Just hop lah, leap frog lah, jump lah or whatever. We’re happy to see a new government. Especially one who says they can reduce fuel prices.

I get up, and nothing gets me down.
You got it tough. I’ve seen the toughest soul around.
And I know, baby, just how you feel.
You’ve got to roll with the punches to get to what’s real
Oh can’t you see me standing here,
I’ve got my back against the record machine
I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen.
Oh can’t you see what I mean ?

Might as well jump. Jump !
Might as well jump.
Go ahead, jump. Jump !
Go ahead, jump.

More lyrics @ Van Halen “Jump”

Anwar Ibrahim says he now needs only 28 MPs to cross over,defect,whatever.

While people are getting tired of hearing it. And yours truly feel like jumping on Anwar himself.


Have a wonderful weekend, despite whatever.

Ps. I am out of Bangkok for 4 days, so posts may be scarce. Forgive me if your comments get stucked in the spam guard. Try not to use links. I’ll do the necessary whenever I get internet access. Please pray for my safety, too.

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  1. Ghazala Khan says:

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  2. BobbyNZ says:

    Like Raja Petra, I have been “reliably informed” that a DVD of his gayness exists. The political arena would be explosive compared to Dr Chua doggie antics. hehe

  3. kc says:

    Saudara Anwar,

    I beseech you to do Malaysia a favour! Rid us of all the ills that had befallen us and in particular I make a personal request to you to protect Raja Petra from harms way.
    Thank you & Peace be with you!

  4. ghenjis khan says:

    I think this Anwar Ibrahim is playing the “Nombor Ekor” game …….

    and the punters are very happy with the forecasting …..

    30 2 28 then 82 140 then 222 111 then …….. thousands of combinations …

    and by December 2008 we will still have a Sleeping Prime Minister …..

    Ku Li can at last retire in Gua Musang the least polluted area …..

    and Anwar Ibrahim will be the perpectual Prime Minister to be an dnever got to be …

  5. martha says:

    God be with you and take care

  6. Anwar is not even a M.P. at the moment so what if he gets the number right now ? He can’t be the P.M. right away to reform, he got to be elected as a M.P. first, all that will take several months.

    To begin with, for him to be elected will be a big question mark. His past does not speak well for him,as far as the Malaysian Chinese is concerned, his personal reform is yet to be seen in action. But UMNO Baru since Mamak Mahathir’s, the half breed, time were so atrocious people are willing to take a chance with Anwar at least for a term as P.M. of Malaysia. Just to teach Mamak Mahathir a lesson plus to return him the black eye he gave him, not to mention of the many atrocities the the half breed Mamak Mahathir committed.
    If Anwar does show any reform during his term the people can then kick him out, just like they do to UMNO Banu, but he still has to explain why , as a member of UMNO Baru when he was a Minister, did he tell the Malaysian Chinese to go back to China if they like ? Shouldn’t he withdraws that statement now to show his genuine reform !
    Also does he want a Malaysia without Chinese ?

  7. I believe in Mr. Anwar and he means what he said about him being the PM one day.

  8. caravanserai says:

    The misty white haze
    Clouding the sky
    Out into the misty daze
    The frogs cry

    In the land under the wind
    One party dares to make the wave
    Knowing fully the consequences
    Yet some of its members dare not go
    Thinking of positions and rewards
    Not about people suffering on the rising costs

    On the main land
    The silent explosion on a statutory declaration
    On the people walking in the corridors of power
    About murder case involving high society

    If this isn’t enough
    The Rela officials behaving Taliban
    Branding bad name to the country
    All under the pretext of catching illegal immigrants

    And the corrupted officials
    Closing one eye on many things
    The ills and bail outs running into billions
    No answer from BN government leaders
    All stayed into mind boggling silence

    The opera shows
    The colorful and sad narratives
    Crossing into the fabric of our lives
    And the country name
    Black marks on the globalize stage

    And the frogs eager to jump
    For it is for the best for the country
    The misty clouds changing
    Something good must be coming our way

  9. Hahaha! says:

    Let face it, the ‘Chinese of the old’ especially those who linked themselves with MCA and BN were nothing but just selfish, slimy and money hungry assholes. If Anwar have told them to balik China, I think they deserved it…although, I detest this sort of statement. The New and young Chinese Malaysians are here to stay, I hope no up and coming politicians of both sides of the fence will refrain from using these sort of comments. “Unity is strength!”

  10. radiin says:

    while these politicians are playing with words and fighting for power, the people struggle with inflation. i don’t think the man with 800/month salary gives a d@mn. who is going to bring food on the table at the end of the day?

    anwAR continues with his Dubai trips and empty talks while the badawi gang trying to loot as much as possible before time’s up, game over.

  11. radiin says:

    najib busy with wife issues.

    mahathir busy on this personal vendetta and racist remarks.

    s’gor government glorifying achievements yet to be ‘achieved’

    pas turning 181 degree from election promise and starts to pursue islamic laws

    tell me.. who actually bothers about the poor and middle class struggling to bring food to the table?

    probably the only working elected government is DAP is Penang.

    others are just loads of BS!

  12. Shardik says:

    Game over only when the person is dead.

  13. radiin says:

    try to be poor with kids to feed.

    when will malaysia really learn.

    wanna be another Zimbabwe?

  14. Kesava says:

    Saturday, June 21, 2008
    Selangor cancels Utusan subscription – The Star
    KLANG: Jun 21, 2008

    Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has ordered an immediate end to the subscription of Utusan Malaysia, its Sunday edition Mingguan Malaysia, and all publications under the Utusan group of companies.

    Khalid’s political secretary Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad signed a one-page circular instructing all local authorities, district offices and agencies to cease the subscription of the publications.

    When contacted, Nik Nazmi said that the decision to end the subscription of the publications was done due to the “unfair reporting and its choice to play the racial card.”


  15. shardik says:

    Yong denies being offered DPM post

    KOTA KINABALU, June 22 — Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee has described Umno Youth vice chief Khairy Jamaluddin’s disclosure of him being offered the deputy prime minister’s post as absurd.

    “I don’t dream of becoming deputy prime minister. Perhaps, because I was loud in voicing out issues affecting Sabah he can say anything, talking like an insane man.

    “If not because superb victories of Sabah and Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN)… BN would have fallen in the last election. So, what’s wrong with us asking for a little attention. Khairy is a young man. He has to learn a lot,” Yong said during a meet-the-people function at the Likas multipurpose hall yesterday.

    Khairy said on Friday that Yong’s criticism of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was believed due to him being taken in by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s offer.

    He said he was made to understand that Yong would be appointed to the number two post in government if Anwar, who is former deputy prime minister, became prime minister.

  16. sarajevo says:

    Responding to comments from ‘Najib Manaaukau’, yes you need to be an MP to become a Prime Minister. But as the acronym goes, an MP is a member of parliament and to be a member one could be elected to the House of Representative (Dewan Rakyat) or appointed to House of Senate (Dewan Negara). So technically, although Anwar is not elected, he could still become a prime minister after being appointed by any of the PR state govt as their Senator to Dewan Rakyat. However, it would be more expedient for him to be in the lower house. So for the time being, he just needs to be in parliament. Therefore, he can be in either Houses.

  17. sarajevo says:

    SORRY SOME AMENDMENTS….Responding to comments from ‘Najib Manaaukau’, yes you need to be an MP to become a Prime Minister. But as the acronym goes, an MP is a member of parliament and to be a member one could be elected to the House of Representative (Dewan Rakyat) or appointed to House of Senate (Dewan Negara). So technically, although Anwar is not elected, he could still become a prime minister after being appointed by any of the PR state govt as their Senator to Dewan Negara. However, it would be more expedient for him to be in the lower house. So for the time being, he just needs to be in parliament. Therefore, he can be in either Houses.

  18. Surind says:

    It might be a tactic of his.

    Anyway, I’m bored of hearing it too.


  19. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Why wait, Anwar?, prodded my many (on the leaping frogs MPs)

    Easy answer : Because there was and never no such thing. A kid would know that it would be almost impossible to form a Government by luring 30 MPs to crossover to Pakatan Rakyat to form a new Government. Imagine if 10 MPs crossover from PR to BN, then the latter will have a 2/3 majority.

    Anwar has other plan. And one of his plan is his court-battle to annul the dicision of his 1998 sackings by Mahathir as illegal, unconstitutional, null, void and out of order and by the court verdict favouring Anwar, he can contest against the interim DPM Najib.

    Can’t you see Najib’s implication of his involvement in the altantuya’s murder. It only needs AAB’s “fatal blow” to oust Najib. That is only if Khairy Jamaluddin says so. Hahaha.

    Hi Susan,

    Susan’s smart. She better get out of Bangkok due to the civil unrest. Whew. Are you in Boleh land Susan? 😀

  20. Traveller says:

    Koh Samui, Kog Phangan etc etc

  21. kittykat46 says:

    Hehehehe, I think Anwar doesn’t really have the numbers signed and sealed (so as to say). He has some, but enough yet. The rest are still Work-In-Progress.

    If there’s anyone who can pull it off, it is Anwar Ibrahim.

    I’ve read a lot of critical comments calling frog-hunting unprincipled.

    To me, we are long past principles. My house, the country I call home, is on fire. The current administrators in charge are incapable and uninterested in putting out the fire. Nay, they lit the fire, and even now are adding fuel.

    I’ve come to the conclusion the only way to save my home is to kick out the current administrators.

    If I have to break a dozen principles, so be it.

  22. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46: “If I have to break a dozen principles, so be it.”

    Right. This is called pragmatism here. Besides it was the part lack of principles among voters who enabled the BN rule for so long.

  23. BobbyNZ says:

    I am really bemused that Anwar makes calls to “save” Malaysia when in 1997 as DPM and Finance Minister, he legalised short selling of currency and stock markets which make it possible for the financial predators to legally devalue the Malaysian stocks and currency by 90%. Even today, the whole world is shaky when stocks have fallen by 15%. What a joke!!!

  24. kittykat46 says:

    Naked short selling i.e. selling stocks which one does not own or even borrowed is often considered unethical but not necessarily illegal in many countries.
    In the US, the 1934 SE Act allowed up to 3 working days for the shares to be delivered. The SEC only made it illegal in 2004.
    At the time (remember, this is more than 10 years ago) it was in line with the practice in most countries.

    Malaysia pretty much dug its own hole in the 1998 Financial crisis. Of course, Anwar Ibrahim was part of The System then. The reasons for the 1998 crisis are many, don’t blame it all on Anwar lah…

  25. Hahaha! says:

    “To err is human, to forgive is divine” yet, I cannot bring myself to forgive these BN assholes who brought so much of damages to my wonderful Bolehland. To me, I will quite willingly give a shot to all untried leaders, how can we be worser of ? So Dato seri Anwar the door is opened to you. Malaysians are expecting you to do the right thing….no more race issues, just govern with clean and decent PKR MPs.

  26. Ahila says:

    Getting dizzzier these days with some current and ex-politicians making remarks that doesnt promise any good for Malaysians.Can we stuff something down their throat???
    Then we have ‘DPM’s wife issue at crime site’ …………Oh God when will all these end!!! I beleive Malaysia needs a PROPHET/SAINT to be our new PM……CAN you sir,Anwar, be kind and fair to all Malaysians?…ask your self sincerely..IF yes…go all out NOW and reform the Malaysian politics for a better Malaysia for Malaysians.Otherwise..May God Bless US !

  27. BobbyNZ says:

    Must a good reason why Madeline Albright, Al Gore and that Wolf…. recommended for the UN Secretary General of UN post. Doesnt take a genius to see CIA behind his return to power. Afterall they put Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussain to power. haha

  28. tamade says:

    Well, Susan, I am sure Anwar has a good plan for the Rakyat in Bolehland. We don’t have to push him real hard. Let him do what he supposed to do.

    The majority of the 51% voters who supported BN must be very angry now with the high inflation and flip-flop policies created by the mediocre BN cabinet (after the election, Rakyat is no more boss, the UltaManNo is the Real Boss now, not even 100 days after the Mac 8 GE), how pathetic.

    I am sure the Sabahans will agree with the points raised by SAPP’s Yong Teck Lee. Imagine, if all the illegals with My Card under Project M were to send back to their originalcsountries, Pulau Labuan were to return back to Sabah and 20% royalty etc, the Sabahans can have a lot of goodies for themselves. It will be a different picture totally.

    So, what are the Sabah and Sarawak BN MPs waiting for? Do you people want to wait until the Rakyat vote you out in the next GE? Or do you people want to see more Rakyat in your states suffered due to the high inflation and stagflation? Or do you people want to wait until the unscrupulous crooks “hentam” all the resources in your states, then only you act?

    Come on, the Rakyat in your states will not desert you if you join the good side. The SAPP’s opinions poll has garnered more than 80% votes supporting Yong Teck Lee. So, make your wise moves before the Rakyat curse you.

  29. tamade says:

    Shardik, thanks for the post regarding Yong Teck Lee’s counter-argument on allegations made by KJ and the MSM.

    I salute Yong Teck Lee’s courage, compared with the invertebrates MPs in Sabah and Sarawak and West Malaysia, he stands tall. At least, he has the gut to speak out.

    I don’t think he is a speculator or opportunist. As a political leader, he has every right to ask the Federal Guomen to compensate the Sabahans and I think it’s not too much to ask since a lot of requests he brought out are long overdued.

    As ususal, the UltaManNo will use all kind of dirty tactics to hit Yong Teck Lee (see, ACA is so efficient now), MSM will bombard him with all kinds of “stories”, but I think KJ and his acts will only trigger more anger from the Sabahans and Sarawakians.

    This time, the rage deep in the Sabahan’s heart will not be easy to erase. I think the repercussions will be huge. We hope something wonderful turns out and the Rakyat will be the real Boss, not the political leaders.

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  31. akirasan says:

    Sarajevo you’re wrong. Senator could not be appointed as a prime minister. PM should come from one of the Dewan Rakyat members.

  32. shardik says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, June 22 — The government will table a motion in Parliament tomorrow on the issue of increases in the prices of oil and other goods as well as the measures to tackle them.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad would move the motion immediately after the question-and-answer session.

    “I don’t want to say what the motion constitutes because it will only be read tomorrow when the time comes,” he told reporters after a briefing on subsidy restructuring for Barisan Nasional (BN) members of Parliament at Angkasapuri today.

    Abdullah said tomorrow’s discussion would take time and the government was ready to discuss it the whole day to give an opportunity to the elected representatives understand the issue.

    On today’s briefing, he said it gave an opportunity to those present not only to pose questions but also give ideas and comments. “Everything went well and was very meaningful. It is my hope that BN representatives are able to carry out their duties and responsibilities in debating the motion tomorrow.”

    There will be NO live coverage of the debate by RTM, he said.

    On the dissension by the two Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) members of parliament, the prime minister said: “It is party discipline that they support BN.” — Bernama

  33. kittykat46 says:

    What happens if BN fails to win the vote of confidence ?

  34. sarajevo says:

    Akirasan, technically the constitution does provide the King to invite any member of either the Senate or Lower House to form a government. As in the UK, The Prime Minister does not have to be a member of the House of Commons, although the last Prime Minister to sit in the House of Lords was Lord Salisbury, who left office in 1902. The Earl of Home
    disclaimed his peerage on becoming Prime Minister in 1963 and successfully fought a by-election.
    As mentioned in my earlier comment, for expediency, one should be from the Lower House but for the sake of argument and in the contaxt of Anwar, I firmly believe that it can be from either…pls confirm or rebut!

  35. sarajevo says:


    Article 43


    1. (1) The Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall appoint a Jemaah Menteri (Cabinet of Ministers) to advise him in the exercise of his functions.
    2. (2) The Cabinet shall be appointed as follows, that is to say –
    * (a) the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall first appoint as Perdana Menteri (Prime Minister) to preside over the Cabinet a member of the House of Representative who in his judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of that House; and
    * (b) he shall on the advice of the Prime Minister appoint other Menteri (Ministers) from among the members of either House of Parliament;

    but if an appointment is made while parliament is dissolved a person who was a member of the last House of Representatives may be appointed but shall not continue to hold office after the beginning of the next session of Parliament unless, if he has been appointed Prime Minister, he is a member of the new House of Representatives, and in any other case he is a member either of that House or of the Senate.

    Akirasan…what do you think? Is it possible that our PM could technically be from the Senate?

  36. confess2u says:

    Financial details like rescuing Bank Bumiputra have never been disclosed by Petronas. Why ? Why ? Why ?

  37. confess2u says:


    The Petronas-MISC-KPB Deal

    In early March, cash-rich Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas), wholly owned by the Malaysian government, announced two separate but related transactions.

    First, national shipping carrier Malaysian International Shipping Corporation Berhad (MISC), would acquire Petronas Tankers Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned Petronas subsidiary that is involved in the transportation of liquified natural gas (LNG). MISC would pay for this acquisiion by issuing new MISC shares to Petronas, raising the oil company’s stake in the shipper to more than 50 per cent from the current 29.3 per cent stake.

    In the second and more controversial transaction, MISC would acquire the entire shipping assets of Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad (KPB), a debt-laden company that is 51 per cent owned by Mirzan. These assets include the Hong Kong-based Pacific Basin Bulk Shipping Ltd (a shipping company that KPB acquired for US$240 million in July 1996) and several LNG vessels held by KPB’s wholly-owned subsidiary, PNSL Bhd. What is interesting is that, unlike the first acquisition above for which Petronas is to be paid in the form of new MISC shares, in this case KPB is going to be paid in cash.

    What this means is that by the end of both these transactions, Mirzan’s KPB would have virtually zero debt; now, KPB’s debt stands at more than triple the value of its capital, or RM1.6 billion at the end of 1996. Meanwhile, Petronas, the government’s cash cow would virtually own most of Malaysia’s shipping vessels through its controlling stake in MISC and would have paid a hefty sum for this dubious privilege. To ordinary Malaysians, this trans ac tion definitely appears to be a selective rescue or bailout of an ailing private company owned by the Prime Minister’s son using state funds. It is interesting to note that Petronas comes directly under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister’s department.

    Now imagine a situation in which a young entrepreuner (we will call him Ahmad) bought a shophouse in 1995 with a bank loan on the assumption that his business’ revenues would con tin ue expanding to enable him to repay the loan. Come the second half of 1997 and Ahmad’s business is badly hit by the economic crisis over which he has no control. The mortgage payment has been increased due to higher interest rates while his sales and cashflow have slumped due to the economic slowdown. Ahmad is now
    unable to pay his loan instalments.

    What happens to him and thousands of other honest and hardworking Malaysians who took similar normal business risks based on a vision of Malaysia that was propagated for the past few years? Ahmad’s bank will eventually repossess his shophouse and auction it off to recover its loan to him; meanwhile, Ahmad will lose his entire savings and, in all likelihood, go bankrupt. No, Petronas is not going to come and bail him out. They are not going to buy over his shophouse in cash at a fair market value so that Ahmad ends up debt-free!

    What’s the difference between Mirzan Mahathir and our imaginary entrepreuner Ahmad? The former, needless to say, is well connected to the powers-that-be while the latter is not. Of course, Petronas and Mirzan have already denied that these transactions
    amount to a bail out. But no amount of denial is going to hide the obvious. Does every Malaysian whose financial position has been affected by the collapse of the stock market and ringgit get the same opportunity to liquidate their assets for cash as Mirzan’s KPB?

    Second, the gap between the words and deeds of many of our politicians and regulators is so big that it undermines all credibility. For example, the MISC-KPB deal was announced shortly after both the government economic advisor Daim Zainuddin and the Finance Miniter Anwar Ibrahim pledged that the Malaysian government would not bailout troubled private firms. The Prime Minister made an even more ridiculous statement when he said all Malaysian business men are his cronies. If that’s the case, then has he come to the rescue of all of them, both small and big regardless of political affiliation?

    Third, Prime Minister and other government leaders have argued that if the government did not rescue these companies, they would go bankrupt and close down, thus putting many employees out of work. This argument is not wholly true. If Mirzan’s KPB had not
    been bailed out by government-owned Petronas and eventually went bankrupt, what would have happened? KPB’s haulage business would have been sold to a new owner or a rival firm – which would mean that KPB employees such as the drivers, mechanics, clerks and supervisors would keep their jobs. Only a small number of senior staff possibly including Mirzan, would lose their jobs! The foreign shipping assets would also have been sold and employees in that subsidiary, who are mostly foreigners, would also have continued their employment under new owners. Let us be clear: If a business operation is economically viable, it will carry on regardless of who owns it and thus continue providing employment.

    Fourth, another justification for government bailouts has been that it safeguards the bumiputras’ stake in the corporate sector. The recent controversy over non-bumiputra ty coons bailing out their bumiputra counterparts is a non-issue that diverts the attention of the ordinary public from the real issue: the use of public funds to save the rich and well con nect ed. Public funds should be used to help the poorer majority of Malaysians overcome the difficulties they are facing due to the recession. Instead, Petronas is using billions of ringgit to save the Prime Minister’s son while the government’s budget for basic needs such as healthcare and education is being cut.

  38. confess2u says:

    “Why is money not channelled to the masses?” Lim Eng Guan said. “As long as Petronas does not share its profit, it is working against national interest.”

  39. confess2u says:


    Malaysia’s pump price should be equilvalent to pump prices in other oil producing countries, as for example:-

    Saudi Arabia RM 0.38 per litre
    UAE 1.19 / litre
    Egypt 1.03 / litre
    Bahrain 0.87
    Qatar 0.68
    Kuwait 0.67
    Iran 0.35
    Nigeria 0.32
    Turkmenistan 0.25
    Venezuela 0.16/litre

  40. sarajevo says:

    I think the argument on pump prices is flawed. We have been given data to compare with all these oil exporting countries and it is quite obvious we stand miles ahead. But let us look at the economic factors of all the countries listed by confess2u…name me one country here that has the physical infrastructure equivalent or at least close to ours? Even soft infrastructure? Human rights record? I think apart from UAE, none of us would volunteer to live in those countries. Confess2U, do you seriously believe the quality of life is better in those countries? Don’t get me wrong, I’m as upset as you guys with the way the price of oil has affected our lives but surely this line of argument is weak. We should look at our purchasing power, the value of ringgit, our income levels…

  41. confess2u says:

    Infrastructure like the Petronas Twin Towers have benefited no one. My question is about Petronas. After paying taxes and expenditure, Petronas still makes a sizeable nett profit – why not channel some to the rakyat ?

    The rakyat elects the govt and the govt controls Petronas. If the pipeline isn’t directed for the benefit of the rakyat, then there is corruption.

    Sarajevo, you should not mislead yourself by comparing Malaysia with other countries. Instead, compare the visions with the end results. Show me the end results – rakyat’s benefits. Why are there demonstrations, unrest and bloggers united – all because corruption is the rust that needs to be cleansed.

  42. confess2u says:

    This BN campaigner was a little embarrassed by his President Ong Ka Ting when Ong shy away from meeting the DAP team led by SecGen Lim Guan Eng at Machap Baru yesterday.

    Some stories to share with bloggers…

    1.In a door-to-door campaign in Machap yesterday, when the MCA President Ong Ka Ting heard that the DAP team led by Lim Guan Eng was coming towards his direction, he quickly went into a house and decided not to come out to face the DAP leaders and members. But Guan Eng was naughty. He stepped into the house and look for Ka Ting for a chat. MCA members who were present were apparently embarrassed by the strange behaviour of their own party chief. I would not be surprise if some of them decided to leave MCA tomorrow. Where do they put their face with this kind of leader as their party president?


  43. confess2u says:

    Ong Ka Ting & Lim Keng Yaik Should Redeem Themselves By Asking UMNO Leaders To Stop Practicing The Politics Of Denial And Admit That Not Only The Chinese But Indians, Poor Malays and Non-Bumis In East Malaysia Are Systematically Marginalised.


    by Lim Guan Eng

    (Pontian, Sunday): MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and Gerakan President Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik should redeem themselves for blindly supporting BN’s discriminatory policies by asking UMNO leaders to stop the politics of denial and admit that not only the Chinese but Indians, poor Malays and non-bumis in East Malaysia are systematically marginalized. If MCA and Gerakan cannot li zhe qi zhuang support Kuan Yew’s comments, then they should li bu zing chong and not wei hu zhuo zhang in supporting UMNO in attacking Kuan Yew for speaking the truth. Or is truth the enemy of the state?


  44. confess2u says:

    Why lah Ong Ka Ting? March 4, 2008
    Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.
    Tags: Gerakan, housing, MCA, Ong Ka Ting, Penang

    In my interactions with local residents at Kayu Ara and Desa Jaya (yes… a sliver of Kepong has been carved into Bukit Lanjan!), I was appalled to find that there are still places which had temporary Certificate of Fitness (CF) that have since lapsed. Yes, there are still people living in flats with no CFs!

    Ong Ka Ting, who used to head the Ministry of Housing (now caretaker Minister) must think so poorly of those who are middle to lower middle income. In the papers, MCA puts out ads about how they are ‘delivering’ but yet its head allows abodes with no CFs in sight to be built. Another classic example of how greed supercedes basic fundamental concerns for human lives.

    Ong and his counterparts in Gerakan, tries to frighten voters about the imaginery loss of ‘Chinese’ influence in the BN, if these two parties were to thrashed in 5 days times.

    Read the comments on this blog of the above article:



  45. Andrew says:

    To Hahaha, to err is human, to forgive is divine. I don’t forgive. I leave that to God.

  46. sarajevo says:

    Confess2u, I certainly have no doubts abt the corruption and believe me, it happens here and they happen in almost every economy, they just term it differently sometimes. Its something that requires weeding and total elimination, if that is possible at all, so long as greed is within us.

    You made the comparison on pump prices, my comment was the argument is flawed. Maybe we should also compare other net oil exporter who are non-opec members like Russia, Norway and Canada, look at their pump prices!

    My point is, we need to look at the issue via many different angles. Let’s not just harp on pump prices, I’m guessing you are because you listed them down. The point of argument is invalid. I salute your passion for change, for transparency. I for one voted differently this time.

    Demonstrations, unrests…come on, they happen everywhere…apart from Spore though. Are you implying our fellow friends in spore are happy with whats going on in their country because there are hardly any demos?

    To a large extent, this country has been blessed. I grew up with Chinese, Malays and Indians sharing many experiences. I am a product of the thriving 80’s and 90’s…middleclass and I suspect you are too. We have been able to do and achieve what we have thus far because the environment permits. I am thankful that I was born a Malaysian, I could give many examples that are worse off than us. So now, as we grow up, we need to improve them further and our expectations have risen, thats fair. I always tell my children, they need to be better than me, like I am better off than my parents…that is how the family grows, and please, wealth is not just money ok. Lets work for a better Malaysia and use the right tools and arguments to make them better…

  47. sarajevo says:

    RECENT ARTICLE IN THE STAR…..written by KH Lim

    MUCH has been bandied recently in the press about Petronas and it would appear that in a rather unfair way Petronas has been a victim of its own success.

    Having worked in Petronas in the 80s through the mid-90s, I think I am in a position to offer certain insights about Petronas.

    First, if Petronas was not formed way back in 1974, petroleum resources in this country would have ended up in the same current state of affairs as timber i.e. in the control of the respective state governments.

    Why has it not dawned upon any politician or NGO to question what has happened to or, more pertinently, who have been the beneficiaries of timber revenues? Why is there no similar call for transparency on the accounts of the state governments or their statutory agencies entrusted with regulating or managing the timber resources, which are also the assets of the rakyat?

    Secondly, with the ownership and management of all petroleum resources consolidated under a company, not a statutory agency, the former Prime Minister Tun Razak created the opportunity for Petronas to be run as a business by professionals. And this was well before the privatisation era of Tun Dr Mahathir.

    This opportunity was not fully exploited in the formative years of Petronas as its management and staff were on the learning curve in understanding the oil business and dealing with the multi-national oil companies. With the entry of Tan Sri Azizan in the mid-80s and subsequently Tan Sri Hassan Marican, that opportunity was exploited and, as we now know, with much ensuing success.

    Having worked through those earlier formative years of Petronas, I wish to highlight that the public ought to realise that it has taken a lot of hard work for Petronas to be now accepted by the oil majors as a company they can and wish to do business with, in particular outside Malaysia.

    By the same token, just like any professionally managed company, there are certain confidential information and trade secrets that Petronas cannot divulge without adverse impact on its own business.

    Most importantly, I must on behalf of all right-thinking Malaysians salute Tun Razak for his wisdom and temerity to push through the resistance of certain states, in particular Sabah, to consolidate the ownership of petroleum resources in this country under Petronas.

    Look at how difficult it is today to deal with the consolidation of management of inter-state water utilisation, water being another state-owned resource like timber.

    Without Petronas, we could have ended up not quite differently from the timber situation and the petroleum resources would selectively produce some individual oil barons in oil-producing states, not unlike our timber tycoons.

  48. TAN C.H says:

    You jump,l jump;
    U dont jump,l also dont jump;
    if after that nobody jump,
    sure Abdollar will jump a Cha-cha!!!

  49. resha says:

    he is hipocrit
    never like chinese neither Indian ho!!
    stupid anwar

  50. comedytime says:

    Here’s a story I want to share with East Malaysians :

    The Land of Mites and Maybees

    Long, long ago
    on an island far away,
    sat The Land of Mites and Maybees
    to the left of Backbone Bay.

    The mites were hearty creatures,
    they would never hurt a soul.
    But their problem was they never could
    achieve a single goal.

    They knew just what they wanted,
    and they’d ponder it at length,
    but when it came to action,
    they just didn’t have the strength.

    The maybees were quite similar,
    with only slight revisions.
    They’d say “maybe this” and “maybe that”,
    but never reached decisions.

    There was a king, King Know It All,
    who loved to take advantage
    of these measly mites and maybees
    whom without him could not manage.

    Or so they thought, for they’d been told
    and learned so deep within
    that there’s just no sense in trying
    when you know you cannot win.

    And so the king, with ruling hand
    grew stronger every day.
    For the mites and maybees just assumed
    that his was the best way.

    Till one bright day, out of the blue,
    a mini-mite was walking
    and in his sheltered innocence,
    he suddenly began talking.

    “Why do we weed our gardens by hand
    when it’s faster with a hoe?
    And why do we sled in summertime
    instead of in the snow?

    “Why do we paint our buildings brown,
    when red is so much brighter?
    And why do we carry sacks of rocks
    when stones are so much lighter?”

    The mini-mite kept asking more,
    like a record that was broken.
    Though all of them had thought these things,
    none had ever spoken.

    “Shhh! Pipe down!”, were the frightened cries
    as they worried their king would hear.
    The mites and maybees looked around,
    their eyes spread wide with fear.

    “I’ll be quiet”, said the mini-mite,
    “but I just have one more querry.
    If there’s more of us than there is of him,
    why is he so scary?”

    The mites and maybees pondered this,
    this thought that was quite new.
    And as they tugged and wrestled it,
    the logic in it grew.

    Suddenly everything seemed so clear;
    they all had minds of their own,
    so why were they letting King Know It All
    rule his mighty throne?

    Well, it didn’t take long once this thought was in place,
    for weeds to be pulled out with hoes.
    And it didn’t take long for paint to be red
    and for sleds to be used when it snows.

    Soon the king got weaker, and finally left;
    Left the whole kingdom far behind.
    For he realized that not even he was as strong
    as the power of speaking your mind.

    (C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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