Now that the dust, the dirt and frenzy over Ijok is almost settling down, ordinary folks and political pundits can sit and ponder over the real analysis of the by-election, with an open heart and open mind.

Usual suspects are happy with the results especially BN-Umno and MIC supporters. Despite predictions their candidate could lose this time around, he made it with flying colours, winning with a majority of 1,850. They are painting the town red with cries of ‘reformasi is dead’ and that ‘Anwar, Keadilan and Khalid’ has failed.

Well, I won’t be so fast to jump unto the bandwagon.  I will not also join the funeral party of Anwar Ibrahim to say “I am sad for Malaysia“. Anwar, your motivation is significantly important now. Where’s your fighting spirit?

Ijok’s people’s wisdom has also come into question.

“Did the people of Ijok vote wisely?” ask Dr Azly Rahman. He listed several diseases which Malaysia is suffering from and ask “…or did they vote for the continuation of:

“… the use of totalitarian instruments such as the Internal Security Act, University and Universities Colleges Act, irrational preferential treatments, unsolved mysteries of massive corruption cases, rise of dynasties, political violence, postponement of trial of hideous political murders, abuse of “at-risk youths”, political-economy of controlling interests, age-old vendetta, hideous nature of the separation of power between the executive, legislative, and judiciary, and an ever-growing range of complex “rational” acts that have become our “political culture”?  (Read more of his arguments here).

But more importantly are the presence of some bloggers in Ijok, who can give us an alternative view, not like those parroting the style and format of the mainstream newspapers.

For starters, blogger Elizabeth Wong is back with a vengeance (to make up for her lost of blogging time). Continue to read her as she says she will reveal daily excerpts of BN’s ‘fraudulent acts”, leading up to the by-election and their victory result.  Eli, despite their losses, Keadilan will surely feel comforted by your reference to ‘some good looking guys” in the party, though you did admit that some have to put on about 20 pounds!

For me personally, I do not know how BN supporters can claim happiness at such a victory when they are so many discrepancies such as these:

(1) Discrepancy on the polling result in Pekan Ijok (2) Ballot papers collected by unknown individuals  (3) Ballot paper for sale (4) Voters’ names removed from electoral roll (5) Phantom voters.

On the other hand, Keadilan or Opposition supporters should not feel so crestfallen. Despite the disadvantageous, despite the by-election being called the “dirtiest and most corrupted by far”, your candidate has managed to secure more than 4,000 votes. This is not a small number. Despite all the threats of riots and a repeat of the bloody and racial May 13 (1969), Keadilan did perform better in (some) Malay and Chinese prominent areas.

For example, in some polling stations, lets say Pekan Ijok, Keadilan’s majority increased by about 100 percent, from 306 in the 2004 outing to 584. On the same note, there was an increased of 50 percent in majority support from 658 in 2004 to 979 in Saturday’s polling day. What more, both Pekan Ijok and Batang Berjuntai are Chinese-predominated areas, indicating a rather strong Chinese swing away from BN.

Blogger and political analyst James Wong pointed out: Moreover, according to one calculation, the relative strength between BN and PKR in four Malay-majority areas – Jaya Setia, Kampung Ijok, Bukit Badong and Simpang Ijok – stands at only 52.5 percent and 47.5 percent respectively. It means that not all Malays are pro-BN and that Malay support for PKR is not insignificant.

So, those who want to see change, do not be disheartened. We must thank the people of Ijok for having tried their best to make a difference. With all the violence flying around and mat rempits riding the town, ‘cowards’ would be retreating into their homes, trying to keep safe. But not the Ijok people, they did come out to vote in a big way – 83 percent and more, the highest in the history of by-elections.

Forty pecent of the Ijok people also voted for the Opposition despite the fact that millions were poured into the constituency, hints of money politics and vote buying. This means that the people could not be cowed or bought or blinded by these accesses. If this pattern continue, we would have something good to look forward to in this coming general election. You know, voters should be just happy with the number of development projects pouring into the constituency. It is your right after all, but then vote wisely. Money after all, isn’t everything.

I’m not disappointed at all with the results. Most of all we got to see Umno for what it is: a party bent on splitting, what with the ex-president and ex-premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad sending out a clear and loud call to Ijokians to vote the Opposition. That is how bad the party’s situation is. And a splitting party is weak, with this one rotting at the head, soon I hope it meets the fate it deserves.

Secondly, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, who probably could not take the heat of the Altantuya chantings by Keadilan supporters, broke his in-elegent silence and said he was in no way involved in the murder of the Mongolian girl. But his confession raises more questions than ever, and does put Umno and the government in a bad light.

Thirdly, Keadilan should use this by-election to learn about the dirty tactics by its opponents and resolve to do better in the coming general elections. They must be more prepared next time, and do continue to take the Election Commision to task for the ‘fradulent acts” committed so far.

As far as I see it, there is much hope, but there is also more danger. The BN government is not use to losing and it will definitely be more prepared (to retaliate) in the coming GE. The way I see things: be prepared for an even dirtier,  harsher, more violent and corrupted GE.

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  1. elizabethwong says:

    Hahaha! Yeah – some of those poor KeADILan boys lost a lot of weight during the 9 days of campaigning and they were skinny even before then!. But I stand by my “good-looking” commentary 😛

    Catching up with so much reading and work. Acks. And ta heaps for the ‘thinking blogger’ thingy 🙂

  2. monsterball says:

    The die is cast. Ijok voters have spoken and Anwar should not behave like a sore looser. Infact his party did quiet well …against all odds….and Ijok consist of villagers voters….totally different from urban dwellers.
    Anwar should rest few days to think straight and let it past. If Machap cost BN RM36 MILLION…Ijok should be at least double…if not triple the cost. Paving street lights…repairing anything and everything free of charge….how low can BN shows they can be such hypocrites and indirectly briberies with deeds ..not kind shown to every complaint by every house dwellers. Ijok residents can thank their luck star…previous parliament guy died for them to enjoy so much attentions and benefits…personal and for all.
    We should rejoice for the villagers… what BN was doing is no surprise. The only surprise is…amount RM getting bigger and bigger…spent by an irresponsible government with our public funds.
    Pak Lah complaint TDM left him empty money in every dept. He raises all sorts ot taxes to enrich his government and rightly so..
    But he showed even worst character by spending our money…buying new PM planes…boats and God only knows what more. Projecting himself as religious is full of shit. Now all knows.
    Government cans are empty again. Wait till another smart idea on taxes raising exercise coming up. Petrol prices should go down few cents by now…but you can dream on. Ordinary folks will be satisfied if taxes do not raise again on petrol…but economists knows how dirty and filthy these BN guys are.
    I can talk till the cows come home….and it will not mean a damn thing…except to use my powerful vote against them on general election.
    Anwar should prove this party and DAP can sincerely co-operate to win confidences from voters of all races…especially from the Chinese and Indians. He is an expert…does he need us to educate him?

  3. yh says:

    In the last election, Badawi popularity was based on a platform of clean, thrifty, accountable and for the people government. Bang, he literally obliterated the opposition because thats what malaysians wanted.
    fast forward 4 years after the election sweep. His party has to spent tons of taxpayers money just to win two by elections; both in his own strongholds. Not only money, his party has to use intimidation and violence.You wonder why.
    Simply, the present administration has lost its credibility after 4 short years. Petrol,toll as well as other utilities prices were raised as the government claimed that it no longer has the luxury to continue the subsidies and mega projects were shelved to reduce the large deficits. Well, the people being patient as they are, accpeted the pain and change their lifestyle to one of austerity.
    Then, you see what happened. The government quietly bought a new plane for RM200.0 million until bloggers undressed them ( then they said its a lease from a government agency to the government. almost drop dead when I heard that). It continued to throw away good money; RM300 million for each monsoon cup;mega projects such as uneconomical double tracking costing billions are being revived ( forget about the bullshit PFI as it only means deferring the payment in that for the next 30 years malaysians will bear the burden); RM600.0 million thrown to 191 UMNO divisions to be spent within 2 months ( these must be the hungriest pirahna fish i have ever seen);paying RM260 million for a cancelled project which is equivalent to 40% of the project cost ( didnt know that construction projects are so profitable. government assets were sold cheap to his cronies (remember Avenue Assets).the list goes on and on.
    Corruption, instead of going down, is now above the table. Crime rates have shot through the roof while the police spends more time in meeting the whims and fancies of the ruling party ( remember how fast they act against toll protesters and denying the opposition of holding ceramahs in IJOK) rather than upholding the laws.
    Hey, this is even worse than before. Now, you know why the government has to pull out all its dirty tricks just to win two by elections in their own courtyard.
    Come the GE, I am very sure that they are going to lose a lot more seats. Watch out for Sabah, Penang , Sarawak and Terengganu.
    Now, the opposition should look forward to the coming election.

  4. monsterball says:

    bennyloh..Visited your site again. Great choices of colours and originalities….but not humourous and too childish. How old are you?
    But latest cartoon showed improvemen. Please accept my critictism with an open mind. No insults intended.

  5. bennyloh says:

    Not all cartoons are funnies, like you mention previously from some others they are thought-provoking ( that means no humour intended). Adequately answered you in my blog, failed to send you by e-mail.Your earlier post on “no artistic-intelligence” was the most mysterious criteria for any cartoons. As there was no reference to any of my cartoons, I don’t really know. Were you talking about colour shadings, images dispropotionately drawn etc.

    You seem to chide everyone as young in age in earlier posts. I have been drawing for more than 30 years after I left school, that makes me about the age of a grandfather too! Not far from you, (if you claim to be old) This was answered to you in another thread that you asked the same thing, you are forgetful. This is a repeat. Do not ask the same question, ok? This one insults me- I don’t take pride being an old man.

    No don’t worry those weren’t insults to me until I am convinced you know a thing or two about cartooning. As it is no way is it an insult.

    Elsewhere you were talking about cartoon characters that one has to develop to become a cartoonist. In single-panels? You must have got it mixed- up with comics.

  6. monsterball says:

    I apologise if you think I have insulted you bennyloh. I am an artist too…if you want to know…but I concentrate on oil…potriats and sceneries…no political.
    Read carefully my message and see if I have a grain of spiteful feelings from my heart…except trying my best to give you my sincere crticism.
    I hope to remember avoiding commenting about you….but you did post out …”humour needed” ….to visit the site!!
    I even put out complimentary messages on each post…as they stayed zero…and I thought by doing it…will break the egg for you!!

  7. monsterball says:

    Bennyloh…..have you hear of one Jolly Koh from Melaka? He is self taught oil painter with unique style and I undestands he is still lecturing and head in a University on Faculty of Arts. He is my idol!

  8. monsterball says:

    Jolly Koh was teaching me oil painting when we were 17 years old. We fought fist to fist for the love of a girl name Helen Pang…hahahaha. He lost and we shoked hands and still are friends…but never seen each other for donkey years. His oil paintings are exhibited far and abroad succesfully and in great demands. He is a very reserved person..
    You should put out your real face in your profile…since you use real name.
    You have used Susan’s site to promote your paintings or what?..always same few words…no comments at all.

  9. bennyloh says:

    Hi pal, I wasn’t insulted like I said. I don’t use a pseudonym in my posts to club others. It is alright to use a cartoon fiqure of myself in my posts afterall cartoonists do this all the time as their trademarks. But to access my beautiful self, I have posted my pictures in the blog or related links, somewhere I am sure.

    Susan Loone’s is no exception, when one access my sites through Susan Loone’s/any other blogs I will normally click on to see what happens at these blogs, hence my participation. I don’t regard my works as a valued painting but a cartoon that readers may like/are cartoonists themselves looking at my work.Basically, just to know if readers get to know what I am trying to put across. Rarely do I get comments, but this is what I intended as I don’t have the time to answer. Answering you is an exception. No interest in promoting through Susan’s blog although I may have other of my links in my blog. Well, why not since I spend a great deal of time on all these I might as well have all of it in any one of my blogs.

    No words, no comments, if I have to explain the cartoons then I am doing a lousy job-meaning I can then discard the toons and replaced it with words. This is lousy cartooning .That is not my objective . Except for some exaggeratd ‘funnies’ my toons relate to actual incidences so one should have no problem catching up the events if one doesn’t like lengthy reads. I am one who loathe reading long articles esp. on politics. Long lengthy words to describe one’s cartoon is not my kind of cuppa’

  10. If Anwar had won and Parthiban came out the loser on Saturday, would you people cry phantom voters la, electoral roll failurelah, ballot paper fraudlah…… blah blah blah???? What else is new? PKR people had an SOP “when we lose”. A checklist they used in Teluk Kemang, Indera Kayangan BUT not Lunas!

    No need to micro analyse! Stop with this arm chair analysis. Some of you here never even been to Ijok but arrogantly want to tell what Ijok people should do with their right to choose. Anwar Ibrahim blabbed his mouth away for almost two straight weeks. Most probably shook hands and waived to more people than the voters in Ijok. It only shows Anwar Ibrahim’s rhetorics no longer laku! PKR is deadish! God INTENDED Anwar Ibrahim and PKR to lose!

    Don’t believe in God, is it?

    Do a reflection and soul searching about this fashion of rhetoric politics and where realistically PKR is going. Do an audit of what PKR is about, who is left and what is there left to fight at the next battle. Most probably the result would be so dismotivating that most you might not even want to get out bed, the next morning!

    Regardless. Its the truth. May the truth save most of you all. The truth where for every two votes the Mighty PKR conglomerate baron get, three goes to the young ciku! Not the truth where people harp on unfound rumours based on fourth party hearsay.

  11. susan loone says:

    hey big dog;

    if BN loses and cry fowl, definitely i would love to report it here. no problem at all. they could have done it in lunas.

    now tell me, how will the Opposition play pantom voters etc in elections? they dont control any institution like the EC, media, etc. how could they do it?

    there’s no question here: only the ruling government can.

  12. Libra says:

    Dear Susan,
    This dog does not deserve your attention. Just shun him like a leper. Why? He wears blinkers and uses a convoluted brain. Or is he a BN paid blog commentator?

  13. monsterball says:

    Yes Susan…He knows next to nothing about fact of life and politics….but balls carrying politics of TDM and UMNO. Ignore him. He is trully a thick skinned wakco. Look at all the facts I put out of him on the other site…..not one response…then as I predicted…here is comes again.
    hahahahahaha….I have never seen a blogger so thick skinned..except him.

  14. monsterball says:

    Susan…You call him rightfully ‘ANONYMOUS”….treat him like so….a ghost..a nobody and I am very sure many our friends here knows how to handle this one sided braggard.
    We sit and watch. His face is like am onion…layer after layer of filth and dirt.

  15. monsterball says:

    On the other hand Susan….If you want to have some fun talking to a big fat baboon…go ahead and let us sit back and enjoy.

  16. susan loone says:

    big dog has a right to be here and comment on this blog, so let him have his say 🙂

  17. monsterball says:

    ok Susan….You are correct…but if Big Dog talk nonsense and belittle all of us….you take care of him for a change.
    Remember he is a paid TDM machai and pro UMNO . He does not talk politics.

  18. monsterball says:

    But I do see Susan’s wisdom in allowing Big Dog in. Otherwise..we idiots do not learn anything without oppositions opinions.

  19. bamboo river says:

    Monsterball, Susan is right . Bro biggum has his choice to comment in her blog. Though I agree on some of the facts that he brought up. Only thing is maybe he could avoid the extra long Ha ,Ha, Ha stuff. It kind of put me off. I know he is staunch UMNO/BN supporter. I am not in politic but if I were to support say F1 Ferrari, I too will be very happy to shout out if Ferrari wins a race. But not to the extend of Booing the other teams. Not nice lah. …..A contest is a contest , there will always be a winner and losers. One day you are up the other day you might lose heavily. But PKR lost in IJOK is not a total lost I believe. This could be a platform for the opposition especially PKR to plan a better strategy in the upcoming GE before end of this year. It is now to do a PPA (Potential problem analysis) on why and how they lose the IJOK people total support. Is it because PKR had started on the wrong foot? Maybe opposition should debate on voters future and benefits instead of shaming certain politicians. Nothing is proven and yet proven . So do you think voters will believe you?
    The ruling party had made the first most important move that partially convinced half of the voters in IJOK. That is infrastructure and development of the area. The ruling party had their advantage on this and that is what people in IJOK need the most.
    What had PKR done before the election? This is the question that people of IJOK is asking.
    Monsterball, I am neither supporting PKR or BN on this issue, but just an opinion.

  20. Honestly, usually I would move away after a contest to the next fight (issue). Infact, I was already talking about Kalimullah making his re-emergence in ECM Libra Avenue. I am also started to write on something else (W.I.P.)

    However, I had to make a turn back into the “Anwar, PKR lost in Ijok thingy” and what seemed to be “GLOATING” because of these arm chair over analysis and endless fowl cries (like its nothing new!). I can’t help it. Some people simply refuse to face the fact they lost and they endlessly want to over and over again blame anything and everything except admit they and their politics no longer wanted. So, I chose to gloat straight in their faces!

    No I am NOT a paid BN/UMNO Machai. I work for free. I would gladly do this again, next week, next month, next year….. I can be Rowan Atkinson and usually I prefer to be Atkinson. But I also can be Mr. Bean and play this unended childish games of gloating.

    Susan, I appreciate your freedom of speech practices here in this blog.

  21. muhammadyunus says:

    Reminder: By saying this, i’m no pro-BN. In fact, i have never voted. And to tell the truth, I don’t care – all politicians are the same to me. People change when they’re in power. Absolute power abolutely corrupts.

    And this is what i intend to say: Some of you guys here are sooOOoo PRO-OPP. Especially when suggesting to shut people up. In fact, some comes across as bordering fanatic-ism (if there exist such word). This is such a scary thing. Susan is downright CORRECT to allow freedom of expression – even from someone with a different political orientation. We should allow for all of this, whether YOU think it’s immature or downright stupid. The preservation of freedom of expression is paramount, whatever your orientations are. And in this country, the blogosphere is the last bastion of hope so lets not screw this up huh.

    Freedom of expression rock. Self-censorship is mother of rock.

  22. hi.
    phantom voters are present in ALL elections. but PAS and DAP still won.
    so i think PKR went in aware of our hantu friends.
    although anwar was MIA after results were announced, he and khalid are down in ijok again on labour day today to say thanks to party workers etc and ijokians.
    after all, the GE is coming soon and if PKR contests again, it should win!
    and anwar has done the right thing by moving forward fast.

  23. WATTAHACK? says:

    “I work for free”

    you leave on air only? Buddha would be proud Happy Wesak Day!

  24. monsterball says:

    Susan can be the champion of all champions in blogging for fairness which I sincerely support…but the fact is Barisan National is never fair.Tons of messages have been written to support proof of the matter. How fair are there on TV news…newspapers? Freedom of speech is the last thing BN ever practised…so why are we so free to let pro BN people talk so much to add more unfair doctrines to youngster to read?
    READ the newspapers everyday…S.Times and Star and tell me why should one be so fair to BN supporters?
    I always welcome a good debate…for or against…but concerning politics…BN sucks. They are playing continuosly racial politics and downright daylight briberies on the Ijok by-election and Machap doing so much for those simple folks…all of a sudden…new street lights…new paved roads…house to house attending free of charge complaints on houses repairs…etc etc etc. Are not these daylight briberies? Why do all these ONLY on election time? THe good news is those poor people do benefited ….like pennies from heaven. That’s what make me feel happy.
    All of you can talk for or against dirty politics being practised by BN for 50 years ….but like I said….if one do not have knowledge on other facts of life and feel the pains of the poorest in Malaysia….talk is cheap!
    Look at America…now daily exposing so many poor people ….indirectly hitting hard at their hypocitical government. Infact….almost all governments in the world seems to be liars and cheaters. It is the level of how low will one go in each country. In Malaysia…under Pak has even gone lower than TDM already welknown cunning and dirty styles.
    I just hope Susan will know when to stop being too good to those that are supporting the devils of Malaysia.
    We are not talking fun. We are talking our young generation’s future…again I ask…want to talk this properly…lets check the credentials by talking facts of life….as politics is about people…not the party or the politicians. Politicians must love people. So they need to know facts of life about people….Does Big Dog know facts of life before talking like a proffesional analysis on politics?

  25. WATTAHACK? says:

    North Pole Mat Rempits to be Dato’s? I hope not hehehe

  26. WATTAHACK? says:

    monster you here as well… had your dinner?

  27. monsterball says:

    Monstreball lah…No mood to eat after reading too much nonsense.
    Thanks your concern.

  28. monsterball says:

    And Happy Wesak Day to you too WATTAHACK!

  29. WATTAHACK? says:

    hahaha sad rite! saw the news and they found a few more dead body here and there… everyday can see ppl die in Bolehland! and nothing the gov can do to help?

  30. monsterball says:

    Big Dog is trying to SELL TDM and BN are all good. I am a professional salesman for 45 years.
    To be one…you need to have the best product that have lots of benefits to buyers. Greatest example is an Insurance policy…which I regret I do not sell.
    I sell tangible products! I do not sell cigarettes…liquor… designed materials. Those are luxurious and unnecessary daily life goods.
    Before you want to be a professional this or that…there is no escape from the fact PEOPLE are your customers..and the salesman must never try to cheat or bluff customers. In-fact professional salesmen do not tell lies!!
    So if we all want to discuss Politics…remember…the buyers are the people!!
    Who is the best for the people?

  31. monsterball says:

    Let us not fool ourselves. Our politics sucks…and to kick off who is the best..let us have different views. We know Big Dog will always say BN is the best and he hopes TDM will lead again…until age 101.
    What about Keadilan/DAP plus one Indian party..who? What about the best is actually Keadilan and DAP give up their party names …..merged and find new name…fast and now to show from the start …they do not also play race and religion politics?
    I do believe a party that have equal Malays and Chinese …even knowledging a Chinese can be Prime Minister will win more votes…a party that hungers for leaders of right credentials…not by race favouritism.
    So what are your views of a good counter offer against BN? If none…then BN will win again and rule…so simply to finalised.

  32. nat says:

    tak crestfallen pun… 🙂

  33. Winston says:

    It’s a fact of life that the incumbent PM will have at his disposal a vast arsenal that can be used against the opposition in any election, be it a by-election or general election.
    It controls the news media, the treasury, the police as well as other institutions.
    So, the crux of the matter is that the opposition parties must get voters, especially the rural ones, to realise that the goodies handed out by the government during an election are, in fact, brought with their own hard-earned money – it’s not a largesse from the ministers’ own pocket. That by voting for the opposition even at the expense of losing such development projects, they are sending a clear signal to the government that they want change.
    That’s it’s best to lose the development projects than to eventually lose the whole country!
    That they want a clean, efficient and really caring government.
    Convince them to give the opposition parties a chance to run the country after having given a fifty-year chance to the BN and the latter has utterly betrayed the trust.
    The good thing about the BN government is that it never fails to give the opposition parties all the ammunitions they need to mount a very effective offensive. The only thing that now remains is for them to use it effectively.

  34. monsterball says:

    Anwar is the key player in coming next general election. IGNORE BIG DOG TO GIVE YOU A LONG LIST WHY HE THINKS ANWAR IS HISTORY.
    Remember Chinese can swing votes and are business minded.
    Remember majority Malays are desperately want a change of government.
    Remember the Indians in Urbans are thinking differently as rurals…but they are most cunning and unreliable voters….but I am very sure huge amount who works especially for commercial firms…will love to have a strong opposition. Indians loyalty from the government are deadwood brains….leave them out…they talk,….but that’s the way they show their loyalties.
    You add few % here and there..and the answer will still point to Anwar and Lim Kit Siang. Remember….ignore Big dog so call expert analysis against Anwar…but if for once he can learn to agree other peoples opinions are smart possibilities….then we can have a good intelligent debate.

  35. Monsterball,

    Do not put words on behalf of me! Prove where and when did I say BN is the best? Prove also when did I hope Tun Dr. Mahathir lead again?

    You keep doing this. You CONSTANTLY GET your facts WRONG! Stop being a COMPULSIVE LIAR!!!!

    I just say Oppositions suck! I even wrote an article about it. Malaysia Today picked it up (like many article MT picked up from my blog) and it became a very popular article. BN is very powerful today because the Oppositions are really suck, big time! Its the Oppositions’ weaknesses that the voters still chose BN, because they have no confidence with the Oppositions.

    Many people in Oppositions agree with me. I discussed this with a PAS Youth Exco and also an ex Keadilan Youth Exco. Of course, Jed Yoong also agree with me. Haris Ibrahim, is so dissapointed with the Oppositions, he seriously wanted to form “Peoples’ Parliament”.

    What is there left to say? You people should live with the facts that the Oppositions suck! Really!

  36. monsterball says:

    I am a compulsive LIAR big dog? You want to debate who is the biggest liar in blogging? Is that you choice of debate?
    Big Dog….GO READ all your messages….how you carry balls of Mahathir…you wrote so much….go read them. And on BN?…hahahaha…You better get your brain examined seriously.
    So you are not only a NATURAL liar….you also forget easily like Mahathir and accused me of what you are…just like Mahathir accusing others….wow Big Dog….Mahathir should reward you soon. You deserved that at least.

  37. monsterball says:

    Actually Big Dog…You talk like a child at times…and if you can learn to be neutral..why you may beat me being the most loving guy in bloggings ….everyone will adore and respect you….including me…no joke!!
    Change your stinking childish attitudes ..don’t show how smart you are analysing this or that ..always in favour of BN….and TOTALLY ignoring the best subject to debate…’WHERE ARE MALAYS LOYALTY TO….BN OR OPPOSITIONS?”

  38. monsterball says:

    ah Big Dog…Tell it to the marines on MT site matter. MT is pro Mahathir and Mahathir writes letters ONLY for MT to publish and he said MT blog is the best in Malaysia. So you are paid to write there lah…..don’t always treat others like fools..will you!!

  39. monsterball says:

    So many many smart bloggers put out far more intelligent messages than you BIG dog…yet RPK chosed you as smartest to honour you with frequent front page!
    You were so thrilled Rocky said he mentioned your name and zorro at his 8am TV ‘News on 2″???..just two days ago. I have asked Rocky why are people like Liza Wong…Susan…Sheih…Black…Patrick Teoh…to name a few …whose works are unique and intelligent….why not being mentioned…as he was talking as President of All Blogs.
    I was right….Band of Bloggers should be appropriate. Anyway…it is not registered yet..and Rocky is showing bad leadership.
    hi Big Dog….I am so right…how on earth you call me a liar? One day I talk like Mahathir…’tak boleh tahah lah” as an excuse to F….the poor Ex PM of Australia….you will get worst from be forewarn. I am at peace now…don’t disturb a chinese sleeping tiger.

  40. monsterball says:

    Big Dog said ‘opposition sucks”
    Sure they appear to be idiots and fools speaking nothing against the government and are real cowards. Sure they seem only to talk during election time.Sure they go to jails for stealing and robbing others. Sure they looses cases at court because they are always the guilty ones.
    Even a 10 year old child will know opposition sucks!
    So continue to be a man with a 10 year old brain…Big Dog.
    During the general elections…make sure you use same logic to tell voters.

  41. monsterball says:

    Like Wattahack said ‘you work for free?”…discussing with so many political opposition groups and few bloggers…”you live on air?”…I also wish you Happy Wesak Day…Big dog.
    Point by point all answered.

  42. monsterball says:

    Susan asked…Ijko: Did Keadilan really lose?
    Ofcourse NOT!! Look at their past performance as compared to now…leeps and bound improvements and against all odds on one tiny by-election…. so much daylight briberies by BN. Lets see BN do the same stunt with more than 300 play to visits and bribe. That will be a different ball game.
    Chin up Anwar…You have done well.

  43. monsterball says:

    BIG DOG!! You said Biggum Dodmannsteinberg is your real name. YOU ARE A LIAR!! Rocky in his site confirms it is just your blogger’s nick. There you see…you are like Mahathir….a liar accusing others to confuse readers. What else have you learn from that old fox?

  44. […] dog crap that happened along the elections. Susan had a very detailed writing about the gibberish here and I strongly recommend that you read her post [and please do ignore the long lists of comments […]

  45. vt says:

    Real Looser?

    MCA, cos they just don’t know what to say to their master…….

    woof, woof.

  46. vt says:

    “A checklist they used in Teluk Kemang, Indera Kayangan BUT not Lunas!
    ” – Biggum Dogmannsteinberg

    Hey big dog, it didn’t happened in Lunas because 4 bus loads of Phantom voters were stopped by PKR, remember?

    BTW, are you a BN apologist?

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