-billion Ringgit food stockpile.
    Sensible idea on the surface, but think a bit deeper.

    The usual method of carrying out project likes this in Bolehland is to farm it out to connected UMNOputra firms, who then proceed to make 100% mark-up on it, then sub-contract it out to some Ali Baba outfit.

    In the end we’ll probably spend a few billion ringgit for a rotting and mouldy food stockpile.

  45. alex says:


    It’s a crazy idea. Better to provide more land to grow food than to turn any little silly plot into sky scrappers or condominium.

    Better to teach new technologies to farmers and encourage farming and promote their produce to the public than spend few billion ringgits on stockpile.

    You are right. I already get that MOULDY feeling. urghhhh!!!!

  46. Harrison says:

    To Su,

    Hopefully when you graduated, come back to malaysia and help this nation for the betterment. May god bless u in your endeavor.

    Oh yaeh, in regards to the Hindraf 5, they Government failed to proof ther connections to any terrorist groups but their (gomen) arguments was because that they incite racial tensions that may pursue to racial-riots?

    The inference of the Pakatan Rakyat is to abolish the ISA and compensate all the ex, dead or alive detainees if they are proven not guilty by the law-court.

    Remeber Susan has a commnetor nicked “Raja”. He is good at this. 🙂

    It rained AGIAN spoloing my trip to the beach. ARhhhhhhhh!

    May, I know Susan, can u swim? 🙂

  47. Harrison says:

    Dear all,

    I had left a comment on Mahathir’s blog wherein I said “If I am the PM, I will definitely acceded to your (Mahathir) challenge to institute a Commission (comprising foriegners only)to investigate his 22 years as PM. I can’t see why Badawi has not”.

    Not sue my comments are approved.

  48. ah Long says:

    I am currently researching Indonesia’s experience when they removed their oil subsidy.

    Currently petrol is heavily subsidied by Petronas. It is forecasted that at the current rate of consumption, in the absence of any major new discovery, Malaysia will start running out of oil in 10 short years.

    I am sure you all have heard plans to stop the oil subsidy. It has to stop. Oil is a limited scare resource, how can the country keep subsiding it and do nothing to curb it’s ever increasing appetite.

    I will post my research results shortly, the news will NOT be pleasant. It will spell absolute disaster to the country. BUT why, WHY have we been kept in the dark?

    The Indonesian experience is not speculation and inneuendos. They are cold hard facts, that can easily be verified.

    BN/UMNO has done absolutely NO plan on how to deal with what is inenvitable. Nothing will stop the oil running out.

    Grow more plants to produce ethanol and other types of bio fuel may not be the answer. We are already running out of rice because too much of our resources have gone into palm.

  49. hutchrun says:

    Ah yes the famous Petronas that lays Gas pipelines with no gas hahahaha.

  50. hutchrun says:

    Oil can drop to USD70 – Mark Mobius of Templeton Asset on CNCBC. Meanwhile, by 2011, Israel will be totally on Electric Cars and Europe on Air Cars.

  51. bamboo river says:

    ah Long, wether it is 3 months or 6 months, ISA is still ISA.
    Actually after studyibg the list of 50 detainees linked by su, it was not only ‘JI’ and ‘terrorist’ only, they are also counterfits and forgers too.
    Harrison, stick to Nescafe and you will be a okay. I believe cindaiberkias is Jean and she is using that nick when surfing in her office computer.
    Apalah Jean. takut member office tau you Jeancumlately kah?
    And working on Sunday with a beautiful view of KL.?
    Mesti ada ‘ilham’ unless whole KL is blurr because of smog.

    When AAB took over from Mahathir, he announced that the gomen will put Agri as the top priority .
    Maybe oil palm and rubber is our daily staple for the next 10 years.

  52. whispering9 says:

    Me & my cartoons..mmmnnn…anyway, in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) set in AD2307, fossil oil was nearly depleted, environment poisoned by fossil energy and the price of oil was prohibitive. Solar energy harnessed by orbital elevators become the cheap and limitless source of power and economy. It is not about the cool Gundams but the stark reality envisioned in the series.

    When fossil oil becomes too expensive and scarce, alternatives will be sought and harnessed. Oil exporting countries will suffer economically and a new realignment of power will take place favoring those countries with the techno & knowledge to the alternatives.

    In Gundam 00 series, the old world was plunged into civil wars because two divides are formed. The Reformist who wants to embrace the new technology and the Comformist who maintains that it is their God who is angry with them and modernization. So as the story goes, when oil price collapses (even to USD70), those relying on her revenue will see turmoil. To evade such worst case scenario, oil producers should start looking into acquiring such technology, instead of getting comfy with the current pile of currency which can become junk when a new order economy takes over when oil ceases to become the main energy source.

  53. cindaiberkias says:

    HbH, you can go ahead and pay for my drink; I mean jean’s. Thanks.

    BR, no. I am not afraid of my colleagues finding out who is jean. I dont have colleagues and I dont think my staff would check my laptop.

    KL did looked nice yesterday and the the streets were so friendly. But as usual, it changed into a mean city by monday morning. No one smiles even when you gave way… sigh. Must be the issues of ISA, oil, rice, badawi, Rowena in their heads.

    FSZ3 is so serious…


  54. whispering9 says:

    Yalor…no fun to be serious all the time. Life is short, beside I did mention that life is suppose to be fun. Ok…forget about the grim stuff and talk about the super cool gundams. How about mentioning the ‘you must not mention name’ “Hey MONSTERBALL where are you?” Didn’t you see that indirect invitation from ‘you know who’? Surely, MB u are not an imposter now? Heheheh…

  55. ah long says:

    I overhear 1 guy say he has to practise eat less rice. So he was going to eat chee cheong fun (rice noodle) that evening.

    So perhaps we should eat more Hokkein mee. Made from wheat. Or like my grandmother reminded me, eat more tapioca (ubi kayu) like during the Japanese occupation. Hehehe is this what progress is made of?? Roti canai is made of wheat flour also?

    My grandmother also told me how the malays invented goreng pisang. They had to eat the pisang while it is still green (unripe) because if the Japanese see you got ripe yellow bananas they will take the whole lot away and if you object they chop off your head.

    So the malays cook the unripe bananas and eat them before the japs can steal them.

  56. bamboo river says:

    FSZ3 is so serious…Jean @ Cindaiberkias.

    Ha,ha, caffeine not in top gear yet!
    It has been what months since I drop by in KL.
    But I am expected to be in PWTC this weekend for an exhibition. Just to evaluate some overseas manufacturers.

    Do you know that the car park opposite PWTC is the exact venue of my alma mater? Okay, now you knows. 🙂
    I could still remember, we have to carry our own school chairs across that busy Jalan Pahang the day we moved out.

    And yes, that is Maxwell School. That was the end of our only football field. So, switched to sepak takraw. I was the ‘tekong’ that striked our opponent’s spectacle off and broke one lens.Well, in the spirit of sportmanship, we chipped in to pay for the replacement.
    Hahh, school days are fun days, don’t you think?

  57. cindaiberkias says:

    w9, I am not sure if monty is here or not but cant find of his trade marks like “raciallist.” Its quite easy to detect him and I dont think he is here. Someone has to pujuk him real hard.

    All those old “makanan orang susah” are now turned into exotic foods lah. The ubi kayu, pisang rebus, etc are now served at the best places and of course, at stupid prices. And I didnt know that the malays invented goreng pisang.

    I am wondering what do the “makanan orang susah” for chinese and indians in the yesteryears. You know, before kfc, mcD and pizza hut… I had always been wondering what was inside that alumunium (?) container they were carrying to work.

    BR, how come your friend played sepaktakraw without taking off his glasses? So you played takraw… hmm… you must have long legs.

  58. ah long says:

    I was in Maxwell skool also for about 1 term then I got transferred (after making some donation) to Malaysia’s Best school (MBS).

    Those idiot eduction department. I live in Pudu and they put me in Maxwell which is a long way to go for an 11 year old.

    Those days parents where go car and where got such thing as bas sekolah.

  59. kittykat46 says:

    Actually, I’m a lot more worried about climate change than the oil running out.
    Over the next few decades, climate change could have serious and deadly effects on people living low lying coastal areas around the world. On top of the turmoil to the world economy. We have no cure for it, just the cost of mitigation will be huge.

    The price of oil is a demand/supply economic engine. The world is in no danger of running out of energy per se. Human beings have never in history had so many ways of generating energy, and some of the sources are practically inexhaustible or at least will last hundreds of years more.
    The transition away from a petroleum based energy system could be painful, but definitely doable.
    In fact, extreme prices of oil are already planting the seeds of its eventual removal as the principal source of energy.

    The world once faced a painful energy crisis because its principal source of energy, wood, was fast running out. There weren’t enough trees in the whole world to feed the projected future need. That was about 200 years ago.

  60. kittykat46 says:

    Monty is impossible to miss, even if he logs in under another nick.
    Nope, don’t think he has been here since he last said “Goodbye”.
    I bet he drops in as a lurker now and then….but didn’t take up Bennyloh’s invitation…

  61. bamboo river says:

    Cindai, I am a specky too. If we were to remove our glasses, we might kick the net pole instead or worst ‘terajang’ someone’s head ! LOL.
    The food that I can recall and still love them are steamed tapioca cake ( my favourite) boiled chempedak seeds,pickled kedondong,biskut kerak nasi, dried bread with sugar and butter toppings ( good with kopi O)

    ah Long my friend, don’t complain lah…
    Pudu to Maxwell school is just about 5 km apart.
    Pity me, 5 a.m. to school and 3 p.m. back at home.
    Sungai Buloh to Maxwell lah kawan.So, should be lucky when the Edu Dept gives you a slot in the gomen school.
    No, I don’t have to donate .
    The Selangor Omnibus (still in operation) is my main mode of transport. Sometimes get a free ride from a Pak Cik’s truck going to Pasar Besar (now Central market).
    Saved one ‘click’ on the monthly pass.
    Once overslept and ended up in Puduraya!
    Got to take the Sri Jaya bus (now defunct).
    Inside KL are the notorious BMW ( Bas Mini Wilayah).
    40 ¢ per entry. Prefered to walk if I need to go to Pertama Complex .
    I thought Maxwell is a secondary school?
    Which Maxwell are you talking about ah Long?

    Malaysia is very safe during my younger days that I travelled to Penang (my maternal grand ma’s place) by KTM alone when I was 11 years old.
    Now, don’t think so. 😦

  62. whispering9 says:

    Jean. Very true…I do admire MB grit to ‘leave’ FZS. Yes, he didn’t comment under another nick…something he hated. Nonetheless, there is time to just laugh everything off in one breath without any apology. In fact, we should do that more often. Just laugh all the anger away and should let love in. Hey MB….don’t lurk and keep the ladies in waiting.

    Also true kk46 about the climatic changes. Mid last year, a close friend wanted the best investment return asked me for an opinion. I told him to buy gold and venture into grain business because climatic changes coupled with China increase appetite will probably cause food prices to rise exponentially by mid 2008. kk46 did you notice that every time the main type of energy used changed, our world geo-political and religious profile also shifted accordingly. New kings & kingdoms are made from just discovering alternative energy source. That was what I meant in my ‘serious’ comic review. 🙂

  63. ah Long says:

    Maxwell secondary school lah, behind the Golden City (Kam Seng) chinese cinema. I have to take the Tong Fong bus with the blue color destination plate to Central Market to catch the dark blue Sri Jaya bus.

    Me cannot read chinese, so have to see the color of the destination plate. Got blue, red or white.

    The bus fare was 10 sens for the Tong Fong bus. One day I ran home behind the bus and proudly proclaimed to me grandmother I so smart saved 10 sens.

    I kena scolding why I so bodoh, I should have run home behind a taxi and saved 1 ringgit !!!!

  64. cindaiberkias says:

    Too bad I did not buy any gold or venture into grain business lah… if I did, the change will really be climactic. But then, if I could afford gold bars, what is there left to worry.

    w9, now that you said it, I did noticed the relationship between the discovery of energy and geo-political, religious things. So, it is not that difficult to get your own kingdom. Just get a new source of energy. I dont know about you but I’ll definitely get some duracells on my way home today….

    I am also worried about mighty China’s increased appetite. If their population decides to eat extra, the food price will shoot up and a few countries in africa would starve. The world should beg china to go on a diet and the food price will go down.

  65. whispering9 says:

    Hahahaha…that is the spirit. A small step for you but a giant leap of faith for our cute little pinky rabbit. One thing I learned is that rich folks are never tired of getting richer. However, my friend did make his money and have also donated more than 1/2 for charities. That is why I never refuse to give my ‘opinion’ whenever he needs it. Darn…you missed the chance to hold up a banner ‘Save the World. Eat Less. Loss Weight’ when the Olympic torch relay was here. 😉

  66. Harrison says:

    Wow, that’s great that many of the old gangs are back including W9. Hey, where is Stenson?

  67. bamboo river says:

    Okay ah Long, now it is confirmed. Maxwell Secondary school. You had noted your age was 11 years old at that time, so that maks me wonder you must be a boys genius to attend form 1 while others are still in standard 5. 🙂
    Just to prick your memory, the building with green mosaic called Bangunan Perkim next to the flyover at Jalan Ipoh.
    Do you realise that the building is leaning ” Senget” ?

  68. cindaiberkias says:

    First, my salute to the blog owner, our dear susan on the posting about jeff ooi’s sexist remark on “desperate housewives.” For a while I thot sue will stand by jeff no matter what but sorry, I am wrong. She is issue-centered.

    And I am amazed at RPK. That is a real man. He walked his talks. (Not like some men who let his wife to walk all over him). And I am equally amazed at the the people who rallied behind him. They walked their talks too. They mean it when they said, “RPK, we are behind you.” More then 30k was raised in half a day. And I am beginning to believe that behind this cyber world, thare are real people.

    Its hazy out there but KL do look nice from up here today…

  69. Harrison says:

    I went to the bank and made some contribution. Jean, u mind, my coffee’s not paid? 🙂

  70. su says:


    RM30K was raised in half a day????
    That’s massive!!

  71. jeancumlately says:

    Poor guy… you have to walk all the way to the bank? Ever heard of pay pal? But proud of you for walking your talk.

    The coffee is on me anytime as long as BR has his buku 555.. You did paid mine lst time, right? We are even then.

    And yeah, kl do look nice today.

  72. Harrison says:

    I ceratainly ever heard of paypal and credit cards. My assets, if u really wana know ok, I have all the Visas and Mastercards, cutting from the newpaper and a Paypal that is Jeancumlately, my best buddy. sofiairdina can always pay CA$ for me. I don mind.

    Thanks for the updates Su. Keep it up. RPK’a status right not is not just The King of Malaysian Blogger but is considered an international hero. U agree with that su and Susan…..

  73. ah Long says:

    Harrison…..the cantonese call it “Ta Siew Yan” or loosely translated as “beat the small person”.

    This is best done under a bridge or a under a road fly-over. There are plenty of these in KL.

    To make sure that it works you must also bribe the “devil”. Go and buy some hell bank notes and some joss sticks and candles. Then squat down (like eating durain like that) and wallop with your shoes. High heels even better, but if the heels break off during the frenzy don’t blame me.

    I prefer the wooden clogs also can. They make more noise and longer lasting. Malaysia is good, you can simply burn the hell bank notes and incense at the road side. Don’t worry about littering.

    If you can get a picture of the bugger you want to wallop (plenty of pics in the newspapers) it is even better.

    When you whack that bugger that time you must keep shouting “Ta Sai Lei”. or loosely translated as “beat you to death”. And occasionally spit at the picture.

    If you too shy, you can hire some “Ah Sum” to do for you. Just ask any of the “Ah Khoo” in the pasar.

  74. Harrison says:

    Having cut many of the images of 2 persons , Ahhhhhh, Alh Long, you gave me a sinister feeling about this. So, I abandoned the idealah. Not applicable in Islam. But thanks, I may change my mind and thanks for having an eagles eye I even forgotten where I posted.

    Cheers. Hahhaa.

  75. bamboo river says:

    ah Long, you sure an expert in walloping people ah?
    Or you debtors failed to re pay the loan so you whack them like that ah?
    Very good idea to all ah longs instead of really whacking the poor chap to pulp.
    Just joking lah.
    Harrison, just check under all flyovers in KL to see if anyone got walloped lah.
    I thought I posted my comment at the other side of this blog.
    Aiya, wrong zone lahhhh.

  76. Harrison says:

    Actually, I was responding to you Bamboo about “walloping stuff” and of course having so many comments, it’s rational that you could not pick mine up for view. Thanks to Ah Long, for re-directing the issue here.

    Ah Long must be one that always goes to under the bridge, and do the “cursing” there. hahahhahahhahaha. Aiyoh. However, I am sorry Icannot participate as my old man says “this was not allowed in Islam”.

    I can see a lass anymore since I interpret “paypal” as her paying my drinks in this coffesehop. Drive good car, live in a bungalow. But a few a cent to her is bigger than the wheel of a truck. It’s oklah I be my own paypal.

    Oh yeah, where’s Stenson?

  77. ah long says:

    I only throw red paint, I am not the violent type. Must protect my investment, wallop them too hard, after die me rugi only what.

    In Chinese mythology, hell got 18 levels, non violent ah longs only go maybe level 1 or 2. Murderers and high officials who aid and abet murder go to level 18, never to be re-incarnated.

    They kena get their eyes gourged out and their tongues cut out and tied to a hot chimney for eternity.

    In Chinese hell there is an Emperor call Yuen Lau Wong. He does the judgement and he has two bodyguards. No, their names are not Azilah and Sirul.

    The bodyguards are Cow head and Horse head. They are in the form of humans but one has a Cow’s head and the other a Horse’s head.

    So, if I go there before the “others”, I will wait in front to welcome them on their way down to the 18th level.

  78. bamboo river says:

    I did read your response at the other side AFTER I had commented here.

    Stenson is walloping someone’s photo under the bridge.
    Later he will stick that photo against the bridge column and aim his tungsten carbide tip arrow straight between that someone’s eyes.
    Once he is finished, he will then stick that photo behind the Bandaraya garbage truck to be displayed around KL city.
    Hoping very much Jean would notice from the 24th Floor!
    Stenson missed Jeancumlately.

  79. jeancumlately says:

    I wish I know what the hell is going on. Posting on the wrong side? Wallop people here and there? 18 levels of ah long-ness? And BR, did stenson posted my photo at the back of garbage truck? Oohhh… and that tungsten carbide really hurts.

    Geez Handsome, someone paid your nescafe yesterday and now you are complaining about that person again kah? Be nice lah… You dont want to end-up at level 18. I am at 19 – the penthouse.

  80. ah long says:

    Or stick pins in the photo / photos.

    Or kill 2 birds with 1 stone and paste photo on dart board when practising darts.

    Hehehehe….Voodoo is an official religion. We claim freedom of religion, so the above should be legal.

  81. bamboo river says:

    Jean, Stenson posted your photo all over his house if he does have your photo.
    I was saying Stenson walloped someone linked to the other post which are not allowed to mention because no one will donate RM 1 for me to post my bail .

    ah Long, to many Kunta Kinte series isit?

  82. arrow says:

    Very funny BR.What a way to draw me out.I do miss Jean and I admire her very much.I wont’nt for anything in the world paste her photo anywhere except in my dear heart.I am deeply infatuated with jean.You can call that Love BR if you wanted it.I find jean fascinating and mysterious.I bet she is as pretty as Nurul,our future prime minister.
    If Jean came in different nick,then I dont bother to get involved cause I am not sure whether she is my Jean or Handsome’s sweetheart.I know Handsome is capable of sweeping Jean into his arms.Smoke peace pipe brother.

  83. Harrison says:

    find jean fascinating and mysterious.I bet she is as pretty as Nurul,our future prime minister.-Stenson

    Yes I also think so, but ensure you meet the “right” one ya. the re are many kittens in the family.

    If Jean came in different nick,then I dont bother to get involved cause I am not sure whether she is my Jean or Handsome’s sweetheart.I know Handsome is capable of sweeping Jean into his arms.Smoke peace pipe brother.-Stenson

    Hahahahahhahaha. Thanks for coming back dear Arrow.

    To Ah Long and Bamboo and Su(?), keep on posting ya? U sounds interesting Ah Long in the vast knowledge of the Supernatural. Stenson should look for u on how to “charm” Jean.

  84. jeancumlately says:

    Wow stenson, kl do look nicer today. You did that? Thanks.

    Nurul is pretty and you had just won the bet, sten. Future prime minister? Okay with me as long as she is not like her father.

    In different name, jean is still a jean. Lee, Levis, CK are all jeans… even cats wear jean when strutting around; if you care to look closely.

    Handsome’s sweetheat? Errr…. we are still at the negotiation stage on who is going to pay for the coffee. I have the feeling that BR will have to write it off as bad debt because he does not subscribe to paypal facility.

    “Charm” doesnt work on me. I am a javanese with lots of saka, susuk and pendinding. Wanna c something scary?

    Nice to hear from you all again.

  85. ah Long says:

    Lim earlier chastised Khairy Jamaluddin (BN-Rembau) who questioned him on the repetition of Raja Petra’s use of the word “hell”.

    “Do you not agree that the only one to determine whether a person will go to heaven or hell is God and not for us to determine,” asked Khairy.

    Lim, however, thundered back: “We are not talking of religion! This is an expression that those who murdered Altantuya should be punished to the full extent of the law! It’s not about going to heaven or hell.

    “If even this one cannot understand, what is the point of graduating from Oxford? This is a disgrace to the university,” he said, upon which the whole house again descended into chaos as both sides went back to shouting at each other.

    During another exchange of words Lim told KJ “you are the richest unemployed man in Malaysia and to shut up, this is not the fourth floor”.

    The old fox is in fine form.

  86. ah Long says:

    Jean… even more scary. If anyone want to get into the sack with me, she will have to bring two paper bags. One to put over my head and the other to put over her own head – just in case the one over my head falls off. !!!

  87. ah Long says:

    I want to SMS to RPK but I don’t have his number.

    Wei, botak head, your game is up kawan, your wife is beginning to suspect you have a woman hidden inside Sungai Buloh, that is why you don’t want to post bail and want to stay inside.

    Your wife wants you home now !! So you better agree to see her and go home. But one word of warning. Be careful when you enter your house. She is waiting for you behind the front door.

    Imagine a woman in a dressing gown, with hair curlers, a ciggie dangling from the corner of her mouth and a fucking big rolling pin in her hand !!!!!

    Take care of your botak head. Malaysia needs your back. The battle has only just begin and we got a war to win !!!

  88. bamboo river says:

    Hey, I don’t subscribe to paypal becos I am old fashioned.
    Cash is the word.Moreover, I am a bit dungu about internet transaction. Whenever I goes to the ATM, I will be intimidated by just looking at that machine.
    My ATM card kena telan 2 times. Not my fault though.
    When I was in Penang at Bayan Lepas (on holiday), that stupid ATM telan my card. It was at night.
    The next morning waited at the bank to open.
    Found out three customers’ card also kena telan last night.
    The bank officer told me to produce my S/A book for proof .
    I told him, I need cash now becos my next trip is Langkawi.
    He insisted no book no card.
    I showed my IC and my latest ATM slip still no solution.
    My next argument is besides me, three customers also faced same problem.
    Finally, I told the officer, if I don;t get my card by lunch time, I am going to tell every customer that walks into this bank.
    He relented and called my bank branch in Shah Alam.At last I got my ATM card and my cash too.
    So, what now you know I have ATM phobia!
    And they charge RM8 per annum for that card.

  89. ah long says:

    I was in KLIA two months ago and this well dressed Chinese couple (judging by their accent they were from Mainland China) came up to me and spin me some sob story about their ATM card been swallowed up and ask me for RM200.

    I refused and the guy got pretty aggressive. Fancy, threatening a Ah LOng for money !!!! So I had to hide inside McDonald’s and saw them approach other people.

    Anyone experienced similar thing.

    The only other time was in LA, this girl about 13 came and told me she losted her purse and can’t get home. She didn’t ask for any specific amount of money. So I gave her the benefit of a doubt and gave her $50.

    The lady sitting next to me reckons I had been conned. Well, in my mind – I might have been conned but at least I can live with myself, just in case her story was true. I certainly don’t want my teenage daughter stranded in a airport with no money.

  90. bamboo river says:

    Hey, ah Long with a soft heart. That con job in KLIA was highlighted quite some time.
    In LA on the case of the 13 years old girl (you checked her ID ahh?) well, it could be another con job or might be thru case. I don’t know. Use your sixth sense.

    When I was in a train station in Modena (Italy) one well dressed gentleman approached me and asked me to spare him 50 Euros. I told him to speak to my friend working in the Carabieneri’s station.
    He looked at me and walked off. Must be cursing me I guessed.
    Carabieneri is the local district police .
    Polizia is the Italian Police Force.

  91. Harrison says:

    “Charm” doesnt work on me. I am a javanese with lots of saka, susuk and pendinding. Wanna c something scary?——Jeanumlately

    Jean… even more scary. If anyone want to get into the sack with me, she will have to bring two paper bags. One to put over my head and the other to put over her own head – just in case the one over my head falls off. !!!—Ah Long

  92. ah long says:

    Bamboo….I estimate lah she is about 13. I am not surprised if I kena conned but I can live with myself.

    LAX being the principle point of entry got lots of con men and women.

    During another trip, I was waiting in the transit lounge for my connecting flight and this man came around a handed everybody a key ring and walked away.

    I was thinking wah….so nice fellow give away free key ring. My friend warned me not to put it in my pocket and just leave the key ring on the seat.

    Sure enough, after about 5 minutes two big color guys came back and collected all the key rings that were left on the seat. They ask those people who have taken the key rings for $20 payment !!!

    Of course some people objected, those things were worth only $2 at the most. You should see the accusations, threats & verbal abuse directed at those people. They were accused of stealing the key rings. Putting it in their pockets and refuse to pay for it.

    It was really ugly and some people actually get so intimidated they just paid the $20.

    Maybe I should try this in KLIA with my gangster friends.

  93. Harrison says:

    Ah Long ah,

    U are a dabbling in black magic kaah? U also have gangster friends. Can u do something about No.2? U get my point buddy?

  94. bamboo river says:

    Harrison, ah Long aleady got enough problem with the cops and Michael Chong .
    So, he prefered to do small time jobs. Maybe divert to con job. LOL
    Go and do some legal work lah ah Long. Like open Credit Company.Special offer, 1 % interest for RM 5000 loan and above. Anything lower will be charge 3 % interest.
    Introducer got commission of 10% from the loan amount.
    That is what I am copying from a banner nailed to a papaya tree in front of my office.

    “Charm” doesnt work on me. I am a javanese with lots of saka, susuk and pendinding. Wanna c something scary?—Jeanumlately.
    Jean ever heard of BOTOX?
    That is what being promoted NOW at Bukit Raja shopping complex.
    I wonder, why does everyone wants to look younger than their age? (Men included)
    Look at Toyo, last night in TV cropped his hair very short.

    Okay, will be out to PWTC now. Change of earlier plans by some suppliers.
    If anyone of you is over there, look for a tall specky guy . I will buy you coffee at The MALL.
    Sorry, got no 50 Euros to spare. 🙂

  95. jeancumlately says:

    Nice to have ah long with a heart. I am 13 too and and I dont have money to pay for my car and handphone and my latte. Help me mister.

    But those sob stories are everywhere. Even at traffic lights. Unlike Ah Long, I would just pay so that they would leave me alone. The problem is, they would demand for more. They must have factored in the rising cost of living too. I need to have gangster friend also lah…

    Talking about black magic, I was in Kuching 2 years ago jez admiring some Tag heur at a shopping center when a man suddenly asked my name and then asked money from me. I just took out my purse and gave all the cash I had at that time. About RM800. Until now I dont know why I did that. May be my susuk and saka and pendinding do not work oversea but luckily, my ATM did. If not I would be the one going around telling people, “sir, someone took my money bla..bla bla …. would u help me.”

  96. kittykat46 says:

    Jeancumlately , welcome back ! I haven’t seen the nick here for a long, long time….can’t say the same about the actual person, though, hahahaha…

    I woke up this morning, and its seemed like were are back in March 7.

    ISA, OSA, Sedition Act, the smell of teargas in the morning…..
    The Empire Strikes Back, as I always expected it will….

    “Reform” Dollah is just like the Estee Lauder cosmetic lady…peel off the fancy new make-up, its the same old tired girl…

    I have a feeling Jean won’t be occupying Sri Perdana for much longer…..but Rosmah may not be decorating it either…

  97. Harrison says:

    Sometimes I ever get calls from ladies (more that 1) to my mobile as the “CLIP”reads “Anonymous” and they tried to initiate a chat. Of course, by trade principles, I have never given any personal/business info or even ever treat the anonymous caller seriously.

    Of course in the course of daily lives conducting business, I am sure I have given away business cards. But this lady caller sounds really inclined to “know” me further. She even knows my name, full name. And I have to concurred that I was obliged to acknowledged by my name she spouted.

    She does not procured my name through the name-card but she happened to obtained my cellphone no through a “friend” (sigh) and probably dropped by a Network provider counter feigning to pay my bill in the process just see my personal information on the computer.

    Not only have I known her through cyberspace but in fact we “talked” for a while reluctantly on my side. Oh, she ever paid for my drinks but I guess not the cellphone bill. Hahahha.

    Just a joke lah. All I mean is that do you guys ever get anonymous callers?

  98. kittykat46 says:

    Are you implying its somebody who comments in this FSZ ?… cyber pick-up, ah……yeah, I ever had horny persons call me for a “chat”…even knew my name….I wonder how..but she obviously knew very little else. So I just played along for fun, after all I wasn’t paying for the call…hahahah…Just make sure you don’t give away any Real personal information.

  99. bamboo river says:

    Harrison out of his curiosity drank Kopi Kacip Fatimah.
    I hope the herbs will sink in before we see you all on Monday.
    Harrison , switch off your hand phone and have a good weekend REST.

  100. Jane says:

    Harrison , switch off your hand phone and have a good weekend REST.–Bamboo

    Thanks for your concern mate. See u tomolo.

    Are you implying its somebody who comments in this FSZ ?… cyber pick-up, ah—-Kittykat

    Dear Kittykat, That’s what you said correctly-IMPLIED. Meaning that based on unsubstantiated material evidence, I chose to be tantalizing.

    yeah, I ever had horny persons call me for a “chat”…even knew my name—-Kittykat

    I also ever get “horny” calls and also even called others (females of coz)

    Happy Sunday.

  101. ah Long says:

    Hahahaha….better convince RPK to apply for bail and go home. He might find out that Baginda is out on “unofficial” bail then all hell will break loose.

    We don’t want hell to freeze over just yet. We still have a few persons to send there, remember?

  102. Harrison says:

    ah Long Says:
    May 11, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    “Hahahaha….better convince RPK to apply for bail and go home. He might find out that Baginda is out on “unofficial” bail then all hell will break loose.”
    Ah Long,

    Sorry to beg a question on whether what you had written was a pre-Altantuya trial advice?

    I never kbnew that Razak Baginda was on any sorts of bail when the Altantuya case commenced. Yeah, he was on bail only for a while, until public outcry sends him back where he belongs, to prison and to hell.

  103. ah long says:


    It is known that if you “grease” the right palms prisoners can get “released” for home visits. I got friends in prison. There everything also have to bribe and can bribe.

    I am only speculating….rumour mongering etc…. that this can happen in Sungai Buloh also. I am suggesting got money can go home and sleep and come back next morning.

    Everyday essentials like soap, cigarettes, Milo, cracker biscuits, aspro and tiger balm etc….also have to pay the wardens to give to the inmates.

    And very often the inmates only get half of what the family “provide” and then they have to share with the “tai kor” prisoner for protection.

    I have heard, (hearsay only) that some inmates can “pay” for home visits to attend funerals. And if you pay more…can go for weddings, childrens graduations and visits to Jln Alor !!!

    As we know in Malaysia everything also boleh. And that guy is not short of money or connections.

  104. cindaiberkias says:

    Sometimes its hard to be smart and handsome at the same time kan… KK46, now you know how it feels like to be tom cruise or shah rukh khan.

    The problem with “implied” or “rumours” is that, at the end of the day, most of it remain exactly that no matter how much we wished that its true.

    And there are some truths that we could not prove too.

    Happy monday everyone… Be glad that Pak Lah is worried about inflation and working on it. At the same time, inflation figure went down! I am confused. Inflation figure went down and he’s worried?

  105. kittykat46 says:

    Jane….”I also ever get “horny” calls and also even called others (females of coz)”….A**lina kah ? I dengar dia betul-betul “aggresive”….

    cindaiberkias – “Pak Lah working on it”. He’s always working on it…after 4 years, haven’t warmed up yet…… But I must admit Pak Lah is looking handsome after considering Najib.

    I see a shadow of the ghost of a Mongol warrior standing behind Najib everytime he appears on TV….macam Sixth Sense lah.

  106. bamboo river says:

    Getting into the job to work on it is no difference if the end result is still nowhere to be seen.

    “I will work on it for the sake of working on it but in the end please do not expect me to provide the solution.
    I am working on it yet I am not sure if i can truly work on it to solve the problem.
    I don’t know, please tell me but don’t ask me.” —Sleeping giant.

    ah Long,
    Remember a high profile convict walking around in the street and photograph by a local paper years ago?

  107. Harrison says:

    Dear ah Long,

    ah long Says:
    May 12, 2008 at 6:33 am

    Of your above post, YEAH, Your HEART is TRUE. U really have connections/ gangsters’ friends or are you a gangster yourself (just a thought) to know such intimate shady information of the about bribery between the Police and the underground (allegations?) Hahahahah.

    You see, I got 1st hand info by a gambler that when he was caught by the police team, many of their peers were “robbed” of their table & pocket monies, say RM 1000.00 “robbed” from the gamblers, and the police
    reported only RM200.00 was present during the raid. So, where did RM800.00 goes?

    You see my friends, the Police are just gangsters in Uniform with a warrant and License to “ROB”. In fact, catch the Poilce first, only then, you can have a smoother path to seek the real criminals. 😀

  108. kittykat46 says:

    Police who raid gamblers make money from the gamblers.
    Police who raid massage parlours “raba-raba” the ladies
    Police who raid illegal VCD outlets make money from the operators and more money by off-loading the VCDs later.

    A guy I know made a police report about a gang asking for protection money from all the shops in the neighbourhood. The “Taikor” sent people to beat him up later…he nearly got killed…I wonder how did the Taikor find out ??

    Sometimes its hard to distinguish who’s the Police and who’s the Crook.

  109. whispering9 says:

    Rather busy again. Before I pack and hit the road for 5 hours, let me leave a comment. Everywhere, including Malaysia, there are always good cops and bad cops. I have met many policemen who performed their duties with dignity. Methink, it is better to recognise the good cops rather than to label all cops as bad. Step one…methink is to increase their salaries. Cheer. Happy Monday Evening.

    Ps: Learnt a new word : BER — beyond economical repair. 🙂

  110. Bamboo river says:

    Testing from wap

  111. jeancumlately says:

    Whoa BR! I am impressed. Hopefully one day you can teach me how that thing works.

    Now that you have that thing, I hope you dont forget to wish happy mother’s day to your moms or your kids’ moms (if you have more then one). Their love is the only thing in the world that we could get without any string attached.

    My mom is no longer in this world and I still miss her everyday. Celebrate yours if she is still around… I wish I did.

  112. Harrison says:

    My mom is no longer in this world and I still miss her everyday. Celebrate yours if she is still around… I wish I did.—-Jean

    I feel like crying when my learned cyberfriend said something so sad. Whenever I switch the computer on everyday, I logged into Susan’s blog almost everytime, many of the times without leaving any comments.

    Really sad to hear that your mom has left this world Ms./ Mdm. Jean. Susan, if you don’t mind, may I place some tears on your FSZ3, seriously?

  113. Harrison says:

    “I logged into Susan’s blog almost everytime”,

    Sorry, I mean “I go to Susan’s blog”. I am not a thief. Praise Allah Almighty, may your mom always be with the Lord.

  114. su says:

    may I place some tears on your FSZ3, seriously? –Harrison

    Can I leave a tear here too?

  115. Harrison says:

    Dear Su,

    Just on mother’s day, I sent an e-mail to Susan titled “Happy Mother’s Day”.

    Having forgotten that Susan’s mom has passed away, I still forgotten to addressed the primal matter and now I am feeling so guilty.

    yes, I still have a lovely mom. But to anyone here where their mom is no longer here, allow me to drop more tears.

    Yes, I do cry. My ex,ex before that ex, ex before that ex of exs girlfriends and etcetera mostly said that I looks like a playboy before/during our courtship, buy very romantic type everytime we dated.

    The last time I shed tears was when i read Raja petra’s wife, Marina Lee Abdullah ‘s ordeal of her husband’s arrest by the hoodlums.

    Allow me to joy with you, please allow me to cry with you.

    Dedicated to Susan & jean, this song by Cliff Richard:-

    Ocean deep

    Love cant you see Im alone
    Cant you give this fool a chance
    A little love is all I ask – a little kindness
    In the night
    Please dont leave me behind
    No – dont tell me love is blind
    A little love is all I ask and that is all

    Oh love Ive been searching so long
    Ive been searching highnlow
    A little love is all I ask – a little sadness
    When youre gone
    Maybe you need a friend (like HARRISON)
    Only please dont lets pretend
    A little love is all I ask and that is all

    I wanna spread my wings – but I just cant fly
    As a string of pearls and pretty girls go sailing by

    Ocean deep – Im so afraid to show my feelings
    I have sailed a million ceilings – in my –
    Solitary room
    Ocean deep – will I ever find a lover
    Maybe she has found another
    And as I cry myself to sleep
    I know this love of mine Ill keep – ocean deep

    Love cant you hear when I call
    Cant you hear a word I say
    A little love is all I ask
    A little feeling when we touch
    Why am I still alone?
    Ive got a heart without a home
    A little love is all I ask – and that is all

    I wanna spread my wings – but I just cant fly
    As a string of pearls and pretty girls go sailing by

    Ocean deep – Im so afraid to show my feelings
    I have sailed a million ceilings – in my –
    Solitary room
    Ocean deep – will I ever find a lover
    Maybe she has found another
    And as I cry myself to sleep
    I know this love of mine Ill keep – ocean deep

    Im so lonely lonely lonely…

  116. sloone says:

    Hi Harrisome;
    Alamak, my dad passed away, not mom!
    She’s very much alive and kicking.
    At 73, she still can drive @ 120km.
    HAHAHA !

    Btw, I love that song 🙂

  117. su says:

    “Alamak, my dad passed away, not mom!”

    This is slightly awkward..
    But still, it’s sweet.

    I love the song too. 🙂

  118. bamboo river says:

    Jean, sorry to let you down. That Nokia N77 that I had tested belongs to my friend lah.
    I was contemplating of getting one.Can surf blogs so, when i am away from my pc , I won’t miss Susan’s blog and all you guys and gals.
    Easy to use, just that I have to squint my eyes to read the text and punching the keys too was a bit slow. Big fingers and small keys.
    Well, hope to get one soon.

    Yah, Mom’s day is special. My mom is 71 years old and living in Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh.
    Retired nurse from Sungai Buloh Hospital. (33 years of service) Still riding her Honda kapchai in Sungai Buloh.
    Well, my dad passed away 11 years ago.
    She is strong and have very good sixth sense you know.
    By looking at my facial expression, she can tell if I have problems or I am trying to kelentong putih. (say white lies).
    So don’t even think of talking true lies!
    I am the only child so, at this time, it is my duty and responsibility to take good care of her.
    Happy Mom’s day to all visitors of Susan’s blog.
    Mom’s day is EVERY DAY!

    Harrison ², I love that song too. Cliff Richard’s “DEvil Woman” is also my fav.
    I would say very sweet of you and your soft side [mentally lah 🙂 ] is very touching .

  119. ah long says:


    The cops love to arrest illegal gambling dens. What your kawan tell you is true. They take all the money from the table.

    Also they will tell the operators they want to arrest a certain number of people for illegal gambling. The operator will ask the gamblers “who wants to be arrested? The big boss will pay RM100 if you go. Nothing one. The operator will pay the fines and you can bullshit your name and IC number, the polis have all been paid off”

    So some desperate losers will “volunteer” to be arrested. When they arrive at the polis station, they just bullshit a name, address and IC for the cop to put on the charge sheet to show they have arrested some people for illegal gambling and issue a summon to the operator. Then everybody go home.

    Illegal brothels same thing. That’s why the girls never keep any money on them. The pimp handles all the cash. I tell you one real story……they arrested one “John” and he damn action. So intead of just bullshit and release him, the cops got his real name and rang up his wife and ask her to come and bail him out.

  120. ah long says:

    Real man don’t cry.

  121. jeancumlately says:

    Real man dont cry. Then, what did they do? Made someone else cry, I guess…

    Hbh, thank you for the music. Sweet. Almost everyone will be touched by that song but not everyone will aldmit it.

    I’ve said a thousand sorries at my mother’s grave. I’ve cried countless nights to sleep. I just want Mom to hear me say I am sorry. I just want to see mom smiling and say, “sofia, its okay, I forgive you.”

    I had my chance but I was “keras kepala.” She asked and asked my sis when will I be back and waited and waited for me till she died…

    I never thought that Mom will ever die on me. Afterall, she’s my mom.

    And I would never want anyone else to live with this guilt. That includes you too, Ah Long.

  122. bamboo river says:

    Jean, have my cyber shoulder to cry on sis.
    Thus your guilt and pain must not overcome your feelings towards your late mother.
    Past sweet memories of her with you must be cherished inside your heart.
    Every tears you shed is every love you give to your late mother.

    Sorry lah, hati gua sudah lembik reading your comment.

  123. Harrison says:


    God will always be with all the daddies and mommies wherever they are.

    Bamboo, you are so senanglah, towkay. Goyang kaki. Aiyoh, me have to move about esp. in the afternoon but I am enjoying it.

    I really laughed out when I see my name was styled by Susan in one word- “Harrisome”. Hahahhahahahaha. 😀 I feel that you are really a very romantic lady and your bf (s) (just wondering) should be very lucky.

    Dear Ah Long,

    “A real men don’t cry” says Ah Long.

    You don’t have to, but always tag an “eye-mo” with you, Just in case…..:)

    I am offering a reward of 1000 rupiah for anyone who knows Stenson’s whereabout…..

  124. bamboo river says:

    Harrison, if I am a tailor, then I get my doe by goyanging my kaki everyday lah.
    No lah, I do have my daily dose of running about & upstairs of my office to get my job done.
    My office is in the first floor and my workshop is downstairs.
    Whenever I am upstairs, doing my work, i would surf for latest info/news.
    Only my office pc is internet ready.The workshop pc is strictly for work/programming.
    I like towgay but i am not a towkay.
    Money is our towkay.
    Okay, have to run downstairs. Catch you later before i clock out @ 4.30 p.m.

  125. bamboo river says:

    Harrison, if I am a tailor, then I get my doe by goyanging my kaki everyday lah.
    No lah, I do have my daily dose of running about & upstairs of my office to get my job done.
    My office is in the first floor and my workshop is downstairs.
    Whenever I am upstairs, doing my work, i would surf for latest info/news.
    Only my office pc is internet ready.The workshop pc is strictly for work/programming.
    I like towgay but i am not a towkay.
    Money is our towkay.
    Okay, have to run downstairs. Catch you later before i clock out @ 4.30 p.m.

  126. bamboo river says:

    I’ll put 10,000 Taka to say “Arrow” is Stenson.

  127. kittykat46 says:

    Bamboo River, 10,000 Bangla Taka is about RM 470….wah that’s a respectable bet.
    Cheapskate me only willing to be 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah…..hehehehe…

    Yeah, Arrow sounds like Stenson. He did have another nick sometime before, and we also found him out.
    Stenson can’t escape from his style, dead giveaway….anyway, Arrow or Stenson he’s welcome….

  128. stenson says:

    I cried when I heard that RPK was arrested.It was a genuine and sincere tears of sadness – not crocodile tears.I understand why jean cried cause she miss Handsome and vice versa.Why the paying for coffee using credit cards and all the jest.Jean and Handsome are throwing insinuation and hinting and hinting at each other.Dont forget me should both of you get stuck.Just an invitation and I will be there before your next tears drop fall,Jean – a sensitive passionate lady.Good luck to you my pal,Handsome.
    I heard that susan has a handsome pakistani boyfriend.I just heard.I might be wrong.Correct me Handsome.

  129. jeancumlately says:

    I fall asleep on a cyber shoulder. Hei, stenson, as always, will come back with a bang… but thanks for waiting for my next tear drop. It aint gonna happen, right? Unless you have a plan to play croc with me….

    Me insinuating? Nah. But I did paid for harisome’s nescafe. BR rejected paypal so I promised to pay him in cash the next time we meet. He is yet to say thanks but his song is really ocean deep. It must’ve made susan’s day.

    RPK… what a guy. I would say a real man. He fought for what he believes in even when the odds against him are higher then klcc. One great writer too. We are desperate for a hero and I think we have one. But I hate it when so many politicians lined up for a photo opportunity with him. Did you see crocodile tears, stenson?

    And Marina… I wish to have your love and strength. Great woman.

  130. bamboo river says:

    As always, Stenson is one of our main character in FSZs.
    Wihout his comments here is like having highly decaffeinated coffee.
    Not recomended for kopi kaki like us.
    KK46, when we do something, we must go all out lah.This is virtual gambling mah. I sometimes indulged in 4d s but small bet lah. Just waiting for my car number to strike.Fat hopes I guess!

    RPK, he is one man we must really give a standing ovation.
    And her lovely wife , Marina, she deserves the “Woman of the Year” by Times magazine.

    The award for Kopi Tiam King in FSZ3 goes to Harrison with Ocean Deep tuna sandwiches thrown in!
    This is a compliment to you Harrison. Seriously.:-)

  131. bamboo river says:

    Sorry and apology to RPK . Should read ‘HIS lovely wife.’
    Low in caffeine lah my brain.
    Okay, got to run and have Nescafe with my friend.
    See you all tomolo.

  132. ah Long says:

    Jean…..I am sure your mum can hear you and everything is ok. This is why we need religion and the belief in an almighty, all knowing, compassionate and merciful entity. If God did not exist, man will have to invent one to take away our guilt & fears !!!

    Essentially we are all the same, we all share the same guilt especially after our mothers have passed on. We all feel we have not done enough to repay our debt and should have done more.

    Like the saying goes “no point crying over spilled milk”. Get over it and rest in the belief that she is now in God’s care and she can look down from heaven and see and hear what is in our hearts.

    (Ah Long hands Jean a toilet roll to dry her tears)…………hahahaha everywhere else people use kleenex tissue, only in Malaysia we use toilet rolls for face tissue, wakakakaka. Malaysia Boleh.

  133. Harrison says:

    I always enjoy the humour of Stenson and to hint on your questions:-

    “I heard that susan has a handsome pakistani boyfriend.I just heard.I might be wrong.Correct me Handsome.”–Stenson

    Sincerely, I really wana say “Kolek, Kolek, Kolek”. (Hahaha) but remember I just made a big mistake in my “May 12, 2008 at 9:51 pm” posts with incorrect facts. So, allow Susan to answer you on that, will she? I am sure that an intelligent, stylish, an a celebrity blogger that needs no mention of her name has at least 1 or more bf (referring to my earlier perspective).

    “I understand why jean cried cause she miss Handsome and vice versa.”–Stenson

    Oh, you felt that way…? I only shed some tears to be honest when a friend suddenly told us that her mother was no longer “here”. Hate to admit it, but my swollen eyes was noticable when one of my friend asked me last night at a coffeshop as I had to tell him the truth, and he also cried. And I didn’t just do that for Jean but for Susan though I get the facts wrong but “A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed” isn’t it? Me and Jean to be together will be like “hitting one another before the bell rings”, so the crying was natural.

    When Susan closed that “kopitiam2”, I really miss it and I would spent some of my time reading some of the comments. If there is a category for “Man of The FSZ2”, I personally think it might be you that was why Bamboo river wrote “As always, Stenson is one of our main character in FSZs.” and substantiated by Jean who reflected anew “Hei, stenson, as always, will come back with a bang…”

    Oh yeah, about the reward, and your patronage, I have decided to treat everyone here for all you can eat, and oh yeah, I just check with the currency exchange-1000 rupiah= (about) RM1. So, remember to wash your own dishes and mop the floors ya? I am sure barter-trade is still applicable in this Kopitiam.

  134. sloone says:

    Can I have more details of the Pakistani boyfriend that I am supposed to have?


  135. ah long says:

    Sue, he is tall, DARK and handsome ??

  136. bamboo river says:

    No,ah Long I think he is not so tall, fair, very good looking.!

  137. ah long says:

    Bamboo….you mean short, pale and handsome ?

    We approve as long as don’t have deep pockets and short arms.

    Imagine above description, always cannot reach his wallet when it comes to paying the bill. Short arms cannot reach the wallet because it is kept in trouser’s pocket so deep almost reach below knee level. hehehehe

  138. bamboo river says:

    Everyone, I checked my Buku 555 and found out a VVIP (Very very important patron) of this kopi tiam did not drop in for his regular Earl Grey and scornes.
    …Mr WITSO! 🙂

  139. stenson says:

    Wanted:Stenson dead or alive payable in British pound.Australian dollar also can because I no speekee inkleash and I onli see Australian currency and also smell onli white Australian pussy.Make sure it is AD l.4 millions.
    Paymaster:Harrisome Handsome bin Handsome.
    In btw,you knocked Jean out the lst round and she merajuk for nealy 6 months.Before the bell ring the next knock will take her a year to recover.I have to pujuk her in javanese for l whole year.Hold your horses.Let me master Javanese before you land the next punch.Of course Jean is my teacher.
    In Susan’s question,there is something hidden between the line..haha.Am I right Handsome?

  140. Harrison says:

    Oh Susan, Oh Susan,

    As I mentioned that my dearest deserves a/some true hunk/s by the standard of your status, and of your request of the description of your “Pakistani” bf (1 only kah?) I am in view that he must be good-looking like Pervez Musharraf whom a beauty queen winner is trying to date:-
    Click here:
    (Knock my head if I’m wrong)


    Oh yes, I always think that Susan is a CIA/ foreign intelligence operative,
    so, you must be working hard to look for:- Click below (looks like “him”)
    Click below:

    (If I am still wrong, SHOOT ME!)

  141. ah long says:

    KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – A Malaysian woman woke up to a real-life nightmare, discovering that the naked man who had slipped into her bed in the middle of the night was a thief, not her husband, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

    The 36-year-old housewife was asleep when the thief, noticing that her husband was fast asleep on the couch, quietly stripped off and lay down beside her, the Star newspaper said, quoting a police report filed in the eastern state of Terengganu.

    The dozing woman’s suspicions were raised when she spoke to him and his voice sounded strange, the paper said.

    “She then went to another room and found her husband fast asleep on the couch. That’s when she screamed, causing the thief to flee by leaping out the window together with the stolen items,” it added.

  142. Harrison says:

    Wow Ah Long,

    Cool “Molestor” isn’t it? Just a thought, did the woman do “anything” with the “thief”? Unclear? Oh, ok….presuming that the “thief” looks like Brad Pitt or Josh Hartnett, don’t you think that the woman would have some good time first then takes the appropriate steps to maybe “shout”?

    But I assure you that she will certainly shout if the perpetrators looks like a 3’7″ inch leprechaun.

  143. ah long says:

    NOW HEAR THIS……what I am about to write will shock a lot of people. THE BRITISH had a BIG hand in May 13th !!!!

    These things are coming out of declassified documents in the UK and USA from the files of MI5 and the CIA !!!!!

    During that time the British had the capacity to advise and they had a sizeable Rapid Respond Force they could have used to restore law & order but they decided to do nothing. The British were responsible for arming & training the Malay Regiment.

    The fact remains that the British did advise the Tengku and Razak and the British were the architects of the propaganda against the Chinese throughout that period. The Chinese and the Communist were the same in their vocabulary.

    They see the Chinese advance in education and commerce as a threat to the region and using the principle of divide and rule taunt the Chinese and Malays to raise the level of animosity amongst them.

    The Chinese had a massive advantage in the region economically and were actively spying on the Chinese population. This is evident by the Goodwood Hotel incident when Lee Kuan Yew caught the CIA operatives red handed.

    Remember all this was happening at the height of the Vietnam war. To the west the Vietnam and the Chinese were indistinguissable from each other. They were simply red.

    Lee Kuan Yew’s personal secretary & advisor Alex Josey was later uncovered as a MI5 operative. Singapore’s president SR Nathan was an ASIO operative.

    to be continued……….

  144. kittykat46 says:

    Hahaha..Ah Long, I thought I read a similar report from Terengganu last year.
    A man came home early from night shift work (I think Petronas in Kerteh) and was surprised by a man running semi-naked out of the house. The wife claimed she had fallen asleep and screamed when the man sleeping beside her was not her husband…I don’t know what to believe.

    Looks like its quite a common occurence in Terengganu…very horny place…

    So for those who work night shift, odd-hours etc….is your wife/girl-friend / boyfriend/ husband is sleeping alone tonight ? Hehehehe…

  145. ah long says:

    Also no such thing as rape. A woman can run faster with her skirt around her waist than a man with his pants down around his ankles.

  146. bamboo river says:

    ah Long your info about the British ‘conspiracy’ is very interesting. This info was never made known and according to what I heard the British failed to act immediately to stop the tragedy.

    KK46, don’t lah lump Trengganu as ‘very horny place’.
    Just becos of one incident. Now you had created suspicious feelings on the people working night shift and odd hours. LOL>

  147. ah long says:

    Bamboo….what you hear is correct. The British have a hand in the May 13 riots, either or both in the planning or their wanton silence at the time.

    As advisors to both the Tunku & Razak they have a hand in planting the seeds of discontent and marginalise the Chinese. They still have a large military presence in the region. They could have acted to stop the killings.

  148. ah long says:

    I am going to throw another firecracker amongst the chickens………anyone here over the age of 50 will know this.
    Or if anyone is interested they can search the archives of the Straits Times to confirm this story and match this back to papers now obtained under the freedom of information act from the Public Records Office in London.

    Remember the Kuen Cheng Girls Chinese School in old Klang road? The school is still there today. In the early 1960s there was a girl named Yoke Lan who lost both her arms in an “incident”. All the newspapers English & Chinese reported this “incident” as a car “accident” in which the girls losted her arms. Anyone here remember this incident.

    Kuen Cheng like many Chinese schools at that time were hotbeds of Chinese nationalistic and communist activities. It is now revealed that even at that age Yoke Lan was recruited as an operative for the US.

    It is not known who carried out the incident, many speculate that it was the Chinese activist who did it to serve as a warning to others. She was planted in the school to report back to her directives as to who were the activists in her school.

    Her “accident” was an eye opener to the extent of foreign activity in the country and the anti-chinese sendiments at the time.

    Therefore it is quite reasonable to conclude that the Malays (UMNO) was been infilterated by Western intelligence operatives at the time planting anti chinese ideas in the minds of UMNO leaders and wanting to overthrow the Tungku who did not trust the British.

    And it came to past that after May 13 the Tungku losted most of his powers and was eventually taken over by Razak and saw the implementation of the New Economic Policy which started the marginalisation of the Chinese & Indians. It also saw the emergence of Mahathir.

    … be continued

  149. jeancumlately says:

    Its already May 15th and I guess I am 2 days late. Oh, the british had a hand on May 13th also? I was blaming the Malays 100% all this while.

    Its a good story from Terengganu. Lots of lesson to be learnt and may come in handy in the future. Ah Long should start writing a book on what to do when you get caught with your pants down. HbH with his ex, ex’s ex, ex and ex’s ex’s (he is into recycling) has about 101 ways on how to get away from a sticky situation stenson would love to get into.

    “…hitting one another before the bell rings” – That summarized it all stenson. I was not even in the ring. That is why I and him are friends.

  150. Harrison says:

    Sorry to digress from your interesting paradoxical British “hands” in the 1969 “Racial-Riots”, Ah Long, but I just had a sudden thought to urged the patrons here not to get married, and staying single.

    I really know at least 100 accounts of spouses who confided in me how much they wanna divorce their spouse but rigidity of the paper-works among other things.

    A Malaysian friend who now has a PR in Australia who made regular trips back here was telling me the other day that she personally found Malaysians weirdos for staying in a frail, discordance, out-of-love legally as husbands and wifes.

    Another American told me he had divorced 3 times. (he’s a ragtag imagine, not an actor).

    People fall in and out of love, so don’t jumped into wild conclusions (marriages).

    Especially to my buddy Stenson, trust me, marriage might be fun initially but when 1-2 years elapsed, you may be trying to get “rid” (see the inverted, meaning not premeditating to kill or injure) your spouse. And what if your spouse cheated on you when you still loves him/her.

    I had many relationships and I know, being reasons that I am still single.
    This is also a friendly advise from yours truly to Susan , Jean and Su.

    Oh yeah, did I just mentioned “Su”. can I call you “Su”? So Su, sudah kahw, I mean sudah minum?

    I am very confident that a spouse has ever two-timed at least once in their life.

    Read also

  151. ah long says:

    The brains in my head tells me “screw them all but marry none”.

    The brains between my legs got the wrong message.

  152. su says:

    So Su, sudah kahw, I mean sudah minum? – Harrison

    Hahaha.. I have yet to get my daily dosage of caffeine (or at least, the nightly dosage). But sure to get that cuppa tonight..

    As for “sudah kahw”.. I’m afraid not.. 😆

  153. su says:

    Oh, and BTW, people in Kiwiland also seem to think that it’s ridiculous to stay married to someone you can’t stand anymore.

    In fact, there was this Playboy-ish magazine (ZOO, I think), that recently had this competition for their readers, in which they could stand a chance to win an all-expenses paid for divorce!!

  154. bamboo river says:

    well in that case all marriage counsellors can gulung tikar and buka kopi tiam.
    Nowadays, especially in this rat race era, everyone wants to work/enjoy to their fullest and marriage is their last agenda after all the four C’s are achieved.
    Cash,Car,Condominium and Companion.(sorry,no credit cards since we have legit ah Longs)
    So, once they had established the right companion, maybe, I said MAYBE they will settle down .
    I don’t know , since i am married for almost 11 years, and I married quite late because of that four C’s syndrome.
    Whatever your status you are now, just remember, live life to the fullest and don’t forget your responsibilities.

  155. jeancumlately says:

    ….live life to the fullest and don’t forget your responsibilities – BR

    Is that possible? I always thought that you either live life to the fullest or be responsible. You may choose to live somewhere in between and pray hard that you’ll never get caught. You have to forget your responsibilities in order to live life to the fullest, dont you think?

    I’d rather chose somewhere in between or shifts from one extreme to the other. (I hope dad is not reading this).

    Marriage is ok as long as you can accept the fact that love is just a chemical reaction that makes you crazy and do things like getting married… I think.

    ….everyone wants to work/enjoy to their fullest and marriage is their last agenda after all the four C’s are achieved – BR

    Well BR, I know a few girls who decided to do it the other way around i.e. get married in order to get the 4c’s. (Dont worry dad, I am not one of them). Some men did that too, I heard.

  156. stenson says:

    Sorry lah Jean.Handsome is not the marrying type.He shoots his target between the thighs and blows off the smoke from the tip of his gun and moves on to another one,leaving you wet wet and high.I cant imagine you hook up with him.I dont enjoy seeing you getting hurt.Just friend ok.I dont really know what to do with my life.I am really sick of malaysian politic.Any good advice Jean?Handsome asked me not to get hooked up.Pretty sound advice I reckon.Any better idea?

  157. jeancumlately says:

    Stenson: I cant imagine you hook up with him
    Sofia: Dont worry sten. So do I.

    Stenson: He shoots his target between the thighs and blows off the smoke from the tip of his gun and moves on to another one.
    Sofia: That is why I and him could be friends. Other then the gun we used, we do have a lot in common.

    Stenson: Handsome asked me not to get hooked up.
    Sofia: That is the least of your problem, sten. Your problem is how to get hooked up.

    Stenson: I dont really know what to do with my life. I am really sick of malaysian politic. Any good advice Jean?
    Sofia: C4.

    JEAN: Thanks sofia.
    Sofia: Stenson is such a nice guy. He dont enjoy seeing you getting hurt.
    JEAN: I know. Tell him, I appreciate it… a lot.

  158. Harrison says:

    Hahaha, Bamboo, for 11 years, trust me, I am not going to ask you whether you ever had ( HAHAHA ). I remember once Kittykat went to Hong Kong, as I am not sure of his marital status, but I am sure he was not alone in that room overnight.

    Infidelity has become the primary reasons for divorce. It’s just like everyday you are driving a Honda Accord, so one day you will be tempted to a Toyota Camry, correct?

    If you are using a Motorola V series, will certainly opt for a Nokia model, right? Infatuation and lust for material changes is the same as human.

    Hey, by the bay, I did noticed that interacial couples are mushrooming nowadays. I was at KFC two days back, I saw a Malay guy with a Chinese lass and when I went for a swim at the beach on Sunday, I saw a chinese with a malay romancing one another.

    So, since Stenson and Jean desires one another, you wil always have my and Susan’s blessings when you walk down the aisle and Su and I will be bridesmaid and bestman respectively. What say you, Su? Btw, how do you
    create that gyrating smile? 🙂

    Don’t worry, if you Stenson and Jean don’t have enough money for the marriage, our gang, Ah Long here would be kind enough to lend you some, interest free of course, yeah?

  159. Harrison says:

    jeancumlately Says:
    May 15, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    Hahaha. 😀

  160. ah Long says:

    Friend is friend…..bizness is bizness….where got free. At the most I also except sex for payment……hehehehehehehe

  161. Harrison says:


    Hahaha. I tried to peruse someone who wrote the parody on May 15, 2008 at 5:44 pm for at least two times thinking it was me, coz I am the only one who is good at that, but it’s Jeancumlately. Hahahahahahahaha. Very nottti, isn’t it Su san? 😛 Cheers to all.

  162. su says:

    hahaha.. I don’t mind being bridesmaid. just name the place and time..

    anyway, to make this 😆 , just put “lol” in between of “:”
    get it??

  163. whispering9 says:

    Here are some other smileys. Just copy and paste into your comment.

    😳 :mrgreen: 😐 😈 😯 😕 😎 👿 💡 🙄 😉 😥 😮 😡 ❗ ❓

  164. Harrison says:

    Wah hahahahha. Thanks mate. I only asked from Su for 1 smiley template. No love lost between us I guess. 😀

  165. su says:

    Aww… I hope I didn’t create any unnecessary “jealousy” between Harrison n whispering 9… 😆

    But those smlies definitely are great!

    LURVE smilies.. :mrgreen:

  166. bamboo river says:

    Jean, Live life to the fullest means do whatever you think is right and legal lah. Not that third party stuff.

    Harrison, ability to resist temptations is a personal achievement besides having the Holy guidance of religion.

    W9 , how was your 5 hours trip 🙂

    BTW, to all who are in the teaching profession, be it the kindergarten,primary & secondary school ,college , uni, or even as a tutor…Happy Teachers’ Day 🙂

  167. whispering9 says:

    Don’t worry su…no jealousy whatsoever. 🙄 Isn’t it…Jane 😥 ?

    BR…the trip was fine thks. However, my frequent business trips are taking a toll on family life, esp. with my teenage children. ..the fourth C in the equation of living life to the fullest. Gotta to go now. Remember it is TGIF.

  168. stenson says:

    One day one wise guy drop by and says Chairman Mao started the May 13 in Malaysia.Jean will turn round and said,’ Oh no,I thought it was the Javanese who started the may 13′.Can you see the irony?Jean believes in everythings ppl say.You can always ask Sofia if you have any doubt in your mind of any issue.Sorry to say Sofia is smarter than you.I can assure you Jean I have no problem when come to hooking.
    Why Handsome is passing the buck?Is he gunning for Sue now?Good luck brother.

  169. stenson says:

    “lol”Jeacumearlyabit,Handsome is waiting.

  170. ah long says:

    Always the bridesmaid….never the bride !!! Sounds like Najib.

  171. Harrison says:

    My dear friend Su and my (buddy), Whispering9,

    “Jealousy is only a will of the losers” – Harrison

    W9, Godspeed whenever u travel, alright? Oh welcome back, coffee?

    well Stenson, having enjoying reading some of your witty2 comments and stylish humour you deployed in FSZ2, I have to say that, you are “down-and-out” before you knows what hit you by the May 15, 2008 at 5:44 pm post. How could you open so much opportunities for endless “onslaught”. To the author “Not bad, not bad at all”. Ouch! Hahahahaha!
    By any impartial judgement, you’ll have to give that “bout” to the author who mimicked the parody too well. Ouch again! Hahahahahaha. Aiyoooh!
    With a gf like that, who needs a wife?

    I ever had a Javanese gf before. Sometimes I ever reminisce why I broke up with her. I always had regrets after post-relationship. I hate to boast but almost all my gfs said that I am the best lover they ever had. I first thought of the emphatic compliment prosaic and cloying but when witnessing their “reactions” after the break-ups, it seems to be as real as they claimed (that I am the best lover among the many bfs’ they had).
    for professional reasons i deter from discussing.

    I recollect that Javanese ex of the exes before been axed (I can’t tell you who axed who ok, but I think you can presume a good conclusion) to have a new ex gf of mine always asked me “Sungguh!” in Javanese meaning serious in English and I reciprocated with kisses. Unfortunately, we did not
    made it.

    I hate to enter into real relationship nowadays, cause I hate break-ups and
    it would hurt and still haunt me from time to time. Sigh. what to do, I am as human as all of you, isn’t it?

    Oh yes, stenson, you said

    “Why Handsome is passing the buck?Is he gunning for Sue now?Good luck brother.”

    I am almost a cycle of a Chinese Zodiac older than Su. 5 years ago maybe, but not now. Haha. Anyway Su is pursuing for a degree in oversea
    and I don’t wanna be a 3rd wheel between her and her studies. So, a platonic friendship good enough.

    Sorry to bore you all with some of my personal stuff, so I rest my “case” here….

    Oh yeah Ah Long,

    Did you promised to continue a trilogy of your tantalizing account that the British was instigating the May 13th riots? I am following……..:)

  172. kittykat46 says:

    Whispering9 sounds like he travels around the country often…

    I knew a successful travelling businessman once… When he died, 3 other women, aged from 40s to late 20s, turned up at his funeral, with 9 children in total , ranging from kindergarten to grown-up , crying for Papa….lucky guy…they never even knew about each other…

    Just sharing a past experience, I’m not implying anything about our good friend here OK !… 🙂

  173. su says:

    Hahaha…That’s a very long comment Harrison!!

    And platonic is good. 🙂

    On another note, I was talking to my dad the other day, and we mentioned Justice Augustine Paul. Apparently my dad knows this man! He was eyeing to be the President of RCS(Royal Commonwealth Club) back in 1998, sometime before the Anwar case. And nobody really liked him back then. Surprisingly Augustine Paul decided to not contest for the President’s seat anymore after the Anwar case. Hmm…wonder why…

    (could it be that he had a lot of “kickback” during the case, and so the Chairman’s seat was of no importance anymore?)

  174. jeancumlately says:

    I wanna borrow one of w9’s smileys badly but I dont know which one is for whom and for what… I wish I could just borrow sue’s pissed off cat and stick it here. But its not for you sten. You are nice and I am giving u two days to recover. HbH had just told you that you shot yourself on the foot.

    Learn the art of shooting someone while looking the other way.

    And sure sten, I do believe that you dont have a problem of getting hooked. I was just kidding. Really. Honest. I swear. I mean it.

    Sofia is smarter then me? Ok. Thanks for the compliments.

    HbH: ….I hate break-ups and it would hurt and still haunt me from time to time.
    Jean: The girl(s) you broke up with must be great girl(s) to be able to haunt u from time to time. Sungguh!

    And yup, I am waiting also what else will come up on may 13th. Did chairman Mao started it? Gee, I was working on the theory that the javanese started it. You are right again, stenson.

    Thank God its Friday….

  175. stenson says:

    Alarm clock starts with a bang,bragging,craving for attention but never accurate.
    As for Handsome and Jean,I dont shoot at a target with my eyes closed or looking the other way.I dont like to hit at something it is not intended to.
    I dont normally shoot at my own foot.I am not that bad in aiming my shot.
    If both of you feel I am not wanted here I am too happy to oblige.This place has become too draggy.Maybe too predictable.

  176. bamboo river says:

    Hey,W9, spend some time with your family and kids.It is worth all the money you can make from your business.
    Believe me!
    Your single life and past relationship with your ex,ex,ex GF must be quite repetitive.Don’t you think you should really settle down for good then to break so many ladies’ heart?
    Or is your heart is made of steel. Tak ada feeling kah? 🙂

    Jean, Chairman Mao was not happy about the May 13 incident. Info from the mainland during that timelah.
    Why do you think our then PM Tun Razak made the historical visit to China?
    What about the other case of squatting that our gomen sent a Minister to explain in China?
    No, I don’t think China is involved but it is possible there are locals monitoring for them .
    Jean and Sofia seems to speak the same tone. Probably same person but utilising different side of the brain. Aiya, now I can’t make out of it, if Jean is speaking for Sofia or Jean is talking to Sofia.Both are well learnt in my oipinion.
    So, there are no person less smarter then the other.

    Su, how many Malaysians are studying in the same Uni with you in NZ? According to my friend who stayed and worked in NZ for 6 minths, life over there is very relax. Betul kah?

    Stenson my friend, you sounded very low today.
    Guys and gals, please give Stenson some pre weekend moral booster and word encouragement. Hey, tomolo is Saturday. Stenson. CHEER UP!

  177. su says: my uni as a whole, I’m not sure how many Malaysians there are. But I think there are quite a number really, because we have this “Malaysian Students in Auckland” association, and there are a lot of members too!

    Relaxed? Lifestyle-wise, definitely. Here, everything is “take it easy”. Not feeling well? Take the day off. Feeling down? Take the day off. Somone pissed you off? Take the day off. ….Well, you get the drift.

    Uni-wise, relax is NOT even in the dictionary…… *sob..

  178. kittykat46 says:

    Kiwi student-ah.
    NZ is a very relaxed, laid-back country.

    But their universities have pretty rigorous academic standards…no free lunch there..

  179. kittykat46 says:

    Some Malay kakis told me women from Javanese-descent very “garang” – betul-kah ?

  180. ah long says:

    Harrison….I hear some Javaneses and some Malays insert ball bearings under the skin of their thing. This is supposed to send the women into delirious bouts of estacsy. Have you seen this practise before? How many ball bearings you got? hehehehe joking only…

    Real men don’t cry and real men don’t need ball bearings.

  181. sofiairdina says:

    Aiyoh Stenson, why so sensitive one? Cannot kid around with you lah… so fast merajuk meh? How to be happy-happy like that? Stick around lah. Everyone like you whaaat… dont make me beg lah.

    Eh BR, how come everyone else is not confused about jean and sofia but you? Stop drinking decaf. Everyone needs caffeine. It keeps you alert and sane.

    Su, NZ has a very relaxed life-style but a a rigid student life and a good academicl standard. That was what my friends told me. The easiest life for a student is in the US. That is the place where you can play play and still come home with a degree or two. This one I can tell you.

    … women from Javanese-descent very “garang” – betul-kah ? – kk46

    May I answer that kk46? Normally, javanese women are very respectful of their husband, quite obedient and very independent. They became garang only if they are betrayed or certain lines were crossed. So better ask your “malay kakis” what they have done.

    …I hear some Javaneses and some Malays insert ball bearings – ah long.

    These things are in East Coast states and imported from Thailand. Its not Malay / Javanese things who are traditionally more into susuk and jamu. In case someone asks how do I know, well, its from those trashy malay magazines.

    Ball bearings… sheesh…

  182. su says:

    Everyone says NZ life is relaxed…

    How I wish being a student in NZ was as relaxed as the non-students……

  183. ah Long says:

    I have heard about jamu from my Malay and Indonesian friends. During a visit to Indonesia I was browsing amongst the stalls and notice got 1 stall selling all kinds of local herbal stuff.

    I notice got drinks made from tongkat ali and honey and also packets of jamu. On the packet of jamu even got english words.

    From memory it said something like “taking jamu will make your sexual organ smaller”.

    I dropped that packet like a hot brick !!! Fuck,
    I want it bigger not smaller !!!!

  184. ah Long says:

    In the land of the long white cloud….everything also slow one…..even the people walk also slow one.

    Wellington worst, cold, windy and everywhere also uphill one. Ayoh….the coldest day in my life was a summer’s day in Wellington.

    Is it true about NZ men and sheep??

    I also hear Scots have the same tendency with their sheep. That is why they wear kilts.

    So they can creep up quietly behind the sheep and the sheep cannot hear them pull down their zipper.

  185. Harrison says:

    Aiyoh Ah Long, please do not tempt angelic coed like Su. Do you know how hard is it for her to be in solitude, interned with books.

    Su will say “The only time I reminisce “the good ole daze” is when today is not that good.

    I used to wish that I could skip those studying days and go straight to the future when I would be working, earning my money and boys…

    Now that I am here, oh boy, how I wish I could jump into a time machine and accelerate forward and get all these over with! I had just found out that working, earning my money and boys all came with strings attached. It is called responsibility.

    I guess that is why “the good ole daze” is so nice. That was when responsibilities belong to mom and dad and I had the fun.”

    Harrison : Now that su has the monet she always can have some ride with the “Kuta Cow boys”. Cute isn’t it, Ah Long?

  186. su says:

    ah long – NZ men and sheep? No..I don’t think they like the sheep too much..too heavy. And much too “woolly”.

    Harrison seems to be doing fine with his “monoloogue” with me. Quite interesting too. Pray tell more, what I would say in response to that

  187. bamboo river says:

    Okay, Sofia, I am going to switch for high caffeined coffee.
    Maybe my brain was to slow at this moment.
    Planning to take a break end of this month. Probably will bring my family to Cameron for a few days.
    No. I better book the apartment now.

    ah Long those ball bearings are from the Thailand mahh.
    I read about it years ago and this trend is being picked up by the Japanese I heard.
    Why lah must put ball bearing? Just show humans ( MEN) are just not satisfied with what they have or just a stupid male EGO.
    So, as this guy with ball bearing walks thru the metal detector at the airport….Burrrrrrrr (alarm activated)
    Airport Security (AS) : Please step aside sir.
    Guy : Oopps , I am sorry but I am late for my flight.
    AS : Sorry sir, you had triggered the alarm. I have to do a thorough search. It is procedures.
    Guy : A bit hesistant and red faced.

    The AS scan the guy with a hand scanner and the beeping sound triggered as the scanner is just between the guy’s leg.

    AS : May I know what do you have between your legs sir?
    Guy : Ohhh, that is my balls.
    AS:You had steel balls?
    Guy : Ahem , yes but not so loud.
    Turning towards his Superior, the AS yelled ..
    AS: Hey, Jim, this guy had steel balls.
    Guy: Sir, can we do this in a jiffy?
    AS: No, sir. You have two steel balls?
    Guy: Actually I have ten steel balls and two normal ones.
    AS: What in hell are you talking? You try to kid me? You only have two balls!
    Guy : Sir, I have two balls and ten steel balls.
    AS: I am afraind we have to do the latex search. Please follow me.
    After about half hour the guy was released .

    His passport stamped..”Man With Steel Balls”

  188. jeancumlately says:

    Eh BR, may be some ppl do need a steel ball. Wanna hear a story? Heard it from my sis who heard it from a friend who heard it from another…

    “…WAH! Kena mana? Hahaha. I love to play football (the real soccer) and was hit by the balls directly on my groin area and the pain was so abysmal that I was laying in a quasi-unconscious state. Pity isn’t it?

    When I was schooling, I was very very nauthty(sic) sis. I am truant. Strictly Private & Confidential between you and me. Pls do not tell anybody ok sis? Promise? ”

    And BR, that story is an exchange for a good javanese coffee in this gloomy saturday morning, on you.

  189. Harrison says:

    Hahaha. Thank you, mr dearS. At leat I know there is no love lost between us. Dear Su, sorry to have mentioned your name. This wasn’t really about you. Just joking alright?

    Aiyoh Private & Con. also reveal ah? Where is the Official Secrets Act? Mana boleh? 😉

  190. bamboo river says:

    Ha,ha,ha,ha,. at first when I read Elviza’s posting, I thought you were trying to tell me a similar story.
    After scorlling down the comments, I was like, Ahem, bola siapa kena lebam niii???
    Aiyo, don’t lah like dat…keciaaaan dia, ingat terlepas tapi kena sekali lagi.Itu pun dah empat bulan punya cerita..after fell down the ladder ‘bedupap’ crashed on him.

    Anyway, sure javanese coffee on me with Harrison ..ooppss Halibut sandwich to prep up your gloomy Saturday. 🙂

  191. bamboo river says:

    Harrison, Malaysia Boleh lah .:-)

  192. ah Long says:

    That is exactly what happen to Christine Aliguira she had body piercings and it set off the airport metal detectors.

  193. Harrison says:

    Anybody see Stenson? Undercover, again?

    “Stenson, saya tidak pernah bersetubuhan dan menjalinkan apa-apa hubungan (intim) dengan perempuan itu”.—-Harrison (mimicking Bill’s rebuttal of him having sex and any sorts of sexual relationship with Lewinsky).

    Dear Su,

    My May 16, 2008 at 9:39 pm posting that mentioned your name was a “catch”. Hey, no hard feelings ok? Read the links and get the point.
    That was just to tease my babyfaced sister bona fidely.

    To all, including Ah Long, bamboo, Jeancumlately, stenson, W9, su and all here Happy weekend. Enjoy ya?

    Where’s WITTY0, you got a problem at this coffeeshop? Oh, come on….

    Oh yeah, to my cutie babyfaced sister, take care of your youth and maintain that sweet smile, sungguh?

    Oh sten, don’t be “NESU” Lah, when I called her sisters and not honeys or darlings, ok? 😀

  194. su says:

    No worries-la Harrison 😆

    Weekends are sort of non-existent for me… 😦
    Assignments, unfortunately, don’t take the weekends off..


  195. jeancumlately says:

    Ooops… please dont hate me. I thot that’s what friends are for kan? Why are the men so sensitive in this kopitiam? No love lost? Aiyoh… dont lah..
    Stenson already nesu and now you too? Okay lah, I’ll pay your nescafe this time specially serve on olive leaves…. I mean it deeply. Ocean deep.

    Su, trust me. The university daze are going to be the best daze in your life. Lewinsky may argue that her internship days were the best, but again, its quite rare to be able to work with the president of the united states who knows what cigars are for. So, enjoy it. I mean your studies.

    Nice weekend everyone. Its the only thing to celebrate these days. Badawi is still there, business is still difficult (except for maybe BR and w9) and I dont know when we could move forward…. sigh…

  196. ah Long says:

    Heaven must be a very peaceful place because the lawyers have all gone to hell.

  197. su says:

    As they say, the people who have endless stock of Armani suits in their wardrobes go straight to Hell..

  198. ah Long says:

    Wah, lucky I only got 1 Armani suit…….I also got 1 Mahathir style safari suit….but now both also hang in the cupboard only because cannot button….my spare tyre got too big.

    What to do….I live to eat, not eat to live.

  199. Harrison says:

    Talking about Hell, are we all not in hell now? (metaphorically speaking), given the situation that those who wants to expose the truth of misdeeds are persecuted.

    Those who took the personal pain to deliver justice are victimized.

    Those who are connected or are in the cardinal positions who ruthlessly abuse their powers has impunities and “clearance”. (Wanna know who? Hint+Hint=N_ _ I _ ).

    Those who make political, draconian and bestial arrest, received bribes to fix cases and beating and torturing inmates and innocents are blessed.

    Now, with these, if it is not Hell here, then you will have to bring Hell here.

    Korek me if I am wrong, Stenson.

    Note : it’s almoz 3 a.m. malaysian time.

  200. su says:

    ah Long – Got spare tyre ah? Go liposuction la! 😆
    But must continue to “live to eat”, that’s the best philosophy in life!

    Harrison – Malaysia’s probably got Hell pretty well covered. So if we were to call Malaysia from Hell, it’s probably going to be FOC.

  201. ah Long says:

    Malaysia got the best weight watchers program in the world. It is called ISA detention. After a few months for sure fade away to a shadow !!!

    But look at the pictures of Baginda, that arsehole still same size after > than 1 year, so you think lah… favourable treatment and weekend “release” or not ??

    Badawi go for liposuction also but they put the instrument in his ears and sucked out all his brains !!!! I bet it was a real short operation.

  202. Harrison says:

    I guess this new constructed cafe is drawing less customers without mega-stars like Stenson. Pity, he has some rabbits in his sleeves.

    From may 2nd till 19th may, only 201 patrons are recorded with some “kongsi” drinks with others. some even ordered tap-water, and maybe didn’t pay and absconded. Whew!

    Guess I’ll have to treat you all to some alcoholic drinks to get you all “highs”…. Do you drink beers or liquor Su?

    What a boring humid Sunday.

  203. ah Long says:

    Harrison….u wan more patrons must change the menu. Must include more sex and religion.

  204. Harrison says:

    Aiyah, Ah Long. I am afraid that the sex-talk may deter the lass’ from coming to this coffeshop lah.

    I was just wondering whether Su is an alcoholic coz NZ may be very cold sometimes. Ang Moh or Mat Salleh in the West drink to keep themselves warm so I felt no offence in my questions.. 😀

    I thought you are going to proceed with the interesting trilogy? No?

  205. ah Long says:

    trilogy thing do at work. Weekend think of the birds and the bees.
    If too cold in NZ can cuddle hot water bottle if cannot find any human to warm the bed….hehehe. Grog is too expensive.

    Everytime Gomen no money they increase the price of ciggies & grog.

    Obviously Su is not Bumi, otherwise study in local Bumi Uni much better. Can chin chai study also pass. Hehehehe

    After that can get job easy, only have to turn up to get paid. Just look at the PM. Fall asleep on the job also can one.

    Can simply go Bumi banK borrow money to buy car on installment and no need pay back….even the unemployed also can become very very rich & powerful.

    Just look at the son and the son-in-law. Celaka you vote for one man and the whole family also jump on the gravy train.

    So how to vote for Najib, he also the same, he become PM then Rosmah will rule. Well, it is not over until the fat lady sings. !!!

  206. su says:

    is true that Su is not Bumi. 🙂

    But grog here not too expensive la..if compare with water la..
    Here one can of beer less than $1, one bottle of mineral water about $3.50

    I drink sikit-sikit la..not like the kiwis, drink alcohol like drink water…coz i need to keep my head intact..or else can’t graduate. 😆

  207. sloone says:

    I either swin or sink. Why?

  208. whispering9 says:

    ‘Just sharing a past experience, I’m not implying anything about our good friend here OK !’…..hahahahaha. When my sis died, 4 men turned up as husbands at her funeral. 3 were gentlemen but one nasty little fellow fought almost 7 years for property right. Hahahaha…better keep part time friends rather than wives; a sound advice to those travelling sales men, businessmen, my partner, whatever…if tempted lah. 😆

    BR…you must be a young parent. Children have 4 distinctive growth plateaus. P1: Infancy…adorable (a joy to spend time). P2: Becoming teenager…growing up into adolescent is always a yo-yo experience in feelings and ‘controls’ (my stage now…have to juggle so many yo-yo’s). P3: Past-teen…most think they have wings and wish to fly away from the nest. P4: Grown up…the moment they start paying bills, etc…they might not have time for you (even pocket money). When they finally have children of their own…they will suddenly remember you…some want your baby sitting skill and some genuinely love you. Alas…better to spend more time with wifey before both of you only know how to love the children and forgot how to love each other. Do you know it is the major reason for divorce? Lost love betw parents after the younglings leave the nest pile, that it.

    Jean…this one for you 😛 . The smileys are not mine…hahaha stole them from 5XMOM. Sorry Mom. 🙂

    Su…bumi or non-bumi no matter. You are a girl, right? Hehehehe.

  209. ah long says:

    whispering9…..they use to say:-
    1.) Where there is a will, there is a way.

    I say:-
    2.) Where there is a will, there is a relative. 🙂

  210. Harrison says:

    Susan asked “I either swin or sink. Why?”

    The question is the answer itself. I am sure you know why. Hehehehehehe.

    Dear Su and Susan,

    It’s a bit difficult to address the synonymous of your name Susan. Su(e), Susan, Susannah,. Aiyohoho, I tot you girls are (blood)related.

    Dear Su,

    Can I call you an English name? Maybe Mitch? You should know the etymology of the Chinese Hokkien word- “SU”, means “kalah”, or lost.
    It’s better to address you as “Ya” means win or “kelapa”,eh, I mean “kepala”.

    Just a Holiday Humour. Cheers to all. 😀

  211. su says:

    one non-Bumi girl here. 🙂
    NO discrimination ok? 😆

    Well ah Long, “when there’s a will, everyone’s nice”. 🙂

    Harrison – “su” can mean all sorts of things, “lose” being one of them. It can also mean “book”, or “tree” or in my name, it actually means “comfort”. If you call me “ya” though, I don’t think I’ll even register it as a reference to moi!

    Hmm..”Mitch” is no good, but mich is fine. 😆
    Although methinks you’ll get a lot of ppl confused when you start calling someone “mich”, when my display name says ‘su’.

  212. whispering9 says:

    舒适…? Interesting. Have a nice day.

  213. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, Whispering9, you sis must have been quite loaded…4 men want to be recognised as her husband…

    For the case I quoted, the man was quite a successful businessman, but not really super rich nor particularly handsome. But he had this personality and easy charm….women just fell for him, and all the “wives” were really good looking. One each from Ipoh, Penang and Johor Bahru if I remember right.

    Don’t try it guys….its not worth the trouble…heheheheh…

  214. whispering9 says:

    Run in the family lah….dad had 2 or 3 (I think) and my bro has 5 wives (not really super rich but particularly handsome). Two sisters have more than 1. Me…I am the youngest in the family and all the swanking wives/husbands or girl/boy friends perhaps have resolved me young. More a mommy boy. Sis was a ‘tai ka chair’ 😉 . OOooooOOOooo. Recently, one of our buddies died and his family held a closed door funeral ‘cos there were just too many ‘wives’…she thought we were the bad influence. Believe me, we didn’t know about it too. Even we were not invited lah. Seriously….we should emulate the hornbills in partnership…mati2 also stick together. Till Death Do We Part.

  215. Harrison says:

    Oh, so many bantering about out-of-wedlock affairs. I really feel proud of Malaysians like Su (I’ll stick it to your preference 🙂 )and Susan who still loves and care for “Boleh Land” even if they are studying and working oversea. It’s a long time since I say thank you to anyone, but THANK YOU, from my heart.

    While Stenson and Jean probably eloped or having some sexcapade, maybe you girls are unaware of his peculiar event wherein a man, I’ll copy and paste from the link :-

    Three wives approve Malaysian man’s fourth marriage

    Malaysia News.Net
    Friday 16th May, 2008 (IANS)

    Three wives of a Malaysian odd job worker appeared in a court to bless his fourth wedding. His first wife Wan Rukiah said: ‘Go ahead, I have no problems’.

    Judge Sheikh Ahmad Ismail Hakim, heading a Syriah (Islamic) court, was reluctant to permit Mohamad Nor Awang, 51, to marry again being unsure of his economic status. He earns RM 1,500 ($480 approx.) a month.
    He asked Awang, a father of 18, whether he was capable of supporting a fourth wife and if he would be fair to all his wives. The judge sought an additional affidavit to back his claims.
    What clinched the issue was the presence of the wives who ‘blessed’ the husband’s wedding to the fourth woman Suzi Sulong who at 35, would be the youngest of them all, The Star said Friday.
    The three wives – Wan Rukiah Mat Yusof, 52, Kalthum Dollah, 39, and Noraini Daud, 40 – asked the court to allow their husband to take a fourth wife.
    Third wife Noraini had another reason: She agreed because she does not want to see her husband register his fourth marriage in neighbouring Thailand.
    ‘We all could live blissfully under one roof,’ she said.
    Impressed with this show of solidarity, the judge jestingly asked Awang his ‘secret’.
    Awang replied: ‘I don’t have any secret, but I believe I have been fair to all of them.’

    Source :


    When I saw the highlights on TV, the man and all his wives looks like a Hokkien idiom “Sak Chia Khee Nia” meaning like pushing (unmanned) cars
    uphill commenting on their looks. No pun, but facts.

    The third wife even suggest “‘We all could live blissfully under one roof,” she said.


    Impressed with this show of solidarity, the judge jestingly asked Awang his ‘secret’.

    Awang replied: ‘I don’t have any secret, but I believe I have been fair to all of them.’

    Harrison : Living under one roof and BEEN FAIR? DOES THAT BEGS AN ANSWER OF POSSIBLE ORGIES? mana boleh macam itu. Aiyoh.

    *I am not sure whenever I chatted with girls, I am a bit shy, and I don’t know why!

    Dear Susan, I am also not a good drinker, I time I was carried to a car when I kinda lost consciousness having a mixture of alcoholic drinks called “graveyard”. (U know that?)

    if we drink together someday, hopefully you “swim” and your bf “sinks” and we go and read some Archie comics yeah? 🙂

  216. Bennyloh says:

    “su Says:
    May 19, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    Harrison – “su” can mean all sorts of things, “lose” being one of them. ”
    Hey, This is a real incident:
    At a stocks gallery, Susie was walking towards Mr. Lim and Mr quah (both sitting in front of the monitor) “Look who is here! We better get off otherwise we ‘ll lose the whole day. ” Mr .Lim said. What about the person sitting next to you”?’ Susie retorted

  217. ah Long says:

    So many wives, no wonder die young….case of the smiling stiff ??

  218. sofiairdina says:

    Going through all the blogs and browsed through all the comments and most of the time, it left me speechless. We are living through an interesting time, really.

    And somehow, this guy who wants to have four wives made it to the front page beside the disasters in myanmar, china and umno. Or is it bcoz his 3 existing wives consented and want to share him. I look at the picture of the guy and I do understand the wives. With a husband who look like that, I would be desperate to share the burden too. Moreover, I hate frog.

    “I treated them fairly,” so the guy said. With an income of RM1500/month? Sheesh… I could not even treat myself fairly with that amount.

    But I guess its most men’s dream. Studies found that the male species are naturally polygamous and its just a matter of opportunity.

    Harrison: While Stenson and Jean probably eloped or having some sexcapade…

    Jean: Wrong. I was golfing with dad for three days straight but I like the way you think anyway.

  219. kittykat46 says:

    Sofia – “the male species are naturally polygamous” .
    Probably true…..hehehehe…
    but in the context of modern society its more trouble than its worth….it only looks interesting from the outside.

    The guy I knew spent most of his time travelling…he did have a legitimate excuse as his business was spread over 4 cities….but in the end I think it was a rather sorry life, even though he had 4 beautiful women who loved him.

  220. Tua Phau Mian PUn Chee says:

    Jean:” Wrong. I was golfing with dad for three days straight but I like the way you think anyway.”

    If I ever meet Jean personally, I will ask “How to play golf or merely what’s golfing all about?”

    The last person who told me she spent only 1 night, 2 days in Perth, Australia, for the sole reason——>shopping, couldn’t even answer where Subiaco or Subi is……and when I just teasingly asked to see her air ticket, until today I still have not seen it yet.

    A case of selective memory or maybe never been there. 🙂

  221. bamboo river says:

    Okay, after a long weekend, i have to run off to JB for about 1 week. (cari makan lah).
    Actually i am leaving today.
    so, everyone,I no more missing without notice yahhh?
    Have a good time in Susan’s blog.
    Don’t mess up this kopi tiam ah Long and Harrison.
    Make sure you wipe clean the tables. 🙂

  222. ah long says:

    Malaysian kopi tiam have the following advantage from places like Starbuck or Gloria Jean or Coffee bean.

    Kopitiam can:-
    1.) read free newspaper.
    2.) can throw ciggie ashes & butt on the floor.
    3.) can spit on the floor also.
    4.) can order hawker food brought to your table.
    5.) can talk loudly and swear freely without people looking at you as if you were some kinda alien.
    6.) can negotiate ah long business.
    7.) can eat food rickshaw puller style i.e. one leg on the chair.
    8.) can enter wear chinaman singlet and blue chinaman boxer shorts.
    9.) can disturb girls and make lewd rematks without been told to leave.
    10.) can smoke anywhere in the shop.

    Malaysia Boleh.

  223. kittykat46 says:

    Bamboo River,
    In Penang Hokkien, the slang word for Cari Makan (as in business) is the same as Cari Lubang….(sorry ladies).

    There’s always opportunity for double meaning there….hehehe..good hunting….business, I mean….:-)

  224. Daphne says:

    In Penang Hokkien, the slang word for Cari Makan (as in business) is the same as Cari Lubang….(sorry ladies). EXTRACT BY KITTYKAT

    No offence of course. We, the ladies also like “sticks”. You think that we, the ladies cannot crave for sex like men ah?

    Sex, is the most enyoyable thing in life. Those who feel otherwise must have something wrong with themselves.

    What is like with $$$$, good health, without sex?

    I just spotted this interesting site here. Hi to all.

  225. jeancumlately says:

    Tua Phau Mian PUn Chee Says: If I ever meet Jean personally, I will ask “How to play golf or merely what’s golfing all about?”

    Jean: I took a golf class in college, learnt from a pro and I am an 18-handicapper. Not exactly good but I know golf more then just about widening your stance and adjusting your grip, thank you.

    BR… selamat jalan. Guess I have to pay in cash for the next one week.

  226. stenson says:

    What Daphne trying to say is steak and not stick.So you guys dont get excited so fast.Be cool.

  227. Daphne says:

    Dear Mr. Stenson,

    I don’t speak behalf of all women, but if you are in the 1st world countries, anyone who says that women are sex objects or treated women as secondary are misogynists. I have been staying in the States for years and there are “tiger-shows” and “nude-stripping” performed by men and women would caress their body. Male prostitutes are abundant.

    What lesser is a woman to a man, sexually speaking?

  228. stenson says:

    Dear miss Daphne,

    I enjoy making love and love kissing as much as you do (I guess).Honestly I dont enjoy so called tiger or striptease shows.I am as square as you guess I am.You have the right to comment on anything here as long as Susan dont ban you.I respect your rights to enjoy yourself as you see fit.Please dont get me wrong that I am trying to teach you moral.I am not in a position to tell you what is right and what is wrong.
    Feel free to express yourself.

  229. Justonesoul says:

    We want justice and protection from the bullies!

    Another defamation sue in the making. This will be the first Malaysian taken to court for libel charges just because he made a Genuine Consumer Complaint on the Internet. Should we keep quite from being bullied by the rich and powerful? Is it right to use the law to muzzle a consumer in grievance? Read more here

  230. Harrison says:

    To daphne,

    Now, nobody has degrade women here, at the coffeshop. If yes, where?

    On Kittykat’s slapstick was merely on his friend Bamboo River. Allow me to reproduce and see me responding rationally in CAPITALS:-

    kittykat46 Says:
    May 20, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    Bamboo River,
    In Penang Hokkien, the slang word for Cari Makan (as in business) is the same as Cari Lubang….(sorry ladies).


    There’s always opportunity for double meaning there….hehehe..good hunting….business, I mean…. 🙂


  231. su says:

    OK…I’m slightly lost here on this conversation…

    So I’ll go ahead and say: “Malaysia kopitiam boleh!!” in response to ah Long’s comment.

  232. whispering9 says:

    “Malaysia kopitiam boleh!!” …hahahahahaha. Don’t resign when in trouble, okay or not?

  233. Anonymous says:

    Folks, sorry for causing such a controversy with my previous post.
    I was just having some fun with old friend Bamboo River…no offence intended to anyone.

  234. jeancumlately says:

    Hi Daph, friends do make fun of each other. They did that too in the 1st world, didnt they? I guess we are a bit 3rd worldish with no male stripper or tiger show (except in the zoo) but hey, you cant say its not here. Somehow, we still managed to maintain our asian value and did it only behind closed doors. We are shy people.

    I knew these guys for more then a year now and no one is out to actually hurt anybody. You’ll love everyone. You can degrade them too.

    Su, dont worry about getting lost in the conversation. It happens even if you are a veteran. Sometimes you dont know what hits you or why you are being hit. Take it easy. When someone throws a chair at you, they are just being friendly.

    w9, I am not resigning except from UMNO. However, I am not joining any other party.

  235. su says:

    jeancumlately – a chair is being friendly?? Then throwing a table at me must mean they love me!! 😆

  236. jeancumlately says:

    su, you are one fast learner.

  237. whispering9 says:

    LOL…if they start throwing chairs, tables, plates and cups…wow…they want to marry you.

    Daph…We can get ‘Sex and the City’ from AhLong here woh. Must count for some ++ towards our class rating.

    Jean…if we dare to speak loud, UMNO is no longer UMNO. It has become more multi-racial than most other parties. Except, she put on the false mask of a singular race in the guise of fighting for rights when in fact, most of them are robbing us blind. I am happy you left the party. If young people like you must…stick out bravely for your neighbour rights and let them take care of your rights in return. Stop the championing for racial rights. Malaysians are not raciallist (hehehe) . UMNO lost it long ago. TDM recognized that now when it is perhaps a BER case (beyong economical repair). Sad part, our PM rather choose to wage political wars instead of concentrating on our fledging economy. I heard a lot of RM millions will be spend to buy loyalties. Sorry for being so ‘serious’ here.

    OK…let get back to song dedication. Cheer.

  238. Daphne says:

    To Mr. Harrison,

    You think you are a seasoned cross examiner, with your shallow midget skills? I was just trying to point out women’s right. You even say that you are a good man. I say rubbish! I read your earlier postings and you even averred of having so many exs. Men like that are dirtbags. Pussyrounder you are. You think your thing so big? You talk rubbish Mr. Harrison.

    Commentator Su and jean are women I think. You girls are nuts for throwing stones at the glass house. Men has been belittling women every now and then and you speak in favor of your friends?

    Esp to Jeancumlately who speaks wildly in defense of men,

    So why should Malaysians be so timid, pea brain prohibiting any male strippers? Because of mentality like you and the UMNO chaps. If guys can enjoy paying cash to erotically view strippers in the West, why can’t they allow it here. I bet you love sticks as well, tell me who don’t.

    Huh, I quit. Just because you guys are friends, does not mean you girls should take sides! Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  239. su says: “no comment” a comment?

  240. kittykat46 says:

    Jeancumlately also going to follow Mahat in quitting UMNO, ke ?
    Going independent…

    Why not join PAS ? I think they are the least smelly party in Malaysia right now, just their ideology may or may not be your thing…

    PKR…Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim says all the right things but odour a bit strong, ah…

    DAP…susah sikit for Malays to accept…

  241. ah long says:

    Let us all kiss and make up……no use arguing. Each one of us have different values, it is just a difference of opinion.

    It might be prefectly ok to have male strippers in the USA, but Malaysia has a different set of social values and public strip shows are not encouraged. Nothing wrong with that as long as the general population are in agreement.

    Anyway, I don’t agree with male strip shows like “Manpower.” They treat men like sex objects and don’t present a true picture. They show good looking men with slim, muscular bodies and 2 golf balls stuffed inside their pants but the average Joe does not look anything like that. Me for instance have a spare tyre around the waist and a average size weenie. It really is a misrepresentation of the general male population.

    I have been to mix strip shows (Crazy Horse) in Chicago and I don’t think highly of those men & women hanging around the stage doors trying to publicly solicitate sexual favours.

    Shouldn’t certain things be done discreetly and in private ?

  242. Harrison says:

    Dear daphne,

    I take your (justifiable or otherwise) criticisms in good faith. Once I traded a couple of bitter exchanges with a female here and she just have to sent a “DEFCON 3” to Bangkok and the admiral sent few aerial F16s’ to my airspace
    and I have zero option but to conceded defeat.

    What to do ? Women’s right mah? O.J. Simpson just accused one of the white police officer investigating his murder case planting “evidence” on the crime scene accusing that police officer of racist being a former KKK klan. Easy, isnt it?

    Good rationalization to Ah Long on your above post.

  243. jeancumlately says:

    Gosh! What was that all about? So much to learn from the 1st world. Must fight for the right to watch male strippers. I’ll pass.

    kk46… I voted PAS in protest. You are right. PAS is moving towards the middle path with lesser voices from HJ Hadi generation while DAP is still maintaining the non-malay version of Hj Hadi. Anwar… good with his mouth but who cares about his oral skill? Malaysia should not forgive him for his past deeds.

    And for Daphne… an old story…

    There were three people stranded on an island, a brunette, a redhead, and a blonde. The brunette looked over the water to the mainland and estimated about 20 miles to shore. So she announced,
    “I’m going to try to swim to shore.” So she swam out five miles, and got really tired. She swam out ten miles from the island, and she was too tired to go on, so she drowned.

    The second one, the redhead, said to herself, “I wonder if she made it. I guess it’s better to try to get to the mainland than stay here and starve.” So she attempts to swim out. The redhead had a lot more endurance than the brunette, as she swam out 10 miles before she even got tired. After 15 miles, she was too tired to go on, so she drowned.

    So the blonde thought to herself, “I wonder if they made it! I think I’d better try to make it, too.” So she swam out 5 miles, ten miles, 15 miles, NINETEEN miles from the island. The shore was just in sight, but she said, “I’m too tired to go on!” So she swam back.

  244. stenson says:

    Miss Daphne,

    If you are trying to create trouble here I will take you on.What is so great about the States?You can be from Mar who cares?You dont condemn ppl because their views differ from yours.You need to grow up Daphne.You love stick so much go head and enjoy.No one is stopping you.I went to King Cross in Australia and I find it repulsive.You can call me hypocrite if you want to.I honestly abhor the half naked girls gyrating around poles simulating sexual penetration or whatever to arouse the crowd.Dont you find it sickening Daphne??? I bet you dont.Please be more tactful.Dont bring your western here to show that you are much superior than us.I admire your space missions and other advances but not in sex.
    I love kissing as I told you and I prefer one to one with the opposite sex.
    Dont quit so fast.Are you giving up on us?Maybe we could learn form you.

  245. whispering9 says:

    “Gosh! What was that all about? So much to learn from the 1st world. Must fight for the right to watch male strippers. I’ll pass.”……hahahahahaha.
    Actually by Daphne’s standard, we treat our opposites very fairly. WE ALSO NO HAVE FEMALE STRIPPERS!

  246. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Daphne,
    Don’t give up on this forum so fast.
    Like most established on-line forums, Susan’s place here has developed a kind of sub-culture, the product of regular contributors.

    Most of the guys and gals here are quite nice, once you get used to their style.

  247. ah Long says:

    When I went to the Crazy Horse I had my eyes shut wide open !!!!

    Hehehehe Typical Malaysian in Western strip joint.

  248. stenson says:

    This Daphne character is created by a regular commentator here to stimulate interests in this site.Real awful.

  249. Harrison says:

    This Daphne character is created by a regular commentator here to stimulate interests in this site.Real awful.—Stenson

    You maybe right. But not without a doubt to your assumption. Coz when I was at an international forum many years back, there suddenly appeared to be a forumer who seems and styled like a regular commentator that we know and we are in the presumption that he was playing a dual character.

    We got it wrong and prejudicial to both characters. Trust me, if you asked the “Bomba”, there are at least 50 prank calls a day. I say MAY! It goes bothways.

    dear Bamboo River in JB now. Aiyoh, all Kittykat meant was don’t forget to tag along some rubbers, I mean tyres. 😀

  250. kittykat46 says:

    Daphne = Jean ?

  251. bin Hansome says:

    Like I mentioned Kittykat, it may be another soul searching for some chat or most probably wanted to place the records straight women’s needs are equilibrium as men.

    Unlike Su who is an undergraduate oversea and jeancumlately who ponders the sky how high the ball flies, only to have a kid laughed that the golf ball unscathed on the same spot of the field, I had to endure some kinda “difficult’ jobs when and after schooling.

    One of my job was a telephone operator at a hotel earning RM1.50 an hour 9 hours a day and there were people calling in for a chat esp. University students. The asked “Boleh berkenalan?”. As a good gentleman, I would normally tell them to call “Befrienders”.

    Another job of mine was a bricklayer, which toiled my biceps and muscles to every last stretch unlike Bamboo River who enjoys travelling and “goyang kaki” (hey, Kittykat, I am thinking about the “wonders” of Johor).

    Life is really tough for me, unlike you all here who are overpampered but I wish you all the best. In retrospect, whenever I thought of the ordeal my family has to go through, I am proud of our sweat earnings than those who easily and effortlessly enjoys and plunder from this country’s coffers. The NEP for instant, I was poor and never even benefited a cent……. 😦

    Good luck to Su in your studies and to daphne, you get the message wrong here but you are welcome back.


  252. ah long says:

    bin handsome, you think you are poor… worst still.

    My parents were so poor, they cannot afford to born me. That’s is why I was not born until I was 5 years old !!!

    And we were so poor, that they cannot afford to buy me toys. So if I don’t wake up in the morning with a hard-on, I’ll have nothing to play with all day !!!


  253. jeancumlately says:

    Hei kk46. That was cruel! I am not daphne! Geez, after 2 years you can still confuse me with someone else. I bet you dont even remember my birthday. Man…

    bin handsome, how did you know that I missed the ball. Been ball-watching aint you?

    I am not sure if I should be sorry for Ah Long’s hardship. LOL.

    And handsome, contrary to what you imagined, life has not been easy to most people. We struggled at some point of our lives. NEP is not for all malays but the selected few. I really hate the stereotype. Whenever you see a malay doing well, the assumption is that she/he had it easy, government contract, spoon-fed, anak dato’ and well, you know what I mean.

    And I really hate it when I see a company or a shop with “A BUMIPUTRA COMPANY” at its signbord or letter-head. What is that for actually?

  254. A Voter says:

    Jeancumlalety- “you know what I mean.” (para 4 last 2 lines).

    I hate to be clear on that lah, but let just say transaction of $$$ above the tables? I only refer to Mahathir’s charge “Corruption under the Badawi’s administration is so blatant that it is done “above the tables”. Correct?

    The Malays benefited from housing-discounts, special privilege of University admission, APs, compulsory Bumiputra (Iban, Kadazan in sabah and sarawak) Government contracts at or above RM10 K among other privileges other races are not entitled.

    Well, tell me these beneficiaries are English…

  255. bin Hansome says:

    Sorry to use a nick and not my name. Just wondering whether Daph is still here? No, I guess.

  256. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Jeancumlately,
    Sooorrry…I did make the statement with a question mark (?), not as a fact…kind of suspected Daphne is actually someone else who frequents this forum, but I may be wrong….no offense to anybody…hehehe.

    Too excited these days, lah.
    Every morning I open up the Malaysiakini page , and I really don’t know what to expect. Anything can happen….Mahathir resign from UMNO, Eusoffe Chin confesses, Sabah MPs jump, Anwar rejoins UMNO, Anwar divorces Kak Wan…Karpal Singh converts to Islam…Azelina marries Harrison..

    Only I wonder who is really running the country…Anyone ??

  257. jeancumlately says:

    A voter – I am not surprised by that typical observation.

    You gave a 10% discount to a house valued at RM1million, it will not make any difference. Give a 90% discount, still it is not affordable to most bumis. And that bumiputra-discounted house would be located near the IWK oxidation pond or if it is a shophouse, its at a nowhere corner where even at 50% discount, a non-bumi will not buy.

    Honestly, that 10% discount is meaningless.

    AP? What AP? I am a bumi. I did not get an AP. Which bumiputra were you talking about? Are you assuming that when a few selected bumi gets an AP, that includes me? I still have to drive to come to work. I dont have a helicopter.

    Government contracts allocated for Bumi? Again, which bumi were you talking about? That 2 dollar company who got the contract, registered under the wife of Ketua UMNO Bahagian who later gave it to Phua Chu Kang Construction is not mine. If I want the project, I have to offer higher and compete with Phua Chu Kang. Get the picture?

    I do agree with the special university admission. I hope when they graduate, they can work with Hong Leong, Public Bank or Phua Chu Kang Construction.

  258. bin Hansome says:

    Aiyoh, I hate to embarrassed jeancumlately for her warped defensible special beneficiaries and so-called rights enjoyed by the Malays lah with further counter-arguments.

    My sister has twisted (aiyoh again) facts to substantiate her own conclusion.
    Mana boleh macam ini punya kawan? Kita kan kawan, ya? I’ll treat u to a cawan of Nescafe today lah.

    Probably stenson or su can answer for that, will ya?

  259. jeancumlately says:

    bin hansome… actually I was not arguing about anything lah… I was just having fun pointing out at the irony of things.

    Yup, I had been twisting facts too for the fun of it. See who is going to take it seriously and I’ll twist it even further.

    Thank you for the nescafe. You bayar tau. I am one broke bumiputra lah…
    Still waiting for AP to fall from the sky.

    Do you need to ask if we are friends? Even after I spent a fortune paying your nescafes?

  260. ah Long says:

    That Daphne is as real as a 20 ringgit Rolex from petaling St…..wakakakakaka

    Under NEP some non Bumis also benefit billions like the Black Ninja….Anan, that Eric Chua, that Semi Value, that Patrick Lim.

    The list goes on. If we did not have corruption and cronism and the NEP was properly administered – every Bumi will be twice as much better off.

  261. Harrison says:

    “Azelina marries Harrison..”-Kittykat mocking me….

    Did I ever tell you that 1 or 2 of my gfs confided in me that they are dykes and bisexuals. I aint concern as long as they has nothing to do with transgender, pondans, or any sorts of male-born turn perverts who wear bras or goes for silicon injections to augment their chests.

    I am really proud to be a TRUE man and all my gfs, scandals, said “Harrsion, you are second to nobody” as long as Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp stands out of my way.

    Well Kittykat, since you had been so pathetic even to the one who defended you earlier, in good-faith, COFFEE?

  262. ah long says:

    Actually I also have a confession to make. I am a Lesbian. I only fancy women.

  263. kittykat46 says:

    Harrison – that was meant to be a compliment, lah.

    Many suspect Azelina doesn’t look at men, so if she falls for Harrison, he must really, really have Ooomph.

    Just remember us at the roadside warong when you zoom past in your brand new BMW 7 series, Ya…

  264. whispering9 says:

    ‘Dyke is a slang term for a lesbian with certain qualities. Originally it was a derogatory label for a masculine or butch woman, and this usage still exists. However, it has also been reappropriated as a positive term implying assertiveness and toughness, or simply as a neutral synonym for lesbian.’

    ….there is nothing being blue, purple or red, even if the rest are black, white and yellow. In times…you might understand. Cakap cakap aje ok. Cheers.

  265. whispering9 says:

    Sorry…should write as ….there is nothing (wrong for) being blue, purple…

    Woah…when a typomistake can make have opposite meaning.

  266. Harrison says:


    I rather take a bus. 😀

  267. kittykat46 says:

    Typo errors have started wars before…….:-)

    I had a good friend at Uni who was a umm…Les…I didn’t know at the time.
    Very intelligent, Very pretty, skin complexion like porcelain, studying Chemical Engineering (kind of odd for a girl in those days, ya).

    So easy for a guy to fall for a girl like that, but she soon made it clear she wasn’t interested in guys in THAT way…

    She took a Master’s degree, later joined Esso’s international operations. She holds a senior position these days, travels all over the world, still single (of course)…what a waste, ah…

  268. su says:

    kk46 – Not odd for a girl in THESE days to be studying Chemical Engineering, I hope? My sister’s in the course. Smart lass that one. 🙂

    anyway, did you fall for that one girl, kk46? 😉

    ah Long seems to have started quite a conversation with his random “I’m a Lesbian”.

  269. whispering9 says:

    …hehehehe. Small world lah. I might know who you are talking about. I just came back from Exxon Mobile. She is good at her work. Oh, by the way, how is your vacuum, ah? 🙂

  270. su says:

    *sings*: “It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small small world”…

  271. A Voter says:


    to be honest, I am confused the way Ah Long puts it and claimed that he is a lesbian and the name sounds like a male. Hahaha.

    Yeah, the meow-meow probably fell for the chick, eh chick?

    It’s a small world alrite, and I think I know u personally. 🙂

  272. ah Long says:

    A Voter, male cannot be lesbian meh ??

    I will claim anything to get sex. With a female of course.

  273. su says:

    A Voter – who you think you know personally?

    ah Long – Can can. Do what you like. And there ARE male lesbians leh… Just, I think they don’t do the penetration part of sex. 😆

  274. ah Long says:

    As long as I am the penetrator and not the penetratee, it is ok…..hahahaha

  275. A Voter says:

    Daer Su,

    Yes I am conferring with you. I have a distance relatives who lost touch and contacts sometime since childhood-days and she seems like you.

    To the point- she loves to sit facing the TV when family/ relative group/ solo
    photos are taken so I presumed such camera-shy fella may have been you.

    Secondly, she was shy emphatically, but has a 7 year itch readily to “explode” on the opposite sex.

    More, in retrospect, I recalled she ever told me long ago “Just, I think they don’t do the penetration part of sex.”, reflected in your May 23, 2008 at 6:51 pm post.

    hey, maybe we do know each other or probably ralted. Of course I have more details though sketchy about you and your family (if that is you). Yeay, I found “Su”. 😀

  276. su says:

    Ah…so A Voter is a long lost relative..hmm..

    I wonder how many more long lost relatives I have here?

    But wait..I don’t have a will yet!

  277. kittykat46 says:

    I wonder if it could be the person mentioned…. I better not say too much. She does cover Malaysia, but she’s based elsewhere.
    Vacuum ah…you remembered my old joke…I keep it in the closet most of the time.

    Hahaha…I was a secret admirer, but went no more than that. We still exchange e-mails occasionally.

    An apparently true story…..a man found out that the woman he had been chatting in a very “friendly” manner in an internet chatroom, both using nicknames turned out to be his wife……

    So both were doing some fishing on the Internet…hehehhe…it seems they had been introduced by an on-line search software which had calculated that both of them were “Very Compatible” based on the profile they submitted.

    They claimed to have made-up later, but I wonder how much damage it did to their marriage…Very Compatible…hahahaha…

  278. su says:

    Interesting story you have there. reminds me of this TV programme they have in the US. I think it’s called “moment of truth”, or something close to that. You have to answer really personal questions on national tv, with family sitting in the audience too!

    There was this one woman that played the game, her husband was sitting there, and the question was “Do you believe you should be married to your ex-boyfriend?” SHe answered yes, and it was true!! I wonder how they are going to patch up. Another question was “have you had any sexual relation wih someone other than your husband after marriage?” Yes again.


  279. A Voter says:

    I can only say two words for verification Su, “Turn Around, Please!” That’s 3 words. heheheheh. 😉

  280. A Voter says:

    Sorry I forgotten to laugh ““have you had any sexual relation wih someone other than your husband after marriage?” Yes again.”. Kekekekekeke.

  281. Harrison says:

    Hi Su, where r u? Coffee?

  282. su says:

    A Voter – Can’t turn, made a promise to Harrison. 🙂

    Harrison – It’s not just me who’s been MIA… where are the rest??

  283. jeancumlately says:


    What do we have here? We lost batu putih to the singaporeans and everyone is acting like nothing happened!

    We really got it all really messed-up this time arent we? I kept thinking how much that piece of land costs and how much sex it can buy… Some people really have their heads upside down. Pathetic.

  284. whispering9 says:

    …when you have batu putih, who need sex! 😛

  285. kittykat46 says:

    Pedra Branca ?

    Every land/property owner knows, if you let a tenant occupy premises you consider your property, you better have some kind of written agreement that recognises your rights as the owner……

    We let Singapore operate the lighthouse there for more than 100 years without a tenancy agreement. Objecting in 1988 was too little, too late.

    Like them or not, Singapore sent its A-Team to argue its case.
    Malaysia sent Patel & Son…I think its the F-Team.

    Yeah, Malaysia’s lost Pulau Batu Putih “forever”.

  286. whispering9 says:

    Some more used a doctored webpage and tianchued picture. If the sea level rises, even the pebbles are no more ours.

  287. ah Long says:

    Pulau Batu Putih is just a big rock sticking out of the ocean. It is not worth nothing. So why create a tsunami in a teacup. If Singapore want it they can bloody well keep it.

    There is much more important issues like Malaysia’s claim on the kereta api terminal in Singapore. I bet not many people know – it is Malaysian territory although it is in Singapore island.

  288. bamboo river says:

    From tiger shows to lesbian to white rock!
    This a real classic lah. Since when do this kopi tiam begin having tiger shows ahhh?
    Very terror lah you all.
    Lady Daphne tried to re arrange the furniture just because she does not like our locally brewed coffee.
    Hey, Daphne, if you don’t like the coffee, don’t lah spit onto our regulars here. There is a ‘spitoon’ under the table. You can use it. Our friend ah Long can teach you how to do it discreetly.
    In case you don’t know, ah Long is the writer of the famous ‘coffee table book’ titled ” How not to misBehave in a kopitiam” You can find that book in kitakornapunya bookstore at lane 4 shelf 8 at POH section.

    Sorry everyone, becos of me with KK46 , you all kena tembak from this GM coffee lady. (GM=genectically modified)
    KK46, how come you know I was down in JB looking for lubang?
    Not that lubang lah, one client’s machine sprung a leak, so have to troubleshoot the problem and plug it.
    Harrison, sekarang tak boleh goyang kaki mah. What is that Taman Pelangi all about? Haven’t been there lah.
    Stenson as always the ‘bouncer’ in this kopitiam. Very protective especially when dear Jean is being bullied. Keep it up Stenson.
    Su, aiya, vely solly lah. You also kena from that GM lady.
    No wonder, the place is a bit quiet.
    Lady Daphne, don’t be a like dat lah. If you are open minded enough, you will learn to like this place mah.
    Back to the main section of this blog.
    See you all later.:-)

  289. kittykat46 says:

    Bamboo River, Eh…welcome back.
    I hope you had a successful visit….hehehehe..
    Didn’t visit Taman Pelangi ?…..aiyah…better not go there, lah…anyway the place has “jatuh standard” these days, quite a crime-prone area.

    A friend of a friend got murdered at Taman Pelangi a while ago. Sad case, left behind pregnant wife and two small children. Case still unsolved.

    His Singapore employer had a fair amount of insurance on him, plus he had taken out his own life insurance, so at least they were not too badly off financially. But due to it being a murder case, it took some time to get the insurance claims settled.

  290. ah long says:

    Bamboo… you have to put your finger into the lubang to plug it ah?? Siok or not ???

  291. bamboo river says:

    KK46, better not be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Although the intention to be there was purely ‘innocent’ someone somehow whom happened to see you there might think otherwise 🙂

    ah Long, now is not the era of a brave Dutch boy who saved Holland from the leaking dyke with his finger .
    We use ‘plastic steel’ to plug holes mah.
    A type of two different putty compound when mixed together will hardened like steel within hours.
    High tech aleady lah.

  292. kittykat46 says:

    Bamboo River,
    Yup, I bought the Araldite Steel Epoxy last year to fix back a metal bracket which had broken off. If you take the trouble to form it properly, its almost the same as the original. Very strong too, but you have to be very careful to clean up any spills. Impossible to clean off once it sets hard.

    I know a place in JB which is in a “respectable” neighbourhood, looks just like any upmarket bungalow, but is really a high-end “Ayam House”, very discreet….hehehe….Also “protected” by Police, nobody ever “kacau”….I was told the girls are beautiful, and very “skilled”, but will cost you a serious bundle…

  293. bamboo river says:

    LOL.KK46, wether it is an Ayam or Itik house, I prefers fried chicken and roast duck.
    Ke,ke,ke, those ‘ayam’ and ‘itik’ boh ngam for me lah.
    How come you don’t go to Hotel Malaya any more meh?

  294. ah Long says:

    Hehehehe……see the gay marches in Indonesia?

    Bodoh lah, if God want us to be poofters he would not have created Adam & Eve. He would gave created Adam & StEVE.

    Hahahaha……Bamboo I have use that epoxy before to repair a dent some dissatisfied arsehole kicked in my car door.

    I was told to fill up the dent with the epoxy and after it harden just sand it back to same level as the rest of the door and walah dent fixed.

    But after it harden, I sand until hand also fall off the blewdy lump still there !!

  295. stenson says:

    Where is Mr.&Mrs.Harrison Jean? Still honeymooning? 2 babies just nice.One boy and one girl.The boy will be handsome like Harrison and the girl as pretty as Jean.Lovely couple.

  296. bamboo river says:

    Ha,ha,ha, ah Long, you used the wrong compund lah.
    It should be plaster cement compound. Like paste type.
    The person who suggested plastic steel sudah salah recommend. Did you give him a lump on his head or not ??

    Try using grade 200 sand paper. After getting the even levelness, finish off with grade 600 sand paper.
    I prefer you remove the plastic steel lump and apply the correct compound paste. Get them from the auto sparepart shop. It will cost you about RM 70.for a 400gm can.
    Better still send your car to the spray shop and pay about RM 200 inclusive of paint job and save you the trouble.

    Sometimes, being a DIY yourself may put you in a DyIng situation if things don’t work out. 🙂

  297. ah long says:

    Ah Bamboo….I got the epoxy for free lah. Got it from this guy who goes around mending pots and pans for the hawkers.

    The MSG damn corrosive one, and make small tiny holes in the pots. The big pot can cost more than 100 ringgits. So my kawan go and repair them for 10 ringgit a pot.

    Sometimes he get 30 or 40 pots a day to repair. Good part time job for you ?? He also do sharpen knives. He complain the quality of cheap made in China knives are so bad, you give him a big knife after sharpening become small knife…..hehehehe

  298. ah long says:

    Stenson……if your theory is correct, then our DPM’s kids must be damn ugly lor.

    Sure piss in your pants if you run into them in a dark alley !!!

  299. bamboo river says:

    ah Long tell me which hawkers use this repairman service.
    I want to avoid eating at their stalls.
    Do you know that if the pots made of steel and they use epoxy to plug those tiny holes, it is poisonous?

    And if the bonding is not strong enough, it may come off and ended up in your stomach.The bottom ‘POT’ line is , this is not a proper way to cut cost and put their customers at risk.
    Some China made stainless steel knives are low in chromiun and carbon. The main substance for stainless steel. Chromium is for reistance to rust and carbon is for the durability and hardness of stainless steel. The higher the composite of chromium and carbon , the better cutting performance and resistant to rust your knives will attain.
    So, if you check those high end quality cutting utensils, there is a warranty stating the chromium and carbon content of the material.The layman test is to dip the utensils in brine overnight. Sure got no rust stains.

    The low quality knives are most probably made from re cycle stainless steel. That is why when you do not wipe dry the knife, you will see brown stains (rust) on the surface.
    I will recommend you use lemon (after squeezing the juice to make a cool ice lemon tea)) to clean your ‘stained’ stainless steel utensils.Do not use those wire sponge as it may create more scrath lines and wear.(more rust will appear)

    Just my 20 kupang knowledge to all.

  300. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, scary to hear of people using epoxy to repair cooking pots…they are most definitely NOT food grade material.

    Quality stainless steel is expensive. A good set of stainless steel knives will cost you more than a thousand ringgit, some expensive brands running into thousands. Still, there is demand for cheaper “stainless” steel, so many manufacturers oblige by providing low-grade stainless steel.

    Food contains many corrosive substances, especially at high cooking temperatures, so most of the low-grade stuff will quickly stain. Hot curry is a very good test of how well it resists staining….

  301. ah Long says:

    MSG damage to cooking pots very common in ALL hawker stalls. After only few months of use tiny pinsize holes appear. So my kawan go around and clean the outside surface and put epoxy over it lor.

    The epoxy is applied on the outside surface only. It adheres very well and can stand heat. The pots are good for another few months. Sometimes outlast another new pot.

    I am not too worried lah. The holes are very small, pinsize only because bigger holes cannot be repaired this way. And the epoxy is applied outside.

    I eat around those stalls for many many years already still my weenie not yet fallen off, so must be ok.

    Those celaka hawkers don’t like expensive stainless steel. They complain “so expensive and not sharp & very difficult to sharpen.” the el-cheapo knives rub a few times on sandstone sharpening blocks already damn sharp.

  302. bamboo river says:

    ah Long , it is just using the wrong tool for the right equipment. Very common nowadays lah.
    One of my client bought a 700K machine and the tool kits cost around RM40 K. The tools for maintenance etc.
    But being penny wise pound foolish, decided to cut down the tools purchase and use cheap ones.
    Of course, after 6 months the cheap tools started to cause damages on his machine parts. Don’t want to listen the advise from their supplier and he ended up paying RM 60 K to replace the parts.
    So, if the hawkers use the correct equipment to sharpen their knives, the good ones will last them for sometime.
    Can’t blame them though, now one plate of Khon Low mee cost 4 bucks and after 4 mouthful, sudah habis tapi tak kenyang.

    Another trick to share with you, if you sharpen your knives with a sandstone, do not use water. Use kerosene until your knives is sharp enough than wash off with lemon and water. Your knife will be clean,smooth,sharp and longer lasting.
    Avoid using detergent or dishwasher to rinse.

  303. a Friend says:

    NST reported “African students attacked for dating local girls” as it’s subject.

    Links on the bottom line.

    Few friends told me that local girls love sampling “Africans” due to the monstrous size of their manhood. One of the “beneficiaries” (a lass) told me sometime last year that she could not “take-it-in” the massive “monster” that she had to quit from the crusading “manhood”.

    I know woman likes it big, but not TOO BIG. It will tear then to pieces…..

  304. kittykat46 says:

    Hahahahahaha…you’re not the first person who remarked that those of African descent are BIG…kekekekek…

    Back in my Uni days, I knew some white girls who had a fling with blacks just to test it out…mind you, in those days mixed race couples were still kind of rare and frowned upon.

    Don’t ask me, I have absolutely no idea if this claim has any truth to it……kekekekekek.

  305. jeancumlately says:

    Hi friends, its been sometimes…

    To add comments to kk46 and “a Friend,” why not take BR’s advises.

    1. …use the correct equipment to sharpen (your) knives, the good ones will last them for sometime.

    2. …if you sharpen your knives with a sandstone, do not use water. Use kerosene until your knives is sharp enough than wash off with lemon and water. Your knife will be clean,smooth,sharp and longer lasting.

    Follow BR’s advises and you dont need to be an african to be a man and your other half will not complain, like BR said “…sudah habis tapi tak kenyang.”

  306. ah Long says:

    I am an African !!!

    When I am not a Chinaman.

  307. a Friend says:

    Ah Long ah,

    Painting yourself is another is easy to masquerade but to stretch your “thing” to a foot long is another thing.

    If I have the opporunity to date among Su, Susan, and jeancumlately a.k.a. Jean, by chronological preferences I would prefer foremost;-

    (1) Su-as a wife. The wannabe angelic looking seven year itcher looks great to have as a wife. A more submissive persona. I can deal with you anytime at anyday.

    (2) Jeancumlately as a bedding-buddy- (Keras Kelapa) hardball nature. Quite intelligent and temperamental. Not a pusshover like Su but still “can-lah”. I just have to hold her hips and a few kiss and never wake up like there’s no tomorrow. Cemburu tapi gatal.

    (3) The hardest of the trio is Susan. Very intelligent, maybe smarter than me. Sensitive and jealous. This one’s hard. But I’ll try my best. 😉

  308. su says:

    eh eh?? Just a few days MIA, and I suddenly become a pushover??? 😆

    Sorry-la friend, no pushover here! hahaha..

  309. ah Long says:

    Ah Bend want his weenie to grow longer and bigger just like black fella.
    So, Ah Beng went to see his local bomoh. His bomoh advised him to tie 1 kg of weight to his weenie and swing it around for half an hour 4 times a day.

    After 2 weeks his kawans ask him how whether his weenie is getting longer and bigger.

    Ah Beng replied “I think it is working already, my weenie already starting to turn black”.


  310. Harrison says:

    The economy’s bad. In fact everything “naik” harga. Nothing went down.

    Well Stenson, I ‘m back. 🙂

  311. stenson says:

    Well Handsome,when you are with Jean,I am pretty sure things are not going to go down.I am prepared to spend time with Jean if she is willing to be with me.I guess I dont have such luck.
    Musa Hitam could be a good Prime Minister if he is given a chance.I would pick Sharir to be his deputy.I believe both have the capability to bring our country one notch up.I have lost faith in Badawi and I cant see anyone besides these two have the characters to govern Malaysia.Even a teenage rapist want to be a vice president.What a joke…….

  312. kittykat46 says:

    If you can break out of the “Only UMNO is capable of running the country” mindset, there are plenty of other capable leaders in Malaysia.

  313. stenson says:


    I dont see good materials at the moment who could hold the fort of premiership except perhaps from the chinese.Anwar is unpredictable.

  314. Harrison says:

    Haha, Stenson. It’s been a long time since I went I join my clubbing friends at a local pub, but I did last night unfortunately not with Jeancumlately like you cynically predicted, but I did see a lot of women with Jeans.

    I don’t really trust politicians. As just a voter it’s ok but to join a party and risked of being betrayed and play the bickering and backstabbing, I would rather watch “Superman and Friends”, if thats ok with you. However I really support Human Rights and Press Freedom but never join political parties even having been invited at times. 😀

  315. jeancumlately says:

    Stenson, what are u getting at? I and handsome … we would be at each other’s throat even before I could finish telling him my name. Sad eh?

    Anwar is unpredictable? When one moves like a snake, bites like a snake, looks like a snake, then you can safely predict that it is a snake.

    I do agree that we do not have a capable leader. A Chinese PM? Nah, I could not see one either. Maybe we should just advertise at Jobstreet. We have nothing to lose. No candidate can do worse then the current PM. Afterall, how difficult can it get to find a candidate who can sleep all the time, play donno, marry his maid and get a monkey to marry his daughter.

  316. tommycol says:

    stenson – ‘only UMNO is capable of running the country’
    i think u shld’ve qoute ‘ only UMNO is capable of SUCKING the country”
    they made a mockery of the education , economy, GLC , inciting hatred amongst the races n etc……it really SUCKS!!!

  317. kittykat46 says:

    Wah Jean, “Anwar moves like a snake, bites like a snake, looks like a snake, then you can safely predict that it is a snake”

    Loyal UMNO member, ah ? Definitely Not Badawi fan, though.
    I hear Anwar may be back in UMNO sooner than you think…..

  318. jeancumlately says:

    Never been loyal to anyone or anything lah kk46. I did not voted for BN in the last election.

    Badawi fan? I would be if I am LKY’s fan. LKY would’ve done the same thing Badawi did in the last 5 years if he is our PM i.e. destroy UMNO, make anwar the pm, cancell the bridge, pulau batu putih, IDR… Hei, maybe LKY is indeed our PM?!!

    I am not at all surprised to see Anwar slithers back into UMNO fold soon. Lotsa cold-blooded amphibians change its colors to blend with the environment so that it could do the killings unnoticed.

  319. Dikon says:

    “Lotsa cold-blooded amphibians change its colors to blend with the environment so that it could do the killings unnoticed.”

    But those parts of the photos don’t match. This one’s just like a porno queen kneeling and holding a ” “. And the girth of that jaw is too wide. I say it’s a superimposed photo.

  320. Harrison says:

    Hi Jeancumlately,

    “Dikon’s” ambiguous comments if any reference to you, s/he may have a point. Your photo, having seen your from quarter to half mug to a partial body do not bear any physical resemblance.

  321. stenson says:

    It does not bother me how Jean look like.I am prepared to take her out for a cup of latte if she agrees.How about that Jean?.I can give Jean my if she wants.Only sms if you dont wish to chat with me.
    I am also sick and tired of politic Handsome.I will spend my time courting Jean.She likes to play tarik tarik.

  322. kittykat46 says:

    I think the original partial portrait was taken at wide-angle zoom, at a close distance. That combination will produce a distorted picture, especially the relative dimensions of different parts of the body.
    If you have a digital camera with zoom from e.g. 29 mm – 100 mm, you can try out the “special effect” at wide-angle minimum zoom – head much bigger than body, or disproportionately large eyes .

    The new picture looks a bit “haram”….kekekekekek…

  323. jeancumlately says:

    Oh heck… you are wrong this time harrison. That was me somewhere between gua musang and kb. Its just an avatar anyway, so I’ll replace it with this cute kid at sunset in PCB so that no one will accuse me of kneeling.

    Sorry dikon.

  324. kittykat46 says:

    That one is not jeancumlately is it ?

  325. Harrison says:

    Stenson said -“It does not bother me how Jean look like.I am prepared to take her out for a cup of latte if she agrees.How about that Jean?”

    Are you quite sure what you truly meant? I only asked coz the last time many years ago I was chatting a perceived beautiful woman on the IRC and when I met her she looks ok. I was startled when I had a second look at her legs, the elephant kind of course.

    I told her I was wearing white shirt and she wore blue for identical reason. She wore white as promised as I wore a different colour. And to prove she was the woman with an elephant legs, I had signaled a friend to phone her mobile, and when she answered, I “dah cabut”. Get the point?

    However, I think Su may be pretty..Hehe.

  326. sofiairdina says:

    KK46, jean is definitely not a six-year old in that picture. She did put her actual picture before that but then, some said its doctored. You did gave a good explanation though. Anyone ever heard of dental records? Never mind.

    Stenson, harrison is right. Jean is that woman he picked up from the IRC; the one with the elephant’s legs.

  327. kittykat46 says:

    Are you sure that wasn’t Jean Abdul ?

  328. stenson says:

    Handsome has better taste then picking a girl with such a huge legs.I am pretty sure Jean has a pair of long sexy smooth slim legs.How about a game of golf Jean.l8 holes will be too tired for you under such scorching sun.We play just one HOLE.It needs tremendous concentration and accuracy and stamina to get into the hole.Dont get it wrong.I mean we just play one hole par 3.Whoever hit the target wins the game.How about that?The loser pays for the drink.Handsome can be our referee.

  329. ah Long says:

    Can I watch ??

  330. Harrison says:

    “Handsome can be our referee.”

    Hahahahahahaha. I heard someone has met this Jean but I am not sure it was the right person? Given the configuration, I think I am out to date this tall woman. I am just 172.5cm. Anyway I am done with Malay women. Alao done with Chinese long ago. Personally I have not date a Caucasian (Ang Moh )yet but had a Eurasian gf few years back.

    Amongst all, you know the ethnic from Sabah and Sarawak are the most “kenjar” or “hiau”. Somebody just call it “gatal”. (Most) Javanese are quite loyal. Yeah that’s true.

    Remember, for health sake, use condoms ok? Promise? Not the one enhance with the “bulu-bulu” type lah, later you’ll make the girl addicted like hell. Hahaha.

  331. ah long says:

    Got try African gal?? They give good dowry also.

    You might find yourself the proud owner of a herd of goats.

  332. stenson says:

    Each time I offer to give Jean a treat or give her my she hides her head in the sand like an ostrich.Am I that despicable Jean?Just say thank you darling I dont need that.Is that difficult?Maybe I need screws and spanners to transform myself into ultraman then will Jean accept my invitation.

  333. jeancumlately says:

    Gosh, Ah Long… which one do you prefer? The african gal or the goats, I mean the dowry?

    Can I watch? I mean the dowry.

    Stenson, your conditions are quite tough. Par 3 requires only 3 strokes and most golf courses would not tolerate that. I would rather stick with par 72. Yes, its tiring. It is supposed to be. Otherwise, I would stick with barbie dolls.

    Its hard. One day someone called me “gatal” and the next minute someone called me an “ostrich.” Okay lah, I am a gatal ostrich with an elephant leg.

    I NEVER said you are despicable. You are a nice person.

    Its not advisable to publish ur hp number but you’ll figure it out. Someone here did.

  334. ah Long says:

    Do you know Scots wear kilts??

    So the sheep cannot hear them undo the zip when the approach the sheep from behind.

  335. Stenson gave a HP no. but someone else is answering. U watch “The Truth About Cats And Dogs?”. I bet you are quite a good looking man lah Stenson.
    If Jean meets you, she will surely

  336. bamboo river says:

    One goat,one ostrich and we will become GO Rich.
    Just got myself a good holiday in Cameron with my family. Gosh, the jam in Cameron is terrible. Should had opted for jungle offroad.The weather was cold but not very cold. The places seems to be okay since my last trip 6 months ago.
    Anyway, it was a good rest before I had to start working again.
    On the way back , I took the Simpang Pulai highway and there was a stupid moron keep overtaking on the double line.
    The next thing when I look at my rear mirror , this idiot overtook a car behind me as I was approaching a sharp bend and a car opposite is approaching fast. He tried to squeeze me out of my line. Took evasive action to avoid him and he had the knack to show me his middle finger. Well, my family is with me and this is not my territory, so, just can smile at him and let him be. 5 minutes later he was way ahead .
    Coincidently , this stupid moron guy driving a Nissan Sunny has the same numerical with my car. What luck!
    The only advise is , if you see those Cameron ‘Landies’ just give way . There are no means worth taking them by the fenders. LOL.

  337. kittykat46 says:

    Bamboo River,
    Camerons has its fair share of tough-guys among the locals. Not wise to rub them the wrong way. After all, we are just there for a quiet holiday. Just let them be.

    Ah Long,
    Really sick Scottish joke – Why did God create women ? Cause sheep can’t cook.
    By the way, I love Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.

  338. bamboo river says:

    I love Genting Highland more.Why? Because it is the only Highland with lots of money to spend or gain.
    But , less we come to our senses before we lose our underwear, it is not a good idea to gamble there.
    Reason, because we are at the top of the hihgland and our monies will not go up but always come down.
    So, besides the fun park, the rest is just for us to look see.

    ah Long must have an office there. 🙂

  339. Baby Harrison jR. says:

    Any regular patrons of this famous coffeshop who has problem with their vehicles can sent to Bamboo River’s workshop. Stand by your Buku 555 yaeh? Hahaha.

  340. kittykat46 says:

    At this rate, we will soon be using bicycles more than any motor vehicles.

    I’ve already dug out my old bike from the storeroom. It needs some repairs to bring it back to good shape…haven’t used it for some time.

    Be prepared for MEGA barang-naik coming soon.

  341. jeancumlately says:

    Goldman Sachs downgraded the Malaysia stocks to the least favoured in Southeast Asia due to political volatility – star today.

    I feel like throwing somebody from this 24th floor already. Lotsa friends already work or shifted their business oversea and I feel like going back to Ijok. But someone deserved to go back to his kampong in kepala batas more then I do. So, I’ll just stay here and see who could survive longer.

    I hope I still remember how to ride a bicycle. A tricycle will not look right but its an alternative. A car is going to be out of the question soon.

    BR, fren-fren got discount to service kereta? Cant afford to send to authorized service center lah… They always want to “ganti” everything and always told me that if I dont “ganti” this and that, the car is going harm me very, very soon… Must be original part pulak tu.

  342. kittykat46 says:

    I don’t think Goldman Sachs is being fair. BN, Dollah, elections notwithstanding, we are still more solid than Thailand (army threatening coup, again), Indonesia (riots last Sunday), Phillipines (need I say more ?).

    The Malaysian army doesn’t do coups, we generally have peaceful demonstrations (until the police start getting violent).

    The problem is this regime has been ruling with an unchallengable 2/3 majority and 12/13 states since forever, when its suddenly reduced to a simple majority and 8/13 states, it suddenly doesn’t know how to govern.

    What’s so difficult to work with a non-BN controlled state ? The citizens in the 5 PR-controlled states + Wilayah probably pay the bulk of the LHDN’s annual income tax collection.

    Bicycles are good for your health. We may have a reduction in the KL traffic jams soon.
    With Proton, some of the “original Proton” parts are actually worse quality than outside brands.

  343. stenson says:

    By midnight the premium petrol will cost RM2.70.Look like Jeancumharrison has to use motor bike to work.I just have to get use to eating chappati.Too expensive to drink latte.No more golf.No more genting.No more 4D.Just stay at home and dream of Jeancumharrison.Drink plenty of water.Still cheap.Sell my mattress and sleep on the floor.No more air-con.We are lucky the oxygen we inhale is still free.If some wise guy decides to charge that too I would certainly stop breathing.

  344. ah Long says:

    The worst is yet to come !!!! I reckon inflation will take hold by the end of the 4th quarter and really start to bite everyone’s arse !!!

    RM2.70 a litre is still cheap !!! The real market price is around RM4.50 for 91 RON unleaded.

  345. jeancumlately says:

    Stenson, I am still trying to make sense of the news. 78 sen is quite stiff and going to choke us all when coupled with the corresponding increase in other things. Your chapati is going to shrink again and you have to take two and ended up paying double. I have a problem with kedai mamak coz my stomach is always having problem with the curry. Now I have to take roti canai with sugar lah.

    Lesser golf for me too coz carrying a golf bag on a bicycle would be a bit awkward.

    You cant combine jean and harrison and dream about it. It will turn into your worst nightmare.

    Good luck friends… Its going to be a rough ride for everyone. Lets hope that we are not going to kill each other. Now, its time to line-up at the petrol station. I have to pay RM50 extra for a full tank by tomorrow. Crazy.

  346. Orang Chin says:

    In some countries, tourists can put on local costumes and have photos taken. I bet Ah Long love the kilt when he was in Scotland !
    Poor sheep farmer is still counting his losses !

  347. ah Long says:

    Orang China…….how do you know a Scot is bisexual??

    He has an ewe under one arm and a ram under the other…..hehehehe

  348. Orang Chin says:

    Today is a special day. A new generation of 19 yr olds know nothing of it.

  349. DDT says:

    Today is a day of special significance. A whole new generation of 19 yr olds have grown up knowing nothing of it.
    Please go to:

    then, click on the 1st item on top of the “audio visual” section

  350. stenson says:

    Jean,by tomorrow the size of your roti canai will be reduced to a 50cts coin.No exercise for your jaws.Just toss it up and finish in one gulp.No need sugar or curry.I went to petrol station hoping to top it up.Gooosh,so many cars until blocking the main road.I drove back thinking how foolish I am.I can fill it up tomorrow.

  351. Baby Harrison jR. says:

    After February 2006 after the 30 cent per litre increase from 2005 at 1.62 per litre, the interim PM assured that there will be no price increase in 2006 and 2007.

    Today, in 2008 the increase is at 78cents per litre, a near 3 fold increase from the last major hike.

    AAB is just accumulating the intangible increase with interest on Malaysians on 2006 and 2007 and waiting to unleash them in 2008.

    What a con-man!

    I am now finding some nuts and screws to fix my old “Rerun”. Just leave my 1.5A Harrisonmobile at home and enjoy the RM625 cash subsidy.

  352. bamboo river says:

    First of all all roti canai and chapatis will go up by 10 ¢.
    Then when you lift up the roti canai and chapati, you can see it is not only shrunk in size but also can see thru.

    The idea for me to dig out my 20 speed Shimano bike is out of the question. At my age, better be safe and lose a few litres of petrol than to be side whipped by those Mat Rempits. Used to cycle from Sungai Buloh to Bangsar & and Shah Alam thrice a week during my teens. Now, sorry lah, guessed I have to hand down to my son when his feet can touch the ground when sitting on the race bike. LOL.

    Hey, I don’t have an auto workshop. Although I do general and DIY repairs on my own two cars.So, if you all want to sent over to my workshop, no problem. Just pray pray, it will be better than before 🙂
    BTW, I am in the engineering field. Those mechanical and design stuff.So, want to modify your car to save more petrol, throw out those extra back seat,carpets,spare tyre and what not. Tell your family to squad at the back seat.
    Make an aluminium bench (lightweight) at the back seat in case they think your back seat is a ‘jamban’.
    Fill up your windshield water tank at 1/2 full. Full tank is about 5 litres of water. (too much weight).
    Don’t think I would do the above. The pain of 78¢ will soon go off in a month time.

    If you guys and gals want my 20 kupang views on how to get more kilometreage on your car, feel free to ask becos my views are always free. No buku 555 on this one.
    Or anyone can share some suggestions?
    Don’t lah tell me to change to a smaller car.

  353. jeancumlately says:

    The makcik at the sidewalk down my office hiked her nasi lemak by 30 sen this morning. Luckily I ordered nasi lemak kosong. I dont know how much her sambal sotong, rendang daging, telor mata and other accessories cost now. I might have to tapau from home lah. But then, I have to hire a maid for that. Lagi costly.

    BR, I think the best way to reduce the weight of your car is to take out the engine. Its lighter and you will definitely save on your petrol and get RM625 from Gomen every year. No?

    Stenson, I nvr thought of exercising your jaw with a roti canai. Chewing gum is better but dont swallow.

  354. kittykat46 says:

    Stop smoking,
    stop drinking ,
    stop gambling,
    play badminton instead of golf,
    defer buying that new pair of jeans or
    go for the no-brand jeans instead of your usual DKNY,
    go shop at the local pasar malam instead of Metrojaya.

  355. Baby Harrison jR. says:

    Sounds like someone i know, kitty2. hahaha. where’s su?

  356. stenson says:

    At times I feel that Mamak kunji s/o Kutty Roti Noti makes a better PM than this Bodohpundi who thinks he is a smart dude.
    Dont complain ok Jeanstenson.I send you fried rice every morning if Harrison could provide you with his coffee – I mean his brand of coffee.

  357. Baby Harrison jR. says:

    I personally think that Jean and Stenson should meet to made-up for the time wastefully spent on cyberspace. Are you ready to wear a “songkok” my buddy stenson? Jean is an UMNO zealot and her admission to UMNO is calculated when Bodowi is dethroned.

    Just now I went to buy some Nescafe. Damnit also “naik”. Celaka Besar!

  358. bamboo river says:

    Jean, I have to refer Mr Fred Flinstone on how to get my car without engine moving.Cut out the floor board?
    Smoke not ciggies but bidi, forget about tobacco. Use dried papaya leaf instead.
    Stop drinking what ? Water?Coffee?Beer?
    Drink diluted instant coffee.Nope I don’t drink beer so saved some.
    Stop gambling you say. That is the last ringgit people will spend on in case luck is on their side.
    Play badminton instead of golf. Even a medium quality shuttle cock cost RM 20 per tube.
    Recycle shuttle cocks. Get those duck feathers from the farm.
    Jeans need lah .Get those 2 in 1 slacks. The ones with a zipper just above the knee height. Go to work long pants. Come back remove the lower length and you get a bermuda short.

    As I was having my lunch at my regular mamak shop. Today, one piece of fish cutlet,some kacang panjang and one scoop of mixed cucumber,onion and pineapple cuts.
    Drinking plain air suam. Cost me RM 4.50.
    As I was looking at the food, me think,what’s next?

    Now , everytime I fill up my tank,at the same volume will cost me extra 30 bucks.
    That will set me back another extra 150 bucks a month just for fuel only.
    Well, at least my recent holidays at Cameron will definitely put myself another 6 months to think of the next trip.

    Waiting for my tomatos in the garden to ripen for my next pasta meal.

  359. DDT says:

    To get more km for the petrol:
    1) inflate tyres to max allowable pressure
    2) do not fill full tank (dead weight)
    3) ask wife & kids to walk while you get to drive

  360. ah Long says:

    God bless Pak Lah,
    God bless Barisan
    God bless UMNO
    This fuel price hike and the coming hyper inflation is very good for Ah Long business.

    I am thinking of buy 100 cheap cheap old bomb small cars (need not be in working order) and collect all the subsidy and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

    Thank you very very much. Malaysia Boleh.

    ps. anyone got old car you don’t want? I offer tow away free of charge.

  361. bamboo river says:

    ah Long, no need to buy the car. Just buy the registration card. Then submit your reg. card for road tax and get your RM625.
    You see these smart guys who planned this scheme did not do their homework . There are so many ‘loop holes’ in the system that people can abuse.

    To get more km for the petrol:
    1) inflate tyres to max allowable pressure
    2) do not fill full tank (dead weight)
    3) ask wife & kids to walk while you get to drive -DDT

    For your item 1.
    Do not inflate to the maximum allowable pressure. You will have a blow out or worst your CV joints and bearing will kaput fast. Next your absorbers will also konged out.
    The other problem is, when you ‘korna baring’ your car on a wet road, you will end up ‘baring’ in the hospital.Hard tyres less traction grip.
    The best is to change to ‘tayar sotong’. Less width but maintain the diameter.Not recommended for drivers who lives in hilly areas though.

    For your item 2.
    Fill your tank to the max.
    Less volume in the tank will cause your fuel to ‘rock’ more in the tank. The fuel will evaporate fast. Remember, when you open your fuel cap when your tank is 1/4 full, you will hear a whooshing sound like your tank ‘kentut’ .
    But when your tank is about more than half full,no or sometimes less sound is released.

    Example : if you take a bottle of 1.5 litre COKE. Shake it when it is full, less bubbles. Pour out maybe less than half the volume. Shake it. See the amount of bubbles and the actual liquid level.
    Remember, you fuel tank has a ‘breather hole’ to release evaporated petrol fumes.Tank reduction in volume & weight is negligible to the ratio of total weight your car carries.

    For your item 3.
    LOL. Unless you are sure you know what you are doing.
    I won’t comment on that becos it is not a ‘technical’ problem. More like ‘marital technicalities’ here . 🙂

  362. Harrison says:

    While I am thinking of joining the protest against the fuel hike, I am just thinking about the big towkays and towkaynios sitting gleefully passing the bucks to the poor and the sloth-ness of the Government servants who await for another pay-rise.

    Bamboo River and Jeancumlately can “goyang kaki” in the knowing that the end-users will be the greatest victims of the fuel-hike aftermath.

    Talking about golf, Pooooooooooooooooooorah!

  363. bamboo river says:

    Harrison, let’s go play guli at Ijok. 🙂
    Have a another weekend to all.
    Gosh, I planned some work tomolo and forgot it is a public holiday.
    See Kali gets his Tan Sri ?

  364. stenson says:

    Poooooooooooooooooorah Harrison.So many xxx and recycled xxx and variety of races to please your lust.I cant afford that.Playing golf is not a big deal.Even caddy plays golf but cant have too many xs haha.If you can afford get your horse to carry your bag for you.Normally I would carry 7 clubs or get a buggy if I want a speedy game.Not really great.It is enjoyable though and can be frustrating if you constantly miss the target.
    I am not confronting you but to let you know that flying kite is much tougher.So poooooooooooooooooooooorah xxx.

  365. Harrison says:

    I was just joking my buddy Stenson. U don’t have to Poooooorah me for your girlie Jean and Softie.

    U sounded so serious whenever your gfs Jean and Softie were jokingly prodded by. Wow! What a true love, and they say true love never dies. There are a possible 6 holes ball games, I never even asked for 1.

    Cool down my friend. Cool down. I know you love her, but she kept on cheatin’ on ya. I just care about you, buddy..Deal or no deal?

  366. kittykat46 says:

    Chill down guys (and girls).
    You can’t be too too prickly sensitive if you want to frequent this FSZ.
    Generally, I don’t see way out personal attacks here (not recently, anyway), which is good, but you can’t be too defensive on-line, otherwise the whole conversation breaks down.

    A lot of facial and non-verbal clues, even the tone and manner of voice are missing in cyberspace, so it is very easy to misunderstand the meaning and intent of what someone says. Just cool down…

  367. Harrison says:

    It’s ok everyone, it’s ok. In was just chiding about those richie rich who could still be stroking some ball games at this hardtimes. 🙂

  368. ah long says:

    In the Cosmos, our planet is smaller than a single grain of sand in all the beaches of the world put together. We are so insignificant!

    Yet, men strive to accumulate wealth beyond what them and their families can spend in many lifetimes, why?

    Why then does the men & women who walk the corridoors of power in Malaysia so greedy and have so much disregard for the people and their country?

    They seem to make decisions that defys logic and common sense. We have not yet even come to terms with the inflation that is gripping or going to grip the nation and yet some idiot is saying that we should build a space launching pad in the country.

    Surely that idiot, if he holds any position of authority should be sacked immediately. His very statement has already proved what an idiot he is.

    The question of economics aside, Malaysia does not have the technology or the need to build a rocket launching pad. That idiot has no idea what it takes to enter the space race. Absolutely NONE.

  369. Harrison says:

    This morning, after a long break (few days) from posting commenteries,
    I think “The Racist Story From The Star” has garnered more than 400 comments. One from a commentater called “Bola Hangus” and having read few of his (yeah, it’s a HE) comments and masquerading as a Malay (my take is that he might not be a Malay because by prima facie, he even challenged Susan to ban him from commenting which is illogical because if a Chinese spouted off anti-Chinese philippic, he could not be considered racist) in his anti-Chinese tirade.

    Sio what happened here? Should make this “Bola Hangus” to crosseover to FSZ3. Where are u all?

  370. xy says:

    Harrison and all,

    Bola Hangus bared himself naked under the sun. All his hatred and abusive languages say more about himself than anybody else. He loves to cultivate the seeds of evil and hatred in his heart. Let him do it, to his heart’s contend. Only he can help himself out of the stinky pit.

    The more abusive languages he uses, the more he is baring himself. Let him do it and just ignore it.

    Really feel sorry for him. Namo Amitabha.

  371. Harrison says:


    Oh come on lah, it applies to you too, maybe I know you. Aiyah, use your nick that I ever know of lah. I only use other nicks remotely.

    And when you end up with some sort of Buddhist chant “Namo Amitabha”, I don’t presume that you are a Buddhist. What really happened to everyone and why?

    I traveled to with my boss to the city outskirt and I really miss FSZ. So, where’s all? Where’s my buddy Stenson, Are we still friends?

  372. bamboo river says:

    If burnt balls crossover to FSZ3, hell will break loose, coffee will be spilt all over the floor.
    Jean will bring out her meriam buloh from Ijok.
    Stenson will be making more tungsten carbide arrows.
    ah Long will be sharpening his parangs.
    Sofia will pull out her ‘selendang kebal’.
    KK46 will tranform into a tiger.
    Daphne from the US of A will make a comeback.
    Me ? I will continue enjoy sipping my Nescafe 3 in 1 regular and act as nothing is wrong.
    Anyway, burnt ball is free to have coffee here but make sure he pays before he leaves.

  373. xy says:

    Namo Amitabha.

  374. Harrison says:

    Hahaha. I am still here xy.

    Dear Bambo,

    For readers and friendships sake, you should have told us the locality of your workshop.

  375. bamboo river says:

    Why lah ?

  376. Harrison says:

    So that we readers and your friends could get a free service. Now, I don’t wanna discount, coz I am sure you will make more of the “discount”. Familiar with mechanics tampering components of vehicle? Hehehe.

  377. Harrison says:

    Since my absence, I notice a few buddies absence as well like Stenson, Jeancumlately. Hey, I was wondering has Jeancumlately masqueraded as Johncumearly. Just a thought……

    Where is Artemus22 or Su?

  378. jeancumlately says:

    I thought everyone abandoned fsz3 already.

    I read some of the comments in that “racist” posting and personally, I was tempted to fire a few round myself at those comments with no substance but simply abusive.

    But still, I would love to see some of them to crossover to fsz3 and go through some rehabilitation. It might be a long process for some especially with a burnt ball like that. And I noticed some familiar names who would never miss the chance whenever a race debate is on.

    Yeah, BR… why not tell us where is your workshop. Okay lah… I wont ask for a discount.

  379. jeancumlately says:

    HbH, I noticed the “johncumearly” but please lah… not me k…

    Lotsa people were absent in your absence because, well… things are not the same without you … hahaha. Ask Stenson.

    One more name that disappeared is whispering9…

  380. bamboo river says:

    Aiya, mine not car workshop lah. Now car workshop susah cari makan. ah Beng behind my office almost everyday “pukul lalat”. Everyone buy new car got 3 + 2 years warranty. How to get customer?
    The only workshop making good business near my office is ah kow’s car body repair and spray. Every day at least two cars masuk workshop.Last time saw one Ferrari 308 GTB came in for body touch up. Wah laoey, see also mata tak celik mah. But when see the maintenance cost , terus tutup mata!
    So, whose car need repair? Harrison, I thought you are driving a Toyota Harrier?

    Harrison drives a Harrier,
    Got a cool carrier.
    Not that air con Carrier.
    But the parts are getting pricier,

    By the way, if you go to FSZ1, you will see a topic about how to get a good mechanic. Initially brought up by Jean and the rest is the story lah.

    Also got Jeancumlambatly wat.
    Everyone is cloning the famous nicks.

  381. stenson says:

    Jean is a real wimp.I am proposing to her but she always evade my proposal.If we cant make it just ask for divorce.You never know.
    We are always together Harrison.Under attack we will stand together.No fear.I dont know about the racist remark.Anyway,I have my own problems to worry about him/her.So Jean,dont keep me waiting.I know you love passionate kissing as I do…haha.

  382. whispering9 says:

    …abandoned u? Never. BFF. 🙂

  383. whispering9 says:

    Here is a good suggestion for our Gmen to implement in view of the escalating petrol subsidy….

  384. jeancumlately says:

    Ok lah… I’ll take it that BR simply refuse to service my car. He must be scared that I am going to ask him to put the bill in his buku 555.

    I am used to seeing the cloning of jean’s nick by now. Dont know why they did that.

    Stenson, why lah you have to call me that. I thought of providing you the link to my blog so that you will retract the four-letter word but nah… may be one day. Dad said I am still too young.

    W9. BFF it is….

    The war in the “racist story” is still going on and hei, that BH is quite good actually. Reminds me of HbH of those daze… cheers to you.

  385. bamboo river says:

    Jean, not that I refused to service your car. I am not in the car servicing business lah. Aiya, you can drop by and I will give your car a FREE PPA (Potential Problem Analysis) with a free car wash thrown in. I know something but not everything about cars. 🙂

    Stenson, Jean is putting up those beautiful flowers on the coffee table reserved for you. Harrison is kind enough to shift places to accomodate both of you. Harrison is just caring or dying? to know why there is no love/hate banter between you and Jean.
    So, Harrison is sort like throwing pebbles to rekindle some sweet memories.

    Yahh burnt balls is getting his way in and around the bends. I am kind of enjoying reading all the comments posted by and to him.Just to see how shallow our Malaysian mind is in this 21st century.
    Better than reading MSM.

    But HbH you say? Jean, Harrison burnt his lips drinking your kopi jantan. Wait till you see his smucked face. LOL.

  386. Harrison says:

    Haha. Hopefully BR’s FREE PPA (Potential Problem Analysis) with a free car wash thrown in will not entails to black-oil-leaks, clutch and brake glitches, etc that driving back to him will cost more than the free PPA and free car-wash summed-up altogether. Haha.

    Well Ah Jean, I don’t really see the nick “Johncumlambatly” was a product of your clone (at first I was under the impression that it may be you, haha). My name was almost imitated as to pun on me at other blog but for me, I do not take this trivialities seriously.

    Once, at another “Kopitiam”, namely “Kickdefella”, my comments was erased by your call, remember? I thinkyou probably had a “hand” in Burmaa, Altantuya’s chap who claimed at the trial of the erasure of her travel records when she, Setev Sharibuu, and Altantuya’s cousin was detained for hours by Malaysian Airport Authorities for that sole reason.

    I am not in favour of bloggers who confided comentators/bloggers IPs to solicitors/commentators. It’s like a bank officer who reveal your personal accounts/ transactions to a 3rd party. Unless legally warranted for, it is at best to keep it secret to themselves (bloggers).

    Those who like comparing nicks to fathom “who is the real commentator( using multiple nicks) I mean for what? I have another nick “Hunk”. 🙂

    Btw, Jean is only “romantically” affiliated with whispering9 and Stenson. I don’t date kids anyway. They will charge me for statutory rape if seen by anyone. I will teach them to play “Guli” and “Congkak”.Happy blogging, sista. 😀

  387. whispering9 says:

    Aiyah, you know what it is and where it was used before. Best Friends Forever. So you got me back again.

    ‘The war in the “racist story” is still going on and hei, that BH is quite good actually.’

    Besides your multiple clones, there is also a spawning of Monsterball offspring ever since he left ‘active duty’ here in SPZ. All the ‘ball’ handles share his unique characteristics. While denying being a racilist, even actively involved himself in other race causes, he also championed many racist views be it politically correct or not. The current re-run kinda of remind me of MB and that ‘still owes us pink forms’ Hawk lovers’ quarrel. After the 400th comment most will realise that he is rather entertaining, amusing and even funny unlike a typical threatening and white clad Ku Klux Khan. I guess Susan’s blog still provides the best talking cure amongst blogs. Just let that session continue until someone drops out and a winner can be declared for the debate. 🙂

  388. jeancumlately says:

    Potential Problem Analysis (PPA) … interesting! As far as I know, every part of the car (including the driver) is a potential problem. Do I need an expert to tell me that? Really, does it take an expert to tell me that there is a potential that the battery will be dead, the light bulb might explode, the engine may fall off, the door may be scratched or the driver may fall into a coma? Then what do I do? Keep a spare car and a driver in the boot? I started to sound like a dumb blonde….

    “Once, at another “Kopitiam”, namely “Kickdefella”, my comments was erased by your call, remember? … ” – Harrison
    Honestly dear Hunk, I dont get it. Care to elaborate? On another note, I do agree totally that no IP address / identity should be disclosed. BTW, I am of legal age but dad insists that “legal age” and “menopause” mean the same thing.

  389. I was banned from the conservative site for telling the truth about the freedoms protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

  390. whispering9 says:

    Wow…did you guys and gals notice? The flowery avatars next to your nicks are actually like snowflakes, unique to each individual; at least for that day. Fascinating. Who’s that genius? Such attention to small detail. WOW!

  391. bamboo river says:

    Yeah W9 , I noticed it too. Even when I was posting my comments on the other wordpress blog, the logo is the same. Probably kind like a thumb print for my mail add./ IP.
    Maybe for tracking purposes.
    To that genius whom are very observant on such minute detail, deserves me standing ovation .Ahem.

    Jean, just to share my job experience, usually the human blames the machines when things don’t work.
    But, human do not know that they themselve do not know how to use/operate the machine the correct way.
    So, PPA, is a ‘guideline’ for us human .
    It is ironic that human invented things but do not know how to use them according to its capabilities.

    Wait a minute, before you misunderstood my statement.
    I don’t mean you lah Jean. 🙂
    I am talking as a whole.

  392. whispering9 says:

    Morning BR…I appreciate the motifs because they actually identify multi handles. Jean should be happy…at least, her admirers are not clones of one kind 🙂 .

  393. whispering9 says:

    …for the benefit of everyone, please go and compare Bola H mofit. I don’t really appreciate troll like this. 😦

  394. Harrison says:

    I respond to Jean’s “June 11, 2008 at 7:38 pm” comments;

    “Once, at another “Kopitiam”, namely “Kickdefella”, my comments was erased by your call, remember? … ” – Harrison
    — prodded by Jean

    Well, I can’t really remember precisely as that Kopitiam produces many postings a week my dear. But good-will produces the fruit within me as I place on the records of such event (if applicable, of course).

    “On another note, I do agree totally that no IP address / identity should be disclosed. “-Jean

    Thank You for making my point and solidifying a sane suggestion. Hopefully “those” (of course they know who they are)who had the tendencies to obtain “WHO IS REALLY WHO” from bloggers could kick in this righteous senses before they dip their hands into real trouble in real life.

    “BTW, I am of legal age but dad insists that “legal age” and “menopause” mean the same thing.”-Jean

    Well of course you are. The photo tagging your comments are in retrospect of your childhood. Enjoying a stroll by the seaside or meeting anyone there? Don’t worry, I won’t steal you from your real bf not because you will still adamantly snake your way back to me, but I hate if that happens, it may break our friendships.



    I am not driving a Toyota Harrier lah, I have a Honda City 1.5 Auto (second hand lah, year made 2003).

    But I admire the new Toyota Vios very much. stylish than the “blonde” isn’t it? 🙂

    Cheers to all.

  395. jeancumlately says:

    Ok BR, got your point. I should keep the car but change the driver then. Wait a minute! The driver is me!

    Huh? Got admirers kah? w9, You dont know how it feels like when there are bullets flying towards you and you dont know from where and the reason why.

    Notwithstanding with the above, I am still waiting for the answer I posted for hunk yesterday. If he has the time.

    The good news today is Badawi will not raise the fuel price again for the remaining of this year. The bad news is, the assurance was given by a pathological liar.

  396. jeancumlately says:

    Shoot, I posted that b4 I read your reply HbH. Honestly, I am having a hard time understanding it. Really. Honestly and in a friend-friend kind of way.

  397. bamboo river says:

    I am confused on what Harrison is talking about ‘from the other kopitiam’ too. Care to elaborate although you know gua keh poh chee lah.
    BTW, keep your Honda City Harrier, oops should be Harrison.
    Forget about that Vios. I drove one (latest model) belongs to my friend and here are my verdicts…
    1) The car felt small compared to the City. *(I drove a City for a while..kawan punya lah)Maybe I am a 6 footer.
    2) Unless you want to have squinted eyes or stiff necks. Very awkward with the meter cluster at the centre.
    3) Felt like driving outside the car. Also becos of that meter cluster position.
    4) Finish quality not good (MAYBE my friend’s car only)
    5) The car is like driving a nangka with kedondong wheels at high speed. That was about 130km/h.
    6) Price is definitely very high for that kind of car.

    Sorry if I offended any diehard Vios owners/fans.

    keep your City. The latest model is expected to arrive by Oct/Nov 2008. You will go ga,ga,ga over the new model.

    Hey,W9 people like burnt balls are one of the requirement in blogs. If not , it will be like eating nasi lemak without sambal ikan bilis mahhhh.

  398. whispering9 says:

    “Hey,W9 people like burnt balls are one of the requirement in blogs. If not , it will be like eating nasi lemak without sambal ikan bilis mahhhh.”

    😦 😦 😦 😦

    If such is to be the spice…serve me plain rice please or serve me not.

  399. wits0 says:

    BR, pls check and see if BH called Susan a bitch in this Blog. This gets personal, doesn’t it? The “cinababi” part is rather of little impact because it is to attempt to insult(“blanketedly”) and instigate as a troll. Bashing him and his idiotarian gang is always a pleasure. If Susan allows hate speech, it’s left to us to do a no holds barred follow-up.

    BR, you may have made an error in judgement as W9 implies. Hate and venom is not something attractive. It’s a poison not to be praised.

  400. bamboo river says:

    Okay, my apology to Susan,W9 and all, probably I had missed that part .
    The tread is so long and I must have overlooked while scrolling .
    Apology again.

  401. whispering9 says:

    Harrison, BH was here under xy as a buddhist. He was also ‘Siti’.

    ‘He loves to cultivate the seeds of evil and hatred in his heart. Let him do it, to his heart’s contend. Only he can help himself out of the stinky pit.’ …this is BH serving himself.

    He is definitely not bright even after I mentioned the motif fingerprint. 2/3 of the comments in that session was generated by BH under different handles. In short, he was ‘boring’ and he should appreciate hutchrun immense contributions toward the spices n sparks part. Or like BR commented, hutch was the sambal belacan; BH was just the banana leaf. Served under and tossed away after the meal. I really cannot the humour of the teens nowadays to think hate postings are fun. Cheer.

  402. wits0 says:

    No apology necessary, BR, 🙂 .

    It’s not important whether he did or not. His putrescence alone is enough to deserve all the brickbats he gets in kind.

  403. whispering9 says:

    Anyway, back to the motifs. The color part is most intriguing. How was it selected? My color is so me. How about yours?
    BR…aiyah don’t apologise. Friends would just jest “…tiu lay lah.” Anyway, BH or xy or whatever…you don’t need to be a racist to make friends. Didn’t your exploit in S & R prove that point! Racism is getting out of fashion especially when the world faces the threat of food, fuel, fund and all sorts of f**ing shortages. 🙂

  404. xy says:

    “Harrison, BH was here under xy as a buddhist. He was also ‘Siti’. “…

    xy is xy. you can get susan to verify my IP address.

    i hv no interest in engaging in any hate exchange, whether it is BH or anybody else.

    wish you all a good day.

    Namo Amitabha.

  405. xy says:


  406. bamboo river says:

    LOL,W9 don’t ‘hang’ me lah.
    My orifice down under is for discharging body waste .
    I think the motif in each comentator is not the same. So far I am happy with my motif and its color. Talking about color, Susan already changed her blog appearance and I am happy to see the side bar now appears in all posting. Previously was only the main page.
    I have no complain about this new appearance.

    Witso, it may not be necessary but I am obligated becos to me-self it is still a mistake. 🙂

    Harrison did a ‘napalm’ in that posting. ahhh, man in his shining armour driving his Honda City..(white color ?)

  407. whispering9 says:

    You still don’t get it. They have already put a tracer on all of us. And it is no longer tied to the IP addresses which are dynamically sourced nowadays. Some of the commentators attempt to remove the tracers. As far, the designer is indeed a genius. If you cannot be responsible for your postings then better not post it. Ultimately, it is to your own peril. Let me tell you a story lulubye.

    …He was a typical too good to be true honest guy. But all the company he used to work in was corrupted to the core. His bosses didn’t mind them because corruption was a two edged swords. It also brought in business. Besides, he found out much later that they had a failsafe strategy. They were preparing to dump the shitty company and move back overseas from where they came once they made enough money.

    Like I said…He was the ‘salt’ and was disgusted that the owners did nothing about it. They were very kind to him, rewarding him with constant overseas trips and perks. But eventually, he was distraught ‘cos his colleagues were making tons of money and he only had good memories. Besides, being the only straight guy put a lot of politicking and harm along his way.

    To end the story fast and short….he couldn’t beat them…so, he joined their persuasion. Sigh…they were only too glee to sell him out fast. The meeting with the Directors was fast and brief, ‘***, we understand…just don’t do it again and this case will never be mentioned again.’ Later in private,’***, we are sorry to have left you ‘unprotected’ but you were doing so well. You not indispensible but the Company will not be the same without you. Eventually, it will bankrupt without you.’

    He left ‘in his own disgrace’ despite the owner’s pleads. It was revealed to him that they wanted to take him with them overseas. The ‘sin’ was forgivable. They knew he was truly afraid and sorry. Hahahaha…they think he would never ‘changed’, tempted maybe.

    Moral of this story “If you want to do it don’t be afraid to be caught. The fear of getting caught is mortifying.” Cheer. 🙂

    ps: 2nd reposting. I think the first was sparmed.

  408. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Hahaha. It’s ok guys, it’s alright.

    Trust me lah, whenever those of my own race would (falsely) confided in me to incite or unite against a (other) certain race,, the first thing I would do is to ask them “Really?”.

    The 1st World country has long disregarded this type of bluff but instead take the right steps to protect the oppressed (whatever the race may be).

    Money is the root of all evils, not race.

  409. whispering9 says:

    …4th attempt to post.

    xy…you still don’t get it, do you. They have already put a tracer on all of us. It is not link to your IP which is usually dynamic sourced nowadays. Changing email addresses don’t work either. Well, you have to use a different computer to do your masking. But, hey…they register the computer ownership too..lah. Like I said, the designer is a genius.

    If you are afraid or not prepared to be caught…then don’t do it. The fear is mortifying. Have a nice day on this cinababi. 🙂

  410. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    W9 made a point in the absence of my knowledge that individual commentators are given a unique and separate “DNA” identical avatars. But how come when I chanced upon other commentators like “Daphne”, it matches symmetrically with mine when clearly I am not impersonating “Daphne”? Or did I miss something?

    The given “DNA” may be wrong and I could be sent to “jail” for this. Wahhhhhhhhhhh Lauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, why did’t you tell me about this Susan.

    Where is my buddy Jeancumlately? Aiyoh, when Stenson missed his rounds here, does not mean that you should follow him, right?

    Haiyo, Wits0, why are you here for SOS only. Come for a chat lah my friend….

    What are friends for? 😉

  411. wits0 says:

    whispering9, could the motif be associated with the name of the volume(aka the Hard Disk Drive?) – whose name can be changed?

  412. bamboo river says:

    First it was the motif, then the IP, later DNA and now hard diskdrive. Aiyo, ini macam we all sudah kena ‘stamped’.
    Better being ‘stamped’ then kena stomped.
    I remember MT can reveal the comentators IP when ever we clicked on their nicks last year before the upgrading.Even can access their e mail. Now , I think that is not possible.

    Harrison, since you mentioned it, ya lah, I did a triple check and your motif is not only symetrical but IDENTICAL! So, some one made you ‘eat the dead cat’ (cantonese : Sek Sei Mow) 🙂 Better find some way to resolve that. Or is it ‘Daphne’ is one of your many many ex gf getting even on you ? LOL.

  413. bamboo river says:

    Friends, out of curiosity, I did a complete check on that posting and came out with this..there are 22 nicks sharing the same motif (logo and color) . This is mind bursting .
    So, Harrison, looks like you don’t have to eat the dead cat ALONE after all. LOL.
    W9, any idea how this can happen?
    Please don’t ask me why I am so free to check all this. Now is my coffe break lah.

  414. jeancumlately says:

    Hei buddy. I am here (without stenson) and trying to understand what you guys are talking about and trying to figure out what I am getting into. And buddy, have you answered my question?

    BTW, I saw a few more of jean’s clones sprouting out and I dont think there is any technical explanation for that.

    Still reading w9’s explanations… why am I having difficulty understanding what was written lately? Sheesh..

    BR… how long is your coffee break anyway? A few days?

  415. jeancumlately says:

    w9, in layman’s term, are you implying identical motifs mean the same individual?

    I am beginning to feel sad and angry already.

  416. Harrison says:

    Bamboo River,

    I too, out of curiosity made a quikie perusal out of topics in this blog and there are similarities in the given motif which if it’s proven to be true, then many commentators have at least 2 nicks.

    But that is not the case here as I saw some of the nicks that bore (near?)same resemblance of my ocean-blue-motifs wasn’t from me.

    And there are many commentators by who clearly seems inspired by “Jeancumlately”. You even got “John cum lambatly”. Hahahahahha. My dear Jean, “Hollywood Walk of Fame?” or we can celebrate with a token of “Ice Shandy”at the “(Bukit) Bintang Walk of Jane?”

    I am wondering what Stenson has a say in this…..

    No BR, I have never a gf by Daphne so far.

  417. whispering9 says:

    Well…I am back in KL now. Yahoo has been experimenting with using personalised avatars to identify and authenticate the users. It wasn’t that perfect ‘cos it has some flaws. My security provider uses the same techniques but it is only for the paying clients. They used the IC chip registration number, your email and cedit card particulars. What interesting is that the motifs in WordPress actually share similar structures. The color is probably accessed from your email account which has particulars on your date of birth, religion, country of origin, etc. That would explain the ‘right’ birth color and you.

    I worked on 5 different computers but I didn’t change my email, so my motif remains the same. Some probably change the emails and nicks but use the same computer which could be the reason why their motifs never change. Forget about IPs ‘cos it is usually dynamically issued now.

    Another fascination is that the program can actually remember all your frequented computers and eventually your motif stays the same. Unless you opted to use your own avatar, like jean, which will automatically override the motif. Your avatar is your security and identity.

    Distance between postings could have account for some errors but if the same person uses the computer in a rather short time frame, within 2-3 days, I doubt it is an error. You will probably be assigned another motif.

    Harrison…I tend to agreed with BR. You have too many ex, ex , ex. Too many passwords and contacts lying around to be seen. Hehehe. If I am not mistaken, you did have a sort of a group sharing webpage, didn’t you?

    Actually, I discovered another frightening thing about the internet. I thought I was careful enough to delete all my histories and web pages. However, using Firefox I could retrieve all deleted visits as far back as 4 years ago. Aiyo…some of them are xxx.

    Anyway, it is still my imagination. Have to wait for KK46…our residential expert explanation.

    No need to be frightened or sad. Eventually, we all get stamped 999 meh. 😉 Happy Friday. You too, BH.

  418. whispering9 says:

    Testing 1 & 2 was me. Well folks…it seems to be assigned to the email addresses alone, so far. So if someone just type in your email addresses, they can create a lot of problem for you. If you see the same motif as yours and it is not you…you better raise the alarm earlier. Someone is using your email addresses.

    Sweet jean don’t be angry and sad lah. It is Friday today. All those using BH identical motif are fraudters. Not worth your anger.

  419. stenson says:

    What is the difference between underaged and menopause?Jean said it is the same.One in the North Pole and the other South pole – both cold.Nah,it cant be.On one end it is so tight so difficult to get in.The other end it is so dry you cant wait to get out.I would prefer middlepause.Fit in snugly.No hassle.
    Jean,you were telling change the driver but the driver is you.Is it suppose to be funny?I did laugh.A little bit humorous.Badawicumlately wants to be your driver.He cant wait to get rid of old jean and get brand new jean.Will Johncumlately be jealous?How roti john stand a chance against badawi from putrajaya.Maybe Stensoncumearly or perhaps Harrisncumsmart stands a better chance.

  420. jeancumlately says:

    Thanks w9. I think sofia would b more upset bcoz she has more clone then me. I think. I just did a quick survey on that part and see what I found – johncumprematurely, sofiabintiarowana, sofiajualsabundikakilima, johncumlambatly… And all of them has the same motifs. Actually, that is why I used avatar in the first place bcoz I had seen myself “talking” in other blogs without me knowing it before.

    Thanks again. Yup, I’ll be waiting for kk46’s expert opinion too before blowing my top.

  421. whispering9 says:

    Yup…it is wordpress Identicons alright. Here is their latest update.

    ‘I would highly recommend trying out Identicons, which are a cool math-based image idea created by Don Park that’s unique to the commenter, so even if someone doesn’t have an avatar yet they have a consistent (and handsome) image next to their name when they comment.

    We’re probably going to make Identicons the default for the dashboard instead of the mystery man, we just need to make a few tweaks to Gravatar infrastructure first. (The generated avatars are CPU-intensive to create, and it’s Sunday, a day of rest for the busy Gravatar servers.)

    Also, don’t Identicons sound like something from Transformers?’

    Have a nice Fridays.

  422. Harrison says:


    I am not sure why you are so interested in pursuing such trivial matters? Does it personally concern you that whether the line you written (para 2) is verbatim or you manufactured an addendum- Handsome to imply that I might be the aforesaid person namely- “Sofiacomeately” and other nicks?

    Let me re-paste :-

    ‘I would highly recommend trying out Identicons, which are a cool math-based image idea created by Don Park that’s unique to the commenter, so even if someone doesn’t have an avatar yet they have a consistent (and handsome) image next to their name when they comment.” —Paragraph 2 (June 13th, 2008 at 8:39 pm) posting.


    And I am not sure why Jeancuml;ately, a.ka. sofiairdirna seems to be pissed when and after my perusal of the commentators that you claimed of impersonating your nick, I, however do not see any malice intended or promoting any sorts of hostility and ill-wills in the style and nature of the aforesaid commentator’s comments.

    You may have styled yourself 1st hand in such “handle” but that does not at anytime gives you the right of another nigh-similarities of “handle”. Is Jeancumlately and Sofiairdirna your real name?

  423. Harrison says:


    “You may have styled yourself 1st hand in such “handle” but that does not at anytime gives you the right of another nigh-similarities of “handle”.”

    should read appropriately;

    “You may have styled yourself 1st hand in such “handle” but that does not at anytime gives you the right to reserved full rights and authority as the sole beneficiaries of your preferred “handle”.

    Hey, no hard feelings, I am trying to be fair even to strangers. W9 and jean are my friends but I must not assume a prejudicial role to prejudge the said commentator based on your claims that they are impersonating you.

    Don’t feel offended ok?

  424. whispering9 says:

    I am not interested in going after or exposing anyone. I want to solve this cool math-based image created by Don Park. I thought someone intentionally leaves a backdoor through the feeds. I want to know if there is a security leak here somewhere. Saw the BH type image I generated. There is a flaw afterall and I may have to apologize to xy only.

    Sorry xy…for now.

    However, those commenters generating this identicon will not be taken seriously by me anymore. My last posting on it. I found what I wanted to know. Bye.

  425. wits0 says:

    Aiyoo, XY, I know you’ll never need to be a changeling with handles ler, ; you’re too proper a person to have reason to. 😉

    But why “<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “” in Chinese? 🙂 What’s the meaning?

    Hmm, anon, so Identicons are tied to the email address. Does the thing verify the authenticity of the email addy given? It’s nice and, yes, a brilliant incorporation. I use an addy which is valid but actually inoperable on account of being killed by the overload of spams earlier.

  426. wits0 says:

    W9: “those commenters generating this identicon will not be taken seriously by me anymore.”

    Yes, it’s not supposed to be. 🙂

  427. jeancumlately says:


    My last posting on it too. No HbH, I guess I should not feel offended for jean but I would be offended for sofia … if I should go by your argument. But right now I am staring at an uncompleted 10-year financial projection I had been working on in the last one week. Losing a friend would just be an added pressure…

    But still, I wanna know what was meant when you said “Once, at another “Kopitiam”, namely “Kickdefella”, my comments was erased by your call, remember? ”

    Where have u been sten? Can you for once, come out with a smile and without your gun blazing? Careful with it okay. You may hurt somebody with that thing.

    Nice weekend everyone…

  428. bamboo river says:

    Now that was an interesting findings from you W9. Learned some important knowledge from you here.

    So, if I am to send my comments say from the internet cafe and keyed in say Harrison’s e mail address, the motif will appear the same as Harrison’s but the nick will be mine?
    As I can see in my office pc, my nick & e mail is automatically registered in any blog that I opened. But when I use my personal pc , I have to key in my info b4 I can submit my comments. When ever I opened another blog I have to do the same steps again.

    Only my office pc is automatically or maybe already ‘stamped’ with my info.
    Witso, may have given the answer, Yahoo registers the e mail AND the ‘Hard Disk’ of our pc.

    Jean my coffee break is everyday but not a fixed time.:-)
    Have a good weekend everyone.
    Try, gardening, it is therapeutic.

  429. Harrison says:

    I ain’t sure I understand wat is really going on and why?

    Maybe you could suggest BR if there is any sorts of offence against anyone in my June 13th, 2008 at 9:22 pm (my right and guaranteed freedom to opinion) and
    June 13th, 2008 at 9:30 pm (corrective amendment).


    One day you may be walking at the streets and suddenly A policeman arrest you for something unknown to your knowledge.

    Well, that happens, I mean here. It need justifications or at least rationalization rather than falsifying crocodile tears. Does anyone care a damn for the innocents who are wrongly jailed?

    This isn’t about justice, it’s about melodrama. Cheers mates.

  430. kittykat46 says:

    Wow, the FSZ discussion here is going through some interesting turns. Have to take time to digest it.
    I’ve been out of circulation more than a week. Been on a personal trip out in rural Kelantan, with a few days in Kota Bharu as well. My host had broadband access at their home (yes, even in rural Kelantan) but I only used it intermittently, didn’t want to impose on them.

    Quite a refreshing and interesting experience. Kelante’ really isn’t like the Taliban-lookalike which the UMNO and MCA controlled mainstream media paints it to be. People were friendly and relaxed, and relations between Malays and Chinese seem to be much easier compared to the big cities on the West Coast.

    I really have to say DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ IN THE NEWSPAPERS OR SEE ON TV. The past week has been a real eye opener for me. Have to thank my hosts too, who graciously showed me around places and people which I would have missed as a casual tourist.

  431. ah long says:

    Apparently people can tell or trace my IP address from my postings in this blog. Not that I care but I do find it offense.

    I don’t mind the owner of this blog having this ability, after all it is her blog but it is other bloggers doijng this and bragging about it and being offensive that i take an exception to.

  432. kittykat46 says:

    Ah Long,
    I don’t think any of the other users are detecting the IP address (it IS posssible, but not easy).
    What happens is the the Identikons are driven by both the e-mail address which you provided and by cookies downloaded to your specific PC the first time you did a post. If you switch to another PC, different cookies are re-downloaded, and result in a different Identikon being shown.

    The WordPress software is not reading your IP address, but reading the fact that you are using different cookies.

    In my line of work, for certain sensitive databases, access authorisation is provided by a combination of User ID, Password and Electronic Certificate downloaded to the PC the first time I registered.

    If someone got hold of my UserID and password, and tried to log in from another PC, they still cannot get in.
    Its still imperfect, obviously. Now they are working on Fingerprint driven Electronic Certificates, so I have to swipe my fingerprint on a reader every time to log in. Many new Notebook PCs already have build in fingerprint readers.

  433. whispering9 says:

    Hi kk46…did you visit our Jed Yoong?

  434. kittykat46 says:

    Unfortunately, not, whispering9. Most of the time I was out in the Ulu-Ulu parts of Kelantan. It’s like Malaysia back in the 1960’s or even 1950’s.

    I was virtually off-line and on a rather tight schedule when I was in KB.

  435. whispering9 says:

    Dear ah long,

    Type identicon into your Search and you get to read all about the invention of identicons by Don Park. His earlier model in Jan 2007 was based on a 9-block IP identification. He even gave the solution to the identicons. However, I noticed that wordpress identicons are based on a new 16-block email identification. Unless you locked into the blog comment section, I don’t think normal DIY bloggers can boast about cracking a n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n computation (16nth infinite permutation) to come out with your email (except maybe kk46, if he gets hold of a super computer…hahahaha). Identicons are like kaleidoscopic snow flakes . Do you know that no one snowflake is identical to another? Snowflakes are even more unique than our fingerprints. Isn’t it wonderful to get your own identicon F.O.C. Sure brightened up my days since petrol went up. 🙂

    ps: if you want privacy….register a new email address just for the sole purpose of commenting in blogs. You can also switch to dynamic IP. Anyway, like I said, it is best to be prepared for the consequences of free speech.

  436. whispering9 says:

    Hi kk46,
    I read about your visits to kelantan in Jed’s blog. We have 10 Kelantanese divers under our employment so naturally, I have been to the places you and Jed mentioned. Yup, our MSM tend to mis-report the truth. But did you watch TV8 6pm slot today? Look like some of them are begining to speak out. Goodnite…got to log off now.

    “Goodnite moon…goodnite stars…goodnite noices everywhere”

  437. Harrison says:

    Well Stenson, I just happened to chanced upon your comments which I overlooked (mistaken as those who are talking “bull” Heheheheheeehehe).

    U humored that “What is the difference between underaged and menopause?”. It reminded me many years back during my post schooldays when a State CM, if I am not mistaken, ex-Melaka CM who had sex with a 15 year old girl. Although the girl was probably paid and the sexual intercourse was consensual between the lovemakers,the constitutional law was amended as the said CM was charged with statutory rape that stipulates sexual intercourse with any Malaysians under 18 years of age was illegal. The law still apply till today.

    I recollect an all-girl-school wherein the “underage” girls (14-16) of age bracket bragging and comparing how many guys they have sex with and how big the guys’ “didi” were. That was in the mid-nineties wherein I happened to know some of the girls of that school.

    They wore contrasting coloured bras in contrast with their white uniform to “fish” for guys.I happened to be a passerby and they “whistle” on me so being a good Samaritan, I befriended them 🙂

  438. ah long says:

    Thanks guys for the info. I don’t really care if people know my IP address. It is fear that dictators thrive on and they use fear to rule. I guess that is the main reason for ISA in Malaysia.

    However, they are two bloggers I know of in the other sections of this blog who somehow know my IP address and are using that to try and intimidate me when my comments do not coincide with their ideas. I find this a bit disturbing.

    But I have been surfing blogs long enough to ignore them and blog on. I will not give in to bullies and fear (at least not too much fear) hehehehe to be absolutely honest there is still a little coward hiding inside somehere.

  439. whispering9 says:

    ah long…I use the below link for my own diy. It will help u to understand a bit about IP addresses and it has all sorts of Q&A. Like kk46 mentioned, it can be done but definitely not by diy computer person. Question asked is “Are you worth that much trouble, time, favor and resources to track your IP.” Most are just hollywood scare tactics. However, I don’t know what you have commented…and I hope it is not too extreme or unlawful. They probably got hold of your IP through other bloggers. Another tip…when you use an advance search machine, just typing your nick will reveal a lot about your character and some postings will also list your IP. Cheer.

  440. wits0 says:

    Ah Long, you could change your nick, surf anonymously, then comment. Kittykat, isn’t that not possible? 😉

  441. kittykat46 says:

    Susan’s blog allows you to change your nick.

    I don’t think she minds as long as you are not using multiple nicks to pretend to be many different people….

  442. kittykat46 says:

    If you want to surf anonymously, set your Internet Explorer (or equivalent browser) Security to “High”, Privacy to “High”. It will defeat most Website’s ability to track who you are or put any cookies in your hard disk. At the same time it will prevent you from posting any comments, in some cases prevent you from even reading comments….

    As with many other things in life, Internet Security is a double-edged sword….

  443. wits0 says:

    That’s what I’ve read, Kittykat. So I’m testing this out here.

    This comment is made while surfing anonymously. Can Susan please check if my previous(genuine) IP address shows up here as well?


  444. Harrison says:

    I was just thinking how nice it is when jeancumlately wa bantering with us, but unfortunately she has a great deal of works to catch.

    If you have time, please have a break in the cafe will ya? Don’t worry, she sounded like a neurotic at times, so I guess she will always make her tour to this cafe to hear who’s talking behind her back. Hahaha. 😉

    Didn’t see Su quite often here as well. She told me that she would always be here for me once. Ah, I forgotten, maybe she’s like AAB, the master-reneger, or busy “lalang ing”, but su, you don’t have to exile yourself, coz we are here to protect you, agree?

  445. whispering9 says:

    Wits0 ‘This comment is made while surfing anonymously’….hahaha you are the most consistent anonymous person in the weblog. Like the Chinese says “Painted with ashes, also recognize you.” Just curious, isn’t the nick wits0 a command code use in financial instrument?

    Harrison…I learnt a new word ‘Fubu’ from a columnist who also learnt just learnt it. Fubu…no offense, but it got me thinking about u. Main2 aje, ok?

    Ahlong…U can always clear all your cookies and temporary files from Tools-Option tabs at the end of each session. Gotta to go…busy again.

  446. sloone says:

    Kitty Kat you are right.

    I watch my commentators closely. Although it may seem like I dont care. hehe. I dont like it when the same people use different nicks to reinforce or impose their ideas on others, making it look as if they have a thousand supporters, when actually they have none.

    You know what I mean? And I can detect them quite easily 🙂

  447. Harrison says:

    It’s ok W9, it’s ok. I take good bantering and insinuation in good faith. After all, if all commentators sing my tune, then I must be a tyrant or they must be lying? I enjoy differing views.

    Good day to all.

  448. Harrison says:

    Dearie Susan,

    “It” was inspirational based on a (two), ah sorry, I mean TRUE story. I ceased using alternative “nicks” (if applicable) with immediate effect. 😀

  449. kittykat46 says:

    Susan’s blog allows posting with Security set to “High”?
    I don’t recommend she do that, there are risks to her blog.

    Put it this way, some people who do so are up to no good (Sorry, I’m not implying wits0 is like that).
    The blog administrator should always reserve the right to trace the source of the comment, in case any untoward incident happens.

    I was once (years ago) involved in Oil and Gas data control systems, and WITS0 (Well-Site Information Transfer Systems) was a computerised remote data logging and control system used by some companies for central monitoring and control of the behaviour of Oil or Gas pipelines over a wide area. It even had its own programming language WITSML – Well Site Information Transfer Standard Markup Language.

    Just a bit of trivia from my old Techie days. My work is a lot more boring these days, management stuff, blah…

  450. bamboo river says:

    Well, I think our motif is linked to our e mail add because, I had once sent a ‘TEST’ comment to FSZ3 using my friends h/phone and still retained my usual logo.
    All this computerised stuff sure baffles me ,so reading kk46 and W9 explanations , I may freak out trying to understand the full details.
    Ahh, I better concentrate what I do best, mechanical stuff.Anyway, I have one mechanical problem that i am trying very hard after 3 cups of coffee trying to solve the problem. That is why i am late today in FSZ3. Anyway managed to get the problem rectified.

    Just to cerita sikit.
    Last Saturday, I gave on of my staff some time off to collect his RM625 at the post office in Shah Alam. He returned 1/2 an hour later and told me his number is about 300+ away. So, I told him to go about noon later. (We work full day on Sat)
    After 2 p.m. he managed to get his cash . He told me there are about another 400+ waiting for their numbers.
    Wow, that comes about almost 700 + people waiting at the Post office and can you imagine the amount of cash involved?
    Bank pun kalah leh!
    So, 700 x RM 625 =RM 437500.
    And the RM 625 is stapled together.

    I have to wait till August before my turn to collect.
    I just don’t understand, why can’t they just mail out the money orders to the vehicle owners and save the trouble of waiting at the post office?
    Maybe they could just hand over the cheque at JPJ when road taxes are renewed.
    After much calculation , based on my monthly fuel consumption, the RM 625 will offset the 0.78 ¢ till another 5 months.
    I am getting about 12 km per litre at this moment for my WAJA manual shift for city driving.

    Harrison, I believe your City will get you far per litre say around 14 km?
    Is your City using Vtec or IDSI?
    Now there are less cars in town.

  451. wits0 says:

    No, Kittykat, I used the easy way, an anon surfer that supposedly do all the chores. Now what is needed is Susan to tell whether it works or not? 🙂

  452. kittykat46 says:

    Haha…wits0 used an IP spoofing website. You can pretend to be someone from just about anywhere. Russia is my favourite. But I never use it in a friendly blog like Susan’s

  453. jeancumlately says:

    Wow, everyone seems so nice here today. The road is empty. A cup of “air kelapa muda” at the road-side now costs RM2 and darn, I am not going to get that RM625 road-tax subsidy. Why do I always be the one who must be left behind? I cant change car coz my loan balance is higher then the car value. Now I am stuck and looking forward for the day they legalize shooting a moron.

    KK46, I was in KB for a few days 3 weeks back. Its a nicer place now. Definitely cleaner then it used to. Nice people and those Gucci handbags are really dirt cheap in Rantau Panjang. And I really love the way they wrote the English in Jawi. And those models look really sweet with tudung at the billboard. They are not doing that bad.

    Well HbH, my job is done and I am looking forward to have coffee somewhere at Bintang Walk’s Hall of Jane.

    Its nice to know that Sue had been watching us closely. How are u sue? My sis sent her regard… Ban her is she ever misbehaved.

  454. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, jeancumlately won’t get the RM 625 subsidy, means she drives a very big capacity car…Even a 2.0l Camry can qualify.

    OK-lah, I think the road-tax will be reduced slightly for such gas guzzling cars.

    Anyway, if you drive a 2.4 l car, you shouldn’t be worrying about petrol prices…My Chinaputra capitalist friend who drives a 3.0 l SUV and wife drives a 2.5 l MPV, doesn’t worry a single bit, maybe he will spend a little bit less on his weekly entertainment, that’s all.

    There’s an UMNOputra guy down the road from my place who has 2 Mercs and a BMW in his driveway…I don’t think he’ll notice the price increase at all, unless UMNO losses Federal power one of these days…then he will lose all his Mercs and Beemer…maybe his underwear as well….and his 2 other wives…kekekek.

  455. roses4real says:

    what do i do next

  456. ah long says:

    So the price of big engine second hand cars will fall like durian or not?

    In America already you can buy big big cars for few hundred bucks. So some homeless hobbos buy and park in the park to sleep in. Cheaper than renting a room.

    Maybe if things get really bad I might do that also. Park in front of PL’s house in Damasara Heights and tell everybody I stay there also. Hahaha….true what.

  457. truth says:

    they really screwed up on this fuel hike. it cld hv been done much better with all the resources that this country has.

  458. ah long says:

    Is it really a plain and simple screw up or is it an act of desperation? I hear rumours that Najib was in the middle east trying to borrow money. And Pak Lah is denying that Malaysia has already approached the IMF for loans.

    I suspect that the treasury is close to empty, hence the desperate, ill timed and ill planned hike in petrol prices. The Gomen I think is running on empty.

    If you look back on the country’s budget for the last 50 years, nearly every year the budget is in deficit. I.e. expenditure > Income. If it was your own personnal budget you would already be declared bankrupt and insane by now.

    With the sub-prime crisis, the International finance scene is experiencing a credit squeeze. I speculate that Malaysia is having problems re-financing or rolling over a series of debts that is due for maturity soon. Hence, the need for the Gomen to tighten spending. Ending subsidies is obviously the easy way, the Gomen just takes it out of the people.

    I suspect that if the international credit squeeze does not ease off soon the Gomen will find it hard to refinance or roll over the next series of debt repayment there will be another hike in petrol prices before the end of the year.

  459. sofiairdina says:

    I dont think they screwed-up. Its just that they really screwed us all up. They earned a lot more from the price hike. We only pay more.

    It kinda baffled me. They claimed to “save” billions in cutting the petrol subsidy but then turned around and spend billions in rebates, subsidies and other goodies to pacify the people. Right now I am not sure which one costs more. It seems that anywhere Pak Lah went these days (especially Sabah or Sarawak), he would throw billions.

    And today, the government planned to build “masjid hadhari” in every state. For God’s sake, what is masjid hadhari? What is hadhari for that matter? Is there a different between masjid hadhari and masjid tak hadhari? When I travel anywhere, I would be looking for a place to pray. Any place. I would not even ask if the masjid is “Pak Lah Approved.” Who would want to be associated with a corrupt, deaf and dumb anyway?

    This government had never failed to give us something depressing each day. First they took away my RM625 rebate and now this… The thought of tomorrow really scares me.

    Ah Long… I could not really realate to the possible national problem of failing “to refinance or roll over the next series of debt repayment…” Heavy stuff. Living on future income, I am having a hard time resolving that question at personal level.

  460. Bola Hangus says:

    wazap wazzap wazzap, if it aint the lion tamer himself.

    So this is the circus where the animals take refuge. I see that many have been talking crap behind my back without actually confronting me. Shame shame shame.

    Looks like a nother seession of ass whopin is due..

    I challenge any of you to prove that i have posted under different nick like so many here. Prove that i belong to the multicolor chameleon club of lalllang hutcrun. The ball in in your court..

  461. kittykat46 says:

    We have Bola Hangus, Hantu Bola, Harrison (sometimes bin Handsome) , all with a common “H” to the name…
    I wonder if they are the same person ?

  462. Bola Hangus says:

    hau bout Hantam bola, hancur lebur, hantu duit, hitam legam, hocus pocus, haprak malaysian and hutchulun?

  463. Harrison says:

    Now, BusukKat,

    U mockingly pretend under the guise of moulding under the style of a question as you brazenly commented :-

    “We have Bola Hangus, Hantu Bola, Harrison (sometimes bin Handsome) , all with a common “H” to the name…”

    and blatantly under the false pretense mocked:-

    I wonder if they are the same person ?

    For a ragtag who is under-knowledge of “how this shit work” computer sleight-of-hand, I would ignore but I feel a foul stench of shame for a person like you to asked such question having the upperhand and learned by profession and practice as you claimed some technical gizmo having even articulated the etymology of motif and identicon.

    Your false pretense to mocked me by placing the acronym “H” at the “Hall of Infamy” draws my curiosity to ask about the inset of your avatar, was your papa a mule and your mama a rabbit that resulted you looks like a byproduct cat?

  464. Bola Hangus says:

    harrison, you need to transllate that into english for the rest of us. we dont speak martian..

  465. jeancumlately says:

    Ooops, bad timing… what happened to the kopitiam? Seems that almost everyone stayed home to jimat minyak and the few who dropped by were in a foul mood.

  466. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, Harrison, ask question also tak boleh-ke ?
    A simple “Not True” would have sufficed…

  467. Harrison says:

    Ok lah, Ok lah. I am only replicating the false pretension of some who cleverly insinuates me under the guise of asking a question.

    It prompted my responsible reply to you Kittykat (If I am rude, sorry to hear that)as my earlier postings was overlooked by you or what ah? Ok I reproduce lah (copy and paste) No hard feelings lah my friend.
    Harrison said, on June 10th, 2008 at 9:05 am

    This morning, after a long break (few days) from posting commenteries,
    I think “The Racist Story From The Star” has garnered more than 400 comments. One from a commentater called “Bola Hangus” and having read few of his (yeah, it’s a HE) comments and masquerading as a Malay (my take is that he might not be a Malay because by prima facie, he even challenged Susan to ban him from commenting which is illogical because if a Chinese spouted off anti-Chinese philippic, he could not be considered racist) in his anti-Chinese tirade.

    Sio what happened here? Should make this “Bola Hangus” to crosseover to FSZ3. Where are u all?
    xy said, on June 10th, 2008 at 9:28 am

    Harrison and all,

    Bola Hangus bared himself naked under the sun. All his hatred and abusive languages say more about himself than anybody else. He loves to cultivate the seeds of evil and hatred in his heart. Let him do it, to his heart’s contend. Only he can help himself out of the stinky pit.

    The more abusive languages he uses, the more he is baring himself. Let him do it and just ignore it.

    Really feel sorry for him. Namo Amitabha.

  468. Bola Hangus says:

    man, i came here for nothing. I thought i’m gonna git some action. Why is xy speaking on behalf of namo bangla? cant namo speak for himself?

  469. ah long says:

    sofia….debt rollover mean you borrow from Peter to pay Paul. Usually when Gomens borrow they don’t repay by monthly installments like us mere mortals.

    They issue paper called treasury bonds and when it reach maturity (for example at the end of 3 years) they redeem the bond at issue price plus interest.

    So if the Gomen has no money at the end of 3 years to buy back the first series (lets call it series A) of bonds they issue another series (lets call it series B).

    The proceeds of series B is used to repay series A.

    Now with high inflation and a drop in disposable income they cannot find enough people to buy series B……so big problems.

    I ask you would you buy series B bonds at interest rate of 6%??? You will be crazy when real inflation is running at around 12%.

    Hence the Gomen is short of cash. BIG time.

  470. ah long says:

    Addendum…..also oversea investors are staying away from Malaysian Treasury Bonds because the ringgit is falling.

    The interest earned is not even enough to cover exchange loss.

    Also because of the fall in the exchange rate overseas bonds holders or investors are bleeding red when they exchange their ringgits to remit back overseas.

  471. whispering9 says:

    ah long….you are not quite right. When the oversea investors invested in our bonds and other forms of securities, it was done when it was roughly RM3.80 to USD1. Now it is RM3.29 to USD1. Simple arithematics means they made a tidy capital return of 0.50sens plus interest and premium. So far, no government or A rated security instrument from Malaysia has failed to honour the deal.

    Our position in Bursa is over-sold and the investors know it. Why are they not buying? Simply ‘cos they think it will drop further with our present weak and inconsistent government. Don’t think they, the foreign investors, are angels. They are like vultures hovering above for the final kill. Death is perhaps near. Unless we do something right about it.

  472. kittykat46 says:

    Its now more than 2 weeks since the 40% increase in petrol price.
    My unscientific assessment. The traffic jam is a bit less, my daily commute is now less unpleasant. Maybe 20% reduction in traffic.
    I went to the nearby Tesco to shop last night. Its normally crowded on Saturday night, car-park chock-full with shoppers. Last night, the car park was about 70% full, a very noticeable difference. My shopping cart, now costs about 20% more than a few months ago.

    Don’t you love the Barang Naik regime ?

  473. jean says:

    kk46, I do have the same observation.

    With 20% barang naik, our purchasing power is now eroded by that much. If you were in the middle class a few months back, you would probably fall a few notch and for someone like me, I may have even crossed the poverty line. The worst part is, eventhough I may be considered “poor” by now, I am still stuck with my “middle class” obligations. Give it a few more months and you may see my house in the auction section of the STAR. Scary. Dad, HELP!!!

    Commuting is more pleasant these days but only if you can still afford it.

    Ah Long and w9… thanks for the short lesson. I know I should have attended that International Economics class… or is it International Finance? But hei, I did passed my statistics and did not change my major to Islamic Studies… if u know what I mean. But again, it might be a bad decision. I could be a Prime Minister by now…

  474. Harrison says:

    Wah, it also affected the Capital. Yeah, it’s true. My sis was back from Kl recently on a working trip and told me that area like Bukit Bintang which was supposedly a snail-pace congested area seems to be otherwise where traffic flows are smooth without hitting the brakes often.

    my sis was complaining that she was irked by the under-knowledge taxi drivers from KLIA to Sri Hartamas Shpping Centre. The taxi driver didn’t even know where the said place was and after repeated exchanges of calls from probably other cabs after a few wrong turns, managed to find the posh cosmopolitan designation.

    My pocket also ringan lah. Happens to just remember my 2 advance bookings at Airasia flight to KL this year. Any recommendations for cheap meals? this time have to stay at friends place or a motel.

  475. Harrison says:

    Hahaha. Jean ah, dad cannot financially help you, but Sugar-daddies will. hahaha. 🙂 Some lass’ had at least one sugar-daddies and by Sir Isaac Newton law of gravity the beneficiaries
    will buy themselves some young gigolos.

    You can’t have it one way. 😛

  476. jean says:

    Harrison, I sure hope he can. And actually that is the best “blackmail” I used since my teenage days. For instance, if I want to watch a movie, the best way to force him to bring me is to tell him “either you come with me or I’ll get somebody else to come with me.” It worked all the time. I took it a few step further from time to time and I guess now its time to tell Dad that “either you bail me out or I’ll get someone else to bail me out.” I know its gonna work and that is why sugar daddies will never come into the picture.

    BTW, its just an option (for now) but on the gigolo part, why do I need one?

  477. kittykat46 says:

    Hehehe…sugar daddies….young, pretty girls have this for a choice…

    A girl in my workplace was in that situation, I think…fancy designer clothes, LV handbags, trips overseas…in return, just have to carry out some “activities” now and then.
    Old man can’t really “perform” that often..hahahaha..

    She finally did meet a nice young man and settled down…the sugar-daddy relationship had no real future in the long run…I’m not sure if the husband knew about her past…

  478. Harrison says:

    Of course la Kittykat. Once a 20 y.o. lass who lives this sort of life has to play hard-core sex with her 60 year old sugar daddy. She told me that she persuaded sugar-daddy to use a mask to cover-up his face in order to get a bit of orgasm. Unfortunately she still fail. How to get orgasm with an old man?

    She told me she has to DIH(erself) to have orgasms. You know why I preferred the word orgasm rather than …? Ok lah, because my lovely friend has decided to drop that word…and I ain’t sure why? Hahaha.

    So Jean,……

  479. jean says:

    I dropped it based on the same reason why you dropped “bin Hansome.” After a while, you began to feel that it implies the wrong thing…

  480. whispering9 says:

    ….hahaha. LOL. “bin Hansome”…no more. No wonder he needs sugar.

  481. Harrison says:

    Hahaha. I can only drop it here, but wehn I furnish my IC it still reads bin Hansome. It’s my papa’s name and I am in good terms with papa. Unless like Angelina Jolie, she annul her middle name by court verdict when she’s not in good terms with her daddy, Jon Voight. You know that story?

    I knew beforehand that jean would emulate me. She will follow me till Kingdom come. I am sure you know the song “I’ll follow him, follow him whenever where he goes”, but him is not me but stenson. Hahaha. I don’t have a stash of cash to be lavishly spent. Do you take coins? 🙂

    *Susan may be in Malaysia to lend support to RPK. It’s a true honour to know someone like RPK through the cyberspace. One day I really hope to shake this Honourable man’s hand.

  482. Anonymous says:


  483. stenson says:

    Jean,should you ever become the PM of Malaysia,please make a solemn vow that you will pardon the corrupted.If not you have to build prisons from the north until Petra Branca( one whacko promises to get it back).Then children have no playgrounds to play.No schools for them to attend.Dont throw them into the sea.Sharks also cant stand their filth.Let their conscience prick them.Let their hearts bleed.If they dont have hearts,dont bury them – wasting land.Cremate them and dont use their ashes as fertilisers – too darn obnoxious.Throw their ashes into the toilet and flush it.That is where they belong.So remember to forgive them.Save you all the trouble.
    Jean cant wait to read my silly comments and make fun of me.Pull your trigger sweetheart.

  484. jean says:

    Nice to hv u back sten. Well, u sounded so frustrated and the feeling of hopelessness can be so overwhelming sometimes. Careful not to get too emotional coz you shouldnt be calling him a whacko. I happen to agree with him. We should get that piece of land back by whatever means. Cut the water supply if we need to. In time like this, I am wondering what Tun will do. Like him or not, he has the guts.

    Nah… I am going to be nice and not going to pull any trigger. Its not a silly comment actually bcoz almost everyone is feeling that sense of hopelessness. There is not much you can do. Murder is still illegal. Yup, morons are protected species too.

  485. Harrison says:

    I ain’t sure why my comments are still stuck in the spam? It’s ok. Malaysiakini’s readers has voiced out that they perceived the Scotland Yard (British police) or the FBI to investigate the Altantuya Sharibuu murder trail will supplant credibilities shadowing the our country’s police image which is very tarnished.

    I can’t agree more, absolutely. Imagine if altantuya sharibuu was an American citizen. I am of the view that the Americans would impose certain types of sanctions against Malaysia. Well, it’s Mongolia, btw, a country also marred by corruption.

    Raja Petra’s solo battle for Justice For Antantuya Sharibuu reminds me of the movie “Red Corner”. A China State Attorney (played by Chinese actress Bai Ling)who relentlessly toiled for the Truth en route Justice defending his American client (played by Richard Gere) who suffered personal ordeals, beatings, repercussions against her own carrier, etc. At the closing of the movie, the defendant who was framed for murder by a Chinese top businessman whose father is a Minister was gunned down by the victim’s father, also a powerful General.

    Will the Truth be told and will anyone who walks in the Corridors of Powers will do what is right, true and just for Raja Petra Kamarudin, The King of Malaysia’s Blogger cum
    King Whistle-blower?

    Will Susan Loone become a hero similar to Lara Croft suavely pulls the trigger on Najib and her wife and unfazedly careened away like a superhero? Just wondering the possibilities….. 😉

  486. Hunk says:

    Eric Chia passed away. If the law of this Boleh Land can’t touch him, God surely will. I will bet my on life that he is as guilty as O.J. simpson.

    Stenson says,

    “Pull your trigger sweetheart.” inciting Jean to be more acerbic.

    Don’t worry guys and gals, Hunk here is free for all. Hahaha. I bet this one will be moderated.

  487. kittykat46 says:

    “Eric Chia passed away”

    Why accummulate so much money, especially if it is ill-gotten ?

    Its not like you can take it away with you to the other place….

  488. jean says:

    Its not like you can take it away with you to the other place….
    – kk46

    Agree with u kk46. You want my saving a/c number now?

  489. Hunk says:

    “Its not like you can take it away with you to the other place” -Kittykay and supported by Jean.

    This reminds me of Sarawak’s CM. A nice guy who never forget to give a courteous smile to anyone.

    But, behind his meekness as reported in the foreign press resulted in Malaysiakini and other persons being sued by this so-called “RM32 million” ringgit man who allegedly took kickbacks who if you asked most Sarawakians, he is richer than all the “WHITE RAJAHs” combined altogether (3), the “Brook decendants, who ruled Sarawak for generations.

    In Boleh land ,one who is connected to the power-current will always be “alleged” because no laws could touch them. And they will smile all their way to hell.

    In England or Australia, they have long live their life in jail.

  490. kittykat46 says:

    Kekekekek…unfortunately I don’t have any ill-gotten money to give away…
    Its all “rezeki halal”, more or less, so I intend to keep it a while longer…

  491. kittykat46 says:

    The FSZ3 is inactive now…looks like everyone is busy trying to survive in these challenging times…

    Folks, take a bit of time to smell the flowers…life isn’t all about cari makan…remember… in the end you can’t take it with you to the “Other” place…

  492. xy says:

    “… in the end you can’t take it with you to the “Other” place…”

    we do take a lot to the other place, it is Karma.

    So do live Now and Here, as per kk46

  493. jean says:

    kk46… for most of us (me included), we are not really planning to take it to the “other” place. We barely have enough to take to the “pasar” tomorrow.

    Yeap, everyone is so gloomy these days. Everyday you’ll wake up to depressing news. We were stagnant for five years and recession is around the corner and we dont even have a government to take us through it. We have morons as lawmakers and they are too busy taking whatever they could. Before this, I thought only snakes are venomous, only worms are slimy, only leeches are bloodsuckers, and nothing is as ugly as monkeys.

    And I have to look at their faces everyday!

  494. kittykat46 says:

    “we dont even have a government ”

    Unfortunately, yes. The person pretending to be PM is just a knee-jerk reactor.
    Reminds me of one of my kid’s toys. Press one button, it does something, press another button, it does something else. Don’t press anything, it goes to sleep.

    Knock, knock, is anybody in charge ?
    Doesn’t sound like anybody is.

  495. stenson says:

    It is not that all depressing.Read the Starits Times,then you can feel that badawi is thinking he won huge during the last election.The press is giving the impression that everythings is in perfect order.The PM is doing a fantastice job.His smile is like the joker in Batman and Robin.So Jean,cheer up.There is always Harrison for you when you are down and out.

  496. Harrison says:

    I can’t believe that Stenson and jean have not meet yet, having so much pillow-talks at FSZ2 when others like Monty and Bamboo have met, and jean has met Monty as well.

    I would have already meet Jean if I am u Stenson. Maybe see first. Then your hormones do the talking. I like you, you like me, so what are you waiting for? For Anwar to be become a new PM or Najib to be charged for murder?

    Kisses are nice, don’t be deprived of it.

    Oh yeah, where’s that pious Bambo River?

    Forgotten to answer your question, my City is Vtec type. Dual transmission-auto or manual.

  497. Harrison says:

    Cuba cuba, why only few comments leh?

  498. kittykat46 says:

    Everybody busy just trying to survive.

    Everything naik.
    Even shopping takes up more time now, you have to hunt for the lowest prices, look at cheaper alternatives, or think about doing without some things.

    I trained my kids not to use toilet paper….go Malay-style…. cleaner, too… kekekekek 🙂

  499. ah Long says:

    I train my kids to use newspaper to wipe their backside. Ideally with Najib and AAB’s picture face up !!!!!

  500. jean says:

    Wow, you cant even get a quiet weekend lately. Even on weekend we were also being bombarded with who is sodomizing who, who blew up who, who is going to replace who…. And what is this forum for ketuanan melayu for anyway? And we are going to have another turmoil, arent we? And we are going to get screwed real bad arent we? And Pak Lah is still going to be pm, isnt it? Ong kating and Chan kong choy also know when its time to quit, but not him.

    Life should be simpler so that we dont have to make a choice wether to use water, toilet paper or newspaper.

    Harison… how do you know that I havent met Sten?

  501. Hunk says:

    “Harison… how do you know that I havent met Sten?”-Jean

    A “friend” told me. We are all friends here, are we? Well. no matter. i don’t take bitter exchanges in forums personally as I seek to avoid any forms of “forced entry”. I mean from the back and unconsented. Anyway, I rather not.

  502. kittykat46 says:

    I’m afraid things may get very ugly in the country next few weeks.
    I pray good sense will prevail.

    I don’t have much confidence the police will handle the Anwar case with integrity.

    The last time this happened, the police CREATED the evidence, including the Condo which hadn’t been build yet.

    When is the stained mattress going to make its cameo appearance ?

  503. ah long says:

    Who is the Sodomer and who is the Sodomee ??

  504. Hunk says:

    The BN Government is the sodomite and the Rakyat is the victim. I have not encountered
    words like sodomer/ sodomist nor sodomee.

  505. stenson says:

    I like Jean for the simple reason that she writes beautiful english.She can be sarcastically charming and fascinating.Her words can at times dances like the flowers when the wind blows.If she writes a romantic novel I bet I will read the whole lots of them.
    No more depressing news for you anymore Jean.I am sure you enjoy the latest news about Anwar and of course Najib is happy what is happening around this time.Sometimes I feel that Malaysian politic is still immature.The leaders at a lose how to run the country.So the best thing to do is sapu as much as you can.All in the name of protecting the rakyat.

  506. Harrison says:

    Yeah, Jean is a nice lass. Nice to mingle with if you can stand her “pokey” insinuations and unprecedented tantrums.

    Like Lady boss.

  507. jean says:

    Blushing… blushing…

    Stenson, the funny thing is, if you go to my private library, you will not find a romantic novel. The closest you’ll get is probably “memoir of a geisha.”

    Me enjoying the news on anwar? Not really. Sounds painful.

    But the real pain will dawn upon all of us soon. Everyone, from bn to pkr is too busy rear-ending each other until they forgot all about us. Isnt it better if we just give all of them machine guns so that they could settle it more gentlemanly? I hate this sinking feeling.

    And lastly, yeah, harrison is a nice guy. Nice to mingle with if you can stand his “pokey” insinuations and unprecedented tantrums.

    Like jean.

    (Sorry, just feel like doing that… nite.)

  508. stenson says:

    Jean and Harrison seem enjoying poking fun at each other.Harrison,as a gentleman invite this fine lady out for dinner.You wont be bored with her.Please dont entertain the thought of ravishing her.She is pleasant to be around with.Good luck to both of you.Good night.May both of you have sweet honey dream.

  509. Harrison says:

    “Harrison,as a gentleman invite this fine lady out for dinner.”-Stenson

    I ever send my regards to Jean and Susan through a friend, but I am not sure he ever deliver the message. Dinner, sure. “So, The game is on?”. Hehehe.

    I think Jean is still a bit afraid of me since our last spat at the FSZ3. She would normally concur with me trying at best not to be offensive nowadays, even with you Stenson. But she shows her best to pick up arguments with anyone in forums under other nicks.

    I am a humble, nice person and caring. so, no need to be afraid. You have my word. Ask Susan if you do not believe me.

  510. kittykat46 says:

    This morning I was late sending my 9-year old kid to school (my fault).
    She looked worried and asked me “If I’m ‘Lewat’ for school, will the Police catch me and put me in jail ?” Her spoken Bahasa is still a bit below par, but she had obviously heard something from the kids at school, or from the TV news.

    I had to explain to her gently , No, the police won’t catch you just because you are ‘Lewat’ (late) for school.

    I never bothered to explain the other word to her – My God, how do you explain that to a 9-year old girl ?

    What is Malaysia coming to, when the “Liwat” word gets thrown around on prime time TV , with the kids watching….

  511. ah long says:

    This fellow Saifool is not very smart. Now his whole life is F&%ked. Who is going to trust him now? Who will ever employ him again? I think even BN will avoid him now.

    He will always be remembered as the aide that Anwar buggered, no holes barred. After this even his scholarship is in jeopardy. I hope whatever compell Saifool to do this is worth it.

    He is just a pawn used by UMNO. He had served his purpose and used as cannon fodder, now no one is brave enough or stupid enough to speak up for him. He is one young life sacrificed as a political pawn and I think it serve him right.

    May he live long to regret this.

  512. jean says:

    kk46… in case this can be of any help. “Liwat” in javanese means “lalu” or “pass by” or “pass through.” So by direct translation, the headline may mean something like “Anwar denies passing through Saiful.” There, its easier to explain it to your 9-year old.

    HbH… thanks for the message. What message? BTW, I am nice and humble and caring just like you. Am I in the habit of picking up argument here and there? hmm. Tak jive lah ur description. Doesnt sound like me. I am nice and humble. Betul! Oh, I forgot… caring too.

    Sten…sten…sten… You would really love to see me and harrison going after each other’s throat at starbuck, dont you?

    Ah long… dont u think that u r a bit judgmental here? Too little is known at this point and we dont know who is screwing who. At the end of the day, while we are throwing our sympathies at who we thought as the victim, we might suddenly find ourselves as the one being screwed. The real victim.

  513. ah long says:

    Jean….I think the truth is somewhere in between.

    In my opinion, I think A did screw B but B was a willing party.

    Then C went and convince B to lodge a police report to discredit A.

    It is just a sorry state of affairs because all these things should not be dragged into the public arena and turned into a re-run of a badly made B grade movie.

    What consenting adults do in their private lives should stay private. A has been screwing B for a while, why only now does B complaint.

    This is my personal view only. I could be dead wrong.

  514. stenson says:

    What I am trying to do is to get both of you in good terms.If you choose to go for his throat,and you enjoy it why not.

  515. jean says:

    Thanks sten. We are in good terms. No one made any statutory declaration on what I did last year or on harrison this year.

    But I am beginning to love this drama on najib and anwar and rosmah and badawi. I did not expect that they are so adventurous and did THAT. That is what we call going after each other’s throats. I hope they managed to bury each other and not just strip each other naked. Its an ugly sight and we dont need them alive.

    And its so hard to believe that some peoples are so quick in taking side. For God’s sake, I am more concern about how am I suppose to pay the mortgage and the salaries by end of the month. Some people really believe that anwar or najib will take care of that. Well, I dont. They are only good at screwing things up.

    Economy is bad. Recession is coming. Another SD? Bull… we need to have food on the table. Anwar, Najib, Pak Lah, Rosmah… well, I am not into swearing.

  516. whispering9 says:

    Yalor…the whole episode remains me of the brain, the heart and the other organs arguing who were in control of the whole body system. It was only settled when the arse reverse the flow of shits and all the VVIPs collapsed. Can’t you draw the parallel with all them loonies and the arse hole.

    Maybe some are not fully aware of the consequence but Bursa is still not operative since 9am today and there is talk about putting soldiers on the streets. Till date, I have received more than enough notices from suppliers and dealers about ‘cash on delivery’, price increases, no material, no payments, cancelled orders, etc, etc. Our pm is like someone caught in a thunder storm without an umbrella. What a impending screw up. Our politicians have reduced this country administration into an arena for soap operas. Hey…you MPs out there….are you working or woking?

  517. ah long says:

    Hahahahaha……..this latest saga in Malaysia is going to be bigger than Ben Hur.

    If they make a movie out of this I also don’t know which character I want to play. It seems like they are all bad guys.

    Maybe I play the fly on the wall. Hmmmm the stories that I will have to tell !!!!

  518. kittykat46 says:

    I wonder, do Malaysian senior politicians get any serious work done ?

    Seems like they are all the time either screwing somebody not their wife, or screwing the rest of us.

  519. Harrison says:

    Hey…you MPs out there….are you working or woking?-Whispering9

    Bonking is a better description of some of the politicians. Some has even resorted to “back-entry”. Tidak bau meh? hahaha. Yuuuuuuucccccccksssss!

  520. kittykat46 says:

    I’m not sure how reliable the data is, but I read somewhere about 10% of men are homosexual or at least have such interests.

    Many may be married with kids, and regularly satisfy their wife, but that doesn’t change their , umm, tendencies.

    I’m starting to get a bit nervous about standing in a queue with lots of other men….

  521. whispering9 says:

    it is friday, you know. tgif thingy and i try to stress down for the weekend. guess what? i read up on this ‘pass by or pass through’ susceptibility. interestingly…men who like to do it, enjoy it more when it is done on them…hmmmm. something about the prostate gland being near to the arse. the smell is said to be no different from that during red-flag ‘pass by’. apparently, the tube has an involuntary automatic suck and release movement when someone pass by or through. so one has to be an expert timer to ensure the maximum susceptibility, otherwise it is going to hurt like hell. how would you know if you enjoy it? well, just strove your finger into it to find out. i wonder how many are doing to it ‘cos of curiosity this weekend? methink, some of our politicians should be hurled by Jai for promoting kinkiness. 😮

  522. jean says:

    Sheesh… I’d rather stay away from the subject. When you used something not for its intended purpose, its an abuse. May be one day its not normal to be normal.

    Susceptible? What is that suppose to mean?

    w9… are you falling in love with a vacuum cleaner?

    I am just amazed at the news: this BALA guy retracted some of the statements in the SD. Did he? Yeah right… some will say that the police must have stuffed a c4 down his … and forced him to retract his statement. Another conspiracy? Another reason to take the street for some? Get a life…

  523. whispering9 says:

    ….probably due to kk46 influence. The calmness I am experiencing today is unreal. So quiet, less cars on the road, can hear the birds chirpping and the weather is okay. Maybe ‘cos of the fuel hike. Even my neighbouring mosque was surprising half attended. Wow…is it the calm before a storm? Yeah…get a life please.

    My business buddy did a calculation yesterday for future business decision making. According to him, majority of the chinese middle class folks will be technically bankrupt by 2018 due to falling income, increasing credit loan and rising inflation. When I extended his calculation, hypothetically, Malaysia will not have a vibrant middle class in 2018. We have a weak PM and it is begining to show. The current partisan politics is going to be our undoing.

    Do u know that a freed politician is often furious? All the days and nights he lost plus the torture and humilation he suffered, demand a fierce revenge and balancing. From what I observed, many ordinary folks are getting tired with the bickering and flip-flops. So am I. It is wise for our few promising politicians to skip such opera acts altogether and get on with real work. It is very important for them to be seen working and not poiticking. 3 years before the next election is not that far away for a lifetime work.

    What yr plan tonite? I am watching cartoon. Cheer. Have a nice friday…pls don’t tell me you have to work tomorrow again. Ask dad for a break. 🙂

  524. kittykat46 says:

    My kids like Malay food. Our usual Friday night hangout is the Food Court opposite the Seagate Factory in Bayan Lepas (Penangites would know the place).

    Their favourite is Mee Soto (seriously, its true).

    I think I’ll suggest they try something else tonight like Nasi Padang or Mee Jawa.
    Don’t think I’ve got appetite for Soto Mee.

    Have a good weekend, everyone. Cheers !

  525. whispering9 says:

    kk46…now I know where to stake out to get glimpses of you. Let me see…drives a Ford, look cute, cat person, kids love censored mee. 😉 LOL. Have a nice weekend too. Same to you, Daphne.

  526. kittykat46 says:

    Hi whispering9,
    “censored mee”…Heheheh…Mee Soto is a real dish, recipe below :-

    No, this dish (the real dish) definitely wasn’t cooked by anyone associated with Amano.

    I can’t say the same about the other dish being served for public consumption.

  527. ah long says:

    With inflation running at more than 10% according to my estimate. (I cannot believe the government number of 5%), the working class will start feeling a decline in their standard of living very soon. Now is only the begining.

    I don’t think real wages for a great majority of workers can match >10% increase the fun & games will then start. A disgruntled public is a great enemy to any politicial party, no matter how powerful.

    Look at Suharto and Indonesia. He was very powerful and backed by the military and yet he got overthrown. The tragedy is even after he got disposed was he had plundered the country to such an extent it will take decades to recover.

    Unfortunately, I see Malaysia following the same trend. We better start training our daughters to get them ready to export as maids and our sons as cheap labour. The Middle East looks like a promising market.

  528. kittykat46 says:

    Malaysia is and will be facing one of the most intractable sort of economic crisis – a major economic slowdown combined with high inflation.

    Common solutions like government pump priming the economy through infrastructure expenditure will actually become counter-productive because they feed the inflation.
    The last major economic crisis in 1998 did not involve massive inflation, in fact prices fell in many cases such as property and durable goods.
    This time not only the economy is shrinking, everyone’s effective income and savings are shinking rapidly.

    We are in for a long, cold night…

  529. Hunk says:

    Maya Karin just married a Mat Salleh. And Gezzz, why am I not surprise that her spouse is just a Math teacher but quite good looking. She made a right choice unlike $iti Nurhaliza who married money.

    Based on my personal experience, I WAS RELIABLY INFORMED by married women who married husband for their money but UGLY and they had a hard time during sex. Sex for them is like a disease.

    I am not a married-kind but at marriageable age but I surely wants to enjoy lots of sex before I die without a marriage of coz.

  530. whispering9 says:

    Let me quote TheEdge ‘The Painful Truth” :

    ‘Alarming though was the poverty income line (PIL) of RM800.00 per month, which translates to a poverty rate of 3.7%…But hang on, according Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Amirsham A Aziz, if the PIL is raised to RM1,500.00, the country’s poverty rate will increase to 24.3% – effectively a quarter of our population will be living below this more realistic PIL.’ Unquote.

    The above statistical assumption was made before the current fuel hike which caused cost of living and doing business in Malaysia to go up from 40% to 60%. We can expect more operas from AAB administration in an attempt to cover this painful truth which was in part made worse by his Level 4 newbies.

    Dear Hunk,

    There is an economical lesson in your personal experience. People will stick to you even during hard time (even when it is ugly) when you have money. Start saving. 🙂

  531. BabyKtemoc says:

    “There is an economical lesson in your personal experience. People will stick to you even during hard time (even when it is ugly) when you have money.”

    That’s the real pain.

    “Start saving.”

    Collection is OK but I don’t like interest rates. It sucks to see the same bank everyday.

  532. Orang Utan says:

    Someone compared Petronas to Shell and BP. Shell & BP stared off with individual effort and money whereas Petronas was started by the malaysian govt using the taxpayers money. Righfully the rakyat should have a stake in its profit. It is like investment in unit trust. Instead we are being taxed even more. So where does all the money gone to?

  533. toughcookie says:

    Quote for a thought

    “Laws alone cannot secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population.” – Albert Einstein

  534. Orang Utan says:

    Recently Star Biz reported since the setting up of Petronas by the Govt in 1974 it had reaped at least Rm300 billion in profit. Even if half were to be given back to the rakyat how much do you think each of us will get?

  535. jean says:

    It was an energy-sapping week last week and it seems that its gonna be one long week this week.

    What did we achieved last week as Malaysians? Nothing much except in promoting the alternative life-style. Malaysians are more aware of what liwat means and the curiosity is going to kill a few cats.

    Only if they spent as much time arguing about how to improve the economy…

    And yeah… we are going to start to kill each other once some of us get hungry. Scary thought.

  536. kittykat46 says:

    Personally, I have nothing against gays. As long as there’s no coercion involved, what they do in the bedroom, bathroom, whatever is their business.
    Just don’t get too near my back…I get very nervous…don’t know why…

    I was once interested in a very pretty, brilliant girl, who turned out to be a “Les”……a bit sad…

    Took my family shopping over the weekend. The shopping centre is still crowded, but fewer people buying. My kid’s favourite brand clothes had a 70% discount. So I spent part of the RM 625 petrol rebate on their favourite tops.

    Thank you very much, Pak Lah…( I mean it…kekekekek)

    We had ikan bakar for dinner, and my kids had mee hailam. The restaurant owner is a very “gay” guy, and many of his employees look like that, too. I don’t think I could bring myself to order Mee Soto from them.

    He’s got a little PKR flag on beside his cash register. I guess Anwar’s got that portion of the population’s fully behind him…..

    Don’t try the Fish-Head curry place in Brickfields. Look what happened to Bala…

    My family is keeping all loose objects away from the living room. Every time I see Najib appear on the TV, I feel like throwing something at him….can’t afford a new TV, must control a bit-lah….

    Bolehland….The choice of next PM to be is either a) a suspected Murderer or b) a suspected Rapist Bugger…

  537. bamboo river says:

    Hi everyone, I have a confession or rather a Self Declaration(SD) to make.

    I was ‘reliably informed’ my AWOL had one way another caused ‘duress’ to some of you in this blog. I am in no position ‘being forced’ to be AWOL by anyone but due to my own willingness had solemnly decided to be absent due to an urgent matter that need my attention overseas. I was not seeking ‘asylum’ in Turkey nor my life was threatened.
    I am also very sorry if my SD2 (self dissappearance 2) happened after the SD1 in less than a year.
    Please, feel free to have more coffee on me (Buku 555 on hand) and keep this kopi tiam PANAS all the time.

  538. Harrison says:

    I felt Malaysian laws weird and uncivilized. Is sodomy a crime under the Penal Code as a criminal offence? NO! Sodomy is not a crime but rape (whether of the same or opposite sex) is.

    You can ask your fiends (guys or gals) whether they ever “poked” or been “poked” and I can tell you that at least 3 out of 10 people will confide in you they ever have anal-intercourse.

    Oh, c’mon! You see that in pornographic most of the time.

    Bagi perempuan dan laki-laki yang suka sex masochist, kalau itu pristine punya lubang dah loose, apa boleh buat?

  539. whispering9 says:

    I used to have the same urge with PL 4 years ago (remember my ‘loneliness’). In fact, I did break my TV set and my blood pressure record (160/115)…that was before Malaysians realised Captain Duffoos. Since many now are sharing my BP (lol) I have cooled considerably. 🙂

    Methink, the current federal administration must be changed before relief can come otherwise ‘what can go wrong will go wrong’. They have made the current mistakes and they will make them again. You can’t teach old monkey new trick. Unless you are Cheeta 😉 .;_ylu=X3oDMTE1MjgzdGY4BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA3NrMQR2dGlkA01BUDAxMl8xMTY-/SIG=1347j1db5/EXP=1215492318/**http%3a//

    Even if it is going to incite the Anwaristas…I am going to comment on this. Imho, Anwar can be PM because at this point new is good. But please lah don’t go about branding him as if he should ‘rule’ for the next 22 years. Enough is enough already lah. The people should rule and the government should be afraid of the people. The only way to achieve that is to limit a politician term in office. We don’t want emperor in office anymore.

  540. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Harrison,
    Unfortunately Section 377c is still on the books, which makes Sodomy and other so-called unnatural sexual acts a very serious crime, irrespective of whether it involves consenting aults.

    Its an outdated colonial law which the UK long ago repealed in favour of laws against rape and forced sexual acts, whatever the gender of the person involved.

    If charged and found guilty under Section 377c, Anwar Ibrahim could be facing 20 years in prison and multiple strokes of the rotan.

    If it ever gets to that point, and the public sees it as another kangaroo court, I worry what will happen on the streets. There won’t enough policemen and FRU in the whole of Malaysia to keep control, which is why the are getting the Army to practice its M-16s.

  541. kittykat46 says:

    Its a good idea if PM terms are limited to maximum 2 terms – that makes it 8-10 years.
    Prolonged power is very corrupting indeed, irrespective of who it is.

  542. Harrison says:

    I know many would not agree with me if I presume that the best candidate to be the best PM of Malaysia is Karpal Singh. If one really look what this man has done, conceivably, a man that take no sides that I once almost mistaken him as an apolitical persona. I recollect in a survey conducted on Singaporean, more than 90% supported a PM of any race with the inference to be gain is almost all respondents are allegedly and seems to be not racialist.

    The interim Perak MB (a PAS man) is an exemplary to their counterparts (intra PR or BN parties) when a reporter asked him whether his action did not reflect the PAS party ideology, he retorted by spouting that he is a MB for all and not a PAS man and he serves all Perakians.

    Yes, I believe that Anwar Ibrahim is the only “second to none” candidate for PM as long as he does not return to UMNO. As long as fascists and racists like DPM Najib and Hishamuddin are not Premiers, I will be glad.

    I know sodomy’s a crime in Malaysia Kittykat, that’s why I say this country is very peculiar. 30 years ago, my parents told me that the MSM dare not even highlight potholes on roads fearing of offending any authorities.

    We are at a snail-pace towards a 1st World Country or regressed? :/

  543. Orang Utan says:

    Karpal Singh is “Pao Kung or Justice Pao” of Malaysia.Pao Kung was a legendary judge in olden days China who is uprightous where he solved many cimes involving corruption in high office.Karpal (other than Raja Petra) dared to call a spade a spade.

  544. Orang Utan says:

    Do u all know why our taxi services is one of the worst in the wolrld?
    First, the licence r being given to a few indivual/company who do not need to make a living from the licence.The real taxi drivers have to pay them rental daily.So they have to earn enough to recover their fuel & rental before they can make a profit. Now they are not using the meter anymore.They claim they cannot cover the cost if they use the meter.I think licence should be given to the actual driver and u can definitely see improvement in their services.

  545. ah long says:

    Orang Utan….you are right on !!! Worst they bring Indonesian daredevil, drivers becos they are cheap. Fark they drive like kamikazee and rip evryone off.

    You dispute with one green cab and all his friends come a kaypoh and intimidate you.

    I wonder which VIP owns our cab companies?

  546. ah long says:

    Harrison….I also think like you “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

    Since I dislike BN/UMNO i have no choice but to support Anwar. Karpal Singh cannot lah, he is Punjabi and non Muslim.

  547. Orang Utan says:

    The JPJ is closing one eye on taxi drivers bcos the comapny belong to the big shot

  548. Orang Utan says:

    I wonder what is our Transport Ministry is doing all these while. R they sleeping?
    Just look at the bus service. The drivers r driving as if it belong to their grandfather company.They have no proper timing & they drive as at when they please. Very often we have to wait for a long time before the bus come.I think there is no proper supervision from the bus company.They dont have to go to Europe to study their system, just go south will do.

  549. sofiairdina says:

    The official reason for awarding taxi permit to companies (read crony big guns but not necessarily amno) is, it is easier to monitor compared to individuals. Most individuals could not afford to buy taxi anyway and financing is not easy to come by. The unofficial reason is, if u still think that any one can get the permit for free if you qualify, you are obviously not a malaysian. Big companies have big money mah…

    Still considering Anwar? Geez… And now Karpal Singh? Desperate people arent we all?

  550. Orang Utan says:

    Frankly speaking as compared to other 3rd world countries Malaysia is not as bad under our present PM.
    First the opposition have won 5 states & r allowed to form d state govt shows that the election is clean.
    Second so far no oppsition leaders have been arrested as compared to Myanmar
    I think the present PM is sincere in giving his best however it is just unfortunate that he inherited a system which is beyond his control.Some may think that he is too soft and slow in his action. In practice it is quite difficult unless he is able to form a whole new cabinet.We r quite lucky that so far there is no violence unlike other 3rd world countries like suicde bombers etc. So let us preserve the peace that is most important.In other words any changes must be done peacefully.

  551. kittykat46 says:

    Me ? I’m really conflicted over the whole political scenario.

    The conservative, capitalist, kiasu part of me says stay with BN, no matter how smelly…we need some form of stability to face the coming world recession.

    The young rebel in me (yes, deep down, its still there) says What The Heck, its time to kick the damned, stinking, racist, corrupt Bastards Out of Putrajaya….and Anwar Ibrahim is still the best person to pull the opposition together to do that.

    Which way should we go ?

    I don’t know.

  552. Orang Utan says:

    Talking about Mynmar, I think ASEAN is guilty in recognizing the illegitimate regime.They r far worse than the MAFIA yet ASEAN still kept them as one of their members.Their reasoning is that it is easier to reason with them once they r memeber of ASEAN. However after 8 yrs since joining ASEAN they r getting bolder to suppress their people bcos their neighbours prefer to close one eye and treat them as friends.

  553. Amir says:

    While surfing about, I inadvertently chanced upon this new site. What a great blog.

    Wow, this commentator sofiairdina is really beautiful. I fell in love with her at first sight. And Wow, I would like to know you. Maybe we can meet. And more, I like everything you write and I am sure you are still a virgin with that angelic grin. Aiyoh, that type of grin a bit notti but as long as you are a virgin.

    Let me briefly intro myself. I am a Malay with Javanese, Dutch, Chinese descendant and you can call me a Malay. And as a pious Muslim I am a virgin at age 27 and I stand at about 5’9″ and strongly built. I hope you are not attached with anyone or worst married. If that is the case I can arrange for us to elope.

    U can SMS me at my cellphone at 016-36448xx (I will tell you the rest if you are interested). I want to marry you.

    I humbly and earnestly await your kind reply.

    Thank You.

    Yours future Husband.


  554. Orang Utan says:

    I think u must have written a thousand times to other female correspondence.
    If you r so desperate i recommend u to go to Lorong Hj Taib.

  555. jean says:

    OU… since u put it that way, I feel like going out and celebrate. Yay! We are better then myanmar.

    Wait a minute. We USED to be better then Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia.

    May be “he inherited a system which is beyond his control.” Well, are we suppose to give him excuse? He is supposed to improve on whatever he inherited and make good whatever is bad. Instead, he capitalized on the system, enrich himself (and you know who) and then blame whatever is not right to his predecessor. What right has he done? None for us.

    “We r quite lucky that so far there is no violence unlike other 3rd world countries like suicde bombers etc.”

    You are right for now. Give pak lah a few more months. With the way he handled the economy, that scenario is not that far in the future. Heard about the crime rate lately? We are getting there.

    For someone who had done so much damage, he did not even show any remorse… cocky some more.

  556. Orang Utan says:

    Here is not a place to entice young girls. Please dont use yr trick here. Only dumb girls will fall into yr trap.R u part of the syndicate to trap young girls?

  557. Orang Utan says:

    At least we r a democratic country unlike China, North Korea etc. If u protest in that countries they will shoot u.

  558. ah long says:

    what is those numbers appearing behind your nickname?

  559. ah long says:

    Amir, I thought you homo?

  560. Amir says:

    Homo? Homosexual no but of Homo-sapiens yes. I just couldn’t wait for Sofiairdina’s reply. I love her so much as is was such a rare beauty. Anyone who know her personally, please tell her that I love her and I wana spent my whole life with her.

    And to answer Orang Utan’s question on his (17:45:47) post, even if she is a colleen, I am sure she has a key insignia pendant, meaning that she is 21 y.o.
    My heart is beating so fast. I love you Sofiairdina and if that is not so troublesome for this blog owner, can you please sent my love invitation to Sofiairdina? Tell he that Amirul loves her so much.

    Amirul in Love .

  561. ah long says:

    Skool holidays issit? Amirul go and do sumting useful. Go ask najib give you scholarship and some c4 to play with.

    Otherwise go and play with Anwar.

  562. jean says:

    Sofia tried to answer amir but she told me the she was having problem with connection. This is her reply:

    “hei, you reminded me of my friend at school a few years back. He was 14 at that time. ”

    OU and AL, forget it guys… its ok, sofia’s sister is here.

    Where were we? OK, OU… sometimes it does not matter. Over there, they’ll shoot you. Over here they’ll smile, promise you heaven, act pious and then when you begin to trust them, they’ll screw you big time.

    This country is blessed with everything. We dont have natural disaster, fertile soil, nice people, natural resources but somehow, we ended up with morons and crooks to manage it.

  563. Amirul says:

    I still don’t get it when Jean spoke on behalf of Sofiairdina and claimed to be her sister. Is it true, anyone? If you are really her sister jean, please tell her that I really love Sofiairdina. You c, I don’t really come from a rich family nor am I at abject poverty but I just wana share my life with Sofiairdina.

    She is so beautiful and her smile made me “click” (yes, chemistry) at first sight. My parents left me a pokok rambutan and I do want to share the fruits with your sister, Sofiairdina. So, the message is clear, that my unflinching, unwavering, undiminished love perpetuate and still await her kind response.

    But if she really doesn’t love me, I guess I’ll have to go, with a very heavy heart but even if I am married in future, I will never forget her smile like an angel. When a man loves a woman, oh yes, I just recalled Bryan Adam’s song “When a man loves a woman” and can you please, please tell her again that I really, truly, sincerely love her attached with this lyrics for her kind consideration hereunder;-

    Do you really love a woman?
    to understand her, you gotta know her deep inside
    her every thought, see every dream
    and give her wings if she wants to fly
    nd when you find yourself lying helpless in her arms
    you know you really love a woman

    [chorus 1]
    When you love a woman
    and tell her that shes really wanted
    when you love a woman then tell her that shes the one
    Because she needs somebody, to tell her that its gonna last forever
    so tell me have you ever really, really ever loved a woman

    To really love a woman, let her hold you
    till you kno she needs to be touched
    you gotta breathe her, you gotta taster her
    till you can feel her in your blood
    when you can see her unborn children, in her eyes
    you know you really love a woman

    [chorus 2]
    When you love a woman
    and tell her that shes really wanted
    when you love a woman then tell her that shes the one
    Because she needs somebody, to tell her that youll always be together
    so tell me have you ever really, really ever loved a woman

    Oh you’ve got to give some faith, hold her tight
    a little tenderness, you gotta treat her right
    she will be there when you take good care her
    ohh you gotta love your woman yeah

    And when you find yourself lyting helpless in her arms
    you know you really love a woman

    [chorus 1]

    Just tell me have you really, really every loved a woman
    Ohh just tell me have you ever really really ever loved…

    And No, Orang Utan and Ah Long. My love for Sofiairdina will never fade a whit and I wana be a good husband. I wana cook for her when I reached home from work. I wana kiss her and makes her feels like a true woman in love and I earnestly pray for that moment to come.

    InsyaAllah. (Thank You In Advance God, how romantic it is to be in love).

    Sofiairdina’s Only and Truly,

  564. Amirul says:

    It it apparent that Sofiairdina is not reciprocal towards my love. Well, what can I say? Take care sofiairdina as “I am flyin’ on a Jet plane, don’t know when I’ ll be back again”. I can’t sleep last night with the thought of her lingering in my mind.

    Cheers and take care. Alawys remember you.


  565. sofiairdina says:

    Huh? Ok… have a nice journey. May be you can have nice sleep on the flight. Thank u for the song. Nice song but I am yet to know what it means.

    Now I know why my sis asked me not to open susan’s blog yesterday…

  566. Harrison says:

    Wow everyone, our dearest sofiairdina has discovered an admirer whom she rejected. Maybe Amirol doesn’t know who Jean really is…Haha.

  567. Orang Utan says:

    Dont be taken in by such people.Kisah benar has warn many times that usch people may be pimps in disguise. Once u fall into their trap u r gone. They will sell u to the middle east.

  568. bamboo river says:

    Too much rambutan maybe. Will make you giddy especially when eaten in the morning.
    Only advice I think will help Amirul here is to plant Pulasan trees instead. Better taste, stubby hair and of course verrry SWEET!
    Harrison, care to share your experiences with Amirul?
    Ahhh, too late, itu kapal terbang sudah terebang .

  569. jean says:

    OU… sofia wants to say thanx for ur concern. She feels quite safe in here. Its one of those days…

    Yeah HbH, amir doesnt know who sofia is, I mean who jean is. That is why when you masuk kampung orang, bagi salam dulu.

    BR, HbH should share his experience with amir? No. I dont think so. He wanted to strangle me then and not sofia.

    BTW, I was hoping that stenson would come out and fought for me, I mean sofia but he did not…sob..sob…

    And any new statutory declaration today?

  570. stenson says:

    Amir,you can have Sofia.Jean is mine and mine alone.No song can aptly describe my sweet Jean.Dont worry sweetheart your darling will be there before your last tear drop falls.In the first place why you need to cry?.I will always love and cherish my sweet sweetheart Jean.You will forever be mine sweetheart.I will always be there for you.You belong to no others but your darling Stenson.I never once heard that you love me?Funny right?lLook like one way traffice.It is ok as long as you know I love and adore you.

  571. kittykat46 says:

    Amirul is actually Saiful.
    He’s trying to break the boredom of his police safe-house, also making a last fling before he gets married to the cute TV girl.

    Not bad-lah Sofia. He’s probably got a multi-million ringgit pay out at the end of this episode. Quite good looking too, don’t you think, in a “soft” kind of way.

    Maybe that’s how Anwar got caught…kekekeke..

  572. Dayang Noraini says:

    Hi to all and Assalamualikum to Ms. Sofiairdina,

    I am Mirul’s mom and having the sole filial, and a single mom, I am obliged to narrate a letter by Mirul before he departed to oversea opting for a job in actuality is secondary to his new-found-love, a colleen as exhibited in the inset called Sofiairdina whom rejected Amir’s sincere approached.

    I am very disheartened that my only child, Mirul eventually and reluctantly decided to domicile in ovesea as he wrote in his letter yesterday that the only girl that he truly love, Sofiairdina turned down on him notwithstanding her friends such as Orang Utan, and Kittykat egged on some pun on him.

    My boy is honest and truthful to a fault as I daresay he was shy having being chased by many of his girlfriends. He always told me he only waits for the right one but sigh to my utter disappointment, the right one is the one to dissapoint my Mirul. Sigh.

    I cannot blame you at all as love cannot dipaksa-seksa kan, kata orang Melayu. In fact this letter was written in his utter expression for his undying love for you Sofiairdina but I put it to you to decide whether you want to listen to the contents of this 2 paragraph letter.

    I as a mom susah hati for my boy when he started working as a sole breadwinner for me working part-time during his high-school days.

    May your love life be blessed with your interim lover and I wish you all the best.

    I sign out for now. I couldn’t believe how much Mirul could have love you and be loved by and how nice it will be that I can see you both in holy matrimony.

    Yours truly,
    Dayang Noraini, (Amirul’s mom)

  573. jean says:

    Assalamualaikum Puan Dayang,

    This RPK and Bala kinda SD with all the hearsays, he said this and he did that is really catching up on everyone aint it?

    Puan Dayang, as a “penjaga” to Sofia, I want to convey her disappointment over your son’s failure to understand what love means. He may have confused the word “love” with other four-letter words. Being a single mom, I think you will agree with her that falling in “love” with someone’s “grin” alone is one of the reason why people becomes single moms a few years down the road. I dont think you want sofia to travel down the same road, right?

    I know you love your amirul and I love sofia too. You said… “I couldn’t believe how much Mirul could have love you … ” and lemme tell, so do I.

    I am sorry to hear that your son decided to leave you and is now oversea. Is the Turkish Embassy closed?

    Sten and kk46… I’ll get back to you later. Need to run (but not hide).

  574. ah long says:

    Wah…this Amirul sounds like God’s gift to women. hehehehe

    But then again, any son who is still tie to his mother’s apron at a ripe old age is not a promising catch. That is why I am happy to hear he is going away. Mother’s little boys make terrible husbands.

    Anyway it is good that Sofia did not respond, otherwise she might be accused of snatching the baby out of the cradle. Nobody wants to be labelled as a baby snatcher.

    By the way mum sounds like she will make a terrible mother-in-law. Everything also “my son so good”. Enough to drive any wife up the wall – don’t you think ??

  575. Orang Utan says:

    Exactly on what I have predicted, Dayang sound like mamasan in the nighclub.
    They r part of the syndicate out to entrap young girls. Last warning: DONT FALL INTO THEIR TRAP!!!!.

  576. jean says:

    Okay, where were we?

    Puan Dayang, since your son is already oversea, why not just let it be. It will do him a lot of good. You must be so well-connected and so well-to-do to be able to send your 27-year old baby oversea in less then 24-hours.

    Please dont be angry at kittykat, Orang Utan, Ah Long and the rest. They are being nice to you actually. Have you heard HbH and Stenson and these people during their bad days? No, I dont think so. It will be so much better for you to be friends and Bamboo River may let you utilize his buku 555 facility like the rest of us.

    Best regard to your son. At 27, he’s got some catching up to do.

    OU… heard u loud and clear. Sofia said thanks.

    KK46… she’s a single mom! Wink…wink… and I know that Saiful is handsome and probably has a lot of money but… but… its so demeaning having to explain that your bf/hubby is sleeping with another man kan…

    Ah Long… lemme tell you, its not so difficult to separate the man from the boys. The boys will brag about the girls chasing after them while the men will just do something about it and then brag about it later. He..he…

    Stenson.. dear Stenson… dont act Amir and I’ll one day buy you coffee.

  577. stenson says:

    You got the wrong guy sweetheart.I am not good at acting unless you teach me.One guy expressed his love for you.Why the hesitation to open your heart to accept his love?You think you got me impersonating Amir,you are definitely out of line.I dont do such nonsense.I told you I am as straight as an arrow.I like direct confrontation and not beating about the bush or imitating one nick after another.Stenson is stenson.If I said I love you means I love you.That is it.

  578. Orang Utan says:

    Wait a minute. R u related to badawi’s wife?

  579. jean says:

    Sten, I never said that you are amir. When I said dont do amir, it means that I dont think that u should be talking like amir. Like when I said dont do the badawi, it means that dont act like badawi. I am not saying that you are badawi. Hey, everyone can tell the difference between stenson and amir a mile away…

    I forgot that you are as straight as an arrow. Errr… I am not saying you are an arrow!

    OU… you are not insulting me, right? Just because I used jean as my nick, it doesnt mean that I am related to that jeanne. Of course I am assuming that jez bcoz u used “Orang Utan” as ur your nick, you are not somehow related to… well, you know what I mean… hehehe…

  580. Orang Utan says:

    I mean u r as beautiful & charming?

  581. kittykat46 says:

    I was told the other Jean (Janna) got over a thousand comments on her blog once it was made public that she is Saiful’s fiancee. Mostly unfriendly.
    She’s quite cute – used to read the Bernama English news.

    Must be tough for her…questions like, your boyfriend likes men, ah ?
    How come you missed the tell-tale signs ?
    I know proper Muslim girls aren’t supposed to engage in pre-marital “action” but a lot of them do, these days.

  582. ah long says:

    What tell tale signs? Who so free go and check ahole all the time?

    Maybe like car, put dipstick inside the hole to see if got oil or not…..

  583. Makcik Noraini says:

    Orang Utan (11:21:13) :

    I mean u r as beautiful & charming?

    Can I answer on your behalf, Jean? Permission required of coz. Makcik memang suka blog kak Susan Loone.

  584. bamboo river says:

    Have a nice weekend everyone.
    Read you all on Monday 🙂

  585. kittykat46 says:

    By Monday, the country’s new name will be known as Malbabwe

  586. jean says:

    OU, if u think THAT jeanne is beautiful and charming, then u would also say that orang utan is handsome and charming. I am worried about you.

    Mak Cik Noraini, I spend the whole weekend trying to figure out what you were trying to say. Its either you dont know what you were saying or I dont know what you were saying.

    Nevertheless, its been a nice weekend. I had a good laugh with this quote from Tengku Adnan on Pak Lah’s transition of power by 2010. “… it proves that Pak Lah is a PM wih a plan.”

    But agree with kk46. I have the feeling that I am not going to have the last laugh. Its gonna be a long, long, long 2 years.

  587. Mirul says:

    My dearest Sofiairdina,

    As of my arrival here on a foreign soil and having been working for the first few days, my heart is aching over and over again on your refusal to accept my love. However, my new friends here has been very supportive and encouraging negating my sadness over you and mending my broken heart. I ought to say it again that I love you so much. Well, no matter as it takes 2 hands to clap as the old saying goes. Cinta tak boleh dipaksa-paksa kan. Kita kan orang Melayu.

    I just want you to know that you are the loveliest, prettiest girlie in my eyes as your smile still lingers in me. I am of an average male Asian height at 5’8″-5’9″ depending on my posture but here some of the women are towering over me.

    There will be no other man who can ever love you this much like me but I am not sure about ladies. All the best and please be kind to my mum and take care of her.

    San Francisco

  588. bamboo river says:

    Yeah,roadblocks everywhere , Federal highway to KL at stand still.
    Good Monday to all. Stay at home/office and have a cup of coffee.
    Will be back after sorting my flooded (again) machines.

  589. Harrison says:

    Re : Very interesting

    In my absence, a nascent of another “commentator” flourished. I purportedly added an inverted comas coz this dude by the name (or nick) Amirul was here to hook up our learned long time patron here, sofia. From my observation of Amirul’s plethora utterances of his love and his precipitated departure to his new-found-land to soothe the rejection of Sofia’s love and acceptance of a soulmateship reminded me in retrospect of my high-school days.

    To Paraphrased
    When I was 15 (Form 3), I had a crush on a girl (let’s call her S). She was outwardly shy from a nearby all-girls school. We usually met (but not speak) after school waiting for separate school-bus to pick-up up. We never speak. To ameliorate my “shyness” in establishing verbal contact with her as she seems anti-social to me, I puckered-up my courage in writing an epistolary to her, sent to her by a close-chap of mine.

    The next day, having received my love letter uttering my feelings for her brazenly, she was not at the regular spot waiting for the school bus. In fact she was waiting opposite me, at the two-lane roads under a bridge. I was at heartache of the incontrovertible facts that she had in fact rejected my love to the extent of distancing herself from me.

    As years goes by when I completed my SPM, I inadvertently met this S again as she was a collegian at a local college as I went as a Salesman. S gave me a simmering smile and I humbly nodded when we are crossing paths. She suddenly prodded on me a question that if I was the guy who studied at……. (in her glib to initiate contact with her) and I reluctantly confessed having still lingering in my mind the stupidity of myself of that Goddamn letter.

    To my surprise S asked for my cellphone no. and she called me that very night. She then confided in me that she too love me but her timidity was an obstacle for her mutual reciprocity at that material time until now. She confessed of her affection for me and her stupidity and stubbornness.

    No matter.

    Vis-a-vis with Amirul, having perused the unflinching and unwavering exhibition of love for our learned cyber sis, Sofia in the absence of knowledge that (who is really who thingy among other things…Haha … 😉 ) and the the sudden appeareance of another character who claimed to be Amirul’s mother to my and other’s incredulities there may be rooms for reasonable doubts of the genuinity of the character of Amirul and his brazen display of love and admiration for sofia. As of us being humans and having witnessed and ever witnessing watershed events and travesties of justices, I hold on to opine that
    Amirul might be a real character and her love might be as real as it gets second to the opinion that the character of Amirul was orchestrated to purvey
    a series of repertoire or false emotion of what seems to be a total concoction.

    I must admit that I do care for my learned friend Sofiairdina not to fall for any bluffs but of a fair scale of impartial observation of Amirul, I am obliged to say that he and his emotion is as real as it gets.

    Cheers everyone and sorry for the indiscreet writings.

    Gtg and time is the essence that I deprived today and enjoy sipping your coffees. Bamboo River, coffee on you. Yeah, coffee plz…..

  590. bamboo river says:

    This is sure one load of writing from you Harrison!
    Looks like Amirul had already settled down in San Francisco. Don’t forget your hat , Amirul!
    Hey, I also been to San Francisco, the cafe I meant.

  591. ah long says:

    Harrison, you ever think of giving up your daytime job to write paperback novels?

  592. sofiairdina says:

    I asked jean not to say anything this time. Knowing her, she’ll make fun of everything and everyone and someone is bound to get hurt.

    But… how do I answer this?

    I tried to understand what HbH wrote but I’ll refrain from commenting. Jean told me that you should not take what HbH wrote at face value and there is always something, a code, a trap, dark sarcasms… So its best to leave it to jean. I dont want to make a fool out of myself. BTW HbH, I know a friend who left his family and 4 kids and go back to her old flame.

    Let me see…

    Mirul: …my heart is aching over and over again on your refusal to accept my love.
    Sofia: Accept your what?

    Mirul: I ought to say it again that I love you so much. Well, no matter as it takes 2 hands to clap as the old saying goes.
    Sofia: These days they have inflatable rubber dolls you can always clap with.

    Mirul: Cinta tak boleh dipaksa-paksa kan. Kita kan orang Melayu.
    Sofia: You dont need to “paksa” an inflatable rubber doll and I am a javanese.

    Mirul: I am of an average male Asian height at 5′8″-5′9″ depending on my posture …
    Sofia: You mean you are 5’8″ when standing up and and 5′ 9″ when lying down?

    Mirul: There will be no other man who can ever love you this much like me
    Sofia: Thank you God.

    Mirul: All the best and please be kind to my mum and take care of her.
    Sofia: Okay, I’ll be kind. What? Take care of her?

    BR… I need coffee badly too.

  593. Mirul says:

    Let me see…

    Mirul: …my heart is aching over and over again on your refusal to accept my love.
    Sofia: Accept your what?

    Mirul: I ought to say it again that I love you so much. Well, no matter as it
    takes 2 hands to clap as the old saying goes.
    Sofia: These days they have inflatable rubber dolls you can always clap with.
    Mirul: Cinta tak boleh dipaksa-paksa kan. Kita kan orang Melayu.
    Sofia: You dont need to “paksa” an inflatable rubber doll and I am a javanese.
    25. sofiairdina – September 27, 2007

    Well, its a family matter. Kowtim among themselves, divide the loots and well, who said that all the different races could not work together?

    w9, jean has not changed her nick! BR, lemme know when the kopitiam and your buku 555 would be opened. Sori Eli…

    From :

    *Aiyoh, Muka duit…sekarang baru aku tau. Fikir manis manis tapi bahaya oh..
    Naji macam O.J.Simpson oh…ahahahahahhahahahahahaYeeeeeeebaaaaaaaaaH.

    Mirul: I am of an average male Asian height at 5′8″-5′9″ depending on my posture …
    Sofia: You mean you are 5′8″ when standing up and and 5′ 9″ when lying down?

    Mirul: There will be no other man who can ever love you this much like me
    Sofia: Thank you God.
    Let me see…

    Mirul: …my heart is aching over and over again on your refusal to accept my love.
    Sofia: Accept your what?
    Addendum :
    Yeeee, padan muka, mangkuk.
    “I should probably read the book but based on your review, my initial response for the guy is, “padan muka!” However, I know that its a response from a naivette and life is not as simple as black and white or man versus woman. Afterall, man rarely have an affair with another man. Its a lesson to be learnt when 30-40 minutes of indiscretion could really alter your life and the people around you. It was scary yet exciting. Is temporary insanity a good defense?”
    Mirul: I ought to say it again that I love you so much. Well, no matter as it takes 2 hands to clap as the old saying goes.
    Sofia: These days they have inflatable rubber dolls you can always clap with.
    Addendum :
    FPK, oh FPK… you are “dynamic and smart, not to mention courageous.” But you are so yesterday. You should be stupid, lazy and a coward. Its the “in” thing right now. Do that and you may well be on your way to be our first lady PM.

    But hey, I’ll give you my vote any time if you decide to contest in Ijok. Even if you are MIC. I love your personality.

    See, I am not that cruel.

    *Mirul : Yeah, I always say you shines like an angel. HahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahha.

    Mirul: Cinta tak boleh dipaksa-paksa kan. Kita kan orang Melayu.
    Sofia: You dont need to “paksa” an inflatable rubber doll and I am a javanese.

    Mirul: I am of an average male Asian height at 5′8″-5′9″ depending on my posture …
    Sofia: You mean you are 5′8″ when standing up and and 5′ 9″ when lying down?
    Mirul: There will be no other man who can ever love you this much like me
    Sofia: Thank you God.
    Let me see…
    aDDENDUM :
    Sofiairdina : “See how he’s going to get out of this one…”

    *Mirul : So miang, hiau ah, Ah nay hiau a cha boh ah….ahahahahahahha.
    Mirul bo ai luh liao loh……ahahahahhahahaahahhahahahahahahaha.
    Jeng Jeng….hahhahahahahahaha

    Mirul: …my heart is aching over and over again on your refusal to accept my love.
    Sofia: Accept your what?

    Mirul: I ought to say it again that I love you so much. Well, no matter as it takes 2 hands to clap as the old saying goes.
    Sofia: These days they have inflatable rubber dolls you can always clap with.

    Mirul: Cinta tak boleh dipaksa-paksa kan. Kita kan orang Melayu.
    Sofia: You dont need to “paksa” an inflatable rubber doll and I am a javanese.

    Mirul: I am of an average male Asian height at 5′8″-5′9″ depending on my posture …
    Sofia: You mean you are 5′8″ when standing up and and 5′ 9″ when lying down?

    Mirul: There will be no other man who can ever love you this much like me
    Sofia: Thank you God.

    Mirul: All the best and please be kind to my mum and take care of her.
    Sofia: Okay, I’ll be kind. What? Take care of her?
    Addendum :
    Geez… and I am supposed to feel proud about it?

    *Oh, perempual nakaaaaaaaaaaaaaal rupanya. hahahaha. Aiyoh, sekarang Mirul baru tao oh. Mana ada virgin lagi. Umur 12 sudah habiz lohhhhhhh. KOWtim liaw
    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOhohohohohohohohoohohohohohohoh.

    Amirul nasib baik tiada ada hubunagan intim ngan kamu oh.

    Insya Allah.
    Cheers for Good.

  594. Mirul says:

    Sorry a bit convoluted, but to Sofiairdina, I tot u r like an angel. Liao loh.
    Kowtim loh. Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahha.

  595. Mirul says:

    Let me see…

    Mirul: …my heart is aching over and over again on your refusal to accept my love.
    Sofia: Accept your what?

    Mirul: I ought to say it again that I love you so much. Well, no matter as it
    takes 2 hands to clap as the old saying goes.
    Sofia: These days they have inflatable rubber dolls you can always clap with.
    Mirul: Cinta tak boleh dipaksa-paksa kan. Kita kan orang Melayu.
    Sofia: You dont need to “paksa” an inflatable rubber doll and I am a javanese.
    25. sofiairdina – September 27, 2007

    Well, its a family matter. Kowtim among themselves, divide the loots and well, who said that all the different races could not work together?

    w9, jean has not changed her nick! BR, lemme know when the kopitiam and your buku 555 would be opened. Sori Eli…

    From :

    *Aiyoh, Muka duit…sekarang baru aku tau. Fikir manis manis tapi bahaya oh..
    Naji macam O.J.Simpson oh…ahahahahahhahahahahahaYeeeeeeebaaaaaaaaaH.

    Mirul: I am of an average male Asian height at 5′8″-5′9″ depending on my posture …
    Sofia: You mean you are 5′8″ when standing up and and 5′ 9″ when lying down?

    Mirul: There will be no other man who can ever love you this much like me
    Sofia: Thank you God.
    Let me see…

    Mirul: …my heart is aching over and over again on your refusal to accept my love.
    Sofia: Accept your what?
    Addendum :
    Yeeee, padan muka, mangkuk.
    “I should probably read the book but based on your review, my initial response for the guy is, “padan muka!” However, I know that its a response from a naivette and life is not as simple as black and white or man versus woman. Afterall, man rarely have an affair with another man. Its a lesson to be learnt when 30-40 minutes of indiscretion could really alter your life and the people around you. It was scary yet exciting. Is temporary insanity a good defense?”
    Mirul: I ought to say it again that I love you so much. Well, no matter as it takes 2 hands to clap as the old saying goes.
    Sofia: These days they have inflatable rubber dolls you can always clap with.
    Addendum :
    FPK, oh FPK… you are “dynamic and smart, not to mention courageous.” But you are so yesterday. You should be stupid, lazy and a coward. Its the “in” thing right now. Do that and you may well be on your way to be our first lady PM.

    But hey, I’ll give you my vote any time if you decide to contest in Ijok. Even if you are MIC. I love your personality.

    See, I am not that cruel.

    *Mirul : Yeah, I always say you shines like an angel. HahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahha.

    Mirul: Cinta tak boleh dipaksa-paksa kan. Kita kan orang Melayu.
    Sofia: You dont need to “paksa” an inflatable rubber doll and I am a javanese.

    Mirul: I am of an average male Asian height at 5′8″-5′9″ depending on my posture …
    Sofia: You mean you are 5′8″ when standing up and and 5′ 9″ when lying down?
    Mirul: There will be no other man who can ever love you this much like me
    Sofia: Thank you God.
    Let me see…
    aDDENDUM :
    Sofiairdina : “See how he’s going to get out of this one…”

    *Mirul : So miang, hiau ah, Ah nay hiau a cha boh ah….ahahahahahahha.
    Mirul bo ai luh liao loh……ahahahahhahahaahahhahahahahahahaha.
    Jeng Jeng….hahhahahahahahaha

    Mirul: …my heart is aching over and over again on your refusal to accept my love.
    Sofia: Accept your what?

    Mirul: I ought to say it again that I love you so much. Well, no matter as it takes 2 hands to clap as the old saying goes.
    Sofia: These days they have inflatable rubber dolls you can always clap with.

    Mirul: Cinta tak boleh dipaksa-paksa kan. Kita kan orang Melayu.
    Sofia: You dont need to “paksa” an inflatable rubber doll and I am a javanese.

    Mirul: I am of an average male Asian height at 5′8″-5′9″ depending on my posture …
    Sofia: You mean you are 5′8″ when standing up and and 5′ 9″ when lying down?

    Mirul: There will be no other man who can ever love you this much like me
    Sofia: Thank you God.

    Mirul: All the best and please be kind to my mum and take care of her.
    Sofia: Okay, I’ll be kind. What? Take care of her?
    Addendum :
    Geez… and I am supposed to feel proud about it?

    *Oh, perempual nakaaaaaaaaaaaaaal rupanya. hahahaha. Aiyoh, sekarang Mirul baru tao oh. Mana ada virgin lagi. Umur 12 sudah habiz lohhhhhhh. KOWtim liaw
    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOhohohohohohohohoohohohohohohoh.

    Amirul nasib baik tiada ada hubunagan intim ngan kamu oh.

    Insya Allah.
    Cheers for Good.

    Amirul tidak mahu lu loh. Jeng, jeng jeng. Yeba yeaba Andere. hahahahaha

  596. Harrison says:

    This Amirul chap is quite funny. I underestimated him as well. But Amirul, I don’t understand some parts of your write-ups.

    I am at Kuching during The Rainforest Music Fest. Not too good for a concert.

  597. ah long says:

    Not all Ah Longs are bad. Those people who borrow few hundred thousand to play stock market hoping to get rich quick – they are the bad ones, not the Ah Long.

    For those sort of people and gamblers – no mercy when they fail to pay.

    Yes, it is true. There are such people around. They are mostly mislead by others who tell them “this counter sure go up and make nice big profit”. They actually go and borrow few hundred thousand from Ah Long.

    There are others who get “tips” from jockeys or trainers or owners who tell them “this horse sure win one”. And they borrow thousands to bet on the horse. You think such people deserve mercy ah?

    Most Ah Long also got soft spot, if people borrow because got sickness in the family or because got expense not budget for and need a few hundred ringgits to feed the family until next payday then fair enough we go easy on them BUT they must still pay back.

    But for those engaged in get rich quick schemes and then “lan-see” some more when they cannot pay back how to show pity.

    Unless you come on really really strong it is very difficult to force somebody to sell their house to pay back. Nobody want to sell their house to pay back debt unless they are forced to.

    People are sometimes so bodoh. You tell them already “don’t do it, you borrow so much and if the scheme don’t work, how are you going to pay it back”. They scold you some more “I own this big house, worth at least 1 million – you think I cannot pay you back ah?”

  598. jean says:

    See, I told sofia to stay away from a battle with no issue and now she’s complaining about not knowing why she is under seige.

    Stay home, sis!

    HbH: This Amirul chap is quite funny. I underestimated him as well. But Amirul, I don’t understand some parts of your write-ups.
    Jean: Badawi has a clone!

    Mirul: So miang, hiau ah, Ah nay hiau a cha boh h….ahahahahahahha. Mirul bo ai luh liao loh……ahahahahhahahaahahhahahahahahahaha. Jeng Jeng….hahhahahahahahaha
    Jean: A Neanderthal translator needed urgently.

    Mirul: *Oh, perempual nakaaaaaaaaaaaaaal rupanya. hahahaha
    Jean: Sourgrape.

    Mirul: Aiyoh, sekarang Mirul baru tao oh. Mana ada virgin lagi. Umur 12 sudah habiz lohhhhhhh. KOWtim liaw…
    jean: Me, not at 12 definitely. But I dont think you should hold on to it indefinitely and then, at 27, complaining to your mom there is no taker yet. Heard of e-bay?

    Mirul: Amirul nasib baik tiada ada hubunagan intim ngan kamu oh.
    jean: The feeling is mutual.

    Mirul: Amirul tidak mahu lu loh. Jeng, jeng jeng. Yeba yeaba Andere. hahahahaha
    jean: Again, atleast we could agree on something here. May be in different time when the boy became a man and I am not talking about age and geez… you made a poor pathetic imitation of a malay boy. Sounds like a vcd peddlar.

    No more comment from me on this.

  599. bamboo river says:

    We have a runaway pea brain roach in the kopi tiam.
    Must have eaten some of the leftovers in the rubbish bin and got contaminated with caffeine poisoning.
    Now hallucinating and yadda yadda something that he can only understand.
    Where is my double barrelled buck shot?

  600. whispering9 says:

    “History is written by winners?” ….hmmm, interesting. I always thought that histories were made by winners and written by losers. Sorry being quiet lately; the Gmen has been shooting herself repeatedly on the foot and I am still speechless for words. Hopefully, some of the elected PR MPs and DUNs are not distracted but working towards 2009 which is predicted to be a gloomy year. Rome burned whilst Nero fiddled…is that what happening here? Our PM fiddling while Malaysia burns? Why do PR want the Federal seat now when at all counts and fronts, the next 3-4 years are going to be going to be bad? Sacrifice now and triumph later should be the better strategy. How are u, sweet Jean? Ignore lah….BH type identicons and cry babies. Remember, tomorrow if Friday. Apply for weekend leave. 🙂

  601. Harrison says:

    ““History is written by winners?” ….hmmm, interesting. I always thought that histories were made by winners and written by losers.”-W9

    Actually, by your re-interpretation, isn’t it accurate that the conclusions of history is at the intent of the winners, whether the winners write it or someone written it n their behalf.

    Although I have no hard feelings on Jeancumlately’s perfunctory implying that I was impersonating “Amirul”, but I find it hard to talk to an obstinate harridan risking another series of impending wild allegations. Remember when Kittykat allegedly linked me to Bola Hangus, the findings were totally baseless.

    Susan can verify the facts. You can’t just “tembak” your shoot and asked later, can you? 🙂

  602. kittykat46 says:

    We learn a lot from the government…..tembak dulu…kalau tak kena target, belakang kira…

  603. whispering9 says:

    No lah…hansum Harrison. We know it isn’t you lah. Moms…including me wife, like to peek into their children pc and dig, dig, dig. Afterwhich, most will ask daddy-o to dish out the ‘advice’ or punishment whatever. Well, what I noticed from her spying was that young Malaysians do not know how to write love letters anymore. Girls and boys nowadays are thinking like my primitive great great granddaddies. Well, needless to say, they got their women by dragging their hair all the way back to the caves while conversing in chatspeak. It took me awhile to understand ❤ (i thot it was someone snorting…lol). 😉

    Hi kk46…do you read your nemesis blog? Hahahaha…even him cannot comprehend the stupidity of the present gmen action. Of course, his logic was the ‘tembak belakang’ must be true to be used twice. Did it ever occur to him that perhaps, the same person who framed him is also framing zzzZZZZ now. Otherwise how to account for the current mood fcuking mood. :rolls:

  604. Harrison says:

    jeanblowlately (11:45:36) :

    “HbH: This Amirul chap is quite funny. I underestimated him as well. But Amirul, I don’t understand some parts of your write-ups.
    Jean: Badawi has a clone!”- jean blow/keluar/oozes/cum/etc,

    W9, when you mentioned that “No lah…hansum Harrison. We know it isn’t you lah. Moms…including me wife, like to peek into their children pc and dig, dig, dig.”, does the above implied target weighted on/at me? Small matter lah.
    Hahaha. =)

    Curious to know as well.

    Kittykat, The Government shoots/cum/blow/oozes/keluar/squirt first than talks later makes me tell my foreign friends that I am no BN man whenever I discuss politics with them or else I ‘ll have to hid my head in the sand.

  605. jean says:

    Hbh, it NEVER crossed my mind and I NEVER intended to insinuate that you and amirul are the same person. Your remarks are really uncalled for and you are simply wrong this time. I mean that. You have to either apologize or refund me all the coffee I paid for you in the last few months…

    BTW, how come ah long suddenly talked about loan sharking, w9 talked about history, kk46 talked about tembak belakang and Hbh about all of them… I got lost lah… like everyone talking about something else and I got left out. Am I missing something?

  606. whispering9 says:

    ‘I got lost lah… like everyone talking about something else and I got left out. Am I missing something?’…methinks u know more than you are telling. Whatever happened to ‘never mind…. it is like helping the blind to cross the road’ advice u gave me. When you are in a pit with a tiger, it is better to invite the lion too. When they fight to decide who eat you, you get to live longer and perhaps even escape. wink wink. Hahahaha…take it easy okay. At this stage, it is probably u against the rest of Malaysia. Just go and hentam hunky hbh. More support lah lah lah :O .

  607. Harrison says:

    Jeancumlately, it NEVER crossed my mind and I NEVER intended to insinuate you. The difference between remarks if you are pointing my pun in moulding your your nicks (your own admission it was “Jean”, “Jeancumlately” are nicks) are purely humorous and for parody. You do take jokes correct?

    Aiyah, I cannot argue or just a sub-standard class of yours like a cross-examiner, with your sleight-of-hand expansive intellect by moulding my facts intended as a bona fide goodwill into incriminating facts to humiliate me lah. Oklah, I’ll buy you a drink, a “cum”. It’s free! Maybe Orang Utan would like to contribute to this drink. 😉

  608. Harrison says:

    “Just go and hentam hunky hbh. More support lah lah lah :O .”

    Well I don’t think that was funny. By the way, I am no match for Jeancumlately and her distaff-side innumerable “sisters”. 🙂

  609. bamboo river says:

    The lawyers / prosecutors cross examine by asking lots of questions.
    The cops cross examine by doing physical body search.
    The medical staff cross examine by stripping you naked.
    Now, if I am to cross examine a machine, I would do all three above.
    Ask questions to the machine owner,do a physical body search on the machine to detect loose /worn out parts and finally strip the machine naked to remove / install parts.

  610. Harrison says:

    Whispering9 is trying to provoke an unnecessary war between me an jeancumlately. No wonder he came out with the idea of a “tiger” versus a “lion” so that when the dust is cleared he could snake-out unfazed.

    Haiyah, don’t be like the Polis Malaysia lah, they lost their respect to the world and Malaysians long ago. 🙂 Hahahhahaha.

  611. whispering9 says:

    Honestly hunk…today is friday and I don’t need to be a snake. ‘Oklah, I’ll buy you a drink, a “cum”. It’s free!’….a typical chatspeak that was what keeping me away from this zone. Hey…since we can’t be neutral, can we? Okay, then, I hate it, hate it, hate it when guys talk like that to girls. This zone is yours (for now)…cum all you like. See if I care. Have a good friday. We will chat when we chat. See you. 🙂

  612. Harrison says:

    Actually, I don’t really have in mind that you are inciting me and Jean to go head-on with each other but with your very own words, it seems to be as real as it gets.

    From an extract of one your posting you wrote:-

    “When you are in a pit with a tiger, it is better to invite the lion too. When they fight to decide who eat you, you get to live longer and perhaps even escape. wink wink.”- W9 (20:06:26)

    I don’t think you are the likes of BobbyNZ, W9 and this FSZ3 does not belongs to me all at and if your attempt to create myself as a spitting image under the pretext that I “controlled” this zone when your incitement to provoke Jeancumelaety’s bellicosity against me and vice-versa failed to materialize, the subsequent attempt will surely not work at all.

    Personally I don’t think I need to take my time on you, my friend. 🙂

  613. jean says:

    Gosh… honestly HbH, I dont know why you are so hostile when it came to me. Dont tell me its because I look at anwar the same way I look at badawi and najib and khairi. I tried to stay away from a confrontation with u bcoz just like the first time, I just did not get it. I’d rather back off and walk away then casting away my modesty and resorting to saying things I’d rather not. I’ll just assume that your blood shot up to your head everytime you saw my nick. I thought it would help by dropping part of my nick, but nah, I guess it failed to do the trick.

    Thanks for the drink but I wont I swallow. I am just a kampong girl.

    w9… thanks for saying it.

    Have a nice weekend everyone. The drinks on me one of these days as long as BR bring along his buku 555. I hope u can appreciate a plain old coffee with a non-dairy creamer.

  614. kittykat46 says:

    TGIF…I’m taking my family out for dinner tonight.
    Not too expensive place…have to watch the budget these days…

    My daughters wanted to try the Murtabak at the Mamak place…but I’ll have to order something else for myself, cholesterol problem…

    The two are almost like twins…look the same (very pretty) and 15 months apart in age.
    I’m going to be a bit worried when they start to have boys interested in them…still some years down the road, though…

    I hope we can have a quiet weekend, enough excitement to last a whole year last week.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  615. Harrison says:

    Dear jeancumlately,

    1)”Gosh… honestly HbH, I dont know why you are so hostile when it came to me.”

    There is a distinction between sniping jokes and hostility.

    2)”Dont tell me its because I look at anwar the same way I look at badawi and najib and khairi.”

    Do I have to hate you for your political affiliation? That never happens at all
    to anyone. I have personal friends who still like Mahathir to my inversion.

    3)”I’ll just assume that your blood shot up to your head everytime you saw my nick. I thought it would help by dropping part of my nick, but nah, I guess it failed to do the trick.”

    Everytime? I only wonder why you presume me as professing under the name/nick saiful. That’s why I responded by making a slapstick of your nick.
    This has nothing to do with misogynist at all.

    I do notice sometimes, whenever Stenson appears he brought cheers and joy and funs but whenever Whispering9 appears he seems to have incite people at loggerheads.

    My last post here this week if I am not provoked. Happy Holiday to all. No hard feelings to Whispering9 as well and to you too Jeancumlately. 🙂

    Where is my buddy stenson?

  616. Harrison says:

    “TGIF…I’m taking my family out for dinner tonight.
    Not too expensive place…have to watch the budget these days…”

    Don’t tell me that is not expensive. I have to wash the dishes in lieu of settling the full bill with friends at a Johor bahru branch.

    Oh yeah, forgotten. my last posting. 🙂

  617. jean says:

    …I only wonder why you presume me as professing under the name/nick saiful. That’s why I responded by making a slapstick of your nick. – HbH
    Well my dear, I told you that you were wrong. And that means, your reactions are wrong too.

  618. wkp says:

    I am new to this blog and enjoyed reading it. In this world, we have England, Holand, Switzerland, Iceland, Greenland and etc. Until one day I noticed that that is a new nation by the name of Bolehland whose prime minster is Bodehwi!

    I tried seaching from the geography and the like but couldn’t find it.
    Then I realized that I am living in Malaysia where everything is “boleh”, so my common sense revealed to me that this 51-year old nation is Bolehland which has the bodoh Badawi as the PM. Ha Ha

  619. Faceless And Nameless says:

    I pity the grievance of BobbyNZ if what you said about your hardluck that befalls on you is true. May I ask you a few questions at the FSZ3?

  620. stenson says:

    Jean is so deeply infatuated with amir she cant recall who is Stenson and his buddy Handsome Harrison.Dont be so blur lah Jean.We care for you but you are in love with somebody else..haha.By the way dont ever spend RM50,000/to fix your perdana if you have one.Get an E200 Merz.Save money and fuel.After all it is rakyat money.No big deal.It reflects badly on malaysian make cars.Just say you want luxury cars for your councillors we would accept that.Need not bring down your own value and talking cock.How he can be mb I really cant understand.Well,this is malaysia.Semua boleh.If you are not crooked you are not malaysian.

  621. Harrison says:


  622. jean says:

    hahahahaha… stenson, now take note. Its cheaper to maintain a merc then a proton! A compressor at that too.

    Where the hell did the guy serviced the perdana for RM50K? Even bamboo river did not charge that much.

    And najib is going to refer to the cabinet about the purchase of the Mercs. Hellooo… itu barang sudah beli kan? This is the time no one is going to complain if u use a c4.

    And Anwar complaining about being strip searched. Next time I am going to call a press conference and complain about the custom officer at the airport.

    And Pak Lah is happy that the grass root is happy about his planned transition of power. Is this guy on grass?

    Only in Malaysia…

    And buddy, mirul made me realize that, hei, you are not so bad afterall… nite.

  623. bamboo river says:

    Ahem, that Perdana’s gearbox do really cost a bomb!
    To overhaul gearbox = 10 to 14 K top. Warranty = 6 months.To replace to a used gearbox = 8 to 12 K.Warranty = 3 months. To replace a new gearbox = 25 to 30 K inclusive of freight charges.Warranty = one year.
    Other miscellaneous charges will add another 3 to 5 K.
    Not cheap . Problem with Perdana’s gearbox is overheating. If possible should add one gearbox oil heat exchanger to cool down the heated oil.

    Don’t buy Perdana if you did not buy a spare gearbox.:-)
    Mercs, no need to say much. German technology mah.

  624. kittykat46 says:

    The transmission in a motorcar, especially automatic transmission is the most expensive component.. But if the government paid RM 50K to fix the Perdana gearbox….I suspect at least RM 20 K went somewhere else, not the transmission.

    With most modern cars, if you take care of the transmission (change the gear oil and also filter for auto transmission) and don’t trash it like going into reverse while the car is still moving etc. it will last you many, many years of usage.

    The Perdana V6 is one of very few cars I have heard of where the automatic transmission can fail on you even with proper maintenance and careful usage.

    My Ford Escape had 200,000 km on it when I sold it off, absolutely no problems with its auto transmission, regularly serviced and well taken care of. My Dad’s Toyota Corolla has done 250,000 km – 15 years – still going strong other than replacing various accessory items – water pump, air-cond compressor, shock absorbers etc. that have run until they were totally worn out

  625. kittykat46 says:

    Aiyoyo , Jean,
    The Kastam officers at the airport will sure target you for strip search every time….jenguk-jenguk sikit…kakakaka..

    One of my office staff members, a Malay girl who is really gorgeous, like a model, complaints she always takes longer than others to get through Kastam, even if she has nothing worth declaring in her luggage.
    The Kastam officers just want to sembang-sembang with her every time.

    Of course, she wears modern, Western-style clothes coming back from an overseas business trip. She’s thinking maybe she should put on a Baju Kurung and Telekong next time. But this might cause a different problem with Immigration on the US side – they might think she’s a Taliban-type.


  626. Hunk says:

    “To overhaul gearbox = 10 to 14 K top. Warranty = 6 months.To replace to a used gearbox = 8 to 12 K.Warranty = 3 months. To replace a new gearbox = 25 to 30 K inclusive of freight charges.Warranty = one year.
    Other miscellaneous charges will add another 3 to 5 K.”


    That’s one of the reason the export of Perdana Model Cars to oversea is on the lam. In Australia my cousin bought a Toyota Camry for about RM80.000.00 Here it’s worth more than RM110.000.00 and the income per-capita in Australia in about quadruple to the income per-capita of Malaysians.

    Hearsay, the Proton cars marketed in oversea is what the foreigners say, “riding a bull-cart”.

    Like me, many Malaysian expatriates/ or having PR oversea are never proud to be a Malaysian. I ever thought of residing in oversea but still got my parents here.

    Once I recalled a billionaire offers on e-Bay to “buy” Britney Spears virginity (when she claimed to be a virgin). For me, if given a choice between britney and a rubber-dolly and a female sex coachie, I’ll opt for the latter anytime of the day.

    Virgin…..Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! Yucks !

  627. kittykat46 says:

    Have you heard of Re-Virgination surgery ? A few private hospitals in Zimbab…oops…Malaysia are offering it , as part of their Medical Tourism package.
    I think they reconstruct the bit of skin at the entrance of you-know-lah.

    So, for all the “experienced” ladies out there – you too, can be a virgin again…

    But I didn’t check out the cost..You can call Pantai Hospital or Gleneagles for an appointment…

  628. stenson says:

    I notice that Jean is increasingly hostile towards me and Harrison.I dont remember hurting you or offending you in anyway.I try my best to accomodate you in anyway I can.If you dont friend me what can I do.Keep in touch ok sweetheart.

  629. Hunk says:

    kittykat, Susan had a posting about “Re-instating virginity”.

    You mentioned that a lady friend of yours had to spent extra time by the Securities at the airport reminds me of Dr. SMS meet the fans sessions at a shopping mall at my place.

    I am not a fan at all of Dr. SMS but heck, he surely draws a big crowd as most of em are ladies. His security has to break-off some craze female fans who were putting their hands over the shoulder of Dr. SMS and caressing it. Dr. SMS was the candidate as a space passenger not because of his ability in assailing others but by his good-looks before the election days so that he could canvassed be used to attract votes esp. from females to vote for BN.

    Doesn’t seems fit to be a “cosmonaut” but a gigolo, YES, ABSOLUTELY! And yeah looks does matters. That’s facts.

  630. Harrison says:

    Dear Stenson,

    I may know of at least 1 probable reason but I hate to let you know why at least explicitly. It’s ok buddies, I may not like some of the contents of one’s commenteries but I am defending their rights to say it. 😉

  631. ah long says:

    To all Malaysian ex-pats, are you all aware if you come back to Malaysia under the MM2H program you can buy 1 car tax free??

    You can buy a Merc for half price. Stay for 12 months and sell it off for a tidy profit.

    You may have to pay the bugger in the car registration office some kopi money to transfer the name but if you sell it to family or relative and you don’t have to change name then no problems.

    Alternatively you can buy the new Merc for your M’sian galfriend or boyfriend to drive. Rm300k for a new S class is not a bad bargain.

  632. jean says:

    Stenson… I was being hostile to you? No way buddy! I dont know where and how you get that kind of idea. You are my friend!

    Infact, like I said befor this, I was the one who felt that HbH was being hostile to me. My comments were misconsrued a lot lately. Even the friendly ones…

    Why would anyone wants to re-instate their virginity? I heard its painful enough to go through it once and who wants to go through it twice? (BTW Stenson, dont worry, the pain part is applicable to women only – a friendly reminder from yours truly. See, I always think about you).

    Wow, perdana gearbox is that expensive? I thought sup gearbox is expensive enough.

  633. Hunk says:

    “I heard its painful enough to go through it once and who wants to go through it twice?”

    Read this again, I mean the word “heard”. I thought the commentator is a guy. Misconstrued? Hell YES! Ahh Hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhhahahahahahaha.

  634. bamboo river says:

    If the gomen had not imposed such ridiculous stamp duty on foreign cars, the Trengganu state gomen would have purchased Rolls Royces for their Excos.
    All middle income citizens will be driving Merc becos the price of a C200 will be on par with a Perdana. But the quality of a Merc will definitely way above of a Perdana.
    Everyone is objecting based on price value of the car. Sure mah, 240K compared to 105K.
    If the gomen approved tax free cars for state and federal gomen, ahhhh, Proton will be last in the shopping list.

    Those Minister spurting out nonsense about low maintenance of Protons blah,blah,blah. Surelah, not from their own pocket, I doubt they knew where the hell is the auto gearbox located.
    They think auto gearbox is just a box next to the driver seat with a stick shift ‘P’ ,’R’ & ‘D’. Forget 1,2 or 3.They think 1,2 and 3 is Satu,Dua,Tigaaaaaa,tolak ke ‘D’ jalan or ‘R’ gostan.

  635. stenson says:

    Harisson,please be more polite to Jean.You have nothing to lose by being nice to her.You might get free latte from her?You never know.Both of you might have good time together.Try not to make enemy ok Harisson.
    I seldom use gear 2 and 3.Hey,please tell me when to use it.If passenger is too heavy then I might have to use it like in Genting?

  636. Harrison says:

    Ok lah, Jean’s State of the Art convolution of turning my jokes into vilification thereon makes me doubt myself of what is supposed to a sarcastic banter (at times) and personal attacks. To be honest, I don’t hate her, in fact I like her.

    I believe you are Christian Stenson correct?

    A Christian friend told me if a true Christian follows the word of the Lord, if one hit you on the right of your face, turn to the left and asked them to hit you on the left again. 😉

  637. jean says:

    Stenson, now that you brought up the 2nd and 3rd gear thing, it made me realized that I never used them either! Its one of those things that had always been there but never really caught your attention and never asked ourselves why they were there in the first place. I’d better check again if there is something else suffering from the same fate. You too, buddy…

    “A Christian friend told me if a true Christian ….” – Harisson

    Well handsome, some people jez dont know what hit them. Let them lah… what they dont know wont hurt them kan? BTW, its true, you dont have anything to lose by being nice to me.

    I “heard” bcoz I was not there myself. Its about timing and not about gender.

  638. stenson says:

    Ya,I am a lousy christian Harrison.Should Jean decides to slap me on my right cheek I would offer my lips as well.You never know how good kisser Jean is.I am happy to hear that you gonna be nice to Jean for a change.Keep it up brother.One day should Jean leave this world I am sure you miss her terribly.Be pleasant and she will recipocrate.Then you wont feel guilty when she is gone. Of course I wish Jean could live forever.

  639. Orang Utan says:

    Bamboo river,
    The reason why the Trengganu govt is buying Merc for their Exco is probably bcos they think their days are numbered. They may not have a chance to drive such expensive and free cars after the next general election.So why not enjoy first? Who cares about the high petrol prices and the taxpayers money?

  640. Orang Chin says:

    With the Beijing Games due soon, there is no shortage of news editorials/articles like this one in the Washington Post.

    Article Last Updated: 07/19/2008 12:35:20 PM MDT
    The Washington Post

    With three weeks remaining until the opening of the Olympic Games,
    China’s Communist leadership is relentlessly pursuing a strategy doomed
    to failure. Through censorship, visa restrictions, intimidation and
    brute repression, China’s leadership is trying to prevent any public
    expression by Chinese citizens or foreign visitors that conflicts with
    the image it wishes to project to the world – that of a “harmonious”
    society. In pursuit of this goal, China is blatantly violating the
    promises it made when it was awarded the Games, including that it would
    allow unrestricted media coverage. And it is setting itself up for a
    political and public relations disaster when – as seems inevitable – a
    dissident message evades its censors and security thugs.
    To fulfill its pledge to the International Olympic Committee, the
    government of Hu Jintao lifted some restrictions on foreign journalists
    in January last year. Last week, under pressure from the IOC, it agreed
    to allow live satellite uplinks from Beijing. But as the Games approach,
    intimidation of both the international and domestic media has
    intensified. Many visas for journalists seeking to travel to China
    before the Games have been withheld; correspondents based in China have
    been warned that negative coverage may cause their news organizations to
    lose accreditation for the Olympics. According to Human Rights Watch, 10
    foreign correspondents, including representatives of the Associated
    Press, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, have received death
    threats because of their reporting on the recent violence in Tibet.
    Travel to Tibet remains severely restricted.
    Chinese who question the official Olympic narrative have been treated
    far more harshly. Two prominent critics, Hu Jia and Yang Chunlin, were
    sentenced to prison this year after they tried to link the Beijing
    Olympics with China’s human rights record. Dozens of other writers and
    dissidents have been jailed, placed under de facto house arrest or
    ordered to leave Beijing before Aug. 8, when the Games begin. When Reps.
    Frank Wolf, R-Va., and Christopher Smith, R-N.J., traveled there this
    month with a list of 734 political prisoners, civil rights lawyers with
    whom they tried to meet were detained or prevented from leaving their
    Beijing has heavily pressured the IOC and many Western governments to
    prevent athletes from criticizing China or its foreign policies during
    the Games. But the regime itself has not sworn off political statements.
    When the Olympic torch passed through the Tibetan capital of Lhasa last
    month, the local Communist Party leader delivered a speech excoriating
    the Dalai Lama and proclaiming that “China’s red flag … will forever
    flutter” above Tibet.
    Too many foreign leaders, including President Bush, have chosen to
    tolerate this behavior without protest. Bush has confirmed that he will
    join Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Cuba’s Raul Castro in attending the
    Opening Ceremonies because he wishes “to cheer on our athletes” and
    because to do otherwise “would be an affront to the Chinese people.” In
    fact, Bush is affronting those Chinese who have bravely tried to resist
    the regime’s steamrolling of all dissent. And what if an intrepid
    protester manages to raise his or her voice for Tibet or religious
    freedom or an end to China’s sponsorship of genocide in Darfur and is
    swarmed by the regime’s thugs? What if Western media seeking to cover
    such an event are censored? We can only hope that in that event, Bush
    will stop cheering.

  641. ah long says:

    Why can’t people leave the Tibet issue out of the Olympic games? It completly defeats the spirit of the Games. And when the fcuk is the USA going to get the hell out of Iraq. Iraq too is an independent nation.

  642. Orang Chin says:

    Uncle Sam is there to “protect” the oil fields for the benefits of humanity, got it ?
    As long as there is oil, Uncle Sam would love to be there. They would love to be in Iran if possible !! Obama says he will get the US arses out of Iraq by 2010. Let’s see.
    As traditional oil reserves have been cornered by western companies, new comer like China is now concentrating on Africa, especially Sudan. That’s why the Darfur conflict cannot be resolved. Sudan’s President Omar ??? is now wanted by Hague (International Commission Against Crime ?) for genocide and the Chinese are protecting him.
    Of course, big news of the week is the arrest of another big fish of genocide, Karadzic.
    May be one day, Bush might join the list as well.
    Finally, Olympics is always about politics. There is no point attempting to leave it out.

    PS. If Obama does get the troops out of Iraq, where would he put them ? Afganistan, I suppose. This could mean a 10 fold increase of street heroin price as their supply might be affected. Stock it up now to be safe !

  643. bamboo river says:

    Two main reasons why US still maintains their troops in IRAQ. One is obviously the black gold. Second, the billions of dollars in gold and artifacts + plus cash stashed somewhere .
    Expect some protest maybe unprecendented obstructions of the games from certain people protesting China’s political policies in Tibet. Am not surprise the protesters are from western countries.
    Now IRAQ was banned by OIC becos the Iraqi government dissolved all their internal sport bodies.

  644. Hunk says:

    China, like Malaysia is a hypocrite. When there is clear abuse of Human Rights in China when critically condemned by the West, it slammed and justified as “Internal Affairs” and “Non Interference Policy” on the other hands esp. China has been meddling in other countries affair all this while.

    Bamboo my friend, there are attempts by bloggers probably employed by their BN masters to corrupt the minds of many.

  645. jean says:

    Talking about hypocrite, its ok for the “west” to condemn China but they dont even have the moral authority to do so.

    Internal affairs and non interference policy were being used by everybody. If we could interfere in US’s policy, there wont be 1 million dead Iraqis and Guantanamo Bay would be closed down by now. They could not even complain about China meddling in other countries because they are the one who introduced pre-emptive strike.

    I am not approving China’s policy but I dont like the US more. They made good movies though…

  646. bamboo river says:

    American made movies are meant for entertainment.
    Those FBI & CIA plots are just some of their ‘indirect propogandas’ to tell the world “Hey, we are capable to do this and that”
    The blatant failure of their intelligence agencies are the nine eleven tragedy.
    Some blames the President, others blame the Intel Dept.
    The President and Intel Dept blames Osama.
    I say blame all the President’s men.

    By the time I return on Monday , Susan’s blog will hit 3,000,000 biggy bang bangs.
    An advance Congrats to you Susan.
    I will sure comment on your 3,000,000 posting when you put it up.
    To all the kopi kakis, Hey, time to switch to ‘non alcoholic’ champagne to celebrate. Harrison is buying!
    Have a sweet weekend all of ya!

  647. Hunk says:

    well bro,

    u do not know how many man, women, children, uncles, unties, grandmas, grandpas, suffered under the tyranny of Saddam Hussein. The Kurdish (Iraqis as well )factions were gassed by poison substances, murdered, killed and their women raped. The Iraqi Shiite suffers similar fate. It it in public domain when Saddam claimed to have won 100% of votes and I wonder why the Iraqis were spitting on saddam’s Statue torn down by them at the time of US incursions.

    I still got some old copies of Newsweek on the accounts of victims and their immediate families who was brutally torture by the diabolical Saddam and his
    underlings esp the republican guards. There are photos of torture chambers.

    If you live in Iraq with a right conscience of mind, you wouldn’t say such things about America.

    For me, the US invasion of Irag was no mistake at all to repel saddam and his lethal regime. The only thing left are insurgents. If US leave, will the Iraqi Government able to handle the security in Iraq?

    I know my sweet sis Jean will disagree with me but that are just FACTS! Happy Holiday. I’ll be in KL soon. I stay at a hotel near the Curve Damansara quite sometime ago. Miss that Shopping Mall called 1 Utama.This time I either stay at a hostel or a buddy’s place. Things are too expensive and my pockets are getting very light.

    Cheers to all.

  648. jean says:

    Its saturday and I guess its time to let my hair down. Its been quite some time since the last time I visited the Curve. 1 Utama is too big if u asked me. I always ended up sitting at some kopitiam after a visit to a few outlets.

    BTW Hunk, I do agree that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and deserved whatever he got. I wish that was the reason why Uncle Sam came to the rescue in the first place. I wish uncle Sam did not create Saddam Hussein in the first place. I wish they did not act worse then Saddam Hussein himself and did the Abu Ghraib and not forgetting all the collateral damages – about 1 million so far. I wish life for the Iraqi is better now. I wish I did not see that american soldier stormed a mosque and shot a few more collateral damages – they did not have guns and were pleading for their lives! Yup, they came to rescue them. How I wish…

    So, Hunk… I have to disagree with u on this one. But it doesnt mean that we could not have a coffee if we happen to bump into each other at the curve.

  649. Hunk says:

    If Jean and Stenson happen to get married, don’t forget to invite me k? it goes the same for dearest Susan too with that handsome Pakistakini bf, remember?

    Hey, but the food must be halal. I am a M. remember? =)

  650. Harrison says:

    My pre-congratulations to Susan for hitting 3 million hits. If my blog survives 2 years, I think it hardly get 300 hits. Hahaha. You are the best, mate. 😀

  651. stenson says:

    I just came back from Penang.It is so hot I dont think Jean can put her hair down.It is ok to wear short Jean.Keep you cool.Haha if the Americans dont attack Hiroshima and Nagasaki,Jean would be eating sushi daily and her name would be Sushiyakijeancumlately.Pretty long name.I am surprised Handsome is such a broad minded Malay like RPK,Harris Ibrahim and few others.Jean has to learn a thing or two from Handsome cum Hunky.

  652. ah long says:

    When is the wedding?? Must give us plenty of notice to save up the Ang Pow money.

    If blogger getting married how much do you think should give? 20 ringgits enough or not? Can bring family of 4 for big makan during the reception ah?

    Got wedding cake to take away or not? By the way can the wedding car drop us off after the reception?

    If the lucky couple get duplicate wedding presents (like two toasters) got give away one as lucky door prize?

    Times are hard, so can forget the wedding card?

  653. ah long says:

    If Japan had won the war, I will be known as Shintaro. I will wear two bloody long Samurai swords and walk up and down Petaling St.

    Any bodoh politician waving a rusty kris will be challenged to a duel and I could chop their kelapas off.

  654. Hunk says:

    In the absence of Mrs. Stensoncumlately appearance here would probably suggest that she is traveling. How is Penang? I have not visited Penang yet but have relative and friends there. It’s a great city, even better under LGE’s administration I am sure.

    Yes. I am rationale, liberal and highly social M. unlike the “Hadharis” and those narrow-minded fools from the PAS Party who would “sell their soul” to the UMNOrians with the trickeries of invigorating race and religion when the solicitors (UMNO) is a nigh-collapse party with incessant dissection when in truth their offer to PAS is only a dark-con to keep UMNO in power for a time-frame needed.

    Hey, like I say, I am a liberal M. Although I do not eat pork but that does not mean that I never joined non-Muslim friends at non-halal eateries. Sometimes the ham looks and smells tasty. Hehehe. Please do not tell anyone ok. Only a few of us knows this. Susan too knows this as well. Hey, I do not know much about the Quran, to be honest but I believe God is the Almighty Truth and creator of the universe . 😀

    Syukur Alhamdullilah.

  655. Hunk says:

    Hey Ah Long,

    If Japan and the evil alliance had won the war, their may be no Malays or Chineses left, mind you?

  656. sofiairdina says:

    Jean was not travelling. She hanged out at ‘the curve” the whole day yesterday, well, almost. She Found out that the per litter cost of coffee at starbucks is higher then petrol. Hunk, may be you should try the super unleaded whatever at shell. Choose the red-colored pump. It promised a better performance over a longer distance.

    Stenson, I dont know what was meant by “liberal” and “broad-minded” and so on and I dont think jean will know either. Jean ate at chinese restaurants all the time but she never ate pork. Half her staff and colleagues are chinese. Still, some would call her a taliban for going berserk everytime someone put her race and religion down.

    To her, there is no such thing as liberal muslims or conservative ones. Its either you are a muslim or you are not. If you wear underwear to walk around klcc and sleep with everyone who cares to sleep with you, it does not mean that you are a liberal muslim. You are just a liberal human being.

    Sometimes I am wondering why its rare to hear labels such as liberal indians, liberal chinese or liberal ibans…

    And yes sten, jean did wear short at the beach but she will never allow me to do the same. I have to wear jean.

  657. Harrison says:

    Ah Long, your (11:26:42) post reminds me of a Chinese idiom “10 cent (coin) bigger than the wheel of a bull-cart”.

    Yeah, I used Shell petrol but I have not noticed any red pump, is there? And if you would have ask me, yes, it seems to give me more kilometres than than other brands.

    If I would have go to the Curve or 1 Utama, I will wear a tailor-made T that reads “Jeancumlately”, so that Jean would come and say “hi, you must be Harrison”. And someone would reply, no I’m Stenson and I am just trying to see whether you will flirt with Harrison. 😉

  658. ah Long says:

    Higher octance fuel is more dense hence you get better milage per litre. But it also cost more, so it really is false economy. Surveys show that you do not save money but most new cars now run on highr octane fuel Mininum 95 RON.

    In some countries you can get 98 RON and even 100 RON. The car do run better but damn expensive.

  659. Orang Chin says:

    I thought I heard Hunk mentioned the not so pleasant term “hypocrite”. He is in luck as I happened to stumble across this article written by an Aussie.

    Olympic celebration of hypocrisy
    By Claire Harvey
    July 26, 2008 11:52pm

    IN just 12 sleeps, the horror will be upon us. Buy some earplugs. Unplug all electrical appliances. Paint the front door with lamb’s blood. It’s time for the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

    If there is any ritual of society that makes me want to hurt people, it’s the gleaming, high-kicking rictus grin of hypocrisy that is the IOC’s night of nights.

    There will be corn. There will be cheese. There will be thousands of schoolchildren forming giant letters, mime artists, clowns, clouds of dry-ice smoke and every other cliche of performance art that makes me embarrassed to be a human being.

    The worst part is that this one will be staged by China, a country that may have given the world many wonderful gifts, but is also responsible for the war crimes of Chinese opera, lion dancing and shadow puppets.

    The Chinese are famously proud of their claim to have invented fireworks (along with almost everything else: pasta, golf, umbrellas, bonsai, poetry, Tasmania), so we’re guaranteed a lengthy assault of lurid dynamite, flung into the sky for the greater glory of the motherland.

    The organisers have already issued a public health warning: the ceremony will be 3 1/2 hours, and will highlight the concept of harmony from an “international perspective” and feature dragons, acrobats, plate-juggling, pandas and giant photos of smiling children from all corners of the world.

    Except, presumably, Tibet, Taiwan, Japan, Belize, Nauru, Panama or any of the dozen other regions Beijing regards as uncooperative on issues of sovereignty.

    Australia’s national treasure, Ric Birch, is helping the Communist Party-run ceremony committee, and says the event will tell the uplifting story of China’s wonderful transformation from secretive empire to modern tech-state.

    I wonder if there will also be re-enactments of the most recent highlights of Games preparation, like the state firing squads that resumed public executions in the past month, or the forced evictions of residents whose homes were in the way of Olympic venues, or the rural petitioners seized and forcibly ejected from Beijing for fear they might embarrass the nation.

    The Chinese government is, not surprisingly, rather defensive. Anyone suggesting there may be moral concerns about China’s conduct of the Olympics is accused of belittling or misunderstanding the genuine hope and spirit of 1.3 billion ordinary Chinese people who are excitedly looking forward to the Games.

    But that’s the same as the Bush or Howard argument that anyone who criticises the ethics of the Iraq war, for example, is guilty of betraying the ordinary troops on the ground.

    Let’s not get confused here. This ceremony won’t be about celebrating the achievements or aspirations of ordinary Chinese people, or about the athletes. It will be about glorifying the regime.

    And that’s why opening ceremonies are always so poisonous.

    Even when they’re conducted in Australia or the USA or France, they look and sound like the products of totalitarian propaganda machines, with their bright-eyed kids marching in unison and their staged release of caged pigeons. Kim Jong-Il would have been proud to have presided over any of the Games kickoffs of recent decades.

    Not surprising, really, when you consider the relay and Olympic flame palaver – the dramatic centrepiece of the ceremony – was invented by the Nazis for Berlin 1936.

    The IOC bangs on about the purity of sport and the global beauty of “Olympism”, which they always insist is a quasi-religious “movement”, not an organisation or a business, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    And, in theory, the Olympic ceremonies are supposed to celebrate the triumph of humanity over its own frailty; the pluck and fortitude of athletes who have conquered fatigue, complacency and doughnuts to achieve at the highest level.

    But the truth is that ceremonies simply provide an opportunity for the overfed peacocks of the IOC and their friends to show off. Even when they’re not devised by dictatorial regimes, they look like they were.

    In this case, the ceremony won’t just resemble a despot’s tea party, it will be one.

    Anyone know what the ABC’s screening that night?

  660. ah long says:

    When we were weak, you call us the Sick Man of Asia,
    Now we are strong, you call us an evil regime.

    So to Claire Harvey, go and bite your bum,
    It is impossible to satisfy everybody
    Any country would have done well if it had created
    The greatest happiness for the greatest number.

    So, forget those little political side issues and let us
    sit back and enjoy the Games.

  661. jean says:

    Its quite interesting when an Aussie is calling China a hypocrite. They should stop playing poodles wile trying to be a sheriff at the same time and try to get their problem with the aborigines settled first.

    I’ll enjoy the game just like the way I will enjoy it if its in London or LA or Sydney or Singapore or even Penang. I had always loved it when someone won a medal and stripped of it the next day for using steroid. And to be able to watch them trying to lie their way out is… priceless.

    Hunk, when sofia suggested using the fuel for better performance and distance, I dont think she has your car in mind.

    BTW, why would u need to find out if jean will flirt with hunk? Stenson knows and you should too.

  662. kittykat46 says:

    I don’t intend to watch a single minute of Olympics coverage, if I can help it.
    Unfortunately its practically forced down our throats every 4 years.

  663. Harrison says:

    Obviously Orang Chin is trying to drag my brada hunk to the China-Olympic issue. And it’s my pleasure 🙂 . When China was repudiating the Falung Gong they called “Sect”, the truth is that the entire Chinese Communist Party that rules China “GOD”.

    I hate to exhume the memories of the “Tianamen Square Massacre” where thousands of their countrymen/women and children were murdered, humiliated, imprisoned by the Red Guards under the instructions of Mao Zedong and the hypocrisy of China meddling in world affairs while concurrently abusing the basic of the right and limbs of it’s citizenry.

    I am a M. but I do care about those Buddhists and every life under the draconian administration of the Communist Government. 🙂

    Jean seys “Hunk, when sofia suggested using the fuel for better performance and distance, I dont think she has your car in mind.”

    Hey sista, are you driving a lorry? 😀

    And to be honest, if you, Sofia or probably others had met my bro “hunk”, your hormones and adrenaline will shoot up faster than the velocity of an UFO. Women who met my bro, will either cannot tahan to go to tilam with him or left out in disappointment.

    Did my brada ever tell you that he looks like Keanu Reeves? (though deprive of the height) May be Stenson looks like Wu Zingtao. (is that the right spelling of the current Chinese President?) Joking, joking. Haha.

  664. jean says:

    Sheesh… what a waste. I spent the whole sunday looking for a brad pitt lookalike when I should be looking for keanu reeves. But I do saw the “my name is Rain” kinda guys. Must’ve used 1/2 gallon of gel on his hair and he is probably driving a souped-up kenari with an exhaust that reminds me of the Smart Tunnel. He couldnt be hunk because my adrenalin fell below zero and needed another shot of caffeine to prop it up. I did left in disappointment.

  665. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, suddenly we have a lot of Brad Pitts and Keanu Reeves around-kah ?
    Most of us not so handsome, but boleh-tahan-lah……good enough to be “laku”….kakakakakak

  666. Orang Chin says:

    Could you please elaborate on “And it’s my pleasure . When China was repudiating the Falung Gong they called “Sect”, the truth is that the entire Chinese Communist Party that rules China “GOD”. ?

    Sorry that I’m a bit slow these days.


  667. Orang Chin says:

    Hope Keane’s devotion at the front line to serve the motherland has some points to be learnt by overseas Chinese.

    Why the Games bring out ugly side of the Chinese
    Keane Shum
    July 30, 2008
    It is time to heal from the colonial scars and look forwards.

    THE slogan for the Beijing Olympics is “One World, One Dream”. It is plastered in huge print on billboards across China, but no one can tell me which “one dream” it is that we are all supposed to be chasing. And as the nation fires up its Games preparations, it’s also starting to look less like we all come from the same “one world”.

    I am working in Beijing for the summer. More than anything else, this is because I wanted to be here for the Olympics. I wanted to be a part of what is supposed to be a seminal moment for my people. My parents are Chinese originally from Hong Kong and Indonesia who migrated to Australia in the 1960s. I was born in Sydney. I have never lived in mainland China full-time and may never do so, but because I am Chinese, what happens in China happens to me. Ethnicity runs deep in this country, among its people, and across the oceans of our diaspora. I want China to win the most gold medals. I want Chinese brands sold in American department stores.

    But in the past six months, Chinese nationalism has started to scare me. I was shocked at how fiercely young Chinese fought back against Tibet supporters. I have been saturated by the Chinese media’s self-congratulatory glorification of the response to an earthquake that should not have killed 70,000 people. As I get the chance to work on the Olympics and watch them, I am not elated, as the Chinese Government tells me to be, but, instead, disappointed.

    I am disappointed that many Chinese people seem to have abandoned the Olympic spirit in the name of patriotism. I am disappointed that they are claiming sole ownership of these Games as theirs alone to organise as they please so they can prove how far they have come. With less than two weeks to go, the Olympics no longer feel as if they are about nations coming together, leaving their baggage behind, and competing on a level playing field; they seem more about just us Chinese coming together, and dramatically showing ourselves why we are so great and strong. A friend of mine is willing to bet that the Chinese athlete chosen to light the Olympic flame and officially open the Games will be Jin Jing, the Paralympic fencer who became a national hero when she was accosted in her wheelchair by protesters while she was carrying the Olympic torch through Paris.

    What scares me — in addition to a mob mentality in a country of 1.3 billion people — is that I think at least part of this mentality comes from refusing to be the white man’s lackey, from wanting to emerge triumphantly from oppression, from a need to say, “I told you so” to former imperial powers. It scares me because I think it comes from a place not so different from where conversations with my own friends sometimes end up, a place in which young people want not only to deconstruct the mainstream but fight it as well.

    I fear that the difference between asking why a white French youth clings to exotic, romanticised notions of Tibet and boycotting French goods because Parisians protested against the Olympic torch relay is sometimes only a matter of degree. And that the difference, then, between boycotting European goods and expelling Europeans from the country altogether is also only a matter of degree. I fear that a young Robert Mugabe or Than Shwe also once sat around with his classmates and had passionate discussions about how white people just don’t get it. Post-colonial empowerment is vital to development and still has a surprisingly long way to go. But too often it masquerades as an excuse for angry, anti-colonial nationalism.

    These feelings cannot be ignored; in fact, a fundamental problem with how Western powers often deal with former colonies is that they do simply ignore what to them seem like irrational hang-ups. These feelings need to be acknowledged and only then can we put them behind us. Our colonial pasts must matter and then, as soon as they do, they must start to matter less.

    So here in Beijing, China deserves to show off how far it has climbed, but now it must invite others to join in and take the next steps forward, together. It can be on the track or at the UN Security Council, and it can begin with an Olympic Games that have always been — and should forever remain — the whole world’s to enjoy. And we, the young people for whom borders are no longer boundaries, should be leading the way. Chinese or otherwise, we should all be enriched, not burdened, by our new ability to transcend the traditional categories of a bygone era. Is that not the one world and one dream we’re searching for?

    Keane Shum is an Australian studying law at Georgetown University in Washington.

  668. ah long says:

    What’s wrong with being patriotic? Is there anything wrong with the current generation of Chinese being installed with a sense of belonging?

    Can you blame the current generation of Chinese who want to show the world that China is now free of the chains of colonisation? Or perhaps you are too young to remember the ulimate insult when Chinese and dogs were not allowed to go into certain parks and gardens in China.

    Yes, it was not too long ago, that the Imperalist colonial powers were carving up the sickman of Asia and dividing it amongst themselves. Hong Kong to the British, Macau to the Portugese and North West China to the Japanese, Taiwan to the KMT which was largely influenced by the Americans etc….

    After such a long struggle and paying such a hefty price, we now finally have one China. Can you blame them if they feverishly want to hang on to the “One-China, One dream” concept.

    You being an Australian should be aware that Australia too is feeling the winds of change to do away with the “Colonial Boy” syndrome. The idea of Australia wanting to declare itself a Republic and no longer recongise the Queens as it’s head of state is gathering momentum everyday. Have you not notice that the word “Commonwealth” had long since been left out on it’s bank notes and Government protocol.

    Doesn’t it make you proud when you see an Australian do well in the sporting arena? Doesn’t it bring a lump to your throat when you see the green & gold stand up on the winner’s podium and hear Advance Australia Fair on the PA system and see your country’s colors been hoisted up on the flag mast.

    Why would anyone want to deny the Chinese from feeling the same way. To be able stand up and hold your head up proudly and tell the world “I am a Chinese and I am proud of my country”.

    Yes, China still has a long way to go to achieve some of the things that we take for granted. Yes, there are still many imperfections but they have come a long way in a short time. During the Games let’s say “the Chinese cup is half full, not half empty”. Lets look at some of their achievements and not just concentrate on their short comings.

  669. Harrison says:

    My com. was down and brought for repair. Everyday I used to check out Susan’s blog. Happy Merdeka Day Spirt except it is not too happy I Guess. Eh, why the letter “G” (for”Guess”) was spelt in big letter, I guess it must have been a product of a jean I guess. 🙂

  670. kittykat46 says:

    China’s rapid economic development and the accompanying improvement in livinign standards of its people is certainly a good thing. I do have some concerns that China’s patriotism, especially among the youth may develop into something more like jingoism, which is not a good thing.

    Many Malaysian Chinese feel a sense of pride in China’s coming of age as a great nation. But I caution against getting too caught up in it.

    Having frequent dealings with China, I realise that to many of them, Overseas Chinese are basically foreigners who happen to speak Chinese, with a funny accent…

  671. ah long says:

    Merdeka Day is just an excuse to have a public holiday. It has lost it’s significance lately, hasn’t it?

  672. sofiairdina says:

    All good things must come to an end.

    We have a country which is all messed up to the point that we have nothing left to celebrate.

    We have nothing else to say because we know that no one is listening. No one will stand up for us. We are proud people led by cowards, opportunist and leeches. We are angry, we are disappointed, we are sad and we have nowhere to go. PL will try to hold on to power at all costs and AIb will fight for power at all costs. It will leave us with nothing.

    We are done. We have to say goodbye and sorry to the children of the future.

    Pulau Batu Putih is nothing.

  673. ah long says:

    Sofia….I am afraid to say that you are right, there is nothing to celebrate for Merdeka day.

    Usually people celebrate when they have achieved something to be proud off like graduation from Uni or if there is a happy event, like marriage or something good had happened, like winning a lottery or get awarded a Tan Sri.

    For a country independence day is usually celebrated to say “look at how much we have achieved.” But lately Malaysia have gone backwards.

    Inflation is at a all time high, GDP growth has slowed significantly, Politicians are always fighting and mud slinging, law & order is getting from bad to worse, corruption and injustice is everywhere and even when they get caught they get away because the evidence only looks like me, sounds like me but it is not me.

    So what is there to celebrate? You celebrate the good things not the bad. So this year I will refuse to join in the celebrations.

    Play mahjong all night and Sleep in late the next day.

  674. Orang Chin says:

    What Claire Harvey writes is her personal view. I think it’s a bot too much to whack the entire Australia for it. I don’t know how old you are. 20 yrs ago, more than 100 Aussie MP’s signed petitions urging Dr M to unlock Guan Eng’s dad who was under ISA.
    Today, Aussie academics and politicians express outrage that the crook are trying to get Anwar again.
    So, be grateful that there are people who do speak up.
    Hope this helps.

  675. Orang Chin says:

    The atmosphere in the Merdeka Stadium was tense. It was China V Indonesia in the Thomas Cup. There was no doubt in my mind. I wanted China to win. This was becos I’m Orang Chin. However, when it was Malaysia V China, I was in a big dilemma. Malaysia menang was Ok, China’s victory was also Ok lah. I was a fence sitter. This was becos I’m Orang Chin in Malaysia & I wanted the cake & eat it. Strictly speaking, my behaviour was unbefitting of a Malaysian ! I should have gone all out to support Malaysia. I failed to do that.

    There is something I notice among overseas Chinese, be it in Malaysia or the US. There is always heated debate whenever China is critised. I view this as overseas Chinese think their “motherland” is under attack and their blood of PATRIOTISM boiling under their skin prompts them to jump into the defence of their “motherland”. Much of this is due to the propaganda put out by the Chinese Government which encourages Chinese to stand up to “hostile” foreign powers who attempt to kick China to the ground again.

    Over these years, I have learnt the difference between China and the Beijing regime. I love China and I adore Chinese civilisation which is a treasure house to humanity. However, what the Beijing regime has done to my beloved China since 1949 is absolutely despicable. Academics estimate that some 80 million Chinese died under the reign of Chinese Communist Party. Gross human rights violations (against pro democracy dissidents, under ground Christians, Falun Gong, Tibetans, people whose properties are appropriated by corrupt party cardes etc) are happening alongside the Olympic Games. Not to mention the destruction of environment.
    If you are a Chinese and you pray for China winning the most medals, congratulations as PATRIOTISM is at work.

    Below is an article in WSJ about NATIONALISM & PATRIOTISM which will explain the reason for my behaviour in my younger days.
    I apologise to Susan & everyone as this is a rather long one.
    May we learn something useful from it.

    “is that past wrongs can be righted only by the resurgence of Chinese
    greatness, of a show of Chinese power, of the restoration of pride among all
    Chinese people — led by the Communist Party of course.”

    ” National pride has to be bolstered by international recognition. So Westerners who use this occasion
    to criticize Chinese abuses of human rights are not just wrongheaded, but enemies who wish to stop the rise of Great China. And Chinese who support
    foreign criticisms of China’s human rights record are regarded as traitors.”

    June 7, 2008; Page W1
    China’s Olympic Odyssey

    Resurgent nationalists are counting on a torrent of gold medals to erase centuries of humiliation. Will the Beijing Games complete a restoration of Chinese greatness or arrogance?
    For many centuries China thought it was the center of the world, and it expected foreigners to share this view. Foreign dignitaries were received at the imperial court, but only as vassals paying tribute to the Son of Heaven. This perception is now obsolete, of course, even though Chairman Mao often behaved like an emperor toward his foreign guests, but Chinese still care deeply about national honor. “Face,” for want of a better word, still counts. This is why the Olympic Games are so important, as well as the events leading up to them.
    The tragic earthquake in Sichuan province showed the best of China, and glimpses of the worst. Compared to the criminal negligence of the Burmese regime’s response to Cyclone Nargis, the Chinese authorities, after some initial hesitation, did their best to cope with the disaster. Not only did they allow rescue teams from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Russia to come in and help, but contrary to their usual practice they allowed domestic media to report on the full scale of the disaster. This unexpected gust of press freedom inspired the most extraordinary outpouring of spontaneous solidarity with the victims. Volunteers rushed to the scene from all over China.
    This is unlikely to have happened without the impending Olympic Games.
    China’s rulers knew the eyes of the world were on them, especially after the crackdown on Tibetan demonstrators. So China is suddenly looking rather
    better than before. A slender hope for more freedom emerged out of a natural
    catastrophe that left more than 50,000 dead. Unfortunately, in the last few
    days, the Chinese government appears to be reverting to its old ways. Web
    sites asking critical questions of the government are being closed down. A
    scholar from Nanjing Normal University was arrested for drawing attention to
    the problems of having nuclear facilities near the earthquake zone.
    Even civic groups with the most benevolent intentions can be seen as a
    hreat by a government that views all independent collective activities with deep suspicion.

    Patriotism is encouraged in China, but not when it runs outside of official control. How will this affect that great jamboree of global patriotism, the Olympic Games? In some ways China and the Olympic Games were made for each other. The People’s Republic of China can no longer really be described as a Communist country, Marxism having been pretty much discarded on the rush to economic wealth. But like most autocracies with strong 19th-century roots China still is a society given to mass spectacles, national pageants,
    officially boosted nationalism and grand state-led projects. Chinese nationalism with its belief in the Darwinian struggle of nations — is rather
    anachronistic, and so are the Olympic Games.
    The founder of the modern Olympics, Pierre, Baron de Coubertin, was
    a minor French aristocrat who was deeply affected by the French defeat in
    the 1871 war against Prussia, and the popular uprising in Paris that followed.
    France, in his view, had become a decadent country, which needed
    invigorating, or “rebronzing,” in his peculiar phrase. Organized sports were
    the proper way to do this. Mr. Coubertin, like many blazered grandees, was a
    great admirer of the British public school system, with its stress on games
    and physical prowess. Sports, he believed, would restore national health,
    and not only in France. Vigorous competition would make people
    everywhere more industrious and less rebellious. Wars would become obsolete.
    And so in 1896 the modern Olympics were born, appropriately enough in Athens. For a nobleman of his time, Mr. Coubertin actually had a relatively
    liberal disposition. His brand of patriotism was never militant. Following
    the British public school style, his motto for the Games was that the important thing was not to win, but to take part. Nineteenth-century France
    also was a very different kind of nationalism, however, marked by a loathing of liberals, Anglo-Saxons and Jews, though not necessarily in that
    order. This brand was represented by a slightly younger man than Mr. Coubertin, named Charles Maurras, founder of the radical right movement Action Francaise. He was a spectator at the 1896 Athens Games, despite his initial distaste for a contest that he regarded as typical of Anglo-Saxon cosmopolitanism. But as the Games went on, he began to change his mind. He was hopeful that “when different races are thrown together, and made to interact, they repel one another, estranging themselves, even as they believe they are mixing.” The cosmopolitan gathering would surely become “the joyous battlefield of races and languages,” thus vindicating Mr. Maurras’s view of the world.
    Modern Chinese nationalism often veers between Mr. Coubertin’s and
    Mr. Maurras’s ideas of nationhood. Officially, the government likes to talk
    about friendship between peoples, and harmony and peace, while at the same
    time promoting an injured sense of historical Chinese victimhood at the hands of foreign powers. When demonstrations of Chinese nationalism run out of control, with or without official encouragement, the feeling of
    national hurt can turn to violent aggression. It has been happening of late
    in the U.S., among other places, when Chinese students attacked Tibetans,
    or indeed anyone who “offended the feelings of the Chinese people.”
    What makes outbursts of aggressive Chinese nationalism Maurrasian
    rather than Coubertinian is the tendency to collapse the borderlines
    between race, culture and nation. At the Athens Olympics of 1896, Mr. Maurras saw or hoped to see — a racial and cultural clash, not a strictly national one.

    Chinese nationalism is complicated by the fact that it is not always clear what people mean by China. Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, is officially part of China, but is in fact an independent state. Chinese civilization is spread across the world, from Singapore to Amsterdam. Different versions of the Chinese language are spoken all over Southeast
    Asia, as well as in China and Taiwan. Ethnically, many
    Chinese-Americans see themselves as Chinese, no less than Chinese in China do. So when Yo-Yo Ma, an American born in Paris, gave a concert in Hong Kong in 1997, to celebrate the return of the British colony to China, this provided a boost for Chinese patriotism.
    This kind of patriotism is not always political. The Sichuan earthquake not only inspired a patriotic spirit of solidarity inside China, but donations
    from overseas Chinese came pouring into the country as well.

    Chinese, whatever their nationality, often say that they love China, whoever
    rules it. “China,” then, is much more than just a nation-state.
    Ethnic chauvinism is actually a relatively modern concept. Before the 19th century few people thought of nations in terms of race or ethnicity.
    In fact, most people never looked beyond their regions, or even villages. Ethnic Chinese nationalism was stimulated, however, by the growing sense of humiliation of being ruled by Manchus, a northern people with their own language and customs, since 1644. Nineteenth-century rebellion against the
    Manchu Qing Dynasty were often expressions of Han Chinese resentment.
    At the same time, Western colonial powers, especially Britain, were dictating terms of trade to the Chinese through the barrels of their vastly superior guns.
    One reason why Mao, despite being one of the prime mass murderer of the
    20th century, is still admired in China, is that it was he who restored full Han Chinese sovereignty for the first time since the 17th century. When the Manchu rulers were finally overthrown in 1912, the “three principles of the people” promoted by Sun Yat-sen’s new Nationalist Party (now confined to Taiwan) were “nationalism, democracy and welfare.”
    The word used in nationalism is the same word used for race. Not that Sun was necessarily a racist, but he wished to stress that the founding of the Chinese republic was part of the Chinese people’s struggle to reclaim its
    nationhood. He once wrote that “nationalistic ideas in China did not come
    from a foreign source; they were inherited from our remote forefathers.”
    This was not strictly true. He himself was inspired by Abraham Lincoln, among other historic figures. And like most forms of ethnic nationalism, the
    Chinese variety owes something to German Romanticism. When the German lands were conquered by Napoleon’s army, in the name of liberty and universal reason, German poets, philosophers and intellectuals responded by devising a new type of nationalism, based on language, blood and soil. This notion appealed to many romantics in Europe. But it has a special appeal to Asian peoples who felt dominated by the Western imperial powers.
    The Olympic Games, as conceived by Mr. Coubertin, did not fit well with Germanic nationalism. Like Charles Maurras, German nationalists thought they smacked of unhealthy Anglo-Saxon individualism. Germans liked
    calisthenics, and military drills, preferably in very large groups. Since many
    American citizens were of German origin, there was a sporting divide in the
    U.S. too, in the late 19th century, between those who favored British team
    sports in public education and those who wanted German-style calisthenics. The former eventually won, but not without a struggle.

    Competitive sports were not encouraged under Mao’s dictatorship either. Mass spectacles of the kind still common in North Korea, celebrating
    revolutionary heroism and the crushing of reactionary enemies, were more to
    the rulers’ liking. This has changed, of course. But not the strong whiff of
    nationalism. Even now, the common view of Chinese competitors at
    international games is that they are soldiers for a national cause.
    Defeat is not just seen as an individual disappointment, but as a national disgrace. Such sentiments are not confined to China, or even just to
    autocracies. Soccer nationalism in Europe and South America can degenerate
    into a form of collective madness. But Chinese sports nationalism is given
    an especially sharp edge by the officially promoted grievance over past
    When Communist ideology began to lose its potency in China, after the death
    of Mao and his successors’ turn towards capitalism, something had to be
    found to replace it. The Deng era slogan, “to get rich is glorious,” was not
    quite enough. Chinese rulers have always needed the legitimacy of an
    official orthodoxy, whether Confucian or Communist, to justify their grip on
    power. The official post-Maoist answer has been nationalism. Instead of
    studying Marx, Engels and Mao’s Little Red Book, Chinese have been subjected to regular doses of what is known as patriotic education. China is
    now dotted with so-called patriotic education sites, museums and memorials
    located in places with a dark national significance. There is such a site on
    the coast between Canton and Hong Kong, reminding visitors of China’s
    defeat in the Opium Wars. There are many more.
    On a bitterly cold day a few years ago, I visited the 9.18 Museum in Shenyang, built on the spot where Japanese soldiers blew up part of the
    South Manchurian Railway line in 1931, to prepare for a military occupation
    of Manchuria after blaming this act of “sabotage” on the Chinese. The
    waxwork tableaux of fiendish Japanese torturing Chinese partisans, of barbaric Japanese soldiers murdering and raping innocent civilians, were
    striking enough. But more typical of the kind of patriotic education encouraged since the death of Mao was the text carved in the wall near the
    exit, right next to a painted pair of Chinese eyes shedding tears of blood.

    It spoke of the “hatred burning in all Chinese hearts” for “the criminal
    Japanese militarists” who cruelly invaded “Great China, with its 5,000 years
    of civilization.” The message, as in all such patriotic exhortations,
    disseminated in school textbooks, official speeches and indeed sporting
    events, is that past wrongs can be righted only by the resurgence of Chinese
    greatness, of a show of Chinese power, of the restoration of pride among all
    Chinese people — led by the Communist Party of course.

    This type of official patriotism is based on a peculiarly skewed view of
    history. Rather than celebrate the high points of Chinese civilization, the
    emphasis falls entirely on suffering at the hands of foreigners. The sense
    of victimhood runs so deep that it is impossible for most Chinese to
    view themselves as aggressors. The idea that Tibetans, for example, might
    have some reason to see themselves as victims of the Chinese, is absurd.
    More than that, many Chinese genuinely believe that this type of Tibetan
    “propaganda” has been deliberately taken up by the Western press to inflict
    yet another humiliation on the Chinese people.
    Protests around the Chinese Olympics are seen in the same light. Staging an
    Olympic Games is a source of national pride everywhere, not just in China.
    But to many Chinese it has a special significance, because it is part of that promised restoration of Chinese greatness. National pride has to be bolstered by international recognition. So Westerners who use this occasion
    to criticize Chinese abuses of human rights are not just wrongheaded, but enemies who wish to stop the rise of Great China. And Chinese who support
    foreign criticisms of China’s human rights record are regarded as traitors.

    To blame the Chinese government for this militancy is only half the story.
    The collective sense of grievance can be, and often is, turned against the
    government itself. One of the most influential mass movements in modern
    Chinese history is the May Four Movement of 1919. Students and intellectuals
    took part in huge antigovernment demonstrations in Beijing, demanding
    Science and Democracy. Science stood for modern rationalism, which would
    sweep away the old feudal cobwebs of Confucian authoritarianism. May
    Four was about culture, society and politics, but it was sparked by popular anger at the alleged weakness of the Chinese government, which allowed
    Japan to take over German concessions in China as part of the post-World War I arrangements made in Versailles.
    Not standing up vigorously enough to foreign pressure is a common accusation thrown at Chinese governments by rebellious students and
    intellectuals. This is why the rulers have to be very careful when they unleash public indignation against the behavior of foreign powers. It can suddenly
    be turned against them. This almost happened a few times in the past 20
    when the government was thought to be soft on Japan. When the U.S. bombed
    the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999, thousands of Chinese demonstrators attacked U.S. and British embassies. Hu Jintao, then vice president, said that such demonstrations fully reflected “the Chinese people’s great fury at the atrocity of the embassy attacks by NATO and the Chinese people’s strong patriotism.” But as soon as the crowds looked like they were running out of control, the government cracked down. The same thing appears to be happenin now, after protesters attacked French and other foreign businesses because of Western support for the Tibetan cause. Such attacks, if they go too far are bad for business, for the Olympic Games, and ultimately, for the government itself.
    Aggressive nationalism usually goes together with authoritarian politics.
    When people have no legitimate means to show dissent, vent their
    frustrations, express critical opinions in public, and generally take part in politics, nationalism fills the void. As long as they can contro it, this suits authoritarian rulers. In China, a certain unspoken sense of guilt may also play a role. The same people who demanded democracy in 1989, when they were students, are now often among the fiercest nationalists. The educated urban elite has prospered since the Tiananmen Massacre, and when people are reminded of the political compromises this involved, resentment can flare up easily. This does not mean, however, that democracy would be an automatic cure. In the unlikely event that China were suddenly to have a peaceful transformation to a liberal democracy, nationalism would not go
    away. No party seen to be soft on foreign powers, especially Japan and the
    U.S., would be. Modern Chinese history has been so bloody that the scars
    will take a long time to heal. Ethnic nationalism can be a kind of poison,
    especially when it is based on a feeling of victimhood. Political freedom
    should help to soothe such feelings in the long run, but this will not happen in time for the Beijing Olympics.

    Ian Buruma, the author of 11 books, is a professor at Bard College.
    His novel “The China Lover” will be published in September.


  676. Hunk says:

    All good things must come to an end.-Sofia

    Yes Sofie. Everything good must come to an end like many romantic relationship. Good for one side, bad for the other and you can’t have it bothways
    sista. My good frind will probably deploy “casaverasai” rayhter than Jean. He he he. Where Straycat? Mmmmmmmmm…….

  677. SitOnThis says:

    Hello Susan, How are you? Where have all the regular kakis gone to? I find this FTZ unique and love reading the comments. Very entertaining, lively and refreshing. Hope you will leave this blog (kopitiam) open FOREVER. (p.s.-limit comment to scrolling space-too LONG- boring) Thanks!

  678. Hunk says:

    Economy is bad and spending has to be thrifty and I guess when Pak Lah announced the new fuel reduction retail price which is suppose to be next month, I guess the old timers will drop by for some drinks. Everyones pocket are filled with holes nowadays. Yes, I agree that too long of a comments with deter people from reading… Where’s Mr. and Mrs. Stenson a.k.a. Jean? 🙂

  679. jean says:

    Since when did I became someone’s missus? Unless you are talking about that jeanne who claimed she reads quran every morning and discussed the content after that. Yeah… sure. Was that Mrs Stenson talking?

    Other then price of things, everything else went south. Sadly, no one cares. With Permatang Pauh and UMNO election on the way, who cares about everything else. I may kill somebody the minute I heard the word Anwar and liwat being mentioned again.

    Hunk, Straycat does not strut her stuff that much these days. But she found a new hate object by the name of Ambiga.

    Ok… I’ll stop before my comment gets too long.

  680. Harrison says:

    No jean. I am talking about Stenson and you. I thought you guys had married. Your ideologies rather than philosophy wherein you are rooted to the core of fanaticism rather than rationale gives hope when my buddy stenson may negate you in a liaison as he seems to be larger than life and may he fill you in homour.

    You know, what the hell did the protestors against the forum organized by the Bar Council on “Conversion to Islam” has to do with racialist philippic such as calling Chinks pigs and asked them to go back to China? I don’t understand the warpness of such lunatics for scapegoating the Chinese for an issue that was totally irrelevant.

    Next time a Malay supplier failed to deliver sometime ontime, take out a gun a shoot a Chinese that u can find. Harrsion is a Malay and his religion is I slam but I must protect my Chinese friends from these zealots. 🙂

    Sorry to say that. Be passion ok Jean. I know you must be traveling coz the other day when I was in Kl en-route oversea, I saw a lady at 1 Utama who looks like you and asked “Hi Jean”. She replied -“Hi, you are quite handsome”. And we spent the night over at my place. Before she left in the morning she told me her name is Jane after putting her jean on. 🙂

  681. Leslie Chen says:

    This is my 1st time visit and I must say this is ” Free Speech” correct? I must agree with Harrison on what he mentioned that the Bar Council; forum has nothing to do with race.

    You see, I am a Chinese and I look like the late Leslie Cheung as many Malaysians here mistaken me as a Chinese Mainlander or a Hong Kong singer and I had bedded at least 1000 Malay lass and counting. They never call me pigs as they all say “It taste like chicken”. I say Malay girls love Chinese man. If you don’t believe me asked your friends, colleagues, etc who are Malay.

    Spot on Harrison. Chao.

  682. jean says:

    Yeah, me too. I agree with Leslie and Harrison. The Bar Council forum has nothing to do with race. They were talking about pigs and chicks that day.

    Those 1000 malay lasses were smart. Its the best way of doing it while remaining a virgin i.e. avoiding anything long enough to reach the hymen. I am sure they wont call u a pig too. Not to something that tastes like chicken.

    I hate ambiga not for being a racist. I dont even care if she is which I doubt. For someone who is a Bar Counsel President and has the capacity to buy shahrizat’s house, I dont think she has much grouse. Its just that the organization of the forum is so self-serving. It seems that the only objective is to make the Malays feel threatened and has no choice but to run for cover under Badawi’s umbrella.

    If you think that the forum is a good idea, think again. Its good only for UMNO. Not Malays, not indians, not chinese.

    If u think that Ambiga is working for the interest of the non-malays, think again. She is working for Badawi.

    You wanna start throwing racial insults?

  683. Leslie Chen says:

    What jean said is true, absolutely true. The aftermath of the forum taken as a whole benefited the BN as a whole. The MCA used this tool to “hentam” the PAS and PKR protesters making the MCA looks liberal.

    Wah, u mean Ambiga bought Sharizat’s house? Others were alleging that she (her law firm)was the beneficiaries of sami Velu’s contracts. Not a smart move by all i guess but it certainly benefited the BN.

    Well said Jean. Oh yeah, another thing. My thing wasn’t that big, neither is it small but of an average coz I don’t wanna hurt any girls but some really felt so good they wanna snapped a few photos of my “tasty love handle” embedded with veins a taste just like chicken according to many lasses. Are you and Harrison lovers?

    Ah yo. Typo typo. I mean I had bedded at least 100 Malay lasses not 1000. If 1000 surely ada torts any ejaculated inside and ada baby. I love Malay girls. How about you Harrison? U r a Malay right? One day I would like to date jean. I say “WOULD”. I’ll cook good meal for you, caress your hairs, and wetted your mouth.

  684. Orang Chin says:

    Crouching tiger, hidden dragon
    Mark Mordue
    August 11, 2008

    ONE of the great rock’n’roll songs of the past year was the National’s Fake Empire. A romantic-sounding tune marked by a quiet declaration that “we’re half awake in a fake empire”, it married the lonely-guy blues of a New York night to a veiled critique of American imperialism. In short, it expressed the feelings of being lost inside a dream.

    The song could just as well serve as an anthem to the 2008 Beijing Olympics: for the quickly dispersing illusion China has sought to construct of a harmonious Games — as well as just how much we in the West have been willing to cling to such lies, out of misguided idealism or a greed for business opportunities in the jaws of the Chinese tiger, not to mention a little fear about how strong that tiger is becoming.

    I have no doubt these Games are the most significant and politically dangerous since the Berlin Olympics of 1936. Hitler and the Nazi Party sought to use those Games as a propaganda tool for resurgent German nationalism and racist notions of Aryan superiority, and with it Germany’s right to rule the world.

    Historical equations, of course, always lack nuance. But the parallels between Berlin 1936 and Beijing 2008 remain odiously apparent. Chinese nationalism is rampant, the poison by which the so-called Communist regime sustains its right to govern today. Underlining it is the racist Han Chinese sensibility that Tibetans, Uighurs and other minorities are lower-grade humans and “barbarians” — as are we Western “long noses”. Talk to any semi-educated Han and you will hear all about China’s phenomenal 5000 years of culture; dig into that talk and you will understand how the past 100 years of Chinese turbulence and misery are the fault of the West.

    Arguments in favour of a Beijing Games have related to liberalisation and democratisation, as if exposing China to global influences would assure humanitarian and political progress. A similar hope has underlined long-running business interactions between China and the West ever since Deng Xiaoping opened the doors on a period of economic liberalisation in 1978.

    Unfortunately self-interest and greed now motivate most “political” thinking in the Special Economic Zones of the coast. People there celebrate forms of conspicuous consumption that would make Donald Trump blush while the rest of the country continues along in its peasant miseries, hobbling under exploitation, corruption and environmental abuses. Coal miners work in Dickensian conditions, dying 10 a day in some of the most unsafe and polluted corners of the planet.

    Time and again the West has prostituted its ideals to Chinese wishes. Consider the imprisonment of journalist Shi Tao, who in 2004 was jailed for 10 years for revealing to an overseas website how the Government planned to deal with the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Shi Tao’s email details were handed over to Chinese authorities by Yahoo, a company that took comfort in complying with Chinese law and sustaining its business interests on the mainland.

    A 2001 speech by News Corporation’s James Murdoch denouncing the Falun Gong as “an apocalyptic cult” is another such moment of modern dialogue. Even if Murdoch’s observation were to have a grain of truth to it, but the eager-to-please shrillness of his speech failed to justify the widespread detention, torture and death of Falun Gong members.

    But don’t put your faith in the younger generation of Chinese. The one child policy has bred a generation of “little emperors”, selfish and spoilt by the adoring focus of their parents and grandparents, the recipients of what is known as a 4-2-1 inverted pyramid of family worship.

    These are the same youth who were bussed in to support the path of the Olympic flame across the world. As events in Canberra showed, they are vocal, organised and aggressive. Almost a quarter of the Chinese population is now under 30. At home in China the more extreme among them are known as the fen qing, or “angry youth”. You can see them gathered in McDonald’s and Starbucks, in sneakers and baseball caps, bitching about how much they hate America.

    Brought up in a post-Mao era and a system that blanketed out events like Tiananmen Square, talk of such historical moments is as tiresome and vague to them as Woodstock and Altamont are to Western youth. Indeed, young Chinese regard Tiananmen as the ultimate in sentimental Western fantasies, a cliche we hook ourselves on to slight their country’s ascendancy.

    It’s unclear how much the Government will be able to ride the nationalist fervour of this new generation, and how much it has the potential of creating instability even for it.

    As China’s global public relations took a nosedive following the Tibetan riots and ugly protests and counter-protests around the progress of the Olympic flame, officials were forced to appeal for “rational patriotism”. Ironically the younger generation’s zeal is a byproduct of the censorship and propaganda they have been suckled on. Many of these same youth could not understand why their Government did not come down harder and sooner in Tibet. The thought that these will be the leaders of tomorrow is chilling.

    Of course, no one article can summarise the complexities of China today. But the appeasements the West has made out of a desire to avoid upsetting ultra-sensitive Chinese feelings, and through opportunistic business interests, bode ill for the future. Kevin Rudd’s recent bid to be seen as “zhengyou” — a friend who tells you the truth even if you don’t like it — was a brilliant diplomatic move. It remains to be seen how much that perspective becomes another way for China to let the West blow off steam while it moves coolly ahead.

    The fact is these Games are about symbolically launching the Chinese Century to come, as well as affirming “the Mandate of Heaven” on the current rulers, an almost mystical form of nationalism updated to present day needs: propaganda reshaped as marketing to launch China Inc. upon us all.

    Watching the Opening Ceremony, I nonetheless found myself caught up in their beauty, and in the larger Olympic notions of unity and nobility that seem capable of withstanding the ugliest of political spin jobs. As if in the end some grain of hope and communication might still be broached. As if a mere gesture might wake us all to something better.

    Mark Mordue is the author of Dastgah: Diary of a Headtrip. He was an Asialink Australian writer-in-residence at the University of Beijing in 1992 and is working on a novel set in China.

  685. jean says:

    I am a fanatic, thank you. I am a racist too, I guess. Just read some of the comments on the main site including sue’s latest posting. You’ll see racist comments from racist bastards but if I go there and defend my race and religion, I’ll be the racist ones.

    I am a moron for reading it in the first place.

  686. Leslie Chen says:

    1)Jean should know that your defense against provocation of intruding racism against your race is immunity to any legal system – litigation or criminal.

    2)But that said, merited another question- were they commentators hurling racial slurs against a specific race for unjustified reason/s or they merely acted defensibly (see 1) to justify their actions.

    I am a Chinese (mix blood) but I am going to say this Jean, I am going to defend your race, you are Malays correct(?) IF the commentators did it with whim and fancy or other vile motives. Like I said, I love Malay girls including you.

    Where’s the rest-Harrison, stenson, kiitykat, Bamboo Sungai? Semua main sabun ya? Wo hu hu hu…..

  687. Orang Chin says:

    China 1968 was in turmoil as the rage of Cultural Revolution has begun to sweep the nation. We in Malaysia were more lucky. Negara ku was still in the post colonial backwaters. Yet, as far as my memory goes, I picked up these words as a young boy from adults :

    Ang Mo Kia ,Eng Kok Kia, Bee Kok Kia
    Jit Pun Kia, Keling Kia, Huan Kia

    Sei Hak Guai, Sei Guai low, Keling Guai

    If the Han Chinese are not racists and also not racial chauvinists, how come we always want to crown ourselves as “Dad” by calling others “Kia”, even when there are countries which were a lot more advanced than ours ?

    Met a Mainland Chinese woman the other day. She left China partly because she hates the Chinese Communist Party. When our conversation touched on Tibet, she said”

    “What are they so stubborn ? What do they have that they refuse to be assimilated by us the Hans ?

    When a Chinese girl wanted to marry someone with a sun tan, there will be comments like “Is there no one else left in this world that you have to kawin a black person ?”

    Evidence speaks for itself. Han Chinese are racists !
    And the reason for this is because they are Nationalistic and Patriotic all for their “love” of their Motherland.

    By the way, these are not racist: Nokia, Kia motor

  688. ah long says:

    Leslie….you must be the long awaited Allah’s gift to Malay women,

  689. Leslie Chen says:

    Ah Long,

    If you happened to know any female friends, do me a favor will ya Ah Long. Ask them which race they like most. The Malays will tell you they like Chinese and Caucasian. The Chinese will tell you they like Mat Salleh. My conclusion is that – that thing taste just like chicken no matter what color the skin are…… get me? 🙂

  690. ah long says:

    Leslie….I think the only woman that you have bedded is Mrs PALMer.

  691. Orang Utan says:

    It is really a sad to see those MARA students demonstrated when the Selangor Mentri Besar proposed that UITM take in at least 10% non Bumi.They gave the excuse that it is the last bastion of the Bumi. What nonsense they are talking about!!!. How about UM, University Petronas, U TNB, Islamic U, & many other U? Are not quotas given to them? Since they want to close the door to other races it show how racist they. I think it will take Malaysia another 500 years to catch up with other countires. They are so backward in their thinking that it is not worth mentioning.They are just like 19th century China where they close their doors to foreigners. The result? They are called the SICK Man of ASIA.

  692. Orang Utan says:

    I think for those MARA students their education is wasted.They are really ignorant of whats going on around the world.

  693. Orang Utan says:

    So with their narrow minded thinking or “katak di dalam tempurong” or frog in the well type of thinking so what do you expect when they become leader of Malaysia? Another repressive & racist regime of course!

  694. ah Long says:

    Any Malaysian who wins a gold medal, Rosmah will give them a blowjob when they come back to Malaysia.

  695. RBY says:

    Hey don’t talk about Rosmah like that. She will bite off every cock she puts in her mouth. Look at her hubby…cockless but then again look at our BN gov. Supporting the demo on the bar council with one bald guy saying the demo would not happened if the talks was off. The bar council asked for it. But if anyone were to demo when Umno have the talk with Pas, they would tell you why be so jittery. It is all done in the name of Unity and ketuanan melayu.
    A Malay extremist has gone too far by calling for jihad in the permatang pauh by election. No wonder ppl have such misconceptions about Islam. She deserves to lost in her election in march. She talk so damn big but by the end of the day still have to lay with her leg spreads.. to be ..f#@* by a man.

  696. RBY says:

    Dear Orang Utan, mara student is not wasted. They are the waste of our economy. They take loan but don’t pay up and what do gov do? Tutup sebelah mata lah…. why…melayu ma….tau?
    But must give them some credit also..without them, where got syok to live in this country. Life would be so boring….hehehehe

  697. Harrison-WhereisJean, Eh Sofia Irdinia? says:

    Well Guys,

    Saiful will have to answer Allah when the time comes as he undertook a cloying swearing-by the Holy Quran cynosure. For all the lame allegations he threw against the Malaysian PM hopeful -Anwar Ibrahim(cheekily replicating the media referring to a US Presidential Candidate) while evidence negating his (Saiful)vile and vicious tongue as he speaks, I hope that Anwar will win hands high at the PP by election.

    Do you guys don’t wanna see a clean, transparent Government, the annulment of the ISA to take effect when Anwar becomes the new PM? If you guys wanna make some pecuniary donations for a “better-Malaysia” for Anwar’s by-election campaign – go to Anwar’s website -I believe you can find that. 😀

  698. stenson says:

    I cant get in MT? Any problem with that site? Got hacked again? aiyoooooo life is tough man.By the way,where is my sweetheart Jean who wears green jeans.

  699. Jean says:

    Friends, I am here. Just because that there is no avatar, that does not mean it is not me. Ha ha.

  700. stenson says:

    Dont play play ok sweetheart.I know it is not you.Someone is posing as you.I know my Jeans style of writing.I am pretty smart you know.Where are you hiding? In Harrison’s house? Becareful,that guy is a big buaya.He got so many X until he lost count himself.I dont want you to be one of his X.

  701. Carla says:

    “Someone is posing as you.I know my Jeans style of writing.”

    You are absolutely right. I have been your silent admirer for along time and I want to have to as my sole lover, my soulmate. Please forget about jean. My father’s quite rich and I live in a lavish bungalow. I am very pretty but my heart is for you only. I bet Jean has a secret affair with harrison. Tell me if you want me, my love stenson as I can buy you holidays to America, Europe. Think about it….

  702. stenson says:

    I am not flattered.My only love is Jean.She is my everything.I dont need all the worldly things.I am pretty rich myself.Fzam needs lots of holiday.Spend time with him.You never know what he has in store for you.

  703. jean says:

    Hi Carla. Hi Jean. That is why I used avatar. Dont try to be me okay. Thanks.

    Hansome should be Anwar’s aide. He could tell immediately who’s lying and who’s telling the truth just by… I dont know.

    Sten, you know those two comments are not mine and I would not have any qualm about swearing in God’s name because I know that I am telling the truth. I am not going to make excuses. I dont have to. Nope. Not me.

    Sten, I am not hiding in hansome’s house. Yeah, I heard he built one, invited a few friends for house-warming but unfortunately, I was not in the guest list. I took it quite personally and threw away a bunch of white roses I bought for the occassion. Do you think I should support Anwar?

    And Sten, I wish I am Carla and I dont mind getting to know her father.

    And I dont have green jeans but please, dont get me one unless it comes with a Bimmer. Kidding.

    Nice day you guys…

  704. kittykat46 says:

    I used to have a male assistant. Good-looking guy, too, but that’s not the main reason he got hired. He was very bright, intelligent, and communicated well.
    But they don’t stay long, because for a guy, if he took an assistant’s job it would just be a stepping stone to a higher level job.

    Most people would hire a pretty lass for an assistant – helps brighten up the office, in addition to work skills.
    Its a no-win situation for Anwar, I think. If he hired a pretty girl as an assistant, I’m sure the authorities would find other obvious ways to get him into trouble…

  705. Carla says:

    Its a no-win situation for Anwar, I think. If he hired a pretty girl as an assistant, I’m sure the authorities would find other obvious ways to get him into trouble…-Kittykat46

    yes, by all means Kittykat, by all means.

    So many weird names here. You have an illegal money lender call Ah Long and Orang utan who is uglier than a chimpanzee. Jean, please don’t accept stenson’s love. I love him I want to have him all for myself. He is an intelligent gentleman. I want to marry him. I will tell my dad to buy us a chalet by the seaside near the beach at Perak. I am driving a BMW 7 series convertible rooftop. I have 2 servant girls from Java. The only thing that I don’t have is YOU. And that really really matters.

    Ok jean as you said, I’ll but you a jean with a bikini. Agree? Hehe. Dear jean, thank you for your kind and thoughtful understanding for not “rebut2” Stenson with me. U can have Harrison. Heard that he’s an odd job worker. Handsome though. But nobody can be compare with stenson, my true love.

    *Dear Stenson, you are a Christian I believe. But Jean is like a PAS hardliner unwilling to rationally compromise the economic pie equilibrium. Not Jean. Jean can marry Tuan Guru Hadi Awang. It’s a perfect match. AHa ahahaaha.

    I await you favourable reply Stenson my love.

  706. Orang Chin says:

    D Day for Permatung Pauh is drawing close. We need all the support we can get to beat BN. Drummers, dancers, bomohs, whatever will be useful for the day.
    Last but no least, Ak Long will be a crowd puller in his stained Scottish kilt, playing the bag pipes !

  707. stenson says:

    Jean,you should know that the so called Carla is a man disguised as a woman.
    You are not kidding are you that you want me to be your beloved hubby.It sounds ok to me.I think you should support you think have the materials to lead the nation.BN is too dirty.Hope they stop playing racial politic.We are Malaysians after all.

  708. Harrison says:

    Wahaaaaaaaaaa. What have I missed ? Stenson got a new admirer. How about that! A bungalow, free oversea trips, $$$$$$$$. Good luck my good buddey. $_$

    This is what I had been chatting with my friends since the beginning of the sodomy allegations by saiful. Do anyone ever ponder besides Saiful’s physical advantages, only a very rock-hard manhood has the possibilities of successful penetration. However, the victim is no mannequin. That hole is like a woman virgin, and without repeated and ruthless onslaught, there is no way to f*ck that “Fool”. This will surely enter evidence in court later when Anwar’s expert (sexologist ancillary testify). Do you know how difficult it is to successfully enter a woman virgin’s hole? The first attempt will surely be nigh impossible unless your “cukoo” is as big as your last finger. 😉

    Well my friend W9, you wrote “Last but no least, Ak Long will be a crowd puller in his stained Scottish kilt, playing the bag pipes !”

    Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha. AGREE! 😀

  709. SitOnThis says:

    Hello Susan, I would like to comment that, you have allow commentators like, loo seow pek, chaptokam to shit all over your blog. Some comments with 3or 4 laptops having difference mail address. Their motives are to mess or pollute your blogsite.Please keep this FSZ -shitfree.Thank you.!!

  710. jean says:

    Turning the FSZ into an anwar campaign I see.

    Nice to hear hansome’s firsthand experience. You dont get that kind of knowledge from the classroom, you know.

    Yeap, Sten has an admirer and he talked like a man. Careful sten. It may turn out to be another conspiracy to stop you from becoming a pm.

    True sten, I would support the person who has the material to lead the nation. That is why I am supporting no one right now.

    Carla labelled me as a PAS-hardliner unwilling to share the economic pie. Well dear Carla, I have more chinese then malay employees right now and I am not Public Bank. Dont start labelling people you dont know coz you may end up believing anwar is an angel.

    w9 was here?

  711. stenson says:

    I know Jean is fond of Petra Branca.I might try to drag the whole stoned island and station at Jean’s backyard.What say you sweetheart? It is quite romantic to make love behind the big rock at night.It is just my imagination.Worth maybe few cents only.Maybe Jean prefers to use kayak and paddle all the way from south of Johore to Petra Branca.Not a bad idea.

  712. Hunk says:

    Just place on records here one of my comments in regards to Christianity after the wisdom of words from my friend, Ethan. 🙂

    I bet Nik Aziz know nuts about Christianity, so does many Christians but the intention of Tok Guru Niz Aziz is bona fide. He charged ;-

    “In Islam, there is no need to place your hands on the Quran when you swear. Placing one’s hands on the Quran is an act of copying the Christians.

    “When the Christians swear they put their hands on the Bible, right?” quipped Nik Aziz.

    Christianity, the etymology from “Jesus of Nazareth” claimed by Christian ti be “Son-of-God” admonished swearing based of the pristine Bible and according to my (a true) Christian friend, Lord Jesus said :-

    In Matthew 5:34 – 37:

    “But I tell you, Do not swear at all; either by heaven, for it is God’s throne or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King. And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black. Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.”

    The Holy Bible – James 5:12:

    “Above all, y brothers, do not swear, not by heaven or earth or by anything else. Let your ‘Yes’ be yes, and your ‘No,’ no, or you will be condemned.”

    The contention here vis-a-vis with Nik Aziz’s understanding of Christinity is Christians are prohibited from voluntarily swearing per saiful’s act but on the other hand if Nik Aziz is referring to the oath Christians undertook which is compulsory in court, the latter is rather a necessity precept demanded by law. 😀


    My friend, Ethan is a man of faith and he is also a man of facts which both must really matters;

    Faith – If one really believe in the words of God or what their religion originally teaches (of course for the goodness for and of mankind), then (s)he will live a sinless life without such masquerade demonstrated by Saiful to belittle God. Other than a publicity stunt and to cause grievous harm to the reputation of his enemy (Anwar Ibrahim) by falsely lied and discrediting Allah, Saiful has no respect for Allah at all.

    Facts :- Vis-a-vis with faith, is the secular law in Malaysia not good enough where per his sodomy accusations against Anwar Ibrahim, the police charge sheet(outcome of police investigation) was winnowing him (Saiful) from prosecution when only Saiful’s enemy is charged under Section 377B of the Penal Code when/ or as saiful claimed that he was (sodomy)raped by Anwar Ibrahim in this ludicrous episode of sodomy- “sodomy 2” as all facts are lame in the prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim.

    However, my friend Ethan wishes to thank Tuan Guru Niz Aziz for his unwavering alliance with PR. As a liberal Christian, that is without taking such foolish remarks by others such as calling for an issuance of a “fatwa” or likewise, he bring forth the word of the Lord (Jesus) in good faith. 😀
    Christian is a religion of peace as of Islam according to my friend Ethan so let us embrace one another as the aforesaid religions taught us to be- to live in peace – peace at no time refers to peace under coercion or any elements of tyranny.

    Oh Susan, you are a Christian are you? How can you not know the word of the Lord? Aiyooooooooooooooooo, Susan……. 😀

  713. jean says:

    Lets not get technical and argue over north should not be north and the west should be south. Any Muslim who is not guilty over what was accused would have “bersumpah” without hesitation and not offering excuses in thousands. When you over-analyzed things, you lost the actual issue. Lawyers are good in doing that. Liars did it too but Anwar did it best. And yes, he did made the right decision in refusing to “bersumpah.” I would have done the same thing.

    Bye everyone for now. I am not sure how the internet is like where I am going. The PPauh election will be over by the time I am home. Good luck, Malaysia.

  714. Hunk says:

    “Bye everyone for now. I am not sure how the internet is like where I am going”- Jean

    Godspeed, wherever you are. Even if you are “captured’ in the Bermuda triangle, we will never forget you but hope that when you are back, you are pregnant with stenson’s baby. Hahaha. Did you just mentioned about absence of internet access? Whew for God’s sake, don’t take your life ok? 😀

  715. stenson says:

    Just for a laugh.Chinese eat anythings that fly except the aeroplanes.
    Good bye Jean.Dont commit suicide cause of Handsome.He loves you as much as I do.Take good care of yourself for my sake.

  716. Hunk says:

    I love Jean and I love you too but not the kind of love that will lead to make love. That’s differnt kind of love you both have my love my friends. Lwt me give Jean a hug. 😀

    Hahaha. You guys make my day, surely.

  717. ah long says:

    Chinese also eat anything that has 4 legs….except the table.

  718. stenson says:

    Just for a laugh.Why they place the net along the beaches? To protect the sharks from the Chinese…haha
    Logically speaking it is not possible for Anwar to ram Saifool’s back.It is possible only with Saifool cooperation and encouragement.I dont see anything wrong when both parties agree with the adventure.Most people do that.Not a big deal really.If Anwar spend 20 years in prison,Saifool should be there too.

  719. Orang Chin says:

    No gold medals for human rights
    > Mike Steketee, National affairs editor | August 21, 2008
    > IF great power status is determined by the gold medal tally, China has
    > just become the greatest nation on Earth. China has advanced from 16
    > golds in Atlanta in 1996 to 28 in Sydney, 32 in Athens and 44 in
    > Beijing, as of yesterday; the US has slipped from 44 in Atlanta to 39 in
    > Sydney, 35 in Athens and 26 so far in Beijing.
    > There are other yardsticks, such as the total medal count, on which the
    > US still leads – just. And the US may make up ground in the remaining
    > days. There also is the reality that the US, militarily and
    > economically, remains a vastly more powerful nation than China. Not to
    > mention that the haul of Olympic medals depends significantly on the
    > money countries are prepared to spend on elite sports, including the
    > international expertise for sale to the highest bidder.
    > But China will not dwell too much on such qualifications.
    > Its people are bursting with pride, despite the disappointment of
    > athlete Liu Xiang’s achilles injury. It is a patriotism that strengthens
    > the hand of the Chinese Government against both internal and external
    > critics.
    > Things have not panned out as many expected when Beijing was awarded the
    > Olympics. The argument then was that the Games would promote greater
    > openness and democracy and the Chinese encouraged this belief. “By
    > allowing Beijing to host the Games you will help in the development of
    > human rights,” Beijing bid committee vice-president Liu Jingmin said in
    > 2001. “China will certainly pay more attention to human rights.”
    > The International Olympics Committee was happy to chime in. “We are
    > convinced that the Olympic Games will improve human rights in China,”
    > president Jacques Rogge said in 2002.
    > The opposite has happened. Preparation for the the Games saw China
    > become more repressive.
    > Public Security Minister Zhou Yongkang said last year: “We must make
    > efforts to create a harmonious society and a good social environment for
    > successfully holding the 17th Communist Party Congress and the Beijing
    > Olympic Games … We must strike hard at hostile forces at home and
    > abroad, such as ethnic separatists … and heretical organisations like
    > the Falun Gong.”
    > The US State Department said in its annual review of human rights
    > released in March that controls were tightened on religious freedom in
    > Tibet and against Muslims.
    > As well, there were more restrictions on freedom of speech and the
    > media, including censorship of the internet. The Geneva-based Centre on
    > Housing Rights and Evictions estimates that 1.5 million people were
    > forcibly displaced in Beijing, and not just to make way for new
    > buildings and beautification: they included unlicensed taxi drivers,
    > street vendors, vagrants and beggars, who were put into “re-education
    > through labour” programs, which amount to imprisonment without charge.
    > Falun Gong practitioners and others regarded by the Chinese as
    > undesirables have been banned from travelling during the Olympics and
    > subject to restrictions such as regular reporting to police stations. UN
    > Special Rapporteur Manfred Nowak estimated in 2006 that two-thirds of
    > those tortured in Chinese prisons were followers of Falun Gong, the
    > spiritual and exercise movement whose followers can be seen in Australia
    > silently demonstrating outside Chinese embassies and consulates.
    > Former Canadian minister David Kilgour and human rights lawyer David
    > Matas concluded in 2006 that thousands of Falun Gong practitioners had
    > been killed so that their organs could be harvested and sold for
    > transplants. The evidence is circumstantial, but many who have read the
    > report have found it compelling, as then Opposition backbencher and now
    > Assistant Treasurer Chris Bowen put it in 2006. “If these allegations
    > aretrue, it would represent evil the likes of which we have not seen in
    > the world in the last 60 years,” he told federal parliament.
    > China so far has defied predictions that economic freedom and
    > development lead inexorably to democracy. US Naval War College professor
    > of Asian and Pacific studies Jonathan Pollack, who has been visiting
    > China for 30 years, told me in Sydney this week that there was
    > significant social ferment in China but this did not automatically
    > represent a challenge to the Chinese Government.
    > “The social composition of their ruling elites is undergoing major
    > transition,” he said. “It used to be that they were all engineers in the
    > politburo. Now you have lawyers and people from commerce and they
    > reflect much more the cultural composition of their society. Whatever
    > China is becoming, it is not going to be a carbon copy of American-style
    > democracy. They are likely to find their own way on this.”
    > Pollack takes a mainly benign view of China’s rapid military build-up,
    > even though the US Defence Department, among others, has expressed
    > concern. A Pentagon report in March said that, in the 10 years to 2006,
    > China’s annual defence budget grew by an average of 11.8 per cent after
    > inflation, ahead of the 9.2 per cent increase in gross domestic product.
    > For 2007, China announced a 19.5per cent increase in defence spending.
    > But we need to keep this in perspective. The Stockholm International
    > Peace Research Institute calculates that the US accounted for 45 per
    > cent of global defence spending last year, compared with 4 per cent to 5
    > per cent for China.
    > The Pentagon report quotes US intelligence estimates that it will take
    > at least another few years before China can defeat a moderate-sized
    > adversary, that it will not be able to project and sustain small
    > military units far beyond China before 2015 or do the same with large
    > forces until well into the following decade.
    > Pollack thinks it unlikely that China will become a military threat,
    > pointing out that it has not gone to war for 30 years. Its economic
    > interests also are increasingly tied up with those of the rest of the
    > world.
    > Of course, circumstances change. If the US is any indication, then
    > countries that develop powerful military forces get an urge to use them
    > at some point. China’s military power will bring with it increased
    > influence, particularly in the region it shares with Australia.
    > In the meantime, it is happy to use the Olympics to advertise itself as
    > a great power.

  720. jean says:

    Hei, the internet is no bad at all over here. Its free in this room and its as fast as the starbucks at home. And I feel much safer too knowing that its not possible for hunk to physically hurt me.

    Chinese also eat anything that has 4 legs….except the table – ah long

    Wrong ah long. They’ll even eat the table if u tell them that it’ll improve their libido.

    I am not committing suicide and I dont see why I must give up my life for hansome. Even the prospect of us having a gay pm does not make me suicidal. But… getting pregnant with stenson’s baby just might change all that. Sheesh hunk… you are weird sometimes.

    I am here where it is so hot and I havent been talking to any women in the last 2 days and the men were reluctant to talk to me. I am not sure how I am going to get things done. But the women I saw, really have beautiful eyes. Well, its all I could see anyway, Hei, I dont think I look that bad in a black robe lah…

    Sten, you really like anwar, dont you? You dont mind if he likes man, dont you? You are beginning to scare me…

  721. stenson says:

    I told you sweetheart Anwar is unpredictable.I dont hate him neither do I like him.I believe in justice.I felt greatly that he has been badly treated.Look at how they treat RPK.Sweetheart,we shall have a dozen babies when we get married.Half will have Christians names and the half Javanese names.Fair right?
    Just for a laugh.A bus driver stands a better chance of going to heaven than a priest when they leave this world.When a priest preaches,the congregations fall asleep.When a driver drives,all passengers pray…haha.
    Hunky loves you sweetheart.He just play difficult to get.He gets thrill with his snide comment on you.Dont let your hair down when he is around.He might get aroused…haha.Just kidding.

  722. ah long says:

    Saiful will make a wonderful bus driver in KL. I can already hear him shout “Masuk, masuk lagi….belakan kosong……masok belakan.”

    Sounds familiar??

  723. jean says:

    I woke up at 3.48 am local time. How do I recover from a jet lag?

    Sten, Anwar was badly treated? That was what he said. Injustice to him? Well, that was what he said. But again, whatever he said is gospel.


    Saiful will make a wonderful bus driver in KL. I can already hear him shout “Masuk, masuk lagi….belakan kosong……masok belakan.”

    Sounds familiar??
    -ah long

    Hahaha… and I can already hear anwar dropping everything and jump into the bus. The rest is history.

  724. Hunk says:

    Yawn…..Just back from a 2 day trip to Kl again. Everytime I went there, couldn’t meet you guys. In the morning I went around shopping. My friends brought me to the “Beach” at KLCC and wow it’s certainly more enjoyable than my average days
    in my hometown, surfing the net, massage (foot reflexlogy) kind of things, maybe I am losing my sex appeal in my hometown (being out of sight from girlies). hehe. Kidding lah.

    Normally pre-book 5 trips a year to KL during Air-Aisa’s Zero Fare.. Managed to go 3-4 times. Really enjoy travelling on cheap-flights and RM80 hostel per night.

    Jean said that I won;t be able to physically hurt her. I ain’t sure what she’s implying but she surely weighted the innuendos about – Ah forget it! A true gentleman like me to physically hurt women? Duh….Ahhhh, well, well, I guess I did “physically hurt” some of the women, thereafter they keeps on telephoning me. Why? Even after I “physically hurt” em? Jumpin’ Jesus!

    Don’t worry my buddy, but just don’t let anyone enter your back door ah? I don’t want you to be singing jailhouse rock at Sungai Buloh. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha. She’s probably at home surfing the internent, Naik Karpal terbang pula! Sheeeeezzz… Karpal Singh saya pernah dengar lah. Hahahahahaha. 😀

    I am wondering why Susan is sooooo free at permatang Pauh? Wow, your work sure bestlah. Macam the Government clock-watchers. hahaha. Kidding. Good job Susan. 😀

  725. Hunk says:

    Oww, Sweet sisty Susie, Hunk’s sweet words are stuck in the moderation. Hunk’s
    a good man. Just wanna say “I love you baby”. Eh, I mean “babe”. 😀

  726. Douglas Moore says:

    Wow, I like you Jean. U brightened up my life with your sweet words. I am a Mat Salleh. You probably are in China or Australia. You see, you said WOMEN THERE has doe eyes and men refused to talk with you. Just put on the head-gear and and someone will be getting a big reward for catching a Taliban.

    Don’t worry darling. In oversea, there are always Telephone Directories and there are male escorts and gigolo services. But don’t order a nigger coz you’ll have difficulties in walking out of bed maybe careening in a stretcher feigning of a twisted ankle of what was supposed to be a tear …. Hahaha.

  727. jean says:

    I like u too doug and maybe one day I’ll stumble on one good reason why.

    I am not in china nor Australia. But it seems that the people here have a fetish about walls and the horns on their wheels. All the houses have high brick walls and honking their horns every few seconds. They love everything americans; big cars, mc donalds and all. I never saw so many hummers on the road.

    So doug, your advice would not work down here. I dont need the phone directory in the first place. Not for that purpose. What worked on you may not be applicable on others. We are not created equal. You are a mat salleh? I am not and I intend to keep it that way.

    Inuendos? Hahaha… no hunk. I dont think you’ll ever be able to hurt me physically.

  728. Douglas Moore says:

    Dear Jean, to be honest, I have never witnessed a man like Anwar Ibrahim of such charismatic skills and inspiration and a man of mighty will in Malaysia. He mustered up PAS and DAP and I must say he is indeed – MAN OF THE YEAR, FOR MANY MANY YEARS. Here we have an acerbic Barrack Obama. before the primary Democratic Prsidential race, many Americans including pundits forsee that Hilary will win the Democratic race but we were awed by the formidable Obama that solicited the the popular votes from the presumed Clinton dominated caucuses.

    I hope Hunk won’t physically hurt you. Oh yes, did he ever? I mean was he physical abuser? How can he did that to you? Are you guys past lovers? There is also this Stenson who called you “sweetheart”. There are two men and you can’t have it bothways. For me, I just want to be your casual friend. You might find it hard to HANDLE(S). hahaha.

    Take good care and have a blessed day to all including Hunk and Stenson.

  729. monsterball says:

    When I am good I am really good.
    But when I am bad…I am extremely bad!!
    So watch out for monsterball.
    I am back!!

  730. Hunk says:

    Hahaha. Waitress, coffee ‘kau-kau’.

  731. monsterball says:

    No waitress la……..waiter!!
    They say….ten hynanese..nine open coffee shop.
    The one who does not know an idiot.
    “Sup kor hoilam…guo kor ting.
    Yat kor mm ting….fat sern king”
    If Jean comes back as ‘jeancumlately”….I will protect her with from those soundrels and half pass sixes no balls….trying to get free rides.
    Nothing is free…BODOH!!
    And free is useless…BODOH!!

  732. SitOnThis says:

    Hello Susan, How about renovation of kopitiam(FTZ 4).TQ.

  733. jean says:

    Was that monty? His trademark dot, dot, dot and the cursing at no one knows wh0 and why seems to confirm that.

    I am here in the middle of the desert where summer never ends. No one can hurt me here, Monty. My banana boat will take care of the burning sun and the camels do look harmless – well, I lied. Does not have the opportunity to meet face to face with one yet actually.

    Badawi still our pm?

    Happy independence day everyone…

  734. The Phantom says:

    Wow, what a “handle”-Monsterball? I did watched that movie. You mean “Jean cums lately”, Monsterball? Monsterball was asked to be here by someone/s for some reasons. I got a sharp instinct and my instinct bugged me that Jean is in BOlehland. hahaha. 😀

    Wow, a “mat-Salleh” admirer, BOLEH tahan man! Arabs are hirsute. Just a thought Jean, if you are lost in the desert, look for a bottle, there might be a ginie in the bottle. Hahhaa. Make a wish and wish that Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM coz since from day 1 I could not see that rhetorics manifest.

    Wish 2 : Wish that Saiful tell the truth that “he was sodomized by his Uncle and his intent was to frame Anwar Ibrahim.

    Wish 3 : Tell that Ginie, that you love Saiful Bukhairy and you wanted him. He’s quite good looking I think. What about Stenson? Hehhehe and Doug?

    Happy Birthday.

  735. monsterball says:

    yea that’s me…jeancumlately.
    Who is this Phantom of the Opera..hiding with no balls..crazy for one girl.
    Those who do not know monsterball is not worth the balls he is v carrying. Should shrink them …a little…to suit their characters……talk alot….no actions.
    Are you going to change back to
    “jeancumlately”….be your old self with your original nick?

  736. monsterball says:

    Be forewarned!!
    Even Khairy knows about my dot dot dot…and hynanese kopi kau kau.
    But that poor guy….keep beard like bangali…hiding his handsome face….all because Maya Karim dumped him for an Italiano.
    Stupid young man…so many fishes in the sea.
    That’s why jeamcunlately is hinting to him…at sea front…wearing sexy bikini…no Taliban type of Malaysians…disturbing her…where all broken heart go..hoping to meet Khairy?
    At Parliament..cannot work…she need to cover all her 36 24 24…no sex appeal.

  737. monsterball says:

    I mean….her 5′ 10″ height…38 22…34
    I was thinking of Rosmahlichemi….4′ 8″….exactly like the bloated fish that have poison…found at seaside.

  738. monsterball says:

    Best is Sofiadina….constant and level g headed.
    Jeancumlately got agin.

  739. sofiairdina says:

    How could you dragged me into this, monty? I know that jean will smirk when you said that I am level-headed. But I would definitely say, “yes, yes, yes” when u say that jean has got “angin.”

    I thought monty is the only one here who could probably describe jean but it seems that his obsession with dolly parton gets into the better part of his judgment.

    But still, its better then being obsessed with anwar. Phantom has so many wishes but atleast you are not placing your trust with someone who is 80% rhetorics and 20% facts. If you notice, he definiely has an amazing oral skill to be able to mesmerize so many men. Saiful is definitely not a special case. (Sorry, I mean “oratorial” skill).

    BTW Phantom, arent ou worried that you and anwar has some identical wishes?

    BTW, I dont think jean will discuss anything about cumlately. Arabs or mat salleh… hmm… she is actually so javanese and still want her kacip fatimah in the morning.

  740. monsterball says:

    So glad to hear from Sofiairdina
    Now where the hell is jeancumlately?
    The only logical reason the “cumlately’ is deleted…is new BF hates to think he came too late. He wants to feel he is the first!!
    But the fact is..jeancumlately…is always sort of too late to know too soon the new BF is not her type.
    She got angin….but a damn smart chick!
    Where are all those Ah Longs and Phantom and the few who disturb jeancumlately.
    Stenson sure reading and keep quiet.
    He is stunned….monsterball is back.
    But he is a nice guy….so if he is
    really crazy of jeancumlately…if there is a will….there is a way.
    Jeancumately needs to be married away for good…produce a baby like Jolie….but that guy must look like Brat Pitt… do up jeancumlately..right and proper..!!
    She is not that fussy….just a mexican marriage cert..that can be cancelled off easily….with no fuss. Therefore…Stenson must be really madly in love..or else…like Britney Speares…one day..cancel him off…..after spending a pile in the wedding ceremony.!!
    Like I said….Sofia is consistant and level headed.
    Young as she may be…years ahead in her thoughts.
    Anyway…I like her and jeancumlastly….and for better or worst….I look forward to see both are happy and well.
    Believe me…they are different people!!
    I had a glance at them….and slowly….the faces are coming back.
    Sofia is small size…..correct?
    If this FSZ stays like that..better close shop!

  741. monsterball says:

    Sophia…you mean jeamcunlately is flat chested…like the aeroplane runway?

  742. monsterball says:

    wa…. Jeancumlately is in Cairo!!!
    My sixth sense just told me that.

  743. FacelessandNameless says:

    Well Monty, u r emphatically protective of women. U dared jean to reinstate “cumlately” and those who disturbs her will taste your wrath. Monster’s wrath. hahahahahahaha. Woooooooo hoooooooooooo.

    And I am wondering-not to reveal your secrets-but your very own words in public domain averring that you have 3 marriage also 3 divorces(sorry to hear that). I mean, if you are so caring and protective of Susan, Jean, it’s logical that you must be protective of your ex-spouses. That mentioned, how come you ended in 3 divorces?

    Is your manhood too short or you are a wife-beater? Irreconcilable differences such as jealousy? Pity isn’t it? U see, I had many exs, more than 10 steady gfs and I broke up with all. 50 lovers and I call it quit. I lost count of the flings I had with women coz a 40 seater bus will have to make at least 3 trips to cater them. And everytime at the nascent of my relationship, I told my lovers that if they do not love me, please tell me so that I may try to forget them but it was e who always call it quit implying the same goes for me. Heheh.!

    You see dear Sofia Lidya, in any election campaigns, a will is most mistaken as rhetorics but for some amount of your allusion, I do agree. Say, if Anwar claimed of having 30 turncoat MPs at hands and tentatively failed to manifect there are 2 probabilities. One is a pure rhetorics and the other is probably a deal gone sour/wrong.

    Honestly, u r a boorish person and probably mistreating women. (sorry to say the truth) but I have nothing against you.

    Hi Sofiairdina, nice to know you. Oh Dolly Parton yeah? I prefer Katie Price. I think time is moving fast and the injectible fillers silicon was replaced by romovable contraption made of silicon for the same purpose. Don’t worry about a woman’s boobs, what matters is how much one loves her. That matters.

    You can’t say that before you enter into a relationship or a marriage, you will
    live with your soulmate for the rest of your life and when the relationship turns sour, and one party seeks to end it, failing to achieve your dream is a rhetorics.

    Happy Merdeka Day in Arab lane in Bukit Bintang. It’s hot there I understand. Good days to you all here my friends. 😉

  744. monsterball says:

    Who is this shit faceless and nameless talking about my 3 ex wives.
    What are you trying to proof?
    But then…he already admit he is a balless gas bag.
    You better change your nick to “anonymous”…..straight to the point.
    My face and details..all know…so I am not faceless not nameless.
    Want to advertise me? Go ahead……you low down son of a gun.
    Talk and joke or make fun..okay.
    Don’t bring family matters in.
    I revealed all. That does not mean …you need to advertise.
    You see..if you are as friend….okay…but you are a nobody..I don;t know you…so what is you reason to talk cock and bull to me….about my family?
    Shit!! ..some people in Malaysia don’t know when to call a person ….a bastard…with respect and love and a bastard with hatred.
    Useless to response..but you know me….this is ikan bilis stuff.

  745. monsterball says:

    You better change your nick to ‘anonymous’…straight to the point.
    Useless to talk to someone….interested in my private life…..yet faceless and nameless.

  746. monsterball says:

    I end each marriage with room for one more………hahahahahaha
    And so far so good………hahahahaha
    And all my ex wives still love and respect me. Want to know more?

  747. monsterball says:

    FSZ no more interesting.
    Waste of time.
    OK guys…you all can come back.
    I am out. I guess jean will not be jeancumlately….so let it be….let it be…whisper words of wisdom…also cannot work.
    PS: OK….some words are copied from Beatles…happy?

  748. kittykat46 says:

    Jean hasn’t come lately.
    Or was it
    Jean hasn’t cum lately.

  749. monsterball says:

    I love and respect legendary,, Dolly Parton as a singer and songwriter.
    But to describe me hungry for boobs of hers??
    Hi..Sofia…she is over 60 years old!!
    Fondle her boobs…is like touching two balloon skins filled with soft jelly….run here run there….where is the fun?
    Better up date you knowledge.
    Don’t be out-dated.

  750. jean says:

    Hi kk46. After such a long absence, you appeared and wondered about how to spell IT correctly. Its just a matter of what you actually prefers. You’ll not go wrong either way. When you shout the word in present continuous tense, the spelling does not matter anymore.

    Monty, its good to know that you realized how people evaluate a 60-year old. BTW, at her age, Dolly looks better then most kan, kan…

    I’ll tell sofia to update her knowledge when I got back. Like, dolly is now 60 with fake breasts and is probably as grumpy as monty.

    Happy fasting to all my muslim friends. I am not sure how I would survive fasting in this 50 degree heat…

  751. kittykat46 says:

    You may already know, but in certain umm…circles, “cum” has a totally different meaning from “come”, and it doesn’t translate as “datang”

  752. monsterball says:

    Grumpy and adorable.
    Sofia agrees you got angin.
    But i don’t agree with her on your breast s measurements.
    I think you have two sexy boobs.
    Again…want to be out..FSZ…no fun….if “cumlately” is not jean.
    First you have Harrison bin Handson…….from Sibu…change to Harrison.
    Then you have “whispering 9″… to three whisperers….and now back to w9?
    Then I lost all my friends..that stupid otak taik center hawk….that lovely Pardez….and even bamboo river…seems to get tired of his kopitiam.
    Kittykat…is trying so keep FSZ alive.
    Stenson…a man of few words…turned to be quite a gas bag….when I was away.
    He asked me to come back…here I am…now he is gone!!

  753. whispering9 says:

    “Happy Ramadan to all Muslims.” 🙂

    Actually, MB, I just want to be sure monsterball is really you and not another impostor. Your first posting was written in fairly good English (erhmmm), so I was skeptical. But now that it is back to manglish I am 80% it is you. Welcome home.

    I only used w9 in Rocky’s Bru blog. Whisperer is not mine. Guess, like Jean, project got botched down by sand storms, 54 deg heat and cultural shock! Didn’t dare to stare into the blue eyes though. Besides, Blood Pressure was high, so had to cool down on sopoblogs’ comments.

  754. monsterball says:

    hahahahahahaha…..whispering 9…who does not know I have losy grammar and spelling.
    But my english mother tongue speaking friends….all said..they understand me perfectly.
    I was about to give up…with no…..’cumlately”
    I love the old jeancumlately….ever so dear to me…and a true friend.
    New one….got angin.
    Sophia is OK!!

  755. monsterball says:

    Where is Hawk????
    I guess with his 50 workers…..building an international worldwide ….welknown coffin maker factory……have grown to 5000 workers……no time to talk….or maybe running away from “Ah Longs”….cannot pay loans.

  756. kittykat46 says:

    The monsterball identicon as above is the regular “Monty”. It will stay unless he posts from another PC.

    I was told the 9-block WordPress Identikon, graphic together with colour, has 12 power 9 i.e. over 5 billion possible combinations, so it is practically impossible for another “monsterball” who is not “Monty” to have the same identicon.

    I see you are posting from a different PC from the regular “Whispering9” but I trust you are the same person…Hahahaha…

  757. monsterball says:

    Yes he is “whispering9” alright.
    His style…reminds me of my English teacher…always complaIning about my English.
    Actually….we real Oxford graduates are very careful with our grammars …spellings and compositions…..until so many datuks…Tan Sri….and Tuns… filthy rich….can’t even speak a word of English.
    So I turned to broken English….hopefully to succeed …like them..also cannot.

  758. Butuh-butuh-Ghali says:

    “we real Oxford graduates are very careful with our grammars …spellings and compositions”-Monty

    I thought a commentator by Rajah once called you a “taugeh” tauke. hahaha. No offence.

  759. bamboo river says:

    Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslim friend in FSZ3. From now onwards, any words meant to be consumed,minced or thrown at should be used in a special cubicle in FSZ.
    Respect our Ramadhan for this period lah.
    Jean, have a good and blessed Ramadhan in middle east. Sofia, should come often to this kopitiam during buka puasa.
    KK46, as always since the last few months is looking after this FSZ.
    W9, no more expeditions?
    Monty, I can guess you had made your peace in Permatang Pauh?
    Okay, got to run.

  760. whispering9 says:

    Hi kk46,
    Sorry didn’t open FSZ until today. Yeah, it was me but I know how to change the color of the identicons now. But I guess I will stick to purple for now. MB was using Blog motif on the other blogs and since it is not impossible to crack the identicon permutation once you know the handler taste…I guess I was just playing it safe. Anyway….have a nice day. You too, MB and BR. Last but not least, JeanCL and our in-house multicons 😉 .

  761. Harrison says:

    Monsterball in PP assisting the PR members? That’s great! And it’s nice to hear that you had made it up the mired times with others/Susan? Praise to Allah! Allah loves us all and only pious mean and women will meet him during the end-times.

    Just a thought about what Monty said – a Malaysian women of 5’10” of height-if that’s what you implied on Jean? Average height of a Malaysian women is 5’3″ as Malaysian men is about 5’8″. On the other hand, American women averages a height of 5’8″ while American men is at 6′. If you see a Malaysian lady at 5’10”, that is very tall. “Su” is about 3′ when she is seated and stands at 5′ when she is standing. Susan is about 5’1″. Jeancumlately is about 5’10” as Monsterball said but when the high-heels are disposed she stood about 5’5″.

    For this Holy Month of Ramadan please no obscene words. I am observing my prayers as I fast. hehehe. 😀 In house multicons? Hahaha. let’s just say, one partner sucks baby. Hahaha

  762. jean says:

    BR, I am back lah as of noon… and cant believe how green and cool this country is. And it crossed my mind as I saw the grass and the trees and the patches of rain water on the highway, how blessed this country is. We have it all and yet, we kept on screwing it up. I saw talented malaysians all over the world and yet, we chose someone who failed his statistics to lead. We got upset and put our faith on a man who chose another man pulak.

    Nice to see almost everyone is back.

    Monty, not everyone has the ability to speak or write manglish so well. You turned it into almost an art and it really can make people laugh and cry at the same time. Who needs oxford anyway?

    BTW, its ramadhan and lets not be obscene and talk about who came late or early, ok?

    BTW Hunk, u r right. I am not 5’10”. And Su is 3″ when sitting down ha? The rest is legs, right?

  763. monsterball says:

    Bamboo river…Yes…I feel real good…..smoking a cigar…asking policemen…..’what’s up? Why so many of you here?”
    One replied….to protect me. I asked….protect me from what? No reply.
    6000+..yet no smooth rides to PP.
    But now..returning to KL…..I must give credits to police force…no big fights…only spoken words.
    You see….UMNO supporters were out numbered by Anwar’s 10 to one…even Khairy was stunned to see Anwar’s car passed by…while he gave his famous speech…’kopi kau kau” He thought Anwar will stop and confront him.
    Why not scared. he spoke to ariound 200 hundred listeners .while Anwar at least …have 10 times more……so who is following at the back of his car………hahahahahaha
    Harrison…I like you better when you were “Handsome”. Jeancumlately is a tall slim girl!! This shows …you all talk alot..never know her at all.
    Me?….seen her few times in my dreams.
    But did smell her one time…talking to her..yet not knowing it was her.
    Jean aka jeancumlately……Never like jean. Sound like ‘Levi ‘Jean..everyone have touch or own you. ‘Jean’ sounds lazy and blue. ‘jeancumlately’ sounds slow and steady…win the race.
    ‘jean’ sound not sexy..very fast…hurry hurry short rushing to somewhere…like mind is elsewhere…wih lover boy.
    ‘jeancumlately’ sound long time can stand..long time to remember forever…..long time that may kill one..dying of heart attack willingly …smiling…making woopie with you.!!
    That’s it….WHERE IS HAWK?????

  764. monsterball says:

    Butuh -butuh -Ghali….What does your nick mean?
    Mine is a one hell of a big ball.
    No does sound like “butoh butoh gila”…..or reserve it…hhhmmmmm…are you a girl???…and mine you…”butoh” in Afrikan language is not offensive.
    I learn “pepak”..”.memak”…from my Indon friends.
    And when I don’t understand what they saying….I reply….”gay”…or ‘burton’ …and everything ok.
    I have so many nick names given by loving friends and enemies.
    ‘taugeh’…you say? Why I love to eat taugeh. Do you know what it is?
    Chicken rice is not complete without taugeh..and so are all the soap mee…meehoon or horfun.
    I guess Rajah trying to say I am small man…..that’s ok.
    Taugeh is also known to be fighting against cancer growth.
    Don’t run away…stay and talk.
    Pardez…must be praying for Anwar day and night.
    She is such a good souo.
    I hope she has learn how to drink Chinese tea professionally by now.

  765. monsterball says:

    There is a very sick guy at
    “Ramadan” post.
    Will you guys…..go help monsterball …to stop him disturbing that site?
    I told him to come here…he ignored.

  766. monsterball says:

    Without HAWK… this snider ….will make my day.
    Go …convince him to come here

  767. Harrison says:

    Good morning semua. Salam Berpuasa. Aiyoh perut lapar. Nescafe satu. Hehehe. Wah Monsterball you were at the PP by-election campaign. That’s great.

  768. kittykat46 says:

    I think I saw Monsterball in Penanti, during the PP campaign…a person who looked like him, anyway….but too far away to go say hi to him.
    Nice car…

  769. monsterball says:

    hahajhahaha ..kittykat..If we met…we could paint the town red together…talking to nice policemen.
    I used to make fun at those guards at Buckingham Palace…guarding the Queen.
    Once they react…the will be replaced and punished!
    Nice car you say?
    Usually nice huge cars arec like coffins hearse……no second hand value…but nice for long distance drive…very safe.

  770. monsterball says:

    YES….my friend…Harrison bin Handsome…I was there!

  771. monsterball says:

    kittykat…I was staying at the Summit Hotel..and my poor 10 NGOs guys and gals were sleeping in a school…with no beds..poor fellas!!.
    Met Rocky ….while he was interviewing the NGOs.
    Very interesting questions and answers…from a non political point of views representatives.
    Kittykat….Summit have nice massages.
    Do you believe it..all are sleeping…then I get up.. .be at the lobby…with my lap top for three hours….taking some snacks….so quiet and nice….with 4 -5 policemen …guarding me…all sleeping…..hahahahahaha

  772. monsterball says:

    Also met Justin and Romerz…two bloggers and my friends from
    “Dr.Hsu’s Forum”….blog.
    Strange..once to talk to each other so much in blogging…..and when we meet …we are like… long lost friends…telling each others our private matters.

  773. Harrison says:

    Today I treat Jean for berbuka puasa lah. Jean has been nice and entertaining for many years. The food is on me. Eat all you can buffet at the Concorde Hotel, KL.
    Oh yeah, please be early ok? Where’s Stenson? Jual mahal? Hahaha. And Su, the blogger who entered here as “nobody” (oblivion) and now she’s proud when her blog is famous???? Just a thought…. Salam…

  774. monsterball says:

    H bin H……Are you imagining jeancumlately will buka puasa with you at Concord ..or real?
    I think in your childhood days…you have alot of nightmares…imagining this and that…even sleep walking to run away from monsterball….hahahahahaha

  775. monsterball says:

    Sophia is best….reading silently…and away from all the crab talk.
    Jeancumlately….from Ijok….is female silat black belt….but never use it…just got the title for show,
    See handsome man…kaki numb…body shiver…..otak out of control.
    And always…find out…it is the wrong man ….again and again.
    That is why..she went to EGYPT…to see her mummy..asking for advises…..haahahaha

  776. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monsterball,
    Summit Hotel in Bukit Mertajam, right ? Not bad. Its located over a shopping complex, BM Plaza. Nothing like KL shopping complexes, but very convenient for visitors.

    Yeah, they have a gym, steam bath and also message.

  777. monsterball says:

    Yes…in Bukit Mertajam….half hour drive to PP. RM170 per night…plus breakfast…..but really worth..RM75… the most.
    But I was really very lucky to get a room. I was ready to pay RM250…..if no choice.
    They said UMNO booked up all rooms. Bullshit!
    So many keDAILan guys there.
    One shouted loudly…’monsterball” sitting at sofa with his wife….went over…chat abit…….a keDAILan man..very open minded…and up to know..I don’t know whom he is.
    It looks like MB of Selangor!!

  778. Harrison says:

    Whenever I switched my computer on I must go to Susan’s blog, but today I go to Susan’s blog without MONSTERBALL? FUNNY…I mean [ ]????

  779. monsterball says:

    You think I am DEAD??
    Wa….you really miss me so much.

  780. sofiairdina says:

    Been a bit busy lately. Jean is back but not really back.

    Hansome, while you were having your break of fast at concorde, you should’ve look across the street and you may find jean somewhere there. She loves the fresh-from-the-pacific oyster but never failed to complain about the price. BTW, she is a bit nervous when hansome is being nice. Calm before a storm kinda thing.

    Wow, sounds like an anwar groupie here. I thought only rock star has that kind of followings.

  781. monsterball says:

    When sophia speaks….it light up my life.
    When jeancumlately speaks…it lights up my heart.
    When Handsome makes me want to brag.
    When kittykat speaks…watch the language…money matters. Right now..he give up stocks and shares.
    When Bamboo river speaks…he is not busy.
    When Whispering 9 speaks…he reminds me of my English language teacher…always marking my grammar ….spelling and composition mistakes.
    No wonder he is not rich or poor. Do not know how to carry balls.
    How sad…not Angut …no ah long…hunk….su … many more.
    I was reading for months…enjoying their wits and talents.
    I am disappointed with Stenson….urging me to come back…now I am back..he disappear.
    I hope I am not chasing all your regulars away.
    If so…tell me…and I will vanish….like I am DEAD!!

  782. Harrison says:

    Was that Pacific-Oyster they are serving? Don’t know well about the denomination of oysters but ahhh, well well, you really hass been rthere have you or telephone there to ask to make your point (haha)? IMy friend parked his car at the opposite of Concorde Hotel up a slope (private parking of Tenaga?) and paid RM10 (kopi money). Did see a lot of jeans-errr-I mean people wearing Jeans. haha.

    Monsterball said that you are a black-belter in Silat. I learned Taekwondo till a blue belt. I by-passed the “yellow-tip” for yellow belt and “green-tip” for green belt due to outstanding sparring acknowledged by a famous KS. Korean
    instructor. It’s great exercise and you don’t have to look for a fight but can freely unleashed your “geram” against your sparring opponents legally. Did I just say “silat”? Geez, looks lik