Blogger Black from Korea (left) and human rights activist Tadzrul (right), not a blogger yet. Black visited me in my office in Bangkok on Friday, before he returned to Kuala Lumpur. He has completed his ten month stint in South Korea. We spoke about blogging at length and discussed what direction we think All-Blogs may take.

This is blogger Roderick Chia, who is now my ex-colleague. He also has another blog “Rod’s Journal“. He returned to Singapore last night. A Singaporean, he is wondering, as we discussed, how he will continue blogging in the island-state, well-known for its fairly successful economic wealth and relatively poor on press freedom and activism.

I hope to see Black and more progressive bloggers soon. But I shall miss Roderick alot at the work place.

By the way, blogger Marina Mahathir will be in town this week and I’m planning to meet her for a chat, and thank her for giving me the Thinking Blogger award!

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  1. monsterball says:

    Black is one of the blogger I visit constantly.
    When he returns to KL….I hope I can meet with this young human rights man. Simply love him.

  2. monsterball says:

    Roderick Chia sure look sad to leave Susan. Poor fella.
    He can always start a blog in S’pore….not neccessary to concentrate on S’pore obvious much cleaner politics. How about like ‘Justice Pao” OF ‘KUAN KUNG”…talking fair pay for victims of the world….especially on Malaysia’s poor fair play from UMNO…plenty for him to write.

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