There will be a vigil tonight (May 7, 2008 ) at 9.00pm at the main entrance of Sungei Buloh Prison. It will be a peaceful show of solidarity for Raja Petra. You are welcome to join (Din Merican).

Bring candles, umbrellas (in case it rains, I guess) and your cameras, videocam or otherwise. Please send your photos to me, please…!

Civil society has finally spoken! Read THIS. How about Barisan Nasional politicians? According to Jed Yoong, hardly – So which BN leader/blogger has condemned the sedition charge against RPK? Najib Tun Razak has also responded – inside:

“He reminded bloggers and Internet users that there were laws pertaining to sedition, defamation and libel.Just because you operate in cyberspace does not mean that you are absolved from having to comply with the nation’s laws,” he said in Mersing today, when asked to comment on the recent case involving Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin.

Asked about the timing of the arrest, which made the Government look unpopular, he said: “I do not think so. We have to draw the line between what is right and wrong”.

Najib said that in any case, it was up to the Attorney-General to see if there was a case.

“This is not politically-motivated,” he said Wednesday after accompanying Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah during a one-day working visit to the military’s special forces base here.

(Source: The Star)

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  1. Scott Thong says:

    Beware the MSM spinning it as an illegal rally like Black 14

  2. ConFuSeus says:

    Words may show a man’s wit but actions his meaning. @ Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790, American Scientist, Publisher, Diplomat

    RPK has both.

    Easily insert quotes and jokes into your writing at

  3. Penang says:

    This morning, when Kak Marina, RPK’s wife, went to the Sg. Buloh prison to visit RPK, she was told by the prison guard that RPK refuses to see anyone, including his own wife.

    And the following is from RPK’s site —

    written by erin, May 07, 2008 | 12:46:29
    I received the info frm Kak Marina, and from the officer statement it’s like RPK requested not to be visited by any body at the moment.

    but it doesn’t sounds right, right?
    is this another ‘power abuse’ practice?
    is the gov try to put away RPK from us? and yet telling us that RPK who doesn’t want to see any body.

    Oh God, bless RPK…

  4. Who Done It says:

    The BN government since the days of Mahathir has been so despicable that there is no evil they cannot do. Given that the intention is so clear that the BN government is to cover up the sins of Najis; they will not stop doing anything at all costs to shut the mouth of RPK.

    But the low life of BN government has no idea what is the meaning of Laws of the Natural Justice i.e. truth will simply prevail and light shall overcome darkness with ease by just 1 single lit candle.

    We the rakyat of Malaysia is about to witness the grand collapse of Najis together with the despicable BN government. Let’s bring them down !!!!!

  5. It is time and reasons for turncoat Najib and UMNO be put away once and for all. They are what they are and just like a leopard cannot change its spots and many think that 50 years of abuses is enough just get rid of this turncoat the AG,the IGP and the Mamas Mahathir. What are we waiting for ?

  6. Altantuya says:

    yeah, lets get rid of all responsble for my cruel murder! May they all Rot In HELL

  7. max says:

    RPK refused to meet up with anyone whilst in jail???

    For all we know, the police is “working on” him the whole nite to retrieve the “evidence/photos” that he might have. This brings back the memories of what happened to Annuar Ibrahim, i.e. Black Eye incident, and the allegations of toxins in food……

  8. dodgy inc says:

    This is a Repost: WordPress must have censored my comment as spam, not Susan’s fault.

    I like to start a champaign here:

    Calling all the PR state government:

    Please direct all your respective state government agencies to post billboard pictures of RPK at every corner of the streets. Better still if you can post his pictures at every state government offices until his release from prison.

    As a small token of our appreciation of this big than life Towering Malaysian: Raja Petra Kamarudin

    and a reminder of our continual fight of injustices in this country.

  9. Altantuya says:

    Something fishy going on in there!

  10. essdee says:

    Since when has slandering a minister become seditious ?

  11. Maverick says:

    Keep the fire burning and lets pray for RPK to be released unconditionally.
    I have given up on this treacherous government who are always concealing their wrongdoings with all these unrealistic laws that is like a cloak for them to hide in. Ain’t it not wise to put away or intimidate someone for speaking his mind on the absolute TRUTH. C1 C2 C3 C4 BOOM Up in hell……….

  12. Devan says:

    Somebody better do something fast. Tommorrow they may say that RPK took his own life out of regret! These bastards have done this before – the Polis UMNO Malaysia.

  13. Scott Thong says:

    Question: Any likelihood that any police personnel, even just one, is a like-minded reader of blogs and independent media, or has family or friends who are?

    All it takes is one dude to anonymously tip off the Netizens if he knows what is going on behind closed bars…

  14. wits0 says:

    Maverick, in your blog, you’re so politically correct but elsewhere you shoot straight! Hahaha!

  15. Pao Chin Thien says:

    For all you know he may have already been given the infamous “black eye” or something worse.

  16. peace brother says:

    Good man like RPK don’t come too often, so we must do what is right for him to deliver the best yet from him.

  17. people power says:

    How many can the Sg.Buloh camp take us all in, we are going to march there. If they want, they can detain all of us in there tonight, and we are going to have a party in there with you, RPK.

    Let shows them bars does not bars justice and righteous.

  18. fred says:

    i support the release of raja petra and press freedom. umno cowards stop hiding behind ISA and other outdated draconian laws. also umno and their puppets give us back an independent judicial system.

  19. jeancumlately says:

    Why do Anwar’s name keeps on creeping up?

    They are not from the same league. One fought for power at any cost while the other is still fighting for what is right at any cost too. Its a huge different. HUGE. And only one is a hero.

  20. Billau Chris says:

    It saddens me to learn that our Bro RPK has been detained under the Sedition Act for an article that he posted on the blogsite.

    I have never agreed to any proposition that a person is presumed guilty until proven innocent nor do I agree that a person be arrested and detained under any law without being informed in writing the charges preferred against him. This is certainly a travesty of human rights where a person’s liberty can so easily be stymied.

    Surprised to learn that RPK refuses to see anyone outside including his wife. This is not RPK. I just feel that this is not right. Can this be an engineered regulation by the authority to prevent the public from finding out how he is being treated or whether any force has been applied on him or whether he is being ill-treated. I think Kak Marina should insist on seeing RPK and ensure that he is not having a black-eye!

    Previous detainees have confessed that while in detention the IOs subjected them to long hours of interrogation without food, drinks, rest or sleep. Sometimes force was applied to them until they gave in to sign their “confessions”. Just pray that they would not treat RPK shabbily and cruelly.

    It is time that boggers get around to pray for RPK and render whatever help that he may require fight the legal battle with the authority who is trying to crucify the bloggers.

  21. Malaysian says:

    Think umbrellas in case it rains FRU with chemical laced water sprays.

  22. papa justify says:

    if he is innocent, justice will prevails.

  23. ANg Kong says:

    u wrote,

    ‘if he is innocent, justice will prevails’

    in certain countries.. this may not be the case. how many times hav u hear of this quote, to me… it’s like slapping the face of the legal system.

  24. Lea Cruz says:

    Looking forward to the Day of People’s Power happens in Malaysia. If not now but soonest. I could see that the malaysian people are getting impatience now. Be united!!!

  25. Andrew Das Arulsamy says:

    RPK is indeed the bravest and i have the utmost respect for him. I am distributing this news among the scientific communities and societies around the world. In the meantime, let us curse the responsible blood-seeking kerisman and the desperate botox face with the burning heart.

  26. wits0 says:

    A Malaysian who writes a web-log has started a hunger strike in jail after writing an article allegedly linking a top leader to the killing of a Mongolian woman……….

  27. Malaysian says:

    Susan, where’s your Free RPK banner? In solidarity,
    all bloggers should have it at top of blogs until RPK is freed!

  28. ironic_law says:

    Susan, I had being following RPK progress over the week (even donate RM1 for that cause). But now is not a mourning time, but a time for all Malaysian to stand united (it doesn’t matter if you are a BN or PR supporter cause if that someone who is “UNTOUCHABLES” becomes PM hehe Malaysian FEMALES should be wary cause either one of you might get C4 as a present again.. Am I being seditious like RPK, I don’t think so cause the real CULPRIT isn’t prosecuted yet so how am I going to feel secure, yeah welcome to BOLEHLAND)..

    Maybe this whole “SANDIWARA” (the AG for the case is well known for his merit in the past, the court is well known for it KANGAROONISM, thanks to LINGAM and it the arrest is based on the draconian law of OSA which the Bar Council also admitted it was draconian, BN leaders are still deaf!! Bar Council had sounded the bell are YOU still sleeping??) was a POLITICAL ASSASSINATION (we know towards whom and from who), or maybe it was another “MISCOMMUNICATION” plus the act of BODEKISM culture in PDRM to serve their master’s interest or maybe it was a direct ORDER from the “UNTOUCHABLES” (why they were “UNTOUCHABLES” most of you will wonder what it means but if your UTK was arrested for murder and you are not even being escorted to the PDRM to assist in the investigation, err ain’t those were UNTOUCHABLES or what?) that EVENTUALLY lead to RPK arrest.

    “LET SEND ALTANTUYA MURDERER TO HELL”, should the murderer being sent to HEAVEN then if not to HELL, after their death? Does there need any moral evaluation over the act again as being discuss by the MP in parliment today? We as the public who worshiped GOD does need to be a rocket scientist to understand the consequences of the perpetrator right, yet some OXFORD graduate genius (maybe he doesn’t even believe in HEAVEN nor HELL, wow that is why they doesn’t had any remorse about KOREKING le I think) tend to think otherwise.

  29. Caroline says:

    How is it that Najib isn’t saying “I’m not involved in this” this time???

  30. […] Raja Petra, we’ll see you tonight… There will be a vigil tonight (May 7, 2008 ) at 9.00pm at the main entrance of Sungei Buloh Prison. It will be a […] […]

  31. yapchongyee says:

    It is imporatnt to understand what RPK is trying to achieve by his actions. He is making a point here. I am not pretending that I understand him because I do not know him; however I think RPK is a great strategist and he has by bringing upon himself suffering by his imprisonment, RPK has already drawn active support to himself and by that support has drawn PEO-PLE POWER TO HIS CAUSE. Consider the effectiveness of his strategy, in just one day of donation he has drawn Rm35,000 which translates into 35,000 votes for RPK. This is the most powerful strategy ever used in Malaysia. Don’t cray for RPK he knows what he is doing.

  32. […] responds that bloggers must beware… In less menacing words, but you can feel the smarmy glee dripping off […]

  33. billauchris says:

    Could someone report on the vigil that was organised last night at the entrance to Sungei Buloh prison for RPK.

    There were too many road blocks yesterday which caused great congestion and inconvenience to public road users.
    Hence, I was not able to get access to Sungei Buloh from Salak South.

    Nevertheless I ask all relgious people to pray for RPK.

  34. Lim says:

    May the truth reveal

  35. IndependenceKid says:

    As many of us consensusouly agree RPK has his strategies. He knows wat he is doing and wat to expect….whereas on the other side of the mountain….the GOONS are wondering deliberating on wats coming next….
    My best bet is they should blow themselves up with the so easliy available C4, cos wat they r about receive is a faith ever so worse than wat Altantuya got…….MUCHOS GRACIAS… BRO RPK….VIVA LA RPK and all who stand up for RIGHTEOUSNESS…

    p.s. on another note…16 deaths at NS since 2004….another one yesterday…another cover up in the making….? wait till RPK finishes with THE GOONS on C4 hill…..

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