Activist Ong Boon Keong filmed his own arrest at the November 9 anti-ISA vigil do at the PJ Civic Centre.

Lots of shouting by the police and chasing of protestors. See for yoursef.

Ong said “After the police returned my video camera I find that the damning footage of the police’s brutal arrest are still there! Then I remember that they said that my camera’s batteries were flat-that may explain why they could not review the footage and do what they may want to do with the footage.

“Anyway I’ve uploaded the outrageous misconduct of the police onto You tube. Have a good look. Pass the links along! Let more people see for themselves what our security protectors are doing to peacefully assembled citizens!”


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  1. SameSame says:

    My god! That is so brutal how they handle the whole thing!

    And these buggers can actually lie and say that they hadnt attack anyone during the time National Anthem was playing!!!

    You know what disgusts me, if ONLY they actually do their job properly and catch the right ‘criminals’ and not people who are innocent and standing there for a cause!!!

    Well si botak syed…take a good look! Wonder if you still can say you didnt know about this and you didnt order these maha gangsters of yours to ambush this event!

    I am still fuming and can hear the voices of the PDRM gangsters!! as i write this comment.

    Thanks for the footage….absolutely mindblowing!

  2. lalang:

    Wow! This is outrageous. Peaceful assembly also was not allowed. What they have to hide?

    Do you know Najib is a lalang? If not for Najib, Tengku Razaleigh (another Umno hantu) would be the pm in the 1986 umno party election instead of Mamak s/o Kutty?

    Najib fanned up racial tension with Lee Golden Lion odf MCA resulting in Operasi lalang!

    Why Operasi lalang you know? Well! It’s Najib nickname.

    Now Baginda is released, you know I know it’s Najib’s direction.

    Do you know how much money Najib had embezzled funds from us? What about his brother Nazir?

    Wow! For a sum of zero game, this Razaks have really sodomized the rakyat abysmally.

    Dey! my dear lalang, the petrol price according to today market value should be 139sen la. Now the rakyat is subsidizing the government, on top of that, the government is receiving royalty from the oil companies.

    So a meager of reduction of 15 sen is no big deal considering Bolehland is a net exporter of oil.

    Now looking at the tolls being set up everywhere in Semenunjung, the cost of tolls is more expensive than the petrol.

    In the older days, this is unthinkable.

    This is all because of blatant corruptions!

    All these politicians are very good in duping the rakyat who are gullible and that inludes you!

    If you want to be a critic in politic you have to follow this cardinal rule:

    Rule number 1 in politics – do not trust all politicians.

    Rule number 2 in politics – do not trust all politicians, and

    Rule no three in politics – do not trust all politicians.

  3. Jed Yoong says:

    good one susan, ong.
    i din realise it was so brutal n tot only erm weng san n tony got whacked but it looks like the pdrm went a bit nuts.
    was the vigil predominantly chinese or rather multiracial?

  4. FYI, most of the politicians will go to hell when they no longer wasting the oxygen generated by the trees’ photosynthesis.

    It takes a long long time before one could approach St. Peter for opening the door to heaven.

    And do you understand the principle of cause and effect?

    Why given a small sweet potato and you got so excited and satisfied when we have been plundered big times by all these corrupt politicians for the past 50 years?

  5. So this is merely to obfuscate the rakyat in Bolehland for the unforgiving sins they have committed.

    Razak Baginda was released and exiled to UK at the tax payers’ expense, and thus exonerated Razak and Najib who ware deeply involved in the corruption of Sokhoi and Scorpen dealings.

    According to Newton third law, to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    If these culprits don’t pay big time for the notorious crimes they have committed, you can expect much more horrendous crimes happening in the future.

    If Bolehland wants to be a land of utopia, all these culprits must be arrested and sent to Guantanamo camps instead of Kemunting detention camp and firing missiles from Venezuela , blasting the shits out from them.

    It saves my fuel cost, ha ha ha ha..

  6. […] manhandled by the Royal Malaysian Police at the anti-ISA candlelight vigil on Nov 9 (Sunday), 2008. This video shot by Ong BK via Susan Loone recorded the police arrest from the other side, the police side as the Ong was late and arrived […]

  7. Anonymous says:

    A tear rolled down my battle hardened,canyon lined cheeks when I watched the footage. Mostly unashamedly apolitical throughout my entire life,I was participating for the very 1st time that eventful night after taking up an invitation by some conscientious anti ISA friends to show support for the ANTI-ISA cause. I stayed out of harm’s way bcoz I was out of range of the FRU’s frontal assault…and I have to admit,I’m quite fleet-footed as well. My survival instinct kicked in and with a major trickle of adrenaline coursing through my congested veins, I was well beyond the reach of the swarm of FRU berserkers who were flaggelating at folks singing Negaraku. Some poor crooners got thumped before they got to ‘Tuhan kurniakan..’ and were unceremoniously dragged kickin’ and screamin’ into the Black Maria. I hope they managed to permanently damaged the arresting officers’ ear drums with their ear-piercing screeches of protestations. Somehow being a witness to this atrocious(for lack of a better word) event,stirred up something within my soul and guaranteed my further involvement in standing up against injustice in all its various forms. From that night onwards,my battle cry was: ‘Stand up and be counted!’

  8. Angry Chinese Malaysian * says:

    anti ISA is good
    how about extending it to

    anti littering
    anti third world mentality
    anti spitting
    anti laziness
    anti road rage
    anti dirty hawkers
    anti couldnt care less

    the list will go on and on.

    we really need this if we are to advance forward.

  9. tiada harapan lagi says:

    i suggest all criminals and potential trouble makers
    to sing the national anthem
    when they are cornered then claim police brutality
    and get away scott-free later.
    no hope for this country

  10. ktteokt says:

    I see even the police themselves do not respect the National Anthem. How can they move about when the National Anthem is being played! I was once visiting the small southern township of Betong in Thailand several years ago when I was very surprised that everyone on the street stood still while some music was being played through public loudspeakers! It was afterwards that I realized what was being played was none other than the national anthem of Thailand! If civilians in Thailand respect their national anthem so much, why is it that the POLICE in Malaysia react in such manner towards the National Anthem?

  11. wernnee says:

    Tiada Harapan, How can you compare 300 people who are there peacefully, not hurting other people to criminals?
    Please think carefully ok. Our country is a democratic country but yet we’re not allowed to speak our mind. They abuse ISA to detain people who speak with their mind and of course things the government do not want to listen.
    You still don’t get it? The Vigil is a peaceful event and come this sunday and see it for yourself. Why don’t they arrest the barbaric UMNO protest which I’ve seen clips on how their uses seditious words? Calling the chinese Babi and all.
    Enough said, I guess many people have already stated and know what I mention above. But still you’re just one slefish moron.

  12. this cameraman should thankful that polis din use bomb like the thai did….

  13. eeyaw says:


    Am I allowed not to pay my tax money for the salaries of these scums?

  14. machitam says:

    we should invite the foreign press, AP, time, cnn etc to take that shot…later let them make arrangement with albotak and najis for an interview…broadcast the interview worldwide.

    the ordinary folks or the masses….they don’t know the real story…

  15. apapunboleh says:

    The PDRM consists of gangsters and a ruthless pack of animals

  16. Sabahan says:

    Are they trained to be wild animals….? But that is wild. That is really something to be ashamed off…I thought this things happen only in very backward countries like Somali or Zimbabwe…Where laws are meant to be broken? How can the Polis, the very people that protect us, is now actually chasing, arresting and bullying the rakyat. Comeon they are not criminals. How can they be allowed to do such things? Where is our human rights watchdog? I believe CNN and Aljazeera will love this video.

  17. fukonima says:

    The top brass takes orders from those corrupted and evil power brokers to harass and to intimidate those who are righteous, and those who want to uncover the truth, and fighting the injustice. Yet they are paid by the people, not by these crooks.

    They must understand this, they are not the slaves of these evil, brainless, greedy crooks.

    There are hundreds of thousands of mat rempit out there, and there are many young school boys (future-to-be and potential mat rempit and may be criminals) zooming their motorbikes through the streets without wearing helmet, getting bolder and bolder, molesting the girls who are walking and other passer-by, breaking into people’s house, stealing things, snatching purse… all these are considered small petty things by the top brass?

    The relevant school authorities never bother to take stern actions against these young guys, condoning their acts most of the time. The whole education system is a big let down in Bolehland.

    And the top brass called this phenomenon “a bunch of young immature kids trying to show of, or merely entertaining themselves”, are you trying to abeit them for their crimes which are menace to the society and the innocent people?

    In addition, there are millions of illegals from the neighbouring SEA countries where many of them are hard core criminals who tramp this country into muddy pools.

    I am yet to see some affirmative actions taken to wipe out these people from the society by the Botak Minister and the top brass of the force, just mere empty talks. They are more concern about politics than the well being of the rakyat. And they only talk about ISA and SODOMY.

    What the hell are they doing up there? It really irritates the peace loving rakyat..

    Do you people think foreign investors will want to come over to Bolehland wheere the crime situation is deteriorating day by day ?

    Do you people really thing the foreigners will come to Bolehland and put their money here where this country will continue ti slump and become another Burma or Zimbawe?

    Already the people’s lives are getting harder and yet the guomen is so slow to response by lowering the petrol price to RM1.00-RM1.20 in tandem with the market price of the crude petroleum.

    What the hell are they doing so far in order to lay the fear of the rakyat in terms of income stability and security?

    The 7 billion package to save those contractors or cronies mainly?

    What about the others who need help?

  18. Jed Yoong says:

    Angry Malaysian Chinese, Tiada Harapan Lagi

    How can you be so callous?
    I was initially unmoved ‘cos I din see much video and thought it was just a small scuffle typical of these events.
    Obviously NOT.
    I dunno what’s the whole story and I really dun understand why they had to violently drag those peaceful, no doubt defiant and arguably lawbreaking, demonstrators and chuck them into the police truck.
    Khairy Jamaluddin famously caused a ruckus burning effigies of Bush, Condi Rice etc outside the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in 2006 and nothing happened to him. Yeah, he got a permit, so what? Burning efffigies at our KLCC park? Isn’t that a FIRE HAZARD?
    These fellas were just lighting candles.
    We have some serious crime organisations profiteering from BIG TIME human trafficking, prostitution, drug trafficking, etc, is this a good use of police resources?

  19. […] Video of the Anti-ISA vigil arrests on 9 Nov Found this video from Susan’s blog HERE. […]

  20. Antares says:

    Behold! Uniformed Mat Rempit in action. Doesn’t it make you proud to be a Bolehlander? Thank you, Mahathir, for singlehandedly remaking the PDRM in your own image and appointing Musa Hassan as IGP. We shall always be grateful to you, sir.

  21. Angry Indian Malaysian says:

    “was the vigil predominantly chinese or rather multiracial?” – Jed yoong

    Ha ha ha. We are waiting for the moment to sneak our way to power when you chinks are hauled up at the local prisons.

  22. monsterball says:

    Some police actions are shaming the entire force.
    I cannot believe such actions are legal….in democratic countries….like USA.
    In is a band of robbers being protected by a band of rouges.
    It is not democratic at all….for police to delete the part..showing their brutalities and proven liars.
    Why are they so brave to commit such crimes?
    For one…you will get Syed Albar out to defend …and PM just keep quiet.
    Are we not sick of such a low class government?
    YES YES YES…some idiots … voted them in.
    Educated Muslims know….if UMNO can treat human beings will class distinctions….and even divide their own race….our hope lies on the new 2 million educated young voters… vote them out.
    My children and grand children’s future depend on wise Malaysians voters….not racialists voters.
    Sick to the stomach is reading that old fut Mahathir talking shit all the time. How much influence he has on Muslims?
    That’s the RM10 million question.

  23. kopi37 says:

    Huh….what is all these hullabaloo and were they playing the kids’ seek and hide game?! There were only people who wished to express their wills of going against the draconian law via a peaceful gathering, no burning of effigy, no burning of portrait, no hurling of Molotov cocktail, nothing aggressive and merely floated the balloons of peace symbolic and singing the National anthem, yet the police were treating them like mobs! The real mobs and mat-rempits created havoc were said to have their rights to run wild on the road threatening commuters life?! What a double standard is this? How long we must endure to live in this kind of iron fists oppression, or, we will never have a chance to see the real democracy prevails in our beloved Nation?…Phew!

  24. Douglas Moore says:

    Yes Monsterball, such strong-arms-tactics of your country’s cops reflected a total misrule of law-enforcement. In our country, so long as the peaceful marchers does not break a road sign, the police has no rights to arrest them.

    Thank you very much for seeing so highly of us, I mean Americans. I am currently enjoying my holiday at Bali, Indonesia.

    Douglas Duncan Moore

  25. Batu Ferringhi says:

    No wonder they (PDRM) are so much against the setting up of IPCMC…

    I am proud to see so many Malaysians standing up for their belief. Yes, I am mighty proud!

    Its only a matter of time before every single Malaysian will scream “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” That will be the day….

  26. The article below on the recent uproar on the renaming of Jln Slilibin to Jln Patto … although not the right section..I hope you dont mind. It is for your info only…

    Do have some respect for P. Patto’s family.

    The renaming of Jalan Silibin to Jalan P.Patto had caused an unusually large uproar from the businesses and residents in this particular area.

    Although it is natural to have opposition to this plan to change the road name but it must be contained within the precinct of fair comment and good faith.

    After reading the two news reports in The Star (18-11-08 and 19-11-08), one cannot deny the fact that there is a smack of insensitivity permeating into this whole affair of renaming. (I was utterly surprised the amount news space devoted to this issue…P.Patto in his life did not got such a treatment)

    If one has scant respect for P. Patto and has an unstoppable urge to comment, please do exercise some humility because P. Patto’s wife and his two daughters are still around and most important of all, P. Patto is not here to defend his name.

    Disappointingly some of the comments had apparently gone overboard. As it stands, these comments degrade what P.Patto’s family have cherished so much of him as a good husband, a good father and an upright politician.

    For being fair in one’s comments means that one should not utter comments like naming a pub after him or he was not good enough. One cannot miss an intentional sprinkle of cruelty in these comments and the manner they were put, devoid of humility.

    These comments implies that P. Patto had spent his life time centre around pubs or he was not good enough to be given the privilege to have a road named after him.

    P. Patto once told me that when he leaves this world only his name remains.

    True to the point, but I do not wish to speculate whether he approves or disapproves of having a road sign named after him but I am very sure that he would be offended that his name is being toss about in disrespect.

    Please let him be respected as a fine, honest and humble gentleman for in the name of justice he had fought without fear or favour.

    When I spoke to P.Patto’s wife over the phone a very short while ago, she was clear upset and I could hear her sobbing and she said, “what did my husband done to deserve all this?” “My daughters and I did not demand or ask that a road be name after my husband.” “Why all these?”

    He does not deserve all these commotions. Let’s us have some decency.

    Choo Sing Chye
    (former P Patto Political Secretary)

  27. two-face says:

    Waddaya expect? To be served earl gray with scones?

  28. wannabepatriotic says:

    * tsk tsk *

    All i saw was gangsters harassing Malaysian citizens – some attics by the ‘polis’ puts our lanchun gangsters to shame.

    Syabas! Polis Raja Di Malaysia

  29. lucia says:

    this video was taken by my friend, bk ong, who himself was arrested. another of our penang friend was also arrested. i had the video up on my blog yesterday. if i had rushed in fast like bk ong, who knows i might be arrested too!

  30. bamboo river says:

    There was this story about a Malaysiakini taping of the ‘ambush’ at PJ was ‘censored’ before the video camera is returned to the reporter.

    Thank you Nokia for my N73.

  31. siew eng says:

    Like the reformasi rallies. police chased and dragged some people off like they were criminals. and the star journalists who were not assigned to cover the rally, but witnessed the brutality, were told by the news head honcho wong chun wai that what they saw tak boleh pakai in the news reports that came out because they did not see what happened at the beginning – the police could have been provoked. but always, it’s the police who provoke and disrupt peaceful assemblies and do nothing to control the rowdy ones by umno.

  32. Eric says:


    the vigil was more ethnically balanced that time. The 4 previous ones were sadly more of a Malaysian Chinese affair. Now it is actually getting more and more balanced.
    By the way, why don’t you come over tomorrow night to see for yourself 😉

  33. miwaki says:

    These police animals are illiterates and they od not know that those who were brutalized by them are paying their salaries.These police animals should be kept in zoo negara for public viewing.

    Malaysia’s police are thieves,rapers,beggars,robbers and they are the same as beasts.Do we need police in Malaysia ? Fuucckk them !

  34. bamboo river says:

    Next time when attend any vigils, don’t only bring candles. Bring a couple bags of Alpo .


    For photo, see:

    No candles? No problem:

    1. Get a papercup.
    2. Get a torchlight.
    3. Use a pin or needle to poke holes into the paper cup.
    4. Tape the papercup to the top of the torchlight with some duct or cellophane tape.
    5. Done.

    If you’re taking LRT to get to the Anti-ISA Vigil at MBPJ (Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya), get off at Asia Jaya Putra LRT station. If you know the walking route, you can take a 15 minute walk to MBPJ. Otherwise, you can catch the T629 RapidKL shuttle bus which will pass Jalan Yong Shook Lin, where the MBPJ is situated. Just ask the bus driver to stop you at MBPJ.

    Alternatively, if you know the walking route, you can stop at the Taman Jaya Putra LRT station and take a 15 minute walk to MBPJ.

    MBPJ address:
    Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya,
    Jalan Yong Shook Lin,
    46675 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan.
    General Phone line: 79563544

    Map of Petaling Jaya:

    God bless and stay safe. See you all there!


  36. Tatatititutu says:

    No wonder the crime rate is so high as the dogs (not boys) in blue are too busy silencing a peaceful assembly. UMNO is really clutching at straws to have to resort to all of this.

  37. fukonima says:

    What do you expect from the force when you have all these brainless and evil power brokers hanging around, ordering them to work like slaves without any dignity?

  38. […] “Filming my own arrest at the Nov 9 anti-ISA vigil” Activist Ong Boon Keong filmed his own arrest at the November 9 anti-ISA vigil do at the PJ Civic Centre. Lots of […] […]

  39. Silent Observer says:

    This was nothing more than a setup by the protesters. They obviously came there with the intent to cause trouble and got what they deserved. As you can easily see in the beginning, quiet protesters were quietly moved to the truck, while those who were screaming and being combative were treated with the necessary force to remove them from the area. Why were police walking around during the anthem…..because it’s their job! They were there to insure order and protect citizens….and that’s exactly what they did. If you go to an event to cause trouble, expect trouble to find you!

  40. This article by Choo Sing Chye (4hrs ago)

    Must a Malaysian obama be a Non Malay?
    By: Choo Sing Chye

    15 – 12 – 2008

    Why must obama be a Chinese or an Indian in Malaysian politics. Can’t a Malay qualify? If we follow this narrow sense of validation then we are discriminating against capable Malays who aspire for justice and equality. On this level of thinking, we are certainly dismissing the very core idea of non-racial politics that Obama represents.

    If we equate the colour of the skin or race in this restricted sense then obama had arrived 27 years ago in the form of Tun Mahathir (Indian) or Tun Hussein Onn (mixed Turkish blood) 32 years ago or Abdullah Badawi (mixed Chinese blood) 7 years ago.

    If we want a Chinese or an Indian prime minister, it would definitely be a long wait – a very long long wait. We have not even started to discuss terms for a Bangsa Malaysia. The old social contract is breaking down and we have not sat down to renew the social contract that is agreeable to all races. We do not have a melting pot of cultures? In reality we do not even agree on the type of pot in which all our cultures be melted into. We are still embroiled in the Bumiputra and Non Bumiputra dichotomy which is some sort akin to a mild caste system.

    What Bangsa Malaysia entails today is just an illusion. Like Arthur Miller’s American dream depicts in his play, “Death of the Salesman” the idea of anybody could become rich and succeed in the American Society is illusionary. The character in Arthur Miller’s play Willy Loman, found his dreams unattainable if not insurmountable (1) just like in the Malaysian Dream – we are still far from achieving this aspiration.

    To have an obama political culture here we must realign our core thinking. Like Thomas Hobbes (1588 –1679) who although justified absolute sovereignty:

    ‘ was rooted in the need of men to preserve their lives and liberties rather than in the commands of the church. For this he is regarded as one of the first “Social Contract” philosophers’ (2).

    Social contract does change. It changes with time. No where in Martin Luther King’s dream that develops the idea of a black president. But the main thrust of his dream is to amend justice by a new social contract. This new social contract would prevail over injustices in the American society and that the Americans will no longer be judged by the colour of his/her skin but by the content of his/her character.

    King’s dream is about justice, non violence, compassion and in the core of it, harmony between the whites, blacks and others. This is what obama is all about.

    It is not what Anwar Ibrahim taking about all this time???

    1. Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman.

    2. Patrick Watson and Benjamin Barber, ‘The Struggle for Democracy,’ Lester & Orpen Dennys Ltd., 1988. P 128

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