I live in a country that is becoming increasingly extreme.
It’s not just the government, it is the people, little groups and individuals, people who think they can control other people’s lives.
And some people allow them to do it.
From middle earth to extreme right wing, the country journeys as Mr. Najib Razak unashamedly boasts he is a moderate.
Do moderates send packing off a victim of extremism although it is quite certain a death sentence awaits him in his own country?
Why would moderates want to rain tear gas or beat up their own people with batons when they gather?
Mr Najib has given the word moderate a new meaning. Dictionary, please!
While the country is being plundered – one only has to look at the Auditor General’s report – an infamous lady notorious for her shopping sprees baffles citizens with her latest remark : that those who criticise her are frustrated and jealous!
How not to be envious when everyday is a struggle for middle income earners?
It’s really easy to condemn others when you have it easy. Come down from your high horses, or are they cows, or chickens, and live eat sleep and shit as we do.
You will be frustrated, I assure you, but certainly, not jealous.

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  1. very upset says:

    Not jealous or frustrated…
    Just saying that the receiver is NOT deserving!!!

    no no no……..!

  2. It must be, according to Najib’s dictionary moderation only applies to the non Malays and not to people like the scumbags and parasites from Umno and Abrahim Ali or media organization like Utusan Melayu !

  3. Mark says:

    Ya,moderation only applies to the non-malays.The malays can go and ‘hina’ the non-malays like calling them as pendatang,go back to China or India,demonstrate with a cowhead and giving white angpows to the elderly during CNY and never want to apologise publicly.

  4. wits0 says:

    Since when can Najib talk straight? Murdering semantics is an everyday preoccupation. Only kok tok cometh forth.

    “Jealous”? That is almost an expected projection(in psychology) of her own negative psyche.

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