Image above: Marina Lee Abdullah with daughter in Bangsar on 28 April, 9 days before her husband’s arrest.

Tears came to my eyes when I read this message by Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s wife – Marina Lee Abdullah. Maybe sometime, somewhere, some of you have felt this way…

The last time I met her was in Bangsar on Monday, 28 April. We were full of laughter then. Today, I stand in solidarity with Marina and her family:

“… when freedom of speech is being brutally subverted by the present regime and false charges can be instituted against anyone who dares to demand for justice and truth.”

As a wife and mother, I want to know from my fellow citizens whether a government that has incarcerated my husband in the Sungai Buloh prison on trumped up charges and brought untold suffering on my family, especially when one of my daughters is sitting for her final examinations, is a legitimate government. No wife, mother or children should to go through this horrible experience when all her beloved husband did was to uphold justice and truth.

On 2nd May 2008, the Armed Might of the regime was unleashed on my family when they came to my house in search of evidence for some alleged crime that my husband was supposedly to have committed.

I thought that this can only happen in a Gestapo state but not in my beloved Malaysia. You be the judge of this.

The police came in the morning and desecrated the sanity of my home for the fourth time. The fact that this has occurred previously does not make it any easier for my daughter and me. I wish that such nightmares can be forgotten, but let me tell you, especially mothers and wives, that the pain will never go away and that it is only our family self esteem and strength and our faith in god that has enable us to withstand and overcome the trauma and pain that we have suffered together.

I pray that no mother and wife will have to suffer and experience what I had with my beloved husband and my family.

Before we had time to recover our composure, the police handed us a summon to appear before the CCID, the following day. However, at 3.15pm, we received a call to appear at 4.00pm on the same day.

My suspicions for this sudden change in the time for my husband to be interrogated was to prevent publicity and the exposure of their dastardly deeds. Can anyone of you imagine what I, as a wife and mother had to go through emotionally and psychologically when accompanying my husband to be interrogated by the police when on a previous occasion in 2000, he was brutally assaulted in my presence.
could not express my anxiety to my husband on the way to the CCID, as I know that my strength and resoluteness would be critical to enable my husband to face his interrogators. He must have also felt
the same for me and so both of us, thinking alike kept our silence. But we were determined to see this through together hell or high water.

The Petras’ are not some tofus!! We have enough strength and dignity to overcome such adversity.
My daughter suffered in silence and despite her age, she held up magnificently and no mother can be more proud than I to have such daughter.

As we approached the CCID tears welled in my eyes, but they were not tears of fear, sadness or trepidation, but the expression of my determination and faith that my husband’s struggle will ensure a
better future for my daughter and the children of a better Malaysia.

I am proud to say that my husband overcame the intrigues and schemes and came out unscathed. But we knew that this was a mere prelude to more brutality that will be inflicted on my family.

The events of yesterday’s circus are known to all.

But what was most telling was the deafening silence of the judiciary and the bar council which supposedly are the guardians of justice and equity.

The dinner that was orchestrated by Pak Lah, his law minister and other cronies that allegedly ushered “a new era” for a independent and fearless judiciary in upholding justice and human rights, makes me
wonder when such a institution that was promised was a fantasy in the light of my experience.

Today, my daughter and I went to the Sungai Buloh prison to visit my husband but we were told that he had no wish to see anyone even any member of the family or lawyers. I was shocked and disturbed by this turn of events as it can only mean that my husband is determined to endure the pain of incarceration and humiliation of being subjected and treated like a common criminal for upholding the freedom of speech and justice.

Being married to him for 35 years I knew only to well that he is capable of making any sacrifices for truth, justice and freedom. I suspect that when I was told that he did not want to see me, that he
would be taking the ultimate step – to go on a hunger strike to demonstrate his determination to uphold the cause of truth and justice.

I have nothing more to say, as I am thoroughly exhausted by the turn of events and can only hope and pray that my fellow citizens, especially wives and mothers out there, that you would all come
together to protest and to demand for my beloved husband freedom and that you will call upon your member of parliament to boycott parliament as a gesture of support for my husband’s struggle.

His struggle must not be in vain. We as a family will see this through but we will only be able to cope if we know that good and god fearing people like you will be there and standing together with me shoulder to shoulder to strike a fatal blow against tyranny and for justice and truth and for my husband’s freedom.

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  1. wong says:

    What is happening in this country.
    BA is waiting for what

  2. ah Long says:

    When you come before the creator, you shall tell him that you did not live a dull & useless life.

    You shall tell him that you have lived a full and interesting life.

    You shall tell him that you have spoken up for those who cannot speak for them selves like Altantuya.

    You shall tell him that you have stood up for what you believe is right.

    You shall tell him that you have spoken against the injustice, the wrong doers and the injustice.

    And he will tell you how proud he is off you and he will reward you for your suffering a ten thousand fold.

    So, if you believe in heaven, life is but a one-night stand.

    This ordeal will soon be over, and lets hope justice will be served.

  3. You have our empathy for your pain
    As you go through all the strain
    We pray that you sacrifice not in vain
    As you focus on the final victory to gain

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 070508
    Wed. 7th May 2008.

  4. Devan says:

    We’ll pray to God to give you and your family the strength to go through this situation. You have our support….maam.

  5. ET says:

    May the force be with RPK and his family!
    You are our saviour!

  6. richardpoon says:

    i wonder how these people sleep at night doing this to an innocent man!

  7. Anonymous says:

    We women are so proud of Raja Petra, who’s championing justice for women; and his dear supportive and strong wife and family! He’ and his family are indeed brave MALAYSIANS and true ones at that! We hope more Malaysian males will be as brave to defend justice for women in this sorry nation-state, especially with the increasing crime rate against women, particularly rapes and sexual murders! And more so when such crimes are committed by people in power who are supposed to protect the rakyat or anyone else for that matter, for the sake of justice!!!! And also we truly are grateful for Raja Petra’s great courage for defending the values of true DEMOCRACY, that includes freedom of speech on behalf of all Malaysians and humanity!


  8. benjamin says:

    please,all bloggers, MP from Pakatan Rakyat, where are you all? please come out and show your support, all must voice out . RPK needs all the support, where are most of the DAP MP, PAS MP and supporters? Not much voice from you all? Remember how he speak at some of your ceremah, helping out in so many ways. Now is the time to pay back and show your support. ALL OUT TO SHOW THE EVIL ONE THAT RPK IS NOT ALONE. God Bless You RPK and your family.

  9. Maniwannan says:

    mrs rpk……my eyes is moist reading your message…but remember GOD is there……no words can console you but GOD almighty will definitely deliver RPK a victor..we malaysians are with you…….people who look forward for their last days will behave erartic and thats what s BN govt is doing now…….they are gone soon….RPK we love u mate…GOD BLESS YOU & PROTECT YOU.

  10. caravanserai says:

    I know how people felt
    About loved ones gone to prison
    For crimes against others I understand
    For writing about freedom and choices in life
    For standing up for the oppressed and cowards
    Against the might of uniformed personnel and government

    The government leaders talk about press freedom
    Allowing civil liberty to flourish in the multi-racial society
    Words pulling over peoples’ minds I am afraid
    Then the government unleashed its fangs…..

    The Black Knights ride
    Extracting pound of flesh
    For the lords of the dark castle
    They want fresh meat all the time

    You never know what they do
    Treating defenseless people
    In the dim dark walls nobody sees
    The Black Knights roam freely

    People enjoying freedom
    They should open their eyes and ears
    Listen to the brave ones
    Fighting for a cause benefiting the nation

    Don’t let the present government
    Forgetting your rights under the Constitution
    Don’t break your spirit…….
    Let the candle burning
    For light will make liberty
    The freedom of harmonious living

  11. ken says:

    I hope we can change gov asap….. even i was BN member too. Shameful! I think a lot of BN supporters start to feel so disappointed with what they have done.
    Very sad! they never change……..

  12. novice101 says:

    Marina, most of us , at some time in our lives, have suffered pains and heart-breaks, like the one you and your daughter are going through now. So, we understand how you two are feeling. Please know we empathise with you.

  13. everboleh says:

    we shall pray to god to keep him safe and strong in prison.everboleh

  14. Ahila says:

    All those who took the risk of voting for the biased BN coalition are answerable to you Mrs.RPK. Where is the justice which we are crying out for each passing day in this country? One thing for sure…….you have our support Mrs.RPK……….and GOD is definitely with good people though it may seem HE is on the other side at times like this. Believe in Dharma (righteousness)…….Again, Hats off to you bro RPK ! We stand by you!

  15. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  16. truthseeker says:

    Brother RPK, you are the only one who can think straight about what is happening to this country and bravely stand up against the BN nonsense. You are the Mahatma Gandhi of Malaysia in the making. RPK, you should be the Prime Minister of Malaysia which we the people were all waiting for to lead Malaysians and to fight for true independence for us from UMNO/BN stranglehold and abuse of power on Malaysians.

  17. truthseeker says:


  18. Bridget says:

    Our prayers are with you and yr fly. RPK is a true hero and has won the hearts of Malaysians and non Malaysians as well wth his sincerity and the call to fight for justice Everyone i know is standing by him. Have faith and be strong that GOD will prevail very very soon….Take care of yourself and yr fly. Will continue to light a candle a day for RPK until the hearing is over.

  19. raj raman says:


    Your family sacrificed to fellows Malaysian and the Monggolian woman is very nobble and not many people can do it like your family.
    Dont worries,your hubby will be taken care by the god.Justice will prevail.

    RAj RAman.If your family do need any financial assistance we are more gratefull to contribute.Its our little sacrifice compared to the trauma your family going throu to be our voice.

  20. Discrimination69, says:

    Life is made up of two parts, light and darkness. Be strong RPK and family, if you are with the Light, you will triumph over evil and Darkness.

    It is written in the book of life, rest well and be comforted that many share your sorrows and tribulations and are praying for you.

    As the saying goes, it is easier to join forces with evil than to fight it.

    When one tells a LIE, he has to kep lieing to keep the first lie a LIE. same with doing evil.

    Fear not Mrs RPK Light always triumph over Darkness, just a matter of time. This episode will make you and RPK a stronger man in your struggles. We are with you.

    Many are disappointed that the RPK Bail Fund is closed. Reopen the Fund so that any excess we can help other whistle blowers also.

  21. katataknak says:

    When I read what she wrote, I felt like wringing those bastards neck and never let go. If it pained me, just imagine their pain.

  22. Hunk says:

    This makes me cry. I am really sorry to say that besides monetary contribution, the distance that separates the sea makes it difficult to assume my presence but my heart is with RPK and his family.

  23. Today is the real beginning of the end of BN. Like all huge edifice before its downfall, it,s getting desperate and attempting to silence the voice of justice through foul means. My dear AI, please come and lead us to overthrow this despicable organisation which is not worthy to run this beloved country of ours.

  24. D_Dollah says:

    I shed my tears too!

    No words to describe. Sorry…

  25. Muda says:

    Puan Marina ,

    No words can replace the pain that pains you and family this very moment . Only your faith in the Almighty and knowing that your beloved is in GOOD HANDS despite being incarcerated for his beliefs will be your saviour .

    My prayers will be for your whole family . INSYA ALLAH .

  26. hasilox says:

    If RPK is not guilty of C4-ing the mongolian why he needs to hide behind state machinery?!

    Not RPK kah? Cilaka.. who is that lady ya?

  27. ironic_law says:

    Sad to heard about Mrs Pete torment but anyway no point for begging for mercy from BN leaders anyway (psst they don’t believe in HELL cause they think their KOREK act was in the same term as CORRECT act translated to English which they deem as a DIVINE work).

    Don’t be sad Mrs Pete, your husband showed more integrity as compared to some who hailed themselves as country leaders, by so you should be proud of your husband and pray that may the ALL MIGHTY GOD help you to free RPK and give JUSTICE back to not just only ALTANTUYA but to all Malaysian as well by REFORMING the Judiciary in a way that BN cronies wouldn’t able to manipulate the truth.

    We as fellow Malaysian will always show our support to RPK, so Mrs Pete you can be rest assured that we will try our best to help in anyway we can. So by first, the residents of IJOK should try to trace that very EXISTENCE on that green vitara and whom it belong to so that it wouldn’t gone VAPORIZED into thin air. Then the PR government would inquire a commission to look into the both IMMIGRATION and DEFENSE department on the lost of ALTANTUYA plus her cousin immigration records (surely you can’t simply tell me that a high-profiled mongolian model sneaked into our country illegally, and why were their (only them both out of so many mongolian tourist plus businessmen) records were being erased as it should be stored as official record for future reference, see me as a normal citizen also know the use of records yet the department personnel are too dumb to get it erased and who is the culprit?) and the missing C4 from the armory of Malaysia Military shelves (that C4 must got a leg itself that it was able to be sneaked out or maybe that 2 UTK personnel did sneaked it out in their own ways but HOW they were able to took out such amount of C4, Wah! any UTK personnel also can sneak out a few pack of C4 ahh and the military personnel doesn’t check the balance of their stock 1 ahh? No wonder la our ARMORY was always on low AMMO and need to restock with billion of weapons dealing contract le, dear Malaysian citizens this is where your tax $$ was put into good use, KOREKING again lo right)…

    Sorry for the divert from the main topic which is too give my consolation to Mrs Pete but all people must stand unite to fend off BN ill-doing against RPK. That is all I got to say.

  28. George says:

    50th year ago, our father and mother withnessed the moment our nation go independent from British colonial. 50th years later now, our generation going to experience 1st hand ourselves the struggle to be free and independent for real from BN.

    Let’s make this happen, we are all Bangsa Malaysia indeed.

    For all those strong supporter of BN, you all should be ashame of yourself. Time to show your dignity and unity under the umbrella of human kinds and rights.

  29. Ah Chai says:

    this is madness !!! seriously,i voted for DAP last election….
    im starting to write down the date the errors that BN are making now……..
    im gonna publish it over and over again when the next election is coming…..malaysians are educated now more and more.

    it’s not like last time,when MP come over buys dinner and we vote for more !!!

    BARISAN NASIONAL AND UMNO,YOU WANT WAR !!! WE MALAYSIAN GIVES U WAR !!! and my prayers will be for your whole family,Amen !!

    IM BEHIND U !!!!

  30. wfwt says:

    Susan, all Malaysians with true heart and conscience will stand side by side with RPK’s family. I wonder how long can the RAKYAT tolerate this kind of nonsense: the 18 Corrupted big Sharks mentioned few years ago have not been charged, crime rates sky rocketed, illegals and criminals roaming freely in our streets, VIP wives transfer public fund without shame, Grand Saga’s arrogant and daring move in Sg.Long, etc, you name it. I just hope that all BN MPs who are righteous join the RIGHTEOUS PAKATAN RAKYAT quickly, form a new government, then set up a Royal Commission, nab all those who misuse their powers and the corrupts, and send them to jail, without fear and favour. The Al-Mighty will punish these people for sure.

  31. karenleehs says:

    RPK stood out to be counted and this is what happened to him.

    How many more malaysians who love their country will end up like him?

    There are many of us who are standing by him in spirit and in strength.

    We might not be able to be there physically for him but just ask and we will do what we can to let his voice be heard even louder in the world.

    Our government is even worse than the Myanmar Junta, worse than the Chinese Communists, we are living in times unlike the Hitler Era.

    Fellowmen, let’s stood and be counted too……

    If there is a online petition to free RPK, we will all be able to stand together under one voice to be heard.

  32. Scorpion says:

    Since Mahatir era, our rights has been trampled and abused by UMNO=BN=Government. There has been many scandals swept under the carpet during Mahatir’s leadership.

    Now AAB time, human rights is been severely abused. We are becoming like Burma, North Korea, China, Pakistan.(No wonder the government supports Burma). AAB is a GREAT SULKER! He promised corruption free and better life, but what are we experiencing now is suppression and corruption at the highest degree. We are been lead by UMNO PIRATES!


  33. Scorpion says:

    This is the LAST TERM FOR BN!

  34. merlin2001 says:

    1942 the Gurka fought and killed the Japanese on the shores of Kelantan with just their curved kukris when they ran out of bullets. Following that the Chinese, Malays and Indians continued to employ guerilla tactics to twart their advance. We did all these to help the British.
    When the Japanese surrendered and the British went back on their word to
    Chin Peng, the Chinese, Malays and Indians became communist and went into the jungle to fight the British. The true Malayans joined the British to fight Chin Peng and his gang at the cost of many Malayan lives. Together
    we contained the communists until they surrendered.
    In 1957 we negotiated with the British and we got our Independence.
    Today, we face another menance in the form of our own people THE BARISAN NATIONAL. This party is destroying the very foundation Justice,
    Equality and Franternity of our people.
    Many have used lovely words some religious, some sympatathic, some
    encouragement and some outright pathetic.
    While these wonderful words are uttered a Man whose only crime is to want to see truly Lovely Malaysians living together as part of a just and happy world, is now jailed for a crime they call SEDITION. Just what is SEDITION? To write and tell Malaysians and the world that INJUSTICE is
    persistently acted out in our lovely Malaysia.
    Meanwhile his family suffers the Pangs and Pains of not knowing how this
    well mannered great writer and Patriot is doing in jail. Worst, he has decided to do the ultimate i.e. to go on a HUNGER STRIKE.
    Others may even say he wites he desreves what he gets.
    I ask you, did our BRAVE forefathers die at the hands of the Japanese, the Communists and the bullying of the British for???????????
    Are we now so comfortable to allow 2 million Barisan National and one
    hundred thousand police both corrupt to the core threaten us at every turn
    on something we do that they dislike. WE ARE NOTHING BUT COWARDS.
    There are close to 17 Million of us and we allow these goons to do as they
    please with us and also to the Foriegners. Are we the Brave or are we the Cowards???????
    Just when are we going to AWAKEN and take matters in our own hands? I leave you as sadly as I began to pen this to search your inner self. I will not waste a single tear for RPK but I will shed bukets of it when you COWARD wake up and you know what we have to do to save our lovely
    Malaysia, RPK included.

  35. danielYKL says:

    With permission from Bodohland, I have dedicated a post for Raja Petra. Visit:

  36. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    It is indeed noble of you to share YM RPK, Marina & Sarah’s pain & traumatic experience to uphold the cause of truth and justice…Further RPK has had to endure the pain of incarceration and humiliation of being subjected and treated like a common criminal for upholding the freedom of speech and justice”.

    I am sure many including me empathise with Marina & her family who has been tough & strong to persevere & survive through their nightmares.

    “With your faith in God, keep praying for his guidance, to continue giving you & your family the strength & to protect RPK wherever he may be.

    Our prayers are with you Marina, take care & God bless !”

    May the force be with RPK and his family!

  37. anna says:

    he is the hero in malaysia ..
    GOD will bless him 😉

  38. onedeal says:

    brave yourself marina and take care

  39. Payback Time says:

    The DPM try to show some balls by advising the Rakyat not to disobey our country Sultan or Royalty to that extend [the star] . My opinion is this S hole statement and view are very misleading, talking kok..if he is innocent or not invovle then the first thing he must do is to conduct an inquiry into how his bodyguards was accuse and how those C4 are smuggle out to destroy Altantuya body. Instead the whistle blower is now the accused.. hey you are not qualified to give advise..the Rakyat hope our Sultan is not listening to your for Mrs.RPK and Daughter our hearts will go on….the truth shall prevail…LET THE KARMA OUT

  40. Payback Time says:

    Opps… his statement in the news today got nothing to do with RPK sedation charges..just highlighting his characther and misdeaminor

  41. Payback Time says:

    RPK i salute you..,you are brave and got balls bigger than the wonder that no balls guy and his balls carrier find it hard to comprehend

  42. sloone says:

    Thank you but dont say I am noble lah.
    It’s nothing like that at all.
    This is a duty and mission a blogger must do for another blogger, whether they agree with that blogger or not.
    We only have each other.

  43. Dan-yel says:

    strike one!

  44. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Sorry to hear this, the wicked men have done this to RPK’s family.

    May the wicked men be cursed forever for their evil acts.

    We will pray for you Mrs RPK that God will be blessing your family.

    MP’s from PR should not stand still into this matters, please deliver your promises to fight for justice to serve your nation!

    You asked us to put trust in you and you shall deliver your promises not to disappoint us.

    As for those who MPs in BN, if you really men who uphold for your rakyat with true justice, please support RPK’s voice. Be like a real man.

  45. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    TQ for your note, all the same you Blogsite is great.

    Hope I can meet you to have a good chat.

    Keep up the good work & take care Susan.

  46. razi says:

    Hope ‘Lebam Mata’ episode like DSAI not happen to him…Pray..

  47. bamboo river says:

    “His struggle must not be in vain” – Marina.

    Yes, we are with you Marina. We are praying to GOD for you and RPK’s safety & well being.
    Be strong as you always do.
    You make Ms Tammy Wynette very PROUD!

  48. ktteokt says:

    What credibility does the Malaysian judiciary hold after Dr. M openly admitted to “wronging” DSAI during his conviction at the High Court on sodomy charges? So where is Augustine Paul going to put his face for abetting this sinuous act? And can the judgments of Augustine Paul or for that matter any judge of the Malaysian courts be taken seriously???

  49. iyyeo says:

    Free RPK!!!

    This is BN last term for sure if this continues. They never learn anything from the last election and they seem to be taking revenge instead of working for the people. Really, they should have be gone in this election.

  50. […] wife speaks of her pain here. Who among us really believes that one half of this close couple would willingly refuse to meet his […]

  51. danet7882 says:

    I felt sorry and ashamed cause i’ve voted for BN in the recent GE.. and yet BN is getting from bad to worse.. Too many ITIG (I Think I’m Great) in UMNO.. To MCA; if nothing is change you are going to sink together with UMNO but even if YOU do change UMNO is going to bring u down together..
    I never took politics seriously until the recent events that made me realise people like RPK whom is trying to uphold justice and yet being punish still exist in this corrupted era..
    KUDOS Brot RPK, u r not alone in this fight, I’m with u, all of us r with u!!

  52. ConFuSeus says:

    Words may show a man’s wit but actions his meaning. @ Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790, American Scientist, Publisher, Diplomat

    RPK show both to the world.

    Easily insert quotes and jokes into your writing at

  53. DR1007 says:

    Dear RPK and family,

    What ever you reap you will sow. I thank GOD for people like you all who have endured so much for the unfortunate. You RPK have been fathe to the fatherless, mother to the motherless protecting the weak. Take heart, your rewar is great in heaven. We will pray for ur liberty and for this nation to be set free from the evil schemes of the enemy. God bless

  54. Lea Cruz says:

    For many years I was the supporter of BN up to the recent election. I used to be the supporter of our PM with his soft spoken & gentleman attitude. Since the arrest of RPK, it is really an eye opener to me that our nation is becoming more & more like Burma. This is a WAKE UP CALL to all of us and Act Wisely.

  55. What’s fair is fair
    What’s unfair is unfair
    Let’s keep what’s fair as fair
    Let’s change what’s unfair to be fair

    What’s right is right
    What’s wrong is wrong
    Let’s keep what’s right as right
    Let’s change what’s wrong to be right

    What’s good is good
    What’s bad is bad
    Let’s keep what’s good as good
    Let’s change what’s bad to be good

    What’s clever is clever
    What’s stupid is stupid
    Let’s keep what’s clever as clever
    Let’s change what’s stupid to be clever

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 080508
    Thur. 8th May 2008.

  56. Robert Teh says:

    “We Shall Overcome,
    We Shall Overcome,
    We Shall Overcome, Someday,
    For Deep In Our Hearts, We All Know,
    We Shall Overcome, Someday”

    (With a teardrop in my eyes, I dedicate this song to RPK and family.)

  57. Ranger says:

    Malaysia’s judiciary system is now Ail.

  58. Ranger says:

    Malaysia’s judiciary system is now Ail.
    Raja Petra needs RM5000 to Bail.
    Is there any words called C-ail?
    Dictionary can’t find D-ail.
    Try to Google and search for E-ail
    Fighting for freedom cannot Fail
    Tell Rakyat this is not a Gail
    Between heaven and hell, this is truly a seldom Hail
    Government must ask himself: Am I-ail?
    Raja Petra is now in Jail
    This is really happen in K-Ai-L.
    I got to know this news thru e-Mail
    Altantuya’s murderer need to Nail.

  59. Julian says:

    I do not understand why this country I grew up loving could be like those oppressive states in the world. Having an army for a dad, I was instilled with the love of the country and be proud of the Independence.

    NOw, my home is ruled by a bunch of people being called YB and YAB. Doing what they like, thinking it is right. Their rightful title should only be Yang Berkhidmat.

    No regards for basic human rights whatsoever. Often, I sit down and think to myself: This is a good country to live in but the policy is LOUSY.

  60. hutchrun says:

    If you couldn’t make it to the Sungai Buloh prison last night to light a candle for RPK, friends will be holding another candle light vigil later tonight.

    Date : 8th May

    Venue : Dataran Merdeka

    Time : 8pm

  61. hutchrun says:

    Fishing in troubled waters:

    Menurut Dr. Mahathir, keadaan pada masa sekarang menunjukkan tidak ada pihak yang mampu memberikan tindak balas ke atas tindakan Karpal.

    “Adakah anda mahu Karpal ditangkap dan dibawa ke dalam kenderaan polis sama seperti Raja Petra. Jika itu yang anda lakukan, maka seluruh dunia akan menyaksikan gambar Karpal dibawa dalam kenderaan polis.

    “Saya fikir jika itu yang berlaku ia akan memberikan impak yang teruk kepada negara,” katanya.

  62. wits0 says:

    Any wise person, who happens to be old enough, would have realized decade that the proliferation of titles and its related elitist “industry” was not a good thing but chose to deny reality and kept voting in the same governance time after time. If the PR can substantially shun this sort of fake respectability, that’ll be a good thing.

  63. Ranger says:

    Don’t know what to say… O-Ail
    Rumors come in Pail.
    Politicians start asking question in the parliament, Q-ail?
    Once in jail, no different between bar and Rail
    Solidarity with RPK continue to Sail
    He got more stories to tell, from head and Tail
    Now he is in the hunger strike, may I ask: are U-ail?
    Please lah…there is nothing to Vail.
    Please don’t cry and please don’t Wail.
    Don’t know what is X-ail?
    Rakyat continues to ask why, Y-ail?
    Our PM looks very sleepy, when is he going to z…z…z…zzz….Zail?

    Justice, Equality, Fairness and Freedom sure Avail

  64. Lim says:

    Your family make me no regret to vote for the opposition and I’ll do so in the future. It is the right track for our better tomorrow.
    To Susan ad other blogers, please unite us shall there are any way we can carry out to support and help out RPK

  65. […] Perhaps due to the goodwill of all his supporters, Raja Petra will post bail today and has met his wife, Marina Lee Abdullah. […]

  66. Franco says:

    God will be with the righteous and with those who speak the truth. Trust in Him cos He is faithful and just. We feel for you and your loved ones. We will pray and God will do the rest. P.U.S H.

  67. azari says:

    one RPK almost not certainly down, thousand RPK’s like fighter to go….

  68. annie says:

    I just cried n prayed for u to come out n get going again Mr.RPK Sir, and to u Madam RPK, pse b there for him.Be assured that there r so many ppl supporting u in our thots n prayers.

  69. flo says:

    May God bless and strengthen you both and your daughter too. May you come victorious because you are on the side of TRUTH & JUSTICE.

  70. MeLL says:

    His struggle is not vain.I am proud of him and I pray that he’ll be out in no time for God will never leave His child needs and faith alone.

    Thank you for standing for our fellow friends who stuck in injustice shadows.

  71. necktraction says:

    You and your husband are very courageous people. Kepp it up!

  72. samx says:

    For those who did not vote wisely the last round, please do so the next round.

    And convince all other people around you to vote wisely, ALWAYS.

    To Marina and family: Be strong. Be very strong.

  73. Fara says:

    Marina… God bless you and your family. I pray for your suffering to end.

  74. […] this blog post from Susan Loone’s […]



    YB Raja Petra – what a hero and you are the heroine. I subscribe to the principles of Robin Hood . Get from the rich to feed the poor. In this instance- jail the guilty and free the innocent.

    Those of you who are wondering what RPK is doing?– have no fear- all in good time. Planning is the essence to success.

  76. Ratu says:

    Everybody is tired with this Government and their lies….what we are more tired is people around us are still blind to choose this Government

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