We’re always blaming the OTHER, either BN or Pakatan Rakyat, Najib or Anwar even Rosmah, our neighbour, the other ethnic group, the other media, the other woman or man, for our current situation. And yet it all boils down to WE DON’T WANT CHANGE or at least REAL CHANGE. I’m sorry guys, there can be no real change without ourselves wanting it or making the necessary changes. We can’t control the other, but we can very well control ourselves.

I guess change needs it’s twin soul, which is courage. Courage is rare. But it is always in all of us. Just waiting to wake up from slumber, to spread it’s wings, to fly to where the light is. Only you can wake up courage, for it is within you, within me.

Why are we afraid? After a lifetime, do we still need to ask “what if…this or that happens?”. Guys, we’ll never know until we try it. Tell yourselves, it is the price you and I have to pay collectively to see if the change brings a better tomorrow. I can assure you, this I know, that once we taste the power to effect change in our lives, our very own lives, there is no turning back.

Change is the only way; change is like love, when it comes, it’s sweeps you off your feet, it is an avalanche; like a volcanic storm; or a tsunami, it overwhelms, it swallows you, it’s intoxicating, punishing, yet nothing can stop it. When it comes, we’ll have to move along, we will be pulled away, dragged aside, no matter how we resist. We can follow, we can go our own way, or drown in the madness. Do we have a choice? Either way, we’ll have to change. Love demands it, and life enforces it.


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  1. wits0 says:

    The only time when a sentient being or a non sentient one ceases to change is when it is dead! CHANGE is the essence of life and living itself.

    BTW, a beautiful song:

  2. yeoh san nee says:

    Complete change is a must in GE13. Only through this change will we be able to get justice.
    Those who obstruct it are the corrupted & guilty ones. Sensible rakyat will welcome it.

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