It’s a sham from the very beginning. The government’s proposal for a media consultative council is meant as a propaganda tool, at best, and at worst, to stifle more the current oppressive scenario of the Malaysian media. Thank you CIJ (centre for indepedent journalism) for saying it to their faces!

Already we are shackled by countless laws against press freedom and free speech – the Printing Presses and Publications Act (which determines whether a news organisations get the license to operate yearly) , the Internal Security Act (detention without trial for an indefinite period of time), Sedition laws, and the Multimedia and Communications Act. And now a media consultative council, which would be everything accept ‘consultative’?

Now way, siree!

Why not have a council to abolish all these repressive and anti-freedom law first? Then, let’s talk. You treat journalists like your enemy, then ask us to sit at the table for dinner with you? Well, gangsters do that. But we are not gangsters.

Which is why even academics consider the move as an “attempt to combat “non-conformist” views especially in the alternative media” (Zaharom Nain).

What the media wants is to govern itself. We believe we are capable of doing that. And we’ll do it by expressing our views not silencing or controlling them. Let the voices of dissent flourish, lets a thousand opinions bloom! We’ll deal with unethical journalism by confronting them head-on in our articles and stories, that they are wrong and unacceptable!

But when you have government heads on the ‘consultative’ board, they don’t consult. They’ll come with their authoritative view and do just that – authorise. Who doesn’t know that their ‘chats’ are orders, perintah, as they say in Malay. That’s their ‘meetings’ are warning sessions.

And to top it all, to have BLOG HOUSE – Prime Minister Najib Razak and Mahathir Mohammad’s propaganda tool – to represent “the new media” is the most blatant show of disregard for free speech and the most obvious indication that this ‘consultative’ council is only meant to propagate a one sided and jaded view.

I don’t mind if Blog House is non-partisan and have been conducting itself credibly but it doesn’t. It’s secretary Tony Yew recently lodged a police report against a fellow blogger Lillian Chan of Penang for her twit asking Christians to join the Bersih rally. If the secretary of Blog House cannot tolerate dissent, how can it represent the new media?

What more, Blog House patron is former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad – he put 106 people in ISA (detention without trial) and closed down several newspapers in 1987, and ruled with an iron fist for 22 years until his resignation in 2003. This can represent the “new media”?

Bullshit to the core!!!!!!

Well, after what the government has done to the Economist – blacking out relevant parts of the Bersih 2.0 rally for electoral reforms, what can the council hope to achieve with free press?

I knew from day one where bloggers who follow the tails of bloggers like Rocky Bru would lead to. And my premonition has proven me correct. Bloggers, who used to think that I was a fool, have now told me “You were right, Susan”. I itch to tell them “I told you so”. But I shall remain humble in my farsightedness.

No, thanks! Probably the only good this it does is to disallow online media like to join its ranks. Would be a bloody waste of precious time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kotor is the right word to describe UMNO BN and their Leaders from the more than 50 years of track records of oppressions of the Rakyats by using the Police Force as their tools of violence to suppress dissents and the blatant mismanagement of Malaysia with rampant corruptions and cheating and plundering the coffers of the Federal Government by inflating purchase prices with costs overruns and receive huge kickbacks from suppliers. Murders in Police and Macc’s Custody as the unaccounted and unresolved deaths. Kotor is the word aptly describe UMNO BN and the underhand dirty tactics they use to suppress the press and misinform the general public of Malaysia. Malaysians of all races must rise up to get rid of this Kotor evil UMNO BN regime with the thorough cleansing by Bersih which is the spirits of all the Rakyats for the well-being of all the future generations of all Malaysians in the next GE..

  2. wits0 says:

    The natives are fedup with their one-way-street insults and the accompanying 1001 “don’t'”.

  3. wits0 says:

    Another day and another gimmicky stunt by BN/Umno to perpetuate its repression on society!

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  5. ivan says:

    And we have that guard dog named Tony yew making a police report against a Penang housewife over a private tweet ! What a freaking sciissy!

  6. wits0 says:

    Lately we have an Election Commission that admits it can’t do anything except work for the ruling party.

    Now. don’t waste time with this so-called “Media Counci;”. It will only serve to broadcast Gomen propaganda and not news.

    Simple but the only possible conclusion.

  7. Hitam Had says:

    So another blogger (o5xm) is shut down. Can the voices of reason (dissent) prevail in bolehland? Pax.

  8. Tony Yew’s reply to Susan Loone of Malaysiakini is trash/lies, here’s why:

    1. Why did you make the police report?
    I am a peace loving Malaysian. I made the report after my request for her to retract her tweet on ‘getting christians to march for persecution against the lord’ was ignored.

    **Lillian tweeted back asking you for more info, you did not respond.
    By writing that she “ignored” your request, you told a lie

    2.What have you got against Lilian Chan?
    I have nothing against her until her tweet. Incitement using the Catholic faith as an excuse is one thing I will not stand by as a Catholic.

    **You are being wishy washy, using your Catholic faith as a cover up. You never explain what is incitement. By whose standards? By what section of the Malaysian Law ? You mislead and misrepresent. Maybe you are simply ignorant of the Law. You are thus foolhardy and untrusworthy

    3.How can you be the secretary of Blog House (an organisation set up to support bloggers) yet go after another blogger?
    This has nothing to do with Blog House.

    **Why nothing to do with Blog House ? Blog House is set up to look after the interest & independence of Malaysian Blogs & New Media. As Secretary how can you say this has nothing to do with Blog House? Another blatant lie !

    4.How can Blog House be a credible representative of the new media as proposed by the media council if it appears (perception is everything) to be intolerant of free speech?
    Again nothing to do with Blog House. Funny she mentioned about tolerance and free speech. Does the Chief Minister tolerate staff members who incite in the name of religion? Free speech is sharing thoughts, not incitement.

    **What has your police report against Lillian Chan anything to do with the Chief Minister ? You are intentionally clouding the issue. Your mind is either muddled up or you are being evasive. Your last sentence here “free speech is sharing thoughts, not incitement” appears incoherent to the question posed

    5.Do you regret the problem you seem to have caused (especially that Lilian’s iMac has been siezed)
    Its not my concern whether the police want to confiscate her equipment. As it happened before to people I kbow, I wouldn’t want to wish it on others. I am more interested to know that people who threaten the peace of the nation do not cause any more damage they have already done.

    **You seem to imply/slander that Lillian has done damage to the peace of the nation, how so you din elaborate. You could be sued soon for slander or making a false report, so beware

    6.Isn’t ‘thinking’ allowed in Malaysia? Chan Lilian said her tweets was merely her thoughts.
    Do you honestly think that? Thinking not allowed in Malaysia? If its her thoughts, then I am sure the AG will not charge her, so no problem.

    **Why be so presumptive and bring in the AG ? Another example of your incorrigible evasiveness and lack of coherence

    7.Whats your brief take on Allah issue, do you think this not a form of persecution on Christians in Malaysia?
    More important for the bishop to answer that question. My appointment with him did not materialise. It does seem that there are quarters bent on making this an issue though it was never one to me. Tuhan, God, Jesus works fine for me. In Malaysia (and being bilingual in Malay and English, Arabic does nothing for me)

    **Finally you are pushing the problem to the Bishop. The Allah problem is never a problem to you you say, so are you saying if something is not a problem to you, everybody should just shut up ? Then again why suddenly so responsible so conscientious and so worried that Lillian Chan’s tweets will incite the people ?

    I have proven in my analysis to Tony’s 7 responses above that his Police Report against Lillian has a secret (hidden) agenda and has nothing to do with the peace of the nation, and that by and large Tony Yew is a serial liar !


  9. CP says:

    Can someone find out who this Tony Lew is and where he slithers from? Please enlighten fellow citizens. We know about the good Doctor and One Najib.

  10. tourman53 says:

    No to Utusan!

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