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Tis the season to clear out closets. But alas, many still keep skeletons in them! 

The letter inside was addressed to former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad by Jayashanker Rajagopal from Selangor. Shanker emailed me this morning, saying that he wrote this article after reading my post on: How Come No One Blames Mahathir” – and also following TDM’s letter which appeared in The Sun on march 28 – “Dr M speaks up on Rulers and politicians” . I thought it would be nice to share it with everyone:

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,

My first impression when I read your letter – Dr M speaks up on Rulers and politicians – The Sun 28/3/08 – was – wow, what an irony.

Perhaps the irony of all ironies.

The jury’s out, and you still want to justify yourself before the masses.

What does it take, for you to admit, the role you played in bringing Malaysia to the depressing state that it is today – politically, socially, morally and economically? (Though the recent GE has at least offered hope- nevertheless the road ahead is still long).

What does it take for you to admit, YOUR faults?

The lame excuses offered in your letter – Even other accusations against me, including the dismissal of judges, were not my doing and I do not feel obliged to apologise. Ask the Tribunal to apologise.

Really Tun, and you would have us to believe that you were just a passive by-stander when this nation’s bastion of justice was being flushed down into a black hole? In any event, why moot the notion of an apology, unless something wrong was committed? If yes, why did you, as the paramount leader, do nothing? To clear its good name, the Government should get credible foreign agencies to do… investigation.

This, coming from an individual who bedevilled foreigners in his days. In any event, can they also pull out files from your time in office? Of course, if such an imaginary course of action was ever possible, I can just picture your response – “ I can’t remember”, or “it’s my prerogative”…. “I am aware that people are looking into possible misdeeds by me during my 22 years …..So far they have not found anything”.

Well Tun, perhaps it’s because these “people” haven’t gone very far yet….but then, what do you think the VK Lingam tape episode is all about?

Tun – are you really upset because of Badawi’s ineptness, or are you acting that way because Badawi cancelled your pet projects, and as a result, your cronies couldn’t get a hold of the hand-me-downs which you would have promised them during your reign? What kind of road show are you putting up here? To get sympathy from the masses? Wouldn’t it be easier if you just apologised?

I sincerely doubt, as do many Malaysians, that this re-birth of Malaysia would have been possible if you were still in power today. Here you are, a trigger happy man when it concerns Badawi and his ilk. However, convenient ignorance is the order of the day when it comes to your own misdeeds of the past. Alas, for these things that you whack Badawi for, bear very much, the finger prints that you had left in your 22 years of being the nation’s Chief Executive.

Many are critical of Badawi at this point, and rightly so. But was it Badawi who created the rot? Or did he inherit it before he himself went on to tinker with it? How could he have created it, in the four short years that he ruled? And yet Tun, you would aver to have us believe, that you are as innocent as a blue-eyed, sweet-dimpled baby in the evolution of all things wrong in Malaysia. Let me list it out:-

  • The rot of the Judiciary
  • The muzzled and impotent mass media
  • The demonising of a valid Opposition and the tactical use of the May 13 fear to augment it.
  • The suppression of basic civil rights – it wasn’t Badawi who started the practice of gassing the nation’s people who exercised their right to peaceful public demonstrations.
  • The ISA and Operasi Lallang.
  • The use of racial politics to rule and divide.
  • The corruption that is the civil service today.
  • The loss of billions of ringgits – this practice too, wasn’t started by Badawi, even though he certainly raised the bar! Let’s recap :-

MAS, UEM, MRCB, Renong, Proton, Perwaja, Bank Bumi, the E-Village, Paya Indah Wetlands, MSC, Cyber-jaya, the Putrajaya development which today, is a certified loss, the 1998 Commonwealth Games, the purchase of MAS shares by EPF at higher than market price, the so-called “paper” loss of billions through FOREX & Tin Futures Trading, the rise of money politics in UMNO and BN, toll concessions that burden the rakyat, lop-sided agreements with Independent Power Producers, the issuance of APs, the mis-allocation of Bumi shares/contracts/scholarships etc. to relatives of Ministers and leacherous hop-on political riders, extravagant projects that provide nothing more than gloss when measuring national achievements, and so on and so forth.

And just where do we conclude this list?

You were definitely better than Badawi at controlling various situations in the country; but fear and an iron fisted approach was the lead course of action, in order to make it work. You are the consummate political chess grandmaster – a political Bobby Fischer, if you like – gifted with an impecable sense of timing. As it is, you are still trying to maneuver what little pawns you could find on the board today – albeit limited in your moves – very much like a Bobby Fischer coming out of retirement.

Where does the buck stop? When Watergate was uncovered, it went all the way to Nixon, and the President took responsibility, as Chief Executive, and resigned. But you, dear Tun, despite clear, irrefutable evidences that lead all the way to your door step, still plead innocence, or amnesia, or powerlessness, or “its-my-prerogative” type of response.

Where did Badawi and the UMNO – ites of today obtain their “ilham” to carry on business as usual?

Wasn’t it you, who confronted the Rulers on their powers and later went on to curtail it – seen through the Constitutional Crisis of the 80s? So why is there so much of fuss when it comes to the drama that unfolded in Terengganu the past couple of days? Didn’t you create this constitutional ambiguity?

If you were still in office, we wouldn’t have had this much freedom in voicing our opinions today. And I would be hauled by the Special Branch for daring to suggest these issues. Let’s give Badawi that much credit, please!

Do you think that Malaysians are so naive so as to think that the various branches of the Executive, the Judiciary, and the Police were acting on their own volition without following the operating guidelines “established” by Putrajaya during your time?

Let me give a you piece of advice – Malaysians are a forgiving lot, really. And all you have to do to earn that justifiable measure of respect on your epitaph is to apologise.

I think no one is going to get vindictive if you do that – sincerely. Remember, Nixon did get his pardon.

In any event, all this was your dilemma to begin with.

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  1. Ginger says:

    Thanks for sharing ad I shall pass this on to all my friends.
    I agree. The rot started since Tun’s time. No doubt the Tun has established a name for Malaysia internationally. After 22 years of his leadership Malaysia is still lagging behind and it will spiral further if the next leadership does not do something about it. I pray for peace and better leadership. We, the rakyat too will have to do our part to make it work. We could all start by creating more awareness among family and friends.

  2. bamboo river says:

    So can we unnanimously agrees the grand prize STILL goes to Tun Dr Mahathir?

  3. mochaquest says:

    What a wonderful piece of letter. Maybe Mahathir should consider go back to Kedah and tanam padi without causing riot to us.

  4. mudin001 says:

    Mahathir is still Mahathir. What else do you expect from him?

  5. Ginger says:

    I’d like to add. It’s all about pride. A man can have all the courage in the world to face challenges in his political life. He could claim ignorance or blame others. Yet it’s so hard for him to say sorry and I mean saying it with sincerity. And this he’s not even as gutsy as Mr Lim Kit Siang.

  6. wits0 says:

    Susan:”Let me give a you piece of advice – Malaysians are a forgiving lot, really. And all you have to do to earn that justifiable measure of respect on your epitaph is to apologise.”

    True. But this is unlikely to happen. Not for one who is so self-righteous, cavalier and overhyped. But whether he can or will ever is less important as the fact that he did many self-serving things which do no bear closer scrutiny. He screwed up the moral consciousness of a nation and stunted its psyche amid the inflated concrete jungle development used solely as a measure of superficial success.

  7. aces says:

    You got it spot on. By the way, you forgot the most important of them all i.e. the framing of our PM in-waiting, Sdr. Anwar Ibrahim of the trump up charges of sodomy and corrupt practise. Think it is now payback time for TDM.

  8. Tony Chew says:

    I never trusted him from day one and still don’t. As far as I am concerned he is still a racist at heart. Right now I think he is just a frustrated old man begging for attention. For all the right thinking and writings of his daughter Marina I look forward to a piece by her on all the wrongs that her dad did for this country.

  9. A Sabahan says:

    You missed out one of his misdeed in Sabah. ” Project M”

    True sabahan will never forgive him.

  10. Lim says:

    Because he is the Mr 20% claim by Soros for all his Mega in infrastructure project that produce 1st class infra with all the 3rd class mentality cabinet in Parliment M’sia.

  11. malayamuda says:

    He ruined Malaysia.

    He was so lucky there was no riots, no internet, no sms and no bloggers then to get him thrown out. But we came close to it. And as Nazri says, if he was jantan enough, he should have faced Anwar Ibrahim like a man, and not do what he did.

    Tun Mahathir, the clock is ticking, your day will come………i’m sure. These days people pay their karmas in this life and not their next……….

    Ever wondered why God gave you long life ?

  12. Penangnites says:

    Well written. Look forward to reading more of Shanker writing.

  13. skwong says:

    Tun is all about ego and power. During his time he wasted the country wealth on his ego. The punished the Rakyat with his Operasi lalang because of his blood thristy with power. He still moan abt it till today. But His style and his wisdom is no more applicable. During his time “malaysia bolih” now semua pun tak bolih.

  14. Malaysian says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the writer. Problem is Malaysians mudah lupa. Have you read Rocky’s blog today … publicizing a book on PM misdeeds (kinda like the Anwar 50 … one) and of all places, launch at the Loaf! Ha, ha. For lay people like us, it’s clear Mahathir has something on the author. 2ndly, he’s obviously making political inroads for his son. Enough lah Tun, isn’t one of your other son Forbes richest man in Asia. The entire power struggle is very clear to the people. It is now becoming a laughing stock. TDM was Mr 15%, so what if Badawi wants to be Mr 10%? We tolerated TDM for 22 years. I think we can bear for another 5 years. Didn’t you see the landslide victory for BN the previous GE ‘cos we the people hoped Badawi was coming in to clean out the mess. Didn’t you hear the silent cheers when we heard Badawi cancelled the dumb crooked bridge project (as an eg) The problems only started when he replaced it with another dumb crooked project. Now, anyone backed by TDM will be seen as tainted by the general public, someone to revive his ill thought out projects. Enough lah Tun. Soros mentioned your massive wealth and properties in Japan. The rest of us who travel also know of your properties in the Americas and Europe. You were once named one of the richest man on earth. You have enough for many generations to come in your family. Enough lah.
    (Frankly that blogger Rocky is losing credibility with me)

  15. malayamuda says:

    how arrogant he was while in power, now look at people spitting at him.

    No wonder his heart couldnt take it !!!

  16. sadia says:

    Mahatir has a scandalous mind. If you don’t hoist him to the high heavens, he will demand blood. Typical of Firauns. He had moved against all his Deputies. He had moved against Musa Hitam. He did it against Tengku Razaleigh. Then he went for the neck of Tun Ghaffar Baba and supported Anwar against him. Anwar built a war machine and strengthened his grip on Malay heartland. Then as Mahatir’s days neared, he couldn’t stomach a man who was more popular than him yet was only his Deputy. What about when he takes over. “No” screamed Mahatir and fixed Anwar. We know what happened! History has it. Then he looked around and guessed: “Who will pussyfoot me…idolize me…”, and then went for Badawi. Two weeks after AAB took, he started screaming and demanding blood and money and projects. Then he said Najib was the best. (We know why). Today he is saying Tengku Ku Li is the best yet we know what he has done to him and what he would do even if Ku Li takes over.

    What does this man want? What more can we sacrifice to make him a semi-god? Men of integrity and hard work in their days like Hitam, Baba, Ku Li, Tun Salleh, Anwar and etc paid a dear price because of his unequalled ego, greed and irreligious tendencies. He blames everyone and exonerates himself from blame. Doesn’t he know that it takes two hands to make a clap?

    Dear Mahatir, you are dispensable. This nation doesn’t need you anymore. It has its sons and daughters who are young and who are ready to salvage the charred remains of the nation you burnt because of your lofty greed, ego and condescending behaviour. Just rest and enjoy your sunset days.

  17. sadia says:

    This is what Maliz Imtiaz says about Mahatir’s and his criminal tendencies


  18. essdee says:

    He is taking the best defence is attack attitude so that fingers will not be pointing at him. He said the UMNO eleection quota should be abolished because it is undemocratic but when he was in power it was democratic. The media should stop asking his opinions from now on as what he now says are, to quote his favourite Judge , ” irrelevant “.

  19. malayamuda says:

    he said there is a air of fear nowadays and no press freedom than ever before ?

    cmon guys , do you actually believe this joker ?

    i won’t be suprised if he is actually a Jewish and American agent set to destroy this country . He accuses everyone of being an agent of the west, but mayb he is the one ………. think about it !!!

  20. raider says:

    sorry to say most of u dnt know politics or just harpping at rumours.
    look where r v now within 6yrs of present leadership every party is out of control and u expect him to run the country.
    god knows better thats y has given him a long life.

  21. Shanker says:

    Dear Folks

    Thanks for your kind comments. I am non-partisan. However, just like many of you, I am driven by issues, to write. I may not have all the facts with regards to the political drama minggu ini being play acted out of sight, but we need to continue to speak for truth and justice.

    Above all, thanks Susan, for giving me this little spot. I appreciate it. Keep up the good fight!

  22. Hkengmacao says:

    You have forgotten about ’50 Dalil’, victimised Anwar in your list. But, its ok, your list is still very complete.

    At every angle, TDM is a RECALCITRANT. John Howard, if I am not mistaken, is right to call him this.

    So far, Pak Lah has not ‘point fingers’ at TDM for all the so-called ‘legacies’ that he inherited from TDM. I don’t know when Pak Lah can tahan his anger with TDM. Lets wait for the Lingam Tape report.

    TDM, be gentleman like KJ. Write an email to Susan Loone to tell what you have to say.

  23. birdbrain says:

    Only Tun can do those nasty things like highlighting 50 of Badawi’s faults while in office. Just like what they did to Anwar Ibrahim. Stoop so low………

    I think Badawi is a true gentleman who can take all the critisms but yet he never bad mouthed anyone. He revive democracy in Malaysia. We should now let perform another term but only this time it’s a true democratic parliament. More is coming and Tun is going to cry again!

    And if Anwar comes into power, Tun is going to wet his pants!

  24. 20 Years Is Enough Evident says:

    He’s a mamak and what do you expect from a mamak? He send the malays going round in circle for so many years. There’s good and bad mamak but there are no half-good half-bad mamak. he’s the evil one.

    Anyway, deep inside his own heart he knows what he has done to the nation. The guilt he has inside him remains until the day he die. Mamak, that’s the fact!!!!

  25. birdbrain says:


    Balance up your act!

  26. Loons says:

    Tun started the ball rolling….and it’s time he faces the consequences. The time has come to face your own skeletons, maybe another blocked artery will save him again

  27. lucia says:

    if our ex PM will to apologise, that’ll be the day i see elephants fly.

    btw, have you guys read a letter to our present PM by my friend, stanley (the one who wrote about star boycott) to our present PM? it was a well-written letter too.

  28. Nico says:

    Mahathir’s tenure as PM will be judged harshly by history. Of this, I have little doubt. The vaunted economic progress that the country made in his time would have happened even without him at the helm. The entire region (Indonesia, Thailand and of course the Tiger economies) was making grand strides in the Nineties until, of course, the economic tsunami of 1997. Malaysia, with its wealth of human talent and bountiful natural resources, would have had to be run by a nincompoop not to be carried along with the tide of development that was sweeping across the region.

    The economy aside, the Mahathir years were characterised by the precipitious decline in crucial areas of the country’s political, economic and social framework. His almost pathological refusal to brook opposing views, much less criticism, led to an era of dictatorial governance, with cronies and yes-men aplenty bowing to his whim.

    The most disastrous upshot of Mahathir’s premiership was his scathing contempt towards the judiciary. This, together with the wanton cronyism and corruption that he allowed to flourish, will be the lasting legacy of his rule.

    For him to now stand in judgement on the Badawi regime beggars belief. Most, if not all, of the blame for the inadequacies of the present government can be left sqaurely at his door-step.

  29. jebatmustdie says:

    Not one of the people here knows exactly what had transpired between Tun Salleh Abbas, Sultan Johor and TDM. Can anybody answer honestly? Can anybody guessed what was the content of the letter sent by TSA to SJ which had made the Sultan extremely displeased? Can anybody out there even recall why was the letter sent to SJ in the first place? Anyway, one can’t just be angry without ascertaining the facts. Jayashanker Rajagopal may be too young to remember but he has to have his facts straight before concluding that TDM was the only person responsible for the dismissal of TSA. Bear in mind that TSA himself admitted that he is more disappointed with his colleagues who had backstabbed him. More disappointed than he is angry at TDM. I bet you Susan did not know the true stroy either. I suggest you read a few books by SH Hussein Alattas regarding this episode.

  30. Anonymous says:

    can’t agree more, he is the father of all Sins

  31. Ahmad Navi Abdullah says:

    Kuddoa Shanker. Well written. This is Tun Mahathir. How we wanted him out. He should now stay out.

    Pak Lah is one goddam arsehole and should give way to someone else; not Najib though.

  32. dodgy inc says:

    This Mahathir must have an “evil” microchip implanted in his brain and or simply he is a devil resurrection in human form.

    Not sure this have been mentioned anywhere before.

    I am of the opinion there is absolutely no justifications to demolish Singapore’s causeway and build a crooket bridge unless this evil minded person wishes to commit genocide to the entire population of Singapore.

    The vehicular traffics on the causeway and the water flows at the Johor’s straits are of the least importance to the Singapore.

    However, the large diameter water supply pipes(probably 10 numbers in total) that sat along the causeway has a strategic important to the survivor of the Republic of Singapore.

    It is technically impossible to rebuild those huge water supply pipes on the new crooked bridge. If anyone notice the proposal of the crooked bridge, the water pipes were just not there. Cutting all water supply to Singapore is the one and only aim this evil mahathir wants to do all the while.

    I’m not a Singaporean myself but as a human being I am sympathetic to the plight of Singapore and its survivability as a nation. I am not surprise Singapore is willing to give anything AAB and his gang of JKKK provided water supply to singapore is not cut. Although AAB and JKKK are greedy but to Singapore’s Government these group of persons are “angels”, they can not fail at all cost. Watch Singapore may send their army to defend AAB and his gang.

  33. KLMAN says:

    Tun, enough is enough.The Rakyat knows your evil deeds
    done in disguise. As a matter of fact, You have retired and
    maintain that status until you judgment day. If you don’t
    pay back here, you will be judged accordingly up there.

  34. kota bharu boy says:

    Thanks for a good piece of writing. From now on I suggest any list of the abuses by Mahathir MUST also include the draconian land acquistions made during his tenure as PM. Land were acquired under the “compulsory acquisition” law where they were acquired at ridiculously low prices (23 cents per sq ft in Sg Petani!) set by the government which must be agreed by the victimised landowners (by law). The only thing the land owners could do was “terima dengan bantahan” one of these “bantahans” (in Sg Petani) was heard by Mokhtar Sidin, the judge implicated in the Lingam case. I hope more people will include this abuse in future write ups.

  35. mohan says:

    There are two type of people in this world :- one who does the right thing and one who does the wrong thing. Some of explainations given were interesting. As much as we like to point others because of mistakes, but also there are some good in something. It is good to see malaysian become so bold in expressing their opinion. If not we then who ? To decide our future. We cannot be silenced in any form of law or whatsoever? MALAYSIAN!!!! BE BOLD AS A LION !!!!!!!!!! Malaysians today are so much knowledgeful and matured

  36. kota bharu boy says:

    sorry i forgot to mention the sg petani land acquisition happened in 93-94. land was acquired at ridiculously low prices by the state govt, sold to Kejora Harta and Ideal Appraisal at very high prices with certain people making millions, probably billions. This “compulsory acquistion” law was formulated during Mahathir’s time as PM, and paved the way for many land “robberies” by the BN govt since.

  37. alrawa says:

    Mahathir should not be blamed for all the mentioned ‘evil deeds’.
    He was after all only taking instructions from Vincent Tan, VK Lingam and his wife.
    Poor rich old man!

  38. sadia says:

    Goon Mahatir will not convince anyone that he was innocent. It is baffling that few dopeys who have benefited from his notorious regime come here as poor cyper terrorists and vomit here in their desperate attempt to salvage the beyond salvation goo. Sir/Madam, even the unborn knows that goon Mahatir is the source of all evil. He has harmed everyone and blamed everyone and jailed everyone save himself.

    Is he an angel or what? Why can’t he admit his mistakes? His shortcomings? Apologize? He even pretends to be an Islamic Scholar. Ha ha ha! A false one indeed. The Prophet (pbuh) said: “May Allah have a mercy on a man who appreciates his shortcomings. I want to ask the Mahatirites and his putra pussyfooters, why can’t he appreciate his shortcoming and apologise? Shit!

  39. David says:

    After 22 yrs..the ‘take-over’ of the Malay race by the Mamaks are almost complete. Count the bodies of Qualified true blooded Malays by the wayside!
    All the Ranting and Musing are actually amusing for the Mamak clans.

  40. aspiring says:

    All the 28 responses so far, say many things, but all have 1 theme in common – their contempt and disdain for this vile creature in the guise of a human being, the ultimate hypocrite.

    No doubt, AAB has been an inept and weak leader (I think we all knew that when TDM was looking for his successor, but who else was there to choose from? Ms Piggy? or that Mongolian candidate? I think we would have been worse off). Much of the problems which AAB had to deal with were inherited from the devil himself. It would take a far, far stronger and competent man than Sleepy to overcome the temptations and seemingly insurmountable hurdles…. and let’s not forget the SIL who helped him along (alas to his doom).

    I am of the opinion that unless DSAI does take some drastic action to take over the reins of the whole country, I urge everyone, especially the good folks of BA/PR to support AAB and let him continue in office until his term is up or at least another couple of years. Why? …becos the prospect of the Mongolian Candidate taking over is certainly very frightening as he is more aggressive, more ultra, more racist, more articulate, smarter, and GREEDIER. He may not be able to turn the tide against DSAI, but he will certainly be able to make it more difficult and perhaps more dangerous for the Rakyat.

  41. Aji says:

    I suggest that all these items raised on TDM be published as
    “BUKU SEJARAH” for all Malaysian schools.

  42. malayamuda says:

    Mahathir is a agent for the jews/ americans paid to destroy Malaysia and all Malaysians.

    Thats why he’s so obsessed with this hypothesis about Anwar Ibrahim.

    how he condemns George Bush here and pays millions to meet him in Washington DC and publishes photographs of that meet in Malaysia as if Bush wanted to meet him so badly

  43. aspiring says:

    ….. oh yah, I almost forgot…… do any of you remember our parents or teachers telling us ” Don’t point your finger at others! because when you do that all you other fingers are pointing back at you.” TDM – the man who never does anything wrong accept for choosing his (wrong) successor(s).

  44. malayamuda says:


    they dont say ” Hidup Mahathir ” for nothing

  45. unilight says:

    How are we to overcome our hatred of Mahathir? How can we end it for good?

  46. ANg kong says:

    Mahathir is untouchable….

    there are just too many secrets, politicians within and outside UMNO at stake…..

    if he goes down…. many will be dragged down by/with him….

    having said this, it’s fun to have him around…..once in a while, in a night with a full moon, he will release a bombshell to have us sitting by the edge of our seats.

  47. Vincent C. Lingam says:

    kota Bharu boy – “the sg petani land acquisition happened in 93-94. land was acquired at ridiculously low prices by the state govt, sold to Kejora Harta and Ideal Appraisal at very high prices with certain people making millions, probably billions. This “compulsory acquistion” law was formulated during Mahathir’s time as PM, and paved the way for many land “robberies” by the BN govt since.”

    I cannot verify this but I heard that the present Berjaya Times Square land was also taken over using similar tactics by Mahathir’s friend over the Cheong family. This is prime Bt Bintang land.

    The land is Sg Petani were previously owned by a grouping of old chettiars (money lenders) but since then Dr M has embarked on his acquisition and I believed they eventually lost everything and returned back to India.

    TDM , Daim and his cronies are all evil.

    Is anyone going to write a book on TDM – ie “50 toxic deeds by TDM”?

  48. sifu says:

    I agree with you. At least under Abdullah, Anwar is not in prison anymore, we can blog, the Sultans have their say too but under Mahathir…

    What happens today is the fruit of the Mahathir’s era…He’s a hyprocrite and egocentric. It must be difficult for him not to be in control of everything

  49. Lim says:

    Aiya people, thats why he get his TUN be4 he annouce retire from PM post, therefore no one can belasah him. But I dun think his son will succed one day to be a politician, out of what his father had done. If I’m Mukhriz or any of his child, I think I better ge out of this country due to shame for whay he had done.

  50. Marginalised says:

    Mahathir, may God bless and keep you…
    long enough to watch DSAI inaugurated as our next Prime Minister!

  51. MahathirMudaLupa says:

    In compiling the list of his misdeeds, let us not forget his prime role in the seeding and nurturing of the hate machine called BTN – Biro Tata Negara.

    I know of government scholarship recipients who recounted the horrible racist poison spewed during its ‘induction” programs.

    For that alone, this fountain of evil should be remembered.

    Today, he continues to spit out his poison at all
    and sundry. Simply amazing, how much poison one person can hold in his system.

    Whatever one says, we must be thankful to Badawi who, in 4 years, succeeded in freeing us from the death grip of 22 years

  52. hutchrun says:

    He`s coming back:

    “Dr M tells supporters: Stand by me”

  53. lamborghini says:

    Dear Malaysians who love this country.

    Put Mahathir, the conman in Jail.

    Put this Father of corruption and Father of all things wrong in the country in Jail.

    Anwar should put Mahathir in Jail.

  54. aspiring says:

    I hope the responses above are not April Fool jokes. Hahaha.

    What I would like to see happen is TDM and his cronies be made to return every sen they have squandered and/or robbed from the nation. God said, Let there be PROOF…….. and there was proof!!!!!!

  55. Tarap says:

    “A Sabahan” you’re right, PROJECT M (skeletons) must be brought out of the closet.

  56. DR SURESH KUMAR says:

    This man Mahathir is a racist by nature which catapulted him into a dictator during his tenure as PM.The blackest day in the Malaysian history started with the rot of the judiciary system in 1988.As much as i wish to credit him for bringing Malaysia out of the 1998 asian financial crisis,I must state here too how he systematically drove one section of the Malaysian community esp the Indians to the periphery.The best thing for him to do now in his twilight years is to gracefully apologize to all those people and their families affected by him in particular and to Malaysians in general for creating such inept,racist and corrupt politicians and leaders and also for bringing about an inefficient public work force as well as a corrupt police force and for the deprived state of the Indian community in Malaysia today.

  57. Doitnow says:

    This is an excellent open letter. I agree with all the questions asked and rightly so. However, I dont agree that a mere apology can wipe out all the 22 years of misdeeds. Surely I expect more than a simple apology, even if it comes from this highly egostic and highly recalcitrant Tun. I expect and demand ACCOUNTABILTY.. He should be held accountable and punished for any and every crime committed. Even the Nazis were not let off despite being prosecuted many many years after the War. Tun should be answerable for any crimes against the Malaysian population, if convicted after a fair trial in a credible judiciary. Anything less than this will not put to rest and at ease all those poor souls who suffered in the past 22 years of his regime..

  58. Ctizen Me says:

    He may want to come back or have his own choice in power so that he take what he forgot to take the first time.

  59. Another Sabahan says:

    The letter missed ” PROJECT M ” . Project M might be the only cause why many illegal immigrant in peninsula holding Sabahan
    IC ( XXXXXX-12-XXXX ) . They are Bumiputra too . So sad .

  60. vertigo says:

    To apologize, he must first recognize his mistakes. He does not even acknowledge what he had done were wrong. So how to apologize? Anyway, he is not a man of integrity to be respected. He has destroyed Msia in many areas. Just ignore him and move on.

  61. noyawns says:

    Not defending Mahathir – but each new Leader (manager, CEO, PM, etc) has a duty to Lead on his own principles. During TDM’s time, maybe he bluffed the voter’s/Op Lalang/whatever – but good & bad that he left, AAB took over and made it worse. He had >90% Parliamentary mandate and he took a WORSE turn.
    No Leader after 5 years is allowed to say, We’re in this S#*T coz the last fellow left S#*T around’. He should’ve not wasted the people’s confidence so misplaced on him. He should have taken actions, even against TDM. Weak, pathetic, enfeebled, yet smart enough to steal the Rakyat’s money! If he is around for 22 years, he would surpass his ’sifu’ TDM 10X!

  62. RAJ RAMAN says:

    Its might a bit i am pro towards badawi,but he still the gentleman who accept loses.
    However his biggest failures as our PM , he just refuse to listen althou he claim he listening and claiming to be PM off all races.Badawi fails to deliver is promises of tackling corruption,body snatching and more of is cabinet minister became krismudin.

    For our former tun,nothing to say,except he his the most racist.Please retire Tun.Nobody trust you anymore.Maybe some racist umno putra will continue to support you.You try be more malay than the malay althou your dna is indian.You are to smart to utilised the malay and destroy our country with your racist rule.

    We do owe badawi some credit for allowing us to be united as malaysian.

  63. rajan says:

    Let us all Malaysians forward a formal protest letter to the International Court of Justice highlighting the excesses,abuses and the state orchestrated racism inflicted by this son of an immigrant against all Malaysians during his 22 years in dictatorial power.Let us all put him on trial for the injustice inflicted against all fellow Malaysians and let the whole world know how much suffering we Malaysians have had endured during his rule.He is making a mockery of the so called Royal Commission of Inquiry so only the International Community should try him and punish him for all his wrong doings and there are more than 50 reasons to ensure none like him will ever come to power in future,NEVER.

  64. J.Gnaniah says:

    TDM is applying undue pressure on, and destabilising the elected government of AAB.
    He is now a real threat to national security and the I.S.A. should be used against him. Some cold turkey treatment should be given to this retired politician who incessantly blames everyone except himself for the problems in the country.

  65. Discrimination69 says:


    We all know enough of Dr. M, all his deeds and misdeeds. Sometimes I sit back and wonder why is Dr. M so fiery and upset with AAB? Apart from getting his taps closed and no more projects, my guess is Dr.M has alot of shit to cover in his 22 years of absolute power.

    Any weak BN government can threaten to uncover his secrets that’s concealed under OSA. Imagine if Pakatan Rakyat is to rule the country today, surely the new Prime Minister will be busier than poor Guan Eng in Penang sieving through archeological data of past corruption and abuse of power. Thats Dr.M’s innermost fear I think.

    Where is his close crony UNCLE DAIM,,,sudah kaya DIAM DIAM la…hes smarter than Dr. M.

    Dr. M had the luck. When he was PM, the world and Malaysia faced economic boom in the nineties. Now he sees his policies falling apart or failing.

    Poor AAB had poorer luck. His misfortune was his wife passed away, bad recession, rising inflation , getting old, tired and sleepy with greedy son in law. He knew his term was short and had to make as much in his short term as possible but economic environment was against him. So when he and cronies tried to siphon as much as possible when the economic cake was shrinking, rakyat noticed it all as they were suffering with rising cost of basic necessities. AAB did nothing but sleep, dated Jean and went for holidays in Perth. Dr. M already did the damage and the weak world economy exposed all.

    A weak BN government threatens to expose all the misdeeds of past BN and mainly UMNO politicians. We are beginning to see that now; in Penang, Selangor, soon Perak and Kedah, otherwise why on earth would files go missing and documents shredded? Anything to hide Mr. TOYO? Give me an UMNO politician’s name that is not tainted with corrupt practice. Nothing good to say about the other component parties’ politicians who scramble for UMNO’s crumbs.

    Dr. M is surely speaking out of his conscience. God give all sundry a conscience that even a murderer cannot escape from. Dr. M doesnt want to be exposed during his lifetime.

    God sees all thats happening and God will be the final judge, their future generations will experience God’s judgement for all the deceit of their forefathers.

  66. Chan Choon Kit says:

    Hey, hey, Dominic (DKFC)!

    Go easy with that word ‘idiot’ that you used on the Sultan of Johor. Certainly not in a public forum. It could create a maelstorm that Susan will have to answer for.

  67. lamborghini says:

    Dear Malaysians, we all read how a UMNO guy who asked why Anwar was not readmitted into UMNO in the just concluded meeting in Petaling Jaya was dragged out by the organisers!

    On one hand The Father of Corruption was talking about Democracy, and on the other hand a UMNO guy was kicked out of the gathering just now just for mentioning Anwar’s name

    Mahathir , the Father of Corruption and the cause of All thing wrong in Malaysia should be put into Jail immediately or sent into exile to Zimbabwe..

  68. lamborghini says:

    Raj Raman, well said.

    Badawi is a real Gentleman.
    Badawi has protected Democracy for Malaysia.
    Badawi should be conferred the title the Father of real Democracy.

    Mahathir should hereby be conferred the title The Father of Corruption!

  69. Bobby New Zealand says:

    So true! I have lived through Dr M’s regime and because of his Mulut Besar which incurred the wrath of the rich and powerful nations, my business suffered during the Asian Crisis and I am forced to take up residence in a foreign country to start afresh. If not for petrodollars during that time, the economy would be busted and people demonstrating on the streets to cry for Dr M to be thrown out of government. What his mulut besar is expressing now is more seditious than the Hindraf 5!!! So he should be rightly renamed Dr Mulut Monster and get a taste of his medicine by being the first Tun to be held under ISA. Isnt he famous for taking on Agongs and Sultans and even the Lord President of Malaysia?

  70. Deankuok says:

    Physically TDM is retired. Mentally, he still think he is the country’s supremo. Badawi is supposed to be his “puppet” and he is supposed to be the Minister Mentor (???). TDM also has a back-up control by means of a chip specially designed in Cyberjaya and planted in Badawi.

    Coincidently, an ambitious young oxford rookie and his 4th floor advisory team had the same idea and also manage to plant an Oxford developed chip into Badawi. Somehow, the Oxford developed chip manage to not only supressed TDM Cyberjaya’s made chip but also exert greater influence on Badawi. But the young Oxford rookie who has not even run a 7-eleven store has all this while secretly run the country at age 30. Being incompetent, he presses all the wrong buttons and upset the whole nation. Now this send TDM beserk and forcing his blood shooting up the roof resulting in his open heart operation. Anyway, both TDM and the Oxford kid did not take into consideration the side effect of the chips. They make Badawi sleepy resulting in his inept showing at the recent GE12.

    Therefore, to resolve the current political crisis faced by Badawi, he should immediately removed both chips, release the Hindraf 5 and replace them with TDM and the Oxford kid.

  71. Paik Swan says:

    What a wonderful mish-mash of emotions and facts. I grew up in Malaysia and left to study in the States and have settled here. My family is still in KL and so I go back quite often. Yes, TDM has destroyed and robbed so much of the country and the society. I had a lot of hope on Badawi but he has proven so ineffective. The GE was so amazing to me that I cried when I read the results. There is hope for Malaysia and you all are a part of it. I am too old to be blindly enthusiastic but still young enough not to be 100% cynical so …syabas Malaysia!!! I hope that this will be the first step into a new era.

  72. Maz says:

    Mahathir never moved beyond the anal (or oral) stage of Freudian development. His dictatorial and childish compulsiveness is a direct consequence of deep-seated insecurities from childhood. Thus the need to blame everyone but himself for the Nation’s (and World’s ills): USA, Jews, Chinese-Malaysians, Globalisation and now Pak Lah. Mahathir has a total incapacity for self-examination and self-adjustment that typically
    characterises those who have matured and moved on to adulthood.

    Mahathir’s incessant need to speak out is highly reminiscent of the spoiled child who needs constant attention and gratification. He may be precoscious in his wily intelligence, but he remains a child nonetheless.

  73. Get Him says:

    This Mahatir is a F_A_K_E!

    He is pseudo-Malay Indian. He played the Malay chauvinistic drum to climb in the political ladder.

    When he became the PM, he used a slogan in front for you to follow but behind him he did the opposite what he had told you!
    His son’s MISC, Telecom’s Optical deal ($3 billion-till now has not been installed)……tell you volumes of his nepotism and corruption practices.
    We know billions were also lost through his government and many generations will suffer because of these – including the highway toll.
    Could we let him off Scot free and make others take the blame e.g. like AAB now?

    When asked how he would like to be remembered? He replied that he did not care. So why he cares now????? He has the cheek to ask AAB to resign???

    When AAB did not implement his projects he began to make noise and was brazen-faced to say that you implement my projects and I would not talk!
    Shame, shame, shameless, in an effort to extort and arm-twist a PM after being “booted” out of office.

    AAB should fight back. He should allow Anwar’s case be heard in the court and get somebody to list out his corrupted practices and evil-heart doings and put them in the record book or have him answer the charges in court. This will shut him up like a trap!
    Somebody should examine his role in May 13 and many other cases where his high-handedness resulted in lives lost.

    History must record the truth and give a true picture for future generations to view this foxy old Mamak man’s role in our lives.

    Sadly, AAB is either too soft or too dumb and doesn’t know what to do to fend off his frequent assault.

    BUT, we must speak up shouldn’t let others bear his sins!

  74. Maz says:

    Mahathir is the ultimate Malay tragedy; if he didn’t exist someome would have to invent him and that would be P. Ramlee (not that Hang Tuah
    would ever be confused with Hang Two….Ah ?).

  75. wits0 says:

    Mahathir is more than a Malay tragedy but is actually a national disaster so well disguised as the iconic ideal for so long. This can only happen in the surreality of Bolehland and it did.

    The question is one of whether a repeat performance is warranted again using feudal patronage. Too much credit has been ascribed to concrete jungle development. Undue credit has been given for his “rescuing” the country from the Asian Financial Crisis when all the while he was the one who sent things to the abyss in the first place. If you’re a tour bus driver who nearly drove everyone over the cliff out of recklessness, do you deserve any praise? In a Spin country, apparently, you do.

  76. limkamput says:

    Mahathir should just suck my dick!

  77. limkamput says:

    “Mahathir never moved beyond the anal (or oral) stage of Freudian development.” maz

    I think so too.

  78. Daniel Soon says:

    I have been living in Singapore since 1999. The only reason I left is because of the unfairness the government treats non malays and the corruption that leads to unfairness of those who wants to earn a fair living. In Singapore, I am now a PR. And as a PR, I am treated anytime better than a Malaysian in my own country. Singapore has been good to me. I have known Shankar for 20 years and I thank you for his contributions on this blog. Daniel

  79. RAJ RAMAN says:


    thanks for the support, i do deserve something in return from you.

    Can you loan your lamborgini,just want to feel the power of your car and get some kick back from you.( you knows lah,our culture,always get some kick back)I cant use gomen jet to pick up ….whoever.your lamborgini will help me to boost my image.

    thanks for your support.glad to meet youthrou sloone and we owe her a bit of sharing our view throu her.
    Anyway sloone says her last bath getting dry up.maybe we can sponsor a bit if she can prove her bank account really dry.

    How sloone,do you really drying up? Honestly i can chip in a bit.
    Lamborgini is one you can expect more.He drive expensive one.

  80. minister of doesn't care a damn says:

    I thinks Malaysia is a useless nut country with all the useless nut denizens, especially the politicians.

    This Mahathir is equivalent or worse than Saddam or Suharto. Suharto and Saddam had paid the price for their horrendous crimes of the millennium whereas this Mahathir is still as free as a bird enjoying all the loots he plundered from the nation during his 22 year rein.

    The opposition parties are really pathetic but not AI. LKS and junta are just a bunch of useless politicians letting this black devil running amok in Malaysia for 22 years.

    It’s only AI, his nemesis who is the only person could curb this black devil from ruining the nation further and putting him to where he belongs.

    So this black devil is fighting for his safe sanctuary by usurping the PM (no:1 ) post in Malaysia, first with Najib taking over the Premiership, then relegating to his little devil son.

    Just imagine, what Malaysia will be like under the black devil’s son!

    Yes! Your children will be living in dark ages again ala when we were in the dark ages under this black devil.

  81. got justice says:

    This evil Mahathir is a real stupid no use devil. Dey this is the new millennium with new and high technological era of information and communication.

    Do you think this is still in the stone age where you can doing things at your own whims and fancies?

    Mahathir should be be headed and his head be hung on a 100 feet pole for destroying the democracy in Malaysia as a deterrent for those corrupt politicians/ cronies.

  82. dodgy inc says:

    Here is another evil misdeed.

    At the height of the exhodus Vietnamese boat people era in the 80s, Mahathir was quoted in the press as ordering our army to “shoot any boat people that come on our shore”, this was later retracted and blamed the press for misquoted his speeches.

    During the 90s and in the redevelopment of Pulau Redang, contractors who did the excavation of Berjaya Pulau Redang resort unearthed mass grave of unknown individuals on the island.

    Could these remains were the Vietnamese boat people, nobody really know since all physical evidence were distroyed. They weren’t any press release nor investigation being done.

    Should the Vietnamese embassy or International War Crime tribunal wish to probe this matter, they could start with questioning the people involved in the project . i.e project manager, general manager, the contractor or even the owner of Berjaya Pulau Redang Resort(Vincent Tan)

  83. ghenjis khan says:

    The last Forum at Singgahsana Hotel saw Mahathir as an unrepentent 80 old man whose behaviour just like a a confused and unguided young secular Muslim, perhaps in the socialist era of the Baath Party or Kemal Attaturk’s Turkish era or even Gamal Nasser Socialist Egypt or even Suharto Socialist Inbdonesia.

    The Forum is attended largely by Muslims in their 20s to 40s and mixed with some really old veterans in their 50s to over 60s …it is like a scene in secular Turkey excepting that this country has a large Chinese and Hindus and Christians population in Malaysia.

    This is in stark constrast to the PAS-led gathering of Thanksgiving where ordinary Muslims young and old come together to Praise their Lord Most High for the UNEXPECTED success in Selangor.

    The Chinese, Hindus and Christians would feel SAFE and be PROTECTED in this PAS-led gathering than the UMNO Forum which sees a group of very confused and misguided Muslim leaders and their followers.

    Ronnie Liu DAP who was there in Shah Alam gathering must have felt strange but humble at the attitude of the Muslims who keep praising their Lord Most High than to the PAS, PKR and Ronnie Liu who gave a good simple short speech.

    And women attandees were treated with due respect and honour compared to at the UMNO forum .

  84. vestalvir says:

    He’s NOT as innocent as a blue-eyed, sweet-dimpled baby… he’s a vestal virgin conceived through immaculate conception!

  85. wits0 says:

    Dodgy inc: “At the height of the exodus Vietnamese boat people era in the 80s, Mahathir was quoted in the press as ordering our army to “shoot any boat people that come on our shore”, this was later retracted and blamed the press for misquoted his speeches.”

    WRT the boat people tragedy in the South China Sea:

    “…The plight of the boat people became an international humanitarian crisis. There were untold miseries, rapes and murders on the South China Sea committed by Thai pirates who preyed on the refugees who had sold all their possessions and carried gold with them on the trips..” u/q

    There was an ex-serviceman(a non navy man) friend who claimed that some M’sian Royal Navy personnels also did the same to the Vietnamese Boat People and not Thai pirates. They shot the men and took the women to deserted atolls/islands and raped them there before disposing of them as well. No one can confirm this possibility but given the crass proclivity of Mahathir for injustice(while crying the loudest about justice) and his statement above, that could have somehow encouraged such atrocities.

    Remember that the Bukit Cina, Malacca, protest of the eighties also went to the brink of bloodshed as rumoured, when the armed forces were readied and told to be prepared to fire on unarmed protestors. Only an insiders knew about such matters.

    Remember that Mahathir warned the Chinese Press not to publish on the Indonesian anti-Chinese atrocities committed there during the Financial Crisis.

    Now who pushed for the persecution of LGE(false news?) and Irene Fernandez(inhuman detention disclosure), e.g.? Fishy and under M’s tenure too. Guess we’ll never know for sure.

    One thing for sure, the fish head rots first! Justice died.

  86. joker says:

    Mahathir is god! Mahathir is the greatest joker in the world.

    Mahathir: Only joking-lah

  87. eddy says:

    Susan,This seems to be a Joint DAP-PKR site with all the bashing of Dr Mahathir and Anwar being seen as a PM in waiting etc.etc. Also becareful about commentators calling the Sultan names that is disrespectful, could put you in trouble. Remember that YB Jeff say that blogs do not exist in a vacuum.

  88. momsaurus says:

    He called Pak Lah “DYMM”, but when he was the PM, he acted like DYMM Agung. Sultan Pak Lah is nothing compared to Sultan TAK GUNA Mahathir. Can somebody please tell this old man to shut up. The rakyat can oust Pak Lah and his UMNO cronies without his help.

  89. malayamuda says:

    talking about a free media…………

    in 1987 did the media give Tengku Razaleigh, Musa Hitam and others coverage ?

    in 1988 did the media give Tun Salleh Abbas and others fair coverage ?

    in the elections of 1982, 1986, 1990, 1995, 1999 did the media give the opposition good media coverage ?

    in 1998 when Anwar Ibrahim was sacked was there any coverage ?

    and now he says he wants fair coverage for himslef ? This man is dangerous

  90. WTF says:

    He come along playing the role of a white knight.
    He is rescuing UMNO or himself ?
    He cannot afford to let Anwar be the next PM, else he is in deep shit.
    He knows that.
    So he has to do the rescue operation.
    Greatman ! Hero of UMNOputras !
    22years of Glory. The country cannot do without him.
    This guy refuse to die, he keeps coming back.
    For his closet must kept close.
    He must “juang” to ensure his closet closed.

    Remenber, when he was the Emperor ..

    He started the blood sucking Toll arrangement to benefit his proxies.
    (Every year, the rate shall further increase.)

    He started the mega cronies system – UMNOputra at its heights.

    He started the non-open Tender systems. Malays are also not allowed to tender, only UMNOputra can.

    He raped the judiciary system. Yet acting like a clown in inquiry.

    He made a generation of our children speaks broken English.

    Terengganu case, he sowed the seed of trouble. He stopped the oil money to PAS and created the Eshan fund which he abused earlier during his reign. And now his successor just continued to abuse, until the King stepped in.
    ABB seemed to be the sinner, but know who started and benefited from the abuse formula.

    UMNO election case. The president cannot be challenged unless he collected more than 58 nominations. Mahathir was the branchild who formulated and installed this rule to make it difficult for anyone to challenge him. Now he has to eat the fruit of what he sowed.

    His crooked bridge, his dual track rail and many others…
    Were his retirement perks. Well some body spoilt it.
    That is why, he is so so so Angry.
    His prodigy son (successor) turns to be his enemy.

    Time will tell …

  91. dodgy inc says:

    A uncle of mine mentioned this to me this untold story for the first time.

    He befriended Datuk Harun(the chief perpetrator of Mei 13, 1969) in the old days prior to the incident. Sort of drinking kaki, good buddies and so forth.

    On the night before Mei 13, Datuk Harun sent his wife to stay with an indian family while ordering my uncle and his family to stay indoor for what ever happening outside his house. How could he has known what will happened the following day unless he is planning something big?

    This Mei 13 incidence appears more of a premeditated mass murder than a spontaneuos racial crash.

    The gang of 4 in the mass killing spree were no other than(harun, razak, ghazali,…………..) and the last person is “who else”

    I hope the International Court of Justice could probe this genocide and get hold on this guy before he dies of old age. Don’t let another Pol Pot escape unpunished this time round.

  92. dodgy inc says:

    I am neither pro AAB nor Pro PKR-DAP-PAS but my hatres for this evil man were so immense for the past 20 years.

    I was one of those inner circle of this evil man who has regular encounters for work wise. He never knew how much I wanted to choke him to death each time I see him. Luckyly I did not.

  93. Lasting Reverb says:

    hey people, let’s not start bashing races, pointing fingers at races/sultans and everyone else…the time for justice will come but do you really want to skip over the line of morality and speak like one of them? do you want to continue on with slurs that have no real importance on the real issues but are just here to incite more violence and rage (and then argue it was constructive criticism). relax..
    knowing what to do and doing the right thing is enough. Enough for this country, enough for you. start being more outward. start caring about people as people. change starts from you. not them. if in the end extended hands still reach out waiting for some type of liberty…where will all the words here go?
    be a good *insert religion here*
    that’s all there is to it.
    if we were all born inside out..life would certainly be simpler.

  94. inie says:

    Tell Tun Mahathir to shut up! During his leadership was worse….he was known as a dictator and no one dare to speak up…he can say during Pak lah everyone is yes man!look yourself in the mirror fist before you say things about others..

  95. Hkengmacao says:

    Paik Swan & Daniel Soon

    There is definitely hope in Malaysia. Do all you can to help Malaysia realises its hope. Pakatan Rakyat really need supports from you guys to make Malaysia your home again. Home is still the best, isn’t it?

  96. frmad says:

    for the hot post

  97. Lallang exile says:

    Jaya’s letter is just the tip of the iceberg, ie, what could be seen. The unseen chunk of misdeeds could not be stressed – both financial and non-financial.

    One of those who suffered during Ops Lallang, I opted to leave home for good. I was young and had just started off in my career. However, my seniors – who had spent a good part of their lives building up the paper – were forced to leave Malaysia and settle elsewhere or find other professions. Of course, these talented people ended up doing very well – Commonwealth Office, UN, FEER, etc . But their careers and positions were stripped overnight, and their fundamental rights as human beings were taken away. I do not need to further mention what the Lallang detainess suffered.

    Fact is, Dr M destroyed our lives and displaced many of us. For those unfortunate enough to have close encounters with his policies, I can tell you it is no joking matter. For me and many others who suffered (much more than me), an apology does not suffice. Nothing will, for the youth, ideals, careers, opportunities and lifetimes lost as a result of what he did to us.

    I urge all Malaysians to never allow someone like DR M to control the country again. PM Badawi, you should be more firm and do something to stop him from destabilising the country, for that is what he is doing. And the press should give him no more press for his dangerous and views.

    P/S : I am no cybertrooper and am not aligned to any political party.

  98. shah says:

    you forgot to add another one, he bailed out his son’s company, how come you all can forgot about this? This is the reasons why I left UMNO,,,please go see Anwar and ask apology from him, then you can talk…stupid

  99. Jbond says:

    Don’t you all forget: who ammended the labour laws in the 80s to stifle the trade union movement, no union for most factory workers!! Who master minded the University and Colleges Act that killed off budding students, who would be future leaders of the country.

    Please tell this idiot to just shut-up.

  100. Shanker says:

    Did any of you see the video clip of the gathering at Singgahsana? Here’s a link – http://malaysiakutercinta.blogspot.com/

    And after you’ve seen it:- well, folks – this is the Mahathir that we have known all along. Always using the pawns for his end game. He has never changed. Look at him – clamoring for ‘democracy’, ‘a free voice’ & yet he – together with Mukhriz – just stood by idly & watched whilst the thugs dragged the poor participant by his neck (no less!!). Apa punya demokrasi dia cakap??!!

    Dato’ Param Cumaraswamy has written a letter stating that it is still not too late to bring him to justice – http://www.malaysia-today.net/2008/content/view/5369/1/

    We need to support this call – for the sake of justice and truth. TDM is moving in for the kill, without a doubt. And we cannot afford to sit idly by, just passing comments, WITHOUT DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    Perhaps you can consider asking your MP to raise this issue in Parliament. There’s 82 on our side now, ever willing to raise the appropriate level of noise – enough noise to give this man a heart attack (a real one, this one).

  101. anak malaysia says:

    What can you say? During the 1997 financial crisis, mahathir blamed it on George Soros. Now they are good friends. If that was the case, Mahathir should also make-up with Anwar. Not that Anwar wants to make up with Mahathir. Its just that Mahathir is not the type who apologizes. Just the recent judiciary past is a good example.

  102. lamborghini says:

    Lallang, soon you will have the pleasure of seeing TOON DoG Mahathir aka Mugabe of Malaysia going to Jail and finally Exile to Argentina!

  103. lamborghini says:

    WTF, Badawi ,the Father of Modern Democracy in Malaysia for maintaining peace even after losing the 2/3 majority. Pak Lah a real Gentleman.

    For Toon Dog Mahathir, oops sorry all dogs for misusing the word Dog, Mahathir aka the Father of Corruption must go into Exile, if not Anwar must put Mahathir in Jail and pay back the Nation what he stole for the past 22 years.

  104. lamborghini says:

    Sadi, Mahathir the Conman will back whoevr that would help him to Steal from the Nation.

    For 22 years Mahathir has stole everyday, Billions.

    Mahathir is rhe richest Man in the world.

    Daim is worth 100 Billion.

    Guess how much Mahathir is worth?

  105. lamborghini says:

    Sadi, Mahathir the Conman will back whoever that would help him to Steal from the Nation.

    For 22 years Mahathir has stole everyday, Billions.

    Mahathir is rhe richest Man in the world.

    Daim is worth 100 Billion.

    Guess how much Mahathir is worth?

  106. lamborghini says:

    bamboo river, no doubt the 1st prize goes to TOON DOG Mahathir.

    Sorry all dog lovers. To call Mahathir Dog is an insult to Dogs.

    Dogs are better than Mahathir. They do not steal.

    And the Emmy award for corruption goes the Mahathir, The Father fo Corruption!

  107. lamborghini says:

    Get Him, good work!

    All Malaysians know inside their heart the evil one.

    The evil one Toon Mahathir.

    That Father of Corruption.

    Mahathir, the Father fo all things wrong in Malaysia.

    Please go into Exile Mahathir before Anwar gets you.

  108. lamborghini says:

    Malayamuda, we Malaysian will never forget the evil deeds fo Toon Mahathir.

    Mahathir the Father of Corruption.

    Mahathir the Father of all things wrong in Malaysia.

    We should call Mahathir Mahathieu!

    And take back the silly title from him.

  109. dodgy inc says:

    Reading the blog here I realised that most people if not all the people of Malaysia associate the cancellation of the crooked brigde project by badawi angers mahathir due to loss of perks and profits for the later cronies.

    Little that people here in malaysia know that the Gov. of Singapore treat the construction of the crooked brigde even on the malaysian water as “An Act of War”. Singapore Government never give any explaination but show pictures of the causeway together with the huge diameter water supply pipes which sit on the causeway.

    The water supply pipes along the causeway represents a “strategic” importance to the survivor of the Island state of Singapore. So too, if anyone realised despite badawi gov. heavy losses on March 8 election, the State department of the United State of America issued a statement to say the Gov. of badawi is still an important “strategic” partner of the United State of America.

    Much of the population of Malaysia and Singapore don’t know they are heavily indebted to our ever sleepy, dumb & dumber, ineptness badawi government who either knowingly or inevitably prevented a war path planned by our brinkmanship formal prime minister.

    How many of us and our children in the national service will have to die just because of one person’s ego?

  110. aspiring says:

    I do not undertstand why so many of you are asking for TDM to be exiled. He should be tried and WHEN found guilty, be made to pay back every sen he has plundered, and jailed (like DSAI and the ISA detainees) for life. Nevermind that we have to pay for his room and board. I’m sure there will be no shortage of donations for thos purpose. On second thoughts, why not give him a taste of his own medicine – detain him under the ISA for trying to destablise the country.

  111. tokmat says:

    Whatever TDM is howling now is actually aiming at himself. TDM thinks semua orang sudah lupa. Who can forget the reign of terror .

  112. ah Long says:

    Yup….it is true Diam had been known to be buying up real estate big time in San Francisco over the last 10 years.

    Yup…. I also wonder if Diam can plunder so much, how much has DTM stashed away in his cupboard ???

    DTM & his cronies have made big time enemies of Anwar, you think maybe, one day, if Anwar becomes PM he might return the favour???

    Strange things have happen. Look at the Phillipines & Indonesia. They did try to recover the losted billions from disposed leaders.

    Maybe that can happen in Malaysia? I certainly hope so, if not for the money at least let the truth be known.

  113. eisham says:

    as usual, people can say anything they like especially when exposing one’s weaknesses. it’s makes me laughing when i read some of the comments and also the letter wrote by jayashankar. it is easy to make complaints. we never sit in this top position, never know the problems, never face the difficulties, never be in the position to make critical and important decision for the country where with that decision will determine make or break, but yet we are still talking very loud. and i believe so much that some of us are not even capable to manage our family, our business, our life, our staff, etc but yet still wanted say we are better. i wonder why people have lost their judgement about expecting a normal human being who lead the country for 22 years without making any misdeed. some even went too far, blaming racial sentiment. again, i really wanted to meet these so-called ‘no racist’ people, to see how fair they were. last but not least, it is easy to say this and that but the moment you sit in that position, only God knows. may be later we can ask new Penang CM, Selangor MB, and Perak MB, sincerely how they feel now.

  114. dodgy inc says:

    A real laughing stock in 22 years of mahathir reins that our constitution were amended more than 40 times and sub amendment of 650 times. Our constitution is so dodgy now it worth less than my toilet paper

  115. lamborghini says:

    aspiring, put Mahathir the Father of corruption together with Mugabe in the Kennel.

    Or put both of them in the Zoo.

  116. lamborghini says:

    Malaysian, yes, Mahathir is one of the top 3 richest man in the world.

    The other one is Daim.

    Together they have stolen hunderds of Billion from Malaysia.

    Petronas’s accounts must be open to external auditors.

  117. Gan says:

    Lucky for Malaysia that Tun picked Abdullah as his successor, if not, the political landscape will not be what it is today.

    Tun would have invoke or orchestrate anything … to deter and deny the people’s voice from being heard in GE12.

    However, Abdullah for what he is – is actually a blessing in disguise.

    P.S. If he had chosen Najib instead – Malaysia sudah habis for all except for a selected few !!

  118. lamborghini says:

    Gan, well said.

    The Father of Corruption, Mahathir thought Badawi would steal for him.

    Thank God for Malaysia Badawi is a much better human being then Mahathir.

    When Badawi refuse to steal for Mahathir, then the accusations against Badawi started till this day.

    Bdadwi should start investigating all the crimes of Mahathir.

    A international tribunal comprising Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore,
    Keating of Australia, Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia, Tun Musa Hitam of Malaysia would be appointed Royal commission Members for the Trial of Mahathir.

    All of the above members would put Maahthir to a complete trial for all crimes committed during his 22 years as Prime Minister.

    Once convicted, Mahathir would be Jailed in Sungai Buloh.

    Sentencing for Mahathir would depends on whether Mahathir would beg for forgiveness from all Malaysians fir crimes against Humanity.

    Then Mahathir would go inti Exile to Argentina.

    If Mahathir refuse to apologise and repay all he has stolen , Mahathir would be Jailed for life.

  119. dodgy inc says:

    Why you people are so kind with this monster, let him go exile to argentina. Disappears into oblivion.

    He should be kept in a cage and put on public display along federal highway. At least we can remind ourselves each and every day this:

    Bapa Autocratic;
    Bapa Atrocities;
    Bapa Curruption;
    Bapa Bigmount;
    Bapa Nothing good;
    Bapa Extravaganza;
    Bapa Correct,correct,correct,ya,ya,ya;
    Bapa Judicial crisis,
    Bapa Racism;
    Bapa Official Secrecy Act;
    Bapa ISA,
    Bapa Operasi Lalang,
    Bapa Kamunting,
    Bapa Mother of all wars with Singapore;
    Bapa Mismanagement;
    Bapa Incompetent;
    Bapa Plundering of our natural oil reserves;
    Bapa Media Black out:
    Bapa Black Eye Anwar;
    Bapa AP;
    Bapa Cronies;
    Bapa Evildoer;
    Bapa Disgrace in Higher Education
    Bapa Milk bottle feeding bumiputra
    Bapa Umnoputra;
    Bapa Zakaria the palace infamy
    Bapa Too long to continue listing

  120. lamborghini says:

    dodgy inc, yep, Tnahk God Malaysia have right thinking people like you.

    You see this pariah Mahathir, the Father of corruption, when Anwar wanted to challenge him, he fixed Anwar on sosomy case and a false corruption case.

    Now this bastard Mahathir says Badawi is not demcratic when for 22 years Malaysians lived in fear.

    Whatever the weakness fo Badawi, I prefer Badawi anytime to Mahathir, the evil one. Mahathir is the one PM whom people associated with the worst kind of leader.

    Mahathir has no shame,having sosomised Malaysia financially for 22 years, now he wants to fix the future for Malaysia.

    If not for Badawi forgiving Mahathir for all his crimes, Mahathir shluld be in Jail now.

    The Rakyat now Demands that Badawi should start a royal enquiry into the crimes of Mahathir immediately.

    Anwar will be thw crown witness.

    Musa Hitam will be the tribunal Chairman.

    Lee Kuan Yew, whos is well known for his strictness against corruption will be the foreign judge.

    Paul Keating of Australia, who had the foresight to see through the crimes of Mahathir will also be the foreign Judge.

    Once found guilty, Mamahtir will be paraded throughout Malaysia for the Rakyat to slap him for all the crimes Mahathir has committed against humanity.

    Mahathir will also be made to return the more than 200 billion that he stole from the treasury and Petronas.

  121. lamborghini says:

    dadgy inc, Yes the Rakyat demands that Badawi put Mahathir to trial for all his crimes for 22 years.

    Once officially found guilty, Mahathir would be paraded all over Malaysia for every Malaysian to give Mahathir a slap.

  122. lamborghini says:

    When Anwar wanted tochakllenge Mahathir for the UMNO President post, Mahathir fixed Anwar and put him to Jail.

    Now the pariah Mahathir says Badawi is not Democratic.

    Mahathir is the evil one.

    Tha Rakyat that Mahathir should be oput into Jail at the pleasure of Badawi.

  123. Peopla says:

    Korek, Korek, Korek, The Rakyat demands that Mahathir, the Father fo Corruption be put to Trial now.

    Mahathir must be made to pay back all that he stole.

  124. Citizen says:

    Fully, agreed. Mahathir must be brought to the courts for all the crimes he has done to Malaysia.

  125. wits0 says:

    No dodgy inc, instead of considering moving elsewhere, he is asking people to welcome this ugly Mug, his best buddy, to M’sia: http://tinyurl.com/2eva33

    Perverse values from a perverse man, what else do we call it? He would cut off everyone’s nose just to spite the West.

  126. Jury X says:

    Hear! Hear! Put THAT man in docks to answer for all his crimes. Let the rule OF law take place. No one is above the law, not even THAT man M. All are equal before the law.

    May THAT man be found guilty and may the severst punishment be meted to him, and may he rot in jail for all the sufferings he has caused and is still causing.

    Hidup Justice. Hidup Demokrasi. Hidup .. AAB & Co. (they do deserve it)

  127. samprince says:

    The Rakyat have made known their demands.

    Mahathir the Father of corruption and the man behind of all things wrong in Malaysia must be put in Jail as soon as the trial is finished.

    Mahathir must be made to give back all the hundreds of billion that he has stolen from Malaysia.

  128. The people's voice says:

    Mahathir is a really blinded by greed.

    Having stolen from Malaysia hundreds of Billions, he still want Badawi to do his bidding to steal.

    Badawi would not steal for Mahathir.

    That is why Mahathir is pushing for Najis to be the next PM to steal for Mahathir.

    If Najis does not steal for Mahathir, Mahathir will then say Najis is no good.

    Mahathir will support anyone that would steal for him.

  129. The people's voice says:

    Under Mahathir, UMNO is a money making machine.

    No wonder Mahathir cried during the 1999 UMNO assembly because the Malays was so fed-up of his corruption.

    No wonder Mahathir says he love UMNO.
    No wonder Mahathir stayed as Prime Minister for 22 years.
    If one can steal hundreds of billion from the country, of course he will say he loves the country.

    Ask all Malaysians, what has Mahathir done for the ordinary Malays on the street.


    What has Mahathir done for the country for 22 years.


    Thie is what Mahathir has done.
    1) Extreme Corruption.
    2)Highest crime rate.
    3)High costs of living, Low income level.
    4)Toll here, toll there, toll everywhere. Meanwhile Mahathir’s toll company makes Billions.

    5)Perwaja 12 billion gone.
    6) forex losses 200 billion gone.
    7) Bank Bumi 10 billion gone
    8)Latest port Klang scandal 5 billion gone
    9) Mas 10 billion and all the planes gone
    10) Sime Darby, 5 billion gone.
    11)Maminco 500 million gone.

    and many more…………….

    And yet this evil Mahathir self proclaim that he has done a lot for Malaysia.

    Yes, Mahathir has done a lot I agree.

    Mahathir has indeed done alot!

    Mahathir has done alot of Stealing!

    Mahathir, the Father of Corruption!

  130. dodgy inc says:

    Good news,

    Mahathir urges Malaysian welcome for Mugabe

    Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad said Thursday his country should welcome Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe if he goes into exile following elections in his country.


    We paid for one, now we get a second for free.

    Put mahathir and mugabe in separate cage, display them of them along federal highway

  131. dodgy inc says:

    Since Azalina cancels all Tourism “MOU” with the PRs’ States. We should promote the ideas of displaying the twin monsters(mahathir;mugabe) in cages along federal highway.

    i can’t imagine how much tourism money we can get out of this. Twin towers are outdated

  132. Malaysian says:

    Incredible, that Mahathir has invited Mugabe to exile in Malaysia.

    Mahathir was the economic advisor to Mugabe.

    now look what happened?

    Economy collasped!

    So, Mahathir was briallant?


    Mahathir is stupid!

    But he wants people to think he is smart.

    Look wkat happened to Malaysia.

    Government is bankrupt.


    Mahathir has stolen hindreds of Billion.

    Put Mahathir to Jail.

    Thats what the Rakyat Demand!

  133. Malaysian says:

    dadgyinc, Yes Mahathir and Mugabe, MM incorporated.

    Tourists would pat 200 ringgit to give one slap to Mahathir.
    Tourists would pay 2 Ringgit to feed Mugabe bananna.

  134. Malaysian says:

    Mahathir says Malaysian Government should welcome Mugabe to be exiled in Malaysia.

    Badawi said ok.

    Badawi said in Zoo Negara, there is a empty cage for 2 Ex -Prime Minister who are as corrupted as the other.

    Ok. Mahathir. Your request granted.

    Calling, Calling Zoo Negara.

    This is Badawi here.

    Please reserve 2 places in a animal cage for 2 ex Prome Minister.

    1) Mahathir aka Father of Corruption.
    a) Food item needed. Preferably in ringgit bills, contracts, gold and any other form of corruption.

    b) Food items for Mugabe. just banannas will do.

    Visitors will be permitted to slap Mahathir for 2 ringgit per slap.

  135. dodgy inc says:

    @Malaysian, be very careful not to follow too much of mahathir/mugabe human right abuses.

    Human being should never abuse other of the same kind. Putting up quiltied person in public displays and ridicule them in public are absolutely no! no!. It is against th UN’ s chartered of Human Rights.

    This duo priced catches are not human. The clossest classification should be of the monster kind.

    Monsters too deserve monsters’ decencies.

    The duo should be placed under specially designed cage-similar to Pope mobil, bullet proof; bomb proof; antrax attack proof; air-condition. etc. etc.

    Need also slots for autograph signing, photo sessions, all the creature comfort and so forth. Our priced catch should not die too soon. We need them to pay us back all the misdeeds them have plundered our nation. So too, pay back the people of Zimbabwee some loyalties we earned for public display of monster-kind mugabe

  136. Malaysian says:

    dadgyinc, Monster are better. Animals are better.

    Animals take what they need to eat.

    But Mahathir and Mugabe has stolen billions, more than what anyone can spend.

    Millions of people have to suffer because of Mahathir and Mugabe.

    I understand Malaysia is short of labourer in the construction industry.

    We propose Mahathir and Mugabe work as construction workers as a form of punishment for all their crimes, something lika a hard labour.

    Mahathir must apologise to Badawi for all the false accusations.

    As for Mugabe, I do not really blame him. He fell for the wrong advice from Mahathir.

    The real criminal is actually Mahathir!

  137. dodgy inc says:

    @Malaysian, have compassion for these monsters

    PS: burn them before they reach hell

  138. Citizen says:

    Mahathir must apologise to the following people before going into exile.

    1) Lee Kuan Yew
    2)Tun Musa
    3) Anwar Ibrahim
    4)Lim Guan Eng
    5) Paul Keating
    6)Lim Kit Siang
    7) Badawi
    8)Karpal Singh
    9)Tunku Abdul Rahman(Deceased- God Bless his soul)
    10) Tun Ismail (Deceased- God bless his soul).

    As a form of punishment for the Rakyat to witness, Malahtir would be made to sweep the roadside from Sungai Bulah prison to Pudu Jail.

    Mahathir miust return all ill gotton gain.

    After prison, sent Mahathir to Argentina , exile and jaga Lembu!

  139. rakyat says:

    Mahathir- a trouble maker of Malaysia. He criticized the world as if he is God and can change everything according to his whims and fancy and condemn and criticized other at no cost or mercy. How come he can get away with all these criticism. He even changed our time zone, commandor of the monarch, fund manager of our rakyat’s money, a dictator – jail everyone he didnt like and a racist – calling Anwar Prime Minister of Israel. He wanted to provoked Anwar again. Has he not caused Anwar and his family enough suffering (derita). What does he get by doing all these “kejam”(cruelty) to those innocent. Anwar is more popular and brilliant than him, so Mahathir felt threatened and jealous and “kill” Anwar first before he became the people’s Prime Minister. But God is fair. Now Anwar is the People’s Prime Minister in the eyes of the rakyat. Mahathir is the master mind for chaos, riot, corruption, Ali Baba business in Umno and racial tensions and disharmony in the country. He is Malaysia Osama bin Laden.If he is guilty, Mr. Justice, please do justice to the people and to the nation and future generations.Marcos paid his dues, Suharto too, now its Mahathir.Be man enough to face it like Marcos.

  140. American says:

    Mahathir claims Anwar represent Jewish interest.

    I wonder when George Soros met Mahathir in a closed door session, who is the devil then?

    Mahathir, the Father of corruption.!

  141. dodgy inc says:

    Reading George Soros Letter to Mahathir, posted by LIM. Judging from its contents, the letter was probably written in late 1997.

    Copy can be read here:
    http://www.asiawind.com/forums/ read.php?f=11&i=66323&t=66055

    Although, this letter was written mote than 10 years and yet much its contents still hold the truths until today.

    It appears that while we accuse badawi of being the sleeping, ineptness PM, we Malaysian ought to be ashame ourselves for not taking any action on this menace. Probably too scare of ISA, Kamunting Resort and so forth.

  142. dodgy inc says:

    Calling all patriotic Malaysian to contibute and keep this blog alive, do the proper research, documentation, publication, prosecution, implemention and finally education of the Nation.

    I propose this project to be implemented in different phase.

    Phase 1: United Blog of Mahathirs’ Misdeeds
    Phase 2: United Documentation of Mahathirs’ Misdeeds
    Phase 3: United Publication of Mahathirs’ Misdeeds
    Phase 4: United Prosecution of Mahathirs’ Misdeeds
    Phase 5: United Education of mahathirs’ Misdeeds

    The last phase sounds a bit strange. i propose that one day our project and the book could be used to train our future generation that the history of mahathir’s menace should not be repeated again.

    People, think about this. It can be a big money project bcoz in 5 year time, the new parliamnet would likely be swarmed by Pakatan Rakyat. The Non-Kerismuddin education minister may adopt our book as school text book.

    Also, I suggest one day, the following ought to be inserted in our “Rukun Tetangga” or Constitution:


  143. dodgy inc says:

    wits0, lalang, malaysian etc . any taker?

    We need someone with good command in english, good analytical mind, about to spend time on research documentation.

    Probably we need George Soros’ assistants and data in compiling our research paper.

  144. American says:

    dodgy inc, there should be a new subject, in the University syallabus.

    A study on corrupruin aka Mahathir.

    A studay on why people after amassing hundreds of billions still conyinue tosteal e.g Mahathir.

    Genetically Mahathir is a born liar, greedy and manipulative.

    Also evil, megalomanic and egoist and many more…….

  145. Ah Long says:

    I am amongst the first to scream – investigate why MAS is losing billions !!! Investigate the truth !!!

    Trace and audit what is happening to MAS fleet of aeroplanes.

    You will find as at end of 2007…..7 of them are missing !!! They have been “sub-leased” to Air Asia for what I believe to be at next to nothing.

    Anyone got connections in China? Ask questions. Can verify MAS planes are being painted into AirAsia colours? And at the end of it’s service life painted back to MAS colours.

    MAS maintenance workers, keep an eye open for planes coming back for service without proper log books and service history.

    MAS maintenance workers, why are some of your friend getting million ringgit voluntary redundancy payouts? Maybe they know something? Maybe that’s the reward to just do your job and don’t ask too many questions?

    I heard of planes coming back with jet engines whose serial numbers don’t match previous service history. Apparently AirAsia has “cannibalised” certain aircrafts for spare parts !!!

    Every blogger keep your ears and eyes open. Billions are being diverted away from MAS.

    MAS cannot possibly suddenly in the last few years begin to lose that sort of money, it used to be profitable. Most MAS flights are still full and they still offer a good service. How come suddenly in the last 5 years they start to bled ?

    Is it all because of competition from AirAsia? If it is then the big question is “Is the competition fair.”

    Watch out that we the taxpayers are not sucked into subsiding “private” interest. These are heartless bastards. They won’t even blink an eyelid to kill off MAS so they can benefit.

    Something is going on…..keep a close watch. How many are getting million ringgit payouts in the form of voluntary redundancies??? I hear hundreds of employees are getting a golden goodbye handshake.

    I hear this mainly from disgruntled employees who didn’t get a handshake.

    The truth will eventually come out – you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time.

  146. dodgy inc says:

    American, it is prefered to a proper foreign-university styled research paper, comes with citation, reference, evidence from reliable sources. Much like what you found in the wikipedia writing or even better.

    We malaysian are guilty of making too many sweeping statements that can lend us into trouble.

    The last time Lim Guan Eng was put in jail by mahathir the great evil menace in 1998. He was defending an underaged Malay girl allegingly being raped by the Malacca chief minister.

  147. dodgy inc says:

    Ah Long, sorry i have to correct you here that MAS misadventure in 2007 has much to do with badawi and his gang of JKKKK-jean, kamaludin, khairy and kalimullah.

    Read an article written by Little Bird posted by Raja Petra malaysia-today.net on the 27-2-2008.

    My apology to Little Bird for not get his permission to paste it here,

    Firstly, the shareholders and/or stakeholders of Air
    Asia (directly, indirectly, through proxies, etc.)
    include Kamaluddin bin Abdullah Badawi, Kalimullah
    Maseerul Hassan (also into Tune Hotels), Khairy
    Jamaluddin, Tony Fernandez, etc.

    We all know the story of Air Asia. Well, we all
    thought it was a rags to riches story. It is actually
    a story about riches. The rags part is actually very

    When MAS entered into a phase of ‘restructuring’ about
    three years ago, Air Asia, through Tony Fernandez,
    struck fast and furious.

    Before we go further, you may want to ask why did MAS
    have to suffer yet another ‘restructuring’? That is a
    story by itself for another day but just bear in mind
    that Badawi’s brother, Ibrahim, is the owner of the
    catering company (Skychef?) that used to supply
    mineral water at RM35 a case to MAS.

    With that kind of pricing, surely MAS would need

    Anyway, Air Asia stepped in and pushed the Gomen for a
    ‘rationalisation’ of the domestic air routes in
    Malaysia. Air Asia asked to be given MAS’ Sabah and
    Sarawak routes. MAS could keep flying in Semenanjung,
    they said. Despite objections by MAS, Air Asia was
    granted its wish.

    But the wish did not just happen. Zaki, a fourth floor
    boy at the PM’s office, helped Air Asia make its wish
    come true.

    Once MAS lost its Sabah and Sarawak routes to Air
    Asia, there was a staff redundancy. So MAS had to
    organise a VSS. MAS demanded that since Air Asia was
    taking over their Sabah and Sarawak routes it would
    make some of their staff redundant so Air Asia should
    pay MAS some compensation.

    Everyone (MAS, Gomen and even Air Asia) agreed that
    compensation was payable to MAS. But Air Asia would
    not pay anything. Finally, the Gomen (err that means
    you and me lah, Encik Taxpayer) paid the compensation
    to MAS, which MAS promptly used in one of the most
    expensive VSS payments in our history.

    If your blood is starting to boil, stop reading and
    better cool off because it does not get better.

    Then, within one year, Air Asia realised that the
    Sabah and Sarawak routes were not profitable. They
    never were. MAS was performing national service in
    Sabah and Sarawak. Flying chickens and goats is not a
    money-making venture.

    No problem. Air Asia made another wish. They told the
    Gomen, we have to return these air routes back to MAS.
    Again MAS objected. Again overruled. Not relevant.

    Then came the handing over ceremony of the air routes
    and the airplanes. When they took over the
    Sabah/Sarawak routes, Air Asia had ‘acquired’ seven
    airplanes from MAS in perfect working condition. (MAS
    does have one of the best safety records in the

    However, when Air Asia ‘returned’ the planes to MAS,
    only one was left in working condition. The other six
    planes were grounded, not fit for flying and could not

    In actual fact, Air Asia was cannibalising parts from
    the six planes to keep the seventh one flying. Again
    MAS objected. Again overruled. Not relevant. It
    eventually cost MAS in excess of RM50 million to make
    the planes flyable again. This was a direct subsidy to
    ‘rags to riches’ Air Asia’s profits.

    Then Air Asia started eyeing the lucrative
    KL-Singapore routes. Tighten your seat belts. This one
    will really jolt. But they went about it the
    roundabout way. They said they wanted to go
    international. They did (some) but international
    routes are tough. No Zaki, Badawi, Khairy, Kalimullah
    or Kamaluddin to make your wishes come true.

    But the KL-Singapore sector was generating RM40
    million in PROFITS to MAS. This was the plum in the
    pudding. Air Asia wanted it badly.

    So they made another wish. It came true. This is how
    they did it. Air Asia’s bid to break into the
    KL-Singapore sector was first discussed in Cabinet
    when Badawi was on holiday overseas. Najib chaired the
    meeting and Air Asia’s application was rejected.

    The application was rejected for two main reasons:

    i. By 2009 the whole of ASEAN becomes open sky anyway.
    ASEAN airlines can fly to all ASEAN capitals without
    restrictions. So why open up KL-Singapore in double
    quick time?

    ii. If budget flights are allowed between
    KL-Singapore, KLIA will die an unnatural death. KLIA
    will become a feeder airport for Singapore’s Changi.
    People will fly from KL to Singapore and then fly off
    from Singapore to the rest of the world. MAS will then
    die a natural death. So the request was declined.

    Then Badawi came back from his travels and asked
    Tengku Adnan the Minister of Tourism to prepare a
    paper on tourism, linking MAS, Air Asia, SIA, etc., to
    tourist arrivals. At the next Cabinet meeting chaired
    by Badawi, he asked Tengku Adnan to present the
    ‘Cabinet paper’.

    Insiders say that the paper was an ‘out of Agenda’
    item – meaning it surprised everyone, but the dunggus
    approved it nonetheless. Air Asia got its wish again.
    Tengku Adnan also secured his Putrajaya seat.

    Now here is the killer. Soon after Air Asia started
    flying the KL-Singapore sector, they started giving
    away 300,000 free tickets, 5 sen tickets and all the
    other gimmicks. Singapore is believed to be
    subsidising Air Asia for all these expensive gimmicks.

    For SIA, losing RM40 million (S$17 million) profit
    from the KL-Singapore sector is chicken feed. Air Asia
    is feeding thousands of transit passengers from KL to
    Changi . Air Asia is providing RM19 bus rides from KL
    to KLIA. From KLIA, passengers fly almost free to
    Changi. From Changi the passengers can connect to the

    Now, Air Asia is making another wish – they want to
    fly direct from Kuching, KK, Penang, Alor Setar, Kota
    Bharu, etc., to Changi. They will earn even more
    ‘subsidies’ from Singapore. KLIA will drop dead later,
    MAS will die first.

    This is how we go from ‘rags to riches’. And we all
    thought Tony Fernandez was such a great guy too. The
    shareholders and/or stakeholders of Air Asia
    (directly, indirectly, through proxies, etc.) include
    Kamaluddin bin Abdullah Badawi, Kalimullah Maseerul
    Hassan (also into Tune Hotels), Khairy Jamaluddin,
    Tony Fernandez, etc.

    Yes, we believe in open skies, competition and all
    that. But friends, fellow Malaysians, this is the PM,
    his son, his S-I-L and his cronies lah. How can they
    sell out their own country? But this is what they are

  148. kota bharu boy says:

    Vincent C. Lingam Says:
    April 1, 2008 at 5:59 pm
    The land is Sg Petani were previously owned by a grouping of old chettiars (money lenders) …..

    Firstly i must thank Vincent C. Lingam who is one of the persons who is aware of the great “land robberies” in Malaysia. However I wish to to correct his above statement. The land in Sg Petani was mainly rubber estates, where the owners were Malaysians.

  149. kota bharu boy says:

    Vincent C. Lingam Says:
    April 1, 2008 at 5:59 pm
    The land is Sg Petani were previously owned by a grouping of old chettiars (money lenders) …..

    Firstly i must thank Vincent C. Lingam who is one of the persons who is aware of the great “land robberies” in Malaysia. However I wish to to correct his above statement. The land in Sg Petani was mainly rubber estates, where the owners were Malaysians.

  150. RAJ RAMAN says:

    tUNoon mahathir,i hope read this comment from us.however he will say he is a saint.

    can anyone please email all this comment to his son or marina m?

    I hope i can do it,but with my limited IT background i cant.I just a sitting duck where my comment will be direct as user friendly like sloone,harris and annilnetto.just TYPE in and summit.EASY LIKE A,B,C AND Z. THERE ANYONE CAN SEND TO THE TUNOON DAUGHTER OR SON? AT LEAST TUNOON MAHATHIR WILL KNOW HOW MANY MALAYSIAN HATE HIM.SO HE WILL KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT.

  151. American says:

    Dear fellow Malaysians, Mahathir aka Father of Corruption recently he never take a sen from the country.

    Before Saddam Hussein was sentenced , Saddam also claim he never kill anyone.
    Imelda Marcos also claim innocence.
    Suharto also claim innocence.
    Deposed Phillipines President Estrada also claim innicence.

    Fuji Mori also cliam innocence.

    Finally Bill Clinton also say he never had sex with Monica Lewinsky.

    Final conclusion about Mahathir aka The Father of Corruption.

    When Mahathir claims he was never corrupt, it is the Moral Equivalent of Bill Clinton having said that he never had sex with Lewinsky. But only oral sex.

    The moral of the story is.

    Yes, Mahathir never took any money! Never. I also agree.

    As we all know , someone took money on behalf of Mahathir.

    That is why up till today Mahathir claim he was never corrupt.

    But we all know lah!

  152. George Soros says:

    Raj, Saddam also claim he was innocent.

    Marcos also claim he was innocent.

    Suharto also claim he was innoncent.

    Mahathir will also claim innocent.

    But we all know.

    Mahathir is the Father of corruption.

  153. Bobby New Zealand says:

    And George Soros think he is innocent of the Asian Crisis,
    But from the confessions in his book,
    He is equally corrupt as Mahathir and rest.

  154. Bobby New Zealand says:

    Mahathir is definitely suffering from Bipolar Political Disorder!!!! One day he says this and next day he says the opposite!!! I just to admire him and after his big mouth syndrome and arrogance, I detest him!!!

  155. […] tuned, ladies and gentlemen, for Round 2 of this fight. During this break, I would like you to take some time to read this letter, just for reminiscing on Mahathir’s time as […]

  156. wits0 says:

    Bobby New Zealand, It’s quite clear that Mahathir was encouraged further to display his incalcitrant self-contradiction and irony very forcefully after he emasculated the MSM post 1987.

    From that time onwards, when it rains, it pours from the MSM, with all those ‘positive and uncritical reports’ only. There is naturally a moral and material price to be paid when a fundamentally rabble rousing racist demagogue gets elevated to No. 1 position, being foisted there by UMNO/BN with unfettered power for such a length of time. The Governance believed entirely in its own propaganda and the compliant lapdogs MSM kept feeding the feel good opiate of spins and falsehood. The people are clearly no longer amused.

  157. elfiejane says:

    kudos to the writer of the letter.

  158. Bobby New Zealand says:

    Every Malaysian would agree with me that they used to be “addicted” to the speeches of Dr M whose logic seemed so appealing. Now he comes out with the statement that he would stop criticising the leadership if the stop “doing what is wrong”. If I am not wrong, no western country wants to invite him to give public speeches now because he is history. Instead of shifting blame to Pak Lah, he should admit the long long list of things he did wrong during his premiership and ask the rakyat for forgiveness. Not many people really know that he provoked the Clinton administration to send their “financial henchmen” to destroy the gang of three economies in 1997 to stop their global warming project in Brazil. Has Dr M forgotten that he was harping “Prosper thy neighbour” during that time? I don’t think he is smart enough even to know what was happening during the Asian Crisis. That’s why my respect for him has fallen 88 storeys from the Petronas Tower. Oh yes, it was petrodollars that save the country from bankruptcy. So is Dr M better than Pak Lah? Now he wants to destroy the very party he formed in 1988 because like Hitler he shares the same policy “rule or ruin”. You are to me Dr Malu!!! (malay word for shame).

  159. wits0 says:

    “Dr M whose logic seemed so appealing. ”

    But to the astute, it never was. It was usually cynical sophistry. That’s why he has to suppress the Press completely to hide and protect his own flawed logic. One that spews forth from a man who has no understanding about fairness but cries the loudest about fairness like any common hypocrite anywhere.

    One of his most outstanding and glaring crime is Operation Lallang where the more guilty demagogues went scotch free while the less so and innocents were wrongfully made to pay the bill because it was expedient and easy while he prefered to prioritize globe trotting instead during much of the time. Bad awi follows the same holidaying tradition. Same with the earlier Memali incident when he was overseas and came back to blame his Deputy Musa Hitam.

    What was the issue of ’87 anyway if not simply about who was the original people which today everyone has to accept is the Orang Asli(Aborigines) people. It was a grievious wrong because it confounded the underlying understanding about natural justice. The following year, came the Judicial Crises…to cap the clear conclusion that his sense of justice is exactly perverted. A most unjust man crying the loudest about justice!

  160. Ah Long says:

    Thanks Dodgy Inc….the article you posted helps me understand the situation much better. I had always smell a rat about this rags to riches story and how great Tony Fernandez is but common sense told me it is impossible to build an airline the size of AirAsia in just a few short years.

    Today MAS, Tomorrow KLIA, Day after the world !!!

  161. dodgy inc says:

    Ah Long: Believe me, the wrongdoings of badawi were so trivial in comparision with all the evil-doings commited by mahathir in his 22 yrs reign.

    Much of the flawed and draconic policies of badawi’s administration were inherited from mahathir and the sad truth is that the latter tyrant is still capable of fine-tuning and charting our country’s destiny behind the driver seat.

    We must put a stop to this before it is too late

  162. Bobby New Zealand says:

    Well guys, the wrongdoings of mahathir is miniscule compared to the US administration. Clinton administration style was using money to bankrupt nations like Soviet Union in early 90’s and the Asian Crisis using their “financial henchmen”. Bush administration uses the “cowboy” style and what a mess in Iraq. See the big picture guys!!! The whole world is corrupt it’s still the big bullying the small.

  163. dodgy inc says:

    Not so sure New Zealander knows much of World affairs,

    Roman Empire collapsed due to corruption, Chinese Emperor’s Empire collapsed due to corruption,
    The Egyptian Pharaoh’s empire collapsed too, the list goes on and on.

    Why we need we bother the rest of the world, when,

    The Clear and Present Danger current y in New Zealand right now I can think of is stampede of sheep, thus wipe up human-kind in New Zealand. That is an act of nature, we cannot control and it is out of Malaysia.

    The Clear and Present Danger in Malaysia right now is Mahathir, get rid him or we are at peril.

  164. dodgy inc says:

    The baddies badawi admitted and feel responsible for BN’s reduced votes, at least he is a gentleman amidst corrupt type.

    Mahathir, never feel remoteful at all, he even asked people to vote for oppostition.

    He chaired The Kuala Lumpur War Crime Commission, when he ought to be investigated for War Crime and crime against humanity

  165. countach says:

    dodgyinc, Mahathir the Father of corruption.

    Mahathir the source of all things wrong in Malaysia.

    Mahathir the source of all crisis in Umno.

    Get rid of Mahathir and the Malays woild be free!

  166. countach says:

    Bobby new zealand.you are right!

    Mahathir, the Father of corruption.

    Mahathir, the source of all things wrong in Malaysia.

  167. billauchris says:

    Most political leaders in the world are by no means honest, sincere and ethical. If they ever differ, it is by degree.

    A successful politician often says A when he means B having in mind C but actually D. I thought all along such description of a character befits that of a lawyer who invariably twists and turns in debates and arguments; but, sorry to say, when he is pitted against a politician like Tun Dr Mahathir, he is no where near him.

    The skeletons that had been exposed were quite frightening – corruption at all levels of the administration, nepotism, cronyism, merciless and ruthless application of the ISA to put political dissidents behing bar, sacking of Lord President Salleh Abbas and certain judges, etc. These reports must be true to a great extent otherwise they would not last and survive so long as to haunt the present generation.

    These skeletons have begun to rear their ugly heads – rising crimes, arrogance that emboldened a certain politican to wield his kris during the UMNO Assembly, various fraudulent practices being dug up now by the Pakatan Rakyat. Thank God, through His grace, BN had to suffer the ignominy of a poor electoral performance. I think God could not stand the injustices and atrocities being committed against His creatures on earth.

    Well, after 50 years under the BN’s control, the rot had gone too deep in for redemption to be effective. Along the way, more skeletons, I believe, will be uncovered but where they concern corrupt practices, the ACA must be empowered to take the necessary actions against the culprits without fear or favour.

    I only hope that the unjust, unfair and the uncouthed shall be be charged one day and on conviction be punished accordingly.

  168. Lea Cruz says:

    Hi, Dear fellow malaysians


    It is time for the press/media and the malaysian to take NO notice and Ignore this Mahathir totally, neglect him as he is not worth for us to waste our time to talk about or think about. Just imagine seeing him (a big bad mouth and arrogant manner) in the press or tv really a very bad impression we sent out to the rest of the World. Let his family members to pay him homage and attention, as what he did or does no longer matter to us but just another old-aged man waiting for his time. We, Malaysian have better thing to do; unity and build this nation, as we have so many wonderful people out there, especially those wise young generation who could put racial problem aside. No more UMNO, MIC, MCA parties. Malaysian is Malaysian, regardless of what race & creed and form a democratic nation.

    The press and media should report more on social welfare, education and cultural etc etc rather than wasting time report on Mahathir’s. Please, everyone, please erase Mahathir and put aside, leave him in darkness as invisible, no light for him till his last day. We, Malaysian, Start writing someone who is worth our time, such as the land scam in Penang, millions gone in 50 days, Lingham Video, bring these people to justice and recover those tax payer money to rebuild our nation once again. Together we make sure the present elected parties do their job well. As after this election, malaysia seem to become a more democracy nation, more freedom, open and transparency. We should make full use of our right to see that none of the govt servant is corrupted, because we are the employers.


  169. peter pan says:

    Mahathir is in fantasy land. Now no one pays attention to him or what he said or criticized, so he had to go to Manchester to get some cheap publicity and to Zimbabwe or another far away land sourcing for his own exile from Malaysia. Now press people dont give a damn of what he wants to say and bad mouth, so now he had to blog to get attention. The Badawi government should now start from scratch to bring judiciary to its right track after Mahathir had side track and off track the judiciary in Malaysia (so now Mahathir should shut his big bloody mouth). Because of his big bloody mouth, he has caused our beloved Malaysia to go down the drain by criticising the West and straining ties with every country except his OIC countries and he also supported and protected Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussin and all the terrorists in the world. So Mahathir is like one of them, terrorising Malaysians and robbing the public’s money and mismanaged the country’s funds and nepotism and bail out billions for his sons. He should stick to politic and not doing business at the expense of the country’s money and the people. Because of his sharp tongue he caused a downfall in our economy and now claim his govenment got 2/3 majority under him (of course lah, with all the cheating of votes, very easy to get 2/3 majority for 22 years, all fake and bluff the people). Now he dare to slander (fitnah) Badawi. The present election is a realistic one not a bluff one. This shows if there is no bluffing or phantom votes, Mahathir would not be sitting on his throne and laurel for 22 years. We Malaysians want to see justice and we cannot move on unless Mahathir is charged for the billions he lost and stole and that the murderers of Altantuya be bombed.Malaysians would only believe Badawi in justice if these two cases are brought to justice and justice served. Dont procrastinate on these 2 cases if Badawi wants us to trust him and vote for BN in the next election otherwise …. BN “tapow”-lah (pack your bags-lah).

  170. dodgy inc says:

    Mahathir built the biggest building and most imposing structure of PM’s residence in Putrajaya. The Residence is even bigger than our current Parliament House in KL. Impling that the Prime Minister is more important than all the Member of Parliaments combined.

    Where else in the rest of the world,

    The President of the United State is considered an ordinary citizen who lives in a small building called “White House”. The House of Representatives building in Capital Hill is a much larger structure than “White House”

    The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom lives in No. 10 Downing Street, a structure which is much smaller than the Parliament House in London.

    The Prime Minister of Australia lives in a house that is so much smaller than the Parliament House in Canberra.

    Mahathir was following the footsteps of Hitler’s Third Reich, building massive structures to intimidate its citizen.

  171. dodgy inc says:

    Mahathir, the ego maniac built the largest structure, Prime Minister’s Residence in Putraraya.

    The residence is bigger than any building in Putrajaya and even bigger than our current Parliament House in KL. Thus giving the impression executive power overshadows the House of Parliament. A legacy not far from what was undertaken by the Reign of Hitler’s Third Reich.

    He has no shame to know that even

    The President of The United State lives in a small “white House” as compared with the House of Representatives at Capitol Hill;

    The Prime Minister of United Kingdom lives in a terrace house at No. Downing Street, so much smaller than the House of Commons in London;

    The Prime Minister of Australia lives in a small house as compared with the giant Parliament House in Canberra.

    I hope when PR forms new government, PM’s residence will be turned into a cinema and museum for displaying the Reign of terrors in Mahathir’s era.

  172. Ravi says:

    My comments about Tun Dr. Mahathir are published under http://www.expmmalaysia.blogspot.com
    – no point repeating what I personally feel about this gentleman, and please leave your comments regardless of your views on my views 🙂

    With regards to Datuk Seri Abdullah, I don’t know him well enough to state if he is truly the gentleman he portrays. However, from what I know about him, I like him and his style.

    Unfortunately, we tend to expect our leaders to be brash and verbal. If they are quiet, we assume them to be incompetent instead of educated. Perception is such that once we hear too many similar comments be it true or false, we accept it as reality.

    Regards Malaysia – there are lots worse places to be in this world. Classic examples are Zimbabwe, United States of America and it’s current leadership. This clearly shows how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I’d say for all those Malaysian’s who think Malaysia is no longer viable – think again. The grass will always look greener at the other side.

    Look at Australia – it is reeling from high bank interest rates and rising living costs, and escalating petrol prices. So this is not something unique to Malaysia.

    United Kingdom is constantly under threat of terrorism and it’s inept Labour party cannot reinvigorate the economy and reduce unemployment.

    Germany, France have no imagination of how it can shape the world’s economy, and Japan is waiting for the next wave of economic resurgance.

    So bad politics, bad governance and poor economy is a world plague, not just Malaysia’s. In fact, Malaysia is in much better state than those countries I have indicated. The only thing Malaysians must remember is work hard and strive for success. Don’t be mediocre. Don’t be lazy.

    I’d encourage those Malaysians who want to live abroad – keep whatever Malaysian interests you have intact. Be it investments, be it citizenship, be it family – the current challenging times in Malaysia won’t last. There are already signs of reforms and changes to political leadership. Cobwebs need to be cleaned. Principles and trust need to be reestablished and this will take time as the baggage Malaysia has at present is one it’s inherritted from past administration. It could easily take till the end of the current Prime Minister’s administration to set some of the mismanagement straight.

    If you have a thought or idea to help Malaysia prosper – develop it and delegate it to your local council or Member of Parliament to consider and champion. Remember, it’s easy to sit back and criticise. It’s difficult to criticise constructively, and it’s even more difficult to spend time to detail your thoughts, make time to meet your council and parliament representatives, explain your ideas and why you think it’s important to society, as well show cost-benefits.


  173. 9zThank’s for greate post.9l I compleatly disagree with last post . frx
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  174. Bujang says:

    Without Kutty; without UMNO, Malaysia would be far better off than what it is now.
    Unless Kutty and Diam return all their loots, unless UMNO is wiped out, how to move forward? 30% of the population is squeezed and bullied and yet expect to feed the other 50% or so of population, how to move forward?
    The world is in a different state now; a concerted effort is required. How? How with UMNO around? How with Kutty keeps spilling racial hatred around? Still preaching false pride for goups of population to believe in Ketuanan ….while stealing them blind and now trying to make a comeback and get into power again?
    Yeah, may be Malaysia should turn into a Republic too.
    But boleh-kah?

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