You only have to look around you today and read these two articles – Weep Malaysia and Cow-head bullies strike again – to be convinced that the patriotic duty of every peace loving and multi-racial Malaysian from now on must be to ensure that UMNO/BN must NEVER rule again for another 52 years and beyond. NEVER!

But oh, thanks UMNO for the BAD publicity against themselves 🙂

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  1. kittykat46 says:

    1Malaysia is one of the biggest piece of bull-shit ever spun in this country……..

  2. wits0 says:

    UMNO/BN have caused tremendous harm in stunning the mind, psyche and consciousness of the people about what’s right and what’s not, besides the material corruption and decadence.

  3. AB LIM says:


  4. rainstorm says:

    Yes, we must not let UMNO/BN rule again. More than half a century is sufficient under BN. Most importantly, those have yet to register as voters must do so and those who have registered but failed to make an effort to cast their votes in the ballot box must change their mindset & must remember that every single vote count ! And if YOU want CHANGE, then show BN that the power is in the rakyat’s hands.

  5. rastavibrator says:

    Never voted BN and never will

  6. monolito says:

    Forget about the Hindus in S19 n S23 for a moment, these “cow head protesters” never even though of the problems the malay/muslin in s19 are facing. During this holy month of ramadan, shouldn’t they think of their fellow muslims and try one way or another help each other. Shouldn’t they show mercy and grace towards each other. The out come of today’s town hall meeting looks like s19 muslims still have to face the problem . And how come the muslims in s19 never come out to appeal to this “cow head” to allow the move to s23 n support the MB and MP on this.

  7. Menyalak-er says:

    Just returned from a funeral wake (taoist-buddhist) of an old family friend who was the epitome of “Patriotism” in the true sense of the word. He fought the Japs (ww2), commies (emergency) and Indons (konfrontasi) and retired as a mere staff sargeant (decorated many times) in the late 60’s. Became a fairly successful businessman, and croaked in his 89th year…

    Now, what do these palatier goons know about patriotism and heroism? They move around in herds, like wildebeests – goring anyone with impunity, becuz their lackey pdrm won’t corral or lasso them. The consider their brand of instigation “patriotism” to the Malay Muslim cause (whatever that means); and never ever the “Malaysian” cause – that they confuse their cause as.

    We with our differences, yet cobbled by necessity and marginalization have shown greater unity than these rampaging beasts are considered “penghianats” and worse. Our patriotism is considered “haram” and all and sundry are arrested for the slightest breach of their sense of decency, like holding candles or declaiming their dear leaders.

    Justice, we can never expect and even a shred of humanity is impossible for them. Let us show them who True Malaysians are, and who actually are the “murtad immigrants” tied to the raft of rascism, fanaticism, feudalism and other lusts of selfishness and materialism.

  8. monsterball says:

    The ISA did not work.
    The provocations and bullying tactic did not work too.
    Signs of creating trouble by using religion and cultures… get maximum hatred for an all out in the making.
    One group do that…another group play the nice guy their plan.
    Naturally…Najib and IGP have to pay the nice guy parts.
    It’s getting the folks from oppositions..hoping mad…to create the first mistake….hoping to a death the street.. to start the fire….hoping it will then.. turn into riots…thus becoming..lawlessness ugly Malaysians.
    UMNO uses money to buy do their evil work.
    Bottom many can be bought and how many are unselfish Malaysians….willing to do the patriotic duties…needed now.
    It starts with the opposition politicians…how many more can be bought.
    There is no doubt in my mind…if 13th GE.. is today…UMNO will be voted out..with a vast majority rejecting UMNO BARU.
    It is still….few years from 13th GE…and UMNO is never short of ideas how to create problems.
    So far…all the recent ideas…events…worked against them.
    Evil .corrupted people can never be united.
    Luckily alot of top UMNO members are thee for the love of the party..and do resent the present ministers and PM.
    They are keeping low profiles….to watch and far Najib tends to go with his nonsense.
    This is our only hope ….the true patriotic UMNO top guns will all resign… save the country ….when things go too far..from a peaceful tolerating lifestyle.. .to a civil war zone…when Malaysians will surely loose their cools…and all hell go loose.
    That’s what UMNO is hoping..when Najib knows…UMNO can never win the 13th GE …for sure.
    That is the man we all need to watch closely…every move he makes.
    Asking all to be patriots is quite impossible….as money is used to buy up souls… Najib.
    That is als0o the main reasons…why religions are so popular.
    It is how strong and sincere… are the followers and believers….from the Islamic faith that matters most.

  9. monsterball says:

    One need to see and feel……how those low paid Malaysians are eating at food stalls… never ate for days.’I have never seen so much hungry Malaysians….with a simple meal…asking for more rice.
    It is a sign….the poor is getting poorer.
    I also see alot of middle class people give up middle class food restaurants and eat at coffee shops….with food stalls….because it is much cheaper.
    I used to visit restaurants…mostly full…during dinner half full.
    I have not check out..puka puasa in hotel coffee houses..that are always full…like throwing parties..puka puasa… by Muslims. Are they still that rich?
    Shopping complexes seems to see Malays are not that rich now.

  10. kunta says:

    Never vote them. They will leave you now and then.
    They have gone insane and all they want is Power.

    Dont regret if you vote for them , any average guy is able to see what’s going on. Dont shed tears when things gone wrong cos-


  11. Richard Loh says:

    All along I had said that 1Malaysia is meant for 1umno and bn no longer exist. Najib thought that he can kill two birds with one stone, i.e he be the actor to get the non malay votes and let his scumbags puke out the racist and religious attack to gain the malay votes. All backfire on him and we must be prepared for he will use anything and everything to wack those who go against umno evil principle. The cow head incident is the clearest that umno will go against anything including the law and with the support of najis to break everyone to ensure that umno remain in power. We just have to remain calm and be patient till the next GE to throw them out.

  12. Menyalak-er says:

    Monty, what’s “puka puasa”? Does it mean “pig-out”?
    It’s so cool and so “in-thing” is it not?
    You see, they makan like this becuz for them there’s no tomorrow – they’re mostly civil servants’ who are in our faces early in the morning cuz they’re are ‘fasting’ and yet ‘beriman’.
    In a way they are eating away our taxes, eh?
    But i do know truly spiritual ones who try their best to follow the path to humility – now, these flurs, are unlikely to be seen thereabouts.
    Btw, there those who even spit out their saliva – all 1L of ‘gobs’.

  13. romerz says:

    They are not even worthy to be in opposition and sit in parliament!

  14. mccann105 says:

    last 2 weeks i was using taxi for few places i needed to indeed 8 out of 10 are not pleased with this b=government..1 stay neutral n the one n only think the b government is ok…for the 8 i give extra tip …

  15. monsterball says:

    Corruptions in Selangor has vastly reduced under PR government..under Khalid.
    I live here…I know it.
    Najib feels no shame at all.
    He may say he is against corruptions…..and that’s bullshit.
    Surely he can see the differences…and if he really feels for Malaysians…he should praise PR..and admit UMNO is corrupted to the core. With that…..he may get back some sympathy votes.
    He ignored the vast improvement ..under PR…and said he wants Selangor to be back under UM,NO…like Perak.
    He actually does not care about Malaysians…when in …Selangor ….Malaysians are better off with PR government than UMNO.
    No need to bribe….to get things done now.
    Naturally…Najib will say…it is his idea…totally not true.
    Under PR..those UMNO government servants are afraid to take bribes….no more saudara.. saudari….I help help me.
    Poor Teoh Beng Hock…DAP man. Had he been MCA….100% alive.
    Double standards…..racialists…acting and bluffing…..always to bluff Malaysians to get votes.
    Out come….cow head…..idea…to direct our attentions ……to make us easily forget…for normal humans beings…like clerks…field workers…millions of them..less educated can remember and take note few a they focus how to feed their families…as foremost important matter.
    UMNO is an expert to master the art of humans weaknesses and take advantage over them. That’s why..they win all the time.
    But more and more are awakened….putting people and country second…for they know..if they do not do that..their whole family may suffer most…under UMNO BARU
    This is our hope…to get more voters wanting change of government.
    Majority want it now….but it will be from… more and more UMNO member voting against UMNO…that will make the Malaysian Malaysia concept work faster.
    Lets see…do they want to be racialists or truly color blind.

  16. remgold says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 — Police have arrested 16 people including Human Rights Party leader P. Uthayakumar as they were attempting to march from Masjed Jamek to Dataran Merdeka here tonight for a candlelight vigil protesting last week’s cow-head demonstration by Section 23 residents in Shah Alam.

  17. R4Os says:

    Where is our PDRM when we need them most?

    These Cow-head Samseng need to be hauled & locked up for public’s safety, don’t let them run amok, or else sooner or later they will get real with their threat: “Walaupun nyawa dikorban, walaupun darah mengalir, kami akan…”

    But if this is part of execution of Najis Tong Rosak’s instruction: “Do whatever is necessary to get back Selangor”, only God can help us…

  18. R4Os says:

    Dear Susan,

    If Najis & Be-eNd gang managed to “rob” Selangor from the voters, then Kedah, then Penang… You and fellow righteous bloggers must constantly remind the Rakyat, not to forget Be-eNd’s crimes, and not to be “Bribed” by goodies from the bogus new state gomen, come GE-13 remind them of their patriotic duty to ensure that Be-eNd get punished and banish them from Malaysian political landscape for good…

    Viva People’s Power…!!!

  19. angry malaysian says:

    Arrest of 16 peaceful candle light vigil participants makes “It has now become our patriotic duty to ensure that UMNO/BN must never rule again” to be more desperate !!!

  20. monsterball says:

    UMNO guy said…..why be so sensitive?
    Cow head not to insult a religion but a symbol that cow is a stupid animal…bla bla bla bla.
    That itself is admitting the cow head was placed by an UMNO man.
    And at Malaysiakini….headline….”Holy cow! Minister defending cow head offenders”
    That’s our “1 Malaysia”…double standards….sickening hypocritical logics.
    If any Opposition did that….watch out hue and cry for MIC and UMNO…..with no balls MCA top guys..all overseas…or behave like mice.
    Najib can fool only school children and youngsters.

  21. vsp says:

    LKS blog has been hacked.

  22. commob sense says:

    All this was created non other by Mamak s/o kutty. How on earth a mamak could be a Malay/bumiputra.

    Mamak s/o of kutty would be able to reign Bolehland by championing the terrorist policy.

    And all these terrorist cow heads would support this policy and be benefited from it from the mamak.

    Just put this mamak s/o kutty into jail, then all this terrorist cow heads would think twice before acting stupidly by behaving like a mad cow in town.

  23. common sense says:

    This shows that Shah Alam is filled with cow head terrorists.

    Shah Alam is the home of our beloved Sultan who is revered by all Selangorians.

    But all this cow-head terrorists have tainted the Selangor state.

    All these cow-head terrorists should be buang to a buaya island before they taint the Selengor sultan’s good name further.

  24. monsterball says:

    IGP said…Malaysians must not bribe and learn to go to court…to settle summons.
    Let him dare to put out a sign…”Compulsory 3 months jail…for bribers and takers with minimum fine….not exceeding RM5000 .
    Why talk so many reasons..when permanent solutions are so easy to apply… stamp out small corruptions? Big crocodiles…seems to live like kings and queens with no fear.
    MACC dare not act based on salary and lifestyle…owing properties..way way off the income earned…..questioning all of them.
    They dare not act…like so….always asking for concrete proofs…which UMNO have actually found a full proof formula…
    “COMMISSION”…or “Seller & Buyer” business….nothing strange about it. UMNO cunning buggers will say…” Buyer can refuse the high prices. Buyer bought them…..not corruptions. Buyers are fools…no corruptions at all”
    MACC dare not look at all the items bought..service charges…all pointing to ridiculous high prices….and take actions.
    Hundreds of small tenders… each worth few thousands blown up to few millions…yet MACC.. dare not act.
    Bribing is encouraged by UMNO…for more than 30 years.
    Now being exposed…UMNO and IGP expects Malaysians to change over night…while they do not change one bit at all.
    It is a crook like Mahathir.. teaching Malaysians how to be non
    Oppositions politicians diplomatically identify UMNO crooks…..always.. in states of denial.
    I say…..more than that. They are weird…racialists and such great hypocrites. They can never be true Muslims.
    In short…a band of robbers and thieves…..united to stand …and we need to divide them….by voting them out completely in 13th GE.
    That’s the one and only way…to stop listening to sickening UMNO guys..and one by one…true justices will prevail.
    Only after that….a Malaysian Malaysia …very easy to accomplished.
    27 million population….takes 52 years…still not united.
    1.2 billion in China..united within 25 years.
    It is not stupid UMNO buggers. It is crooks..trying to be too smart …to keep fooling and cheating tax payers.

  25. monsterball says:

    vsp…LKS blog is not hacked.
    They pay the renewal domain fee on time…but the UMNO operators are taking their own sweet time to approve the renewal.
    Meanwhile…someone is advertising things for sale in LKS blog.!!
    It will take at least 24 go back to normal…but for LKS..I guess….few days more.
    You can read…but cannot comment.

  26. monsterball says:

    Part of the blame should go to DAP A/C Dept.
    Why wait last moment to renew?
    Do you wait to fill your car take..seeing red signal light.tank is empty?

  27. monsterball says:

    Lim Kit Siang blog is back to normal now.
    All we need is to expose UMNO slow work…and it works……..hahhahahaha

  28. ktteokt says:

    All the nonsense since Mahathir era, what WAWASAN 2020, what CEMERLANG, TEMBERANG, what 1 MALAYSIA! All bullshit! 2020 ain’t too far away, let’s wait and see if what TDM said will come true! As for 1 MALAYSIA, everyone can see for himself that there are at least 2 MALAYSIAS – the East and the West! Its people are not 1 MALAYSIAN either – Bumiputras and non-Bumiputras! So how to have 1 MALAYSIA! Bohong sahaja lah!!!! Cheating himself and cheating all Malaysians, that is what Najis is trying to do!

    He became PM just because his dad was a PM? Why must that be so? Are we living in feudal times when the son MUST inherit what his father had? Where the emperor’s son must become the emperor? Are we creating a dynasty of PM’s children in Malaysia? If so, why bother to have General Elections and blind the people with “MOCK DEMOCRACY”?????

  29. ktteokt says:

    Violent COW HEAD demonstration, PM “met” with demonstrators, but for peaceful candlelight vigil, demonstrators were arrested! What sort of law are we having in Malaysia? Why the double standard? Do we have TWO PARLIAMENTS? Do we have TWO PDRM? Do we have TWO PMs?

  30. The messenger says:

    Just look at yesterday’s open dialogue with those S23 residents.
    A bunch of scum and idiots causing havoc before the dialogue could even start.
    We knew all the while that it was intentionally created by someone from behind, in order to disgrace pakatan government.
    Believe me!
    Everything that they do from now will backfire.
    More and more rakyat are beginning to hate them more and more.
    Just wait till the by-election result in Negri Sembilan and they’ll know.
    Whatever dirty tactics that they use will only ruin them fast!

  31. wits0 says:

    “A bunch of scum and idiots causing havoc before the dialogue could even start.”

    Having all rights(like entitlement divinely decreed) on their side, they believe they can do no wrong! WAWASAN 2020? More like just JAHANAM 2020 sebelum!

  32. The messenger says:


    It’s not a question of what they think their act is right or wrong.
    It’s just that they think Malaysia is their “Bapak punya” and you ‘ll have to bow to them even if they were to kill.
    They’re more like “savages” to me and I’ve no other words to describe other than that.

  33. The messenger says:

    As far as I know, Selangor will never be peaceful, as long as some sort of toyol still exist.

  34. wits0 says:

    They have been so officially thoroughly indoctrinated with “ketuanan melayu”, until anything they do(with official blessing , to boost) is believed to be indisputably righteous like “Bapak punya”. The monstrosity that the UMNO gomen has bred which now undermines every damn thing.

  35. The messenger says:

    Having eaten the meat, they can’t even spare a dead cow’s head.
    These scums are getting bolder and bolder everyday!
    So a question to our “beloved” PM!
    What is the meaning of your “Satu Malaysia” actually?

  36. The messenger says:

    There’s nothing wrong with “ketuanan melayu”, if they do it the correct way.
    If they can really manage the country well, why bother!
    I’m happy to call them “tuan”, if they respect each and every of our rights.
    We don’t rely on them to feed us.
    Actual problem is that the’re too many “racist ministers” holding power nowadays and that’s what went wrong today.
    Greedy and corrupt is another reason behind that.
    In words, Malaysia is multinational and democratic but in reality, it’s a bluff!

  37. wits0 says:

    ‘..if they respect each and every of our rights.”

    In reality, things never work that way. When you you spoiled a child, don’t expect good auspices.

  38. The messenger says:

    I do believe that our country’s governing system is wrong.
    In many countries, most high ranking ministers and leaders are of older age as older people are much more mature and wise decision makers.
    In Malaysia, I tend to see that most of our high ranking ministers are young and incapable.
    You could see them doing things or making decision without “otak” at certain times.
    Even the words that came out from their mouth are foul.
    The way they govern the country are like “child’s play”.
    They’re harsh, boastfull, arrogant and a spoilt brat and some even cannot even tell a lie properly.
    If this sort of tradition continues on, I can guarantee you that future generation will suffer more than what we’re going thru now.
    And if Malaysia were to “kaput” by then, it’ll not be easy job to bring it up again!

  39. MsMatch says:

    Never voted for BN in my voting years and would never do so.

  40. hypocrites. as if the PR supporters din condemn buah pala residents for holding candlelight vigil.

    it’s a painful lesson learn after losing penang and selangor to know how PR so ineffective, ignorant and incompetent. come next election, hopefully they will be obliterated for good and never rise anymore, for they are not just nuisance but also bringing downfall of the nation.

  41. bust those umno crooks says:

    cow head umno protestors = cow dung umno members, feed these ‘dung’ to the plants. umno bodoh macam lembu!

  42. wits0 says:

    It is one’s human duty and right to abandoned that “Battered Wife Syndrome” wrt to voting.

    Government and country were never the same thing like the BN/Umno have always spun it from the beginning. The awareness genie has left the bottle and there’s no way that these scoundrels can entice it back into it.

  43. gdp says:

    All non muslims should leave the terrorist province of Shah Alam so the property p[rices of muslim holy land there will go up.

  44. Joshua says:

    I love Malaysia.

    I loathe 1Malaysia.

  45. wits0 says:

    The terrorist section 23 of Shah Alam may become well known as, “SEKSYEN P*KIMAK”.

  46. bust those umno crooks says:

    Back to the future – if the land in shah alam could revert to its original status – plantations with its many many hindu temples and cows with heads roaming free without fear of its heads being chopped off and WITHOUT those barbaric kurang ajar pendatangs like sec 23 cow head idiots and umno cow dung members, of course the land prices then would certainly be most PIRCELESS!

  47. The messenger says:

    Can’t blame every resident of section 23.
    Only a handful of them are borned idiot and we know which “gang” they are from.

  48. monsterball says:

    LKS blog…hacked again.
    One moment can go in….next moment something blocking it.
    DAP operator have done all he can do and is depending on the mercy of the UMNO clear double standard management…to clear things up fast.

  49. Menyalak-er says:

    I fail to understand all these ‘double standards’ ideation. To me, there is only one standard prevalent in the present governance of our beloved nation. All else is ‘haram’ as dictated by the goons.

    While all the ISO industry standards are in 5-6 digits, international GMP (good manufacturing process) standards and HACCP (health certification) – you may be proud our our ‘Halal certification’ – it is the most stringent of all nations.

    Our next to last kutty PeeEm, the Kutty at least had an ISO number:2020 (four digits) target, but our present dear leader says even that is unachievable. Therefore we are now ISO Elek. Our GMP certification has been withdrawn due to corrupt, incompetent, filthy manufacturing by pdrm, macc, btn and instituitions of similar ilk. HAACP has also been withdrawn due to unhealthy, unhygienic consumption of skewed msm propoganda and the presence of uncooked meats (in particular bovine parts), prevalent in street demonstrations by Halal marketeers.

    In view of the loss of self esteem, we therefore have to do our utmost best to regain such prestigious international certifications. This is despite the fact that intensive use Regaine hasn’t caused a single hair to grow on Naif’s and Sami’s bald pate, nor the fact that Fasting TM has no impact on Mme Lumpiolus girth nor mass.
    I thank Susan for reminding us that our manufacturing processes are all “Haram”.

  50. wits0 says:

    It’s really more than just “‘double standards’ ideation”, but also simply “no standard ideation”.

    Ask a retired serviceman(especially a non of the last few decades)and most will not be very enthusiastic about repeating their contribution if they could live their lives over again – the part in laying their lives on the line for this sort of vulgarized system.

    Everytime that recruitment time arrives, you’ll always find the stampede for service into Custom and Immigration. The reason is blowing in the wind. “Mau-Duit-Kah”!

    When the mainstream undersatnding of “Patriotism” is lost and gone, only the goons will be the ones using that perverted version as a last resort. And a few hubric dopes will cheer along.

  51. wits0 says:

    Susan’s piece could be more precisely titled as, “It has now become our TRUE patriotic duty to ensure that UMNO/BN must never rule again”.

    This makes the situation quite clear enough. The goonish fake should not contaminate and adulterate the genuine.

  52. wits0 says:


    Saturday, 5 September 2009
    The (heroic p*kimak) defender of Civil Rights is HERE!!

  53. ktteokt says:

    BN is creating “hereditary peers” where once the father is a PM, the son must one day become PM too!

  54. Menyalak-er says:

    They are reaching the end of their tether/leash.
    Especially, if they lose the “Pinang” state seat in NS. The PKNZ scam will be ‘minor’ compared to their schizoid-paranoid slash and burn schemes by the scumbugs.
    Afterall, ‘amok’ is a dissociative state of mind without the benefit of the alcohol induced ‘beserker’ or ‘blood-lust’ of the Vikings.
    The difference is that the amok is liable to hurt innocent bystanders, while beserking tends to be focused on the enemy.
    Even this – they got it wrong! What can they get right?
    No offence meant to my friend ‘amoker’.

  55. getout says:

    At the next General Elections it is not Pakatan Rakyat that is going to vote.

    It is the Rakyat.

    So if you think you are going to get to lengthen your stay in government by putting all the Pakatan Rakyat leaders in Jail – under ISA – then you have to think again. Read my lips.

    It is the rakyat that is going to vote.

    You can put away ten or twenty of Pakatan Rakyat leaders under ISA. You can put all of them under ISA. If the alternative to UMNO is The Three Stooges we will vote the Three Stooges!

  56. getout says:


    Sept 6 – Najib says easy to be the opposition

  57. getout says:

    Writing on the wall for Tee Keat, MCA

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 6 — In the corridors of power in Putrajaya, the thinking among the senior Umno leadership is leaning towards the conclusion that Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat is finished politically.

    Despite public proclamations of support, The Malaysian Insider understands the top Umno leadership is of the opinion Ong is no longer of any use to Umno or Barisan Nasional (BN).

    It is also understood that while many in Umno feel Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is a much more capable leader, he does not provide a long term solution to the political crisis in MCA and BN.

    BN dying, so who wants a rotting carcass except for Najib who spits and steps on it

  58. wits0 says:

    It’s easier to be a (virtueless)benefactor of Nepotism and be the ultimate rent collector.

  59. pat_riot says:

    Thanks to the MCMC who are “kind and wise” enough to request Malaysiakini to remove two videos with related to the cow incident, the world is now putting focus on the videos to help identify the culprits who led the movement, who stepped on the cow head, besides putting Malaysia to a complete shame, just because a few black sheep are still roaming at large.

  60. storm62 says:

    i’m waiting to step and spit on umno’s grave…..people of Malaysia, please HELP me fulfill my dreamssssss…….will you?

  61. Menyalak-er says:

    All this OKT/CSL nonsense has no effect whatsoever, as witnessed by the non’s voting patterns over the past few byelections. All these irrelevant/irreverent flers have already decayed, mummified and ossified. No hope in insurrection nor resurrection at all. Imagine, a veteran party porn star as a leader? Or a invertebrate ongek?
    They don’t still get it, do they?
    Dear leader is being done in by his cellulite one, deputy, cousin, toyols and other enigmas and enemas.
    Btw, I heard that the Jakuns keep musangs as pets. Is that true?

  62. wits0 says:

    Neither the MCA ancient opera nor sifatchai Saifull BullKari’s sideshow is going to have any useful impact for ’em goons on the prevailing situation heralding the decline and fall of the umno empire.

  63. wits0 says:

    Spineless and Chinless Wonder(giant sotong) is making a few trite squeaks to signal that he’s still breathing:

    Koh backs peaceful rallies, says cops should act fairly

  64. Menyalak-er says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but i think Mollusc/sotong is about the only minister in this universe that takes care of kay-poh-imbroglio(KPI). The gerakan has become a tegakkan(erection) and poor jala has mas to pus for the goonies.
    C’mon wits, that saiful creature is just doing his pelletlike duties (Scopene, minus Mongol rewards) – a process that is incumbent on hircines (goat like). To them goat lovers, it is patriotism supreme.

  65. R4Os says:

    “But i do know truly spiritual ones who try their best to follow the path to humility – now, these flurs, are unlikely to be seen thereabouts.” — Menyalak-er

    Muslims who r truly spiritual with humility? I think nowadays it’s a rare species if not already extinct…

    To see today’s breed of radicals & rascal muslims, look no further, juz look at Dr. Botox K. Toyol, last week he had juz returned from his “dialogue” with Allah in Mecca, and look what he said about “Stupid Cows” in support of the “Cow-head” Samseng? The writings r crystal clear on the wall…

  66. R4Os says:

    “Do we have TWO PARLIAMENTS? Do we have TWO PDRM? Do we have TWO PMs?” — ktteokt

    Nope, juz 1, always 1 since Day-1.., 1Malaysia = 1Malays.ia = 1 Nation, 1 Malay-language, 1 Islam-religion, 1 Malay-Culture.

    This is Be-eNd’s “Ultimate Objective” of M’sia, those who r not in line with this, either u must eventually become one, or else u get lost from this land! That’s why Najis’ dad, A.Razak’s made this famous quote: “emigration (of non-malays) is problems-drain, not brain-drain.”

    The only way to bust this plan is to vote for PR, Malaysia for Malaysians. Don’t ever vote for MCA, Gerakan, MIC, bcoz any vote for Be-eNd = vote for 1UmnoMalys.ia’s “Ultimate Aim”…

    Beware of Ong Tea Kit’s acting like hero, whether OTK win or CSL win, no matter, DO NOT VOTE for Be-eNd(MCA) at all…

    RAKYAT must be clear of juz 1 Objective: 1TrulyMalaysia…

  67. R4Os says:

    “I do believe that our country’s governing system is wrong.
    In many countries, most high ranking ministers and leaders are of older age as older people are much more mature and wise decision makers.” — The messenger

    Wrong system, YES, older ppl, NO, Not true, juz look at Dr.evil Mahaithiu a/l Kutty, how old is he? he’s still spewing racist venoms more dangerous than ever…

    How old is Rise-YeThing? He’s flip-flopping even better than his younger days…

    How old is Semi-Value? is he getting any better? need I give u some more examples?

  68. R4Os says:

    “it’s a painful lesson learn after losing penang and selangor to know how PR so ineffective, ignorant and incompetent.” — Anon.dud

    Hey, u low life P.O.S, who r u to comment here like this? u haven’t answer my question about ur lie on who actually brought the cow-head, u lying basterd!

    At least, ur boss Dr.Gigi K.Toyol made nobones to deny that Cow-head samseng r the ones who brought the cow-head! His argument “Cows r stupid animal, to show MB Khalid’s stupidity like cow.” was exactly what u said earlier in this blog, it shows clearly he’s the honcho of this demo, u r his sidekick…

  69. najibmustdie says:

    “it’s a painful lesson learn after losing penang and selangor to know how PR so ineffective, ignorant and incompetent.” — Anon.dud

    Only painful for Najis & Gang. MCA is in death throes. Gerakan is a shadow. MIC…..well they are still with their beheaded semi valued sacred cow.

  70. najibmustdie says:

    Pornography to be legalised in degenerating Malaysia

    Ahmad Said vehemently denies that it was child pornography. He said that the titles of the video clips found in his son’s laptop computer were misleading.

    “I can bet with you that it’s something that you will find on most men’s handphones,” he said.

    February 08, 2008 04:01pm
    A MALAYSIAN Airlines co-pilot has been convicted and fined for bringing child pornography into the country on his personal computer.

    Customs officers arrested the 25-year old at Adelaide International Airport yesterday, after finding three video files containing child pornography.

    The videos were titled “Reped (sic) Virgin”, “10-Year Old” and “High School Students.”

    “This material is repugnant and abhorrent – any decent minded person would be so affected by it,” Magistrate Simon Smart said.

    Soi Lek’s camp claims backing from 1,200 delegates

  71. najibmustdie says:

    MCA Shaolin Masters Vs UMNO Kris

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 7 – Supporters of Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek are claiming to have collected more than 1,200 signatures from party delegates to call for an EGM to remove MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

    And in an effort to stave off the possible embarrassment of being toppled as president after just under a year in office, Ong’s campaign is using Umno as a bogeyman.

    -malaysian insider

  72. seksyen 23 residents have their right to protest the temple. all this hyprocrites, are hypocrites because they are not the one affected.

    what if the area price of the house falls, will these hyprocrites compensate them?
    what if the area high volume traffic jam, will these hyprocrites understand them?
    what if the area crime rate increase, will these hyprocrites insure them?
    what if the residents cannot sleep well and get bloodshot eyes, will these hyprocrites understand them?

  73. R4Os says:

    “Spineless and Chinless Wonder(giant sotong) is making a few trite squeaks to signal that he’s still breathing:Koh backs peaceful rallies, says cops should act fairly” — Wits0

    If this hopelessly spineless Kia-Tsu-Koon really meant what he said, why don’t he give that Keris’mudin and his Home Ministry a big red “F” mark in his KPI report card, and submit ot Najis for prompt action? Show them he really mean biznes, or else, stop making feeble sounds like a little chicken at the background, just be a nice Umno Lap-dog and enjoy his “Gaji Buta” as a “Backdoor Minister” in the dying Be-eNd gomen…

  74. monsterball says:

    Very seldom I agree with anon dud.
    He does have feelings for the poor and helpless.
    But UMNO guys also know how to talk nice…when the chips are down.
    Lets hope anon dud is sincere.
    I guess…the power this post…by him no choice.
    UMNO train their hypocrites very well.

  75. kopek says:

    what if the residents cannot sleep well and get bloodshot eyes, will these hyprocrites understand them? – anonymous dud

    What if anywhere in the country, muslim is saying prayers on 5th floor, and non muslims is crapping on 7th, 10th and 15th floors?

  76. gadogado says:

    That explains why anonymous dud is full of crap heeheehee non muslim crap in his holy head

  77. changeling says:

    IPOH, Sept 6 — After decades of politics MCA-style, the experience of just over a month of fiery Opposition politics has been nothing short of a major culture shock for former party stalwart Datuk Chua Jui Meng.

    For once, he is finding his oratory skills can be put to good use and people actually listen to him in rapt attention during ceramahs.

    Those who turn up also do not seem to expect free handouts like transportation, food, money or goodie bags.

    In fact, many appear willing to travel some distance to attend such rallies.

  78. changeling says:

    what if the residents cannot sleep well and get bloodshot eyes, will these hyprocrites understand them? – anonymous dud

    What if anywhere in the country, muslim is saying prayers on 5th floor, and non muslims is crapping on 7th, 10th and 15th floors?

    kopek – September 7, 2009 at 10:21 am

    Hahahahaha so true, what happens to their prayers????? What happens to them, will they go to hell????

  79. Pegasus says:

    Yes Susan, its our patriotic duty now, NOT to vote BN regime for good…we have seen enough over the years..what our parents could not see…when they keep on voting for the scumbags and band of robbers…52 years of theft and fooling the rakyat…!!! Thanks to internet …!Malaysia is RICH enough to provide every Malaysian citizens FREE education up to University level, FREE toll -free highways and FREE health service for the people IF only the BN government had accountability, honesty and trustworthy in their administration…BILLIONS have been stolen from the nations wealth by the BN leaders especially Umno , Mca & Mic robbers…they have plundered and have siphoned away money which are meant for the Rakyat…! Today , we end up paying for our mistakes in having this BN regime…!!! I did not vote for this BN scumbags and never will…its time all of us unite and get these S-holes BN out …!!!

  80. R4Os says:

    “Hahahahaha so true, what happens to their prayers????? What happens to them, will they go to hell????” — changeling

    Yesss, sure as sunset! Umno Samsengs like Anon.dud are ardent believers of The Satan, when they die, they will go to hell (instead of Heaven) for their heinous crimes, they will drink free-flow “Indah-water” (instead of best wines), they will get arse-bang’ed by 72 Pondans (instead of 72 most beautiful virgin girls), they deserve the worst of hell The Satan reserved for them…

  81. wits0 says:

    Thanks to the worldwide economic downturn, otherwise we may be already subjected to more thorough squeeze with the mooted VAT(Value Added Tax). Sumatran Bridge, here we come!

  82. eskay says:

    “Let’s see the Prime Minister, who engineered the BN takeover of the Perak state government last February, test the verdict of the people more than six months after taking over that state.” […]

    “Najib is telling Pakatan that since the boot is on the other foot, we are hobbling about from the discomfort of it all.” […]

    “Well, why doesn’t he turn our discomfort into presumable misery by calling for snap elections in Perak to allow voters to rectify the mistake they made in March last year?” challenged Zaid.

  83. “Well, why doesn’t he turn our discomfort into presumable misery by calling for snap elections in Perak to allow voters to rectify the mistake they made in March last year?” challenged Zaid.”

    he said this coz he kena dropout from ministry and bn and masuk PR. what a double standard guy, if he still have some tinge of loyalty, he should emulate pak lah gardening his yard, or tengku razaleigh resting in kelantan occassionaly gives wise advice, instead becoming pkr stooge.

  84. R4Os says:

    “he said this coz he kena dropout from ministry and bn and masuk PR. what a double standard guy…” — Anon.dud

    Another big LIE from Anon.dud. Anybody who follows politics in Bolehland knows the fact that En. Zaid Ibrahim resigned from his minister post to protest against Be-eNd gomen’s adamant use of ISA against politicians & journalists (a Sin-chew-jit-poh’s lady who covered Ahmad Ismail’s sedition speech in Penang), now this UMNO Cybertrooper is spinning more lies to say that Zaid was dropped out by Be-eNd, this would ‘enhanced’ his “scores” in The Satan’s Book of Hell.

    He show no signs of remorse, in fact he’s looking foreward to it by spinning more lies to ensure his place in hell!

  85. najibmustdie says:

    Malaysia’s pavilion potentially invites another backlash by promoting Indonesian heritage in its design!

    Ng Yen Yen really tak malu! Why Minangkabau design for our pavilion. please don’t tell me that Malaysia has no heritage that her ministry had condone stealing the desing from Indonesia.

    Why Venturepharm? No other companies with experience in building do a better job. Well, Grace Chen is Ng Yen Yen’s good friend. I rest my case.

  86. najibmustdie says:

    Damning PKFZ report singles out Kong Choy

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 8 – A confidential report by a government-appointed task force probing one of Malaysia’s biggest financial scandals has identified serious breaches on the part of several government officials, including a former minister.

  87. Sept24 says:

    Come 1, Come All & See Najis Balls Hanging On The Wall:

    The 1Kind Show will feature a collection of famous characters, suitably modified such as The By-Election YB’s – “Two Dato’s” actively campaigning in local elections, The Lawyers – “Loga & Singam” discussing current issues such as the rise and fall of English Language in schools, The Men-a-pause housewives – “Mertle & Thawi” discussing recipes and traditional ways of combating the FLU, The Chinese businessman – “KC & TC” tackling the global recession and female interaction by internet networking, and game show “The Billionaire

    Show” – Comedy Court’s version of Slumdog Millionaire. The 1Kind Show will also feature some brand new characters to add on to their infamous bunch. A new selection of satirical music videos in tone with their past great hits such as “Goodbye Sam”, “Election Pak Lah Lah Lah”, will now feature among their latest selection such as “Istana For Sale” and “Under A Shady Ipoh Tree”.

  88. fearnoone says:


    Is time to come up with 50 reasons (or 5000 reasons) why we will ensure BN is voted out by the next GE. It will act as a strong reminder and at the same time drill into people perception before the next GE.

    Trust me they will find it hard to fight back. Have a blog where all Malaysians can participate to update the wrongdoings of BN over the last 52 years. I tell you the list will not end.

  89. R4Os says:

    “Damning PKFZ report singles out Kong Choy” — MalaysianInsider

    Beware of this sly-fox Ong Tea Kit, he might try to put the blames on his former colleague Chan Kong Choy, so that he could divert public’s attention from suspicion of his pocketing of Rm10 million “donations” from Tiong KS, and timely use it as a “Big Score” in his party’s power-struggle against CSL…

    This is his tactic of “Killing 2 birds with 1 stone…”

  90. anonymouscorruption says:

    MACC busy watching porn videos:

    SHAH ALAM, Sept 8 — A district officer today revealed that Barisan National (BN) assemblymen under his jurisdiction had misused their state allocations ahead of the March 8 general elections last year.

    Gombak District Officer Huzaini Samsi, who testified before the special select committee for competency, accountability and transparency (Selcat), also admitted that there was even a ‘possibility that the annual allocations were used for campaigning”.

    He admitted it was morally wrong and extraordinary for the state lawmakers and exco members to spend their entire annual allocations in just two months.

    BN state lawmakers received RM500,00 while state executive councillors received an additional RM100,000.

    He said normal monthly expenditure only amounts to between RM20,000 and RM50,000 but during the general elections the lawmakers maximise their expenditure.’

    “They try and spend as much as possible before the general elections.”

    Huzaini, who became the Gombak District Officer in 2007, gave a candid account of how there was virtually no accountability and safeguards on how previous BN assemblyman spent their annual allocations.

    He was the second witness to testify at the first of the public inquiry into how state allocations are spent by state law makers by the previous and current administrations.

  91. anonymouscorruption says:

    Ahmad Said tolak tawaran jadi menteri

  92. theidiotpm says:

    Mahakutty must be laughing at this Najis who is worse than dopey. Cannot control Trennganu wants to take over Selangor by making emergency in Selangor by racial rioting.

  93. theidiotpm says:

    “he said this coz he kena dropout from ministry and bn and masuk PR. what a double standard guy…” — Anon.dud

    You say that bcos he never masuk you like Najis do. Sour grapes you.

  94. zawawi says:

    kekekeke, Najib dare not call for elections anywhere, slowly the rotting carcass of umno is expose

    1000 Sertai PKR di Johor

  95. wits0 says:

    Who loves their historically weighty Karma and known Pay-Riotic ways?

  96. gdp says:

    UMNO makan suap more money than MCA in PFZ Scandal:

    Umno lebih banyak mendapat faedah dari skandal PKFZ terbabit berdasarkan beberapa pendedahan sebelum ini.

    “(Antaranya) membabitkan Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil (bekas exco Selangor) iaitu Pengerusi Koperasi Pembangunan Pulau Lumut (KPPL) menjual tanah hanya RM3 sekaki persegi kepada Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd. (KDSB). Kemudian, beliau (Rahman) juga selaku ahli Lembaga Pelabuhan Klang (PKA) bersetuju untuk membeli (semula) tanah tersebut daripada KDSB dengan harga RM25 sekaki persegi.

    Ini bermakna dia (Rahman) dapat keuntungan lapan kali ganda (lebih kurang RM1.8 billion, termasuk faedah) dari skandal pembelian tanah tersebut,”

    Bekas Bendahari Umno Tan Sri Abdul Azim Mohamad Zabidi merupakan orang kepercayaan kepada (Pengerusi Kelab Anggota Parlimen BN) Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing yang juga merupakan Ketua Pengarah Eksekutif (CEO) KDSB. Azim Zabidi ini sebenarnya Pengarah syarikat Wiramaju Sdn. Bhd, (iaitu) anak syarikat KDSB. “Timbalan CEO KDSB ini, Haji Faizal Abdullah dahulunya merupakan Ketua Pemuda Umno; dan sekarang ini merupaka Timbalan Pengerusi Umno Bahagian Kapar. Saya difahamkan sekarang ini Faizal menjawat jawatan Bendahari Barisan Nasional Selangor,”

  97. wanmokhtar says:

    UMNO in crisis, MB threatens to sue Berita Harian

  98. mycarboy says:

    Dia seorang saja yang layak jadi Presiden MIC sampai kiamat…

  99. ktteokt says:

    Ketuanan Melayu? What’s that? To be a TUAN, you have to prove yourself worthy so that the rest are “inferior” compared to yourself! Who in Malaysia has admitted INFERIORITY? So, without INFERIORITY, how to have SUPERIORITY! Only self-proclaimed status!

  100. kelvin says:

    The justice need to bring those cow head bullies to the punishment ! and K toyo pula tambah minyak ke api !

    Rakyat continue to supports PR – Khalid sebagai MB Selangor , penggal ini and penggal depan juga..
    Beliau take good care of the Selangor welfare. and also
    tidak boros.

  101. wits0 says:

    “So, without INFERIORITY, how to have SUPERIORITY! Only self-proclaimed status!”

    In Bolehland aka Bangsatland, you can purportedly have electricity with one polarity!

    Amyway, after 52 years, where are we in the Gini Coefficient?

    Still in the red like Papua New Guinea!

  102. JEFFRY BONG says:

    With these web of deceit going on endlessly how can we Malaysians with the right frame of mind can tolerate and accept it.
    Can we continue to have trust in the system ?

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