poor cow

It’s so clear this is a case of incitement, provocation. (malaysiakini)

Their targets are not the Hindus, nor the Hindu temple.

It’s clear that they just wanted Khalid Ibrahim’s and Xavier Jeyakumar’s head in exchange for the cow’s.

In other words, they just wanted to give the PR government another big headache, and pave a way for what is loved best – a riot!

The poor cow, has now become a scapegoat.

The million dollar question is : where were the police?

Probably too shocked out of their pants, headgears to do anything?

So much double standards.

The poor cow. Bloodshed for nothing.

Remember, the 50-odd people are not ALL of Us. Before anyone start to bash all Malays/Muslims, please think, these are the unfortunate lot.

I found lots of compassion and solace just reading what my old friend and classmate Dr. Raffick says in his blog here.

I know there are many like you around!

Many are asking the same question:  Are we seeing an emergency ahead of the 52nd Merdeka?

So much for 1 MALAYSIA, Mr. Najib.

It is to people like this: the protestors that Najib needs to preach his 1Malaysia to. Why go so far?

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  1. mccann105 says:

    poor cow..victim of some bigot…these bigots strike fear into people….the police and politicians are helpless..seemed the prime minister is losing control of his loose cannons..maybe,,,,selangor sovt shld call a snap election …once n for all…we kick some balls

  2. 草禾刀 says:

    now is cow.. what will be next ???

  3. YABernama says:

    9 Aug 2009 … Let’s not say we want to win but court defeats in our deeds,” said Najib, who is also Selangor Umno chief.

  4. YABernama says:

    Wear black shirt police arrest, walk to parliament water cannon, children give roses to PM get arrested, but here police protect them. Why bcos police agree.

  5. GreenMan says:

    this is the Malaysia’s 52 birthday present ….. 1Malaysia…. hahahahaha……really a JOKE

  6. glocal says:

    Thursday, 06 December , 2007, 15:56

    Washington: The US on Thursday said it expected all countries to respect fundamental human rights that assure freedom of religion and expression but refused to be drawn into the ongoing row over the alleged discrimination against ethnic-Indians in Malaysia.

    When the desecration of Hindu temples began in 1978, the most notable incident being the destruction of the Murugan temple in Kerling, Prime Minister Hussein Onn came down heavily on Islamic extremists. But the situation has been allowed to drift during recent years. According to Hindraf, a Hindu temple is demolished in Malaysia every three weeks, the latest outrage being the demolition of the Mariamman temple in Shah Alam.

  7. kittykat46 says:

    Forgive them…..they know not what they do….they are just overgrown brats.
    Polis Raja DiMalaysia is only good for arresting people who wear black and aiming chemical-laced water cannon at ISA protesters.

    Talking about ISA – I never agree on its use, but aren’t these people blatantly trying to incite a racial riot ?

  8. rainstorm says:

    The million dollar question is : where were the police?

    Well, the police is waiting for instruction from Najib la before they take some actions. Typical police in BOLEHLAND!

  9. YABernama says:

    Locals who spoke on condition of anonymity said the issue had been blown out of proportion due to the interference from outsiders.

    “The decision to move the temple to the proposed site in Section 23 was taken because the area actually has a 40 per cent Hindu population.”

    He said initially those who are opposed to the temple said it should not be built there because it has a 60 per cent Malay majority, subsequently it became 70 per cent and today it’s 90 per cent.

    “Some of those who gathered outside the state secretariat today were not even from Section 23.”

  10. JTB says:

    This group of Muslim only shows that the other religion in this country is irrelevant or insignificant. Sadly they have no respect for the religion of other Malaysian who are non Muslim. To affirm this the Police have time and again shown extreme favouritism to Muslims. First we have the group who took the Holy Communion and spit it out and photograph it to have it publish in their magazine.

    Now we have this severing of the cow head, that is deem sacred to the Hindus. This is extreme provocation and I do hope the communities leaders will take positive step to calm the Hindus.

    In all honesty can we really rely on the police force to act. They were there but they did nothing to stop this provocative act. Dear PM, don’t bullshit us with your 1Malaysia. Admit it, you do not mean it at all.

  11. acab says:

    “In all honesty can we really rely on the police force to act.”

    The A.C.A.B. is a Malaysian rock band. The band was formerly known as A.C.A.B. from 1994 to 2003 which popularized streetpunk/oi! in the Malaysian underground music scene. The band regrouped in 2005 while adopting indie rock as their genre.

  12. acab says:

    Now the UMNO cow Najis is asking IGP to take action. Fark 1Malaysia, that is y they having merdeka in parliament only for najis tong rosak & rais hitam

  13. sash says:

    Better keep an eye on the MIC goons – they are probably on stand-by with ACT II (?pig head).
    Designed to provoke n incite.
    Goal – Selangor state govt.

  14. redmachine says:

    3 words. BIADAP & KURANG AJAR!

  15. sunwayopal says:

    Its so clear whos behind this. U think its just coincidence that no PDRM presence ?????

  16. lionhead says:

    i heard that for as many hairs as there are on the cow, that many times the cow killers have to take birth and suffer

  17. Dev says:

    Now animal, what next……..human?
    Where is the police and the great Hisham.
    What is the PM doing. What action is he going to take……Close two eyes.
    Or blame the opposition.
    Sedition act and ISA…….can PM and Hisham remember that there is something like this.
    Rakyat is watching now…….PM.

  18. wits0 says:

    Police has to be told to act? That’s M’sia Boleh! Merdeka only for some and merde-ka for others?

    Anyway, I don’t note many flags flying as compared with last year.

  19. jagokg says:

    PDRM was there, they just stood and watched, in other words they were protecting the cow-head malays.

  20. jagokg says:

    “I challenge YB Khalid, YB Rodziah and Xavier Jeyakumar to go on with the temple construction. I guarantee bloodshed and racial tension will happen if this goes on, and the state will be held responsible,” shouted Ibrahim Haji Sabri amid strong chants of “Allahu Akbar!” as he referred to Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his state administration.

  21. GreenMan says:

    PDRM ……. ai ya makan duit pandai la

  22. Menyalak-er says:

    Qurban in Aramaic and Korban in Arabic means sacrificed to God. So the sacrificial cow is not a sacrificial goat.
    It’s more sinister than that – it implies korban blood – provoking human bloodletting.
    It means the rise of the hypocrites with a dearth of moderates.
    Wouldn’t you say that we are in the midst of a crisis?
    How did it come to this? It was always there, just beneath the surface when the ego is threatened and bruised.
    Remember Kg. Medan and Kapitan Keling Mosque? Why is it suprising? Don’t blow it out of propotion… take it as a warning.
    Surely you all know better than to point fingers at pdrm – dear leader Naif appears that he can’t control them anymore – guess its his cousin’s ‘buat tak tahu’ and igp’s pending non-retirement plans.

  23. sash says:

    Huh…like this also police dont arrest then what some more……jahanam la Malaysia ku.

  24. Expected says:

    Well, all this bloodshed (luckily from a cow this time around) is expected. Some weak minded people like the ones in the protest are victims of Hishamuddin (keris antics calling for blood), Khairy (gangster like attitude akin to Mat Rempits), Mahathir (his never ending obsession that Petronas is still controlled by non-Malays & perpetual supply of venomous racist remarks), Muhyiddin (the up and coming 1Racist), Najib (the ultimate 1Malaysia penipu), Utusan and Berita Harian (publshing articles bordering on provocating racial chaos).

    This cow head issue is the result of UMNO and BN’s racial engineering. Merdeka to Malaysia!

  25. fratman says:

    We are so near to the anniversary of Merdeka and it’s simply appalling that such religious intolerance abounds in our beloved country.
    What is the stand that will be taken by our country’s leaders (both BN and PR) or are they going to let it disintegrate to chaos to suit their selfish political agendas?
    On another note, am I wrong or was that Saiful I spotted on the left of the front row in the pic where that guy tramples on the cow’s head?

  26. goners says:

    Now muslims in malaysia have ‘problems’ with hindus, on top of ‘problems’ with christians and jews?
    Buddhists, you are next

  27. dalang says:

    “Huh, even Hadi told him that he should not try and import the ways of Terengganu and Kelantan into Selangor as the Muslims in Selangor are not quite the same, but Hassan is not bothered”, came the response.


  28. k1 says:

    muslim area no beer, muslim area no hindu temple, next time muslim area no chinese temple, big f**k malaysia!

  29. Hoyohoyo says:

    If Kampung Buah Pala’s folks can protest and get double storey terrace house… so can they… 😛

  30. vsp says:

    Where is Musuhiyiddin? He is as quiet as a mouse now. He must take a major part of the blame because of his race-and-religion baiting adventure. Poor cow because of him.

  31. dalang says:

    Muhai-dheen is the cow

  32. vengai says:

    Najis is planning another 13. He has the DNA of the master who mastermind and engineered it in 1969. They dont care about unity.
    The only thing Najis care is to toppled Selangor goverment and make sure his Fart Dotty is not kick out of as Unicel Cancellor.

    These are his or Toyol paid underdog work. Thats y rhe Blue dog not in action.
    Raya season men. If u obey more raya ang pow leh….

    This bunch of human calling themselves muslim. Its an insult for their race, religion and their prophet.

    They are not defending their religion but their political masters who pay them well.

  33. drrafik says:

    While this was going on, there were one or two people who make immature remarks during the mosque meeting that if the sound of Azan is too loud, the people who cannot tolerate it should move out. I know who these persons are and I know where they lives. I think they does not understand what we meant and it cross our mind that we should sponsor a loud speaker and place it right in front of their house so that he can hear the Azan “loud and clear” five times a day. It occurred to me whether the same argument should be put forward the residents of section 23 Shah Alam.

  34. vsp says:

    non-Muslim area no mosque, no sound-blasting loud speakers at 5 am every morning, can or not?

  35. Menyalak-er says:

    Vsp, i’d rather have: “for whom the Bells toll.”

  36. Markky says:

    Why did you kill the cow and turn it into a political tool?

    Have you no respect for what cows have done for you and your family?

    When you were young, did you not drink its milk that gave you nourishment and strength?

    When you were hungry, did the cow not give you and your family meat to eat during the holy month of Ramadan?

    When your farm was not productive, did the cow not help to make it fertile with its dung and enable you to feed your family?

    Oh man, in this holy month, can you not, for a while, raise your arms and thank God Almighty for the gift of cows instead of making fun and turning it into a circus!

  37. roots says:

    It is true muslims hate hindus and buddhists who are seen as idolators which is why in their conquests muslims would destroy all temples. Afghanistan, the seat of buddhism was forcibly converted to islam and the famous buddhist university destroyed.
    Malaysian muslims are now going back to their arab roots sponsored by pas and umno.

  38. apapunboleh says:

    these retards want another kosovo? we will give them hell!!!!

  39. ptui says:

    The best thing is to divide malaysia. 1Malaysia is rubbish illogical concept.

  40. apapunboleh says:

    best solution, malay area no temple or kuil, chinese area no mosque and indian area no mosque, everyone happy

  41. toweringmalay says:

    July 18, 2009 23:24 PM – Zahid Met Ehud Barak, Not Israeli PM In Paris

    JASIN, Aug 9 — Umno’s training bureau will soon organise a course for Umno Youth division chiefs based on a commando-type training module, Umno vice-President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said.

    26 August 2009 00:00 – (ABS-CBN News) – Authorities have seized a Panama-registered cargo ship and its crew after the vessel was found to contain crates of assault rifles when it docked at a local port without prior notice, officials said on Friday.

    Najis Tong Rosak will be worse than his father. This is TDM`s blue eyed, hand picked suckcessor

  42. toweringmalay says:

    July 18, 2009 23:24 PM – Zahid Met Ehud Barak, Not Israeli PM In Paris

    JASIN, Aug 9 — Umno’s training bureau will soon organise a course for Umno Youth division chiefs based on a commando-type training module, Umno vice-President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said.

    26 August 2009 00:00 – (ABS-CBN News) – Authorities have seized a Panama-registered cargo ship and its crew after the vessel was found to contain crates of assault rifles when it docked at a local port without prior notice, officials said on Friday.

    Najis Tong Rosak will be worse than his father. This is TDM`s blue eyed, hand picked s*ckcessor

  43. jb says:

    1Malaysia, 1 PeeM, 1 cow-head, 1 Malaysia boleh.

  44. sash says:

    They talking rubbish. Hindu temples are less noisy than mosques.

  45. SameSame says:


    Time and time again, we will be bashed with these kinda things. You know why? Its bcos the govt allows it. They play the card, what do you expect the rakyat not to follow??

    I just hope that the fellow indians dont get enraged and do something so stupid to make matters worst!

    Then we will be no better than Palestine, Jerusalem West End-East End!!! All want segregation! Ptui! Learn to live together and forgive and forget! Dont let the anti people get to YOU. Work hard and work things out.

    God lord whats happening to the Malaysia we once knew?

  46. boing says:

    Apa perasaan kita jika esok orang bawa kepala babi macam gitu kerana bantah pembinaan masjid dekat rumah kita?
    Lepas tu mereka berkata hati mereka tak aman jika ada masjid di situ sebab bunyi azan dan kuliah subuh yang bising?
    Dan mereka kata kepala babi ni untuk Ketua Umno Mr X dan Mr Y.
    Tak meletup Umno dan orang Melayu….


    Why be so blatantly bull-headed
    When matter can be better handled
    Without need for expressing any hatred
    But with mere holding of lighted candles?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 280809
    Fri. 28th Aug. 2009.

  48. boing says:

    “God lord whats happening to the Malaysia we once knew?”

    What you see was always there only now it surfaces as UMNO plays the religion card after the race card failed. Remember Hamid Albar`s father was a prominent figure once in rioting.

  49. wits0 says:

    “What you see was always there only now it surfaces ..” – boing.

    True, many have been had, all along and even voted BN. Now it’s fulat time for all to see.

  50. lee says:

    IGP dont know what PDRM means. Its POLIS DI-RAJA MALAYSIA, and NOT “POLIS PERDANA MENTERI MALAYSIA!!!… How can you diisrespect the symbol of our country??? You should not wait for PM’s order to act.

    Maybe PDRM should be changed to POLIS DI-NAJIS MALAYSIA…

  51. Kate says:

    Where were they when you need them the most ?

    Pardon me , I cant see anything without Candle on a sunny day.
    All you have to do is holding a candle and in Black.. just call my name and

    I will be there.. I ‘ll be there to protect you , I’ll be there to comfort you…I’ll be there to hold you tight and never let you go…

  52. congames says:

    PDRM put those chaps up to it. PDRM is a tool of UMNO if not those actors would have been arrested. Instead the police only stood and watched even when “bloodshed” threats were made.
    Now the Najis fellr, KJ all pretending to act “enraged” to try to get the indian support. This a big CON game by UMNO and Hassan Ali the Tiger beer man.

  53. cool says:

    congrats 2 UM(bn/mic/mca/gerakan)NO
    congrats also goes 2 CPO Khalid, IGP Musa, Hishamudin,Muhyidin n our beloved PM Najib
    special congrats 2 Samy Vellu, Dr. Subra, Devamany n Saravanan
    Not 4getting Kosukun who with his typical level-headedness urged all 2 a discussion 2 find a soln.

  54. kooler says:

    Spin wears thin

    Tourism campaigns are about spin. A great deal of twisting and turning, smoke and mirrors have gone into the “Malaysia, Truly Asia” promotion. Malaysia is indeed a country of diversity, but even to hint that its people are pulling together is to make a lie of reality. This may have been the case 30 years ago, but politics and religion mean that it is now far from being so.

  55. On the first Friday of the month of Ramadhan after the Friday prayers… sad.

    Where were the cops? They were there but what did they do? Nothing….

    Do you think its still safe in Bolehland?

  56. racuntikus says:

    The very proud, religous Malaysian Taliban

  57. racuntikus says:

    Now it is cow head, if they cannot treat animals properly it will be non muslim heads very very very soon. hisappudding must be sharpening his kris.

  58. talibannajis says:

    Orphan Rais and Kris Pudding warned bloggers about raising “sensitive” issues, but no action on this taliban from pakistan/afghanistan. That means all umno muslims support them. KJ and Najib threatening action is only a game to prevent arrests of the cow-ard bas*ards. Even cops are coward bas&tards dare not arrest if not get called sesat or murtad.

  59. R4Os says:

    Did they perform a “Dhabiha” (Ritual Slaughtering according to Islamic law) on the cow? If yes, why did they abused the poor cow’s bloody severed head, spat on it, kick on it, stomped on it? What had the poor cow done wrong? Why so much of hatred on the poor cow?

    Are we now living in a Talibanland? 1TalibanMalaysia?

  60. Menyalak-er says:

    Safest solution: declare explicitly that Malaysia’s Apartheid.
    Don’t worry about sanctions – they are from wimps.

  61. wits0 says:

    But Menyalak-er, Malusia governance cares plenty for image wat. So how can? It wants to ride two horses at the same time, eats the cake and have it too. Fundamentally dishonest and pretentious all the way. Some ppl wants the Merdeka spirit but treats the others like defiling merde while themselves as pure merde. Outa nation.

    In Hemingway’s, “For Whom The Bells Toll,” the story was one of young idealists joining the International Brigade helping to resist the fascist forces. Here, the fascist forces are from within, nourished by such animals like the BTN, e.g. and religiosity.

  62. R4Os says:

    Glocal quote Malayindians.blog.com: “Prime Minister Hussein Onn came down heavily on Islamic extremists. But the situation has been allowed to drift during recent years.”

    All our ex-PMs before Dr. Mahathiu would not allow Islamic extremists to rear their ugly heads, but during Dr.Mahathiu 22 years of destructive reigns, had nurtured these extremists up with his “Islamic XYZ” policies, now they have grown into a Monster so gigantic that it may swallow our very foundations of this nation…

    Dr. Mahathiu = Bapa Peruntuhan Malaisia…

  63. chinlwu says:

    How did PDRM got there so fast ? It makes all Malaysians wonder, did the protestors had a permit to gather. If not, 50 protestors did not constitute an illegal assembly, how come 14 persons holding a peaceful candle virgil plus 5 lawyers were arrested ?

    The 50 protestors must had felt trully triumphal able to march up to the State Building and did the utterly despicable act. This act is trully not acceptable and beyond any inmagination what islam preaches in the Quran.

    Dear true peace loving muslim friends, men and women, please do something when PDRM did nothing. This cannot be what Islam stand for, you all, muslim ladies and gentlemen have to correct this act. Your own fellow muslims are insulting your own religion.

    How is this blessed country Malaysia of ours going to move forward as one nation when the non-muslims, this generation and the generations to come have this notion in their mind, muslims can carry out acts to insult other non-muslims as they wish with as if ” with unwritten guarantee of no action from PDRM ” Someone in high office in PRDM or Home ministry need to give a convincing explanation.

    The non-muslims, Hindus, Buddhist, Christians and Sikhs, whatever they do will be taken as racialistics. They cannot march to demand PDRM to take action, only muslims can
    (if not PR organise )

    May The Almighty God have mercy on this country, let there be peace and all muslims and non-muslims can be one Bangsa

  64. Menyalak-er says:

    No need conspiracy theories – just a sleight of hand from master Toyol, would do. Of course aided by the hagfish’s nematode KSK, who appears to put the whole issue squarely on S’gor gomen’s plate. What’s the use of Naif asking igp to wallop these goons? They are invincible as past deeds testify.

    Wits, the very idea of apartheid is segregation – never before has this lunacy been allowed. In a sense, the issue was prompted by the Kg Buah Pala’s recalcitrance to parley with LGE and instead idiotically turned towards their has been Lord Sami and bumno affiliates. Severed cowheads have no sense of direction and greed is a cardinal sin. Thus they subject their community at large to such provocation. It was fun when it lasted, huh? Learning the hard way, when it was obvious they were being made use off – cowboys now dealing with cowheads.

    As i mentioned earlier, the Malay angst against the all things indian are just roiling beneath the surface – it doesn’t take much for them to instigate and provoke. It is best everyone stays calm and think with clarity. Our nation is already entering the terminus of rendering apart. Forbearance and preserverence is needed, not further agitation, which i see some bloggers doing.

  65. […] cent and today it’s 90 per cent. “Some of those who gathered outside the … More: Bless the sacrificed cow… « *SUSAN LOONE's Blog* Share and […]

  66. monsterball says:

    Cow brains buggers using cows to provoke .to riot…not for the country…but for themselves.
    What do you expect from cow brains buggers?
    Usually…..I like to poke fun and comment…but the Indians there have gone too far.
    Be it for or against..such sickening way to express unhappiness is idiotic and not for the country. It is downright racialists….selfish shortsighted action.
    Samy Vellu claim yesterday….MIC is very powerful. Let him comment on this. He dare not….because MIC have only those few machais of his left..dead and gone party.

  67. johnny depp says:

    “…but the Indians there have gone too far.” – monsterball

    How far have the Indians gone? “Too far” dont think so, at least not yet. I

  68. What can/or one expect from Malaysia and the quarter cooked Malaysian police ?
    Anyone else would have been arrested or the incident would not had been allowed to happen.

  69. johnny depp says:

    Well they dint like a christian heading MAS and they got him out now as mandore to the so-intelligent tsu koon the coon.
    Police reports on muslim desecration in the Holy Communion affair not attended to.
    This are only some examples of what the AM (Apartheid Malays) are encouraged by the dastardly murderer PM who is following his father`s footsteps. Now they promise “bloodshed” and UMNO youth are going for military training.
    So they can teach the Chinese and Indians a LESSON.
    Non malays should have more brains and start moving their money out of the country and everyone should get a passport. The country`s rulers cannot protect you when you are destined to be cremated/buried by rioting muslims.
    But first get out of Shah Alam and let the property prices there drop[ heavily……….make the malay owned banks suffer in the begining.

  70. kongkek najis says:

    It’s time the PR state governments form their own police force.

    Thus we have BN police department in BN controlled state and PR police depaprtment in PR controlled stste.

    If BN police refused to act, use la PR police force.

    So simple also can’t figure out.

    Real bodoh this pr pondan state government no wonder hari hari main by BN.

  71. Malaysia Boleh says:

    the action of this group do not represent Malaysian and

    please do not be provoked but pray and seek forgiveness

    on their behalf from God.

  72. Vincent Lee says:

    This clearly shows who are the real extremist in our country…

    Why can’t some Malays accept other races or religions…

    Though I’m not a Hindu and has nothing to do with me but this actions is a real DISGRACE TO ISLAM in MALAYSIA…

    1 Malaysia = Bullshit!!! There can never be 1 Malaysia when we practice double standards…

  73. AB LIM says:


  74. woofwoof says:

    “the action of this group do not represent Malaysian and
    please do not be provoked but pray and seek forgiveness
    on their behalf from God.”- Malaysia Boleh

    That is a poor joke but good sarcasm.

  75. woofwoof says:

    100% malays from UMNO, support the 50 cow-head cow-ards but PM and KJ got no balls to say it openly, only do it behind non muslims behinds . Read this and learn all you ignorant ones:

    kesava – August 10, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    “All this highlights is UMNO’s schizophrenic and chosen path to self-destruct. And looks to attack those it believes it can. It chose Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin’s website, http://www.malaysia-today.net. Several articles and discussions question the fundamental bases of Malaysia, the role of Islam, and other politically contentious issues that by law are declared seditious. One questioned the right of Muslims preachers to attack other religions in their Friday prayers. But instead of attacking him and his website openly, it uses newspapers and religious leaders to do the mudslinging.

    Dato’ Seri Najib kicked the ball first to insist to insist none should openly debate if Muslims could slander the followers of other religions, and promised to investigate the site, “Malaysia Today”.


  76. nagaraboo says:


    “Copying the song is a violation of intellectual property rights according to the law. We demand that the government take strong action, not just send a note of protest.

    “We have to unite against Malaysia, as they keep on stealing Indonesia’s assets,” Ruktiningsih said.

    Lokananta lawyer Jaka Irwanta said “Terang Bulan” and “Negaraku” were 80 percent the same. “We will take the case to the International Court [of Justice] if the Indonesian government is incapable of taking no stronger action than a protest note,” Jaka said.

  77. apapunboleh says:

    The UMNo controlled PDRM is only good at arresting peaceful protesters and extorting money from the general public.

  78. farknajib says:

    It is just in your blood isn’t it putting people’s lives in danger?

    Your father did it. And now you are repeating it all for your political gains. How can you Razaks call yourselves Muslims when Islam means peace. You Razaks shame Islam. You Razaks shame all Muslims.

    I hope that you are happy now that your wishes have come true. You have not stopped with raising the racial temperature in Malaysia from day 1 of you being Prime Minister. You have not stopped using all government channels to fan religious extremism in Malaysia. Why must it all be Malays vs the non-Malays and Muslims vs non-Muslims?


  79. Scott Thong says:

    Someone took a page from The Godfather‘s playbook:

  80. R4Os says:

    Johnny Depp: “This are only some examples of what the AM (Apartheid Malays) are encouraged by the dastardly murderer PM who is following his father`s footsteps. Now they promise “bloodshed” and UMNO youth are going for military training.”

    This time, ArmNow youths will get trained and well-equipped with modern military weaponry, if Najis were to put them to “Good Use”, it would make the 1969’s massacre (mainly used parang) plotted by his daddy look like a Child-play…

    Yes, since Kerishammuddin’s Keris shafting, many of my friends have migrated or in the process of obtaining PR, to get out of 1TalibanMalaysia…

  81. King says:

    1 Malaysia policy….sounds like the OLD 1 Australia policy, wiki or google it….he is following an old path….

  82. Surind Raj says:

    Really? & I wonder what people think about this.

    “The Koran contains contradictory statements like other religious books, but the Koran itself provides the reader with a way to know what to do with contradictions. In the Koran, it says if you have two passages that contradict each other, the one written later supersedes the one written earlier. A passage written later abrogates (makes null and void) passages written earlier that contradict it. It says so right there in the Koran. Most westerners don’t know this. And they are unaware that the peaceful, tolerant passages were written early in Mohammad’s prophetic career. According to the Koran, those passages have been overwritten by later, more violent, less tolerant passages.” (continue reading):

    & about this?:

  83. FenceSitter says:

    Ironically this incident and other like this could happen because of ISA, or
    rather selective ISA. They know damn well no action will be taken against them and they know the oppo. would dare to stir up the issue for risk of ISA. You don’t need a phd to figure that out. ISA is a 1 Sided Action used only against opponents of the bn gomen.

  84. hind-raf says:

    50 malays frightened the police, whereas thousands of Indians could not at the Hindraf Rally

  85. Kancilandak says:

    This unholy thing has happen in a opposition state.. round up the 50 and find out if they are pakatan people and ajar them cukup cukup..!
    Is it not enuff that they win 10 out of 11 byelection that they must resort to this to incite a racial riot?
    This is unislamic.. no malay muslim of sound mind will do this.. and my guru Mosterball is right as usual.. the hindus have gone too far! All peace loving malaysian please rally behind the goverment to teach these unholy 50 a lesson in religious tolerance.

  86. wits0 says:

    OCPD trying a spin as an excuse to save face. No Gobbledegook-ing shall be left unused.

  87. Puzzled says:

    I will not be surprise when finally the result is NFA! No Further Action simply because non of the protesters can be identified. Why? Guess about 95% are not even staying or have a home in or within even 5 km near the Temple. Surely Khir Toyo is innocent.
    Next the PDRM will bring justice and take action on the person responsible for makeing the reports. Otherwise ISA to protect the reporter from being harm by the protesters.
    I need to sleep more to dream nowadays of the drama.
    Yes! Strangely the 50 malays frightened the PDRM police, whereas thousands of Indians could not at the Hindraf Rally!

  88. Kancilandak says:

    Dont know how many big bottles of black beer they drink before do this.. Malays are not violence enuff to do this but what did this poor cow do..? This is going too far.. cant the SPCA take action?

  89. S.Rajan says:

    I wonder wat is KERIS MUDIN doing ?? He is suppose to act without biased but it seems tat he is deaf & dumb nw cos tis cannibal demo is directed by BN’s cronys?? By rite d organisers of tis disgraceful & dangerous demo shud b held under ISA. D police chief shud take responsiblity & sack d OCPD of Shah Alam who’s also part of d demo cos his officers were a bunch of stupid stooges who hve collobrate with d group of cannibal demonstrators who r trying to incte racial hatred.

  90. belacan says:

    With all these kampong mentality broadcasting in the cyber space, nobody would want to touch the koran.

  91. wackojako says:

    “.. no malay muslim of sound mind will do this.. ” – kancilandak

    You of unsound mind and your father would (esp on a friday) together with your new god umno

  92. Azmi says:

    Monsterball, will you please tell your student Kanchilball..er Kanchilandak what you meant when you wrote above: “the indians have gone too far.”

  93. wackojako says:

    “cant the SPCA take action?” – Kancilandak

    turn yourself in, they heard of you and are looking for you poor thing

  94. wits0 says:

    “cant the SPCA take action?” – Kancilandak

    What?! And have these Cowhead protestors burn down their premises while the cops stand idly by?

  95. anticrime says:

    Monsterball is playing ‘silence is golden’ after blurting out his usual nonsense, now his student is holding him by the scrotum. Monsterball must explain to his protege what he meant when he said when he said that the indians have goo too far!?

  96. IGPiggo says:

    Can’t hold a candle to cop’s excuse
    AUG 29 – One can’t hold a candle to the Shah Alam police excuse for inaction in fear of sparking further anger at the cow-head protest yesterday.

    It begs the question if the dozens of riot police in full gear were cowed by the actions of 50 protesters armed with banners and a cow’s head.

    And smacks of double standards.

    Dozens of people have been hauled away for less provocative stunts, like wearing black or holding lit candles at night.

    The only thing these cow-head protesters had in common with the others was to assemble without a permit.

    It only means the malay cops were WITH the protesters.

  97. IGPiggo says:

    Section 298 concerns the offence of uttering words etc with the deliberate intent to wound religious feelings while Section 298 (A) is related to the offence of causing disharmony.

    Makkal Sakthi Party president S Thanendran also condemned the protest as a “barbaric” act.

    He urged the Selangor government as well as the police not to tolerate this sort of behaviour and to take stern action against the protesters.

    “How can a temple disturb the peace of these people?

    “Things can become really ugly if we start raising other questions,” he said.

  98. angel of kampong says:

    My dear sloone,

    You have done a great job. May the Holy Spirit is with you always.

    To solve the cow-head protestors problem, convert them to Christian.

    Christians and Hindus can live in harmony side by side.

  99. IGPiggo says:

    If they throw one of the 50 protesters out of 14 floor Bangunan Masalam, all the other protesters will be singing like birds and pointing their webbed limbs at Najib A/L Datuk Nazak and the Toyol Dentist.

  100. Black Beer says:

    Come out Monsterball, how has the indian gone too far in this case?

  101. angel of kampong says:

    All these no cow-sense protesters just don’t appreciate God’s creation.

    Time to convert them to Christian.

  102. throwaway says:

    The protesters thought it was Najis Lembu umno boss

  103. farkrocky says:

    Idiot CPO closing the stable doors……but the horses have all run off

  104. boing says:

    farkrocky – August 29, 2009 at 6:46 pm,

    No lah, it is a warning to the Indians, see what he says…
    “Khalid warned that the police would not hesitate to take stern action against anyone out to create racial tension.”

    If they really meant it they would have taken action earlier.

  105. storm62 says:



  106. Daniel Tan says:

    Malaysia belong to all Malaysian … sakai, jakun, idiots, kadazan, murut, iban … as well as to the malays, chinese, indians … INDONESIAN … you name it … so long as they are born in Malaysia … period. Malaysia … TRULY ASIA … yeah … sure yeah … with cow head sure it is TRULY MALAYSIA!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!! COW HEAD PUN BOLEH … only in Malaysia under Najib/BN/Umno. My advise to all the peace loving Malaysian citizens … we use our head, think, stay clam … FORGIVE THIS IDIOTS!!! These goons rightful place is in Kamunting! So, let see why Najib & Krismudin are still sitting on their asses!!! Invoke the ISA NOW NOW NOW !!!

  107. SabranHindi says:

    You have a MURDERER as a Prime Minister and a PUAKA as his wife. Just the 2 figureheads are enough to tell the state of affairs of the country like MALAYSIA. Period!

  108. angel of kampong says:

    Mahathir had used the racial divide and rule systemt o the hilt.

    Now this system is obsolete and doesn’t work any more (The 308 GE completely obliterate the >>>Umnoputras<<<)

    So they resort to the religious racial and rule system. Hence we have this archaic behavior from the Umno kampong buffalo sycophants.

    Umnoputras are fast losing the kampong voters.

  109. angel of kampong says:

    PKR is gaining Umnoputras racial voters whereas Pas is circumscribing Umnoputra religious voters.

    It’s the end of Umnoputras. The racial and religious divide-and-rule systems are just not applicable now a day in this new and modern information and communication technological era.

    So all these Umnoputras are just tak ada laku now and therefore should just pack thgeir luggage and balik kampong, rearing chicken , tanam jagong, makan kankong, ikan bilis and belacan- back to the old old days! Hahahaha!

    Takda guna punya Umnoputras- bodoh dahalu, bodoh sekerang!!!

  110. Simonek says:

    remember ,when the authorities have detained those who burnt the malaysian flag based on photos taken as evidence, , why cant they re-enforce that for this matter ???

    May be this is Malaysia Boleh !!!

    I am really ashamed of this can be happened in Malaysia and therefore I would also like to extend my sincere sorry to all my Hindu friends and to all the malaysian hindus for this untowards incident.



  111. what’s so angry about the dead cow’s head. it just a cow head, you ppl never eat kepala kambing/lembu/ikan rendang before? plus, the motive is not blasphemous as it is reported the protester wants to send message that the gov don become like “lembu dicucuk hidung”….. such ppl really perasan..

  112. Simonek says:

    Dear anon dud -August 30 2009 @ 1215am

    Maybe you failed to understand the provocation/incitement action or you are one of them ? You cold-blooded four legged creature !!!

    Btw, can you please name the Restaurent or any shop whatsoever, in the country ,that served KEPALA LEMBU OR KAMBING?? I would be obliged to try!!!!



  113. stcin says:

    kepala-ikan lebih sedap laa !!

  114. Simonek says:

    definately… stcin @ 1.41am

    where the hell anon dud can get KEPALA LEMBU OR KEPALA KAMBING… goblok punya org!!!



  115. angel of kampong says:

    Mahathir is the master of stoking racial and religious issues.

    Mahathir is the biggest snake in the Bolehland of angel.

  116. angel of kampong says:

    If you see a snake, Indian, Malay, Chinese and Mahathir, which will you kill first?

  117. angel of kampong says:

    Mahathir, better pack and report to the nearest lock-up!

    Mahathir crying like a baby before sending to the lock-up

  118. […] Bless the sacrificed cow… It’s so clear this is a case of incitement, provocation. (malaysiakini) Their targets are not the Hindus, nor […] […]

  119. bakara says:

    Did the artistic achievements and inheritance, the artifacts and monuments, of Buddhism in Central Asia, did the stupas and the steles of Greco-Bactrian culture in what is now Afghanistan flourish, or disappear forever when Islam “changed for the better” this part of the world?

    Did the temple complexes of the Hindus, did the temples of the Jains, did the civilization of India, improve when Muslim conquerors came? Did India change “for the better” because of the arrival of Islam? When Muslims killed 60-70 million Hindus, and forced others to convert if they wished to avoid either immediate death, or the horrors of life as, at best, dhimmis under Muslim rule, was this a change “for the better”?

    Did the rich Hindu and Buddhist civilization of the East Indies — consider Borobudur, for example — replaced almost everywhere by Islam, and with the consequent esthetic and mental impoverishment that the narrow limiting of artistic expression, and the discouragement of free and skeptical inquiry, that are both such remarkably stable features of Islam, even though so contra naturam, did that Hindu and Buddhist civilization change, under Islam, “for the better”?

    Did Greece, did Bulgaria, did Serbia, did the rest of the Balkans, change for the better” when the Ottoman Turks arrived, leading some to convert out of a desire to protect themselves? What are Bosnian Muslims if not the descendants of Serbs who converted, just as Pakistanis and Indian Muslims are merely the descendants of Hindus who sought to escape the crushing conditions of life for non-Muslims during the centuries of Muslim rule, so much more aurangzeb than akbar? Was the child-snatching of the “devshirme” system, where Christian (and Jewish children) were taken to serve as Janissaries, a change “for the better”?

    Was the arrival of Islam in Syria-Lebanon for the pre-existing Christians — Maronites and others — a change “for the better”?

  120. bakara says:

    Was the arrival of Islam in Black Africa, through the Arab slave traders who began their cruel work, seizing black African boys, castrating them on the spot, in the bush, and then bringing them by slave coffle and dhow to the slave markets of Islam, a change, for those black Africans, “for the better”? Islam legitimizes, for all time, in its immutable texts, the rightness, the justness, of slavery. Slavery was only abolished among Muslims by the fiat of outside European powers (as France in Morocco and Algeria, or by the Royal Navy suppressing the Arab slave trade with Africa in the late 19th century, with intermittent booster shots of naval power displayed through much of the early 20th century) or by international pressure from the West, as when Saudi Arabia, but only in 1962, formally abolished slavery — though of course it continues, informally, right through to today. Did Islam, which allows slavery, and has never experienced a Muslim Wilberforce, change things “for the better”?

    Did the arrival of Islam make artistic expression freer? Did the arrival of Islam anywhere make more likely the cultivation of free and skeptical inquiry? Did the arrival of Islam, and its view of men as “slaves of Allah” who must acquire the habit of mental submission, anywhere lead to a cultural flowering that was not present before, or that was not the product of Arabic-speaking Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians, or those who were merely a generation away from being Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians, and still raised up in, or greatly affected by, such a non-Muslim milieu?

    Tell us where, and tell us in detail, about how the arrival and steady spread of Islam, where it did spread, and was not opposed, made the world “a better place”?

    Tell us.

    We’re all ears.

  121. So-hai says:

    Exco Kerajaan Negeri Ronnie Liu percaya tunjuk perasaan itu diberikan lampu hijau oleh Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani Noh Omar.

    “Selepas lawatan Noh Omar jawatankuasa yang dikatakan membuat bantahan mengenai kuil yang hendak dibinakan di Seksyen 23 itu, barulah berlaku insiden semalam kerana Noh Omar telah mengeluarkan satu kenyataan dia akan lawan, dia akan menentang projek itu berhabis-habisan,” kata Ronnie.

    “Lepas itu ada insiden ini. Saya mintalah Noh Omar, memberitahu apakah pendirian dia kepada kita. Adakah dia adalah penghasut atau batu api ataupun dia pun tidak setuju dengan apa yang berlaku semalam,” tambah Ronnie.

  122. So-hai says:

    Bugis najis and Java Khir Toyol is a secret agent for Indonesia, for ultimate annexation:

    “We have to unite against Malaysia, as they keep stealing Indonesia’s assets,” he added.

    An Internet search found that both songs do indeed share the same roots. Malaysia acknowledges as much on a government website detailing its monarchy system.

    The song “Terang Bulan” comes from a popular French melody in the Seychelles, which spread to the Malay archipelago in the early 20th century.

  123. So-hai says:

    Fast forward a couple of years from the humiliating 2008 general election and the Umno extremists have now crawled back into their shells and accentuate their hardline stance with a more extreme brand and rhetoric of Malay supremacy.

    They are increasingly disassociating themselves from a significant 40 per cent of the nation’s population (non-Malays and non-Muslims) and, at the same time, splitting the Malays right down the middle.

    The paradox between Najib’s 1 Malaysia and Umno’s raison d’etre is becoming even more evident and prominent by the day.

    Led by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Umno is shifting even further to the right to the extent of dismissing his fellow cabinet members in defending some extreme pro-Malay stances adopted by Umno leaders and their mouthpieces.

    Utusan Malaysia has been at the forefront of disseminating extreme pro-Malay and pro-Umno propaganda which is meant to sway the minds of the general Malays.

    Not only Utusan but also Malay Mail (& umno blogger Rocky), NaSTy, & STAR.

  124. monsterball says:

    Few want me to explain why I said the Indians have gone too far.
    I walked side by side with the thousands of Indians …the Indians…treated like an animal with two tear gas bombs right in front of me…plus water treatment. I repeat saying this to confirm…I risked my life for the Indians.
    Then I noted the many smart moves Indians did…to shame UMNO….especially the beautiful idea of presenting a flower to Abdullah by a loving child.
    Then so many Indians fought for freedom with no fear to die .under ISA.
    These are the Indians I respect and am wiling tom die along with them.
    By using a cow head to express your unhappiness…is asking for riots and trouble.yet the Indians are the ones.showing Malaysians..how to get freedom..by Gandhi’s way…non violence with total disobedience to UMNO.
    Some Indians are hot headed….like to do things..very fast…just to solve their own problems only…but dead set to vote…change of government and chuck MIC out totally.
    Again…I am saying…Indians need to protest and plan other types of activities…without using crude and low class ways…like cow heads.
    Cows are sacred to Indians….so that temple is sacred to Indians too…especially being one of the oldest in Malaysia.
    If one wants to talk of fightinG injustices done by UMNO..fight for the dead like Teoh…and treat him as a Malaysian
    Problems lies…so clear…it seems each race is fighting for their own….by simple folks. That must change.
    Finally…I said Indians have gone too far…because that act is not for Malaysians.but for Indians only.
    I maybe wrong ……..but I yearn for a Malaysian Malaysia…and that act…is not contributing towards that objective.

  125. monsterball says:

    I can feel for those who pray at that temple…who are so frustrated..that such an old temple..need to be demolished.
    This act shows UMNO does not depend on Indian votes.
    UMNO practices double standards always.
    They control and nothing can be done…but try to delay and delay as much and as long as possible..is all you can do.
    They will use laws that favours them…what can you do?
    In Thailand…monks burn themselves for such matter…peaceful with a powerful message.
    Maybe few dare to do that….may change their minds…but I say..no need to do it. Stay alive…with your powerful votes…to revenge.
    Here we get shouts and shows to incite riots and trouble.
    Bringing my mind back to the temple…my final advise is learn to sacrifice..learn to tolerant over a tyrant government and fight to vote them out.
    Will you prefer to loose a temple or thousands of lives…protecting it?
    Mind you..the temple is only dear to those living near there…not a holy site..recorded in history book.
    But we know..that temple,.is actually a historical site…which you should blame MIC for not demanded it to be recorded….and be forever protected.
    Like I said…UMNO have given up hope to depend on Indian votes.
    Do as much as you can peacefully…to delay..to hope and pray…UMNO will comply to the Indians villagers wishes….but stop low class crude methods.. to play dirty religious politics..to incite hatred and riots.
    That is not Mahatma Gandhi way of doing things.,…and infact…give UMNO chances to declare Emergency rule. Do you want that?
    Do the Indians love Mahatma Gandhi? Speak up!!
    Did Babu taught us to use cow heads to protest?
    In Emergency rule declared…you have no freedom at all.
    You are giving UMNO the chance.

  126. monsterball says:

    The cow heads are just heads..not like what you see in this blog..but there is a photo like so…put out in Malaysiakini….so you can say…Susan copied the photo… and truthfully put out her message..dramatically.
    All can go and read everything said in Malaysiakini.
    Who put those heads at the government office…no one knows……but since it is about the temple…any idiot can conclude.it is the work of Indians.
    To me…sad case for those so dear ti the temple…but I am sick of seeing low class ways to protest.
    Be a man…burn yourself to death for your race and religion……and not do anything… to provoke riots or racial tensions.

  127. dumdum says:

    “Who put those heads at the government office…no one knows….……but since it is about the temple…any idiot can conclude.it is the work of Indians.”- monsterball

    I was brought up to respect the elderly, but I also can see senility when it rears its ugliness.

  128. dumdum says:

    “…I risked my life for the Indians.” – monsterball

    Fark off lah, Indians can take care of themselves, you take care of yourself.

  129. dumdum says:

    This idiot monsterball without his idiot god gandhi is nothing it seems. Gandhi this, gandhi that eeek too much gandhi is like too much sugar and diabetes. Sick, sick, sick, sick

  130. monsterball says:

    I have said enough and dumdum love to twist and turn..which actually saying what a dum dum idiot he is.
    He can say anything he likes.

  131. jannisari says:

    ‘…By 1919, Gandhiji had become desperate in his endeavours to get the Muslims to trust him and went from one absurd promise to another… He backed the Khilafat movement in this country and was able to enlist the full support of the National Congress in that policy… very soon the Moplah Rebellion showed that the Muslims had not the slightest idea of national unity… There followed a huge slaughter of Hindus… The British Government, entirely unmoved by the rebellion, suppressed it in a few months and left to Gandhiji the joy of his Hindu-Muslim Unity… British Imperialism emerged stronger, the Muslims became more fanatical, and the consequences were visited on the Hindus…

    The accumulating provocation of 32 years, culminating in his last pro-Muslim fast, at last goaded me to the conclusion that the existence of Gandhiji should be brought to an end immediately… he developed a subjective mentality under which he alone was the final judge of what was right or wrong… Either Congress had to surrender its will to him and play second fiddle to all his eccentricity, whimsicality… or it had to carry on without him… He was the master brain guiding the civil disobedience movement… The movement may succeed or fail; it may bring untold disasters and political reverses, but that could make no difference to the Mahatma’s infallibility… These childish inanities and obstinacies, coupled with a most severe austerity of life, ceaseless work and lofty character, made Gandhiji formidable and irresistible… In a position of such absolute irresponsibility, Gandhiji was guilty of blunder after blunder…

    Gandhi is being referred to as the Father of the Nation. But if that is so, he had failed his paternal duty inasmuch as he has acted very treacherously to the nation by his consenting to the partitioning of it… The people of this country were eager and vehement in their opposition to Pakistan. But Gandhiji played false with the people…

    …I shall be totally ruined, and the only thing I could expect from the people would be nothing but hatred… if I were to kill Gandhiji. But at the same time, I felt that Indian politics in the absence of Gandhiji would surely be proved practical, able to retaliate, and be powerful with armed forces. No doubt, my own future would be totally ruined, but the nation would be saved from the inroads of Pakistan…

    …I do say that my shots were fired at the person whose policy and action had brought rack and ruin and destruction to millions of Hindus… There was no legal machinery by which such an offender could be brought to book, and for this reason I fired those fatal shots…

    …I do not desire any mercy to be shown to me… I did fire shots at Gandhiji in open daylight. I did not make any attempt to run away; in fact I never entertained any idea of running away. I did not try to shoot myself… for, it was my ardent desire to give vent to my thoughts in an open Court. My confidence about the moral side of my action has not been shaken even by the criticism levelled of against it on all sides.”

    -Nathuram Godse died because he sought to rid his country of the disease of Appeasement; recognised the dangers inherent in Gandhiji’s Ahimsa-cloaked despotism; anticipated the capitulation to the whims of Pakistan that Gandhiji would force upon an elected Indian government, against the wishes of the people. Godse’s motives, however, were vile…

  132. monsterball says:

    I have said my piece and will leave this blog in peace for few hours or days….depending where the wind blows.
    Out come few to defend me…OK
    But more to insult me…goodbye…for awhile.
    Lets see.

  133. jannisari says:

    Vile? because Godse targeted the leader of his country. He was infuriated by the deaths of thousands of his countrymen. … So who decides when the sabotage of one’s government is justified? The Opposition parties? The historians of the conquering countries? The “ordinary people” who pour into the streets to kick at fallen statues and celebrate by looting museums? Or the people who become “the rabble” during communal strife…? Oh puh-lease, spare me the lecture on patriotism: You wouldn’t know it if it bit off your nose.

    Today Nathuram Godse`s portarait hangs in the Indian Parliament. He was right when he said –

    “I have no doubt, honest writers of history will weigh my act and find the true value thereof some day in future.”

  134. monsterball says:

    Everyone can say anything they like…but facts are facts.
    Gandhi taught non violence and disobedience to the British.
    Books are written. Films were made…and approved by the late Indra Gandhi..that the film must be factual and true.
    Read his own biography written by himself….you can visualized what a simple man he was.
    Yes…he was extremely cunning and very smart…and that’s needed to counter fight British dirty politics…to divide and rule.
    Not one Indian was capable.. to battle the British…to free India..except him.
    Now it is over…you can never get 100% supporters…to be grateful and ever loving to Gandhigi.
    I went to India many times…and I love talking to those real democratic guys in the train….for or against…all views are respected.
    Not here…against me.must insult….not debate.
    Yes…In India..you can still hear and know…some do not like him at all.
    I am not an Indian….but when 500 million at that time is freed by one…and now enjoying total freedom ….with more than a billion population…how wrong Gandhi can be?
    It is only in Malaysia…that the father of freedom is killed off by Mahathir…hoping in 100 years time…UMNO BARU will be worshipped….and indirectly…he will be the hero for Malaysia.
    Again…this is my personal opinion..no need to insult or call me senile.
    This is not my first day in blogging.

  135. jannisari says:

    I cannot honestly say I had any reasonable expectation that the film would show
    scenes of Gandhi’s pretty teenage girl followers fighting “hysterically” (the word was used) for the honor of sleeping naked with the Mahatma and cuddling the nude septuagenarian in their arms. (Gandhi was “testing” his vow of chastity in order to gain moral strength for his mighty struggle with Jinnah.)
    When told there was a man named Freud who said that, despite his declared intention, Gandhi might actually be *enjoying* the caresses of the naked girls, Gandhi continued, unperturbed.

    Nor, frankly, did I expect to see Gandhi giving daily enemas to all the young girls in his ashrams (his daily greeting was,
    “Have you had a good bowel movement this morning, sisters?”), nor see the girls giving him *his* daily enema. Although Gandhi seems to have written less about home rule for India than he did about enemas, and excrement, and latrine cleaning (“The bathroom is a temple. It should be so clean and inviting that anyone would enjoy eating there”), I confess such scenes might pose problems for a Western director.

    Even Chua Soi Lek would balk at “Breakfast In The Latrine”

  136. jannisari says:

    “This is not my first day in blogging.”

    Who the fark cares whether your first day or last day?

  137. wanmokhtar says:

    “…that the father of freedom is killed off by Mahathir…”

    dsai father of freedom? Bollocks………..he is just another human being with 2 hands and 2 legs and repented in prison for the sins he introduced as DPM which mahathir allowed him to do. That was mahathir`s mistake for being power hungry and so bringing him into umno which started the slide.
    Hopefully, the beating and time in prison knocked sense into his thick head so now at least he talks a little bit of sense.
    Father of freedom was the Tunku.

  138. monsterball says:

    wanmokhtar…read my message carefully.
    You are right.

  139. wanmokhtar says:

    “It is not a question of Umno or not, we are all Muslims. I am disappointed that a Muslim leader has neglected the Muslim community. Our religion has been sidetracked,” Latiff Roslan said.


  140. born2reign says:

    Indonesia, please take back your “asset” Khir Toyol. We are very happy to pay for his airasia ticket home.

  141. watchdog says:

    Muslim protest in Shah Alam is clear indicator majority muslims cannot live comfortably with ninmuslims. The 40% indians should move out of that section and the PR gormen should help in that.
    This can easily be done by exchanging with muslims in SEA Park, Subang Jaya or Puchong etc. Then all the muslims can be happy in 1 place.

  142. monsterball says:

    Jannisari…..Talk as much as you like. Gandhi love young girls is nothing new..so does Chairman Mao..so was Kennedy….Castro.
    Judge..insults…and fcuk anyone you like.
    What have you contribute to the country…besides your big mouth?

  143. monsterball says:

    Jannisari…..Talk as much as you like. Gandhi love young girls is nothing new..so does Chairman Mao..so was Kennedy….Castro.

  144. dumdum says:

    They also eat in latrines? kahkahkah
    They also give “enema”? (arse wash out) kahkahkah this monsterball is so well informed after all the arse banging.

  145. where got protest that is high class one, the purpose/demonstration is to gain attention anyway. you ppl so double standard – you ppl condone isa protest, hindraf protest, bersih protest and yet condemn such protest building temple place where it should not be. all the protesters wanted is to build at other place, as simple as that. go watch malaysiakini video for more detail. as for the cow’s head, it’s just you ppl “perasan” and want to make it into religion issue. the protesters just want to show to the state gov don’t be and act like a cow like “lembu dicucuk hidung”. what “cold-blodded 4 legged creature”, if you so care about animal and against slaughtering, go become a vegetarian instead.

  146. wits0 says:

    Gandhi was neither really saintly nor truly wise and balanced as the Western populists and schoolbooks portrayed, though he was an avid student of the Vedas.

    In fact he was pretty cranky and idiosyncratic as the Indians themselves understood him to be. That’s why within India, there are many detractors wrt what he stood for. That’ was why during the making of Richard Attenborough’s 1982 film Gandhi, the producer(s) found few local Indians were truly in the know about him.

    That his Passive Resistance worked against the British under the given circumstances does not make that an universal panacea for all seasons and under all circumstances. He was, notedly, also an apologist for the Holocaust, telling the Jews to go get slaughtered like lambs. This fact actually cancels out his preaching of, “Passive Reisistance”.

    Gandhi was made into an idealistic and infallible icon, largely, by the Western Liberal Press. Please stop parading his name around like what he wasn’t just because it suit your own sentiment formed through limited knowledge of history.

  147. R4Os says:

    “Who put those heads at the government office…no one knows….……but since it is about the temple…any idiot can conclude.it is the work of Indians.”- monsterball


    Initially I thot u made a typo-error in saying “…the Indians there have gone too far.” typing “Indians” instead of “Malays”, but now u that explained, u got it all wrong!!!

    Look at the photo-gallery in this link:


    Which “Indians” r u talking about in the photos?

  148. Ravi says:

    Its really sad to see Malaysia degrading to extremism and no tolerance. I am a Malaysian who lives overseas in a Westen country. In this Western country the Muslim population is 1% and Non-Muslim is 99%. But they are free to build thier Mosque anywhere they like. In fact there are quite a few mosques. Should we destroy these mosques because 99% of the population is non-muslim? Everyone has a right to worship, it is a GOD given right, GOD has given man freedom to choose. These kind of acts do not promote Islam but rather give them negative pubilicity. I believe not all Malays are like that, but sad to see so much intolerance in Malaysia today. What is the point of religion if it brings fighting and intolerance among the people GOD created. Should we not be kind and compassionate to one another irrespective of race or religion. Whether one likes it or not Malaysia is compromised by different religions and diffeent races.

  149. azmi says:

    Hey Monsterball, why don’t you have the balls to admit that you made a mistake there, you egoistic cowhead? No wonder a nut like Kanchilandak calls you his guru. Stop crying and shut up before the indians get pissed off with your sympathy seeking bullcrap.

  150. AB LIM says:


  151. kittykat46 says:

    “lembu dicucuk hidung” – what a lot of najis from a BN shit-stirrer.

    The protest revolved around their rejection of a Hindu temple, they knew exactly what they were doing, which was a deliberate, calculated provocative religious insult.
    I’m still angry about the continuing Polis Raja DiMalaysia kid-glove treatment of them. Seeing how they acted instantly against peaceful candle-light vigils and comparing to their inaction now….

    The dead give-away was the protester’s “professional” banners; this was not a spontaneous nor local protest. Ah, I found out today it was sponsored by Pewaris. No prizes for which political party’s dirty work Pewaris is prone to do. Not PAS, Not PKR…

    I’m sick and tired of the Two-Headed Snake game with Najis’s bogus 1Malaysia and the rest of UMNO’s Ketuanan Melayu.

  152. Kancilandak says:

    I hear from my indian friend, he a graduate in History, that Ghandi if never do his independence jig, the British might stayed and make India like Hong Kong, or if they never follow Ghandi they may have follow the INA Subash Bose chief and create a new self suffiecency India. Therefore Ghandi is not even fit for the title “Mamatma”. He says, better name for him is “Mamak Ghandi”

  153. malingsia says:

    “lembu dicucuk hidung”

    At least now we know Najis & geng dont clean their noses. All the while I thought gold digger “Ringgit Malaysia” Rosmah was doing it.

  154. medusa says:

    I live in section 17 PJ a non mulsim majority area. There are 2 mosque in the vicinity where we stay and every day we hear the loud blast from the mosque. I did not hear 0f any of my neighbours making complaints. well we tolerate them so why cant they tolerate us. I was in England some years ago and I saw a mosque in a non muslim majority area and I notice the people there– the non muslim, did not feel uncomfortable about the presence of the mosque there. The mosque there were also considerate and do notmake loud blast like the ones we have here . In a multicultural and multi religious country like Malaysia pelple should learn to tolerate each other. People should be educated to give and take. We talk about 1 Malaysia but what is being done to promote this idea. The way things are going it looks like people here are getting more divided than united

  155. Aljuburi says:

    1 Malaysia is the dream of an Ass with constipation

  156. najisflies says:

    PETALING JAYA, Aug 30 — Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad has blamed Umno for the shocking display of bigotry two days ago, saying the brother of the local Umno chief was one of those carrying the cow’s head to protest relocating a Hindu temple.

    Some Section 23 residents have also accused Khalid, who is well known for his inclusive views, of lying and say they are fed-up with his calls for religious tolerance and accused him of neglecting the Muslim community.

    But Khalid said that he had met the residents in June over the proposed temple relocation and thinks Umno has since then inflamed the sentiments of the residents.

    He cited the actions of Datuk Noh Omar, the Umno state deputy liason chairman and Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister, as the catalyst for the residents’ recent inflammatory protest.

    Noh had made at least one visit to the proposed temple site in August and told the media that he would seek an injunction to stop the relocation adding that the Selangor government was going against the Federal Constitution by ignoring the sensitivities of Muslims, who make up the majority of residents in Section 23.

    Khalid claimed that the brother of Shah Alam Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Nawawi was one of the two men who were caught on video carrying the cow head.

    “The residents were encouraged by the minister’s speech and backing,” said Khalid.


  157. najisflies says:

    Just weeks after Pakatan swept into power in Selangor last year, some Muslim residents in Kuala Langat made an issue over a centralised pig farm, a project that was actually mooted by the former Barisan Nasional state government.

    Most recently, a controversy erupted over the aggressivness of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) in wanting to grill Pakatan Selangor state lawmakers while former mentri besar, Datuk Seri Khir Toyo who has been accused of corruption over the cost of his palatial Balinese style mansion, has not been probed.

  158. najisflies says:

    Khalid delivered a parting shot at MACC, referring to comments by Section 23 residents action committee chairperson Mahyuddin Manaf, who said he was mystified by the appearance of the cow head at the protest.

    “There are a lot of mysteries in Shah Alam. Nobody knows how Teoh Beng Hock died. If you ask MACC, they will probably say that the cow committed suicide,” he quipped.

  159. p-r supporters always like this one…. only them can protest but not other supporter against p-r….. and hypersensitive and easily get “perasan” when the protesters use carcass. hey, the koreans also used carcass in their protest…. so what the protesters imitate them to air their grievance….

  160. Aljuburi says:

    Kat Malai-sial lembu pun bunuh diri.

  161. even small kid oso knows (what’s more state gov is governed by adults) it’s wrong to build temple in place where the worshippers are not majority. you can see the video there’s a budak shout “bantah, bantah” …..

  162. ktteokt says:

    Do not unto others what thou do not wish others to do unto thou! What if the offended party decide to throw the head of another animal at MOSQUES!

  163. monsterball says:

    Then ‘they’ will have a lorry load of cow shit…pour at the gate..at the government building
    Then…offenders get very mad….may throw red paint to say blood will flow…if do not stop. One group will be wearing red head bands to get ready for a showdown.
    Then ‘they’ will defy..and throw more cow shit..with one group on road show..to say…no fear…come one come all.
    The show goes on and on….to celebrate 52 years Merdeka and ..”1Malaysia”
    Can this be a diverting tactic to other matters….by wayang kulit buggers…and make Malaysians forget Teoh..Mongolian lady…PKFZ…Tiong/OKT….and especially Permatang Pasir embarrassing result to Najib?

  164. dumdum says:

    Can this be a diverting tactic to other matters….by wayang kulit buggers…and make Malaysians forget Teoh..Mongolian lady…PKFZ…Tiong/OKT….and especially Permatang Pasir embarrassing result to Najib?


  165. R4Os says:

    anonymous dud – August 30, 2009 at 12:15 am said:
    “what’s so angry about the dead cow’s head. it just a cow head, you ppl never eat kepala kambing/lembu/ikan rendang before?”


    I am curious to know how your ppl would react when somebody put a bloodily “Kepala Babi” at the door-step of your ppl’s place-of-worship?

    FYI, “Kepala Babi” shouldn’t be an issue lah, u know what? the “Kroger” Hyperstores in US (competitor to Wal-mart) name their in-store restaurants as the “Boar’s Head”, and hang a big Boar’s head on the wall of their restaurants…

    perasan tak?

  166. R4Os says:

    “I hear from my indian friend, he a graduate in History, that Ghandi if never do his independence jig, the British might stayed and make India like Hong Kong…” — Kancilandak


    If what u argued is true, then I think the British might turn Malaya into like H.K. rather than India, so why Tunku asked for Merdeka from British? why made him a “Bapa Merdeka” and celebrate merdeka?

    Umnoputras like u r such retards, only good at making stoopid arguments like this…

  167. “I am curious to know how your ppl would react when somebody put a bloodily “Kepala Babi” at the door-step of your ppl’s place-of-worship? ”

    you’re talking nonsense. the cowhead is not at temple but state gov office. it’s about to protest to state gov don’t act like a cow. you ppl “perasan” that the cow head purpose is mockery to religion but infact it’s not.

  168. R4Os says:

    Quote Khalid S. : “There are a lot of mysteries in Shah Alam. Nobody knows how Teoh Beng Hock died. If you ask MACC, they will probably say that the cow committed suicide,”

    Hahaha…, good one, this should be “Merdeka Day’s Best Joke”!

  169. R4Os says:

    “…the cowhead is not at temple but state gov office. it’s about to protest to state gov don’t act like a cow. you ppl “perasan” that the cow head purpose is mockery to religion but infact it’s not.”– Anon

    Then why chose a Cow’s head, and not a pig’s head?

    and u expect others to believe it’s nothing about religion?

  170. “Then why chose a Cow’s head, and not a pig’s head?

    and u expect others to believe it’s nothing about religion?”

    1) the muslim cannot touch pig/swine

    2) the state gov is stupid and ignorant like cow and should have the temple allocated other place instead.

    sikit2 “perasan”, no wonder riots and fights happen lah, because of such “perasan” ppl…

  171. R4Os says:

    “even small kid oso knows (what’s more state gov is governed by adults) it’s wrong to build temple in place where the worshippers are not majority. you can see the video there’s a budak shout “bantah, bantah” — Anon dud,

    Anon dud,

    In US, I see most Hindu temples, Chinese temples, Buddhist temples, etc, r built in “White majority” areas, where the hindus or chinese r less than 10%, but the whites here never complained or protested with a bloodily cow’s head.

    Only basterds like u and your biadak brethrens wud do such barbaric things…

  172. like indian mutiny where they use cow’s fat for the new catridge casing as grease, sikit sikit going sparked unrest and kill the europeans, when the grease purpose is not for belittling or humiliating the religion but part of the rifle design…..

  173. R4Os says:

    “sikit2 “perasan”, no wonder riots and fights happen lah, because of such “perasan” ppl…” — Anon dud

    Guess who always get AMOK first and threaten with bloodbath for their Keris?

  174. R4Os says:

    1) the muslim cannot touch pig/swine

    ans: u could wear gloves carry the head without hands on it? or why not anything else other than cow? don’t u guys know cows are sacred to Hindus, n u were protesting about HINDU temple? only inbred retards can’t figure this out…

    2) the state gov is stupid and ignorant like cow and should have the temple allocated other place instead.

    ans: But the Malay proverb says “Bodoh macam Babi”, u should use pig’s head, to send the message correctly…

  175. monsterball says:

    hooray!…. dum dum no more dum…so sensible and smart now.
    Ada musin ke?

  176. dumdum says:

    hooray!…. dum dum no more dum…so sensible and smart now.
    Ada musin ke? – monsterball

    Aiyah y la u make me do this? U take a wrong turn and you get answer to your question.
    Oh, you also better read this:

  177. dumdum says:

    Wat anonymous dud makes sense in a way- all non muslims should get out of muslim areas start with Shah Alam. Also non muslims should stay away from working in military, PDRM and teaching professions.
    Hartal the gormen. Nonmuslims and muslims should stay away from each other, or non muslims should accept to be slandered by muslims as encourage by Najib and UMNO.

  178. R4Os says:

    Watch this cow-head demo on video in youtube:

    This should convince once & for all to those who might have some doubts (including Monsterball’s wrongly put Indians in a bad spot).

    It’s clear as daylight, showing who r the real culprits…

  179. Menyalak-er says:

    Uh, do you think they got thirsty after shouting and screaming after a hot afternoon’s activities. If so, i’ll willingly belanja them some natural stuff – toddy for the toadies. Especially, since they dislike ‘inorganic’ beer.

  180. R4Os says:

    No, toddy tak halal, u better offer them “Tapai”or “Tuak”, 20% Alc. Vol., lagi shiok nye…

  181. umnonajisbabi says:

    Can a Muslim majority live with a non-Muslim minority as equals, or must the former be explicitly dominant–in law as well as in day-to-day life? And can Muslims reconcile piety with a culture where the rights of the individual (say, to order a beer) are given precedence over communal beliefs?

    If you’re looking for an image that captures the conflict between fervent Islam and basic human decency, look no further than the Malaysian city of Shah Alam, about 15 miles west of Kuala Lumpur.

  182. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… we’ve been experimenting for the past 52 years, flers.
    Looks like the conclusion seems negative, umnonajisbabi.
    No matter, we have got some very enlightened moderates, even liberals amongst us and by God we shall perservere.
    Hey R40s and friends, i belanja you imported (have to be) ‘mao-tai’ when we meet up someday soon! Away, with that dinky beer!

  183. […] Bless the sacrificed cow… « *SUSAN LOONE's Blog* […]

  184. Surind Raj says:


    List of Malaysian Bloggers that Might be Pandering/Grovelling to Extremists/Fundamentalists/Zealots


  185. Kherry Scarry says:

    Where’s MIC…..???

  186. thiagaraju says:

    MIC?………..they are having beef party

  187. ktteokt says:

    So instead of a SCAPEGOAT, we have a SCAPECOW this time! Malaysia truly BOLEH (mati)!

  188. hello says:

    “like indian mutiny where they use cow’s fat for the new catridge casing as grease, sikit sikit going sparked unrest and kill the europeans, when the grease purpose is not for belittling or humiliating the religion but part of the rifle design…..”

    anon dud.
    you got to be a kayu for a being this stupid.read your history books first before writing .malu betul kau ini

    btw,sepoy army consists of muslim and hindu soldiers.there we given pork fat(lard) and beef fat for the rifles.it was one of THE REASON of the mutiny

  189. hello says:


    the more you write ,the more you show your true colours.have you watch the malaysiakini clip ? watch the person calling for bloodshed if the temple goes ahead? are there indians to you?were the persons carrying the head are there indians?(notice a lot of pekida there,easy to spot them)

    if you can’t answer them ,then you are bodoh for not observing or maybe you made a mistake but refuse to admit it .then we can call you bodoh sombong.

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