For our government – BN ministers, that is.

Since thousands flooded the streets of KL on Jul 9, our ministers have all gone berserk, on a frenzied panic trip, pressing the emergency button with all fingers, foaming at the mouth! During the rally, the police force was on the loose, now post-Bersih, our ministers are on the loose, at least their tongues are:

1. Najib Razak tells the silent majority to stand and be counted. Haha. Hey that silent majority has taken a stand lah, when you were busy with your ETP, GTP, KTK @#$%^&*. But sadly, they have taken a stand on the side of Bersih!

Najib says Bersih wants to make it easier for Anwar Ibrahim to be PM. Another HAHAHA! It is you Najib and your silat wayang guys who would make it easier for the Opposition to reach Putrajaya with all your crazy antics, while cost of living and basic needs are choking the throats of even the middle classes!

Who’s your strategists, huh? Looks like they are not working for you lah but conniving with “the other side”.

2. Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein is so panicky he is probably wetting his pants (sorry to be so graphic but I can’t find other words to describe your level of fear and insecurity). It looks like it is more advisable that you actually stay at home.

You keep warning and issuing threats to everyone, especially the media for reporting on the police force’s brutality on that Saturday. Hey, in the days of Hang Tuah (which doesn’t exist now), threats and warning and even whipping can work lah. But now, in the internet world, it’s global, borderless…and only the truth matters. Not some cowards pretending or hoping to be DICKtators.

So listen up, do get yourself a good doctor and see to that health problems of yours.

3. Now Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai is squirming on his butt (not a very healthy thing to do!) until his true colors are showing when he told the public not to believe the videos and photographs of police brutality at Tung Shin hospital – just because he and the hospital board said there was no such thing.

Honestly, given all the circumstances – would we rather believe your words when you were not even at the scene of the crime (in any case, this would be considered heresay in court) or would we rather believe those ‘evidence’ which we can see with out own two eyes – corroborated some more with eye witnesses accounts?

4. MCA prez Dr. Chua Soi Lek – says he wants to bring 50,000 people to the demo in KL. Not so many Chinese went for the rally lah. Goodness, his press officer is on facebook lah, did he not tell SoiLek the truth??

But Najib too said he could bring 3 million people onto the street. Are you both having orgasms or what? Where are the numbers? Umno Youth who boasted all along brought only 300, and Perkasa/Ibrahim Ali – aiyoh! They ended up having a picnic in the park! Which actually isn’t so bad after all lah.

5. Finally, Toursim Minister Ng Yen Yen says Malaysia have lost like RM100,000 in tourism because of the rally – ceh, that’s isn’t so much lah compared to the RM1.8 mil she spent on FACEBOOK! She had to pay TV stations to get us ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ on air. But the Bersih rally, with the help of the police and all government ministers – managed to get us on so many international networks and media without event having to pay a sen!!

Now YY, can you see the difference or not? Or do you still have an “optical illusion?

Malaysian politicans are DARN funny! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!

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  1. wits0 says:

    BN scoundrels only can tok kok, little else!

  2. sloone says:

    It’s a comedy day after day !!!

  3. Euphon says:

    Hey! The Chinapek dailies are also tokking kok, following heir dickless nappy-rashed editors, who are ‘encouraged’ to take the line of their clueless owners. What about that Palat from MIC? Lagi teruk..

    The Silat Silap Sifat flurs otoh are completely speechless. I guess most of them were already there as FRUs. What a way to lepas geram..

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†

    πŸ˜† Methink n worry 1 day in future…..all are not even allow to hold on to or eat YELLOW BANANAS!!! hahahahahaha + even our YELLOW UNDERWEAR or PANTIES are no go go toooo!!!!! hehehehehehe πŸ˜†

    Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†

  5. Deceitful and corrupted Umno must just remember that their days on the gravy trains are numbered.
    All of them starting with Najib, his deputy, his cousin the Home Minister and all their corrupted cronies are running scared, sad to say very sad indeed.

    The end is near and the beginning of the fall of Umno is happening now the Home Minister can keep intimidating the people with his usual threats. He has not seen anything yet if he thinks that was all the people can do. That was only a desert !
    He says Malaysia has 27 million people and only 10 thousand turned up for the rally. He forgot to add that in spite of the ban, the threats, the intimidation still more than the 10 thousands ( if his played down figures are correct ) managed to get through the numerous impedes he and his lackeys had put up. What were his lackeys, the quarter cooked police, doing ?
    Without those impedes needless to say millions would have turned up for sure,a lot more of my friends would have with me. My dear Malaysians the light at the end of the tunnel is not far.

  6. chanjoe says:

    I sincerely called for a petition by Rakyat calling for the resignation of the Board of Directors of Tung Shin Hospital for lying to the people when agreeing with the Neow (Leow) that FRU never shot any teargas or water cannon into Tung Shin Hospital. They must be accountable. If they lie so easily, just imagine leaving the whole Tung Shin Institution to them and also all the money donated by the people????

  7. ALL 4 BERSIH says:

    Say NO to Racism, Injustice & Corruption !
    TERIMA KASIH all who came to march for a better future for all
    What was significant the rally participants were from all races UNITED in the walk for BERSIH.
    Hidup BERSIH & Hidup Rakyat !

  8. charlie chan says:

    YEN YEN said the tourism industry lost millions in the BERSIH rally. SHE kept so quiet on the billions stolen in the PKFZ scandal, sand theft as reported in the star is cleaning our coffers fast. millions of illegals on our shores are stealing our jobs> how did millions enter our shores +_YEN YEN please asked the CABINET of which you are a MINISTER, do you attend cabinet meetings n keep silent, dont u see the damage done to our nation by the presence of millions of illegals? where is your conscience as a malaysian?

  9. Well said ….. keep those ideas and thoughts flowing !
    Nothin but love !

  10. Clairvoyant says:

    One by one, they are going mad. The end must be near.

  11. Euphon says:

    The Tung Shin Hospital Board is full of wannabe Latuks, since they ain’t professional mah.. Can’t really blame them, ‘cuz they were under tremendous pressure from that disgusting Liow-Liau.
    As for shooting into the compounds of TS and CMH, those FRU flurs couldn’t read. Their idea was to terrorize, torture and intimidate, even though the protesters were already running helter-skelter.

    As for that Yen-Yen, she disgusts everyone by her haughty, but cheapskate ways. She is so vain and corrupt that even in China, they draw a ‘misai’ on her poster mug in Shanghai during the world expo last year.. I wonder who they sold the Malaysian pavilion to and the price for it. Besides Azalina, she is the bane of TDC. and Facebook.

    Not to mention Jimmy Chua Jui Meng who was somehow stuck with Azmin, in Jln Ceylon. What on earth were they doing there? Thats about 2 kliks away from where the action was.. Hey, i grew up in here parts and i know the area like the back of my hand. Definitely hiding..

  12. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„

    πŸ™„ wOw!!! Who am I now?!?! hehehe …anyway thanks Ms Susan…I look YELLOW n cute too….hehehe n now the GOOD COP says that use excessive force on their own RAKYAT was (WRONG) n a no no good + wise things to do! YES,that’s the way man…. πŸ™„

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„

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