Mahathir Mohammad is wailing again. He says that allegations about him threatening the judiciary during his term as prime minister was mean to shut him up? (Bernama).

He’s not giving up. He will continue to speak his mind in his blog, he said.

This is one of the ways to wallop me for speaking out but I am not going to stop. I will continue writing in my blog and it will be up to the people whether to believe (the allegations),” he told reporters in Langkawi.

Of course, there are some fools who will support you. But there are many, many others who believe Judges Ian Chin’s story, about veiled threats and boot camps for recalcitrant judges, that is.

Would you rather believe this man who plundered the country for 22 years or Judge Ian?

How long does Mahathir want to avoid telling the truth?








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  1. Richard says:

    Of course I believe Ian Chin………..Dr M must stop making false assumptions which has no basis……

  2. sang kancil says:

    Mad Chang and his master are walking dead. Do you know these two dunggus have lied to the Malaysians all their political lives and are living proof that they cannot be trusted. To these two liars , lying is a way of live and it is just second nature to them. We just have to igore them.

    I believe in Justice Ian Chin anytime, period.

    Well done Justice Chine for speaking up. Professor Art Harun willl agree that the truth will alway prevails.

  3. wits0 says:

    sang kancil : “I believe in Justice Ian Chin anytime, period.”

    Naturally. Ian Chin even looks honest.

  4. hkengmacao says:

    Of course I trust Ian Chan. Recalcitrant would not tell the truth. Stop dreaming.

  5. wits0 says:

    M does not know what’s truth. He’s amoral and too cynical. “Truth” is what he said it is with himself as the centre of the universe!

  6. Bornfree says:

    After the Lingam case who would believe Dr. M.

  7. Lallang exile says:


    Let’s not visit his blog!!! he could rant all he wants, but there’ll be no audience.

    Truth, as defined by M, is at most a convenient word borrowed by the likes of him as a defence to the indefensible.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The old man should take it easy. Surely he doesn’t expect to live another 50 years? During his reign as emperor of Malaysia, he built many edifices like Petronas Towers to boost his ego but neglected the wellfare of the rakyat. Corruption was so rampant and ingrained that we are still shacked by it. If anyone in the country deserves to be the ‘father of corruption’ or ‘father of racism’, he’ll win hands down.

  9. imwatchingu says:

    The old man should take it easy. Surely he doesn’t expect to live another 50 years? During his reign as emperor of Malaysia, he built many edifices like Petronas Towers to boost his ego but neglected the wellfare of the rakyat. Corruption was so rampant and ingrained that we are still shacked by it. If anyone in the country deserves to be the ‘father of corruption’ or ‘father of racism’, he’ll win hands down.

  10. Lea Cruz says:

    The old man now accused others want to wallop him from speaking out!!! In actual fact, he was and is the one who wallop others who dare to speak out against him. He was a dictator. Even now he is still in the state of denial. Blessed are we the malaysian no longer under his era. Time for those whom he mistreated come out to reveal the truth behind it. Hopefully our present govt have the qualified & capable personnels to deal with it, otherwise how could the rakyat have confidence on them. For those who refused to speak out against the old man was because they have no confidence on the present govt. Who wants to put themselves in trouble knowing that no one could help them to give them the fair justice.

  11. bamboo river says:

    I Can Imagine IF Our Late Tunku Abdul Rahman (God Bless His Soul & May He Rest In Peace) is still Living Today and have his own BLOG.

  12. kcee says:

    CheDet check this out!
    The people will send you to peoples’ boot camps to teach you good manners & humility in retirement before your callings and you can take your pesky Matthias for keep.

  13. AAB says:

    There one thing I like about Mahathir, his ability to lie through his teeth and unabashedly grin in oder to hide his grimace. For example, look at what he says here in the Bernama report.

    Asked whether he was planning to take action if the claims were not true, he said: “In which court should I bring up my case? I don’t have the money and I don’t know if I can win.”

    Ha ha ha. I fell from my chair laughing at this.

  14. susu kacang says:

    Shut up all of you!

  15. susu kacang says:

    …..I mean Mahathir and his “ant-soldiers”!

  16. hutchrun says:

    The problem with Mahathir is he never really had a good beating. He`s begging for one before the maggots start on him.
    His last fling.

  17. int says:

    some minds are better left unspoken.

  18. Keris says:

    Well if any one think that Dr M is guilty than pls proceed to bring up the case. If not what’s the issue? He has done a lot of good things for Malaysia and this is what he deserved. Ingrates !!!

  19. raj says:

    its really the time for PR to take over if there is a possibility and bring to book the real crooks-but again who hasnt got a skeleton in his/her cupboard? The moral courage do not exist in malaysia sorry to bloody tired.

  20. I believe in Ian Chin.
    What would have happened to Ian if he had spoken up during Mamak’s time as a P.M., would the Mamak Mahathir not do to him what he did to Tun Salleh and the other Judges ?
    Mamak Mahathir lost his memory and his head a long time ago, to be precise, when he sold his soul to become a ‘Malay’ which he never will. He will still die a Mamak.

    UMNO gave him and all the Mamaks and many others the opportunity to make up the 60% Malay population, they are supposed to have in Malaysia. When deep down they know what the real numbers are in Malaysia. That is why they allow the Indonesians to come and become citizens in record numbers and times because they are afraid the non Chinese will discover the truth someday soon!
    Is it true that the Malays are 60% of the population? Or is it another one of Mamak Mahathir’s illusions and bluffs to justify for all his evil atrocities in the name of Malay majority.
    Some years back the Malays even had to make a scene to stop the British from allowing more non Malays to immigrate to Malaysia. They were afraid they would one day become the minority in ‘their own country’.
    Just not so long ago a senior UMNO member was even seen to have said on TV that one of the main reasons why UMNO had to insist that the first P.M. kick Singapore out of Malaysia was because, with the Singapore Chinese population, the Malays would once again be the minority race of Malaysia.
    Since ‘kicking’ Singapore out of Malaysia and in such a matter of less than 60 years the Malays have certainly ‘grown’ a lot or shall I say multiply a lot I must add !
    Why don’t they get UN to do a real censor ?

    It does not matter the few ‘supporters’ (the Mamak should the real unumber) he may have but the fact is he will soon go to see his forefather as an Indian and never a Malay. He is hanging on to be a Malay because he wants to enjoy the Malay privileges and his off-spring Mamaks.

  21. kittykat46 says:

    Its part of Mahathir’s narcissism that he sees absolutely nothing wrong with what he did.

    Mahathir actually considered it appropriate that the judiciary should be simply another branch of the executive and support it.

  22. caravanserai says:

    Dr M should disclose the truth
    People want to find the reason why
    They don’t want any cover up
    Though the truth hurts
    It is better this way…………..

    Owned it up
    Rebut Datuk Ian Chin disclosures
    He is a High Court Judge
    There must be truth in it

    Events had happened years ago
    If a leader handles fairly
    There shall not be any ripple in the ocean
    What goes up; it has to come down
    The law of physics won’t change

    Judiciary has nose drive
    Years ago until others aren’t confident
    About the court cases in the country
    It takes years to get an appeal
    Like Irene Fernandez…………

    Say the truth
    Let move forward
    If a wrong has been done
    A leader must be willing to say sorry

  23. Sofiajualbawangdikakilima says:

    Mahathir is Malaysia’s top master-manipulator. I am in the knowledge that he is paternally of Indian origin.

    He played the racial cards perfectly well where his true intention for love of any race is just a smokescreen as a conniving tools to serve his diabolical and avarice interest.

    For example- He wrote the “Malay Dilemma” to incite racial hatred of the Malays to cry and fight for racial equalities where his true intention is to seek position and power.

    When this was achieved, he then enriches himself via kickbacks making his family the richest of billionaires club (money stashed in hidden overseas account) as other Malays who he feigned to championed don’t even have a single cent to but a “roti”.

    AAB is the lamest PM of all. He not only failed in his duty to at least quell corruption to
    satisfactory public appraised level, but a failed reformer.

  24. Truthbeknown says:

    TDM’s loyal pet puppy said the judge was bitter becoz he was not promoted.
    Now, how does that nullify the truth of what the judge said? Wouldn’t a person who was unfairly treated (with threats and punishment) be bitter?
    The puppy is a lawyer and he has this kind of logic??? WARPED, just like his master!!

  25. Alex says:

    some times ignoring a person is the best weapon .This is what the public has to do to TDM.
    Why are we giving him importance when he is a past history ….to be read is some paragraph of some obsolete history for which we are good at…kudus to DBP.

    Ignore him and life will be better .We all know about him and his way of talking …ha ha ha

  26. This man whose favorite phrase is ‘I don,t care” bespeaks a character diminished in responsibility. Such character is very dangerous lacking in a moral compass which the normal person based his actions. I can only think of such personage of evil like Hitler or Stalin or the Khmer Rouge leaders who spare no second thoughts in ethnic cleansing as they believe that the ends justified the means.

    If this man still holds power today, woes will befall the Chinese and Indians and the Malays who do not support his ideals. All will be thrown into prisons, or if the Johore leaders meant it,the Chinese and Indians will be asked to go back to China and India, and the Malays, return to Indonesia.

    This malignant that stands like a obscene blot in our clean landscape should be totally removed otherwise his constant belligerent rampage , even his every existence will cause irreparable damage to our social structure which is build on understanding, patience and reasonableness. He seem like a psychopath, a deranged person like the Incredible Hulk bent on causing the maximum damage in his rage.

  27. Siao liao says:

    You can’t shut me up! , said Mahathir.

    I suppose ‘You’ here was referring to Ian Chin.

    My question is why should Ian Chin want Mahathir’s mouth shut? Gila and no sense.

    Mahathir is expert in ‘Pusing’…….don’t let him ‘Pusing’ us.

  28. Harrison says:

    Mahathir’s “Snippets”

    He challenged the “scum” to reveal and accept his challenge at law-court to the allegations that he has billions in foreign bank accounts. He even furtherance to challenge the allegations by writing to any of the Israeli banks to reveal any accounts under his/family’s name.

    Wow, wow and wow. Is that “scum” ready to substantiate his/ her allegations? I wonder….

  29. DR SURESH KUMAR says:

    There is a saying in Tamil which goes like this `what you cant bend at the age of 5 ,you can never bend it at the age of 50′ meaning if one cannot correct an obnoxious child at the age of 5,never can one achieve it when the child reaches 50.

    What more at the age of 83!!!.A calcitrant like Mahathir will always remain one forever.
    He says people are trying to smear him to shut him up and that he will continue to speak his mind out,for others to know him.Just take a look at those comments in his blog one can decipher the quality and intellect of those he is reaching out to.

    Majority of them are nothing but a bunch of ball carriers who most likely must be the factory product of NEP,who must have either directly or indirectly benefitted from Mahathir and his cronies.

    To be be fair to Mahathir the half past six government of AAB should conduct a royal commission of inquiry on this latest startling claim by Datuk Ian Chin,so that Mahathir could defend himself.But this wont happen because they will be sweeping it under the carpet.`Birds of like feather flock together’.

    I notice some readers say that he should be praised for converting Malaysia from an agro based economy to a manufacturing and industrial based one.Any leader worth his salt should be doing this to lift up the standard of life of his/her citizens.Thats the prime duty of a true leader.In the end what happened to all those billions earned?

    All got drained into worthless mega projects many of which remain white elephants today.What good did twin towers,F1 circuit,the wetlands,cyberjaya to name a few do for the man on the street eventually?He was busy churning out sub standard graduates and buzy enriching his cronies and family members.The worst of all is, he meddling with the judiciary which is the pillar of strength of any nation.

    The time is rife now for him to tell the truth to all peace loving Malaysians and stop playing his racial cards and salvage some respect in his twilight years and seek pardon from god.

  30. songchin says:

    Ai yah, TDM , you should go ahead and sue that judge lah, maybe for RM 150 million or more for defamation and libel etc, why cakap banyak, cakap no bring in money lah

  31. hutchrun says:

    Is it possible that in regards to the Ayer Molek case, Mahathir is not aware of the Court of Appeal’s dicta in that case,”Something is rotten in the State of Denmark”?, despite the extensive coverage given the matter and that dicta?

    On the other hand, did Mahathir choose Lingam for the job of defending himself against Anwar’s claim in defamation precisely because Lingam had been reported to be the agent responsible for the rotting of the House of Denmark?

    Mahathir must choose between being seen to be very stupid or very cunning.

  32. artemus22 says:

    I believe Datuk Ian Chin.

    Kalau tiada angin, masakan pokok boleh bergoyang.

  33. David says:

    In politics, I’ve no reason to believe anyone of them.
    Be it Ian Ching or Dr Mahathir!
    What I’m really worried is the present crisis that we’re facing.
    To critize or to support whichever one of them is not going to help our country or our welfare.
    It’s just an act to divert every of our intention in order to make us forget about our struggle.
    As for Mr. Karpal Singh, it’s best for him to concentrate more on resolving the rakyat’s problem first before digging into Mahathir’s affair.
    Just remember that Mahathir is no more in control of the country so leave him out for the time being.

  34. hutchrun says:

    MggPillai (now decd.) wrote 2006-01-28:

    Tan Sri Vincent Tan, a friend of the UMNO establishment then but not anymore, took me to court, arranged for a hearing at double-quick time, without my knowledge. I had some lawyer who called me saying he was going to discharge himself if I did not give him any instructions.

    That was a Saturday before the Monday of the trial in 1994, and when I first knew I was being sued. I asked the lawyer for proof that I had engaged him. He had none, either from me or the seven other defendants. I went to Mr Karpal Singh, who could only come at the weekend, so I defended myself. In such circumstances where the plaintiff had not given his side of the dispute, there is provision for the plaintiff’s defence to be adduced in open court. I was not allowed to. The judge was hostile from the start. He would not give a postponement so that I could a lawyer of my choice of lawyer “because I would then not be the judge.” We lost. in the Court of Appeal, Mr Justice Sri Ram told Mr Karpal, early in the proceedings, to look out of the windows. He looked, and said he could see nothing. “Well, don’t you see your appeal floating down the window.” We knew then we had lost. But as we were leaving the court building, one of the three judges asked us to look at a certain page of the judgement. We did and gave us the reason to get the permission to appeal to the Federal Court, which we got.

    The chief justice, Tun Eusoff Chin, decided he would be part of the three judges, while he was around, who heard permission to appeal. In the Federal Court, Tun Eusoff sat. My lawyer asked that he be recused, but he refused, saying there were not enough judges to go around. This request was made after I had distributed photographs of he and Tan Sri Vincent Tan’s lawyer and their families holidaying in New Zealand. But Tun Eusoff took the view that it did not matter as there was no further appeal. So he thought. I lost again, but I appealed to the Federal Court to reverse itself. But I could do it only after Tun Eusoff retired. I filed the appeal, with a different set of lawyers as Mr Karpal Singh felt the Federal Court would not order what I wanted, shortly before Tun Eusoff was due to be sworn in as governor of Penang. Since he was a party of a court action, he was not appointed. The Federal Court in 2003 said it would rehear my appeal. So far it has not.

    This is what ordinary people face.

  35. Siao liao says:

    Dr. Suresh Kumar,

    You summed it up for all of us, bravo!!!!

    Malaysia need to clear of these messes.

  36. Anak Johor says:

    Thank you “Iron Chin”, being stand firm to uphold the justice.
    Our judiciary system going down to the drain since Dr M in power, it is time now to reinstall and revive our system.

  37. novice101 says:

    Yawn! Yawn! Yawn!

  38. donplaypuks says:

    Mahathir 0, Justice Ian Chin 10 !

    Why doesn’t Dr M have an on-line poll. It might shock him to shut up when he realises how many of our Rakyat think he is a straight-faced liar!

  39. fatmawati says:

    JUST IGNORE THE OLD MAN. Those stupid press media can’t they just ignore them, stopping interview or publish anything about him once and for all??? Let him rot in hell. If you treat him as someone important, then he would become someone important. But if you treat him as Nut, then he would be as Nut.

  40. Sufiacumlambatly says:

    The fact is that the (online) media like can be bias based on one account. It 1st hand account needs to be appraised and counter-argue by the affected party/ies.

    You can’t have a one man press in a multi-party country isn’t it? What honor does one have, if those who claimed and seems to practice press freedom at the time of duress only to have a one-sided view when they assume power or victory?

    Ian Chin made no mistake in his arrival of decision to expose the “indoctrination” of Judges at the “Boot-Camp” although the arrival of his decision to speak up came lately after the completion of the Royal C. E. into the “Linggamgate” scandal.

  41. Sufiacumlambatly says:

    The fact is that the (online) media like can(not) be bias based on one account.

  42. burstaxon says:

    Ian Chin in on Badawi’s payroll. See how he implicated Mahathir and Anwar in the same breath.
    But since Anwar is the flavor of the month with you guys, nobody has said anything. Blinkered lot are we?

  43. I don't mean it says:

    This old man got selective memory and every one knows he spend the country money away in the darkest 22 years of Malaysia history and now the younger generation have to suffer. Malaysia do not need him any more and he should bring Daim to pay back the country.

  44. Let all those with important truths speak up
    Don’t keep vital matters to yourself and tense up
    Please don’t wait till the last moment when all pent up
    Before you decide to reveal everything critical and show up

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 140608
    Sat. 14th June 2008.

  45. DR SURESH KUMAR says:

    Hi burstaxon,

    Jst for your information you can view my comments on Anwar’s blog titled’wanton in size,callous in effect’.Given Anwar’s reputation in the past,I too have my doubts but then it’s worth taking a chance with him now.

  46. Dr. Rosli says:

    Judge Ian Chin was telling the thruth. Challenge him in court if you believe otherwise.

    As exposed, the records are clear that through his consistent inteference, Tun Mahathir is responsible for ruining the justice system – He sacked Tun Salleh Abbas and other judges, he was implicated in the Lingamgate case and it is a public knowledge that he intefered with the court in Anwar’s case.

    Let us urge PM Abdullah Badawi – if he is really committed to uphold justice – to charge Tun Mahathir in court. This will send a clear messaage to him that he cannot escape from the net of the law and that nobody is interested to shut him off as he conveniently claims to sidetrack the real issue.

    Put him in jail and let him languish there and tell him that he is free to to speak from his prison cell.

  47. Azmin says:

    Malaysian people seemed to be a bit slow and timid one way or another. If these kind of issues happening in Indonesia, Thailand or The Philippines, there would be thousands and thousands of people rally on the streets to urge the PM or Govt to act seriously. Perhaps the malaysian are rather either peaceful or dumb.

  48. burstaxon says:

    Interesting to note that whilst we urge Badawi to charge TDM in court, we are convinced enough to put him in jail already.

    In your eyes, TDM is bad for not respecting the judiciary and in the same breath, neither do we..

    I voted Opposition too but I would like to claim the the high moral ground by believing in innocence until PROVEN guilty.

    With that, the onus is in the powers that be the charge TDM ( or maybe our two Drs above, can make more police reports or equivalent to citizen arrest, personal charge etc ). Not TDM having to prove his innocence!

    I’d love to hear TDM’s statements under oath.

  49. Ctizen Me says:

    We are now looking for the truth. Where is it. It is stuck in the throats of Malaysians. The truth will will only be released when we as a nation get rid ofthe OSA and its elder brother ISA.

    I hope that concerned Malaysians will keep an eye on the SPR. Elections in this country must be free and fair because that is the instrument of last resort to preserve Malaysian integrity.

  50. sklee says:

    Justice Ian Chin is a learned experienced High Court Judge who is also independent-
    minded.Surely, he can distinguished between an innocent statement and a veiled threat!Tun Mahathir is a politician…a fighter,recalcitrant and cunning to boot.I believe Honorable Justice Ian Chin.He has the gumption and the integrity to reveal now what actually took place in that particular Conference.There were many other judges too!

  51. The only brilliant Malay in this country is Daim Zainuddin. He keeps a very low profile, keep to his own counsels, never bothering anyone, quietly enjoying hs billions without intrusions.

    The mamak should learn from this crony and keep his counsel to himself and not contanminate Malaysia with his outbursts thereby bring undue attention to himself.

  52. Andrew says:

    There’s a medical term for the symptoms shown by Mahathir. It’s called schizophrenia. Unlike gangrene, it’s not removable.

  53. tamade says:

    Saddam Hussein of Iraq believed in “the mother of all wars” and he was hanged by his country’s men. This flur is “the father of denial” and he has to be judged for all the “crimes” and “dosa” when he was the head of executives for the past 20 over years. He will never repent for what he has done because he always believes he is right. To him, he is the brightest and the most capable man, therefore he is indispensible. The only one who can succeeds him is his clone, not even his out-spoken son. So now, the Bolehland’s cabinet must clone him as soon as possible (like in the movie-The Sixth Day), otherwise, Bolehland will submerge and all Rakyat will perish..

  54. theironwang says:

    politicians psshaw, you can’t trust any of them. unless their first name begins with a bara- and their last name ends with -ama. winkwink

  55. targus says:

    Tun Dr Mahathir is a true statesman. He managed a country like Malaysia for 22 over years and he succeeded in every aspects as a visionary leader.

    There are so many commentors here who are just talking BS and in denial mode due to hatred.

    What have you contributed to Malaysia in the last 22 years or so compared to Tun Dr Mahathir?. I am asking you so called Dr Sur.. who?.

  56. wits0 says:

    Well targus, either we BS or you’ve been living on URanus. Hard to imagine any place in between.

  57. kesava says:

    Aiyah wits0, targus is the toilet paper stuck to madhey`s arse for more than 22 years. That his vision, black hole of kerala.

  58. Azmin says:

    Targus has eyes but not see, has ears but not hear. There are many Targuses in this bolehland that get easy money and corrupted. Not a surprise la.

  59. Harrison says:

    “targus” may be a regular flatterer who contributed in the When I posted a comment calling the old man a “hypocrite”, he did not approve my comments. He only approve of what he wants to hear and that is the TRUTH, NOTHING BUT THE WHOLE TRUTH. 😀 U can check and post criticism in his blog if you do not believe me.

  60. Deman says:

    Has anyone ever wondered, why a so-called ‘esteemed’ judge managed to only gather his guts to spill out the ‘truth’ after so many years??? If he’s a so-called guardian of justice why didn’t he spilled the beans back then…. why wait a lifetime?

    Even if the consequences would mean having to lose his job, it would mean that he did not compromised his integrity. Heck, he could easily get into one of the private practice if getting a job is such an issue.

    Another this is why did he comment on something 1) that does not have any relevance to the case he is presiding 2) on the bench where he is immune? Why didn’t lodge a police report now… why didn’t he say it as a person where he could be subject to libel? Some people hatred for a person just blinds them on the basic facts of the issue at hand… Sigh…

    p/s: the DPM back then when the alledge boot camp was none other than the the ‘fighter for new malaysia’ mr. anwar. and what is his reply regarding the boot camp? – he does not recall… again… sigh…

  61. Ramli says:

    I believe the judge. Ask Mahathir what action his attorney general took to bring the killer of that poor Indian caddy to justice. There was no law during Mahathir’s regime and looking at that Mongolian case, things have improved only slightly during Abdullah”s time, at least in my view.

    Deman, you don’t know if the judge spoke up before or not. Your BN kakis controlled the press then and only printed (and still print) what they want us to know. it is only the cyberspace that has made discussions like this one possible.

  62. Sufiacumlambatly says:

    If I may be granted the permission not to defend Justice Ian Chin’s arrival of his shocking revelation about “indoctrination” of Judges at the “boot camp” but to offer my view as been alluded by commentator “Deman” who after all this while of debating decided to come lately in questioning Justice Ian’s Chin’s (true) motives behind that revelation or whether Ian is credible, incredible, or somewhere in the middle?

    Deman’s prodded:-

    1) that does not have any relevance to the case he is presiding

    Sufia is of the opinion that Justice Ian Chin’s revelation of the so-called “boot-camp” was a pre-emptive steps upon pre
    siding the hearing of the contestants in a (ELECTION PETITION SUIT) filed by the DAP candidate for the Sarikei parliamentary seat, Wong Hus She, to declare the result of the March 8 general election for the seat void.

    He further asserted ““I take this course also because I am smarting over the complaint that the detention of my father and brother during the time of the Mustapha regime in Sabah in late 1969 and the early 1970 should have been but not disclosed. (See Sabah Foundation & 2 Ors vs Datuk Syed Kechik & Anor, Kota Kinabalu High Court at Civil Matters/SabahFoundation.doc)”.

    To Deman, does the revelation needs, or must be of any case relevance even after the aforesaid justifications does not satisfy you?


    Your point (2) on the bench where he is immune? which is relevant to justify why Justice Ian had not take appropriate steps/actions duly, as you mention why police reports had not been lodged by him on such matters?

    Sufia is of the opinion that

    (1) Since Mahathir’s regime who is clearly and irrefutable responsible for the “Judiciary’s
    Darness” since his rule or if you may, slightly “early” before the Tun Salleh Abbas Saga, Mahathir has been quelling dissent against any opposing actions which substantiate the removal of Salleh Abbas abd other Judges.

    What would a police report do? have you ever or chose to ignore an old saying “ONe man’s meat is another man’s poison” which power-play still proves to conquer, rule in this “BODOHLAND”.

    Given the circumstances since AAB dares to a certain degree given immunities and the decision to call for A Royal Commission of Enquiry in to the Linggamgate scandal, can that be seen as the first and accountable steps to guarantee immunity to “Whistle-Blowers”?

    Imagine if you are in the pre-RCI into the Linggamgate scandal, would you dare to place on records of incriminating improprieties from within- the Judiciary?

    Did not a former High Court Judge Syed Ahmad Idid who wrote revelations of corrurpt Judges in anonymity during the Mahathir regime ended up been resigning (or you call de-facto sacked) instead of his proprieties (the Judges whom he alleged to be corrupt
    being investigated)?

    Here :

    As I sniff what you asked so “lambatly” even after this debate is ongoing for weeks, are you on the “take” as well?

  63. Sufiacumlambatly says:

    The Hindraf 5 lodged a police report against AAB and certain perpoles including the IGP for falsely accusing them of terrorism.

    The outcome-few days later the HINDRAF 5 were incarcerated under the ISA.

    While I am not in agreement on the the contents of the letters by Hindraf to Queen Elizabeth on certain points that were aggravated by the use of language, surely I do not see thier detention under the ISA justifiable.

  64. Siti says:

    hahaha, I agreed with u, Harrison. It happened to mine the other day….not approved ‘cos I scolded him like a big mama. He only accepts those “YES” MEN, like any ordinary old man can’t bear hearing a word “NO” from us. No wonder his blog were full of flattering comments like targus kind.

  65. DR SURESH KUMAR says:

    Hi targus g’day to you,

    Though you didn’t write the full name for best reasons known to you,nevertheless I assume that your question was directed to me,regarding my contribution to Malaysia.

    I thank you for your question as it gives me an opportunity to educate you as to what contribution is to our beloved motherland,Malaysia.

    Due to time constraint I am unable to repeat what I have already posted in susan loone’s blog dated 2008/05/17 under the title singapore-dont-hate-me-pls.I welcome you to read my comments there and I have also explained how my wife who is also a dr and I lost our Australian PR in our quest to `contribute to Malaysia’ and in return how the system of Mahathir failed to not only retain us but many other non-bumi Malaysians too.What I wrote there is only the tip of the ice-berg.

    From the tone of your comments I assume that you are a bumi and most probably a product of the prejudiced NEP.If you are, then our tax money surely had benefitted you and the others at the expense of our own kind with far better and excellent academic results.Is this not `contribution’?How about our forefathers tax money?Was that not contribution?My wife and I helped ease at least 2 dr shortages in the public sector(do visit the the earlier comment as I mentioned earlier to see how we did that).Is this not `contribution’?Out of my 4 staff I employed 3 were bumis,is this not contribution?Assuming that you have already gone through my comments in the other blog of susan’s,I have this to ask you.What did Mahathir’s government and the present government contribute to us and the likes of us?

    I am not going to ask you what did you contribute to Malaysia as that would be pointless but I would like to ask you`HOW MUCH’you and your family benefitted sitting down from the flawed NEP since it’s inception in 1974 and also the benefit you gained during Mahathir’s regime till today?Thats a total of 34 for years.


  66. people's voice says:

    How long does Mahathir want to avoid telling the truth?

    Aiya! Our dear sweet sloone, as long as Mahathir can keep the loots he plundered during the 22 years he reined Bolehland. Mahathir will avoid telling the truth.

    The People’s Voice: Mahathir! You are guilty of corruption and the punishment is that you must return all the loots plundered. then go and conduct yourself this -> Mahathir telling the truth before doing this

  67. DR SURESH KUMAR says:

    Hi burstaxon,

    Do you think if I or Dr Rosli were to make a police report against Mahathir,the police is going to take any action?What happened to the police report made by the veteran politician `lion’Karpal Singh?

    You wrote that`I would like to claim the moral high ground by believing in innocence until PROVEN guilty.

    Every peace loving and right thinking citizen on this earth will concur with you.In the same breath I would like to ask you,how about those 70 people languishing in the prison under the merciless ISA?Especially the HINDRAF 5 who had written to the Mahathir and the present govt. umpteen letters voicing out merely the grievances of the marginalized and the desperate in their own country,which went unanswered.They had to take it to the streets only after they had exhausted all available avenues and for that the 5 have been castigated under ISA.If this is seditious in nature then inciting racially inflammatory speeches like what Mahathir did in JB recently is called what?How about the serious allegations by Datuk Ian Chin against Mahathir?

    He has been accused of wrong doing and therefore he must prove himself to all Malaysians that he is innocent,there are no two ways about it.He must thank his lucky stars that Badawi is a very weak person and dare not put him in under ISA.He has a chance to defend himself unlike those ISA detainees.Infact he should be made to taste his own medicine hence he will know 1st hand how is it to languish in prison without trial and the pain of innocent kids missing their fathers.

    If Malaysians want a just,fair and peaceful Malaysia then let the law take it’s course,no one is indispensable.Mahathir has to answer the nation.

  68. wits0 says:

    A man is known by the company he keeps. Mugabe’s is Madey’s good friend. Justification and reason? Just because Mugabe raves and rants against the white man?

    Check : “A blind eye to Mugabe’s reign of terror”

  69. robin hood says:

    Mmmm…. Mugabe was our pm for 22 years and the mamak fella was a dictator in some part of Africa. Or is it? Aiyah! so confusing lah, these two identical twins.

  70. Deman says:

    Dear Ramli,

    Deman, you don’t know if the judge spoke up before or not. Your BN kakis controlled the press then and only printed (and still print) what they want us to know. it is only the cyberspace that has made discussions like this one possible. (end quote)

    It is a serious matter. It should not have been spoken through the media at first. It should start with a police report where you will then have a copy you can show to the press. If the media was so restrictive back then, there are other regional NGOs that could help blow the matter in international media, and didn’t DAP and PAS were there during that time. And to claim today is better than yesterday, why didn’t he lodge a report now… Even Karpal asked him to do it, why didn’t he? Care to explain?

    And another thing, i’m not a BN stooge… i voted for PR, so stop generalizing all opposite views as coming from a brainless BN dimwit without making yourself look the same. I am not affiliated with either parties, not in the past, not now and nor will i be in the future.

    To Sufiacumlambatly,

    Your claim of AAB opening up the system is merely a smokescreen to create anger towards the previous government with the aim of deflecting the mess of the current one. Even if there were any past misdeeds of TDM’s government, it is what’s happening now that matters the most. The country is slipping to oblivion and people still get worked up by what happened 10 or 20 years ago. Stop the current rot first then proceed with the errors of the past.

  71. wits0 says:

    “Stop the current rot first then proceed with the errors of the past.”

    That works fine for first aid. But for this matter, the understanding and recognition of how this rot came about needs to be understood first. If the source and reason for the rot is not even spotted and pin-pointed, there’s no hope of remedying it. Somethings need to be tackled simultaneously, sorta, not in arithmetic progression style.

    Face it, instituted racism in politics produced elitism and elitism engendered all the ills afterwards. Greed features predominantly of course as the elites entrench their interests for perpetual status through nepotic ‘entitlement’.

    One thing the PR can do is to dismantle the system of mass producing titled people just because they are rich and powerful.

  72. wits0 says:

    Susan: “How long does Mahathir want to avoid telling the truth?”

    He doesn’t know what is truth. Getting his way represents truth and righteousness!

  73. burstaxon says:

    Exactly Deman. Once a fanatic, always a fanatic. Regardless whether BN or PR. Just because one disagree with a point of view, one automatically becomes ‘them’.

  74. Notty Gurl says:

    I believe Tun anytime…. If Ian Chin is correct, why didnt he stand up then?? Why now?? For someone who practise justice and good governance, if Tun was wrong, than he should be prepared to stand up to Tun and say it out loud. Yah, he might be damned to oblivious but hey, isnt that what standing up for is about?

    Perhaps a lot of people might see the amount left by Tun to Abdullah as little but please remember, Tun didnt inherit a country that was booming, so to speak. Malaysia then and Malaysia now is like day and night. Tun do have his faults and follies. He is afterall a human being. We have witnessed that nobody could do a better job than Tun did in running a country that is full of problems. If we are quick to condemn him, let’s be quick to also admit that if we are to be given that opportunity to run this country, we will not be able to do it as well as he did during his time. “Let the man with no sin be the first to throw the stone… ”

    Everybody rant about how “clean” one should be when in office.. but please wake up.. Nothing is “clean” in this world. I wont dare say that if I am given the opportunity to sit in a position of influence, I will not benefit my families and friends. I am just being realistic here… Of course, again, I too will not go overboard and bleed the organisation dry.. At the end of the day is about using one’s conscience.

  75. wits0 says:


    Inaction is not an option

    Many, including Judges, are tired of the Judiciary being the subject matter of headlines in the press.

    The Malaysian public is probably likewise fatigued.

    The Government appears to just not want to investigate any further issues about the Judiciary, but prefers
    to “move on” with their proposed reforms.

    In short, people are fed up and it would understandably be tempting to brush aside the revelations recently
    made by the High Court Judge Ian Chin and former High Court Judge Datuk Muhammad Kamil Awang.

    But would dismissing the disclosures out of hand be the right thing to do?

    Are we to just ignore what the Judges have said and pretend those incidents never happened? Are we to
    allow this matter to be swept under the carpet without giving all those concerned a fair chance to be heard?
    Should we not be alarmed by the chilling disclosure of a “boot camp” which strikes at the very heart of the
    independence of the Judiciary and separation of powers? Should we not be interested to find out if there
    were other improprieties, and what we can learn from the mistakes of the past?

    However fatigued we may be, however much we may fear the depth of the revelations or the political and
    institutional repercussions, we must find the strength to deal with them and have the wisdom to know that
    the path to real and meaningful change is never easy.

    It is precisely because the Bar Council believed that there was much more that ails the Judiciary that we
    had asked for a Royal Commission to look into all issues relating to the Judiciary rather than to confine it
    to the Lingam video clip. We had in mind a Royal Commission much like the Police Commission that
    would do their work over a period of time and invite information from the public.

    As it stands the Royal Commission on the Lingam video clip has already made many troubling findings
    and has asked for “a determined effort…. to get to the root of the malaise which has been uncovered.”

    We must all appreciate that it takes courage to step forward to reveal misdeeds or improprieties.
    To do so is to risk one’s career. But such revelations are the driving force behind reform and accountability.
    We owe it to those who have shown the courage to come forward to create an environment in which they
    and others may continue to do so without fear or favour. Perhaps the Judicial Appointments Commission
    ought now to have a mechanism not just for public complaints but also for complaints by Judges against
    any party that seeks to interfere with the performance of their duties.

    It must also be appreciated that addressing these revelations is not only in the public interest but also in
    the interest of the many Judges who work tirelessly, honestly and quietly to uphold their oaths of office.
    We must ensure that they enjoy an environment that promotes courage, integrity and independence.


    § Investigations must be carried out if potential offences are disclosed.
    § There must be a fact-finding effort.
    § A Royal Commission must be considered to investigate and resolve a wide range of issues relating to the Judiciary.
    § A mechanism must be set up for the public and Judges to make complaints.
    § All parties must be given a fair opportunity to state their case.

    Inaction is not an option.

    Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan
    Malaysian Bar

    13 June 2008

  76. DR SURESH KUMAR says:

    Hi witsO,

    Thanks for posting Dato’Ambiga Sreenivasan’s statement here,hope it will be an eye opener for those who are still in denial.

  77. Ctizen Me says:

    WE have come one full circle.The snake is eating its tail. We have also successfully personalised national affairs and nationalised personal affairs.

  78. Ctizen Me says:

    We have come one full circle. The snake is eating its tail. We have personalised national affairs and nationlised personal affairs.

  79. wits0 says:

    Woo hooo…

    Malaysian court allows Anwar case

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia’s highest court has allowed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to challenge his 1998 dismissal as a deputy prime minister, a surprise decision that his lawyer described Tuesday as “very significant.”

    The Federal Court’s three judges decided unanimously Monday that Anwar would be allowed to appeal earlier court verdicts dismissing his contention that then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad fired him unlawfully, according to his lawyer, Karpal Singh.

    Anwar, who now leads a strong opposition coalition, was fired in 1998 after falling out with Mahathir. Instead of becoming the next prime minister, as was widely expected at the time, he ended up in prison, convicted on sodomy and corruption charges he said were trumped up.

    Anwar asked the courts to reinstate him, claiming Mahathir had acted unconstitutionally by dismissing him without the approval of the king, the country’s titular ruler. But a high court and subsequently an appeal court dismissed his case.

    “It’s a matter of principle. He wants to clear his name and show that what was done to him was wrong,” Karpal told The Associated Press.

    Karpal also said his client would seek a “substantial” amount of damages from the government, without specifying the amount. “It’s not for the purpose of getting reinstated but whether the government should give damages,” he said.

    Karpal now has to file the appeal to the Federal Court. The court can dismiss the case or order a retrial.

    Anwar was released from prison in 2004, after his sodomy conviction was overturned and has since returned to politics. He had finished serving the corruption sentence.

    In March general elections, his opposition People’s Alliance made surprise gains, winning five of 13 states and 82 of 222 parliamentary seats and dealing the ruling National Front coalition its worst defeat.

  80. makfigaro says:

    Dear Notty Gurl

    Are you on the right blog? Of course I believe Justice Chin. Can you imagine what would have happened to him if he had spoken up during Mahathir’s time? He would surely be dealt with exactly the same way Tun Salleh Abbas was..Do you seriously think what he had mentioned in court would have been reported by the press then? If he had disclosed this when it happened, he would probably be languishing in Kamunting.

    And thanks for telling in advance that you would also be inclined to favour your family and friends if you were in power…we definitely know now who not to vote for.

    So Notty Gurl, why don’t you just concentrate on reading Che Det’s blog where other like minded people can grovel up to the former PM. Maybe you will enjoy it more because after all its only comments that are flattering to him that gets printed.

    BTW I am a Malay woman, who fortunately was born 46 years ago and thus had the opportunity to know other PM’s besides Mahathir, and I have seen the time when politicians worked for the people and not for their own pockets. I also went to school at a time when English was the medium of instruction and thus can pen a decent sentence in English without making any jarring mistakes. And so for you and all other Che Det fans, I beg you, please write in Malay if you want to be understood because the level of English on Che Det’s blog is absolutely pathetic…

  81. billauchris says:

    Below are some of the landmarks of our BN squandering our money the past 50 years. This list is by no means exhaustive and merely depicts the tip of the iceberg.
    What lies beneath could be much larger :-

    1. The Bank Bumiputra twin scandals in the early 1980s saw US$1 billion (RM3.2 billion in 2008 ringgit) wasted;
    2. The Maminco attempt to corner the world tin market in the 1980s is believed to have cost some US$500 million (RM1.6 billion);
    3. Betting in foreign exchange futures cost Bank Negara Malaysia RM30 billion in the 1990s;
    4. Perwaja Steel resulted in losses of US$800 million (RM2.56 billion). Eric Chia was charged with corruption for allegedly steering US$20 million (RM64 million) to a Hong Kong-based company;
    5. Use of RM10 billion public funds in the Valuecap Sdn. Bhd. operation to shore up the stock market;
    6. Banking scandal of RM700 million losses in Bank Islam;
    7. The sale of M.V. Agusta by Proton for one Euro making a loss of €75.99 million (RM 348 million);
    8. Wang Ehsan from oil royalty in Terengganu amounting to RM7.4 billion from 2004 – 2007;
    9. For the past 10 years since the Philharmonic Orchestra was established, this orchestra has swallowed a total of RM500 million;
    10. In Advisors Fees, Mahathir was paid RM180,000;
    Shahrizat Abdul Jalil (Women and Social Development Affairs)RM404,726; and Abdul Hamid Othman (Religious Affairs) RM549,675 per annum;
    11. The government has spent a total of RM3.2 billion in teaching Maths and Science in English over the past five years.
    Out of the amount, the government paid a whopping RM2.21 billion for the purchase of information and computer technology (ICT) equipment of which the breakdown of costs is unknown;
    12. The commission paid for the purchase of jets and submarines to two private companies, Perimeker Sdn Bhd and IMT Defence Sdn Bhd amounted to RM910 million;
    13. RM300 million to compensate Gerbang Perdana for the RM1.1 billion “Crooked Scenic Half-Bridge”;
    14. RM1.3 billion has been wasted building the white elephant Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) facilities on cancellation of the Malaysia-Singapore scenic bridge;
    15. RM100 million spent on the Parliament building for renovations and to patch up leaks;
    16. National Astronaut Programme – RM 40 million;
    17. National Service Training Programme – yearly an estimate of RM 500 million;
    18. Eye on Malaysia – RM30 million and another RM5.7 million of free tickets;
    19. RM4.63 billion ‘soft-loan’ to Port Klang Free Zone;
    20. RM2.4 million on indelible ink for 2008 election;
    21. Samy announced in September 2006 that the government paid compensation amounting to RM38.5 billion to 20 highway companies. A RM380 million windfall for 9 toll concessionaires earned solely from the toll hikes in 2008 alone;
    22. RM32 million timber export kickbacks involving companies connected to the Sarawak Chief Minister and his family;
    23. Two bailouts of Malaysia Airline System at RM7.9 billion.
    At a time when MAS incurred losses every year, RM1.55 million was used to buy three paintings to decorate its chairman’s (Munir) office;
    24. Putra LRT bailout which cost RM4.486 billion;
    25. STAR – LRT bailout costing RM3.256 billion;
    26. National Sewerage System bailout costing RM192.54 million;
    27. Seremban – Port Dickson Highway bailout costing RM142 million;
    28. Kuching Prison bailout costing RM135 million;
    29. Kajian Makanan dan Gunaan Orang Islam bailout costing RM8.3 million;
    30. Le Tour de Langkawi bailout costing RM3.5 Million ;
    31. Wholesale distribution of tens of millions of shares in Bursa Malaysia under the guise of NEP to cronies, children and relatives of BN leaders and Ministers worth billions of ringgits;
    32. APs scandal that has been going on year-after-year going back for more than three decades, involving a mind-boggling sum of tens of billions of ringgit;
    33. Alienation of tens of thousands of hectares of commercial land and forestry concessions to children and relatives of BN leaders and Ministers worth tens of billions of ringgit;
    34. Travel around Malaysia and see for yourself how many white elephants like majestic arches, roads paved with fanciful bricks, designer lamp posts, clock towers, Municipal Council buildings
    that look more like Istanas, extravagant places of worship, refurbishment of residences of VIPs, abandoned or under-utilized government sports complexes and buildings, etc! Combined they could easily amount to hundreds of billions of ringgit;
    35. Since 1997, Petronas has handed out a staggering RM30 billion in natural gas subsidies to IPPs who were making huge profits. In addition, there was much wastage and forward trading of Petronas oil in the 1990s based on the low price of oil then. Since the accounts of Petronas are for the eyes of the Prime Minister only, we have absolutely no idea what the amount is.

    Whatever amount it is, you can bet it is COLLOSSAL!
    In the Time Asia magazine issue on March 15 2004, a South East Asian economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore, Daniel Lian, figures that the country may have lost as much as U$$100 billion (RM320 billion)
    since the early 1980s to corruption.” Mind you, this is only corruption and it does not include wastages and mismanagement which would increase the amount!

    If the above list (which could have been money saved) is added to the nation’s coffers and together with Petronas’ profits; palm oil profits; and profits from rubber, tin, agriculture produce, aquaculture produce, electronic and hardware exports etc, for the past 5 decades, we can all agree on one thing – our country would be wealthier than Venezuela who has little resources except for oil.

    The petrol in Venezuela is RM0.16 per litre!

  82. DR SURESH KUMAR says:

    Well done makfigaro.You are the type of malays Malaysia needs.Irrespective of who you chose to support,I must admit that I am impressed by the way you penned down your thoughts,which is articulate,direct to the point and most of all you have proven that malays too can speak with substance and dignity.I wish more and more malays will emulate you so that we non-malays dont have to be discriminated against.I hope those commentors in will learn one or two lessons from you.Share with me your future thoughts with reagrd to our society,you can reach me at it up.BRAVO.

    To billauchris,
    Your effort in posting the above list is commendable.Try to post it in’s blog,though it may not be approved,give it a go.Alternatively you can post it on Anwar’s blog.Well done.

  83. Kesava says:

    17. I was told by a judge who was in the same batch as Chin J that he absconded before the course was over. Perhaps he did not like getting up early and washing his own dirty plates.

    18. The course clearly did not have a positive effect on him.

    19. I am disgusted with Dato Zaid Ibrahim, Dato Ambiga Sreenivasan and Karpal Singh who immediately assumed that Chin J was telling the truth. Zaid even went so far as to say this is normal, as if I threatened judges all the time.

    20. I will be writing a little more on Ian Chin J so that the public will become more acquainted with him. Suffice for me to say for the present that Chin J has a police report against him for hiding his past when hearing a certain case.

  84. bow says:

    Who dare to shut this man up? unless he or she is angel, or has nine life to live in Malaysia, never under estimate “doctor of death” in Malaysia even though he is no more a P.M.

  85. makfigaro says:

    To Dr Suresh and all,

    Actually there are many Malays out there who speak English, are anti – Mahathir, are pro-opposition and did not benefit from the NEP, but most of us just don’t read blogs!!
    Not all of us support UMNO. We too are living hand to mouth like many other Malaysians and do not have rich benefactors simply because we are not politically affiliated. We too despise the typical Malays who join UMNO for political gain, or who have riches because they are linked to a particular politician.
    Thats why I feel insulted when people brand me as a beneficiary of the NEP (ie I am where I am because I am Malay) when what I have now is through my own hard work. Thankfully I did not get any Govt scholarship (because I did not deserve it as I did badly in school) or work with the Govt (otherwise people would think I got promoted because I’m Malay).

    With regards to racism, I’m quite sad today to read on Susan Loone’s blog comments the amount of racial hatred being flung at each other .. just over the SAPP article!! I think its a real indication of the distrust between the races thats happening now. In my time in school a hundred years ago, I had friends of all races and we used to drink from the same glass of water, had meals at each other’s houses and had crushes on people of other races…..that was so normal. Now I feel so blessed when I see my children talking to non Malay friends because the normal sekolah kebangsaan does not have many non-Malays any more ( at most maybe 20%)…I think that may have contributed to this racism.

    If you have been unfortunate enough to have read the comments on Che Det’s blog, you would probably realise that the comments were written by either old Mahathir types of Malays who think respect is an automatic right , or young Malays below the 32 year old bracket (who went through the all Malay education system and thus the bad English) who have never known any other PM except Dr Mahathir. So the people outside of that profile mentioned above are actually anti Mahathir..and that actually means that a lot of people do not like him!

  86. Kesava says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, June 20 — Former Supreme Court judge Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin claimed today that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad wanted to rule “like a dictator” when he was prime minister.

    Azmi said Dr Mahathir wanted the judiciary to be under his control eventhough he was already head of the executive and legislature.

    Speaking to reporters at his house after receiving his ex-gratia payment today from de facto Law Minister Datuk Seri Zaid Ibrahim for the events in the 1988 judiciary crisis, Azmi also claimed that Dr Mahathir wanted to amend Article 121 of the Federal Constitution, a provision which defines the separation of power between the legislature, judiciary and the executive.

    Azmi, who refused to say how much he received, was 1 of the 6 former judges implicated in the 1988 judiciary crisis.

    Azmi and five other top judges, including then Lord President Salleh Abas, was forced to face tribunals in 1988 which resulted in the sacking of three supreme court judges including Salleh and the suspension of the rest.

    As part of the government’s effort to restore the integrity of the judiciary, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had on April 17 said ex-gratia payments would be made to the judges implicated.

    Zaid had earlier handed a cheque to Salleh at his house in Setiawangsa

  87. billauchris says:

    The picture seems to tell us, “Balls to you, what can you do to me?”

    Knowing MM, he cannot be shut up. He will continue to speak his mind for better or for worse.

    But when he opens his mouth, I notice that the BN will respond or react – overtly as well as covertly.

    AAB dares not confront him head-on as he knows that he is not a good orator or debator – mesti kalah. So he will take a low profile but take a more diplomatic role in trying to appease the old man.

    How do I rate AAD? He is in the same shit pot with MM – so he has to carry much of the shit now. So how do you expect ABB to spill the beans without taking the rap from the public? He cannot bear all because because many of what happened have not been declassified. So he has to shut up.

    But a certain point, AAB must pluck up sufficient courage to defend himself, his image and the country. He cannot be running away each time when he is confronted. Since you claim to be competent, you cannot absolve yourself of the elements of accountability and transparency.

    This comment is not in yet.

  88. mochaquest says:

    Mahathir, 20 years not enough to talk the whole world ar? What about your whole life? Enough eh?

  89. Kesava says:

    Waytha Moorthy likened Mahathir’s continuous political and racial bickering as ‘a broken record’ failing to seek solutions on the grievances of the oppressed and suppressed Indian Malaysians.

  90. Kesava says:

    SIBU, July 7 — The ongoing war of words between judge Ian Chin and former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad continues — now the judge has asked the Deputy Registrar of the High Court here to lodge a police report against Dr Mahathir for comments made in the latter’s blog.

    In a statement to the press upon the resumption of the hearing of the election petition for the Sarikei parliamentary seat at the High Court here beginning today, Chin said it was wrong for Dr Mahathir to suggest that he had erred in two cases he had presided over in the Kota Kinabalu court.

    Both cases involved the Sabah Foundation’s suit against its former director, Datuk Syed Kechik Syed Mohamed over profits on a special timber licence and on the enhancement of land belonging to the foundation and its two companies.

    Chin said that if there really was implied impropriety on his part, the appellate courts would not have upheld the judgment.

    “And neither could my decision stand on issues which I found in favour of Datuk Syed Kechik,” he said.

    Speaking for himself, Chin said mistakes in his decisions had occurred before and would occur in future as he was not infallible.

    “I have accepted that as part of the hazard of being a judge and with no right of appeal while litigants have.

    “Still there exists the luxury for a High Court judge, which is that he can afford to err or misdirect himself in his decision since there is the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court to take care of that,” he said.

    Chin also said that was why he could make so many decisions in a week or month while taking comfort that the appellate courts would verify whatever errors he could have made.

    “It is easy to arrive at a decision in cases where one can be regarded as having no interest at all,” he stressed.

    Chin also alleged that his detractors had spun a story that he had acted out of spite for thinking that his promotion was blocked by Dr Mahathir but that had been shown to be untrue.

    – Bernama

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