Happy birthday, Najib! What would you like for a birthday present? Someone on my twitter said: what about an air ticket to france to attend the submarine court case? I thought that was a great idea!

Yesterday, Malaysia was on the world map again. See here, here, and here. As usual, for all the wrong reasons.

An affair which could have remained very low key and local, is now worldwide glare because Malaysia has deported French lawyer William Bourdon.Bourdon is not just any lawyer. He has 30 years and 50 monitoring missions behind him, probing, unraveling and exposing corrupt practises of despotic regimes, from africa to asia. Now he and the organisation he set up in 2005 – Sherpa – has set their eyes on Malaysia. This is made possible by a civil suit filed by Suaram in Paris against shipyard builder DCNS.

Arms dealing and expenditure in the country is not only complex but intriguing. And French probe has unearth millions of ringgit in commission paid to ‘top’ Malaysian officials by DCNS. Such acts are illegal and punishable by French law.
Fighting corruption within one’s one country should be considered noble, even patriotic. An open and transparent government should welcome this gesture.

So when Bourdon was detained in the aircraft just as it touchdown in KLIA on Friday, and later that night deported back to France, one can only conclude that the government under Najib Razak has alot to hide in this respect! This happens to be a universal perception.

Najib should know what perception is. Ask him ‘What is 1Malaysia?

Bourdon was accused of violating his social visit visa! But this is a lame excuse! The event in which he spoke was a close-door and thousands of business and NGO people have done just that all the time. We never heard of anyone else being DEPORTED!

The universal truth is: by deporting Bourdon, the government has turned the spotlight on Malaysia’s most controversial arms deal – the purchase of two submarines – costing a whopping rm7.3 billion!

Sometimes, I tend to believe there are elements, though hidden, within the goverment who are silently facilitating change from within. If these forces do exist, we must say ‘thank you’ and wish them well.

As for Najib, how can you possibly have a wonderful birthday when so much ‘blood’ is in thy hands?

Eo6 arrests, Bersih 2.0 police crackdown, Teoh Beng Hock forced suicide, Sarbani’s ‘XXX’ suicide, and yesterday the panic over Bourdon’s visit here. Is this your gift to the rakyat? I suppose we should plan a big birthday bash for you. Because it doesn’t do you good to go on bashing others like this!

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  1. telur dua says:

    The people is going to desert him at the next GE. His time has come.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😯 Ho 😯 Ho 😯

    😯 Tentulah itu FAT(diamond)mama dan najis penipu no.1 TAKUT!!!!!! 😯

  3. oldman says:

    This is to show that the colors of the government of Barisan Neraka Malaysia headed by the Najis. the power is their assets to overcome the cruelty and ego toward the rakyat. They has to use full of the police power in order to sustain the long power of making wealth among their families and cronies. Sooner or later they will last at the behind iron bars. I wish and pray that will be happened.

  4. Yes HO3, Najis must be running scared of what going to happen now…his days are numbered…his deputy must be sharpening his keris now …waiting for his time…while fat mama is running out of time getting her handbags& rings….whatever the TRUTH is coming out soon…!!!!

  5. k c low says:

    Mr. William Bourdon booted out of Malaysia. What a shame.

  6. wits0 says:

    The Hissy HM claims Bourdon has violated the condiion of his visa while the later explains that he does not even need a visa to visit malaysia.

    Guess who the thinking people actually believe?!

  7. WILSON WILL says:

    Swirling allegations of mega billions corruptions, murders, blue video taping ,planting, scandalising, flip flopping, usurping control of public institutions meant to served for personal agenda. Abused of power and suppressed dissents . Hijacking the Perak State Pakatan government by devious and corrupt means . In complicit with police , macc and the judiciary to suppress dissent and cover up all his wrong doings. Such wrong doings reported in the cyber space media, and international media will be the truth by default if left unchallenged and keeping denying it will enhance suspicions.

  8. WILSON WILL says:

    Arrest is imminent if the 13 th GE is a total victory for the PAKATAN government.

  9. WILSON WILL says:

    Krismudin and Krisnajis are suppose to be shaking the steel bars if it were to be happening in other countries.

  10. WILSON WILL says:

    Involved in high level thievery is treason. The whole Regime must be booted out of office FOR covering each other for pecuniary gains if not we will very soon be like GREECE.

  11. WILSON WILL says:


    Mr no.no, no.
    Mr frivolous.

  12. Alan Newman. NZ says:

    If Najib doesn’t arrest the super-corrupt CM of Sarawak – Taib soon, his integrity, moral & credibility go to the dogs. It’s as simple as that and the whole world sees too clearly. He is thus supporting Sarawak 45 year regime (yakub & Taib) that has plundered billions of $ and couldn’t care less for the people who elected them! BN is no better.

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