Late addition: I thought this photo (above) of Raja Petra and his wife Marina in THE STAR was a really good one. Thanks to the photographer who took it, upon RPK’s release from Sungai Buloh prison. I really LOVE their T-Shirts. Are they for sale?

RAJA PETRA KAMARUDDIN, deemed seditious by the authorities, is back on his keyboard again. He shares his four days stint in the Sungai Buloh prison and tells you about the friends he made while serving time there.

He apologises to you and me for letting us down, but I ask ‘whatever for’? Perhaps, it is us out here who didn’t and couldn’t seem to have done enough for you and your family. He is thankful for all our support, and I say: Aw, brother, what are friends for?

Read his latest post “Thank You So Much and Sorry for Letting You Down” on Malaysia-Today for more details of his brief prison time.

During this time, and outside those prison walls, Raja Petra’s supporters have collected quite a sum of money, which far surpassed the intended amount for this bail, which is RM5,000.

In his latest article , Raja Petra propose:

On the money collected thus far, if all you donors can agree to it, I am going to propose that the surplus be put into a BLOGGERS DEFENCE FUND so that any blogger who may in future suffer persecution from the powers-that-be will have financial support to stand and fight. The bail is of course refundable and can be put back into the fund for future use. And the fund can also be used for legal costs whenever we can’t find lawyers who will defend bloggers on a pro bono basis.

So what say you?

I believe this proposal is timely. Often, bloggers are at a lost when they are detained, arrested or have to seek legal redress. Financial aid from such sources would be a great help, especially at a time of need – when posting bail, paying fines, etc.

The collection of the fund should of course be transparent and it would be best to let the fund be in the care of trustworthy, reliable and credible trustees.

So what say you? Do let Raja Petra and friends know what you think. As for me, I say, why not? And have a good weekend 🙂

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  1. harrisonbinhansome says:

    Nows 2a.m. Malaysian time. Raja Petra did the right thing not only championing other bloggers cause but the Malaysian cause of the downtrodden.

    His laptop was confiscated and not returned. He need to keep his hair bold like “kojak” as well.

    To the King of Bloggers, whatever u say, whatever u say. 😀

  2. ANg Kong says:

    Absolutely……i agreement. My US10 donation wasnot much but it was symbolic to me and to this changing times

  3. clearwater says:

    Agree. Other less well known and disadvantaged bloggers may have need of financial support. If there is indeed a crackdown, launch a fresh appeal to collect additional funds.

  4. raj raman says:


    old stories for me,i am shouting in your blogs when you all panicky regarding the defence fund.Please refresh in which column of yours i shouted this message.


    RAJ RAMAN.LETS THE BALLS ROLLING.have the money to bail,to hire a lawyer but cant stand harrasment by the mafia.I NEED THE PROXY TO FIGHT FOR MY VOICE,

  5. Najib Bin Altantuya says:

    RPK is a living legend, a true hero of bangsa Melayu and citizen of our beloved Malaysia. I give me 100% in his effort to start this bloggers defence fund. Though it started with a small sum it is clean money and not like those who took commission from buying our country’s defence.

  6. su says:

    I say yes. This is in pure spirit of Makkal Sakhti.

  7. turby says:

    Yes ! I wanna contribute! Let us know where to bank in this time. God Bless Malaysia….God Bless RPK !

  8. SAIARUL says:


  9. dodgy inc says:

    Willing to pay more, anytime RPK

  10. bamboo river says:

    To me, once I had donated for RPK, it is up to him to decide whatever he wished to do with the money.
    We can always have another round (not necessary for this reason although we can’t say it is impossible) of donation too. No problem with me.

  11. Jong says:

    Agree. That’s a brilliant suggestion!

  12. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    I think it is a great idea to have a Bloggers Defence Fund just to be ready. The bigger the Fund, the more the Fun. Just to show those in Power not to abuse it.

    Of course if the Bar Member can have a list of Pro Bono lawyers on standby, that will also complement the Bloggers Defence Fund.

    Then you have the Tank and Ammunition.

  13. Jong says:

    Another good one from Khairy Kemulutin! 😀

  14. caravanserai says:

    We have exercise our democratic rights
    In writing it sharing through cyber-space
    Let no government leaders think we are stupid
    People who have nothing else to do………….

    They think it is so easy to write
    Sitting in front of the PC or notebook
    Conjuring magic with a blink of an eye?
    No Sir……………it is hard work in the mind!

    We may land ourselves into the arm of the laws
    The depressing legislations made by our representatives
    Lying through their teeth pocketing wealth
    We are left with the sour taste in our mouth
    And the anger in our minds…………….
    The ruling government just smiles and walks away

    “Who are you telling us what to do?
    We have the power in our hands
    You have nothing wait for 5 years
    Then you can decide……………”

    One of us landed in sedition
    Believing his rights to express
    RPK the man and the folk hero
    Walking tall amongst bloggers

    The fund quickly flowing
    In a few hours money collected
    Now RPK wants it to defend others
    Using the money to pay…………

    It is best it should continue
    The deceptive government shall not stop there
    Let’s start the ball rolling
    Give the fund sufficient energy to fight
    For others who may land into the pit

  15. Pegasus says:

    Yes,agreed we should keep this fund going in view of possible future detention of bloggers by the BN government who are shaken out of their sleeping mode . In trying to conceal the truth from coming out in the open, the BN regime will be going all out to ensure the source are shut up and disappears.
    Way to go folks, keep the spirit flying high and lets keep the fund going.

  16. Malaysian says:

    It’s a good idea from RPK, as many of his ideas are. I must say it takes a Big man to apologise like he did. But honestly RPK, you don’ have to say sorry. We won’t accept it because you have nothing to apologise for. What you did was Noble. Anyone else would have just posted bail on the first hour. So our hats off to you! You were magnanimous. To stand on your principles and for poor little Altantuya, who stood no chance against the 2 monsters at her last hours on this earth. Bringing more attention to the case as you did will help keep the flickering light of justice alive. All the rakyat of Malaysia (except for those soul less ones) hopes that Whoever actually did it, or those with the evil intentions, or even those who was accesory, may they all go to hell.

  17. chok tong says:

    funds normally for good cause.. but dont be like fund collected by DAP for save bukit china campaign went unaccountable..

  18. Steven L. says:

    Dear, Chok Tong

    When you say ” dont be like fund collected by DAP”, I advise you to post this cooment in Lim Kit Siang blog. Please do not mislead to others.

  19. Jong says:

    chok tong,
    Also please do write to nst and star with your full name and address, we love to hear more from you.

  20. People Speak UP says:

    Definately will support a Blogger Defence Funds. Post the bank account and let the people contribute anytime. Utilise for bloggers or activities that benefit the people.

  21. bamboo river says:

    Dear chok tong,
    I noticed this is the second time you have been claiming the misled/misused of the “save bukit cina campaign” fund puportedly pointing the blame at DAP.

    Taking into your seriousness of your claim. I suggest you provide the facts/links or whatever you have in the FZS3 (Free Speech Zone 3 . See side bar )and maybe our regular guests over there might some how understand and discuss about it.

    You might be lucky if YB Fong Poh Kuan or YB Uncle Kit drop in for Ipoh White Coffee in that zone.

    For the time being lets saviour and rejoice the issues at hand. The above posting must be unanimously come to an agreement without any “Cold Water” thrown in. 🙂

  22. justie says:

    The walk by lawyers was the first right step to a milestone of justice. Dear lawyers, your parents had toiled so hard to save the money for you to study law locally or overseas for many years and you lawyers have struggled so much to get where you are and belong, so do justice to your parents by bringing justice to our Malaysia Bolih, no matter how painful and hard it is and how long it takes. Make your parents and the rakyat proud of you and don’t turn our judiciary into a Lingam Law Brokerage Sdn Bhd or lawyer buruk (half past six lawyer) or corrupt lawyers.RPK, we salute you.Lingam case down. Now, Altantuya case. Badawi said “no one is above the law”. All those murderers or master mind of the murder or commandor of the blast to pieces must face the consequences before the people or rakyat can move on.Bulldoze those unprofessional, unethical, unproductive, inhumane rots from our country, for a progressive future.They belong in hell not even in the animal world as animals don’t kill own kind for satisfaction.RPK is down to earth and truthful in his words (no mincing of words) crude but true. Whoever is behind the blasting of Altantuya to bones and ashes should be blastede to HELL or NERAKA.

  23. alex says:

    I am all for Raja Petra. Since he is ALL(tantuya) for me.
    Yes, let’s cal it the C4 Fund.
    Ke ke keh!

    Where to donate? RPK has to tell us soon 🙂

  24. Jane says:

    Does anyone mind to tell me where to buy that T. Ya najib, you can also C4 me.

  25. dodgy inc says:

    The Rakyat have no qualms as to how the Funds will be spent,

    In so far, the Funds have been well spent,

    Exposing Mahathir who plundered the nation of 2 trillion in the last 22 years,

    Catching Badawi, Family, SIL and Theives of nation,

    Preparing to send Najis’s the murderer to hell,

    Fighting Racism, Injustice, Abuse of Power, Accountability and all ills of BN.

    Protecting the weak, the discriminated and the under previleges.

    The Rakyat are preparing to fork out more as and when needed.

  26. Anonymous says:

    u sure rocky n co have not set one up?
    ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. u know our “defender of blogosphere…”

  27. Jed Yoong says:

    ha ha ha that was me up there..ha ha ha

  28. sloone says:


    I am very careful who I donate to and to which fund. Dont want to be part of a fund that is already “contaminated”. Would you? And I mean this in general.


  29. KABUTZALWAYZ says:

    Yeah !!!
    keep going with this fund..
    ezee to help this RPK to pay the summons that he must pay…
    7 million maa….
    everybody who have give their money was cheated by this cyber-anarchyst…

  30. bboyask says:

    cool t-shirt! anyway, the people need to see the truth!

  31. chew for justice says:

    I think many in the public like myself would like to have and wear the for-Justice T-shirt . Also many would be keen to donate to the fund.
    Why not mass-produce the T-shirt and sell them to the general public at a premium price. I for sure would buy dozens of them and give some of them to my relatives and friends. The profits from the sale can be directed to the fund.

  32. tamade says:

    Susan, it’s a good idea to set up a special fund to bail out the bloggers who are facing the same faith like RPK. Yes, the donation campaign can be continued for a of period of time annually in conjunction of certain important dates, for example, the Press Freedom Day and so forth. I hope the fund will grow and it can be used to defend the bloggers and the commentators against the DARK side. May all the EVILs up there be perished by the AL-MIGHTY.

  33. ultraman says:

    no need to think much further – I’ve sent in my US$10 as a start.

  34. artemus22 says:

    I remember someone once told me that when Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed in 1945, all the Japanese came together to donate a Yen each to rebuild the two cities. Look at how the two cities have developed today. If all of us were to come together to donate a Ringgit each to ‘The Raja Petra Bloggers Defence Fund’ we could easily collect millions in just a single day. For what many of us fear to do, let those who dare do it for us, but we must always stand solidly behind them. So keep ‘The Raja Petra Bloggers Defence Fund’ open.

  35. altantuya says:

    […] defence, fund, prison, raja petra, sedition, sungai buloh on May 10, 2008 by sloone Late addition: I Petra: I was threatened The StarPETALING JAYA: Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin who […]

  36. priya says:

    Hey hi, i am very proud of u 2. Actually fighting for someone else justice. Keep it up. Let the black sheep suffer in pain. That’s how Altantuya would have suffered. Poor Mongolian girl. Keep it up !!!!!!!!

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