Perak youth leader and accountant Vincent Chun has an audio recording of himself speaking to a certain Tuan Haji Ahmad, who offerred him money (bribe) if he voted for Barisan Nasional.

This person is allegedly the person-in-charge of the Melaka operation room.

Chun, who pretended to be “Jack” got his mobile number from a friend who received the sms informing the latter that voters would be offered money up to RM200 for voting the “dacing” (scale).

During the phone conversation, Tuan Haji told “Jack” that BN had a way of knowing who voted and did not vote for them. However, the voter can only receive the cash after they have cast their votes.

Ijok(e): Anyone short of cash? Hop on to Ijok today!

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  1. […] dan diterjemah dari BN offers money for votes according to audiofile oleh Susan […]

  2. monsterball says:

    Susan must be congratutlated to follow up…until the end of the Ijok by-election. No one have done a complete job in blogging ..except her.
    The die will will be cast half hour from now…nothing more to say…except hoping the voters will show us the sign where the winds will be blowing in coming general election.

  3. bamboo river says:

    The next thing is the BN guys will demand for PROOF! Now are we ready for it? Pro BN guys will comment this posting sooner a later.

  4. hasilox says:

    I don’t doubt some ‘spirits’ know who voted what. If I remember correctly, in the voting room, the serial number on the ballot paper was recorded along with voter’s ID (don’t remember if it’s IC number). With all the clowning going on, you trust the EC? I rather trust my cat.

  5. mob1900 says:

    Using our own TAX money to bribe us. There is no law in the land that ‘Dares’ to prosecute B.Nana.

    For those who takes the bribes, INSIST on them paying first-lar! Raise your bargaining power mar, must haggle first. Take the money then vote opposition, buahahahah

  6. bimbo says:

    Y.B Dato Haji Ahmad Bhari Bin Abdul Rahman DSSA., PPT., JP.
    Kawasan : ADUN N15 Taman Templer
    Alamat : No.12B, Jalan 2/6, Dataran Templer, Bandar Baru Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor Darul Ehsan Tel : 03-61368358 Fax : 03-61360536

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