“View of myself” – not a very nice view, a painting I did of myself 🙂

I think I’ll never stop crying for my country Malaysia – for the racist policies and the repressive laws and for every dirty word that comes out from the mouth of politicians – government or opposition, for every voice that is silenced, and for the silent voices…

I don’t know when I will ever be able to dry my tears…almost 50 years of Independence, but all I feel for my country is anger, coupled with numbness, after the anger subsides…

sign woman 2.gifBelieveNothing.jpg

“My belief” in feminism is very basic, and yet I acknowledge the fact that men are also victims of society. thus my role as a feminist is not to exclude but to be inclusive till men understand that both men and women are equal. this should not be merely rhetorics but should begin with all my relationships…

“BELIEVE NOTHING” and yet do everything you want in life with conviction, with passion, as if there is no tomorrow. And indeed, there is no tomorrow, so love today, and treat every human being as if this is your last day on earth. But above all, be honest, even if it hurts…

It is Jul 12, 2011, and I am writing this:

I’ve been back to Penang, from Bangkok for over a year now, and have gone back to my job as a journalist with Malaysiakini.com. And you know what? I am enjoying it like hell! I am out and tired these days but I love what I do. I’ve been doing lots of paintings and poetry too, plus FACEBOOK, blogging, etc. But I still have time to mourn…haha! Anyway, it’s great to be back, and sad to see things happening in this country too. But remember what they say: the darkest hour is before the dawn…once the sun comes out…it would be a blast!

On Nov 2, 2007, I wrote:

My name is SUSAN LOONE. I am a freelance writer, and an NGO worker/ human rights activist, living in Bangkok. I am NOT a CIA operative nor do I get paid to write in this blog, especially on the Altantuya story (which I had been so often accused of by idiots now leading the Malaysian blogsphere).

In case you are wondering how I make a living, its by working my butts off – by writing and editing articles, reports, etc, for organisations kind enough to appreciate my work.

If you need to know more, e-mail me @ susanloone[at]gmail[dot]com*

Also see my more personal and poetry blog @ www.sloone.blogspot.com *

THANK YOU for giving this blog the time of your day!

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  1. Allan says:

    hi, Susan,
    I’m checking in. But got something to do now.will get back later.
    Allan, sabah

  2. Kavan Ho says:

    Hey! Susan,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Do write more and I shall visit your page as often as I can. Do keep in touch as well.


  3. murthi says:

    you are good …..but as we are malaysians we have to learn to be tolerant……of everything. life has to go on mah.Ignoring is the best weapon atleast for the future of our children.Make do with what we can in our daily life.We are better off than most.

    I do enjoy your views though……Keep it up

  4. SK Chua says:

    Dear Susan,
    I came to know you after reading JeffOoi’s blog about the coup in Thailand. I am quite surprised to learn that you are Malaysian and love your country. I used to love Malaysia for it is the land my late father brought us up and educated us. I am a true blue Malaysian but a very delusioned one. I read all blogs relating to the government’s policy but because of my work, I can’t blog my view. Infact I find solace reading these blogs about the misgivings of our government with a sort of at-least-someone-out there-who-care comfort. I usually cut and paste those comments in my emails to friends, contributing in my own small way to disseminate information and to encourage constructive critism among the people. I hope you will continue to love our country and may be one day, you will return to a better Malaysia!
    God bless!

  5. Kevin Lam says:

    Use to read your writings when you were attached with malaysiakini. Didn’t know you left for Thailand. I return to Malaysia earlier this year and now based in KL. Like you i cried for my country (which is the reason I left) and now that I am back, things seems better than before. Looking deeper beneath the skin, I do not see things change for the better as the racist policies and the repressive laws are in grain and is flows with the new generation. Seems like it is in the blood of every young Malaysian I meet and for that I fear for the future and so not see me bringing up my kids here. In fact Thailand is my dream country and am envy of you, Susan, for being able to relocate there. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that one day. Bottomline, there is more chance of me leaving the country again than staying for good, even leaving for good, with tears n my heart.

  6. A. Gopalan Nair says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks for your very interesting views. I bumped into your blog today and thought i may as well pen a few words to you. Many Malaysians are feeling disgusted at the way the younger generation at the umno youth general assembly – the future leaders of malaysia, conducted themselves. With a kris pointed to the heavens and shouting till the voice went coarse the person speaking also happened to be the Minister of Education of this beloved country. What a shining example for all our school going children !!!

  7. RIDZUAN says:

    nice blog susan….its just not nice but u know what..u r actually writing abt how many millions of us malaysian are feling right now….yeah u got it, the silent majority. But who put these clowns at their place where they can comfortably step on our heads and our children….we are the one. But dont hate malaysia susan…this country is beautiful with a wonderful geoghrapical location…our beloved country is situated in a location where there is no major natural disaster that strikes us. Perfect location given by GOD almighty. The corrupt, ungrateful and half baked govt doesnt resemble MALAYSIA. The country have no turbulence whatsoever but these ill educated, monarchy styled politicians and leaders who come frm father, brother and father in law inherited to sons, kins and son in laws are the real natural disaster lurking at the face of our beautiful country. The malays are wonderful people to live with susan. They are the most good hearted and considerate people ive known on earth compared to other natives in this world. The politicians are the one who is sowing the wind of hatred for their own agenda and many malays know that these politicians are not sincerely fighting for their race as there is nothing to fight in malaysia among races. The cake is so big in this harmonious country and everyone can have a mouthful. but sad to say that that the rakyat including the malays are being conned by these politicians and leaders who is so obsessed with lust and greed, they are willing to eat the cake supposedly be given to 26 million people. just imagine a feast for 26 million eaten by only 3,000 so called reps of the people. full to their stomach nearly reaching the point of exploding but their greed never waver…they still want to eat.and to capitalise and to sustain to the people that what they are doing is right…they mock us by playing with racial sentiments and urging to be the malay heroes who will shed their blood willingly for their race. They sow the wind of hatred in people and when they reap, they reap the whirlwind.
    Points to ponder:
    These politicians are the first one to board a plane and go overseas with their families if the whirlwind begins in malaysia.

    Those who cant go will live in their mansions with the army, police and bodyguards to protect them.

    And guess who will be the warriors who will shed their bloods willingly for the race then…….?

    well, dont keep on guessing malaysians…we know the answers already. hehehe

  8. fida says:

    if you really still love this country we call home, don’t give it up. don’t give it up just because some nutcases trying to show how much they worth.

    i know you would say, the ‘previlleged’ malays are bias when they talk about some of the policies, but the truth is not so many ‘previlleged’ malays becoming rich beyond everything. still, many lives in poverty be it in the kampung or in the city.

    but to me, although i was born as the ‘previlleged’ malays, i still think that i should always concentrate on the good things about others. instead of the differences. i was not even born during ’69 but i’m sure don’t want it to happened again for i sure love my indian and chinese bestfriends.

  9. John says:

    Dear loone,

    I frequently read your blog, I appericate your thoughts.I have met with peoples belonging to different part of the world and most of them have negative thought about their countries. But you are among those people who want to point out the problems of their country to slove them, to make secure their country not to create problem for their country. I love your writing keep it up

  10. sam de silva says:

    hai susan nice reading all your article! i think god will be on the Poor mongolian woaman and justice will prevail.
    i think rayappan’s family too in darkness.
    merry christmas to you .

    god save malaysia!

  11. DARK JUSTICE says:

    Good job chronicling all the high profile murders. I confess i didn’t draw the link myself…all involving one way or another a high profile policitian.Jusdges, Lawyers and cops! your law degrees and badges are just pieces of trash if u serve under such a corrupted system; where justice is denied and crimes covered-up in such a blatant way.

    I like to come to this blog to read ‘real’ news but the more i come the less desired i feel to remain in Malaysia.
    -welcome to corrupted malaysia and you will be treated like Alatantuya-VISIT MALAYSIA YEAR 2007

  12. Abi Sofian says:


    Those who share your views know how bad Malaysia is today. Indeed there are soo many things to highlight on the failures of the politicians especially those with powers. It is quite common for us to be unhappy with many things not going our way, but is our way really the right way? Is our way the only way things ought to be? Is our view the fairest to all and sundry? No one government is perfect. Yes some may be perfect in certain areas but definitely not in other areas. It is the way of life with so many roads to a destination. I am sure those who did what they did to ‘offend’ the others have their own reason which to them seem valid, reasonable and fair. I can put so many examples but perhaps at another time. The point I m making is, Susan, other people whom we dont agree with also feel the same way about us like the way we view them.
    Human rights, feminism et al are ok so long as they are taken in moderation. It is so often the case that in trying to be contrary to certain view people go to the opposite extreme. Not too few people take the tree for the Forest.

  13. Ernesto Newell says:

    What an interesting blog site! You give a different insight to the whole matter of the blatant murder of the Mongolian lady compared to the news we read over here. Somehow or other, the One up there will ensure that the truth will eventually prevail.
    I intend to visit your other blog site which I am sure would be as refreshing as this is.
    Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  14. Keropok says:

    What a remarkable blog. I truly value your insights and opinions on some very critical issues that so many in Malaysia are so keen on ignoring.

    As a nation we need to swallow the lump in our throat, speak up and acknowledge the ‘pink suede elephant in the centre of the room’ that nobody wan’t to talk about.

    Watching Razak Baginda’s case with keen interest. Believe me when I say, the big news isn’t even out yet!

  15. joeyi says:

    this is exactly how I feel the tears flowing…actually it just so happened to be that I have chosen the eye with tears flowing for my IM…and this is my first time I have seen your blog, just a few minutes ago.

  16. JUNAIDAH78 says:



  17. sickman says:

    After all the investigative work you and all the contributors have done in this blog, do you think the Malaysians of all races will revolt against what is happening to this wonderful country of ours called Malaysia?

    This could be in the form of voting for independents, grass roots movements, internet, or any means to accomplish the change of direction our country is heading or is it too late and the general population will just accept the results of this “injustice system”. Only god will decide!

  18. semuatipu says:

    WAWASAN 2020 is only a dream that will deliver the first Malaysian to make tea tarik in space /the probility of been left behind are quite high as the lightyears it ll take for the last drop of the tea tarik to be collected,he could be the only bumiputra left in our universe if he could manage to hitchhike back.Science as taught by my science teacher in SMHZA in Penang

  19. semuatipu says:

    Abi Sofian on ‘our way the only way things ought to be? Is our view the fairest to all and sundry? No one government is perfect.’
    We knew we couldnt get a perfect goverment,we BEG for fairness,isnt that s moderation.As long as u r on ur discounted gravy train there will always be light at the end of the forest

  20. true taliban says:

    im migrating to Saudi Arabia and you guys dont disturb me.Coz this is the only place in the the world i can expect peace and love the islamic way!

  21. anti bn says:

    Susan can you write something about Badawi’s latest 30 million ringgit boat in turkey?As our government control news papers did not publish anything, so pls enlighten us thank you.

  22. stenson chin says:

    dear susan,

    Each time i think of my beloved country sinking deeper n deeper into
    muddy pit,my heart bleeds.How could GOD allows this beautiful country falls into the hands of self righteous corruptible freaks.How could we malaysians turn blind eyes into these blatant abuses of polititians n so called religious zealots.Please help us susan….

  23. sungame says:

    Thank you for an interesting and most important blog!

    In the summer of 2004 I spent two weeks in Sabah, and was quite taken aback by the strange and wonderful conglomerate of Malaysia. All the peoples, religions, traditions and cultures making up this complex society seemed just like a dream. Soon enough I started to realize that the official face of Malaysia really was to good to be true. Sure enough, it really IS a wonderful country, but there are huge problems the government (rather efficiently) try to hide, both from its own subjects and from foreigners. This blog points out some of the most important issues keeping Malaysia from realizing its full potensial today, and may help many westerners realize that the glossy post card image of Malaysia the government agencies are showing us are far from the whole picture.

  24. bamboo river says:

    BLOG ….Bring Loads Of Goodies for plain guy like me.
    Keep it Up ! Susan.

  25. greenfacejojo says:

    Hi Susan,
    U are God send representative for those “Silent Malaysian” (including myself). What spurred me to surf the www for Altantuya case, was part of the context of today’s frontpage story ……… on page N8……..(When counsel read out the next day’s events but skipped the part that Razak had gone to the DPM’s office for official reason, Justice Segara said: Why did you skipped that? There is nothing to worry.) ……. Thereafter, I searched ….. “Altantuya murder case” and WOW, your blog appeared right smack on my screen……. at least now I read with my own eyes rather than just by ear on “Speculations” regarding THE case. Keep up your good work and the famous term: “No Fear or Favour” be with you always.

  26. nice blog. one for the favorites’ list.

  27. maxwell says:

    just to have to leave this not behind.

    everything about this country is great.

    just the other day, i read that we are the best tourist destination on this planet.

    malays, malaysians are the best kind of people in the world.

    do we have a tradition of literary criticism?

    do we have a traditon of critique?

    has our country ever produced a well known critic of our culture…way of life …values?

    no… that is because the malaysian way of life and culture and values are flawless…they deserve no criticism

    very rarely in the course of human history that one would encounter a race and civilisation such as the malay civilisation that one cannot find anything to be critical about.

    so what is wrong with you –bloggers– ???

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with this country.

    otherwise why do you think there are so many foreigners who are willing to marry the people from this land.

    you think they are stupid ah?


    the present pm is great. the former one was great too. in fact all the pms are great. they just keep getting better.

    nep is beautiful. it should be continue indefinitely.

    culture and tradition are to be respected and cannot be questioned.

    there will be towering malays/malaysians by 2020 as promised.


    believe in the local media. trust your neighbouring journalist.

    they and only they have the ability to tell the truth.

    hey why do you want to look for the truth when it is deliver to your doorsteps every morning.

    don’t listen stories that life is better in overseas-malaysian democracy and way of life is still unbeatable.

    keep all your investments here. support malaysia. support the government. support the local press. support the local developers. buy a house here. support the second home programme.

    brain drain? that is the untruth! malaysian education is so much better. let them leave. we produce outstanding As students every year. in fact there is so much of them now. so if some of them want to leave let them do so. we still have plenty.

    and lastly, i leave these word behind:

    if the world does not look rational to you, look rationally at it, and it will appear rationally to you–from gwf hegel, philosophy of history.

  28. wits0 says:

    Whatta blind author was James Hilton claiming Shangri-La is in the Himalayas when all the while it is in Malay-sia! The Lost Horizon? We are within it all the while – paradise on Earth!

  29. sungame says:

    Maxwell: Is this some kind of joke?

    “no… that is because the malaysian way of life and culture and values are flawless…they deserve no criticism”

    If it is, then I am to stupid to get it. If it is not, you really scare me….

  30. zorro-unmasked says:

    Murthi, no you cannot just sit tight and accept all the rubbish dished out and you refuse to make a stand because it is for your kid’s sake. What about VALUES that we as parents must impart to our kids. Am just sorry that you fence-sit….can be a painful preoccupation and it can be painful if you sit too long on the fence! If we do not stand up to be counted our crazed politicians will put up barbed-wire fences….and you will still sit on those fences. Only God can help your butt. Our impressionalbe kids always look to us as examples.They may even sit on those razor-sharp fences.Yes, I am angry but I dont hate you my Malaysian brother.

  31. Bayasaa says:

    Dear Susan,

    God bless your heart!
    I just wanted to say thank you for what you’ve done for the two young boys who lost their mother in the hands of criminals.
    I have one question for you–is there any involvement from the government of Mongolia in terms of investigating this case? I have no idea how the justice system in Malaysia work. Since you are familiar with the system what would you suggest to the people of Mongolia to help to solve this crime and help those boys to get what they deserve?
    Thank you for your time

  32. maxwell says:

    dear sungame,

    seriously, have you ever seen a tradition of literary critique flourishing in our society?

    maybe i shouldn’t use the word flawless…

    one thing i know for sure, although i am not familiar with much of the local literature: that is so far we have yet to see a major literary figure criticising our way of life, thinking, culture, and values.

    maybe i am wrong and there are some critics, how well publicised are their views and how well accepted are they by the authorities?

    in china, at the dawn of the 20th century, there was a writer called lu xun, who is regarded by the chinese government today as the heart and soul of chinese literature, although his works demolished conficianist beliefs and systems.

    but we are malaysians. since we have yet to see a tradition of critique in the country, that means what we are doing is right and works–so what is there to criticise?

    so far i have only seen positive affirmation and positive appraisal of our way of lie, culture, values, and tradition.
    my god, it is amazing to see how we revere tradition and customs…no matter how archaic these traditons and customs are…

    in this country, from the culture of the dominant political group to the culture of the various ethnic communities, reverence for tradition and customs is strongly adhered to…

    criticisms of traiditions and customs is regarded as sensitive….embarassment….to the other

    the conclusion: since there has been no crticisms, then what we are doing must be right—so why criticise?

    in the west, you see ordinary white citizens with liberal leanings marching hand in hand with the blacks to fight against apartheid and uphold civil rights…

    do you see such things happening here?

    and that is good man. it shows that the government of the day works.

    but in any political order where there is too much control from the above on, there is bound to be some sort of rebelling energy that tries to break free…
    this you see in the indulgence of black metal music, motor cycle gangs, alternative lifestyles…
    i believe if you were to interview the participants of this rebellious group, you will find that they are more or less the same–conservative and supportive of establishment.(but this sporadic outburst of rebellion from the younger generation cannot be equated nor compared with the counter-culture movement of the sixties, influenced by a new wave of movement in the arts, literarure, music, and leftist intelectual beliefs…
    (in 1930s in germany, sporadic outburst of such energies was manipultated, transformed, and incorporated into the nazi party)

    the fundamental flaw of the western thought.

    from plato/aristotle to foucault/derrida, western thought is characterised by its binary nature.

    plato–there is always a world of forms and a world of imperfect forms

    aristotle-forms are incorporated into the natural world..and all living things purpose is to achieve the forms or the potential, as it is known in the aristotelian system..

    descartes-the world of the mind and the physical world are separated

    hegel-self-consciousness arises only because of the confrontation of another consciousness

    marx-history develops as a result of class struggles–i.e. feudal v.s capitalistic…

    foucault/derrida–there is always the other…if there is reason, there is madness…one cannot live without each other…

    even the chinese thinks in terms of yin and yang!

    the beauty of malaysian thought–the malaysian way…there is only oneness…one person does the thinking for all…that is why we pay taxes right.

    why should i think if that job has already been outsourced to the dominant political group?

    and as always–from gwf hegel’s philosophy of right:

    if the world looks irrational to you, look at it rationally, and it will look rationally back at you.

  33. monsterball says:

    hey my friend Zorror…Don’t be too hard on Murthi.
    He can turn out to be the wisest person amongst all of us….but I think you know me by now……I am totally on your side.
    Take care.

  34. tiputipu says:

    From what u have mention i m pretty sure u not very familliar with our ie culture or literature,and the ISA.Allow us to have our day get rid of our frustration,you are a smart enought to know this are human being desire Expression of interest. Anyway,i vote Malaysia as a best tourist destination because that allow me to go into a draw for 2 airticket,the crucial part being the ticket

  35. maxwell says:

    dear tiputipu,

    i know and perhaps uderstand too well in the tradition, culture, customs,…in this country.

    nothing is going to change in this country for a very very long time…how long that is, i don’t even know…probably never.

    isa will always be in place, regardless whether the opposition come into power or not…if its ever replaced, it will just be replaced by something else called by a different name…

    culture–the collective mode of attidues, way of life, traits of ethnic groups, that shape the economy and destiny of the country cannot be brushed aside overnight and give way to changes…

    this is so because there lacks a tradition of critique in this country, a tradition of self-examination, a critical re-evaluation of our culture and values.
    any such attempt is regarded as causing embarassment….
    and malaysians cannot be easily embarassed…they don’t like that and they don’t react well to that.

    therefore the malaysia boleh spirit, which epitomises very well the core beliefs the country’s culture…

    the mighty qing dynasty that ruled for almost four hundred years in china collapsed because of the age-old confucianist belief and value systems and the country’s unwillingness to change….

    at the turn of the century, physician turned author, lu xun wrote a short novel called the real story of ah q…

    what was wrong with china was summarised in the character ah q-a peasant.
    ah q, a man from the peasant class with little education and no definite work, was arrogant and like to believe that he has won despite having faced defeat and humiliation.
    he was also a bully of the less fortunate but fearful of those who are above him in rank, strength or power.
    ah q was executed in the end for participating in a crime.

    writers like lu xun prompted change in chinese culture…

    how to bring about changes here when there is an absence of self-critique?

    no, criticisms hurled by oppositon party leaders against the existing political order do not count.

    opposition parties also cannot escape the all pervasive influence of culture..after all politicians from the opposition camp also come from specific ethnic communities…
    if the superstructure of culture do not change then how can individuals of that society also change?

    you may want change, bloggers may want change…but change is not going to happen just because you want them to…

    point number two–do not think and assume that the election process is the key determinant of democracy in a country…

    democracy cannot work without education…

    in the 1870s, germany introduced universal suffrage not because the authorities believed in democracy…its chancellor bismarck introduced universal suffrage to defeat the liberals in the parliament to further secure and strengthen the conservatism of the political order.

    the election process is not a good indication of whether a country is democratic or not.

  36. maxwell says:

    a world of ah qs

    a good instance of how ah q mentality operates in this country…

    you notice how people here are obsessed with titles..to the extent that they pay for them…

    they buy datuks, datuk seri, tan sris…..more recently –actually not so recent–started sometime back, they buy doctorate and honorary doctorate…many don’t even know the distinction between a doctorate and a honorary doctorate….many don’t even know english or have a proper secondary education much less a tertiary education…

    isn’t that disgusting—well that is ah q mentality, a combination of arrogance and ignorance….

    some malaysians realise this…so they started doing something long time ago–something which their forefathers also did–they migrated…

    blogs such as this may attempt to initiate critical evaluation, but it is not going to matter much …only a minority may agree but the majority will be resistant to change as the cultural order of the day is firmly entrenched

  37. wits0 says:

    Maxwell sez, “isn’t that disgusting—well that is ah q mentality, a combination of arrogance and ignorance….”

    and earlier, “how to bring about changes here when there is an absence of self-critique?”

    Heartily agree with these two observations….these self perpetuating straitjacket coccoon clinging and the self-satisfied smugness of a herd.

    However being self-indulently impervious to change which would advance a society does not necessarily mean that Change would not be unexpectedly forced upon a society. It’s a question of time and unexpected events, as well as whether a society does it the hard way or the easy way. An economic reversal, e.g., will force changes of some painful sort.

    The Red Indians of the North American Plains surely didn’t expect to be changed by the White man.

    While often extolled for their nobility by some writers, they occlude that their society also contained clearly ugly inhuman elements as well. Example, when a warrior is killed in battle, his widow is left in complete desolation – deprived of everything which is the striped clean by his tribe. That was their tribal law.

    Nothing remains unchangeable in this World. The question is whether Man can slot himself correctly and harmoniously with the Process of Change. Heck! The Bolehland Psyche is basically way backward and too ignorantly smug and stiff to understand a simple overidding Reality of Life.

  38. wits0 says:

    What prople like Susan is doing is to light a candle rather than curse the Darkness.

    For this alone there is worthwhile Spiritual merits accrued, even if nothing else appears to have been achieved.

  39. maxwell says:

    dear witso,

    ‘However being self-indulently impervious to change which would advance a society does not necessarily mean that Change would not be unexpectedly forced upon a society. It’s a question of time and unexpected events, as well as whether a society does it the hard way or the easy way. An economic reversal, e.g., will force changes of some painful sort’-witso

    changes will definitely occur. no doubt.

    change is very subjective….how do we say what is for the better and how do we say what is for the worst…

    let us do this point by point.

    1. depending on where you are coming from–
    there are two views:

    a) changes in the direction of progress (as measured and endorsed in the secular modern capitalist world) and

    b) changes that goes the other direction (from the viewpoint of the progressive modern capitalistic world, such change is winding back the clock) but from the viewpoint of a conservative order, it is such a secular modern world that is bad.

    2. changes will indeed take place in this country. but what type of changes? the one that follows the modern progressive trend or the one that is going the reverse direction?

    3. i believe–strongly believe–that changes in the reverse direction have started.

    4. if you find that you have problems with going the reverse direction, then you have two options:
    a) read more on conservatism and about the defects of a modern secular state, so you won’t have any aversion for a conservative order and feel more at home in it.
    b) depending on your financial status and professional status, migrate.
    the ‘a’ option is cheaper: and i can also help you to source for such books.

    4. for me i am not wealthy and i am not eligible for migration in the professional category.
    a professor of mine once imparted to me these very enlightening words: ‘when you go back, convert and keep quiet’.

    on liberal intellectuals

    i was told there are now a growing number of liberal intellectuals in the country.
    there are some big name liberal intellectuals-most i find are lawyers-who contribute regularly to the newspaper and have published books.
    there is one who cites quotes from walter benjamin, an early 20th century german intellectual who committed suicide.
    i wonder how much this guy understand benjamin or is he merely name dropping.
    put it this way, benjamin and the frankfurt school is not exactly a hot topic at local universities-mainly because benjamin and the frankfurt school is associated with western marxism.
    well known economics prof ks jomo, for example, is not well treated here precisely because of his ‘left’ intellectual affliations.
    but all this aside, i don’t see these liberal intellectuals speak out in public against discrimination.
    and yet they can quote walter benjamin in their works.
    in the 1960s, white liberals stood behind the black community to struggle for civil rights.
    they stood against policies enacted by their white government.


    changes will come, but not the kind you are expecting.

    lighting a candle in the dark.

    i think many malaysians already have their candles lightened up already.

    the question is which direction they want to go when the times come.

  40. tiputipu says:

    What going on?at first u say there be no change,then u say there will be changes .Majority vsMinority thingy .To many conclusion muddy the mind.My Dad taught me to believed in myself i dont need to be remind by philosophy.

  41. maxwell says:


    when i first talk about no changes can be expected here, i meant no changes in the positive direction.–as defined by the secular modern capitalist world.

    but that does not mean there won’t be any changes at all.

    i believe that the only type of change we can expect here is one which would be extremely conservative in nature…–not that this is bad. as i say, it all depends on where you are coming from.

    believing in oneself is good. but the belief in a ‘self’ is branch of philosophy….there are philosophies which does not accord the self an important status and even reject such a notion.
    in fact everything you do and everything around us has to do with philosophy.

    so why not for a start go to a bookstore and get a good introductory book on philosophy and start reading. at least you will learn something.

  42. tiputipu says:

    reading books by philosopher will drive me mad.I m not good with words but at the least my unfiltered ‘self’opinion are from my thought not from some silly wise men or women.believing in oneself as not an ‘important status’but as a paramount status,that me philosophy help yourself before you help other selfish i dont think so.

  43. maxwell says:


    no need to say anymore. no need to post anymore also. i rest my case. topic close.

    this is the reason why after 50 years of nation-building, we are sliding backwards.

    good luck to the bloggers who believe they can do something to change things.

    in the future if things really do change, your names will go down into history of this nation as the vanguards/pioneers of an intellectual and cultural revolution.

    for those who have yet to read syed akbar ali’s to digress a little and malaysia and the club of doom grab a copy of both books…

    much of the ah q mentality brought up is discussed in to digress a little…it is not called ah q mentality there….but it has alot to say about the malaysia boleh mentality which is more or less the same thing.

    malaysia and the club of doom may become ban soon because of the issues that it deals…

    it is selling like hotcakes at the moment.

  44. tiputipu says:

    Apart from collective opinion,hardly any individual opinion are capable of being accepted in our soceity (note your earlier comment about positive affirmation/appraisal-rainbow colour sunglasses) Remember my opinion cant change the world yours too but they are all useful.LaoTze says; let life ripen and fall will is not the way at all’Or is it ah qs?I will miss your intellectual discussion!

  45. wits0 says:

    Indeed, individual opinions and ideas won’t (visibly)change the world. Only unnecessary big egos and politicians think theirs can. The wise already realized that. But the freeflow of ideas and opinion is absolutely necessary to contribute (hopefully) to somehow raise the consciousness of the masses eventually by a tiny weeny amount otherwise the lowest common denominator wrt understanding can surely only degrade even more all the way. Devious governance revel only in easy rule through herdish supports……it thinks in terms of gross self interests through intellectual inhibition of individuals.

  46. pickleshane says:

    Hi Susan,
    Malaysia has yet to be a perfect country, but I would call it a blessed land in spite of and despite all the stupidity that goes on.

    Besides, it is one of the top 20 happiest countries in the world.

    I sound naive and simplistic, but it’s something I want to believe in.


  47. cindy says:

    Hi Susan,

    Just want to let you know I stopped by from time to time. I love reading your articles and would like to thank you for all the good information I can get about our country, Malaysia.

    Oh, I also “stole” your Bloggers United logo and paste it on my blog. 😀

    Have a nice day, God bless.

  48. abdulmoeyra says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks a lot. Your blog inspiring me to write more about my country.
    “Write for freedom”.


  49. Simonne says:

    Susan, your blog is really inspiring, thank you. I’ll be back soon to read more.

  50. Nelson CF says:

    It is a tragedy to this country if good man & woman to do nothing. Doing nothing is the worst like the no eyes, no ears, no mouth monkeys. Good men & woman who does not speak up (do not want to speak),do not hear(do not want to hear)and do not see (do not want to see),is a sure guarantee for bad politicians, corrupt officilas,evil people,double talking government,hyprocrites YAB to strive. Keep up your good work. we listen & our intelligence & conscience will one day wipe off those evil deeded things from our beloved country.

  51. Don'tcryfoMe Mal says:

    Very touching Su.

    Then agin, it’s Malay’s Sia after all.

    Wait 4 a thousand years perhaps, when it comes Asliland!

    No offence intended.

    As they say, that’s life.

    No more crying for Argie Mal.

  52. Tim says:

    Just wanted to drop a note to say how much I love your site redesign.

  53. abarclay12 says:

    Nice site. I love that crazy cat firing the machine gun. I didn’t know cats were so skilled with weaponry.

  54. Aimi Ho says:

    I like your blog; its informative 🙂
    Never lose hope, Malaysians!!

  55. RANJIT SINGH says:

    Susan..how are you ? sudah 3 minggu saya keluar negara dan tak sempat layari Blog anda…Sekarang anda sudah ada rumah baru…ia chantik dan amat menarik…Terus menulis…Good Girl don’t cry…salam…

  56. stcin says:

    it’s sad to read bad comments on this country over a murder case which occurs every miniut in every country ! things could be different if ONLY lky could rule from 1965 !

  57. cdason says:

    Well, nice blog…

    Malaysia is Malaysia.. Ur not alone..and keep it up..

  58. Desmond~ says:

    It’s nice to know that someone do care about our country. Keep up the good and noble work.


  59. anggara says:

    greeting from Indonesia

  60. opospa says:

    Hi Susan.
    I am a Thai working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    I feel that there are huge differences between Thailand and Malaysia. In all factors. From politics to the society.
    Well, still can’t really use to it yet. I feel pity for the people here.
    Good Luck to you and your country mate.

  61. Un-D-sided says:

    Hi Susan,
    Have to say that I am a ‘late bloomer’ in terms of discovering blogsites.

    I now live in the UK and reading your blog – understand the sadness you feel. I was contemplating moving home by Chrsitmas, but the more I read about the ‘jokers’ running the country, the more I feel that staying away is perhaps the best thing for my sanity.

    To everyone else, tell me there is hope.

  62. sam says:

    Dear Susan,

    There’s a need for an international awareness on the situation in Malaysia as there was in the case of Darfur.

  63. Quah Seng-Sun, Tel: (60)12-4703700 says:


    Thanks for dropping by my blog today!

    SS Quah
    Penang, Malaysia

  64. tan yong hwe says:

    Hi! Susan,
    Interesting facts told in your blogs. The world is now so informative compared to 500-600 years ago. People are spreading updates like wild fires.
    But does this change much as compared to the sufferings of our ancestors when they were ruled by rulers/kings who are just about the same. If our ancestors can speak their minds out now, we will probably be hearing the same grouses about their rulers then. Do you agree?. So, how do we make our current lifes better?. Probably, most of us won’t be around in 20-30 years from now. What will our descendant think bout us then?. Just a bunch of grouchy beings venting our frustrations or who take positive steps to rid of unfair justice.

  65. jack says:

    Keep up the good work. Thank you

  66. eteraz says:

    Dear Susan and Elizabeth,

    I’m a reformist Muslim blogger in the US and often read your blogs.

    I am concerned about the rise of Shariah law in Malaysia. However, I do not know the facts. Can you please comment on this situation? I would love to learn your thoughts.


    A. Eteraz

    CC’d to Elizabeth Wong

  67. hercules says:

    Hi Su,

    The sad thing about this country is that I and many other Malaysians, born and bred here doesn’t feel this is our country anymore. It hurts when you see young politicians play the racial card, and it hurts that a lot of naive Malaysians out there will fall and play to their game.

    People like that should be put behind bars for the good and unity of all Malaysians.

  68. Teruntum Kid says:

    Susan u r doing a great job. Continue with your beliefs. U get my support. Good luck n may God bless u.

  69. tsaari says:

    Salut Susan,

    Many congrats to you and your continued efforts! Just happened to browse through you blog and it’s very inspiring- you obviously carry deep passion, intelligence and spirit.

    Nice to see another woman who will speak/write her mind, no matter who challenges her- bravo!

    Keep the Strength and many safe Journeys-


  70. Zuriyah says:

    Hi Susan,
    If u read this note kindly reply me by sending me an email. I really want to hear something from u.. I know we are not close enough..but if you remember “PILUT”.. I am one of her friend. Even though we know in a short time but the memories in KL 7-8 years ago with Mano… really “MELEKAT” in my mind until now. Love ur blog!
    May GOD bless U in every way.

  71. bibomedia says:


  72. sakthi says:

    Landed on your site by reference. Superlative! Will come again for a detail read.

  73. unbreakable spotlite says:

    Been doing some research on women’s blogger recently and this is a Great blog and I love the politics topic so much!!!
    Kindly send me any comment regards to the research…jx an opinion about being a women’s blogger and all…

  74. georgelimsk says:

    good job susie !!! keep up the hard work..

    from penang, malaysia

  75. Hi SuSan,

    I love the bravery you have to point out the problems of your country and how to solve them. Problems are in every country. It is present everywhere. There is only difference in the level of problems. I would say the problem in my country is worser than your country.

    Keep up on blogging. I added you in my blogroll.


  76. Baikong says:

    Hi Susan,

    I just want to inform you that I really appreciate you as a woman so I added you to the Top 10 Best Women Blogger with Influence. Check this link…


    Keep blogging 🙂

  77. Shahrzad says:

    I love your country. It’s a nice, peaceful and beautiful country. What you say here is very new for me. There are many debates about my own country in the blogsphere too and some of them are big lie really.
    I would like to continue visiting your blog to get what you mean about rascism etc.
    Btw, I can not accept feminism is a belief. Maybe i write a post on feminism in my blog.. 🙂

    Take care and Happy Easter to you..

  78. albatro says:

    Dear Susan,

    I just discovered this blog of yours mrely by chance, as I were about to create some other specific blogs on WordPress.
    You can rely on my – free, if no money comes in and as long as is for your personal pleasure/need – help as for translations into good, modern Italian.
    I would like to get you link to little big Italy, baby, if you like…

    ‘Arrivederci e buona fortuna’ (‘So long and good luck’ in Italian).

  79. billauchris says:

    Dear Susan

    I was recently introduced to access your blog-site and I find the comments and contributions of your readers interesting and invigorating.

    You are wise to operate your blog from outside the country otherwise barbaric actions like raids would have been initiated, confiscated all your equipment and probably put you behind bars.

    Legal action had been taken against Raja Petra who had been slammed with damages of close to RM4 million by the High Court of Malaysia. I feel that such action is really terrible. And boggers of the world should come to the rescue to publicise the matter and if need be to raise funds to help Raja Petra to pay for his legal fees for appeals to the apex court and whatever damages that may be imposed subsequently.

    I am sure Raja Petra will be much consoled. Let us get together behind you Susan to lend moral and fdinancial support to Raja Petra. Let us give the anti-bloggers a good fight.

  80. Jagdev Singh says:

    Our country needs us now ,,,the next generation needs us to do the right thing now so that they can be at peace…we all need to go out on adaily basis and papred the word that we will jot accept anything less than a malysian malaysia…not a malay, chinese, indian or islamic malysia…we want a united and peaceful malaysia but we need the courage to speak out in the streets, schools, places of work, places of worshipto our friends and enemies of all races that we will never accept anything else…let there be threats, abuse , name calling by some racists but iour words will surely resonate with the majority and cone the next election….we will have our malaysian voice in the corridors of power.

  81. artemus22 says:

    Dear Susan,

    Your blog has become my daily news provider. I prefer to hear from you than the local media. Your work is an eye opener. I admire your courage, hard work and determination to ‘awake’ and ‘enlighten’ the whole nation of Malaysia. Keep up the good work!

    May You Be Well and Happy Always.

    Love you, Susan.

  82. sam_marine says:

    Hi there great site. BTW, won’t it be better to put a face (yours) on your website instead of some goofy painting or pics.


  83. Lea Cruz says:

    Dear Susan

    Your blog is now my main source for news in Malaysia, the country which I called Home. Your blog is the BEST OF ALL, where I could get so much uncensor information about M’sia rather than other malaysian online newspapers. Lately, I became so much aware of what is going on in our country, it is indeed an eye opener that your blog serves most of us who live oversea.

    I read your blog daily without fail regardless how busy I was. IT IS A MUST READ blog. I shared this blog with many friends of mine. They too enjoyed reading it than the newspapers.

    Please keep writing and will miss you very much if you don’t. You are our daily Vitamin to keep us strong….hahaha

    Thank you so very much, Susan. Stay Healthy Always and May God Bless You.

  84. YC says:

    Great blog where i can read all with ease and not being choked by spin doctors nowadays

  85. Jt says:


    Malaysia is blessed to have you to love her.

  86. Erina says:

    Dear Susan,
    I’m really sorry for pasting your article on my blog without your acknowledgement. Even more horrible, I acknowledge someone else as the author. Please accept my apology, it’s a careless mistake and I have corrected it. I will give my best to avoid it from happening again in future. Anyway, I enjoy your blog and I think you are a brave person. Have a nice day Susan.

    Erina (www.dompuranku.blogspot.com)

  87. Mohamed Daud says:

    Dear Susan;

    I happen to come across you blog by chance – By reading your blog, I am convinced that you are a sincere person – Who is hoping/working to make Malaysia a better place to be. I also have some views and thought;

    20-30 years ago Malaysia was among the few rising economic tigers in the region. Our level of development, science, football team were at par with Thailand, Japan and Korea. Then we found petroleum – but these countries didn’t. Over the last decade we already got nearly a trillion ringgit from petrol. What are the results of the new found wealth?

    1.We didn’t reach the developed status – All those country reached the status (Korea, taiwan, HK, Japan, singapore). Thailand and Indonesia are overtaking us now.

    2. Negatively impacting our economic level, savings, and other money matters… they are at least 5 times better than us.

    3.Our education level stalled – Our neighbours leached the world class education level, scientific achievements… Just look at Samsung, hundai, temasik, NUS.

    4.Turn our governing system haywire – In Korea, hong kong, singapore… even politicians and big shots has to be careful. They can even go to jail.

    WHAT A CURSE – the trillion ringgit petrol dolar. Could it be that some people keep this trillion ringgit somewhere in foreign banks?

  88. hazel says:

    Dear Susan,
    Came across your blog after reading Zorro-unmasked’s. I enjoy reading your writings, please keep up the good work

  89. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Susan,
    Sincere apologies about jumping into your blogsite un-announced about a week ago.
    Yours truly, never intended to blog – ever! But going through the pains of watching our beloved nation wracked over the past few months after GE12, i decided to lay down that promise.
    Came upon your site and decided that it’s one of the most enlightened regarding the ‘shits’ we have been put thru.
    Being a child of the 70’s, non-bumi ‘professional with a common prefix’ (whatever that means) but ‘made it’ within this benighted system – i share the digust that most of us feel about how things have devolved thru the yrs.
    Most of us at our age and educational ‘status’ may be deemed as the ‘silent minority’ – somewhat blessed – but no more, we are here to help out with the birth pangs of a new nation and deliver our own generation’s promise and hope which we have so far failed to do.
    I beg your indulgence, for it is now time to kick out the liars, hypocrites and deceivers. War in cyberspace? Never thought i’ll live to see it!

  90. ABGRAM says:

    thanks susan..

  91. tryer says:

    just wondering if it’s time for you to show us your face susan,
    almost 3million hits already.
    i believe you look like us!

  92. dips says:

    Well good blog ms. susan. keep it up!

  93. Casey says:

    Dear Susan,
    I got into your blog a few weeks ago, but only recently decided to join in with your readers to make a comment or two. You can write beautifully, and have acquired wide experience in many topics. I seem to be able to share many thoughts that have been lying dormant in me. Keep up your good work.

    Your underlying prinicple in “Do not believe” seems to be derived from Buddha’s Kalama Sutra… which also have the same spirit of enquiry. Though by your writings, you appear to me to be positively “charged” and thus to begin with DO NOT… is not in your character. A case in point is Jesus positive attitude of asking people DO UNTO OTHERS…… versus Confucius ” DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS…

    This is the reason why in the Kalama Sutra, the Buddha , though started it as DO NOT BELIEVE…. but he concluded the Sutra as Believe only if….
    May all beings be well
    May all beings be happy.

  94. yet says:

    I think police is blocking your website.
    No wonder people are complaining you rejected the postings.

  95. donplaypuks says:

    Dear Susan

    I have not had a problem b4 this last week. Now none of my comments get published when I click on the ‘submit comment’ button. I have tried re-loading your website fesh from the net and it still does not work. Any suggestions?

    I also think your are right about Chaptokam who posts Phd length thesis on every blog in sight. Another irritant is rajraman who always writes as though he’s had 15 Guiness Stouts – can’t make head or tale most times.
    donplaypuks at http://donplaypuks.blogspot.com

  96. james chua says:


    Thank you for helping all Malaysians.



  97. Baskaran says:

    hi susan,
    just to say thank you for all your contributions and articles for us to read. keep on the good work and give us more. I must say I LOVE you.

  98. Nita says:

    As I read your post, I felt it could be about India. India too is suffering and my heart bleeds for it. I like you style of writing and will keep in touch with your writing.

  99. Nita says:

    As I read your post, I felt it could be about India. India too is suffering and my heart bleeds for it. I like your style of writing and will keep in touch with your writing.

  100. tryer says:

    hi susan. ignore my above post.
    i wouldnt do so too.

  101. Michael says:

    Your views and opinions are well shared and truly heartfelt by common M’sian. Keep it up.

  102. vinns7 says:

    Hi Sloone,

    Accidentally gone in to your blog last month, and it’s now a “daily affair”. QUITE interesting, I should say.

    Browse back your trip to Paris. I have been to Paris many, many times. Something to do with Pierre Cardin then.

    You know, I have never lost my way in Paris before, but I always lost my way in KL. I’m from JB.

    you said ………… ‘how the french refused to speak english – even my swiss friend petra had warned me that i would be ‘ignored’ by the french if i didn’t speak their language’.

    Remember I once asked a French lady whether she speaks English, she said she speaks “Little English”.


  103. WILSON says:

    Hi Susan,

    Is it true about Raja Petra being assaulted? No news yet from M-Today. We’re all anxious to know and we’re all praying it’s not true.

  104. VanGogh says:

    Thank you for this blog. It is easy to read, without too much information to kill your interest. A picture says a 1000 words is true in this connected world. Keep those pictures coming in. Some captions will definitely help. Also the sharing of others within your blog is great. Keep the good work going.

  105. rajraman says:

    susan for allowing to whack this educated donplaypuks.
    At least you allow me to learn and accept my posting althou the educated half past six keep on asking u how to use wordpress
    for his personal blogs.

    For publicity i assumed – but he his a good writer but childish.

    You are a fair lady.
    Goodday .
    “may the serene smile of buddha bless u”
    raj raman666.also known as raj raman.

  106. rajraman666 says:

    As usual i forget to add,
    Your own drawing – like a pure artist.
    will be valuable one day.

    The most interesting part in your ugly looking picture is the ” “SHINNING LIKE A STAR” eye.

    Maybe you are pretty or not is not a issue for me but your shinning eye,
    Shows that u are care for every human.(i am not bodek u okay),
    if you can recall i do whack u also.

    rajraman.will give credits and debit also to whoever.thats why i think i add rajraman666.

  107. cikna says:

    hi susan,

    today is the first time i visited your blog and quite interesting reading all the articles.

  108. eideard says:

    Susan – the first time I was arrested for political beliefs, for opposing racist policies, I was 50 miles from my nation’s capitol, Washington, DC.. Arrested for sitting down with a Black friend of mine in a store and trying to purchase a couple of Cokes.

    That was 49 years ago. The crimes haven’t stopped. My nation behaves even more arrogantly towards others than they did back then. And I will not stop fighting.

    Be assured you will receive more love and happiness in your life from opposing criminals than joining with them in their greed.

    Rock on!

  109. panca says:

    Hi Susan,

    We read news, only news that make people sit up and think and the only source we have is from bloggers who wants truth spoken and be heard. People like you, RPK, D.Merican, Haris.Ibrahim,Bernard and many others. Keep Going!

    Susan Loone U R Not Alone!

  110. feeha says:

    i think this a least we can do as humans do love our fellow beings either we know them or not

  111. Jenn Mourin says:

    Hey there old friend! Finally visited your Blog – LOVED It!! Hey LAP, have written to you and am waiting for a reply sometime this century (hint! hint!) ok?

  112. farizbakar says:

    i like your quote. “don’t speak of freedom if you can’t face the consequences”.



  114. sang kancil says:


    Enjoyed reading your blog. I have been following Din, Jeff, Anil, LKS, MT and others since before the HINDARF. Enjoyed it very much but too much sadness and disillusioned with the political landscape.

    Left outr beloeved Malaysia many many years ago and hope to return one day!

    Keep blogging.

  115. tough cookie says:

    inspiring 🙂

  116. live2learn says:

    ‘courageous,brave and colour blind’ that’s what i heard about you. way to go and keep it up,lady.

  117. Li Huat Chai says:

    Dear Susan, just want to tell u, I like you and appreciate of what u r doing.

  118. Tony says:

    Do u think Najib mastermind and instructed the bombing of Mongolian woman?
    to protect himself?

  119. Tony says:

    Absolute power= absolute corruption & abuse of power
    I believe all minister’s term should be limited, say to 2 terms. what do u think?

  120. Tony says:

    Susan, u stay in Thailand?
    If u stay in Malaysia and identity known to the evil government, then u’ll caught thru ISA!!! How ridiculous???? comments pls

  121. rlau says:

    Keep up you excellent good work whereever you are and most importante keep us inform all the truths of the wrong doings from the current UMNOputra and BN are doing behine
    the malaysian rayat back.

  122. Ranting says:

    I feel so helplessly hopeless living in this country where politicians, govt, all corrupt, judiciary biased.
    I discovered your blog when I was searching for Altantuya.
    Isnt it sad how this poor woman has died in such evil hands and in such a brutal manner.
    And what has happened now?
    Media has gone quiet.
    Najib is becoming PM.
    Malaysians are slowly forgetting again.
    Soon we will be ruled by a possible murderer !!
    Sad… so sad…

  123. OmegaMan says:

    Hi Susan,
    I happened to stumble upon your blog whilst surfing the net and I find it interesting. We need alternative news and constructive criticisms not thrash that are daily dished out through the govt controlled media. Keep up the good work, Susan!

  124. Anonymous says:

    I found your blogs because of hutchrun.Then some one badouth me.Well sloone (who else call You sloone).
    Looks like Indian like to bad mouth Indian (dontplay punks) and you no guts to email me direct but use Feroz Merican.Its seems you use Feroz Merican and insulted me again.You call me to post up to Bangkok.Are You Lonely Sloone?

    Well as you claim … not nice to say that about you.I alway have manners.Another hits counts for you Slonee.

    Thank You.
    No one can play a game with me.

  125. Puluttape' says:

    Hai SL,
    I spotted your blog while surfing “Kickdefella”.Yours is something different, with interesting and impressive views that I think would creates far reaching effects on the Malaysians.

    Most of our leaders ,especially that belongs to the governing faction should learn and understand more on humanity!It’s a pity some do not really bother on what Confucious had said,”Do not do un to others if you do not want others to do un to you” and the Malay perumpamaan (proverb) ” Ibarat menepuk air di dulang,terpercik ke muka sendiri

    Once a while kita boleh jadi “tolol” but jangan jadi “Toyol” !

    Could you please visit my blog and leave your comment especially on the achieve entitles” Nilai sentimentalnya disini” .

    Thank You.

    Itulah Aku

  126. […] Sebab itu dalam blog Susan Loone, beliau memperkenalkan dirinya sebagai “My name is SUSAN LOONE. I am a freelance writer, and […]

  127. LimSo says:

    Hi Susan,

    Why not publish http://www.gutteruncencored.com This blog is hot on the happenings in Malaysia the past 1 week.

  128. Vikas Gupta says:

    This blog is so popular. Cheers!

  129. My2cen says:

    Dear Susan,

    I just read that the stupid perak (illegal) state govt is selling off the very new Camry’s.

    I have not heard any comments yet from any Perak opposition leaders or anyone for that matter. We cannot let them lelong off these cars bought with the rakyat’s money. It was sound decision to change to Camry’s. There’re all new.

    Everyone must challenge and ask them why they want to do this. Please stop them from wasting the public funds. If they don like the cars because it’s used by PR before, it’s their personal problems. Not the rakyat’s, they cannot simply sell off the cars. I’m sure they’re going to buy Mercs!!!

    Please raise this matter within your circle/NGO.

    Thank you.

  130. rider says:

    God bless you Susan. Yours is THE blog. It enlightens my crowd and me. Thanks to SUSAN LOONE WORDPRESS.

  131. Horatio Yee says:

    Greetings Susan,

    My name is Horatio Yee. Have you heard about a new social ads network provider at http://www.adexcel.com? They are providing services for networking among bloggers, while earining a small income at the sidelines. Signup is totally ‘FREE’. Why not give it a test drive 🙂

    Thank your for your time. Hope this message doesn’t sound spammish.

    Regards and all the best to your blog,

    Horatio Yee.

  132. bindo says:

    Free speech? Equal rights? These things are dreams within our world; a truth which breeds denial. We can only write from our souls if it is our destiny to be writers. In the end our words turn to dust as do our bodies. Still, it seems worthy to continue, for in that moment when we express our deepest fears, we become one and understand that tomorrow is promise to no one.

    Only then can we embrace today in all its beauty and ugliness.

    Great work


  133. basir abdullah says:

    Dear Susan,
    After a while I simply got tired. I love this country too much. I may just retire to a piece of “sawah” land that the British administration granted my poor grandparents and which umno is trying hard reclaim, and grow some grapes and simply watch them grow or die.

  134. JEFFRY BONG says:

    SUSAN, this is breaking news, the Star papers reported today that there is an outflow of young Malaysians professionals that is they migrated out of this country in staggering record numbers .304,358 quality Malaysians lost in 18 months.A horrible set of numbers and to add salt to wounds,most of them are well rounded,well educated and well trained.This is a big economic loss to the country in terms of human resources and supporting industrialisations .However we can tell you well on the ground what we are getting for the inflow are mostly untrained labourers,hoodlums,prostitues from China,Vietnam, Russia ,Indonesia etc etc Mostly are not even profiled .Committing crimes here and there and getting out the next day after completing their illegal trade here.Adding social issues and problems to the country.
    No wonder we have record breaking crimes here.
    Press the panic button immediately,and wake up Malaysia.
    Accept the facts and do not pervert your prirorities.Nobody is trying to demonise anybody .THIS IS OUR COUNTRY WE DO NOT WISH IT TO GO TO THE DUMP.WE WANT IT TO COMPETE WITH OTHER ADVANCED COUNTRY AND IMPROVE ECONOMICALY.

  135. Simon Thong says:

    I came across a blog some months back, can’t remember the name, and there were several comments claiming to be sloone but I couldn’t believe any of them.

  136. Timothy Mok says:

    Susan, can u dig up more info on Mr Jeff Ooi, our Mr. DAP man in Penang who was a former famous blogger? His blog seems to have stalled and his ego getting inflated, i am starting to wonder, did this guy write/blog with Parliament in his sights and now that he has achieved his goal, he has forsaken his blog. This could well be a very clear sign this man is a fake.

  137. Au Richard says:

    Malaysia is the country to which I was born!! This is Divine providence and I believe He did this for a purpose.My children are considering migrating..in fact one of them have taken this step and is already in another country.
    The very fact that this country is so badly governed gives me the strength to stay and fight for JUSTICE.I’m not going to migrate. I’m staying to fight for the right to live in this beautiful country because as I said God has willed so and I must satisfy his will.
    Susan, yours is to come home where your courage embedded in your journalistic flair is most wanted. You have taken the first step by blogging on matters Malaysian…..syabas and continue!
    God bless Malaysia!!!

  138. sloone says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Richard! And I am so proud of you too for having the courage to stay on and do what is right. We need more people like you!

  139. walterquinnho says:

    Hi, Susan. I want to say thank you so much for the blog you set up. It is very intresting and i enjoy it a lot.

  140. walterquinnho says:

    Hi,Susan. I like the blog set up by you. Thank you very much.

  141. walterquinnho says:

    Hi,Susan. I am so impressed by the blog that you set up. You did a very good job,and even today you are still doing great. To me, you are one of the chosen few for being an outspoken Malaysian , especially being a non indigenous race (= well, i meant non bumiputra race). I admire the courage you have got. I appreciate ,and even value the contribution you made. So keep going on, Susan. May God blees you. P.S. By chance,i myself would like to say thank you so much for the blog. It is very useful to me as it gives me a chance to express my personal point of view on the subject. And it also gives me chance to read other people comments. It benefits me a lot.

    kind regards.

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