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What really happenned on Saturday?

I guess the best part of the yellow day was the evident riff between Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the King. Bakri Musa says it succinctly: “You have now been challenged, Mr. Prime Minister, openly and publicly by your own citizens, and you have emerged impotent!

“That huge street rally may be illegal to you, but the King had consented to receiving its leaders and their petition.

“In effect, the King too has challenged you, Abdullah! In case you did not get the message, you had just been served a very public royal rebuff”.

A royal rebuff is what we need. But we also need our Agong to go a bit further. Have some balls. When the time comes for Parliament to be dissolved, please say “NO”. Can you at least do this, Tuanku. And show Abdullah the Bersih petition. You have rights, you know, under the Federal Constitution, Section 40(a), that is.

Or else, the rebuff or the riff is merely imaginary. And the rally, and all those who suffered tear gas, chemical laced water and arrests – those who wanted electoral reforms and who turned up in yellow on Saturday – will be futile.

Don’t let the Umno morons scare you by saying that you are now being “dragged into politics”. So what if you are. In those days, your forefathers fought over boundaries. It is not so very different from what is happening today – electoral reforms.

Now that all the brouhaha over Yellow Saturday is over, tell me, what is Bersih’s next plan?

What if things go on as usual? What if the EC continue to lie on its laurels and not move an inch, what happens, then? What can be done to delay elections until there is a total revamp, reform and clean-up of the electoral system?

Will Bersih ask the people not to vote? Will Bersih ask the Opposition to boycott elections?

Is Bersih waiting for a royal intervention or will it just let the EC continue to do what it does best – kowtow to Umno, and call for elections as and when, it is asked to?

I guess the people are looking out for Bersih to act on these issues.

As for the Opposition hijacking the rally, well, check out: Ktemoc and Dansemacabre.

As for the media, sigh…

As expected, the government-owned (stop! calling them mainstream) media [GOM] has blacked-out the real essence of the Bersih rally on Sunday. The gathering was portrayed as nothing more than a nuisance, the cause of massive traffic jam. Did anyGOM dare publish a single photo of protestors with yellow T-shirts?

Suddenly, they’ve all become creative also, reporting the protest as nothing more than an illegal assembly. There was hardly any mention of electoral reforms. It’s easy to divert attention, isn’t it?

They also seem to follow a different mathematical formula to assess the number of protesters. 4,000 and not 40,000? Perhaps there was a technical glitch or perhaps just a case of poor Mathematics.

On the other hand, the non-government owned media (there is nothing alternative about them) was more creative, though. Sensationalism sells. In journalism today, one is either lazy or a coward.

Coz what do we read? Same old bantering. Tear-gas, water cannons, arrests and releases. At the end of day, who achieved their ends? Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, of course.

He managed to prove that the people were violent, or loved rowdiness. He forgot, though, that the people prevailed.

And the police misbehaviour only proves time and again, that the police are a tool for Umno.

The Election Commission is, too, the way Abdullah or DPM Najib can wantonly drop hints on when the election is.

How can Abdullah say he has “no inspiration” to call for elections? Is it up to him?

I would really like to hear a journalist ask him about this.


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  1. k.esu says:

    After falling ill with fever and lying bedridden for days, Raskolnikov is overcome with paranoia and begins to imagine that everyone he meets suspects him of the murder; the knowledge of his crime eventually compromises his sanity….but only after Raskolnikov has confessed to the murder and been sent to imprisonment in Siberia.


  2. galadriel says:


    Abdullah may say whatever he wants abt Inspirations but there is an expiry date on the validity of his government. he does have to get a fresh mandate by a certain date or the entire govt becomes illegal…heheh

  3. wits0 says:

    Pelican: “I shall not be challenged!”


  4. ktemoc says:

    3 things:

    (i) he will call for the GE, sooner rather than later, as things are getting worse for him – he reckons he still has the ‘heartland’ behind him – this plus Sabah should see him through

    (ii) I am not keen to overplay the royal card – we’re giving too much credit to those royals – think a southern State – so best to let them stay as constitutional figureheads

    (iii) there is currently a fairly good opposition momentum so while not expecting the ‘Spirit of 69’, there is sufficient dynamics for the opposition to make a reasonable impact in the GE despite the gerrymandering and postal votes – think significant chipping away of the establishment rather than miraculous overthrowing of them – the journey of a 1000 li starts with the first step

  5. sungame says:

    It is sad to witness what you the people have to go through these days. Scary to, as it looks a little too much like what is going on in Pakistan. However, it is uplifting to see that people care enough to face teargas and water cannons. I hope and believe that one day, in a not so distant future, you the people shall indeed overcome. Like galadriel writes, there is an expiry date on government…

  6. TsuChong says:


    Yea, was thinking alot about “what’s next?” too.

    For me, BERSIH would have to continue the progress on the memorandum. Whether to continuing to assert pressure, calling another mass rally (personally i do not hope so, not on such short interval), or whatever it takes to get the memorandum idea “moving”.

    Besides that and perhaps even more importantly, is what everybody can do – to correct the public’s perception on 10/11. Lot’s of bystanders are still thinking that last saturday was a riot, “opposition gimmick” (ala PM), racial thingy (ala DPM), and basically just kecoh. This is where everyone can contribute – continue spreading the TRUTH!

    The battle is not over. Round 2 is coming up!

  7. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    I must say Susan has balls to accept wits0 contribution of the rustling poster. (i don’t have to elaborate whom Hitler is comparable with)

    The duality of hipocricy of the administation of PM Badawi is only aimed at assemblies/public protest (co)organised or supported by the opposition parties which reflects the use of force and arrest on peaceful demonstrators at the recent and prior (Trengganu) BERSIH rally and other peaceful assemblies.

    But when the protests and illegal assemblies were organised by the UMNO such as the 1st (dedicated US slang to person of highest rank) son-in-law of Malaysia went wild when US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice meeting with the government and when he led athe thugs of UMNO Youth stealing the limelight from other NGOs against the Military Junta at the Myanmar embassy, the police were seen as a mere harmless barricade
    and no arrest was made. (Arresting KJ? I will make anyone run for my money. )

    It is the same when similar protests/demonstrations were held at the US embassy especially by pro-Palestinians group, as no arrest were made.

    This clearly enunciates that police-permits are issued not by the police but by the BN government and one need not obtained a police-permit as long as the ruling junta, sorry I mean the BN government tacitly approved of such gatherings/ and assemblies as they are the ones to judge whether it is illegal or otherwise.

    When the local media reportage of a mere 4,000 protestors,
    a vast inversion of what has been reported by the foreign media shown on TVs, internets, witnessed by countless and documented, it is suffice to say that the foreign media is nigh dicisive and unbiased which clearly reflects the corruption transparency index and the freedom of the press both slopping velocity is faster than an avalance is proven to be empirical having witness scandals, abuse of powers, corruptions, predates us everyday.

    And if we, the Malaysian whom are right in it’s submission to the AGUNG
    for a FREE and FAIR ELECTION SYSTEMS and to suggest reviewing officials to oversee the electorate process, is the only way to justify a fair a just winner.

    Someone even propagates that the ONLY solution or way the ‘rakyat’ to decide is the ballot box. Of course, but ONLY it there is no vote rigging, phantom-voters, and foremostly the questionable postal votes. Such person/s whom advocated Mahathir’s recriminations that the only way to change a govenment is through the ballot box knowing well their underhand and upperhand machinery is at work, is as good as The Great Khali of WWE calling a 5 year old a coward when the latter refuse to challenge him on hand to hand combat.

    IF the AGUNG really intervene by refusing the mandate for the Government’s call for election and YOU should know what IMPACT when the ususally ceremonial KING defies a ruling goverrnment a mandate for an election. Will the swing and non voters, even the venal voters changed votes/sides? And will Badawi lost his balls and call for reviewing officials for a total transparency of the electorate system?

    I beleive the BERSIH and all supporters in YELLOW and all arm-chairs supporters are willing to pay the price if they are wrong that the electrorate system is fradulent, but will the ruling government willing to pay the same price if they are wrong by redressing and overhauling the whole electorate system?

    I am willing to pay the price if what I have written is mala fide, I am giving away exculpatory rights for anyone to shoot me if I am wrong. But consider my cyberfriend Monty is far, in fact more than double the age of me, you can execute him first. He will be proud to die as a HERO and FOREVER be remembered as a Saviour by all.

    I hope Susan may consider to re-instate the white backdrop with black ink and bigger letter format, the reasons I wrote many unneccesary mistakes in typing. Being a faithful fan here, I guess I am on my way to an optician soon.

  8. k.esu says:

    What if the EC continue to lie on its laurels and not move an inch, what happens, then?
    Someone in Perak is trying taking the bull by the horns:

    SPR, Perak given 14 days to reply

    I have asked the Pengarah, Pilihanraya Perak to let us have a reply in writing within 14 days to confirm the correctness of the report in Malaysiakini dated 9th October, 2007 regarding the alleged increase of 8,463 voters in Ipoh Timur.

    If confirmed to be correct, I have asked him to clarify how the increased postal voters were arrived at and to confirm whether there has been any increase in the number of army barracks and police stations in the constituency and if so, the number.


  9. k.esu says:

    `I hope Susan may consider to re-instate the white backdrop with black ink..`

    Can experiment with yellow and red also. Besides b/w, yellow/red offers most contrast.

  10. natsinned says:

    Susan in Bangkok can advice or inform how the “people’s power” works in Thailand in details for guidance and directions. .

  11. toot hoot says:

    “As police we’re not experts in dealing with monkeys. We can deal with mad bulls but monkeys are more difficult,” he said.

    No wonder BN esp. KJ/Nazri/Zam get away with their non-sense.

  12. bamboo river says:

    Harrison, how was your trip and experience on 10 eleven ?
    I was planning to go with a group of buddies but got myself in a freak accident at work on 9 eleven.
    So, ended up in hospital to put back my wrist to the correct position.
    So, I read some commentators did attend the 10 eleven.
    Back to the subject……..what did we achieve after all are :

    We got the attention internationally.
    We managed to prod our PM intentionally.
    We got that Zam acting and speaking rhetorically.
    We got 40,000 plus Malaysians support physically.
    We got the whole Klang valley traffic at stand still momentorilly.

    However it is still the beginning and yet to end eventually.
    I salute Malaysians who joined the march on 10 eleven.
    For me, I did not make it for I had to be at 9 eleven (911).
    So, better shut up. 🙂

  13. adam and eve says:

    i so damn proud of all u guys and gals

  14. adam and eve says:

    i so damn proud of all u guys and gals.there is salvation for malaysia after all

  15. mary kate says:

    Hi Susan, do you know that Nazri (who else, right) said that the 40,000 people there were Pondans. Like your blog, but I had to really squint my eyes to read them. cheers 🙂

  16. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    Dear Bamboo,

    I was with a few KLites friends, joined with fellow strangers braving the rain, walking in high spirits. Never at harm’s way shouting ‘Daulat Tuanku’.

    And Bamboo, I was wearing YELLOW with a blue jacket (just in case I was stopped by the FRU, I will tell them I am an undercover sent by the Home Ministry or other sleight-of-hands pretextes), and ended up at the Istana about 3pm. My jeans are wet and mucked up. And I met another friend of mine in black jeans who came lately and I asked her why.

    She told me she haven’t have an ( ) for 2 years with stray men she bedded. She’s a journalist, and her writings not worth a hoe. I promised to make her come twice before my canon squirts it’s raw. The rest you could read elsewhere and thanks for you support and about your wrist, sorry to hear that, may GOD bless and hasten in the recuperation.

    I hope we can be together in another imminent protest to come. As I take to heart the words of Dr. Hsu Darren’s that young people like me/us are obligated to make some changes.

    Thanks for many who drop me some e-mails including some folks here.

  17. jeancumlately says:


  18. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Susan,
    Unfortunately I’ve been out of the country while all this happened.

    It was quite well reported internationally, unfortunately another blow to Malaysia’s standing for integrity (or lack of).

  19. hoot says:

    I think the failure of the cops to catch this murderer endangers our kids far more than anything else.

    I didn’t see a single shred of proof where kids were used as human shields.

    Those, as far as I am concerned, are lies and defamation.

    Not everyone is as ridiculously rich as the top cops in this country (oh yes, we know how rich) to afford babysitters and the like.


  20. Harrison Bin Hansome says:

    well hooty, you did not see any proof does not mean that it never happened although I doubted kids were used as human shields. Imagine if athe law enforcement roughed up the crippled forefronts with full media coverage and snapshots, would they be charged and the Government responsible for the cruel actions?

    It’s just the ‘game’, a very good one to snake it’s way in to the palace to hand
    in a memo to Her Majesty. Read this inspiring post by non other than the BIG GUN of Malaysian Bloggers:-

  21. lobobreed says:

    Ms. Loone, I’m glad to see you are still blogging, but sorry to see Malaysia is still a fascist-racist scat house. Here, in America, we are dealing with our own set of fascists, who infest both our main political parties. We’re trying to elect Ron Paul, a libertarian-minded constitutionalist. His election will help freedom-lovers around the world. Fascism will fall, or mankind will not survive. — Silverwolf

  22. Janefox says:

    I witness some bad-blood here between commenters, right?

  23. hooty says:

    Harrison Bin Hansome you may be interested in this:

    Hawker: Police broke my knee during rally
    Livelihood affected
    ‘You can’t do this to people’

  24. hooty says:

    Ron Paul `freedom lovers` haha:

    The Ron Paul Campaign and its Neo-Nazi Supporters

  25. lobobreed says:

    hooty — You make a good point. But consider the following: The overthrow of the Bill of Rights by the Dem/Reps is the greatest threat to all minority groups in the US. Both parties have trampled on the Bill of Rights. Take away the Bill of Rights and you pave the way for another Hitler. Also, a large factor in the Nazis rise to power was hyperinflation, and the US dollar is being inflated by the “responsible” politicians of both parties. Dr. Paul’s election would lead to a sound dollar and prosperity, and racism tends to decline sharply in the US when times are good, and increase sharply when times are bad. Elect any of the other politiciians, and inflation will increase greatly, and might lead to hyper-inflation.
    The Nazis support him because he is an extreme anti-gun control advocate, almost to the point of absurdity. But Paul has stated that racism is a form of collectivist thinking, which is his main enemy. Note too that his election would mean that groups like the JDL could own assault rifles. I don’t agree with this position, but it would keep Nazis constantly looking over their shoulder.
    I too am bothered by his seeming animus towards Israel and the pro-Israel lobby. But he would also cut all aid to Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia who currently receive collectively more aid than Israel. His tax cuts would leave every supporter of Israel with much more money in their pockets than Israel receives in direct aid from the US government, and they could donate that tax savings to Israel and she’d have more money than she currently receives. He has also said Israel has a right to defend itself, and is currently being hobbled by the Bush Administrations telling it not to retaliate when it is shelled on a daily basis. Under libertarian doctrine, Israel would have the right to defend itself and go after its attackers.
    If Ron Paul was a Jew-hater, why would he constantly quote Mises, Hayek and Rothbard, all of whom were Jewish, and have photos of them on the walls of his congressional office? Why would he have a long friendship with Aaron Russo, who was Jewish and came within a few votes of being the Libertarian Party candidate in 2004? Why would Barry Manilow, who is Jewish, donate $2300 to his campaign?
    Maybe he feels that that if a racist wants to support him, that’s their right. Or publish his columns in their racist rags. I think he should repudiate these groups and donations, but maybe he feels that if they help him get elected, they are slitting their own throats. Also, why did he support Goldwater in 1964, who was half-Jewish, though a convert to Christianity, or Reagan who was known for years as a staunch supporter of Israel?
    Ron Paul is the Nazi’s worst nightmare; they’re just too stupid to realize it.
    And remember the Nazis were socialists, collectivists, who believed in the power of the state and its right to intrude in all aspects of a person’s life. Ron Paul’s philosophy is completely opposite,as is the philosophy of the Mises institute, though I don’t like his support for prayer is schools at all.
    What about Rabbi Jackie Mason’s claim that Hillary Clinton has been heard on numerous occasions to use the phrase “Jew-bastard”? I never heard a response to that from her camp.
    Finally, I’ve read a lot of anti-Semitism coming from monsterball in the previous Susan Loone blog, which is exactly why I stopped commenting on that blog. I never recall Susan repudiating it. In fact, most of the commentators seemed to have very friendly relations with that vicious racist.
    In sum, I don’t personally believe that Ron Paul is an anti-Semite, but I am troubled by some of the facts brought out in the column you quote. However, defending the Bill of Rights and the soundness of the dollar are the most important factors for the American Jewish community, and all other minorities in America. Overthrow the Constitution and debase the currency, and its just a matter of time before another Jew-hater gets into the whitehouse.
    It’s good to know there are some real anti-Nazis left in Malaysia.

  26. wits0 says:

    Lobobreed, you shouldn’t be perturbed by wild and inconsistent commentators at Susan’s Blog. The ramblers can’t be credible or taken seriously. You can tell the astute from the sorely (and “unreexaminedly”) prejudiced. Susan, as host, need not have to tick off the specimen(s) all the time. Somebody else would rise to the occassion when the stupidity becomes exceedingly excessive.

  27. […] her on the mostly PAS organised and supported BERSIH rally on November 10. She defended herself by saying the rally was organised by BERSIH and she was part […]

  28. lobobreed says:

    witsO — Yes, you’re right. I wouldn’t permit what I consider racist speech on a blog of mine, but I don’t hold it against anyone if their commitment to free speech is so strong that they feel repressing such speech is censorship. Censorship is a terrible,terrible thing. Lord Bertrand Russell, and the brilliant novelist, Alberto Moravia, whose works I would strongly recommend to all, were both fierce opponents of censorship. But monsterball was such a “pondan” I couldn’t dialogue with him. (See, Malaysian terms are being introduced into rural America — the power of the web.) Salaam, you all (pronounced ‘y’all’ in Americaneese). — Silverwolf

  29. wits0 says:

    Silverwolf: “But monsterball was such a “pondan..””

    He appears to be persistently boastful and delusionary like he was the special marcher in Bersih. Maybe he thinks he’s unique and as noble as “The Last of the Mohicans”. Rationality is surely not his forte.

    ‘Prejudice’, is something that can often be useful when it’s according evidence and experience on the personal level but often it can also be counter productive when unreflected on as a blind proachial overhang. Example, you wouldn’t walk down a dark alley.

  30. wits0 says:

    And certainly not found is much humility in him.

    So, Ktemoc, we can even play better together with Susan although we may have occassion to exchange views and ‘compliments’ fiercely in the past. But for sure, I don’t “hate you forever” (six, Whispering’s immortal words) and I don’t think you would in return either. 😉 Not so sure with Monsterball! Hahahaha!

  31. lobobreed says:

    wits0— When you say “He appears to be persistently boastful and delusionary like he was…” does “He” refer to Monsterball or me, because it sure sounds like an accurate description of myself?

    Also, was they poor blogging gentleman mentioned in Susan’s main article today, Raja Petra, the same Raja who wrote such excellent legalistic arguments formerly on Susan’s blog, but then ceased? I want to hire him for Supreme Court Justice when I form my new country. — Silverwolf

  32. wits0 says:

    It can’t be you, Lobo. ;). We all know who’s been making endless preposterous assertions and ad hominens.

  33. Lilian Garcia Nude

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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