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Former prime minister Mahathir Mohammad is trying every trick in the book to get his fave PM-in-waiting Najib Tun Razak to meet with him.

The old man’s latest tricks include instilling fear in UMNO’s hearts that Pakatan Rakyat (aka Anwar Ibrahim) is taking over the Federal Government (THE STAR).

He read the “SIGNS” alright, that component parties in the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak are crossing over – this is Anwar’s frog jumping strategy which is yet to materialise, though much ado have been said about it.

The situation is viable, Mahathir says. They have nothing to lose. Crossing over meant still being in the Government. You know lah how greedy those BN/UMNO politicians are? Who knows them better than the 22-years-in-government-as-prime-minister Mahathir himself?

And what does Anwar Ibrahim got to do with this, you ask?

In his speech at Putrajaya yesterday, he even acknowledges that PR is a ‘force to be reckon with’ and that Anwar is “finallly” a threat to be taken seriously – not the “Anwar, who?” anymore (before the 12th General Elections dubbed the Tsunami).

“THERE IS GREAT DANGER,” Mahathir says. Why – members lacked inherent loyalty to the party and are only interested in personal gains.

“If this Government loses its power, it is no longer the Government, and it will not be in a position to dole out all kinds of cookies; the clout is gone,” he added.

Mahathir is of course and formost, speaking for himself! He earns, as Petronas advisor, some RM180,000 per year! Not much, compared to some CEO, even less than some editors in the mainstream/government controlled media. But what does an advisor do?

And what is even worse?

He warns that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi may win uncontested in December if the 30% support ruling is not changed, and no division will nominate another apart from Abdullah as the president.

Be afraid, Najib… be very afraid!

“The earlier zest to change the leadership had died down and that the “hand kissing” had started again,” he added, is he referring to Najib?

Najib, of course, is acting as if he is a five-year old, that he needs Abdullah’s permission to meet with Mahathir. Abdullah had said “didn’t block, didn’t block” (Malaysiakini).

But Mahathir was convinced as “Najib said he had to get permission from the PM, until now he has not seen me; apparently the PM does not trust his deputy”.

Come on lah, Najib. Both you and Mahathir are acting like two love sickfools. Or worst still, like a couple having an illicit affair, with Abdullah as “the other men”. HAHAHA!

Najib, why are you afraid of Abdullah? Is he holding a gun (oops…plastic explosives) to your head? Or are you afraid of something else?

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  1. team bsg says:

    No wonder you are a currently 2 Million hits woman ! Your articles are realistic , engaging and packs sexy firepower. Mostly you don’t rant and appear genuine . More more !

  2. Death Note says:

    jangan cekik, Tun!
    nanti kena C4!

  3. Damocles says:

    “If this Government loses its power, it is no longer the Government, and it will not be in a position to dole out all kinds of cookies; the clout is gone,” he added.

    So the BN has been handing out cookies to its followers! What cookies? Like multimillion or multibillion contracts? At the expense of the people? Those who voted for such people must be kicking themselves in the ass!
    So, once the cookie jar is empty, they will desert in droves.
    I think that the BN is nearing its end game!

  4. Chee says:

    Hi Susan,

    Are you sure that Dr M is earning only RM180,000 per year?
    I thought it is more than that according to Malaysiakini. Here is the excerpt.

    “An opposition MP has revealed that the government is paying a total of RM1.14 million each year to Petronas adviser Dr Mahathir Mohamad and two advisers to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. ”

    So have you mistaken the amount? 🙂

  5. borneopeteliew says:

    Dr Mahathir wants to see Najib so badly because word is out that Najib is dead man walking as far as the Altantuya murder case is concern. Dr Mahathir it seems has a viable proposal for Najib from prosecution. Dr Mahathir wants Najib to retire from Malaysian politics gracefully and leave for South Africa with his Rosmah for 5 years or so. A deal is worked out in the corridors of power. This will give Najib enough time to lick his wounds till it dries.

  6. dodgy inc says:

    The no balls can never erect Racist Agenda

  7. malayamuda says:

    Dr Mahathir is irrelevant now cos he has no more “cookies” to dish out to UMNO members !!

    So guys tell me …………… are UMNO guys for ” cookies ” or for the country ?

    MCA, MIC, Gerakan also sold off their communities for the same
    ” cookies “

  8. Min says:

    `paying a total of RM1.14 million each year` for 3 people lebih kurang 31,666 per month. Number of beast kan?

  9. Altantuya says:

    Aiyoh , m sick of malaysian politics lah

    lets bury them alive all three together!

  10. Min says:

    Mahathir tell Badawi Berambus, Chow, FO :
    Today`s SUN:

    As I said, I admit some responsibility for the poor showing of Umno and BN. Had Abdullah won big he would continue with his disregard for the objectives of his Umno, for the well-being of Malaysia.

    I would consider myself a betrayer of my country if I allow this to happen. And those sycophants who fawn before Abdullah will also be betrayers of their country, their people and for Malays, their religion even.

    In the final analysis, the responsibility for the losses sustained by the BN is with the prime minister himself. If he wishes to redeem himself and help resuscitate Umno and BN, he should resign now and let others rehabilitate the parties. As long as he remains Umno president, BN chairman and prime minister, recovery would be impossible.

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad
    Kuala Lumpur

  11. Altantuya says:

    Good Job!

    Put the blame on others!

  12. amoker says:

    Eh, they got no handphone?

  13. ConFuSeus says:

    I play [golf] with friends sometimes, but there are never friendly games. @ Ben Hogan 1912-, American Golfer

    Just a game

    Easily insert quotes and jokes into your writing at

  14. xtheman says:

    Just adviser already earn so much ….. just imagine the Pakle holding PM and finance minister, and Najis holding DPM and Defence minister …..
    actually these 2 guys is holding too much power in their hand. Don’t we ever think if both runs away and Malaysian will be bankrupt !! Then, poor rakyat will be the one to suffer !! I just hope they do not send rakyat to hell !!

  15. Philip Lau says:

    Hey Susan,

    I love your TRIANGLE LOVE AFFAIR. You smart girl, you forsaw what was in my mind and I have uttered many a time. Mahathir politically is DEAD.

    2. I agree with Raja Putra, past episodes, that Najib will never be a Prime Minister, as he is a great danger to MALAYSIA and the NON MALAYS, especially to the Chinese.

    3. He like his father hate the Chinese. Pak Lah, mark my word, will SCREW his Deputy inspite of his promise. Raja Putra must settle his differences with Anwar, as Raja put his nake out to assist Anwar.

    4. I bet you Anwar if he plays the correct tune, political strategy, a good Chess Player and especially he controls FIVE STATES in the recent election, he will be the next Prime Minister without doubt. Mahathir, like his GOOG FRIEND ROBER MUGABE, is a very CUNNING POLITICIAN, you know what his socalled now good friend, Soro said and wrote about him.

  16. kwai lan says:

    aiyah….everyone fooled by RPK la..he went to ‘undercover’ la..not becos cannot raise bail etc…met up with the 2 accused …now got his evidence oledi…so n**** , u r nailed to d escape this time…

  17. Why bother to publish anything that mamak has to say ?
    He is going to get another heart attack soon and leave us to clean up his vomit and shit……
    Just forget about the corrupted and good for nothing old man ! Is there a man that is hated more in this world currently-not to mention in Malaysia. I still say he will leave this earth with NOTHING, NOTHING and NOTHING, the way he came except with millions of people hating and cursing him. I would shame of him if I was one of his children. Is there a person more hated than him? How can he sleep in peace at all ?

  18. caravanserai says:

    It is the children’s play
    When adults lose their balls
    It isn’t in the village days
    There is hand-phone and PDA
    And the good old fashion
    The telephone…………………

    One doesn’t need to meet
    Video conferencing the modern gadget
    Why don’t use it to say?
    This is the power play

    Just like lovers
    In the Bermuda Triangle
    Disappear and appear again
    Different image subtle drooling
    And who will get the gain?

    The cookies jars are slowly draining away
    Eyes and mind looking for an escape route
    The days of fattening cronies
    It will soon die quickly

    The grumbling on the cracked walls
    David Copperfield will do a better job
    Disappearing into the concrete divide
    Don’t you see it isn’t a secret any more?

    The play of words
    The frogs in the pond
    The cookies jar empty
    The hungry greedy souls wait
    Be a prince or be a frog?
    The world doesn’t sing for them
    They have to make the correct decision
    For changes will come………..
    When the light shines from the sun

  19. muslim says:


  20. Come on man. Election is over. Close rank and work for the people. Make the country Malaysia to be the one, the only one. First educate the mass to face the future whether in wealth or knowledge. Malaysia has a lot of them. Share them. There is a lot for everyone when it is equally and fairly given out.

  21. what do you mean

  22. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    It is just an excuse from Najib lar…

    Aa official meeting could bring in witnesses in their discussion. Jadi, Najib nak but image gentlemen lar and put AAB as an excuse and let them both fight lar. At the end of the day when both Tun & Pak Lah habis mati berlawan (Lose-Lose situation) jadi Najib Win and celebrate lar.

    Budak kecil pun tahu this statergy.

  23. prabaganesan says:

    The major consistency between Badawi and Najib is major inaction in times of felt threat. They don’t do nothing to rock the boat when it is their own political survival at stake. In 87 they both placed their chips with the anti-Mahathir vessel, but quickly left the charge once the UMNO elections went with Mahathir.

    It is amazing that Mahathir expects action from these men ( which involves personal risk-taking) when in many senses they abandoned their sense of adventure to be Mahathir’s lackey a long time ago.

  24. Useless oldman says:

    Old man, please lah don’t try to talk more rubbish. Because of you the umno lost terribly. For your information, if you are still the PM during the G12 election, we the rakyat guaranteed you will also lose heavily including your pant!! So, keep quiet and stop barking!! Retired like all the other old man and mind your own business!! Why? Because the younger generation will no longer listen to you and you are already past tense!!

  25. hutchrun says:

    `Why bother to publish anything that mamak has to say ?`

    Cos he can help break UMNO and BN – as he has been doing so well recently. These scum parties can only be broken from within. In that I`ll encourage M all the way. Badawi, Najib and all the other seditious rats are spreading rhe plague.
    `Fight, Fight Fight, eat shit and die` – slogan from 2000 A.D. comix.

  26. hutchrun says:

    `Why bother to publish anything that mamak has to say ?`

    Cos he can help break UMNO and BN – as he has been doing so well recently. These scum parties can only be broken from within. In that I`ll encourage M all the way. Badawi, Najib and all the other seditious rats are spreading rhe plague.

  27. kai says:

    Still as recalcitrant as before, just like a 5 years old kid yelling and crying!! Mum…., bully Abdul won’t allow Najib-chye to come out and play with me………not fair!!

    For goodness sake, go get a life!!

  28. hsbadao says:

    If we read the word of T Dr M recently, he has again blatantly using his olden days tactic to cast a fear among the RAKYAT by hinting that if PAKATAN RAKYAT ruled, there might be “UNCERTAINTIES” and “INSTABILITY” in Malaysia. What are the REAL meanings behind these? Is he implicating that those who lost the power will try to create a state of chaos by using dirty tactics? (Remember the series of bombings those days in Sabah when Pairin defeated Haris?) I think the present BN government must clear this. Otherwise, if anything happen, they will be the culprits. The best thing to do is to ask the UMNO MPs to file a police report against this old man, and charge him under the same SEDITIONS Act like what they did to RPK (or going to do the same on Karpal Singh?). We have faith in PDRM, they are impartial , right?

  29. Jun says:

    The more reason Mahadzir wants to meet Najib is to pressure the later on the purchase of submarine. This is the “sembang2” among the defence supplier. But not sure though, just overheard them talking…

  30. Clarisse Yap says:

    i love your post lah. so funny. but amongst all three i would still prefer pak lah. because see, mahathir is politically dirtiest amongst the three. najib is, well, just dirty. tell mahathir to relax in his easy chair and sip his teh tarik lar. enough of all these nonsense already.

  31. wits0 says:

    Yes, Prabaganesan, the selfish flip flop of the two in 1987 is not forgotten. The irony is truly with Mahathir today.

  32. hutchrun says:

    Badawi is even more dirty than Mahathir – but then Badawi has had more practice since he was appointed Secretary of the Emergency Council set up after May `69.
    Oh, one more thing, he also was the main man in the deregistration of the old UMNO and since becoming PM he`s been the main contributory to things like ` body snatching`.

    Truly as Lady Macbeth said `A serpent beneath an innocent falower`. His facial expressions belie the actual person.

  33. hutchrun says:

    “Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should have taken legal advice from the Attorney-General before publicly attacking me for questioning the prerogative of the Sultan of Perak as the head of religion when I did not do so.

    “I cannot see how my statement over the transfer of Jamry has impinged on the Sultan’s prerogative as head of religion in Perak.

    “I warn the Prime Minister that I will not hesitate to take legal action against him and his deputy if they persist in making defamatory remarks against me.” – Karpal Singh

  34. Jong says:

    amoker Says:
    May 9, 2008 at 12:04 pm
    Eh, they got no handphone?

    hahaha, they need to play games la, to distract everyone from the Altantuya/RPK sedition ….sandiwara!

  35. Lea Cruz says:

    yea, why bother to publish anything that mamak has to say? I thought that should consider him as Past Tense. What is really matter to us now is seeking true justice for those who deserves it, which is the most important at this present situation. Talking about taking “quick” legal action against Karpal is bullshit at the moment as the govt has more important case to attend to, which is Altantuya’s case, which is the most serious case of all in our msia history, perhaps in the world crime history too, murdered a woman using the so called C4. Never heard of anything like that before in CI.

    Why is Altantuya’s case take so long to solve , playing all the hide and seek and questioning game with the unimportant witnesses. GO STRAIGHT TO THE POINT AND GET THE PERSON INCHARGE OF THOSE 2 ACCUSED TO DO THE WITNESS. Why beating about the bush???? Really doubt the abilities of our malaysia court. SIGH!!!!

  36. dodgy inc says:

    Three little piggies story,

    Three little piggies raped the nation of its wealth,
    Three little piggies built gaint mansions for themselves,
    Three little piggies are bloody arrogant,
    Three little piggies played only with racist sentiment,

    One day, the Rakyat come in to blow the Wind of Change.

  37. whispering9 says:

    Yalor.. ‘His facial expressions belie the actual person.’ Just like yr earlier quote; something to that sort ‘white hair is not exactly wisdom.’ Hahahaha…SIL is the perfect scrapegoat lah. Just smile, put the blame on him and then defend him. A double whacky. The chinese has a saying ‘You cannot force the cow head down if it refuses to drink.’ :p

  38. Jane says:

    ‘You cannot force the cow head down if it refuses to drink.’ :p

    Correction : You can tow a cow to a river, but you can’t force it to drink.

  39. whispering9 says:

    Hohohoho….thks Jane. Now I must correct correct my friend who gave me that quote. Btw, he was talking about the same thing too. 🙂

  40. hutchrun says:

    Badawi, the lame duck PM is fighting for his political future. So is his Deputy. Majority UMNO mermbers want both of them to resign, so he tries to show he is `tough` but nobody ever said he was a clever fellow.
    Now he becomes a laughing stock if AG can`t perform.

  41. Ctizen Me says:

    Those who heed are powerless and the powerful do not heed.

  42. wits0 says:

    Badawi seems to be pushing the panic button by suggesting that the AG takes action against Karpal. Times have changed and this may well backfire.

  43. Bennyloh says:

    When will I see you again…


  44. hutchrun says:

    Badawi takes over the Bar Council:

    But a dinner was held by the Bar Council which rumours say was paid for by the Government during which the Prime Minister announced two things which must gladden the hearts of members of the Bar.

  45. atan says:

    Tun Mahathir is very desperate now, trying every means to stir up unrest in the Government so to escape the “gallows” for his wrongdoings, seditions, corruptions, mismanagement of funds etc etc. Tun is our Malaysia Suharto – father of corruption, a dictator and a racist. Najib, if be PM will be another Marcos and his wife another Mrs Marcos who will buys thousands of cinderalla shoes when the man in the street has not even a slipper to wear. Malaysia will be peaceful and progressive again without those jokers and womanisers in our country. Tun can go on fantacising in his never-Land aka Bolih Land. Badawi, please practice no double standard lah. If Mahathir and Najib committed a crime/CBT, as you said, no one above the law, they must face the consequences.Rakyat is waiting for your guts. Why you no guts. How to reform judiciary if got double standards and prerogatives?

  46. hutchrun says:

    MP Loh Gwo Burne is a blackmailer

  47. hutchrun says:

    MP Loh Gwo Burne is a blackmailer

  48. anarky says:

    “Bizzare Love Triangle ” – N ew Order


  49. wits0 says:

    Blackmailing Red Herring.

  50. dodgy inc says:

    Mahathir, the Rapist and Blackmailer who trashed our Constitution for his Racist Agenda.

    Bodowi, the Raped and the Disease infected PM, sleeps thru’ the Governing of our nation while pocketing more of the Disease Infected Kopi-Money.

    Najis, the Carrier of the Disease is awaiting his time to unleash the reign of C4dition.

  51. dodgy inc says:

    Hence goes the “Bizzare Love Triangle ”-anarky

    “The Rapist, The Victim, The Carrier”

  52. […] figure has repeatedly and publicly expressed his personal dislike for both of them, as well as the boss of one of them. He is displeased with the direction the […]

  53. […] from the man who has himself previously attacked Najib and undermined Najib’s credentials for the […]

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