A: I am Najib’s underwear.
B: So?
A: He knows Altantuya. He met her in Singapore.
B: Who’ll believe you? You’re not his only underwear. How do you know for sure?
A: I just know.
B: I say he never met Altantuya. Not in Singapore, not in Mongolia, not in France. Not even in his dreams.
A: How do you know?
B: I am his cock.

A felt insulted, embarassed even.

B: Come on, didn’t you hear me talk cock?

* Moral of the story: Unless you are Najib’s cock or balls (unless you sleep with him and follow him everywhere, into the toilet as well, you wouldn’t know EVERYTHING about him, would you?



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  1. wits0 says:

    From Oxford, the “I just know” is taught exclusively as valid explanatory authority?

  2. condom says:

    I don’t know! It looks like Najib, sounds like Najib and bangs like Najib. I know because I am Najib’s condom.

    The trouble is he always pulled me out 1/2 way his job.

    I am talking 1/2 the cock, he he he he…..

  3. 104East says:

    Ever wonder why in the world out of the 2 billion or so males, did Altantuya chose the two man to make up her stories. To be blown up? And for nothing??? You believe that?

  4. bamboo river says:

    LOL 🙂

  5. Maverick says:

    Fairdinkum ,
    this baginda fella is trying to fool the mass by his remarks in the media. The people want to know who blasted her away and for what, that the question posed. Why are you defending the dpm & his wife after all the not so honourable courts hasnt got the guts to call him to explain his standings. Once again the real issue is being sidelined and I strongly suggest that Oxford expel him outright for he will bring shame to the distinguished college.

  6. Uncle says:

    Bloggers !!! STOP IT. All of you are making a fool out of yourselves.

  7. maw says:

    the cock hen did it.malaysians arent stupid,Mr stev malaysia is not your ground for justice go seek elsewhere we cant help you here.I felt disgusted and puke ,god knows how I cried reading your daughter’s fate.

  8. Moo.. says:

    It is all about bodeking. Najis kept of his deal by making Baginda a free man and he just do his part.

    Why does Baginda take so long to come out with such a statement??

    If he bodek Najis, who knows Baginda may be a Minister after March 2009.

    BodohLand….. thinking all Rakyat are as bodoh as all Umnoputras.

  9. watabt says:

    mayb the ball will have a betta answer…Where’s the balls!

  10. bennyloh says:

    A good early morning laugh. Thank you

  11. oA says:



    i deem you have compassion to use such an “easy” term …

    ass wipe is more like it.


  12. chris chong says:


  13. Baby Ktemoc says:

    He’s Najib’s sperm brother.
    Just like “blood brother” except they donated sperm to the same target….

    Be careful about unsubstantiated insinuations about Razak Baginda and Najib Razak. My Papa Ktemoc will ask you “Where’s the b**dy evidence?”

  14. streetfighter says:

    Baginda do not need the press conference to tell the world that he is not involved in the murder.

    The whole world already know that he was not involved and the detention and the trial is just a sandiwara.

    The two police officers who are on trial now are acting on orders from higher ups.

    It is no use for Baginda to defend the DPM and his wife on this. If the DPM and his wife are not involved , he should challenge and sue those who name him as the person inolved in this murder. Not only will be clear his name. He will also make hundreds of millions from the lawsuit. But he did not take any legal action as he know that there are people who has evidence and is holding him by his balls. As such , he has to use this indirect way to clear his name . This is very obvious.

  15. vandross says:

    We get angry..piss out for what..they still living we the poor ppl jumping up & down..banging our head to the wall…hmmm guess money make the world round.

  16. What has the two police officers charged for the murder has to gain, except to follow instructions from their (everyone knows who), with the murder of the Mongolian woman, they do not even know her ?
    Logic will tell you that it has to be someone who knew her or better still someone who went to bed with her ! Or may be someone who cannot stand the thought of the spouse having an affair with her and ordered her to be C4.
    Who has the authority to get the C4 from the army and who can get into the immigration records ??
    To date no one has ever come up with an answer to the above, must be someone with absolute authority ?
    Also who were the two police officers working for at the time of the Mongolian woman’s murder ?

    In Bolehland anything can ‘Boleh’ ! Corruption, murder and many more so long as you can and have the right connection !!!
    Wake up Malays do not just support someone who can commit murder because he is of your kind and faith, surely you can find someone better of your own kind. What if murdered woman was someone dear to you ?
    I would be ashamed of his actions as a fellow human being and especially his religion and most of all of his kind !

  17. Bala says:

    alright everybody shut up, i know what the hell happens. catch me if u can……. first

  18. whispering9 says:

    Hahaha….very funni. Yeah, thank God it is Friday. I doubt the balls know, since they in a jar somewhere.

  19. rb can sigh with relieve – he finally ridded his thorn in the flesh.

    i wonder if altantuya father would file a legal suit towards him, just like wat OJ kena previouslu, RB should held liability of her death too whether it’s miscommunication or order of the killing…

  20. “Razak plans to do his doctorate in Britain”


  21. maie58 says:

    why razak needs to defend najib n rosmah anyway?is this a reciprocal for being discharged of the disputed case?if so,this is the level of rule of law in malaysia.What a shame n depicable story of the day in malaysia….

  22. Drachen says:

    C4 is trying to clear his name without going to the courts. He doesn’t want to be hit by a barrage of questions he doesn’t know how to answer. He is following the Mamak’s footsteps. Mamak never spent a day in court during AI’s trial.

  23. khfdews says:

    Mongolia can ask Britain to extradite Raz Bags to Ulan Batur for trial there

  24. kittykat46 says:

    The key now lies in the defense strategy of the two remainding UTK accused.

    Do they go for broke, spilling all the beans, digging out all manner of witnesses if necessary. Or a backroom deal has already been done ?

    After all is said and done, including hundreds of days of court proceedings, we may find everyone is innocent.

    Altantuya was a suicide bomber ?

  25. jtba says:

    He is a self-confessed adulterer … therefore whatever he says
    cannot hold much …. Can someone please tell me why the
    religious authorities have not taken him to the Syariah court
    for khalwat & zina before he is allowed to flee to UK .

    If one were to conclude that a life was lost as a consequence
    of this act of adultery , then the very least is that he should
    be charged and punished for adultery

  26. iidzan ismail says:

    Hey Looney

    A simple question. Why are you beatifying that Mongonlian woman.
    She’s no Mother Teresa to be canonised after her death. Get real.

  27. John says:

    I also just know you didn’t tell your wife you had an affair! You liar!

  28. monsterball says:

    Great balls of fire!!
    What excellent humour with logics…all lumped up into one.
    Najib have sworn by the Koran. Baginda have confirmed it.
    The balls and prick have spoken here.
    Who do we trust?
    Those two …or the one…that did the job… dot dot…till kau kau …hungry sperms out?
    Wa…fly to gay pareee…to show off….small prick have right size hole.
    Mouth water at Paris…cannot do it the Parisian…all need size eight shoes….so import …by phoning export agent….baby face Baginda.
    walla…..the rest is no secret.

  29. “Can someone please tell me why the religious authorities have not taken him ”

    FYI, malaysia practises “selectively” prosecution. just like fellatio is illegal and yet csl went scotfree. just like saiful escaped charge of voluntarily sodomized. and now, maybe malaysian khalwat din apply if the partner is foreigner (and non-muslim)…..

  30. Shower says:

    “””Maybe the balls will have a betta answer…Where are the balls now ! ???.

    You hv to ask the stupid FIL and SIL, they are the real balls .

  31. SameSame says:

    LOL…who knows maybe its Baginda’s wife? She become so J that she used her husband’s connection to meletup the ‘other’ perempuan.

    Anyway…like said, ONLY GOD and Alts knows what had happen. Of course the other accomplices too but they for sure ain’t gonna spilll the beans.

    Susan, thanks for the Friday’s laughter! Cute….tacky….LOL!!

  32. KLman says:

    Hai IIdzan Ismail, will you say that if it had been your sis, niece
    or some female relative of yours? You are no better than the

  33. steven says:

    If the soul of Altantuya can possibly haunt this RB and the “kangaroo” judge can send this guy to the gallows, then in order to save his skin, the whole truth and nothing but the truth shall be “blurted” out!!!

  34. kittykat46 says:

    “who knows maybe its Baginda’s wife?”
    Haha…I did consider the possibility.

    But she doesn’t have enough clout to get UTK to act.

    It feels like the person who gave the order is Female, and has much, much more influence.
    The sheer vindictiveness of the act – blowing the body to smithereens – suggests deep anger and hatred.
    I think the hubby’s direct involvement is likely limited to covering up after the fact.

  35. kittykat46 says:

    Haha…I did consider the possibility.

    But she doesn’t have enough clout to get UTK to act.

    It feels like the person who gave the order is Female, and has much, much more influence.
    The sheer vindictiveness of the act – blowing the body to pieces – suggests deep anger.
    I think the hubby’s direct involvement is likely limited to covering up after the fact.

  36. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// iidzan ismail Says:
    November 21, 2008 at 9:04 am
    Hey Looney
    A simple question. Why are you beatifying that Mongonlian woman.
    She’s no Mother Teresa to be canonised after her death. Get real. ///

    iidzan, that Mongolian woman is no saint – we all know that. What Susan is doing is fighting for someone who cannot fight back. Righting a wrong.

    An equally simple question. What if that Mongolian woman was you mother or wife or sister? Be human.

  37. elizabeth wong says:

    Today let’s learn chinese idiom together, ok?

    (cǐ dì wú yín sānbǎi liǎng -This Place No Silver Three Hundred Money)

    Three Hundred Pieces of Silver Not Buried Here

    In ancient times, a man called Zhang San had accumulated three hundred pieces of silver after a year of hard work. He was worried that his money would be stolen, so he put it in a wooden box and buried it in his back yard at the corner of his house. This did not completely ease his mind, so he posted a note on the wall saying: “Three hundred pieces of silver are not buried here.”
    His neighbour, Wang Er, had noticed the activity in the yard. At midnight he took all the silver. In order to deceive Zhang San, he added a note to the one on the wall saying: “Your neighbour, Wang Er, did not steal the money.”

    Chinese idiom: 此地无银三百两 (cǐ dì wú yín sānbǎi liǎng – literally “this place no silver three hundred money”) Three hundred pieces of Silver aren’t buried here.
    Meaning: A clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure.

  38. Harrison says:

    Don’t forget about the 100 million lawsuit the Sharibuu family has filed against the Malaysian Government.

    Unlike the similarities of the O.J. Simpson case where he was found liable for the murder of Nicole Brown and her lover by a civil court, the Malaysian Government surely will push the blame of the 2 UTK cops as the verdict will indict them of murder.

    So, this is a private matter, isn’t it? The Malaysian Government will be exonerated in this 100 ringgit lawsuit. I know the travesty of justice but just going by the factual account as the case goes.

    In a few years time, Razak Baginda will be writing his own (imaginary) autobiography – “If I ordered it”!

  39. streetfighter says:

    Hi Kittykat46, the main reason for blowing up the body is not so much of vindictiveness and hatred for the Mongolian model but to destroy all the evidences.

    She is holding some fresh evidence in her body which the DNA testing will reveal who are the people involved. Kalau korek lubang, nanti semua bukti akan keluar.

    Thats why those responsible are smart . When they decide to blow up the body, they also blow away all evidence.

    As I has said before, the trial is a sheer waste of public funds. Cuma sandiwara aja.

    A dead person will not tell tales. But his / her body does.

  40. Malays Girl says:


    It’s friday alright. U shauln’t be showin’ the photos of a titilating man in a bikini. It turned me so on I had to stuff a timer-vibrating-dildo while workin. The timer is faulty and I keeps on cummin. My g-string are so wet that my juices permeates my jean and drippin’ out on the floor and it’s all wet. Shit, I hate u!!!!!!!!!

  41. Antares says:

    Cock and ball stories are all very well… but the problem concerns the destiny and future direction of a whole country, not just whether he dunnit or she dunnit or OJ dunnit. This is what makes the Altantuya murder mystery such an important one to finally resolve… and it will NEVER be resolved so long as that smelly-handed black comedy duo, Gani & Musa, continue to hold the jobs of AG & IGP.

    We don’t want to be citizens of an accursed nation, burdened with negative karma!

  42. tipu sultan says:

    Abdul Razak Baginda, malaysian Perry Mason should be appointed CJ to replace Zaki

  43. wishuponastar says:

    Is Razak’s wife a member of the first wive’s club?

    The club’s mission : getting rid of husband’s all other wannabe wives.

    Joke : president of club -a second wife! lol !!

  44. jb says:

    What bullshit.
    These guys have no morality and covering up each others misdeeds. But then there are some who are blind and condone murder for their own personal or political fortunes.

  45. Ganesan says:

    We Malaysians are all fools and have no brains. Our Universities have been producing graduates who are all fools so that any cock can come and crow anything they want to say, since they know we are all suckers to beleive them. Razak baginda knows this very well so he is getting his degree from Oxford, where they teach him to fool all the Malaysians. He seems to know that Najib so he is lucky to get an extension to his life. You still have another higher court, ruled by gods. so Beware and do repentance.

  46. justdropby says:

    Whoever said ‘nothings impossible’ never try to nail jell onto a tree.

  47. Menyalak-er says:

    kk46, u’r right in the sense that it is vindictiveness that blows up a ‘body’. Its the same with suicides, more desperation, hatred – the more violent and symbolic the end.
    As far as forensics go, blowing up a ‘body’ is not a good way to ‘blow’ away the evidence. It is better to dissolve it in strong acid or alkali so that the DNA is denatured. Not that we should be discussing this! haha…
    Testicless bagboy, i.e. RB, the oxford wannabe, is definitely an accomplice even if he did not specifically order UTK to use c4 or whatever.
    Yes, ‘theWrathofGrapes’, what is important is that proper justice be done, instead of casting aspirations on the character of the deceased despite what some holier-than-thou flunkies with superficial dyadic thinking say. Absolute corruption of mind, heart and soul!

  48. Tun Fatimah says:

    Just to deliberate on what Antares comments.

    True of what Antares said – the Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail, both have the dirtiest hands and if these 2 still heads the 2 most important prosecutorial institutions, then I can see not much change in the judiciary system. Note that all criminal cases relied on police investigations.

    Well Harrison, I did it, with Tuah of coz. History does not tell you that, son.

  49. Sabahan says:

    The cock who talks is getting a negative reaction. Now the cock cannot even stand because the facts are not hard. A majority of Malaysians as well as all Mongolians can see the truth. Don’t need to explain. Don’t even need to charge the two poor souls who act under instruction. Anyway like what the Minister says….all have been taken care of……
    But where is BALA??? and his family……..and his relative…

  50. anon joe says:

    i just know… bcos i knew every holes he entered and i am his dickhead. u think it is an easy job?

  51. hasilox says:

    Wonder why the CJMF (chief justice my foot) was put in at the world’s record time?

  52. Pat Ling says:

    That means you are cock-sure, lah!

  53. RPK says:

    Please everyone !!! I AM ANWAR’S UNDERWEAR !!!!

  54. chee says:

    Good one.

    That was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard Razak’s statement. Razak you are not Najib’s cock.

    Even if Najib’s cock swears by the holy book(s), I still won’t believe it.

  55. tom tom says:

    monsterball Says:
    November 21, 2008 at 9:11 am

    Great balls of fire!!
    What excellent humour with logics…all lumped up into one.
    Najib have sworn by the Koran. Baginda have confirmed it.
    The balls and prick have spoken here.
    Who do we trust?
    Those two …or the one…that did the job… dot dot…till kau kau …hungry sperms out?
    Wa…fly to gay pareee…to show off….small prick have right size hole.
    Mouth water at Paris…cannot do it the Parisian…all need size eight shoes….so import


    Did your pea-sized balls catch fire monsterball? Maybe you like to be Najib’s underwear or his condom! Whatever it is, you always talk cock and maybe Rosmah should blow you up with C4 explosives!!!

  56. fukonima says:

    Ho, Susan, he is not his cock and balls, he is worst than that, because he is the parasite resting inside Najis and wife’s bowel, and his best company is the shits.

    The more he opens his mouth, the more the whole world knows about the truth~Najis’s wife orders the C4, and RBZ is the middleman who made the arrangement for Najis to sleep and sodomize the poor woman. If they are not involved, who else?

  57. Dear Auntie Elizabeth Wong,

    Good anecdote. Please keep up the good work. It’s very educational and hope we can learn more Chinese education from you!


  58. zztop says:

    This Razak bum thought that rakyat is so foolish to trust what he said. He was downright talking cock and bullshitting the rakyat. He was trying to protect that mr. C4 and fat mama.
    Just look at him the way he answered some questions that he is a damn liar. If nobody including himself did not kill the Mongolian woman as he claimed, then who killed and blown her to pieces??. That two stupid police bums???.
    If he calimed that he has no relationship to the Mogolian woman then how come she knew where he lives??
    The whole trial is a complete farce and waste of time and money. Every moves during the trial are prepplanned. Just a puppet show. The rakyat must continue to get the truth from this bum even he try to escape to London to do his so called “doctorate”. Yes, learn how to further “doctorate” the evidence. He should not be left in peace. Rakyat must pusue him wherever he is.

  59. Mother says:

    Warning to all women out there, especially at Oxford –
    do Not, I repeat, do Not have an affair with this Razak fella, OK?
    When he’s tired of you, he just makes 1 phone call … and ka-boom!
    Remember, it’s not gonna be no ka-ching.
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you gals!!!

  60. storm62 says:

    the name speaks for ti’s self , NAJIS!

    his cock has been banging on the back door, go and ask saifol.

    so sad, his cock in full of shit….Najissssssssssss.

  61. Ramya says:

    The AG, IGP and the judge should be feeling self-righteous to have saved one of their kind by fooling all Malaysians. They think we are all fishermen and farmers, whom they can convert to their side by this sandiwara. With this kind of mentality prevalent in umno government what kind of change could we expect in this Bolehland? Don’t know how many millions of our money has been shoved into Razak’s arsehole to say what he said. And this cow is a political analyst! Malaysia, I pity you, my motherland! You are being manhandled by mental blocked freaks of nature, and there is nothing I can do but cry for you…

  62. ericind says:

    NAJIS;Hey,Razak,we can share the woman,so wat s wrong sharing the underwear.

  63. kittykat46 says:

    Razak is a lucky guy. From what I heard, he’s made enough money from his arms deal “connections” not to need to work for the rest of his life.

    2 years in jail is not too bad-lah. He can go study in Oxford, summer on the beach in French Riviera, winter in Switzerland. Maybe an Italian girl this time…..The only scary risk earlier was the hangman’s noose.

    Since Naj has got him off the hook, he has to do his part in return. That’s the real purpose of the press conference.

  64. wira says:

    I watched Channel News Asia on that news conference and Baginda put on a SILLY SMILE and was immediately lost for words when asked how he knew Najib never met Altantuya.

  65. miracle says:

    a good one … lol …

  66. Swee says:

    isn’t sleep with a woman who is not your wife violated syariah law? or the underwear is not a muslim?

  67. monsterball says:

    Somewhere over the rainbow….I had her.
    Somewhere in our forest…I Ceee 4 her.
    No one will know…who is… behind me.
    He went to protect me.
    He’s out…now I pray his big mouth …will shut up.
    Send him to study something ..overseas…. to cool things down.

  68. mesoso says:

    what was the reason to have the press conference in the first place? did anybody asked for it? why come out to defend the DPM and wife? definitely looks suspicious…

  69. monsterball says:

    I was right…Najib nose indicates he has a small dick….not fully grown yet.
    Red lips with such a dick supporter…fits in like hand and gloves.
    Only a dwarf will marry such a man.
    Sooooo……out goes hunting… two legged chicken .. day and night..up to Mongolia.
    Back home….hunted one…did the job half way….Highland Tower burnt down.
    Ran to car naked….leaving chick to die..first murder!!!
    No one knows…..confidence grew.
    One die in fire…next must be by fire too!!
    FIRE!!!….boom boom boom….”boss done….what’s next?”
    Ceeee 4 pieces…came the reply.
    Whose voice is that?

  70. RPK says:

    A: I am Anwar’s underwear.
    B: So?
    A: He knows Saiful. He brought him everywhere.
    B: Who’ll believe you? You’re not his only underwear. How do you know for sure?
    A: I just know.
    B: I say he never met Saiful. Not in Singapore, not in USA, not in Bangladesh. Not even in his dreams.
    A: How do you know?
    B: I am his arse.

  71. avvit says:

    Ho hum … your blog is becoming really really silly now Susan.

    Tell me honestly, are you really proud of your blog? I mean ‘I am Najib’s underwear’?? How tasteless.

  72. joenathan says:

    idzaan ismail,
    How do you know that Altantuya is no mother theresa?Maybe not by her lifestyle but maybe she is by deeds.She would have probably helped many poors than you ever did,how do you know?Come on lah,when these fellas want to enjoy her stuff between her legs they can take her to paris and singapore,and give all sorts of false promises,when the time comes for her to demand whats due to her,they C4 her.Hello mate,even if she is a slut of the highest order,that doesn’t give any one the right to take her life ,esp when she is a mother of two kids, just like how you love life.Only god has that right,ok.Hang tade kakak atau adik pompuan ker?Berperikemanusiaan sikit lah,yer.

  73. miwaki says:

    If Razak kept quiet,Malaysians have to assume that Mongolian hero knew Altantuya and their reletionship were close.Once Razak opend his mouth and declared Mongolian hero had nothing to do with Altantuya,we Malaysians confirmed that our past assumption were true.

    Thank you Razak for clearing our doubts about Mongolian hero and Altantuya.You can go to Oxford now,you are not needed anymore.Please don’t come back,you are not wanted here !

  74. Angry Chinese Malaysian * says:

    forget about Najib……

    Thank you America, for voting for change we can believe in!’

    more than 8 months but there is no change in Pakatan held state… in fact we the voters has been short-changed. rubbish is everywhere esp in the little small town.
    the toilet in restaurant and food court are really disgusting. Majlis perbandaran president who cant performed are not sacked. frankly speaking PR state govt no difference from BN state govt.

    sungguh memalukan.

    over to you exco for dirty environment

  75. PITA says:

    “How tasteless.” avvit

    No one said you shouldn`t stop trying to taste Najib`s underwear, but you would have to go through razak baginda first

  76. selvarajasomiah says:

    You are one naughty girl, Susan.

  77. How do you know??

    Hm…haha…you asked me how I know….hm…it’s like asking me… hm… hm….hm.. I know ok? I just know OK???

  78. joenathan says:

    Angry Chinese Malaysian,
    Cant agree more,mate.

  79. jiranpp says:

    this stupid so called pm in the waiting thought that m`sians can be bought
    by his so called stupid conspiracy.his so called sifu thought that his haprak
    ideas still works in m`sian politics.DSAI could easily put this two scumbags
    inside his pocket.come on DSAI send them to hell come this PRU13 @ the

  80. monsterball says:

    U/wear….’hi as she?”
    P………….”She great…but that bugger…made hole too big for me”
    U/WEAR…”So….did you enjoy?”
    P………….”Not really”
    P…………..” She keep asking for me to keep promise on commission. How to enjoy..when she talk talk talk”
    U/wear……” So did you come?”
    P…………..”Sure did! How not too. I no enjoy…she gave blow job. That;s why Baginda said.I should try her…sure to come. You know…we went on few adventures…I no come. She…100% come”
    U/wear…….” So on money..what next?”
    P……………” i will arrange she be raped and killed her”
    U/wear…”Baginda know your plan?”
    P…….”Must no tell him. He cannot keep secrets. Now lets go home….wash…powder..smell nice….for my short missy”

  81. bamboo river says:

    “A simple question. Why are you beatifying that Mongonlian woman.
    She’s no Mother Teresa to be canonised after her death. Get real.”-Idzan Ismail.

    A simple answer. It is seeking justice for Altantuya
    If this REALLY happens to your female family member, we will do the same to seek for justice. Get real Idzan Ismail of PJ.

  82. Ctizen Me says:

    The Mongolians forced China to build the Great Wall of China. Now they are on track to force Malaysia to build the Great wall of Malaysia to protect our system of government. Like it or not we are all in it.

  83. storm62 says:

    becareful Razak Bagunda, you talk too much and make too many mistakes with your facial expression….i’m sure you’ll be the next one to be C4.

    do you think those who make used of you will allow you to go scott free?

    think again…better be true now and to regret later.

  84. siew eng says:

    hmmm…seems rather small, doesn’t it?

  85. The British are upright people. I don’t think the British people would want a student like Mr. Baginda to be their student!

    They will be more Altantuya cases in Oxford for sure, this is horrendous.

    Oxford will be damned by people of the world.

    Oxford, a renown University in the world, but now have a murderer studying in their Campus and people of Britain acquiesced about it?

    This is ludicrous!

  86. The British are gentlemen people and I don’t think they will allow this. Alright? Yes mike?

    I will make sure this bloke being kicked out of Britain and sent him to Mongolia.

    This Mr. Razak is a Genghis Khan or Kublai Khan material, and, his father-in-law is in Mongolia and can be his mentor for his study there.

    Cherio! See son you in Mongolia.

  87. idzan ismail says:

    Hiyee jonathan, bamboo river and grapes of wrath.

    Last time I check, I am a woman. God forbid if it happens to me, my sisters, mum or you guys.
    Never did I cast aspersion on the woman.
    No one needs to be murdered, more so with a C4.
    But I am angry with the way the looney keep venerating her.
    Two sides to every story, okay.
    Hating Najib is no licence to accuse him of murder.

  88. nqthai says:

    Your story is excellent!
    Thank God it’s Friday.

  89. wits0 says:

    Is a dickhead a person whose head resembles the head of his dick or does it mean that his brain is located in his dick?

    I guess it can be both. And Bag knows it’s a well-read one too….but how?
    He just knows.

  90. Yili says:

    Razak is the murderer. Najib has nothing to do with it.
    Ask me how i know.
    Well, I know…… I just know…

    Sound familiar ar?

  91. momoshiroro says:

    lolz,nice one~

  92. awang deli says:

    it seems that all of us know everything..are we stand in a real world or just try to act like an idiot …what are stupid world…when thing we are not sure ..don’t try to act like a smarter…

  93. kawan dell says:

    just try to act like an idiot …awang dell says

    you got lot of experience

  94. Nakedeye says:

    Cum on,
    Is exclusive, when dick go in for a dip he always leave the two banging outside. see what happened now? Perhaps 3some not concur well and jackie still in the dark.

  95. RPK says:

    On Monday, 24 November 2008, my ‘criminal defamation’ trial will kick off at the Jalan Duta court. This is with regards to my own Statutory Declaration that I signed in April 2008. I have lined up about a dozen or so witnesses who will confirm, amongst others, what I said in my Statutory Declaration, plus of course much more not revealed in that Statutory Declaration of mine.

    I am actually looking forward to this trial because this will give my dozen witnesses and me an opportunity to reveal what we cannot say under normal circumstances. Let us see, after this trial commences, whether Malaysians would still want Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign in March 2009. My suspicion is most Malaysians would regard Pak Lah as the ‘lesser of the two evils’ and will beg him to stay on till the end of his term on midnight of 7 March 2013.

    By the way, the Federal Constitution of Malaysia does not state that the Umno President must become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. What it does say is that the Agong must appoint a Member of the House (one of the 222 Members of Parliament) who commands the confidence of the majority of the Members of the House as the Prime Minister. And Pak Lah already has 82 Pakatan Rakyat Members of Parliament with him plus 20 from Umno. All he needs is ten more and MCA, MIC and Gerakan have 20 combined. So, even without the Sabah and Sarawak Parliamentarians, Pak Lah can still remain as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    That is the reality of the situation and this is what the law says. So let us not celebrate the new regime of Najib Tun Razak just yet

  96. Atilla says:

    My daughter asks what am I reading on the internet, I had to show her the above picture and she said that’s obscene! I told her that the people whom Idzan Ismail supports are worse, and she retches and says: “can’t blame them’ they are already barbarically ‘cacat!”

  97. Talk Cock says:

    Yeah, me too. I just ‘know’ who is talking cock. I just know who murder Altantuya too!

    Talk cock.

  98. Tanda says:

    No one needs to be murdered, more so with a C4. – Idzan Ismail

    You are really that stupid? Can you substantiate that? How do you know she was murdered with C4? and not as reported that she was murdered and the body blown up?
    You sleeping with Razak Baginda or Najis Razak? – or both? Or with some other UMNO lackey – maybe like the one in the hotel who goes around rubbing backsides?

  99. Tanda says:

    No one needs to be murdered, more so with a C4. – Idzan Ismail

    You are really that stupid? Can you substantiate that? How do you know she was murdered with C4? and not as reported that she was murdered and the body blown up?
    You sleeping with Razak Baginda or Najis Razak? – or both? Or with some other UMNO lackey – maybe like the ones in the hotels who goes around rubbing ?

  100. BErn says:

    N: I can let you go scot-free, if you tell them that me and my wife don’t know her.

    A: Deal!

    A: Err … but what if they ask me how do I know …

    N: Don’t be stupid! Just say you know, they know you’re my G-string anyway.

  101. Azmin says:

    This bolehland is full of people like Idzan Ismail, thats the reason why altantuya got c4. God has mercy!!

  102. Cum Cum says:

    One can wonder to where an avid fan of Altantuya like Jeancumlately or Sofiairdina is (or shall I say are?). Hehe.

  103. merlin says:

    What is not told is that Altantuya has a twin sister Amina. Both has the same DNA. ARB was bedding Amina while NTR was doing Altantuya.
    They C4ed only one, the other will appear when time comes.
    The truth will then be told.
    Goodbye ARB and NTR. The gallows await.
    PM AAB will stay on till 2013, the engineer passes on.
    God Is truly Great.

  104. LowYS says:

    We should venerate all women and mothers in this world, Idzan Ismail’s mother included, simply because they have to bear a great deal of sufferings during their pregnancy in order to perpetuate human existence.

  105. the falling bombs says:

    The real Death Souls from above will come down to burn and demolish the dirty rotten cock’s and cunt’s of the real murderer….just wait and see….the real murderer will feel the death impact from the real Death Souls(Malaikat Maut)……no more safe heaven for the real murderer, where ever they hide and stay.

  106. TuanPuteriLembing. says:

    Idzan Ismail; You have eaten tons of the real murderer shits, that why your perut become very very very buncit….full of rotten stink shits.

  107. Fong says:

    Dear ,
    How Dare our dpm not going to DOWN the Petrol Price even the world market petrol is down down down below us50 p/b . How do He know the World Price will be going UP SOON and not down.(That is the reason He said today) I think He do not know the meaning of Demand & Supply.What Quality is our coming PM(Maybe),Alamak!!!

  108. Eric says:

    Let’s not be vulgar, I do not think it helps the purpose.

  109. Fong says:

    The Price of Petrol:-大馬油價與國際原油價格比較
    R/L 令吉/公升 US/B 美元/每桶
    01/10/00 1.20 35
    20/10/01 1.30 20
    01/05/02 1.32 26
    31/10/02 1.33 28
    01/03/03 1.35 31
    01/05/04 1.37 38
    01/10/04 1.42 47
    05/05/05 1.52 48
    30/07/05 1.62 57
    26/02/06 1.92 63
    05/06/08 2.70 120
    17/11/08 2.00 55

  110. Pegasus says:

    My,my what we have here? That dick looks like sudah mati pucuk…must be that Najis cock,with all the euphoria here, its certainly sad to see that the truth is still hidden and Altantuya murderers are still out there.Whether she was a good character of a woman or otherwise , no one has has the right to kill another human and in such manner, may God help in bringing out the culprits in the open fast. Najis is tainted with this scandal and there will be always a question mark on his innocence and his flaw character. It doesn’t looks good if the PM in waiting has this monkey sitting on his back, he ought to come out and talk about it and be honest about it as a true Muslim.The PC by RB is not necessary as it only goes to show the world he is covering up for Najis and big Mama.
    Mr Setev should take the case to ICJ as getting justices for his daughter seem to be getting bleak in Bolehland as there are so much money and power involve in getting the case twisted and going the other way. May God bless her soul.

  111. ktemoc says:

    excuse me while I discipline my ‘baby’ – lu suoi knia, if I knew you would talk bad about papa behind my back, I would have wanked off instead of having a kid like you – wakakakakakakakakakakakaaka

    … or perhaps get a blowjob so that the sperm that was you would have taken a long passage to exit from someone’s arse – more wakaakakakakakakakakakaaa

    Susan, I apologise for this vulgarism but a treacherous kid needs to be smacked down hard before he grows up to be … er … an anwarista – wakakakakakakakakaakakkakakakaaa

  112. darknight says:

    let’s not just throw but let’s surround the buildings n make sum noise. if the police n watsoever dares attack. it’s time to look after them too. after all, we pay the tax. we pay their salary, not the gov, not umno. the rakyat is the master of this country. whoever tat doesnt agree with that can get the fuck off malaysia. it’s time for real action rather than words. if monks in the north can do it, y cant we? thai’s ex pm got banged off coz of wat he did, y cant m’sia’s pm n dpm? look at tiny island down south, with limited resources n stuff, doin better. wat abt us? time to get real instead of words ppl. time for new gov. time for better life. im sure we can do better.

  113. kesava says:

    “so that the sperm that was you would have taken a long passage to exit from someone’s arse…
    I apologise for this vulgarism but a treacherous kid…” – ktemoc

    You lost it completely. First, you can`t control your sperm, then you apologise tut tut.

  114. Rajiya says:

    A moment`s pleasure can cause a thousand pains, like VD.

  115. ktemoc says:

    “You lost it completely …” you said it all – wakakakakaka.

  116. NoSwear says:

    Oxford to study… foot, he is migrating with the Malaysian loot from the sub deal and the murder case. U people really believe that? What the f*** he need a PhD for…to screw more Mongolian?

  117. m says:

    wah,cock can talk one…quite choon leh

  118. Piggy Singh says:

    Amoi, are you sure it was Najib’s, not yours. How do you know it was Najib’s, opsss…you’ve seen his maa…how was it? I should not ask further.

    One more question, when your’re talking to his cock, how close was it to your mouth, coz it’s gonna be tempting you know, especially when the craving is severe…ha…ha…ha…so the script might have been affected by intense desire.

  119. tourman53 says:

    Everyone lies. A better lie wins.

  120. zam88 says:

    sepatutnya raja petra kamarudin insaf dan bertaubat selepas dibebaskan.adalah lebih baik beliau membuat amal kebajikan dan berbakti kepada agama,masyarakat,bangsa dan negara.itu lebih berfaedah daripada dia membuat fitnah dan tuduhan tidak benar dalam penulisannya.janganlah disalahgunakan kebebasan media,kebebasan bersuara dan demokrasi untuk agenda peribadi yang songsang.saya berpendapat AKTA KESELAMATAN DALAM NEGERI(ISA) perlu dikekalkan untuk menjamin keselamatan negara.perbuatan raja petra kamarudin membuat fitnah dan tuduhan tidak berasas terhadap dato sri najib dan isterinya adalah perbuatan yang mengancam keselamatan negara.harus diingat bahawa faktor kejatuhan empayar KESULTANAN MELAYU MELAKA ke tangan portugis adalah disebabkan berleluasanya amalan fitnah dalam kalangan pemimpin melaka.pihak yang membuat fitnah terhadap pemimpin negara adalah parasit atau virus yang bakal memusnahkan negara jika tidak dikenakan tindakan yang tegas seperti tindakan ISA.oleh itu penahanan raja petra kamarudin dibawah ISA adalah wajar dan harus disokong oleh semua pihak.fikirlah dengan akal fikiran yang waras,bukannya dengan emosi.KEKALKAN ISA DAN SOKONG ISA!

  121. why key? says:

    Razak Baginda, please don’t teell us who is not involved.
    Tell us who IS/ARE involved. Otherwise, shut up.
    You will pay for your sin. God will punish you. Meanwhile
    be careful of Altantuya’s ghost.

    What’s your comments. Fair to all?

  122. Sepak Leret says:

    I think this Zam88 is another ‘dunggu’ species that still walking around this bumi ALLAH…… along you beleive ISA is legal/right , it’s proven your level of nuts.You could not differentiate what is fitnah, what is salah guna kebebasan bersuara and for sure you are part of those who will sombrono support leaders, I too an UMNO fella but not as stupid as you… what is right we should support and i don’t want malaysia to be ruled by murderer

  123. Thankyou web and articles verygood

  124. singporean says:

    The-mother-fkers that (cannot use who cuz who meant for ppl only) done it, will generate super negative karma and their generation would be cursed forever.
    For those who condemned the mongolian gal as a slug, please ask yourself ‘ Did I do something much more shameless than her?’

  125. singaporean says:

    The answer is plain simple. The mastermind is that fat mama.
    I empathize with all Malaysian citizen. I have one suggestion. Muslims pray many times. Please pray for JUSTICE to prevail in every of your prayers. Prayers works for everybody.

  126. ali says:

    i want girl i have big dick this is my email

  127. silaka says:

    “Prayers works for everybody.”

    good joke

  128. wits0 says:

    Who prays and who preys?

    Just a rhetorical question lah.

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