At his press conference today, former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim urged the police to interrogate current Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak on the murder case of Altantuya Sharribuu and the submarine deal.

Anwar further urged Najib to cooperate with the police on the matter.

He did not know who murdered Altantuya, however there were many questions which needed answers.

He (Najib) needs to be asked: how can a person assigned and worked under you commit or alleged to have committed such a heinous crime?.

Is it true that Altantuya only knew Baginda, and she did not know Najib personally? Or is it true that the DPM did not know about the murder case until the taxi driver lodged the police report? He must be called up for both accounts.

Anwar said from his own experience, a UTK?s job?was to protect the DPM and follow the instruction of the DPM.?

There are some nagging questions on why would the Special Forces personnel currently charged want to murder the victim and then take such a drastic action in an attempt to destroy the evidence? Were they acting on their own volition or were they really carrying out instructions? Who authorized the use of the C4 explosives???

He stated that it is vital that whilst those who pulled the trigger are brought to justice, all those who were responsible for directing the killing must be made known.

In fact, such persons bear greater responsibility for the crime.

Besides, Anwar also mentioned that there was the very disturbing issue about the sudden disappearance of travel documents regarding Altantuya’s movements in and out of Malaysia.

This was also reported in my story here .

Are the immigration authorities aware of this? Were there instructions from persons higher up to have these records deleted???

He said it was too early a date for the prosecution to suggest that there was no other accused to be charged on this case.

Who?do these prosecutors take orders from???

Anwar said, it is certainly unbecoming, clearly irresponsible, not transparent of the prosecution, who with malicious attempt condemn the junior officers – poor and downtrodden – but seem to immediately protect the rich and powerful?

Anwar also expressed his feeling of disgust at the conduct of investigation directed against a few junior police personnel.

There is no transparency of the investigation conducted and it is not healthy and worrying for a country that respects the rule of law.

Anwar alleged that the entire conduct of investigation of Altantuya murder case is to protect a very important personnel.

He said unless those questions were answered, no one can deny that there is an attempt to cover up the matter.

Anwar said that the public and media called upon the government to put an end of malicious prosecution and attempt to cover up the murder case.

We are appealing to the authority to change it, you can’t fool the public on this matter.

It was established that Altantuya Shariibuu was appointed or assigned by Baginda in the submarine deal, he said.


Anwar said there were questions over the role of Altantuya in the government?s purchase of the Scorpene and Agosta submarines from France in a deal costing nearly 1 billion euros (RM4.6 billion).

According to a report,last December, the Defence Ministry denied having paid a Malaysian-owned company US$100 million (RM370 million) as a commission for a multi-billion ringgit deal involving submarines.

However Anwar said:

We find it totally unacceptable the reasons given by the government that there is no question of corruption or accountability because the commission that was paid was between the seller and a third party, and did not involve government funds.

Anwar called it a blatant lie because no manufacturer would give such a huge commission unless?it has already been factored into the pricing of the purchases of the submarines.

He described the payment of commission of 114 million euros (RM530 million)?as exorbitant by any standard.

The public has the right to know who are the real beneficiaries of this massive payout?

Far Eastern Economic Review has reported in 2002 that Perimekar Sdn. Bhd would receive 8% of the total contract value over the next six years. Review also reported that Perimekar is owned 100% by Ombak Laut, a company wholly owned by Baginda and his associates.  Later Ombak Laut sold 40% of Perimekar to LTAT and a sister company.

How could a relatively unknown company secure such a major weapons procurement deal?

The fact that Baginda of a think tank linked closely with the DPM and Defense Minister raises a great number of questions.

Anwar said massive corruption had happened but people are reluctant to report, due to?the climate of fear and harassment, people are not able to speak up.

Why didn’t the relevant authorities such as ACA and the Commercial Crime Division begin the investigation on this matter???

He said he has waited for a long time to deliberate the murder case of Altantuya, as he felt compelled to speak out.

?I speak to the people, I look at the record from Mongolia. I don?t want to be irresponsible or to turn it into a purely political thing. It involves people?s live and future. I?ve gone through the malicious prosecution or persecution.? I don?t want it to happen to the rest.?

More on the subject, but missing some pertinent points, can be also read in

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  1. bayi says:

    It doesn’t appear that our police have tried very hard to solve the case, have they? They are almost reluctant to explore the obvious!

  2. For general information, LTAT is “Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera” which roughly translates to – ‘Board of Military Fund’.

  3. mob1900 says:

    The more they try to cover, the more reckless they will get and hence bits and pieces of the missing puzzle will emerge. Mongolia and the international community should appoint more ‘observers’ to see this case through. The Malaysia judiciary, especialy the prosecution tends to slip-up everytime.

  4. wits0 says:

    In that Vijendran’s case, more than 16 years ago, the public prosecutor could arbitrarily burn the video tapes meant as evidence. And he remains somebody today. Is that alone cause to be confident of the System?

  5. lil says:

    notice that Najib has either been missing from the headlines or represented in charitable situations recently? wonder if there are any connections between the murder and this….

  6. Ollie says:

    Trial date is Next March 2008. Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Reason cited was courts have been backlogged with cases. But there have many precedents where accused in murder cases were swiftly tried, some sentenced, some released. Cases like Canny Ong, Norita, Chinese boy, a young malay girl raped and murdered by a guard…..all these cases were tried without any hesitation because of public interests. Courts with backlogged cases were not even an issue. There’s a maxim, justice delayed is justice denied.

    DSAI has boldly highlighted the “mysteries” surrounding the Murder case, much have been talked or gossiped about in the warongs and the like.

    Lastly, welcome to Malaysia. Hope our foreign tourists enjoy their stay here. Our fireworks display is amongst the best in the world, so I was told (but for safety purpose, don’t get too near, you might be injured) LOL!!

  7. K. Y. Yin says:

    Who has the power to give out Rm. 4.6 billion contract without competitive tender? Do you think there is no kick back? The Income tax Dept. must find out whether tax is paid for the huge commission? Perhaps the murdered victim knew too much about the Rm. 4.6 billion deal, not satisfied with her fees and had to be silenced.

  8. […] Najib. C4 is kinda sensational, don’t you […]

  9. Felix Fernandez says:

    Perimekar is awarded the contract to prepare support & service for six years for the purchase of Scorpene and Agosta submarines from France, valued at RM0.54 Billion. Surely this company must be very reputable or have been in the industry of combat & defense for many years. Check out their web site. One look at their web site, will tell us that this is a RM1.00 company. Where is this country heading to. What kind of technical & maintenance support can Abdul Razak Baginda & his goons in Perimekar offer in the construction of subs. Did DPM follow the government acquisition procedure when purchasing these subs. I DON’T THINK SOOOOOO!!!!
    ACA where are you. Pls do something

  10. anwar says:

    […] Najib. C4 is kinda sensational, don’t you […]

    ehm.. Najib c4

  11. Joanna says:

    We want Najib to stand as a witness in this murder trial. The law is above Najib, and why can’t we have him speak nothing but the truth. He will speak the truth after he swears in before the Holy Koran. The learned lawyers can interrogate him with questions that will uncover NOT only the murder case of Altantuya but also corruption cases.

  12. […] be involved in the purchase of Scorpene and Agosta submarines from France in a deal costing nearly 1 billion euros (RM4.6 […]

  13. Malaysian says:

    Anwar must ask Mahathir, why Mahathir is so keen for Najis to takeovser from Badawi.

    So that Mahathir can steal together with Najis?

  14. william says:

    to felix fernandez,

    the main purpose setting of aca is to show the world that malaysians fight corruptions (but not applicable for menteri-menteri and vips) lol….

    do you think that aca dares to check on our dpm who satay our pm everyday? 530mil, more than 60% has gone into the old man’s foreign bank account. otherwise do you think najis can still be the dpm? when pm is involved, do you think the aca dares to do anything?

    recent cases in terengganu where purchase of 14 merc. after 3 days they announced the purchase, aca officers have went there to visit the officer. this shows that aca is really doing a job and wants to built their reputation. eg, detained of those seniors in immig… but when the case involved a vvip, they just act like dogs. shame for malaysians having such government.

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  16. jane says:

    najib was a …….the political in this country doesnt fair at all…..just logically think,where did the 2 polica get the prosecutor ? and as we know the person who able to get the prosecutors sure was not an easy person and offcourse he was not the normal person. if any people can get the prosecutor,who will think our country still have good security ?

  17. joice says:

    recent news has reported that the two of the policemen who have killed the mongolia Altantuya were sentence death. But we may knw really knw are they really sentence death. We have never see the face of the two policemen as they cover their face with cloth. And dont you saw a news from TV yesterday,that the two policemen just react calm and relaks with the judgement from the court?? Why are they so relaks ?? Are they really sentence fo death or other victims will be their replacement?? Why are the two policement murder?? And what are their intention?

  18. joice says:

    Malaysia’s law could not be believe at all….why the two policemen still want to make “” rayuan”?? You stil have right to make the ”rayuan”?? If so ,then i think anyone in this country ( Malaysia) can kill someone and just make rayuan,it is not logic isn’t? And if the sentence of dealth still not action because of rayuan ,and the inner people try to delay the case then what i can say is the two policemen will disappear from malaysia in no long time. So i hope the mongolia government will successfully bring the ase to internasianal court .

  19. joice says:

    Najib should stand infront and tell the truth regarding the murdered case of Altantuya. As a leader of one country ,he must make all the thing clear before he held a position of Prime minister. Why Datuk Seri Anwar brahim was bring into the jail without any explaination and withour proper evidence?? But for Najib case , he no need to give any explaination and no one catch him for that?? That isnt fair at all… If the leader of the country was not honest and do criminal case, will the rakyat still confidence with him and trust him???? And so i think malaysia’s court should be dismish from th country and any rich people can do any criminal things…..

  20. joice says:

    What is the intention to kill Altantuya????????? Was she pregnent or she ws too beautiful to be killed???? No one really know the answer but i really intent to know. Who can tell me ?

  21. The 2 policemen sentenced to death must come out and say where did they acquire the c4. Just like a flowing stream it will get to the bottom. Not mentioning names. Judge for yourself.

  22. wits0 says:

    The “Prosecution” team doesn’t want to pursue that matter of C4. Earlier in the trial it has been presumed/supposedly assumed, that(as if) one or two of the killers kept and collected unsused C4 from their UTK armory. The whole trial is just a sham and an indelible infamy on the country’s judicial system.

    Now we have headlines saying that the victim’s father is now (so!)satisfied with the verdict! Echo of similar statement of satisfaction fed by the Allbullshit Consul fed to Banana tregarding Stetev Shaaribu’s ‘confidence’ in the M’sian Legal system.

    One really needs not read the full article in the MSM whenever the heading itself is nonsense. No, unless you’re a masochist and love being insulted and assailed with trash.

  23. joice says:

    The two policemen who killed Altantuya should sentence to death and they should not make rayuan . They dont have a right to make rayuan instead on death. Or they just have to tell how the both of them get C4. But based on my analysed ,i m sure the both of the policemen has been rasuah by the money until they willing to bear for the mistake and unwilling to tell the truth.

  24. jane says:

    The killer of Altantuya must get the punistment one day…..Why the 2policement willing to bear for the mistake?? Is it also just because of money ???

  25. Why is Najib(PM) so reluctant to face a few simple questions. He is avoiding the question relating to Altantuya. Anyone can swear on the koran . Nothing will happen to you whether you tell the truth on not. Common this is the 21st century. Let’s get the truth out and please Mr. Najib Razak , please come and face the people. Find out the reasons for the involvement of your security guards. (the 2 policemen)

    Very concern

  26. JEFFRY BONG says:

    This murder is most foul for such a high profile crime to be concluded just like that.We malaysians feel very unsecured if the system is so hap haz…It can happened to anybody ……..

  27. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Comparison of Canny Ong covicted murderer AHMAD NAJIB ARIS with his full face captured by news medias eveywhere and the always covered face of ALTANTUYA so called convicted killers.Is there no laws as regard to this type of unusual practices .What kind of privileges they have?????.As of now nobody knows who this two dud looks like.Everybody in the world knows how how Canny ONG’s Killer buckshot look like.

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