Hadn’t we’ve heard enough?

A statutory declaration by a purported aide de camp of Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan has alleged that his former boss had triads links. (malaysiakini)

But Abdullah Badawi was still adamant in prolonging his contract.

Where is Musa now and where is Abdullah?

If Najib Tun Razak is also bent on continuing his service, probably Najib would also end up in the dumbs.

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  1. wits0 says:

    Hi Susan, do you mean “dumps” or “dumbs”? 😉

  2. Kancilandak says:

    Hiyah..! Now another new problem.. Aljuburi make new Raja Prata’s old allegation about the revered IGP involved in Chinese Triad activities.. we must rally behind the goverment to stop the slandering in this Ramadan month..! It is the gangsters to be blamed not the IGP..! If we round up and shoot the gangsters, the oppoistion supporters cry “foul, foul” just like what happen the Kugan case! How to satisfy if Aljuburi is greedy for revenge?

  3. wits0 says:

    Gangster head Ah Hing already said in 2005 :

    Pordah, Kancilandak!

  4. ericind says:

    IGP=1 gangster police,that simple.

  5. mactoksei says:

    kancilandak, only gangster will support gangster!

  6. Najis Tong Rosak will still need the service of the IGP who will help carry out his wishes, I scratch your back and you scratch mine. He will definitely extend the IGP’s contract – he has already pre-warn the people thru an announcement by his cousin Kerismuddin who was reported in the press as “I support the IGP’s extension of service….”

  7. Jean's a moneyfaced lass, but would pay gigolos anytime of the day says:

    Gangster or police (IGP), spot the difference?

    Ans : Gangster in uniform.

    “But Abdullah Badawi was still adamant in prolonging his contract.” -Sloone

    If I am Musa Hassan, the blackmail never ends. Why and how? The then PM AAB’s himself and his administration has committed a lot of misdeeds that resulted in police reports lodged against them (most BN top guns) and in order for the police to cover it up, – “I scratched-your-back, you, scratch mine” tacit understanding has to be mutually effected which the resultant – that much awaited Royal Police Commission of Inquiry was never enacted yielding to the wishes and protest from the police against such commission. Why? So that more misdeeds by the police (past, present and future) can be committed with impunity.

    And talking about PM Najib, how many police reports including uninvestigated SD has been filed and registered against him?

    Like what the respectable Senior Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew said – “If an institution is corrupt to the core, then there is no chance of corrective redress”.

  8. Aljuburi says:

    “..If we round up and shoot the gangsters,..”

    You knave, it makes more sense to round up the IGP and shoot him. Has your guru monsterball given you your enema yet?

  9. espinauldchan says:

    our IGP must otherwise our malysia that i love if not law and order cannot be improve. They should be fair to the people of this country and should take action especially the BN/Components like MCA etc., etc., in the Government, The Police themselves are corrupted. They are the Government stooges.

  10. Aljuburi says:

    “How to satisfy if Aljuburi is greedy for revenge?”

    You want to b satisfied Join the MACC and get some child porn la you idiot:

    When an MAS pilot who had child porn on his mobile phone was arrested in Australia, his father said it is not really that big an issue. He argued that what his son had on his mobile phone is what everyone else would also normally have on his/her mobile phone as well.

    This particular father defending his son against the charge of having child porn on his mobile phone is the MACC chief, the anti-corruption agency that is being used to try to topple the Pakatan Rakyat government and the agency behind the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

  11. Voter says:

    Don’t blame Dolah Badawi. That nincompoop is the most stupid malaysian to become a Minister, what more a PM. That is Madhir modus operandi who put stupid persons in high public office so that he can control them. Dolah, Gani Patail, Musa Hasan, Eusoffe Chin are all idiots which Mahadir gave positions of high office.

    Dolah only knows Jeanne Danker. Other than that he knows nothing. Read Johari Baharom’s letter in M2Today to Dolah linking both Gani Patail and Musa Hasan with the gangster named the ‘Heavenly King’ which resulted in him being released from restricted residence.

    Only stupid Umno idiots will hold them in high esteem. What more you expect from idiots and kampung’s fools.

  12. hawkeye says:

    its an easier way to be a thug

  13. maie58 says:

    why aljuburi n kancilandak very busy defending musa hasan……what u get bros…mesti baik punya…jangan emosi sangat bros nanti kena heart attack baru padan dengan muka kau….

  14. Aljuburi says:

    maie58 – August 30, 2009 at 6:19 p

    No under stand anglais betr you in manglish hai. Nasib-ing baik kancil paham.
    You betr to read komen2 saya 10 kali slow slow lagi u paham wat I cakaping….padan muka kau kkekekekekeke

  15. Kancilandak says:

    Becoz our revered IGP is a God fearing man.. he pray until his forehead got black mark.. and people like this are very staunch in they principles. And our leaders know that he is indespensable in our present crime fighting situaton.

  16. Leong Yook Kong says:

    The present IGP must go on 13 September 2009.

  17. vengai says:

    Kancil landak
    U fit to be the next IGP. U have that criteria. Im sure Ichi cock Najis Altantu pussie fucker aka Altantu ass screwer will definately appoint some like u to be the next IGP.He knows well that u will lick his ass at any time and place.

  18. ajajal says:

    This IGP should not be allowed to have his service extended nor a retirement. After all the reviews showing he is working for a Mafia
    and collecting his pay from tax payers he should be put to trial. He should have all the beautiful shameful medals removed from his evil chest and kept in the jail without light for the rest of his life.


    Is there a thin line between black and white
    And whatever else that’s clean and bright?
    Not everyone knows what’s there to wipe
    When you want something that’s fully right

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 300809
    Sun. 30th Aug. 2009.

  20. monsterball says:

    Band of thieves are mostly gangsters..and gangsters in UMNO are now very disunited…thus throwing insults and pointing fingers at each other are signs of the thieves….finding it difficult to steal…right now…with millions of eyes watching them.
    So used to very expensive lifestyles…Najib trying hard to be he nice guy..with “1Malaysia”..showing gangsters how to cheat…ye able to win hearts.
    So far…only school children and innocent youngsters are excited.
    Malaysians are not afraid of gangsters. All can combine….comparing to the might of People’s Power….it is like a mosquito to Malaysians.
    They can kill or provoke…using outside forces….day in day out…UMNO BARU is heading to the Tong Sampah…by their own actions and MCA is helping it to do so…trying to save their own skins…without knowing it. MCA and UMNO have lost all bearings and thinking right.
    All actions are pointing to survival…each for it’s own benefits. with a band of thieves/gangsters……tagging along..hoping BN will win the 13th GE..to avoid getting arrested for corruptions.
    It’s 2 years away..but that is actually not too long…for dirty politicians trying to brainwash as many Malaysians as possible to support them.
    Sit back and notice…it is UMNO BARU and MCA fighting for survivals.
    How strange it is….and why?

  21. wits0 says:

    “..he pray until his forehead got black mark.. and people like this are very staunch in they principles…” – kancilmabok.

    So has Ayman Zawahiri, the AQ’s no. 2. They are very deluded and hypocritical. Only the truly shallow are impressed by such show-off external displays of ‘piety’.

  22. Moo.. says:

    In BolehLand there is no diffiernce between the two?

    One is illegal and the other is licenced…. but their one same color…..

  23. dumdum says:

    “..he pray until his forehead got black mark.. and people like this are very staunch in they principles…”

    This fellow got 2 black marks, so how? http://mahaguru58.blogspot.com/

  24. mali says:

    Taiko or call it Professional hustler,Taikotai.,Makpia.(saudara Mafia)…..
    Whatever name you like to call yourself as long as you get yourself a cup of Kopi.

    Taikuching also can ? Kopi ore for you loh- no gula , no milk.

  25. lee says:

    Now we know why no action taken on the Along Stickers pasted on Public Properties.
    Then you see on TV they go ALL OUT WAR against the money lenders – BUT did they catch anyone???… NO…
    They are actually ACT-ing for the media and at the same time do a Gotong-Royong for their “BOSS” by taking down worn-out and dirty ads (Stickers) for new batch to be put up…

  26. Ismandy Hamza says:

    Haiya….kong pun bo yong, ma!
    Gangster = police
    police = gangster
    MACC = Gestapo
    Gestapo = MACC
    MACC = Cow
    Cow = MACC
    BN-MCA Health Minister = Sex
    Sex = BN-MCA Health Minister
    Money = Power
    Power = Money ma
    H5N1 = H1N1
    H1N1 = H5N1

    Everything process of recycle ma.

    Sorry Sloone, I can’t spot the difference.
    They are all 1. ‘1 Malaysia’ ma.
    Malaysia Boleh ma.

    Tomorrow Merdeka ma!
    No fear of H1N1 ma.
    Still want to celebrate ma.

  27. apapunboleh says:

    They are all the same, the only difference is that one of them has uniforms

  28. Menyalak-er says:

    Naif is “bent on continuing his service…” Suasn.
    Ah, without Freudian slips the world will be such a dull place!
    The reason for ‘bending’ to the continuing servive is because they are all these buggers’re suffering from Peyronies Disease.
    The crooked deserves the ‘senget’ when erection, err… elections come.

  29. storm62 says:

    “If we round up and shoot the gangsters, the oppoistion supporters cry “foul, foul” just like what happen the Kugan case! How to satisfy if Aljuburi is greedy for revenge?”

    Kancilandak – August 30, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    hello kancilancau,

    what if we round up the gangsters and shoot the IGP?……i think the police and the opposition supporters will be all smiles.

    do you know that many in the police force would like to have a new and more respectable boss?

  30. badapink says:

    Happy mai de ka, by the year 2020 our boleh land gonna be like Zimbabwe,Wanna BET? DON’T BE NAIVE MY FRIENDS IT WILL HAPPEN…

  31. For Justice says:

    If I am not wrong the child porn by the son of the MACC head was on his NOTEBOOK – it was video. You should read what the Australian judge commented on the nature of the porn video. It was dispicable.
    Well for the macc head, he may have porn on his mobile phone/computer/notebook. I and I am sure the vast majority of people do not have such material. It is only the sickos like the macc head and his son who have them.

  32. Bliss88 says:

    They really need tis musang.PERIOD.!! He is the one that help set Anwar up n got tis job for being the running dog of amno. His black spot on forehead is a sign tat shits is going up to his brain now, for all that he has done.

    As for tat MACC head, he is better off take the retirement option early to look after his perverted son. WONDER if any of the missing children has got anything to do with him or NOT?? Tats why still cannot solve!! Just a tot, since so far that bastard is the only known malaysian with child porno.

    HAPPY MERDEKA GUYS. Tat kancil fella, go and get some eggs to suck. U need it assholes!!

  33. R4Os says:

    “If Najib Tun Razak is also bent on continuing his service, probably Najib would also end up in the dumbs.” — Susan

    No, AAB and NTR, they r not dumb, on the contrary, they r very smart devils, they have learned this dirty tactics from their guru Dr.Mahathiu, some call it Mahathirism (more like “Political Gangsterism”). Their modus operandi: to find and appoint ppl who have major weaknesses/crimes into important positions, show these ppl the trumpcards and tell them to follow their orders or else they get punished, then squeeze their balls hard when they want these goons to follow their instructions to achieve their means…

    That’s how highly controversial goons such as the ex-CJs, ex-EC-Chief, paedophile Ah-mad Said, Triad-leader Musang Hassan, Sodomee-specialist Ghani Petai, etc… got their jobs, and got their service extended N times after they retired…

  34. R4Os says:

    “Becoz our revered IGP is a God fearing man.. he pray until his forehead got black mark.. ” — Kancilandak


    Noooo…, those blackmarks on his forehead, r caused by his doing too many “kow-tows” over his years of PRDM career, first to the Triad’s bosses, and then to his superiors, and then to Dr.Mahathiu, and then to Pak’lah, now to Najis…

  35. Paul Warren says:

    Isn’t it nice to know Malasian triads are the real rulers of the country? The Mafia would be jealous and maybe they could be coming around to learn from our Triads. What about the Yakuza? Maybe they too can learn something from us. Malaysia sure has a lot to teach the world

  36. Got difference meh…?

    All these while I thought they were the same, Susan…!!!!!!
    What lah…..

    You also don’t know meh…..????????????????

  37. Esthla says:

    Wang(One)Malaysia… Boleh…

  38. thomas wong says:

    Japanese opposition won over their LDP Government with 308 seats over 119 seats. BN if you not careful you end up the same way in the next G.E.. Do the right thing ok. people already know so many evil truth you try to hide hoping we will move on. WRONG again.

  39. umnonajisbabi says:

    keris-mud-in got kok stand

    “Hishammuddin Hussein has issued a stern warning to any group which resorted to actions that could jeopardise public order and national security.” – mkini

  40. wits0 says:

    Just another standard spitball bit by Kerismuddin ler. He can’t be seen making no kok croak utterances, can he?

  41. Menyalak-er says:

    National security and public order by Keriso? But he’s a greater threat to those ‘ideas’ than any of us (virtual mah). His only real competitors are a musang and heaps of cow dung.

  42. kittykat46 says:

    “Gangster or police? Spot the difference…”
    At a local and state level, my own personal experience is There is no difference
    An acquaintance of mine made a police report after he got a “friendly chat” from underworld characters asking for contributions “times are bad” as they said….
    The next day his business premises were trashed and his employees roughed up. The ruffians even boasted they have absolutely nothing to fear from the police…which turned out to be true.
    No arrests have been made by the police in spite of clear information given of the identities of the people involved and where they can be found….. You tell me….who is PDRM and who is the Samseng…

    Well I have no direct knowledge , one way or another whether the IGP is in the pocket of Gangsters, but there are no prizes for guessing that corruption and abuse of power in many government institutions goes until the very highest levels.

  43. eko-no-money says:

    Give these handicapped people on crutches pay rises this is the result.
    So true, throwing good money after the bad.

  44. Ray-of-Hope says:

    “Hishammuddin Hussein has issued a stern warning to any group which resorted to actions that could jeopardise public order and national security.” – M’kini

    If anyone think this warning is for the Gang-of-Cowhead, read-his-lips again, it’s actually for the consumption of non-moslem groups (esp. Hindraf groups), don’t even think of counter-protesting the cowhead-demo, Kerishamudin won’t hessitate to generously give them UNLIMITED stays in Kamunting Camp, free-food, free-lodging, plus free “round-da-clock-brain-storming” sessions, “test-your-will-power” sessions, to “turn” them into better citizens if they survived the training without commit-suicide, any takers…?

  45. wits0 says:

    Of course the warning by the clam shell nose Kerisman is inherently skewered and not on the level. One has to live on a different planet not to understand the established duplicity in meaning from such utterances from bigots.

  46. Ray-of-Hope says:

    There r in fact many Bolehlanders who r living on other planets, juz check out comments from some idiots like Kancillanak, I-4-C, Anon.dud, abetterPenang, Jean@horny.woman, GRKumar, etc…

    Of coz many of them are Cybertroopers, who have sold their arses & souls to the evil Be-eNd for a few dollars gain…

  47. wits0 says:

    I never read what GR has to say ; not anymore than I would, Rouge-Key’s spews.

  48. veryupset says:

    Since Kerismudin issue that “warning”……………………..

    Let’s see what’s he gonna do about those “Cow Head” fellas….!!!

    That “poor” cow…..!!! All he ever did was to be “A Cow”.
    And these fellas beheaded it, thinking that it only “represents” the Indians…………..

    Not knowing & “forgotten” that it also represents the meat that comes from it which they use for Raya.
    And also distributed to the poor………………..!!

    Smart people do the “smartest” things…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. ktteokt says:

    This brings my mind to the celebration of Hari Raya Haji (Hari Korban). Why is it that the government still allow these people to carry out brutal killing of cattle publicly during this festival? You will see Muslims tying cattle to trees and killing them in public. Why is such a brutal act still allowed?

    Can anyone imagine if the Chinese or Indian does the same thing using another animal and killing it the same way publicly? What would our government dogs do? You bet they will be arrested immediately! So what is the difference? Killing one animal during one festival by one group of people differs from killing another animal by another group of people during another festival brings difference reactions from the government! And they say everyone is EQUAL before the LAW?????? Please refer to the Rukunegara – “….membina MASYARAKAT YANG ADIL……” Is this what ADIL is all about????????

  50. hududforrocky says:

    Look at these rascals, they say prayers over the animal before slaughter, then they stomp the head. They step on their holy book is ok.

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