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MALAYSIA’s MOST FAMOUS BLOGGER and MALAYSIA-TODAY WEBMASTER RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN goes to jail on 6 May. He is charged under the Sedition Act for writing an article on MALAYSIA’s most controversial murder case: ALTANTUYA SHARIIBUU, from Mongolia. He is currently detained in the Sungai Buloh prison, until his hearing date on 6 October. This is the story of his arrest.

UPDATE 6: 10.56pm, 7 May:

Reporters Without Borders: Web censorships fears as online journalist faces sedition charge

UPDATE 5: 5am, 7 May:

Under the Sedition Act, a “seditious tendency” implies, among other things, “a tendency to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler or against any Government”. Are we to conclude that alleging complicity in a murder case on the part of a government leader is tantamount to causing the Malaysian public to go against the entire (federal) government? Would one supposedly rotten apple spoil the whole tree? (Mustafa K. Annuar and Anil Netto, ALIRAN)

UPDATE 4: 7.15pm

DAP supremo and MP (Ipoh Timur) Lim Kit Siang raised Raja Petra’s issue in Parliament, while debating the Royal Address. He criticised Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor for “abusing the laws” in allegedly getting Raja Petra to be charged for sedition. And urged husband and wife to use other legal means to deal with Raja Petra (Malaysiakini).

UPDATE 3: 2.25pm

See some photos of Raja Petra and supporters here @ hijau-sirih.

UPDATE 2: 1.54pm

He goes to jail and refuses to post bail @ RM5,000. He chooses to remain in prison until the hearing date, which is 6 October, according to a sms I received. And until the RM5,000 is collected. We shall do our part, we brothers and sisters of Raja Petra.

Only an innocent man will choose this path. I can’t say much for the murderers of Altantuya.

“I am happy. I want to challenge the government. We bloggers have declared war on the government. We are not scared of the government. The government should be scared of us,” he told reporters before going into the court.

“Is it seditious to influence people against corrupt leaders? There is nothing seditious,” he said. “Do you think I do not have evidence?” (Associated Press).

UPDATE 1: Before 1.54pm


CIJ and WAMI Question Sedition Act Used Against Blogger, Again

According to Malaysiakini today:

RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN was charged under Section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act for publishing seditious article on April 25 on Malaysia Today. If found guilty, Raja Petra could be jailed for a maximum of three years and/or face a fine of up to RM5,000. The chargesheet also highlighted nine paragraphs of the article as seditious. Deputy Public Prosecutor Nordin Hassan is prosecuting while Raja Petra was represented by a team of six lawyers led by Karpal Singh.

News about Raja Petra’s case spread like a wild fire last night and this morning a large crowd had gathered at the court complex to show support for him. Also present were DAP leaders Lim Kit Siang and Ronnie Liu as well as Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar.



Yesterday I wrote:


Tomorrow is Altantuya Shariibuu’s 30th Birthday. And she is dead. Blown to smitherns. How will her two young sons wish their mama ‘Happy Birthday’?

RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN, who wrote a hard-hitting article about her murder in Malaysia Today will be charged in the majistraits court in Jalan Duta tomorrow, at 9.30am, under the Sedition Act.


On Monday, Raja Petra met with Altantuya’s dad, Stev Shariibuu, to extend his condolences. A very human thing to do!

But what happenned on Friday?

On Friday, police went uninvited to Raja Petra’s home and seized his computers, later forcing him to make statement.

And now this! All I can say is BLOODY HELL!

The timing is PERFECT!

It’s a bloody political charge – everything’s political, as RPK says, from his website, najib and altantuya.

I hope bloggers and supporters who can make it, will be there for RAJA PETRA tomorrow.


Raja Petra says (in his article) “Let’s send Altantuya’s murderers to hell”.

I have the feeling it’s going to happen soon. Yeah, sooner than we can ever imagine!

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  1. William Eow says:

    LONG LIVE RPK,to hell you DPM,may god bless our PM

  2. AK says:

    Big shame to Najis !!!

  3. Minder says:

    Another dark day for Malaysia!

  4. fcdulan says:

    Yes, the Al-Mighty will send those murderers to hell for sure. These animals’ hands are full of blood, and they have put Malaysia in shame. RPK has told RAKYAT and the whole world the TRUTH, nothing but the TRUTH. Now, so many criminals (both domestic and foreign) are roaming in Malaysia and our country has become their crime haven, yet why can’t the PDRM flush them out and return the peace to the RAKYAT. They should have worked closely with people like RPK, and get rid of those who used C4 instead of charging RPK. Real Pathetic. The RAKYAT will not forget this.

  5. donplaypuks says:

    Another nail in BN’s coffin !! Barking up all the wromg trees.

    Soon, Rip Van Winkle will be writing his autobiography titled ‘The Idiot’s Guide On How To Lose The Govt To The Opposition.’

    As for Rosemajib, the biography may be penned from behind bars. Lol

  6. albert1951 says:

    Susan-you are really brave !

  7. BrightEyes says:

    I can smell fear… but its not coming from Raja Petra. Rather, it seems to be from the direction of Najib.

  8. Payback Time says:

    Here we go again..polis raja di malaysia is flexing its sagging muscles..trigger happy gunning the wrong target. Maybe the better option is to C4 all the bloggers out there. RPK stay strong..Rakyat is strongly supporting you..this guys action are sucidal

  9. Harrison says:

    Susan has always been brave. At least she never pretends to be brave.

    I have posted in LKS’s blog couple of days back to seek the support of DAP and the coalition of Pakatan Rakyat to give full support for Raja Petra. If we still fails to stand by him or act for a great man like him, we will only have ourselves to be blame when such travesties like the Altantuya Sharibuu’s murder and anew when no one will be there for us.

  10. Harrison says:

    Dear Susan,

    I have borrowed some of your pictures in my blog. I know you will consent. But just to let you know, teacher. 😀

  11. Harrison says:

    Dear Susan,

    Some good soul is going to open an account for us to assist Raja Petra in his difficult time. I will surely contribute some as it is my duty to do so. Click below. I will also post it in my blog and asked my friends to donate for this honorable opportunity. Since when do we have this opportunity?

  12. citizenken says:

    what sedition? threat to who? ,a threat to NAJIB?.a threat to his succession to power? WHY NAJIB IS NOT SUING RPK. why is Najid using the PDRM as mules to carry out a personal vendatta against RPK. instead of acting on national security interest which the PDRM should be responsible for,they let their political master to instruct them to cover their political master’s mess.

    what kind of law serves and protect the self interest of the power crazed politician ? NAJIB and C4 is a bigger threat to national security than RPK seeking justice in the blog. a blant excuse and an abuse of power by the UMNOPUTRAS again.sedition should be charged on the opposing end,Najib went scot free over the keris antic .Najib ‘s were uttering seditious words back then than the blog posting on MT. the overwhelming popularity of RPK and MT is putting a serious concern in Najib and jeopardizing his ambition than RPK and MT itself.
    I remember Anwar in past ceramah placed an open challenge to Najib to sue him for slander in altantuya’s case. he never charge Anwar or sue him cos he got no balls. Stand and fight in court if RPK fitnah u ,not use PDRM as a front.

    Najib is trying to cool the public’s sentiment toward the case after managed to drag the case past election. Now RPK has raise the rakyat’s sentiment again, he got worried and ask PDRM and the kangaroo court to act on behalf of his personal interest.
    if UMNO is to stay in power, ISA, OSA and other draconian laws will be in place to serve them together with the mules from PDRM.
    Najib is jittery before the succession plan is announced,he tainted with suspicion and public doubt and worried bout his character being assasinated by posting in the BLOG. Judiciary reform?,judiciary is being raped again.
    let this event act as a catalyst and also serve as a dominoes effect to the downfall of the arrogant UMNOPUTRAS.

  13. callister says:

    they should stop wasting their time doing stupid things..

  14. raj raman says:

    LETS enjoy the game. ITS STARTED AGAIN beetween the lagend and the gomen run by proxy.


  15. raj raman says:


    Harison and sloone.

    If there is a public donation for RPK cause,i hope the wife of RPK is involve and the sole rights of the fund under RPK wife.RPK deserved to be champion by us and RPK family deserve to maintain the fund.

    Maybe u sloone can follow up with RPK wife and she open an account under her name.

    Post it please.Maybe malaysiakini can give some free ads with RPK accounts number and the bank name.and we know its goes direct to him or his family.

  16. Anon says:

    written by FFT, May 06, 2008 | 06:53:00
    He wrote about allegations against the IGP, the PDRM, and the AG. No sedition charge.

    He wrote about Khairy in the Chronicles. No sedition charge.

    He wrote about Badawi’s many alleged scandals. No sedition charge.

    He wrote about SCOMI and Kamaluddin. No sedition charge.

    He writes a tame article about Najib and Rosmah, that too backed by information revealed in sworn court testimony, and the sedition act is thrown at him.

    That should instruct you as to who is the heart of darkness and a harbinger of the return to the dark ages of Mahathirism.

    It is patently obvious that Badawi and cohorts, despite their faults and weaknesses, have a progressive open streak that places them relatively light years ahead of the Dark Lords of Mahathirism.

    As Hishamuddin Rais’ earlier article states “Najib Pembawa Zaman Gelap”.

    written by gundohing, May 06, 2008 | 06:32:56
    This is the biggest joke in our police history. Atlantuya was murdured and Raja Petra goes to court!

  17. ah long says:

    The malaysian press and the courts have been so bias in the past and the people been lied to so often that no one believes them anymore.

    The more they protest their innocence, the more the public thinks they are guilty and have something to hide.

    Maybe no one in BN/UMNO has heard of the story about the boy who cried wolf.

  18. […] commentaries on Raja Petra here and here Sphere: Related […]


    Monday, May 5, 2008
    Pak Lah Plays the Malays out.

    The Council for Malay Solidarity said one thing actually. Pak Lah, you are not defending the Malays. Mahathirism has always beg the question of wether our weak PM is the President of Umno or Pakatan Rakyat? His focus in on non-Malay issues (which only gets to the point of mere sensational announcements anyway) at the expense of the poorer, less skilled and real second class citizens of this country -the Malays. If anything, the Chinese and to a lesser extent the Indians have better quality of lifes than the Malays.
    PM wants to talk poverty? He is creating more poverty in a reduction of economic opportunitites and flip-flop policies.
    Pak Lah has completely lost the political plot and Najib Razak will inherit a shell of Umno. Umno will be blasted into oblivion. Dont just take it from Mahathirism. Gapena President Tan Sri Ismail Hussein said the Council for Malay solidarity was necessary because Malay-based political parties were too busy running the country to concentrate exclusively on Malay issues.
    The judgement is out on this one. Pak Lah has let down the Malays..

  20. ah long says:

    I don’t have much to donate, tonight I won’t go and eat at my favourite mamak stall, I will just have to eat maggi mee and drink plain water for supper. The 7 ringgits that I save will go to RPK’s fighting fund.

    My sacrifice will be soooo small but I think if everybody just do a little bit, we can really suck it to them.

  21. bamboo river says:

    If RPK is detained under ISA, it will be the last straw that broke the camel’s back.
    Pakatan Rakyat ….this will be your first step to prove your words against ISA.
    The possibility of rakyat of all ethnics coming together to show solidarity is going to happen.

    To all bloggers, keep us updated as Malaysia Today is expected to unaccessible and remember “Red Herrings”.

  22. imwatchingu says:

    We have to use our people’s power to make sure that Altantuya’s muderer also do not becomthe next PM if we do not want our goverment to decend into more choas.

    It’s time for Anuar’s PR to form the next government. There shouldn’t be any more delay. Aother 4 years of the BN government will cause too much suffering for us to bear.

  23. hutchrun says:

    How much does Badawi know about his Deputy? Does not the police report to Badawi?

  24. Anwar must wait no longer to come back as P.M. even though you are not my and many other’s favourite- it only shows how much I hated and resented UMNO and in particular the turncoat Najib.
    But as soon as you come back get rid of the AG, the Police and do not forget the man who said in HardTalk that you got a black eye and the bad black because of the couple of slaps the then IGP gave you-I think he is fully responsible for the then IGP’s action. Just give the corrupted old man the same thing he said you got and leave his soon final heart attack does the rest !

  25. hutchrun says:

    The atmosphere is primed for this event to happen, with the public’s eye on the everything the Pak Lah administration is doing, this could be the final nail in the coffin for BN.

  26. hutchrun says:

    Un-knowingly or knowingly, RPK has brought this case back into the public radar and finally justice will be served; not behind a closed curtain but in public view. The atmosphere is primed for this event to happen, with the public’s eye on the everything the Pak Lah administration is doing, this could be the final nail in the coffin for BN.

  27. yapchongyee says:

    what sedition? threat to who? ,a threat to NAJIB?.a threat to his succession to power? WHY NAJIB IS NOT SUING RPK.

    Quote from Article !

    Citizenken, I will tell you Najib is not suing RPK, because a defendant is a sedition case can plead truth, and that being the case RPK can subpoena Najib to the witness stand to answer questions that were only posed in RPK’s article but never answered by Najib, Najib’s wife, his body guards, and that stooge (RRI director) what’s his name ?

    As you all already know that I too have an axe to frind with certain very senior Judge, and I in a similar way want to put her on the witness stand to answer questions that I want answered. My defense too is the defense of truth. My evidence are all the COURT PAPERS that are in the court file on the case, LET ME HOPE THAT NO COURT PAPERS GET LOST OR BE DESTROYED.

    I will come to KL to confront the inevitable, a confrontation with Judge zainon binti Mohd. Ali; of course after the Olympics. I am prepared that the Courts in Malaysia will do evrything, even no legal means to shut me up, but I am too old to care. I will send date of my arrival to all bloggers and hope that I will generate the same support as does RPK.

    See you in KL after the Olympics. Help me fight Judicial corruption. Today I am launching a new campaign to expose Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali be FAXING TO All important international media like the WALL STREET JOURNAL letters of my case. Whether they read or not is not imporatnt but what is important is that I am looking at ways to expose the insanity fo the two contradicting court orders that were approved by Judge zainon binti Mogd. Ali.

  28. ANM says:

    Dont put RPK away in the name of ISA, his instincts in writing about current political bouts is not a fantasy but very realistic. Siapa makan cili dia pedas………………… Viva Mongolia and the second coming of Genghiz Khan is very near now.

  29. hutchrun says:

    Next to be charged for sedition will be Wan Azizah:

    The Malaysian opposition leader, Wan Azizah, said she will take up the issues to Parliament.

    “We have 82 members in Parliament now, surely many questions can be asked to make this trial speedy. “Questions that can only be raised in Parliament are who ordered Altantuya’s killing, who ordered the explosives that killed Altantuya, and was she dead or alive before she was blown,” she said. “I will never tire of asking them again and again till we get some answers. “This trial is not only about a single woman, it is about international relations, performance of the court and judges, and the question of our basic human rights – right to free and fair trial,” Azizah said.

  30. arrow says:

    this sickening bastard and bitchy bithch how they shamelessly walk around attending functions and display their high and mighty shit to the ignorant malaysians.Dont they have any shame and dignity in them??
    Why must a great and righteous man like RPK be charged with sedition?
    Truth hurt is’nt it?By their stupid act they arouse in the people the passion for love of RPK.JUSTICE – where are you? I am seeking you out wherever you are.You know what our beloved RPK going through.
    Susan,i admire your courage too.

  31. hutchrun says:

    * special bank account will been setup to receive your “ONE RINGGIT ONE PERSON” RPK’s court bail donation campaign.

    Bank: CIMB

    Account No.: 1403 0214 3340 50

    Account Name Holder: Visvalingam

  32. Anonymous says:

    “ONE RINGGIT ONE PERSON” RPK’s court bail donation can be deposit into this account:

    Bank: CIMB

    Account No.: 140 3021 4334 050

    Account Name Holder: Visvalingam

  33. hutchrun says:

    9.59am – About 200 supporters are now gathering at the lobby. Nurul, DSAI’s daughter, made an appearance and left for the Parliament. Lim Kit Siang and a hugh number of MPs from the opposition are giving support to RPK, including lawyers. Reporters from International News are also ready to capture the events

    10.04 am – Crowd has increased to about 400

  34. amoker says:

    I tried donating but my cimbclicks determined that this account is invalid. Anybody else is succesful yet?

  35. amoker says:

    Mahathir loyalist … what kind of posting is that? Whatever u say la but i am for Malaysian as a whole.

  36. kittykat46 says:

    Sedition ??? What a lot of Bull-S*.

    A threat to Najib’s political future is NOT sedition.

  37. wits0 says:

    “Sedition ??? What a lot of Bull-S*.

    A threat to Najib’s political future is NOT sedition.”

    Obviously. Lots of ppl may be wondering why it isn’t about defamation? Maybe if that is used the person suing will have to appear in court too.

  38. ah long says:

    hutch….any sign of the water cannon & tear gas yet ?

    take care, these people are desperate and brainless.

    Keep reporting, we appreciate it. Thank you.

  39. dodgy inc says:

    Najis, you have done it again, mother sucker.

    Rakyat will make sure this is your last nail in your coffin.

  40. hutchrun says:

    Someday Badawi will have to answer how much he knew.

  41. bamboo river says:

    amoker, just returned from CIMB.
    All info about the account is correct.
    Banked in the money.
    Cashier was smiling and guessed they was alerted by the HQ.

  42. Goldfinger says:

    Margaret Mead~

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

  43. artemus22 says:

    Why such a quick action by the police and the court? This man does not blow anyone up with a C4 explosive. Why are the police and the court working in slow motion to solve the murder of Miss Altantuya which is so simple and clear to all of us? Someone is right when he says that the police and court are no longer protecting the general public but the VVIP.

  44. hutchrun says:

    12.28 pm – setting date for trial on 6-10 October 2008

    12.30 pm – Bail set at RM5,000.00

    12.42 pm – RPK refused to pay bail!!!!!

  45. raj raman says:



    SO I AM WAITING WHICH ACCOUNT TO BANK IN.PLEASE ORGANISED AND YOUR BLOGS GANG SHOULD ARRANGE WISH ACCOUNT.(i dont mind if under cimb accounts with mr.vivaslingam but need confirmation.)

  46. kittykat46 says:

    wits0 – “Lots of ppl may be wondering why it isn’t about defamation? Maybe if that is used the person suing will have to appear in court too”

    Ah, Najib dare not sue for defamation – because if the defendant can prove the allegations are true or even mostly true, there goes the case down the drain, and the plaintiff’s reputation as well.

    The naughty bit about the Sedition Act is that speaking the truth may not be an effective defence. They just have to prove that the statements used may be inciting disaffection againts the government. Its so loosely worded, you could drive a giant 18-wheeler lorry through the provisions of the Sedition Act.

  47. hutchrun says:

    Walk With RPK : One Ringgit One Person E-mail
    Posted by Erin
    Tuesday, 06 May 2008

    PLEASE we only need RM1 from you, nothing more.

    RPK expresses his sincere thanks to all of you in helping him to get through this.

    “ONE RINGGIT ONE PERSON” RPK’s court bail donation can be deposit into this account:

    Bank: CIMB

    Account No.: 1403 0214 3340 50

    Account Name Holder: Visvalinjam

    note: account number corrected, the account number given by Marina Lee (RPK’s wife)

    updates 1045: we are waiting for RPK to approve on using PayPal Donation — RPK approved at 1105.

    updates 1231: RPK’s bail out set to RM5,000.00 – total PayPal Donation as at now $758.72 USD / it shoud be enough when we combine with the donation at CIMB account. THANK YOU MALAYSIAN!

  48. Robert Teh says:

    Another sad day for Malaysia – the One who fights for justice, the dead or the living, in this country, ends up having to defend himself/herself against the tyranny of the Laws of this Great Nation of ours.

    How sad this day, how low we have grovel, when once our forefathers stood proud to defend justice for all on this very land.

    All this injustice brought upon you, RPK, but I am comforted by the open support shown by so many, strangers and friends, for you, and I also know, you are made of sterner stuff, than what thses people who wants to humiliate you, think.

  49. raj raman says:




    THE COURT HAVE ALOT OF FREE TIME I BELIEVE.VERY FAST THEY CAN CHARGE A PERSON, but comes to normal citizen the courts and police no free time.

  50. Devan says:

    Shame on those who are responsible for charging RPK. U will be punished one day…sooner or later. Musa..u can polish Najib’s balls..if he has one! or wrap it in C4 and blast it…hahahaa
    Sad day for Malaysian Justice….
    RPK…..go on and fight it out …we’ll be right behind you….
    MAKKAL SAKTI…….will prevail!!!!!!!!

  51. Harrison says:

    12.42 pm – RPK refused to pay bail!!!!!-By Hutchrun

    Wow, RPK is going all out. This really looks like the movie Gladiator starring
    Russell Crowe. If a great General can put the Emperor to a shame, we must play our part to put Najib & cohorts to shame. Why badawi is so silent about this?

  52. wits0 says:

    Kittykat: “Its so loosely worded, you could drive a giant 18-wheeler lorry through the provisions of the Sedition Act.”

    Heads I win and tails you lose!

    And there is a commentator(regular bodeker of LKS in his blog)who described Susan’s blog as having porns, who said that there is no such thing as a bad law! Well, if the law is to serve all the people, it’ll be for the people to decide what is, for all intent and purpose, bad.

    At least in Susan’s blog here, there is no such smart aleck, self serving moron able to reside permanently like as if he’s indispenable.

  53. clearwater says:

    We walk with RPK. He will never be alone in his struggles and tribulations. Injustice may be his foe but his friends and supporters will always be there to lend a hand when needed. Can his enemies have such comfort in their hour of need?

  54. Bank Customer says:

    quote: ” PLEASE we only need RM1 from you, nothing more.”

    If just five thousand bank in one ringgit each the bank machine will have a hard time dealing with the deposit. Imagine the print out of those transactions !

    Another form of ‘spamming’ !!!

  55. Minder says:

    Can cash be deposited into the CIMB account via ATM? And what is the Paypal address?

    RPK, we are all praying for you and your family. You have given new meaning to the word SACRIFICE!

  56. puakangkang says:

    Raja Petra is a real Malaysian Putra.. long live RPK

  57. yingyang says:

    RPK and his crusades have always been a topic over coffee and donuts for us on the other side of this planet and we could smell this looming ever since his previous brush with the M’sian Gestapo. Extreme restriction of freedom of expression notwithstanding, this episode is smack on total strangulation of anyone who bares the truth on ANY issue, be it political or otherwise, and will only widen and deepen the VOICE of dissension of the already incarcerated citizens.

    The case reeks of a massive coverup, and let’s hope that there will be a spin-off from it leading to the full exposure of the truth of the alleged crime, the subject so dear to RPK’s heart. He must be defended, acquitted and vindicated at all costs, so that others may duplicate his aspirations without fear of reprisals.

    expatriate in canada

  58. kwai lan says:

    Sedition ? my foot !

    gomen is no more superior than d rakyat .. they r just ordinary folks..entrusted by the rakyat to admin d country…so dun act like u r untouchable…not answerable for ur misdeeds… using high-handed methods to silent d rakyat who put u up there in d 1st place…

    if 8th march is tsunami…maybe this episode is the aftershocks..which will finally bring down the gomen..??

    dun underestimate makkal sakthi …

  59. xtheman says:

    Today is another black day in Malaysia. Police seems to be very much not “Di Raja” but “Di Umno”. The police seems to be again not knowing how to catch the bad guy, but indeed pretty good in making trouble for a good man.

    Mr Najip, if you are anak Jantan … Pls stand up like a real man and show whatever relevant evidences to prove your are innocent and nothing to do with this case. The truth is out there !!

  60. winn says:

    those of you who has credit card, can pay thru paypal. just go to malaysia today page, click on “walk with RPK”. simple & easy!


  61. Najis says:

    RPK is really a hero. Refused bail in protest of unjust abuse of power. This is really a disaster for Barisan. Barisan will surely lose lots of votes for this.

  62. Too sick says:

    We as rakyat need to stand behind RPK. We will keep praying for you .

  63. kittykat46 says:

    This is just a preview of what a Najib Administration will look like….

  64. Wily Toh says:

    CIMB A/C is under Mr. Visvalingam, but what is his I/C Number ?

    I just can’t transfer funds without his I/C No.

  65. noyawns says:

    mmm…anybody thinks this whole sandiwara to weaken Najib’s position vis-a-vis succession? er…Kay-the-Jay-bird?

  66. bamboo river says:

    RPK refusing bail is to make it clear his stand and principle as an example of what he had said/written in No Holds Barred.
    However, the money collected for ‘Save RPK Campaign’ is still needed for the forthcoming trial in court.

    May GOD protect and look after RPK and his family.

    “Wear Yellow Every Tuesday”

  67. facial says:

    Hi –hutchrun– are you sure the CIMB account is correct??

  68. Harrison says:

    Dear Facial-kindly wait for authentication. U can visit Malaysia-Today’s blog. SHOULD be CORRECT.


    A/C: 14030214334050 (Please verify)

  69. who knows the next month article appears such that “i met baginda in the cell, he confessed me everthing, from start to end and i’m 100% convinced h’es innocent! – what a first-hand insider story!”


  70. ANg Kong says:

    this is not right

    this is not right

    this is not right

    this is not right

  71. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    What a sad day for democracy & let the Truth prevail. They can stop the messanger but not the message.
    Raja Petra is a rare ,brave & unique Malaysian who has done so much for freedom & for the cause of justice and all Malaysians should support him in this hour of need, Yes let send the Murderers of Altantuya to Hell !

  72. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    Lets all stay united on this issue. Murderers are walking scot free in Malaysia, while human rights & freedom campaigners are being jailed-
    Hindraf,Pas,Opposition members & now Raja Petra.
    Malaysia under the current Govt. is losing its soul & conscience.
    Yes…..let send Altantuya Murderers to Hell !

  73. amokia says:

    if RPK has the proff let him prove it in court. he has seven lawyers if found guilty unfair for us to claim he is victimised.

    tian chua also should answer in court for superimposing a photograph depicting najib-razak and altantuya at a dining table which he admitted and politically motivated.

    let us wait what the judgement will be. god is great . the wrong doers will definitely be punished. believe in god whether allah or jesus. cheers.

  74. almanda says:

    the problem in malaysia when they lose blamed election commission but when they no mention about ec.

    anything they say it is freedom of speech? freedom of press? human rights? civilised people will say there is limit to what we do otherwise we go back to stone age.

  75. ANg Kong says:


    pls do yr part and donate the Rm1.

    details can be found on MT website.


  76. almanda says:

    i will donate the RM1 to the beggar at chow kit market.

  77. Harrison says:

    Updates on the donation at Din Merican’s blog now stood more than the bail amount:-

  78. […] Original post by My Times, My Voice […]

  79. Malaysian says:

    BLOODY HELL!! This makes me want to F*#&*ing Puke!

  80. chin chin says:

    wear yellow when u go to toilet. he he. RPK is loaded why are we treating him and his fmly like a poor family? insulting.

  81. ConFuSeus says:

    “You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind. ” Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948, Indian Political, Spiritual Leader

    Easily insert quotes and jokes into your writing at

  82. Richy says:

    You are damn right. It’s going to happen sooner than one had thought. Today is the day that will go into history for two reasons.

    1. Raja Petra is not only the King of Bloggers but also the King for Justice and Honor

    2. Today is also the day for the Police and Corrupt Leaders – The Counting Down has officially started.

  83. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Just bank in RM 120 to support the bail and show my little support.

    CIMB account 1403 0214334 050 RM 100 validation code 1291 42593065

    CIMB account 1403 0214334 050 RM 20 validation code 129142593066

    account name : visvalingam

    hope it gets to the bail fund

  84. CJFOO says:

    RPK they cant use C4 on you. They use CC ways to nail you. I will pray for you. I have donated some cash for you. The whole nation is behind you.

    To those murderers, bloody bastard you!!!!!

  85. malayamuda says:

    whats ABIM stand on this ? Kedaulatan Raja Raja Melayu dicabar !!

    OKT and Karpal question Kelantan Prince you say cannot question Raja Raja Melayu.

    Terengganu they call Royalties ” Natang ” , no protest from ABIM

    Now Selangor Prince summoned to court, also no protest from ABIM !!

  86. chok tong says:

    hello visvalingam it is an honorable thing to open account under your name but make sure the fund will not be siphoned like the save bukit china campaign in malacca many years ago by dap until now a mystery..

  87. jay says:

    a sacrifice that will go a long way …
    makes us stronger and wiser.
    Only a few will have the courage to push forward, and you have shown the way,
    but a storm is brewing,
    it will crush and cleanse anything and everything that is within its path,

    this is only the beginning and the power of the people is only getting stronger.

  88. BJ and the Bear says:

    What a sad day for the Rakyat of Malaysia.

    You speak the Truth, you get screwed and thrown into jail. You dont tell the truth, GOD will get you thrown into HELL. RPK choose JAIL and NOT HELL as he fears GOD not Actors in Power (Masters of Wayang Kulit)

    All you Bloggers dont worry about RPK in Jail, remember that RPK is our McGyver, he is in the Prison with a MISSION till the mention of the Case in October 2008. Thats enough time for McGyver to get all the info from Razak Baginda and the two other JOKERS.

    With all the proof he already has and with our team of seven Lawyers, you will see WHO goes in and WHO is out.

    All Bloggers out there, this is your time to BLASSSSTTT all the Canons you have and bring down the Dictators. 12th GE did part of it. Balance of it needs to be done URGENTLY. I am with YOU.

    May GOD protect you RPK, my daily prayers will always be with you.

  89. PEACE says:

    HALLO PDRM and Penjara Sg Buloh Staffs…….



  90. caravanserai says:

    The Kojak gone to prison
    He refused to post bail

    The man got the guts
    A mouse dares to challenge the cat
    Whiskers and tails and those unnamed list
    He is willing to fight for a cause
    He strongly believes in

    He walks tall amongst bloggers
    The man knows his work and his report
    Now the spanner has thrown into his wheel
    He has his chance to say it loudly in court
    On October 6, 2008

    Now concerned people
    Gathered to contribute funds
    To get his release from Sungai Buloh
    And let him prepare for his defense

    Don’t worry people
    His house is in Sungai Buloh
    So in a way he is at home
    Gathering his thoughts
    And some say interview
    The principle troopers in jail

    In this Sedition action
    Something is true then?
    Otherwise why act on it in a hurry?
    When a ex-minister molest case is dragging
    Even his name dared not publish
    But for Kojak…………the Police got into action
    Double quick time to shut him out

    Kojak we walk with you
    Money isn’t a problem
    It is the believe we shared
    We walk for freedom and truth

  91. dodgy inc says:

    RPK, Malaysia is blessed with a famous son like you.

    You speak your mind when no one else dares to speak,

    You walk the dangerous path when no one else dares to walk,

    You dedicate you life for everyone when everyone else seems to be for themselves,

    You represent us in the front line when everyone else stays behind,

    You endanger you life when everyone else saves their soul,

    You place yourself dodging bullets when everyone else shields from bullets,

    You work for good courses when everyone else works the opposite,


  92. Kelvin says:

    Guess who is the Chief Executive and Managing Director of CIMB? Nazir Razak! Najib brother.

    I saw Najib before, both he and his wife are arrogant, they thought they are someone spacial and we must respect him, he should not be the next PM!

  93. kittykat46 says:

    RPK for October 6, 2008 trial, ah…By that time Najib could be history…or maybe Ambassador-at-large to Mongolia….

  94. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Probably is like a chinese say, “Kill one, serve the hundreds”. Maybe it is just a threat to our Bloggers, so that they may scared us off from internet in order not to disclose more truths to people all over the world.

    Merely because Malaysia goverment never uphold justice at all…. especially when high profile politician involves into crimes ..;)

    From the image they carried for all these while from what our people have observed, luxury livings + (KAYA, ARROGANT
    DAN IGNORANT). That is why they never think of rakyat first! Look at our former PM, does he look arrogant although he is a dictator? Does his family members look arrogant? The answer is No. That is why he is able to conquer in his politician arena for more than 20 years.

    Sorry to say that Bodowi and Najis is not my choice for our next MP and definately not KJ too. They looks hypocrites…

  95. Allen Tan says:

    The innocent lost his freedom, and whereas the guilty got his freedom. God is not mock, He will demand blood for blood. Let’s pray that God will expose the whole episode.

  96. dodgy inc says:

    Mahathir built the biggest PM’s residence in the whole world. How bloody arrogant he is? Bodowi, SIL, najis just the followers.

    White House, 10 Downning St, Kevin Rudd live in small house

  97. Allen Tan says:

    Hi Susan,

    I think you have to reset your clock. The time was registered wrongly. It was one hour late.

  98. […] Petra Kamaruddin Chooses Jail Rather Than Pay RM 5,000 Bail Susan Loone is covering […]

  99. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    It is just a trick from the currupted goverment to stop the bloggers from blogging the truth!

    They have too many shits to cover from their ass..

    All for bloggers and bloggers for all!

  100. ah Long says:

    Why RPK want to stay in jail for so long ah? Maybe he got many desperate housewives hidden in his jail cell ? Hehehe

    All jokes aside, RPK has now forced Najib to show his hand. Until now that arrogant arsehole been sitting there quietly waiting for his crony judge & public prosecutor to do his dirty work.

  101. Scott Thong says:

    If everybody posts the same insinuations RPK made, can they arrest us all?

  102. Malaysian says:

    Susan, as a human rights activist and blogger, u should organize a vigil for RPK. This is about more than RPK going to jail, it’s about our human rights going to the slammer. And when you do, notify all the Press of the world, let’s make so much noise that even the makcik in Timbuktu knows about us.
    And for those who don’t get it, it’s not about how rich RPK and family is, the RM1 per person is to show the strength of support.
    I feel very, very, very sad now. What a failed nation we are. Leaders with no soul, no conscience, no accountability. Kicking us around like a bunch of lame dogs. How did we ever put them there?
    So, happy lah, now that you put RPK away? Your message is clear – cannot challenge you, is it? GARANGnya, tsk tsk.

  103. ANg Kong says:

    may be i read it wrongly but some remarks on this donation are uncalled for, like one that said RPK is rich and no need for this charity or some1 rather give the rm1 to a beggar …
    well, there are many reason one donates

    to show support for a noble cause
    to show yr dissatisfactions
    to make a personal pledge
    to make a point
    to stand by yr principle
    to make fun
    to join the wind of change

    or just to c yr paypal accounts still work

    whatever it may be, i dont mind even if it’s not used for the trial so long as the money is used charitably. I look forward to see how small/big the sum at the end of the day. effectively, it’s another barometer to show how united we can be. This will be a testing ground for the bloggers.

  104. Minder says:

    Najis, we really need to thank God for your “brilliance”. By getting some police officer to file a “sedition” charge against our Saint RPK, you have singlehandedly succeeded in elevating publicity for the Altantuya murder trial to unprecedented levels. If you think Hell is hot, wait until you see what’s in store for you and your band of murderous pillaging thieves and those abetting you, either through their lies or silence, once the full weight of the International Media is brought to bear upon you and the Bodohwi administration and Malaysian Judiciary. RM500 million in commissions for a single contract when the majority of the Rakyat are struggling to survive against the backdrop of ever increasing prices of essential items? Why, even Hell is too good for you and your cohorts!

    One would think that the BN would have awakened to People’s Power and the results delivered via the Ballot Box on 8 Mar. But, No, it is clear that the whole BN is just as unconscious as Bodohwi. With this charge against RPK, the BN is digging itself ever deeper into the hole it’s already in.

    And to Saint RPK, my heart bled when I read that you chose jail over bail. Know that many love you and will hold you in prayers. And to Marina, be strong, for even this too, will pass. Think of Lim Guan Eng, back then and now.

  105. sloone says:

    I believe what you suggest may already be in progress.

    I’m in Bkk, which is why my clock shows one hour late 🙂

    If everyone link their story to RPK’s controversial article on Altantuya, what will happen?

  106. hutchrun says:

    anakbuah said…

    PakLah dan Najib tak byk beza – dua2 lintah sedut kekayaan dan darah rakyat! Khairy pulak parasit! Apa beza diorang semua nih??…

    Tak kan la Razak Baginda sampai terlolong-lolong “Matilah
    kau Pak Lah! Matilah Pak Lah! I am innocent! I am innocent!” dan lepas tu menggila tendang kerusi pintu mahkamah?!! ….
    February 27, 2008 1:25 PM

  107. hutchrun says:

    Before the hearing began at 9:30 am, Razak Baginda’s father had whispered something to him. This made Razak angry the whole day. Finally, about three hours later, Razak Baginda could not stand it any longer and exploded. What did he say?

    Reporter friends who were there said that Razak shouted again and
    again, “*Matilah kau Pak Lah! Matilah Pak Lah*! I am innocent! I am innocent!” Then he went into a mad rampage and kicked the chairs and doors in the courtroom. Even
    the Judge was shocked and did not know what to do. Both the defense
    lawyers and the prosecution team were also all shocked.

  108. Kherry Scarry says:

    What a sad day…no wonder the weather here up north looks so gloomy.

    There are murderers, rapist, rempits, those corrupted ones, etc, and yet still the easy one being the target. Sad political intervention….indeed.

    Be strong to RPK & family…

  109. When you do what is right
    You’re in for a good fight
    You will stay in the light
    In truth you never lose sight

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 060508
    Tue. 6th May 2008.

  110. y-key? says:

    Don’t you jokers say anything bad about our hero, PKR
    He’s got guts. I will kick your ass out if you say anything
    bad about PKR

  111. Several definitions (from online dictionaries) of ‘SEDITION’ are posted in my blog

    Pls read on for your own understanding and sharing. Thanks!

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Tue. 6th May 2008.

  112. y-key? says:

    Sorry typing mistake. RPK and not otherwise

  113. George says:

    RPK, you’ll never walk alone…. all Liverpool fans over the worlds will sung for you… Rakyat in Malaysia will walk on with you.

    The truth will prevail…God is always fair and right……and those guilty and murderers will condermed and go to hell very soon…

  114. wulan says:

    OMG, this is so tragic, someone is sent to jail because of his writing? this is so going medieval. Susan, you are very..very brave.My salute for your courage. take care sis!

  115. ANg Kong says:

    Just learned tht the donation campaign has been stopped…

    personally, i think it should be continued, this opportunity has given me and like minded ppl out there a platform and a reason to make a point.

    if donation turns out into something permanent, go with the flow and set up a charitable trust and help the malaysians in needs esp the children.

  116. hutchrun says:

    It`s becoming more certain that Razak Baginda`s the fall guy for Najib. RPK is going to prison soon after meeting Mr. Shaaribu who said he`s got more evidence which will be released when the time is right.

    So if it turns out that Najib is involved, that could well make Badawi an accessory. Looks like this will be his downfall as well.

  117. hutchrun says:

    `personally, i think it should be continued,` – ang kong

    This donation was just for the bail money. Within a few hours it`s the public that has posted the bail – not him. Which was a good idea.
    There`ll be a another later for the defence expenses I`m sure.

  118. EddieTheHead says:

    Paid through PayPal. Will spill blood too, if needed.

  119. […] Original post by My Times, My Voice […]

  120. Najis says:

    M’sian population 27 mi. Say adult 65% = 17.55mil. RPK will get RM17mil if each donate RM1. That’s the kind of support he will get. It’s not about money but his influence on Malaysians. BN really has a public relation disaster now.

  121. Antares says:

    I know enough cash has been collected (within a few hours!) to post bail for Uncle Pete but I just wanted to put in a contribution, no matter how tiny (of course the bank gasak RM2 for giro fee but its okay).

    I’m sure RPK will be sleeping in his own bed tomorrow… but Najib & Rosmah will be shitting in their own underwear. Hold your noses, people… the STENCH OF MORAL ROT will soon blow away….

    Bless this beautiful land and keep it free from political scum!

    Pete, tabik a thousand times to you… what an inspiration you are, truly.

  122. ghenjis khan says:

    Brother Raja Petra Kamaruddin,

    Those who can visit him, please, tell him to recite those specific Beautiful names of Allah, and by His Grace the jail may shudder and those who are behind this may not even sleep at nite.

    We will see ….

  123. The Fact Is This says:

    See? This is the kind of total unfair treatment to it’s Malaysian citizen by those in power hungry goons. The whole polis force are again being manipulated or choose to pleased the dpm to simply scared the bloggers or the public. People like RPK including all bloggers should be left alone to proof their point and keep the govenment on their toe at all time. What will the Mongolia and the rest of the world think about our country?
    Please lah………nn one is even a bit frighten at all but you are making the rakyats’ blood boiling!!! Send RPK to ISA lah, you stupid!!

  124. kwai lan says:

    to all PK Mps in parliament…kindly roast/satay Najis on this subject of PKR la…dun give him chance lor…

  125. Malaysian says:

    Malaysian blogger faces jail for sedition – top story CNN.

  126. cel8288 says:

    Welcome to the rule of the jungle!! Malaysian Law! No wonder BN lost. I do hope that he gives a good fight for justice. I see nothing wrong in his post. It is up to the individual to ponder on what was written. If it is not true then sue him!! la idiots. A shame to our country’s democracy worst still we have got goons running this country! What a laughing stalk this bunch pea brains prosecutors. God! save Malaysia and shine upon RPK!

  127. ah Long says:

    Why stop the donation? It is not about money it is about a show of support.

    Just like a private election. If 1 ringgit = 1 vote, we let UMNO know how many votes RPK can get. I think enough to throw those scums out if it was a real election.

    We should keep the collection going, at the end any left over we can let RPK decide which charity he want to donate the money to.

    Great Idea??? Everybody happy with this suggestion?

  128. raj raman says:






    its might be the starting for the goverment to test the water of be prepare for some kind of trust fund for bloggers.

  129. ah Long says:

    Go baby go !!! Look at the number of hits this blog is getting since the RPK saga started. I reckon it will break 4 million hits by October.

    Stupid BN / UMNO, can’t you see the landslide the stupid DPM & his wife started.

    This thing will soon bury the stupid buggers alive and we won’t even have to go to hell to see the bastards burn.

  130. albert1951 says:

    Actually I am supposed to go to KTV tonight to meet my sweetheart,but after knowing that my Hero Botak will be going to prison,I feel extremely depressed and in low mood. I have no appetite to eat. So I decide to stay at home.My idol will be in the prison until the hearing date on Oct 6th and during his confinement in the cell,I swear to the ceiling that I won’t go to any entertainment outlet as mark of silent protest against the unfair treatment to him.
    Albert the great

  131. NO FEAR says:

    Dare it, damn it. No fear man! Truth will prevail. Tuhan ada mata….

  132. albert1951 says:

    Ah Long-I admire your guts to speak up what is in your mind.Actually I have a very bad impression on Ah Long(loan sharks) and regard them all heartless blood suckers.Loan sharks are mostly apathetic and cold blooded people I think .However,since I get to know u closer via Susan’s blog,my bad image on loan sharks have drastically change and I am prepared to borrow some money from them in case I need urgently.

  133. Ong Ting Ting says:

    How about setting up a Bloggers University online to increase the numbers of bloggers. I think more bloggers unites the Raayat and the internet brings truth and knowledge.

    The Bloggers University will save the Nation.

  134. amoker says:

    Thanks Bamboo river. I got the earlier account number which since then has been corrected. I think we can pay more to cover his legal expense. Take it as subscription fee to MT. hehe

  135. Eric says:

    Many people in Malaysia still doesn’t know about this case. Should tell them.

  136. fcdulan says:

    RPK has done nothing wrong, the only thing he did was telling the TRUTH, nothing but the TRUTH. Seditious? KJ, NJ, Kerismuddin, Mike Tyson, Chedet etc, weren’t their words seditious? To certain extend, Kit Siang’s guess is correct, it’s vengeance from the Corrupts and Fascists. Yes, the EVIL EMPIRE Strikes Back, like in the George Lucas Star War Trilogy. But at the end of the story, the EVIL Dictator was sent to HELL. So, to all the RIGHTEOUS Rakyat out there, lets send all of them to Hell.

  137. wits0 says:

    The nature of the archaic “Sedition” law, as clearly as it may be explained – via Harismibrahim’s blog :

  138. ah Long says:


    Ah long also business men, we satisfy a need in society, we are the lenders of last resort. We only turn “nasty” to protect our investment when people don’t pay back and want to be “lan see”.

    Ah long is no worst than our UMNO Putras, they have a license to plunder, rape & murder. And when they don’t like you they can jail you for sedition or bullshit ISA.

    The worst thing that ah long can do is throw red paint. I ask you who is worst ? Ah Long or VIP corrupt UMNO thief & liar.

  139. ah Long says:


    There is honour amongst thieves. There is no honour in UMNO. Ah Longs are businessmen, satisfying a need, we are the lenders of last resort.

    Worst we can do is splatter some red paint on your door to protect our investment.

    Corrupt VIP UMNO, plunder, steal, murder and jail innocent people for nothing. First the Hindraf 5 and now that very likable botak fellow. Who are the real criminals?

    Those UMNO guys next time sure born son no backside or maybe no arsehole.

  140. fred says:

    UMnNO, remember to take PdRm for a walk, give it a treat.

  141. Ctizen Me says:

    Right is wrong and that frightens me

  142. highschooltom says:

    this is sick ..najib the najis and his wife…i wiill be so embarassed being a malaysian if he becomes our next PM….his wife is just nothing but insignificant pilee of sh*t…and both of u…seriousli and sincer3ly, just disappear……kiong kan!!

  143. The Fact Is This says:

    Stupid system in our country! Catch lah one RPK and ten or hundreds will come out. We, the rakyat are so many and you are only a handful of corrupt useless goons. If RPK is not release unconditional immediately, you goons are no different from the Myammars and the issue will be hotter and hotter. Please do not expect the rakyat to respect this stupid judgement. Are we, the rakyat supposed to pretend to be scared???

  144. talk is cheap, jusk ask why najib could win in the pru12, with majority 20k somemore ………

    and continue becoming dpm…

    if you ppl really got guts, you should organize rally to call najib step down from his dom post!

  145. yingyang says:

    In many ways, they are trying to tell you that … SILENCE IS GOLDEN!!!

  146. albert1951 says:

    Ah Long-u are my clique now and I am worried about u.Because u talk too harsh which would land u into big trouble.u curse their sons born no backside and no asshole is too malicious and too much.Please stop,ok,as u know,they can trace u..your IP address..I know u afraid nobody..but in case any mishap does happen to u,please don’t drag me in.

    Albert the Great

  147. Pegasus says:

    Wow..RPK is simply stunning to say the least. Here is a man who has open the door to justice valley by going all out on this. Time is running out for the murderers and the people behind it. The whole BN government stinks,by this shameful act in arresting RPK,they have only make BN to be shun by the people and hitting the coffin with bigger nails. BN is simply too arrogant and obviously did not learn from their mistakes and are repeating them at will.With this rate,expect for a new government sonner or later. RPK , hold on bro…,we are coming…….stronger then ever..

  148. anak melayu sokong RPK says:

    RPK is our legend and hero, a true Malay hero. Najib will have to dip his face into mud soon.

  149. Bennyloh says:

    (albert1951 Says:
    May 6, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    Ah Long-u are my clique now and I am worried about u.Because u talk too harsh which would land u into big trouble.u curse their sons born no backside)

    Sideway views the buttock must be “protruding” or convex., if no, everyone will call you “no backside” or the mah-jong player will call you “pak-pan”. You didn’t explain, I just want to be sure (although I don’t know about mah-jong).
    Maybe you have another meaning.

  150. cyphuell says:

    im getting confused now. looking at the RPK case, it seems that anybody who try to seek the truth using a provocative way can be subjected to sedition… hmmm… why charge RPK for sedition? why not ask the police to focus on the altantuya case and dig further to find extra evidence? RPK just trying to highlight issues which i believe relevant to altantuya case, and he was done it for the interest of the justice.

  151. cyphuell says:

    can somebody gather all statements issued by any politicians which can be seditious in nature.. post them here and we see whether they were charged like what happend to RPK or otherwise..

  152. D_Dollah says:

    I hate this government! So f***cking wrong with this BN government. God, if you hear me, please curse those who puts RPK to jail. May you reserve a place in hell for them and let them rot there for eternity. That is for shrewing a man’s life, for his only mistake was to do your work.

  153. Caroline says:

    I am sick and fed up with the Malaysian gomen!!!! This is injustice!!!
    Keep up the good blog Susan and may the force be with RPK!!!

  154. greeneyesjelly says:

    is rpk’s safety guaranteed in sg buloh? i’ve watched alot of movies about the lawlessness in prison if u know what i mean. i’m kind of worry…

  155. lilian says:

    Hi Susan, I wanted to mail you privately but couldn’t find your email. I wish to alert you that albert1951 is a sicko. He posted a comment in my blog about winning your love :

    Albert1951 | | IP:

    I want to say farewell to u because I have found my new love,that is Susan,a very prominent and outstanding blogger cum journalist in the country.She has thousands of male admirers who show their affection and attention to her.I admire and cherish her from my heart too.I know to win Susan’s love need to face a long queue and a mission impossible,but I would like to try and I think it is worth it.With much tenacity and perseverance ,I think I can win her heart to me.

    (your URL was deleted by me to protect your ID earlier)

    It is found on my post :

    This man is a pedo. Please note and if you need to clarify, please email me. The proof of his sick activity is on my post :

    Sorry to reveal it over here but I notice he is happily stalking your blog.

  156. […] – the well known Malaysian King of Bloggers – has been sent to prison on May 6, 2008 on charged of sedition! What the heck… Anyway, thanks to generous bloggers out there, who have given their support […]

  157. tarishi says:

    what a shame to the authorities. but with Allah’s wish we are going to persevere

  158. CT says:

    Must do all we can to save RPK, our true Malaysian Iron Man hero….

  159. S Yazid says:

    Please englighten me on the real issue because I am puzzle as to what will happen to Najib if the photograph featuring Najib, Razak and Attantuya in a cafe in France comes out true. RPK being smart must have something with him and I am very sure something positive will comes out in open court. And that will be the END for Najib. Najib has responsed and the last straw is with RPK.
    I pray to Allah the truth wil prevail and UMNO is doomed.

  160. limkamput says:

    say oso seditious arh?? come and get me la!!!!

  161. […] * SUSAN LOONE’s blog * “may the truth save us all” « Blogger Raja Petra goes to jail for Altantuya […]

  162. anak melayu sokong RPK says:

    Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell

  163. ah long says:

    If RPK got a authentic pic of Najib with Altantuya or even a document of Najib giving her a reference for her visa application, it will be a bigger bombshell than the one dropped on Hiroshima. It will blow Najib & wife away.

  164. ah long says:

    Lim earlier chastised Khairy Jamaluddin (BN-Rembau) who questioned him on the repetition of Raja Petra’s use of the word “hell”.

    “Do you not agree that the only one to determine whether a person will go to heaven or hell is God and not for us to determine,” asked Khairy.

    Lim, however, thundered back: “We are not talking of religion! This is an expression that those who murdered Altantuya should be punished to the full extent of the law! It’s not about going to heaven or hell.

    “If even this one cannot understand, what is the point of graduating from Oxford? This is a disgrace to the university,” he said, upon which the whole house again descended into chaos as both sides went back to shouting at each other.

  165. PenangSupport says:

    We support RPK for voicing out on our behalf against the CORRUPTS and CHEATS in the government. His hair is dropping by the day and she will be seen by the public as with spite! Spit on them

  166. hutchrun says:


    In that statement, Abdul Razak said he met Altantuya again in Shanghai in early 2005 and traveled with her to Kuala Lumpur and France in mid-2005. He told investigators that he had given the woman US$10,000 on three different occasions in cash and jewelry.

    She accompanied Abdul Razak to Paris at a time when Malaysia’s defense ministry was negotiating through a Kuala Lumpur-based company, Perimekar Sdn Bhd, which at the time was owned by yet another company called Ombak Laut, which was wholly owned by Abdul Razak Baginda, to buy two Scorpene submarines and a used Agosta submarine produced by the French government thrrough a French-Spanish joint venture, Armaris. The contract was not competitive.

    The Malaysian ministry of defense paid one billion euros (RM 4.5 billion) to Amaris for the three submarines, for which Perimekar received a commission of 114 million euros (RM 510 million) from Amaris. Deputy Defense Minister Zainal Abdidin Zin told the Dewan Rakyat, Malaysia’s parliament, that the commission was not a bribe to Perimekar. He said the money was paid for “coordination and support services” although the fee amounted to a whopping 11 percent of the sales price for the submarines


    Although Najib denies ever meeting Altantuya, according to the website of the Malaysian Association in France and other websites, on June 11, 2005 Najib gave a press conference in France after having visited the site where the two Scorpene submarines were being built. “As a maritime nation, (the) acquisition will give our navy the added capabilities,” he told the media. Earlier, in the port city of Brest, Najib had visited a naval base where Malaysian navy submariners were training, and, according to the log of an Australian submariner association, presented jackets made available by Perimekar to the crew.

    Najib, Abdul Razak and Altantuya were thus in Europe at exactly the same time. Abdul Razak was one of Najib’s closest friends. Given this closeness and the fact that the three were in Europe at the same time – and that Najib was presenting jackets made available by Perimekar to the crew – it is almost impossible to believe they had not met.

  167. hutchrun says:

    Today`s papers Najib fights back:

    KUALA LUMPUR, May 6 — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak says negotiations for the procurement of the Sukhoi SU30MKM aircraft and Scorpene submarines by the Malaysian Armed Forces had received approvals at all levels and adhered to the procedures required.

  168. hutchrun says:

    Altantuya, a multi-lingual translator working for Abdul Razak Baginda, is believed to have known “too much” about multi-billion Euro weapon deals, especially Malaysian government’s purchase of nuclear submarines from France in which Abdul Razak Baginda negotiated in between. Altantuya was last seen in front of Abdul Razak Baginda’s house, being pushed into a car and driven away. Her entrance records at the Malaysian immigration computer database were found deleted for unknown reason after she died.
    Deputy Premier Najib Abdul Razak’s press secretary, Sariffuddm Tengku Ahmad, issued a statement on May 29 that neither the Malaysian deputy prime minister nor his wife, Rosmah Mansor, had anything to do with the murder of the Mongolian translator.

    In the statement, the press secretary threatened legal action if allegations in the press and elsewhere of Najib’s involvement in the case continued. The statement also denied that Najib had anything to do with erasing the victim’s immigration records, or that he had ever met her.

  169. kittykat46 says:

    Methinks the temperature is going to get mighty hot for somebody soon, and its not RPK.

  170. hutchrun says:

    RM534.8 million commission for Scorpene submarines – why Perimekar?

    Commission paid was under the guise of support and coordination services
    by Richard Teo

    The pathetic explanation given by the Defence Ministry regarding the purchase of the Sukhoi SU30MKM fighter and Scorpene submarines raises more suspicions than answers.

    The public is not concerned with the laborious explanation regarding the negotiations carried out by the Defence Ministry neither are they interested in the approval levels and the checks by the technical and price committee.

    What the tax paying public is interested is why was the contract awarded to Perimekar to prepare support and coordination services for six years. The contract value was 114.96 mil euros(RM534.8 mil) to be paid in stages according to the level of progress of the project.

    What kind of support and coordination services that Perimekar can provide that the Defence Ministry is not capable of providing?

  171. ah long says:

    Given all the accusations, claims and counter claims, the decent thing for Najib to do is to stand down. Immediately.

    A royal commission should be appointed to investigate the whole sad and sorry affair and see that proper justice is done.

    By the way I haven’t heard much about the Lingam Royal Commission ?

  172. foggydoggy says:

    What ?? God bless our PM?
    Both oso can go to hell.

  173. […] May 6, 2008 · No Comments Blogger Raja Petra goes to jail for Altantuya « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog * […]

  174. ah long says:

    People….I thought Malaysia got 1 law to protect “whistle blowers”?

    If got, then wouldn’t RPK be protected by the law instead of been prosecuted??

  175. glaize says:

    Salute to RPK! He was being very human to extend his condolences to Altantuya’s dad. I was really disappointed that the ruling gov didn’t seemed to take Altantuya’s case as a priority. Disgusted, more to say. It involved a foreign citizen and well, although I don’t really know much about her whereabouts in M’sia, no human actually deserves to be blown up unless they committed something so terrible like genocide. So the culprits must be really damn worried because she knows something she shouldn’t have. Something really dirty. And they blew her up.

    RPK is very brave indeed, and you too, dear Susan. Bloggers are declaring war on gov, yes. We want the people to see what’s really happening and all those so-called rulers are hushing us up, in any way they can because they know somehow, they’re guilty.

    RPK doesn’t deserve to go to jail. He told the truth. They locked him up. But we have his back, right?

    Now we all know Truth don’t tell us who the wrongdoers are. The wrongdoers would always point to themselves. Without realizing that they just did.

  176. jerryrich says:

    malaysia is facing darkest hour in this moment of time!Justice should prevail!All out vigil for our unsung hero!Sadhu to all his silent supporters1I am sure he will emerge like a polished gem!May he always be well & happy!Bismillah!

  177. hutchrun says:

    “What makes you think I don’t have proof? What makes you think I don’t have documents?
    “If I do submit the proof behind my writing, they will arrest me under the OSA. You think I’m stupid?” he asked the assembled journalists.

  178. hutchrun says:

    When the witness becomes the accused

    EVER WONDERED why the police force is unable to close files and solve crimes? Do you know why witnesses to crimes do not want to come forward? Why do witnesses suddenly have memory lapses and declare: “I did not see anything.” I got the answers yesterday……

    By which time, they had no more cards to play. They threw in the sai-lang card: “Dimanakah kamu dapat dokumen-dokumen berkenaan?” (Where did you get the documents from?”) Was this an investigation into Balkis or a probe to trace the source of my documents?

    When they asked the final question, I blew my top because it not only became harassment but also bordered on stupidity. I was asked: Adakah kamu tahu siapa hakim bertindak sebagai penasihat undang-undang kepada Bakti sebagaimana yang dinyatakan oleh akhbar theSun? (Do you know the identity of the judge who acted as the legal adviser of Balkis?)

  179. […] See more stories on this blogger @ my earlier post “Blogger Raja Petra goes to jail for Altantuya“ […]

  180. […] May 7, 2008 Blogger Raja Petra goes to jail for Altantuya « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog * […]

  181. Devan says:

    It looks like all comments above are “seditious”. Mr AG Patail and Mr IGP MUSA …please take action and charge all of them.!!!!!
    After all you can charge 30 over people for murder and the weapon was a STONE. Hahahaha…..Malaysia Boleh..

  182. Aida says:

    honestly, i’m one of people who dont really care what happen on surrounding us, here in malaysia. but when i read this blog, i think its very low of me to pretend not to know anything. so i guess, the blogger achieve her target to let people know what actually happen lately.

  183. Constantine says:

    This is a real injustice and blind eyes of the police under the corrupt politicians and corrupt govt who is run by incestuous murderers.
    I pray for the well being of Raja.

  184. […] More @ Blogger Raja Petra goes to jail for Altantuya « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *  […]

  185. […] May 7, 2008 · No Comments Blogger Raja Petra goes to jail for Altantuya « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog * […]

  186. Wong Chee Kong says:

    I’m sure millions who join together in the same curse, the curse shall materialize! So please join the millions in this same curse. I’m sure you know what this curse is all about.

  187. bullishmoves says:

    Wow… so much for Freedom of Speech. You have my support as well

  188. billauchris says:

    Dear Fellow Boggers

    I am rather astonished that RPK has been charged under the Sedition Act 1948 for an article he posted on his blogsite. He is now under detention at the Sungei Buloh prison. According to newspaper report, he has refused bail and preferred to stay in until the hearing date in October 2008. I just hope that the judiciary does not embark on its usual postponing spree like what it does presently to the Altantuya’s case and purposely drags the case on for time indefinite.

    Majority of thel boggers are behind you RPK. We salute you for your moral courage to fight and attempt to exterminate crimes within the government and expose those involved in the course. For this feat, you could not have found more loyal bloggers supporting your noble cause.

    In the meantime, bloggers are contributing RM1/- each and soon they will try to bail RPK out. It is better for him to be out of the prison to work with the lawyers than to stay inside mulling over the cold four walls each night. You will be able to think better and clearer outside the prison.

    In my view, the BN Goverment is very intolerant of criticism and it is practicing selective prosecution in applying the Sedition Act.

    You just need to read the recent reports on the utterances of the Council for Malay Solidarity and Gapena President Tan Sri Ismail Hussain and try to imagine what they are trying to do.

    They are just cooking an excuse to usurp the BN government because the politicans are too busy to look after the interests of the Malay. These utterances are not only incendiary but were calculated at overthrowing the government.

    If such utterances are not considered seditious, what are? Is the BN government going to charge these bigotted leaders and prosecute them? Nay, they would not. Instead a senior guy in UMNO said the following day the party would take note of these comments in its policy formulation.

    Such double standards merely show BN is racialistic and discrimatory in its approach to governing the country. It just lacks social justice. No wonder, the electorate voted against BN at the last general election. Until now, it still continues with
    its past practices – UMNO for Malaysia; MCA for Chinese and MIC for Indians. The proposition to transform these parties into multi-racial parties is an impossibility but to turn them to be multi-racial in their outlook and conduct can be done if only the head wills and encourages it.

    If you have not realised what sort of game(s) you elected fellows play or are playing at national and state level, you are just wasting the national resources to the detriment of the equitable socio-economical development of Malaysia.

  189. musle says:


  190. halfpasssix says:

    How can one live in a country where your government is your worse enemy.
    May the Ancestor bless us. Go to the street and protest against the government from illegal detention of the citizen.

  191. S Yazid says:

    RPK is being made a scape goat. AAB never trust Najib. Come December AAB is finish. He definetely does not like Najib to take over. So in October 6 -10, Najib will be totally exposed and chances are he will be indicted too. We will have a new PM by then.
    So goodbye to Tengku Razaleigh dreams. I pray DSAI will act before it is too late.

  192. Lim says:

    ahhh eventually my PC is fixed. Luckly never miss this interesting news.
    Thank to all blogers. May the truth save us. Soon we will have good news from poor Althantuya case. Think is the first time our PDM solved social case. Maybe they still have to improve further and not just concentrate on sommon the public for small tiny undiciplanery wrong doing i.e., illegal parking, but those big shark theive.

  193. Anti overlord says:

    I staying oversea but i’m the centre of attraction here because i’m a malaysia. Because we have all this overlord / god father in Malaysia which malaysia is a country deem civilize. I would really like to see what is the reason our PM is giving for not replying to the mail from the PM of Mongolia? Technical error? Lost mail? Is our beloved PM forgeting all his action reflect the citizen of Malaysia.

  194. […] Let there be 1,000 candlelights for Raja Petra tonight And 100,000 more prayers for the blogger who went to jail for Altantuya. Justice for Altantuya means justice for Raja Petra and justice for all women. For the story of his arrest, look here. […]

  195. Anti overlord says:

    You might be the overlord / god father here in Malaysia. He almighty is watching. You will pay this life or another. You are no greater than him. Repenting will do you no good. Taking the life of another will not go unpunish, you might be above the law but you are not above Lord.

  196. […] 另外,从苏珊胧的部落才知道,拉惹柏特拉被控入狱那天(5月6日),恰好也是蒙古女郎阿尔丹杜雅30岁的生日(当然是如果她还在世的话)。 […]

  197. dr H exia says:

    whats the problem with the govt!

    it seems that they did not learn from the past general election.

  198. mr.justice says:

    bring najib go 2 hell

  199. Francis Belavendram says:

    Use the money for other bloggers and future causes like this. United we stand and support to create a Malaysia for Malaysians

  200. […] If you want to know why he was arrested, well, it’s written all over the walls of Putrajaya…seriously, look here at my earlier post “Raja Petra goes to jail for Altantuya“. […]

  201. […] who ordered his two bodyguards to drop the bomb on the Mongolian lady…and  a host of other questions…but that is…if you have a FREE, FAIR and CREDIBLE […]

  202. Kclim says:

    God Bless you RPK! Please take care of your own safety! there are people out there with axe to grind! Me and my wife pray for your safety. God Bless

  203. kingprawn says:



  204. Apahludin Hamkah says:

    I’m totally stunned by the depth of corruption in the Malaysian Gvernment. The actions of the government to imprison Petra is either naivety or just pure stupidity. Surely if there’s nothing to hide, why all the balava etc etc?

    I think It’s time The People of Malaysia (Rakyat Malaysia) stand up and make their voice heard. Make sure the government listens. A Law stipulating the truth is against the Law is not Law. And the person speaking the truth should not be silence.

  205. aca says:

    semua yang ada kat atas skrg stat drpd PM smpai konco2.. adalah tahi negara yang paling busuk….

  206. students says says:

    we are interest in science politics. we love our country and we want the truth about the altantuyah murder case. GO RAJA PETRA!!!!!

  207. STUDENTS SAYS says:


  208. STUDENTS SAYS says:


  209. najib muka tembok says:

    hey najib. yr image has been badly affected. can you pls don be so muka tembok and want to be the pm of malaysia? step down now as no foreigners will come and invest in malaysia anymore if u become the pm. step down for the country and the rakyat. everybody is suffering bcoz of you. bcoz of you the image of malaysia is badly affected!

  210. kecewa belia says:

    i was very2 suprised that najib will do such a very hurious thing that i was very dissapointed at him..i think that he is very a good you all think that najib is was actually ‘muka tembok’???ohh…my gudness…we have 2 think deeply lah… gudness….

  211. JEFFRY BONG says:

    This is a total abusement and wrong application of the act resulting in wrongful arrest.The act is wrongly used and applied to protect some VVIP personal issue.
    This really shows how ignorant some of our official and minister are making themself looks like DIMWIT BOOZO in all their comments and decisions.All the acts we have is to protect subversive elements and terrorists of the country ,it must not be wrongly applied and gag the peoples from giving their views and comments on certain vip of their misconduct ,this is an individual personal issue.
    This is not a priviledge for vvip to hide under the act and protect
    themself after they have committed some wrong doings.
    WE hope they will wake up from their idiotic slumber and repent all their sins and let malaysians have justice.

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