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Below are two (2) images of last night’s vigil @ the Sungai Buloh prison from

Update @ 8pm: One more night in Sungai Buloh prison and he’s free. Raja Petra Kamaruddin will walk out of prison a “hero” tomorrow, be prepared for more hard-hitting news in the more than ever popular Malaysia-Today. This episode, I am sure, has earned his blog more hits than ever. Thank you, “whoever” you are who had this brilliant design on Raja Petra! If he was not a celebrity before, he is now. I’m looking forward to more punches from him.

Earlier, I said:

Let there be 100,000 more prayers for the blogger who went to jail for Altantuya. Justice for Altantuya means justice for Raja Petra and justice for all women. For the story of his arrest, look here.

How proud I am to see my fellow Malaysians standing brave and courageously outside the Sungai Buloh prison for Raja Petra last night (7 May). It seems there were about 100 or so supporters lighting candles for this “hero”. Seditious or not, we have all decided that the treatment against him was high-handed.

RAJA PETRA is the FIRST blogger to be charged for SEDITION. And why sedition? For advocating that the murderers of Altantuya be sent to hell! to be brought to justice! For “inciting” us all against the corrupt, the murderer(s), against those who are liars, cheats and thieves!

Silence for wanting justice done!!! Silence for seeking the truth!! Silence for being human!!

Stupid law, stupid country, stupid government, stupid leader(s)!

My eyes swell with tears to know that love for truth and courage still exists in a country torn by factional fights between greedy and power seeking politicians. These sickening factional fights can blur the visions of some, but for many, it open a path to seek greater truth.

To the candlelighters, I salute you. To those who attended the vigil, thank you for making me proud to be a Malaysian.

To those who couldn’t be there last night, another is planned for today @ Dataran Merdeka, 8p.m.

To see photos of last night’s vigil, see People’s Parliament.

Perhaps due to the goodwill of all his supporters, Raja Petra will post bail today and has met his wife, Marina Lee Abdullah.

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  1. kwai lan says:

    good for u RPK and welcome back…u r more useful outside than inside the slammer…true guts i must say for u to go thro all these…..the fight continues…n we are all with u , sir..

  2. William Eow says:

    Nightmare for Najis have just only started…….(OOp sorry Najib)

  3. Minder says:

    How relieved I was to read that (according to NST) Marina said RPK looked fine when she met him this morning! And even more relieved to hear that he has finally agreed to post bail.

    May I suggest that the candlelight vigil planned for tonight be rescheduled to either this Sat or Sun? I believe that would garner a larger turnout.

    Once again, RPK, we love you and your family, not just for who you are, but for what you represent – the oppressed and downtrodden in this country. The courage you have shown and sacrifices made by you and your family will NOT be in vain!

  4. bamboo river says:

    I won’t be able to make it to Dataran Merdeka. However, I will light up my Hurricane lamp in my house as what I did for Nathaniel when he was detained.

  5. ah long says:

    Our man has agreed to post bail. He should be out anytime.

  6. malayamuda says:

    william eow,

    you spelt najib’s name wrongly. You are in trouble. when najuib is angry he will use the law of the land to punish you.

    now the world knows what najib did ! now we have the the picture of the naked lady squatting, anwars black eye, broken temples and the picture of a murdered mongolian lady next to the Malaysian flag in the minds of the people of the world.

    Welcome to Malaysia, Malaysia truly and surely Asia !

  7. bamboo river says:

    Bot the news from MT.
    RPK agrees to post bail. Yahoooooo!
    I will still go ahead to light up my hurricane lamp!

  8. bamboo river says:

    Sorry ah…
    Should read : GOT the news from MT.

  9. ConFuSeus says:

    “The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river. ” H. Ross Perot 1930-, American Businessman & Politician

    RPK has done so much for Malaysian.

    Easily insert quotes and jokes into your writing at

  10. donplaypuks says:

    Very commendable. But what about this other guy charged with Sedition – Syed Akbar.

    What’s happened to him? Who is he? can someone post his article. We need to know if the natives are restless and have been to stirred up to invade the Arabs and overthrow Islam.

  11. Kannan says:

    Hi all,
    Good to hear that RPK choose to be bailed after 2 days inside the cell.
    This is what happened to the HINDRAF leader, initially they charge all with Sedition Act, later all were detained under draconian ISA.
    We must abolish these Sedition Act and ISA that misused by BN for their political survival.
    Pls pen down your support on the below link tht would be sent to UN.

    Thanks in advance to all.
    Pls do pass this around and ensure that we act towards the abolishment of these Acts.

    Kannan R

  12. Gabriel says:

    Good news that RPK has agreed to come out. Question: is the candle light still on or not?

  13. ah long says:

    RPK is out, don’t throw away the candles. Use them to lite up najib’s blue lanterns…..hehehe

  14. ah long says:

    Ooophs….for our Indian & Malays friends, the Chinese light up blue lanterns when someone mati.

  15. Devan says:

    So many reports were made against Penang,Selangor,Perak..yet no investigation was done…WHY??????
    So happy to have RPK back.
    By the way when and where is the candlelight virgil in PENANG????I want to be there.

  16. Lim says:

    I’ll be there 2night at dataran merdeka. With candle???

  17. Lim says:

    oops forget to ask, will there be water canon that have camical mixture and tear gas??? oh so scary. but i’ll still go. Hehe

  18. Ahila says:

    Great News ! Really happy to know RPK will be free soon. Guys….have a splendid vigil…..I am in Sg.Petani, love to be there but I cant. Honestly, I feel RPK can fight more now..with all his might…..and we stand by you ,sir.
    We need you, so Take Care.
    Bro. Devan……….we all know the idiotic AG and IGP are a useless lots…lets allow Shah Kirit’s karma grap him when he least expects. I wish I could do something to get people like Shah Kirit to get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness..but I am a Hindu.Let the Divine Law get to him.

  19. Steven L. says:

    As a Malaysian, I sincerely ‘Bow” to you – Dearest, RPK.
    When first come to know that you have agreed to post bail… I nearly tearing for it although my father told me always that Gentleman cannot have tear even you’re brewing by trouble.

  20. […] can’t wait for tomorrow. But beware for you DPM and wife, you’ll burn. And according to Susan Loone, there’ll be candlelight’s for Raja Petra tonight at Dataran Merdeka , 8 p.m. For those […]

  21. liong says:

    I like donplaypuks piece about restless natives.When big tuan in colonial Malaya was having his midnight stengah (presumably under mam’s mosquito net) ,the last thing his assistant district officer wants to hear are the words “the natives are restless tonight”.Coz that means more work the next day
    Well well a hundred years down the road today, Malaysians are restless tonight.
    Bet you someone and his mam somewhere in Pahang won’t be enjoying his stengah tonight.

  22. greeneyesjelly says:

    rpk should not have gone through this, it’s all because of our fault. why? we should have stopped them when they were performing their little evil deeds, but we didn’t. and our parents didn’t. after all these years they are doing whatever they like, in broad daylight, no less, because the majority of us couldn’t care less most of the time.

    this is a perfect example, it’s in chinese, though:

    this is the result of “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” (Edmund Burke), now the rakyat are been robbed in broad daylight.

  23. ah Long says:

    That other chap Syed Akbar is already out on bail of RM3,000. I wish him well.

  24. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Najis, Najis, Najis

    Lost Mah, Lost Mah, Lost Mah.

    Don’t put Malaysia in Reverse Gear OK?

  25. ah Long says:

    Malaysia got 5 gears. Four reverse and one forward. The forward gear is in case the enemy attack from behind !!! Hahahahaha

  26. Bennyloh says:

    ‘Pipe signals” not necesary after tomorrow…

    BAI THEN FREE tomorrow

  27. Bennyloh says:

    Should read

  28. allen ng says:

    I salute RPK for his brave deeds in going to jail for a noble cause. Infact, he did a brave act and I hope that he is okay.”HAO XIN U HAO PAO” and I believe he will be rewarded by the almighty for his good cause in trying to send a strong signal to the murderer to get ready to go to hell.

  29. Ctizen Me says:

    The wise man does at the beginning what the fool does at the end. But a wise man can also learn from fools.

  30. xtheman says:

    God bless you RPK. Lawan tetap lawan.

    Those who resposible for any murder must be “Hang”. Opss …. with the way they kill Altantuya ….. I guess needs to “Hang” twice.

    Orang yang berotak “Najis” akan buat perkara macam ini . We rakyat challenge you Najip to clear you name in this case. Pls show rakyat all the evidences that you are not involve in this case. If you are a trus leader, pl stand up like a man to clean up your name.

  31. Devan says:

    Thanks Ahila….shouldnt we arrange a virgil for RPK in Sungei Petani??? I am from there too…. Lets get our Makkal Sakti to do it??

  32. caravanserai says:

    The dark clouds can’t hold it longer
    The wind blowing its way…….
    The rain finally falls
    Scattered on the ground
    Water seeps underground
    Take the dirt and its sorrow
    Let the freedom takes flight

    The echo of the silent night
    The insects too can’t take it any more
    The corrupted and no-bone leaders
    They dare not walk in the dark

    For Kojak will be there
    He doesn’t care of the dark night
    He wants to fight for freedom and civil liberty
    He is willing to go behind bars

    Thousand people thousand candles
    Light up the dark night glitter in the eyes
    Misty tears heart beating as one
    For a royalty willing to touch ground
    Amongst the commonest people he shares
    The night sings his name
    He is truly The Man
    I can only write in my corner
    Saluting RPK wanting to change
    The good for the country

    Thousand candles glow
    In the dark the magic flow
    Silent whisper misty tears
    Heart of purity believing the good
    Let The Lord grants us His grace
    To right wrongs all those years

  33. everboleh says:

    Raja Petra Kamarudin should be the next DPM when Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM, both are outstanding leaders (better than any BN leaders combined who are mere MORONS)

  34. if i spit at Najib in public, will tht make me seditious? or… will I be arrested under ISA?

    if the answer is No and No…..

    then i might try it next time.

  35. Pegasus says:

    Welcome back RPK!, Justice will prevail sooner then expected as it has its own special way of coming out in the open. RPK was sensational and Najib did a blunder of getting him arrested as this only showed to the world ,what kind of government Malaysia has.The news created from this arrest itself has make the BN unpopular and pull themselves in deeper shit.This is the beginning of the end of BN. RIP BN and get yourself rested RPK.

    Cheers !!.

  36. iyyeo says:

    I was there too. Proud to see so many brave Malaysians standing for what is right. BN seems to have nailed the final nail into their coffin. RIP….. sry…. burn in Hell BN.

  37. wkjy says:

    Susan, you must be extremely angry and sad with the state of the Bolehland at this juncture. Yes, there are thousands out there who share the same point of view with you and the numbers are growing exponentially each day, I strongly believe. It’s insane right? What are these people trying to prove? That the RAKYAT are fools for supporting the wrong side and these people are still untouchable? I wonder. It’s real sickening and pathetic.

  38. Even when out soon on ‘public’ bail
    There’s still much wrong to assail
    We pray all evil schemes will fail
    With truth and justice only to prevail

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 090508
    Fri. 9th May 2008.

  39. Steven L. says:

    Went to Dataran Merdeka last nite, it’s sad moemnt when saw it actually blocked & surrounded by group of police & FRU. My question to them that htey have nothing better to do or what…

  40. nancy says:

    Well done for blogger RPK.Keep up the good work.You are right,let the murderer go to hell.

  41. Kherry Scarry says:

    Great to have RPK back in MToday, and I really like the part where he sign off from the cyber cafe (after having his computer(s) confisticated). What next, monitoring of cyber-cafe by the authorities ??? ha ha…

  42. wonder says:

    DAULAT TUANKU x 3!!! Long live our Raja Petra. You are the only Raja amongst the other Rajas who can and MUST bring JUSTICE back to our beautiful country and use your raja keris to keris-out all those guilty politicians and Umnoputeras/ris and all those Ali Babas of BN/Umno and bring PEACE & HARMONEY & JUSTICE TO THE RAKYAT, THE BOSS OF OUR COUNTRY. Those unproductive, greedy and corrupt politicians are now washing dirty linens in the public at the expense of the public and country! Business very very bad coz of their squabbling and their job now is to put all their opposition in jail (Mahathir stylo milo). Mahathir must be the master mind of this jailing of our beloved RPK.As usual, instil fear and exercise oppression to hide the TRUTH!The more they want to run away or hide, the more we rakyat want to chase after. Well done, Raja. You sacrificed your precious life for the rakyat and for justice. Rakyat cannot move on until we see justice for Altantuya case and the Lingam case. The Government cannot fool us all the time. Its time to walk with RPK (BE CAREFUL, PEOPLE TO OBEY THE LAW IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE).GOD & SOUL OF ALTANTUYA BLESS THE PEOPLE. Btw, cannot understand why they put RPK in jail over an article of opinion (if Najib is not guilty, why is he afraid of accussations? So, he is guilty unless proven innocent.)That makes one wonder, how come our Badawi didnt jail his boss Tun Mahathir and his son for officially and publicly written a letter asking the PM to step down. Is it not a traitor?Is it not seditious?is it not public and country damaging? Where is justice. There is double standard and prejudice in Bolih Land! Why these people who are now ordinary citizen be given special priviledge and immunity. Our Raja should have immunity. The Government is insulting a royalty who wants freedom and justice for his Highness Land. Who is the authority to do this to our royalty who is fighting for his people!

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