Photos: In deep conversations – with Raja Petra Kamaruddin (top) listening intently, in the presence of Din Merican (middle photo) and meeting Lim Teck Ghee (3rd photo)

Altantuya’s dad, Stev Shariibuu must count himself lucky to have met Malaysian most famous blogger, Raja Petra Kamaruddin in Bangsar on 28 April. He met other well-known personalities, too.

RPK told Shariibuu he’s planning to launch a T-Shirt campaign for Justice for Altantuya on May 1st. He showed Shariibuu the sample of the T-shirt on his computer and the man was quite pleased with it.

Everyone is aware that his commentary on Altantuya on Malaysia-Today was indeed very hot: Let’s send Altantuya’s murderers to hell.

I found it very difficult to hold back my tears as Din continued with his narration of what Dr Shaariibuu said at his press conference. Yes, I am a very emotional person as many may have suspected by now. But I can also be very stubborn and stiff-lipped as well when facing an adversary, as the Special Branch officers from Bukit Aman have discovered. I am what the Malays would call ‘marah nyamuk, bakar kelambu’. And I would not hesitate to deny my body food and water as an act of defiance just to prove to my jailors that they may incarcerate my body but they can never own my mind or break my spirit. But hearing what Dr Shaariibuu had to say ‘broke’ me. Even my degil got tamed.

“Let’s bring these bastards down,” I told Din. “Let’s launch a ‘Justice for Altanatuya: restore Malaysia’s dignity’ campaign’ or something like that. These assholes must be sent to hell.”

Sariibuu also met with the Malaysian DJ Blogger (formerly the Reluctant Blogger) Din Merican, who was with Raja Petra.

From our conversation, I was able to learn firsthand how he felt losing his daughter, Altantuya who would have been 30 years old on April 28 (Mongolia birthday, Roman calendar is 6 May). I could see the strain on his face of having to bear this terrible loss, and the responsibility of taking care of his sickly grandson, and his family.

I told him that Malaysian public is very concerned as evidenced by their reactions to Raja Petra’s “No Holds Barred” piece which was carried on just two days  ago (25 April). He replied that the Malaysian public should be kept informed about the case and his own plight since the mainstream media is not doing so.

Earlier, Shariibuu and his lawyer met with Lim Teck Ghee at PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim’s office in Section 16. Lim told the duo that he used to work in the United Nations office in Mongolia. He offered his condolences as well.

Seems like the whole world knows what to do as Malaysians and human beings, everyone does, except it seems, our two top leadership, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Tun Razak.

Well, I did NOT vote for them, so I don’t feel so ashamed. Those of you who did…well?

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  1. aminiskandar says:

    Nice move Mr. Shariibuu.

    May the murderers will go to hell soon…

  2. ktemoc says:

    I don’t want to sound cynical, but there are a number of murder cases that could do with more publicity so as to put the pressure on the authorities to do something, for example, the still unsolved 9-year old Presheena Varshiny and 8-year old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, yet I don’t hear many bloggers or some so-called pollies of ‘conscience’ saying much.

    I said ‘cynical’ because I suspect this extraordinary focus on Altantuuyaa Shariibuu, though very much deserved, is being driven by more than altruistic, compassionate or justice reasons. It’s not unlike the political gimmick of Tian Chua’s infamous French dinner photo.

    Does Altantuuyaa have to be murdered twice, once for her life and then sensationally and politically for her memory?

  3. Antares says:

    All brain and no heart. That’s how you come across, Ktemoc. You don’t want to sound cynical? What absolute crap! You just haven’t outgrown your adolescent cynicism, that’s all. Cynicism is the ego’s protective shield. If you’re in the habit of wearing your character armour to bed, one of these nights you’ll get a wet dream and your armour will rust. You’re a clever man, for sure, but for all the wrong reasons! If you’re genuinely moved to do something for Presheena and Nurin, go ahead and blog about them instead of lifting your leg here and pissing on the resurgence of interest to see some real truth emerge from the Altantuya case.

  4. SOS says:

    Pea brain and chicken heart! That’s my conclusion of Ktemoc. We are talking about cover up in a high profile murder case that top politicians are implicated here.

    Yeah, go pee somewhere else…shooo…shooo………

  5. ah long says:

    The Altantuya case is attracting all the attention because it has a lot of political capital for Anwar and the opposition.

    If the trial is not done properly and it becomes a mockery of justice, the reputation of the Government or what’s left of it goes down with the garbage.

    It might just be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

  6. Kaki Ayam says:

    i agree with ah long. The difference between nurin murderers and altantuya are obvious. In altantuya case, justice is not even ‘seen’ to be serve…

    nurin murderers is barbaric, but the injustice that is happening in altantuya trial will have severe and long lasting consequences for each and every one of us…

  7. sam says:

    ::::I said ‘cynical’ because I suspect this extraordinary focus on Altantuuyaa Shariibuu, though very much deserved, is being driven by more than altruistic, compassionate or justice reasons. ::::::::::::::::::::

    Justice Reasons.
    This case deserves attention & publicity because of the complicity of the government in
    (1) DELAYing the due process of the court hearings.
    (2) That the gov highest security personnel are involved.
    (3) Immigration records of the deceased has been erased.

    So what more reasons do you want Mr K.Mock ??

  8. ktemoc says:

    My dear matey, Antares, who told us in an erudite letter to Malaysiakini not to be BN lemmings but didn’t say anything about being PKR lemmings 😉

    Am I “genuinely move to do something for Presheena and Nurin”?

    For my posts on Nurin and Presheena, you can always checked my blog.

    Additionally I have also posted this

    also read

    I also did one for the late Altantuuyaa at my blog ktemoc komposes – no political motive or gain – yes, there are people like so

    Also, do read

    have a good day Antares, and don’t rush forward off the cliff 😉

  9. KLMAN says:

    Justice may not be served on Altantuya’s gruesome murder. The
    direction of the hearing is very ambiguous and uncertain thus
    paving way for credibility on our already tainted judiciary
    system. There appears to be a cover-up on some political
    figure involved in this murder.

    If appropriate justice is not served for Altantuya’s murder, her dad
    should seek international pressure to reopen the case outside this
    shores. Maybe by this action, the real culprit is brought to justice
    and hanged in public. Damn your souls and your future generations!

  10. bexe says:

    This travesty of justice makes us Malaysians look like pariahs. We cannot allow this to happen. Once again, to RKP, ‘shabas’
    Wud help if i was in the country

  11. hutchrun says:

    My dear matey, Antares, who told us in an erudite letter to Malaysiakini not to be BN lemmings but didn’t say anything about being PKR lemmings 😉

    Haha joker man. You come across as a BN lemming. Keep hating Anwar, you are better at that. Najis loves you like brudder.

  12. hutchrun says:

    Shhh everyone, now ktemock maybe mocking Najib and implicating him in the murder of Nurin and Presheena also. Wow, this is getting to be very interesting.
    So, is this a dastardly move by MCA to get rid of Najib, I wonder.

  13. toyolbuster says:

    “We shall overcome someday”. And thats what we would. We shall first clip off the 2 dungoos from power like we clip off the wings of birds, not just the feathers but the entire wing span. Then we shall proceed with intense campaigning to apply maximum pressure on the due process of law, until justice is seen to be served. Then we shall pray for Altantuya’s soul to rest in peace. And may the devil haunt those who have been involved in the cruel murder till eternity.

  14. yapchongyee says:


    I refer to the High Court at Kuala Lumpur Originating Petition No. D2-26-41 OF 2001 ; Lim Choi Yin v. McLaren Saksama (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd and to the adjudicating Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali, of said Petition. According to CHARGES made by one Yap Chong Yee husband of Petitioner Lim Choi Yin, Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali had 1st approved all 6 Respondents’ application for security for costs in the sum of Rm.60,000 and upon payment of said security for costs of said Rm.60,000, Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali followed up the receipt of said Rm.60,000 by the approval to Respondent Stephen Lim Cheng Ban a 2nd and subsequent application by Respondent Stephen Lim Cheng Ban for an Order to strike out said Petition.

    The second and subsequent Application for an order to strike out said Petition was made even without there being any court order for the SETTING ASIDE of the 1st order for securing said Rm/60,000 for security for costs pursuant to the 1st order made by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali. That being the facts of the case my question directed to the attention of the Malaysian Attorney General Tan Seri……. Are the following :

    (1)Was not the conduct of Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali’s approval of Mr Stephen Lim Cheng Ban’s 2nd and subsequent application to strike out said Petition, while the said cash of Rm60,000 security for costs was still held in the hands of all 6 respondents to the petition, pursuant to the order made by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali to petitioner to provide security for costs constitute ABUSE OF POWER ?
    Will the Attorney General investigate Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali for the criminal charge of ABUSE OF POWER & MALFEASANCE and will the Attorney General, if upon investigation find that sufficient evidence exist to support a criminal Charge against Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali for abuse of power and/or FOR MALFEASANCE proceed to lay criminal charges against Judge Zainon for a criminal prosecution ?

    (2)Is it not the case that while Respondent Stephen Lim Cheng Ban and the other 5 respondents hold on to the security for costs pursuant to Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali’s order to Petitioner to provide security for costs and in the absence of any Order to set aside the 1st Order for security for costs, the conduct of Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali together with the conduct of the 6 respondents IN TAKING AND KEEPING SAID RM.60,000 not amount to committing the criminal offence of obtaining money under false pretences ? And further, do the facts not indicate that Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali together with the 6 respondents had acted with a common intention to induce Petitioner to pay said Rm.60,000 while not intending that upon payment of said Rm.60,000 THERE WILL BE A COURT TRIAL OF SAID PETITION ? The being the case do the facts not constitute a conspiracy to obtain money under false pretences ? The facts speak for themselves as an investigation will prove.
    Will the Attorney General investigate said 2 police reports and if the investigation give up facts that will support criminal charges against the said parties, will the Attorney General lay criminal charges against such persons ?
    Petitioner’s husband Yap Chong Yee had formally filed 2 police reports at the Balai Polis Jln. Tun H S Lee, in the first police report Yap Chong Yee had CHARGED the respondents Stephen Lim Cheng Ban, Wong Kem Chen and Kwong Sea Yoon with PERJURY, for having lied in their supporting affidavits applying for security for costs.
    In the second police report Yap Chong Yee had Charged Stephen Lim Cheng Ban with FORGERY, PERJURY AND FABRICATION OF EVIDENCE, contained in his supporting affidavits applying for leave to strike out said petition.
    Both police reports were annexed to Petitioner’s affidavits as exhibits supporting Petitioner’s application for leave to cross examine said 3 respondents for PERJURY & FORGERY and both of Petitioner’s applications were refused leave to cross examine said Respondents, by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali. The refusal by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali to allow Petitioner leave to cross examine Respondent Stephen Lim and made in the face of the existence of 2 FORMAL POLICE REPORTS THAT CHARGED STEPHEN LIM CHENG BAN with Perjury & forgery constitutes the charge of MALFEASANCE, AIDING & ABETTING Stephen Lim Cheng Ban to commit the criminal offences of PERJURY & FORGERY.
    Will the Attorney General investigate these criminal charges that are made against Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali and if sufficient evidence is uncovered that will support criminal charges, will the Attorney General prefer criminal charges against Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali; will the attorney General formally charge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali with the said criminal offences ?

  15. WTF is YapChongYee gibbering about? Is he posting some legal matters for advertisement in the STAR? We are about talking about life and death here and he is completely off-tangent? Are you ok, Yap?

  16. ah long says:

    I doubt the Altantuya case can ever be brought before any kind of “International” court”.

    Malaysia is a Sovereign nation and in matters such as this, no one else, International or otherwise, has any form of jurisdiction.

    For example, if an Australian drug smuggler is caught smuggling drugs into or even out of Malaysia, he cannot claim to have his case tried in an Australian court or the International court in Hague because he has no confidence that he will receive a fair trial in Malaysia.

  17. “Justice is mine!” says the Lord
    For all the sins you can ill afford
    Even if you escape the earthly court in one accord
    There’s no way for sinners to run away from God’s cord

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 010508
    Thur. 1st May 2008.

  18. AA says:


    I’m sorry to state that you are in the wrong place. Here people are not tied by base political ideals and personal issues. In this NOBLE blog, we are talking about a defenseless woman, a foreigner killed by the Malaysian government employed personnel using highly guarded national military hardware. It is a national affair that was carried by national officers paid by this nation’s citizens. Therefore, how can you bring between an obscure criminal case like Jazlin and a national crime like in Altantunya’s case. If you are disturbed by the concerns of these Malaysians, keep off and mind your business. This is not about PKR or Anwar, or Naib or BN as your feeble mind would like to believe. I’m sorry you are talking to the wrong people.

  19. sklee says:

    IF Altantuya is denied justice in Malaysia and Mr.Shariibuu cannot bring the case to the International Court, all Malaysians should support the initiative by YgMulia RPK to launch a Justice For Altantuya Campaign.We can make the campaign a success.RPK started the Save Anwar Campaign….and now Anwar is the PM-in-Waiting!I believe Justice will eventually be done for Altantuya and Mr.Shariibuu

  20. LALILOo says:

    I refer to ktemoc’s earlier post.

    While it is true that there are many other criminal case that are going on, Altatuya’s case is different in a sense that it may involves political figures in it.

    With UTK, Razak B, Najis, police force, etc in the picture, this is a very high profile case, almost on par with the sacking of Anwar (in my opinion). Hence, it deserves all the attention that it needs. With the court dragging it’s feet on this, it only aggravates the matter.

    I hope that this case will end in a one big explosive BOOM, instead of an anti-climax ending, like being quietly swept under the carpet.

  21. dodgy inc says:

    I can only deduce that either ktemoc surfers much of the effects of “Visitors Deficiency Syndrome” in his web-blog that he need to distract Susan Sloone’s blogger to his site. Scoring some points for himself since his blog posted all the obsolete subjets.

    Or, his views were so myopic that the issue involves in the Atlantuya case were not much different from Nurin and all other murder cases.

    Ktemoc, please get educated by reading more. You also seriously consider looking for beyond your nose in the current affairs.

  22. dodgy inc says:


    Ktemoc, please get educated by reading more. You also seriously consider looking far beyond your nose in the current affairs.

  23. Najis says:

    Political or non-political is not the issue. It’s not about Mongolian or Malaysian or any other nationality or races. It’s about a crime has been committed and justice must be served. Whoever who thinks this is not an important case should ask themselves what if some fellas blow up their family members with C4 and get away with it.

  24. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Yeh, I agree with SKLee, I think the only way is to save Anwar first to reform the whole parliament governance. Only the new goverment can not only help Shariibu but also to the many other cases.

    At this time, our court are too rotten with all these BLACK RATS!

  25. ktemoc says:

    to encapsulate what the majority of you guys have been propounding, preaching and proselytising, I quote lovemalaysiaforever: ” … the only way is to save Anwar first …”


    And helloooooooooo, who is Altantuuyaa Shariibuu?

  26. wits0 says:

    Actually, mullah KT, “lovemalaysiaforever” is well balanced by your own past statement that, “Anwar will be an unmitigated disaster.” Helloooooooo, I’ve not failed to remember. Hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaaaaaa.

  27. […] Shariibuu meets with big-time bloggers Susan has it here that Altantuya’s dad, Mr Shariibuu met with a few big personalities of the Malaysian […]

  28. hutchrun says:

    Haha SMAK – `Save Mullah Amin Kt` the newest NGO in town.

  29. ktemoc says:

    whatever I might have said about Anwar it doesn’t hide what has been the real motive behind this fervour over Altantuyaa case, this sending the murderers to hell – it has always been about Anwar versus Najib.

  30. hutchrun says:

    That`s more catty rubbish again.

  31. wits0 says:

    Mullah KT Al’Amin : “it has always been about Anwar versus Najib.”

    I thought the primary concern for most people should be about justice of lack of. Perhaps WCW could teach you more tricks about spinning. He seems to be your type of matey. LOL!

  32. hutchrun says:

    KT is NOT KHIR TOYOL hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  33. Jed Yoong says:

    KT is buds with WCW. Check out KT’s fawning comment over at the hardly visited blog.

    KT is definitely NOT Khir Toyo. Khir is much more cooler.

    But maybe is Altantunya is Palestinian or Muslim, then she would have Mullah KT’s sympathies…..

  34. dodgy inc says:

    In case many here do not know (especially” ktomec” and “ah long” please take note),

    This blog is not about a murder case, it is all about:

    Accountability in the Executive Power,

    Abuse of Power by the Executives,

    Use the Public Fund and Tax Payer money to pay for his private commissions in submarine deal.

    Use the Public Fund and tax payer money to terminate an individual with C4 whom was not even the enemy of the State,

    Use the Government’s Apparatus (both the judicially and the law & order) to defend his personal interest rather than interest of the State.

    Use C4, a Public property to defend his personal interest rather than enemy combatant,

    Use Governments’ Institutions to protect his own ass; Let the Anthony General openly declared that only 3 persons involved, no others; Replacing Trial judge and prosecution team for his self interest; Ignoring vital evidence and hide then from the Public.

    Use Government resources to erase vital immigration records,

  35. kittykat46 says:

    If Altantuya was a Palestinian woman C-4ed in Malaysia, Ktemoc would be ranting every day about secret American conspiracies interfering with the police and judiciary in Malaysia, and calling for a thorough investigation without fear or favour.

    I think I’m one of very few regular visitors to his blog 🙂

  36. Joyce says:

    Hoi…dear Susan readers,

    Pliz don’t dirtify this blog by taking this heartrending case out of context. Leave this desperate and hermaphrodite hatchet-man called Kaytee. He has a blog; he/she can rant there. Here is a different issue. There is nothing political here. It is about a woman killed by higher ups and Malaysians want that solved since it involves their leaders and institutions. Simplistic and mind locked elements who want to dirtify here because there is no ONE who is interested in their stale concoctions in their blogs must quit and try it on their blogs harder. Susan’s blog for noble causes, not where constricted hearts try to win over others in their nefarious plans to bolster their dwindling fortunes.

    Put yourself in the position of Dr. Shaariibu, an old man whose single child is burned, today, he is suffering as his wife is sick and experiences heart attacks and his youngest motherless child is beyond salvation point while the old one quit school since he couldn’t stand the jeering. Stupid people who want to ignore that can try it on their blogs. Quit here if you not happy. Go and sing somewhere else. I’m a woman and I can’t imagine if I were to be killed that way while my hapless and old parents and innocent and sick children face extinction and utter pain.

  37. hutchrun says:

    That`s why Najib has to go before the court so the truth will be out.
    Remember what Razak Baginda`s wife (a magistrate herself) said:
    `My husband has no ambition in becoming a prime Minister.`

    Only idiots would try spinning it otherwise. What is even more disgusting is that the current PM in his silence is now increasingly seen as part of the cover up. No wonder the BN did so badly. There`s blood on their hands.

  38. najib won in the election with 20,000+ majority, hence many ppl still don believe he was implicated in the murder. plus there isn’t a shred evidence point to najib, all are just speculation…..

    so najib with the mandate as dpm and many ppl (esp in pekan) cannot be the perpetrator, he even denied it in the campaign, you still don believe him ar…..

    setev and rpk blame a wrong person liao…

  39. hutchrun says:

    Why is the `wrong` person not going to Court then? There are many questions for him to answer. Why is he hiding and relying on the MSM to protect him. The same `wrong` person who brandished a bloody keris to spark operation lallang and whose father was in the forefront of 13/5.

    Why should `wrong` persons be protected? It`s only hoped that the spirit of the decd. Altantunya is hovering and guiding him so his impending fate is one that will decimate him. The `wrong` person can enjoy that to its fullest.

  40. dodgy inc says:

    Believe in politicians?

    Pak Lah said no wedding, then wedding happened the next day,
    Pak Lah said no election tommorrow, then election happened tommorrow,

    Grow up ppl.

  41. […] he later wears another T-shirt that says “Justice for ALL…tantuya”. That was the T-shirt campaign he was talking about on 28 April, where I met him in Bangsar, 9 days before his arrest. He finally […]

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