ImageWhy is the Home Ministry (KDN) prolonging the issue?? Is it for political reasons? What does it take for the KDN to be satisfied with the STAR’s explanation that it was a honest mistake to publish Erykah Badu’s photo with her tatoo of the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic on her chest. Must heads roll? Whose heads? Surely not the big boss (es) !!

Surely an honest mistake must be given another chance? Funny, the MCA champions rights of “gamblers and drunkards” but they don’t seem to speak out for journalists/ editors under their payroll. Must they run to Umno president and Prime Minister Najib Razak to beg for mercy? Will the PM intervene this time?

Malaysians have been punished enough for the STAR’s oversight. Badu’s concert was cancelled last minute and surely this had hurt the “sensitivities” of her thousands of fans in Malaysia. But who cares about you right? Unless you fit in the political equation.

So, will Najib have pity on the STAR? Or will he, like those guys in KDN (Umno Ministers), stand firm and try to show that they are as serious in “defending Islam” as much or more than their rivals, PAS?

We’ll see in a few days…but if STAR gets the suspensions, will we as journalists, come together and protest in support of their freedom? So many questions, too little answers.

Read more in Malaysiakini: Home Ministry not satisfied with Star’s proposal .

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  1. wits0 says:

    KDN is tyranny but the Star deserves it. The whole affair is a diversionary molehill made into a mountain.

    While one would ordinarily sympathize with hapless ordinary journalists, in this case of the Star, one may be forgiven for being hard hearted. They stood on the wrong side of history in working for a scummy outfit.

  2. Wood says:

    Personally I think KDN is over reacting? I believe it is an honest mistake of the journalist. Not many people can read Arabic and to a laymay it is just a tatoo. How can you rely on MCA who is so scare of UMNO?

  3. sloone says:

    Wits, I tend to agree with you. Heheh!

    Wood: Yea, what was I thinking when speaking of MCA?

  4. Penang Voter says:

    Kooi Phak Kooi !!!!! Best show ever

  5. wits0 says:

    In another Best Show ever. Judge Zaki is putting human beings below animals in that the former can kill without motive(while animals kill for food)!

    Tell me you are not jaki!

  6. mauriyaII says:

    When one knowingly joins and supports the devil to do whatever he likes, he should also be prepared to be shafted once in a while, if not always. That is Star and MCA for you. They deserve what they are getting in spite of the fact the journalist could have mistaken the Arabic letters for a mere tattoo.

  7. wits0 says:

    It appears that the Star don’t mind being shafted by UMNO for not being 100% UMNO-like enough. CSL’s Star enjoys that broomstick job amid profuse apologies.

  8. Vincent says:

    Once again the MCA is helping UMNO to play the ‘Ketuanan’ hero. I am very sure The Star/MCA ‘purposely’ published the photo so that UMNO gets to be the Islamic hero.

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