Argh…even love is politicized!

From the food we eat – halal or non halal – to who gets into our knickers/briefs – are the daily concerns of politicians, and the religious zealots and bigots.

What is most detestable is that women are always the first casualties. Just the other day, YB Elizabeth Wong’s
past returned to haunt her. And for what? Some silly still shots of her sleeping in the privacy of her home.

These were photos allegedly taken by an exbeau but they went viral on the internet. But what of it? It wasn’t even nude or porn stuff. It was a blatant intrusion of her privacy and self respect! But this is not the angle that the newspapers have gone to town with. Not sexy enough yaar… but a clear cut case of politicking.

It is politicking to disparage her so that she can vacate her state executive councillor and state assemblywoman’s job! It is only to our benefit that Eli is a strong woman.

The recent hype surrounding Valentine’s day is another classic case in point of what I call “knickers politics”.

Both sides of the political divide turned this ancient day of fun into a political circus. PAS and the religious holier than thou put an “immoral” tag on it. Its a prelude to premarital sex, they say. A launching pad to other immoral acts.

Hey bigots! Get a life! How many bomohs or priests and supposedly moral looking grandpas, professionals like doctors and lawyers, have been raping their clients, wards and grandchildren? They don’t need no valentine’s day for those hideous crimes!

Ah, what is a bit of smooching around holding hands and kissing your date? Its like these bigots had never been young before. They’re probably ashamed of what they’ve done and now want to police everyone especially strangers they do not know – like you and me!

It’s not like I am a great fan of Valentine’s. I don’t even celebrate the occasion. I like to be in love though. And I am continously in love with love! Many celebrate the day by appreciating their parents, elders, siblings, and many others.

It’s unlikely to be religious at all. Who remembers St Valentine, the love struck Italian priest who gave the day a meaning? No one! That’s right, I don’t even know what St. Val looks like! I do know how Rudolph Valentino look like though, ha, ha!

But people should be given a choice to celebrate the joyous and (for some) sexy day without fear. Snooping around for couples by some Valentine squad – read: bigots – is a super, major ridicolous thing to do, not in a country that spends millions to attract tourists.

To the snoop squad – You’re not their bloody parents, ok! You’re not even their bloody brothers! or worst, husbands!

Now the Penang CM Lim Guan Eng also took a chance at Valentine’s to draw extra marks for his reputation by handing out carnations to women of all races at the famous Chowrasta market.

Okayyyy…the flower sellers and the women were beaming from ear to ear I can see. From photos taken by famous blogger minus one MAC – Chan Lilian, I can see that Guan Eng’s strategy also managed to capture the hearts of the female reporters who were there covering the event.

But is the act necessary? Isn’t it better for example to give 100 single mothers something to improve their livehood or quality of life with? Maybe put a roof over some heads…

Or else that Romeo act of giving flowers is nothing more than a publicity stunt! And the carnations, unlike the BRIM RM500 (for those earning below RM3,000 per household) from the federal government, won’t live to see the next GE, dear….

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  1. rajan says:

    Happy valentines day to you sloooooonnnnnneeee !

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: Let’s concentrate how to sack this MoO n kick iT OUT 1st! :mrgreen:

  3. fanboy says:

    good one!!! : )

  4. casper says:

    Chill SLoone, imo Guan Eng and state administrator’s have done wonders for the island state – I wouldn’t read too much into his dishing out carnations other that an ‘occasion’ (a by the way) to be with the people.

    Since booting out previous Gerakan suits, Penangnites have much to celebrate, with present state govt. doing little wrong.

    Performance wise, it could be better (upwards trajectory) if not for trouble shooting baggage left behind by Gerakan/UMNO and incessant attempts to make life difficult from Federal govt (and let’s not even mention the hired thugs wielding the race card with constant cry of victimisation, every given opportunity) but thankfully Penangnites are wiser and can see through UMNO’s not so hidden hand sponsoring such sinister crowd enmassed.

  5. johnnie lim says:

    Our politician got nothing better to do and wasting their time on issues like valentine day, cinema etc. why dont they talk about corruption , and basics needs like a roof over one’s head. The prices is just beyond the reach of those earning less than 3k a month. (this is just my guess) Surely there are more important issued that needs more attention and action.

  6. wits0 says:

    Umno/BN Politicians of this disgusting 55 years old regime think they control every aspect of peoples’ life. Including, of course, mangling your feelings and emotions anyway they like!

  7. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: TBH dibuang dari tkt 14 dan LEMBU hitam ni dilepaskan dari tkt 1 Malaysia najis!!! :mrgreen:

  8. trisdass says:

    But is the act necessary? Isn’t it better for example to give 100 single mothers something to improve their livehood or quality of life with? Maybe put a roof over some heads…
    Very true sloone. I am a single mom (homeless with a blog):( I have tried many many MPs from PR and BN regarding this matter but its either no reply or they send me a msg “will get back to you later”. For me what options do I have PR or BN. I want to see results not tweets, sweets,etc. Its an agony not able to own a house nor rent one with kids in tow. Money can’t be made blogging unless I’m a superstar because issues I cover affects people who may not even afford a connection nor have time to attend and voice their problems. I am constantly msg everyone who has covered “single mother” issue but more talk and never act. Which makes me wonder is pathetic issues marketable for them to gain publicity? At the same time I have to be cautious into letting everyone know the “deal” which I am totally against. Be it PR, BN or some NGOs they have yet to prove their worth. For Malaysia we like to party and attend events I guess rather than solve a particular crisis. If I was given the flowers, I would have made it into potpourri to be sold that’s how important money is.

  9. sloone says:

    Thanks for the comment Trisdass. I totally agree with how you feel. Will email you soon about this.

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