It dawned on me only yesterday that only love can change the police. When all the bru ha ha is over the Jul 9 Bersih rally is over, I suggest that NGOs and political parties do try to engage the police with love. Not joking. What I am talking about is however, on a very personal level. Meaning, surely one has friends and neighbours who are police personnel, FRU (federal reserve unit) or LSF (light strike force).

Why not reach out to them and show you care. They are human, too. Instead of bludgeoning them with salvos after salvos, it’s time to offer the olive branch. The abusers must surely be made accountable, but what about the thousands who never had anything to do with the abuses?

If they are persuaded long enough, or told there is an alternative to their lives, perhaps they’ll start to change as well? A police force which does not stand on the side of the people is a disaster. A police force who become tools of the ruling party is indeed a tragedy.

This poem entitled ‘Jul 9’ came about after talking and listening to the stories of all those who brave the threats, warnings, tear gas, violence etc by the police, to walk on the streets of KL on that fateful day. It is also in memory of Baharuddin Ahmad (a protester) who died after he suffered breathing problems while on a chase by those wicked men in blue. He was laid to rest today in a very tearful ceremony. May his soul rest in peace.

“I sacrificed my weekend
for the mere fantasy
of tasting
Instead of meeting
I encountered mayhem

I wish I had the gift
of disappearing
when you rained tear-gas
on me
Instead of gifts
for my bravery
You fired me with cannisters
and whipped me
when I ran
Thank God
the sky open-up
and poured its mercy
on me
I took shelter in a hospital
I thought you would retreat
And still you found me.

You chased me like a dog
You dragged me across the streets
as if I was a criminal
You kicked me
pulled my shirt
You could have asked me:
Why I’m here
I would have told you.
I would have cried
I am one of you
to see my country .
in such
a sorry shape.

But you were too intent
on hurting me
You could have moved away
when I was coming
You could have been my guide
to a refuge
safe and free from tears

But like an unbridled
Angry and insane
I was pulled
into a never ending journey
in which you stood.

Bold and arrogant
flanked by trucks and water cannons
every creature
that walked the street
that day
had to shy or run away.

You should have looked away
You being human
Would one day come to need
This freedom, too.

Or did you think
that it is I
who should have fled at once?

If you had left
You could have halted
a major warfare
and gave this country
a fragrant name.

But orders came
from one above
So you stayed.
You lingered.
And waited with bated breath.

You let me come quite hopefully
Infront of you

And then, you unleashed your terror”.

Susan Loone, Penang, Jul 10, 2011, 2.43pm.

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  1. Jessy says:

    Please visit for new perspectives to the Malaysian Dilemma. You are welcome to post articles as well. Articles can be directed to

  2. johnnie lim says:

    fat chance of the police ever transformed .they are evil to the core serving their evil master. I doubt there is any conscience left in them.

  3. Cina Kedah says:

    Dear Susan,
    Yes, I support your suggestion. We should not blame the police for discharging their duties as instructed.
    They are also like us makan gaji. You will be surprised to note that their salary scale are so low compared to Hong Kong, Singapore and many countries of the same level with Malaysia.
    Don’t bark on corruption. It is every where in other sectors too.
    I hope the present or new Govt. could revamp the salary scale and make the police force a respectable one.

  4. Kian Ye says:


    These great guys had kept KL free from ANARCHY yesterday. Those YELLOW MONYET tried hard to destroy KL but the COPS & FRU were just BRILLIANT.

    I reckon PDRM to use LIVE BULLETS the next round.Those YELLOW MONKEYS really caused great inconveniences to everybody yesterday.

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥

    😥 My DEEPEST CONDOLENCE to our late Brother Baharuddin Ahmad Family members n Malaysians in truly multi racial society from all races really come together as one BIG FAMILY to give their last respect….SALUTE to our 💡 HERO Baharuddin Ahmad 💡 😥

    Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥

  6. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳

    😳 SHIT you evil 👿 Kian Ye 👿 ….your heart are very bad + evil n I hope + wish that 💡 GOD 💡 will find its way into your dream n teach you a BIG lesson or maybe have your HEART STOP beating so that you can know what is HELL n SUFFERING!!!! 😳

    Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳

  7. Ng See Kiat says:

    Kian Ye., do you understand Susan’s poem? Did you watch or read some accounts of how some of the hooligan police treated the peaceful demonstrators. You are encouraging them to kill the unarmed peaceful demonstrators with guns. Kicking them is not bad enough?

    Shoo..shooo shoo, go play somewhere else or go to bed.

  8. C.L. Familiaris says:

    While we can’t really blame the Polis Jadi RM, their methods are highly atrocious wrt crowd control. Normally, negotiations are conducted in a civil manner as befits officers of the Law. Some OICs were behaving worse than any tai-kor. Shield beating and baton charges are always the last option, after tear gas and water cannon have failed to disperse the crowd. Rough handling of captured protesters is definitely unprofessional. Arresting those trying to disperse peacefully to ‘lepas geram’ is actually an affront to their own dignity, as had happened near Chinese Assembly Hall.

    Some of the younger, less jaded officers were kind enough to let some of us through by pointing out another route, esp thru’ Jln Menjerala at the height of the confrontation. Whatever the case, Susan, it behooves the PJRM to act with more etiquette as their public image is one of despicable brutality. Since the time of Haniff Omar, the force has deteriorated so much that it’s impossible to shed that image of corruption, incompetence, harshness and as irredeemable vengeful buffoons.

    However they ‘do their job’, it is always good to remember, their orders come from the very top. They even tried to take out permanently the Leader of the Opposition and the Chairperson of Bersih 2.0.

  9. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥

    😥 How to love someone so EVIL 👿 that discriminate + hurt their own people? 😥

  10. Euphon says:

    Apologies Susan. I used a wrong moniker, ‘cuz i forgot to reconfigure it after commenting in another blog.

  11. alice cc ang says:

    There are those who are bent on pitting race against race and religion against religion. Even if there are some who evangelise, that does not mean that Christians as a whole show no respect for Islam or that there is a Christian conspiracy to Christianise Malaysia.

    We must decide as Malaysians the direction we must go as a nation. We can choose to bleed the nation dry with internecine strife. Or we can resolve as we did before, respecting one another without interfering with the way each of us practices our faith.

    Christians believe in the truths revealed in their Holy Books just as Muslims believe in the truths revealed in their Holy Books. Similarly with the others. All religions emphasise good conduct. All religions reject evil. Killing is wrong as is stealing and adultery and rape. These are values that are common to all religions.

    So we can take a positive view of all religions and move on. The problem with organisations like Jais is that they have to justify their existence.

    On another note, what is our so called “efficient and fair” PDRM doing all this while??. Many months have passed: what’s the outcome of the investigation of the alleged Christian plot in Penang to take over Islam as the official religion?

    If it is not true then charge the bloggers, Utusan Malaysia and one ex-DAP member for making false accusations to incite unrest in the country. We are still waiting for the outcome of the investigation. Don’t think that we have forgotten about it.

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