Uploaded by thelackeysisters on Jul 15, 2011.

They said: (Song: Window by The Album Leaf) One of the most inspirational speeches in recorded history was given by a silent comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin. If you like what you see please share the video any way you can and pass the message on.

Note: I was moved to tears to hear the speech. Classic, timeless, and inspiring. The video is good, too.

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  1. Christopher Chan says:

    This is it!! Powerful. Inspiring. Refreshing. Rare to hear such speech in the 20th century…..

  2. iwc says:

    aiya …our ministers ARE NOT comedians ma ….soorrrrri !

  3. Hey Sloone,
    I just stumbled across this and, A wedding is an occasion for joy and celebration. But for the person who is supposed to give a speech, it can mean nervousness and anxiety. When you start to imagine the audience with their eyes and ears riveted on you, you start feeling the jitters. But once you get over this initial reaction, you might find the effort of preparing and delivering the speech quite exciting. You might even consider coaching other people in making funny wedding speeches after you are through with yours! So here is what you need to prepare for.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„

    πŸ™„ Hmmm!!!! Talking about SPEECH!!! this ‘1’ is caught LYING if you monitor him closely…DEBATE & SPEECH problem for him!!! πŸ™„

  5. wits0 says:

    Scummy BUMNO has no such high ideals.

  6. iwc says:

    ” …and ..and..and ..a..a..a.. using minimum force …a..a…a…..!!”

  7. mythbuster says:

    Najib has been dishing out goodies especially to Chinese schools the last few months that it looks like his advisers have told him in no uncertain terms that UMNO/BN’s survival depends on winning back the Chinese votes. His publicity moves orchestrated by APCO and the think-tanks in his bloated department can only fool the gullible ones. Not the Chinese. They are much more matured than the Malays or Indians.

    The very fact that Najib cannot rein in PERKASA, PEKIDA and other rabid mobs baying for the blood of the Chinese will surely seal UMNO/BN’s demise as the numero uno political party in the 13th GE.

    Najib has been promoting himself as a cool and decisive politicians through his many publicity stunts but the ground reality does not share his much publicized popularity. No doubt he can win in Pekan, a majority Malay constituency but even political pundits would think twice before giving him a winning chance in a mixed constituency outside Pahang.

    He cannot even muzzle his deputy for his role in the NFC scandal and put him where he belongs, not to mention his many flip flop stand on important issues. He dare not even face his nemesis in a debate. He shies away from tackling pressing issues of the Indian community but he is very happy to demand NAMBIKAI (trust) from the Indians. Only the poor, illiterate and rural Indians pressured by the MIC thugs would reluctantly support him.

    Najib is on his way out. The RAHMAN prophesy might just play out to be an ORACLE for UMNO/BN.

  8. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„

    πŸ™„ GE 13th coming n let’s see how this useless ‘1’ NAJIS FART out!!!!! Yes Yes Yes ….they are up to something BAD after this ‘LEMBU’ case…. πŸ™„

  9. zorro says:

    Borrowed your youtube for latest posting. Keep well.

  10. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho ;roll: Ho πŸ™„

    πŸ™„ ‘1’ DAY all those scummy from B-eNd will not know what HIT them bcoz NOBODY WANT 2 LISTEN TO THEIR SPEECH EITHER ❗ ➑ http://dlvr.it/1MFDSz πŸ™„

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„

  11. iwc says:

    after the 325 rally ….aku ponder & ponder :-

    # mca BOSS tak berani pegi,
    kulinya terpaksa makan cilli padi;
    bodohkah atau otak TAK centre-ly !?
    kesian isteri & anak2 mamyak sakit hati !!

    # 40 tahun langsung TAK peduli ,
    mau baru sikalang sebab akan datang UNDI !?
    cilaka betul cilaka …. @#$%^&* ,
    mca & batang nasi TAK akan jadi !!

  12. monsterball says:

    Greatest speech was made by Hitler.
    He moved the entire German Nation to do as he liked.
    But that must first be….a bankrupt country.
    Mahathir and Najib are tying so hard to bankrupt Malaysia and do what Hitler did.
    Hundreds of billions stolen…our blessed country with it’s oil and timber..and steadfast Malaysians is still going strong to fight these devils.
    Yes…Malaysia is a blessed country…and we must not allow rouges and thieves to make us slaves.
    Do your part at BERSIH 3 walk on 28th instant.. either by joining the walk…or walk around anywhere .wearing yellow or green shirts.
    We did have great results after Bersih 1.

  13. monsterball says:

    Greatest speech from Malaysia was made by Mahathir at the yearly..UMNO b General Assembly….crying…crying..want to step down….now known as the biggest hypocritical act …he has ever performed.

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