You said “The month of Ramadan is to keep silent about hatred and anger and to say, to repeat and to whisper the words of love, tenderness and affection”.

But words alone are never enough to express love, tenderness and affections; actions and deeds must follow, too. They are the bridges to love. And love is the path to holiness, to the divine, to God.

For me, this Ramadan will always be marked as the year its spirit was not respected the way it should. The year the corrupt goes free and the one who exposes it, faces the wrath.

PKR’s Rafizi arrested, charged under Bafia

Still, this is Malaysia. And I remember, that the way is always littered with challenges for those who are destined to rise above those challenges.

As this nation – being in slumber for five decades – must surely be jolted from their sleep, dreams, fantasies or nightmare, to face its destiny. A destiny each of us must choose for our own, yet collectively, we would rejoice or suffer as the result of the personal and individual choice or choices we make.

Whatever happens, may the true spirit of Ramadan, of love, tenderness, and affections, prevails. 



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