While I am all for a code of ethics for bloggers, I don’t need an unethical person who scoffs at the law of natural justice by signing orders for detention without trial under the ISA, to tell me, that I, a blogger needs a code of ethics!

Do you, as a blogger, believe this guy or not? – Syed Hamid suggest bloggers formulate their own code of ethics.

We really don’t need the Home Minister to tell us this! One who nabs bloggers and sends his machais to disrupt peaceful assemblies by peaceful citizens!

I don’t need to be lectured, especially by one that abuses laws in the name of national security. Release the remaining 67 persons in Kamunting, or charge them properly in court. Then start talking! Or else, buzz off.

Meanwhile, the President of the National Alliance of Bloggers (NAB-All Blogs) pro-tem committee seem to pick up from where Syed Hamid left,by adding that bloggers can codify themselves without the help of government.

It’s all very nice and comforting to hear him say this, but before the National Alliance of Bloggers pro-tem President speaks about ethics, lets ask him if he thinks what Utusan MalaysiaChamil Wariya did not too long ago was indeed ethical?

The target of these two – DAP member of Parliament Teresa Kok  – was also likened to a dog in a poem for allegedly challenging Islam and the Malay race.

[The NAB-All Blogs in recent weeks is fast losing credibility with Mr. Rocky Bru at the helm of its leadership. Even his closest allies do not condone the obvious slants in his blog – read Zorro’s and Haris Ibrahim]. What about this and this?

One can see the All-Blogs Prez is smarting from the actions of some of his friends: “Bloggers have the power of influencing public opinion. And if it (the power) is abused it can create enmity among friends” (Rocky).

Wah, speaking already like the Home Minister.  Bloggers Buff indeed. More like calling the Bloggers BLUFF!

And I wonder if the Utusan Malaysia-Chamil Wariya case was ever raised at the conference. If it was, there was no mention of it in the Bernama report.

How come the Malaysiakini-Najib Tun Razak apology episode was given special mention, and not Utusan Malaysia’s fiasco which landed Teresa Kok in jail under the ISA for seven weeks? 

Selective references.

With former premier Mahathir Mohamad and Syed Hamid in the list of speakers, not to mention the President of NAB-ALL Blogs, I am raising my eye brows at what this Bloggers Bluff is about.

Code of ethics, indeed!


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  1. wits0 says:

    Pro ISA proponent preaches Ethics?!!!

    The Sun will rise in the West!

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  3. msiaman says:

    Simple. The only “code” they wanted is “Thau shalt not speak of any negative about the government”. They only want to hear fairy tales with good endings and nothing else. This is apparently good for rakyat and the country’s security.

    Country’s or their income security? Looks like they are indeed in conflict for this type of character holding government position. Even the loser Chew MF is no different in her “ethics” as compared to this baldy shithead.

  4. Singam says:

    I have asked this question before and no one replied…

    How did Rocky become the pro-tem President of AllBlogs? Was he voted in because of his astonishing track record or his mesmerising personality?

    His choosing to reveal himself as pro-Mahathir or whatever is irrelevant. He has every right to do so. So long as he doesn’t pretend to be neutral.

    But I will continue to hold him to task for distorting the Statement from the Rulers and claiming that according to them the Social Contract allowed for special rights and privileges for the Malays. That is a downright lie, a seditious and provocative lie.

    Does Rocky continue as Top Blogger or is he being booted out?

  5. SameSame says:

    Well if Syed said that, he also said it to Chedet! Mahathir too blogger and his code of ethics stinks high heaven.

    Susan, all of them talk cock la. Ethics, Syed doesnt know the meaning of it so he just tembak la. You know. kena juga tunjuk muka, tapi kena himself saja.

    Ethics, sorry none of the govt officials and their goons HAVE THEM!


  6. SameSame says:

    LOL…kena ditelan somewhere my response.

    Anyways, wonder if, when Syed said it, he realized Chetdet is also a blogger. Mahathir himself tiada ethics, if ada pun, it stinks high heaven!

    As usual, talk cockla he. Syed doesnt know the meaning of ethics. He just tembak saja, kena tunjuk muka tapi kena tembak himself!

    Actually none of our govt officials, BN goons HAVE IT!


  7. SameSame says:

    My responses are not coming out wonder why??

  8. SameSame says:

    lets try one more time…..

    When Syed said that, wonder if he knew he was also telling chedet. Mahathir himself is a blogger and his ethics stinks high heaven.

    Sy doesnt know the meaning of ethics. He just tembak, just to show-face and in the process just shot himself.

    Actually non of our govt officials and BN goons knows the meaning of ethics much less HAVE THEM!

    (((good morning malaysia))))

  9. eeyaw says:

    Every bloggers should tell this bald headed Yemenis to go eat camel shit before he teaches us how to behave. I lament every time my employer deduct my tax to pay this scumbag & all his goons.

  10. imwatchinu says:

    I certainly do believe in a code of ethics. For the government, that is. The situation with the present government is “do anything you like” to suppress it’s people come what may.

  11. wits0 says:

    We have people who hallow racism and fascism talking about ethics.
    What a vulgar joke for all seasons!

  12. nordin says:

    Hello Susan.
    I share your sentiments. These jokers should be roosted. But whoever or whatever they are, doesn’t the idea itself make sense. Just don’t let them get the limelight. It is just what they want. Let get hold the steer and lead the nation.

  13. kesava says:

    How did Rocky become the pro-tem President of AllBlogs? Was he voted in because of his astonishing track record or his mesmerising personality?
    – Singam

    That only applies when he is drinking or playing poker (where he learnt to bluff).

  14. kesava says:

    You can tell the no. of lies at the rate he balds.

  15. Eric says:

    Any code of ethics for MSM too? Remember the azan story that put people in prison or the funny reporting on Bersih last year? Any code of ethics for PDRM too (remember PJ’s 9 November (”they did not sing the Negaraku, er they sang it four times but anyway we did not use force, er the videos are all fake which is why we tried to have them all deleted in the balai”).
    Syed Hamid has weird priorities, while the Malaysian polis is a laughing stock (Sharlinie’s abductors or Altantuya’s murderers anyone?)

  16. msiaman says:

    Why don’t they put up code of ethics for politicians first? Such as respect all rakyat and do not resort to all sorts of mechanism of the ‘law’ to oppress the dissenting rakyat?

    That’s just for the starter if they seriously mean well for the country…

  17. kesava says:

    At the Blogger`s Bluff the lying Botak also implied that making a false SD is not a crime :

    KUALA LUMPUR (The Star): Private investigator P. Balasubramaniam is a free man and can remain overseas as he has not been charged with any crime, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

    Syed Hamid said that Balasubra–maniam could be extradited if he refused to return to face a charge.

    He said it was up to the Attorney-General’s Chambers to decide whether there was a case against Balasubra–maniam, who is believed to be in Thailand.

    “The police have completed their investigations. If the A-G’s Chamber decides there is a case and they want to charge him, then the police would seek his extradition.

    “Now, he is a free agent and it is up to him if he wants to come back,” he told reporters at the Blogger’s Buff 2008 conference here.

  18. rider says:

    SHA the uncouth fool is a lawyer? Wonder which university he bought his degree from! This wretch must go! Let’s not forget to oust him and his ‘code of ethics’ this coming GE.

  19. kesava says:

    ..Wonder which university he bought his degree from!..

    No need, bayar CLP Boss senang.ketuanan melayu lah

  20. humaneructus says:

    its disgusting to note that syed hamid has been invited to bloggers buff conference .Its more suffocating needless to say that blogger ahiruddin attan conducting the conference in the presence of syed hamid .what a shame .

  21. JOHJ says:

    This is another UMNO propaganda counter strategy to control bloggers and prepare for next GE. Maybe they think that bloggers are a threat to national security just like the Communist terrorist. You cant change their mindset, no matter what. Only the rakyat can change them.

  22. kesava says:

    Before “Dirty Harry”… there was Coogan`s Bluff.
    Malaysia is “Dirty Botak” & “Blogger`s Bluff”

  23. monsterball says:

    hahahahahahahaha..The unethical…undemocratic…untrustworthy…unreliable ..unimpressive…hypocritical corrupted crook…wants to talk ethics to others??

  24. Rajiya says:

    Dear Pete,

    I am currently studying in an elite foreign institution. However I am doing badly in my studies because I have been spending every night entertaining my foreign friends using the allowances paid my the generous Malaysian tax payers. I intend to seek the help of the former Malaysian Oxford child prodigy turned hooker, Sufiah Yusof, to give me a personal tuition. However, she refuses to see me. She claimed that my father had a history of not paying up for services rendered. I badly need her. Please help!

    Yours like-father-like-son,
    Najis Junior


    To be a blogger now you must know how to count tables
    For pretty soon all bloggers will be held accountable
    For whatever antics they put up will be regarded as antiques
    Since the same may also apply to the unbalanced concept of ethics

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 231108
    Sun. 23rd Nov. 2008.

  26. machitam says:

    botak and all the umno bodos leaders must first go back to school and learn human rights before telling bloggers on ethics………macam ketam nak ajar anaknya berjalan lurus….or er macam pelacur nak nasihat wanita jadi baik..why all those jokers ???

  27. Menyalak-er says:

    “Ethics in this nation is like beauty & in the mind of the beholder” which in this case has no mind within that cavernous skull of al-blur.
    Pro-gomen msm/blogs have ethics? Infantile and senile wish lists maybe – liars aplenty!
    Rocky? NAB? No more moral authority – mere parrots!
    Imagine, a moral ethical present-day bumno – impossible ain’t it?
    Kudos Susan, excellent article.

  28. Malay Girl says:

    Syed Hamid should is a sham to democracy and Human Rights.

    I think this week can be remembered as “cock” week. I have rarely seen Susan and other female commentators referring to misfits, bigots, etc as cocks. Maybe we are all ovulating. I need cocks. hahaha. Yesterday, I cummmmmmm and fainted after an onslaught by a faulty timer vibrating dildo I slip in to my c++t.

  29. Ex Neutral says:

    I love this guy. Each time he says something it will only hurt the chances of umno in the next GE. The best thing is there are a few more of them in umno and also BN. but the bad part is Malaysians have short memory.

  30. Rajiya says:

    “Yesterday, I …..fainted after an onslaught by a faulty timer vibrating dildo ..” – Malay Girl

    Now you can send it to Botak

  31. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve stopped accessing Rocky’s site for quite a long time already. Has he sold his soul or, maybe, resold his soul!

    I do agree with Ex Neutral though that each time he opens his mouth, it is just like shooting his own foot.

    The same goes to K Temoc whose site I’ve stopped visiting for quite a while already.

    The more overkill they exercise the more revolted people are!

  32. bamboo river says:

    Ahhh, okay, I got your drift Syed Hamid.
    I am sure Tun Mahathir will respond in his blog for calling him non ethical.
    Check your underwear to see if it is clean , Syed Hamid!

    On NAB -all blogs Al Presidente , well. his postings is glaringly pro-gov for the past months only he knows well the reason.
    Not all diamonds are flawless. You need a good eye to see one.
    The problem is , can we BUFF it to perfect Cs.

    As for Zorro’s take on his good buddy , tough decision for him. Its like losing his tobacco pipe. People will say, buy another pipe. But for Zorro, the taste will never be the same I guess.

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  34. Ace says:

    LOL, rolling on floor!!!

  35. Jed Yoong says:

    Hmmmm Looks like govt sandiwara. Tks for link to Seventh Ranger’s post. I missed that one. Poor Zorro, he was a true believer, even defended Rocky and wrote nasty emails to me during the early days of the Great Blog Wars…

    😉 Hmmmmmmmm…..

  36. bloodboiling says:

    Shit Bald..ARB -Assh..e Rasc.l Bast..d same species. Stop open your mouth. Please let the raayat have some peace. These few idots should left to extinction.

  37. Jed Yoong says:

    I just had a look at Bloggers Bluff blog….With so many sponsors, why did they need to charge participants such a high price?

  38. storm62 says:

    woi botak hamid,gua tarak sikolah tinggi2 tapi gua ala pakai sikit otak dan etika. kepala botak lu gua ingat tarak rambut saja tapi gua hairan otak pun tarak.

    ini mia Minister gua olang tak mau, lu bila mau tulun. lu jangan pikir lagi ala manyak olang mau sokong lu lagi sebab lu sudah manyak ciakap2 bohong dan ciakap tak betoi, lu nyayuk ke?

    lu botak tak malu ke? lu tak kesian sama gua pun.
    gua manyak malu ala mentri macam lu diNegli ini lo.

  39. storm62 says:

    dear malay girl, can i borrow your faulty vibrating dildo?

    saifol needs one urgently.he also wants me to modified and insert a C4 for a more vigorous reaction.

    your quick responce will be highly appreciated.

    “Berkhidmat Untuk Negara”

  40. Very Sad says:

    你 好

    christianity and islam are the same religion.

    dont anybody know that.

    all are descendant of adam and eve ( adam dan hawa)

    jesus ( nabi Isa ) name is mentioned and recorded in
    the Holy Quran and also his birth by mother Mary (Mariam)

    we should all be living in Peace.

  41. JOHJ says:

    I refer to NST today, a worried malay girl has opened a half million centre for YOGA. Since YOGA is haram, she only need to reverse the name to AGOY. So whats the difference?

  42. 104East says:

    Aiyaa, nothing wrong about this botak’s suggestion. We were asked to respect politicians rite? He is just wants us to mirror his err…”ethics”, so that’s what we will do. Thank you botak, for showing the way.

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  44. Mamak Penang says:

    Now the Main stream news paper business ….so downlah susan.Dia ini bukan cakep pasai kod of etique tapi mau tolong sama itu tauke newspaper semua.Makin lama makin bising; orang tak mau beli newspaper…mamak-mamak jual newspaper pun ramai mau tutup kedailah!!!!.sekarang Home minister nak buat kempen,”Jangan baca Blog bacalah surat khabar yang disahkan oleh kerajaan!”.Ditanggung Betul!!!!ha!ha!….If ex-Singapore Foreign Minister Jeyaratnam degak ini…dia ketawa besar…!

  45. ericind says:

    BOTAK SHITHEAD needs to borrow the faulty shaking dildo n insert inside his stinky asshole,put to the maximun vibrating force n clear all his stinky shits so that he can speak wiser.Goncang,goncang sampai mata pun terang,mana tau,rambut pun boleh tumbuh balek.

  46. ericind says:

    This botak shithead needs to borrow the fauty vibrating dildo n insert inside his stinky asshole,put to the maximun shaking force n throw away all the stinky shits so that he can speak wiser,goncang,goncang sampai mata pun terang,mana tau rambut pun boleh tumboh balek.

  47. anonymous says:

    The Gold Standard for Code of ethics is “The reason to detain someone under ISA is to protect their life as they are in danger”.

    So here you go….. just follow this Gold standard.

  48. antiUmno says:

    Syed Hamid suggest bloggers formulate their own code of ethics.
    is the same as
    Syed Hamid says:
    I fuc%$&@g hate stupid bast#$@s morons that uses foul language.

  49. ktemoc says:

    Dirgahayu PABS 😉

  50. amoker says:

    Syed Hamid should do one for the press, really. There seemed to be one for general press and one for Utusan. He speaks as if local press has got it right and not the bloggers.

    About rocky, he is also loosing credibility for sure.

  51. Is this Arab trying to tell the world or at least Malaysia the pots must do what the kettles are not doing ?

  52. zewt says:

    sigh… since when things turned into such a mess….

  53. Pegasus says:

    Ha ha !!Good one storm62,
    Obviously I think the code of ethics should be established for… the BN idiots!!! We have some dinosaurs still sitting in the cabinet and one in Sarawak, Chief Minister Taib Mahmud. These fools talks crap stories every time they open up their mouth to talk.The botak minister is lost in the cabinet,not knowing whats happening in the world and what era we are in now. Those days of fooling the people are long gone…,the bloggers do not need to have a code of ethics its already there within themselves and their soul .. that’s why they are writing up to express themselves of the matters which are not right!!!.
    These BN assholes are worst then the Somalian pirates , the pirates are at least robbing openly, these assholes in sheep clothing robs the nation,speaks arrogantly and have the cheek to teach others on code of ethics!!! Wish Santa Claus will come along and throw some C4 at these assholes!!!.

  54. Bentoh says:

    The second session of that bloggers bluff looks OK though…

    Makes me wonder if there will ever be a BUM 2009… United… LOL

    Well… Pro tem means “for the time being” according to wikipedia…

    I guess Mr Rocky Bru meant to appoint himself as pro tem president, and tried to formalize the NAB and get it registered in ROS…

    but eventually he found himself living happily as a president… so… you know the story~

  55. Michelle Tua Liap Leng says:


    I am under the knowledge that once Ktemoc and Susan Loone are to form another blogging committee with the former as Deputy President and the latter, the boss. It never materialize, did it? hey, the idea mooted was good to be honest. And we will have Monsterball as a striker, sniping at any loggerheads with Susan as a flagship President and Ktemoc a back seat driving force. 🙂 Hehe. Salute.

    Hey, now that the star reported that the Gomen is recruiting retirees to counter-attack maverick bloggers. it’s a good move Susan.

  56. telur dua says:

    UMNO would not make a good role model in this case.

  57. wits0 says:

    Spudhead says bloggers must be “responsible” in the NST.

    Same old canard that comes with the usual perversion of semantics.
    How about a government that is responsive and not self-serving to the nth degree?!

    Gone are the days(far too many) when he and gang can make the weirdest pronouncements and not hear unexpected responses to the contrary. Neither WCW nor Rocky can do anything much for they too are fallen beings with their facade long crumbled to dust.

  58. Michelle Tua Liap Leng says:

    Personally I enjoy so much insight, excellent uptake and kinky humor at your blog Susan. Keep it up. Eh up…? U a lass, aye? I mean the top….


  59. SameSame says:

    Wonder if any of you saw the news..bernama. The hubla that happened opposite IJN. I actually passed the area and saw a huge crowd and protestors. How come Syed didnt send his FRU team and gangster to jail them. They didnt get any permit to hold that gathering. Already this is BLOODY LOUD AND CLEAR where his ethics is stuffed….UP u know where la.

    I also caught the TV footage of raged men running after a chinese woman. NOW that was bloody scarry! This country is fast becoming a mad place to live.

    One rule for them and another for ………

  60. kayunan says:

    fcukwat says all gomen do or say ok ,others haram !Stupid morons.INI TAK BOLIH ITU TAK BOLIH ,4 WIVES SHIOK BOLIH HALAL! no tomboy, no yoga,…….fcukwat.

  61. fukonima says:

    Just let the voters send all these brainless dinosaur minister of the Mamak Kutty’s Dynasty (including Mamak Kutty, of course) to the Jurasic Park in the next GE, starts from Sarawak first.

  62. fukonima says:

    A little Angel asked me some questions in my dream last night:

    Who is going to be responsible for all the resources being swallowed by the greedy sharks of Mamak Kutty’s gang and cronies through the so-called mega projects for the past 20-3o years?

    Who is going to be responsible for all the collapse of Bolehland’s judiciary, education and economy?

  63. Jed Yoong says:

    Syed Hamid suggests we should know our place in the “reporting ecosystem”!!!!! What is he talking about? Remember how they kept Mkini out of govt press conferences?

  64. free says:

    What? Baldy teach people how to comb hair?

  65. wits0 says:

    “Remember how they kept Mkini out of govt press conferences?”

    They have very selective memory. But the self appointed de facto prez of NAB-all sees an opportunity to go into the biz of making SIRIM approved, PC collars. I heard the price of beer has long gone up.

  66. free says:

    They should organise fly kite sessions free of charge.

  67. free says:

    “..bloggers should come out with their own Code of Ethics without interference from the government”

    Sounded very much like “I made my decision without the interference of my son-in-law”

  68. zztop says:

    That stupid pea brain arrogant baldie toad is talking cock again.
    This bum should look at his own stupid self when he try to talk about ethics. In the very first place, he has already scored a BIG FAT ZERO on ethics. Talking about ethics with the rakyat, my foot la.
    Perhaps, he may get those stupid, running dogs from Utusan Melayu and that Rocky hypocrite bum to be in the Bloggers Bluff. They have all the incredible “credentials” to qualify.
    How can the rakyat expect the present bunch of bums running the country to talk ethics. It will only happen when the sun rise in the West la.

  69. lhheng says:

    This stupid pea brain arrogant baldie toad is opening his foul mouth again. This time talking about ethics. What ethics have this bum got. BIG FAT ZERO. Talking ethics my foot.
    Just look at the Malaysiakini-Najib Tun Razak apology episode. It was given special mention, and not that garbage reporting Utusan Malaysia’s fiasco which landed Teresa Kok in jail under the ISA. This is what this bum called ethics.
    Its amazing Bolehland has this type of stupid, brainless bum running the HM=Hantu Ministry.

  70. Face Poker says:

    I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

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