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One is missing, and the other dead.

And yet, both are said to have conspired to blackmail Abdul Razak Baginda to part with USD500,000 + 3 tickets for 3 Mongolian women.

In his latest bid to rescue his client, Abdul Razak Baginda from the gallows, lawyer Wong Kian Keong inferred today that Bala did a Mahathir Mohammad and said he “did not remember” if he had informed Baginda about Altantuya’s demands.

Wong said there is reasonable doubt over whether Bala had betrayed Baginda’s trust by participating in a conspiracy with Altantuya and her 3 companions Namiraa Gerelmaa, Uuriintuya Gal Ochir and the private eye appointed by Altantuya, Ang Chong Beng.

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  1. PureMalaysian says:

    This really can’t get more interesting! WOW!

    Lately, I no longer follow the Taiwan news at Astro. I am more interested in knowing the progress and twist and turns in our Boleh Land politics!

  2. crash says:

    used, thrown here and there like some worthless toy by some VVIP and she’s already dead, the up-most inhuman cruelty..blown up and shamed. WHAT ELSE DOES THIS PEOPLE’S WANT? how in the world you lawyers/murderers/wortless dogs/ sleep at night?

  3. matt says:

    Susan looks like the spin from everything in the govt,has gone totally out of control.Like someone said for every lie you say it takes more lies to cover it up.

  4. mugabe says:

    How convenient !

    The Judge, the Prosecution and Pak Lah UMNO Government must now tell the WHOLE WORLD how on earth can a Murdered Body blown to pieces Cannot Have the Murderers …

    when the evidences adduced in Court so far logically points clearly to some people supposed to be brought to Court have their say ….
    and to call very other relevant witnesses have yet to be called including the Director General of Immigration, and I dare say even ….

    the French Company that makes the Submarine to clear the allegation about DPM and Altantuya ….. even the organizers of the Diamond Show wil certainly have the Names of VVIP that visits the show …

    the French Surete {Intelligence Service] can quickly tells us about the DPM and Altantuya …. in a jippy . parle vous francais

  5. Kherry Scarry says:

    Now…….easy way out, just put all the blame on Altantuya…how do you expect her to fight back….finally ” Prosecution fail to prove…….” Wallaaa…Murderers freed…and people forgets…..and life goes on…..

  6. danet7882 says:

    I was wondering whether the Ministry of Tourism is going to be involved in this scandal.. Do they have the authority to suspend any hotel’s licence? If yes, then C**** Hotel is going to be in deep trouble… (for revealing info regarding their customers to the public) a.k.a “saifool met a policemen 3-4 days before making a report in a well known hotel”…

    I expect Datuk Azal*** and General Manager of C***** Hotel is going to make an statement soon..

    Datuk Azal*** : “Kami ambil berat tentang etika Pemaju Hotel yang
    sepatutnya merahsiakan nama pelanggan mereka. Kami akan
    mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya untuk menggantung
    lesen Hotel yang terbabit. Kalau nama pelanggan disebarkan
    macam ini, mana ada orang mahu VISIT MALAYSIA lagi. Saya
    berpendapat saya lebih percaya dengan Saifool Bukari”

    General Manager : “Our front desk are working people with SRP only, not
    educated enough. They got the name wrongly it’s Bin
    Bukari, Saifool not Saifool Bin Bukari.. Yes there’s a
    customer by the name of Saifool. It’s the same person..
    But as I said It’s Bin Bukari, Saifool not Saifool Bin Bukari”

    Deputy Police : “Ini bukan bukti, mana buktinya, hanya si saifool berada di
    hotel bersama orang saya minum kopi saja.. Kawan lama
    bersembang saja.. Oh, bersembang pasal 1998 tahun anwar
    disabit kes liwat.. That’s only, mana ada salah. Ini semua
    angkara Anwar untuk menjejaskan siasatan kami sahaja.
    Pihak kami masih percaya dengan Saifool”

    Hello guys.. that’s what going to happen in the next few days… till then

    God save Malaysia..

  7. Kenny Gan says:

    “And yet, both are said to have conspired to blackmail Abdul Razak Baginda to part with USD500,000 + 3 tickets for 3 Mongolian women.”

    Since Baginda’s lawyer has made such a dastardly allegation, it’s only right to recall Bala to the court to defend himself. But remember that the defense (Wong) and the prosecution lawyers both refused to support Karpal Singh’s motion to call Bala and Najib to testify.

    So is Wong going to character assassinate somebody without giving him the right of reply?

    There are no more morals and integrity in Bolehland.

  8. sham says:

    On that day, the private detective said part of the important elements of his first statement has been omitted. He also revealed the content of his sworn statement.

    Undoubtedly, what he meant to express was very clear: the police statement is false and only the sworn statement is absolutely true.

    However, he withdrew his sworn statement and replaced it with another one the next day. He said that the 10 allegations made in the first sworn statement were faked and he withdrew it because of guilt. Then, he suddenly “disappeared” together with his whole family.

    How strange it is as the similar true and false drama keep coming on after the disappearance of the private detective!

    When the country was in a hubbub because of Anwar’s sodomy case, blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin shocked the country with an online post. He pointed out that a medical report from a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur indicated that there is no evidence that Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan had been sodomised. Raja Petra also claimed that the police actually detained the doctor for three days and tried to force the doctor to amend the medical report.

    The exposure of the report has become the latest version of Malaysian Rashomon. It has once again set off heated arguments. Malaysians are now confused between the true and false as we do not know who is actually telling the truth and who is telling lies.

    If you believe it, it is true, and if you do not believe it, then it’s false. If you like him he is a friend of yours and if you hate him, thus he is your enemy. This is politics. We do not have to take politicians’ war of words too seriously.

    However, such soap operas are interesting. It would be like watching a drama that we are excited even though we know that the story is fake!
    (By LIM MUN FAH/ Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/ Sin Chew Daily)

  9. crash says:

    a sinking mighty ship.. holes everywhere. The captain ordering a quick patch. 1 by 1, but there is new holes breaching and water is leaking everywhere and in a situation like this the captain get panic and thrown his anger toward everybody and force them to patch and conseal the hole by ANY MEAN to avoid the salty sea water from entering and sink the ship.

    Under a heavy amount of stress they start to patch all these hole as fast and possible regardless “whether it’s a strong or weak patch” as long as it is patched and the water is no longer entering the ship for this very moment.

    But some foresee that no matter how fast you patch there will be new holes and those patched hole’s will again rebreak and this ship will sink no matter how you try to save it.


  10. alpha says:

    Malaysia Boleh, Apa pun boleh!!!!

  11. CYBERBOY says:




  12. Hunk says:


    From the beginning of the trial it is quite clear that Razak Baginda can hardly be indicted for the crime of abetting the murder of Altantuya unless the prime accused- Corporal Sirul Azhar and Chief Inspector Azilah implicates Razak of hiring/ordering or any means of instructions to kill altantuya.

    In the absence of direct accusations from the 2 accused, the chances of the abettor, Razak to be indicted even to a lesser charge of reckless endangerment (undue care of the deceased -Altantuya that resulted her death) is remotest of possibilities or elusive.

    The defence lawyer of Razak baginda has provided the highest standard of proof hitherto to suggest that his client has no knowledge of Altantuya’s murder when he argued that the day after Altantuya’s murder, Razak still asked DSP Safri of the whereabout of the deceased. (for those who follow the trial) and other alibis of his client’s innocence.

    It is very clear that the trial is at crescendo and the 2 accused will most definitely be indicted for murder and Razak Baginda be exonerated to pacify many parties (the Mongolian Government, domestic and international observer)that justice has been done.

    When Razak Baginda’s counsel’s arguments hereunder, was he attempted to cover up other personalties not summoned nor subpoenaed as witnesses such as Najib Tun Razak, DSP Safri who has most knowledge vis-a-vis the movements of the 2 accused as per earlier affidavit by Wong to procure bail for his client and to debunk Bala’s credibilities (SD1 and SD2) and other matters to protect the interest of a few very important persons?

    “Wong said there is reasonable doubt over whether Bala had betrayed Baginda’s trust by participating in a conspiracy with Altantuya and her 3 companions Namiraa Gerelmaa, Uuriintuya Gal Ochir and the private eye appointed by Altantuya, Ang Chong Beng.”

    Many has opined that the Altantuya Shribuu trial has no prosecution team as both opposing parties are spouting off repertoire intended to cover-up certain important figures.

    And the 2 accused who are hooded from public view, begs a question –will someone on death row stand in for them? Just like some Americans who believe that Elvis faked his death and assume new identities to dodge from the ruthless media hounds. 🙂

    Hunk’s perspective.

  13. RKP says:

    We have come to the end of the road in Malaysian politics. Now we need to sitback and watch what ‘monster’ will appear out of the ‘abyss’ after they have sold their soul to the Devil, the evil Prince of politics.

    But take comfort, No man or demon or the Devil is greater than the Creator God.
    God created the earth and everything in it. He will only allow sin and its evil affects on humankind till it reaches the maximum limit. After that He will strike after many,longsuffering warnings that goes unheeded.He is a loving and just God. HE is love and HE is Justice itself.HE is Righteousness.There is Hope.

    We have seen this happen to many countries in this sinful world.

    History is about to repeat itself. No politician or ruler,man or woman who is mere flesh is above God the Creator. As much as as we want to see Him act,He too will act at the perfect time He has set for every evil under the sun.

    Those who supposedly assumed leadership positions among mankind for whatever reasons or motives,HE will check them out.You can keep on lying to man,but you cannot lie to God for He is Truth Himself, whom you might have never met before.

    In this month of August alone, God is about to demonstrate His power in this country like never before. You are about to see the many unusual happenings that you and I might not have seen, or heard of. HE will show Malaysians who He is and who created everything in it, not even a particle of sand we can create.
    Remember this! Or that one particle of air that we breathe.
    You need to have some fear of God and acknowledge that He is still on His throne.

  14. Najib’s wife cannot imagine or shall I say stand the thought that the husband had slept with Altantuya and instructed their personal guards to blow her up.
    The thought that the husband had slept with this woman was and still is something this fat woman cannot withstand or accept.
    To make sure of that and forever ,she went along to witness her blown up with C4.
    No amount of botox can stop the husband from taking the pants off for other women-fat woman !

  15. chris chong says:

    imagine the nightmare when the murderer become bolehland PM…

    what the f*** wrong with all the people in BN, is money all they care of? no shame and no intergity at all!!!

    i hope malaysia can take the pain to make the change or we will sink lower and lower.

    it is the defining moment…

  16. Hahaha says:

    This lover boy Nagis, has a three in same bed for company, only one comes in a form of a very unhappy spirit….in between of the two, linked to her murder. I really want to see how the end will unfold.

  17. chaptokam says:

    Najib is not involved in the extermination of Altantuya .
    He is involved in the cover up of the aspect .
    By covering up , he is denying every thing thrown at him .
    So who is he covering up for ? to even pun his political career at stake ,
    He is covering up for his Big Fat Mama , the beloved wife of the PM in waiting . Deleting of Immigration records , etc ,etc .
    That is why even with all evidence pointing to him , he is swearing on the Koran to prove his innocence .
    Why is that so ? Obviously the Big Fat Mama has taken the law into her own hands , and without the knowledge of Najib and only got to know after the C4 happened . This is also according to the SD of RPK that she was around during the C4 process . Why would the female UTK (bodyguard) to her be involved if Najib is the one who did it ??
    Why would the Big Fat Mama do it ? its because she would be possibly carrying somebody’s child in the body . You know who lah !!!
    And woman has this very jealous tendency to slice off her husband’s dick with knife or with scissors , or this case instructed certain personal to obtain the necessary C4 and do it so that no DNA could be obtained to see whether she is pregnant .
    Only a woman of this nature would resort to that . Even one female newscaster was attacked and now had to be in a wheelchair because this female newscaster was too close to her previous husband who is also another newscaster , before they got divorced , probably also due to this attacked by two hired attackers . ( read between the lines , cannot be precise, no names mentioned )
    So all points to one thing for sure , Najis would by all means knew her .
    So make your conclusion .

  18. tamade says:

    So, who is the murderer?

    May be ,The HANTU in Bolehland’s most corrupt party is the REAL MURDERER of the Mongolian woman.

    Wow, Bolehland has cracked the World Guiness Book of Record again.

    Come on, stop this rot and nonsense, the AG Chamber and the whole police force’s reputation is at stake.

    To all the personnel in these two departments, please stand up and tell your TOP BRASS that ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

    The RAKYAT is wondering, for how long can you people endure this kind of treatment with no dignity in life?

    How long can you people just behave like an Ostrich and buries it’s head into the sand pit? Where is your courage? Have you forgotten your OATH?

    Can the RIGHTEOUS and CONSCIENTIOUS ones tell the RAKYAT what the HELL is going on inside these two places?

    Please do something to restore your REPUTATION and DIGNITY before it is too late.

  19. altan says:

    of course we know the conclusion of chaptokam story . Malaysia can and will – know the truth. Big Fat Mama name is listed and her days are numbered. All the cover up won’t help because …. see u soon.

  20. wits0 says:

    Chaptokam : “Najib is not involved in the extermination of Altantuya .
    He is involved in the cover up of the aspect…”

    Aiiiyaaah! Hahaha!!

    Doesn’t that sound kinda like a person who chooses to always uses his right finger to scratch his left ear and vice versa, instead of the expected left finger? He is then(if as imputed) already directly involved by default, in complicity. Why split hairs gawky-ly and rather unnecessarily.

    If anyone wants to draw attention to something more intriguing and pertinent, it is to ask how forensic/investigation proclaimed that poor Altantunya was declared to have been killed first by 2 shots to her head? No skull fragments (of any size) remained. If finding 2 empty cartridges does not mean the bullets actually ended in her head.

    Also, everyone focuses entirely on jealousy as the motive. As if meanness(stinginess) and arrogance are not featured in the motive.

    Lawyer Wong spins his tale like Latuk WCW of the dud Star. For the first, it’s his natural job ; for the second it’s his choice/option for a good life’s sake.

  21. Anonymous says:

    A brief description of original chaptokam blog style.

    I happened to stumble upon this original chaptokam contribution in various blogs.

    I have yet to read any of his comment in moderated blog.

    I have stumbled upon his comments in Malaysia-Today blog and 90% are rated into negativity.

    This original chaptokam is a self proclaimed UMNO cybertroppers cum mole who frequents unmoderated blog with the same identity with one intention. His intention is to pervert the minds of RPK, Anwar or PR supporters.

    Anybody posting comments favoring any of the above, he will first suggest negating ideology drawing them to anti PR reformasi stand.

    Next this original chaptokam will antagonize those he fails to “brainwash’ by repeatedly spamming comments against particular individual until he or she gave up that blog.

    His third approach is adapted for the more persistent poster, by pretending to agreeing with them on simple issues in exchange for support towards his issues; which are normally countering or antagonizing.

    There exist a team of UMNO cybertrooper police. They enter various blogs to tuned into the cybertroopers and weed them out with the sole intention to provide peace for other posters (for many had been discourage to provide their ideas).

    The other UMNO cybertrooper is BobbyNZ.



  22. matt says:

    Danet 7882 dont worry azalina wont do anything as hotel also belongs to her lesbian partner sabrina.Actually the partner’s husband jo jo.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This chaptokam unmo cyber troopers is trying to convince Najis is not at fault, hoping people will forgive and let him be pm.

    Of course najis pm, chaptokam benefit.

    to me, this chaptokam is shallow in thinking just like sampah sarap malaysia. langsung stupid.

  24. al salam says:


  25. Menyalak-er says:

    Well wits0 and Anonymous, chaps has convinced himself so – so be it!
    You guys familiar with alternate universes/string theory – well his just a ‘Sting’ theory, he basically talked himself into it!
    He would probably agree with hypermamak that N-name divorce Mdm Lumpiolus!
    I must apologize, I’ve never heard of mca etc.; never in my whole life – only faintly aware that something has vanished into a Black Hole.
    This charade of Altatunya must be brought to a judicious end, but so far it just doesn’t seem that way – what with the protagonists disappearing into the depths of Africa – and will reappear after DSAI has been charged?

  26. wits0 says:

    Well, Menyalak-er, Chatokam deserved to be ribbed(optionally, when the mood arises). He’s neither very coherent or particularly logical when these are called for. Now he’s preoccupied with the Hungry Ghost Festival while we’re concerned with the Truth of the situation. Supposedly the matter of freedom of expression and opinion for him include the license to go off at any wild tangent in any blog commenting. Ravings trumping ethics.

    “He would probably agree with hypermamak that N-name divorce Mdm Lumpiolus!”

    That’s ammoral Mamak Kutty’s justice for all(‘for all’, is such a nausating umno byline, btw). That solves everything! Discarding your lipoids makes you pure, clean, and reborn again like the Phoenix from the flames. But where’s the flame?!

    You’ll really like lawyer Wongs tale that all those mentioned conspired against poor pure Bag who happened to be a Strategist.

    Tell me how a Strategist may be construed as being truly “pure” and still be worth his beans. I thought that to be one, one needs to have an astute understanding of human nature/psychology (like Shakespeare, to be able to write wonderful plays). In the process of being astute, the temptation/gravitation to exploit human weaknesses also increases exponentially. Karadzic, the psychiatrist, really played the asses of the UN diplomats. Soiled Leak, by comparision, is nothing but an umno sychopant.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Today chaptokam assume not so bad image cos he is aware ghost coming out, chaptokam scared the ghost he insulted visit his house.

  28. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, wits0, in this case the ‘Strategist’ does not need to f*** with people’s minds. Remember, they believe in Jampi/Jamu/Jamban? That’s their whole worldview, with their bomoh in attendance!
    Who needs Shakespeare? They are in their own state of enlightenment – gross and decayed as it might be. I think Karadzic, although sociopathic, is not even in their league. Theirs is truly magical world!

  29. wits0 says:

    On the matter of jampi obsession, it was circulated from ’98 that thambi Samy and Madey Kutty were clients. Samy goes to India often to recharge batteries to damn his opponents. This occult thing was also mentioned by the late MGG Pillai in Sang Kancil where he mentioned that his own father was charmed/cursed to death by his business partner.

    With thambi’s money, you could pay the ghosts to push carts – as an old Chinese saying goes. In any case, what have the affording clients to lose? Maybe one of the stipulated magical mandate to go with the spell is to wear his toupee differently every time. But Karma said finally, “Enough is enough!”, and he crashed. More replays expected.

  30. chaptokam says:

    Menyalak-er and wits0 great entertainment from both of you . Spoken with Dr Doolittle language , non comprendo !

  31. chaptokam says:

    ah Long (18:54:03) :
    chaptokam………I think you are very very close to the truth. I also think Najib is innocent of ordering the killing.
    That fool Baginda rang somebody for help to just get rid of Altantuya. He did not want her harmed, just get her out of the way.
    Baginda’s friend then rang the Najib household and fat mamma must have picked up the phone or got involved somehow. I think it could even be one BIG MISUNDERSTANDING. Big Mama must have said soemthing like “yeah, yeah contact our special forces bodyguards and get rid of that woman”.
    The friend then rang Baginda and told him that he has contacted the DPM and Altantuya will not bother him again.
    The overzealous bodyguard (one of them has even boasted he had killed before) could have misunderstood or over reacted and took “get rid of her” as “go and waste that woman” and killed Altantuya.
    Once Big Mama found out what had happened she must have gone out personally to make sure that the body will never be found on the common assumption that without a body it will be very difficult to prove a crime had taken place.
    Further, somebody, could be Big Mama or could be Big Papa himself after he had found out what had happened, had ordered immigration records to be deleted, so Altantuya just disappeared into thin air.
    Then from day one it became one cover up after the next. Even if Big Papa did not order the killing and it was all one misunderstanding he is definitely guilty of conspiracy and an accessory after the fact.
    I think this is the most likely scenario….because honestly I cannot find a motive strong enough why Big Papa would want to kill the woman unless of course he is that damn stupid.
    Big Papa can easily have that woman deported and never allowed to re-enter Malaysia. He did not have to kill her.
    I think it is all because of a big mouth attached to an overgrown ego, giving out orders that were not clear and a couple of idiot no brain bodyguards who are trained to kill without thinking.

  32. Menyalak-er says:

    When i was in Yogyakarta recently, my guide told me that a whole host of our very own bumno m.p.’s had flocked there be4 GE12, to ask for amulets/spells/fetishes from the bomohs there. Roaring business.
    Turned out some of them didn’t work, but lookee at Mdm Strategist’s margin!
    This thingy they are pinning on dsai requires not only a battalion of bomohs etc, but a whole hoarde of chaps ancestors… after all 7th. month right?
    What do you think is their margin of error? Zilch! According to their calculations.

  33. wits0 says:

    200 bomohs once declared that poor lost Shalini would be found unharmed in 2 weeks too. 200 makes a nice company strength force. That didn’t happen. Where are they putting their faces now? In India, I understand, the services of the best rogue black magician can be secured for the appropriate fee to do the evil puja for you. But there’ll always be consequences for sure.

  34. Pegasus says:

    Particularly all Malaysian knows that Najis is involved in the murder along with his wife,the way the court case is being drag, there are a lot of twisting and hidden agendas, Bodowi has make is move very smartly by stating that he will pass the baton to Najis in 2 years knowing very well that Najis might not be able to sustain till then. Najis balls are under the grip of Bodowi and he is just a puppet all this while. Dr.M himself had to abandon him and has to give his full backing to Muhiyidin for the UMNO President /PM post.
    Now,the case is getting more interesting, Bala conspired with Altantuya? My,suddenly the prime suspect will be Missing Bala and the kangaroo court will find Bala is the one who killed her and use the C4 on her. God save Malaysia, There is very unlikely justices will be served out in this trial as the court,police ,AG are all blind to the evidence they have . It looks like Mr Setev might just not waste his time and bring this case to the International Court of Justices for the truth to prevail.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Susan Sloone,
    Yours “Leave a comment” spaces has become “Leave chat space”

    Very pathetic

  36. kittykat46 says:

    If Altantuya was conspiring with Bala to blackmail Baginda, that only strengthens the case against Baginda. Why would his defense lawyer want to emphasise this ?

    I think this is a Red Herring from Baginda’s lawyer, probably instructed by the unseen puppet masters to discredit Bala.
    Its more related to the SD1&2 controversy than Baginda’s guilt or innocence.

    Altantuya is dead, no one is accusing Bala of commiting or conspiring in the crime.
    By the way, Baginda’s lawyer, Wong Kian Keong works for Kris-Hishamuddin’s law firm. An Kris-Hisham is _______’s cousin.

    Everything is linked to everything else is Bolehland.

  37. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46, the whole trial itself is a mockery. This is quite clear from the beginning. Why didn’t lawyer Wong cross-examine Bala more thoroughly when he took the stand? Now he suddenly sprang up with this tall tale of blackmail when Bala isn’t around.

  38. eeyaw says:

    Not sure whether there’s plea bargain arrangement in Malaysia! If so Razak Baginda should plea bargain for his crime in order to nail C4 unless C4 is holding onto something against Razak! Perhaps Razak’s wife can come forward with the evidence against her husband ex boss! But rest assured the murderers & accomplices will not escape unscathe.

  39. Rissa says:

    In this stupik nation, it won’t be a surprise when altantuya’s case will end up as NO CASE with thousands stupik excuses and reasons only those so-called “anak malaysia” can think of.

  40. songsong says:

    This lawyer Wong kk, no talk logic, how can 2 persons who don’t know each other conspire to do a US$500k ‘business’. My 19 years old niece also cannot see the logic. So this Wong must be very innocent to talk like that.

  41. Ivanna Fukalot says:

    this trial becomes stupid. now just smoke screen and delay to make u forget basic facts: Bag meets Hooker at Fenwick bar hong kong, takes her as mistress. supports her money two years, then gets sick of her puki and cut off money. Hooker loses face and nice car, then loses mind, comes to blackmail more money from Bag. Bag tells bagmen to take care of problem, but they take care too much… end of story. Bagmen go to gallows, Bag slap on wrist and retire from public live please.

  42. Omitoufu says:

    Spirit of Atantuya, please come out,

    Spirti of Atantuya, please come out,

    Spirit of Atantuya, please come out.

    In this month of Hell……..(Hell gates Open)

    To save your Razak/Najis

    To save your Razak/Najis

    To save your Razak/Najis

  43. Omitoufu says:

    ………..come every body….join and follow saying this verse….

    for 4 minutes…at 12.00 noon or mid night……………………….

    for the next 4 days………………………………………………………..

    and wait for things to happen on the 14th August/September 2008

    Every body join in…………

    Every body join in…………

    Every body join in………..

  44. raintree says:

    “Every body join in………… ”

    Agence France-Presse – 6/9/2009 12:31 PM GMT

    Indonesian model’s medical exam confirms abuse: forensic expert

    “The medical examination has been completed and the result confirmed that there is physical abuse all over her body. Her story has proven to be true,” one of her lawyers Farhat Abbas told AFP.

    He said his client Tuesday formally lodged a written report on the alleged abuse with the Indonesian police. Besides the prince, she had named six other people including the sultan and his wife as accomplices.

    “We have received the report today,” national police spokesman Abubakar Nataprawira told AFP.

    “Indonesian police is not able to investigate the case as the alleged abuse took place in Malaysia which is out of our jurisdiction. But we will assist in reporting the case to Malaysian police,” he added.

  45. raintree says:

    “Every body join in………… ”

    Agence France-Presse – 6/9/2009 12:31 PM GMT

    Indonesian model’s medical exam confirms abuse: forensic expert

    “The medical examination has been completed and the result confirmed that there is physical abuse all over her body. Her story has proven to be true,” one of her lawyers Farhat Abbas told AFP.

    He said his client Tuesday formally lodged a written report on the alleged abuse with the Indonesian police. Besides the prince, she had named six other people including the s**tan and his wife as accomplices.

    “We have received the report today,” national police spokesman Abubakar Nataprawira told AFP.

    “Indonesian police is not able to investigate the case as the alleged abuse took place in Malaysia which is out of our jurisdiction. But we will assist in reporting the case to Malaysian police,” he added.

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