“When it comes to the crunch, the party must, should stand by its chairman as long as the chairman is telling the truth” – Karpal Singh (Image from Malaysiakini).

Was he really seditious in making that remark about the Sultan?

Since the Sedition Act is not a law but a tool of oppresion, I say Karpal Singh should be allowed to have his say.

But what baffles me most is the fact that Karpal got so little support, especially from his party members, and others in PAKATAN RAKYAT, for standing upright against what he deemed as “unconstitutional” behaviour.

What happened?

Only three days ago, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang threw his support behind royalty embattled Karpal Singh on the issue of questioning the country’s religious rulers, aka, sultans. Was it before or after the DAP lawyer ‘complained’ that not even his party members were supporting him?

Today, at last the PKR Advisor Anwar Ibrahim has come to Karpal’s rescue over his allegedly “seditious” remarks. Can we say it’s better late than never?

It did take awhile for the PM-in-Waiting to say something about this controversial issue, didn’t he? Was he keeping his elegant silence like present PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi?

I was watching this interesting developments from the sidelines. It startled me that over the past week, Karpal was slapped with “20 police reports lodged against him after he had said the Sultan of Perak had acted unconstitutionally in the transfer of a religious department official and criticised Regent of Kelantan’s message at a forum last month” (Malaysiakini).

On May 9, Karpal himself wondered why his own party members and other leaders from the Pakatan coalition were silent on the issue. So did I.

All I know is : He must have felt terrible lonely!

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  1. su says:

    I agree that there wasn’t really a lot of support coming his way.

    And 20 charges against him is just too much. It almost feels like everyone is ganging up against him.

    But I’m not following too closely on this. Other people might know more about this than I do.

  2. wits0 says:

    It appears that the patron to this repression is Bad awi who pressed the panic button in order to divert attention from challenges from within his own party.

  3. Philip L. H. LIM says:

    Karpal Singh’s remarks, truth they may be, were in the 1st place most unwelcomed. what’s the point of saying what he did when the Perak MB already apologised & reinstated Jamry S? What he said caused uneasiness – especially when unity in PR is still in its infancy. It’s akin to having PAS dwelling on islamic state issues. Such delicate issues shd be discussed closed door, & only openly at a later stage.

    and ppl – basic lesson:

    Abdullah – current PM
    Badawi – his father.

    it’s rather childish to make fun of his father, don’t you think?

  4. tomatoinc says:

    i am with him.

    it’s just bullshit. he stated nothing more than a judgement on a legal matter.

  5. dodgy inc says:

    Karpal is not alone. Many people think he is a folk’s hero.

    He may not command as much attention as RPK does, yet, he seems to have a very long lasting stamina in fight on.

    If disagreeing with HRH would automatically tantamount to sedition, I would like to be charged for sedition too.

    Karpal, you are my man.

  6. Maverick says:

    Come hell or high waters I am with you, lets take it to the courts and get it over with. Don’t leave any stones unturned even if the great convert Parameswara shows up.

  7. oster says:

    Teng Chang Khim has already remarked on how Karpal shouldn’t have made his statements in public.

    While in principle, I believe all politicians should make their thoughts known for public scrutiny, I do believe that from a pragmatic point of view, Mr. Teng is quite right.


  8. Fairplay says:

    I thought that there are certain immunities for the parliamentarians to speak anything in the Dewan or are they not there anymore.

    Nevertheless, I believe that only the sore losers and cowards, on the pretext of being loyalists, will seize on the opportunity to lynch a man when there is no other way to beat him.

  9. bamboo river says:

    The problem is not what Karpal had said. It is the what he has been conceived by the BN as questioning the rights of the Malays.
    Now , if we to track back the Perlis and Trengganu MB cases, don’t you think that was amount to sedition and disrespect to the Royalty?

  10. dap members entitle their opinion, unlike bn all threw blind support….. maybe to majority dap members karpal’s action is not appropriate….

  11. dodgy inc says:

    It is a norm that folk’s heroes are loners. Karpal is no exception.

    On the day when RPK was being charged at PJ Magistrate Court, I turned up to lend a support. To my surprise, I noticed hardly many people there. RPK was a loner too.

    People, let us give a helping hand to Karpal.

  12. hutchrun says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said the Tengku Mahkota of Kelantan, Tengku Mohammad Faris Petra, was wrong to say that “it is inappropriate for non-Malays to request for equal rights”.

    Why no police investigations?

  13. hutchrun says:

    Well DAP`s blue eyed boy in Selangor wants Karpal hanged too:

    KUALA LUMPUR: DAP chairman Karpal Singh acted with lack of political wisdom when he chose to publicly question the Perak Sultan over the royal jurisdiction of Islamic matters in the state.

  14. wits0 says:

    WRT OKT’s uttereance, “Why no police investigations?”

    It was a different boy saying, “The emperror has no clothes”

    And a different group also with the”natang” banner.

  15. dodgy inc says:

    hutchrun, this DAP’s blue boy in Selangor is my family fren.
    I don’t think what’s reported in Star reflects actually what he said. You can never be too sure how MSM spins things out of control.

    Better, I’ll ask him when we meet.

  16. hutchrun says:

    Thanks. We`d like to hear his side of it 🙂

  17. thinkvision says:

    The public and the politicians are too exhausted to show any more supports for any kind of royalty bashing/advisory when in the last 2 months, all incidents related to royalties have gone in favor of the royalties. 2 BN’s MB-in-waiting and even the PM himself has experienced the wrath of the traditional rulers first hand.

    They may not have any power to rule but they certainly do have plenty of monetary resources, political clout, intelligence and time to get what they wanted. Going against them now is bad publicity. Period. Now with the threat of sedition looming against anyone that may utter anything that may upset the powerful or power-to-be, even the sedated will think twice before committing any form of seditious remarks.

    Karpal shouldn’t feel lonely now as there are plenty of silent support for him. He should continue voicing out without fear or favor. Our nation can only learn and move forward if there are political mavericks like Karpal, RPK and LKS who are brave enough to say what’s needed to be said.

    Only a politician without principle will commit conflicting actions and words that sway with the sentiments of the day! Need I say more?

  18. lebaijanggut says:

    What happen to police report on UMNO rally about the appoinment of Terengganu Mentri Besar? And what about when Lah Bedui says that the Agong was unconstitutional when he didn’t accept Idris Jusoh as Mentri Besar?

  19. hutchrun says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 (Bernama) — Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail today stressed that there was no tussle between the Regent of Terengganu and the Regency Advisory Council with the state government pertaining to the appointment of the Menteri Besar of the state.

    He said this was because the process of appointing the Menteri Besar for the state was spelled out under Article 14 (2) of the state constitution.

    “As such, the candidate appointed as the Menteri Besar is not the nominee of the Regent or the Regency Advisory Council but a person who is appointed according to the laws of the state,” he said in a statement here.

    He said the person must be a member of the state legislative assembly who in the opinion of the Regent and Regency Advisory Council commanded majority support in the assembly.

    He said the Yang di-Pertuan Agong was fully aware of the provision and that His Majesty cannot interfere in the appointing of the Menteri Besar.


    No police investigations of AG for `derhaka`.

  20. hutchrun says:

    Baiyuensheng: Karpal Singh is trying to protect the country’s constitution – what so wrong about that? To me, it is his patriotism and love of the country that compelled him to act on our behalf and protect the so-called – however imperfect – constitution. What he is doing is no more seditious than those time when Dr Mahathir capped the powers of the rulers, and no more seditious than those who disregard and ignored the constitution. My salute to you, Mr Karpal Singh.

    Joe Fernandez: Umno as usual is trying to twist and turn Karpal’s statement about the role of the sultans, into a racial issue in order to play to the gallery, force the Malays into circling the wagons around Umno, pitting Malay against non-Malay, in order to appear as big heroes so that they can get the total Malay votes to live it up at the expense of all.

    And Abdullah Ahmad Badawi insists that Umno is still relevant. Pathetic. Many people must have died laughing by now.


  21. caravanserai says:

    When one dares to voice it
    Stand on it and be damned whatever!
    So don’t feel lonely when others don’t say
    It is the political situation
    saying less doesn’t mean no support

    This is a pragmatic silence
    Don’t let BN use it to its advantage
    UMNO has lost its clout; trying every means to stay alive
    The cracks on the wall; they just refuse to see it

    So Karpal got 20 police reports
    I believe by UMNO goons and sympathizers
    Catching on the wagon to silent Karpal
    And indirectly trying to destabilize PR

    This is the trick………
    Pakatan Rakyat works out silently
    Let UMNO thinks Karpal sits alone
    Navigating his ship on the sea
    A good commander doesn’t show all his cards
    He uses it when the time is right

    Karpal feels the hot seat
    PM wants him charged….
    Directing the AG to speed on it
    So what will happen to Abdullah?
    He sits on the same boat as Karpal

    Karpal…..you aren’t alone
    Let the Black Knights come
    Gathered them up one by one
    Like the Red Indians knocked off General Custer
    Right on the spot
    You wanted them to hang out…….

    In Holy Quran it records
    “A word of justice uttered before an unjust ruler
    Is the greatest of jihad(holy war)”
    So YB sails your ship
    Let UMNO leaders play
    Into the whirlpool waiting for them

  22. kittykat46 says:

    My old blogging friend James Wong who writes a low-key but very level headed blog,


    has an interesting take on this. It seems Karpal did not consult the rest of the DAP leadership, certainly not the other PR partners before making the controversial statements. So he was essentially speaking in his private capacity.

    I disagreed with Karpal as far as the Malay Rulers powers on the administration of Islam in the respective states, based on my reading of the Constitution.

    But don’t get me wrong – I defend his right to speak up without the threat of the Sedition Act, ISA , whatever being thrown against him.

    But if he was expecting the DAP and PR leadership to back him up, he shold have consulted them beforehand on such a potentially explosive issue.

  23. kittykat46 says:

    Karpal did not consult the other members of the DAP leadership, and certainly not the other PR partners before making the statement.

    He should have known it would be controversial. He is part of an organisation, not a Lone Ranger.
    If he expects support, he should seek support, as a team player.

    If he wants to be Lone Ranger, be prepared to stand as Lone Ranger.

    Having said that I defend his right to his opinion without the threat of Sedition Act, ISA etc being thrown at him.

  24. dodgy inc says:

    Our Police and Arm Forces have been changed by Mahathir

    from–Polis DiRaja Malaysia and Tentera DiRaja Malaysia

    to—–Police-State of Malaysia and Army-State of Malaysia.

    Yet nobody cries blue-murder?

  25. Lallang exile says:


    I agree with all your succinct comments on Karpal. Good work!

    For me, double standards and party politics (lack of support from DAP) are in play here.

    Karpal Singh will always be my hero for his unyielding patriotic stance. He opted to stay back and fight for truth and justice when he could have easily left years ago……….

    In fact, I thought the Penang CM post should have gone to him. But of course the Lim dynasty had priority over old loyal stalwarts like Mr Karpal.

    If Karpal was in another place another time, he would be praised and rewarded for his loyalty and heroic acts.
    Instead, here in Malaysia, he is slapped with the Sediton Act………………..

  26. hutchrun says:

    Karpal was once advised to leave the DAP `stead of hanging around with that untrustworthy bunch. Well, he reaps the harvest now.

  27. Fariq says:

    this is small matter,only umno make it big

  28. george says:

    Another MSM and UMNO Malay plot to incite the racist and royal following Karpal Singh’s remark… They r just twisting and splitting the message and conceived as the challenge their “Ketuanan Malay”.

    Sediction, my ass!!!

    We Rakyat (majority except for UMNO Malay) should have stand up and fight for these baseless reports… Show them the Power of Rakyat…

    UMNO Malay is seen as another desperate politikus which still in denial mode and have not admit their wrongdoings and the infairness treatment to all Rakyat here… Now it is time to set the UMNO to hell….

  29. dodgy inc says:

    Karpal, it is not important whether you get any support from your party members and PKR.

    We, the Rakyat are right behind you all the way.

    UMNO is a bunch of sore loser and a cornered dog looking for escape route. Too bad, they have found the wrong person to meddle with.

  30. Ahmad Navi Abdullah says:

    Karpal has always been a man of his words. Having been in the profession, he has hardly been wrong in his utterings. However, as the leader of a political party he should refrain from trivial issues such as the one that has caused so much furore amongst the UMNOists. The issue at hand was between the MB and the Sultan, and as the MB had already apologized, rightly or otherwise, Karpal should have withheld his comments. It would have made the MB look good. By his comments Karpal made out that the MB was wrong in having apologized. Inmatters like this, if he had disagreed, he should have called up the MB and told him his viewpoint instead of going to the MSMs of Malaysia, all bootlickers of the BN government.
    However, the party should stand by its leader at a time like this instead of critisising him. Karpal was most probably right in his legal interpretation, but his words have een twisted out to make him a “penderhaka’.

    Meanwhile the UMNO stooges who called the Sultan of Trengganu and the Raja of Perlis all kinds of names have gone scot free. Where were the police then.

  31. hutchrun says:

    Anwar`s corruption for which he served time was to tell the cops to speed up investigations. That was viewed as corruption.
    Yet no one has had the nerve to go make reports for the same on Najib and Badawi for committing similar offences here.

  32. sandyow says:

    Talk about SUPPORT:

    “Menteri Besar Kelantan Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat berkata tindakan Pengerusi DAP Karpal Singh mempertikaikan kuasa Sultan Perak berhubung pertukaran Pengarah Jabatan Agama Islam Perak (Jaip) Datuk Jamry Sury secara terbuka adalah tidak betul dan boleh dianggap derhaka.”

    from: http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v3/bm/news_lite.php?id=331932

    “Karpal Singh may be right in law, but this is not merely a legal question. It involves politics, therefore, I disagree with the approach taken to openly challenge the royal intervention,” said DAP central executive committee member and Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Khim.

    from: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/5/13/nation/21229058&sec=nation

    From PAS i can agree maybe since of course for a Malay there’s no denying royalty, but from another DAP member too at that! Karpal indeed IS lonely. If you’re wrong, obviously no one’s going to stand by you (unless you’re also one of those “wrong” people too)

    But come on, PR not backing up their own members now? What’s that i hear about PR being “Pakatan Rapuh”… Are we seeing clues now? *shrugs*

  33. Ray says:

    I dont think so karpal shd punish y some of m’sia over react do we have better think to do some of them even go for street protest oh god..karpal only said about his opinion and his all the rights to said that remember our we still live in democracy country..

  34. tony says:

    karpal would hv scored points in DAP before 8th march but now seems to be an embrassment to them cause his friends ae now behaving like mca, gerakan, mic and ppp YB. must not rock the boats haha

  35. Ray says:

    Karpal he is great man n he dare enough to say anything which he feel wrong from other side…weel done karpal

  36. wits0 says:

    Anwar`s corruption was a minor thing and was selectively prosecuted.

    Karpal is now being persecuted by the very top of umno. the numbers of report suggests that. The fascists love numbers, quantity. He is being supported by the Bar Council and that’s not enough.

    What is sedition? If one asks today why Private Adam ran amok in Chow Kit in November, is that sedition too? Yet his colleagues did not shoot him down like a dog when he was cornered – for the reason that they sympathized with him.

  37. wits0 says:

    ” Private Adam ran amok in Chow Kit in November 1097, i.e.”

    Why? Is it sedition to know?

  38. wits0 says:


    ” Private Adam ran amok in Chow Kit in November 1987, i.e.”

    Why did he? Is it sedition to know?

  39. malayamuda says:

    at least in Pakatan u can speak your mind….. Karpal is the living proof

    unlike BN, where you have to go thru the “proper channels” to address your woes in the true BN ” spirit “

  40. Harrison says:

    “Since the Sedition Act is not a law but a tool of oppresion, I say Karpal Singh should be allowed to have his say.”_Susan

    Yeah, True. The UMNOrites only wanted to “get” Karpal when he is considered
    gem to the sufferings:-

    (1) He acted as an observer attorney for on behalf of Setev Sharibuu.

    (2) He defended Raja Petra for his sedition case.

    (3) He is a formidable opposition leader.

    I am a vehement advocate against Sedition Act, ISA, OSA but if such laws applied to us equally, those who brandished their keris should have been in jail.

  41. anak perelih says:

    the DAP and PAkatan know, if they make statements to support Karpal, MSM and UMNO will happily spin it and give a bad name to DAP/PAKATAN…. so the best way to tackle this issue is to attack.. as in football.. the best defense is attacking… defence on the opponent’s half…
    Now.. i see DAP and PAKATAN/PAS is attacking UMNO back with those “UMNO insulting the sultan”…. They should publish the “natang” banner picture with “UMNO Menghina Sultan” on front page of Rocket, Harakah and Suara Keadilan.. plus their online version… we bloggers too should put it on our blog…. so does many more insulting incident by UMNO… (like the babi issue – publish UMNO rep picture in the kandang babi with thumb up sign)

    This might shut UMNO/BN mouth…

  42. KK Lim says:

    Personally, I don’t think DAP leaders/Pakatan partners or the public were ditching Karpal. It’s just that in this instance, some people were not too sure whether the opinion made by Karpal with regard to the power of the Perak ruler was right or not. Morever, the way certain groups were orchestrated to file police reports against him indicated that there’s a political agenda behind blowing this issue up, and spinning it as a racial issue, especially by certain MSM.

    Notwithstanding the rights afforded to Karpal as a citizen or more importantly as a member of Parliament to voice his opinion on a matter of public interest, the question here is in the timeliness and the manner in giving such an opinion – whether other party/partner leaders were consulted is another moot point. Point to note here is Karpal is the Chairman of the DAP and DAP is a member of Pakatan. So what he said or what he is going to say in future will be interpreted or misinterpreted as the official position of the DAP / Pakatan, unless of course, he qualifies it by saying “this is my personal opinion”. Otherwise, there will be lots of faux pas from time to time whenever such matters of pulic interest arise.

    But most importantly, whether one agrees or not with Karpal’s opinion on this issue is another matter but I can safely opine that he did not do it mala fide, least of all to incite hatred against the rulers. Let’s wait and see how our AG handles this matter.

  43. tzarina says:

    I think the DAP politicians are scared to back up any dissent against the rulers, simply because rulers are popular at this moment…seen almost like saviors. All that cries of “Daulat Tuanku” and the showing of strength by the Rulers against BN elected MBs had garnered unprecedented support for the Rulers; the rakyat see some hope that the Rulers will stand by them against UMNO.

    HOWEVER, this is a dangerous trend. Giving too much power to Kings in a democracy is never a good idea. Rulers are symbolic, with limited powers. By right, they should adhere to the advice of the party which has the majority support from the rakyat. When the people give their trust to a certain government, we expect that the Rulers should do the same, by listening to the state government’s advice, and not act against the will of the people! UNLESS something is SERIOUSLY wrong with the elected candidate, which then mean that the Ruler should EXPLAIN HIMSELF for his actions.

    Politicians with balls like Karpal knows this.

  44. simon wee says:

    Karpal Singh’s controversy over the prerogatives of Sultans and Rajas is reminiscent of Lee Kuan Yew challenging Ketuanan Melayu and advising Malay leaders not to give fish but to teach them to fish.
    (Anon in another of Rocky’s blog testified that that was exactly what has been done “teach them to fish”.

    What Karpal has done could be interpreted as advice to the Royalties on the right approach in a country of diverse races and religions. However what has escalating into are accusations that Karpal is questioning royal prerogatives.

    No non-Malays had admonished Lee Kuan Yew then, but now we have DAP’s central exectutive member and Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Khim saying that what Karpal has done is politically unwise. However in the same breath, he said Karpal may be right in law.
    In any issue, there are political, legal, economic and social aspect of it. If it is look at purely on its political repercussion, then one must as well keep one’s month shut, otherwise the law of the jungle would prevail.
    Teng’s boss Lim Kit Siang is fond of saying “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” On Teng’s part, it is apparent that now that Teng is tasting power, he is seeing things in different perspective (such as songkok is alright, don’t bring up politically sensitive issues, etc). From his behaviour, it is not difficult to guess why MCA and MIC behaving the way they did in BN.

  45. novice101 says:

    This is a diversion created by UMNO. By all means let us show support for Karpal but don’t fall into the trap UMNO has set up. There is still such a thing as the rule of law in Malaysia, though UMNO is trying to twist this, like it has twisted everything, to its advantage.

    Let us not fight among ourselves.

  46. hutchrun says:

    `…unless of course, he qualifies it by saying “this is my personal opinion”. –
    KK Lim

    Maybe you missed it, but Karpal did say it was a legal thing and established by a case that went right up to the Privy Council.
    However, the DAP continues to remain oblivious to that. So do UMNO, MIC etc. Perhaps this is the right time for DAP to merge with DAP, after all:

    Jelapang state assemblyperson Hee Yit Foong from DAP neither confirmed nor denied rumours that she would be defecting to Barisan Nasional.

  47. wits0 says:

    Hee Yit Foong from DAP may end up like the noodle one defeated by Tony Puah, if she does, in the next GE.

  48. wits0 says:

    PR’s statement : http://wapurl.co.uk/?D66RWIW

  49. hutchrun says:

    It doesn`t matter what the PR thinks now.
    Hopefully, the AG should go ahead and charge Karpal for sedition. Then we have a Battle Royale.

  50. Malaysian says:

    Karpal is not alone, many rakyat support him. We don’t believe he said anything seditious. This is just s#*t stirred up by you know who and who. But opposition smarter. They know rakyat knows the truth. Siapa yang actually menghina Sultan of Terengganu, Agung no less! Let them make more reports, let them add more nails to their own political coffins. These are political games of past, not relevant anymore.

  51. hutchrun says:

    The last time AG was going around with a semen stained mattress in Court.
    This time he`ll be parading the UMNO inspired Utusan journalists and Badawi and Najib are going to get subpoenaed. With some luck we may get to be entertained by `not relevant` Augustine Paul once more.

  52. wits0 says:

    A royalty did say that not all people can expect to be equal in Bolehland. Two questions:

    !. How to build a nation when some people are told that they must never aspire to be equal?

    2. Isn’t the Sedition law really applicable to only the common people and royalties and umno are immune to it?

    GIGO is a famous term in the computer age.

  53. justie says:

    No, Karpal is not alone. All the non-Umnos of all races in Malaysia are with him and silently support him. No point for all of us to lash out at those power crazy and ketuanan Umnos who made the report. Karpal only touch on the constitution but these people tried to stir up racial sentiments. If there is racial riots, the rakyat will blame it on these people who stir the hornet’s nests and not obeying the constitution and the Bapa Malaysia Tunku’s legacy of Muhibbah. We rakyat got a shock that Karpal is attack like he is a racist only accussing him by reading his remark out of context and out of tune. karpal is a seasoned lawyer and he is an asset to our country judiciary if the BN is serious in judiciary reform. He can helped this country to reform in judiciary. Like usual one of the Umnos threaten racial unrest in his speech and TV3 featured it and thus propagate racial hatred. Threatening those that tell the truth is no longer relevant. We are truth seekers and truth hungry people. Only truth can save our judiciary reform. No offence to our Sultan, but Karpal had no intention to offend the Sultan but just carry out his ethics and point out the flaw in judicial and he was merely attempting to correct what is not correct with no racial connotation. A Sultan is a Sultan, he is not seen as a race. So, race is not an issue, the issue here is constitutional – my opinion.

  54. nasuha says:

    y la we need this sultan thing in the first place. it brings more problem than good things. i wonder when is it time that malay will finally realize that the sultan give no benefits to us. they interfere in rule making, sit happily at palace, n we have to pay them for the ‘sultan’ title. still think its a waste of money. wonder when is the time we can abolish all these.

  55. Andrew says:

    I think that the Pakatan is playing the game quite well. When a bully doesn’t get the expected response, he’s at a loss. Either that, or political imprisonment has become de rigueur.

  56. chee keong says:

    Aiya who cares bout karpal singh?
    Let’s see if the sabahans are defecting or not!! The sluts and sabahan gals are real hot and sexy!!I would like to know some sabah gals for massage. I usually goto some massage centers for some urut and special services. Quite feed-up of the old massage gals. So if anyone out there willing to introduce me to some sabah massage gals please let me know. I am prepare to offer RM200 for tips and referrals on top of the service charge by them. Please contact me at my mobile 012-369 1850 if you have any gals under 21 for massage. Thanks in advance.

  57. Amenic says:

    Eh chee keong – you’re in the wrong place.

    Where is the moderator to edit all the replies. Pls. ‘x’ this fler, who cant control his libido. I wanna say Patrick Teoh’s blogspot Tagline to this fler.

    And who said no support for Karpal? Lim Kit Siang raised it up in the Parliament and fought tooth and nail defending him what.

    Dont worry Karpal, keep to the principals and truth… nothing else stands.

  58. Mr.Karpal Singh is a good man,no doubt about that. But if he is a better man, then so much the better.

    Just like TRUTH and TRUST, if we have both we have the best. For me, one is speaking the truth while another is trusted to do something right. If they can meet eye-to-eye then it is harmony. If not, it would be tango with the wrong foot.

  59. wits0 says:

    “” Can anybody say “H” for hypocrisy?

    Hishamuddin, of keris-waving fame, is now emulating Dr. M in the hypocrisy deparment. This is what he says regarding the Karpal controversy: “Defending the rights of our raja is something we will not compromise.”

    Oh, really? And what were they trying to do in Terengganu and Perlis?””


  60. hutchrun says:

    Meanwhile, George Town OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said Penang police had completed its investigations into the case.

    He said the investigation papers were submitted to the Attorney-General’s chambers on Saturday. “It was also based on the statement recorded from Karpal Singh on the same day.

  61. hutchrun says:

    He also said the Royal Court should look into what was said in 1993 by then mentri besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, who remarked:

    “It is also to ensure that in the future, Rulers do not interfere with the affairs of the state, especially those relating to transfers of civil servants and official functions.”

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