I believe many doctors feel insulted that the DIRECTOR-GENERAL of HEALTH seem to have “threatened” PUSRAWI into making a statement about sodomy allegations against Anwar Ibrahim.

Dr. Ismail Merican did say his department was mulling action against the private hospital for leakage of information. I did ask earlier, what about the information leaked to newspapers from the KL Hospital, as reported in the News Straits Times.

The general feeling here is: Can we ever feel safe again in any hospital, especially if we go for examination of something sensitive or private? Can it be used against us politically, even legally?

If we had not lodged a complaint against the hospital, as Saiful Bukhairy had not done, why is the DG so quick to come out against Anwar?

Because to many of us, that is how it seems – who is the DG defending against Anwar? And it is much to Anwar’s benefit that he did it. The party has gone to town with the countless tales of the two medical reports.

One doctor said that to also question the doctor’s credentials – General practitioner or not is “professionally insulting”:

“It’s amazing how the hospital responded. Not surprised pressure is put by DG Health. Read the threat to take action even though there is no complaint being lodged by the patient whose confidentiality was supposed to be breached.

Incidently, most if not all cases of rape (including sodomy) are seen by doctors in Government hospitals, by the “equivalent” of GPs or primary care doctors in outpatient/emergency/primary care setting.

Reason is that such cases are potentially “police cases” and doctors in the private sector do not want be burdened by court cases that invariably get postponed for months/years.

Hence, they were usually asked to go to Government hospitals; not because doctors in the private sector (GPs/Primary Care Doctors) are not competent to see them.

Show me the statistics of such cases being seen by specialists as opposed to those seen by doctors in the outpatient/emergency/primary care settings.

To say that the examining doctor is “only” a GP is professionally insulting.

My doctor friend Dr. Raffick Khan who earlier cast a shadow over the first medical report revealed by Raja Petra Kamaruddin (and got whacked by many an Anwar supporter) has this to say today:

“First of all, I am appalled by the way the information was released at the press conference. It shows very weak PR skills on the part of PUSRAWI. It also creates more speculations in eyes of the public. It further erodes peoples trust in the medical system”.

Go read further in his blog: PUSRAWI press conference…a bigger blunder.

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  1. PureMalaysian says:

    Well, like I said before, Ismail Merican is a retiree, but get extended in his contract to be the health DG – under the “recommendation” of the PM. People (esp those in MOH and JPA) were shocked to learn this, when in fact initially plans have been made for the then 2nd deputy DG of health to be the next DG.

    So with this, dont u think our DG “owed” AAB a great deal? And do u think he would side AAB’s rival in this high profile case?

    (But having said that, personally I respect Ismail for his medical knowledge and character as a professional doctor)

  2. Margeemar says:

    Judging from the statements made by the Police and the Government, Anwar may be charged within the week as the momentum for regime change intensifies. Deputy Minister of Health Dr Abdul Latif was quoted as saying that it is improper for MalaysiaToday to publish the article which would ‘confuse’ the public that the act did not happen and their actions are mala fide.

    The Deputy Minister further stated that since this is a criminal offence, there are procedures that the duty doctor need to adhere to. This for a fact tells you that as far as he in concerned, the act did occur. The Deputy IGP too have dismissed the MalaysiaToday report without even carrying out a thorough investigation. I fear that the Police have already made their mind up on this case…More http://margeemar.blogspot.com

  3. Myblog says:

    This is normal….this fellow Ismail is known as a ambitious racist pig. What to retire in a very cushy way lah. All this fellows will have to answer one day. Shame on you, Ismail mamak

  4. ROOM619 says:

    Sure is UMNO LAH ! UMNO control everything !

  5. malayamuda says:

    Mamak game plan at its heights. See how much political clout the Mamaks have in Malaysia ?

    They have the power to bring Malays down…….

  6. matt says:

    Another mamak trying to be a true blooded malay.

  7. kwai lan says:

    UMNO bloody desperate…

    hv to use everything within its means to keep in power..

    dept heads, AG, IGP…hospital head..watever heads..if dun follow orders..head oso kena potong…so wat to do ? follow like sheep la..

    no moral, no dignity…wat is m’sia coming to ??? sigh !!!

    dun cry for my msia…

  8. Sillyme says:

    I would agree with PureMalaysian on his views of Ismail Merican’s clinical expertise and experience. However, the good doctor may have lost his direction when greed overtook him. Just like his predecessor, Tan Sri Dr Abu Bakar, he learned the trick well to be able to get his job renewed at the same rank and better pay for so many years. (the predecessor rubbed shoulders with Ministers in the golf courses). They may not know it but both of these men have been cursed by their own doctors as by staying in the top post in KKM would mean depriving many deserving doctors to this prestigious post. This is compounded by the fact that these two DGs share the same mannerism – rude and arrogant towards their insubordinate.

    It is time that Ismail Merican leave the post with some dignity and retain some respect from their own peers and contemporaries. Ismail Merican may have the self delusion that he has done a lot for the Liver Foundation (indeed he may have, and in terms of medical expertise and assistance to the patient, YES) … but I would advise him to look carefully that those who supported his course in the Foundation are contractors (Turnkey contractors) who have wanted his support for getting a piece of pie in projects like upgrading of the Penang Hospital as well as the alor Star hospital. The donation that the foundation received are just a token sum , and a miserable small percentage from the huge sum collected by the so called organiser. The money that is obtained via unethical means would stain the good name of the Foundation.

    Ismail Merican should continuing what he is good at – as a good liver physician. He has been played out by the so called friends who are not interested in his personal welfare.

  9. Fei Hong says:

    kawi lan,
    lei tu hai tou ah??? 🙂 Yi ka li ti UMNO zan hai Chu Tao Peng !

  10. donplaypuks says:

    Dear Susan

    Why are the MSM and Bloggers not reporting RPK’s sensational disclosure that Rodwan met Saiful 3 days earlier than the HKL report in room 619 at Concorde Hotel?

    Sub-judice? My ass!! The newspapers and WWW should report it. That is their duty. There is nothing defamatory in merely reporting verbatim an allegation which has already been published.


  11. ROOM619 says:

    We would like to inform that an urgent press conference will be held at 3:00pm today (July 31).

    Party leader Anwar Ibrahim and President Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail will address the press at the party’s headquarters, Merchant Square, Tropicana, Petaling Jaya.

    All press are invited, except Utusan Malaysia. Thank you.


    Ginie Lim
    Media Coordinator
    Information Bureau
    Parti Keadilan Rakyat

  12. Kenny Gan says:

    Even before the case goes to trial, the integrity of our institutions are being publicly tainted by biased comments, double talk and unwarranted threats.

    What will happen when it goes to court? Will we have our public servants declaring that a round ball is square just to convict Anwar?

    Pusrawi’s statement is full of double talk. I quote, “Kamaruddin said the doctor who examined Saiful was not a specialist. He is not qualified to make any conclusions on sodomy”

    So are there any sodomy specialists in the country? Isn’t a GP qualified to do a simple examination for anal damage?

    The hospital also claimed the examination was not sodomy related. No anal trauma means no sodomy occurred. Even can idiot can work it out. How is it not sodomy related? Maybe the hospital management need to look in the dictionary for the meaning of the word ‘sodomy’.

    As for the D-G of health, he says that the Ministry stands by HKL’s report. That report has never been made public. Is he saying he knows what is in that report? What relevance is there for the D-G of Health to take a stand? To cast aspersion on one party over another?

    As for the police, they screamed about somebody trying to derail the investigation as soon as the report was leaked. By this slip of the tongue, they have revealed much. How can an investigation to establish the truth be derailed by new evidence? Does it make sense? Unless what they mean is somebody trying to derail their conspiracy. Are they conducting an investigation or a conspiracy?

    The whole affair stinks to high heaven!

  13. Hunk says:

    Excellent analysis on this case Susan. I was thinking of that as well but not to the plethora of your analysis. 🙂

    In lieu of legal/ disciplinary actions that may suspend the Hospital and the possibilities of civil suit for fiduciary matters, the top echelon of Hospital Pusrawi, were relenting and yield to the threats by averring that Dr. Osman did not conduct the sodomy test and instead referred saiful to HKL for a specialist opinion.

    Was the medical records clearly enunciate that Saiful was not sodomized by Dr. Osman?

    One Question that begs an answer : Was the medical report leaked by police officers in their domain or any other persons in possesion of the classified material when one decided to “whistle-blow” for the possibility of tamperings
    on the 2nd medical reports done by HKL? Wht only the Hospital Pusrawi is the only suspect? There are many good (wo)men out there.

  14. yh says:

    moot question, susan.

    he is paid by whom?

  15. rozlan says:

    Its correct the doctor who examined Saiful at PUSRAWI is a GP.But why Saiful open up his butt to be check by the doctor.Didnt Saiful said that he butt is sore and the docotor initial check find out the butt was normal.

    The question is why did Saiful open up his butt voluntarily…

  16. disgusted says:

    The latest twist is a news report (NST) that Saiful was at the hospital to complain a stomach ache, not sodomy. Then why the hell did they looked at his arsehole? The spins are getting out of control and more and more it makes the government and the relevant authorities including the GM of Pusrawi and the DG of Health look absolute clowns. The more they spin the less credible the sodomy charge is is believed. Even the kampung makciks are finding it incredible. I was just wondering how long before Pasrawi the the KLGH would come out with a spin. Phui…

  17. ROOM619 says:

    Aduiiiii saya sakit perut oooo Boleh doctor check saya punya bontot? BODOH <>> NST UMNO !!!!

  18. alrawa says:

    First the Police – I’m not one of them.
    Second the Judiciary – I’m not one of them.
    Third the Medical Profession – I’m not one of them.
    Then …………….
    Sounds familiar?

  19. CYBERBOY says:


  20. CYBERBOY says:



  21. RKP says:

    He is working for himself.These selfish public servant has his own interest first, not the interests of truth,justice, integrity and upright conduct as a public servant.

    He is working for himself through whatever means and so are those who are using and exploiting his position.Its a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ situation. Can you stoop lower than this in any profession .Even the Alam Flora
    honest-living earners would’t agree to do such a thing at their work.

    BN govt, is not only making thugs out of Malaysians but liars too.
    Can’t you hear neighboring govts. laughing at your crooked way of doing things.
    Don’t you feel the shame of leading such a wicked govt.? What are human or…

  22. 2 cents says:


    i think the answer to your question above is rather obvious.
    i remember at one time when he was newly appointed DG, he “outlawed” govt doctors from doing locum work, just because someone complained about shoddy work from physically emanciated govt docs, only to be shot down by CSL two days later. and the case wif that GP who was jailed for not registering his clinic with the PHFSH (watever..) act but never bothered to do anything about the thousands of so-called healers who claims to practise “traditional” medicine. and not too long ago when there was a vacancy for a minister, there was a big announcement for increased perks and benefits but alas..nothing has happened. from his actions, i can i only see someone who would not hesitate to put his peers down for self-glory, for publicity, for further opportunities.

    perhaps the government servants can serve only their masters? to do otherwise would be civil-suicide..and maybe on that basis, he’s not to be blamed completely. perhaps, integrity and professionalism went out of fashion long long time ago..

    on a related note, the statement by the PUSRAWI people are such a joke. i mean, if you want to call a press conference, you need to at least be consistent in your statements during that PC itself. from what is seen and written, those fellas are contradicting themselves with their own answers for the world to see.

  23. ahjamal says:

    All this heads of departments in the government seem to be remotely control by UMNO. Non that I heard off that come clean and fair in their any public statements. They must have been given a blanket orders not to say negative of the
    government even it is wrong.

  24. ROOM619 says:

    News flash
    Wan Azizah quits as MP to allow Anwar to stand in by-election. She has sent resignation letter to Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia.

  25. ROOM619 says:

    Pas tolak sebarang kerjasama dengan BN
    31/07/2008 3:28pm

    KUALA LUMPUR 31 Julai – Pas menolak sebarang kerjasama dengan Barisan Nasional (BN) untuk mewujudkan kerajaan campuran sama ada di peringkat Pusat ataupun negeri.

    Presidennya, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang bagaimanapun berkata, Pas bersedia menemui mana-mana pihak termasuk UMNO untuk mengadakan perbincangan demi kepentingan negara.

    Beliau berkata demikian selepas merasmikan mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pas pusat di sini hari ini. – Utusan.

  26. PeoplePower says:

    Breaking News!!!
    By Election in Permatang Pauh!!!
    DSAI will contest there and the Journey to Putrajaya is going nearer!!!
    Save the Malaysia!!!

  27. chew for justice says:

    In the malaysia bolehland, politics and the powers that be seem to dictate almost everything. In critical times and situitions like now and before, Justice, neutrality and true professionalism have been and are just too elusive. Pathetic!

  28. amoker says:

    I wonder what would Soi Lek’s opinion about his former mah chai?

    I also wonder if i can study to be a rape/ sodo expert? Only in Malaysia you have this profession. Lets see the report by HKL, sure by a GP as well. I think they may add in a few other names to make it more terror.

    Indeed, why HKL can share their report with their political master?

  29. isn’t it this DG the one advise women to carry condom to avoid kena aids when raped……

  30. mustafayusoff says:

    I really hate when people start pointing fingers to each other, as if they so purify like angels. Thats what RPK and Anwar possess. And yet all the blame will unfortunately, in anyway or someway somebody will twist the stories back to Pak Lah. God I wish those person who really like to make rumors are paid with heavy punishment.

    And when RPK had misinterprets the medical reports, nobody sounded him. guess he was like a priest,eh?

    I feel annoyed when people are not open minded with the issues. They thinking and mind decision is at last focus on their political interest only. Its sad.

  31. Lee says:

    AS I have mentioned in other blogs, we hv a bunch of unqualified clowns running this hospital. Looking at the way they moved and talked on TV, u get the feeling they are either stupid(doctors u know) or being manupilated by somebody powerful behind the scene. Irrespective, doctors r supposed to be trustworthy and uphold their profession and not otherwise. These two fellas seems to behave the other way round. How can they be doctors in the very first place. U DO NOT NEED A SPECIALIST TO EXAMINE A PERSON FOR SODOMY. For that matter a “sodomy” specialist. I reckon they are so concern with sodomy…, that when they talk their brains(if any) drop to their a___.

  32. geram says:

    The root of Patail and Merican did not expect one of it’s seed to go astray. Everybody talks about the leakage and expertise but the content is what more important. But by now saiful asshole must been getting bigger. Before going for the second checkup somebody has to drill it so that the skin will split etc etc. To be fair saifooll should make a buttock show and invite everybody to see it. I don’t think Saifool could drilled his own asshole to enlarge it. Then we have to check some police’s penis to measure the size or hunt for the dildo used by Saifool. Because they have measured Anwar’s penis they have to compute the length and size when it erects.

    In the first case it was Saiffol who poked his own asshole before making a police report. Remember he was instructed by one police Rodwan at the hotel room as indicated before. In the second case if Saifool got to enlarge it before the 2nd checkup, he had to accept the poking volunteerily from someone or he did it himself.

    Let us all be a dildo dealer so hat we can sell them to saifool for a handsome price.

  33. mugabe says:

    The former Surgeon General of USA resigned over certain issues. At leas he has principles.

    Ours should be titled as Director-General of Political Medicine awarded by UMNO Medical School.

  34. Charlie says:

    Question : how about the findings that Dr Osman has close links with Anwar though? That throws a lot of doubts onto the neutrality of his medical report, surely? On the issue of breach of confidentiality, it should be dealt with severely, whether one or both of the hospitals, regardless of whether there has been a report lodged by the persons concerned.

  35. Hahaha says:

    A grateful dog, licking his master’s Ar*e. Pity in this country, we have so many
    these sort of grateful dogs!!!

  36. wandererAUS says:

    If he (SINful) requires another dildo, let me know. I will send him a ‘super one’ from down under, fully battery operated, can do twisting and turning, complete with colored light (size optional.)

  37. 2 cents says:

    mustafayusoff (15:04:11)

    err…i dont think anyone here so far is twisting anything back to pak lah, if you are saying that we all think it’s pak lah’s fault. on the contrary, we think, he’s not aware of any thing so we dont think he came up with this plan.

    actually, we also did not need RPK to interpret the medical note/report for us. we could read ourselves and were quite clear on that’s doctor’s findings..

    and i agree with you that everything now is so politicised, it has clouded our minds. it is sad, isn’t it?

  38. LimDokSa says:

    It is clear that the people are very unhappy with UMNO’s present conducts, and I believe there are UMNO memebers who feel likewise!!! Soon there will be MORE LEAKS appearing…..and more damaging!! Let’s watch…..

  39. longman says:

    donno why laaaa… so far many people with merican/marikan/american name were not too convincing (kekadang menyampah)… reezal merican, hassan merican and the above merican seems like their nose had been tied like cow by the government…

    hopes there are still good merican around us…

  40. danet7882 says:

    I was wondering whether the Ministry of Tourism is going to be involved in this scandal.. Do they have the authority to suspend any hotel’s licence? If yes, then C**** Hotel is going to be in deep trouble… (for revealing info regarding their customers to the public) a.k.a “saifool met a policemen 3-4 days before making a report in a well known hotel”…

    I expect Datuk Azal*** and General Manager of C***** Hotel is going to make an statement soon..

    Datuk Azal*** : “Kami ambil berat tentang etika Pemaju Hotel yang
    sepatutnya merahsiakan nama pelanggan mereka. Kami akan
    mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya untuk menggantung
    lesen Hotel yang terbabit. Kalau nama pelanggan disebarkan
    macam ini, mana ada orang mahu VISIT MALAYSIA lagi. Saya
    berpendapat saya lebih percaya dengan Saifool Bukari”

    General Manager : “Our front desk are working people with SRP only, not
    educated enough. They got the name wrongly it’s Bin
    Bukari, Saifool not Saifool Bin Bukari.. Yes there’s a
    customer by the name of Saifool. It’s the same person..
    But as I said It’s Bin Bukari, Saifool not Saifool Bin Bukari”

    Deputy Police : “Ini bukan bukti, mana buktinya, hanya si saifool berada di
    hotel bersama orang saya minum kopi saja.. Kawan lama
    bersembang saja.. Oh, bersembang pasal 1998 tahun anwar
    disabit kes liwat.. That’s only, mana ada salah. Ini semua
    angkara Anwar untuk menjejaskan siasatan kami sahaja.
    Pihak kami masih percaya dengan Saifool”

    Hello guys.. that’s what going to happen in the next few days… till then

    God save Malaysia..

  41. longman says:

    sorry din merican is ok…

  42. sham says:

    And yet all the blame will unfortunately, in anyway or someway somebody will twist the stories back to Pak Lah. – mustafayusoff

    Yeah what. That bugger there more than 50 years now still useless big ears. Some more corrupt like nobody`s business. Inside all rotten.

  43. Jsss says:

    Latest news. Anwar maybe arrested by Monday. Reason for the arrest is to stop him from contesting in the by election.

    BN is playing dirty towards Anwar. It’s time for the whole BN nuts to “MATI KATAK”.

  44. najib says:

    i am a doctor myself. i cry out to all fellow doctors to support our follow brethren in upholding justice and utmost it all to stick to our code the very sacred hippocratic oath. theres a reason our coat is white symbolizing our pure and sacred profession since the dark ages. rise my fellow brothers and let us all make sure that the corrupt and the immoral people of this country get purged. FOR HONOR AND JUSTICE!!!!!

  45. CYBERBOY says:



  46. 2 cents says:

    najib (16:41:24)

    the same thing used to be said about the wigs and the black robes but then what happened??
    but i agree..if it is one profession that should never ever be tainted..it must be those in the white coats..why? because for goodness sake, doctors represent all that is noble, live preserving, compassion, dedication and utmost integrity, without which, life would be quite disgusting..

  47. Umar Sabtu says:

    Kak Wan, u hv done the best. It’s about time Anwar should take over and show to the people of Malaysia that the parliment has full of incompetent MPs! Time to teach and lead the MPs as a role model. Time to bring up the honor of the parliment. Hopefully when the time comes, we’ll have a wiser, capable and respected PM of Malaysia.

    Hidup Keadilan!

  48. Ctizen Me says:

    Power corrupts and when you have absolute power you think that you can play God.

  49. iaddada says:

    tan sri Ismail merican, don’t listen to these arseholes anwaristas. they do not know what is right or wrong now. just leave them be. no use argueing with irrational people.

  50. kittykat46 says:

    Guys, for goodness don’t sake ever visit Pusrawi for medical treatment….

    A guy goes there for a stomach ache complaint, and he has his arse examined.

    Perhaps a woman going there for flu symptoms may find her breasts examined….

  51. wits0 says:

    Only now I learn that the anus is unrelated to Sodomy!!!

    Fumbling hospital denial highlights conspiracy

  52. Menyalak-er says:

    Ismail M., while being the dg of the health min. & mmc head was running helter skelter with the pusrawi revelation. Due to fear and intimidation from known sources, he was forced to make innocous/confused statements. As any decent hetero knows, this is to avoid being shafted causing hepatic coma.
    As for najib in this blog why are you still wearing the white coat? Hipocrate aren’t you? All ‘good’ doctors try not to wear the “White Coat” because as you say it is from the dark ages (now?) – we are to serve and not to intimidate or insist on ‘respect’. Go-la learn some social preventive medicine, before you turn into another feudal minded lost-cause… aka bumno.
    wits0 are we becoming too anal fixated? Hahaha

  53. wits0 says:

    How not to be anal fixated when those Establishment sycophants keep splashing their pudding head anal retentive pronouncements from their inferior os right in our face all the time?

  54. CYBERBOY says:




  55. wits0 says:

    Chances are, more ppl are sick of the canard about Anwar being the serial homo incubus than the Merdeka poll found. The alleged victim being not asleep, young and strong with all the means to resist but did not.

    Anyone wants to buy a bridge?

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