Read this also: DAP rep lodges police report over ‘shredding of state documents’


Apparently, these photos were caught by journalists at the Selangor state office. There’s also nothing anyone can do – since police have cordoned off the whole area (Elizabeth Wong). Our Opposition state assembly persons haven’t been sworn in yet. This is simply too much. In fact, this is criminal.

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  1. […] Sub Ratione Dei wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptToyo, destroying state files is a crime! Posted in CORRUPTION, ELECTIONS GENERAL, HEADS UP!, MALAYSIAN MADNESS, NEWS, OPPOSITION POLITICS, POLICE, POLITICAL, Pissed-off, RULE of LAW on March 12, 2008 by sloone Apparently, these photos were caught by journalists at the Selangor state office. There’s also nothing anyone can do – since police have cordoned off the whole area (Elizabeth Wong). Our Opposition state assembly persons haven’t been sworn in yet. This is simply too much. In fact, this […]

  2. This is bad, really bad!

    What are they trying to hide? Corruptions? Funds embezzlements?

    PKR better do something fast. This is a good lesson for Malaysians. Never ever trust dentists again!

  3. Calvin Young says:

    Circulate these pictures throughout the country and beyond. Let the rakyat see the criminal damage done to public property. Track down those storage disks for evidence.

  4. azhan says:

    put it this way, never trust a dentist who had botox and eat tempe.

    damn, they destroy all the evidence to cover up things.

  5. jerlunboy says:

    There is no other dentists condemning this dentist implying that all the dentists are of the same genre.

    Never trust the dentists cos they charge exorbitant prices for simple jobs. Some dentists were not sent to study in Universities shows that dentistry is a simple subject but the bloody stupid dentists are outright arrogant and greedy exploiting their poor victims.

    It’s time to send this dentist to Sungei Buloh before more dentists like him surfaced.

  6. TC says:

    hey, if u guys want to c what exactly they shredded, get enough people and join those strips of paper together loh…. i believe there is computer software that will do this for you provided you scan each n every strips.

    kinda like CSI haha…..
    p/s they should have burnt them….

  7. Tarzen says:

    Aiya! Whether all these documents shredded or not, we know this dentist is going to be toothless, literally and all other stupid, arrogant and greedy dentists in Malaysia.

  8. pavlova says:

    i think it’s a far cry to say not to trust dentists ever again.
    there are quite a lot of good dentists out there…

    just the same, there are also a lot of bad doctors out there…
    it’s got nothing to do with the profession

  9. joehancl says:

    REMEMBER the 7th day of the 7th moon of the chinese calender. When it comes the goose pimples rise, the corrupted smell the stink. All hell breaks loose. They are to be nailed one way or another.

  10. Simon Seow says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. This means there’s something very wrong with the previous Selangor state government. If not, he won’t have to go all the way to do this. Let’s hope there’s still enough evident. Not sure whether the police was there to cordon off all people or only people from Barisan Rakyat.

  11. Liyin says:

    Hope that someone in high place can do something about this. Or bring this issue up in the parliament?

  12. a resident of selangor says:

    i’m wandering now will be same incident happen in penang,perak and kedah??

  13. bamboo river says:

    No CCTV meh ?
    I suggest the new state government to install CCTV on all file cabinet /rooms.
    A client of mine did this and guess what? They caught the culprit who tried to smuggle company secrets out from the file cabinet.
    Another client installed CCTV at every corner of the production dept . including the entrance of the toilet!
    Result ? Productivity and output shot up by 33 % .

  14. Feroz Merican says:

    Well he has disappeared with the Keys to the MB’s office. Don’t worry, one of these days he’ll show up selling Nasi Lemak in Wangsa Maju or Ramly Burger in Bukit Gasing. Then we’ll catch him, put him in a boat and send him back to the island of Java.

  15. lawrence says:

    The whole world is watching at Malaysia on this political opera. In order to get to the bottom of it, agreed with TC, no matter how hard the job, just get the culprits as not only one ass was involved.

  16. Azmi says:

    this is bad..too bad..there must have something

  17. ivan yang says:

    There was the change from the Howard Govt, to the Kevin Rudd govt in Aus country recently. Was there anything that we see like this? Maybe thats the difference between 1st and third world governance. Shocking, shocking, shocking! Go after them and hunt them down till they piss in their pants!

  18. army says:

    *ATTENTION ALL MALAYSIAN. My Colleagues Bro is an Army, they voted two days early and he told us that the Army leader will ‘Cross’ all the voting slip on behalf their Army junior. If the Army want it privacy also, the senior will be in front of you to see who you vote. This source is true. No Transparency ! If we dont solve it now.. coming election Opposition will lost again to BN if they put more army vote in all the area!

    *I really hope all PAS/Keadilan and DAP check on this!

  19. Sean E says:

    The rules on postal voting must be reviewed, tightened and amended. The current rule favours the ruling party as the armed forces personnel and policemen who vote by ‘postal voting’ would obviously not jeopardize their career or promotion prospect by voting for the opposition.

    Another point is what determine to which constituent does a postal voter’s vote goes to. Does it has to be his home town, current place of abode or some place where the BN needed his vote most, for example in constituent where BN only has a narrow win in the past?

  20. Sean E says:

    If you want to have a better future for our children in Malaysia, do you bit by signing the on-line petition at

    Why do we need to reform the Election Commission?

    1) the discrepancy between number of voters in urban and rural seats is too great. The smallest parliamentary seat (Federal Territory, Putrajaya) has only 6,608 voters while the parliamentary seat for Kapar in Selangor has 112,224 voters. What this means is that one vote in the Putrajaya parliamentary constituency is equivalent to 17 votes in the Kapar constituency.

    2) A common tactic is to ‘buy’ the identity card of the voters. Party members will then vote on the voters’ behalf. Random checking of a person’s identity must be conducted using those finger print checking device. Any voting done on another person’s identity must be made a serious offence under the election law.

    3) The rules on postal voting must be reviewed, tightened and amended. The current rule favours the ruling party as the armed forces personnel and policemen who vote by ‘postal voting’ would obviously not jeopardize their career or promotion prospect by voting for the opposition.

  21. bamboo river says:

    Toyo is shredding all the botox invoices!
    Get him back here and give him a ‘broom’ to clean the mess.
    Later award him a toilet brush to clean all the shits .

  22. Tsunami Joe says:

    Is anyone from PKR, DAP or PAS making a police report on this and truly press for an investigation? When will the UMNO retards learn that it is NOT business as usual? Can the Sultan quickly make up his mind so that the new Government can be formed and take possession of state instruments?

  23. Sheriff says:

    Z is dead. the next one should be KJ

  24. caravanserai says:

    See what the losers do
    In Selangor the state officers shredded documents
    Instead of doing a public service
    Now the officers are busy shredding papers away

    If the previous government was clean
    These officers don’t have to do it hurriedly
    It is a shameful act or a desperate act to hide
    The evidence of malpractices and corruptions

    The toyol should feel ashamed
    Be a gentleman like Koh Tsu Koon
    Don’t do something stupid
    It shows how shallow a person is

    The Sultan of Selangor
    He has to make up his mind soon
    Let the new leader runs the state quickly
    Before more documents are shredded away

    The police should have taken action
    Yet the police officers keep a distance
    With the photographs abound
    Maybe the new government should investigate
    And then let the people of Selangor know
    The toyol dentist has a bad tooth!

  25. kittykat46 says:

    “Smoking Gun” documents of Kickbacks, Nepotism, Abuse of Power, Crony contracts – take your pick.

    Its all part of the reason why the electorate kicked those jokers out of the State government on Saturday 8 March – this is just confirmation that we did the right thing.

    The Sultan of Selangor really needs to move fast to allow the PKR/DAP/PAS coalition to take possession of the state government.

  26. dave says:

    Toyo needs to be prosecuted. Todya’s malay mail showed Toyo denying all the allegations. Send all these pics and all the evidence to Malay mail and all the media, tv and press. Let’s send the evidence to the Sultan and all the Umno heads too.

  27. Rambo says:

    It is really too much to do an Enron and Arthur Andersen thing. Is this considered as destroying govt properties? Must send the culprit to jail. There must be a lot of shits that public must not know.

  28. bamboo river says:

    No need lah to sent to MSM. It might ended up into the shredding machine but different brand.
    Toyo might not be the one doing the shredding. It is possible he don’t even know about it!
    Maybe the downline staff is two timing him on certain projects lah. So , don’t want to be caught.
    No matter what, the shits will float on water. if not the stinking smell will bring us there. Anyone care to share their noses? Maybe the previous staff ?
    Let the next state government handle this.

  29. RealGunners says:

    i still recall the newspaper showing toyol in tears on the front page… well, of course he did.. gold mine is gone and loads of proof still lying around..
    actually, we don’t need to see the shredding photos to know the dark nature of the previous government.. but with the photos, i think BN will never win back Selangor, ever again..

  30. Antares says:

    Looks like the end of the world for Umno and its criminal cohorts. And we had to endure 50 years of this shit? Never again, people, never again! It’s best that MIC and MCA dismantle themselves and encourage their members to join any of the BR parties.
    Leave Umno to stew in its own stinking juices until it gets totally pickled and preserved as a museum exhibit. Such overt criminality has been going on for decades and we all know it – but until Sunday, March 9th, 2008, nobody believed we could ever vanquish the evil monster than BN has become. Never again allow these soulless creeps into the corridors of power!

  31. nick chan abdullah says:

    hey stop dentist bashing.I thought wan azizah is a dentist too? (i forgot)

  32. bamboo river says:

    No need lah to sent proof to MSM.It might ended up into the shredder but of different brand.
    Let the next state gomen handle this.
    It could be Toyo don’t even know about the shredding job.
    Maybe his downline people is two timing him on certain projects.Don’t want to get caught mah!
    No matter what , the shits will float on water.If not the stinking smell will give way.

  33. Micki Chua says:

    So wat Z is dead!after all the main reason for him 2b dead is he got damn freak out knowing that he will be the 1st person 2b audited when Selangor fell to opposition(who in the correct frame of mind wud hv expected this,yahoo)when I am dead alll my debtors would still come after me or my next of kin.well,give some time for the family to mourn,as a respect for the dead,we are after all human being.Then……..please Ronnie start a audit on his dun know where d hell come fr fortune.As for Toyo,he’s the same gang.Audit him as well.I dare bet my last RM this bunch of so call work for the people are a bunch of suckers.

  34. andy6000 says:

    Toyo, destroying state files is a crime!

    I think he act like playing the fool in his office. Please it’s still raw in Malaysia. Don play play ar..

  35. freewave says:

    Aiyah, like that also don’t know ah, the Sultan is giving time for them to “clean up” the files. That’s why the delay. You can’t do anything if you are not officially the government of the state yet. Hmmm.. I am wondering if the sultan is involved in the corruption? Anyway, my message to the oppositions and citizens is be cool and calm, let it be and do not protest or whatever, let the transition process go smoothly. When you are in power, then do your job to serve the people of Selangor.

  36. YC says:


  37. vkas says:

    The old fellows shredded the files but now the turn of new govt,to shred them.Smoke them from the holes and let all the Malaysian knows what as happen.Dont let anyone to escape,its your time Barisan Rakyat.

  38. Stand for Truth says:

    If i am the new MB, will take legal action against those destroy this documents. Apparently, these guilty peoples afraid of their secret to be surfaced. But I believe that there are much more cases will be brought out then we know where our money go to.
    My question: Why the policemens allow them to enter the building while restrict anybody to enter? Why no policemen accompany them if they really want to do something in the office? Who is the person give instruction to do that? I believe more exciting things coming soon.

  39. Bernsy says:

    1) They do not want a smooth transition in the State Govt, hence lots of data is irretrievable, making the new Govt hard to serve the public

    2) Many corrupt practices that they want to hide

    3) Maybe now there is a reason why the RESULTS of GE12 were not announced as soon as they got news of it, but instead, a few Govt Staff of the Selangor Govt, went ahead into the office to destroy evidence of their corrupt practices….

    When was the building sealed ?
    When was the results official ?
    When did the results came available ?

    So maybe it is wrong to accuse the police of mal practice…. or is it ?

  40. lucia says:

    bernsy talking about smooth transition – reminds me of penang transition – don’t you all agree is the best? i got to hand it to koh tsu koon. he was a gracious loser, admitted being defeated and offer to resign and saying will hand power to the opposition immediately… and true enough he did. even show guan eng around his office and also handed his state car’s key to guan eng. salute to him!

    about selangor’s state office – i thought earlier, somewhere after the result of the election, there were several people from the opposition stationing at the office to prevent people from going in to destroy documents? how come this toyol guy (or his men) can enter the office to destroy the docs? i suppose they didn’t jaga all 24 hrs.

  41. Macgyver says:

    wow! what a surprise…destroying document files which have been kept for years…what are they trying to hide something unusual practise and wrong doing…its ok if they destroy the ingredients of making tempe that will make them look younger and smarter but don’t destroy financial files that needed by the new state officer for references…must call in CSI of Malaysia to investigate…

  42. Jesse James says:

    How do we know these photos represent what has been claimed they represent? They could be any photo of anything…!

  43. LIm says:

    Asking for help, anyone pls help to clarify to me how does SPR @ Election Commision been form and how does their structure works.

  44. Jesse James says:

    please lah – Malaysian CSI? Where got? They could not even find the two girls that went missing recently! Worse still… Ex-MB Toyo(L) is rich enough to buy police protection. As long as there are underpaid police there will be corruption!

    As long as there are greedy politicians there will be corruption. You think DAP & PKR are better ? Come back to me in 5 years and see if you still feel the same way!

  45. Jesse James says:

    go to SPR website and you will read all about it. Type SPR in google and you will be able to learn everything about them.

  46. LIm says:

    Before burnt is not to late, just hire people to stick back strip by strip like jigzsaw. Just matter of workforce and time. Sound stupid but it works.

  47. drloysz says:

    Yang hangpa semua dok kalut pasai dia musnahkan papers tu semua nak buat apa? Dah hangpa opposition dah take over the state, hangpa start la buat kerja yang lebih bermanfaat. Yang dok pi kalut bising-bising sangat ni pasai apa? Apa yang hangpa dapat? Cuba la buat berda berfaedah sket kat negeri yang hangpa opposition baru ‘tawan’

  48. LIm says:

    Jesse James Says:

    March 12, 2008 at 2:56 pm
    go to SPR website and you will read all about it. Type SPR in google and you will be able to learn everything about them.


  49. Jesse James says:

    Final message today will require some thought.

    While the minority celebrates DAP and PKR “wins”… the reality is that the results of the election has cause an erosion of chinese and indian power in the government, now we have more Malays in government than before – worse the friendly and moderate UMNO have been eroded and now we have extremist PKR and PAS in power to distress Malaysians even more… time will reveal the truth. PKR’s leader is proven liar, sodomist, USA supporter (IMF to manipulate Malaysia’s economy) and so much more. PAS leaders may well turn Malaysia into Muslim extremist society – destroying the economy of tourism industry. YOU ALL RISK THIS BY VOTING FOR PAS AND PKR.

    It would be better to start a PAPARAZZI society and to cause and effect constitutional change where politicians are forced to have a duty of care for their actions.

    Malaysian voters have risked a moderate and temperate society just to vent their frustrations with UMNO, PPP, MIC and MCA. There was a better way but because Malaysians are so lazy they prefer to take the easy way out and vote for the opposition! SILLY SILLY SILLY.

    Vote opposition in haste and repent at leisure.

    This is how immature Malaysian voters are!

  50. Jesse James says:

    Dear DrLoys,

    In order to create a clean government, the old crap needs to be analysed and solved first, otherwise we do not know where and what is the problem to overcome.

    For example – – – – How do you take over an company if all the accounts are destroyed?!?!?!?!?!

    Also, very rude to address people as “hangpa” by the way!

    Badawi should invoke an independant IRS investigation into everyone in Government! Starting with multi-billionaire Mahathir who was not even a millionaire when he was a doctor before becoming a politician.

    Why you think Mahathir is so upset… huh?

  51. LIm says:

    As voters we must be concern of the fundamental important of knowing who are we voting for and the party members who run the system internally. Are they majority clean or selfish and corrupted. If the party @ group of mambers are so currupt and irresponsible do you thik they care for the nation?
    Pls don’t take party to represent race so importantly. Look at MCA and MIC in BN, does politician in MCA hold any important ministry role such as education, finance (forget about deputy), international trade and information? Or as Prime Minister and why not?
    Might be because of the racial matters, malaysian are fighting for right among each other. This wasting time, energy and resources where can be concentrate for better economy force and development.
    For my personal opinion it is good for M’sian to make a change in political fundamental at this time, at least break the 2/3 majority. Therefore the parliment are more neutral in spending nation $ in more efficient manner for the benefit of all.
    Pls comment if I am wrong.

  52. freewave says:

    Jesse James… “we have extremist PKR and PAS…”

    Maybe you should provide some references to convince the people what extream activities they involved in other than street demonstration.

  53. freewave says:

    Malaysia will benefits if ALL parties work together. If they can’t work together, they will fight. They should not have anymore street demonstration because now they have a proper channel in the partliament.

    When they fight, supporters will join, specifically if there are street demonstration it will go into international news, investors will lose confidence. It will hurt malaysia and the people very much!

    And I really really hope bloggers are neutral and do not pro any party and report the truth if any one misconduct irrespective to which party he/she came from. If leader in PKR misconduct, report them also, don’t give face so the public can judge to vote the right decision next time.

  54. LIm says:

    “PKR’s leader is proven liar, sodomist, USA supporter (IMF to manipulate Malaysia’s economy) and so much more. PAS leaders may well turn Malaysia into Muslim extremist society – destroying the economy of tourism industry. YOU ALL RISK THIS BY VOTING FOR PAS AND PKR.”

    Hi Jesse James,
    Sorry that I dis agree with your comment above. Let us open this as discussion.
    In the 1997/8 down turn is cause bySorros attact on S.Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore includng M’sia (a few of these countries in the region that I can named of)
    S.Korea and Thailand accepted IMF for this crises like wise HK, S’pore & M’sia. Looking at the S.Korea and Thailand, it is not true that IMF impose manipulation on these countires (though I don’t exacly know their policy)and the fact is S.Korea recover and developed very much faster economy compare to M’sia. Thailand too recover fast in early 00′ just effected by political instability recently. M’sia stock market lost its competitiveness after ’07 after Thailand politic stabilize back recently.
    Take a look at S’pore they are tiny, basically have nothing but M’sia a country that rich in resource. look at them they are 30 years more advance compare to M’sia. From my personal point of view, taking up IMF bailout at that time is neither wrong. Why Mr Mahaldeal is so againts it? Is he too corupt and so afraid and cant afford to be transperent for IMF to interupt? I think he too is person like toyo=toyol and beware of him.
    Pls take BA alittle more positively at least a courage to risk for an oportunity. Time passes by people get mature, change and young people join in the parties and share their idea to. Look forward for better 2morrow

  55. thisissustainability says:

    wtf? what’s dentist has to do with state government documents? there’s no such shit as exorbitant charge by dentist. those hydrolic chair to ensure that we got the right heights so that we dont accidentally drill your foul breathe, bad teethed, super stinky mouth and tongue is more than your kancil’s worth. Those hytech equipment and state of the art material. charging RM50 to see your dirty mouth and super stinky mouth is not worth it! Jerlunboy, you are regressing. Anyway, this could’ve been taken elsewhere. 8-|

  56. TC says:

    wey, wey.. i think the discussion is getting out of the topic ord man….

    read the title again…..

  57. LIm says:

    hehe you’re right. By the way toyol= hantu toyol is not fit at all to be part our government. Open eye big*2 befor voing this type of ppl in the gov org. Or else M’sia needs another time for IMF bailout for our porverty. Maybe in the future

  58. sceptic says:

    I am not sure to believe it or not. Please take a closer look at the files. They say “Mesyuarat Majlis Kewangan NEGARA

  59. sceptic says:

    I am not sure to believe it or not. Please take a closer look at the files. They say “Mesyuarat Majlis Kewangan NEGARA” not “NEGERI”. I should wait for the new MB’s say about this matter.

  60. LIm says:

    true as well

  61. unbreakable spotlite says:

    whoa..this is serious man..
    Toyo get scared and try to hide the truth!!
    I wonder how ppl like this can be our representative all this while.

    Malay Women in Malaysia>>I don’t trust dentists too!!

  62. Walking Bird says:

    The newly appointed government can ask for all these files. If the former MB fail to produce charge him with evidence hiding or destruction and all those involved with crime abetment including the policemen who have cordoned off the building for they too have facilitated the crime! Ask the SLA to build a case against these crimedoers.

  63. dlquill says:

    dont be in a hurry, guys, if all of you can think of all the necessary things to do to the corrupted minister, i am sure the new MB and appointed people already planned for this. destroying papers cannot undo the deeds they have done, the evidence are with them already.

  64. tintin says:

    Mr Jesse James

    Quoting you: “There was a better way but because Malaysians are so lazy they prefer to take the easy way out and vote for the opposition! SILLY SILLY SILLY.”

    What a SILLY thing to say… who is SILLY and LAZY here? Those who voiced out for the change in the government, OR those who kept silence, go with the flow, take the easy way out voting for BN, thinking that we are living in peace now, so let’s remain that way. Regardless of the corruptions, bribery, lies to the people, etc. etc. Being complacent and afraid of making changes, that is LAZY & SILLY, MR!! And excuse me, who did you call sodomist here? Haven’t you heard from Dr M himself, those evidence were all planted only to frame his ex-deputy premier. Dr M confessed that he could do anything because he was in power then.

  65. Gelapan says:

    For PAS people this is not something new. That why when PAS capture Trg, PAS member cordone the DarulIman building. PAS know a lot of thing will be destroyed by the old team. While PAS Pres. said the lorries evidence of misconduct – other people dont believe it. But the actual fact the “hard evidence” have been destroyed just the scatered file and pieces mill of “soft evidence” left.

    What happenning in Selangor actually show that the BA dont share the information. PAS member well know, that why ShahAlam new elected MP instruct PAS member to cordone the SSAAS Building.

    I am sure the Grant Federal money in Selangor have been sucked back to MOF federal at 9 March 2008 – now may be left about RM20.00.

  66. merchant222 says:

    All these corruption, land grabbing and poor governance did not just happen overnight, it became more rampant and big-wigs became bolder and bolder under Mahathir’s administration.

    I was told that one of the sins the state government had done was to alienate 30 acres of public burial grounds to Nirvana, supposedly allocated for the Buddhist in Shah Alam. This was done together with some MCA scums. How are they going to answer to the poor who have to pay ridiculous amounts. People should resort to cremation and have their ashes disposed into the sea since it is expensive to be buried and as a protest in retaliation of money making ventures that burden the public. The Opposition and MB should find out if this is true and who was involved.

  67. sam says:

    thank god, the building was not set ablazed

    (reminds me of the Ipoh road tax department building)

  68. WHERE'RE THE PAPERS? says:

    This is a crime… Big news… yet, it’s not carried in any of the major papers/media. I got an email saying that it came from Sin Chew but I can’t read Chinese. Any Sin Chew readers, please verify.

    You can rest assured that if this was the office when BN took over from the opposition, it’ll be plastered all over the damn news… WTF is going on with this country? WTF are the police doing (apart from getting duit kopi at the side of the road)? Surely they would already know about this! Why is in not in the news… instead, we read of stories still trying to put down the opposition while they feature our beloved Prime Minister vowing to make a change? Damn.. if he wanted to make a change, he should have fired Rafidah, Samy and gang when he had the chance….

    Honestly, if this is what the opposition has taken over, things can’t get any worse and whatever they do, will only be leaps and bounds better than BN eh?

  69. rob says:

    Why should khir toyo share with you the state secrets, scum bags?? Do you think you will not do the same if you change office?

    And for your information all you smart aleks who voted for the opposition, you have dared played with fire and may you get burnt too. Stupid jackasses voting for DAP in Ipoh and get ruled by the PAS gomen. Serves you right.
    How I wish the PAS will:
    1. close down all the pubs in Ipoh vicinity
    2. remove all the liquor from the hotel bars.
    3. Shut down all the security firms.
    4. tear down the cinemas.
    5 Segregate the chineses to a little corner in IPOH etc.
    Now you get a taste of the real situation.

  70. Feroz Merican says:

    Rob , before your wish list comes true in Ipoh and other cities,
    pigs will fly over Masjid Negara. Now you can get a taste of reality.
    If you can’t handle it, move to Kelantan or better still, Saudi Arabia.
    Melayus like you give Melayus like me a bad name. How many PAS members in the State Exco, genius? Didn’t your mother pay enough attention to you when you were little? Why don’t you find a girlfriend
    and get married and become a responsible human being, Rob ?
    If you can’t find a girlfriend, I have plenty of very pretty cousins to introduce to you…

  71. DAVID says:

    Malaysians have chosen who they wanted in the state & parliment. To the winners – congrats, to the losers – repent and changed for the better. DO NOT BE A SOUR LOSER! There were oppositions who have lost before and now they won. Those complacent representatives who won before should ask themselves soul searching questions, only they themselves should answer. No point to be a bad loser. Why can’t you accept defeat and be a better person the next time around. Go about your work for the people even you were not voted in. Show to the people that you still care. That would be a positive sign for the future and not blaming the opposition that they use dirty tactics, etc. You won’t go far. Don’t test the people’s intelligience.

  72. drloysz says:

    dear jesse james;

    ‘hangpa’ is being used throughout the northern region, no offence taken.
    BTW, just go on with the new government, why u must open up can of worms of the past administration, when u already know they might be corrupted, and u know where and what to be corrected? Is it just because of these blaming games?

  73. fendi says:

    those were probably porn… who knows… maybe KT was enjoying his own smooth brand new skin…

  74. tho man says:

    This is so irresponsible..
    Destroying states government document for the sake of taking care his bad ass…

    If I were “abang” and “kakak” working to destroy “sulit” document I will definitely hide the document for later use to track down past activity or to blackmail former MBs.

    Wake up!!! everyone of us are looking forward a better Malaysia.

  75. Nissie Elliot says:

    Nothin much to comment. Thgs happen, let us pray for better & peace life. I do belief, everyone of us want safe and good thgs to happen. Jus be alert, proactive citizen to develop good Malaysian integrity. Remember its not easy to get to tis level, jus upgrade it to the better level….hehehe

  76. wah…. interesting stuff. Too much of politics.

    Badminton anyone? Come and play with me.

  77. billauchris says:

    All the files belong to the Government; and therefore the people. Some of the BN candidates are really bad losers. Why did they stoop so low as to destroy the public files? Have they got somthing to hide? Are they afraid that more skeletons would be dug up and exposed?

    I really feel flabbergasted at the news report. This sort of conduct is most uncalled for. It is criminal and those responsible should be investigated and punished adequately upon conviction. If such conduct were to go unpunished, then anything BOLEH di buat in Malaysia.

    What if one day the NRIC Department destroyed our records? We would be left hanging in the air. We cannot prove that we were born in Malaysia nor can we prove that we are bona fide citizens of Malaysia. The authorities can then allege that we are aliens and therefore illegal immigrants! We can then be jailed and sent to Timbuktoo.

    I posit this question to all my friends in this country. can the above happen under the present management of BN? Can we trust some of these meat heads?

    Please for heaven sake do not let the recalcitrant losers get away scot free. They have to answer to the public. I am watching. We are watching and the whole nation is watching at what the authority or authorities are going to do?

    Pak Lah are you going to take the above serious matter to the UMNO (U Must Not Object) Supreme Council for a decision like what you did in the Terengganu Saga?

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