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“I cannot foresee the country without Umno. The Malays only know Umno and its allies. I cannot imagine how the Malays will behave or react without Umno on the scene,” Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (STAR).

I am Malaysian and I see this as a BIG insult to my Malay brothers and sisters.

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  1. wits0 says:

    “I cannot foresee the country without Umno….”

    That’s why we don’t have statesmen, only racist rabble rousers masquerading as leaders.

  2. su says:

    “cannot imagine how the Malays will behave”

    That’s not a very nice word to use..

  3. Najib Bin Altantuya says:

    Malays will do much better without UMNO, this party help the Malays to sold off their culture to the Arabs. This is also the party that gave the Malays the Tongkat.

    Without UMNO the Melayu will be more competitive and hence will progress much faster.

  4. beruk from kelantan says:

    It’s time to abolish the parasitic Monarchy system in Malaysia. Just one stupid clown prince will ruin the country.

  5. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    No one race is better than the other cos we are all in this badly listing ship together !

    Gods created this universe with its diverse nations, etc & beings as innocent & pure with a basic universal norm as mentioned in all religious text.

    This universe has enough for everyones’ need but not GREED !

    Then Man intrepeted those basic norms to be better, etc & now blame God for Man’s folly which has resulted in Global warming, disasters, etc
    There was nothing wrong with Malaysia, UMNO, MCA MIC,etc.

    Our Tunku, “Bapa Malaysia” & his 1st cabinet were all established people (professionally, financially & socially with good family backgrounds) had NOBLE intentions for this nation & its people to achieve Independence from the Colonials.

    Everyone in general was of one Mind – multi-cultural with no racial, cultural & religious barriers – it was a beautiful Malaya, then Malaysia where everyone were friendly & buddies – males, females, young & old !
    Where did we go Wrong ????

    Yes, “This universe has enough for everyones’ need but not GREED !”
    Man then created….& we the rayaat went along to support the need for the leaders.

    The cycle of soft to firm, autocratic leaders evolved as the rayaat chose them.

    When the job was done, the euphoria brought the leaders to the next level of confidence & firmness (to overconfidence, then autocratic & finally arrogant).

    The monster that the rayaat created becomes uncontrollable & refuses to accept/apologise – self denial !

    Everytime anyone points their finger at somebody, three fingers are pointed at themself – we are the cause of our problems (or rather allow it to happen).

    This happened in the Phillipines with Marcos, Indonesia with Suharto, Singapore with LKY & now it is at our doorsteps.

    Each & everyone of us have a chioce to decide.

    I personally believe that ultimately God will anoint the True Leaders of this great nation not necessary from any party.

    Just look at YB LGE God blessed him (which even he did not expect) for the suffering & abuse by Man in trying to help the Innocent.

    Let us all Malaysians be True Role models as a “Self-Made” Malaysian Malay, Chinese, indian, etc at every level of profession & soceity.

    God created us all EQUAL – Attitude & hard work (in our skills) made us successful Malaysians – Law abiding, tax paying & peace loving without having to patronise anyone.

    It is our achievements through Blood, Sweat & Tears that speaks for itself.
    We do not need to envy the “Noveau Rich, etc” cos nothing beats success the harder way – No One Can Take It Away From Us & We Can Sleep Peacefully Every Nite!

    Let us “Self Made Malaysians” show this great nation one of its TRUE Assets. We are the Silent True voice of Malaysia 50 years on.

  6. CheeseBall says:

    “I cannot imagine how *Barisan National* will behave or react without Umno on the scene”.

    There.. I have corrected the commented mistake for that desert camel. The only place these BN people (and their supporters and dumb unintelligent cronies) deserve to live is in Guantanamo Bay!!

    How dare this Hamzah guy insult the real Malays, who are one of the honest and nicest people in my life whom I have ever known!

  7. Free says:

    Umno demise = clean government + transparency !

  8. Anonymous says:

    I refer the “Bruk from Kelantan’s” statement above. Why masquerade and used a pseudonym when making that overboard irresponssible statement ? Then anyone can do it also. If U don’t like monarchy system, perhaps you prefer a communist or socialist system. Pack your belongings and we will be happy to see you ‘berambus’ to any country you like.

  9. ace says:

    That’s what he think and he is insulting the intelligence capability of all the Malays. Without UMNO, the Malays can only improve and thrive.

  10. lucia says:

    umno wants to be lord and king over all the malays. umno wants to be in power. umno wants to masuk masuk all the wang wang in their pockets (remember we have one umnoputera who is the world’s richest unemployed). that’s why lah they want to exist and think malays will die without them.

  11. bamboo river says:

    This is not the ‘MALAY’ I knew all my life as a malaysian.
    The are many malay friends whom are very tolerant and understanding where they very much love the living ideology of Muhibah.
    Sorry, my malay friends do not have such narrow concept.

  12. hutchrun says:

    The distinguished economist Ungku Aziz, whose insight on rural poverty is unmatched, attributes the backwardness (mental and physical) of rural youths to their inadequate nutrition and chronic parasitic infestations. He astutely observed that even today rural Malays are shorter and smaller than their urban counterparts.

    That applies to the coolie mentality.

  13. hutchrun says:

    The distinguished economist Ungku Aziz, whose insight on rural poverty is unmatched, attributes the backwardness (mental and physical) of rural youths to their inadequate nutrition and chronic parasitic infestations. He astutely observed that even today rural Malays are shorter and smaller than their urban counterparts.

    That applies to the coolie mentality.

  14. wits0 says:

    And Ungku Aziz, no doubt , is a towering malay, too, by the umno yardstick.

    Umno is truly the worship of the golden calf, now confirmed by Ku Li. An unique and wondrous need without par.

  15. Marduk says:

    Those who STILL listen to him are really smart people! …. for this fler was the Champion of SEMANGAT 46 (not Valentino’s) and ALSO a die-hard UMNO fan! No one does it better. Go listen to him lah………….

  16. Andrew says:

    If, at first, you don’t succeed, try again. Poor Kuli, the real desperate PM wannabe. Wasn’t he the one that got Umno deregistered when he lost to Mahathir? Didn’t he come up with an alternative to Umno i.e. Semangat 46? Or is he arguing now it’s the same difference?

  17. hutchrun says:

    Wasn’t he the one that got Umno deregistered when he lost to Mahathir? Andrew

    No he wasn`t involved in that. it was Badawi who dunnit.

  18. hutchrun says:

    And Ungku Aziz, no doubt , is a towering malay, too, by the umno yardstick. – wits0

    Gives a new meaning to `stunted giants` 🙂

  19. Farouk says:

    TRH, i’m sorry but you’ve lost the plot. Contrary to your belief, i can actually see a Malaysia without race based politics AND we won’t be dumbfounded without you. Trust me!

  20. Eric says:

    Malaysian and malays don’t need UMNO. Prove? There are many malaysians and malays living overseas and doing well. Look at Singapore!There is no UMNO there.

  21. lebaijanggut says:

    Perhaps there will be more Prof. Khoo Khay Kim, as non malays will be much easier to understand malay, then what does umno had feed their idea about malay.

  22. clearwater says:

    This feudal has-been should retire and raise goats in ulu Kelantan. No wonder he lost to Mahathir , given his pathetic vision as a leader. He still sees todays Umno as the Umno of old. No way! This is Umno Baru, the party of patronage, of self interest, of mediocrity, of avarice and many things unmentionable. Nobility of thought and action died with the Umno of old and the new ways are so corrupted that Umno’s founding fathers would not have cared to join the party in its present state. The Malays will be much better off with a party that looks after Malaysia’s overall interest ; not just the interest of the few connected to Umno leaders. Crumbs for the rest just won’t cut it any more. We want a party of all Malaysians, for all Malaysians, looking out for every Malaysian.

  23. I think he means if Umno is not running the country.
    He probably correct, if Anwar with PR takes over the Federal adm. there is going to be trouble maybe worse than May 13.
    This time around I don’t think Racial violence is the in thing, probably bigger – C4 big!

  24. hutchrun says:

    Subsequently a small-time Malaysian businessman named Mak Foon Than was convicted of the murder. Mak admitted being involved in disposing of the body but claimed that a Korean acting on instructions from a man named “George” had actually carried out the deed. Mak claimed in a statement which he later retracted at his trial that he had been working for the Ministry of Finance in Malaysia and had come to Hong Kong to collect money on behalf of the minister, Tengku Razaleigh

    Razaleigh claimed that Mak’s statement was a conspiracy to “defame and destroy him”. Among other curious facts to emerge during the investigations was that BMF chairman Lorrain Osman, a longtime Ku Li associate, happened to be “holidaying” in Hong Kong at the time of the murder.

    Although no specific link was found between Razaleigh and the Carrian crimes, he was familiar with BMF directors including Osman and a classmate from university days in Belfast, Hashim Shamsuddin, who was given 10 years in jail in Hong Kong. Osman was held on remand for seven years in the UK fighting extradition – though as a result of his long stay in prison in the UK he was released after only a few months. (He now lives in Ireland).

  25. yingyang says:

    Readers are supposed to only take his words at face value, as he was merely pandering to the malays for sympathy and that he be warmly embraced as a born-again umno has-been. How pathetic!! He’d be be better off golfing … or fishing!

    If anything, malays, ruined by umno these last 40 years, cannot wean themselves from the crutch that have supported them, and will continue to rely on it for as long as it’s there. Granted, umno has also created a fair number of filthy rich malays among those that walked the corridors of power and anyone who cared to wipe their arses!

    Most malays today are much more savvy than those of the Tengku’s days, and they must certainly feel being rubbed the wrong way! OUCH…!

  26. kittykat46 says:

    Still the Masters of the Universe mentality.
    And coming from the “Reform” version of Ku Li.

    These guys deserve to be sent to the Opposition benches.

  27. caravanserai says:

    Malays without UMNO
    The shackles are free
    Don’t they realize it?

    UMNO leaders keep harping
    The issue of Malays and UMNO
    This is Malaysia; she isn’t a race
    Don’t UMNO/BN leaders get it?

    All political leaders must fight for Malaysia
    Fighting for race will divide the nation
    Absolutely into the line of the enemy
    Then we will be colonized again

    In the old testament about worshipping the golden cow
    How ironic when wealth and peace giving to them
    Yet they harbor for more and more
    Forgetting the wisdom of The Lord
    Finally they too perished with their greed

    I can see the scene
    The Titanic won’t sink so the engineers said
    Yet we knew it sunk deep in the open sea
    Buried but still remember
    The arrogance of the owners and engineers
    Nothing isn’t impossible when The Lord decree

    UMNO(Baru) got its second chance
    Yet the leaders of the party never learn at all
    This time it will be buried for good in the land
    Only history will be recorded of its heyday
    Once a giant now lives in the pages of history book

  28. arrow says:

    kuli is a malay midget.He is trying to be a hero and champions of malays in the midst of turmoil in umno.Fishing in troubled water.His time is over.Wake up midget kuli.

  29. Andrew says:

    To Hutchrun: tq for the correction. I forgot Badawi was his foot soldier then.

  30. malaysia born says:

    To my fellow Malay freinds,

    What he is saying is that, ‘You are nothing without UMNO.”

    What say you?

  31. Harrison says:

    Nothing will ever change my perception about the hypocrisy of Tengku Razaleigh. He joined UMNO, left UMNO, create Semangat 46, had pacts with the opposition parties and re-joined UMNO.

    His self-righteous interests comes first. Some of his followers will be “down and out” before they knows what “hit” them (meaning Tengku Razaleigh will jumped ship anytime beyond the knowledge of his followers).

  32. Richard Teo says:

    UMNO became corrupt when Mahathir took over. For 22 years he was the mother of all corruption.He made his son Mokhzani one of the richest person in malaysia. After leaving office he is now regretting he has not taken more. And now he is still collecting $50,000 per month from Petronas. This man has left every institution in this country corrupted.

  33. amoker says:

    He still thinks that Melayu mudah lupa. The Malaysian of Malay ancestry have grown much more than the official propoganda, even the so called 19% equity is an understatement. Please la, we no stupid. 🙂

  34. hutchrun says:

    In one word, Ku Li is kolot-lah. Did you read his letter to prime minister Abdullah Badawi? He bemoaned that Penang has fallen to the “Chinese-based DAP”, Perak to “DAP despite that the mentri besar is from PAS” and Selangor which will be “dominated by non-Malay DAP and non-Malays from PKR despite that the mentri besar is a Malay”.

    WOW! It doesn’t get any more racist than this I hope. OH NO! TANAH MELAYU telah jatuh dalam tangan kaum pendatang (Tanah Melayu has fallen into the hands of the immigrants)!

  35. Mamak (to return to you the ‘couple slaps’ you ordered the then IGP to give to Anwar),UMNO,Najib, AG, IGP, KJ, the keris waiver and all the Corrupted ones. All your days are numbered.
    Anwar (the lesser of the all the evils) is coming soon to be the next P.M. all the MPs in Sarawak and Sabah are all jumping ship to form the next Govt.! You are all going to be charged in court or locked up under ‘your ISA’ for good for all the evils you have done. Where are you all going to run to? You can run but cannot hide-may be back where you all came from-Indonesia or for the Mamak to India. Too bad!

  36. gooeyglobs says:

    If the Malays want to progress and be reckoned with locally and globally, they have to discard the “tongkat” syndrome. No race is lesser than the other unless been mollycoddled and left helpless. Break away and seek for greener pasture.

  37. danet7882 says:

    Lol, ku li better known as “slave in chinese”.. There are no Malaysia if not for the Chinese, Malay, Indian, Iban, Kadazan and so on… So stop the bullshit of “what will happen to the Malays if UMNO is gone”

    We are in a new era where everyone of us MALAYSIAN!! work hand in hand to bring prosperous to MALAYSIA. My fellow Malaysian, UMNO has been misleading us all this while, look at the corruption, the abuse of power and so on after 50 years this is all we got!! It’s true after 50 years we got the Petronas Twin Tower, Penang Bridge, Proton, Sepang F1 but WE MALAYSIAN MADE IT HAPPEN, NOT UMNO!!!


  38. Muda says:

    I’ve said this quite too often . I’m a malay professional who loves my religion and race more than those racists in UMNO . I became to what I am now , no thanks to UMNO and whatever racists policies or how many keris they held up at PWTC .

    Anyway , true malay muslims will not forget what the Holy Prophet ( Peace and Blessings Upon Him ) says ” There is no difference between an Arab and Non-Arab except for their peity towards GOD ! ” . And Islam forbades any injustice to non-muslims .

    So to those racists , on the Day Of Judgement , they will be answerable for whatever unjust things they had done . That is if they still consider themselves as true believers of Islam and not to other brands of Islam that is now being introduced by UMNO .

  39. David says:

    His words are targetted only to the Umno cronies and not to the ordinary malays.
    No one will support him even till his last breath.
    Let him keep on yapping!

  40. Malays = UMNO (*Yes/Maybe/No)
    UMNO = Malays (*Yes/Maybe/No)

    Thinking so may not be so
    When thinking is only so so
    What is thought to be so will be so
    When there’s nothing else to be so

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 130508
    Tue. 13th May 2008.

  41. Kenny Gan says:

    Ku Li has been undeservedly painted as a moderate who embraces the concept of fairness to all races. He only says that Umno should make itself relevant to all races but he doesn’t say how. The bulk of his speeches are usually peppered with the language of Malay nationalism including Malay rights and Ketuanan Melayu. He’s just as chauvinistic as the next Umno leader.

    Only one Malay leader speaks the language of multi-culturalism – Anwar Ibrahim. May he take over soon and show the Malay supremacists how irrelevant they are in a multi-racial Malaysia.

  42. isyak says:

    Why is that so susan? Why is it an insult to your malay friends? I dont get what you mean by that? Are you saying that on behalf of what the malays really feel or are they merely your personal feelings toward his statement?

  43. Lea Cruz says:

    Lately I was feeling very, very disturb with the malaysia recent politic and crime issues. I am living oversea for the last 22 years and yet my heart is longing for my country, Malaysia where I was born with happy childhood. But as I grow older, the Malaysia which I called Home dearly to my heart is no longer a place which I once proud of, but only sadness. Generation to generation malaysian were and are facing racial discrimination problem. I still could remember one incidence very clearly during my high school time where we were all behaved like one big happy family with many races, malay, chinese, indian & native. Being young, naive, innocent and full of confidence of my future. Then one morning during our school essembly, our headmaster said he had a special announcement for the bumiputra students only and those non-bumiputra had to step aside. None of us knew the meaning of “bumiputra”. Our headmaster had to explaine to us. So the chinese and indian students had to step aside. Then our headmaster announced that the bumiputra would be given special privileges in their MCE to go to ‘A’ Level. That very moment I was shocked and humiliated with mixed feeling. I felt like step child in that family. From that day onward, I promised myself that I would need to study very, very hard and work harder to survive in this discriminated environment. I would make sure that my life is better than those the govt supported.

    After graduation, I went oversea to look for greener pasture with a nervous, timid heart. As time passed by, I became a stronger person, I could overcome those challenges and Now I am happy and proud of myself that I did it. . And I would like to thank the govt too, without their “discrimination” doings, I won’t have today. I didn’t need them to spoon feed me after all.

  44. Jed Yoong says:

    Ku Li, another dinosaur. Same racist mentality. Talk about Islam, Melayu but minum arak and joget like White Man at the Tin Mine, a former nightclun in KL which was the hangout of the rich, connected and slimey kind

  45. nordin says:

    What this KU LI is saying is that he is brain dead. He cannot think beyond what he has been programmed. Current and future leaders need to think beyond the boundaries of the wall. We need dynamic thinking leaders but strong in principles. So what he is saying is “I don’t have the capacity to lead you, so don’t vote for me!”

  46. novice101 says:

    Ku Li is no different from the others from UMNO, and for the matter, all the others from the BN component parties. They are all fork-tongued hypocrites!

    Always say things and do things for expediency. No sincerity at all. Thick-skinned species!

  47. hutchrun says:

    Hey Jed I too used to hang out at the Tin Mine those days but I wasn`t one of them (I shot the sheriff, but not his deputy 🙂
    I wuz the one always breaking the dress code there by wearing jeans.

  48. Najib Bin Altantuya says:

    This is one of the No.1 moron of UMNO. Between Ku Li and Pak Lah I would choose Pak Lah. This moron started S46 and getting no where & back into UMNO again, 1stly he doesn’t have moral. The Chinese have a saying “Good hourse don’t return to eat ex-owner grass”. He is nothing like Anwar. If the Malays have a future it will be Anwar.

  49. wits0 says:

    And Ku Li’s famous statement of, “I swear to God, I’m innocent”, wrt to allegations of in involvement in the Carrian/BMF’s Affair was carried in the NST and surely others as well.

    What did Jalil Ibrahim die for and who ordered him killed? Sounds like a sort of precursor to the Altatunya story.

  50. All The Fools On The Same Side says:

    We are know the umno goons are using this clown again to create some commotion. As far as all the other leaders are concerned, this one is the worst of all!!! This one is also a little mad and he speak though his backside!!! We have goons and now we have clown……what a collection of the whole useless bunch!!!

  51. ah Long says:

    No UMNO all the arseholes have no job. That is why they tell the malays “must have UMNO”.

    The Malays are not stupid, they are starting to see the truth.

    The two richest unemployed bastards in Malaysia are Khairy & Mokhzani. These two plunders can accumulate more wealth in a few short years that a thousand ordinary Malays can accumulate in a thousand lifetimes of hard work !!!

    Still want to vote BN / UMNO.???

  52. hutchrun says:

    This is Mahathir`s boy let loose to salvage the biz empire of TDM`s son. Simple as that. That is his payment for TDM`s support. But it`s good that UMNO is in turmoil. After all Badawi and Najib are no better. All wallowing in the same pen for our sport.
    And as the economics shrinks, the battle will get more intense with the pressure. Wait till the files on each other start getting released.

  53. nyonya says:

    Umno /MIC /MCA = Ali Babas of BN and Bolih Land. why all these politicians are so beezee and concerned with their parties. All these 3 parties are for those who like to party only! Why cant they get down to work and look into the grievances and problems of the country and the people. Are we ready if the cyclone attack here. I think the only cyclone that can wipe all the rots clean and flatten is Anwar and his crew, who is the only one for all and all for one who can save our people and the country and he is more brilliant in managing the country’s economy and win the hearts of all people regardless of races with fairnes and justice. Justice, justice, justice to the ordinary epople. The royals must step in to bring in peace, harmony and justice to His Highness Land and be fair to all His people on His Land. The only way, although painful and tough but must be done, is to “detox” the bad system and purge out all the toxins and impurities before our system can be healthy again. Pak Lah, walk your talk for justice reform. The ring is ready for you. Do you have the guts? Dont play play Pak Lah is not a softie or lembit (soft).He is MR JUSTICE OF MALAYSIA.

  54. hutchrun says:

    Pak lah himself needs to be detoxed. He`s not clean. What he says is for the `peasants`. It doesn`t apply to him or his family. If it did, Khairy would already have been wearing shorts in Sg. Buloh.

  55. ultraman says:

    There are smart Malays and bodoh Malays. As I see it, the smart ones are very smart (Anwar, RPK, and lots more) and are mostly outside UMNO; the bodoh and corrupted ones seems stuck in UMNO and panicking.

  56. Andrew says:

    Good one, ultraman.

  57. wits0 says:

    Ultraman, smart and fair minded, that is , vis a vis, dumb and unfair.

  58. nasuha says:

    i feel like choking n vomiting reading what he said. the best thing to do now is not to get angry, but to just ignore all these nonsense comments. In silent ,we make sure these people are eradicated in next election!

  59. NO FEAR says:

    Everyday without fail I get to laugh with all these stupid remarks by our stupid politicians. Think they are rated on par or maybe below par with monkey!

  60. ktteokt says:

    If at all UMNO is able to unite the Malays, then why is there PAS standing in its way as an opposition? And why did the Prime Ministers of Malaysia need to publicly call for “Malay Unity” in the papers? Wouldn’t that amount to self confession that the Malays are very much seggregated? And if so, then can UMNO claim to be what it is, “UNITED MALAYS NATIONAL ORGANIZATION” when it has failed to unite the Malays? Shouldn’t it change to “UNITING MALAYS NATIONAL ORGANIZATION” since it is still in the process of uniting the Malays??

  61. merlin2001 says:

    TRH may be a Prince, but he is still living in the past.
    The truth is that the new generation of Malays ( Please that does not include the Melayu Celup ) have evolved, like Darwin Theory.
    The intelligent Grads. have chosen their mates and now have a mind of their
    Sure they did get a kick start from the NEP, but this natural evolution of the smart Malays would like to ensure that their future generations have a good life. I must add that the Ladies are more attuned to this, as evidenced by the performance of girls over boys in the entry to the Universities.
    Sure, Umno did help them. But, it does not mean that they will be forever
    beholden to UMNO if the latter is destroying the very fabric of a just, fair and equal society.
    They work very hard but the harder they work the lesser is their spending power. With their kids who had done well, due to lack of connections they are not able to obtain places of their choice for them. On top of this they too suffer from the justice system and at times are unfairly treated by the Police Di Raja.
    It is not that the Malays love the other races, it is just that now being in the same boat as the Chinese and Indians they have no choice but to support an entity that they will feel comfortable with. i.e. one that will give their future generations a fair deal for the future.
    So, TRH please don’t try ti instigate another May 13, this time it will backfire on to your face.

  62. wits0 says:

    At its very root, “unity” is and was never man’s highest virtue. That’s why Susan has the byline that says it precisely, “Integrity above Unity”. The kind of bullying unity that the Ayrabs (and umno) displayed has been overdone for centuries and is essentially fascistic. They earned their own Karma consequently and never did well afterwards, internally or externally. Only paranoiac fools will harp monotonously on “unity” at all costs. Your pet crocodile will eat you last.

  63. Tarap says:


  64. Andrew says:

    To NO FEAR, you’re insulting the monkeys when you compare them with stupid politicians

  65. Fools learn nothing from wise men

    But wise men learn much from fools

    The GE12 has shown us who are wiser and who are rotting.

  66. Amenic says:

    Was that what he said?

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA…. there goes his opportunity to vie for PM-ship.

    Karam, karam.

  67. hutchrun says:

    In 1987, when former BMF director Hashim Shamsuddin was charged in Hong Kong, further embarrassment for Ku Li surfaced. According to a statement of facts agreed by both prosecution and defense some of the proceeds from corrupt payments had been passed to Razaleigh.

  68. poor guy says:

    Without UMNO, the Malay will have a better life, the chinese will be better off, the indian too.
    Just look south and u will get what i mean, we r on the same playing field 30 yrs ago. just bcos they tie up ur legs and ask u to run, and u get today’s result.

  69. Penang says:

    KULI tu orang siam.

    Apa dia tau tentang Melayu??

  70. Pegasus says:

    Without UMNO, Malaysia will be Malaysia. Its the S-holes in UMNO who keep the Rakyat separated and divided with their mind-boggling comments and bias statements. The rakyat, the Malays, Chinese , Indians, Sikhs, Ibans, Muruts, Kadazans and others are basically very tolerant towards each other on the ground on a daily life and gets on well with each other. Its those UMNO idiots over the decades who instill fear among the Malay and hatred towards other races .They have rule by dividing the people with race policies and religions. UMNO were no different then the colonial masters who divide and rule us. For the matter MCA and MIC is also irrelevant and should be buried. These are race party which actually kept us apart with their race policies . Its now 2008, people are more matured and more knowledegable ,who are able to see whats right and wrong in this era. Kuli should retire from politics as he is from the old school of UMNO.

  71. wits0 says:

    Pegasus: “UMNO were no different then the colonial masters who divide and rule us”

    Worse, Pegasus, make no mistake about it. The rest of the BN are just lapdog camp followers.

  72. hutchrun says:

    The rest of the BN are just lapdog camp followers. – wits0

    Gerakan`s Lim Keng Yaik says they were UMNO beggars all the while. He should know, having been there for 22 years.

  73. hutchrun says:

    KuLi is like Shirley MacLaine as the geriatric mother in ‘Postcards from the Edge,’ hijacking her daughter’s party and kicking up her heels to sing ‘I’m Still Here!’

  74. sandyow says:

    I wonder if PR really have the same sentiments of the comments hear, of BN leaders being useless, etc.

    But why is it they are insisting Sabah BN MPs to crossover to PKR? I thought they dont want “BN” people since all of them are a bunch of idiots right? They’re just doing that to fill “quota”? How sure are PKR that BN people will stay loyal to PKR in the future if they did switch parties??


  75. ktteokt says:

    Simply a man of NO PRINCIPLE! Why get out of UMNO to set up SEMANGAT 46 and when things don’t turn out the way he expected, he quickly became a “turn head horse” (hui tou ma). His integrity is totally lost and he is spiritually BANKRUPT!!!!!!

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