Yeah, right, by exposing themselves, riding along with “mat rempits“, without helmets and breaking the law at the same time? Is that Khairy Jamaluddin at the front, riding the motorcycle on the left?

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  1. bamboo river says:

    Ahhh… Susan…that was a special case one. As long you had the “DACING” logo stuck on the forehead… no one will get you.
    As my foreign friends use these word ” No Government Day” It means you can break the traffic law as long you don’t get into an accident.
    But this is not the first time KJ is breaking the traffic law isn’t it?

  2. FaizulMd says:

    They got permit from the police for riding a bike without helmets on for campaigning purposes. It makes eye contact with the people easier

  3. wits0 says:

    It is more far believable if one reads that these fascist nuts unzip and exposes…..

  4. frostee says:

    shows that some jokers are above the law. And to think that there’s a major campaign going on in getting people to wear the helmet.

    KJ just made a mockery of it. Way to go! And these jokers are supposed to be a leader of this country. Show’s what kinda leaders we have… idiots rule indeed!

  5. jeancumlately says:

    …haha wits0, if he bought your idea, all the puteri umno will really be disppointed and say…. “what? That is all?”

    I hope all the puteris umno would not get the (wrong) idea that the real jantan / macho is those who can ride a “kapcai” without any protection.

  6. AngryTaxpayer says:

    Definitely looks like the SIL….
    And it’s definitely easier in Bolehland to get a “MatRempit-Terror Ride” permit than for the opposition to get a ceramah permit..Only in Bolehland folks.

  7. KerinchiGuy says:

    hmmm… leadership by example ?

  8. monsterball says:

    Photo tells a thousand words…but when Pak Lah sees it…I am sure he will sees nothing….will say nothing…because he knows next to nothing about being a good PM.

  9. toyolbuster says:

    The last time I saw those monkeys with their kapcai was when they were pushing them towards the police station in single file, just like trained monkeys performing in a circus. Of course the baboon leading them wasn’t there cos he happened to be PM’s pet.

  10. monsterball says:

    Just imagine…if they were wearing Keadilan’s logo and carrying PKR flags…police will immediately stop them and have a field days issueing summons and Pak Lah somehow will be awakened and may say.. …”such unlawful RPK to vote for them?” Do you want such people to run the country?”…this or that.
    Followed by front page news at S.Times and Star.
    Susan will say again…monty…how right you are…hahahahaha

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