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“Who gave the orders
For them to go, alright
Who gave the orders
Martin was shut down, ah, alright
Who gave the orders
To drop the bomb, we wanna know
Who gave the orders
No refugees across the borders, yeah”

(Song by Wyclef Jean)

The ONLY thing left to do in MALAYSIA’s TRIAL of the CENTURY is to ask: WHO GAVE THE ORDER for the killing of Altantuya? Will this question – that’s on everyone’s lips, hearts and minds – ever see the light of day in court? Because – therein lies the answer to this whole mystery!

Yesterday, writer Kim Quek asked (again the age old question that’s never been asked in court) in his article: Altantuya’s killing: Who gave the order?

Kim Quek’s article provided no new insight but a stark reminder of the sequence of events that is most pertinent to the trial but had been largely ignored. He argues:

The question now arises: how could the first two accused have obeyed the order to kill from the third accused (political analysts Abdul Razak Baginda) when the following facts are taken into consideration:

a) These bodyguards (Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar) who were from the Police Special Action Force were trained to carry out extreme duties and to obey orders absolutely from (and only from) a superior like a ‘robot’ as testified by the deputy commandant of their police unit earlier in court.

b) Razak (Baginda) who met Azilah for the first time was no superior of these bodyguards. He was a civilian and though he knew the deputy prime minister (Najib Tun Razak) he would still be considered an outsider by the two Special Action Squad personnel.

An order to kill from Razak (Baginda) would not have been acted upon by the two without clearance from those in the hierarchy above them. And who would that be?

Considering these bodyguards did not know the girl, and hence had no motive on their own to kill her, the next question that begs for answer is: Who gave the order, if any, to kill and to destroy the body in such bizarre fashion?

Tracing the sequence of events, the first target of investigation should naturally be (Najib’s aide de camp DSP) Musa Safri, as he was the one who sent Azilah to Razak. And since Musa’s tour of duty is for Najib, shouldn’t the next object of investigation be Najib himself?

Now Kim Quek, you know the answer to that and so does (almost) everyone else in this country of 26 million people. Yet, I am afraid, the authorities that matter do not know and do not care. And that is what matters most!

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  1. lucia says:

    yeah you know. i know. not that the authorities do not know but they choose NOT to want to know.

    btw susan, it’s still a strain to the eyes to read your quoted texts!

  2. toyolbuster says:

    Yes I do agree with lucia, its rather a strain to my aging eyes. Most people over 40 like me do “acquire” some sort of sightedness and even if I increase the text size, and put on my magnifying glass sized spectacles, I still have to put up an effort. But any juicy story about Najis is worth the effort. We are just waiting and praying for a miraculous day when we see the name Najis being charged by a court or satanic hell hole, be it in Malaysia, Mongolia, Siberia or HELL, that will be the day

  3. ah long says:

    Ayah…..the answer is so bloody simple, all you have to do is ask the two goons, Azilah & Sirul the question “WHO ASK YOU TO DO IT”.

    Tell us the truth and testify before the court and you will get a reduced sentence. Bullshit us and we will hang you. This is called “plead bargaining”. Watch them sing like canaries.

    But of course we don’t really want to know the truth.

  4. donplaypuks says:

    You hit the nail on its head!

    The 2 accused policemen did not wake up 1 morning & suddenly say ‘Let’s go get some C4 and blow up any Mongolian bitch beauty in town, baby!’

    RPK has already identified the Suzuki Vitara driven by a guy wearing a baseball cap. The Reg No. of this car is known, as well as the owner’s name, occupation and residential address.

    If ordinary people can cotton on to the identity of this person with elementary investigation, how come I Polis Raja & Polis Raja, AG, DPP’s etc cannot . The answer must be that they do not want to. Like that ACA officer at the Royal Commission who concentrated narrowly on phone calls made to the ex-CJ on only 1 day! Were they pressurise by their political masters? Ha. ha. ha!

    Follow this trail all the way, and it will lead to ‘Who Gave THe Orders.’ QED!

  5. kittykat46 says:

    Its easy, just follow the Chain of Command, all the way UP.
    The actual people on trial now may or may not be guilty, but they never really were the Chain of Command.

    But think a bit deeper. The top of the command chain (Da Real Boss) is not necessarily who you think it is….

  6. bamboo river says:

    Unless , someone hijacked the chain of command.

    About the text, I have problem reading them from my picture tube monitor. But , when I downloaded into my pendrive and read them at my LCD monitor , it is clear.

  7. Audience says:

    Wahlau, this is suspense ,you think you thought how the answer is and yet you do not know what the final ending to the movie will be. It is more interesting to watch than the serial TV movies. We always wanted the hero and the victim to win and for the criminals and nasty ones to fall , but sometimes the movie can be cut and edited and censored according to the director’s will and fancies. You think our go…men is director or the people is the actor , acting according to their scripts. But sometimes hero can be come the accomplice to crimes and the nasty ones can also be turned into the holier than you one you know… what man , the more i read blogs ,the more suspense as I think I want to be the director and let the real play move on rather than all this fuc…..g gimmic show. Let the Power of the People Rule ……………. that is what we want ………. do not suppress our neeeeds as we will boycott your lousy show if the ending is dispapointing and no audience means no income , no income means no corruption but maybe more crimes to rob…… real going nowhere. Stop the rot. Give us a Good Director and we shall enjoy the show and everyone will applause and go back home and sleep happily now and thereafter. THE END. ( zzzzzzzzzzzzz. ……..good sleep then wahlau)

  8. Harrison says:

    If this man becomes our PM, he may be another replica of Mugabe or Suharto.

    Susan ah,

    malaysiakini is smart, since Kim Quek is a Malaysiakini reporter(?), he assumed he had written this article in the “Letters To The Editors” column as his personal capacity, just in case. 🙂

  9. kittykat46 says:

    Meanwhile, Mugabe-in-waiting has instructed Patel to have Karpal Singh prosecuted for sedition due to Karpal’s remarks on Royalty and the Constitution in the JAIP Director transfer case.

    I have written elsewhere disagreeing with Karpal’s take, but does it constitute Sedition ??


    I agree with Harrison. If This fella becomes PM, it could be back to the Dark Ages….ISA, Sedition Act, OSA, C-4, whatever it takes…

  10. kwai lan says:

    all circumstantial evidence, fingers, toes …point to u-know-who…if hv balls at all..clear ur name ..those legal means..not by harassment [ sedition act and wat not ]…all our eyes can see..let u not forget …

    Karpal oso kena sedition ? OMG..then wat abt kerisman? or AG statement during treng.. standoff ? be fair la, ooi sayang…

  11. wits0 says:

    If MPs cannot present dissenting views, who can? Someone’s using the vague Sedition law to intimidate and employing that self-servingly while at the same time talking the usual platitudes wrt procedure and law. The Altantuya’s trial has gone on long enough for people to conclude that there is no real desire to arrive at the truth with all the astounding beating about the bush.

  12. ghenjis khan says:

    Right from the beginning , even before the trial started, we keep asking the whole world …”Who Gave the Orders “.

    Field Marshall Georing and the other Generals at the Nuremburgh Trial shouted …. Adolf Hitler ! Even the Ordinary German Soldier said that!

    The Italian Fascists said Mussolini, and they Italians hanged him in public!

    Pol Pot, Madam Mao, Stalin, Milosevic etc etc etc .

    But the Post-Modern Theory says, that the most likely scenario is that ….
    in Malaysia ….. one fine morning just after dawn or sunset, a Typical Malaysian would suddenly have an epiphany to find a Female Visiting Tourist kidnap her and blow her to pieces.

    Deconstructionism emanating from Malaysians watching too much Hollywood, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korean TV shows!

  13. caravanserai says:

    Who give the order to kill?
    The chain of command never delegates
    It has to be………………
    Only the AG opens his eyes

    Every angle must be looked at
    Here it is selective investigation
    Leaving the chain of command intact
    Nobody dares to ask…………

    Who give the order to kill?
    The poor woman never knew
    The life she shared came to naught
    On a soil she hardly knew

    The Dark Knight(s)
    Basking in the lime light
    Ignoring the laws of engagement
    Let the people whine and cry

    Will the story be told?
    Who give the order to kill?
    The crux of the matter
    Why no subpoena issued?

    Who give the order to kill?
    The poor woman of a foreign land
    She came with high hopes and dreams
    It shattered into pieces
    On the soil she hardly knew

    I pray she has her atonement
    On the days she searches for her truth
    Let there be somewhere a conscious stirring
    The truth will set her free……………..

  14. We should set up a petition and get as many people to sign and show support for the Murdered Altantuya.
    Leta get the authorities to quickly wrap up the case and get ALLinvolved CHARGED NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE; get closure for the family of the murdered lady.

  15. cpwaterman says:

    What if that dinner photo (the real one) appears after all?
    Lets keep praying.

  16. ah long says:

    Just ask Azilah & Sirul……they will tell you who gave the orders. So simple.

    It is called plead bargaining. Tell the truth and testify and get a lesser sentence. Bullshit us and we hang you.

    Those two are not dumb and I am sure they don’t have a death wish.

  17. Harrison says:

    To charge Karpal Singh with sedition is tyranny. I am referring to Karpal’s contention about the transfer of a Government official in Perak. Sorry, can’t be too direct, this Malaysia is getting badder and badder as the days goes by.
    All I meant was that karpal was making some statements of public interest and I cannot see anything wrong with that.

    See the watershed event? Once we march to the Palace and now……….

  18. Payback Time says:

    This ‘circus show’ production of Malaysia Boleh land is truly Asia standard material or maybe rank ISO 9002 in world class category..move aside Hollywood and Bollywood..the director couple is going to be burn in hell. Who is the couple?? Your guess is as good as all of us

  19. chok tong says:

    yeah the real dinner photo?? tian chua can superimpose another one. he is good at that.

  20. su says:

    i think everyone knows that the two bodyguards could not have moved under Razak’s order. Simply because he was not in a position to do so.

    I think even the courts know it. Everyone knows it.

    But the judiciary is so “biased” as it is now that they seem to be unable to take action if the action will, *God forbid!*, hurt someone high up in the govt.

    This is SO OBVIOUS that it’s making the judiciary look stupid!

    No speculation about who the person was, but from all aspects, this person is just not worth protecting.

  21. kittykat46 says:

    -Yes, Sir ! Consider it done, Sir !
    -I only asked you to “Kerjakan” her, not use C4 on her.
    -Itu cara saya Kerja, Sir.

  22. wits0 says:

    The wording of the 1948 Sedition law is so vague that it might as well include a caveat on thinking. Certainly even unfavorable blog comments against the System could be construed as “seditious”. So now, the question is whether the law itself (its real spirit)is compatible with freedom within a democracy, any democracy?

  23. hutchrun says:

    The Sedition Law itself is sedition.

  24. Damocles says:

    ?btw susan, it’s still a strain to the eyes to read your quoted texts!” – Lucia

    Yeah, Lucia, you’re right!
    I suggest using normal texts and background.
    Failing which, I may have to give up visiting your blog.

  25. Min says:

    Cuba tekan Control + lah, boleh baca baik baik.

  26. dodgy inc says:

    Najis has changed the law to C4dition, commenced Carpet Bombing.

    Rakyat are not afraid. Started digging tunnel and commenced guerilla warfare.

  27. No FEAR says:

    Simple, siapa makan chili, should feel very pedas.

  28. Penang says:

    Stop bitching on the eye strain, man.

    I, too, am in the upper 40’s. I, too, have vision problems. However, I chose to find ways to remedy the “eye strain when reading Susan’s blog” problem.

    1. Use Firefox.

    Firefox has the feature to enlarge the wording.

    When the fonts get too small for my aging eyes, I simply hit couples of time to enlarge the fonts large enough so my eyes wouldn’t get so strained.

    2. The dark-color problem.

    Well…. it’s a no brainer, actually.

    Place your cursor somewhere at the dark (black) background.


    Walla !!!

    All the words comes up in, you guess what? Black letters in White background.

    In other words, Problem Solved !!!

  29. Penang says:

    Shoot, should have know that the blog thing doesn’t allow the “larger than” and “smaller than” signs.

    Oh well.

    To enlarge the fonts on Firefox, hit “CTRL-+”

    To make the black fonts visible, hit “CTRL-A”

  30. wits0 says:

    Apart from the matter of personal vision, it is likely to be the cause of oldish CRT monitors and badly adjusted ones. I have no problem whatsover with a Phillips CRT or a Samsung LCD ones.

  31. wits0 says:

    Hutch: “The Sedition Law itself is sedition.”

    The way it is being abused, virtually so.

    Anyone old enough here to remember what Mahathir said during the Constitutional Crisis about royalties? That was carried in the NST, e.g. It was totally okay for him to, wasn’t it?!

  32. kittykat46 says:

    Ya, if you use a notebook, LCD or good quality CRT, probably no problem to read this.
    An aging CRT monitor will likely give problems. Time to Upgrade ?

  33. rafiq says:

    Lucia, Kim Quek, stop uttering nonsense and dont think that the 26 million people of Malaysia agree with you guys. I can’t say anything on behalf of the rest of the country people you guys are implying but I stand by own convictions. Have you guys ever pondered to the fact that no one did order any killings but those idiot policemen under impression that so and so as close associate of some ‘BIG GUN’ and surely he would get them out of any trouble not realising that they were getting into real big shit where nobody would dare put their foot in. My contention is these idiot policemen wanted to impress the ‘Dato’ but were carried away with the notion that they eventually will be bailed out under any circumstances. But their crime was too henious that not a sole would risk his/her life for them. So now they are ion the dock to answer to their deeds. So, please guys let the courts decide on their fate.

  34. Ahila says:

    We know,They Know, I know ,You Know..everybody know know….Who gave orders?.. .drop C4…He yah He yah Hoh !
    Friends…we can awaken those who are sleeping but how to awake one who pretends to sleep???
    Such is the case in our beloved Malaysia!
    NO FEAR…depa dah rasa pedas…pasai tu lah , abang long kita RPK masuk Sg.Buloh. How I wish to see the one ‘who gave orders’ to be caught and sold to Monggolians.

  35. Lallang exile says:

    Dear All,

    I just wrote something but cowardly erased it. It stemmed from watching too many Medium episodes and reading Agatha Christies.

    Just so to test our objectivity and shake up the scenario a bit, I’ll venture to ask the following questions:

    “What if Baginda and his assoiciates are NOT Guilty as everyone presume them to be? What if someone who stands to gain from Najib’s fall gave the orders to murder Altantuya in the most horrible way to generate the utmost publicity so as to damage Razak and the DPM?

    When I first read of the case, it seemed strange that the murderer /s would want to blow up its victim to bits. leaving plenty of evidence for the police to work on, It would make more sense to dispose the body in a less extreme way, for example, to bury or hide it somewhere so as to hide evidence like DNA, etc. The way the body was disposed of was really extraordinary and seldom if not ever used by murderers before.

    Guys, I am no cyber trooper, just sharing my thoughts about the whole horrible episode in a less emotional way.

    Anyway, whoever gave the orders is the vilest cold-blooded creature that the Maker hath ever created. I greive with Altantuya’s family, especially her poor elderly father……….

  36. andrew das arulsamy says:

    Powerful enough to erase immigration data?, to influence the witness to mention the “name” in court?, to distribute and/or create the photograph issue?, to plan the whole thing from Altantuya coming to malaysia, met baginda?, to influence sirul and azhar?, to influence the AG, to change the lawyers for fun?,…? What the…

  37. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Time will reveil the person and the clock is tickling now, 10, 9 , 8,………

    This bastard will appear very soon, if our nations push it harder for truth of justice!

  38. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Time will reveil the truth very soon and the clock is tickling 10,9,8…..

    This bastard will appear in court very soon if our nation push it harder!

  39. Lallang exile says:


    I know I am writing blasphemous thoughts, and was anticipating posts like yours.

    In conspiracy theory, the scenario I descriibed earlier is a possibility, though it could not be true also.

    Your para: ” to plan the whole thing from Altantuya coming to malaysia, met baginda?”

    is not relevant as my scenario worked on the fact that the perpetrators of the crime seized upon the opportunity presented by Altantuya’s troubled relationship and connections to Baginda to initiate the crime, thus dragging in the DPM.

    In conspiracy theory, parties (more than one person)conspire to commit a crime/deed against another person/persons or organisation/s.
    In the present chaotic political situation where the contenders’ naked thirst for power is openly displayed, I could not rule out all the possibe scenarios…………..

    May your soul rest in peace, dear Altantuya, and may the Almighty bring justice to your case if mankind fails.

  40. kittykat46 says:

    The butler did it.

  41. wits0 says:

    Or, Kittykat46, were it were possible, “no one dunnit”, as in Agatha Christie’s famous,” Murder On The Orient Express “, where inspector Hercule Poirot found no one responsible!!!

  42. Lallang exile says:

    In Murder of the Orient Express, Hercule Poirot found out that 12 of the 13 passengers in First Class had actually murdered the man, who had earlier kidnapped a 3 year old girl connected to the 12 passengers. The girl was killed even though the ransom was posted. The 12 (aunts, nurses, nanny, driver, etc) had conspired to kill the kidnapper to take revenge.

    Hercule Poirot however did not tell the truth but hoodwinked the police into thinking that a stranger had got into the train to kill the guy, thus absolving the 12 of the murder. This is poetic justice in Christie’s case….
    what about the case nearer home?

  43. sandyow says:


    Who is that mystery man?? Or woman?? Or is it a duo of man n woman?? 😛

    Everybody and everyone has a theory, but it is ture, the person who ordered it holds a KEY insight to the whole issue!

  44. Lea Cruz says:

    Dear Susan

    Please kindly change your black color background, as it really strain & stress our eyeslight after reading those interesting comments for a while.

    Please, your kind understanding and consideration is highly appreciated.
    Reading your blog has become my daily dosage vitamin.

    Thank you and God Bless You Always.

    Take care.

  45. Jong says:

    Altantuya must be watching down on events of the past week and moving in fast to see that justice is done to her and her loving family. Mr and Mrs C4 should start packing, the future doesn’t look good for them!

  46. dodgy inc says:

    Lea Cruz,

    Black color background is the best choice of all.
    The black and white colours gives the higest contrast compares with others.

    Black colour background is typically used in the technical field of computer usages such Autocad, vector drawings and so forth. It has a clear advantage that a minor detail on the screen can be easily seen.

    Sorry to drop this C4 bomb on you. It is not the fault of black colour background, you eyes may have problems or quite simply, there could be
    problems with you monitor, VGA card etc.

    Btw, i’m using opera browser, absolutely no problems at all. However, my opera browser has problem viewing Jeff Ooi’s blog

  47. […] tagged mongoliaOwn a WordPress blog? Make monetization easier with the WP Affiliate Pro plugin. Who gave the orders? Who said ‘drop the bomb’? saved by 1 others     MrRedman bookmarked on 05/11/08 | […]

  48. Lea Cruz says:

    Hi, dodgy inc

    Thanks very much for your kind suggestion/information. I just bought a new monitor this morning and now I could read this blog at ease. Yes! you’re very much right about it. Thank you once again.

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