Rant all you want. Tell us what pisses you off! But do keep away rom slander, libel, defamation and lying. No personal attacks, please. Questioning of those in authority, whether government or public office is acceptable. No dragging one’s private life into this domain. Swearing and cussing may be deleted. Some comments may be deleted, if they border on those mentioned above. But mostly, you will be free to express yourselves. But while you’re ranting and raving, learn something as well.

What is freedom of expression?

Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one’s opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment. “Speech” is not limited to public speaking and is generally taken to include other forms of expression. (Wikipedia).

For questions and answers on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, see HERE. ; where the right to freedom of expression is a basic human right. But to me, it is a birth right. Which other living organism can speak so eloquently in words?

Ok, there are others way of speaking, like body language or that the eyes are the windows to the soul, or you are what you eat (?). But let’s keep this for another day.

Today, look at the Southeast Press Alliance based in Bangkok, Thailand, which advocates for Free Speech in this region.

The right to free speech has also been campaigned globally. Cath up with them @ ARTICLE 19.

Of yes, we should not also forget, there’s something called the Centre for Independent Journalism in Malaysia, and an online petition for the FREEDOM of INFORMATION ACT – the opposite of the OSA (official secrets act). Once we have this, sorry-lah for corrupt politicians out there!

So, welcome to the free speech zone. The only prisons are those you built in your minds.

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  1. susan loone says:

    Let me be the first to welcome you 😉

  2. Freethinker says:

    Hehe… I am “first” ? Wonder what’s the topic

  3. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan,

    I think I tend now to understand you better, your thoughts and state of mind on this subject. If you have the time to strictly observe the principles outlined by you, this suject/topic will be the heading of many a thing to come. So far, this is one of the best heading so far. If you do study carefully the sublect matter of other blogs, carefully, (although I understand it is only less than 18 months “old” subject to your correction) your blog is the best.

    With your analytical thoughts and mind, I mentioned to you before, you are still very young, you should be a lawyer, and I can tell you you will be one of the best in this part of the world i.e. South East Asia. My time, if you carefully planned your studies from the commencement it would take you only less than 15 months to become a Barrister-at-law. It was before you were born. I was advised by Professor L.A. Sheridan, then. the Dean to do it. I did and succeed with flying coloirs But you could not be called to the English Bar until some time you have to “eat” 12 terms of dinner. a very long time, three years. I sincerely entreat you will give some thoughts of the “old horse.” You will never regret.

  4. susan loone says:


    Philip, thanks for your compliments. I don’t think I can bury myself in books and study for law. I tried and did complete 1st year for Uni. of London, but due to work commitments, I did not follow through. But no regrets.

    My blog is about 1 years old (12 months). I started blogging around mid-June last year, when I was attending the a training course on human rights in Geneva. At that time, Jeff ooi gave me lots of encouragement. Must thank him for this.

  5. susan loone says:

    HEHEHE 🙂

    Free thinker, now that I give you a space, you ask which topic?


    Don’t worry, those who have lots to talk about will be here later (wink).

    Hmm, maybe this space could also be used for conversations between me and my commentators, readers, etc?

    I’ll decide on a time and give you all personal attention, maybe for an hour a day? Too much of me everyday? Then let me know what’s best 🙂

  6. stenson chin says:

    When can i chat with you personally susan my darling.I am so curious about you.You seem so intelligent and commited in your belief.I am your ardent fan.Keep up your good work.Love you.

  7. kittykat46 says:

    Wah…Susan…someone’s making a pass at you on-line…is that allowed under the ground rules ?

    Hey Monty….where are you….

  8. susan loone says:

    Dear stenson, thanks for the compliments (blush).

    curious about me? but why? i am an open book.

    now is a good time to chat with me 😉

    use this space.

  9. Philip Lau says:

    Susan-I regret I disagree with you entirely. You have a much stronger foundation than mine, as you have one year Ll.B London. I had none. Of course I had others. Believe it or not, as a student, at that time for passing examination purpose, I NEVER read any prescribed text law books while as a student. This is what you want. You got it. Only notes you can pass with flying colours. You need not read any student law text books. I only read the Law Notes prescribed by GIBSON & WELDON, my former law tutors at Chancery Lane, London. My former class mates in the same class were some of your past Attorney Generals and Chief Justices. Some of them are still alive and kicking though retired.

    Hamid – deceased, only son of your former first Tun Lord President, under the governments of Tunku Abdul Rahman & Razak (married Phyllis Yong, daughter of Yong Shook Lin of KL Shool Lin & Bok and sister of Singapore (retired) Chief Justice Yong Pung Hou) was my class mate then with Gibson & Weldon. There were countless of others.

    I earnestly appeal to you to give some thoughts again of my proposal. Heaven is your limit, I am positive, as I had been studying your logic and your trend of thoughts. If you do not wish to be called to the Bar, then I suggest you take up the Diploma of Law only for one year, not as a full time student but part time. You can still continue to do presently what you desire and continue your present profession. After obtaining your Law Diploma, get yourself attached to a major Legal firm. You can help to prepare the Legal Court papers for the firm of solicitors. I fear then you will be exploted by the Solicitors. Thay get the meat you get the bones and left overs.

    In Singapore for professional work done, our fees will then be between at least S$500.00 to S$1,000.00 for work done and if necessary to be taxed by the Court. In fact lawyers make more than that. You can spend in one day 10 hours reading the papers, research etc. at home. The top lawyers as reported in our papers make more than a Million Singapore Dollars per month.

    Finally, once again, please consider my proposal and give some thoughts again. Do not reject in this manner.

  10. susan loone says:

    hey kitty kat 😉
    should this be allowed in this space?
    my committee of media experts are working on the policies of this page.

  11. susan loone says:

    dear philip;
    thank you for your counsel. let me think of it before i get back to you on this.

  12. Linken Lim says:

    Funny, where’s the “ball” ?

  13. luclai says:

    susan, you never mentioned that being abusive, crude and vulgar is not allowed here? so? so with freedom of speech here, i can be abusive, crude and vulgar? haha. no lah. just kidding. i’m a good girl, never been abusive, crude and vulgar before and not about to start.

    ok as you said can rant here, i’ll talk to myself here.

    blogging ah…. yes i like blogging but…

    bloggers ah… i like bloggers? nope! ok i don’t dislike bloggers too. uh oh… i do. yes i like some bloggers, i dislike some bloggers – that’s only natural right? and i know too that there are bloggers who don’t like me for sure, and i feel mostly it is because i was too out-spoken… or curious. being curious prode me to ask Qs and asking Qs get people pissed off at me!
    this also applies to forum. when i’m in forums, i usually get into gaduh-gaduh with people! haha.

    but what the hell i care what others think of me as long as i myself know i’m doing the right thing.

    ok rant over. more to come later when i feel like it. thanks for providing the space, susan!

  14. susan loone says:

    Yes lah lucia, I did forget to put that in. THANK YOU SO MUCH for reminding me.

    I will add that in, but then how to define abusive, crude and vulgar ? some people thick skin, some thin skin.

    some you scold them also they dont know. some you never scold, jump right up and hit the ceiling.

    sure – all kinds of bloggers. in fact i have come out with 8 categories. will share later in an explosive post. hahahah – sikit promotion here.

    i emphatise with you when you say: i dislike some bloggers – that’s only natural right? and i know too that there are bloggers who don’t like me for sure, and i feel mostly it is because i was too out-spoken… or curious. being curious prode me to ask Qs and asking Qs get people pissed off at me!

    same here 😦

    yes be yourself. if you can’t even be yourself, who can you be then?


  15. Arifabdull says:

    ubu la….. wakakakakakaa

  16. stenson chin says:

    I am pretty new in your blog.I dont really know much about you.I just love reading whatever articles you pen in your blog.Your thinking are ways ahead of our time.You are so resolute,firm and combative whoever cross your path.I admire your command of english.Always in my heart.

  17. stenson chin says:

    I cant help it if I am still in love with susan my darling.I adore her.Any objection…….?

  18. susan loone says:

    stenson, stenson, who are you? i am curious to know about you too?

  19. monsterball says:

    I am am even more curious to know him too!
    So who are you ….you nitwit
    kittykat46….here I AM!!

  20. monsterball says:

    And chin is Hakka…
    Better pray Susan do not hate hakkas.
    as for me..hylam…I even hate some of my ‘suk kee nan’..so you better watch out.

  21. monsterball says:

    philip lau…..You have made it clear…you are a lawyer…but that does not mean if Susan take your advise and become a lawyer…she will be better off financially or brain wise. I know quite a few nitwit lawyers.
    What about me Philip…too old to be a lawyer? I understand Tunku Abdul Rahman BECAME ONE…NOT MUCH OLDER THAN ME…AND I do read newspapers few became lawyers much older than me. ….why be selective in your advise?
    Susan has politely refused your advise….do you not read that?
    So my friend…lets move on and lets see you give us an interesting subject for peoples benefits to talk about. Susan is sometimes…boring…don’t you know?

  22. stenson chin says:

    I have no time for fishball.I love susan and all my love is directed to my precious darling susan.I look at the stars even though it is a bit cloudy and told the one star that I manage to see I will one day make susan my wife.Does it sound boring to you my darling susan.If you decide to choose other guy,you will break the ventricle of my heart.

  23. stenson chin says:

    Susan is passionate in her writing and I am passionate in loving her.

  24. monsterball says:

    alright lah…fishball or dog ball…who cares.
    Signs are …you are ready to go to coocoo land.

  25. monsterball says:

    Go talk love talk to Susan…she needs all the love and support she can get..one way or another…..hahahahaha
    hi bamboo river…take over. I got better things to do than talk to Chin Ah Kow.

  26. wits0 says:

    Clever way of spamming, Stenson, making use of “love” as the Raison d’être.

  27. monsterball says:

    GREAT!! witsO….Now where is bamboo river..v9..kittykat46…jeancumlately.
    Let fishball rest lah.

  28. monsterball says:

    hammerhead…hatam dia lah

  29. wits0 says:

    I think he’s more passionate in spamming. Maybe even dying for a few tins of real SPAM by Hormel Food Corporation.

  30. wits0 says:

    If it’s real goodie SPAM he needs, it’s understandable. If it’s “love” that he craves, he is pathetically obsessed and there’s no real cure. I think he just want to spam this Blog, employing a perverse ploy to do so.

  31. monsterball says:

    Yes witsO ..he is just spamming…talking love and nonsense.
    Why is he so interested to spam Susan’s Blog..beats me.
    But who cares for the real reasons.
    His style of spamming is not to offend..but damn irritating. Remember one guy kept doing same thing at Sheih’s Blog?
    We ignore and he got tired. So lets have fun F….him …then ignore.

  32. monsterball says:

    He tries hard to irritate me like before. Will not work now.

  33. monsterball says:

    hi Drama Queen….that stensdon chin is here to spam your blog lah….don’t be too nice to him…will you?

  34. wits0 says:

    Stenson Chin is passionate in his spamming but want us all to love hime for it.

  35. Mason From Kuching says:

    Susan is no ragtag-journalist, she’s a SAS operative or CIA by the first world country to democratize this ‘BodohLand’ 4th world Country, aint u dearie…dont b shy…..I was once Ian Fleming’s 003

  36. susan loone says:

    I’m MATAHARI. Got it 🙂
    The SUN, not the spy-dancer, ok?

  37. stenson chin says:

    Marriage is an investment,either you harvest good dividends or live a miserable old man at the end of the day like fishball.I only crave for susan attention.Any problem with them…?Must love be so narrow and confined with other people ways of thinking.Do I need ppl to approve of my love?
    I dont really care.Blow your top if you want to.Who care…..haha.

  38. monsterball says:

    (deleted – no name calling, please) trying to teach us love…thinking he is blowing his top….which infect…he is showing how idiotic he is…purposely… witsO?

  39. monsterball says:

    Putting out his name is infect letting readers read clearly the message Susan…and I was not insulting him…but putting a point out..as I see it.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  40. wits0 says:

    What “love” is the so-called Stenson inferring too? What he has displayed appears only to be some obsessive compulsive behaviour…and never move far beyond that spamming like a record stuck in a groove state.

  41. monsterball says:

    witsO…Did you read what i replied to zorro at Liz’s blog?
    Always waiting for zorro and rocky to response…..others are machais…not important.

  42. wits0 says:

    Monty, Eli is totally commited to Human Rights and there is no reason to doubt either her belief or the need for Human Rights. But for some time now, the HRW and Amnesty International are bias in favour of rogues and sometimes handicap the fight against terrorism worldwide. Therefore what these institutions proclaim cannot be taken entirely for granted. These organisations seemingly are controlled by many grades of pacifists whose moral equivalence makes only (sometimes)idiotarian sense.

    I believe Susan is independent as she says she is ; her commitment is to the Truth. And being so, this is a more suitable and worthy citadel to defend. If I were to chastise the UN, e.g.(as it deserves to be)at Eli’s Blog, all sorts of borderline nutty fights may ensue and a waste of energy on our part will ensue.

  43. monsterball says:

    I was talking about zorro lah at Liz blog.
    I always respect Liz. she was gracious to allow me to response to zorro..who talks with two tonques..one at sgar1010 and one at Liz…two different style. It is a post ..not the recent one…just one or two below..sorry forgot the heading…just click and read comments…one long row from me,…..that’s it!

  44. wits0 says:

    Was like explaining why I stay around this Blog. Friends do fall out, eh? At least you know who isn’t one. I don’t go to Zorro’s or sgar’s1010 so I didn’t follow the story but I should disagree that age becomes an issue wrt voicing any opinion. If he really said that, it’s an unworthy opinion.

  45. monsterball says:

    witsO..go to ‘mushrooms after rain” at LIZ Blog

  46. Freethinker says:

    Actually I am curious about the new “club” formed with KTmoc… seems no news at all now…..

  47. jeancumlately says:

    It was along and expensive weekend lah monty.. . a short trip to kuantan that ended with me having to experience the horrendous public transport, a car with burnt engine, one lonely night in big suite of a 6-star hotel (all rooms fully-booked) and a few thousands poorer. Damn honda.

    So monty, no mood to listen to this Stenson Chimp… sorry, Chin. Susan did the right thing, just ignore lah…he dont sound like someone who have the staying power to keep up with susan anyway. Right susan? Cant believe that someone is still talking about the stars and the moon these days…. geez…

  48. v9 says:

    Hi Monsterball,
    It is me again. I initially wanted to give up commenting on blogs but I do not want to see friendship falls apart. Many have often speed read comments and misunderstood what was actually written. I am not implying you. Whose sides Zorro belongs, I do not know or care to know. I was trying to highlight the brilliant interpetation by Zorro on the ‘frontliner’ and ‘flanking’ manoeuvres. Forget about the Hollywood stuffs. Unbelievably, I am a ‘tactical freak’; I just subconsciously profile people and predict their motives and tactics. This is the reason why I have become much of an introvert. Since, you have brought out the famous 300 Spartans, I would like to continue with my story.

    Yes, you are right. The Spartans were brave frighting men using a frontline formation or battle manoeuvre of 8 to 12 men deep in all battles, called the phalanx. They were a formidable force until in the Battle of Leuctra, General Epaminondas outflanked and destroyed the Spartans with the now famous revolution military tactics called the Echelon Formation.

    Zorro, in your own word, is a learned man. You, on the other hand, are effervescing. Both of you are good mans. Please make an effort to patch things up. This thing about the registrations of blogs or bloggers is just pure nonsense to me. There are millions of bloggers out there. At my last count, there is only a handful of 20 odds at loggerhead with each other on who is virtuous and who is right. If both of the groups quarrel, then in many of our books, none is virtuous or correct. If Susan wants to start PABS, there is nothing to stop her. Just go ahead. Please stop the debate. You are only turning brothers and sisters against each other. I will just fold my hands and see if either of the two associations can convince the millions of ghost bloggers, commentators and surfers to register. Most of them are independent freaks or geeks like me. The Gman is not afraid of All-Blog or any association, they are only interested on who commands the most authority on this ghost net population. As far as I think, J..f and R…y are still the guys. That is why they are sued and not us. Be a sport, like your Susan, extend the olive branch first and relax. Good friendship is hard to come by and easy to break. Please both sides must make an effort for peace and good tiding.

  49. monsterball says:

    Thanks your advise v9…but let it be so..as it is.
    It’s not about me or zorro ….but I will defend myself as i see fit.
    Take care..go rest. GOODNIGHT!

  50. monsterball says:

    Good friendship is hard to come by….so true..v9..but zorro is not my good friend…not even a friend…as you can see..if he is a friend… he has no balls to wish me happy birthday..unless he sees Rocky do so.
    So it is clear..he choosed side…so be it.

  51. wits0 says:

    V9 is right, you know, Monty, some things need the hentam,i.e., trashing, others can be skipped. It’s astuteness that tells the difference. The trivias just aren’t worth the effort.

  52. monsterball says:

    Like what bamboo river said…did you see at shar101 blog..how they tear me apart and zorro did not stop them…..but in fact was sacastic…thus encouraging them?
    I have studied zorro’s character well. He is kind hearted and well learned man….but unfortunately…he dares not stick his neck out to ask Rocky to response to all our accusations…doubts…suspicions…that is if you like to call all we put out as those terms…which are not true. events have shown they are very political…yet one sided …favoring someone.
    Zorro treats blogging… and I quote…..’a different ball game”….these are his own actual words to me.
    So in ball games…it is either you stay same side or the opposition side. HE WANTS IT THIS WAY…NOT ME….SO I NEED TO CHOOSE WHICH SIDE…CORRECT?
    So who is disuniting bloggers….you tell me.

  53. monsterball says:

    I think zorro can have great influence on Rocky to response..and all would have be settled…..but silence means no answers…no answers means guilty as charged…so the ball game begins…as zorro like it so…starting no kind wishes to monseterball on birthday…not that I really care…but shows ball game is on….started by them….not US!!

  54. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…Honda is a very good car and got good resale value.
    Give a person who does not know how to take care of a car….will always give trouble.
    I bought a brand new kellisa …the most expensive model for my account clerk…it needs at least three repairs per year for past two years…costing me more than two thousands ringgit per year on repairs only. same time…I bought a Kembara…no automatic gear…for myself…never have trouble…even once.
    Three simple things to learn and do…check black oil..water tank and tyre pressure every weekends…especially on oil and water.
    You must be a lousy driver….serve you right…treating a car with no loving tenderness…like we men….who sometimes love oue car or motor cycle more than our wife…..hahahahaha

  55. v9 says:

    Perception is everything. People preceive you as what you write and how you respond in the net. Nobody can see a good heart beneath the harsh appearance you put on if you do not learn to say ‘I love you mom’ once in a while (my mom used to advice me like that lah). Didn’t you and your group of merry men threatened to stick a tungsten carbide rod up my arse? Inspite, of the potential piles I might develop, I still make an effort to write to you. Yesterday, a Malay family came to visit my brother at the hospital. There was the father, the mother and 4 young kids. Before they left, they thrusted a gift of money to me. This is how Malaysians are beneath the harsh external and racial thingy. There is enough love hidden inside us if we are brave enough or man enough to show it. Let me leave you with a sentence form the C.S.Lewis ‘Screwtape Letters’.

    “Men are not angered by mere misfortune but by misfortune conceived as injury” (p. 81); “Gratitude looks toward the past and love to the present; fear, avarice, lust, and ambition look ahead”

  56. monsterball says:

    witsO said tungsten carbide is too expensive to stick to your arse…he said use hyro carbide…..but we never dd it…because you turn out to be a nice guy….and now..proving more than nice…can forgive an forget…inspite of potential piles. I hope you do not blame us for that new development…just cut them off..one by one..suffer two weeks and your backside is as good as new….so I was told.
    On your above message…mostly greek to me…as we am planing to ball game players…not a philosophers.

  57. wits0 says:

    “Didn’t you and your group of merry men threatened to stick a tungsten carbide rod up my arse? ”

    That’s mischievously distorted. It was more like you’ll need a tungsten penetrator to demolish our position then. Hahaha!

  58. monsterball says:

    ..should read….”’as we are planning to be ball game players…not philosophers”
    Bless you v9

  59. wits0 says:

    Somehow I don’t trust people who constantly liken life and human behaviour to “a ball game” although it’s true that if one can stand apart from this Reality, then life is like a game and even more , an illusion. But since only a very spiritually accomplished person can do that, for all intent and purpose, in conventional terms, life is no illusion and behaviour demands more ethics than just winning and gaining….at all costs.

    Many “ball game” explainers, writers adopt this insouciant position and their own participation in it like it’s the highest virtue, period. People often extol their own outlook in writing.

  60. anonymous says:

    Yo Monsterball
    deleted. this is not an opinion but a personal attack.

  61. monsterball says:

    Same old message for two years…from one so brave as anonymous.
    Also same ‘get a life’ ending…..as if he /she knows what life is all about.
    Anyway….thisc iscfee countyry..but how is one to judge a real cowarsd..anoymous?
    hi coward..reveal yourself…if you have a life.

  62. monsterball says:

    late night..too many typing mistakes…but message is there.

  63. monsterball says:

    witsO …wise words..but not practical in daily life. If you are forced to choose sides…you have to choose side.
    That does not mean you agree to play the ball game.
    Life is such….nothing unusual.
    Since a ball game has been said by zorro…he is playing it…and I prefer you call me anything…but not a no guts man…and this matter is not a small joke or small matter. It actually involves our reputations as bloggers.

  64. monsterball says:

    Susan..I recall few good blog owners do not entertain anonymous writer anymore. Yes nick does not prove writer has a face…but at least do give an identity…but anonymous…especially writing to teach others how to live……are thrash messages.
    Supporting freedom of speeches in blogging is really strange and weird sometimes.

  65. wits0 says:

    Those guys who keeps using the term “ball game” all the time to decribe life seems to exude cynicism about the truth that Susan meant. They seem to say that because everything is relative to them that profiting is all that counts. The smugness shows through. I’m not on their side but on Susan’s.

  66. monsterball says:

    I know you are on Susan side..witsO
    It is my way to explain clearly for young readers.

  67. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Susan, just wondering aloud, how come you never write anything about life in Bangkok ? You may not want to write any political comment about Thailand, but I’m sure there’s plenty else you could describe.

    I worked as an expatriate in Thailand for 2 years. Quite a fascinating experience. Work wise, all the people I dealt with could communicate in English, but for day to day living, you had to learn Thai, which I did.

    You learn fastest from a member of the opposite sex…heheheh….

  68. monsterball says:

    kittykat46…I have treated Thailand as my second home. Been there more twice a year more than 45 years years…love the food..the cultures..the massages..not forgetting the great night lives,,,never sleep…always something for everyone. the night hawkers food will be up to 4am …..and plenty 24 hours entertainments and shopping places.
    English is sadly not spoken well..except 5 star hotels. I have always advised those clerks I met to take up English night classes.
    Bangkok is actually not a good place to judge Thailand…as it is the center of all trades and things are much dearer than other smaller cities. Bangkok is the city for whites…thus alot of cut throats insincere sellers of all kinds of things.One has to be very careful not to buy look-a-like at original prices on HP..car spare parts..air-cond spare parts….even cigarettes…and of course clothings…leather stuffs.
    Thailand has the most beautiful pondans….all look like women with great plastic transplant surgeries.
    For Susan to write about Thai politics as a foreigner…she may risk being deported. So are human rights matters…unless she is prepared to not stay there like a permanent citizen. I envy Susan’s wise choice of place to stay…besides home…as Thai sure make a pro Chinese character feel at home. Furthermore..it is so cheap to come back every month…if she chooses to do so…and not far too.
    Maybe both of you should put out your experiences…like a tourists….since both have stayed so many years in Bangkok. My experiences are mostly base on businesses and pleasure…and in business…I dare not partner a Thai…and never regretted it..although I can see good money can be made. Don’t ask me why…and I will tel you no lies.
    One thing..if one is being reported slapping a female…no matter who…you are heading for jail.

  69. monsterball says:

    And also caught making fun of the King…you are in deep shit trouble…but King is always quite open minded and generous..usually ..release the victim…send him/her home…never to come back again.

  70. jeancumlately says:

    kittykat46 … you are asking the right thing from the wrong person. Its like asking posh spice about manchester united. Luckily, the right person did voluntarily came forward to talk fondly about bangkok – monty. He found heaven on earth apparently. The other person that came to mind will be stenson chin…

    BTW monty, don’t say that I am a lousy driver. I only have 4 speeding summonses this year! The car was only 26,000 km old and had just came out from the service center for god’s sake. Men may love car more than the wife like you said and Honda is supposed to be a good car, right? But broke down after just 26,000km? And gosh… I don’t understand how to live with anything that broke down and needs major repair after a short ride. Can’t understand car… and men.

  71. bamboo river says:

    jean. is your car a Honda latest Civic 1.8 litre? anyway it is still under warranty. I advice you to make full claim inclusive of the hotel and transport from the service center.Don’t back down! Threaten to put them in the internet etc .etc. Could be some silly slip up that the service center people had done. Get your personal mechanic to back you . Normally the service center guys will give all sorts of excuse to cover up their mistake.
    Don’t forget ..demand a written report from them. Don’t sign any check out sheet until they can guarantee you that the problem is resolved. DON”T PAY A CENT because it is still under warranty.

  72. monsterball says:

    Give her back a brand new car…also no use..if she does not know how to take care. 4 speeding tickets a year? I don.t get that much in 40 years…although when caught many many time more than you…I MAKE THE TRAFFIC POLICE MAN FEEL GUILTY FOR STOPPING ME SPEEDING TO SEE MY DYING MOTHER’S LAST BREATHE IN THE HOSPITAL. it works all the time….hahahahaha

  73. monsterball says:

    Now you make sense jeancumlately…..Thailand is heaven on earth to all men ON EARTH!!…ask all your ex boy friends.
    Some make excuses to play golf…some purposely arrange meetings at few Thailand well known resort areas…..some say going there to do some business…some rich guys just set up a branch office to make sure he can go there every month…..most are bullshitts ….as most want to have fun away from jeancumlately….hahahahaha
    Most wives will love me revealing all these…making sure all future trips they will follow… and most men all over the world are after my balls cutting them up slowly and enjoy seeing me suffer…….hahahahaha

  74. stenson chin says:

    I pop in whenever I am free to give susan my darling a kiss.I have a healthy respect for you susan,the gorgeous elizabeth wong and the evergreen freelunch.You were in town in mid may and i was in liziang.Raining and it was so damn cold down there.


  75. jeancumlately says:

    Thanks bamboo river. Sweet of you. I would certainly look into that. Its not that model though.

    I was just wondering why people are complaining about national car. I had driven continental and japanese models (not THAT models) and honestly, the breakdown frequency were about the same. The costs are obviously different. The national car would cost you a few hundred while the imported ones, a few thousands. With that kind of costs, its not fair to compare.

    For instance, the power window for WAJA (works only for the first six months) costs a few hundred while the honda parts (mine has to be replaced after one year) cost RM2000… I cannot complain about Waja then…

  76. monsterball says:

    There you see jeancumlately.. …. talking about a nut lover..and comparing me… a thorough breed natural passionate one to a nut………here he comes again.
    Don’t pretend you don’t know…you ask for it..now you take care of him.

  77. wits0 says:

    Oh, I read what Stentson wrote, before it gets deleted….is that all he can do? Hahaha!

  78. kittykat46 says:

    Hi jeancumlately, just wanted to highlight I’ve driven a Toyota Altis for 200,000 km. Apart from wear and tear items which are supposed to be replaced per service timetable, nothing has broken down, and the engine is still nice and smooth (and the power window still works !). Admittedly I’m very fussy with the car’s maintenance.

    My previous car was a Proton (need I say more ?) The difference in quality and durability is just incredible.

  79. jeancumlately says:

    Yup… I can see that b4 it was deleted. Thanks susan. He don’t know who he was insulting. Too bad. Just a pointer to stenson, that ain’t the way to impress dear susan, boy. Its not that hard to separate a real man from the pervert and the boy and the she-man.

    Me… old and ugly? Well, again, only real men knows. In this case, I’ll take the comment as a compliment. For a monkey, only another monkey is pretty…

    I know all the tricks lah monty… I’ve been working around men all the time. They are bad liars… it shows on their faces! Just a pointer to the ladies… whenever the men said they are playing golf ONLY in thailand, they lied. Ask them to clarify what golf means…

  80. jeancumlately says:

    kittykat46…wah kitty, you made me feel soooo bad. Either I am so unlucky with the japanese or I am just a bad driver..sob…sob…

  81. monsterball says:

    It is because you cannot understand cars and man is the main reason why you cannot find the right man or right car.
    Don’t just fill petrol and drive…jeancumlately.
    Cars are ALIVE!!! Treat it like so..and they will be ever faithful o you.
    Cars need clean engine oil…water and must always be enough. Less engine oil is like a person..developing a fever…so get sick. Less water also same symptoms. Get mechanic to check brake oil too. If tIres are not with right pressure…it is like a person with sore legs carrying you up and down.
    Disk brakes are like your brain…must be very alert and good…once you need to use it for emergency.
    Like I said..a car is like your best friend..treat it like one…or else….GO BY TRAIN OR BUS lah. It is like jeancumlately ready to be confirmed spinster.
    But if you still want to sit in a your car and not drive it…let others do the driving…then be a mistress to a rich man…provide you can hook one…goodluck….hahahahaha

  82. monsterball says:

    hi jeancuml;ately..don’t speak in riddles…You are unlucky with a Japanese man has nothing to do with your japanese car.
    And seriously…Japanese cars are now best in the world…for middle class owners for more than 10 years now.
    So you did the right thing to by a Honda…but like your love life…nothing seems to work…real Jippun boyfriend also no good…jippun car also lousy….how sad…..woowoowoo…I cry for you la.

  83. monsterball says:

    Now you are insulting ALL men…saying we all are liars.
    Wow jeancumlately…few men disappointed you does not represent the whole Malaysia me lah.
    Similarly three women I divorced does not mean jeancumlately is a bitch…correct? But noting your statement…you must have been bullshitted by all the men you fell in love.
    Where do you met them? Change places lah…not at bars….for goodness sake. Some are there for fun…with a pitiful face…but don’t miss one ….really broken hearted..but taken very fast by sharp eyes.
    Best you go to the mosques and look for the Iman’s son…sure holy and truec to you.

  84. monsterball says:

    That idiot stenson call my lovely jeancumlately ugly? She is so sexy..tall and peRfect figure….36…21..36…what more does a man ask for?
    Alas it is the brain…all man are afraid of jeancumlately…too smart and a lousy cook…….hahahahaha

  85. monsterball says:

    height also perfect..5feet 6 inches..wow
    Only brain..one screw loose…hahahahahaha

  86. noname says:

    Hi Jeancumlately,

    What an unfortunate event botu your car. I think u just got that one bad car out of production line. Havent heard any similar cases with honda before eventhough it is the musim kereta terbakar lately, in seremban family, the police waja and there’s one more i think.

    About men playing golf in Thailand, well actually the courses are really nice in hatyai and the green fee’s cheap. and the lady caddies, no matter how bad the shot they still say ‘nice shot’. The only problem is when men goes and play 19 holes game instead of the standard 18 holes.


  87. monsterball says:

    That’s why jeancumlately muststick to a person with same scew loose…and she has been smelling it for months….hahahahaha
    Sell car…but a horse…be special and dare to be different.
    I have never seen anyone ride a horse ..except policemen. Is it illigay to ride horse at city streets? Nothing wrong with her cars lah….drive without enough engine oil or water….bbbbeeerrreeerrreeoomp…….car got fed out…killed herself…because lousy owner…..hahahahaha

  88. monsterball says:

    nomane…And they always play the wrong hole…yet caddy say..’nice shot’?

  89. susan loone says:

    jean, sorry to hear about your car. both cars and men are ….. no need for you to understand them. except dont let either drive you mad. 🙂

    kitty kat, life in bangkok stories goes into my memoirs. like rehman rashid’s a malaysian journey, mine would be “a siamese journey”.

    anyway, i am too involved in malaysia lah..i felt i never left. :=)

  90. monsterball says:

    To make sure All blogs read this message….I repeat..there is a PABS ….but no “People’s All Blogs Society”..put out by me.
    Look at sha101 blog….all machais and sidekick out to cut me open and insult Susan….but I guess Susan is still laughing.
    Poor few commenters were lead to believe too. Will they have the guts to apologize openly for being so irresponsible?
    Lets see what their President Rocky have to say. I guess NOTHING …as usual.

  91. zainuddin maidin says:

    Those bloggers and commentators at shar101 only proves blogges are liars and irresponsible. cakap tak serupa bikin. pandai komen pasal orang. kalau komen pasal mereka, melenting macam bontot kena cili.

  92. monsterball says:

    Then say it clearly and don’t say all bloggers zainuddin? But some at shar101 are just visitors. Can you identify who are the real liars and who are lead to believe the lies? Those led to believe cannot be considered liars a…as they trust them. Now they know.

  93. monsterball says:

    zainuddin..you said ..’also prove’….meaning all bloggers are liars?
    Once again….DON’T BE AN IDIOT!!
    Liars are everywhere…especially in your office and particularly…..BN politicians.

  94. bamboo river says:

    Okay , the cars is not a problem, don’t like it , change another car. But depends if you have the money. I too drive a Waja, so far so good for two years.(touch wood eh) Just get a good mechanic for those who know nothing about cars to take good care of it.
    Monsterball, did that Chipmunk stenson really said that about Jean? I guess he must have tripped over his pyjamas and fell head first into his toilet bowl where he don’t flush everytime he deposited his waste.
    By the way, can you Monsterball or Susan tell me what the hack is going on about this PABS thing? I am going bonkers in my mind figuring is this a trick or some kind of diversion to dig re action from other bloggers.

  95. monsterball says:

    What happen to you…went to jungle again?
    Forget stenson….looks like jeancumlately can really take care of herself…and had fun teasing her. She is a real sport…which strikes my mind…next car should be a sports car…..no more saloon.
    I guess she got a handsome mechanic …who is lousy in car maintenance.
    She has to check oil other cars sent thee are happy. Who knows!! Servicing without pouring enough engine oil and charge her like hell. Also she should learn to check these things. I never trust even guaranteed servicing. I always check engine oil…even after servicing.
    Susan announced happily PABS is formed.
    I just said “People’s All Blogs Society ” is formed….sge laughed and laughed.
    shar101 put out ‘breaking new”…..cut me up..all the machais plus even the side kick….all there…talking and talking…so SUSAN LAUGHED AND LAUGHED.
    She rubbed it in ..saying PABS IS REAL..NO JOKE….can it be Prevention of Animals Bad Syndrom….or like I said Panjub And BABU SOCIETY….WHO KNOWS!!!
    They took the bait and jumped like monkies…end of story.

  96. monsterball says:

    Preventing Animals Being Slaughtered??…I heard she is encouraging everyone to be vegetarians after visiting Ladakh…..hahahahahaha

  97. jeancumlately says:

    After looking at “one pissed-off cat” I gave my middle finger to my car and I feel good already. Also Listened to susan’s advice to – no need to understand cars (and men). Just use them while u can hahaha…

    Yeah noname, one bad car out thousands from the assembly line and it has to be mine! Thank you for making me feel so much better… and thank you also for confirming my theory on golf in thailand. The caddy will say nice shots no matter how bad the shot was. Sometimes it has nothing to do with golf, I might add. It boosts the male ego, works all the time and the men will pay good money for that… man oh man…

    Bamboo river, that was what I thought… gettinga good mechanic. Just like getting a good monster… its an almost impossible task.

    Me… a bad cook? That is why men created restaurant and maggi mee la monty… You want a good cook, date / marry a chef. You want a good food, go to a good restaurant. I would’ve done the same thing with no complain.

  98. susan loone says:

    jean, i am not only a bad cook, but not a cook at all, so who cares? anyway, if all women really cook, there will be no restaurants at all!

    yeah, men usually wants maids, wonder why they look for wives….oh, oh…a controversial statement 🙂

    bamboo river, patience is the key to all revelations. enjoy the moment. love thy enemies and the universe will love you.


  99. kittykat46 says:

    Hi jeancumlately, don’t feel too bad about your car…it happens.

    A friend of mine bought a very expensive new SUV (German brand) , only to find it spewing black smoke from the exhaust after 5,000 kilometers. Turns out the engine block had a micro-crack which escaped the manufacturer’s quality checks, and it became a BIG crack after 5K kilometers.
    The car dealer replaced the engine – I think their service manager said such an undetected defect may only occur 1 in 20,000 engines. Too bad if it happens to be yours !

  100. morkee says:

    “The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) will first use the soft approach in urging the Government to enforce a national minimum monthly wage of RM900 in the private sector. The MTUC is also demanding that employers pay an additional RM300 as cost of living allowance (Cola) above the RM900 minimum wage for every private sector worker. ”

    That will be more than RM 1300 per month (with EPF & Socso).

    That means business expenses goes up, and that will lead to prices of goods going up too.
    That is “small matter” compare to another issue. Unemployment rate will shoot up too. Employers will definately be more choosy in hiring, and only those with the right attitudes will be chosen.

    Any comments?

  101. v9 says:

    Sorry morkee,
    Diversion a little bit. Since you people are talking about cars and man…goto http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Proton_(cars) before the Gman ‘corrects’ the entry. Hurry up. Really shy la.

  102. bamboo river says:

    Susan, thanks for the advice. Yah, I will be waiting for the revelations in time to come.
    Jean, a simple trick to know is the mechanic is honest with you….
    1) He talk to you face to face (eye contact lah)
    2) Will not beat around the bush (or car ) about the car problems.
    3) Explain to you the problem first before telling you how he will solve the problem.
    4) If the mechanic quote your repair immediately after you ask him…he is trying to potong you lah.
    5) After quoting the price , he will itemised the cost.
    6) DON”T ever say ‘yes ah?’ why ah?’ Very bad ah’ Now how? He will definitely sharpen his pisau lah. In other words, act smart and terrorlah!
    7) Last but very important…since Jean you are (most ladies) are good in judging a man’s character…the first person you should speak to is the workshop’s BOSS. If he is lousy , then his service and all the machai also you know lah.
    Monsterball will definitely tambah some more advice for you…correct or not Monsterball?

  103. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…..When talking sense…she is soooooo sensible….but mixed up with cents and dollars…she can talk nonsense.
    Hi my dear…have you heard..’the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”…so all your kungfu not working to trap a man….because of one tinnnee winnee small thing..CANNOT COOK!!
    Car matter settled…yet I doubt you are so unlucky to fet one shit car out od a 1000 productions. Others are trying to console you….I will speak to prick your heart to wake your your brain…then your two beautiful big eyes will bulge out …and them..back to your brains…forcing your mouth to say…’WOW MONTY IS RIGHT!”
    But if you are smart..take kittykat’s advise. Surely you have an ex who is a lawyer…go visit him…tell him how much you missed him…all those bullshits and then put out some crocodile tears and then tell him to help file a case…free of charge. Car manufacturer will quickly replace your car engine. I had same problem….I wrote ONE LETTER…and got two years of repairing and servicing free of charge!! I just threatened to write to Malay Mail…and I said… they will loose millions…if potential customers read it. They agreed. So here is another idea…that is …if you do not want to see your ex lawyer.
    See..how much I care for you.

  104. kittykat46 says:

    Emmm… whatever happened to the Stenson guy ?
    He should keep up his on-line “romancing” of Susan.

  105. monsterball says:

    Seriously…go buy a value for money car….any car…after using and all installments are paid…then thee is some second hand value for you to play about,
    This is the right time….20% car dealers have gone bankcrupt and thousands car cannot be sole.
    .Now is the time to get a good deal.
    Depending on your budget…and since you depend so much on a mechanic…get a Perdua Kembara…but if you want a saloon…Waja is cheap and nice…but maybe the Honda will give you great trade in value for another Honda…not a cheap car though.
    Another great good proven car is the Toyota Cambry.
    So take my advise….now that you have told your poor poor innocent Honda to F….off with your finger….so let it go…I feel she is crying and also want to leave you too….waawaaawaawaa{car crying…not monty}

  106. monsterball says:

    kittykat is asking for trouble. Can you handle him?
    I really hope he writes sonnets to woo you….not Susan….and lets see your response….maybe good match for you than Susan?
    And all rest in peace…no more crazy nut…..hahahahaha

  107. kittykat46 says:

    Hahaha…just stirring…this is a free speech zone remember ?

  108. monsterball says:

    hi lover boy..come back…another sexy lady is standing for candidate t
    Forget about jeancumlately…SHE CAN’T COOK..your stomach will not like her.’
    kityykat..sound soooo cute and I have seen her. If I am your father..I will say you are blind…so beautiful..more more do yo want?
    Don’t be stupid!
    Bamboo river will also agree with me.
    So sooooot your sonnets!!

  109. monsterball says:

    I may drop dead …if kasi naik come here…or man from mars…malay male.

  110. noname says:


    get a volvo. new S40 will be nice. Why, i can say that the car’s safe and reliable. How often to do see a broke down volvo. Even those kereta kebal (144 and 244 models) of 30 years still going around. Need more info ask car expert like YS from autoworld.com.my or paul tan of paultan.org.

  111. monsterball says:

    All new Volvos models have plenty problems…except S90.
    Old models are really trouble free..but engine too simple. Younger generation will reject them.
    I bought the most expensive Volvo…960 Royal 7 year ago for RM260,000…really much better than MERZ320 that cost more than double the price. I have been driving Merz cars for past 35 years…all new cars…and decided to go for value for money.I really don’t care for resale value…but that car gave me endless problems…but once repaired..it really floats like butterfly ..driving at very high speed…like 140klm…like car never move at all!!
    I just sent to get quotations for my VOLVO to get car all resprayed and completely do up for long term trouble free. They gave me a quotation,….I accepted and paid a deposit. I will not tell you the huge amount…but I do love this 960 Volvo ROYAL…..longest volvo car..very comfortable.
    And also..no resale value. In the city…I love driving my Kembara.
    Then weekends..like to drive my Merz300sl..open hoot sports.
    At one time…I used to have 7 cars..depending on my moods…which to drive..gave all to my children and kept three…like a mini 4 wheel…huge limo…and a hot rot…to impress gals like jeancumlately…hahahahaha
    So take my word… I KNOW ABOUT CARS….but do admit have not kept up to date which is really good value for money car…but those two I mentioned above message are proven good
    Toyota cars are very reliable…or else they will not be top seller in the world…but KIA from Korea seems real cheap and damn nice looking. What about the Toyota VIOX???{something like that}…saw plenty on the riadf…and the adverts are real smart and funny.

  112. monsterball says:

    Volvo…like noname said…is the safest car in the world.
    The bumpers are world famous. Few times guys knock at my back bumpers…they are wrong already…yet his car bonnet shoots out..quite badly damaged…mine car..not a stretched…quite embarrassing seeing him apologize…yet so pity him.
    I recalled Volvo will give anyone a new car replacement..if top hoot is ever dented in an accident…..just like Volkwagen cars will float on water…never sink to bottom of the sea.

  113. jeancumlately says:

    Wow susan, you deleted our stenson so fast lah… no chance for us to have fun. (But I saw that!) In thailand the caddy will tell him , wowww… nice shot…

    So many good advice on cars. Gee… thanks guys. Now I am confused. Should I go for safety? Looks? Power? Price? Brand? Or maybe something that’ll match my shoes?

    Now I know about cars more than men. So much choice kah?

    I like the way you put it lah susan… men want everything in their wives. A mother, a maid, a model, a slut all rolled into one. I guess when they looked at themselves in the mirror, they saw tom cruise, brad pitt, donald trump and gandhi rolled into one…

    Right now, I’ll settle with a good mechanic lah… I am going through the checklist given by bamboo river. Yet to find someonewho looks like brad pitt and can repair cars…

  114. monsterball says:

    Got lah…so many look better than Brat Pitt now. He is all worn out by his sexy wife day and night…..look so old and haggard. But no use…no man will be satisfied..if the stomach is not satisfied….and stomach..say ..go get a wife that can cook.
    So you imagine a good mechanic can tune your engine better than others?
    Get real!! They are so so greasy and tired after a hard days night….all they want is to be alone from a possessive wife….that’s why mechanics want a wife to make babies…cook and shut up. Don’t believe …ask your mechanic.

  115. monsterball says:

    stenson chin got deleted….hahahahaha
    Serve him right…..DELETED
    Who dares to be unfaithful to Susan WILL GET CHOPPED OFF!!
    All these while…talk so much love for Susan…this time…this DELETED must have fall into my trap…hahahahahaha

  116. monsterball says:

    I mean into OUR trap…you give me hint…I just take the cue and follow through lah….so credit should be for kittykat!!

  117. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…Bring your car to mechanic..wearing …showing sexy legs and half curves. Make mechanic groggy…while repairing…may even lend you his brand new car…and quote you very cheap price..so you will not refuse. I know one damn smart mechanic…serious…no joke….looks likes the hunchback of Notradam…with prududing buck teeth….but dam good mechanic…not married yet….have plenty of greens in bank..don’t know how to spend money…want to know him?
    Ah this one…will settle for a wife that cannot cook. We nick name him…,….THE DESPERADO….sound familar?

  118. wits0 says:

    The pissed-off cat pic is also meant for that spamy irritant called “Stenson”.

  119. monsterball says:

    No witsO….Susan is pissed of with those group of bloggers. stenson..is just an insignificant toy.

  120. wits0 says:

    Right, but we can accord accord d same to him.

  121. monsterball says:

    as you like…no harm….but he may get swell headed!

  122. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…The more you talk about guys…the more I think one like Jesus Christ Superstar will suit you. Since you obviously is a muslim…go find your better half in a mosque. Make sure it is a big one…so it is important Iman …and look out for his nice handsome son…..like the Perak Prince….so handsome…..got plenty look like him lah.
    Search and you shall find
    Seek and you shall get it
    Knock and the door will open unto you.
    Pray for one …what type you want..what sizes…I repeat what SIZES…say it clearly with all details……and your prayers will be answered.
    If not…God thinks you are a nut…..hahahahahahaha

  123. monsterball says:

    I hope you are nuts…as I love nutty people….especially very difficult to find nutty females.
    Can joke and make my day pass by ..laughing away and laughters are best medicine in life.
    So if you are a nut….looking for another nut like me…why we should surely meet and paint the city red.
    What say you…oh no…don’t ask me to look out for this or that to identify you Just say the place…bring ekeen along…and we three can tarok each other.

  124. freethinker says:

    where is susan ? Is monsterball taking over here ?

  125. bamboo river says:

    This is a Free Speech Zone. Any one are allowed to take over this site.
    As long as we write logical stuff lah.
    Don’t get confused ….Free Spamming Zone is at Stenson’s Blog.
    If he has one.

  126. monsterball says:

    Good morning bamboo river and all…. Seems to get a sarcastic comments again.
    Thanks responding for me.

  127. monsterball says:

    By the way freethinker…Instead of being so smart to read and comment about me…why not put out a smart message…about those politicians Susan has listed out….or join in the fun here?
    No idea..cannot do?….read and keep quiet lah

  128. monsterball says:

    Susan… I want ask you this for a very long time and I am sure all also like to know. LOONE is quite a rare name in Malaysia.
    Are you by chance related to the famous actor JOHN LOONE…who acted ‘The Last Emperor”….and many more great movies.
    Best was he acted the modern ‘MADAM BUTTERFLY”….a man spy disguised as a woman.

  129. pong says:

    Honestly, I think Susan Loone must be completely flattered. Even more so by this than the romance by Stenson. Those idiots at SHAR101 keep talking about her. I think they are obsessed with Susan Loone. I don’t blame them, I think she is damn special.

  130. wits0 says:

    Pong, “the romance by Stenson”, may be a means just to spam Susan’s blog because he didn’t seem to be able to contribute anything more that’s relevant beyond parading his apparent obsession like an old record stuck in a groove.

  131. stenson chin says:

    Susan susan my dancing flower,will you……………..

  132. jeancumlately says:

    ok lah stenson… let me teach you something about woman. Listen loverboy….

    Susan is an intelligent and independent woman. The flowers, the sun and the moon is an old pick up lines used by neanderthals. That is why they are now extinct (somehow one survived). What would turn susan on is a man who is smart, witty, fun to be with and does not expect her to cook. It would help a lot if you look like tom cruise, brush your teeth, comb your hair and does not brag about being a regular visitor of thailand. Lastly, swear words are for wimps.

    For a start, try to sound intelligent. It may need a little bit of practice but don’t give up…

  133. wits0 says:

    Here’s a nice cartoon, Jean, 4U :

    Er, speaking of Neanderthal, it seems to put things into perspective.

  134. jeancumlately says:

    Hahaha… nice pics and it did put lotsa things into perpective… thanx.

    The vital parts are all covered. For a man, well, not much I guess.

  135. bamboo river says:

    Jean, adding to your advice for this Stenson guy…. Stenson go watch the movie ” Gone With The Wind” Learn something from that movie.
    On the lighter side..i would like to share a joke with you all. This joke was extracted from a Taiwan Talk show ” Guess, Guess, Guess” The host Jacky Wu created this joke.
    “There was an Achery competition many years ago.
    A guy was standing with an apple on his head as the target.
    The first guy shot his arrow and hit the apple! The audience amazed and ask who is he. He said ” I am Robin Hood”
    The second guy shot his arrow and hit the apple. The audience applauded and ask who is he . He replied ” I am Hou Yi” ( Famous warrior from China)
    The third guy shot his arrow and killed the man. The audience shocked asked who is he. He said ” I am Sorry”

  136. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…That cheeky jeancumlately is not telling stenson off!! She is telling me AND stenson off.
    Truth always hurt,,,but this time truths do not save me from jeancumlately sarcastic remarks.
    She simply cannot accept…’the way to the man’s heart is through the stomach”….not composed by me….but by great lovers ..that can sastify the most demanding lady like her.
    By the way…..’the way to the car’s good trouble free performance..is top up engine oil and water”

  137. jeancumlately says:

    Monty… I never told you off. Nobody wants to see you AND stenson sitting in a corner sharing sob stories. All is not lost. There are plenty of women who love to cook and husbands who love to eat. Finding each other needs some effort. Man can start looking for wives at cooking school while the women can start looking for men who look pregnant. Careful with beer bellies, girls… food and booz have the same effect on men’s stomach.

    Monty said …..’the way to the car’s good trouble free performance..is top up engine oil and water”

    Its ok if its that simple monty but some cars (especially the older ones) just dont need oil and water. Needs to be pampered and polished, more time in the workshop than on the road, must be handled with care, needs new battery all the time and damn… despite all that, still can’t perform well.

  138. monsterball says:

    Bid stomach is a sign of happy life….be it fro woman or man.People who live in coastal vicinities…like Fiji..Ireland……Honalulu city…. love fat women…skinny ones like you …turn them off…no matter how beautiful.
    Men with pot bellies ….as they grow to old ages …are signs of wealth and happiness…..all over the world. Their wealth is good health…get it clear.
    I was talking about a relatively new car like yours lah.
    Certainly..a more than 10 years old car have continuous wear and tear….and again to keep them trouble free…the owner’s knowledge is not just engine oils and water…it is general knowledge of how a motor car engine works…no such knowledge..don’t own an old car…but maybe jeancumlately…do not even need to know anything. All she needs is a handsome mechanic….she do her things to made him crazy of her…then walla…snap of her finger….comes puppy mechanic to get it done…or else…no deserts and milk for him …correct jean?

  139. monsterball says:

    Lina Joys!! I bet you…no other countries in the world have such a law that one cannot change religion as she./he likes….except Malaysia
    the actual fact is the two lawyers rejecting the request have no balls to judge her based on laws…but want to pass the buck back to the Religious Dept.
    These two judges have no guts to act with commonsense..but judged based on what UMNO put out 50 years ago…and they know it is ridiculous and out-dated religious law…yet they support it.
    Forcing anyone to not have freedom of choosing any religions will only produce more and more hypocrites…as majority muslims may love to embrace Islam..nevertheless…I am sure they do not want to be known to embrace based on no choice….makes them lie idiots…which they are not’
    Vision FOR THE FUTURE??….my foot!! Vision…BACK TO THE PAST……ah yes.

  140. stenson chin says:

    For once i agree with fishball.They are a bunch of pharisees.Many of them cant wait to cross the other side if the judgement goes the other way.
    I understand your insinuation jean.I am not bad looking neither do i swear.You can make up story pretty good.Susan has to learn to cook.I love eating.I went to phuket once while on cruise and to chiengmai once with my colleagues.Is that freguent visit to thailand?I am not that smart like you but i am sure susan dont mind.Susan can learn cooking from you jean.

  141. monsterball says:

    hi you sick love dog…I don’t need you to agree with me..as if your pea brain is that damn smart.
    Go play with girls…that’s what you are good at.

  142. wits0 says:

    Only in Bolehland you can have the cake and it it too. Now this feat is getting recognition! :


  143. monsterball says:

    stenson….go ..play with your joy stick and talk love talks to girls.
    Leave real stuffs to men.
    PS: Sick of this wierd specie….agreeing with me…eeeerrrrr

  144. monsterball says:

    I said play with girls..NOT with Susan or Jeancumlately.
    There you see…all the time Susan…that now even attracted to Jean.
    Worst still want to bring both together to phuket….as if he is so rich. Go by sampan and stay at cow shed ah?
    Talk and must do…buy two first class air tickets by MAS..not Air Asia…I repeat by Mas or Thai airline…to Bangkok…pick up Susan and the by thai AIR…proceed to phukit.. Must show to and fro air tickets. that will take care of Rm7000 at least and the best 5 star hotel…TWO ROOMS..ONE FOR YOU AND ANOTHER FOR BOTH OF THEM!! How many nights stenson?
    So give and take at least RM 15000 FOR EVEN TWO NIGHTS AND THREE DAYS.
    Want to tackle very high class kittens??…..that’s the way man….got the green stuffs? NO….GET LOST!!

  145. monsterball says:

    Even that..you still cannot get Susan and jean to thank you…unless budget for shopping…say RM5000 each..that’s already cheap man.
    If they want to kotok you….each ask for a solid gold rolex…you die of starvation lah.
    So don’t talk big..like big time lover boy. Go play with your villagers

  146. wits0 says:

    WRT Lina Joy’s case:

    [“You can’t at whim and fancy convert from one religion to another,” Federal Court Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim said in delivering judgment in the case, which has stirred religious tensions in the mainly Muslim nation.]

    What kind of judicial nonsense is that employed to wrap up a bad judgement?! Can anyone spot the glaring fallacies?

  147. stenson chin says:

    I have no time for you fishball.You are suffering from ADD and AIDS.Dont worry,I wont take your smooth talking jean from you.She is the only living philosopher,the rest are dead and gone.Feel insecure? hahahahahaha.Good on you.As for my brain,much bigger than fly’s toe brain.Adios senorita jean.Love you susan my pretty dancing flower.

  148. monsterball says:

    How he is back to normal!
    Realizing… bragging a phutket…..now abandon jean….hahahahahaha
    But sure asking for trouble….calling jean..fly toe brain.
    I repeat…calling jeancumlately…fly toe brain

  149. monsterball says:

    Yesterday was no smoking day. It has been going on for decades..yet smokers are ever increasing.
    I guess the main reason it that people are not too convince smoking is the main cause to cancer….or perhaps ‘who cares’ attitudes ..seeing the world is such a cruel one…..so enjoy…live shorter lives…who cares.
    I am not encouraging youngsters to smoke.
    Actually..if you are a non smoker…stay that way. Three out of five of mu children do not smoke and their better halves…al do not smoke…be it wife or husbands…..but I smoke like a chimney.
    I recalled my father caught me smoking at the toilet at very young age…pull me aside and offer me a cigar. Light it and ask me to smoke. I obeyed..and after a few puffs…wa ready to go to paradise…about to faint!! My mother rushed out..sholded my father and used all sorts of hot water..cold water to wakeme up…rubbed my face…

  150. monsterball says:

    and dad was quite worried.
    I used to smoke at least 60 cigarettes per day…since working life.
    Gave up smoking ..took up pipe smoking..gave up..then went for cigars.
    All my smoking is continuous…until ready to sleep..thus smoking not less than 10 hours …non stop.
    I do go for yearly full check ups and always lungs are clear…and nothing wrong…even eating high colesterol food stuffs.
    Today….after reading the no smoking advert..decided to take up all my pipes…cleaned them up..and now smoke fewer cigars and few pipes fillings..to save money. Enjoyment still same…if not better..yet save alot of money.
    I repeat…do not take up smoking…if you can…unless you can give it up…just like that…without any help.
    I think I can..but never try.

  151. wits0 says:

    Stunt-son wrote: “She is the only living philosopher,the rest are dead and gone”

    Including your parents?

  152. monsterball says:


  153. jeancumlately says:

    Whoa… I did not realize I was under attack by, who’s that guy? Thanx guys for shielding me while I was looking the other way. I thought it was a mosquitoe bite.

    Ya la monty, he called me fly toe brain and the only living philosopher. (The rest is dead – that includes you monty, wits0, bamboo river, and all). If the rest of you are dead, by all means, take me along guys. I d rather be dead than knowing that the only other living “thing” is stenson. “Beam me up scotty, there is no intelligent life down here…”

    Yeah… adios to you too Stunt-sun. Just one more advice, you have to say “hi” first before you can say “bye.” I never heard you said “hi” to me. I am not deaf so I must’ve been ignoring you. I thought it was a fly…

    Monty, if smoking can prolong your life, why stop, right?

  154. kittykat46 says:

    Hell hath no fury like a MAN scorned…hehehe…

  155. monsterball says:

    You are sometimes so wise jeancumlately
    That’s why I love you so much.
    You can be so mean…..hahahahahaha

  156. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…Smoking can never prolong anybody’s life. If anything else..it may shorten some.
    But I guess some people like me are born with better blood cells…can fight everything that are no good for my body….by sweating.. futting..shitting all filths away. simply put…I have balanced yin and yang…or better balanced red and white blood cells. A such…the phrase made by Jesus ‘physician heal thy self”..meaning each should be own doctor to heal his own corrupted filthy brain…but in my case….I heal my own body.
    Aids..cancer …to chinese meaning simple …wounded person…and can be healed if your own blood is strong enough to fight them from the very start..not by medical means..as once medicines needed…it maybe too many…to late.
    So I enjoy smoking as long as I feel my body can take all these filths thart we humans call enjoyments….be it anything…liquor..food ..or even..extra sex. Life is really short…so to each his/her own choosing how to live it happily….no regrets when the time comes to let go bravely.

  157. monsterball says:

    hi jean..if stenson is a mosquito and he calls you a fly…why you two are really meant for each other!
    hi…I am just putting two and two together.
    So fly with him to the moon and see if he is really the one you are looking for such a long long time.
    Don’t give up hope!!
    In case…not good..full of shit…then we all always welcome you back.
    All we want is you be real happy for the rest of your flying days…no more car..fly girl.

  158. jeancumlately says:

    Monty.. you traitor…

    BTW, i never said he is a mosquito but for a man, he bites like a mosquito. Harmless yet irritating.


    Monty: Smoking can never prolong anybody’s life. If anything else..it may shorten some.

    That is one good reason to continue smoking.

    BTW, where did you get this idea that I am looking for someone? Gee… do I look like somebody who has to do that? … kittykat help me! Fell like doing the pissed-off cat already…

  159. wits0 says:

    Monty, it appears that a window of opportunity has opened wider for you to talk religion at Liz’s cafe. Namely a Hafizul there has declared we don’t understand “their way of life” : http://elizabethwong.wordpress.com/2007/05/31/realpolitik-behind-lina-joy-decision/#comment-9818

    You already know, of course 😉

  160. wits0 says:

    Well, Stunt-son, will you be coming out from the woodworks or are you dissolving in some bird’s belly juice by now?

  161. monsterball says:

    witso..I am challenging Hafizul to talk religion at Liz blog. He is such a shit man.
    wa wa wa…..jean call me a traitor…when I try so had to be so understanding. Whatever you call him…you are saying he is a mosquito lah and he said clearly you are a fly.
    wa wa wa…Now want me to smoke to shorten my life….why so cruel to me love?
    Call kittykat to help lah….remember your the other partner..ekeen?…fly away to the moon to enjoy another honeymoon with her lover boy lah.
    hi…I must tuned my mind to talk God’s stuiffs at Liz blog….come…fly with me..to hatam some ghosts there lah. Luv you when get mad…but no like you to want to shorten my life….so I have love/hate…love/hate..is that not the sign of true love?
    Then if you believe it is….fly and mosquito belong together…birds and bees are my type..one can really sing…another one sure can stiing….hahahahaa

  162. monsterball says:

    No more bad vibrartions…jeanny
    Got to talk God’s will stuffs at Liz blog..no joke subject….so give me your blessing and say goodluck…god speed…and come back victorious…like a sweet good girl lah.

  163. monsterball says:

    When I need support at Liz Blog……..who come out to support me?…WONDER WOMAN!!!…..jeancumlately.
    Never stopped loving you kid.

  164. wits0 says:

    There, Monty, the right opportunity makes for best response.

  165. monsterball says:

    Clever you witsO….sit..relax and enjoy the Taliban battle with me. Only jeany came to my rescue. So you think ….the responses are good enough?

  166. wits0 says:

    Go read again…Lol!

  167. wits0 says:

    Sun Tsu said(among other things) occupy the high ground and let the enemy attack uphill. Also get good Intelligence beforehand too! Hahaha!

  168. monsterball says:

    okay…my apology..you did support…but next time…more than once lah. …you are so smart..let me rest and post one less…you continue ..like that lah..team work against those crazy nuts.

  169. monsterball says:

    Sun Tsu said etc etc etc etc…What about Lu Pi’s Prime Minister…what Chee Kok …??….Romance of the three Kingdom???..
    I am English school educate and it took me reading few times the English version …not to forget the names . Now forgot some names…BUT HE WAS THE MASTER OF ALL WAR GAMES OF ALL TIMES. Even USA war mongers read this book.

  170. monsterball says:

    witsO…You are amazing!! I read at Liz blog…boy once you speak..three wonderful speakers bravely follow up!! I speak..no one follow me. This means you are real powerful. I better shut up and let you speak.
    Keep, it up!!
    That subject must not allow fanatic muslims think we are afraid of them.
    Now more muslims will understand TRUTHS..I hope.
    Great brave stuffs!!

  171. monsterball says:

    Liz Wong kepala pusin…..hahahahahaha

  172. wits0 says:

    Thank you, Monty, I merely speak from the heart. The Truth tend to resonate with those who understands it.

    No you carry on. ;). Don’t let me steal your show, haha!

    My apology to Liz too, the bottom line has to be stressed, the Truth said with much less embellishment that Political Correctness seems to usually insists.

  173. monsterball says:

    No no no….You are not stealing anybody’s show…certainly not mind. I never think any comments I put out is my show..this or that.
    Lets be brave like what we are on so call sensitive issues..concerning race and religions. I am so proud to read so much intelligent arguments….that really makes mine look shallow…but I am also clowning whenever I put out on religion. I learn alot from my late muslim teacher… Ahmed Deedat…who behaves more like a Buddhist than anything else.
    Bamboo river is another COMMENTER that can be nassty and brave…if he chooses to be…but sad he thinks this matter concerning Lina Joy is not his cup of tea. Ah well..lets hope he changes his mind and join in.
    Now Lina Joy is quite settled with all our comments….kittykat..lead the way to talk about the judges. I took the cue and follow through.
    So it is very body’s show and we are al united as true Malaysians….that’s what matter most.

  174. monsterball says:

    I think Liz Wong loves what is happening in her blog…as all human rights…lover of fair and just lives for all humans and even animals like to read both sides of the story…especially so call sensitive issue.
    What she was afraid of …just like Susan…personal attacks too much makes readers angry. I attack anyone attacking me or someone else. In that case..that moron said Lina Joy should be put to death….that started it!!
    I think Susan have now stop others trying to discrupt our good flows of thoughts by suddenly change a subject ..be it a joke or serious matter to something totally not important…that’s spamming.
    Anything to say about the judges?

  175. monsterball says:

    hi folks..Susan put out few politicians and ask us to talk about them.I did two..and no one seems interested to talk . I guess it is boring eer?
    But this is a ‘Free Speech Zone”….so you like to do some face reading on those politicians?
    This is serious…face …lips…eyes..nose..chin…do tell alot of a person …otherwise fortune telling business will not last for thousands of years.
    I know witsO or bamboo river can give one or two interesting message on these subjects. They are wise guys.
    And i never doubt jeancumlately or kittykat skills too!
    So please part your knowledge to others.

  176. monsterball says:

    witsO….another moron is talking at Liz Blog….read my response…and complete the ‘mission’ of good will to all mankind.

  177. wits0 says:

    Poor Liz, hope we’re imposing on her…..but hubris needs to be trimmed.

  178. susan loone says:

    hey people. why am i accused of deleting comments? and those against monty? truth is i have deleted so many comments by monty against others. that’s the problem with people who dont seem to follow my blog closely but said he was “informed” that i have been deleting comments against monty. Aiyoo…no wonder the ministers are so keen to call us liars…can we blame them?


    Ps. I’ve been busy guys. miss you all.

  179. monsterball says:

    yalah…Susan….so many you deleted mine. I confirm …it is true.
    I guess some have nothing to write..
    By the way.. …have a nice SUNDAY.

  180. monsterball says:

    Now jeancumlately is attacking us at Liz blog.
    Must have got up from the wrong side of bed.
    I hatam her back!!

  181. wits0 says:

    Eh? You did? Wait till she hentam you back! LOL!

    In the domain of “the other side”, one, at least, pointed finger to say that Susan delete comments – well, name us a blog that doesn’t – like there can be no situation that warrants that. Gee, susan never once deleted mine. Perhaps I should grow a swollen head! Hahaha!

    What’s the point of entertaining verbose but perverse comments from pseudo intellectual pretenders aka hecklers like in Poli101. As if readers like yours truly care to read those convoluting comments. Such twisted people like Awta should instead write their own blogs instead of hogging other’s blogs with their selfsame barf. More insane commentators like that can easily drive the more same readers away from any blog commenting or visiting the blog.

    It’s natural that once a commenting voice in the Blogosphere is ascertained as vile and dishonest, it no longer warrants attention. This is a good reason why bad blog comments from hoggers underminds what is/was a otherwise a good Blog.

  182. wits0 says:

    Monty, you really did! Hahaha! Your angle is always necessary.

  183. monsterball says:

    Jeancumlately is a real nice and very open minded muslim….truly one of the most open minded I have been talking for months.
    But on this rare occasion….she tried to be another judge,,,,yet still behave favoring her race….no good lah
    So hantam her…to wake her up.
    She reminds me so much of bamboo river….full of compassionate love for everyone….but jean’s brain is not steady…can sway to one side….can surprise you all of a sudden…….not like bamboo river…steady as a rock.
    Maybe learning cooking….because parents read what I advised her are true……realizing is good for her future…and she hates me for that…..that’s life man.

  184. jeancumlately says:

    Wah monty… don’t tell everyone that you hantam me lah. Careful of the sucker punch from one pissed-off cat!

    I know that you will hantam me one. Saw it coming from 1000 miles away but I have to say it after reading some stupid comments (NOT NECESSARILY YOU, BUT I JUST LOVE TO AIM A CHEAP SHOT AT YOU fOR THE FUN IT) . I am a muslim and there is actually no such thing as liberal or moderate or fanatics or extremists muslims. Its either you are a muslim or not. It took me so many years to understand who is God, why God made me and why I have to pray. No one is actually able to answer the questions I posed because to some ustaz, its a sin to question such things. I disagree with this notion because God gave me brain and he should not blame me for thinking.

    Believe it or not, I found some of the answers from western books.

    Due to the difficulty of capturing the spirit and the philosophy of my own religion, I would assume that it would be equally difficult for me to understand other religions. I am not Ahmad Deedat who studied and was able to quote directly from the bibles. So,I would not exercise my freedom of speech and say that Christianity (or Budhism, or hinduism…) is wrong simply because I believe that Islam is the truth. The reason is simple: The christians and hindus are equally devoted to their version of truth. Moreover, how would a chicken argue with a duck? Fight lah…

    I am not actually debating on behalf of my race and religion because I am not qualified to do so with the little knowledge that I have. I don’t want to end up embarassed by trying to teach a nuclear scientist about molecules.

    BUT I am a muslim. Just like any christians, budhists or hindus, don’t put me on the defensive side.

    So monty and wits0… hehe…peace guys….

  185. monsterball says:

    At Susan’s blog….I always agree peace on earth..all good will to humankind….UNLESS PROVOKED.
    Here you are okay….but seriously…we are not fighting chickens are ducks or are we as one of those.
    We are Malaysians…fighting for our equal rights and freedom of being labeled this or that race or religions to identify ourselves….so much so..it’s the educated and cultured malays that are actually being put in an awkward positions.
    like I said…if you don’t understand how much I love the majority malays that actually do not need any laws or constitutions tom protect NOW.They are very capable and smart. They don’t want to be spoon feed…as that spoon is a bended one too!!
    Peace from me and wirsO.. and we love you always….but go to Liz blog and talk like a Malay and not like a Malaysian…which you truly is……I will hantam you. I know you are trying to have some fun with me.

  186. monsterball says:

    Read more western books jeancumlately..especially those that explain so much based on Christian faith…then you will realize how close you are to them….except the interpretation of a God.
    But you say you are looking for truths…..ah… that’s our Buddhist concept of life…spoken 1000 years before Prophet Mohammad and Jesus.
    So you are actually a Buddhist…as we Buddhist believe as long as you are hungry for the truths…we are one..under any religious name…….no contradictions or argument.
    So did the late Ahmad Deedat said same thing to me..for few fortunate years …corresponding with me….before he died. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH….same as I love my late CHIEF REVEREND ..Dr.Dammananda. Now I lost two masters.
    My foundation on Christianity is from the fact…I studied in a missionary school for 11 years….and was known as a good student on religious knowledge in class.
    I have alot of Jewish friends all over the world…so no choice…need to know Judaism.
    Ofcourse…I lived with my Indian best friend for 3 years…so here come Hinddhuhism.
    Then bought books of all faiths and studied for 15 years…yet just know only a little bit…but enough to teach me where all religions came from.
    Then my late Chief said…I must have been a romantic monk in my previous life to be thrown out as a monk to be reborn what I am today. He was such an open minded joker.

  187. wits0 says:

    Aha, I think Monty has pointed out the fallacy of the “chickens are ducks ” analogy.

    Since we’re all human beings, the commonality is that we have a brain and because of this are capable of understanding the human situation and its essential needs. Because of having a brain, the development of the mind becomes possible ; don’t let ugly and creedish bigotry claim it from you ala insidious Arabian style.

    Let’s just say that the human needs and rights trumps the nonsense end of religious observances that actually enables cunning rogues whose interest is political and riding on false dogmas that divides rather than unite mankind.

    One cannot choose one’s ethnicity but but one can choose right thinking, which means one has that right to reject what is detrimental, even that which is said to be written in (said)holy books. What’s so holy in a book, per se, since it’s just a processed end product of dead trees? If a man of God were to appear today, he would’ve certainly wrought a holy CD instead! Then the subsequent holely war will be over whether the DVD one’s format is holelier than DVDD, or DVDX, etc.

    Anyway, the historical Arabic mindset/inspiration/tradition has nothing that great to offer – nothing that isn’t better found elsewhere. The cultural hubris and hype plus its intolerant control freak ideology has long drowned any real gems within since a very long time ago.

  188. jeancumlately says:

    Great monty…jez a simple lesson to malaysians. Watch where you are shooting your mouth at. When talking about NEP don’t go on a shooting spree and try to kill all malays on sight. I happen to believe that NEP was created on noble ground. It was supposed to give the malays the fishing pole but along the way it was abused and created rent-seekers. These are the people who thought that its their right to have fish for free. But how many malays are actually doing that? The same rule applies to Lina Joy. NRD refused to change her religion in her myKad and suddenly some pseudo freedom fighters argue about Islam is a bad religion… wtf.

    Talking about 2nd Class citizen in liz’s blog… Monty, I had been to “chinese” banks and chinese-owned companies. I know how it feels like to be a 2nd class citizen in your own country. And I bet that you also know the different price the malays and the chinese are paying for the same good from the same chinese towkay. Discrimination also work in reverse, you know.

    My point is, I agree with you. Talk as a malaysian. We have a different religion and dont tell me yours is better than mine.

  189. monsterball says:

    jean….You are buying stuffs cheaper from Chinese shops that we Chinese buy from them….as most are saying Malays are not so fussy than chinese shoppers.
    There you see…your facts are out-dated.
    Without malays buying best cars..like Merz and BMW…they close shops lah. Chinese buy second hand or reconditioned one. Previously..it was the other way round. Did TDM really helped malays or just his cronies and chosen fortunate few. Now Pak Lah has his chosen ones…you all lucky malays!!
    But…why so many millions malays are still poor beats baffles me….any answer ….smart crazy nut…jean?

  190. monsterball says:

    So jean you are clear…Buddhist do not pick a fight on religions…but if the truths are being distorted..we must expose those fanatics and crazy blokes to let readers know the real truths.
    Buddhist are peaceful people.
    Unfortunately religion is mixed up with politics in Malaysia..thus making it necessary for more truths to be revealed…or exposed.
    remember..for donkey years ago…doctors said coffee is not good for health? Now realizing more and more are able to understand caffeine is actually good for health….now change the tone saying coffee is good to drink.
    So the more people are educated will surely know the Constitutions need by-laws to up date our out- dated laws…for a united nation….fee from race and religions discriminations. Otherwise Vision2020 is a hypocritical political stunt.

  191. wits0 says:

    Monty, it’s a fact that as late as the beginning of the last century and for some decades afterwards, coffee was promoted as good for health. So was tobacco when for a considerable time after Sir Walther Raleigh brought it to England from the New World of North America. Then it became fashionable to condemn tobacco outright as the health fad people rallied against it.

    Different people makes the difference between ascribing harm or benefit wrt tobacco. Some people are highly capable of tolerating it while some people are hypersenitive even to the pollen in the air.

    There are some traditional institutionals(unrelated to Health) that tend to be dead against tobacco like a proud symbol of their propriety. Even the Readers Digest is dead set against smoking and refutts sightings of UFOs, as well. What makes them so self-righteously sure in its absolutism? Today we have the Gospel according to Al Gore and all the Warmies that even the G8 Meeting is obsessed with it. So politically correct but it is still largely unproven as a Reality, only mainly as a populist fad – and an useful against Capitalism. Modern times are not short of everyday Absolutists!

  192. wits0 says:

    Incidentally, Edgar Cayce, of the “America’s Sleeping Prophet” fame said that moderate smoking does not cause harm. About him : http://www.edgarcayce.org/edgar-cayce1.html

    No matter the term employed, he was apparently able to contact the Akashic Records, a thing that is recognised by Eastern Cosmology as one that only the highly accomplished Spiritual masters can have access to.

  193. jeancumlately says:

    Monty, I never had any doubt that budhist are peaceful people and tell me if you have doubt that Malays / Muslims are peaceful people too. Please discount the mat rempits who happened to be malay muslims and in return, I’ll discount those high on ecstacy pills ramming their souped up GTIs, the Ah Longs and the pimps who happened to be budhists.

    The lucky malays are actually few and far in between. Pak lah has his own cronies which account for may be 1% of the malay population who are unemployed but driving a Merc, living on palaces… (why do I kept thinking about KJ?) You see, 85% of malay contractors are alibaba. Who are they? How many malays get the APs? Please don’t blame it on the malays lah… I have to work and pay bribes like you too! I said that before, I know.

    My facts on reverse discrimination are not out-dated la monty. Its not just about pasar borong and the car dealer… its about institutions. Just open-up the employment section of your paper and you’ll see “mandarin speaking preferred.” Its the same thing as saying malays and indians dont need to apply…

    Why some malays remain poor? Easy. They can’t sell pirated vcds…

  194. monsterball says:

    jean..You are writing all nonsense and I am not in the mood to prove you wrong….maybe another day.

  195. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately….At Liz’s blog…you are talking nonsense. Here you are doing same thing.

  196. wits0 says:

    “mandarin speaking preferred.”

    I’m out too and Monty, maybe also Susan. Liz’s okay.
    What about the infamous gomen service ratio, ah?

    “They can’t sell pirated vcds”

    Who was stopping anyone from selling that earlier I saw some sellng too…until the crackdown came some time ago and everyone went underground. Not really to the poorer consumer’s benefit.

  197. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately….You are very wrong. Malays have achieved more than the 35% they asked for. Whether it was spread fairly by TDM or Pak Lah…you Malays should protest…but no…it takes the guts of a chinese to exposed it…yet no protest from the malays to the government.
    What you pointed out about the Chinese are hundreds of years BUSINESS all over the world. Yes..they are illegal and certainly no good for society…..but did anyone of them point a knife at anyone’s throat and forced them to do business with them?
    Don’t bring business to compare with con men..borrow no pay back…petty thieves …mostly malays. Why are they like that? So search solutions for your own kind and do not belittle the Chinese. WE ARE FORCED TO DO CERTAIN THINGS TO SURVIVE…OUT OF MOST UNFAIR GOVT. POLICIES.
    Sure manadarin prefered …if the boss thinks that’s what he wants to employ a person. WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING?
    If you need to deal with the Zulus…why…you must also advertise can speak Zuluian language is a must.. ..or you are a lousy boss.
    But maybe the Malaysian chinese boss is fed up of interviewing malays and indians…loosing so much money employing them….so cut them out……that’s intelligent business atittutes!!
    Get it clear…chinese bosses are out to make money…no race discreminations whatsoever..not like those government controlled companies…favoring one race and loose millions every year,..no problem
    I told you at Liz’s blog… I love malays to talk like this….and love is not saying nice things …but saying those that I feel are their weaknesses and hope they correct them…..starting by realising…no one will help them..if they don’t learn to help themselves.
    So don’t put out unfair comparisons…even saying chinese will sell things dearer to malays than to the chinese…those out-darted nonsense. If you say 30 years ago..I may agree with you…but now…you are nuts!!!

  198. wits0 says:

    Hahaha, good one Monty. Really, one, like yours truly, would have thought that the overwhelming factual reality of the situation no longer warrants repeating that same canard, but, no, how wrong can one gets. The whiners’ line should have stayed solely with tthe umno politicians.

  199. monsterball says:

    And if it is still true now…why …..that particular chinese hawker maybe saying to you…..take it or leave it. I noticed they sell even dearer to tourists…and few have even cheated their own kind..the chinese.I have been cheated by chinese dealers few times…so are by malays too…AND goods stolen by Indians. So how do you think I SHOULD IDENTIFY ALL THESE RACES?
    Why do you bring out this point to instigate malays hating the chinese……jeancumlately?

  200. jeancumlately says:

    Haha..got it all fired up huh mont? Easy does it…

    So I’ll take it that the chinese has a good reason for practicing what they did. Situtations warrant it. Business decision requires that. Its for survival and honestly, I would respect that. Lets just say that everyone has the reasons for doing what they did then. Be it Malays, be it Chinese. Be it Indians.

    Like you said… if the boss thinks that’s what he wants to employ a person. WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING?

    Yeap… why are you and me complaining?

    I am instigating? Sorry for that. Fonz comment fired me up.

    wits0… I am a whiner? I am the one whining? Think about it.

  201. wits0 says:

    Whine,n, : A complaint uttered in a plaintive whining way.

    Complaints being not necessarily whines when there are justifiable reasons backed by facts. When little facts exist, it’s whinning.

  202. monsterball says:

    ‘Lets just say that everyone has th3ec reasons for doing wahat they did then”
    jeancumlately….You sound like a F…UP bitch being played out!!

  203. monsterball says:

    Give me ONE reason why must other races be left out by government to be treated equal?
    Your sit replies have a touch of your personal life experiences…all over….like being played out by so many men….after….F…you!!

  204. jeancumlately says:

    Witso: Complaints being not necessarily whines when there are justifiable reasons backed by facts.

    Is your facts and reasoning “absolute” wits0? I guess you are right when you said “Modern times are not short of everyday Absolutists!”

    Monty… err… I don’t know how to answer that one.

  205. wits0 says:

    Not “my facts”, the facts. Like that which an academic researcher had to step down for when he exposed what was not pleasing wrt the economic pie. Another female professional Malay university researcher was apparently unhurt when she stated the same conclusion. There are still honest people that transcends the ethnic divide and stated the facts but the treatment given them is still not the same.

  206. jeancumlately says:

    Its “THE FACTS” to you, right? I remember the episode, but I also remember that there are arguments over the definition of “share” in the economic pie. Did Malays actually owned that portion of the pie? What is the definition of Malays in the study? Is it individuals or bodies? I am not arguing over whther the academician’s definition is right or wrong but just to point out that the definition itself is not yet absolute.

  207. bamboo river says:

    Witso, Jean and Monsterball…. you people sure make a blast on this Lina Joy topic.
    Sorry for being silent. The fact is I have been quite busy reading all the blogs, EW, Shar 101, Rocky Bru plus the ones highlighted by Rocky.
    Monsterball, Lina Joy topic do really interest me. But I prefer to be the listener than the speaker. The reason is this case involves religion that is Islam and civil rights.
    I am not that deep in law and definitely knew nothing about Syariah laws.
    So this is the best time to read and understand and later digress the commentators’ feedback.
    But I am dissappointed that some of the comments tend to deviate to religion bashing.

    Monsterball must be waiting to hear my views on this much hotly debated topic.
    It is the Syariah Law that requires Muslims ( I said ‘Muslim’ can be any race) to adhere the rulings then we non muslim ( I repeat ‘Non muslim’) should let it be.
    If we are talking about civil rights …then I had a question…What part of civil rights that we are talking about?

    If we say civil rights for freedom to profess religion of our choice, well, we are doing it now.
    BUT , if we are talking about a Muslim ( again I said ‘Muslim’ can be any race) right to profess another religion…that is definitely the decision of the Syariah Law. Monsterball ….You will ask me why and how come I am being a smart aleck.

    My answer to you is read all the comments in all the blogs. The answers is right there.
    Again you will say ….”bamboo river is trying to pull a fast one on me!”
    No lah ….where can..after you hantam me like you hantam Jean. then you short one prick to debate with you lah!

    I hope this will fill your appetite for the moment.
    BTW , Jean ..if I were you …I would do the same to that fonz moron.!
    Next topic please!
    PS: Monsterball…got time for coffee ah? Put a time and date and I will try to accomodate …just to pay back for my absence on your B’day.

  208. monsterball says:

    Tomorrow at Summit…Secret Recipe..at 7.30pm. Don’t bring your bak kut teh…they will throw both of us out!!
    But if cannot….okay lah….understandable. Your kind thoughts is good enough…Thanks pal.

  209. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…Youn reply to me is….”err…I do not know how to answer that one”
    Are you saying something to me?
    Sooooo happy to hear bamboo river give his opinion …AT LAST!!
    hahahahahaha….Everyone is talking about what is right or wrong based on law….but I keep telling that law on freedom of religion is unjust…no freedom to malays…so simple to understand…yet talk laws by Syariah court….who cares about Syariah court!! It has proven to be a political court..PERIOD!!
    That’s why I tend to stray away from the subject…..because with jeancumlately and bamboo wise explainations….so LETS ALL LIVE WITH IT……is correct…NO??….then jean start talking Fonz …to show how unfair one can be on malays…..what cunning person… jean can sometimes become.
    I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU BOTH NICE SOULS….Malaysians…including much more than jean’s own race…will not want to live with that sickening religious law that not really helping them…but tying them up like monkies…got it you two smart blokes?

  210. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river…are we on? Don’t make me go and wait like a fool.
    Bring your friends..if you like. I think it’s time we meet face to face.

  211. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river..you got prick…jeancumlately got pussy….please don’t get confuse.You must be poor at bilogy studies in school.

  212. jeancumlately says:

    Monty… I answered you at liz’s blog on why I can’t answer you on that one. Nite…

  213. monsterball says:

    So have I just responded! What is this!!…last night…way after mid-night you talk so much…now at 8.03pm..say good-night…someone with you dear? If so…sweet sweet sweet night to you.

  214. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, save the lecture for our coming meet up. BUT , tomorrow 7.30 p.m. CANNOTLAH! Wrong timing. How about Thursday 7 th JUne 1.30 p.m at the same place ? NOON.

    By the way where is that SR located ? Which floor?
    Usual smoking area with a cigar between your fingers?
    Thank you.

  215. monsterball says:

    No can do at 1.30pm….but after 6pm okay anyday..
    Park …press ‘G’…if lift works…..hahahaha

  216. monsterball says:

    okay…7th 1.30pm on…but change venue..at Subang Parade…Delifrance coffee house..smoking area. Know so?

  217. monsterball says:

    Yes I will be smoking a cigar…easy to identify me.

  218. bamboo river says:

    okayl ah . Confirm then. Subang parade 7 th june 1,30 p.m.
    I will find the location . Been 12 years stop visiting Subang Parade.
    Don’t ask why!
    See ya.

  219. monsterball says:

    bamboo river….Thousand apologies!! Something cropped up all of a sudden. Cannot make it. How about same time… Friday 8th…at Summit Secret Recipe?

  220. bamboo river says:

    Okay . then 8 th June 1.30 p.m. at Summit Secret Recipe. Friday.
    You have till Thursday 3 pm to change your mind.
    Fine with me.
    I will monitor this site till then.

  221. monsterball says:

    No more changing. Dead or alive…I will be there to meet you.

  222. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately…You want to try luck …asking me to spot you out again?
    Then come also ….more the merrier.

  223. jeancumlately says:

    thanks monty… but don’t look for a desperate, f-up bitch, you’ll never spot me that way… hahaha… And I am still reeling over the fact that someone called me old and ugly a few days before…sob..sob…

  224. monsterball says:

    You can lean on my shoulder and sob as much as you like..while bamboo river and I talk …man talk.
    Have a banana split ice cream..and a nice curry puff.
    That may make you stop crying!!

  225. stenson chin says:

    Am i wrong in saying that someone is hitting at you in MT? That guy is too swollen headed.

  226. monsterball says:

    What is lover boy talking about?
    hi serious stuffs not for you lah…you sound even more weird than before.
    Be natural…call me fishball…..talk love love love….that’s you man. Don’t try to win our man’s hearts…eeerrrr …go away…..you…you..you..mosquito!

  227. peter quah says:

    Our dear PM is going to get married, oh i can’t believe it. I thought it was a rumour when i heard the news few months ago. Well, congratulation, Dear PM, but i wonder why the PM too shy to tell us earlier. It is a good news indeed, isn’t it?But this is not what i am interested in, what I am very interested in is the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case, they change the team pf prosecutors in the last minute I think it’s deeply embarrassing for the Government of Malaysia because it implies that politicians can do what they want in this country. it is because they know that people in this coountry can’t do anything. Nothing will be changed even though they cross the boundaries of the law. We just love to be fooled by them, willingly!

  228. monsterball says:

    SUSAN…This ‘Free Speech Zone” should be bring forward…never ending. I think it has created a record with 230 comments. If it reaches maybe 500 or so…bring this to the attention of Guinness Book Of Records!!

  229. bamboo river says:

    Peter Quah….facts of life lah. You keep an elegant silence people will take it as true. So just say ‘rumour lah’ and everyone will be happy for the time being.
    Now it is true ….so Bloggers do not lie.
    As jean says ” Live with it”
    How ever my best wishes to Pak lah and Jeanne ( with a ‘n’ & ‘e’ )
    Monsterball………. face to face coffee table talk 1330 hours tomorrow at Secret Recipe Summit…see you there! Don’t bring the reporters. They are busy covering Pak lah’s preparation for the wedding!
    Susan….can put Free Speech Zone as a permanent spot for easy access for us ah ?
    Thank you.

  230. monsterball says:

    Confirm..bamboo river….my somo bodyguard will be there…just in case table turn turtle.

  231. jeancumlately says:

    bamboo river… pak lah is getting married and it seems that someone is going to do my nickname lah… ( with a ‘n’ & ‘e’ ).

    Danker gave a different meaning to it already. Got to change mine lah. Any suggestion?

  232. monsterball says:

    Be Mrs. Monsterball be be one with it! They can married Sat…we Sunday lah…..hahahahahaha

  233. monsterball says:

    I was trying to type ‘be done with it”…but above gone confused.
    hi jeancumlately….my sweet…somehow a pastor will be meeting me at Summit…plus one really look like Brat Pitt.
    You choose…pastor says can just baca baca any verses and he will bring marriage certificate along…just incase..plus Guiness Book Of Record rep will be there…to record the fastest marriage made in Malaysia….and boy oh boy…you will not not who our mystery guest is. If I tell you…I don’t know you come for me or that mystery guess.
    Soooo Summit 1.30-pm 8th June….future Mrs. Monsterball!!

  234. bamboo river says:

    Jean, ‘Danker ‘is another short for ‘Thank you’ in german. Maybe ‘Chooz’ will do for it means Ta , Ta or bye bye.
    So Chooz Jeancumlately.
    I don’t know? But Jean is still lovely . Keep that nick!

  235. stenson chin says:

    Feeling good is falling in love.Must have boarded the bus which has not been boarded for the past 15 yrs ( hope so ).taste nice then falls in love. I am also in love.Not with jeancantcum – she is mrs.slimyball.hahaha.My dancing flower makes dont know only.What to do…poor thing.She did not issue me with any ticket.Feeling good got ticket to ride.

  236. bamboo river says:

    stenson must have fall off the wrong side of his cot.
    Too bad. Get a life lah my friend!
    Give you one way ticket to Timbuktu.

  237. monsterball says:

    bamboo river..Type this…then I am off to meet you.
    That slimbag worn stenson pea brain is getting worst and worst.
    Susan…’his dancing flower”…can you compute that? Does he mean..Susan will need to dance like a flower whenever he likes?
    Calling jeancumalety…Mrs. slimyball….worst than I call simon wee……a pimp.
    Must be tired of living…messing around with monsterball better half.
    hi stenson…before you write one more insult on me…better see me live at AminIskandar@ Black BLOG. Look carefully for secret weapon. Can see?

  238. stenson chin says:

    It is a compliment you have a wife in here.I see no scret.I keep no secret.I am an open book like susan says.

  239. jeancumlately says:

    Thanks for the invitation monty… and bamboo river. May be next time.Its tempting but obligations and prior arrangements got in the way.

    I am not quite sure what this loverboy was talking about actually but stenson, blank pages like you do not make a book, dear. Using a bus as a pick-up line for susan? Geez, which cave are you coming from? And stenson, people don’t have a “wife” in cyberworld. Now get your hands off that joystick and see what a woman in real world looks like. And stay away from anyone who looks like you, okay?

  240. monsterball says:

    stenson chin is getting Susan’s boyfriend hopping mad!!
    jeancumlately and I were supposed to get ‘married’ today …but postpones it.
    All the surprised guests…I just cannot reveal…were disappointed and ONE say I better get married again before someone spread rumors of my roving eyes!!
    Aiyayayayee….I cannot believe that I need to get married again…just to stop rumour mongerings.
    I am actually quite married to few nice female bloggers and commentators in bloggings…as to me…being trusted..wanted and needed are all we need to be happy together..correct jeancumlately?
    Jean..You missed to know a bunch of NGOs….real smart and famous bloggers…all missing you.
    hahhahahahahaha…I simply cannot help loving jeancumlately teaching lover boy.
    Next she should teach another female…..what is cyber love and real love on nice day. she is simply the best in this field.

  241. monsterball says:

    FOLKS!! Susan has confirm this ‘Free Speech Zone” will continue….no closing.
    Three cheers for Susan…hip hip horay{3 times}

  242. susan loone says:

    Surelah..this space will always be open for all of you 🙂

  243. Peter says:

    what is the main purpose for this Free Speech Zone? What is the different from others? I can’t see any different if we just keep chating without any purpose.

  244. bamboo river says:

    Hi ya, Peter my friend , in this zone you don’t need a purpose or objective to put your thoughts, Read Susan’s heading again. Well, for a start you had already begun with a question at 2.20 a.m.
    I had replied on my behalf. So lets get it rolling.

  245. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, it was my pleasure to meet you, Black ,a new friend from AFS and not forgetting a close friend ?
    Well, it was very condusive and mind opening discussion. I still have a lot to learn from you all.
    Maybe we should make it a monthly coffee table talk.
    Thank you Monsterball for talking and LISTENING during our table talk.
    I am wiser by few milimetre and I hope you too will be cooler by few Celcius. Ha . Ha. Ha.
    Enjoyed the company of you all!

  246. monsterball says:

    Peter…Here I can call simon wee a damn coward….full of shit ..braggart..low class lawyer…again….hahahahaha
    bamboo river….The pleasure was all our…I assure you.
    I am sure you are surprised and enjoy the company of those friends?
    Yes …we should meet regularly like this. Black is game for it.
    Right now..my mind is split up with concern for Sheih’s mom condition…but he did say she is getting better.
    Once all okay…if we can get Sheih in one of our coffee shop talk…that’s great.

  247. monsterball says:


  248. monsterball says:

    bamboo river….Did you not hear from all the VIP guests…they are non political bloggers…one was not too sure…then after three hours swear will give up political blogging……but will expose any wrong doing by any political parties.
    See yours truly is doing something good for the country…am I not?
    That friend from AFS is really a smart young malay man.
    Now he is thinking whether to be monsterball side kick to hatam extremists of any race in anything.
    Since old…call myself…obi-wan and friends…hahahahaha

  249. stenson chin says:

    You are so stupid jean.You are not only dumb but please dont look at the mirror.It is so scary.I cant write much I know susan will delete whatever I post in here.She got blue eyes boys here.I am not one of them.

  250. monsterball says:

    ‘obi-wan and friends” will ofcourse have monsterball as the leader FOR LIFE..SELF APPOINTED…LIKE A DICTATOR…..NO NEED TO DENY…I CAN ONLY SACK MYSELF…OR ALL PRACTISE ‘Mutiny on The Bounty”………hahahahaha
    Meet regularly over coffee and smoking always allowed…but no beer ..no hard drinks. Beer tottlers automatically disqualified….unless willing to give up drinking beer. That is my first rule….but you can smoke to death for all I care…as it suits me….hahahahahaha
    Now we can safely say….if we form a real group…the quality of those with us are very intelligent and loyal Malaysians…..must search for one or two Indians or Ibans…or bugus to be really a Malaysian group.
    That’s how…..good news do attract good people…..so bamboo river….black…and all others…let have another party…much bigger one!!
    Two parties in one week….man that was really interesting’
    Wanted jeancumlately to join in….she does not know how much fun she missed!!

  251. monsterball says:

    I recall one VIP said…monty….I am so sorry that your birthday party was critisized by someone…saying no one wants to attend…but Black.
    Not true…all explained…and I never expected all those wishing me birthdays to attend…but few said yes and apologize for not coming….that’s good enough.
    When everyone wishes you on a birthday…why it is my natural character to invite ALL to a party….that’s culture and good manners.
    I have reveal to you ALL …what that birthday party was all about….and you all have a good good laugh. See how smart SHEIH IS!!!
    Now one say ….another birthday party must be organized….me and my big mouth….but seriously…on my birthday..and for years…I treat myself to a long good trip overseas. All my children knows what papa monty wants.
    So no more birthday parties….but to celebrate a new found baby….”obi-wan and friends”….okay lah….and anyone have better ideas…please suggest…and a nice logo to complete our ‘BALL GAME” team….hahahahaha
    Yes folks…I too have a dream!!

  252. bamboo river says:

    Ha.ha. Stenson , looks like you are wrong. Susan DID NOT delete your comment! Now , be prepared for Jean!
    Monsterball, twice a week ? Like this have to work WITH you full time lah as our VIPs suggested. Then everyday can talk and drink coffee.
    and be our own customer. Ha, ha.
    Drink beer…..sorrylah. The last time I drank a can of beer was 4 months ago. I am not good in beers.
    However, if the rest of the pals, plan to have a meet, I will join in if the timing is right. You know how to get me Monsterball.
    I got to run, Jean is going to attack stenson and I don’t want to be hit by stray missiles!

  253. monsterball says:

    Black was complimenting me at his blog.’Then comes a dirty fly….shar101 trying to disturb nice vibrations.
    You know monty….go read and have a good laugh.
    PS: Black is ‘Amin Iskandar@ Black”..easy to go in…if you click to kickdefella and look for the name I put out….wonderful nice young NGO blogger.
    bamboo rive have met him through me.

  254. monsterball says:

    bamboo river…I did not say meet twice a week lah. I said ..in one week…I met so many on two occasions.
    Seeing you and all those VIPs twice a weeks?…why I will really turn coocoo listening to you all..my old computer wires will burn out…bytes not enough!!
    Once a month is just nice….but the VIPs are mostly busy busy bloggers…now wilding away time to attend to murder case….9 days from now.
    So it is good opportunity to meet again within a week….notice been given.
    After that….pray to all the Gods to have such rare opportunity….all together. Not easy..unless Monty’s birthday?……hahahahaha

  255. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river…Before anyone got other ideas..they suggested a damn good business idea and ask me to finance and they work for me. You heard me reply…as a chinese investor…I have heard so many good ideas…..but nice to read in proposals…..sometimes can fail with wrong people working. You even agree with me.
    So I gave some ideas how to raise funds…and they all got excited.
    Better get the facts right….or else someone will twist that monsterball is gathering all the eagles for a business venture….nice if it is true and good for bloggers…plus real real profitable!!
    But the business of my involving as a commentator in blogging is more to do a dirty job…no one wants.
    One wise blogger said….the more I get F…up…means the more I am right.
    They don’t want debates…they want to simply find everything and anything to cut me into pieces…so far…still one piece.
    jeancumlately long ago said….how on earth I can take so many bullets…see that girl cares for me…so stenson…loverboy….watch out for jeancumlately!! YOU ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE…..REAL REAL TROUBLE.
    Here again…..some idiots can switch from serious stuffs to light than nonsense than back to serious stuffs….so get kepala pusin trying to understand monsterball with their one track mind….I try so hard to change them. You think I will go to heaven when I die ….bamboo river?

  256. bamboo river says:

    I am writing behind an armoured truck. I can see Jean is approaching with you know what.
    Just to answer your question. Don’t bring your problems to heaven.
    It means, you still have a loooooong way to go friend.
    BTW, Give Shar101 a break. I believed his invitation is sincere. Good for all bloggers to know each other better. Black had already told you he is non partisan and he is wise to decide his path.
    Can’t get to comment in his blog. My mistake lah, uneducated about computer.
    Need to go for part time class in computers.
    Black if you are reading this , you are good bloke. Respect what you do!
    Will drop in your blog when I sorted things out.
    Have a good weekend you all. See you on monday.

  257. monsterball says:

    hi bamboo river…sha101 never put a post at Black’s blog…until yours truly handsome face is there lah…..he is not sincere….he is plain jealous.
    If everyone thinks like you…not only Malaysia…the whole world is PARADISE!!
    So live with the devils….but never be afraid of them.
    Me no like heaven lah….just joking …for so many with do anything and everything to get a place in heaven….which I really don’t know how these idiots got the word ‘HEAVEN OR HELL” from….just words…no one can prove they exits…..but like Buddha said….if one behaves line an animal…one will be reborn as an animal.
    Paradise means siok life lah….no worries…right here…alive experiencing it.
    So if this is hell….I am okay with hell…dead or alive.
    Have a nice balance Sunday!
    Monday is hell for me…don’t remind me that.

  258. monsterball says:

    Now go read Black’s reply to sha101. That is really a sincere man.

  259. monsterball says:

    wow!! Susan responded too!

  260. monsterball says:

    That sickening braggart lawyer simon wee talks like a gentelman here…but at his blog…he calls me a hai lam tin and said Lim Kean Yeak knows how to deal with guys like me.
    Now he is saying indirectly he is a gangster lawyer!!
    Old man this…old man that….hi simon wee…read my lips…F….of or face me face to face. I gave you an open opportunity…so many were there as witnesses….you chickened out.
    What simon wee wants is to promote his sleepy hollow blog..no one visit him…..but when involving monsterball…it does attract alot of attention.

  261. wits0 says:

    What’s a”hai lam tin”? Hahaha….I familiar with the term but never really asked anyone before.

    Is it a Hailam fella who is idiosyncratic and cranky? The Teochews are also said to be linked with bad impulsive temper.

    Lim Keang Yaik….hmm, he’s spoken his good share of gaffe enough.

  262. monsterball says:

    wow!! simon have made an search and got all my personal detasils and will publish them in his blog.
    Go read and enjoy.
    At least those who know me will realise how truthful a man I am. i never lied to al of you…not even to readers. He is actually going to improve my reputation.
    But that so call lawyer has no professional ethics in blogging or a professional lawyer.
    He wants to expose me…..hahahahaha
    Now he got all my details…he should file a law suit against me.

  263. monsterball says:

    witsO…I am a hainanese…and I used to tell jokes about myself as a ‘Hylam tin”….meaning a cracko hylam….no big deal.
    So what he is saying….I am a REAL CRACKO…..no big deal

  264. monsterball says:

    simon wee thinks being a low scum lawyer can frighten me.
    Now that he has said…he got all my details…my ic….my company…how many ex-wives…my clients…….as if how many hairs I have in my prick..he also knows…will expose me…expose what?
    But does that not prove he is a low down unethical lawyer?

  265. wits0 says:

    Now this is a frivolous charge!

    Woman Arrested for Making Faces at Dog

  266. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha witsO ..That’s
    a good one.. Maybe simon wee is inspired by that charge.
    I am sure Bar Council will take note of brave righteous simon wee …that is ..if he is not a kachang puteh lawyer.

  267. jeancumlately says:

    Monty… I can picture the fun that I could have by the gathering, meeting all the people I could only picture. I would have asked wits0 (if he was there) not to strangle me…

    Bamboo river, you can get out from that armoured truck now. I was ready with a few icbms to shove down this stenson’s throat but realized that all I need is a fly-swapper. The teenie weenie one.

    Stenson, was that your best shot? Darn, I was expecting a man coming out with an uzi or something… not mickey mouse shouting “jean, you are stupid…” And worried about your comments may be deleted? Well, if I am susan, I would have you deleted.

    Its your lucky day, stenson. I’m running late. And one more thing, I looked in the mirror already (sorry, can’t help it) and all is well… I don’t look like you. I promised myself to commit suicide if I do.

  268. monsterball says:

    yes jeancumlately… You did missed out alot of fun and meet those lovely blog owners. But we are supposed to meet again next week…before the mongo murder court case start. Look out for the date …place and time…and you are always welcome. Infect….I was trying to look out for you at Summit…as you can surprise everyone by turning up.
    witsO going to strangle you? I will kill him first. After all simon wee said he will sue me in court….might as well kill someone and be done with it…..hahahahahaha
    witsO and I may not agree with you on certain issues…but we can always love and respect each other after that…can’t we….jean?
    We have been too long together to create any misunderstandings…but nice to hear different views broad mindedly.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  269. monsterball says:

    hi folks….Now is your real change to know everything about monsterball….EVERYTHING!!
    However…one so brave ‘anonymous’ commenter said at simon wee’s blog that my children all hates me. How on earth one can put out such sinful lies beats me…but who cares!! I think they want to irritate me and defend myself by talking about my family matters….that’s the only reason I can think of for one….saying such lies about my family. They want to know EVERYTHING…NOT ENOUGH ABOUT ME…my family too!!..what they do…where they live… etc etc etc. …. Am I not famous ? Usually if one is famous…one gets all sorts of attentions….bad or good. This week I have both!! TRY HARDER….hahahahaha
    And mine oh mine….he said I am committing sin living with an Indonesian lady. Can you believe how hard they try to kill monsterball’s reputation?
    Only thing they got correct is where I got my nick from….but it was to irritate people who have not seen my face. That’s my style of a joke….now no more lah..all call me uncle monty….papa monty to Sheih…..after seeing my face.
    I tell you…in my whole life….I can never imagine blogging have such low dowm scums….but one blogger taught me…ignore as not to bring myself to their level. Let them talk all they like…..this wise blogger told me.

  270. stenson chin says:

    Jean,you are not worthy to receive the good shot from me.An ugly silly wicked witch dont deserve any shot.Any lousy shot would sufficed.You are obviously instigating susan to have me removed from this blog.I have no problem with that.If it makes you jump with joy without me around – I am glad to leave without susan telling me.Get a thicker mirror next time.The thin mirrow give you false impression and crack too often.You are free to jump down from the top of petronas tower.No one is gonna catch you when you land.You should be happy you dont have too look at yourself anymore.Happy landing.Dont gave the shit you are too busy.

  271. jeancumlately says:

    Its ok stenson. I understand that you are saving all the good shot for the one deserving the most… you. I dont blame you. I would have done the same thing if I look into the mirror one day and saw you.

    Any lousy shot would suffice? Gee… what a man… you have a long way to go in order to impress susan, dear. Jumping from twin tower? Think of something original, ok?

    No lah… I was not trying to instigate susan to remove you from the blog. Too easy. I was hoping that she could remove you from the face of the earth.

    Monty, I would always respect a gentleman who is smart and learned like wits0 even after the cows came home. Nice weekend, guys.

  272. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately….Susan is so sick of stenson that she will not stoop so low to reply to his nonsense anymore.
    I suggest you ignore this idiot. He will disappear like all the other idiots …if we do not allow him to irritate us.
    Yes Susan should delete his messages..if he keeps on irritating us. Lets all combine to press Susan do that…when he keep spamming the blog.
    Glad you have positive opinion of witsO.
    yes…have a nice weekend to all…..but please do not forget about Sheih’s mom…. heart attack. A simple prayer per day is all we can do….until we hear more good news from him. So far…no news is good news..that’s how I read it.

  273. monsterball says:

    COMMANDED all my children to have lunch with me. Told them the above.
    Their replies..” Dad enjoy your blogging hobby. Let them talk all they want. We can’t be bother. Just continue enjoy your hobby”
    But above all…I did enjoy having all of them with my 8 grandchildren. Just cannot help to tell all…before I go rest…..real real kepala pusin with 8 monsters asking ME this or that …even peeing ..wants me to bring HER!!.
    In a way….I must thank simon wee.

  274. wits0 says:

    Not to worry, Jean, I would’ve to leap from the Penang Bridge before I strangle you. 😉

    Monty and Simon, please consider this line from the Odyssey, where King Odysseus returned to Ithaca disguised as an old beggar and was mocked by his wife’s pesky suiters. Whereupon, he replied with the famous line:

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never hurt me’.

    Legality, Simon, like Medicine also has its known limitation. What’s legal is unnecessarily just and if a human organism does now want to live, no doctors can save it. One’s life should hardly be sold on one’s vocation/profession alone. Otherwise how would you face retirement gracefully because that’ll have to come one day.

    The”Hilam Thing” one may even quote something like, “Better is open rebuke than hidden love.”
    Proverbs 27:5

    Stenson, you’re, methinks, mocking Susan and this Blog at the behest of its “enemies”, using reverse psychology and spamming. Your arsenal, however, is pathetic and puerile. You have no locus standi, so to speak, here. You’ll never grow up at this rate….only grow old like all things will.

  275. stenson chin says:

    I am not here to please anybody not even susan.When I am under attack in the name of freedom of speech,I would retaliate.If u cant stand criticism please dont criticise others.Some idiot try to use big words which he himself cant understand.Please be simple.Dont jam up your brain if you have any.Whom are you trying to impress?Susan if you feel I am not being fair in my comment and I am hurting someone feel free to tell me.It is your blog and you have the right to remove me from your blog.Waiting for your reply.Thank you.

  276. monsterball says:

    witsO…Just got up from a nice old man nap and read you nice inspirational message to me. Most important are my family privacies….non of anyone’s business and now it is taken card off….I am willing to go to hell with anyone……hahahahaha
    Seriously stenson….you deserved to be deleted….but if you wish to change and join us talking like friends…we will always welcome you. As you can see….I suffered all sorts of insults out of no faults. So that’s enough . No need your nonsense anymore. Do change and talk seriously. I for one think you can contribute instead d of entertaining yourself at the expense of others which you have been doing all the while. Defending yourself? Bullshit!
    Think about it….Change please! Thanks.

  277. monsterball says:

    stenson….Susan will not reply to you. Wake up to realities!!

  278. monsterball says:

    stenson…You started off by disturbing Susan. We defended..then you insult and attack everyone….and continue your sickening messages to Susan. YOU DID ALL THAT TO AMUSE YOURSELF. Jeancumlatey was your chosen target to further amused yourself these few weeks…….yet you say you are defending yourself in you above post. I always try my best to open the eyes to blinded minds…as I see them with lengthy clear simple English.
    The way you write…you are no more than 20 years old BOY.
    Grow up and don’t let your brain be accustomed to trick others . It will take over your real self….now still hidden…if you don’t change and ultimately…you are the sole looser.
    If you want to smile and be happy….read jovial books… joke books and all those commediens that are world famous and why. Don’t miss Jay Leno TV shows. That’s real intelligence to create a smiling character for themselves ….learn it….but not enjoy but teasing others like bullies in schools…just because it internet….you can get away with it. There is a limit to everything….be it seen or unseen.

  279. bamboo river says:

    Jean, took your advice, out of the armoured truck but with a kevlar vest just in case. stentson must have lost his boyfriend. Now nothing to do so looking for trouble with you. I leave IT to you Jean . You can handle him with a fly swapper. Maybe a rubber band will just do.

    Witso, that “Hai Lam Tin’ is a common phrase in our community. I have met many and suprisingly, if you are okay with them, they can be a staunch buddy with you! You have to able to accept their unexpected ‘winds of change’ .

    BTW , I am Teochew, ha, ha,. Don’t worry I am not offended. But because I am very close to my mum whom is a Hakka, I spoke Hakka even to my late father. The only sign of my Teochew-ness is I like Teochew porridge.
    Now since Monsterball says he is a Hailam, I have to bring out my “How to deal with a Hailam” guidebook!
    And your advise to Simon and Monsterball…..Witso, I agree with you!
    But I think threatening to expose the personal details is not a good thing.
    One commentator had already made his point to Simon.

    So, Mr Simon Wee, I like to read you views in Susan’s posting. You really made your points regarding the present situation on late Altantuya’s case.

    I hope you could put your differences aside and continue putting more valuable views in her blog.
    I had visited your blog and I can assure you that your blog too is now among my top ten bloggers list in my PC.
    Your sword may be well sharpened, but if your opponent is using a blunt sword, it will only damage your sharpened sword and ended with a blunt one. That is my so call 20 ‘kupang’ and sincere advice.

    Monsterball, lets put your so called unexpected fued with Simon Wee aside and resolve them over a cup or maybe two cups of coffee.
    It all started not by both of you, but thru a girl over some body exposed arts. You have your principle on porn issues and Simon Wee has his point on laws. He is just highlighting you the consequences of your comment in GENERAL.Maybe Simon Wee had not fully understand your character that he took offence of your usual blunt debates.

    Enough of my Monday sermon to uplift the mood of you guys and gals.
    I only wish that everyone in any blogs will come together as ONE to achieve what BU ‘s is all about.

  280. v9 says:

    Dear Bamboo River,
    Well said. I regularly ‘listen in’ into all the comments; even the exchanges between Stenson and Jean fascinate me. Why? If two persons exchange comments, crude or gentle, one at a time and each taking the effort to listen before responding, there will be less break-ups and divorces. Problem always begins when two’s or three’s started screaming and talking at the same time. More often than not, subtle facial expression or body language infuriates each other. This why I believe blogging and commentary relive the arts of conversation. Anonymous conversation is also good. Heck, Stenson and Jean might even fall in love when they meet face to face.

  281. jeancumlately says:

    Ahhh..v9, thanx for the good lough for a monday after the big flood and what seems to going the bo be one long week.

    Honestly guys, I don’t have anything personal even against stenson. The exchange is just for the fun of it and I guess just to make a point or two across. One of them is don’t ever call a woman old and ugly or risk world war III. I am far from old and well, you can call me ugly only if you are a monkey.

    Fall in love with stenson? Well, who knows if he is actually bard pitt in disguise. Its quite hard to get him off his joystick though.

    On Simon vs monty case… agree totally with bamboo river’s monday morning sermon and after reading his blog, I think other bloggers and commenters managed to knock some sense into him. No one will try to do the same thing with monty though… atleast not from somebody he called desperate, f-up bitch. I was not upset because I know its monty speaking. What do you expect? Sometimes we just forgot that this is cyberworld, leave it here, end it here. Once you take it outside, than the fun is gone. If you wanna go back there when the going gets a bit rough, why come in here in the first place?

  282. jeancumlately says:

    sorry for the messed up first paragraph. Its monday lah…

  283. kittykat46 says:

    Monty had a running battle with the Umno fella Big Doggie in Kickdefella’s blog, now he has a running battle with an AhBeng Simon Wee in Susan’s blog.
    I guess the next step is to have a battle with a Samy guy in another blog.

    I just sit back, read and enjoy.

  284. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….Bamboo river with his Monday sermon to me…..witsO wise words…..v9 who demanded I pay him his May salary..now must have forgiven poor monsterball…..jeancumlately..the ever understanding and loyal buddy of mine….and if she ever going to marry stenson….I sure will drop dead…feeling broken hearted……and kittykat is waiting fir chapter three of my life.
    I have all of you…..who cares how many more enemies….hahahahahaha
    hi guys….just had my lunch and I am laughing so much…no good for my food digestions lah….very quickly become shit….all protein gone because of all of you…….hahahahaha
    But on simon wee…alll of you are totally wrong. He was trying to discrupt Susan’s post on Atlantayu discussions by all of us. He is a political blogger.

  285. monsterball says:

    kittykat..simon is from MCA

  286. monsterball says:

    Talking of MCA….did all of you saw few DAP women have sex photos?
    Ofcourse all are not real…but hope the three f girls are very innocent ones ….not used by someone to spoil their reputations.
    DAP accused MCA….just to let you know….but I am no party man…yet people are after me…why me?

  287. monsterball says:

    kittyykat….You very naughty. Now Samy is planning one for me….just because you gave that idiot a smart idea. I have you…I don’t need enemies.

  288. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, so you have a good laugh eh? Well, maybe this Monday is not your bad day.
    Kittykat46, I think Samy Velu had his own big problem now lah. With collasped ceiling and leaking pipes. Now another issue posted in Rocky’s blog.
    Where is Simon Wee? I hope he join in .
    I am not a priest but maybe Monsterball is right about me. He says my previous life must be a naughty monk who likes to eat Bark Good Day.
    Anyhow , I love PEACE.
    Have a good evening you all.

  289. wits0 says:

    Monty: kittykat..simon is from MC”

    It would figure…..strong on the use of word, “moderate”. No dispute over being truly moderate. Question is simply what sort of “moderateness”? the self-serving ersatz type belongs to the MCA and component parties.

  290. wits0 says:

    Big Gum edentulus dawg needs a Monsterball….the difference is Monsterball will hentam without being apologistic to any party ideology while All Gums also denies affiliation. 😀

  291. wits0 says:

    Stenson, instead of deprecating what you call “big words”, try giving a Rolex factory to a bunch of monkies and see if they can come up with a Rolex watch.

  292. stenson chin says:

    I am just kidding with you jean.I am sorry if I have offended you.Sorry senorita.You are a good sport.I bet you are a lovely and pretty lady.

  293. monsterball says:

    You know how simon brags he knows this or that about me?
    It is from my visiting cards I gave up to few bloggers….who are now on the different ball game team….and I know how who told him about my children’s matters….which is twisted from ‘LET GO” practised from my religious beliefs to what were said by him. I KNOW WHICH BLOGGER IS FEEDING SIMON WEE WITH ALL THESE FALSE INFORMATIONS….CONCERNING MY CHILDREN.
    Yes I will ignore….but this message is for that blogger to becareful not to use such unethical low down sickening methods to bring me down in blogging. There is a limit to everything….but what were spoken by my children have made me happy. This is not like find the archile heel of monsterball. This is downright dirtiest method…and who is applying…why…one great member of All blog…ofcourse!! I guess the one who supplied the information to simopn we must have ticked simon off. Good for his soul.

  294. monsterball says:

    stenson…You are a gentleman. Welcome to be our friend.

  295. monsterball says:

    witsO…As usual is the wise guy….so comforting man to have as a friend.
    bamboo river…..CONFIRMED!!…. BARK .. the GOOD soul..his chief monk.. on the wrong DAY….caught being naughty..so was de-robbed!!

  296. monsterball says:

    bamboo river…kittykat have already foretold the future…so said kittykat…so let it be written…so let it be done……quoted from ‘Ten Commandments” movie….hahahahahaha
    Now Samy not free….very soon …all forgotten..so he thinks,….and just wrote another poem for PM as wedding gift!! What he is actually trying to say…he is a poetic man….but all his words are wholesale copied from great poets of the world. CAN ANY OTHER WORLD MINISTERS BEAT OUR THICK SKINNED MINISTER? NEVER!!….ANOTHER GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORD FACT.

  297. jeancumlately says:

    Surprise…surprise… Congratulations Stenson. You had just scored a few extra marks in susan’s book. You may even get her to dance soon… now try to act normal like the rest of us, be a sport (like bamboo river), don’t swear (like monty… err sorry, bad example), talk maturely (like wits0) and sweet (like kittykat). If you can do that, you are well on your way to susan’s heart… good luck.

    Now, if you start talking about “dancing flower” again.. well, can you pass me the c4 guys? I may need it.

  298. monsterball says:

    jeancuml;ately….Good advises to stenson….for if one wants to be like me…how am I going to be sole target for people to hantam? Two targets…they don’t know what to do or say…then no fun…all keep quiet….UNLESS……the chemistry has to be perfect and precise and I think stenson has yet to prove himself.
    In this dirty job…I am actually looking for a partner. Plenty of nice supporters like you all…I have….but one more partner..like me…bloggers will go go NUTS!! So far… witsO is silently doing it….and our combinations is not favoring any political parties…but our stands on truths as we both sees them….making us feel so nice and proud doing it….correct wistO?

  299. monsterball says:

    I will swear to whoever I think need swearing for I swear if I do swear is for benefits of others..not me…got it? jeancumlately?

  300. monsterball says:

    However if one attacks me..than all swearings are for my own personal benefits…no one else…..hahahahaha
    That’s call …fight like a man…not hide under mama’s sarong and talk brave stuffs.

  301. monsterball says:

    SUSAN!! ‘Free Speech Zone” has reached 303 messages from one post. Check it out ….can get recorded in book of record or not.
    If not …we wuill talk till the end of blogging days…that is if you keep this site on going…UNTIL Guinness realise the fact. Afterall…they want to record all Malaysian records…why not this…so let others try to beat us lah…but Guinness must judge contents and quality…not simply by amount of posts.
    hi GUINNESS SHOUT GUYS….WHERE ARE YOU ALL….BLOGGINGS HAVE GREAT POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS FOR YOU lah. We all may change from coffee to drinking Guinness ONLY……if you are nice to us.

  302. monsterball says:

    Now I seem to get Susan’s blog faster moving. I guess those photos were too slow…now all adjusted…okay.

  303. monsterball says:

    I know who is the camera man.
    hi you…cameraman…next set….make sure better composition lah….cannot see sexy mongo girl face…very sad. Look at that guy starring at the girl…eyes did not blink.
    In USA…photographer will talk to the subject…and one may say..’Hi lady…take out your spects and give me a good post please”….something like that…talk few words than snap snap snap…like candid camera.

  304. noname says:


    Congrats again. You’ve got another post dedicated to you.

  305. monsterball says:

    Thanks noname. hahahahaha….by sha101?
    Really some guys are so thick skinned with their bad reputations that they never ceased to amazed me. Like I said…the more they write……means I am succeeding to exposed them.
    Well the herds of same will comment….who cares!
    “Breaking News ….PABS…” was his real delight to bring Susan down. Now proven all false….yet he never apologize to Susan.
    He is the lowest no good ….no manners blogger I have ever come across.
    Black has also shunted him….yet he never learn.
    Pure jealousies lah…noname….some idiots are like that…what to do.

  306. noname says:


    You’re right. Idiots. Well its there for people to see so everyone can decide for themselves. Afterall its free speech.


  307. jinbaragas says:

    This Free Speech Zone is clearly dedicated to the dearest Monsterball, the old racist idiot who has no shame at all. I sincerely symphatise with his immediate family for enduring this intollerable sicko. He must be equally rude at home as in the blogosphere. Elsewhere in the world a person like this is not allowed to have internet access fearing the disease he is spreading. Thank God this is Malaysia. A quick peek at shar101 is very revealing. Yes, the old fart looks like a real pervert… a paedeophile… so anyone here under fifteen, please beware… don’t accept sweets or gifts from this monster! Don’t smile back to him if you happen to bump into him after this.

  308. monsterball says:

    They are getting desperate.
    Poor Sheih being singled out as my savior and to add salt to their wounds…Sheih calls me papa monsterball.
    hi ..who ever you are..read this carefully….none of your insults plus those at sha101 blog will irritate me anymore…..as I am having a ball in blogging…after talking to my children.
    And if what you all put out are true…why you idiots are insulting so many respectable bloggers and smart commentators …accepting me as their friend. Yip!! It’s a free country…say all you want.
    But once …so call All Blogs team step out of the line….MONSTERBALL will be there…NO FEAR!!
    Ball game is on….do your worst.

  309. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty,
    There’s a very nice picture of you on Shar101’s blog. Big Doggie has lots of vitriol for you too. Wah, you are now famous in Blogosphere.

    Never mind, we all love you here….grand-uncle…

  310. bamboo river says:

    Friends, I have a feeling deep inside my complicated brain that Stenson @ June 11th 3.30 p.m is giving an indirect “HINT” to Monsterball?
    Wink. Wink. (The Gesture lah ! )
    Ha.ha. Ha.
    Good for you Stenson. That is what I call ‘A Gentleman’.
    See if you all can get what I meant. Winners will have a cyber hug from me!

  311. wits0 says:

    Since a gremlin is still a fairy, Monty becomes a fairy Godfather!

    An unintended compliment of sorts from the OBE one! 😀

  312. kittykat46 says:

    Hurray…lets all smoke a peace-pipe. Pass the ganja around !

  313. v9 says:

    ‘A Punching Bag’
    I took up TKD at the age of 12 when the same bullies extorted money from me year in year out. Well, I did have a side kick Labrador that bit the shit out of one of them. That mug died and left me alone. So I have to learn self defend and the bullying stopped. I am not advocating violence or an eye for an eye but it was a wild wild east during my youth. Those days, Karate Kid was the box office at cinema. I practised a lot on a punching bag. To get that extra pow wow, my Sifu asked me to superimpose my bully and the bag would do a 360 loop a loop. That was my own Olympic record.

    I guess MB is the official punching bag for blogosphere now. Many are bullied for so many reasons nowadays. Some perhaps were bullied by the roaring success of their peer blogs that they need to install MB punching bag at their site. Others perhaps cannot deal with spouses or bosses nagging at home or at work. When a similar monster ball came along, why miss the opportunity to fight back, slug for slug. I am happy MB punching bag is there for all of us. MB, please put on thicker leather.

  314. kittykat46 says:

    Monty has Monster Balls…..

    (pardon my language, Susan, not quite Queen’s English…heheheh…)

  315. stenson chin says:

    I am what I am.I cant change,jean.Either you love me or loathe me.That is me.I dont like the characters you mentioned.How they behave is none of my business.Susan does not show any interest in me.Maybe you and I can be an item.hahaha.good idea?Fire me if I am wrong in saying that you are a deeply passionate lady.You give love and want love in return.Am i right?

  316. wits0 says:

    Yelping dawg keeps barking at MB’s mention of Madey’s slap. Perhaps he should also be barking at the late MGG’s mention of Madey’s fall while horse riding in NZ incident as well. Just so as to discredit MB all round over a single item, he repeats himself ceaselessly. Must say I’ve heard that juicy slap rumour too in my time but not interested really in its veracity.

    Actually they simply are out to discredit MB via (rather familiar)demonising. I do not say that everything MB says is accurate nor do I agree totally with his views but he has raised many fundamental issues that irks the deniers. While I cannot agree with some of his deliveries, yet they often embodied much inconvenient truth. These don’t have to be so skilled, by way of delivery, as V9’s side and reverse kicks – to speak the inconvenient and unPC truth.

  317. jeancumlately says:

    v9… bullying is actually for those suffering inferiority complex. Trying to impress but is actually trying to assure themselves. During our teenage years, we tried to find our identities by trying to allign ourselves with the right crowd. You have to wear the right clothes, listen to the right music and even speak with the right twangs. Otherwise, you’ll be an outcast, the nerds and the no one. Familiar, ain’t it?

  318. v9 says:

    Dear Jean,
    I think the peer pressure you described is worse than bullying I endured. Bullying is physical and can be handled in similar fashion. Besides, I learned later in life that bullies can have hearts if we try to reach out. But, peer pressure is another totally different torture. What they are doing now at sha101 exclusive party is applying peer pressure…and the peoples involved are in my opinion healthy adults that should have known better. The ill soul of a group that applies peer pressure is instinctive and cannot be changed for life. This is one culture that, not only you, many others will reject. It is also one reason why BN and Kali(s) stay in power…we rather trust a known devil than an unknown angel. By the way, I noticed a difference in Jeff’s blogs, in comparison, to the rest. He used the word ‘conversation’ instead of ‘comment’ button. I wish the party at sha101 knows the difference between the two words. Didn’t they notice the change for the better in monsterball? Why don’t they highlight and encourage that improvement instead of recycling old comments?

    Ps. Next few days, I will be in a remote place with no internet access. Listen in later. Bye.

  319. monsterball says:

    Thank you very much. Sheih once wrote to Susan saying…if he has friends like her and Black…that’s enough. That guy had ALL bloggers loving him….yet he gave up so much to stick to his principles for a United Bloggers concept which he admitted is not working well…but he never give up….until today…he will try his best to unite all again…I know him…but he is busy with his work for Husam.
    Strange as it may seem…..somehow welknown marketing manger from Straits Times whom I knew for more than 25 years..still working there…..said he missed me….want to visit me and have a chat and coffee plus cigar.. We talked for more than 4 hours….recollecting old times.
    I will be lying to you…. if I said I did not ask about Rocky’s
    character. All I can say..I was right..Rocky has no leadership qualities.
    Again dear friends….thanks for your comforting words.

  320. monsterball says:

    Susan and dear friends…What an honour that Rocky …President of All Blogs have a post on me too!
    I must be doing something right to get all these attentions.
    Somehow…Sheih’s sacrifices are shared by papa monsterball.

  321. susan loone says:

    Hey Uncle Monty;
    You must be doing something right if people can spent a blog post on you!!!
    Surely, this must encourage you to continue commenting!!!

  322. susan loone says:

    Hahaha! thanks a lot guys and gals who write in this zone. You all really brighten my day. When do I get to meet everyone? 🙂

  323. monsterball says:

    Thank you Susan for those comforting words..
    With your trust in me and all those guys above love and understandings….I will continue commenting. Right now talking photography at Liz’s
    blog…religion at by beloved Sheih’s blog….Love at Elviza and Nora..Black on human rights……and here tolorance and understanding….how can I give up such wonderful stuffs in bloggings….and all so nice to me. I do feel lucky.

  324. monsterball says:

    Not forgetting my dear friend…kata tak nak…talking life after death.

  325. wits0 says:

    MB : “Rocky has no leadership qualities.”

    In Bolehland you’ll need mainly patronage and partisan support, it figures.

    Big pit bull is not a “ronin” like he presents himself but a “samurai”. Independent individual who takes the trouble to be stridently bash well nigh every mention that criticizes the system can hardly be so.

    The response from the other side suggests clearly that the truth hurts. OBE thinks free speech comments in Blogs means absolution for rabid hecklers. Let’s see if someone does that to his Blog, whether he will allow that.

    Susan is perfectly correct to say that integrity comes before unity – not the other way around to suit anyone’s agenda. What good is fake “unity”?

  326. monsterball says:

    hi fellas Susan wants to meet you all. If all interested to talk to thus wonderful blogger plus Black and few mystery guests….I think it can be arranged….but time and date must suit these busy unpredictable bloggers timetable. Anyone interested? Three will qualify to form a real party….actually two more….as bamboo river has asked me for another pow wow.
    Love to meet witsO and jeancumlately….plus ALL of you here or silent readers…just say out…….anyone.

  327. monsterball says:

    Look at Big dog revealing EVERYTHING about myself …my company and even where I am staying!!!
    Even my IC card is supposed to be for female…..hhhhmmm must go and check with those idiots giving me the number. For that…thanks Big Dog!
    I am soooo glad he did revealed my company has lost money. This shows to all of you..I did say that long ago and how truthful I am…even not knowing all of you and real name….as when one have a truthful mission….one must not be afraid to tell all truths…..and must be trusted by all.
    Yip….very correct…company lost alot of money. Did I not tell you I do not blame Pak Lah…..but Big Dog missed one important point…that my wealthy children have paid all the looses ….owing no one sen to anyone…..not enough a bank…which makes my friends worth millions envy me…..saying they have millions and still owe millions to others….and insisted I am richer than them. My children ask me to enjoy the company and blogging….which I insist I want to work on and try make a turnaround…eeeerrrr what does BD know about business….waste of time talking.
    Well all are revealed…and I am sure the also know the address of my company.
    Okay as usual…what’s next? Send someone to murder me? If not….why so interested to put out all my details. oh my god…my knees are trembling…..hahahahahahaha

  328. jinbaragas says:

    The monster doesn’t really understand these: being “in”famous, “un”popular and “un”wanted. Whoever stumbles upon him in various blogs is in for a “mis”adventure.

  329. monsterball says:

    ya kah….wise jinbaragas? So why are you here…if there is a ‘mis’ adventure coming to this blog? You very stupid lah.

  330. hasilox says:

    Been busy lately. Missing out quite a bit.

    Monty, you are all over blogosphere. Saved you a lot of money on advertising otherwise…hahaha. Simon Wee is your relative kah? How come he knew so much about you?

  331. monsterball says:

    hasilox…..ah who cares…I have nothing to hide. Those are low down sickening bloggers breaking all the honorable and noble rules in blogging to expose me…..so they did. What is the purpose….and is it not sad…Rocky is putting a post to hero worship his machais? What is Rocky trying to say…he has a party….and I am not invited? Is that beer or whisky talking…or vice versa?

  332. monsterball says:

    hi jinbaragas…Who are you? At least all know me COMPELETLY.
    Want to get be blind and chopped of my fingers so cannot do blogging anymore…like you said at sha blog?….why don’t you do it? Why talk cock all the time?
    Are you not ashame of your most idiotic sickening lowdown characters…even under a nick….God will know all of us.There is one Judge…we all tends to forget That’s what Sheih’s new post is all about. DO YOU ALL BELIEVE IN GOD?? Don’t you believe in a religion?….ALL OF YOU AT shar101 blog….I am talking to you.? So why not go to mosques…temples..churches and pray to all your Gods to kill monsterball….and if all of your hearts are so pure and good…God will surely answer all your prayers.
    Why are we not God fearing humans..especially those that have a family and children.
    TRUTHS….TRUTHS…TRUTHS…..Just look at the result…when all these are revealed by me.
    Simple…..if monsterball is the devil….why need so many to kill one old man? So easy…use your imaginations…I dare all of you cowards. One should now be All BLOGS HERO LAH…COME KILL ME. But if we look at history….one man can do wonders…making every crook talk and act like idiots now. hhhhhmmmm…who is he??…THE FAMOUS MONSTERBALL…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  333. monsterball says:

    Juat watch…next line of reason….he is old….synile….bla bla bla…leave him alone..that worm…bla bla bla.
    You see….this is the latest political people in blogging …very very fierce….very daring and talk everything and anything about others…..so brave….under anonymous and nicks.
    Are we all not seeing and reading something new?

  334. monsterball says:

    simon wee….Do your worst…..I am waiting.
    Revealing all is one thing. Threatening is and other.
    Actions is final…..so you have said so many actions to be taken…..don’t talk…do it.

  335. monsterball says:

    All faces I have seen except simon wee. Love to meet him face to face.
    He is actually advertising he is a good investigating lawyer too….plus follow up actions.
    BOY!! sha…Rocky…simon….all main post on monsterball.

  336. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, Monty, just spent 5 minutes in Shar101, Rocky’ Bru, Simon Wee, Big Doggie, A Voice……never seen so much hatred poured against one anonymous commentator……
    The Simon Wee fella even took all the trouble to dig up (inaccurate) data about Monty….
    Careful Monty, you may end up with a firebomb in your compound….

    Actually its not that difficult to launch an attack on a blog and take it down temporarily…..just needs a fair bit of work to make sure to cover your tracks…heheheh…just let me know which blogger deserves it…

  337. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, you are now famous lah!. My friends call me up last night ( I intro them on BU) They say I am going to have a tough time taming the so called ‘Hai Lam Tin”. After what is happening in blogosphere, they asked me if I am going to do anything about it.

    I told them since Monsterball is BALLed enough to speak out then he is man enough to be the “punching bag” as mentioned by v9.

    It will be silly of me to say Monsterball is RIGHT all the time. We have to accept the fact that he is what he is.
    I am not going to leave you alone for I had made friend with you , I will continue being your friend no matter what as long as you please.
    That includes all bloggers and commentators. No matter what you have said or done my take is we are human. Nobody is perfect.

    Monsterball, keep me informed on your next pow wow session.
    If the timing is right, I will give you another piece of my so called “Hai Lam Tin” neutralising meat to you ! Ha, Ha, Ha.

  338. wits0 says:

    Kiittykat, they could’ve simply banned MB earlier instead of going through the fits, no? But, hell no, they want to appear open and good out of vanity like they could counter MB and appears morally stronger for it. Now what moral high ground do they now appear to have? Rather ironical to seek any form of “unity” without being able to pass the shakedown test. The hate-filled dawg would be easily welcomed to the Palestinian camp.

  339. stenson chin says:

    Monkeys do know the difference between genuine and imitation stuff.Only spineless lackey does not know the difference.My arrow did a splendid job – splitting the air and hit the target.

  340. wits0 says:

    Nothing’s as pathetic(aka spineless)as a man begging to be loved by a woman.

    Stenson, you’re also funny. 😀

  341. bamboo river says:

    Stenson , which one are you in my comment : May 31st . 2007 @ 7.06 a.m.? Scroll up if you are lost.
    I hope not the third Archer!

  342. jeancumlately says:

    I missed out stenson’s comments on june 12th 12.34 a.m. I guess I missed quiet some actions in the last two days.

    Stenson said: Maybe you and I can be an item.hahaha.good idea?

    Well stenson…hahaha to you too. It worries me when your arrow can only split the air when my fingernails that can split a banana…

    wits0… aren’t you getting tired of branding certain race with certain characteristic. Now you are saying that the Palestinians are hate-filled? I really think you have more knowledge and wisdom than that my friend.

    BTW, some had suggested that Monty was embedded in the blogsphere by whoever… He has jobs to do. Really? They must have made a big mistake. Just like when CIA recruited Saddam Hussein… How would you control him? Agreed with wits0 (as always). The blog owners could just ban him like RPK did instead of all these pow-wows. Some people just took things too personally. If that is the deal, then better to shut down the comment section lah… and go back to tv3 and nst. All of us can hear all the nice things there. I hope the picture of pak lah smiling and laughing like a teenager getting laid for the first time will make all of us happy…

    The shouts for freedom of speech sounds a bit hollow sometimes…

  343. monsterball says:

    hi friends!!! I am OKAY….don’t worry. Thanks you so very much for your friendships…when I need you all most
    Infect….I made more bloggers friends just now insisting to talk to me. So comforting and pleasure to hear their views.
    I can only reveal…all telling me to keep commenting….to keep alive…freedom of speeches.
    What come may……I will face all like a man…..that is ..if I am talking to humans and not to cowards….pondans or ghosts.
    Yes..It is turning to personal assassination game…not a ball game at all
    They are waiting for me to defend myself….eerrrr got to sleep…old man lah.

  344. monsterball says:

    Nice nap and now read at Rocky’s blog….blaming Sheih and Susan not to control or delete me ….like they are using me for an agenda.
    So nice to be defended…but that is not true. No one can use me go an agenda. I have no agenda …but write as I feel compelled to write.
    Say I am a lonely old man…turn senile…want attentions….that’s okay….readers can judge.
    I repeat….assasinations game is played by them….no a ball game….certainly not a debate at all.
    So what is happening to me is simply a sign of poor loosers.

  345. wits0 says:

    Nah, MB, you can be abrasive, even apparently aggressive, but now way I’ll believe you can be used by a third party. Remember how you scolded me for my anonymity and challenging you on, “amazing grace”. ;). That was a trivialilty and nothing to it and only the immature would bother over. The Blogosphere is a place where if one is to pursue every slight or differences in opinion personally, one might as well not venture into. And btw, naughty V9 said we wanna shove a tungsten rod up his ass. LOL! I have a good memory as to what I actually said.

    Like Kittykat, I, of course disagree with some opinion that suggests openness to the extent of revealing oneself is mandatory on the Net. There are reasons for it ; discretion can be one. You have seen how your openness has been exploited by ’em to the max.

    So now, the blame and flame game is on and your ostracization must be complete(according to ’em). Hmm…”lonely old man”, seems better than “young egoistic man”, seeking acceptance from peers or female attention. Who’s actually more pathetic? It seems to me that a “lonely old man”, causing some stir in the Net is playing a more noteworthy role than another “lonely old man” in shorts and singlets banging at an old stool, trying to fix the unfixable in his veranda.

  346. monsterball says:

    I want everyone to know this….and put on blogging record.
    Only two bloggers know where I lived, One month ago…zorro phoned me for help on his faulty lap top. I invited him to MY HOUSE as so happened…my programmers were coming to refresh my computers. We sat and chat…over coffee and snacks and showed him all over my house. they toook his computer back and repaired . He was happy.
    The other person is ofcourse Sheih…who knew my house one year ago.
    Then just before simon wee attacked me….zorro sms me for help again on getting my programmers to his house. I did so…and again my programmers were told by me to serve him well.
    I can easily put out zorro’s home address….but I will not…even if he dares me….as blogging is for debates…arguments…not to reveal personal matters. Mine is now an open book….but alot of bullshit informations….they want me to complaint or talk or get angry with. I will not satisfy their hungers to see me loose temper…nor stoop so low to do as they did to me.

  347. monsterball says:

    witsO …You never ceased to amassed me with your wisdoms…..
    I guess you have some sympathy for me….now writing so simple English for me to read and understand so easily……..hahahahahaha

  348. noname says:


    they said ur ban from MT. Looks like you’ve proof them wrong. Say ur post in MT yesterday (http://www.malaysia-today.net/Raja_Petra/2006/09/monkey-and-flower.html).


  349. monsterball says:

    hahahaha….noname…That was old system lah. I just want to fool them. In RPK’s new system…I cannot get in. I asked Sheih to check with RPK did he ban me. He said no. I left it as it is….but the post on the ‘monkey with flowers’ is defintely not for me. If you care to check all my messages….RPK was always siding me…but I guess he does not want to ban those trying to rojak his blog…..just choose to stop me from blogging there….also stop those few.
    Therefore to conclude…I never blamed RPK. He has a blog to manage as he sees fit….but Big dog ..as you all know…will start saying I am a liar…and tell all the lies he can muster in his doggy brain.

  350. monsterball says:

    I was the only one debating in favour of Pak Lah and Khairy at MT blog.
    Pak Lah just came into power and so much nonsense and insults were spoken…even at Khairy….as that was anti-establishment blog…at that time.
    RPK did enjoy my posts..I guarantee you….but he also also few to keep repeating insults on me. So many enjoyed my jokes at MT site..Check it out!!
    Cannot control those out to rojak me…he created a ‘Swimming Pool” site and asked me to go there to it out. I REFUSED!! At that time…I was actually prepared to give up blogging at his site. I did for few months….then my name was mentioned again with insults. I put my message under normal posts….all went through. After few months.. the above took place.
    I wanted so much to meet RPK …but never had a chance and he never did tell out what is the real reason….which I have given you all my conclusion.

  351. monsterball says:

    RPK asked me to go to the ‘Swimming Pool” site to battle it out with boxing gloves. I REFUSED!!
    I was nobody’s side show clown.

  352. simon wee says:

    monsterball, just a final piece of advice. If I were you I will quickily fix the IC. As it is you can’t travel and can’t vote in the coming general election, if…

  353. monsterball says:

    Thanks simon wee….I will take my chances. I have done for your 40 years.
    They make mistake…I have to suffer?

  354. monsterball says:

    I know what you are getting at……with your “if”
    Do your worst.

  355. monsterball says:

    hi Bloggers of Malaysia. Look at your self appointed President of all blogs…..talking politics and one sided too! GO check it out. I am ALWLAYS RIGHT….he thinks he IS the President….talks like …..as if one…but all his posts are taken from here and there.
    Most important fund raising project….went kapook!!
    He said….monsterball must be taken care of.
    I have news for him. I AM WAITING!!
    If speaking the truths hurts me…..so let me experience the punishments.
    Afterall….so many like Lim Kit Siang has gone to jail speaking the truths…what can they do to me?
    I am no mole…no balls carriers….not paid salary of any political party….not Sheih or Susan machai. I am commentator……monsterball…period.
    Now compare me with those flies.
    TRUTHS HURTS…..but let not me speaking truths be frightened and let me speak falsely like them. That is the experience I am learning from bloggings….but never frighten me one bit..just to let them know. After all…I am like they say……”hy lam tin”….meaning hynanese crako. Good one bought basd name to our country as MCA President…lets see monsterball will add more bad…if not…hynanese is also noted to be very co-operative and united clan. Hope few take the trouble to read and judge me. Only a hynanese can tell me to shut up FACE TO FACE…..not through blogging…that is…if he can convince he is no political man.
    We are taught always to respect the eldest..and even at my age…I will respect…no shame about it….and all my children are taught to respect the eldest.
    So my message to Rocky….again…reading your posts…I am determine to keep exposing you….and believe me… so much I heard about Rocky for months….not once I talk of personal things….except recently.. hinting….that is if you can read hints.
    Well one who is imagining how important he is…..should wake up…or is he really thinking he is that powerful? This I cannot comprehend…unless he is a nut….which he is not….so what it is…….DREAMIMG!!

  356. monsterball says:

    Usually a man of his age …if very successful in Straits Times Group …they will NEVER let him leave…no matter what. After so many years….knowing so much….and lose such a precious employee? Is S.T. nuts??
    I think he knows I know the real reason and like I said. I WON’T TELL…except he is a political blogger of one sided politics……PERIOD!!
    Go…. bow to your President of All Bolgs…..that is…if you are NUTS too…..hahahahahahahaha

  357. jinbaragas says:

    Alo pak cik monster. I think it’s your nick. You call yourself a monster, then you become a monster. And me? I am a mild mannered person also outside the blogosphere. I am clean shaven, bespectacled, just like you. (Only different is my IC number ended with an odd number).

    But here, (damn!) I am using this nick. Now I behave like a Jinbaragas! It’s not me at all. I am sorry, uncle. Really, really sorry. I have nothing against you. Your have never hurt me. But I have been mean to you.

    You ‘mis’understood that comment in Shar’s blog. At that point I realised that people have been critisizing you and showing no pity. That’s why I told people to ‘treat him well’. I really meant that other people should treat you more nicely. Of course if you are mean to someone you’ll get fired back. That was what I really meant. As for the last two sentences, OMG! I never asked people to make you turn blind and amputee! That is the worst thing one can do to another person. That was meant to be sarcasm… towards the people who critisized you without mercy. I was sure that no one would go and chop your fingers and poke forks into your eyeballs. (Gross!). What I meant to say is was, let the old man be. He don’t do you no harm, so don’t do him any harm. He is just playing around.

    Uncle, I swear on my great-great-grandmother grave that this is my last post using this jinxed nick. Next time I’m in I’ll be a different person. Even you wont recognised me anymore!

    Long live Uncle SSGoh! Finally, again, please forgive me.

  358. the duck says:


  359. wits0 says:

    He described himself as “between veteran and half-retired.”

    That’s a non-commital statement of sorts which mean can anything. But being once an NST obscurantist, one’s honesty has simply to be re-established as being on the level. Not.

  360. monsterball says:

    jinbarages….Lets forgive each other. I love you sincerely.

  361. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball. I will out of touch for a few days. So , Take it easy my friend,
    Looks like the storm had cleared. Crisp air and beautiful sunshine is approaching .
    Cheers everyone.

  362. monsterball says:

    bamboo river….Thanks .

  363. Monty,

    Sheih now a FREE MEN at last

  364. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty,
    Sheih left All-Blogs as a matter of principle, after all the critcisms thrown at you from various bloggers.
    You sure have One True friend in Sheih, even when all about you are throwing shit at you….

  365. monsterball says:

    Reading it….I just cried .

  366. susan loone says:

    Dear All,
    The truth will save us all., that is what I believe very strongly. I need not fight word for word or spew hatred on others, like they do me or MB. I do have too much work to do. And guess what? I am not even paid for it!

    I respect what Sheih did. I am with him. In solidarity, I am distancing myself from All Blogs. I still protest the suit against Rocky and Jeff, and the unity of All Blogs. But I believe in SS Goh’s freedom to speak., and others to dispute him.

  367. monsterball says:

    I am so proud to be papa monsterball to Sheih. With my two sons and three daughters….Sheih will balance things up….now three of each.
    To all of them….I ask for forgiveness if I bring shame to them.
    To my daughters and son-in-law…I also seek your understandings …if shame may come at the near future.
    In a way….I am glad simon wee has given his warning what I do expect next…and when that comes….I am ready and all be revealed…by court…not by me. So lets wait.
    I am also kickdefella FRONTLINER for life!!
    Yes…for a humble commentator…I have TWO HOMES now.
    How lucky I am. What more can I ask for such love…and boy I actually have more than two homes …if I include Amin Iskandar….who somehow ..also love me alot….like a father.
    So to all my beloved friends …lets continue be ourselves and practise why worry worries when worries do not worry you.
    God Bless you all.

  368. jeancumlately says:

    It scares me to argue with anybody in any blog… who knows, I might actually be arguing with a hot shot lawyer …

    And the next thing I know, I would be stripped naked along with the details of my family, my boyfriend, my ex-ex-boyfriend, my father, my sister, my defaulted hp loan, my overdue credit card, my birthmark… gee, I thought only along did that. But a lawyer?

    Monty is far from perfect and honestly, I would not dare to take the challenge to defend him. In fact, I am one of those whom he had called names when I was arguing with him. Still, I would continue arguing with him when I need to, ignore him when I have to, or support him when he deserved it. All of us have a choice!

    And I thought all of us are shouting for free speech. Why not all of us here shout hidup nst… hidup tv3….hidup zainuddin maidin?

    My hats off to sheih… true friends are hard to find.

  369. monsterball says:

    Susan….Thank you so much. Yes we are in the same boat.

  370. monsterball says:

    Susan…lu see bay ho. chor nan tiatok ai sim hor….aan nay embian kia ku kia nan. citpai apak kua tuok ‘The the truth saves us all”
    eng …suin lu ai harrti Sheih…sai tambok hor ee soong tak.

  371. monsterball says:

    hi guys…Please forgive me….I am trying to write something to susan…..maybe not one malay can understand…..hahahahahaha
    Give them a taste of their medicine writing about ME that I cannot understand…..hahahahahaha
    This is a testing message. Need Susan’s reply to refine and correct words…so that once we are 100% on song……we can talk…and lessons are free to jeancumlately….my lovely wonder woman….which sometimes I hate her too……that can be so smart…yet so stupid at times…..hahahahahaha
    I am in the mood for love talk. Don’t get me wrong….LOVE is a very wide subject….why get all the bad vibrations because of me. I will clear them off….and lets all be cheerful.

  372. monsterball says:

    bamboo river….You want to talk hakka?

  373. monsterball says:

    hokkien…hakka and cantonese…you choose….but please no hylam.
    Mandarin little lah….bahasa…little lah..simple down to earth street talking bahasa okay .
    Tamil…little…best ENGLISH

  374. monsterball says:

    Go and read Sheih’s messages at post he talks love.
    You can feel his real love for super mom.
    So can we all write something we all love ?
    Right now…me?….love to have my dinner with patai…sayor teloh lemak…fried chicken or fried fish…with sambal belachan….my evergreen daily simple food…..but what maid may cook …I don’t know…..but must eat lah…or else she resign.

  375. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Jeancumlately,
    Actually most of the bloggers are not too bad.
    They dished out a lot of junk at Monty, but mostly harmless…

    What made me really angry was the Simon Wee fella who posted personal details on Monty. That made him a Pariah as far as I’m concerned.

    Do you know how dangerous that can be ? There was an incident in Canada a couple of years ago. A popular female blogger, very pretty.
    Some crazy bastard deliberately posted her home address, place of work, car number etc. on the Internet. The end result was a stalker got to her and nearly raped her….

    I don’t think Monty is at any risk of being raped 🙂 but there are plenty of other good reasons you don’t want to post some else’s address on the Internet, no matter what argument you have with him.

  376. wits0 says:

    Exactly Kittykat. If Simon really dunnit, it’s very irresponsible for he should know better. Isn’t it then mala fide and sinister?

    The MCA is known for having members that uses it to bully other non-members – that’s how it “serves the community”! It uses muscling interference into the smallest of squabbles between individuals. This rougish arrogant side of it is, of course, little mentioned in the media and is certainly no rumors. And even I, a low profile nobody, was a victim of that and I should therefore know.

  377. monsterball says:

    hahahahha..witsO….What a way to start your photo album……hahahahaha

  378. monsterball says:

    Want talk All Blog?
    Okay…..shar101….Big Dog…a voice…these three thick skinned low down flies are the main players of distructions and disunite all of us…..using anything and everything ..grandfather stories to irritate and expect all readers to believe them .Many times proven wrong….plain plain wrong….yet they ignore and continue their agendas to insult and irritate me…..no results. But Rocky never stop them…even insulting Sheih…yet Sheih kept respecting him….even now. Why is Rocky like this? Thopse thre are needy to deal with monsterball to strenghten their objectives and agenda by taming monsterball first. Sheih kept hinting to ROCKY WITH SHOWERS OF PRAISES TO ME…YET HE IGNORED. …mind you ….Sheih is the founder of ALL blogs…Why do Rocky ignore….there is another player we never see….. Yusof? What is Yusof most desired wish…… MONEY….MONEY…MONEY……but Rocky and zorro are interested to control all blogs through their association….they are not interested in dirty deals…but Yusof is welcome to do his worst…for all hates monsterball….suits their objectives ..just fine.
    Meanwhile…..Rocky and zorro depend on these three to keep them up to date. Had Rocky read all my messages and reply from the start…things could have been changed…but he chosed to keep quiet. Suddenly..it justify him to say all those…showing Rocky do not really know what he is talking about…and those three flies are his sons. Zorro…I try to judge him by his peaceful and God loving messages…..plus humour added it. He wants to play ball game…but once the game is lost…it is the striker on the other side they want to kill…not congratulate for a good game. Is he an MCA member?
    Then MCA simon wee….chosen to do deal with monsterball. witsO have describe their method well. Why take so long? You see …the have to make sure monsterball is never going to support MCA…although against TDM…yet praise PM when he did good yet…yet few months ago…I fully agree PM is lousy weak leader.
    Who is monsterball? Cannot catch his real character…..but kept exposing All Blogs political agendas. Sheih is also UMNO man and now showing his good work as communication manager for PAS. He should be the main target to be brought down by those guys….NO…it must be monsterball…mainly because of my skin and religion…..therefore why zorro is not protecting his own kind….well he is a very very selfish man….period….or is he playing the role of a good Malaysian as he sees fit…OR….is there a real real agenda behind all these side shows…YES!!
    Now all exposed by monsterball….lousy flies cannot do the right job…it must take a smarter ruse….study monty’s character..come out with nude photos..surely monty will react…sure I did…and simon wee will be subtle….bla bla bla….and wait for his chance to strike…..and the end result is now seen.
    Now my dear friends…Is this blogging criticising a commentator or a political assassination? It’s political assassination!! simon wee was testing me with his advise..I told him to do his worst.
    This is not the first time I write like this. Is this causing disunity or putting my point out bravely to get Rocky or zorro to debate…you go and judge.
    Is this type of writings from a simile lonely man….looking for attentions or am I telling the truths that I love and cheerish a united sincere non political blogging association. I HAVE MY RIGHTS TO PROJECT WHAT TYPE OF BLOGGING SOCIETY OR ASSOCIATION ALL THOSE KINGPINS WANT ALL OF US TO FOLLOW…They know I am sincere….yet Rocky wants to play games and enjoy himself like RPK..at my expense……starting by saying I like ssgoh…not monsterball…to give the flies to continue amusing him….and thinking the right time to strike is when monsterball is constantly being loved and praised not by Sheih only…now Black and ofcourse Susan too…plus Liz is hospitable to me. The list goers on…kata tak nak….Nora mob…elviza all welcome me as a friend.
    THEY ARE PLAIN JEALOUS NOW……..want more?
    I have no fear for myself. NOW MY HOUSE IS KNOWN TO THE WHOLE WORLD…I have instructed my children not to sleep overnight in my house with their children.
    My pains and sorrows are felt by Sheih….and supported by few ….face to face with me….come what may…I will never be alone.
    It was sad for me few days….bringing my whole family into this now non private life for them. All are more concern to earn a living to support their families more than anything else.
    When they check my so call house…who the owner is….simon wee will be surprised how loving my ex wives are to me.
    Try to live such full filling and healthy life…those who want me dead.
    Few say Sheih is performing a wayang…a show…boy oh boy….nobleness… integrities of a person doing the rifght thing has no life ….if you are a member of All blog. You must follow and shut up….FACE what monty is going through…..afraid or not???

  379. monsterball says:

    Sheih has this blessed gift to write a post that touches the hearts of so many reading. Otherwise ..his blog will not score so many hits monthly….constantly…no going down.
    He first give his own style of sermon….never work.
    Then read is resignation letter….direct with a touch of sarcasm.
    Now read Rocky’s blog on his two sentences comments….IGNORING Sheih’s sarcastic remarks on unity….but wish to see him soon. Those are also the style of shar101. Both not hero worship TDM…..but seems to do anything or everything for him…right or wrong….not important.
    That’s my main observations…..ALL BLOGS is one sided political and I keep explaining….even a young readers can understand. If I am right….I am contributing to unity and true Malaysian concept….not ALL BLOG.
    If I am wrong…..I deserved to be ban from all bloggers ….not to be crucified. They have chosen crucifixion. Hope zorro can live with his conscience.

  380. monsterball says:

    In a way..It is also good they know I am poor……
    for I was prepared to make 100 T-Shirts costing RM15000 and spend few more hundreds to get all bloggers in a happy UNITED moods on court cases attendances.
    Sheih knew how sincere I was. Rejecting the idea..I accept. Telling Sheih not to bring to court cases anymore….was the starting of something they are afraid of…afraid of WHAT??
    I heard from others…is because I spoke ill of TDM.
    So why can’t Rocky pull me aside and advise me to keep this in private…not in public….that is…if he values my sincerities.
    For months they study my character….cannot figure it out.
    You know why they cannot figure it out? Because they don’t believe in true sincere nice guys….smoking cigars…living well off… will speak unselfishly for others….not real.
    Certainly selfish blokes cannot comprehend this…not matter at what age.
    Young turks are being used …loved to be be used again ….to waste their precious time and lives….then when grow old…lets see what will all those smart blokes become.
    Most only know how to compare heroes in PM….not like us old blokes…..have seen ALL PM’s worked. So it is partly a cinema movie hero type of PM comparison….and TDM always win hands down …but of late….Pak Lah shines like a bring star…..thus giving him peace in mind to do his PM job.
    I repeat…as one that do not depend of the govt…. to earn a living…I don’t care who is the PM…but my love for the country…makes me care alot….cannot ignore…all my life.
    Same as in blogging leadership…should be easy to start on the right track….but no…from the start….it was already wrong….but how to prove it so fast? God is great…Sheih’s resignation…plus Susan keeping distances from ALL BLOGS….two well respected bloggers…are with me…plus few others too. So….. the ‘hy lam ting’ is not wrong after all.
    But they must crucify monsterball….that I must be prepared.

  381. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty,
    Rest assured about the threat of some two-bit fella with an LLB from Chow Kit Road University to sue you – he’s not a real lawyer in the sense of being a registered member of the Bar.

    In fact his behaviour could probably get him suspended from the Bar if he were a member.

    Keep a lookout for any rapists, gangsters, Ah Long, weirdos, stalkers, loya buruk 🙂 hanging outside your house.

  382. jeancumlately says:

    Ye la kittykat, actually I would not blame simon totally for getting angry, even up to the point of suing monty. Afterall, it was monty who dared simon to do so… Like I said, most of us became one pissed-off cat from time to time aftter reading some of the comments. Some of us may even sound like mat and minah rempits.

    However, it really disturbed me when someone decided to “expose” the personal details of a commenter. It is really a very dangerous precedent. I don’t want that to happen to me and I think all of us feel the same way. No doubt that some of us want to be famous BUT even famous people want some of their private matters to remain private. Not all of us want to be paris hilton or pam anderson. People like me just want to be heard and not known.

    BTW kittykat, please tell me that you are not a lawyer. If you are, I’ll be super nice to you… same to wits0 and bamboo river… Atleast I know that monty is not a lawyer. Thank God….

  383. kittykat46 says:

    Heheheh….I’m definitely not a lawyer. But I have studied some law before among my subjects, and have a number of real lawyers as buddies.

    Yeah, I too have been pissed off with Monty’s writing before, but I will defend his right to some privacy, and also his right to write.
    Blog owners who dislike him can always block off his access to their comments. Those who can’t stand the free-wheeling blog style should go back to TV3, NST and Berita Harian.

  384. monsterball says:

    You folks are real smart…witty and sincere.
    Well it looks like simon wee and few others have extra work to see I am safe and healthy…for anything happen to me or any members of my family ..including whoever are staying in my house….they will be hurl up as first suspects……much much more easier murder case to solve. For this…who can ask more when my enemies must now pray for my good health and safety and especially my entire family’s safetiness…..hahahahahaha
    Eat your hearts out!! Susan and I had early breakfast before she proceeds to
    another appointment. Her concern and interest touches me.
    Combine with all of you…why..I do have a formidable force to fight the evils that men do to me that they cannot handle like gentlemen.
    But I need to take precautions for my childrens and grands visiting me….sometimes leaving the grands at my house overnight…as they love their grandpa….no more overnights or without their parents.
    All live nearby me…but my togetherness and privacies cannot be the same…..when my house address is being exposed.
    Considering it is easy to find out the house address…details of my maid are known to Sheih and zorro only…..so you all smart blokes….go figure it out. those are brave guys to exposed me…..but already all details of many….are being sort out by my so many good blogger friends.
    hi folks…get me simon wee home address lah.

  385. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty,
    Since this IS a Free Speech Zone…let me ask you…..what did you do to Zorro to turn him into your enemy ?
    I’ve visited his blog often, and he seems an OK guy to me.
    How come he now hates you so much he’s giving away information about you ?

    By the way, this Simon Wee-Wee guy claims to be an ex-private investigator, so he would have other ways to find out information about you. Anyway , if anything happens to you or anyone in your home….Simon Wee-Wee is going to need a REAL lawyer…..hahahahaha…

  386. wits0 says:

    Spock might consider this logical(even if incorrect).

    Just for the fun of it. Let’s not jumped into conclusion but a tel. directory search of the region turns out:

    2. Simon Wee Howe Yew
    6, Jln Ss2/20, SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
    Phone : 03-7875 1118

    “Let your fingers do the walking”, as the motto goes. There just doesn’t seem to be many such names around, pls check your hard copy of the directory as well.


  387. monsterball says:

    I did not say zorro is my enemy. I am saying only two knows my home address and my private life…Sheih and zorro. i have treated zorro with love…respect and kindness…he knows that. he asked for help….I response immediately….so how can I hate him.
    I am putting out facts….so that anything happen to me or my love ones..even my maid…….all are recorded.
    Life styles of mine have to change for the precautions of family…..just because of my home address being revealed.
    I have the right to suspect too…but I never conclude. Let him answer me. I love his blog..so humane and caring…therefore his a a kind man….correct?
    BUT I AN THE VICTIM……from so many ghosts that can stripped me naked here….not in court. You go and experience all this and tell me to be another nice guy….no no no….I havbe tom openly express my suspicions.This is a serious matter….and if the ball game is being played this way…then can you guarantee me…kittykat….zorro on the other side will play fair and square?

  388. monsterball says:

    Thanks witsO. Susan and I were talking how nice to know you personally one day.

  389. monsterball says:

    Go recall..simon wee was asking anyone with informations about me..to sms or email him.
    Yes I can also employ an investigator to track anyone…up to the house….piece of cake job…but must know who that person is….so for all the bloggers I know where they go …what they do and when they meet each other…so simple investigating job to do…all faces are in photos here…but not simon wee.
    I am infect taking things easy. Susan was more concern and stressful for me. I had to comfort her….instead she to me….hahahahaha
    When someone wants to do bad things to another…it will take few months plan.

  390. […] and decide to have ‘your space’ as his playground for things such as this and this and this. You need to scroll down to read his vitriol and I hope you have a strong stomach for it. And trust […]

  391. monsterball says:

    On the 15th instant government announces they will have a task force to check out bloggers.
    Not one word of irresponsible commentators….as bloggers are suppose to be responsible at their blogs.
    Why am I being crucified? Why is my home address exposed?
    Is not Rocky and Jeff fighting for their lives against so call Straits Times injustices?
    Jeff have never commented…thus I hold no malice against him.
    But Rocky….boy what type of justices is he thinking about? He accused S.T…..right or wrong…I supported both like everyone else….now doing same thing to me. So similar to TDM’s logics….Rocky is never wrong.

  392. SunDev says:

    Monsterball, please stop your ranting already. It’s getting really stale. If you can’t agree with them, let’s just agree to disagree. There’s really no point going on and on and on.

    I know I don’t have the right to stop you from expressing yourself. I know you wanna be heard…but we got your message! We heard you the first time!

    Can we move on to something else? Like, what do you guys think about the latest move by government? Do you all think it’s the start of a clampdown on bloggers?

  393. monsterball says:

    Sundev….Easier said than done. You can judge my messages as this or that.
    If you have no ideas….just keep silent and don’t teach me what to write not write.

  394. SunDev says:

    Yes…I have no idea….therefore I should be silent.

    Same goes to those who speak too much, but say very little. Or those who speak too much, but say the same old thing over and over again like a broken record.

    I’ve learned that if I have nothing better to say, I should remain quiet.

    But, do you?

  395. monsterball says:

    Thanks SunDev. Accept your opinion..so let others judge.

  396. monsterball says:

    You see..when you talk like that..’But , do you”….is exposing yourself..you know what.
    I speak on so many many subjects….have you not notice…or only about All Blog you are interested?
    Few are smart ONLY to talk politics of one sided logic. That’s not politics. That’s machais.Do you like those comments?
    Finally…pleae don’t insult blog owner……Susan.
    She knows when to shut my mouth.

  397. v9 says:

    I am back! I can never understand those poetry recital contests between scholars in those dynasty canto series. But one recital contests is looming that I can understand……

    ‘My arrow did a splendid job – splitting the air and hit the target….’

    I worry…..

    ‘…your arrow can only split the air when my fingernails that can split a banana…’

    Come on Stenson your turn now. Rule One: No vulgar or ‘sick’ words. Just keep it charming and sweet. Please remember, CHARMING and SWEET.

  398. stenson chin says:

    Why do you make it so dirty virgin9.You must be a woman.I am not targetting jean.I am hitting at the spineless guy who get free ride on my exchanges with others.I find his comments irritating and i try to ignore him from the start.Please dont create story v9.I have nothing against jean.
    Maybe you enjoy juicy news and I am sorry to dissapoint you.I am not a pervert.I will tell you if I am one.

  399. monsterball says:

    stenson chin…The way you and hintind an hinting……….shows you certainly is not a pervert…but a pondan…….hahahahahahg

  400. stenson chin says:

    Should be spelt disappoint…

  401. stenson chin says:

    ok lah I am a pondan.I am sure you are happy.Do you have any problem with that?

  402. stenson chin says:

    Read carefully snoopy.The word i used is hitting and not hinting.

  403. kittykat46 says:

    Hey, Stenson Chin,
    Very nice to have you back. After reading all the rabid attack dog’s comments in the various blogs, I think we have to appreciate you are really quite a nice guy 🙂

  404. noname says:

    Ladies and Gentleman,

    My free speech today will be:

    stenson pondan and monsterball bapuk.

    Hah hah hah. Thank you.

  405. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Noname,
    Hahahaha, that’s very tame compared to the other stuff which has been written about Monty in other blogs.
    This IS a free speech zone. But there’s already plenty of junk written on the ‘Ball elsewhere, no need to bring your fight here.

    Welcome anyway

  406. monsterball says:

    stenson chin..I am refering to your message lah…hinting and hinting…say straight to the point lah.
    Anyway…we all miss you.

  407. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty,
    You still awake ? Old man shouldn’t sleep so late…maybe keeping watch on your house. I’m working from home late tonight :-), have to send some reports to the US headoffice before they knock off for the Friday.

    I can’t believe I’m defending you in some of the blogs, and some commentators have been dishing junk at me for defending you.

    Don’t worry, I’m perfectly able to take care of myself…Kittykat46 has been a very boring corporate fella for years now, but he still knows how to hack down a website, or launch a denial of service attack, if that becomes necessary…

  408. noname says:

    hi kittykat,

    no intention whatsoever for a fight. infact no intention whatsoever for the message also. Just making my free speech. Just chill out people. Its weekend already. Take a good rest people.

    Good night. (Its C&C Generals time. time to send out some suicide bombers. heh heh heh)

  409. monsterball says:

    hi kittykat….Yes still awake. What to do…old man’s nightmares….hahahahaha
    Yes pal…you did defended me and so brave of you …at shar’s blog.
    I am sorry if I have disappointed you and others…..but …up to now..I do not feel one bit guilty.
    Either my conscience is heading wrong direction or towards reborn to be a monk again…….hahahahahaha…but please not as an animal….that’s is reserved for people that have selfish and cruel hearts to hurt innocent people.
    From what I noticed from all love and support me……I am doing the right thing.
    Bless you all and good night.

  410. v9 says:

    Hi Stenson,
    Thank you very much. I love that new nick ‘Virgin 9’. I will have to mask my IP address now with all the new developments. Our ‘cyber-president’ encourages responsible blogging yet condones the usage of confidential information from All-blog association. Now the Gman is targetting phonographic material…and I could be perceived as ‘a perverted man’ (sorry to disappoint you lah…I am a man)…I appreciate the new nick. Bye2 handsome.

  411. kittykat46 says:

    Its a short hop from blocking Internet Scams => Pornography => Seditious material => Anything critical of the Government.

    Its already happening with amazing speed.

    I did try to remind folks on other blogs, amidst all the junk being heaped on Monty, that they were missing the Real Threat.

    But the signal got lost amidst all the anger.

  412. wits0 says:

    Then they’ll have to keep finding ways of defeating Tor and the like :


  413. virgin9 says:

    “The Punching Bag, Part 2”

    The rickshaw uncle was running late again; it was the 4th Friday of the month. I was alone waiting for my ride home and the stars were waiting eagerly for their dance. It was 12 years plus 8 months…‘the only thing reliable about bad news was the unreliability’. The 3 bullies turned up on cue but something was different that night. Any other evenings before, I would have two alternate routines. Either dug my piggy bank for 50 cents or stole from my mom purse…she wouldn’t missed 50cents on an alternative 4th Friday since I couldn’t share the grief and shame of her brave son. 50 cents would save my day. That evening I did none of those routines. The bullies came up to me and before I listened again to their stale routines, it was over in 5 seconds. But something was different that night…one boy had blood on his nose and two froze in their steps. I saw fear for the first time…a mirror image of me in them. There was no joy or satisfaction.

    Next day, I went to my Sifu and told him I wanted to quit. He understood and I gave my punching bag good oil down before I hung up my dojo gear. For the first time, I noticed the thin patches on the punching bag. It was time to take down the punching bag. Fear was every where…those who were bullied and those that bullied. That night, I cuddled up to my mom and share my grief, shame and vengeance. She was kind…cautioned the rickshaw uncle on punctuality.

    Today my kids take up TKD but it is for sport. With that exception, nothing else has changed…but we must learn to hang up the punching bag. It is better to show love and understanding than strike out. The bullying must stop now…especially when sweet young daphne joins the fight. Please hand up all your dojo gears. Thank you Monsterball. Sorry about the worn thin patches. We will get you new leather.

  414. wits0 says:

    In Poli101, Troll sin-binned for a year: http://politics101malaysia.blogsome.com/

    Awta Mira was even more of a verbose lying one than vitriolic Gummy Dawg. I knew he’ll get binned sooner or later.

  415. virgin9 says:

    Sorry…it is ‘take down the punching bag’ and not ‘to hang up the punching ball’. Stenson you are a sport. I just needed you to derail the ‘hate-train’. BTW, how old are you?

  416. padzac says:

    Seriously, abuse and bad language should never be tolerated in the name of free speech. Freedom of speech is something that ought to be exercised with maturity and some amount of level-headedness. Name calling tactics employed by some commentators is just so vile and vicious. I have been reading this section the past two days, and have only noticed much griping from one lonely old man and other playing the harp to his whiny behaviour.

    There are so many other issues that could be discussed in this page. I am sure the person behind this page had that very thought when she started this platform. Unfortunately, some have taken it too fark. I am just so disappointed that certain quarters are not willing to let go and instead spam the page with stupid whiny comments.

    If anything freedom of speech has only earned a bad name at this page. I will not be coming back.

  417. virgin9 says:

    Dear padzac,

    Was I spamming the pages with my whines and playing to the tune of a lonely old man? The first person Eddie met in heaven gave him Lesson 1 ‘Take one story, viewed from two different angles’…from the book ‘the five people you meet in heaven’ by Mitch Albom. There are scores of sopo sites that discussed grave and serious matters dictating our country futures and directions. But did we give a thought to the thousands other stories and blogs that share and pour out a lonely whine and aspiration? Did you know a sweet young soul ended life with a trail of evidence in her blog? I am not very sure…but I was perhaps the first to moot this space. You see, my dearest padzac, I am not ambitious….I only try to save one life at a time. I can only listen to a sorrow, a whine, a sadness and a story one at a time. One day, he or she will come back as the fifth person for me. Please read the book I mentioned. If these whole damn web page gigabytes can comfort Monsterball….so be it. Please come back if you want to whine. Yours Faithfully.

  418. kittykat46 says:

    Dear Padzac,
    Welcome to Susan’s page.
    Its a free speech zone, so whatever you say is fine.
    But as I did advice another visitor earlier, there are already Multi-Gigabytes of junk heaped on Monsterball in a dozen other blogs. If you wish to dump some more on him, my humble request is please take your fight elsewhere.

    Once again, welcome.

  419. wits0 says:

    The handle “padzac” sounds like tranquilizer drug. I think most of us here don’t use tranquilizers, not even MB at this point of time either. Nor are we fond of doing doing the ostrich’s act of leaving the head in the hole..

    Like I wrote in Shar’s Blog, “If a cafe don’t suit me, I go to another”. Alternately, I could also waste my time there but I have better things to do. If one’s heart is not in the right place, and one’s mind is impure, that’s not anyone else’s doing.

    It would be false, btw, to say that seeing an agended Awta Mira troll and liar banned from Poli101 does not bring a sense of satisfaction.

  420. monsterball says:

    hi folks! hahahahaha….virgin9…..I tell you that stenson is real smart bloke!
    Even v9 is so pleased and rightly so….such a nice nick….but sound like an aeroplane lah…..hahahaha. Maybe stenson had 9 virgins before and each time v9 uses it…he is now being amused again . ‘virgin” of what that stenson like….9 times kina and lost virginity himself? 9 overseas trips…all still virgin..not one revisted? Memories of 9 sweet virgins he was after …not one interested in him with his love talks? Maybe got 9 strokes …first time for being naughty from papa and never forget all his life? ..the list can go on and on.
    Whatever it is…stenson…I do love and like you. I now know you are a good joker and take all the above it good spirit. I am sure some readers are laughing….especially v9…than that is what I am happy about. Are you laughing? If not..if it pleases you hantam me…I deserved it.

  421. monsterball says:

    Goodbye padzac. Change your sickening jealous attitute…do come back.

  422. monsterball says:

    Suddenly stenson reminds me of my various virgin{first time} experiences’I won’t tell….already so much about me are EXPOSED…but this is my first virgin experience too…..planning a crucifixion for me.
    But folks…don’t be like SUSAN…all stressed up….instead of consoling me..I had to calm her down.
    Lets rumble and jumble and rock n roll….like no other bloggers do…led by TWO [v9 and me} old peter pans…….hahahahahaha

  423. monsterball says:

    Todays is FATHER’S DAY!! But like I said….I do not need on day out of 369 days to tell my father ‘i love you dad”
    Everyday….I pray to my parents at an alter I erected in my house. I am a Buddhist. Chanting sutras with love from the heart is all I know how to shower them with my love.
    I am 68 years old…some relatives are buried and was told not to disturb the graves. I wanted to put all the bones in one temple..so all can have easier lives praying to ancestors…..l…but cannot do …so said a monk.
    So my children do their graves visiting to our other relatives and to their great great grands on ‘All Souls Day”. I am so glad they are so cultured and hard working…poor or rich…does not matter….most important responsible and sensible in working life. Which parents don’t feel proud? It takes at least 25 years to really find out how is your sweat and toll for a child becoming to the parents.
    So young folks…even we love our father everyday….it is nioce to get special attention…..like now…receiving …
    FATHERS”cards wishing me from all my children. They do not take my advises not to bother…but this is love….so cannot say they are wrong.

  424. peter quah says:

    At first, I thought i have found a blog which people could discuss seriously and objectively about the justice in Malaysia. I always believe that through sincere debate and discussion, we could appraoching the truth. But i am eventually dissapointed to find out that this is just another useless ‘free speech zone’. Bye, i won’t be back anymore. Susan, i don’t think this section worth to be carried on. It just does not fit its purpose. Maybe we need to be educated how to debate and to discuss with respect. I have been living in the UK for years, on thing that we should learn from this country is its televised and parliament’s debates.

  425. monsterball says:

    oh boy….grandchildren came with their own made greeting cards….just like what their parents did before.
    One card may cost the parents more…must buy all the colour pencils…old ones no good …this or that…drawing papers..
    I asked them correct? They reply…..how do you know eerr? My reply…you all do same thing to me….hahahahahaha
    So home made cards are very very expensive ones…..hahahahaha

  426. monsterball says:

    peter quah…Don’t just comment and judge. Why not you guide us with your comment so we all idiots will follow your calls?
    Free Speech Zone….So put out your thoughts and lets change this to what you want.
    All are waiting. …..I am sure

  427. wits0 says:

    Peter, UK has its own idiotarian politicians like Ken(no flush) Livingstone and (Oil greased) George Galloway. The UK of today simply isn’t like the old Britannia. There, if you attack an armed intruder into your home, you might get a sentence in the cooler for excess force. Thanks to the Euro-dumpkoft “multiculturist” Leftist Socialist influence and moronic experimention. One would have thought that Jack Straw was a man of straws….until the Magaret (hole in)Bucket comes along. Then there was the blind David Blunkett fiasco…..quite a list. It simply isn’t the UK under Thatcher.

  428. monsterball says:

    431 messages!! I must take up 431…my old house address.
    Susan……seriously…You have created the most successful post in the history of bloggings.
    Like all good things…you will create jealousies and some will say you created a useless post….far from the truths.
    And guys like us are all clowns….that we are….not easy to be one….and become versatile in talking all subjects.
    FOLKS!!…..Do not give up your god gifted talents by being discouraged.
    Susan….Get guinness book of record rep.
    ME!!….Get lost lah…..before I get hantam for nothing.

  429. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…..want to get lost…..but cannot help laughing at witsO message.

  430. kittykat46 says:

    Greetings Peter Quah,
    Susan does have an excellent main blog – go to her home page – deadly serious discussion about the politically linked murder case with international repurcussions, the independence or lack of the Malaysian Judiciary, doubts about political intereference in the prosecution of the case etc.
    She’s certainly being taken seriously by the “Other Side”. The Umno fellas fire salvos at her coverage of the Altantuya trial almost daily

    The free speech zone has always been a low-brow free-for all place. Don’t expect too much from it….This zone is just for fun and games…

  431. monsterball says:

    I love eating Kit Kat chocolate..even now.
    Everytime I travel….kit kat an Ricola sweets are must.
    But on chocs….more choices…like crunches…..now a long list of choices.
    By the way…kittykat..If I can recollect is Kit T.Y.K.
    Now I a realy tuned he is not pussy….and few idiots when you call your friend a pussy is insulting…keep teaching them…yet never learn OR..not that stupid…but try find faults all the time?

  432. anonymous says:

    Peter Quah,

    Years of living in the UK has not seemed to enhance your skills in the Queen’s language, what a pity, what a waste.

  433. monsterball says:

    Maybe he was a waiter in a restaurant…..so what Queen’s language?
    Tips lah….lots of that …now return home.

  434. monsterball says:

    jeancumlately….You are famous lah! Go read Sheih’s new post. First sms hate mail…. to him is from you…..hahahahahaha

  435. monsterball says:

    SUSAN…jean…bamboo river..witsO..v9….and ALL
    May I ask you one favour!! Please post at Sheih’s blog regularly to show you support for a true Malaysian smart blog owner. He is my dear son too.
    Noted all are ..except jean…are malaysian chinese. Lets Sheih’s blog be showered with ALL races. He deserves our recognition.
    I thank you ALL in advance. kittykat is there regularly defending Sheih.
    stenson chin…you too please!

  436. monsterball says:

    I am asking ALL to defend him as a human being…not support what he may be doing work for PAS. Go read and say what you want.
    He needs sincere Malaysians. Lets do it!!

  437. Anon says:

    If (emphasied if) “mosterball” is indeed Miss Goh Swee Soon (then we can call him Ah Soon) then there will be problem even after his death.

    His loving children, wives and Indonesian maid would not be able to get the death certificate for his burial because the morgue guy is too scared to give. Here there is the IC of Miss Goh Swee Soon and there the poor morgue guy is staring at “balls” instead of “pussy”. (Pardon me, words not mine but his).

    The “mistake” occurred maybe he was just a cranky 40 years ago as he is now and the IC guys played a fast one on him.

  438. Anon says:

    Hi Simon

    I followed a link from here http://hatzlaser.blogspot.com/2007_06_01_archive.html#8483678422321747298. I found the whole thing very amusing. If this monsterball character did his racial/religion/slander abuses in Singapore, he will be punished by the court of law. Freedom of speech are very much alive in your country than mine.

    And yes, please don’t sue the old man. You’ve already made your point.


  439. wits0 says:

    Anon, what point did Simon make except that he’s ingratiating himself with the umno ppl(like a good mca member would likely to) by picking a quarrel over Lucy’s Blog with an old man’s rants?

  440. monsterball says:

    anon….Why are you so concern about me?
    The way you talk…you don’t even have a family. Go try…see if your sperms are good to produce children.
    At least this ‘miss’ have 8 grands!!
    Great balls of fire!!

  441. kittykat46 says:

    Lets move on…..the world does not revolve around one man. Put it in perspective.
    The only real concern from this episode I have is the guy publishing Monty’s address. Monty should take appropriate security measures.

    All the other multi-Gigabytes of junk heaped on Monty are no different from the junk Monty heaped on other bloggers earlier. 99% of Monty’s critics are named “Anonymous”. Don’t even dare to put up their Blogger account name and e-mail, duh.

    Meanwhile…the Cabinet Thursday decided to set up a high-level task force comprising the best brains in the Malaysian government to study the issue of clamping down on bloggers, especially how to identify anonymous bloggers and blogs hosted overseas. Is this the end of the world for Socio-Political bloggers ?

    My opinion –
    Judging from the daily screw ups on 1,001 issues related to Government policy and implementation, the “high-level task force” means shit. “Competence” and “capability” are not words associated with this government.

    Two, the government priority is to clamp down on its critics, not the solutions for the many serious problems facing the country.
    Still want to vote for these jokers ?

  442. wits0 says:

    “Competence” and “capability”…maybe by 2057! The audacity of hokum if repeated frequently enough, substitute for reality.

    Blog clampdown suggests that currently all the pro-gomen blogs with their, “We know the gomen is not perfect, BUT….”, devious line isn’t selling….and that they have not won the argument at all. Raw usage of stomping jackboot on the Net becomes necessary but that is just as likely to trip Bolehland into an IT ditch.

  443. monsterball says:

    What can we do kittykat and witsO. Those pro Mahathir sickening bloggers are constantly harassing anyone who dares to oppose them… to the extend in getting my whole family insecured staying in my house. Like bombing the mongo girl with c4…why are we surprised they will do anything to stop me talking.I am not afraid….but feel sick I need to protect all staying in my house…including the poor innocent maid.
    Now Sheih has revealed he received so much hate mails.
    So I cannot say I do not wlcome the government latest move.
    Few bloggers are the cause of this move…and we all know who…even when they keep pretending they are not the cause of it and blame others.
    One or two love to get into trouble with the govt to get more famous.
    That’s their style. They think we are fools and cannot read their cheap scat publicities stunt.
    All are pro Mahathir….actually very few….and will surely be ignored by good commentators and bloggers in the future. Just watch!!

  444. wits0 says:

    MB: “So I cannot say I do not wlcome the government latest move.”

    That’s not the intention that we may be misled to think. Such pronouncements have always been double-speak as with most of the Jln. Riong source. Happened already too frequently in the past, these forked tongue “news”.

  445. monsterball says:

    Let them double talk witsO. They have been taking two years old grandfather stories….been taking words and sentences. That’s their mission…..who cares!!
    What do they all know……NOTHING!!…only workers for pro politics and talk pro politics and I am the only one that is against their pro and dare to exposed hem……supported by so many.
    THEY ARE THE REAL REASONS WHY GOVERNMENT IS TAKING STERN ACTIONS!…..All sensible and evel headed people can know that. Just go read at shar101…Rocky’s AND few other blogs. Are they promoting unity? NO.Who started this?….Shar101 and simon wee…plus Rocky now.
    Actually witsO….. simon wee’s action shows last resort from all these to bring me DOWN…..as they are no more powerful….no more influencial…but perhaps only Jeff and Patrick Teoh …which do not join these group at all.
    I repeat Jeff and Patrick Teoh are honurable bloggers….trully non partisan…and Jeff writes everything original……Rocky just copy from here and there….so compare the brains. i KNOW PAT FOR 40 YEARS!!
    witsO…..I speak from my heart and never afraid. They are disuniting bloggers…..because I have exposed them to be so.They want all be pro Mahathir…..without all knowing it….AND A SCHEME TO SUCCEED….that went KAPOOK!!!
    Sheih and I need alot of support…hopefully from silent readers too….so many. Que Sera Sera…what ever will be will be….the future’s not ours to see..que sera sera.

  446. virgin9 says:

    {“We know the gomen is not perfect, BUT….”, devious line isn’t selling….}

    Dear witso

    I think that line has been sold. The recent MB fiasco illuminates the immaturity of the sopo community in general. Many more will buy that line now, at least, for this election. If you review the sopo postings in Malaysia, in light of the current matters, they are about TDM vs AAB, PAS vs UMNO, MCA vs DAP and him vs NSTP, you vs me, etc. Even MB is beginning to see the logic in good governance by commenting ‘So I cannot say I do not welcome the government latest move’. I no longer care ‘who is right’…as long as the candidate I tick is going to do ‘what is right’. I am very sure now, in spite of the gang-ho comradeship, sopo community can betray me and any secret I might wish to disclose for better governances. I went berserk when Rocky allowed advert space for Simon to sell MB information for abuse. If any misfortune befalls MB, there is now valid cause for clampdown against the ‘appointed guardians’ of Malaysia sopo community. If the Gman needs my advice, I will tell them to save their effort…just send in the clowns from sopo Malaysia. In the future, I would rather listen to Stenson Chin and the rest of you guys and gals jest…at least, I can laugh my heart out.

    Can we still be friend in this FSZ even when I cannot share your political conviction anymore?

  447. monsterball says:

    hahhahaha v9 really like the new nick given by Stenson Chin.{now must spell with capital letters lah… must be respected….this guy..real smart}..and what a nice message virgin9 has put out.
    We must not give up our FSZ…it is contagious to good Malaysians….just watch and see…more will join in the fun.
    Such versatilities…..cannot find pro Mahathir people lah…all they know is …just master the art to talk pro politics and how to bring a person down…..as if all have not studied the pattern….especially from Big Dog and sha101
    Like I said….talk birds and bees ….they are dumb dumb.

  448. monsterball says:

    Today in Straits Times..two full pages talking on INTEGRITIES.
    Good for all to read and learn…nothing about politics…but about how to be a man with good principles in life.

  449. wits0 says:

    MB, I passed the NST yesterday and it was giving the headline to someone being called the blah, blah, true son etc. Whatta eyesore and it has most unsold copies on the news stand by afternoon. You still can read it? What bullshit integrity can it not spin about by way of intellectual perversity?!

    MB, I’m not sure that Stenson isn’t one of ’em by posting for their interest in this space.

    V9, from the onset I’ve agreed with Susan’s belief that faux unity lacks integrity and carry a lot of personal self-agenda of that sopo promoter even if they’re not indirectly sponsored. There is no good reason for regging blogs just so as to appear compliant – something that makes others appear therefore non-compliant by default….as I’ve said before, at EW’s, rogues can always appear to be the legit clan, aka “cheng pai”. This alone will be have already accomplished disunity in Blogosphere in favor of the power-that-be.

    Mean, Kittykat, I have a copy of the Dummies Book on Hacking too. I think Susan’s Blog is quite presently secure, no?

  450. wits0 says:

    The NST is like a jar of Vicks Vaporub you buy decades back only to discover a dead fly in it. Would you have used it?

  451. monsterball says:

    I did not read it…but the title Intregity appelas to me…but if the message has twisted message….sad.
    I guess all maybe right….but I am a bisinesman. I do need to read the ST and Star….no matter what…to judge the politcal..economical an social situations. Afterall…it is BN calling the shots.
    I have to be practical and sensible about things…not day dreaming.

  452. wits0 says:

    I understand MB it’s just that I wouldn’t go to a monk and ask to borrow a comb. Hahaha, I don’t trust the NST when it APPEARS to talk about moral principles.

  453. monsterball says:

    Me too!

  454. monsterball says:

    hahahhaha……I recalled Tunku Abdul Rahman said as long as you embrace Islam…everyone can join UMNO.
    His wife is Eurasian….the No1 other race to join UMNO
    So Pak Lah did score twice. …..hahahaha. What a hubby he will turn out to be.
    His he interested in chess playing?……hahahahahaha

  455. kittykat46 says:

    Hit wits0,
    Susan’s blog is definitely safe from me, but I’m not sure if some of “those” fellas may have a go at her blog. I would advice Susan to take some sensible steps to be careful of her Blog security.

    Bare minimum – change her password often, don’t use any obvious or personally related words for her password. An alpha-numeric, totally meaningless password is usually best.

  456. monsterball says:

    yea 459 messages in one post!!Boy is Susan not asking for trouble.
    She should know how jealous some will be…….and do anything to bring her down.
    But what kittykat suggest….she will not do that. She is a very brave Human Rights Activist….no fear lah.

  457. monsterball says:

    Hi guys…If you want to get alot of posts…put out one on Monsterball….F….him up. Seriously ….look at Shar101 and simon wee blogs…..score like hell talklng about me.
    I must find out can I charge advertising fees. You see if all not true…that means purposely done….so maybe advertising fees can charge lah.
    How can free of charge…….hahahahahaha

  458. wits0 says:

    Kittykat, not forgetting backing up the blog code and encrypting the html part as well. Whoa, this will frighten Susan with lotta work to do, hahaha!

    Yep, me can’t find the hidden pw too ;).

  459. v9 says:

    Hi witso,
    It was not about faux unity to me. Heck, I do not even believe in an office bearer. It was about a group of comrades that shot each other in the fox hole. I am not a computer novice. I know a fair bit about it…but I never hide my identity at all. The hosts know it. It is to remind myself that I have to be responsible about what I commented…any action against me will be my own fault. However, I never see it coming that this trust can put my family in trouble with wacko and sicko. I am not afraid of the truths…because I know for a fact that there are many decent people in the government services. I am not afraid of darkness; it is the devils hiding in it. I emailed my security provider to upgrade my firewall and privacy services. I have my security settings to max and disallow any pop-up. Now, I do not write directly into the comment box. I just cut and paste. Since I stay in KL, I can easily alternate my IP address using the free air bands. Best of all, I dumped a lot of sopo sites into my trash box. It may be too late…but I know how to fight dirty when I am disturbed. I don’t see any logic in fearing a clampdown from the Malaysian government. If you are speaking the truths, there is absolutely no reason to fear or to fail. It is the bogus site that fears the clampdown or misses it all together. The Gman will just monitor the genuine site least a clampdown will turn the host into a martyr. You and the rests will always have my ears. NsTp is also junk news to me. Commentators should be careful with their securities and identities from now onward.

  460. kittykat46 says:

    Greetings v9,
    Very well put. Its exactly the reason I’m so sore with the sicko who put up somebody’s home address on-line.
    I am accountable and responsible for what I write on-line, or anywhere else for that matter.

    But putting my family, especially my kids physically at risk is not part of the deal.

    There are weird and dangerous people out there. What they may do with a name and address openly published on the web, I don’t wish to find out.

    Careful folks. Maybe this is my last post on-line 😦

  461. the ducky says:

    This is free space zone? Free, like I don’t have to pay anything?

  462. monsterball says:

    v9….that is exactly how I think too…..why be afraid clamming down on us when we speak the truths?
    Now you want back your real nick….virgin sound sissy?…..hahahahaha

  463. bamboo river says:

    Hello everybody! So, you guys are having a good time now in FSZ.
    Monty , I had a lot of catching up to do. Thanks for your SMSes. I am fine ,just worried about my 32 y.o cousin brother whom is now alone and single. I hope he will manage in Penang.
    Now what have I missed? Oh ya, about the Gman thing on monitoring blogs, we should be vigilant and careful what we write as I believe we have moleS in the blogsphere.

    Monty, I think you had made a mistake about Jean first comment in Sheih’s posting. It was stated by Sheih that the it was an imposter using Jean’s nick. So, I hope to clarify to you before Jean got mad. (Better apologize now before it is too late or buy a big box of chocolate (Belgium) if you meet her) Ha,Ha,Ha,

    Did you read RPK’s article about 18 June 2007?
    Late Altantuya’s court case is today. So I will go to Susan’s main site to read hopefully good news.

    Monsterball…..oi kong hak wa mau moon tee. Ti ngit ken… ngai pong ngi kong hak wa. Ngai oi he cho koong. An chiew choi khon nya keh komen.

  464. v9 says:

    No….MB. virgin9 don’t sound sissy. I just took witso advice, that all. Your fiasco just introduces a new hip-hop dance steps. I christened it the Caeser’s Routine. Hip hop to a stranger, make friend and when he or she least expected, stab hard on the back. You must play the music loud to drown out the scream of pain; the onlookers will think it is a great jive and worship you like hell.

    MB, a kind word of advice…not judgment. Tone down your criticism. Z..t have a ‘funny’ posting that I wish to plagiarize it for you.

    Ignore a comment….500 calories
    Respond to a comment….5000 calories
    Pick a fight with the comment…..50000 calories
    Doing all of the above at your age……results pending

    Ps. Kittykat….you are a good and kind man.

  465. Simon Wee says:

    Have no fear, simon wee is here. If any one defends crooked govt.polcies, I will help to expose him/her. Keep up the good work.

  466. jeancumlately says:

    Seems like I missed a lot of things in the last few days ha?

    First of all, thanks bamboo river for highlighting the fact that an imposter had been using my nick at kickdefella. Glad that Sheih moderated that one… sheesh, it really gave me a bad name.

    Simon Wee… you are a lawyer and I guess you have the right to do whatever is lawful but stripping someone naked and exposing his identity in to the public is not what I call a gentelmanly conduct. There must be a line drawn somewhere. Please don’t sue me for my 2 sens.

    Simon: If any one defends crooked govt.polcies, I will help to expose him/her. Keep up the good work.

    Comments: I really hope that you were joking…
    kittykat46: Careful folks. Maybe this is my last post on-line

    Kitty, I feel like joining you after finding this simon character. I hope you were kidding too.

  467. Simon Wee says:

    jeancumlately, you talk more sense than that fellow. Its him challenging me and using expletives that resulted in that. You are too sweet to go about challenging people. Only those with inferiority complex go about spewing expletives and name calling. You are too dignified for that. Don’t leave us, pls.

  468. Simon Wee says:

    amending one sentence to read as:

    If anyone defends crooked govt. policies unreasonably, then I will ask mosterball to help to expose him/her.

  469. v9 says:

    Dear bamboo river,

    I read your comment on KTF. It was good and moderate. You seem to have friends at both sides. That is good. Did you notice that I am ranting like a dying man speaking? In that aspect, it is true. I have received my ‘Identity masking suite’ from my provider…it doesn’t 101% stop the talented hackers but I don’t think the likes of those sicko(s) do not have the talent for it. After the suite trial and, after I installed it into a new LTC, I will not use my nick again. Before that, I want to ask you a direct in the face question.

    What do you and your friends want? Do you want to form a club…an association perhaps? Or do you want to form a universe? You can have your roast lamb club or gathering; please send invitations to friends and impress the chicks. But you cannot deny equal citizenship to every tom, dick, harry and jane, no matter what are their crimes, when you preach about a new horizon and a new universe for bloggosphere Malaysia. In this respect, our BN government is better and mature. What is that crap about ‘It is very difficult for you as at one hand you have Monty and the other your friends from B.U.’. The saddest part about this crisis is that young talented bloggers are drawn into it like flies to shit. This comment has no malice against you…but I wish you know what is right and not who is right (JO quote). Did you not notice that Datuk Wong initiated a (perhaps fondly reluctantly) a quote from JO in the Star edition? Any one can spot a diamond from a stone when it is thrown hard onto the floor. The phony breaks into million pieces and you pick up the diamond. That line is for Sheih. You don’t win friends by killing the enemies. Enemies are friends you haven’t met. Did you hear me, Simon or Rocky?

    Meter count: 1,000,000 calories. If I carry on I would have a heart arrest…better take my zenitec.

  470. Simon Wee says:

    If one has monsterball as friend who needs enemy.

  471. monsterball says:

    simon wee ..Don’t think your change of tone can erased all your dirty filthy low down works on me. Who do you think you are?
    Now still talk cock. A person is judged by the heart and soul…not by sweet words or be polite to others makes you better than me.
    What you have done is the most unethical….unprofessional sickening thing in blogging. This old man ALSO have an agenda….long before you were born and on going. You want to teach me a lesson? you want to teach grandfather how to suck eggs too?
    Your ‘akan datang’ is waited patiently by me…..go do your worst…I am waiting.
    You dare not meet me face to face shows how brave and noble you are. Now the whole word can judge us.
    Look at your blog and shar101….NOTHING…except when monsterball is mentioned.
    Don’t try to be friendly and nice…nobody likes you here.
    But free speech zone is for everyone…..try talk nice to anyone and joke along and see who want to response to your message like a friend…try it!!

  472. monsterball says:

    bamboo river!! Read your most touching message at Sheih’s blog. He was so touched.
    I knew that ‘jeancumlatyely’ was not our jean lah. Where did I say it is she.
    jeancumlately….I like your smart reply to simon. As usual…you are a doll.
    v9….yes bamboo river is a man who must have been a monk in his previous life….friends to all…good or bad…..bjt he knows how to stick to the good as permanent friends and say ‘hello;’ to the bad…to avoid an unhappy life like mine……hahahahahaha. I do find people like bamboo river..can succeed in life…no matter what….and we get along well.
    witsO…is unbelievable an die hard brother to me.

  473. monsterball says:

    simon wee..The damaged is done by you. Don’t try to throw jokes on me to change the mood. Nobody is laughing at your sick joke…trying to be nice. Found out something? Afraid of something? brave people must not be afraid.
    Akan Datang…good.
    I am never afraid of people like you all my life.

  474. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…. simon said ‘don’t leave us please” to jeancumlately.
    He thinks this is his kaki of friends…..hahahahahaha
    He thinks using ‘us’…he is one of US…..hahahahahaha
    What brain…what logic….what an idiot!!

  475. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Simon Wee, Monsterball,
    I wanted to sign off permanently from Susan’s blog, but looks like I’m still hooked.
    As I humbly requested a few other commentators, if you wish to dump some more on Monsterball, please take your fight elsewhere.
    There are a dozen other blogs where the blog owner welcomes you to dump some more on the “Ball”.

    I do like this “kedai-kopi” which Susan has set-up. Please don’t misuse it.

  476. monsterball says:

    hi kittykat…I go where you go lah
    Just tell that guy get lost….but alas….freedom of speech zone’ Let him talk to himself.
    i have written enough.
    witsO….AKAN DATANG!!!!

  477. jeancumlately says:

    Simon, we heard your expert opinions and monty, we heard your grievances too. It seems that we are moving in circles and I guess, if both sides had decided that they should take the fight into the real world, well its a shame BUT then be it and let us all move on.

    Actually, it reminds me of the Palestinians. They are supposed to unite to defend their very own existence but instead they chose to fight each other by alligning themselves to hamas or fatah. Each side will call the other the traitor. While busy killing each other, they forgot why they are there in the first place. Guess who’s laughing now? …its not simon or monty or “mereka-mereka yang sewaktu dengan mereka…”

  478. monsterball says:

    witsO…the wise one. When someone commits the cardinal sin in blogsphere and put the victim in a difficult position…that someone can not sleep well…..not the victim.
    Thus…trying to be friendly is a sign of guilt.

  479. bennyloh says:

    Simon Wee

    If one has monsterball as friend who needs enemy.

    But free speech zone is for everyone…..try talk nice to anyone and joke along and see who want to response to your message like a friend…try it!!

    May 9th, 2007 at 1:39 am


    Why only at Susan’s site bennyloh?
    Why not post same message at other sites..especially Rocky’s… I dare you!!

    May 9th, 2007 at 7:56 am


    Hi Monster Pally,

    “Why only at Susan’s site bennyloh?”
    Yes Rocky’s too,.. I have posted before. (You dare me? ) So what now?. Go fly a kite. I don’t enjoy reading any of your postings here too

    Simon pally, that’s a good one
    (If one has monsterball as friend who needs enemy.)

    AND I tried at Rocky’s site I have no problem commenting there and Rocky even posted at my site.

  480. wits0 says:

    Jean, the problem of the Paleo is their total absorption with unbridled hatred and hatred has that propensity to be be what many can recognise as, “what goes round comes around”. Not unlike a pendulum.

    The storm in this space is certainly not as destructive but some people in Blogosphere have been unnecessarily combative, transversing blogs to do so and distorting the perspective and parameter of another’s used expression and easily injecting way-out labels. They don’t know when to lighten up but must prove their point(what?) with the attached pride that they’re the ones who did it. Hollow self pride.

    Sometimes the Truth will be dawning on us in time ; there’s little need to be overly strident about everything said. That’s why, Jean, I will let you have the last word even if I think you are wrong presently, because you are a decent person. 😀

  481. Simon Wee says:

    I rest my case. Monsterball does not understand English. Jean does.

  482. Simon Wee says:

    I must also add beenyloh as another who understand English and read between the lines.

  483. wits0 says:

    Actually I should think that MB’s difference with Benny Loh is between themselves and something much easier to make amend over. MB?

  484. bamboo river says:

    Teh Ais Tarik Kau anyone?

  485. kittykat46 says:

    Mee Rebus and Nescafe for me, thanks.

    Meanwhile…Karpal Singh revealed that the Judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yassin is somewhat distantly related to one of the defense counsels and requested the Judge recuse himself. The Judge declined to do so.

    Actually I agree with the judge here. The legal profession in the Klang Valley and Penang as well, is a surprisingly small world.
    Lots of practicing lawyers, prosecutors and judges know each other at least slightly. If every judge and lawyer or prosecutor who was a 3rd cousin or played golf /tennis/badminton/ had sex 6 months ago had to be replaced, prettty soon, no one will be left to carry on the case.

    Of course, once they know that they are on the same case THEY SHOULD NOT FRATERNISE.

  486. v9 says:

    …10mg zenitel..gulp..gulp..

    Finally, my last 2 bytes of self righteousness before I cease as v9. I don’t care if MB and his group of merry men stick a diamond coated graphite tungsten alloy pipe up my arse.

    Simon: I have 2 for you.

    1st Advice: Get more friends like MB and you won’t have enemies. You should have placed an advert for anti-plishing software in your blog. On the account of you, I have spent USD 1399.80 on upgrades. Then you could have make some wages from your exploit and have the money to plead your case before god during judgment day. I know you struck out at MB in anger…who wouldn’t but you did commit a cardinal sin by deluging private information with Rocky elegant silence.

    2nd Advice: Please relay this to Rocky.

    “Young men go to war. Sometimes because they have to, sometimes because they want to. Always, they feel they are supposed to. This comes from the sad, layered stories of life, which over the centuries have seen courage confused with picking up arms, and cowardice confused with laying them down….” When you go out to fight a war or a case, people will gather around you with big red worded banner that reads “Good luck! Fight hard!” And on the side, along the tattered edge “Come home soon”.

    On that day, your mom and diamond friend will remember your birthday; wake up early to bake a cake for you that reads ‘Come home son’. Understood? Ask Edward Beitchman…oh yeah…I forgot…he is dead. Try asking Nuraina Samad, she might help you out here.

    Monsterball: You must put out an effort to be a bit more tactful and nicer to people. Forget about that silly front liner attitude of yours. At this rate, Simon won’t k_ll you. Heartburn will.

    Both you…take a bamboo advice…go for kopi kau.

  487. bamboo river says:

    I am sorry I need time to really understand your multiple questions directed to me. First and foremost , pardon me if I fail to make you understand my stand on the issue in KTF.
    Secondly, I do not and never wish to see bloggers at loggerheads. If I want to speak out and shoot my mouth off I would have many comments ago.
    But I don’t think that will resolve the crisis. If one party is angry, the other may as well shut up and listen.
    But v9, I have to admit my grasp of english is limited to level 11. So, can you please tell me what you actually want from my answer ah?
    Poor chinaman lah, no money to go very high school, have to work like shit to live like today.
    I won’t be offended as Monty knows, I don’t mind getting whacked….but must be a good reason to whack lah.
    BTW, about that Datuk Wong from STAR? Sorry lah brother, I don’t read his articles.

    Kittykat 46……mee rebus sudah habis….Roti prata mau kah?

  488. Simon Wee says:

    V9 tks for advice. As the saying goes, if one does not do anything wrong one has nothing to fear when someone is knocking at the door. The us$1399.80 should instead be put to better use. rgds

  489. monsterball says:

    witsO….Benny Loh is blogging differences in opinions. I can apologize to Benny right now…if it hurts him that much. I meant what I said…but did it really hurt him that much?
    That low down worm …simon wee thinks by exposing my home address and all details of my life…my company………all can be forgotten….just like that.
    Who the heck I care to understand him or his bragging of Queen’s ENGLISH? My goodness…only in blogging can you get your greatest enemy come like a ghost….never man. At least a rat in my house I can see trying to steal food…wait patiently and trap that rouge AND KILL THAT RASCAL…but here comes this simon wee…the lowest scum in Malaysian blogging ……telling others how he can victimize anyone…yet all back to normal….provide one do not cross swords with him.
    He is now the most hated blogger in Malaysia….yet he behaves he did nothing wrong….or is he trying to ‘TEST MARKET”…..shit!!
    What a COWARD this man is.
    Come ‘Drink With Me”….. if you dare!!
    Do you understand gangster English?
    INVESTIGATOR or lawyer…my foot…Your license will be revoke …if you are either one.
    Chinese say..you do the 15th….wait till the 30th….so “akan datang” is what I am waiting.
    Cheaters …con men…gangsters I have never been afraid…who is this kuching kurap simon wee…show your face.
    Old man lah….why afraid?

  490. monsterball says:

    v9…You have been a wonderful and understanding person.
    All my life…I have spoken like this…can be very cultured…can be vulgar…depending on whom I am talking to.
    Check it out….who start insulting first….me or others?
    Right now..if it is not respecting SUSAN…my messages to simon wee will be worst .
    He is a damn coward and trying to be nice here to try ‘test market’ how is he been treated by others. No right thinking people will support what he did to me…your message is so clear…thanks again.
    Yes …the way he writes….he is a young braggart too.
    bamboo river have replied to his ENGLISH.
    Few keep telling me to take it easy…..THANKS FOR YOUR LOVING CONCERN.
    But I truly believe it khammars….so let all the bad and good ones ripened be exposed. I will never let simon wee off that easy. HE IS A REAL COWARD DOING THE CARDINAL SINS IN BLOGGING.

  491. monsterball says:

    benny loh….You have proven your point.. I accept your opinions about me…. no problem with that.

  492. v9 says:

    Just for you – dearest bamboo river,

    Even though the comment was directed to you, it was never meant for you. Since you are friends to both parties, you would be the best mediator to stop this ridiculous in-house fighting. I called it ‘shooting in the foxhole’. Thus, all my rants are only meant for you to relay back to both parties; you don’t need my advice, I need yours. It was not a question directed at you but a challenge for all-Blog. I am also a chinaman, but worse because my level of mandarin is only up to level 0.5…which kept me safe from little dragon girls. When I mutter something, usually my fellow chinamen laugh…thousand apologies. There is a Chinese quote that goes something like ‘put on a pair of long eyes to see the world’. If all-Blog cannot embrace a person like MB as quest or member but go online to make that statement as clear as during shar101 party…all-Blog will not become as great as the universe. It will always remain a club-house where you have roast lamb and cigars. You won’t find diamonds in them.

    I mentioned Datuk Wong, because I know both him and JO will monitor this space. I just want to highlight the mutual respect both gentlemen reserved for each other in the quiet, even during combative modes. When a brave general dies in battle, he is always given full and highest military burial by his enemy. Once again, this statement is only figuratively speaking…I am not suggesting honor in battles.

    As for the ‘speaking of a dying man’ part, damage has been done but it is also a good lesson for me. Simon commented ‘if one does not do anything wrong one has nothing to fear when someone is knocking at the door’. I want to thank Simon for showing up the security bleach…because in the future, thieves and murderers, and not Simon, might come knocking at the door. Blog site hosts must also assure commentators and visitors of that same security. Someone must highlight this vulnerability to the public. Will you do it?

    I plagiarized an ancient Chinese poem for you…hope no one wrack me like SV

    Bamboo on Ancient River
    Spreading here, spreading there,
    the bamboo by the river,
    A cycle, a year of flourishing and decay —
    Wild fires burn but can’t kill them off,
    When spring wind blows, they grow again.
    Faraway fragrance overruns ancient roads,
    Bright emerald tint spreads to ruined walls.
    Again it’s time to bid you farewell;
    Lush growth teams with my parting thoughts.

    MB just tone down a little bit…not change completely. Bye
    Kittykat…you are a man, right?
    Jeancumlately…you are beautiful.
    Witso…like MB said…wise.
    Stephen…where the hell is you now?
    Susan…what a good Queen.

  493. Simon Wee says:

    V9 all info and leads gathered from other bloggered maligned by him and no security breached. I replied another blogger with this:

    Your analysis makes interesting reading.

    There was no conspiracy. It was a gettogether of hundreds of bloggers maligned by Ah Soon after someone renewed the initiative with something he would have difficulties to fight back. And that is the name of susan’s blogsite,”The Truth” where he spewed his venom on me and hundreds of others. You would be surprised at the amount of info and leads the others emailed me which made my job easy instead of the spending of “substantial amount of time and money”.

    Being new to blogging, I was unaware of the feud between different blogging factions until now. I have no quarrel with either Susan or Elizabeth. In fact I admire what they are doing and when I started my blog it was to emulate them.

    My ID is not hard to uncover as I was the only Chinese Malaysian in UPI and Kadir knows me. We will meet one day. rgds

  494. kittykat46 says:

    Humility is a true mark of nobility.
    People who are truly secure about their own ability, their station in life, their own beliefs, don’t have to puff themselves all up to proof something, or quarrel over every imagined slight.

    So, please, let us all have a bit of humility, and life will be a bit more peaceful.

    I’m a very humble person. I don’t need to blow my trumpet, but I have many things in life to be give thanks for.

    Peace be with you…Pax Vobis Cum…. Simon Wee, Monsterball.
    Jeancumlately, Wits0 and V9 I’m sure will do OK.

    PS. I’m a bit worried about somebody else impersonating Jeancumlately in Sheih’s blog and throwing off big doses of Toxic comments.

  495. bennyloh says:

    June 18th, 2007 at 2:52 pm


    That low down worm …simon wee thinks by exposing my home address and all details of my life…my company………all can be forgotten….just like tha

    bennyloh said,
    May 14th, 2007 at 1
    ….Do not use a pseudonym when you want to write nastily. I dare you to use your name and photo like me.Be a gentleman….

    I gave you good advice earlier, didn’t I . Those cap locks warning about wanting to see what I can do if you are in front of me… etc doesn’t prove anything to me.

    Here you are whinning and whimpering like a puppy when Simon touch on your details. Go to my web, learn from a gentleman like me, I have my real name, my real address, my photos all over, my telephone numbers my place of work -and you try to intimidate me using a nick.? You have many to apologise to.

    Comes to sucking eggs, you have to learn despite your age. Believe me

  496. padzac says:

    June 16th, 2007 at 1:01 pm


    Goodbye padzac. Change your sickening jealous attitute…do come back.

    Greetings, MonsterBall,

    All this while I have been a silent lurker at blogspot. Don’y have a blog here but I do have one at Y360. I have been reading your comments and like many others I do feel you have the tedency to be vicious and vile and most of all it is pretty impossible to have a cordial discourse with you.

    I have only posted a few comments over the past few weeks at a few blogsites.. using two different nicks HZ and padzac (first three letters from my first name and my last name — I’m sorry if it did not catch some people’s fancy). I am by nature a a rather timid person especially in the company of those whom I consider are more knowledgable.

    My comment was made to stop you from going on and on because I am sure there are many silent lurkers like me out there.

    But your retort to me was donwright silly. I am a woman and am about 3 decades younger than you. I have no reason to be jealous of you, MonsterBall. I came back to post this message because two friends who are also silent lurkers read your message and they had alerted me.

    So please stand corrected, I HAVE NO REASON TO BE SICKENINGLY JEALOUS OF YOU. I have no hidden agenda, I just like reading clever informative blogs and I also enjoy reading the comments that accompany those blogs. But yours is one of those I avoid reading. You are a BIGOT, MonsterBall. You need re-education. People like you are danagerous to this country!!!! You are here to run a popularity race and you have nothing constructive to contribute. You keep calling yourself a blogger when you are NOT a blogger. You have so much venom in you. Get a reality check!!

  497. Simon Wee says:

    bennyloh, you are a a great cartonist. With a good manager these can really sell.

  498. Simon Wee says:

    Do one for the rest of bloggers on your opinion of Ah Soon.

  499. padzac says:

    There is a popular Tamil saying that goes like this, “KADDE VAA SOLUTHE, VEEDU PO SOLUTHE” which translates to “THE GRAVE SAYS COME, THE HOUSE SAYS GO”

    So repent, MonsterBall. Stop acting like a loony teenybopper, its just so unbecoming for a man your age. It’s NOT cute at all!!!!!

  500. padzac says:

    There is a popular Tamil saying, “KADDE VA SOLUTHE, VEEDU PO SOLUTHE” which roughly translates to, “THE GRAVE SAYS COME, THE HOUSE SAYS GO”.

    Time to stop behaving like a loony teenybopper, MonsterBall. It’s so unbecoming and most definitely NOT cute!!

  501. wits0 says:

    V9, thar you go agin! LOL!

    “I don’t care if MB and his group of merry men stick a diamond coated graphite tungsten alloy pipe up my arse. ”

    Never even came close, for I have a good memory and anyone who checked what was said would discover an entirely different version.

  502. padzac says:

    Sorry double posting. I thought I lost thye first one. I am overcoming my timidity to give this old timer a reality check. This is just so shameful!!

  503. wits0 says:

    I don’t think you need to rub it in like a swarm of piranhas, Padzac. This isn’t cute either. Are you that opportunistic in attacking an old man? THE GRAVE SAYS COMEs to all, high or low, so you don’t have to remind us all either,…not that this will drive many to valium.

  504. Simon Wee says:

    Padzac, this kind of thing we need joint effort for the good of Ah Soon unless of course… What I did would not be possible without all other bloggers chipping in. Now the rest is up to him.

  505. jeancumlately says:

    v9… was that a parting shot? We’ll be waiting for your re-incarnation as a virgin…

    Its ok kittykat… I think sheih did whatever is necessary. Its a bad impersonation, don’t you think? If I ever be that nasty, please scold me kitty… but minus all the four letter words.

    My observation on simon vs monty is … I think simon had toned down and I guess its only right for monty to do the same thing. Come on you guys… there is no prize for the winner anyway. Let us all have some fun, okay? One day we’ll look back and laugh at our own antics. That day is about now. Let us save our bullets for the monkeys, the sleepy heads, the half past sixes, the rempits… enough targets for everybody what… why waste it on monty and simon?

    bennyloh… enough lah… enough war already… and this one, you definitely cannot win one… trust me.

    BTW wits0, thanks for giving me the chance to have the last words the last time around… Gee, now you are taking it back from me! Cheeky one, eh? OK, lemme see if my uzi is still in good working order… errr, are you a lawyer? Just a precaution.

  506. jeancumlately says:

    And padzac… there is a popular tamil who said… “habis itu hujan kah, ribut kah, mau salah saya…”

  507. monsterball says:

    Simon…Once again….if you are not a COWARD….and like Susan said..FACE ME!
    And for the two of you….have you said enough? If not..continue and close the subject.
    He is a total disgrace to the law or investigation profession..that is…if he is one. I doubt!! both can get the license canceled.

  508. monsterball says:

    jean…THIS IS not about toning down!! THIS IS ABOUT A CARDINAL SIN.
    Can you forgive murderers?

  509. monsterball says:

    jean…And this is not about a debate..or insults. This is the most serious unethical crime one can commit to another in blogging….COWARDLY

  510. simon wee says:

    Uncle Ah Soon, there will be hundred more people like benny and padzac and that’s the Truth. The choice is yours.

  511. kittykat46 says:

    Kittykat46 signing-off.
    Wake me up when the thunder storm has passed.

  512. monsterball says:

    I am not your uncle simon wee….I am not THAT NICE!!

  513. monsterball says:

    FRIENDS!! Susan is very busy at court case….for one month.
    Look at their timing here and at Sheih’s blog……..so ignore please.
    Thanks alot!!

  514. virgin9 says:

    Ha..ha..ha.. Jean you can always make me laugh. You see or not, god was good, passed me in 0.5sec and now I am back as a virgin.

    “And padzac… there is a popular tamil who said… “habis itu hujan kah, ribut kah, mau salah saya…” Padzac, isn’t that very funny or what? Didn’t that line beats all those serious talkings?

    That stenson fellow, I purposely misspelled his name and yet he did not respond. He must be busy with his x-box joystick. How to RIP without his blessings?

    Monsterball, the truth was that god asked me to come back for you. The reincarnation into a virgin was a special request. Simon, padzac and bennyloh are here because your friends invited them to smoke the ganja peace pipe…and it is a very honorable move. Now you have 3 new customers at your kedai kopi. If you allow them to cakap, remember to listen to one comment at a time, scream if you want but listen when they replied. Avoid hurting words that damage the soul. Eventually, all of you guys and gals will be friends. Try it today. I know what I am talking about because I don’t have friends in the real world. witso, I may not have good memory but I have the piles to prove it.

  515. monsterball says:

    virgin9……hahahahahaha…God ask you to come back….hahahahaha
    Noted your wise message to me. Ask simon wee to show me his face and his home address…not office…if he has one…then I will listen.
    Then kedai kopi is real….not just talk. Many met me because of simon wee.
    Like I said…their timing is perfect….SUSAN IS BUSY…..so lets protect her blog….not talking about me….but all other subjects.

  516. padzac says:

    June 18th, 2007 at 6:56 pm

    “And padzac… there is a popular tamil who said… “habis itu hujan kah, ribut kah, mau salah saya…” Padzac, isn’t that very funny or what? Didn’t that line beats all those serious talkings?


    Dear Virgin9,

    I’ll be honest. I was too angry to see it earlier but now that u mention it: YES it is very funny and very clever 🙂

  517. virgin9 says:

    I am on a very tight schedule here…there are other souls to save. Let’s not be selfish here. Please help me out…everyone just pretend to be nice.

    Monsterball and Simon, for the good of all man, I really have to go; especially, now I am a virgin. Let’s do a reality check here; called the science of life…all poles have two opposites and any reaction has an opposite reaction. The north has the south. The east has the west. Three(s) of Simon and a hundred more has MB and his hundreds more. It never ends. Remember Hercules when he meets the monster called Strife blocking his pathway. Each time he strikes the monster to clear his way, he meets a bigger monster at the next turn. Soon, even for an all brawn guy, he can figure out that he is feeding the monster strife. Do you want to know what god told me just now?

    Every time you hit out at monsterball, hundreds more like him will replicate. Very soon, you and your hundreds will be over whelmed by them. The only way to deal with monsterball is to shrink him with love, love and love…nothing but love.

    Second reality check. Every one and story has a place in life. Take one story and there are two different angles in it. That will never change period. Both of you have the opposite angles to a story. Both of you are meant for each other if it is not for the separation of matter between the two of you. You can call it the rod that separates the opposite poles of a magnet. If it is not for a wrong chain of events, both of you will attract each other like the two opposite poles of the magnet.

    I must go now…seriously. If these last bytes can’t help, I will just ignore both of you macam hantu.

  518. wits0 says:

    Why go V9 when your precious words are becoming more thought provoking than that Azly Rahman’s bloviating?

  519. simon wee says:

    Fellows who love Susan.

    It is a act of stupidity to publicise Susan’s movements. Being CIA-trained when in Pinkerton, I know the world out there. Being an admirer of Susan (for her work and not her tubuh), I will of course extend whatever protection, security to her if required. To the person who divulged, he is a real idiot!

  520. monsterball says:

    virgin9….That’s it!! Treat me as a ghost rider. I LIKE IT!!
    hahahahahaha….Giving Susan protection. …HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Yea witsO….Thanks.
    My ghost riders…READ ENOUGH??

  521. monsterball says:

    Sleep well and enjoy yourself

  522. simon wee says:

    With friend like him who needs enemies.

  523. monsterball says:

    You have made an life long enemy….plus you have become the main bodyguard for my whole family. Don’t try to sidetrack that….simon wee
    Nobody visiting your blog again?
    Feeling lonely? Any new idea..or is this your best shot…..bloody sickening coward.

  524. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…He even try to instigate Susan against me!!
    Read 9.39pm.

  525. simon wee says:

    monsterball, I never mentioned your name, why feel so guilty?

  526. monsterball says:

    simon wee …I want you to know this. you have put me and my family in such great dangers ALL OUR LIVES by breaking the cardinal sin in blogging….no amount of sidetrack talks…reasons…and whatever your cowardly character can change all these.
    By nature….I response to any and everything.
    Now my beloved Sheih has proven also to be ever popular….standing side by side wit me and hits are increasing in his blog……I should actually ignore you and the rest of everyone negatives remarks on me…..but by ignoring….has three results….one may say I am afraid…another I am a snob and last …silence may mean all is forgiven…therefore anything happen to me or my family…not your fault.
    You think it is a game to expose all my details and my home address and use my challenge as an excuse? I have challenged all….yet no one stoop so low like you.
    You do have an agenda….now cannot ‘akan datang’….thus change your mood.Are you not interested to do your worst? Yes you do….but now ….what? NOTHING!!
    Me and my big mouth….yes I admit I have one…..can be foul too….like bamboo river said at Sheih’s blog…..but read further his comments and all others….this big mouth old man is trusted and respected.
    Have you earn that? If not….get lost. Be trusted and respected are two most important things in life….not money. You can argue this that I don’t have…who cares.
    Now you speak….trying to agree with my thoughts…to expose this or that.
    Bloody coward and bullshit..you are. If you are that smart…then go expose those that try to disunite bloggers by playing politics..including you…now change….so
    cannot win them..must as well join them” is your cowardly style…PLUS…trying to make all that you have exposed on me…like nothing…..all be forgotten. My lawyers has taken notes..if you want to know….so you are forever and ever be my main suspect..if anything happens to any of my family…including my beloved Indonesian beloved maid….whose whole family knows me….and they also know what you have said. Now that you know all these. My children are also waiting for you..if you want to know.
    Yes those friends of mine will naturally forget all these after sometime….quite natural….cannot blame them…everyone have their own problems……but not me FOREVER….so let both of us face the music….don’t bring this up in a Susan’s blog anymore. If you do…..I hope all others start pinning you down. It’s stale news. You remain FACELESS with your credentials…experiences and so call connections..apply your worst on to me. No one is scared of you….get it clear. No one want to trust or befriend you. Try it…and see who response to you with love and kindness.
    This old man…this idiot…this pondan….and anything you want to add more is not your friend…NOT your uncle. Can you at least get that clear?

  527. simon wee says:

    monsterball, why feel so guilty unless…
    monsterball is one with balls, whereas Goh Swee Soon is a hainanese woman. you were the one who let the pussy out of the bag. blame yourself. All what you said and what i said and do are all in the blogs for all to see and judge. My advice to you go on blogging but stop using expletives and name calling. Be a gentleman and all will respect you.

    eg when people advice you against giving out susan’s movement, you start all over again.

  528. simon wee says:

    Go and get advice from bennyloh.

  529. simon wee says:

    Go and get advice from panzac, a woman 30 years your junior who talks more sense than you.

  530. simon wee says:

    If susan is in any trouble, you are responsible. I will see to that.

  531. bamboo river says:

    Aiya …you two, when are are going to have kopi kau and trash this out?
    Hitting each other will not solve the matter lah. Both of you will end up with black eyes , swollen lips, bruised cheeks, torn ears, twisted noses,torned lower lips, broken teeth,scalped heads,twisted thumbs,fractured index fingers,torn ligaments,and most off all……laughing stocks laaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
    Wait for a date and meet then talk like a GENTLEMAN.
    Please stop for the moment till things cool down. Talk with a COOL HEAD please.
    Thank you.

  532. simon wee says:

    bamboo river, this is on another matter when he revealed susan’s movement. When advised he started all over again. Never learn.

  533. simon wee says:

    bamboo river, this is on another matter when he revealed susan’s movement. when advised he started all over again. never learn.

  534. kittykat46 says:

    In the old days, gentlemen who couldn’t agree on settling a dispute went out into an open field, with an impartial referree.

    They each loaded 1 bullet into a pistol, turned back to back. The referee counted 1 to 10 as they walked in opposite directions, turned and fired.
    The survivor was the winner.

    I volunteer to be the referee. I can provide the guns, too (Hah..hah…I believe Special Branch watches this blog)

    There’s a number of excellent open fields in USJ to choose from, deserted on weekends.

  535. jeancumlately says:

    Kittty, whatever it is… I ll stay out ouf the way lah… gave up already. Don’t give them gun. Its way too small. They need the overkill to match the egoes. Something like bazooka…

    BTW… you woke up too early lah.

    Glad that our Virgin9 and padzac could see the joke and laugh. That’s the way guys, have some fun lah… there is a joke somewhere.

    Virjean… hmmm… I miss that.

  536. stenson chin says:

    Fight as much as you can here.Please dont go overboard.No one wins fighting here.It is fun in any healthy exchanges.The battle field is here and not at any one home.I heard jean running around the house nude.oooooo Is it true snoopy?

  537. kittykat46 says:

    Jeancumlately never wears anything at home (how did I know ???)..LOL..

    Sorry…just wanted to divert attention from this Monster Balls vs Simon Wee-Wee thingy.

  538. jeancumlately says:

    See how stenson had grown up from that boy obsessed with his joystick into a man full of imagination… First of all, I am not from bollywood to do the bollywood runaround. Secondly, when you have only the radio on, you dont get much chance to do the runaround. (How come I sound like samy the poet?).

    Kittykat… I admire your persistency in trying to divert the attention from the monty vs simon issue. But not at my expense lah dear…. someone may use that information and tarnish my goody two shoes image. My credit card is not the only history that I want to hide, you know….

  539. bennyloh says:

    bennyloh… enough lah… enough war already… and this one, you definitely cannot win one… trust me.
    Jean, I draw a little cartoons, it has been my lifetime passion. I know what is right or wrong. I know I have to be accountable to my drawings so I have let out my details so that in the event anybody is aggrieved he is at liberty to take me to courts. This is been responsible. I expected the same from participants here. I am not out to win a war at this stage. I have to determine the prize at the end. No, war is not in my mind now, rest


    Simon…Once again….if you are not a COWARD….and like Susan said..FACE ME!

    And for the two of you….have you said enough? If not..continue and close the subject.

    simon wee …I want you to know this. you have put me and my family in such great dangers ALL OUR LIVES by breaking the cardinal sin in blogging…
    My lawyers has taken notes..if you want to know….so you are forever and ever be my main suspect..if anything happens to any of my family…including my beloved Indonesian beloved maid….whose whole family knows me….and they also know what you have said. Now that you know all these. My children are also waiting for you..if you want to know

    Why do you keep wanting to 1) meet face to face-Simon is accesible serve him the papers lah
    2) You also want to see what I have to say to you when you are infront as you stated before.-Sue- me lah.

    You are a very peculiar guy:
    1) I thought you were anti-umno, but found you were anti-cartoonist, anti- young lady, anti-old people of your age, anti everybody.
    2)crying and mourning when Simon digs into your deatails.
    3)isn’t that a basic thing a responsible blogger should do.(providing details)
    4)Tell your lawyer also that it is your birthright to attack any one in sight using a pseudonym.
    5)can I also come after you if any of my family is harm?

    Stop whinning and behave will you.

  540. kittykat46 says:

    Meanwhile…things are getting very interesting at the Altantuya trial. Read Susan’s main page postings for updates.

  541. anon says:

    Monday, June 11, 2007
    BUM.ASS to KickdeMonsterball and Rule the World

    Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers – Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid – than trading in Camels. Wow!) had plans to form B.A.B.I. … Band of Allienated Bloggers Inc.

    Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers – Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid – than trading in Camels. Wow!) couldn’t find the right reason to form it. Furthermore, Malay Males’ BOOBS beat Husin Lempoyang to the formation of the 4th Bloggers Alliance.

    Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers – Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid – than trading in Camels. Wow!) see that the 4th Blogger Alliance is a good omen. Four is “sayyy” in Cantonese and it means death.

    Since BOOBS has disbanded, Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers – Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid – than trading in Camels. Wow!) now has got the locus standi and will form “Bloggers Untuk Monsterball Agar di Singkir Selamanya”.

    In short, thats BUM.ASS!

    This should not be confused as a Club for Anwar Ibrahim’s Supporter & Sympathisers for they have form Keldaian or Donkeyism, a political party of their own.

    The public will see that it is for bumping of Monsterball.

    Our ulterior reason is to bump out the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, from his Prime Ministership and install Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers – Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid – than trading in Camels. Wow!) as Prime Minister.

    The Modus Operandi is to first call AAB Gay and KJ his homosexual lover. We will compile sufficient tilam evidences of his and KJ’s semen to convict him in court. Although AAB is now married, we already have DNA profile of Jeanne’s banjir to distinguish from that of AAB.

    Other target will be Samy “Value” whose ass has bocor thus proves he is Gay. Rafidah “Ass”ziz, who bocor Proton, will be convicted as Lesbian. Azlina convicted as gay or lesbian, Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers – Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid – than trading in Camels. Wow!) is still confused here.

    Last but not least, is Nazri, whose bocor mouth proves he performs blowjob on men.

    To be fair to the Chinese, I decide to go after Lim Keng Yaik, whose stuttering words, will be used as proof of his homosexuality. Off course, the big mouth Monsterball will be proven as an ACDC.

    The Husin Lempoyang’s (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers – Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid – than trading in Camels. Wow!) proposed Protem Committee, are those sufficiently mean. They are:

  542. whispering9 says:

    Knock…knock…Susan are you there? Did we make you cry…knock…knock…please open up. We are worry.

  543. monsterball says:

    whispering9….Go read latest post. Thanks.
    It really sound silly to response to an ‘anon’…

  544. whispering9 says:

    Was thinking about you also, since, you are awfully quiet and didn’t even respond to 4 provocations. Tutup kedai kopi hari ini ka? Beside, I wanted to leave a new leaf over anon posting about unsold camels and salves. I have read it 4 times, and I still cannot figure who is straight or gay and who is homo. He stays with the unsold camels too long…ranting camelish.

  545. monsterball says:

    Thanks whispering9…..Now everything is settled…I will ignore those who want to talk ill about me.
    I will not give them the pleasure to rojak Susan’s blog.

  546. bennyloh says:

    June 18th, 2007 at 5:21 pm

    Simon Wee

    Do one for the rest of bloggers on your opinion of Ah Soon.

    Hokay Dokay, my opinion…

  547. monsterball says:

    Out of so many posters….put out by benny loh…this is the most matured…filled with intelligence..hatred and funny too.
    There ….he should thank me to irritate and challenge him to bring out the best of him.
    I let others judge his past works and this one about me.

  548. bennyloh says:

    une 23rd, 2007 at 1:40 am


    Out of so many posters….put out by benny loh…this is the most matured…filled with intelligence..hatred and funny too.

    There ….he should thank me to irritate and challenge him to bring out the best of him
    But this is “child’s play” that you said I know of. Whatever that is..

    I let others judge his past works and this one about me.
    Are you positively sure it is you?

  549. monsterball says:

    benny loh…Your previous posters were childish…but this one…have all the ingredients of what I wrote.
    Don’t be too nice to me…that was supposed to be me and all your efforts to insult me.
    I merely pointed out to you …it is now more serious..funny…intelligent and your passion to insult me is seen clearly.
    Put all those together…..it is your best so far.
    I am happy because you did improve hating me…that’s all.

  550. bennyloh says:


    benny loh…Your previous posters were childish…but this one…have all the ingredients of what I wrote.
    Don’t be too nice to me,/b>…that was supposed to be me and all your efforts to insult me.

    Man, you are real egoistic whatever for..,Grow up!

    I merely pointed out to you …it is now more serious..funny…intelligent and your passion to insult me is seen clearly.
    I wasn’t really interested in your opinions
    Passion to insult you? You are describing yourself, with the greatest passion to insult everybody including me. I have the greatest disrespect for you alone-this is more to the point.

    I am happy because you did improve hating me…that’s all.
    I believe I wasn’t thinking of you at anytime.

  551. bennyloh says:

    (typo error above)

    June 23rd, 2007 at 8:37 am



    benny loh…Your previous posters were childish…but this one…have all the ingredients of what I wrote.
    Don’t be too nice to me,…that was supposed to be me and all your efforts to insult me.

    Man, you are real egoistic whatever for..,Grow up!

    I merely pointed out to you …it is now more serious..funny…intelligent and your passion to insult me is seen clearly.
    I wasn’t really interested in your opinions
    Passion to insult you? You are describing yourself, with the greatest passion to insult everybody including me. I have the greatest disrespect for you alone-this is more to the point, i.e to correct you.

    I am happy because you did improve hating me…that’s all.
    I believe I wasn’t thinking of you at anytime.

  552. kittykat46 says:

    Hey kids,
    Are you sure you have Mommy’s permission to turn on the PC ?

  553. simon wee says:

    Benny nice piece of cartoon. But I thought Ah Soon is a woman as I have found out in all the databases. Pls put in a wig.

  554. whispering9 says:

    Dearest bennyloh,
    I have a few cartoonists in my family. My brother is the first …and he used to draw cartoons to motivate me. My nephew is doing very well as a professional cartoonist in the advertisement industry. Like kittykat46, he is more a coporate upstair fellow now. Me, I still love to read them…in fact, I have tons of them at home, even the lastest manga series from Japan. My wifey calls me childish. I saw a cartoon just the other day but this space has limitation. I decided to share it with you…by creating a blog space just for this purpose. It is tucked away at:


    I won’t keep the cartoon long…go have a look. Don’t let your spirit gets hurt by continuing this star war episode…yes?

  555. bennyloh says:

    June 23rd, 2007 at 9:23 am

    simon wee

    Benny nice piece of cartoon. But I thought Ah Soon is a woman as I have found out in all the databases. Pls put in a wig.


    Thanks, whispering9

  556. whispering9 says:

    Dearest bennyloh,

    Did my message to you get entangled in broadband? I like to reprint the review by Anto Ego in Ratatouille.

    “In many ways the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their works and themselves …our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face is that in the grand scheme of things, an average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating itself.

    But there a time when a critic really risks something…and that is the discovery and the defense of the new. The world is often unkind to the new friend…new creation. The new needs friends…”

    Does simon know why you are hurt by monsterball? In some strange ways, I know. He was the critic, oui? But who is doing the criticism now, ouais simon? Both you and monsterball are in many ways new creations who needs friends…ouah! Talent is best served dedicated…don’t listen to simon, si.

    I think monsterball will treasure your work of art dedicated to him.

  557. bennyloh says:

    whispering 9
    I think monsterball will treasure your work of art dedicated to him.

    Thanks whispering9. At no time was I thinking of him or dedicating my work to him.

    Does simon know why you are hurt by monsterball
    The other way aound, I think I know why Simon was hurt.

    Thanks for sharing.

  558. monsterball says:

    whishpering9…No use talking to tongue twister.
    bennyloh….Okay…not me…it’s my mistake…..so lets move on.

  559. bennyloh says:

    June 23rd, 2007 at 7:30 am


    June 23rd, 2007 at 1:40 am


    There ….he should thank me to irritate and challenge him to bring out the best of him,/i>
    But this is “child’s play” that you said I know of. Whatever that is..

    June 23rd, 2007 at 8:03 am


    benny loh…Your previous posters were childish…but this one…have all the ingredients of what I wrote.

    This is not an answer to my question. You were evasive before but now you are trying to confuse. Not intelligent if discovered

    Like many unanswered questions to your non-ending remarks as usual, this one is about “child’s -play”-meaning easy-to-produce piece of work that you meant earlier) -any child could do that. When asked to produce your “child’s play” previously there were dead silence.

    My answers to your “childish” remarks are the numerous “advice” I have given earlier.

    Claiming to speak on many topics. You are shallow and muddled-up!

  560. bennyloh says:

    (above typo error)

    June 23rd, 2007 at 1:40 am


    There ….he should thank me to irritate and challenge him to bring out the best of him,

    But this is “child’s play” that you said I know of. Whatever that is..

    June 23rd, 2007 at 8:03 am


    benny loh…Your previous posters were childish…but this one…have all the ingredients of what I wrote.

    This is not an answer to my question. You were evasive before but now you are trying to confuse. Not intelligent if discovered

    Like many unanswered questions to your non-ending remarks as usual, this one is about “child’s -play”-meaning easy-to-produce piece of work that you meant earlier) -any child could do that. When asked to produce your “child’s play” previously there were dead silence.

    My answers to your “childish” remarks are the numerous “advice” I have given earlier.

    Claiming to speak on many topics. You are shallow and muddled-up

  561. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…..Have a nice Sunday…all of you.

  562. whispering9 says:

    Dear bennyloh,

    I have given up patching things between Monsterball and the rest of his enemies. I am doing it just this last time because I believe some things is worth preserving.

    Firstly, your talent can be diminished by hurts and criticisms. Instigation from simon will not help neither. So you must learn to let go…both monsterball’s and simon’s voices. Do what you are doing now, turning lemon into lemonade. MB and simon are really opposite sides of a complex equation in the science of life.

    Secondly, there are monsterball voices all over the ages. Since, there are so many of them, they too must have a place in our life. Eradicating that voices will only usher in a ‘Yes, semua okay culture’ which is ruining our country. When we meet a monsterball, we must learn to take it into our strides. Best, place it into the government audit machinery.

    The end of a never ending story.

  563. bennyloh says:

    Firstly, your talent can be diminished by hurts and criticisms.

    I have never really place any importance on this “idiot-passion” other than to say it takes a lot of time from the cartoonists. No, it won’t be diminished and I won’t be hurt by mere criticisms from a non-cartoonist who aims to run me down (like he did to others here.). Anyway, he better knows his stuff on cartooning!.The day I hang up the drawing tools is the time I stop experimenting with new ideas which is an impossible thing for a cartoonist.

    Eradicating that voices will only usher in a ‘Yes, semua okay culture’ which is ruining our country

    Simon has better ideas to contribute. That voice will anytime be dismiss as rubbish from any quarter. Continuous babbling of untruths from this “old and lacking experience in life” makes that voice a mockery. Pardon me for saying so.

    I appreciate your attempts but I must let you know that you are very nice. Today being Sunday, God is good to you, ….all the time. God will always be, I know.

  564. monsterball says:

    bennyloh…I have been trying to be nice and even outsiders wise opinions are being discounted by you. Good….continue your mission to run me down. We will see if Susan block you or me away for good. ONE OF US MUST LEAVE THIS BLOG.
    Don’t flatter yourself…..you are not a cartoonist per se.

  565. monsterball redux says:

    bennyloh is on the verge of becoming a troll himself…LOL…

  566. monsterball says:

    You speak of God….yet you are a tongue twister and non forgivable person. I try so hard to do that….but the more I try to be nice….the more you want to run me down.
    I repeat…..Susan MUST block one of us for good.
    She is very busy now on an assignment. Once I get to speak to her…she will put the message out. Good or bad for me….I will accept her wise decision.
    Lets wait.

  567. monsterball redux says:

    Monsterball also a troll…up to Susan to ban one or both trolls…ROTFL.

  568. bennyloh says:

    June 24th, 2007 at 3:30 pm


    bennyloh…I have been trying to be nice and even outsiders wise opinions are being discounted by you.

    une 24th, 2007 at 10:51 am

    Like this one I suppose?


    Dear bennyloh,

    I have given up patching things between Monsterball and the rest of his enemies. I am doing it just this last time because I believe some things is worth preserving.

    (Someone here says you don’t read between the lines.)

  569. monsterball redux says:

    Monsterball is his own worst enemy…LOL…

  570. noname says:

    hey i tot this is the free speech zone. Monsterball just ignore. no need la for you to talk to susan. People will create that as another issue and susan will kena. afterall benny loh is aiming u alone and not the rest in here or susan. Again just ignore or skip his message if u dont like. Its a sunday here so chill out.

  571. monsterball says:

    noname….I will take your advise. Thanks

  572. wits0 says:

    monsterball redux: “Monsterball is his own worst enemy…”

    Everyone has that potential too…there is hardly a perfect person with full command over himself. People vary infinitely. The more conscious one tend to be able to watch his own (every)steps more assiduously. The less self-aware ones tend to point fingers more easily because they’re ruled by the little controlled passion of the uncultivated ego.

  573. bennyloh says:

    Childish , like I always said of him

  574. Raksasa Jahat says:

    When 500 people on the internet decide to throw garbage at one person, my natural tendency is to defend that one person.

    However, having looked in more detail at Monsterball’s earlier posts in various blogs, his inappropriate use of language, I will not defend him.

    My first and last comment on this subject.

  575. simon wee says:

    whoever use expletives and name calling I will give the other party all the ammunition on hand. By the way is monsterball an asset or liability to susan. I am waiting susan to speak up on this. goodnite.

  576. kittykat46 says:

    Susan’s blog stands on its own merits. She has been persistent and courageous in her coverage of the Altantuya case.
    Susan’ blog has been under continuous fire for months from other bloggers who are principally concerned with protecting their political masters. I don’t need to name them – they are all UMNO fellas.

    She wins the blogger’s award in my book.

    The Monsterball-Simon Wee-Benny Loh saga is just an irrelevant sideshow.

  577. monsterball says:

    Irrelevant is the right word…kittykat.
    Who does not know all of us.
    Yes I will ignore to protect Susan’s blog and she need not comment as I suggested.
    Susan is riding high as a blog owner.
    Yes the Altantuya case done them all.

  578. monsterball says:

    Raksasa Jahat….What 500 are you talking about?
    I do not need your defending.

  579. monsterball says:

    Notice the pattern?? ALL ARE JUDGES OF ME!!!
    All those are future good parents and grandfathers to loyal Malaysians.
    What they know besides having a big mouth?

  580. monsterball says:

    bennyloh…..Your so call artistic cartoons are ALL CHILDISH and my hundreds of messages received matured response. Go figure it out.

  581. monsterball says:

    hi guys….How many of 68 year old man you know have a 15 year old daughter? ME!!
    Yesterday was her birthday…and she had non stop celebrations…..until late this evening.
    That is my real blessing in life from God!!

  582. wits0 says:

    Kittykat, “The Monsterball-Simon Wee-Benny Loh saga is just an irrelevant sideshow.” Yep, more or less.

    The Benny Loh vs Monsterball is a less pernicious sideshow. MB tendered an apology of sorts(as seems due) and Benny Loh could let the matter rest, if he wishes.

    The MCA-like intrusion however was out of proportion was uncalled for.

    500 is just a figure of speech and the Appeal to Popularity can be disguised as studied. Admittedly MB may have possibly used expletives but that hardly detracts from his point made about the fakery in so-called unity proposal.

  583. monsterball says:

    Many thanks witsO.
    When I felt low….so many bloggers that I do not know came to console me. I was not afraid of anything for myself….but felt my family is not safe.
    I never knew I have so many good concerned friends!! That is why I ask…who are the 500?
    Now I am ready to meet anything and everything.
    Bottom line of my matter…they want to rojak Susan’s blog.

  584. bennyloh says:

    June 24th, 2007 at 11:00 pm


    bennyloh…..Your so call artistic cartoons are ALL CHILDISH and my hundreds of messages received matured response. Go figure it out.

    Messages are meant to be responded too like now. Cartoons ar meant to be viewed mostly. Do you have a blog to show the recordings. You have no answer like the “childs-play”. I am waiting to be shown your “childs-play”

    Go figure out.

  585. monsterball says:

    witsO…you have traveled with me through thick and thin…and part of my success in exposing sly foxes…crooked deal…plus few more things are due to your total trust in me. I do appreciate your support and so from few more…you know who are my loyal friends PLUS once awhile….a new comer comes to my aid…..how nice.
    Yes….I am compelled to expose hypocrites and pro politics..ant pro..and behave so righteous. We have succeeded!!
    Monsterball?….why I am an open book. Why not make an appointment to meet me face to face…at Summit OR Subang Parade….anytime. Why talk so much? What are you afraid of? I am a 68 year old man.

  586. wits0 says:

    MB, I’m not from the Klang valley area, besides for some personal reason which I do not wish to disclose, I’m not disposed meet anyone presently. You might try Kittykat. 😉

    Benny, don’t worry ler, cartoons( and graphics) are not easy to make or compose, I know. It takes plenty imagination besides mandatory tech know-how too. 😀

  587. monsterball says:

    witsO….You got me wrong….I am inviting bennyloh and simon wee to COME DRINK WITH ME!!
    Why talk so much. Lets talk face to face….I am telling them.
    But ofcourse…I hope to meet you personally with some nice bloggers around.

  588. bennyloh says:

    Not showing your “child’s Play” ?

  589. bennyloh says:

    June 24th, 2007 at 11:00 pm


    bennyloh…..Your so call artistic cartoons are ALL CHILDISH…..Don’t flatter yourself…..you are not a cartoonist per se.

    Bennyloh is as much a cartoonist as Ah Soon is a girl

  590. simon wee says:

    Good morning. Reviewed what were said and I found kittykat”s comment on “irrelevant” with witso supporting. Being a regular report writer to his hq, he must know the basics of reporting writing and that is to be specific. What is irrelevant, is it the advise against using expletive and name calling of what, keeping in mind that this is free trade zone and not Altantuya. & pls don’t jump the gun, let Susan speaks for herself.

    And for the “childish” comment, if bennyloh is a professional cartonist, then this will be a real case of defamation and from precedents the damages would be huge. But then…(See Malicious monsterball & cyberspace defamation).

  591. monsterball says:

    yip ….spamming and trying to rojak Susan’s blog is on going….using the excuse as free speech zone.
    “let Susan speak for herself”…so said the thick skinned coward good for nothing so call Russian trained investigator…so good that no one wants to employ such a man…even free of charge.
    Instigating and instigating and trying to make Susan response.
    Free Speech Zone it is…you idiot….so do your worst….COWARD.

  592. simon wee says:

    Wau…monsterball suddenly become so smart…can distinguish between Free Trade Zone and Free Speech Zone. (done on purpose to see how smart monsterball is).

    Again, clearly shows he not only can’t read between the lines but also can’t read between the words, I rest my case. But then the question is for kittykat and Susan. Is he their lawyers.

  593. bamboo river says:

    I appreciate whispering 9 ,witso and others trying to get things settled between monsterball, benny loh and simon wee.
    However it seems we have three hard headed friends refused to accept the fact that all this exchanging of words will not bring them anywhere.
    Maybe benny loh still could not forgive monsterball for his past remarks.
    Well, I will try to make it easy for you benny, just let us all know , is it that you want Monty to apologise to you in bold or there is other agenda that you have that we don’t know?
    Just get to the point and let it rest.
    On simon wee, aahhhh, this is quite complicated for everyone. Since you had publicly posted Monty’s personal details as you said he challenged you.
    Now , what else that you wish to engage with him?
    The damaged and pain you inflicted had caused a person to re think his stands and attitude. I was made known that Monty with our support is tuning down his comment as not to offend any blogger and commentator.
    But with these kind of treatment that he is receiving from both of you, I don’t think it is fair to Monty.
    You all bash him hard for his past remarks, you all want to teach him a lesson. Bash him you did, teach him a lesson you did. So what’s new now?
    Want Monty to start again? Want Monty to make unacceptable remarks again?Want Monty to challenge you so that you can again post his details?
    Lets move on.

  594. bamboo river says:

    I appreciate whispering 9 ,witso and others trying to get things settled between monsterball, benny loh and simon wee.
    However it seems we have three hard headed friends refused to accept the fact that all this exchanging of words will not bring them anywhere.
    Maybe benny loh still could not forgive monsterball for his past remarks.
    Well, I will try to make it easy for you benny, just let us all know , is it that you want Monty to apologise to you in bold or there is other agenda that you have that we don’t know?
    Just get to the point and let it rest.
    On simon wee, aahhhh, this is quite complicated for everyone. Since you had publicly posted Monty’s personal details as you said he challenged you.
    Now , what else that you wish to engage with him?
    The damaged and pain you inflicted had caused a person to re think his stands and attitude. I was made known that Monty with our support is tuning down his comment as not to offend any blogger and commentator.
    But with these kind of treatment that he is receiving from both of you, I don’t think it is fair to Monty.
    You all bash him hard for his past remarks, you all want to teach him a lesson. Bash him you did, teach him a lesson you did. So what’s new now?
    Want Monty to start again? Want Monty to make unacceptable remarks again?Want Monty to challenge you so that you can again post his details?Monsterball, get on with your life and avoid confrontation. The rest of you , you are matured enough to decide.
    Lets move on.
    Monday blues is getting everyone blur lah!

  595. whispering9 says:

    bamboo river,
    Your posting deserves the double clicks…yeah! My last stand…if you guys need a decision…I stand beside MB, period. Why? He tries to move on, but the two of you refuse to let him change. My usual story telling….

    One day a monk and his disciple come upon a river crossing where a girl is wanting to cross the swollen water. Gingerly, the old monk offers to carry her across and before the girl can reply, he pick up the girl and cross the river.

    Once, he reaches the other side, he put the very grateful girl down. After a mile later, he notices that his disciple is rather quiet and disturbed. He turns to his disciple and asks the reason for his trouble. “My honorable master, didn’t our teaching ask us to refrain from contact with the opposite sex?” The wise monk looks at his disciple and reply “I have put down my burden at the river side, why didn’t you?”

  596. simon wee says:

    bamboo river, well said except that I did not publish monsterballs detail. I only published the detail of a Miss Goh Swee Soon, a 68 year-old hainanese woman, formerly of Setapak. Have to go now for an assignment.

  597. Go Swee Wah says:

    Don’t you dare pick on my sister, you turds.

    Go get a real life, instead of Cyber-Lepak

  598. bamboo river says:

    simon, thank you for your comment. BUT simon my friend, “penguin is still a bird”. if you get what I meant.
    Now how are you going to answer Go Swee Wah ?

  599. bennyloh says:

    bamboo river,
    Maybe benny loh still could not forgive monsterball for his past remarks.
    Well, I will try to make it easy for you benny, just let us all know , is it that you want Monty to apologise to you in bold or there is other agenda that you have that we don’t know?

    A personal attack like this:
    Like many unanswered questions to your non-ending remarks as usual, this one is about “child’s -play”-meaning easy-to-produce piece of work that you meant earlier) -any child could do that. When asked to produce your “child’s play” previously there were dead silence.
    To remind you guys he went further with cheap talks about me, which has been repeated many times

    Will it be ok if I do this one:

    June 24th, 2007 at 11:04 pm


    hi guys….How many of 68 year old man you know have a 15 year old daughter? ME!!
    That is my real blessing in life from God!!

    You can’t produce at all, I doubt you can 15 years ago. This is “childs-talk” I shouldknow.

    God blesses you and gives you the right to attack everyone using only a nick/pseudonym?


  600. bamboo river says:

    Benny ,
    So. now let me put this scenario……
    A guy was walking down a busy street. He accidently bumped into an old man.The old stared at him, and the guy stared back at him.
    The old man gave him a tight slap on the face. Out of anger, the guy slapped him and punched his face. The old man fell to the ground groaning in pain and cursing the guy. The guy then kicked him repeatedly and stomped his face with his feet until the old man is almost half dead. Then the guy is satisfied.
    Well, the ending is not very nice for both the old man and the guy.
    I hope you could think about situation.

  601. monsterball says:

    Thanks again guys plus the new comer …Go Swee Wah.,,that’s is I hope he is defending me.
    Over and over you read their twists and turns without shame…especially from simon wee..the biggest coward in blogging.
    simon wee ..the so call MCA man is showing how he can twist to justify his cardinal sin. Must be on an assignment to catch husband cheating a wife…what else is he good at.
    Look at the trial at Alantuya.How mild mannered and refine is a true investigator. Now compare to simon wee…a real coward. If he is so great an investigator…he will get Rm4000 for 20 days week. Here he is getting the standard RM800 to spy at husband……riding a motor cycle.
    Now you all can picture what is simon wee…a nobody trying to be somebody in MCA to get me into trouble.
    All lost..no hope….so continue rojak Susan’s blog…next assignment.
    For every message they come out….all those have declared supporting me.
    Why don’t they dare confront bamboo river or whispering9….plus few others in the past?….No they will never never dare. Cowards are like that
    hi you two..so long my NEW message….go catch some words or sentence to reply. What else can your filthy…dirty thick skinned brains do?

  602. wits0 says:

    Bamboo River, ahem, I agree with you. Sorta like Shylock in Shakespeare who was entitled to his pound of flesh but not the blood.

    A non physical hurt can be kept alive about as long as a life support machine can keep a coma patient alive nowadays …but in this case the organism tend to decay, giving rise to multiple other complications which says the patient’s body is no more viable.

    There’re lots of hurts in life and many of them simply have to betaken in our strides. From our end, if we reduce our focus on them, they becomes of lesser importance and damaging to self. Defensive self-preservation move.

    Try musing on The Serenity Prayer:
    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;
    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
    Taking, as He did, this sinful world
    as it is, not as I would have it;
    Trusting that He will make all things right
    if I surrender to His Will;
    That I may be reasonably happy in this life
    and supremely happy with Him
    Forever in the next.

    –Reinhold Niebuhr

    I don’t have to be a Christian or a Monotheist to recognise something as being worthy.

  603. wits0 says:

    Having said the above, it does not mean I don’t feel satisfaction that a ^%$#!# troll like Alta(Awta) Mira got banned from Poli101 by Alphabet Soup. Hahahahaha! Nothing personal but any exceedingly overboard incorrigible bastid like that simply cannot sit at the same table with normal people or given undue deference accorded to decent ones.

  604. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty & all,
    Remember the feller who got crucified in the desert 2,000 years ago ?
    Or the feller who gave up his palace and wandered all over India 2,500 years ago ?
    Among other things, they taught FORGIVENESS.
    Lets FORGIVE, even if you can’t forget, and move on….

  605. bennyloh says:

    bamboo river

    Benny ,
    So. now let me put this scenario……
    A guy was walking down a busy street. He accidently bumped into an old man.The old stared at him, and the guy stared back at him.
    The old man gave him a tight slap on the face. Out of anger, the guy slapped him and punched his face. The old man fell to the ground groaning in pain and cursing the guy. The guy then kicked him repeatedly and stomped his face with his feet until the old man is almost half dead. Then the guy is satisfied.
    Well, the ending is not very nice for both the old man and the guy.
    I hope you could think about situation

    Hi Bamboo river,
    Nice story read over again. Comes to my mind-Two school of thoughts.
    The old man is a master of “self-attack” Martial arts school the younger, a student of “self defence” Martial arts school. .Wrong?


  606. bennyloh says:

    Bamboo river,
    since you are a nice story teller I will reward you with this.

    Assuming you and I went to chow Kit, we saw a crowd ,so we inched forward for a better view. At the centre was an old man with no legs and hands, a placard reads ” I don’t need your sympathy, and I don’t need money”. We walked off and what would you ask me about this scene.


  607. virgin9 says:

    Probably we assume he is a beggar who needs help when in actual fact, we are blocking his way. Ha, ha, ha…the old man should have added another sentence ‘F..k off’.

  608. bennyloh says:

    But what woukld your first question be?

  609. monsterball says:

    yes virgin9..The old man will say..’F….off!” smelling a rat coming near him……hahahahahaha

  610. virgin9 says:

    But what woukld your first question be?
    Did you handle C4? Ha,ha,ha….

  611. bennyloh says:

    But what would your first question be?
    Did you handle C4? Ha,ha,ha….

    hints:”He doesn’t want your money, he doesn’t want your sympathy”

  612. virgin9 says:

    He wanted one sex with me?…oops! Typo mistake….’x’ is too close to the ‘c”. Sorry lah….come on…loosen up a bit.

  613. monsterball says:

    virgin9…..No questions asked….just F..off is the statement. When you want near and smell shit….do you not walk away from that area?
    c4…no need that …just a tongkat will do.

  614. monsterball says:

    kittykat….Such nice advises. How to apply when two are trying to rojak Susan’s blog at the expense to pick a quarrel with me….OR as if you don’t know.

  615. bennyloh says:

    hints:”He doesn’t want your money, he doesn’t want your sympathy”
    He has a need- a genuine decent one. What would your question about him be?

  616. bennyloh says:

    It’s not about anybody here

    Virgin9 You give up?

  617. virgin9 says:

    Sorry lah….CSI is on NTV 7 now. Free during commercial ok.

  618. monsterball says:

    Not about anybody here…yet most of the time the twister is talking about somebody here….ME!!…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  619. virgin9 says:

    Come..come…relax monsterball. Everybody is trying their very best to up the number of comment postings here to a Malaysian blog record. Remember to say thank you to your commentators.

    Dear bennyloh, I have high respect for bamboo river…I will not be making any effort to solve your riddle. It will only belittle his kindness and others who try to be nice here.

  620. monsterball says:

    Malaysia blog record you say….virgin9?
    Okay….I fully support.
    Let’s Do It!!

  621. bennyloh says:

    June 25th, 2007 at 7:30 pm


    yes virgin9..The old man will say..’F….off!” smelling a rat coming near him……hahahahahaha

    une 25th, 2007 at 7:56 pm


    virgin9…..No questions asked….just F..off is the statement. When you want near and smell shit….do you not walk away from that area?
    c4…no need that …just a tongkat will do
    June 25th, 2007 at 7:56 pm


    virgin9…..No questions asked….just F..off is the statement. When you want near and smell shit….do you not walk away from that area?
    c4…no need that …just a tongkat will do.

    June 25th, 2007 at 7:59 pm


    kittykat….Such nice advises. How to apply when two are trying to rojak Susan’s blog at the expense to pick a quarrel with me….OR as if you don’t know
    June 25th, 2007 at 8:29 pm


    Not about anybody here…yet most of the time the twister is talking about somebody here….ME!!…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Noted the same guy using a pseudonym tring to intimidate.

  622. monsterball says:

    bennyloh….SOOOOO??? WHAT’S NEXT??
    Lets carry on. Dull subject about me….not important. LET HIM KEEP TALKING. Soon his new fouind buddy will join in…povided he has not receive a black eye yet to test his Russian kungfu……hahahahaha
    hi virgin9….The famous riddle…what is not round..not square…all around got hair…poke your finger…water come out. I had a bet..and said it is BOTH…pussy and eye….but the other guy says it is eye…and insist I lost the bet.
    What do you think?

  623. monsterball says:

    I am under moderation at Sheih’s blog and F…up for nothing at this site.
    eeeerrrrr Life is tough!!

  624. bennyloh says:

    Perhabs Susan Loone now will have to pay more attention to you Susan are you here? I finally piece things together. Remember I am a lone commentator who had only problen with one chap. I will be busy but don’t expect me to answer everybody .

  625. bennyloh says:


    kittykat….Such nice advises. How to apply when two are trying to rojak Susan’s blog at the expense to pick a quarrel with me….OR as if you don’t know
    June 25th, 2007 at 8:29 pm

    By orchestrating a peace pipe initiative to launch an attack on me. ? Just like when you post something nice at my site waiting for me to publish, immediately after I publish, you attack me at Susan’s earlier on. I have deleted now. So this time to show readers you were nice and planning something for me. I read this kind of trick by you at Rocky’s and many more sites.

  626. bennyloh says:

    June 26th, 2007 at 3:26 am


    I am under moderation at Sheih’s blog and F…up for nothing at this site.
    eeeerrrrr Life is tough!

    Don’t play posum, Susan’s is more important, you would die if Susan kicks you off and you know Susan won’t. You are a great attacker of Big Dog (whoever
    he is). and you are treasured here.

  627. bamboo river says:

    Dear Benny,
    Thank you for your reply.
    Now, you gave me a story to ponder…….My answer to you is the handicapped person expect we people to show respect instead of our usual kindness and sympathy or even make negative remarks that we normally do. In other words, we do not judge a person for his/her shortcomings.

    Of course if you and I happened to really come into this situation in Chow Kit, I will talk to him and get more details on his background and family.
    In the first place he shouldn’t be in that situation. ( This is my personal opinion)

    Benny , I have seen your blog and I agree with whispering9 that you are a talented cartoonist. What is your major? Humuorist or political cartoonist like Datuk Lat? I am a fan of Datuk Lat and of course Reggie Lee! My first exposure on cartoon is Rin Tin Tin.
    Make full use of your talent for the right reason. This way you could gather a lot of fans. My 2 ‘sense’ advice to you Benny ……

    It is not the matter how people make negative remarks to you, it matters most how you accept their remarks.

    Take care.
    bamboo river.

    Oh! BTW your comment June 25 ,11.05 p.m. ? Those are friendly banter with a bit of pepper, five spices,tabasco sauce and what not. They are not intimidating you. Cheers.

  628. kittykat46 says:

    631 comments on one post – this must have long passed the Malaysian record. Going for world record now…

    Susan raises some interesting questions on her main page. Please go read it and see what you think.

  629. monsterball says:

    Like your weird ways to reasoning things about me…..bennyloh….but hell….as if I do not expect such remarks from you. It’s free speeches …go ahead.

  630. bennyloh says:

    Bamboo River,
    I thought you disappear into oblivion.

    The answer is You:
    What does he want?

    My reply is :
    An ant bit his balls, he wants us to do some scratching

    Oh! BTW your comment June 25 ,11.05 p.m. ? Those are friendly banter with a bit of pepper, five spices,tabasco sauce and what not. They are not intimidating you. Cheers.

    Susan has to teach him not to use this foul words. Filthy old man

  631. bennyloh says:

    June 26th, 2007 at 12:01 pm


    Like your weird ways to reasoning things about me…..bennyloh….but hell….as if I do not expect such remarks from you. It’s free speeches …go ahead

    June 25th, 2007 at 12:42 pm


    bamboo river,
    Maybe benny loh still could not forgive monsterball for his past remarks.
    Well, I will try to make it easy for you benny, just let us all know , is it that you want Monty to apologise to you in bold or there is other agenda that you have that we don’t know?
    A personal attack like this:
    Like many unanswered questions to your non-ending remarks as usual, this one is about “child’s-play”-meaning easy-to-produce piece of work that you meant earlier) -any child could do that. When asked to produce your “child’s play” previously there were dead silence.
    To remind you guys he went further with cheap talks about me, which has been repeated many times

    Will it be ok if I do this one?

    June 24th, 2007 at 11:04 pm


    hi guys….How many of 68 year old man you know have a 15 year old daughter? ME!!
    That is my real blessing in life from God!!

    You can’t produce at all, I doubt you can 15 years ago. This is “childs-talk” I should know.

    What is the difference.

    God blesses you and gives you the right to attack everyone using only a nick/pseudonym?


    Susan if you are here.

    It is so difficult to get this chap not to attack anybody using a pseudonym.
    What would be the purpose of free speech if you allow unequal rights?

  632. bennyloh says:

    June 26th, 2007 at 8:30 am


    631 comments on one post – this must have long passed the Malaysian record. Going for world record now…

    Susan raises some interesting questions on her main page. Please go read it and see what you think.

    Advertisement break this time a bit slow.

  633. bennyloh says:

    June 26th, 2007 at 3:01 am


    bennyloh….SOOOOO??? WHAT’S NEXT??
    Lets carry on. Dull subject about me….not important. LET HIM KEEP TALKING. Soon his new fouind buddy will join in…povided he has not receive a black eye yet to test his Russian kungfu……hahahahaha
    hi virgin9….The famous riddle…what is not round..not square…all around got hair…poke your finger…water come out. I had a bet..and said it is BOTH…pussy and eye….but the other guy says it is eye…and insist I lost the bet.
    What do you think?

    This is filth ingredients for making this site a rojak

  634. bennyloh says:

    June 25th, 2007 at 7:30 pm


    yes virgin9..The old man will say..’F….off!” smelling a rat coming near him……hahahahahaha

    One attention seeker! Heard you are into smelling. The “stinkiest shit”
    is what you sought. Heard that you would go near to take many whiffs, was it something to do with “frontliners” task.

  635. jeancumlately says:

    Geez… a few days off this site and this thing ain’t over yet? I guess I have to wait until my next life for the conclusion of monty that, simon this, benny… who’s benny? A new player some more ka? He spoke well, draw nice cartoons but … gee, can we talk about sami vellu or something? Afterall, whenever sami open his mouth, the toll price will go up and all of us have to pay. Monty can do all the shouting and who cares… its free. So, lets leave Monsterball alone, okay?

  636. wits0 says:

    It ain’t gonna be over until the fat woman sings :

  637. whispering9 says:

    bamboo river…..Rin Tin Tin….I brought the whole series in the first hard cover editions when I was young of age. They are reprinting the whole series again. Rin Tin Tin is considered one of the best cartoon series during the sixties.

  638. bennyloh says:

    There may be many political blogs around. There may a small political group at Susan’s. Great fighters etc.. What do I care as one insrnificant individual comentator. I am not here to be involved in politics but just enjoy what she writes.

    Relatively new, how do I know Rocky was not liked by one here.? My face doesn’t resemble Rocky’s and Rocky don’t look like me one bit. One mad guy punishes me for Rocky’s sin.

    Can you do it to a single comentator or any new chap coming here?

  639. whispering9 says:

    Geez, bennyloh are you lonely tonight? I can net talk if you need my ears, as long as it is not about monsterball. You begining to sound like Elvis Priesley. ‘Are you Lonely tonight’…remember that song.

  640. whispering9 says:

    There is one question that is in my mind that I need to ask you. Did you get your inspiration on the lastest drawing from manga?

  641. padzac says:

    June 26th, 2007 at 8:30 am

    631 comments on one post – this must have long passed the Malaysian record. Going for world record now…


    There’s a piece about the Lina Joy case at Malaysia Today that received well over a thousand comment.

  642. bamboo river says:

    Yeah, whispering9 , Rin Tin Tin is my all time favourite. But it belongs to my cousin Sis. I was studying in Butterworth, Prai.
    As usual lah, sneak one into my school bag. Read them at school and return back to the original place without she noticing.
    One day she caught me and guess what? I have to buy her ice cream for one whole week. There goes my 10¢ pocket money! That was 1972. Long time ago.
    Talking about sisterly LOVE.:-)

  643. whispering9 says:

    Dearest padzac,
    Discussion on religious rights always brings out the pack…no doubt about that. In fact, the threesomes have always been around…3 G’s; God, Gold and Glory. Millions have fought and died for them even until this century. I am still wondering what does 999 represents in the end day. Might as well be selfish, since we still can in Malaysia, and enjoy life. Have a nice day.

    bamboo river….I still go down to Prai for my monthly supplies of amines and manga. They have the latest editions there. The store keepers there have been bugging me to take up membership cards with them. It usually takes 2 weeks for the latest series to reach KL region. Mind you, I am a fully grown up man. BTW, original Rin Tin Tin worths a lot now.

  644. kittykat46 says:

    Hehehe whispering9,
    In the US, it was said the 3 hottest topics on the Internet were 3G’s – God , Guns and Gays.

    Any debate on any one of the 3 issues is guaranteed to generate lots of hot air. And these 3 topics are also favourite subjects for Trolls to start flame wars.

  645. noname says:


    Damn i’m cracking my head but never heard Are You lonely Tonite by Elvis. if Are You Lonesome Tonite then yes i know la. Is it unrelease song or what?

  646. kittykat46 says:

    I Am Lonely Tonight
    Are You Loony Tonight

    All good song titles…ROTFL…

  647. whispering9 says:

    Aiyah, noname, lonely or lonesome what is the different? Malu lah…I knew my typo mistake last night but too late to change lah. Sometimes must shallow pride mah. Still wondering whether bennyloh is embarrassed by my feminine side. I am not gay though. Anyway, I had a flash vision just now. The upside down of 3G’s could be 999. kittykat46, do you think god is trying relate something to me eh?

  648. kittykat46 says:

    God moves in mysterious ways….

    Amen…Alhamdulilah…Ami ToFo…(sorry, don’t know the Hindu equivalent)

  649. whispering9 says:

    Guys and Gals, I cannot contain my excitement anymore, to share some Japanese cartoon (manga) with all of you folks. Please remember Japanese cartoonists are often very explicit in their detail. Animated cartoon, amine, is usually censored for general viewing. Someone once told me that it is a way to escape the rigidity of life in Japan. Please don’t go ballistics with me…it is all for a good laugh…okay. What the heck….parental guidance is needed too since it is every child favorite yellow pokemon. MB get angry okay. Goto

  650. whispering9 says:

    Sorry…should be MB please don’t get angry with me okay.

  651. kittykat46 says:

    I’m too young to read PGR material, so I won’t click on it….LOL..

  652. slinger says:

    I wonder if it is possible to learn english lips to lips with susan.I know she got expensive lips.Mine is not cheap too.

  653. hantutelur says:

    Uncle monster… now how many comments alledy a? World lecord alledy a?

    By the way this one is dedicated for you:-


  654. kittykat46 says:

    Dude, “Telur Raksasa” doesn’t live here anymore. You are talking to the wall…..muaaah…

  655. monsterball says:

    hi guys…Don’t worry..say what you want about me. I don’t mind.
    Nice to sit back and relax and laugh over you jokers that i love so much. Wish I can really meet all of you face to face one day.
    hi kittykat….Took a trip to P.Street for the famous beef ball noodles…right is Hotel Fortuna….left is Hotel Mandarin…NO Hotel Malaya!!Where is it?
    Best is still my faithful old places for nice coffee…curry laksa and a cigar…Secret Recipe. SUMMIT HOTEL ALSO GOT FAMOUS MASSAGE PARLOR TOO!!!

  656. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty,
    Hotel Malaya is where its always been – Jalan Hang Lekir., next to the Chinese Temple, opposite Popular Book Store

    Their health centre is very popular, as you and I know…I’m free this weekend…lets GO !

  657. simon wee says:

    Fellow bloggers, I have received an email from ROC’s Cik Rahmawati bt Yusof tel: 03-40476111/6222 asking about monsterball. Pls advise how I should reply her.

  658. monsterball says:

    No need to ask others like as if you are that nice.
    Like I said…do your worst.
    Don’t bring my friends into this.

  659. monsterball says:

    Friends…An informer who dare not show his face and commit the biggest cardinal sin in blogging is the lowest human being you can identify here and with the excuse I asked for it….let him complete his mission. Afterall…cannot rojak Susan’s blog….might as well do more to me.

  660. monsterball says:

    simon wee…I am sick of your double headed snaky character…one day so nice and another day…just waiting to do one on me.
    I say…DO IT AND SHUT UP!!

  661. monsterball says:

    Folks continue your very nice chat…ignore him.
    It is between him and me.

  662. monsterball says:

    This stinking low down worn asking for advises from ALL that hates him.
    He will come when everything is running smoothly….just to disturb and rojak the site. How many times have he done this ask ask the same bloody question.
    How thick can a man face be?

  663. monsterball says:

    The only good news is he did contribute to Susan’s record of having the most messages at one site……hahahahahahaha

  664. bamboo river says:

    668 ? So, Monty and all, we are doing quite well in this page.
    Whispering9….you mean to tell me you drive all the way from KL to Prai just to get your copies of comics?
    If you are from KL and travel monthly just for the comics…..let me tell you one thing……….Whispering9 I SALUTE ( not you lah ) but MRS Whispering9!!!!!!!
    You have a very understanding wife!
    Please give her a romantic dinner and of course it is on YOU!
    She deserves it.
    Why don’t you ask the store guys to courier the copies to you ?
    If they have a website, you can order online. This way you can bring your wife for romantic dinner every forthnight.

  665. monsterball says:

    Economist bamboo river is right whisperimg9.
    It may cost you RM2 for posting but hell of alot cheaper for you to go over to buy it yourself…UNLESS…something else besides the comic….hahahahaha
    PS: Hope your wife do not read blogs.

  666. whispering9 says:

    I can swear on a good box of chocolates like Forest Gump that I really drive to Prai for my comics. Mrs. Whispering 9 knows I always come home…isn’t that comforting? Honestly, MB, I didn’t read all the things said about you by the others. I just deleted all those sopo sites that supported that movement when Simon advert first appeared in Rocky’s blog. I wouldn’t have gone over to bennyloh cartoon series if he didn’t post the link here in FSZ. Fellow cartoonmania peers will swear that we have highly developed 6th sense. Now I only lepak around 4 sopo sites. Confirm with kittykat46…because I found him doing the same thing!

  667. whispering9 says:

    BTW, there is a good blog by


    Try to be nice…everyone is watching.

  668. jeancumlately says:

    whispering 9…Try to be nice…everyone is watching.

    There goes the very reason why we are here… to be nice. I thought this is the only place where we could be not nice. Done that all day long for 365 days a year in the real world… the politically correct, morally correct, religously correct.

    You all… what is “nice?” How do we say nice things to lets say sami vellu, badawi, kj, nazri, etc. etc? If I have to say something nice about them, that means I have to lie!

    But I dont mind that sweet little lies myself… I guess all of us love “comics” one way or the other. “Honey, you remind me of jackie chan” kinda thing … and I guess that is why men love places like hotel malaya, blue apple… the women there know how to make a man feel like superman…

    Monty… err sorry, Clark Kent, is your invitation for massage still open?

  669. monsterball says:

    Always open to you….day or night…..jeancumlately

  670. monsterball says:

    hi jean…I am nor Clark Kent nor Superman. I am monsterball.
    meet me and we both have best massage…me by sexy female…you by handsome pondan…..hahaghahaha

  671. monsterball says:

    whispering9….You are right.. I saw same message few weeks ago. He is out to disturb our good flow of thoughts and rojak Susan’s blog.
    He is a road side cheap chat PI….trying to get attention….as well as a political agenda against Susan.
    Lets ignore and continue.Will appreciate all do that. LET HIM TALK TO HIMSELF. I have said enough to challenge him to do his worst.
    This gas bag makes me ashame being a Malaysian Chinese.

  672. bamboo river says:

    Whispering9 , V9 and Virgin9 ….Aiya, getting confused!!!!
    I guess besides the comics, whispering9 enjoys the NS highway with the scenery and of course the foods especially in IPOH town.
    I do read Marina’s blog often beside others like Rocky’s,Shar101,Zorro, in fact all those ICONs in Kickdefella’s blog, I clicked all of them.

    The only thing is , I don’t have the time to surf all at once. So what I did is I save them into my thumbdrive and read all of them at home before I sleep lah. Now my daughter also read them and she is polishing her English at the same time.

  673. bamboo river says:

    BTW, don’t worry! All those four letters are screened before my daughter got to see them. PG Class 1-rated blogs. Ha,Ha,Ha

  674. whispering9 says:

    Hi Jean,

    I just surfed back from Eliz place and found something interesting during the journey. Still angry with me; I have always said you are beautiful. Please read the link and you will find the universal truth that men like to chat about sperms.


    As long as we are anonymity, we don’t have to be nice to anybody. Whispering9, virgin9 and v9 can the same anon or imposters. Only kittykat46 can find out. MB and simon better be nice to each other since we know who they are and where they live…ha..ha..ha.

  675. monsterball says:

    hi guys….9 is the favourite number for malays.
    They say it is magic!!
    Go add…subtract or multiply 9 with 9…and all will add up to 9 again….as if you all don’t know…..hahahahahaha
    But like I said….I will part all my knowledge. Who knows someone may learn from it.

  676. wits0 says:

    Anon handles used or otherwise, if people have to go overboard in being personal, the future for “kemo sabe” no longer exists.

  677. monsterball says:

    hi ho silver!! The Lone Ranger rides again at Sheih’s blog.
    It does exists.

  678. simon wee says:

    monsterball, from your educational cert you don’ have maths. how come you can add, substract, multiply wau so smart. maybe you have passed arithmatic. with you experience about add, substract and multiply, you can become Malaysia’s finance minister.

  679. monsterball says:

    Look at the thick skinned talking to me.
    hi guys….ROC will fine me RM3000 if he reports and get a reward of 50%…thought you all like to know.
    Lets move on. Ignore him.

  680. monsterball says:

    When one is afraid and feel guilty….one tends to behave friendly again.
    Have we all not seen or read enough? What more from a COWARD!!
    So guys…it’s only money I will loose…not my dignity nor principles in life.
    Continue your conversations.

  681. monsterball says:

    By the way FOLKS…don’t be fooled by the name “simon wee”

  682. bennyloh says:

    June 26th, 2007 at 9:26 pm


    Geez, bennyloh are you lonely tonight? I can net talk if you need my ears, as long as it is not about monsterball. You begining to sound like Elvis Priesley. ‘Are you Lonely tonight’…remember that song.

    Assuming you, virgin 9, and jeancumlately are all ladies then it would be:Virgin 9 whispered 9 times softly.. cum(ming).. cum(ming) ..a little lately. How to stand this type of teasing?

    Susan, Susan are you here?

  683. bennyloh says:

    June 26th, 2007 at 9:44 pm


    There is one question that is in my mind that I need to ask you. Did you get your inspiration on the lastest drawing from manga?

    Have never spend a minute in any of these. But most comics come from Japan, but I have done comics online and in circulation in Japan , Europe , US, UK and the mag is in several languages. And it is about Sumo that few outsiders know about.http://www.sumofanmag.com/content/Issue_13/Cartoon_bonanza.htm

  684. hantutelur says:

    Simonwee: monsterball, from your educational cert you don’ have maths. how come you can add, substract, multiply wau so smart. maybe you have passed arithmatic. with you experience about add, substract and multiply, you can become Malaysia’s finance minister.

    I dun have maths neither, but I am great at figures, especially mapiau

  685. monsterball says:

    hantutelur…great one. Winston Churchill was bad in English in school…yet his speeches are legendary.
    Leave it to a third class PI logic.

  686. bamboo river says:

    hantutelur, wah mapiau ah ? which one ? The Sapu Besar (Big Sweep) or KTM ?
    Do you know my friends says that in the newspaper…
    “Semua berita kelentong. Cuma itu mapiau saja tak da tipu punya”

    So …….boleh kasi “Lucky pick” kah?

  687. simon wee says:

    hantutelur, pls advise monsterball to read between the lines. He thought you are praising him, hehehe

  688. monsterball says:

    Good morning bamboo river….Hantu is back trying to be nice.

  689. monsterball says:

    bamboo river..Do you recall Big Dog want me get arrested over Sultan of Johore matter on Mahathir? He said they are great friends..remember that?
    Was I afraid?
    So that failed….now try stripping me naked by a new cheap lowdown coward…failed…so talk nice.
    Don’t get fooled.
    He is out to rojak Susan’s blog.

  690. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Monty,
    Hehehe.. there’s nothing much to see even if he strips you naked, lah.
    The same applies to most folks….with the exception of jeancumlately, of course, and Amber Chia (yummy) ….

  691. monsterball says:

    Plenty are waiting to defend me…..this motor cyclist PI knows it…so dare not try anything and if ROC check me…which is his way to get the filthy reward….that is if I am fined…he will blame others doing it….not him.
    I will keep you all updated.
    Meanwhile….go enjoy yourself….especially jean…where are you. Don’t worry about me. Want to go for massage on Saturday?

  692. hantutelur says:

    Wow. This is great-lah! simon, kitty, let’s hi-fi!

  693. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha..kittykat…your play with words is appreciated.
    Please enjoy…while I guard my house.
    Hantus are here!!

  694. monsterball says:

    hantutelur…Where are you? Your friend…which maybe same idiot putting another post with another nick thinks you are so damn smart.
    You have found new style to post nonsense At Atlantuya posts?
    So answer me…are you a genius or an idiot? I have asked three times….don’t be shy…tell us…we like to hear from you.
    Let’s hi fi….you say?
    Siok eerr…..

  695. monsterball says:

    hi egg head ghost….Answer me!!
    Want to play with monsterball?

  696. monsterball says:

    hi egg head ghost….go put your nonsense at Susan’s new Atlantayu post. I am waiting….so are others.
    Like Susan said..it takes more than two of you anonymous to bring down her down….so is monsterball.

  697. hantutelur says:

    what kind of question is that? eh gramps, i am not the only one thinking along the same angle, you are old and forgetful. Just read all of susan’s previous posts on altantuya and powerpresent detail reports. You will notice that the shaariibuu guy doesn’t stick to his principles. And he’s not as old as you. Don’t be fooled. He’s a psychologist, a shrink. Don’t tell me a shrink can get shrunk

  698. jeancumlately says:

    Monty, the massage sounds good and I thought of seeing that mak cik in kuala selangor this weekend. At 70, she still has that eric clapton’s slow hand and in 30 years time, I bet Amber Chia wwould look like her too… lips included.

    Kittykat said: …and Amber Chia (yummy) ….

    Kitty, can you enlighten me why amber is yummy. Is it the lips? Just curious. You love vacuum cleaner, dont you?

    Whispering9: thanks for the link and this comment caught my eyes too…”Man chats are when they all get together in one shed and talk about sperm.”

    Hehe…I m just quoting. Its not my comment.

  699. kittykat46 says:

    Hi jeancumlately,
    I’ve always had this thing about vacuum cleaners…shhhh!…I only dare say it anonymously on-line.

  700. whispering9 says:

    You should congratulate yourself if you can fit into one.

  701. kittykat46 says:

    Hi whispering9,
    Yup, it fits like a glove…..ROTFL…

  702. padzac says:

    What does “out to rojak” mean? I keep seeing this expression. I am Malaysian but I’ve never seen “out to rojak” before except here. Could someone kindly explain?

  703. kittykat46 says:

    A noun can sometimes be used quite effectively as a verb…e.g. new Malaysian verb…to C-4 an opponent…

  704. monsterball says:

    egg head ghost….Try put out your stupid post again on Atlantuya and see what this old man response to you.

  705. jeancumlately says:

    padzac… I know that your question is a bit sarcastic but I ‘ll explain it to you just for the fun of it.

    Rojak is a dish made of so many ingredients all chopped-up in no certain shape and sizes until most of the time, you dont even know what it actually was. There is no specific rule on what ingredient should be in or out. The cucumber may look like a cabbage and if you asked for some chicken, it may look like as if it had been in a nasty accident. Heck, you would not even be able to tell if it was actually a cat. The mamak would serve it with a gooey stuff on top made from who knows what and people never actually ask. No one will force you to eat it and you may even choose to eat some of the “things” while skipping some that turned you off.

    In some place, “Rojak” is called “Free speech Zone.” Enjoy it.

  706. monsterball says:

    Excellent explaination….jeancumlately.
    But here again padzac…..It does not mean Free Speech Zone is totally free to do..talk as we choose. It also mean…do we deserved to be free or be controlled at free speech zone.
    Politicians love to say guided freedom.

  707. whispering9 says:

    Thank goodness, kittykat46, you won’t turn out to be a O.J.Simpson after all. Amber can safely consider your marriage proposal now.

    …a classic example of ‘to rojak’…padzac, come join the fun.

  708. whispering9 says:

    Dear padzac,
    Don’t mind monsterball, he is actually quite harmless because he cannot hide his emotion nor control his outbursts very well. He doesn’t know how to be slick or sly. Despite my efforts to bring balance or moderation after his many comments, he still shoots his pieces without care or concern of some consequences from angry people. Take Jean advice, just select the pieces you like to eat…and if you are interested to read something, please click to http://www.abeautifulrevolution.com/blog/2007/06/letters-to-th-1.html.
    There are no squirrels in our parks…but there are plenty here in FSZ. Better than my hotel jacuzzi and 36” CTV. You have become quite a frequent visitor, haven’t you?

  709. padzac says:

    I’ve always been a frequent lurker. Even before I posted my first comment at this page.

  710. monsterball says:

    hi padzac…..I don’t need wishpering9 to cradle me like a baby and described me one day this another day that.
    Read my message….meant no harm…you know it.
    Yes …..like jeancumlately said…enjoy.
    I was also hinting at few commentators ….not you.
    When you visit here more often..you will surely enjoy. It will make you more open minded ….even if you are one and there are few regular guys like witsO…bamboo river…v9…jeancumlately……kittykat..and at least another 6 more once awhile visitors….all nice guys. I am an old man…and do learn from them….but best of all…when stenson chin put out a message…all hell go loose….the party begins. Everybody loves that romantic guy.
    Who am I…..why ..it’s Susan’s trusted friend…..so no need whispering9 to describe me. Hope he just post on like an ordinary new member…most welcome too.

  711. padzac says:

    One good thing I have learnt in the past is to not speak unless I mean something. And I’ve also learnt to not shoot my mouth off especially if it’s going to hurt someone. Sometimes, we tend to take “free speech” a little too far. I remember the words of wisdom from someone who is also a decade younger than me :


    A fellow named James wrote the following passages almost two milleniums ago.

    “Indeed, we put bits in horses’ mouths that they may obey us, and we turn their whole body. Look also at ships: although they are so large and are driven by fierce winds, they are turned by a very small rudder wherever the pilot desires. Even so the tongue is a little member and boasts great things.”

    “See how great a forest a little fire kindles! And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire by hell. For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and creature of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by mankind. But no man can tame the tongue. It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.”

    “Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom.”

    I especially admire people who are still diplomatic even under the most ridiculous situations. I have seem some of these type people comment in this free speech zone. Not only are they diplomatic but they manage to come out sounding witty while making their point. It is for these comments that I keep returning to this page.

  712. monsterball says:

    For your information…Susan started the Free Speech Zone on 25th May….and whispering9 first message was 21st June. We have a wonderful v9 commentator….than he uses virgin 9. Whispering 9 is not v9…but try to confuse all of us.
    padzac…..You are a much much more older commentators than whispering9….who is talking through his arsehole….trying to disrupt and irritate me and few others.
    Don’t let him control you. It is one of those cowards with a different nick.

  713. noname says:


    Excellent comments man. Love it and look forward for you comments more.
    I believe that

  714. v9, virgin 9 & whispering9 says:

    Dearest monsterball,

    Now…now…that really hurts. Perhaps, I should have resorted back to writing below the level 11 English. My comment on you was indeed a compliment…a gentle and quiet comment you would usually get from a loving friend. Don’t believe me? Ask padzac, it is designed to soften a harden demeanor.

    Didn’t I leave cue that I am an obsessed strategist…that cartoon or manga from Pokemon was designed to stop benneyloh from attracting you with cartoons. And I really, with all my nice kindness, begged bennyloh to forget about your hard criticisms on his works and have confident in his own talent. That piece I copied for bennyloh to read was taken from a coming hit Disney’s cartoon Ratatouille. Go and watch it when it is on cinema.

    I have followed your comments from the first posting where you ranted about how you &$*_)@# TDM. Can’t you remember that a commentator asked you to stop attacking him because you have to respect any man who can rule a country for more than 2 decades and retire on his own free will?

    When all-blogs was formed, you were very happy and that was where Malaysians first saw your face…but I did try to warn you about the mad consequences of exposing an identity in the real world where people tend to destroy more than they would foster friendships. What I predicted came true…bloggers did exploit your identity and personality just to score hit points on their blog sites.

    Sensing that all will come to pass, I ‘guided’ you and your group of merry men to have a site where you can find solace during the time when you are being used as a punching bag. Hence, I ‘attacked’ you and your group of merry men at Susan site to get the master scheme cranking. Because the only help for you in this bloggosphere universe is Susan’s instinct and she did.

    Why do I even bother? For one…I lied…I only gave you an impression when I suggested to you that we should leave everything to the younger generation during Jun-E saga. And you came up with a comment that sounded something like, ‘If the roots are rotten…blah, blah’. Didn’t that comment give you an impression that v9 is around your age? No, I am not…I am less than a decade older that padzac. I am still a man and not a gay yet.

    I was never angry with Rocky; in fact, my nick was first suggested by Rocky. Virgin 9 was given by stenson chin because he or she think I am a perverted old man…oh it was humourous and an honour to assume the nick. I am just very dissappointed that the appointment of an official title has led you and the others to judge Rocky on what he should or should not do. It is only a matter of time when another opposite kind of monsterball named simon wee who will come along and corrupt him to commit something that is out of his kind character.

    Monsterball, this world is not only about you…not only you have divorces, business failures or the worst of all happenings. Most of us are walking zombies. Malaysia is not ruined by corruption; but by ransoms. What is the difference? Corruption can be eradicated when there is a common decency amongst the citizens. When corruption is disguised into government sanctioned practices, it becomes a ransom on our life and businesses. This place Free Speech Zone should eventually be for the many other monsterballs out there who may not be noticed or who may be bullied in a place held by ransoms. You are the first here…and now is the time for you to welcome the rest even if it hurts or discomforts you.

    You accused me of being ‘too theoretical and philosophical’. The real truth is that you are theoretical one or a philosopher. You believe that your direct comments will bring about world peace and redemption. You are naïve…an uncontrolled temper or comment will only destroy your friends and family. Yes, even Susan and your son Sheik. You are a raw diamond…and you must not be afraid to be polished for a good shine. Remember this place is not only about you or for you. It is a mirror for the many lurkers like padzac out there. What we write here can become an echo resonating into a song amongst the spirits of all lurkers. Lurkers are actually the time keepers between night and dawn, and between dusk and night. If you can win enough time keepers, you can echo a change in time and remove the ransoms. Rememer, they are not traitors or fence sitters.

    This passage

    ‘From experience, I know that to be honest to a friend is to make an enemy out of him/her. I had lost many “friends” because they could not handle the truth about themselves. They would rather live in their bliss of ignorance than to face me’

    is taken from one of your lady friend..

    http://roxuncut.blogspot.com/2007/06/mystey-of-me-part-one-part-two-and.html .

    Go and read her blog…We should broaden our vision and thoughts. Just let it roam unrestricted and take no side.

    Goodbye Monsterball.

  715. monsterball says:

    padzac…You are wise and smart like bamboo river. It is easy for ANYONE to apply what you said too….but someone have to do a dirty job.
    Like I said Free Speech Zone is for those truly sincere and good commentators or bloggers with no intentions to disturb the good flow of thoughts.
    I repeat…I am a trusted friend of Susan ….just like Sheih’s kickdefella blog owner and many more have welcome me to their blog.
    This itself is testimonial of their respects for me to speak out…like I respect all of them. They know a I am truthful and sincere harmless commentator but brave enough to speak my mind out. Diplomacy? Why because I have little and speak my mind out… …that’s why I get few guys out to get me in to trouble one way or another. Do you think I like it? Who fought and exposed All Blogs agenda? I cannot succeed alone without the support of others….but who started it first and for months suffered in silence? Now all revealed….quiet down…have you all not see me changed?
    Many have met me personally and today I am meeting another wise commentator.
    I do not know how to hint too well….but straight to the point is my success in life as a businessman all these 45 years….plus with my staffs.
    And whispering9 is same person with another nick to come here trying to teach grandfathers how to suck eggs.
    It is time he toe the line and post without trying to think he can irritate others.
    He is doing same thing to jeancumlately at Liz blog too.
    I am so glad you keep coming back….That I noticed. So excuse me doing my dirty job….no one wants…….and Susan trusts me….that’s most important to me right now. I hope you trust me too.

  716. monsterball says:

    Don’t confuse..I don’t believe you are v9 at all…whispering9.
    Even if you are…you have changed with so many nicks. Why like that?
    You need not say goodbye to me..I don’t own the blog….but don’t try to be my guardian angel one day..next day like my sifu….teaching grandfather how to suck eggs.
    You have also been rude to jeancumlately.
    So if you are v9…just ignore me…..and I to you.
    Don’t ever treat me like a child…..I don’t like it.

  717. monsterball says:

    whispering9…I have read and learn enough..seen enough and done enough…no need to learn from bloggers….especially from you….that can be unpredictable in your so call support for me.
    Now everything is quiet and calm….just don’t use me as a punching bag.
    But you see me completely quiet if witsO or bamboo river or jeancumlately try to teach me something. These are the people proven to be true sincere friends….not sitting on the fence and be nice guys.
    Especially witsO…..if he tells me to shut up or stop posting…I will obey to prove I am not that stubborn afterall….as he has been with me through thick and thin for more than a year. We don’t carry each other balls ….but do agree in one principle in life….not sitting on the fence type.

  718. monsterball says:

    padzac…That young woman who spoke it was jeancumlately…..giving me good advises….as she cares for me…but I kept ignoring her advises to continue do my dirty job.
    Now it’s done…..I wonder do you know what was done at all.
    Bloggers united have a better chance to succeeded now.
    For what it is worth padzac…..I do respect your comments all these months.
    You never choose sides….stay that way.
    But few of us have chosen sides to be on Susan’s and Sheih’s sides…if you want to know exactly what I am talking about.

  719. padzac says:

    Well said, whispering9.

    I own a blog that has recently received 10K to 12K hits per month. My blog is open to public and some posts get more comments than other. But most importantly, visitors respect one another even though they may have differing opinions.

    Whatever we believe, whatever we choose to do with that belief, what we say, what we do… whatever it maybe… even if it is a job: I believe it all should be done with integrity. Ugly and crude words accompanied by boorish behaviour will not accomplish anything BUT can however bring out the worst in the person it’s directed too. Imagine if we do this in every part of our lives… imagine if everyone chooses to do the same thing. The world would be such an impossible place to live in.

    I look forward to your response, whispering 9 🙂

  720. monsterball says:

    I have read your long message again whispering9.
    I think you are the same v9….afterall.
    But I repeat…..I don’t need advises to change my personalities..Good or bad…this is monsterball.
    many are with me….that’s my reward enough and few like Abdullah Anak Adam …a very cultured well read man…have praised me for opening his eyes.
    Why should I change…when ALL my customers also like me this way.
    So comment as you wish…but stop be too wise to me. I am more wiser than you think!!

  721. wits0 says:

    MB : “Especially witsO…..if he tells me to shut up or stop posting…I will obey to prove I am not that stubborn afterall….as he has been with me through thick and thin for more than a year.”

    Thanks, MB, but you over credit me ler. 😉 I’m disinclined to tell people to shut up(cannot ever be a leader this way under the rules of Bodohland’s culture).

    There’s already too many ppl infected by the kneejerk STFU philosophy of the land and local Blogosphere. But I do like snapping at asshat bigotry directly instead of cloaking essential and corrective comments under PC’ness and verbosity. Unsound ppl will incriminating themselves and display their fallacies – after a while.

    That’s why I don’t really appreciate Pro. Azly Raman’s bloviating. He can deliver things more concisely without that shabby proclivity. He, e.g., is overhyped.

  722. v9, virgin 9 & whispering9 says:

    Sorry padzac,

    I won’t respond because I am trapped in twilight zone between night and day. I am a cabbage mistaken for a cucumber in jean’s rojak. The only pristine consolation I have living in Malaysia is the fact that I can still choose to ignore everything, everyone, commentator and blogger. I can be rude, selfish and contented. It is my children I worried. Nonetheless, being a small family, like most of those I know, I can plan for their futures in a foreign country. I won’t be a coward confused with laying down the fight. Nor a hero confused with picking up a fight. Like I said to Susan before, the balance must be tilted all the way to the worst before lurkers like us open the time gate to dawn. Susan, like so many before and with her, has always tried to maintain the balance in lives, regarding it as a journey. I truly respect those unselfish actions. It will bring truce and peace but not changes. Dearest padzac, keep up your good works too…soon we will be there at the gate to usher the new dawn when the balance tilts to the end of the dark night. From my perspective, even sopo bloggers are confused with what they really wants and this only signify the confusion before dark covers everything when the stars and the moon disappear. It won’t be pleasant at all…it will be scary. The worst part, sometimes the lurkers get displaced and time stops still in the dark. We must always remember our purpose and job. I am glad to have met you. Take care and bye. Ha, ha, ha, ha. I am going back to my business affair now. Commenting put too much stress on my work. The reaction from a comment can kill you sometimes. Lucky to come out alive this round.

  723. monsterball says:

    witsO….I meant every word I said. It is when you need a true friend…you will find out WHO ….when you are in trouble…..as we have been through hell together. Yes I took all the blows…nevertheless without guys like you….it will be more difficult for me. You know exactly what I mean…does whispering9 or few others know? I guess staying neutral and behave MYOB is the best…as if I don’t know how to be happy like that.
    Now all quiet down….I don’t need guys to teach me anything….especially from whispering9. Just had as 2 hours tea with a blogger and he also said whispering9 cannot be v9….but I give him the benefit of the doubt.
    Have a nice weekend…all of you!!

  724. monsterball says:


  725. monsterball says:

    witsO…When Susan was attacked….who were solidly behind her? Now all quiet….few that NEVER supported her are saying nice words for Susan to read. Noticed that?

  726. wits0 says:

    Not to fret over, MB, Susan does not need quantity as much as quality support.

  727. simon wee says:

    Good evening monsterball. there is one guy in REthinking Malaysia forum resorting to name calling like you. Pls go to Rocky’s blog for the details.

  728. monsterball says:

    hi guys…ponder this:

    “We pay for the price of fear and worry to live the life of a human being. Our susceptibility to anxiety is the root cause of our problems and the source of all suffering”
    Check it out…First sign of fear is trying to be nice to your victim. The selfish ulterior motives to hurt someone is pricking and pricking the conscience.
    If not so…then ulteior motive is still to advertise boss lonely blog…need more visitors. Must do..or else proving a failure to disturb Susan’s blog. All others failed…left one about to go to hell soon. Khammar…..do you believe in it?

  729. monsterball says:

    Susan…..Your blog is the most active and popular right now.
    You need to delete anyone trying to chase away your regular visitors….by posting something against good flow of thoughts.
    I hope you know what I mean.
    Have a nice SUNDAY.

  730. noname says:

    I thought this is a free speech zone for people to voice out whatever they have in their mind. Is this deleting going to be a moderation Susan? How do you decide then what is against good flow of thoughts?

    Again I wanna know is the a moderation going to be implemented here? Only those saying things nice to hear will be kept and those against considered disrupting the flow?

    If thats the case then you are no better than the MSM or the other blogs.

    What a sad sunday for me.

  731. susan loone says:

    dear noname;

    relek lar..who’s moderating anything?

    have a good sunday :=)

  732. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…….only this way….SUSAN TALKS!!

  733. jeancumlately says:


    To be honest with u, I think you got into an argument with the wrong guy lah… I read his comment and I think you misunderstood the message. Read again lah…

    Dear virgin9… actually it happened quite often with monsterball. I was having the same problem before. You tried to convey a message in support and you ended up being caught in a friendly fire. My english must’ve been sooo bad…

    Tell you what… dont worry. Most of us will know what a cucumber tastes like even if it look like a cabbage.

    Have a nice sunday everyone… dont kill each other, okay…too many mat rempits, killers, robbers, rapist, badawi, sickos and road bullies out there already.

  734. monsterball says:

    There one by one the roamers are back in one nest.
    Where is bamboo river?

  735. monsterball says:

    I repeat….those with more than two nicks…stay out of my life.
    with one nick….like jeancumlately….anything goes.
    She is such a dear…..so easy to identify with one nick..like all of us.
    Jeancumlately….are you talking to v9…virgin9 or whispering9…seperately or all together?

  736. monsterball says:

    Oh stenson chin …stenson chin…where art thou?
    Only you can make Susan come…….hahahahaha
    I try so many time….she just ignore.
    Then noname also make her come.
    I used to be an expert to make ladies happy and come….now all gone….no more….no more good results.
    But my friend who is much older than me still can make ladies come to him.
    I told him…I can do that…but make ladies come with siok feelings….is not the same.
    In oldern days….we call it whoomp boodi whoommp.
    But I used to see movies ..hearing words like …”Did you score last night with that gal? It confuses me….score what? No ball game on.
    Then my friend explained to me.
    So now I try watching some movies….hearing young people talk. All greek to me…especially an all black movie. Can’t understand what they are talking about.
    In oldern days…..if a friend ask you what happened last night with your girl….we blushed and tell none…even now…top secret…not meant to be discussed…but today…youngsters seems to enjoy and compare notes how they score…fro the movies…hope in real life…not so.

  737. monsterball says:

    wawawa…I am famous lah.
    Rocky again have a post on me…but this time…more commentators are understanding and kind that the usual two or three against me.
    That so call Russian trained PI have even gone to shar101 to advertise about myself at Rocky’s blog.
    Only about me..they score points.
    One even created a poem about me….hahahahahaha

  738. kittykat46 says:

    There’s something about Monty….after more than 2 weeks, people still can’t let go of him….

  739. stenson chin says:

    Susan dont sayang me anymore.I have to work hard to earn a living and taking a course in HWLH.I failed a couple of times.Hopefully I can make it this year.I wont give my darling susan up until she says she has found a new love.What say you snoopy….I thought you have forgotten me snoopy..without you this blog gonna be less fun.Susan should bring you go dancing.I am sure jealous but ok lah…try to be understanding.Jean sure sakit hati if you dont bring her along.Have a nice time…

  740. hantutelur says:

    don’t complain if you can’t make susan come, monty. neither can you come, i suspect

  741. monsterball says:

    egg head ghost…If you invite me. to tea…see I come or ignore.
    But I am sure…if I invite you to tea..you dare not come.
    You can suspect anything…but my coming or going is my own business.
    I strongly SUSPECT….you have a one track mind.

  742. irfan says:

    To be right in our deeds we do make sure that we are acting for a right reason, for that, I have some question about equality of male and female gender before I accept that they are equal in rights.
    I need to know on what bases male and female are claimed to be equal having no certain definition of what is “equal” itself while having proved differences in male and female by almost all sciences like physics, Meta physics, psychology, biology etc. we know that two deferent things cannot be exactly equals but they can be equal in some specific fraction of value. Like for example, gold and silver can be equal in “weight” being deferent metals. Even being equal in weight, they are not same.
    Now, if male and female are equal in some specific fraction of value then what is that value and how you measure equality of that value? And even then they are not same because sameness is meant through “no deference”, how can one claim same rights for both? Why don’t we talk about differences in order to allocate rights of what they are? As eventualy differences are certainly just of them rather than an uncertain emotion of equality

  743. wits0 says:

    “uncertain emotion of equality”, irfan?

    There’s nothing uncertain about human rights and it’s mainly the islamists and “true believers” today who try to convolute, dissemble and equivocate about that out of doctrinal dogmatism.

    Many other major cultures have accepted the non discriminative application of human rights as an established basis of regardng the gender. They have changed much in terms of whatever traditional misogyny that was passed on before in many such cultures.

    Just because the different gender may place different degree of emphasis on logic and emotion does not in any way make one more equal than another. This is the enlightened view. The unelightened one attempts to justify the regressive values of a dark age unthinkingly out of attachment to repressive dogmas and bigotry.

  744. monsterball says:

    irfan….Very good subject. lets see how many dare to give their truthful comments.
    The equality of male and female have been twisted for political reasons….and not based on truths and practical reasons.
    Women may slog…toll at fields and work very very hard…even harder than men…but when come to war time…it is the men needed to fight it out.
    Every heavy duty work must be done by men. Women will simply faint away from ploughing the fields at hot sun or carry heavy armories at wartime. Just look at the wars….all men…women are mostly nurses or do office jobs.
    The look at the daily lives…men worries with great determinations and grit. Women will get mygraine so fast from same problem…thus a sign of weaker sex.
    I do feel a husband must treat a wife equal in life…but in working places….no way.

  745. hantutelur says:

    hahaha… one track mind.

  746. monsterball says:

    I can give more…but wish to stop here to read others commenting on this subject.

  747. monsterball says:

    hi stenson chin!! You very wrong…EVERYONE SAYANG YOU HERE…..except irfan brought out a good subject.
    Care to make a comment? After that…I will help you hantam Susan and jeancumlately…if they don’t sayang you.
    Me monsterball remember…no fear……also bamboo river love you too.

  748. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Without me…their blog cannot score alot of hits…hahahahaha
    Furthermore..the jealousies simply stick to them like glue….cannot lepas…cannot sleep…simply cannot stand seeing others more happier than them.

  749. monsterball says:

    yes hantutelur…You only know how to come but find it difficult to go and find more to come again……hahahahahaha

  750. jeancumlately says:

    Wow…stenson let go of his joystick atlast! For about 5 seconds… Come on la… dont give up on susan so fast. Dont tell me you cant even compete with monty! Sheesh…

    Equality is a nice topic to talk about. And how do we talk about equality (and everything else under the sun) without bashing Islam, right wits0?

    Irfan did brought up the idea of a standard “measurement” and I guess the definition of what is equal. For all I know, there is no universally accepted standard on equality. However, the ideal situation would be whenever a man is allowed to do something, a woman should be allowed too. Likewise, the rewards and punishments for the their deeds should be equal too.

    However, these ideals would not be achieved unless both genders are physically and emotionally alike. Not until a man can only be called a man if his chest measures atleast 36D and a woman’s “womanliness” is measured in inches.(Stenson, please dont get confused. I am not talking about that ps2 joystick).

  751. anon says:


    1+2 = 3 vs 1-2 = less someone
    Boy + Girl = Attraction vs Boy-Girl=Gay or Lesbian
    Man + Woman = Love vs Man-Woman =Just sex.
    Man + Woman + Love = Children vs Man-Woman-Love=Separation
    Man + Woman + Children = Family vs Man-Woman- Children=Divorce
    Family + Family = Malaysia vs Family-Family= Political Interests
    Malaysia + Singapore = Badawi IDR vs Malaysia-Singapore=TDM Bridge

    Perfect equations…you are right. Let’s not think about man being equal to woman on opposite sides. Let’s put man and woman on the same side for a perfect equation, or for a solution if the latter defination helps with our chauvinism. What you think?

  752. monsterball says:

    stenson chin…where art thou?

  753. stenson chin says:

    Why you always look for me uncle monty.I wish i could be like you sitting on the throne posting your thoughts and comments and at the same time money keep flowing in your bank.I have to slog and hardly got time to go online.However much we fought i feel you are a good old uncle.One day i will invite you for a game of golf.Can you teach me how to hook pretty girls uncle monty….

  754. california2007 says:

    stenson, i thought you love susan, now you want to hook pretty girls. aiyoo…how lah?

  755. monsterball says:

    Sure stenson …i will teach you how to hook a pretty girl and you invite me to a golf course for a drink…as I don’t play golf at all….although I love watching live games of golf…especially when Tiger Wood is playing.
    You sound such a failure in getting a girl. No lah….the more they tease you is infect they like you alot….but that is not hooking. Hooking is like fishing…..you get it…think fast to hook line and sinker in or lepas fast.
    We will talk more on that..if you want.
    I know you maybe trying to pull a fast one on me….but what the heck…that’s what monsterball is good at…making a fool of himself to see readers laugh…..but some take it seriously too.
    One advise stenson chin….if you are truly interested in someone….be direct…frank and not beat around the bush with refine words …yet that girl/lady will begin to read you are serious. most girls are crazy over a man with strong shoulder to lean on…meaning smart….ambitious and serious about the future of his life.
    So far ….you are always teasing the two ladies…especially Susan and now jeancumlately. Then …you must be above 45 years old to appeal to these two lovely bachelor ladies…..but both are have serious BF now.
    To hook a girl…not that hard. To give up…when you find not suitable is tough. before hooking a girl…..you must not simply hook one because she is so sexy and pretty. You are not a film star..make believe type of life. You want one to be your best friend and soul mate. I like a woman to depend on me and she is just a housewife…not a working girl. that was ..when I am young….not now.
    You have to know your own character. I have a timid son …real handsome and girls want him. I told him to look for one that is from poor family…and if possible as simple as he is….old fashion type. You should see few of his very sexy and pretty ones after him…and respect me alot to win my favours too….for my approval of her to my son….but my son took my advise and now is most happy with one wife who will live through thick and thin with him and treat him like a King.
    Most important …the parents must love you too.
    Up to here…I will stop…unless you want more.

  756. monsterball says:

    In order that working class or women doing their own business do not misunderstand me that I prefer a housewife..not one that works…. i will recommend only that category….not true. it depends on a man’s character and way of life he plans for himself.
    Working class…for example a general clerk or even factory worker…is just fine. Higher up to senior women clerks naturally will prefer same status. Don’t expect them to go for a gaderner …as an example.
    Then the executive ladies…tends to look for one equal or better than her…for example Sales Manger in a big firm or an Office Manager..usually Account based men hold that position..
    These are natural instinct..but once they find that guy is a drinker or gambler…no matter how handsome or how successful….they will think twice to marry him. Then some don’t think twice and regret…and live on as couple…since children are born already…yet they can be happy together….because both love the children and stay as family…no matter what.
    Usually ladies that are real beautiful and sexy are quite choosy and tends to be dominating. Once they feel they can control…they feel safe and may accept a simple handsome clerk as hubby….but usually …such will go after men with expensive taste in life….indirectly…rich guys only.

  757. hawk says:

    can i talk abt ayantula here?

    and abt GOD at Ayantula s site?

    Monster Ball, u must be a pensioner or retiree, that u hv so much time in yr hands. You still specify yr sons wife? Oh dear, u are worse than Talibans.

  758. monsterball says:

    See it…stenson chin and my good fellow commentators?… the evils that man can do..irritate …to disturb good flow of thoughts.
    Now lets sturdy human natures.
    Why do above do that…..not the first time from just one or two more.
    Everyone is sick of hawk’s messages at Atlantayu various posts. I do not minced words describing him.
    Read his message to me…makes no sense but out to irritate me..is that not?
    But this is Free Speech Zone….remember? So here is my reply…
    hi hawk…..Yes you can talk anything here…even about your balls….that is if you have any.My nick is monsterball and it shows you are quite smart to seperate it and realise I do have one big ball….good for you.
    Are you now trying to be a fortune teller?
    Wow ….you can quote scriptures….tell sickening twisted ideas on Atlantayu’s matters….always against the monoglians…..what a cheap way to get attention with your most idiotic character.
    Do my messages about love and choosing girl friends for stenson chin makes so much sense that you just have to come out and spoil the good flow now? hi hawk…give me your comments lah on my posts and not just say…pensioner …this or that….showing how a sick jealous idiot you are. Don;’t you know…you are showing your true colours? Pure jealousies!!
    hahahahahaha..I am worst than the Taliban…a description I made for myself at a joke and here he takes that word to describe me. Good for you…that is first step to learn the art of being cunning and how to run down a person…but you are an idiot…..you copy the art….but do it in such an idiotic way…..me a Taliban…hahahahahaha
    Try harder hawk…balance of whart you said about me is not worth replying…..as you are just showing what a real real idiot you are….confirm….no brain.
    Lets see what type of job is suitable for you….let me guess…best is balls carrying one. Ah cannot survive doing that at commercial firms…unless you job is so low….always need to answer ‘yes boss….ok boss”
    But working for a political party and talk like that about Atlantayu poor soul…..is what all of you must do…or else transfer to other places to make you resign….so watch out.
    See…you come to this site….talk your nonsense…how nice.
    Writing long long good flow of thoughts must stunt you ….so the only way to get at me is say why I have so much time. Hi idiot..I manage TIME and everything else. you simply don’t know how to manage anything…just read your message….like putting sms at a telephone…write properly lah…why….catching a train at 12.27am….or want to shit or pee ah?
    …..go do that first before penning anything…..you idiot.
    See how much time I have for you too.

  759. hawk says:


    U got an EGO problem.

  760. monsterball says:

    hawk..I have no problems. You are the sick one. Go read others talk about you. Are you now trying to be a doctor of something?

  761. monsterball says:

    hawk….So you are the latest self appointed critic of me.
    Lets see you put out a long long message that mean something….I DARE YOU….but how can you do it with your idiotic brain?
    I always have problems with people like you.
    So what type of a person is you?
    Go teach stenson chin something and contribute to human kind….show me your talent…..that is …if you have any…besides talking nonsense.

  762. stenson chin says:

    I am surprised at uncle monty’wisdom.You are a great man monty.Jean is a pain in the neck.Fortunately only the neck.Susan is too busy with her works to notice me.Thank you uncle monty for your advise.I dont use fishing hooks anymore.My public display of affection for susan bears no fruits.She delete whatever I post here.Obviously she does not like me.Wish you long life and good health uncle monty.GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ALWAYS.

  763. susan loone says:

    Hey Mr Stenson, I know you want me to respond, so here it is: I dont remember deleting whatever you said here. I treasure all my commentators, whether I agree with them or not :=)

  764. hawk says:

    Monsterball: U r as predictable as the sun rising. As I say, U got an EGO problem. A little of annoying you and u expose all yr weaknesses. How? U still think u are the champ, the wise guy, the best?

    Of all the 7 deadly sins, the sin that GOD hates most is P R I D E.

    Not adultery, not theft, not laziness, not greed, not selfishness, not even murder.

    It is P R I D E !!.

    And, its all over you, the EGO.

    Why P R I D E is the most dangerous of all sins?

    Becos it led Lucifer to challenge the MOST HIGH, It led Lucifer to try and usurp GOD.

    Just learn to respect the opinions of others. Try to listen more than to talk. Be proactive to criticism, even be self critical too.

    Dont shut ppl up by calling people names etc. It takes a thief to catch a thief. It takes a greater idiot to recognise another. And, a madman never says he is mad. He will say “all of u are”.

  765. jeancumlately says:

    Thanks stenson. What a relief… I always want to be a pain in your neck since the first time I saw your name and the dancing flower stuff…

    But dont get me wrong… we all love you here. We had been seeing your uncle got into a battle with different person every other day so its nice to see somebody (like you) showing “love and affection” to another person for a change…

  766. monsterball says:

    There stenston…..I was right….all love you here.
    And thanks for your compliment.
    I know you are quite a witty fella yourself….tha’s why you really appreciated….and saw how Susan MUST COME OUT…only for you!!
    jeancumlatel….what to do…when someone simply canot talk love…but love war only…out of jealousies of others happiness.

  767. monsterball says:

    hawk…since yu want to continue to make a fool of yourself with me as your stupid target to irritate…go ahead.
    Anything else?

  768. monsterball says:

    stenson…I read your message again and it is really cute and funny how you describe Susan and Jeancumlately.
    Jean seems to be hurt by you dancing flower stuff..which I totally have forgotten…but her remembering it..means you have hurt her..and also mean she love you too. Go figure it out.
    So her love and hate really means real love. ..but here again…it is sisterly love.
    Now…you are in big trouble…you want to love two gals as sisters..okay….but you want Susan to be your wife one day. That’s lighting frightening!!
    As for Susan….she really love you as a brother …as she has one man she adores and will be her hubby when time and opportunity permits. She leaves it to fate….as her job is so unpredictable right now. I know her.
    This is no joke. She also treats me like an uncle.
    Once again..many thanks for your blessings. I appreciate it.

  769. monsterball says:

    Stenson….Why don’t you socialise in parties..picnics..short group tours…get involve with a voluntary service group..instead of playing golf.
    I know golf is healthy and excellent mind game….but you cannot have best of two worlds yet.
    You want to search for your soul mate….then spread your wings far and wide. I have seen fellas get their wife from places cannot imagine to get.
    One young man….got married to childhood lover…after three months found her to be unfaithful. We spent few weeks together…whenever he needs to talk to me about his wife or his huge business his father left for him. As for wife matter…I told him to behave and take it like a man….forget and move on. Easier said than done..but he did as I advised.
    You know how he found his wfe…who is so pretty and from a fantastic good family? He did it from internet correspodences!!
    Now they have two kids…one 6 and another 4….and both love me very much…like my own children.
    So stenson….if you are really serious…you must be sincerely so and God do work in mysterious ways…especially if it involves UNSELFISH true love and happiness.

  770. monsterball says:

    stenson….say something and make Susan come out again.. Only you can do it. Are you not proud of yourself? She loves you most…that’s the truth.

  771. monsterball says:

    ME? Susan don’t care two hoots….although she said she treats me with respect like an uncle.
    Do you believe her?

  772. monsterball says:

    This is message 776.

  773. monsterball says:

    I must post at 777!!!
    It is my favorite number and my car plate for 45 years…no change…but gave to my children now……still 777 brings back lot of memories for me.
    Please excuse an old man harmless greed.

  774. hawk says:

    Susan Loone,

    If u can archive this blog, like part 1, part 2 etc, as its getting too lengthy.

    Perhaps, u can also catalog up monsterball postings into one file. His entries are getting too frequent

  775. hawk says:

    Theres got to be equality to achieve balance and harmony.

    Essentially the principles of Yin and Yang. Notice the curvature of the dividing line of Yin and Yang. Its not a straight line, But one that is flowing. Hence indicating not a static divide. But a divide that is dynamic, constantly one domain trying to flow into the domain of the other. Theres is always interaction between the two parts.

    The principle of Yin and Yang covers all sectors of existence. Beginning with “NOTHING”. This “NOTHING” is balanced. It is made up ( or balanced ) by the components of matter and anti matter.

    So, now u can see, when NOTHING is splitted, you get its components of SOMETHING (matter) and ANTI SOMETHING (anti-matter). Extending this tot further, we are in the existence of the physicals, that is balanced by the existence of the spiritual. If theres no spiritual, then there is no physical.

    Is it amazing that Muslims call their GOD, AL-LAH, which could be translated as “The NOTHING?”

    Then for the Christian GOD as named YAH WEH, meaning “I am who I am” or . I am “the SOMETHING”.

    And, if not for the idea of binary numbers (voted the most important invention of the 20th Century by TIMES magazine), the basic scope of Computers cannot even take place. Just zero and 1 (nothing and something, on and off) , and all programmes can be written.

  776. monsterball says:

    hawk…Trying to teach Susan to put me away one side?
    You are real crazy thick skin nut!!
    Talking about God? What do you know about religions besides your sickening translations.
    You are one sick and thick skinned commentator.
    Look at the way you write about God.

  777. hawk says:


    Pls try to keep to the rules for this blog. Just scroll upwards to the top and u will see the rules. Obey them.

    If u cant behave, then shut up .

  778. hantutelur says:

    it’s been awhile i was in this thread. hawk, this is his domain. you are right about the seven sins but it is not pride, it is arrogance instead. second is greed, and look at his confession at post no. 777, and third maybe incalciltrant. that’s what he is. best thing both of us can do to ourselves is by leaving this thread. let him bark at the full moon.

  779. hawk says:

    Its our thread, opend up by Susan Loone. Why should I or we give in and get out.

    Maybe, I should behave like he does and answer monsterball this way.

    ” Sure, I got a screw loose and I m looking for a NUT like you to tighten it up “

  780. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha….That one screw loose hawk telling me to obey rules and shut up. That is the best so far.
    hantulelur…If I have not pointed out it is 777…no one knows..so my pointing out and apologize is my way of being humble and courteous…not greed at all.
    Anyway..Thanks for explaining to that idiot.
    hahahahahaha…Asking Susan to break it into part i and part 2…..while we all are trying so hard to make it the longest and best site in the world …now. Malaysia…piece of cake…already the best!!!!
    That’s why few will come here to disturb.
    hawk said…..’its our thread….bla bla bla”…..hahahahahahahas
    Go ahead …answer and battle with me hawk.
    Make my day…..but your reply is just too good for me ….simply from the coocoo nest people…how to be so smart like you?.
    Actually…actually I am enjoying alot replying to you….THANKS.

  781. monsterball says:

    Okay HAWK…I have scrolled from top to bottom….what rules?
    hahaahaa…I like this one from him…….’if you cant behave, then shut up”
    aiyayayaya…Freedom Of Speech…. hi you guys…enjoying yourselves?

  782. monsterball says:

    hi hawk…your answer about one screw loose is great lah.
    At least you admit you have one screw loose…that means got cure.
    Had you not admit….you are heading to Tanjong Rambutan and we will miss you too.
    But I am not a nut…as confirmed by Stenson . I am a wise man…..hahahahahaha

  783. hawk says:

    What to do? If monsterball is still stubborn abt his ways.

    Incalcitrant , rather the correct spelling is recalcitrant. This word I learnt after Howard of Australia decribed our Mahathir for refusing to attend a Commonwelath summit.

  784. wits0 says:

    “Incalcitrant” is merely the more less standard usage versus “recalcitrant”.

    It means : 1. Stubbornly resistant to authority or control
    2. Marked by stubborn resistance to authority

    I learnt that word long before the Howard-Mahathir episode.

    If you use the word om MB, are you suggesting that you represent an authoruty of sorts? What sort?

    MB is what MB is ; he is still capable of agreeing to disagree. another thing is, he does not attempt to convolute, i.e., practice sophistry.

  785. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…..witsO…I do need you to tell this weird guy off.
    Many thanks.

  786. hawk says:

    Certainly, not meant my authority. Stubbornly resistant to the authority of this blog which has defined some sensible rules towards any of us participating. If monsterball cant find the rules, which are right on top of this blog, then let me retype them here :

    Rant all you want. Tell us what pisses you off! But do keep away from slander, libel, defamation and lying. No personal attacks , please. blah blah blah………… But mostly be free to express yourselves. But while you are ranting and raving, learn something as well.

    Monsterball keep on calling ppl names : idiot, fool, , tanjung rambutan, nut loose, wierd, pro UMNO, non Christian, pervert, pondan etc etc.

  787. hawk says:

    Had I wanted to convolute, I wouldnt have revealed I m ignorant of the word recalcitrant. And , clever witso, good to know u r already learned even before Howard and Mahathir fought.

    Is trying to write good English, a form of convolution? We need good English here so communications are well understood.

  788. wits0 says:

    Call him da same ler, it that helps, hahaha! Or learn how to be unperturbed.

  789. wits0 says:

    IF it helps, i.e., but a concise choice of words may be more helpful. Better not spit straight at the sky or against the wind. 😀

  790. monsterball says:

    hi idiotic hawk….That is put up by Susan and I have posted hundreds in her blog…and she treats me like a trusted friend…so don’t tell me you think Susan need you to teach her run a blog?
    You want to battle with me….shoot…..any subject….you sickening one screw loose man.

  791. virgin9 says:

    and witso……don’t throw pearls before swines. 😦

    hawk, just leave and don’t look back, nor reply me. I am doing the same today. Silence is the best solution for Free Speeches here.

    Don’t become what padzac predicted ‘Ugly and crude words accompanied by boorish behaviour will not accomplish anything BUT can however bring out the worst in the person it’s directed too.’

    Looking back now will only turn you into a pillar of salts. Just go. Forget the ignorants and arrogants you met here. If not, you will forget what is good friendship is all about. Remember Just Go! Stuff them.

    Just go.

  792. monsterball says:

    hawk….You ONLY know I call you names…yet you choose to ignore you try to belittle my wise advises to stenson.
    You belittle other religion and talk cock on yours….so I response….and even so many scolded you….you ignored.
    Come on….you want to find faults and battle me…lets do it.
    Don’t talk cock and bull.
    I will start off by saying…..you better prove you are worthy for me to response….as like witsO said MB is MB…..who are you?
    So shoot…before I F… you more!!
    This is the famous monsterball…..want to be a hero?….SHOOT!!

  793. monsterball says:

    Look at all your idiotic messages. Just because no muslims come out to F….you…does not mean you are right. yet few F….you why do you ignore them?
    Yes….put out all those things I said about you..so fire back…why complaint.
    Lets battle.
    When you speak more than five sentences…you turn nutty….go check it out.
    I am ready for you. Go…win and get Susan chase monsterball out.

  794. monsterball says:

    Look at the pattern….when everything is running smoothly….out come one to disrupt and irritate.
    Come on hawk……I will give you new one…You are a real worm!!
    You have succeeded to irritate me….lets move forward….little maggot.

  795. hantutelur says:

    incalcitrant indeed he is (recalcitrant, if hawk prefers) while preaching FREE SPEECH which only he has the privilege of having, he obviously perform sort of moderation onto other commenters. we as respectful of the elders (hawk in one) have to mind our language in fear of “hamtam” from the old guy mball. we have to choose our word carefully and restrict ourselves to milder language. that is NOT free speech. the rules are there, only apply to other but mball. that’s why i said this is his domain. he thinks FREE SPEECH is just for him. others are passengers and have to follow rules

  796. hawk says:

    If I want to claim I am HOLY, I will tell u I am a monk, a priest, a rabbi, or an iman.

    But I tell u I m a Christian.

    Claiming to be a Christian means I ve acknowledged my sins and seek GODs forgiveness. Church is not for holy men, but for sinners who need to overcome. As hospitals are for the sick, not the healthy. If ever I can be holy by my own effort of righteous behaviour, I will stop going to Church.

    U r ever that arrogant as to judge me as non Christian. How can you take the position of GOD to pass such judgement on me?

    Your ego is everywhere….famous as u claim?!! I m not here for a fight with you or any other.

    Susan Loone has opened this blog to allow us the freedom of expressions we are denied by the govt. I m not denied freedom of expressions against a Monsterball in any public place. Then why do I need this blog to debate with such?

    And, lets steer to that direction. I see Ayantulas case as a lost cause.

    So, lets just work out, how we, as citizens, can use this blog to find direction and find ways to manage our govt that such incidences will not happen in the future.

    Certainly we need GOD. Thats why I have to lay down this TRUTH first. If we think we can achieve without the workings of an ALMIGHTY, we will fail.

    But then we just cannot wait for GOD to work on HIS own, HE needs us as well to deliver what we seek and need.

    The first challenge is to find a way where we can balance the establishing of our government. Hence the Ying and Yang model. If opposing forces are balanced, there will be balance and harmony.

    There appears of such opportunity happening with Keadilan and DAP etc. So, lets make sure they dont stumble. Forget if they are formidable or not. But we got to build up this side of the scale.

  797. monsterball says:

    No no no hantutelur…please don’t put words in my mouth.
    Everyone is free to speech and talk as he/she likes. I repeat…I do not own the blog.
    But don’t you see it strange…that when everything runs smoothly….we are joking and here comes stenson chin now..trusting me…ask for advises…I gave long long ones….stenson appreciate my advises…really not easy to put out such deep meaning messages… then…. out come hawk to say I talk nonsense. Why is he doing it? And still continue to do so inspite few have scolded him? Well he wants to throw good vibrations into havoc at this site…..that’s how I feel.
    I have seen this pattern..over and over again.
    So please get the picture right and don’t ever say I have special rights.
    I only say Susan trust me like a friend…which we are …and I am proud of being trusted.
    I said I feel this is my second home…next to Sheih’s…so are few having same feelings.
    So please get the correct facts. I know those looking for trouble with me are reading and reading to catch one sentence to find fault. I was not born yesterday….but you see me blare out…non stop…..why…nothing to hide if one speaks from the heart….that’s me.

  798. monsterball says:

    hawk…Who is your God?
    Then prove to me he is Almighty.

  799. monsterball says:

    hi hawk..quote me some scriptures man.
    Lets talk God stuff.

  800. monsterball says:

    hi hawk…leave the dead to the dead…and Atlantuya is dead and have posts for you to talk about her…not here.
    Are you quoting some thing from the sermon on the mount by Jesus?
    Are you saying Jesus is God? Please speak clearly.
    I am sure….the father ….son and holy ghost are not three …but one…correct?
    Please tell me who is GOD?

  801. monsterball says:

    Before you answer me…..maybe you should tell me where is “God” came from?

  802. hawk says:

    Before U can believe and accept GOD. the first barrier to remove is
    P R I D E.

    If P R I D E and E G O is in your way, regardless how I try and reveal to you my GOD, you cannot see HIM.

    Is the KING, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet one or three?

    They are 3 entities but they form one Government.

  803. monsterball says:

    Again I need to do a dirty job…..why me!!!…hahahahahahaha

  804. monsterball says:

    hawk….don’t beat around the bush!!
    Who is your GOD???
    Answer to the point.
    I thought you said God came to save the sinners….yet you say you cannot reveal to me who is God …unless so call pride and ego are not with a person.
    What shit logic are you talking?
    What has God to do with government matters? Why do you mix these up?
    WHO IS GOD…hawk….don’t beat around the bush.

  805. monsterball says:

    Using the holy Trinity and give your stupid comparison…you are mocking your own God!!!
    Becareful…It’s serious subject….stay focuss.
    Now who is God????

  806. monsterball says:

    I am going to take two hours off.
    Don’t think I am running away.
    You have not answer my simple clear questions directly….but preach your idiotic nonsense. Stop preaching…..just tell me FOR THE SIXTH TIME…. WHO IS GOD..for goodness sake.

  807. hawk says:

    The scriptures dont tell us where GOD comes from.

    But, with my speculation, I try to find how GOD came to be. But its not necessary correct. That even I may have no correct answer , I put all these aside and faithfully believe that there is GOD from the revelations of the TORAH to the JEWs and later the complilation of the NEW TESTAMENTS for all of us, gentiles.

    I will tell u in more detail about my speculations later as it is quite a mouthful. But essentially, I believe GOD is a GOVT of the DEAD (G.O.D).
    This GOVT has a leader, a prime minister and a cabinet.

    The Prime Minister is Jesus, the Cabinet is the HOLY SPIRIT. They are all spirits. Spirits from where? Will tell u later in my speculations.

    The devil was the also part of G.O.D., the Govt. His name was Lucifer. And he was bright, beautiful and wise. Such that P R I D E overtook him and he thinks he is like the most high. If he is like the most high, then he thinks he can usurp the leader and take charge. He rebelled and a third of all in heavens came to his side. Lucifer lost and was cast away. All that were with Lucifer became knopwn as the devil or Satan, and his followers, the evil spirits.

    Becos of recalcitrant sinful men(women), such that the 10 commandements cant even be obeyed. GOD masterminded a plan such that all people can be saved, by provideing a channel of salvation thru the forgiveness of sins.

    The forgiveness of sins need a sacrifice of a pure sinless human life. The Prime Minister of this G.O.D. was entrusted to be the sacrifice. His spirit is incarnated into Virgin Mary to be born Baby Jesus and later at about 30 years of age, to be crucified, then reserructed after the 3 rd day, such that whoever believes in him of this deed shall have their sins forgiven and claim eternal life in heaven.

  808. hawk says:

    I m sorry, His spirit was imaculately concieved into Virgin Mary and incarnated as Baby Jesus.

  809. monsterball says:

    Unbelievable…You mix God with govt…but never mind.
    So you say Jesus is God reincarnate through Mary?
    Did Jesus say he was God?
    Quote me the passage in the bible that Jesus said….’I am GOD”

  810. monsterball says:

    Please don’t quote me scriptures.I want to hear Jesus said …’I am GOD”
    I am only interested in what Jesus said…not according to what Luke….John…Peter or Mathew said.

  811. hawk says:

    He who sees me, see the Father

  812. hawk says:

    He did not directly says HE is GOD

  813. hawk says:

    But there are many references to tie him to be part of GOD.

    That was even misunderstood to be rather blasphemous. What if he is that direct. It will create chaos.

  814. hawk says:

    He says to many “Your sins are forgiven”

  815. hawk says:

    Who can forgive sins? Can u forgive my sins?

    Certainly, only GOD can do that.

    And now pastors of all churces forgives sins, but in the name of GOD,, the father, son and the holy spirit

  816. monsterball says:

    Next question I will ask you is where did Jesus go from age 12 to 30.
    Please prepare to answer.
    Surely..if he is your God…every day of his life…and what he did should be recorded and followers should be interested…correct?
    So why all of a sudden…he disappeared and came back at age 30…teach only three years and gone.
    So where are the 18 years? What did he do?
    Remember ….you said he is God…so we should be interested ..don’t we?
    Please leave govt. away from this subject.
    Just talk God.

  817. hawk says:

    If Jesus is not imaculately concieved into the womb of virgin Mary, then JESUS is a BASTARD. For Joseph must be f…..g MARY as they were yet to be married. That they were having premarital sex, Mary got pregnant and conned all of Judea that her pregnancy is holy. They escaped death by stoning by concocting that a story that their going to be born baby is GOD!!

    What then do u want to believe? Jesus is a BASTARD or JESUS is GOD????

    I choose to believe that Mary is HOLY and JESUS is a component of GOD.

  818. monsterball says:

    Don’t give me your opinions. I am not interested.
    I just want to hear from the bible…Jesus said “I am God”…and not based on your conclusions.
    Who cares about your new pastors can do this or that.
    But since you brought it up….do you know certain Christian sects have told their followers they can now don’t need to believe Jesus is God and the Trinity?
    Father is like Santa Clause…Holy Spirit is like Casper the Friendly Ghost and Son is like a handsome film star. These three will remain permanent three in all minds…period!! How oN Earth you can see these three pictures as one? Tell the truth.

  819. hawk says:

    His teenage life and growing up years to 30 yrs odd dont matter.

    The importance is
    His BIRTH, that he was imaculately concieved and hence sinless and baby Jesus is an incarnate.

    His DEATH, He bore the sentence of our sins

    His RESSURECTION. Death was conquered and all those who believe shall have eternal life in Heaven.

  820. hawk says:

    I hv answered most of all that u need to know. But u continue not to see or hear becos as I ve said earlier, If u have the P R I D E within, u cant see or hear as U think u r as like GOD or even greater. U dont need GOD now.

    Buts its comfort for me, as I know a day will come, this argument will impress upon you again, and you will be on your knees, feeling the truth like many humbled men.

  821. monsterball says:

    You have NOT ANSWER ME AT ALL…except give your interpretations
    And stop saying pride and ego makes me blind to your idiotic replies.
    So shall we conclude…all muslims who believe in one God…
    “Allah”…buddhists who believe in Buddha and hinddhus…believing in Shiva..Ganish and Murugan are the lost souls?
    Only you be saved…yet many many more other Christians who do not believe inn the trinity…or Jesus is God…or him floating up to heaven are all fakes Christians?
    What a bloody fool you are…and by the way….all those dirty words I described about you..I learn from your so call holy bible….full of dirty words there…don’t you notice it?

  822. hawk says:

    Monterball, why suddenly quiet?

    So u have now realised, in reality, I am the “NUT” who has tightned up one of your loose screw?


  823. monsterball says:

    I quote…’buts its comfort for me…bla bla bla”……What a sickening fanatic idiot you are.

  824. hawk says:

    When have I accused non believers as infidels and will be incenerated?

    Their souls need to pass judgement. Christian Souls bypass judgement.

    The salvation plan is so neat and simple,

    Its just like all you guys are offered UNI places without needing to go for an exam and wont take up the offer.

    U prefer to study and sit for the EXAM. Hope u pass ler.

  825. monsterball says:

    Me quiet?
    Everyone have enough of your lunatic mind.
    You have enough of my attention. Feeling nice?
    Get lost….you nobody.

  826. hawk says:

    OK all u guys out there, I m out of bother with Monsterball.

    Lets get this blog to serve its real purpose. Lets try to find solutions on how we can ensure the ppl that run our govt can be governed by its people. Shower in all your views.

    This blog may pave the way for our Oliver Cromwell.

  827. padzac says:

    Hello, Hawk. Believer here…..

    Jesus says I AM seven times in the Gospel of John,

    Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.” John 8:58

    “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst” John 6:35

    “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” John 8:12

    “I am the door of the sheep. All who ever came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.” John 10: 7-9

    “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.” John 10:11

    “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.” John 11:25

    “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

    “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” John 15:1-2

  828. padzac says:

    God never changes.
    Malachi 3:6 For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

    Jesus never changes.
    Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

    God is the only Saviour.
    “I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no saviour.” Isaiah 43:11

    To the only wise God our Saviour… Jude 1:12

    God our Saviour. Titus 2:10

    …we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour. I Timothy 4:10

    God my Saviour. Luke 1:47

    Jesus is the only Saviour.

    …the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world. 1 John 4:14

    …our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. II Peter 3:18

    …God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. II Peter 1:1

    …the Christ, the Saviour of the world. John 4:42

    …the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour. Titus 1:4

    a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

    Neither is there salvation in any other (than Jesus): for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
    –Acts 4:12

    …salvation… is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.
    –2 Timothy 2:10

    …captain of their salvation [Jesus] perfect through sufferings.
    — Heb 2:10

    [Jesus]…author of eternal salvation…
    — Heb 5:9

    God created the universe and earth by Himself.

    I am the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself. Isaiah 44:24

    In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1

    Jesus Christ created the universe and the earth.

    [U]nto the Son he saith…Thou, LORD, in the beginning hast laid the foundation of the earth; and the heavens are the works of thine hands. Hebrews 1:10

    [B]y him (Jesus) were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth…all things were created by him, and for him. Colossians 1:16

    All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. John 1:3

    God is the Word.

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God John 1:1

    Jesus is the Word.

    …the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…John 1:14

    God is the first and the last.

    I the LORD, the first, and with the last; I am he. Isaiah 41:4

    Jesus is the first and the last.

    Jesus said, “Fear not; I am the first and the last:” Revelation 1:17

    God forgives sins.

    [T]he Lord..forgiveth all thine iniquities… Psalm 103:2-3

    “[W]ho can forgive sins but God only?” Mark 2:7

    Jesus forgives sins.

    Jesus…said…”Son, thy sins be forgiven thee.” Mark 2:5

    God is our redeemer.

    [T]hou, O LORD, art our father, our redeemer.. Isaiah 63:16

    Jesus redeemed us.

    [T]the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ…gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity.. Titus 2:13-14

    God is one.

    Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD. Deuteronomy 6:4

    Jesus and God are one.

    I and my Father are one. John 10:30

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…All things were made by him…He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not…And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us John 1:1, 3, 10, 14

    Jesus saith…he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father? John 14:9

    For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. 1 John 5:7

    God has a Son.

    [T]he LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Psalms 2:7

    Jesus is God’s Son.

    … [Jesus] said also that God was his Father… John 5:18

    I have more if you guys want 🙂

  829. monsterball says:

    hahahahahahaha..I never knew we have so many religious fanatics!!
    Tell that to te muslims…hahahahahaha
    Tha’s why you botyh are fighting till Kingdom come.
    I repeat…I don’t want to hear this ot that…I want hear Jesus said…’I am God. Follow me”
    WHY QUOTE to ME ‘I and my father are one” Why not give me the whole context? and Jesus SAID..’He who has seen me..see the father…bla bka bla”
    Again give me full context!!!
    Go read properly…Jesus was teaching people precisely…..if you listen tio me is like listening to God…..period!! He never claim to be God. HE CLAIMS TO BE A PROPHET!!
    The first verse..In the beginning….the word God should be GODS!! Go check out the original Hebrew text word!!
    And lastly….God has children by the tons….as the word God is used freely in everyday life at that time.”godly person….godly child…may god be with you…bla ba bla
    You can quote the whole bible…who cares.
    Nowadays good Christians or Muslims do not talk like you anymore. They talk truths and have FAITH in the BOOKS..that’s good.
    You and hawk simple ignore more that three quarters of the world’s
    population don’t believe one word you say….and the evils that men do are sadly from the Christian world….USA and England..right now.
    Go pray for their sins….not try to preach your nonsense to us.
    Whatever it is…..Bless you both good souls…that’s what you are…but not logical…..simply believe like dumbells SAD!!

  830. monsterball says:

    Get it clear…I am defending Jesus!!
    You all are making a mockery of a holy man.
    You have made him a product to sell as religion.
    Day in day out….all these are now exposed…yet you keep blind eyes to the truths. What era was Jesus born under the ROMAN EMPIRE…DO YOU KNOW?
    If you don’t know the political…social and economical situation of his period….how on Earth CAN YOU TALK SENSIBLE THINGS?
    Yes have faith and believe it your religion…..but do not talk like as if you are the best..the only one and all others are idiots…for that tyou wuill have monsterball to expose your idiotic minds.
    I am very very sure good Christians do not talk like you both…memorise this or that…and ignore logics….just simply believe.
    Millions lie you do not blare out to downgrade other religions…..so you want a battle on religions?
    Now you tell me…..which is the first religion on Earth….you smart guys…anyone.
    I can quote all that Jesus said were copied from other people….even his miracles….so don’t try to be too smart.
    Be a faithful follower….listen to his good words….but don’t m,ake him ther one and only God…he never said it. Next time quote the whole context….not one sentence. So go read the whole context and understand why Jesus SAID..’ME AND MY FATHER ARE ONE”…..GO READ THE WHOLE CONTEXT!!!

  831. monsterball says:

    Time and time again Jesus told those listening to him..to listen to his good news…follow his example ..be pure in hearts…and then all will see his father like he does. The
    “Father” hear the invicilble unexplainable blissful life….cannot be explained or seen.
    once again….go back to his era..he his speaking to shepherds…carpenters…farmers…fishermen….very few educated people.
    Even his 12 diciples….only Judas is a lawyer and educated….all are always mistaken what he was telling them…so many times.
    A lesser men will give up and commit sucide….but Jesus was not a lesser man.
    And get it clear….without Judas….you may not have Jesus to hero worship…as during Jesus time….at least 6 more prophets are saying much more powerful holy doctrines than him.
    Last but not least…there are 33 books….including one from Judas…why choose only four by King Constantine?
    So padzac…before you blare out more….know your history of your religion.

  832. monsterball says:

    hi padzac….God this god that…..who make the word ‘GOD”?
    Man made it!! But you will say..God spoke!! How do you know he spoke? You read it from the bible.
    So don’t let me go and explain God has no tongue…if so…need to drink water and urinate and eat and shit like all of us.
    Holy spirit this holy spirit that.
    Right now…how holy are those that revised and revised the bible…calling it the new testament.
    You know what is the Koran?? It is call …The Last Testament
    Go proof them wrong…..don’t preach to us…..and the Koran has not one filthy word….in the bible…it is like reading few sex stories…incests…fouls words….that’s how the youngsters learn them…from the bible.
    According to this according to that…yet you never question that….WHY?

  833. monsterball says:

    All my foul words I learn from the bible in a missionary school for 11 years…..hahahahahahaha

  834. monsterball says:

    Now I read the Koran….make me feel so guilty…but at my age…I have a licence to do anything……..hahahahaha

  835. monsterball says:

    And Buddha’s words…make me hunger for TRUTHS’
    The more you get it ..the more you will need to suffer to get to the next step.
    This makes my life useful and purposeful…as I need to think think think and don’t simply believe….not even what Buddha said….that was how Buddha teaches….not to simply believe.

  836. monsterball says:

    Then I recalled he was an INDIAN…so Hindhuhism thrills me….and then he spoke like Confucious ..the wise man of China.
    I made it to real ALL books for 15 years…and thanks to the discovery channel…I learned much more.
    So hawk and padzac….go learn more….not just your bible.
    Otherwise…keep quite and don’t mock Jesus.
    He is not GOD….PERIOD!!

  837. monsterball says:

    I have enough!!

  838. hawk says:

    Thx padzac. Ive never been a verse warrior.

    We have sowed the seed to many salted soil, one of whom is monsterball. Lets just pray with fervent faith, that these seeds will take root and grow.

    Long ago, one seed was sown to the soil of SAUL who became PAUL. And, here we are , belonging to the same vine and branching out.

    GOD bless.

    Hawk who is really a Pigeon.

  839. kittykat46 says:

    Hallelujah…has anyone here seen the “Life Of Brian” by Monty Python – not this Monty, lah. “Always look on the bright side of life”.
    Hehehe..I know the movie is banned in Malaysia…

    Move on Monty, ignore the arrows, ignore the barbs, they are just words……nothing like C-4.

  840. padzac says:

    July 5th, 2007 at 7:20 am

    Thx padzac. Ive never been a verse warrior.

    We have sowed the seed to many salted soil, one of whom is monsterball. Lets just pray with fervent faith, that these seeds will take root and grow.

    Long ago, one seed was sown to the soil of SAUL who became PAUL. And, here we are , belonging to the same vine and branching out.

    GOD bless.

    Hawk who is really a Pigeon.

    No worries, Brother. How do I get in touch with you? I’m not a verse warrior myself, having only studied the bible for a year now, but God has been good to me. If u can send me a PM of sorts, I’ll send u my blog address.

    Have an awesome day, Brother and GBU always……

  841. stenson chin says:

    I am not particularly religious.I only know how to fall in love.I enjoy that kind of feeling of in love and be love.At this moment I have a weird feeling for this charming fascinating lady called jean.It is fun to have her around in any party.She is a live fire.Whether she likes me or angry with me for expressing myself,does not matter.I enjoy her company.Speak more often my lady jean.

  842. monsterball says:

    Falling in love is good stenson chin. Falling in love with wrong person…may end up with a c4…..hahahahahaha
    Falling out of love is worst…but one can get over it soon…depends on how strong your character is.
    Falling in love…just because you need someone can get into trouble too…too selfish.
    Falling in love with your heart saying that …once you meet the right person is best feelings…day and night thinking pf her….see her …is like heaven..touch her is like paradise…kiss her….wow…she lights up your life completely…..you see stars!!!. GET THAT FEELINGS.

  843. monsterball says:

    kittykat….will do. thanks

  844. hawk says:

    Padzac: We can be in touch later.

    GOD cannot be found by just studying. I know U found GOD first, when you opened your heart and now you just need to read more to feed yourself with the bread of life. Do not walk on your own. Be in fellowship. Regularly stay on course. The journey for steadfastness is long, and if u ever fall, never feel u r abandoned, but always be confident that GOD is always beside you, ready to forgive and love you again and again. His GRACE is amazing. He will even forgive HITLER if he ever did repented and asked for forgiveness.

    Well, for Stenson, maybe u should try other sites for mating. Feeling of romance comes readily when testesterones are fully filled in your balls arousing your basic instincts for procreation. Love is for procreation not recreation.

    Whatever u do, respect this principle or understanding. The lady will give sex only when she s sure your love is committed. A guy need to love or pretend to love for the sex he wants. Do be sincere. Surely, you dont to have to marry 3 times of more just to realise love is also responsibility, expecting more responsibility than being even being religious!!.

    By the way, do u know what is the most beautiful sex organ ever created by GOD?

    Then SEX is holy. It is a creation of GOD. Only man corrupts it, making it as like dirty pornography.

  845. padzac says:

    amen, hawk.

  846. monsterball says:

    Look at this idiotic hawk…so holy….yet so cunning with his doubt talks….like a real snake.
    hi idiot…married three times….means three times more experiences lah.
    Let stenson reply to his remarks…especially on sex organ……hahahahahaha

  847. monsterball says:

    God create this God create that.
    Why did God create flies…..to eat your shit…then pass it to others ..then get food poisoning and die…then recreation again.

  848. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…Talking DOG…I mean GOD stuffs….yet still know next to nothing what it is…and his pal padzac said ‘amen”….these two have so much guilt in lives….afraid to go to hell….which is the place waiting for both of you ..if you keep mocking Jesus.

  849. kittykat46 says:

    When people think they are falling in love, it is often something else, except they usually can’t recognise the truth at that point in time.
    The whole world is upside down at that point, the sky is blue, the grass is green, birds are singing , there is music in the air…..
    Often it is actually one of the below 🙂
    a) Lust – heheheh – something “down there” is doing the thinking
    b) Loneliness
    c) Giving qualities to the person he/she doesn’t actually have
    d) Physical attraction – just a pretty/ handsome face

  850. stenson chin says:

    I dont like going to battle with you preacher and hypocrite.Save thyself.
    I found those common people are better than you hypocrites.You should create your own blog preaching to your own self righteous freaks.Kingdom of heaven does not belong to you alone and your freaky snobbish pharisees.GOD loves every creation of his irrespective of race and colour and religious belief.
    It is tax collectors like you that chase away potential christians to be and give christianity a bad name.You hide yourself under hawk.In actural fact you are just a scarecrow.A typical example of good christian is Lina Joy.She sticks to her gun despite threat and persecution.She is truly great.Not you hypocrite.Trying to portray yourself walking in the righteous path.Uncle monty takes the trouble to entertain you.I have no time for you hypocrites.

  851. wits0 says:

    While I don’t subscribe to MB and his glorification of mulltiple marriage because ultimately marriage is fundamentally a man-made convention – something which religionists often claim an overall role in controlling/administrating, I find the suggestion of fundamentalist moralising on the virtue of appeasement and not taking responsibility of oneself far more repulsive and irresponsible.

    To irresponsibly prescribe “authoritatively” a certain fixed peacenik mode of response for others regardless of the situation by drawing an inane interpretation of the scripture is foolish and irresponsible. There are enough atheistic peaceniks and anti-war nuts around already. No need to bring in the nutcase Christian ones as well. For a a person to proclaim himself/herself is something actually presumptuous. It is as if all other people, who don’t, are pro-war! Very self-righteously presumptuously lost wrt how to face any situation according to the existent need.

    Before you mislead on with your version of Christianity, Hawk, remember the instance where Jesus said(for self defense), “He that has no sword, let him sell his cloak and buy one.”

    I don’t agree with MB’s fashionable US bashing either but it’s even more overboard to preach non-action when action is called for. Even Buddha did not prohibit self defense…only a certain idiotarian and confuse school of it perhaps. Truly peaceful religions don’t stress much on self-defense knowing how certain things need no unnecessary stressing, like namely, sex. It is implicitly understood that man must take responsibility for his own well-being and action. It is wrong for Hawk to quote Karma as another rationale for non-action(and appeasement). In any case, a rigid Christian is not expected to accept what is termed, “Karma” because that’s foreign to its teachings. Although it meant merely, Action and Reaction, often an observable Law of Nature within one’s lifetime for those not so blur .

    Serious erroneous zone of misconception has to be dealt with first otherwise it’s the case of the blind hoping to lead the blind.

  852. hawk says:

    Close yr eyes, close yr ears. No one is pretending holiness here. Hv explained what christians are. We go to Church not becos we r holy. Rather, we are aware of our sins and want to deal with them.

    You choose not to deal with yours, thats your priviledge. We are not condemning. Not once did we accuse any of u as infidels!!. So, where is the hypocrisy? We are not setting rules that are imposed for any to follow.

    I m here, in respond to monsterball, becos he damns me with all kinds of names. I dont respond to others who were critical of my postings becos it was entered to be commented upon , positively or negatively. No one else damned me with names except MB.

    Whatever, I m delighted I won the debate over MB when we locked horns last nite. He got himself confused, contradicting all his postings with rants, and ended up with nothing else to say but calling me another name!!. And, he surrendered…..”I hv enough” so he despaired.

    Just to show a light side of me, I discussed about sex, which seems taboo to anything that seems holy. We are as normal as any of you here. There is no hypocricy. If u can see our insides, that sinful nature within is as glaring as any other ones. Thats why we need Jesus, to help us, not to overcome, but to cleanse us.

    And,now, I better tell you what that beautiful sex organ is. Cos, Monsterball may be on run, looking under the skirts of anything moving to find that beautiful sex organ.

    Well, it flowers. FLOWERS are the most beautiful sex organ nature has provided. (If to mention its GODs creations may put to defiance some of you).

  853. monsterball says:

    hi witsO….MB can mean Mentri Besar. Better go back to monty. Don’t be that lazy……hahahahahaha. You are a true Buddhist….regardless whatever religion you embrace. I am still half past six Buddhist and learning………HAHAHAHAHA
    Beloved stenson chin….Believe me… I am learning from your message. You do know what is right or wrong and certainly on religion…you are absolutely right….especially on Lina Joy.

  854. monsterball says:

    You mean pollen from flowers and you missed out the birds and the bees…hahahahaha

  855. monsterball says:

    hawk…Did you read stenson chin message?
    You advised him…he responded….why ignore?
    As for both of us….bravo!! You win!! What a hero you are……hahahahahahaha

  856. monsterball says:

    The Queen bee started with her first message….and I quote: ‘”Let me be the first to welcome you”
    She did answer everyone …then I came in….she simply disappear….hahahahaha. Must be busy with beeezeeneess searching for right flowers..or relaxing and enjoying monsterball make a fool of himself with some fools… her site has attracted them….hahahahahahaha
    hi Queen bee….Susan….response to stenson chin
    Where the heck is jeancumlately???

  857. monsterball says:


  858. monsterball says:

    Like nuts and bolts…You screw them tightly….hahahahahaha

  859. monsterball says:

    Then cannot screw well…you apply some WD-40 to loosen it……hahahahahahaha

  860. monsterball says:

    Or if it is too loose….apply some super glue and just shaft in it….hahahahahaha

  861. padzac says:

    Padzac: We can be in touch later.

    GOD cannot be found by just studying. I know U found GOD first, when you opened your heart and now you just need to read more to feed yourself with the bread of life. Do not walk on your own. Be in fellowship. Regularly stay on course. The journey for steadfastness is long, and if u ever fall, never feel u r abandoned, but always be confident that GOD is always beside you, ready to forgive and love you again and again. His GRACE is amazing. He will even forgive HITLER if he ever did repented and asked for forgiveness.

    The amen I posted earlier was to hawk’s above statement because he addressed this particular para to me. If I have caused anyone to be mislead, please forgive me.

  862. monsterball says:

    Still fail to connect…give them to stenson chin to blast them in orbit with his golf stick….good riddance to bad nuts and bolts….hahahahahaha
    And if he say to uncle monty…you are nuts!!
    I will reply….that’s correct…because my bolt is hopeless…..hole too big……..hahahahahaha

  863. monsterball says:

    Actually I am the hopeless bolt….hahahahahahaha

  864. monsterball says:

    hi the above is to make you all laugh….don’t ever think I am hopeless as monsterball….or monty….but never MB{Mentri Besar}…..hahahahahaha

  865. wits0 says:

    Padzac and Hawk perhaps should, e.g., be concerned with the persistently contrived action of ACLU which is persistently anti-Christianity in the name of the the law(Constitution) of their land : http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,287940,00.html

    So, if Christians don’t fight for their rights, expect someone else to, for you? ACLU is easily a roguish and contrivatedly aggressive atheistic body(funded by the US government!) forever focussing SOLELY on finding fault with the inconsequential artifacts and symbolism of Christianity in the name of civil liberties in the US.

  866. hawk says:

    Lets just worry about what is in our homeland first.

    A GOVT does need something to check its power. Ours is getting a free reign since I was born!!.

    Now theres a seed which can grow to counterbalance that in power. Lets help this seed grow. A quiet revolution by this blog. People power via the net. Gradually, spreading a message across that can fulfill this mission and vision.

    I m really not a politician, neither a preacher. But, just want to help make a difference to the political arena of our nation. If any here have political motives, show us your blog. Then if u subscribe same intentions, we will back u up. We will even gather the grassroots here, so u can see the numbers that make up our cause. Lets discuss many issues here that can confront and check the GOVT.

    I believe the first article to put forth, is an allegiance to GOD, whatever your belief may be. Without GOD, we are powerless to attempt this. If our diversity reaches out to Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, and etc etc, it will be great!!. Each of us pray to our respective GODs with the same prayer. Surely, one of them, whichever one doesnt matter, must be true and our prayers get answered.

    Hence, I need to make a commitment to my GOD for this, in this blog. If I may, let me pray a silent prayer. To all those who would pray with me, please do so.

  867. hawk says:

    For Stenson:

    What makes you think we wont stand to persecution? I am standing to you now, and you are persecuting, damning, and accusing me of sorts!!

    At no time, did I or any other Christians try to impose our beleifs and lifestyle to you or any other. How can we damn u as sinnerrs as we are same too.

    We just declare and inform to you the GOOD NEWs. The good news that our sins can be forgiven by a neat and clear salvation plan of GOD, such that we can claim the KINGDOM of heaven.

    If you dont want it, thats your priviledge. Earn your salvation the hard way. We will not be accusing you of being infidels and get our Christian Inquisitors ( if there be any now) to lock u up and tortue you until u accept the faith.

  868. padzac says:

    Hawk, I am with you, Brother.

    The only reason I posted scriptures was because someone asked how can we prove that Jesus is indeed God. That is the only reason I did that. I never thought posting scriptures could bring on so much animosity, to the point of being abusive. I don’t recall posting anything abusive but I was shocked when I saw the amount of abuse that was churned out.

    As for being persecuted, Lina Joy isnt the only one who is going through it. Many Christians are indeed persecuted in the world out there for not compromising. Try going into the jungles of Malaysia to work in a medical camp at a church in an Orang Asli settlement. And to be followed in by certain people who went on to threaten our presence in the settlement church. Imagine a false police report being lodged against us who are working in the camp. Imagine being hauled in for questioning for doing good work providing medical treatment to fellow Christians.

    We just don’t go abt announcing more details because we don’t want more hindrances.

  869. wits0 says:

    Hawk: “Lets just worry about what is in our homeland first.”

    I expect you to say that. Not that it’s entirely wrong to but the whole planet is fast becoming a global village in modern times, especially with mass communication now enabled. Up to a point only is that true. In teaching about the Eightfold Path, e.g., http://www.thebigview.com/buddhism/eightfoldpath.html it is not implied that one is expected to go one step at a time but to practice all the eight simultaneously. Therefore it becomes rather contrived to apply the same type of arithmatical concept rigidly. Because it resembles something like saying that until one is rich, there’s no need to practise charity of substance or thoughts!

    Your concept of Spirituality seems to be exclusively tied like an umbilicus cord to the God Concept but men h