My childhood friend – Dr. Mohd Raffick Khan from Kuala Lumpur -we knew each other when we were in primary school – has done some investigation on Aziz Buyong, the key person mentioned in Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s recent explosive statutory declaration. He says in his blog right2write:

I was informed that Lt. Kol Aziz Buyong, was promoted rapidly by the previous PAT despite not having the minimum requirement of attending Staff College. Apparently, Aziz Buyong is the type of officer that brags a lot. Aziz Buyong is a serving officer with the Engineering Corps (Kor Jurutera). The wife was formerly serving in the PAT office but now is serving in the Minister of Defence Office. Norhayati is also an officer with the Engineering Corp. They have been married quite a while and currently residing somewhere in Jalan Genting Klang.

While it is not fair to accuse couple without any solid evidence but the fact that the Norhayati works with the Defence Minister Office and is reportedly, known to Rosmah makes people wonder whether there is any truth in it.

According to my friend who is working with the Engineering Corp in Mindef, the Engineering Corp has access to Plastic Explosives like C4. It is a controlled item. This creates some shivers in my spine after being told about this. According to my friend, Lt Kol Aziz Buyong was last seen in Sabah on assignment last Wednesday (18/6/0 and has not return to office since then.

Thanks to blogs, more and more information are being revealed and I don’t know if we are closer to the truth or not. But we sure are getting more juicy bits everyday.

Read his blog for more of this.

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  1. ah long says:

    All along this is what should have happened from day 1.

    The minute the Alyantuya murder case hit the headlines and the DPM was implicated, he should have stepped down pending a full investigation to clear his name.

    But, no !!! certain people are so above the law, they think they are so powerful they can make everything go away.

    The trial became a joke and now this latest SD from RPK and the Lingam tapes. What a blewdy messs. How is Rakyat going to show any confidnc in our leaders and the country’s judicial system.

    Now we know the Military Intelligence has got this circus under survillence, we should ask “where are the pictures and the phone taps?” Don’t you think the Rakyat have a right to know?

  2. Hahaha! says:

    There is no smoke without fire

  3. ram says:

    There is no C4 without Buyong.

  4. Putera Kinabalu says:

    nonsence…..desperate people always acuse people desperatly….may i ask….why now….if RPK is a”sincere muslim and beleived in god” he should report to police everything that he heard since the day one…..and i dont think Najib wife is not that stupid to do something bad that will “destroy” his family….they are not as stupid as RPK…Anwar and his balachi will do anything to take over the Putra Jaya and they will do everything also to protect thier government. This group of desperately people, power crazy people….is very..very dengerous to malaysian and its future…

  5. Robarto says:

    People who thinks that they are above the law and can get anything with it . “Absolute power corupts absolutely” won’t even think of the consequences on what they are doing. Even if it is murder.

    Cause at the end of the day they will think so what? Nobody can get me I’am above the law. God ? (don’t care which god or all god) can only judge me when I die. Which is a LONG way more. So who cares! When only going to die then only ask for forgiveness.

    Hence they wil ldo anything they want.

  6. Putera Kinabalu says:

    In muslim we beleive that “anyone who looked “power greedy” is the one cannot be given power since this type of person will bring ruins. Anwar and his groups of power greedy didnt have any respect to the people mandate. Majority has selected the BN to govern this countyr…just let the BN do thier job…same as the PR government do thier job in 5 state without any disturbance…be fair please. Just wait for the next election and Anwar can try his luck to be the PM iof Malaysia. As a muslim Anwar should beleive that “ketentuan Allah/takdir” is there…he is not the PM of MALAYSIA RIGHT NOW BECAUSE “KETENTUAN ALLAH” SAY SO…. SO why Anwar keep his self busy barking arround making others life difficult? Dont he know that there is time for politict and there is time to work for the good of the rakyat? May Allah save us from the “BALA” that will be created by Anwar and his balachi…..

  7. AAB says:

    Putera Kinabalu

    Are you practicing your Manglish here or what? Buffoon! Go and barf somewhere else. Petty elements of your ilk are of no value to anyone. Criminals and C4 dealers who make gain through explosives will not be allowed to run Malaysia. May be you are fearful that a nego contract of C4s that may have come your way will be missed once the murderers are stopped from gate crashing into Seri Perdana. Sheesh! Go and fend for yourself, petty child.

  8. anak perelih says:

    I think the C4 came from the 2 accusers as the military one is the control item but lack of control of unused balance for the police one… This Buyong (not the buyong that we put water inside) is used for his expertise in handling c4

  9. anak perelih says:

    Putera kinabalu said :
    “Anwar and his groups of power greedy didnt have any respect to the people mandate”

    how about the peoples’ mandate given to PAS in terengganu and kelantan…??? both state was is still is being discriminate by the federal government and Terengganu was even stripped from their rightfully their Wang royalti ..????? that the real example of “not respecting the Rakyat mandate”!!!… now the same type of discrimination is being enforced against all PR states…

  10. KLMAN says:

    Putera Kinabalu, you DONT even know how to define what is Islam and Muslim! You are expressing your views to let BN rule until the next GE. Shit on you face! Have you been paid by some cheap skate BN Elected rep to write your lowly view?

  11. NotASaint says:

    Putera Kinabalu …… You sound pathetic … are worried Anwar might become the next Malaysian PM ….. what have you got to lose if Anwars steps in ?? ..a fat contract ?

    Live within your honest earnings and you don’t have to worry whomever comes into power.

  12. putera rakyat says:

    Woow..umno trooopers..putera kinabalu who the hell r u come from..may i call Buyong to blast C4 in your mouth

  13. Yunnie says:

    Putera Kinabalu

    Aiyoyo, wake up my brother, the sun is high up and you are still in the dreamland. Time to balik kampung tanam jagung lo. BN means hardship.

  14. I have been following up this story for couple of days already and I’m still speechless! Really don’t know what to say and perhaps it would be best if I stay that way since this is really serious!

    Please Malaysians, let’s not make any wild accusations and assumptions just yet. RPK started this and I’m sure somebody will come forward and furnish some evidence if it is true in the next few weeks. Let us all wait and see what will happen next.

    Malay Women in Malaysia

  15. It’s a joke to have one ex-pm chose his successor then put him behind bars.Chose another one and now want to depose him. Hey what the hell is going on? better try to get Pedra Branca back from S’pore than fight among yourselves…jagan marah degan saya ya…hehehe

  16. New World says:

    Putera Kinabalu, you should care about your Sabah welfare first, this is not your business and your Sabah soon or later will become Manila town. At that time, you will beg your ass from Filipino bandits for not chopping your head down and raping your wife. What an idiot you are for not fighting for your own Sabah ppl.

  17. anarky says:



  18. Din says:

    Putera Kinabalu, are you one of the illegals who got the IC? Jangan marah, just asking only.

  19. putera rakyat says:

    Putera kinabalu….Actually is Rosmah..she’s reading our article..hehehehe

  20. Hahaha! says:

    Putera Kinabalu

    How heavy are your idol’s balls and keep licking…….I will spare you the rest!

  21. Observer says:

    Najib and Rosmah must come clean and clarify their involvement or else they will be deemed guilty and summarily executed.

  22. lovemalaysiarakyat says:

    Razak is no saint with his past practices. Neither is Rosmah as she is feared for her wrath according to those who know her. Thinking people know that there is much to gain from government contracts and sales of arms and defense equipment. Thinking people also know there is no smoke without fire. True much conjectures are done and Raja Petra has ignited a bom but one realises the rakyat was all along expecting this bom. He is BRAVE MAN! Take my hat off to you! He is not stupid to land himself into trouble, right?

    With all the money involved and all the money by DPM and family in Australia and other parts of the world…well. Plus all the corruption going on in the past under Mahathir’s regime, it is a wonder our wonder boy and girl is clean. ACA checking? Uh uh?

    Malaysia is a land of excellent resources and people – wonderful in its diversity but if a group purportedly representing the rest of thir race ( not all of them are of the same low mentality and mind-set ) starts to impute their brand of rule and justice on our beloved land where Malays, Chinese and Indians and other races used to live in harmony without fear and suspicion, then we need to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!
    ENOUGH OF CORRUPTION and MURDER AND COVER-UPS. Cleanse this land, rise up.

    And put fellas like the stupid principal who prevented Hannah Yeoh from attending her school’s prefects gathering – put them through National Camp. They are the ones who need it not our innocent children. Sheesh! Schools are hallways for tomorrows leaders, nurturing bright and thinking minds not imputing UMNOism.

    I would like to ask where our menteris send their kids to school – Kebangsaan or private? And why? Where do they go to college? Overseas or at UKM? Why? More and more I am convinced there must be change for Malaysia in Malaysia by Malaysians!!!

  23. Phelps says:

    People are interpreting the statutory declaration wrongly.

    I think RPK was fed with the information from the PM office. This is to ensure that the DPM and his supporters will toe the line during the Parliament sitting on Mon.

    Each time the noose on the PM is tigthen, he will in turn tigthen the noose on his DPM.

    Who says our PM is sleeping. He is smarter than most people think.

  24. Whether fact or fiction only time will tell
    All those guilty will be destined for hell
    It’s only a question of when all will hear the bell
    Of round one being sounded within the small prison cell

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 230608
    Sun. 23rd June 2008.

  25. Puteri Santubong says:

    To Putera Kinabalu

    Could you please your mouth shut? Get out from this site.

  26. Puteri Santubong says:

    To Putera Kinabalu

    Could you please your mouth shut? Get out from this site. BONGOK !!!

  27. ash037 says:

    now thats not a good attitude in free speech we respects each other…even the person disagree with us…lets debate on politics…view this site

  28. hubbulhaq says:

    to putera kinabalu : wrong place to give your stupid comments!

    Don’t you think that there’s someone behind RPK that wants to bring down Pak Lah using him and later gain the benefits? – just an opinion

  29. bennyloh says:

    can’t find Aziz Buyong or RPK’s SD in the MSM…


  30. anarky says:

    “In muslim we beleive that “anyone who looked “power greedy” is the one cannot be given power since this type of person will bring ruins” – Putera Kinabalu




    Now, aren’t these the very people that refuses and craves fro power that is not theirs?

    I hope you get your facts right, your master will be mightily unimpress with your lack of arguments.


  31. kkbboy says:

    The silence from the PM’s office is deafening. Maybe he’s still asleep. And why are the MSm not picking this up? Hope the foreign papers willl report this.

  32. Valerie says:

    An interesting week ahead for us. I wonder how long paklah can just go about his job while ignoring this c4 issue. The whole malaysian cabinet knows this and there is complete silence? Let the chinese media ask the questions. our english msm tak boleh pakai lah…only chinese papers got guts!

  33. Maverick says:

    Hi ,
    so who skinned the smoke wagon : no idea well get Scotland Yard cause the RMP
    is not up to par as usual.

  34. ram says:

    The Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail must come forward to give proper explanation to end the thousand-and-one questions swirling around the last-minute change of prosecution team in the high-profile Mongolian Altantunya Shaariibuu murder trial or Malaysia’s system of justice is in for another chapter of adverse publicity both nationally and internationally, ending up as the greatest casualty.

    Gani should know that his explanation that the last-minute switch of prosecution was to enable “a fair trial” raises more questions than giving an answer.

    It explains not only nothing, but implies that continuing with the original prosecution team of DPPs Salehuddin Saidin and Noorin Badaruddin could be against the interests of ensuring “a fair trial” and if so, clearly the Attorney-General must explain why, since it casts a serious reflection on the professionalism and integrity of Salehuddin and Noorin.

    Furthermore, why if there has to be a switch of the prosecution team for whatever reasons, the change was not made earlier as the charges of murder against the three accused were first made in November 15 last year while the trial dates for 25 days starting on Monday was fixed by the Shah Alam High Court as far back as March 9, 2007.

    Gani should explain whether the last-minute switch of the prosecution team was to strengthen the chances of securing convictions in the Altantunya Shaariibuu trial and if so, how.

    Why was the whole prosecution team switched, instead of directing DPP Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah to lead the prosecution team but still comprising Salehuddin and Noorin since they had been involved in the preparation of the trial right from the beginning?

    Gani should be aware of the political implications of and the world-wide interests in the trial and should be wary of taking any steps which can only give wing to speculation of political interference in the conduct of the trial.

    The Attorney-General cannot continue to keep silent as the reputation and international standing of the Malaysian system of justice, which is trying, not too successfully, to regain national and international confidence after two decades of relentless assault and erosion by the Executive, will otherwise be the greatest casualty.

    – Lim Kit Siang

  35. JOHJ says:

    How I wish Lt. Kol Aziz Buyong and his CO would come forward and clear his name if he s not involved. The image of the Malaysian Armed Forces is at stake. This is a very serius allegation and cannot be prolong for the sake of political stability.

  36. ram says:

    Rumour has it, and it remains just that, a rumour, is that all this ‘evidence’ has been given to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Okay, maybe Abdullah is using this information to keep Najib in line — which appears to be working seeing that he is constantly licking Abdullah’s hand. But this is not about politics and should not be dealt as such. This is about the Prime Minister of Malaysia withholding crucial evidence in a murder trial. Abdullah is an accessory to murder and burying evidence that will affect the outcome of the trial and interfere in seeing justice done renders Abdullah as guilty as those currently on trial and those who also should be on trial but are not.

  37. ram says:

    On the day Razak Baginda was formally charged November 16 for abetment of the Mongolian woman’s murder, the accused’s wife was reported to have exclaimed that her husband has been framed, and made an outburst in the court compound, that:

    “He is a good man. He is not the Prime Minister of this country. He doesn’t want to be one.

    “He is not interested in all that.”

    What’s the riddle in bringing up the context of ‘Prime Minister? None of the Media that reported it has explained it.

  38. billauchris says:

    The Altantuya’s case has dragged on far too long. Just cannot keep track of the amount of time, efforts andmoney spent thereon since the trial started.

    I hope with fresh evidence and leads, the soul of Altantuya can be put to eternal rest once and for all. The longer the case goes on, the more agonising it is for the parents, relatives and friends. Many Malaysians are just as agonised over the matter which has brought great shame, disgrace and bad reputation to the good name of the country.

    In my view the Prosecutor is spinning round and round the crux the issue. He should focus on those who are authorised to sign out the C4 explosives. Whoever was in charge of the said explosives then must account for the issuance, Was there any record of the issuing authroity? Find out who authorised the release of the explosive? There should be records of the date, time and the name of the person receiving the explosives must remain on the arms/explosive movement register.

    Whoever is guilty must pay for the bizarre and brutal murder.

  39. Harrison says:

    The Star has it that Raja Petra will be investigated to authenticate his SD at the instructions of the IGP and Gani Patail.

    This will probably be a whitewash process for Najib.

  40. oknyua says:

    Susan, I tried to look into your blog using another computer and it showed a different page – Somebody is trying to hijack something. Please check.

    I don’t post comments here – enough space in MT but I read your postings regularly.

  41. David McCallum says:


    What a shame, real shame.

    Let us, for a moment, leave the sordid details of what RPK wrote in his blog. Revealing as it might be, we have to free the gear for the time being until the gamer, whoever it is, owns up or if forced to own up. What happened to the immigration records? There has been a number of gaps that neither the prosecution nor the defence want to raise. Immigration records going missing is very serious and rightly there should have been a royal commission to tackle this. (Unfortunately and sadly, most of truth comes out only through Royal Commissions and not through the police, AG or the ACA).

    We have to hang our heads down for this shameless act. A defenceless woman blown up to pieces. What a heartless and devilish act. My heart aches when I try to put myself in the deceased shoes and what her final thoughts would have been. From the top to the bottom of this administration,including the PM, not even an ounce of credibility exists. What a shameful country we have become. I hope Mongolians do see and belief that right-thinking and caring citizens of this country are at the forefront to find the truth to an epsiode that best can be described as the darkest and most shameful period of our history. For this, and this reason alone, Pak Lah does not have the moral standing to remain as the PM of this country. He is as bad as the person who would have committed this heinous crime. This govt is bad.

    The only consolation in this sad episode is how one man is fighting his battle almost single-handedly with the dastards (pardon my language). RPK will be remembered by many, both local and foreign, who may have eased the agony and pain of a greiving family who had to lose someone in such a cruel way.

  42. jesselempoyang says:

    Hi everybody (esp puteri kinabalu)…
    I’m ex-serviceman. Served 23 years in Armed Forces. I have simple opinion in this issue. GET THE RIGHT PERSON/S ANd HANG TO DEATH. Disregards the reason unless Altantoya is real enemy to country. Whatever you want to think or say, I still wonder why Altantoya record of entry was deleted and Director of Immigration quiet about this. Who is above Mr. Director? Off course not RPK or Anwar. Members of Armed Forces or Police will do anything under directive. They have basic understanding on DIRECTIVE- ‘do it simple stupid and ensure it is done’

  43. xy says:

    i passed thru’ a custom recently.The custom officer asked me all sorts of questions as if I’m a criminal.

    if they were apply the same inquisitive attitude, case would hv been solved a long long time ago.

  44. ash037 says:

    sooner or later justice will prevail…

    the accused is not guilty unless proven guilty…
    whoever involved in the episode, we need to trust our judiciary to solve this..
    at least have faith…

    but what we can do is to stop our wild guesses on something that is not proven at all…

    I’m talking about accusations to the PM and his DPM, to Lt.Kol Aziz Buyung and his wife, and the wife of DPM.

    sometimes our uncertainties do more damages than we can ever imagine…

  45. wits0 says:

    “…the Engineering Corp in Mindef, the Engineering Corp has access to Plastic Explosives like C4. It is a controlled item. ”

    More than just a controlled item, it is sold only to the Military of countries as an end user’s stipulation. Semtex is the commercial equivalent.

    Remember the earlier nonsense about the victim being blown up by hand grenades in the various MSM? That really lingered on quite long.

  46. wits0 says:

    Ash037 :”sooner or later justice will prevail…”

    That can only be likely if the people expects and demands it.

    “we can do is to stop our wild guesses on something that is not proven at all…”

    What’s so particularly wild about connecting the dots? The logic of Occam’s Razor.

    People like jesselempoyang can possibly confirm that there is indeed a secret Military Intelligience branch within the Armed Forces which knows more than what the police knows or are revealed to the public.

  47. TAN C.H says:

    the govnmnt think they can shout up RPK by arrested him last month,now proved that the Govnmnt burn their backside&butt effectively.
    RPK,u hav the GUTS!!!
    Najis & Co.,just wait and see,u guys&girls all better wash yr backside cleanly and wait to sit on the chair in jail room(in Cantonese).
    tiu nia mah,Najis is SHIT!!!
    PM also puki mak!!!

  48. […] Who is Aziz Buyong? My childhood friend – Dr. Mohd Raffick Khan from Kuala Lumpur -we knew each other when we were in primary school – has […] […]

  49. Kessava says:

    `sometimes our uncertainties do more damages than we can ever imagine…`

    Yes you are right. We`d like to see you take the bull by the horns and now make an SD (that should be well publicised), that RPK`s SD is a lie.
    (Note: Neither badawi, khairy nor najib have done so far – mebbe they waiting for someone to show the way).

  50. […] Susan Loone – Who is Aziz Buyong? (related to C4 explosives) […]

  51. Nor Haslim says:

    Putera Kinabalu is just merely voicing out his opinion.

    New World-
    “Putera Kinabalu, you should care about your Sabah welfare first, this is not your business and your Sabah soon or later will become Manila town. At that time, you will beg your ass from Filipino bandits for not chopping your head down and raping your wife. What an idiot you are for not fighting for your own Sabah ppl.”

    We are all Malaysian. Please don’t segregrate yourself according to your state. Giving opinion should not be restricted to the issues in your state only.

  52. ash037 says:


    “That can only be likely if the people expects and demands it.”

    who doesn’t want justice? we are demanding justice. that’s why it will prevail.

    “What’s so particularly wild about connecting the dots? The logic of Occam’s Razor.”

    how on earth that you know the dots are the correct one. the SD is not even proven in might be connecting wrong dots…your dots are not forming the correct picture; the truth. Brownian Motion..uncertain movement.

    but I have a proof that as long as the SD is not accepted in the proceedings, you are defaming 3 good persons.

    I want the culprit to be sentenced to death; i hope, for such a cruel inhuman acts. but relying on unproven source could not justify anything. Don’t worry wits0, I’m as angry as you.

    “People like jesselempoyang can possibly confirm that there is indeed a secret Military Intelligience branch within the Armed Forces which knows more than what the police knows or are revealed to the public.”

    i do respect the credibility of jesselempoyang in this matter. but can he prove that indeed is claims are true? is so, then he should reveal it. if not, he too is obstructing justice. no offense. but i’m trying to justify the truth for everyone.

    “Yes you are right. We`d like to see you take the bull by the horns and now make an SD (that should be well publicised), that RPK`s SD is a lie.”

    if you cant proof the SD is true then neither can i proof it’s wrong.
    that’s why i said let our judiciary do the job.
    we can demand the truth, but we are not able to do anything that directly affect the case. that’s if you have any solid one for the case. then why let dr shaaribu suffer much longer….go and help him..

    dear friends i dont want to say that the SD is right or wrong. my point is, we should consider stop speculate the issue. when the court decides then, we all condemn the guilts like hell.

  53. stcin says:


  54. Mohd Arshad Raji says:

    I have heard many say that Rosmah will be the primary cause of Najib’s downfall. With RPK’s declaration, that prediction is coming true, unless our muddled judiciary say otherwise.

  55. elle says:

    Putera Kinabalu…..wake up. All the best to RPK. We need people like RPK, Dr. M, Bakri Musa, etc. we must practice critical thinking in our society. To our government, you are all too busy menjaga periuk nasi sendiri that you have forgotten who is feeding you all this while. We have entrusted you to take care of our country economy and us the rakyat. but you have failed. I see this as a breach of trust. You have misuse your power to your own benefits. In other words you are corrupted. Go check the meaning of corruption with ACA.

  56. Ratu says:

    Putera Kinabalu,

    Are you sick or blind?

  57. AB says:

    ok np good he is back

  58. AB says:


  59. TAN C.H says:

    Why PM wait until 4 days to make an explain on this RPK SD case??? Then why Najis&Kai-jer-ry only (cepat-cepat) follow and make explain after PukiMak explain?so strange!!!
    all of them r Lan-pa Pa-Lan, 2×5 damn true RUBBISH!!!
    Boring to see them play lousy actor and 3rd class acting…

  60. curious boy says:

    i wonder who is the guy that informed RPK about the SD case…. any idea? is it reliable?
    anyway, i personally think the information is true…
    Hope the murderers can be judged soon!

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