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After she was conferred a Datuk Seri title for being a woman of indomitable courage, she resigns as MP for husband Anwar Ibrahim to contest in a by-election?

I do not take too kindly, at this point of time, losing Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as a member of Parliament, the first woman Opposition leader at that.

But why am I shocked?

I even wanted her as Prime Minister. Can you believe that? Not because she is PKR. But because she is a woman!

And now…we may even lose Permatang Pauh.

But wait, what if the police arrest Anwar on sodomy charges before the by-election?

Then what happens?

Malaysians are dying to know.

Below is Azizah’s press statement on the matter:

After deliberating with my family, the Keadilan party leadership and our partners in the Pakatan Rakyat, I have officially submitted my resignation as Member of Parliament of Permatang Pauh to the Speaker of Parliament YB Tan Sri Datuk Pandikar Amin Bin Hj. Mulia today to make way for my husband, Anwar Ibrahim, to contest as a candidate for Pakatan Rakyat in a by-election as soon as possible.

This is consistent with our goals towards securing a Parliamentary majority and forming a new government within this year.

This decision is the right decision for Malaysia.

The nation now faces some of the greatest challenges it has encountered since gaining independence. The UMNO-led Barisan Nasional government has mismanaged the economy and steered the nation towards a catastrophe. It has allowed the integrity of the justice system to fall into deeper infamy. It has stroked the flames of racism and driven a wedge of mistrust between Malays, Chinese and Indians, while thoroughly neglecting the needs of the indigenous peoples of
Sabah and Sarawak.

Anwar Ibrahim has articulated a vision for Malaysia that has brought hope to the people. He has the experience and intelligence to reinvigorate our economy, and the charisma and integrity to unite the Malaysian people and restore credibility to our institutions of governance.

I will continue to serve as president of Parti Keadilan Rakyat and as chairperson of the Yayasan Aman (Peace Foundation).

I whole-heartedly thank my supporters in Permatang Pauh who have stood by me in the most difficult of times since September 1998 and have shared in the joy of victory we all experienced on March 8th. The future of our nation lies in the dedication and commitment to justice and freedom that I have experienced as your representative in Parliament and I look forward to many more years of serving you with sincerity and with humility.

President Parti Keadilan Rakyat

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  1. PureMalaysian says:

    Frankly, I agree with you too Susan. Wan Azizah was the gold medalist in RCSI medical college in Dublin. She is brilliant and diligent! Every professor back then had put very high hope on her! She is one hell of the rare species in Malay community!

    I am sad she quits to make way for her husband!

  2. crash says:

    wow! smart him. making every umno goons (including the public’s) focusing on kulim.. sending all their tactical there and he announced Permatang Pauh? lol. All the goon’s have to press sudden discbrake and gostan to Permatang Pauh now. What a day! But i won’t be surprised just a little pity that we are losing Wan Azizah but we know inside out that she will always fight with us and fight along her husband.


  3. timmy says:

    If Anwar contests any other places besides Permatang Pauh, he’ll lose. UMNO/BN cronies will pump all the money to make sure he lose. At Permatang Pauh, regardless of how much they bribe, I believe they will stick with Anwar. Anwar only chance of winning is there.

    Wan Azizah will come back as a MP for Kulim soon after this is over.

    So, just sit tight and season august and september unfold.

  4. Frrancis says:

    Yea i m indeed sad it has to Kak Wan. In fact i don’t mind having her as my mum. Great woman. Please let her be a minister in the Pakatan Rakyat Govenrment to be formed; DSAI you had better made this happen. You can’t be asking this great woman who have sacrificed and suffered a lot to be sacrificing again and again. Make your claims into reality and repay her.

    Anyway she will make a compassionate minister.

  5. moonriver says:

    Just read in Malaysiakini that Anwar may be charged in next 48 hours to stop him from contending in by-election! I feel like exploding…its just too much!

  6. News from Malaysia Kini that Anwar to be arrested in the next 48 hrs and to be charged on Monday.Reports according to party official meaning UMNO is to prevent Anwar from entering Parliament.

  7. PeoplePower says:

    The road to Putrajaya is getting closer!!!
    DSAI, save the nations!!!!

    Saiful, siaplah engkau! Baik berambus dari Malaysia sekarang!!!

  8. navi says:

    It is really is a pity that Dato Wan Azizah has decided to relinquish her seat for Anwar. The last few years has shown the dynamic side of this great lady and it would have been a blessing for her to continue representing not only Permatang Pauh but justice and fairplay for all. Best wishes to her.

    As for Anwar, he would have won anywhere he decided to stand. I was hoping Khalid Ibrahim would make way for him.

  9. Charlie says:

    Brave woman. i do not believe in her husband being our saviour..but that she has stood by him for so long (despite half the Malaysians not convinced the sodomy did not take place) and now will do this is really formidable. Though then again, in the game of politics who knows? She might make a come back fairly quickly. Did someone say Kulim just now? why?

  10. matt says:

    A wife who has shown the courage of a 100 man put together,she should be a role model for wives to be.

  11. su says:

    With you on this one Susan. It’s a shame to have to lose Wan Azizah as an MP. She’s one of the better ones there are.

  12. PeoplePower says:

    No fear about the charge!!!
    It’s all rubbish!!!
    DSAI can still win if BN govt detain him in jail!!!
    This is what we call PeoplePower!!!

  13. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Susan,
    Didn’t i tell you about his nose or sense of smell -the lack thereof?
    Hahaha, caught everyone with their knickers all twisted up.
    But DSAI will be DSAI! Right now he’s got to get into that flawed bldg. called Parliment asap! If they arrest him now, it will reinforce the political persecution conspiracy!
    I too had wished that Wan Azizah could’ve been the PM, but not in a situation like this… spare her the dog-eat-shit for the time being and let DSAI sort things out first.
    Kudos DSAI, i’ll always appreciate your sense of humor, ‘berjuang’ spirit and sense of drama. Like the old days. Knew you would pull it off…
    God Bless!

  14. sklee says:

    Datuk Seri Wan Azizah is not only a good wife, a good mother and a good MP, she is simply a wonderful human being who has carried such a huge burden for more than ten years with such courage and dignity.Though we will certainly miss her in Parliament, we respect her action .At least now she can have more time with her children and grand child!We wish her well.

  15. Datuk Idris Harun Solicitor -General,
    Please save your honour and integrity.Dont be a party to this treacherous and deceitful act of fabrications to send someone innocent to jail for the second time.
    You will be forever remembered as the conscience of all malaysians if you side the truth!
    Please remember that Allah is our arbiter, come we meet him.

  16. Lee says:

    Its a pity i cannot vote there for Anwar. However, I will inform my friends and they will inform their friends to make sure saudara Anwar wins. Hope the BN goons dont do their dirty tatics again during election.
    Heard that sleeping beauty suddenly woke up from his slumber after hearing this.

  17. Myblog says:

    Its a shame to loose Dato Wan Azizah, but I admire her courage and will to go through what she had to endure. Someone in their comments said that they dont mind having her as their mom.

    I am going to be 50 years old and it will be a privilege to have her as my mother.

    I am sure she will continue the struggle till we are victorious

    She is the mother of democracy

  18. nur says:

    I totally agree with you. I too wanted her as PM and I think she will do a better job than Anwar. IMHO, with Anwar, it is all about politics, but with Kak Wan, it is about getting the work done.

    The country really need somebody like her so that we can put this country back on its track!

  19. Malaysians for Hillary Clinton says:

    Why must a woman always make way for a man? Happens in the US, now happening here in Malaysia too. A real pity.

  20. moonriver says:

    I do hope I will live long enough to see the day Peoplepower and Voice of Conscience rise above everything else in this country…….I see too many of my own colleagues happy within the very fragile boundaries of ‘comfort zones’ they have built for themselves. I still hope though….everyday.

  21. mugabe says:

    It is very sad to lose Dato Seri Dr Wan Azizah MP and the Bravest, Courageous and Steadfast mother to her children and wife to a husband incarcerated for 6 years and once again being tested.

    Every young people with mothers and every mother must look upon her as a fine example.

    And every husband must be beaming with pride to have a wife so calm and cool and we neevr see her raised her voice except to one naughtly little boy Khairy Jamaluddin for behaving most ungentlemanly and a conduct unbecoming of a Muslim MP from Rembau.

    She makes a good Doctor after this …… !

    Our prayers for her and family .

  22. PeoplePower says:

    Another Breaking News!!!
    MCA, Gerakan, MIC, SNAP and some of the MP from Sabah and Sarawak as well as UMNO will jump to PR soon!
    The reason is simply because they had lose confidence on the BN govt leadership!
    All the Party Leader will make a Press Conference in due time!
    DSAI road to Putrajaya is on track!
    Change of federal govt on 16th September 2008 is still on!

  23. mark c says:

    Look at it from a different perspective, as a mother and a wife, she is sacrificing her seat all for the trust she has in her husband and his ability to fight for the rakyat and the betterment of the latter.

    We should believe in her and support her decision.

    I hope in event Kulim gets vacated, she’d stand for it as a candidate. I would bus there to support her.

  24. Margemar says:

    Kak Wan would have been an idle choice for PM. In this case DSAI will not have to rush in becoming PM even though this is what most of us are craving for. BN especially UMNO is now sinking into the abyss. We are seeing how down right dirty they can get in trying to paint the Pakatan Rakyat state governments in a bad light. You see, Umno and BN are going down therefore they will not stop hitting below the belt. They are bankrupt in ideas.

    That is why I feel it is better for Kak Wan to be PM first before DSAI takes over in the near future. Should DSAI become PM any time soon, the Umno/BN goons and the 4th Floor Boys will have a field day concocting all sorts of crap to discredit and destroy a PR government with DSAI as PM. With Kak Wan, there ain’t nothing these Umno/BN jabronees can conjure up that can discredit her…More

  25. Mark6 says:

    The rakyat will stand together with Anwar. Together we will kick out the corrupted UMNO and build Malaysia Baru. Reformasi!

  26. Hkengmacao says:

    I suppose Kak Wan just wanna be a simple housewife but circumstances forced her to get involved in this dirty political games. Now that Anwar is back, she can retreat and take a back seat to enjoy simple lifestyle.

    But, being a high profile politician’s wife, can she realises her aspiration?

  27. segaran says:

    If there is one mother figure for all Malaysians in Malaysia, it is Datuk Seri Wan Azizah. We Malaysians are indeed sad that we are losing a woman of such a calibre from Parliament. Nevertheless, we are confident that she will continue to be a source of inspiration, courage and patience for many Malaysians. We salute you for being the Malaysian we all yearn for. A sad day indeed but happy that Anwar is on the way to Parliament. Exciting days, weeks and months ahead. Tie up your seat belt.

  28. Crotalus says:

    Few things pop into my mind when i read the news.
    1. Losing Wan Azizah. She herself has made quite an impact and played a wonderful role in our politics. It would have been much preferred if both Anwar & Azizah are together in the Parliament.

    2. What is in-stored next for us by the government? Will they act(act what? Well this I don’t think needs any elaborations) even swiftly now since Anwar has already made his final preparations?

    3. If the by-election do take place and Anwar somehow managed to contest in it, will ‘they’ resort to dirty tactics? Maybe sending supporters to create havoc and chaos at Permatang Pauh?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Excellent decision, as it frees Azizah to spend time on building PKR and holding Pakatan together!

    He had to move now before the sodomy case comes up for trial!

  30. mustafayusoff says:

    She is good by being loyal to his husband, but the husband is a crook person. A woman that should be proud of.

  31. NoktahHitam says:

    As expected, Kak Wan will make way for her dear husband.

    There was a clip on YouTube where she bashed KJ on the recent allegation towards Anwar. She is a woman of steel!

  32. Halfpasssix says:

    Excellent & wise move. This way NO one can criticise Annuar now or in the future, except for the desperate old man who claims that his wife would do the same for him. We don’t know, do we?

  33. NorHaslim says:

    Sad to lose Wan Azizah but then again she’s just being a proxy to her husband all along. So this step is to ensure the husband gets at least a seat in the parliament. A shame, such a waste.
    But we can finally smell the desperation on Anwar’s camp. Their are frantically looking for a way to ‘angkat’ Anwar. they are more concern about Anwar’s political journey and interest rather than thinking about the ‘nasib rakyat’.

  34. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    With arrest imminent in 48 hours(police have submitted investigation papers to AG’s chambers) Solicitor General will lead prosecution, it is stated, if there is a case.
    Surely, after all the wayang kulit these guys are not going to let go that easy. THEY NEED TO BUY TIME! TARNISH DSAI! STIFLE PLANS OF DSAI TO CONTEST IN PTG PAUH!

    But, DSAI is not easy to fool! If they do prosecute, the international community is going to “pounce” on Malaysian govt like a rocktsunami!!. Are they least bothered? Why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&POWERPOWERPOWERPOWER

    PM is shivering and “warns”DSAI not “bribe” BN MPs to cross over. Why now?

    DSAI we are all for you. Reformasi! Reformasi! Turun! Turun! BN Turun!


    Ravindran Kunjan

  35. danet7882 says:

    I was wondering whether the Ministry of Tourism is going to be involved in this scandal.. Do they have the authority to suspend any hotel’s licence? If yes, then C**** Hotel is going to be in deep trouble… (for revealing info regarding their customers to the public) a.k.a “saifool met a policemen 3-4 days before making a report in a well known hotel”…

    I expect Datuk Azal*** and General Manager of C***** Hotel is going to make an statement soon..

    Datuk Azal*** : “Kami ambil berat tentang etika Pemaju Hotel yang
    sepatutnya merahsiakan nama pelanggan mereka. Kami akan
    mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya untuk menggantung
    lesen Hotel yang terbabit. Kalau nama pelanggan disebarkan
    macam ini, mana ada orang mahu VISIT MALAYSIA lagi. Saya
    berpendapat saya lebih percaya dengan Saifool Bukari”

    General Manager : “Our front desk are working people with SRP only, not
    educated enough. They got the name wrongly it’s Bin
    Bukari, Saifool not Saifool Bin Bukari.. Yes there’s a
    customer by the name of Saifool. It’s the same person..
    But as I said It’s Bin Bukari, Saifool not Saifool Bin Bukari”

    Deputy Police : “Ini bukan bukti, mana buktinya, hanya si saifool berada di
    hotel bersama orang saya minum kopi saja.. Kawan lama
    bersembang saja.. Oh, bersembang pasal 1998 tahun anwar
    disabit kes liwat.. That’s only, mana ada salah. Ini semua
    angkara Anwar untuk menjejaskan siasatan kami sahaja.
    Pihak kami masih percaya dengan Saifool”

    Hello guys.. that’s what going to happen in the next few days… till then

    God save Malaysia..

  36. crash says:


    I couldn’t understand your mind. Yousaid a woman we should proud of and yet you indirectly you are implying unintentionally that she still stand behind and stick with DSAI even thou he is a crook? so how should you proud of a woman like that? If you believe DS Wan Azizah, you have to believe the one she wiling to die for.

    mind you a woman of her integrity would have her REASON to stand by her husband and gone thru all these shiet with DSAI. She will smack you for good course if you even mention Anwar is a crook person ever again.


  37. Hell to this government says:

    We will miss her..the true 1st lady of Malaysia….really respect her as a wife, a mother and a human being who stood all the way for the right thing. May GOD bless you, kak wan…

  38. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    I am so frustrated…… my apologies as I wanted to congratulate Dato’Seri Wan Azizah for a wonderful 3 term MP job well done. As a person she is a rare gem….unlike C4 queen. She deserves the break after all the emotional, political and traumatic lunders created by the Bolehland govt.

    Once again, we are sad that you are leaving the political arena so early as the FIRST LADY OPPOSITION LEADER.



    Ravindran Kunjan.

  39. machitam says:

    i think it about time she made that move…..remember 10 yrs ago, she had to sacrifice her most precious time as a housewife and mother/father because her husband was politically, criminally and injusticely banished by the umnobodos regime. she must continue DSAI legacy. she must hold Permatang Pauh fort, DSAI justice for the rakyat flagship.

    If you guys can remember that Permatang Pauh’s Declaration. to reform this country. For 10 yrs that mission was put on hold. UMNOBodos regime continue to “Maharajalela”

    in the last 2008 GE, DSAI was unable to contest due to the Draconian Law but tirelessly campaigned and we create history by defying the umnobodos the two-third majority and PR rule five states.

    This is an important and significant move by DSAI, though DSAI was derailed and still are expecting to be derailed by umnobodos who is using Gomen machineries and our tax payers money to cling on to power.

    Let that be DSAI and PR first move. To win in Permatang Pauh, to win big. to deny umnobodos even to breath.

    Let us tell the Rakyat and voters of Permatang Pauh about this regime and their “inhumanly”

    manipulating the judiciary
    manipulating the Police
    embezzling and wastage of public fund federal and state level.
    ignoring the social responsibility to the rakyat
    destroying the economy
    giving subsidies to a selected few(cronism and nepotism) and forcing the rakyat to support these people.

    Let us prey to God for DSAI smoothly win this seat.

  40. GoodWilll says:

    I want to thank personally to Kak Wan , you have been great and I salute for your tough and hardwork you put to hold for so long. I hope to see you again in the cabinet , to become a minister of Woman and Kids.

    When Kak Wan received the Datuk Seri Title, i feel sad, i think she is deserved the Tun title .. rather than those who get it Tun Lim K Y and Tun Ling L S also the AP queen Tan Sri Rafid

  41. crash says:

    a sinking mighty ship.. holes everywhere. The captain ordering a quick patch. 1 by 1, but there is new holes breaching and water is leaking everywhere and in a situation like this the captain get panic and thrown his anger toward everybody and force them to patch and conceal the hole by ANY MEAN to avoid the salty sea water from entering and sink the ship.

    Under a heavy amount of stress they start to patch all these hole as fast and possible regardless “whether it’s a strong or weak patch” as long as it is patched and the water is no longer entering the ship for this very moment.

    But some foresee that no matter how fast you patch there will be new holes and those patched hole’s will again rebreak and this ship will sink no matter how you try to save it.


  42. machitam says:


  43. Kenny Gan says:

    Yes, it’s sad to lose Kak Wan but Permatang Pauh is the only real safe seat for Anwar. Remember that a by-election is a very focussed thing unlike a general election. BN will throw all their money and machinery in to make sure Anwar loses. RM100 million…not enough? RM200 million…whatever it takes. So it has to be the safe seat of Permatang Pauh, his old constituency where he’s close to the people.

  44. crash says:

    a strong light toward the mighty sinking ship… some sees hope of another ship coming for their safety but the captain…………………………………………………………………………….


  46. wishuponastar says:

    Is Wan Azizah the sacrificial lamb?

    Is she sacrificing to please PAS’s male chauvinists?

    Its alright Susan , hopefully we lose the battle and win the (An)war!

    Anwar’s political comeback could cause knee jerk reaction from his rivals.
    They may end up thrusting plastic rods into their own anus’em.
    Call it a bluff or cliff ,Malaysia needs Anwar to lead us up the mountain.
    Together we reach the pinnacle ,together we live in glory!

  47. the joker says:

    With all the crooks in BN, it takes a tiger like Anwar to destroy all these lawless hyenas from Binatang Nasional.

    Wan Aziza can still be the PKR president with Anwar taking charge.

    Anwar has been striking fear to all these lawless bullies.

    It’s time Anwar the tiger takes charge with Wan Aziza supporting from behind… oop hope all won’t mistaking this like Saifu the wonder arse-lost-boy.

    Bring it on man, Ezam with all your magic boxes and let’s see what have you got in the boxes?

    Until now Rapida is still smiling. Goodness gracious, the fatso must have stuffed hundred and thousand of APs into the boxes.

    Hahahha.. Gerakan Rasuah is the king of rasuah now. Yes, please don’t embarrass yourself in Permatang Pauh with boxes of APS!

    Ezam is the wonder Asshole of ex-PKR with the Ex-PKR asshole Saiful campaigning for Ezam, yeah, there might be an upset in the by-election’s outcome.

    Insyalah, Ezam and Saiful will have to fill the boxes with Omega lubes. Yes! To all the voters in Pematang Pauh, kasih kain petek ambil, kasih baisikal angkat, kasih beras kampet, jangan bimbang, kasih Omega tube, angkat and buka sarong, tarok Ezam and Saifu dalam2 hahahahaha…….

  48. Ike says:

    It’s a pity that Wan Azizah has to go but on the other hand, if she remains in the parliament, BN will play on the kerajaan bapak, mak dan anak issue in the parliament to no end. In any case, Wan Azizah is a noble being and I truly salute her for all she has done and has had to go through.

  49. She is one the best brains this country has ever had. She is a brilliant doctor and even better mother and wife. If she chose Anwar, that says it all. She chose for the best of this country. Period.

  50. moonriver says:

    Who says we are losing Kak Wan? She is not going anywhere lah. She did a wonderful job holding things up when all appears lost and she is going to continue doing so! She is her husbands strength and thats why Anwar better make sure she stays by his side! IN FACT, God willing, she will make the humblest and most dedicated First Lady ever in Malaysian History, somebody who emphatizes with us rakyat, not somebody who looks hoity toity down upon us rakyat! One thing is for sure, the rakyat’s money will not be squandered in $$!!!@##$$!!! shopping spree!!

  51. Jsss says:

    Yes, it is sad but she sacrifies for her husband.

    Wish good luck to DSAI and the family. We are here to support you.

    Mampusssssssssssssss! BN

  52. Is it because AI is not sure of Kulim ?
    The wife’s seat is a safe seat after all she has tested it, so he thinks.

  53. Justice says:

    We are looking forward to the by-election in Permatang Pauh but don’t rule out the possibility that this sickening gomen all out to prevent DSAI from entering parliament will somehow find a way to stop the by-election. Just look at how they used delaying tactics to stall DSAI when he announced that he would contest in Kulim. They deliberately postponed the hearing of the suit till 19 Aug. We would like to see who UMNO puts up as candidate.Will it be that wretched Imam Duit Firdaus or that turncoat weasel Ezam who has volunteered to contest against DSAI in his move to seek cheap publicity!. I would like to see UMNO pouring millions and millions of ringgit into Permatang Pauh for the voters who will take all their money, food and free transport to the polling stations, and then vote for DSAI once they are in the polling booths. Nothing pleases the people than to see this wicked bankrupt and corrupt gomen booted out and DSAI’s expected victory in the Permatang Pauh by-election is the first step towards PR’s journey to Putrajaya. Hidup PR! Hidup DSAI! Hidup Kak Wan! Mampoi Pak Lah! Mampoi UMNO!

  54. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    If Saiful was alleged to have been sodomized by a piece of plastic, then go after the piece of plasitclah. I am sure he was holding the plastic and not someone else.

    If you don’t want to eat belacan spit it out!

    Same with anal, if you don’t want a plastic up your asshole, reject it by sqeezing your legs together. Then you use your fist to fight the perpretrator. Give him a good bashing. If the alleged prepertrator is DSAI, then it would be very difficult to believe that Saiful cannot fight him

    Anyway, if Saiful is using a piece of plastic vibrator to enjoy himself, he should not blame anyone and not fantasized about DSAI. DSAI may be his and mine hero, but I do not fantasized him this way.

    I fantasize that DSAI will be PM and not in jail serving time rightfully belonging to Saiful.

    If Saiful was enjoying anal sex with his wife, then he should report his wife and don’t trouble others.

    Playing with plastic is not sodomy anyway. Sodomy is having a erect penis penetrating the anus of another man.

    Using a plastic dildo to play the anus is call experimenting! Science experiment just like in school.

    If Saiful did not pay attention during his school days during science lesson, he should not now do it at the expense of the Raayat and DSAI.

    This moron has got no brains or what?

    My advice to Saiful is to use a plastic dildo with a lot of baby oil and get your mother to shaft it into your asshole. That way, you learn how painful your mother has to give birth to you idiot.

    Fark Lah Saiful, go and jump from the Petronas Tower. Who can believe you? Are you call Saiful bin SATan?

  55. CYBERBOY says:



  56. artemus22 says:

    My heart bleeds when I hear that Dato Seri Dr Wan Azizah has resigned to make way for her husband, but I console myself that we’ll definitely get to see more of her in the future, not as an MP, but the First Lady of Malaysia.

    Thank you, Kak Wan for all your hard work and the many sacrifices that you had made for all of us, Malaysians. You’re an inspiration and will always remain in our hearts as ‘Ibu Malaysia’.

  57. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    These jokers from PULLIS has got no law one lah. Don’t respect anybody. They will haul DSAI from toilet while he is still shitting.

    Remember the black eye.?

  58. Drachen says:

    Locking up AI is not going to solve BN’s problems. They have an uphill battle to convince the rakyat it’s not a conspiracy. They cannot govern if nobody trusts the courts, the cops and the gomen. Even if there are no riots, they face open rebellion. There is much anger and frustration out there, no thanks to the high cost of petrol. BN has reviewed during the Debate that they won’t do anything to help the rakyat until they get a nice kick in the butt. And the Umno desperados are reaching out to PAS, who duely issued a nice long wish list that is making Strawberry Cheeks puke. And let’s not forget how the international community will react when AI goes to jail again.

    I can see endless problems ahead. And our dear BN leaders will be bungling and stumbling from crisis to crisis. As the entire rotten structure slowly disintegrates.

  59. Anonymous says:

    hey, she will be our first-lady-in-waiting… and she will be the best first lady the country ever has and i will be proud of her.

  60. wandererAUS says:

    Kak Wan Azizah, you deserve the highest praise and admiration, your sacrifices are immense, second to none in this country. I salute you with fondness.

    Hey, Ezam you have your chance now, show me marbles and what you are made of….although, Isee you as the lowest scum in Malaysia. Let me repeat, if you took on Anwar and win, “I Will Drop My Pants!”

  61. AJ says:

    Reaksi some VVIPs in Bolehland..

    Paklah – yawn (just woken from his prolonged slumber)…hah! apa? dia nak pi Pauh pulak dah..habih kita!!?? (..and still yawning)
    Najib – jap, nak pegi toilet jap, kencing (..or more like nak terkencing!!)
    Hamid Albar – cepat! cepat! move it…mana police paper ni? submit cepat kat AG..
    KJ – Cinabeng betui..Norza, pegi suruh bebudak kat BTR and Kulim mintak balik duit yang dah tabur kat sana..btw, cakap kat Aziz, with this being latest, bolehlah kot dia bertanding..
    Ezam – kalau macam ni..habihlah duit pertaruhan aku ni..Hamdan, quick! Phone KJ mintak peruntukan extra..nak menang kat Permatang, kena dapat extra lagi..
    Tun DM – Aku dah tak Umno dahh..pandai2 la hangpa…
    ShabCheek – (Dari tadi asyik lap air liur..)
    Ong Ka Ting – Accept defeat lor..what to do. Can win meh?
    Samy – Ayo Ma..Ayo Apa..Ayoyo
    Saifool – Uncle Pet..macam maner nii..??
    Uncle Pet – Senyapla kau..aku tengah training nak kasi naik muscle nak lawan anak Raja tuh..
    IGP – dah pegi beli tilam?
    Patail – Idrus, kau jangan nak buat drama ok?

    And some from the People’s Warriors…

    TGNA – Subhanallah wal Hamdullillah wala ila Ha Illallah..Allahuakbar
    Lim Guan Eng – DAP election machinery to the fore..immediately!
    LKS – A new dawn will emerge soon..
    RPK – Yippee Kaye MFs…

    and the rest of Rakyat Malaysia…are now looking at the tiny light of hope glimmering brightly and bigger and bigger and bigger

    A Malaysian who was “blind” for more than 30 years

  62. A Little Space says:

    I think this is the right choice. This gracious lady went through a decade of hell and I think she deserves some time to herself to rejuvenate and I wish her well.

    I am sure we will see her again in public life in the years to come and I look forward to that.

  63. Anonymous says:


    Heard you got rid of chaptokam; he has stop harassing you.

  64. Nang says:

    Susan, I share the same view with you. I wrote this in DSAI blog earlier:
    I am not sure if Kak Wan should relinguish her seat and make path to DSAI. Kak Wan has been an excellent role model as a wife, a mother and a leader to many Malaysians like me. I have deep respect for her. She is a fine MP, with good manner, soft-approach yet consistent in bringing the voice of rakyat to the Parlimen. I pray DSAI plan to join the Parlimen will work well. I hope to see Kak Wan again in the near future, not just as a wife of Malaysian Prime Minister but also as a fine lady who will be a role model to help to elevate the present status of the Malaysian women particularly in the workplace. It’s kind of hard to say farewell to her because she is such a good MP!

  65. machitam says:

    you guys sound like DSWA is going somewhere…migrate to hitherland…
    we are not loosing Dato Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, we are not loosing her, she is also not making way for her husband our beloved DSAI.

    Back in 1998, she have to hold fort, held up the flagship and DSAI legacy, struggle for Justice for the rakyat. She is the symbol of Peace and Justice.

    She must handover this responsibility to DSAI. Let Anwar continue his unfinish business. “Perjuangan yang belum Selesai”

    you what?

    this BN Mafia, UMNObodos and their stooges days are numbered. They have constantly punching holes on our Ship. Nobody dare to stop them..

    Wonder what this Ezam and Chandra will be thinking?

  66. imwatchingu says:

    All is not lost. I think it is a brilliant move. She’s been holding the fort for so long and now there’s a chance for Anwar, she’s making a personal sacrifice to see him elected which eventually will lead him to the PM position. And don’t forget she’s going to be the new Mrs. PM which is much more important than being an MP. I for one will be proud to have someone like her to be our first lady. So eat your heart out Rosmah and bye bye Najib.

  67. cinta Malaysia says:

    Datuk Dr Wan Azizah,
    You have been a towering example of humility and courage, a pride not only to women but to all Malaysians.You be blessed always.

  68. RKP says:

    A woman of virtue,good character,polite mannerisms,believer of good,
    faithfulness to husband,family,vocation,trustworthy,helpful,peace loving and exemplary lifestyle is what we have seen of Mrs. Anwar.

    She has done the right thing for Malaysia too.

  69. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan,

    Its regretable that Mrs Anwar resinged as a Member of Parliament for the love and sake of her husband. She stated orginally that she would be warming the seat for her husband. So be it.

    What I fear is that Anwar’s Party may be screwed by Najib by REFUSING to call a bye electiuon. Excuses and excuses will be given. Here in Singapore we have a MP who recently passed away as be belongs to a GRC, there wiull be no electiuons. Both the laws are different as I di not know the the Electiuon laws over there.

  70. moonriver says:

    Can someone who is well versed in the rules and regulations of the Malaysian electorate please help quell these pertinent worrying questions?

    1. If Anwar is charged and arrested, can he still contest in the by election?

    2. Can BN deny a by election under some (any? what?) pretext?

  71. chaptokam says:

    Menyalak-er (15:24:21) :

    Dear Susan,
    Didn’t i tell you about his nose or sense of smell -the lack thereof?
    Hahaha, caught everyone with their knickers all twisted up.
    But DSAI will be DSAI! Right now he’s got to get into that flawed bldg. called Parliment asap! If they arrest him now, it will reinforce the political persecution conspiracy!

    My dear friend , you saw what others didn’t see , yes you are absolutely right .
    By saying so , I have to substantiate what I say . Originally DSAI was eyeing Kulim , so to speak , however he was aware that he was to be arrested very soon , went to to extent asking the govt not to charge him as there was no basis for them to do so , referring to the leaked medical note . When word came that he was about to be arrested or arrest was imminent , the next course of action was to get Wan Azizah to resign so that he could contest in her seat in Permatang Pauh . That was a very clever move , if the police were to arrest him now , he would up the temperature by claiming there’s a political conspiracy to prevent him from becoming the de facto leader . This is at the expense of Wan Azizah , how sad she had to sacrifice her position just to prevent DSAI from being arrested . This is indeed a very clever move , but whether it translates into his agenda or objectives is still left to be seen .

  72. tamade says:

    Susan, this is the GREAT WORDS from a GREAT woman. None of the female figure in BN, UMNO, MCA, MIC,GERAKAN and etc can match her, nort even the male gender.

    I salute you, KAK WAN.

    Your words in the statement are well said. Now it’s the PAYBACK time on the 50 years of tyranny’s rule by UltaManNo’s corrupt and evil power brokers..

    It’s the time for the INNOCENT one to redeem and take back what is long overdue.

    The RAKYAT in Bolehland will feel sad as they miss Kak Wan in the Parliament but the HOPE of JUSTICE, FREEDOM, SECURITY and a BETTER FUTURE for the NEXT GENERATION is now rekindling.

    This time, the RAKYAT will want to see the corrupt and evil ones be PUNISHED and their ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH be returned to the PEOPLE.

  73. tamade says:

    The Fed Guomen has no choice but to face a SHOW DOWN asap even they know that they are going to lose.

    They definitely do not want to be labeled as PONDAN or COWARD by their own GRASSROOT members and also the RAKYAT.

    They just cannot CHICKEN-OUT because these evil poltical power brokers always talk about MARUAH BANGSA, and MARUAH PARTI.

    The longer they drag the Bye-Election, the more Grassroot members will be losing faith in them and the more will leave their parties. It will be a DISASTER for all BN component parties.

    The RAKYAT are watching….

  74. LeeZ says:

    I am sad (for DSWA resigning)… but at the same time, I am happy (for DSAI contesting)…

    I will take that for now…


  75. Anonymous says:

    A brief description of original chaptokam blog style.

    I happened to stumble upon this original chaptokam contribution in various blogs.

    I have yet to read any of his comment in moderated blog.

    I have stumbled upon his comments in Malaysia-Today blog and 90% are rated into negativity.

    This original chaptokam is a self proclaimed UMNO cybertroppers cum mole who frequents unmoderated blog with the same identity with one intention. His intention is to pervert the minds of RPK, Anwar or PR supporters.

    Anybody posting comments favoring any of the above, he will first suggest negating ideology drawing them to anti PR reformasi stand.

    Next this original chaptokam will antagonize those he fails to “brainwash’ by repeatedly spamming comments against particular individual until he or she gave up that blog.

    His third approach is adapted for the more persistent poster, by pretending to agreeing with them on simple issues in exchange for support towards his issues; which are normally countering or antagonizing.

    There exist a team of UMNO cybertrooper police. They enter various blogs to tuned into the cybertroopers and weed them out with the sole intention to provide peace for other posters (for many had been discourage to provide their ideas).

    The other UMNO cybertrooper is BobbyNZ.



  76. chaptokam says:

    1. If Anwar is charged and arrested, can he still contest in the by election?

    2. Can BN deny a by election under some (any? what?) pretext?

    Pertaining to your inquires
    1 . If Anwar is charged and arrested , yes he can still contest in the by election , unless this case ends and he is found guilty , before the election date , Thenhe is disqualified . If he wins the election and loses the case (found guilty) by way of imprisonment or fined more than $RM2000 he loses his seat .
    2. BN cannot deny a by election . Once a seat becomes vacant by resigning or death , the Elections Commission will have to set a date for the by election within 2 months of the date of vacancy .

  77. cinta Malaysia says:

    I have been trying to log into Malaysia Today in futility.Can anybody out there tell us how to access the website. Missed RPK.

  78. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear chatokam,
    Yes i saw it coming, that’s why all that rubbish about forest and trees.
    Although i sometimes disagree with Anwars method’s, i respect him, ever since varsity days. For many years, i’ve been following his ups and downs. One thing i know about him is that the end justify the means…
    What is his end? To erdicate poverty, he just can’t stand to see the poor suffer! But he is not a die-hard revolutionary and remains pragmatic.
    That is all i know about his philosophy in life; to me that is enough…

  79. chaptokam says:

    Anonymous very convincing , Sounds like my style , looks like my style but not me . Thank you for all your attention on me . Look s like you wasted your time checking me out . hahahaha . Right now there’s only me chaptokam . But from the way the new anonymous or is it the mutation of the faceless anonymous writes , I can be damn sure its the mutation of the faceless one . Ya tonight they are all coming out at 12.00 midnight sharp , so they have to put on a mask to show their mutated faces . Don’t forget burn a lot of 1 billion Zimbabwe notes tonight , ok !!!

  80. offspring says:

    cinta malaysia:
    I have been trying to log into Malaysia Today in futility.Can anybody out there tell us how to access the website. Missed RPK.
    try the following url…
    i have been reading it the whole day but it is not as smooth as before…but still you can read the news…

    good luck 😀

  81. Anonymous says:

    Our Daulat Tuanku has hint his proclamation of good leadership for Malaysia:

    He quoted three values:

    1) Soft Powered
    2) Charisma
    3) Good Moral & Just

    Guess who fits the above three description.

  82. wits0 says:

    Yes, we can forgive Anwar for what he did while in the umno and abim(this is also pragmatism) for the fact he is not pursuing the bane of secretive “Mamakry” and its inherent selfish interests. But promoters of MCA like Chaptokam wants to harp on them forever. I do not want to sound discriminative against anyone who’s happens to be Mamak(their reputation has already been self acquired)but it has to be said that Mamak leaders have played a big role in instigating racial feelings once they “became” Malays.

  83. chaptokam says:


    But my take on the whole situation is I firmly believe they would NOT arrest DSAI now , not at this moment . This would confirm the political conspiracy theory and all DSAI needs to win is to campaign on this slogan . If he loses that’s another issue . I’m sure that EC would fix the by election after September 16th as they can call a by election within two months , till the end of September . If no kataks jumps or Anwar provokes more issues to destabilize the govt , there’s a possibility they might quietly forget the sodomy case . However should that not be the case , then the mighty arm of the law will reveal its face .

  84. Get ready all PAKATAN supporters, a big storm from BN is coming to destroy DSAI political career. At this critical time, we need to give a strong protection to DSAI. Anything might happened within the next 48 hours.

    I got an info from a reliable source from BN, something is going to rock the nation within this 24 hrs.

    Be careful and stay tuned.

    Laka Laka Laka Laka
    Permatang Pauh, Penang.

  85. Anonymous says:


    Are you referring to the original chaptokam the monsterball.

    If yes, I agree with you. Earlier he is using good guy approach but agreeing with fellow posters.

    Now he is transforming to scare tactics like faceless one coming out by midnight. This is to discourage fellow posters from exposing him as UNMO cyber trooper; a self proclamation he is so proud of.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Laka Laka Laka Laka is right.

    They have already filled in the blank reports to fit the crime.

    If not, why do they assign 5 escorts following Anwar around; not as body guards but to keep his location in check.

  87. cinta Malaysia says:

    To offspring ,
    Thanks for the url linking Malaysia Today.I owe you one.

  88. chaptokam says:

    Hey wits0 are you with this faceless one ! I think he is mentally deranged , something wrong somewhere .

    His comments ;Now he is transforming to scare tactics like faceless one coming out by midnight. This is to discourage fellow posters from exposing him as UNMO cyber trooper; a self proclamation he is so proud of.

    Looks like he doesn’t understand anything at all , Tonight at exactly 12.00 midnight is the first day of the seventh moon . To the Chinese that’s the time when all the ghosts or faceless ones are release from hell to roam the streets for one month . That’s why I asked you to burn 1billion denomination Zimbabwe notes for them , if you don’t have burn hell banknotes for them .

    Is it very clear to you now ?

  89. Menyalak-er says:

    Well those idiots will do and do, rule and rule and they will come to ruin.
    Their plot has to be played out, no matter how ridiculous.
    There actually is no governance now, only a police state and scare mongering.
    We are at the tipping point and must stand firm together.
    DSAI, Kak Wan and family are prepared, are all of us?
    Search your heart: Do we want the type of fecal-mahatiran governance or the wishy-washy dope that dopey has been force-feeding us with?
    Enuff is enuff!
    P.s. Don’t worry about chaps, he’ll take care of himself, they always do…

  90. Anonymous says:

    This brainless chaptokam the sampah sarap malaysia and monsterball.

    chaptokam think everybody stupid like him.

    No need to explain lah, you are the one needing to burn all these to save cleanse your sin or else chaptokam will chaptosai and then chiaksai.

  91. Justin Choo says:

    This was what I predicted in my blog ( ) on June 11 citing 4 reasons.

    1. He wants to come back with a LOUD BANG! What better way to do it; of course Permatang Pauh.

    2. This will show that he goes back to his own people.

    3. No other present PKR incumbent MP needs to vacate.

    4. Wifey can take a deserving rest.

    You see? It’s a win-win-win-win scenario!!

  92. I not agree with all you guys comment here. For me, Puswari Hospital has the right to say so. They are the body who examined Anwar and has make a press conference to clear the doubts as speculating by you guys and many others Malaysian’s.

    No point for us to argue here by giving individual comment and thoughts since the below points is clearly shown some facts that we can never deny and need to wisely think about it.

    I believed, after read the below points, you guys will start to change your mindset and thought against Anwar.

    1. Saiful Bukhari is working in the same office with Anwar.
    2. Anwar denied to give DNA to police for investigation.
    3. Anwar failed to co-operate with the police.
    4. This is not the first sodomy allegations for Anwar.
    5. Anwar twist turn in many statement as highlighted by Saiful father.

  93. WallingtonRob says:

    From Australia,

    I wish Anwar and Wan Azizah all the best .Is time for the malaysian peoples please change for a better Government.Do you want our own stupid PM Rudd .

    all the best from Down Under…

  94. chaptokam says:

    Anonymous ,
    see within one day I have exposed your trueself . I knew you have mutated . Even re registering to change your identikon I still saw thru you . You must be wondering how I manage to do that , I’ll let you in to a secret ok .
    I am a Ghost Buster . I catch ghosts and faceless ones like you . The month of the Hungry Ghosts is 2hrs 20 mins away . Better scoot before you are caught and chained . If you want me to give you food , stay away ok I might chain both your legs and drag you away to be skinned .

  95. Menyalak-er says:

    Uh shahjehan whatever, i think u’re in the wrong blog, kindly leave.
    Sheesh, some people don’t where they are, symptom of the times?

  96. Anonymous says:

    Laka Laka Laka Laka (19:40:39) :

    I got an info from a reliable source from BN, something is going to rock the nation within this 24 hrs.


    Could be the next General Election?

  97. caravanserai says:

    Wan Azizah resigned
    So she could take a long rest
    Of politics where she did her way
    The country will lose her friendly face

    She gave it back to her husband
    Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim in his old constituency
    The game has finally begun………………
    The horses will spring from the hills
    And galloping into the throne in Putrajaya

    I thought she could be the first woman PM
    In the country of mostly Muslim people
    It will be a history in the making
    But I was dreaming………………..

    Now the people of Permatang Pauh
    The good son has finally returned
    This is a fight UMNO/BN will lose
    Who will want to challenge Anwar?
    The conclusion is in even before the first vote casting

    The march to Sept 16
    Will it happen as it is written?
    SAPP is willing to get sack from BN
    There is something brewing in the land under the wind

    Now the spinning top spins
    Getting high with high tension
    The silent wooing of the motion
    The horses galloping near

  98. Casey says:

    Let’s give our moral support to this great lady who has been a devoted husband, caring mother and a dedicated MP.

    Thank you Dr Wan Azizah for the tireless striving you gave to your family, your husband and to the country.

    Take a back seat for a while, but please not for long. I would support you to be the first Lady Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    May Allah bless you always and in all ways.

  99. ikhwan says:

    in islam, being a leader is a burden that one must bear with the utmost care. it is not a gift, it is not prestigious. i faithful muslim knows that.

    DSWA was never meant to be a politician. she had her husband separated from her, beared the sorrow and loneliness for six years during the infamous incarceration. she does not have the charisma nor the ambition that her husband has.

    but she went thru it all despite the hardship. DSAI understand this, he once said that her wife is not someone who can take politics like he can, not someone who can take her enemy had on. remember he warned the media when they were harsh to her. that is their romance, that is one example of his love for her.

    for her to have her husband back, i think she has planned this way back when she had her husband back in her arms. where do you see a politician’s wife, at that age, hold her husband that way? it is time for DSAI to take the lead once again, protect her queen from the sword and arrow of his enemy.

    i will always admire this couple. because everytime i see them together, i think to myself, these two are meant to be together.

    a real life love story

  100. machitam says:


    kindly advise your squad member to go to a different thread…..

    next time read the title and understand the issue to be discussed. ..

    sorry susan, i’m only trying to help, sharing the concern brought by menyalak-er

  101. roh says:

    I agree with menyalak-er, shahjehan is sick , in fact look at his nick name sickander. This fellow must be sick mentally.

  102. out of this world says:

    One thing for sure is she is making Mrs Dr M & Mrs Pak Lah looks like looser.

  103. peace brother says:

    A great lady whom gave us great insperation and example to teach our young ones.
    I salute you DS Dr. Wan Azizah

  104. mark c says:

    just hypothetically imagine if Anwar becomes the prime minister and Kak Azizah is the “first lady”

    compare Kak Azizah with Rosmah Mansor….who’d you think will be the better “first lady”? 😛

  105. Anonymous says:


    you are good at observation. you see chaptokam is being possess by ghost that came out early so chaptokam is losing direction.

  106. roy selvan says:

    Woman of God. There are many decisions in life that you are going to have to make. Sometimes making the right one is vital. The closer you get to God, the better the chance of you have of making the right choice.
    A close relationship between a man and a woman in marriage is vital. Together you can lift one another up spiritually, physically and emotionally. When one is down the other can lift the person up. Couples need to lift each other up in prayer. There are times when it is your prayers that will help your partner.

    This is the year for Breakthrough and New Beginnings.
    I pray for Malaysia.God bless Malaysia.

  107. JeyS says:

    Mark C… hands down Wan Azizah.

    She is far`better than anyone of the nuts in BN lah. Sad to see her go.

  108. Anonymous says:

    The Big Bang is in Malaysia.

    Something big is going to happen within the next 36 hrs.

  109. artic turban says:

    This has been bugging me for a while, from way back the time that DSAI was charged the first time for sodomy. If Anwar has been a sodomite, wouldn’t this have come out into the open with rumours and poison pen letters, (knowing umno’s style of backstabbing) in his rise to asscendacy in UMNO, all those years ago when he took on ghafaar baba. why only in 1998? PREFERRANCE for anal sex does not grow overnight it starts with childhood/PUBERTY, now all the time DSAI was climbing never has there been any such accusations why only when he took on Mahathir? any comments?

  110. Anonymous says:

    When a person is in power and wanted to trump up charges on someone he is blind to weaknesses and flaws in the system and society bcos those surrounding him are either yesmen, yeswomen, yesgay or yeslesb.

  111. wits0 says:

    Some people are very frantic.

    Anwar’s Sodomy II charge – very imminent

  112. kevyeoh says:

    you know what susan…i actually wanted her to become the PM as well…i was thinking all the time that anwar was just trying to create a diversion and then suddenly Wan Azizah becomes the PM…but that dream is dashed now… i think Wan Azizah can become a very good PM and should be very well accepted by all… wasted huh…

  113. kelley James says:

    I am glad Anwar is making a come back though I at the same time a little sad the the soft spoken Wan Azizah had to give up her place. However i am sure she will make a come back soon or later. I have never joined a political party or done any thing for them but IF ANWAR IS ARRESTED I WILL NOT HESITATE TO JOIN ALL TO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE FOR HIM.

  114. chaptokam says:

    artic turban

    This was posted by a guy who calls himself tak buta in kaytee’s blog .

    Just about when Anwar was still in UMNO. Mat Sabu was the first one to accuse Anwar as a sodomite. All hell bent with the support of Pas Media Harakah and a nationwide roadshow calling the campaign “Anwar Al Juburi” etc.

    Karpal also joined the fray. I WAS AT THE SEMINAR, in KL, and I still remember till this day Karpal giving a speech of “having evidence of the DPM’s (Anwar then) homosexual activities”!

  115. chaptokam says:


    Ask Ravindran Kunjan to do it , by the way do you have a parrot in your house ?

  116. Menyalak-er says:

    TQ, roy selvan, we’ll remember that; we will need His blessing in perilous times like this. The dark knew not the light…
    I think the next 72 hrs. are going to be crucial, but what the heck – the gauntlet has already been thrown – we’ve got to run thru’ it.
    No need to talk about medical reports/records anymore; we don’t even need to question about that police ‘report’ anymore!
    Nothing frantic, just keep our eyes on the ball shall we Susan, wits0 and friends?

  117. dean says:

    Share your sentiments, Susan. She did what is best for the country, i.e. her resignation be a catalyst for a change in the country. In the event of DSAI and Pakatan creating malaysian history by taking over the government, she must be credited for the role she played – a “loss” for her (as an MP) but a gain for the country … simply because the rakyat has been cheated for 51 years and is now disgusted with BN.

    For me, she is top class! A dutiful wife, an unwilling politician pushed to the battlefront 10 years ago. Totally enjoyed watching how she whacked KJ in Parliament (how come KJ seems to know about the police report). Even right now, she is better than any first lady this country has ever had, and definitely immensely better than the other first-lady-in-waiting.

    She has gone through hell for 10 years and came out with flying colours, holding the fort while her husband was in jail. Of course, DSAI is in the limelight as expected but she is rock steady as ever.

    Hope one day she’ll write a book. Bet it’ll be a top seller. There’s much to learn from her life and experiences.

  118. Justice for all says:

    Let’s fight for Anwar, i don’t care he is gay, transvestite, lesbian etc. I only care and believe he is fighting for everyone in Malaysia. Corruptions getting worsen in Malaysia nowadays and ACA only bunch of BN/UMNO puppet, they only pro in questioning and publicized it on Newspapers that’s all. Have you seen ACA charge someone important and putting them in jail especially involving minister in government?. Never i tell you!!!. I’m very pissed with this government already. Our currency getting weakened from time to time and because of the poor management of resources and corrupted government, if you guys didn’t take action now then just prepare to change your lifestyle to help government buy more Mercedes next time.

  119. People Power says:

    Don’t be sad! Look at the bright side!
    Kak Wan still can be the First Lady when DSAI become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia!

  120. panca says:

    The Rakyat will vote them the Best couple of the Year 2008. We await the more deserving news of Hope for Malaysia.

    For Najis and those in cahoots in the Altantuya murder, there is a big delegation to seek payback as those of your karma will ripen, debts be paid in hell as hell gates open.

  121. crash says:

    was wondering why is DSAI only sodomised someone like once every 10 years? or should i said 2 high time in 10 years separation and only start during his 50’s of age?

    it sound like a vampire who resurrect and star killing once a 100 years and some smart genius believe that. But it make sense… some people do believe in dracula ma! erm.. how about werewolf anybody?


  122. chaptokam says:

    Menyalak-er (20:07:47) :

    P.s. Don’t worry about chaps, he’ll take care of himself, they always do…

    Thanks I am conditioning myself for my big battle ahead . I can take care of myself, still haven’t lost my cool yet . Got to be prepared mentally .

  123. chaptokam says:

    Menyalak-er (20:07:47) :

    Matter of fact you get a lot of inputs from all those commentators . Lots of data . You’ll get different inputs from speaking the same language .


  124. ROOM916 says:

    Datuk Seri Wan Azizah deserved to be First Lady Of Malaysia ! !

  125. machitam says:


    No, i don’t have a Parrot in my house. Actually, i thought my first post(machitam (16:19:56) on this thread(topic) got stuck in the spam or maybe my post need to be “scrutinised” prior to be published. Thus just left the scene.

    Later i came back and did a “test” post and it’s seems o.k. and rewite of what on hold in my mind.

    Anyway, what do you expect from an uneducated Apek beca…

  126. artic turban says:

    chaptokam, I am not talking about the era of 1997-98, I am talking about from the time he joined politics, UNI, days, Abim days, when he was climbing up the ladder of umno, the time he took on ghafaar baba, why wasn;t there such allegations than. a person does not get gayor homosexual tendencies in his 30/40/50s, it starts at puberty. so therefore he would have benn branded a gay a long time back to the 70s and 80s. if anwar was a homosexual it would have manifested itself by the time he was in his teens, and that would be in the 60’s. try thinking about it. he did not wake up one day in his 50s and go, “wow it would sure be nice to bugger someone up the butt, and especially when he was the DPM. HOW MUCH MORE RIDICULOUS CAN IT SOUND.

  127. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Forgive me if I do not understand culture.

    If DSAI is ARRESTED/CHARGED then……….. I suggest that all Malaysians who believe that JUSTICE is dead in Malaysia, should wear the “BLACK SQUARE CLOTH” normally worn by the chinese during a funeral as a sign of peaceful protest. This need not be black. It can be blue(PKR) colour.

    To standardize the size/to be uniform, suggest that PKR produce it & we “donate” RM1each to the coffers of PKR funds.



    Apologies if this seems to radical.

    GOD BLESS DSWA,DSAI,RPK, DR Osman, Rational Malaysians.

    Ravindran Kunjan.

  128. Malaysians for Hillary Clinton says:

    Justin Choo (20:16:31) :

    4. Wifey can take a deserving rest.

    You see? It’s a win-win-win-win scenario!!


    WTF?!?! This is a sexist statement!!!

  129. Menyalak-er says:

    Uh, Ravindran, i think that not all of us are chinese. Can we all just wear black with a blue armband and forget about about that square thing? Yeah, even sarong and underwear, black you know… What about the tudung – black or blue? Not much time, figure this out will ya?
    But i’ll wear whatever Kak Wan wears – cross-dressing it may be but can you find out for us? Serious!

  130. chaptokam says:

    machitam I didn’t mean that , actually what i mean’t was regarding the parrot , was that faceless will repeat what you say so that’s like having a a parrot in your house . Btw sorry about the apek beca thing , I get riled when someone mentions about wife and mother .

  131. sham says:

    Wan Azizah won the Permatang Pauh seat with more than a 13,000-vote majority in the March 8 election, this time trouncing her opponent who nearly defeated her in the 2004 polls.

    “I’m not surprised if Anwar can increase the number. For the constituents they know they are going to vote for a prime minister,” added Al-Mustaqeem, director of the Middle-Eastern Graduate Centre.

  132. chaptokam says:

    artic turban

    You should try asking his classmates in MCKK ( Malay College Kuala Kangsar)
    Its a boys college with hostel facilities .

  133. rozlan says:

    It is a good move.She had hold her hubby fort excellently for ten years.Now it seem everything had calm down.High time for her to go back to her family who need her most…

    Frankly speaking she is an ideal wife for a good man.intelligent,loyal,humble,religious.Good material for the next prime minister wife) .Hey,,Susan Loone,please dont call a prime minister wife as first lady.its very rude.The first lady is The Queen..

  134. groo says:

    The First Lady of Malaysia is the unofficial title referring to the wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is following the style of the United States where the wife of the President is known as the First Lady of the United States.

  135. groo says:

    “We in PKR are requesting Umno to let Ezam contest against Anwar in Permatang Pauh because this will bring a new wave in national politics,” Khalid said during a meet-the-media session in Shah Alam Thursday.

    – Malaysiakini Khalid: Unleash Ezam against Anwar

  136. james chua says:


    Datuk Seri Wan Azizah is paving the way for KeAdilan and Pakatan Rakyat to correct the wrongs in our country.

    She has led a noble cause, and there is no reason, as the First Lady she cannot continue her contribution to society.

    In fact, she would be the BEST First lady Asia will ever have.

    Have faith in Above, and keep up the good work.



  137. fucai says:

    still remember her anger face defending her husband in the parliment when
    2 coward -SIL and Mukriz demanding DNA fr Anwar!!
    the 2 shamless man!!!

  138. james chua says:

    As a Malaysian, I am extremely disappointed with the statement of Mr Liow Tiong Lai, Malaysian Chinese Association youth chief in connection with the resignation of Datuk Seri Wan Azizah.
    Clearly, Mr. Liow must have been living in a tempurung. It is the will of the People of Permatang Pauh to elect Datuk Seri Wan Azizah. In her election campaign, she freely admitted that she would hold the office as steward for ANWAR. It is the desire of Datuk Seri Wan Azizah to now give the people of Permatang Pauh, an opportunity to perhaps elect a Prime Minister of Malaysia. The final say will come from the People of Permatang Pauh. Datin Seri Wan Azizah’s resignation is a gift to our nation and a gift of choice to the people of Permatang Pauh. She has held the office in stewardship, and as a steward she recognizes the time has arrived to step down. The people of Permatang Pauh was never lied to by Datin Wan Azizah. She has kept her promise.
    The views of the MCA youth, however is not surprising. MCA since independence has served as a loyal is lapdog of UMNO. MCA Leaders have individually benefited from their leadership by getting fat contracts and giving fat contracts to their families. MCA is filled by a generation of Malaysians that has succumbed to the UMNO divisive methods of classifying Malaysians by ethnic origin for its purposes of ensuring political control.
    Malaysians have come to realize that MCA has no real political aspiration; it is merely a loose grouping of crooks whose ideals are to fill their own pockets instead of striving for a harmonious an integrated society.
    MCA is the modern running dogs of Malaysian Society. To support MCA is tantamount to supporting racism and to perpetuate racism against Malaysians who had no control over the origination of their forefathers. To support MCA is tantamount to promoting bribery, racism and self interests rather than to render true public service.
    I urge MALAYSIANS to be true to themselves and their country.
    WHO can understand that we need to integrate our country and end the politics of divisiveness?
    WHO can understand that the NEP needs to be reformulated to ensure the prevention of poverty?
    WHO can understand that to be in public office is to serve the interest of the People?
    CLEARLY, UMNO, MCA, GERAKAN, MIC would be ALIENS in such political ideals.
    CLEARLY, the future of ALL MALAYSIANS, lies with ANWAR IBRAHIM and KEADILAN.

  139. Menyalak-er says:

    Well said james chua!
    It must also be noted that those ‘running dogs’ are responsible for helping the cicadas, their masters divide and rule this nation.
    They are the true carrion eaters/parasites of the nation, while their masters are the predators.
    Their ethnocentric push for education, business etc. is in opposition all other spheres of cohesive/all-encompassing/holistic nation building and will be our bugbear for generations to come.
    It is indeed fortunate that YB LKS, LGE, KS, the Hindraf boys etc. remain the concientious objectors to the further erosion of our rights – the so-called ‘others’.
    This Liow liau fella epitomizes the height of their crowning achievement; he is but a parasite – unfit even to untie bro. Anwars shoelaces, not to mention face Kak Wan.
    In fact we should object strenuously if their leaders want to ‘lompat’, because they are of a lower genus in taxonomic chart.

  140. Anak Perlis says:

    PKR can now be called Parti Kekeliruan Rakyat.

  141. Wong Chee Kong says:

    Kak Wan Azizah, you have my utmost respect for what you are, the things that you’ve done, the sacrifices that you’ve gone through, etc etc etc. all through these years. It must have been real tough, not just for you but the rest of your family members. I really admire the bravery, toughness and resilience behind your very gentle and gracious front. You are truly an icon of Malaysia and all Malaysians are proud of you. All Malaysians’ prayers and well wishes go with you, your hubby and your lovely well brought-up daughters.

  142. Zie Arshad says:

    Me too…… wanted her as Prime Minister – Not to worry we still have Nurul Izzah Anwar!

  143. burberry says:

    Dr Wan Azizah is indeed a fine lady. She’s intelligent, soft-spoken, brave and she inspires a lot of women out there. I really respect her. She was the best student in obs n gyn in her year in RCSI. To tell you the truth I’m really proud of her as it’s not easy to win gold medals in RCSI but she did it. But what frustrates me is that she’s married to Anwar hence she must agree with whatever Anwar does in PKR. Sadly, PKR has lost its main objectives since the release of Anwar. Anwar Ibrahim doesn’t care much about the nation anymore, all he wants now is to be the PM. He has caused a stir in the peace of our nation and he’s provocative as well. He’s willing to do anything to be the the PM, including searching for help from the United States’ Ministers. Actually, he has been secretly followed by some security officers since 90’s, and that was when Tun Dr Mahathir was still the PM. I know this coz I’ve been to BTN and they showed me the pics of him having meeting with ’em. And this proves that he’s Pro-US and guys, US is Pro-Israel right? Now have you ever stop and contemplate why Tun Dr Mahathir order the security officer to spy on Anwar? Tun Dr Mahathir is a very smart guy, he could see way earlier than anyone else could see that Anwar could be the threat to nation one day. I love Tun Dr Mahathir and I know, and we all know that he loves this country more than anyone else. In my opinion that’s why Tun Dr Mahathir has made Anwar kicked out from the government. Not because of jealousy, but for the sake of nation’s peace.

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