It’s 1.38am. Going to hit the sack, folks. Today (Saturday, Jul 9) is gonna be a long, long day. I’ll be on my toes, and if you are on site and have a good mobile, email your stories, photos, etc. Keep em short and sweet. Our website has been hacked as at 5pm yesterday, so try our alternative sites: English:​/BM:​Chinese:​SPREAD the WORD!!!! & here’s a poem before I zzz.

“May the universe
be kind
pour forth thy tears
cool those heartless
May raindrops
fall on parched lips
drench those empty souls
blow mighty, swift
wrap those angry bodies
make them warm
Sun, shine brilliant
blot out those cruel
fill their thoughts
with love
for freedom
Shine! glitter! blaze!
Blur their vision
Until they see
but a sea of change
sweeping the whole city

Susan Loone. Penang, Jul 9, 1.24am.

Note: Only a few hours away to the mighty rally. Jul 9 would be a wonderful day to remember, whatever the outcome. The world sits and watches. There would be 24 rallies in solidarity with Bersih 2.0 worldwide.

Instead of joining in the fun, PM Najib Razak has left the country in the hands of the IGP (police). To maintain order or to create chaos? One shall have to wait and see.

I just wish and pray that the police personnel, those who have families, friends, and those whose hearts are yet to be corrupted – may see the light. Perhaps, their hearts too are longing for change. I pray with all my heart and soul that someday our men and women in blue would stand on the side of the people.

I pray they would be merciful to the Bersih 2.0 protestors tomorrow.

This poem is a prayer that the Universe may pour forth the water of kindness and truthfulness into their hearts and soul. To open their minds and eyes, and to realise that they too are a part of the rakyat, and we are with them.

ps. We do pay for their salaries with our hard earned money! Btw, if you are arrested, or if you know of anyone who is/are: call these numbers:

* INFO : Jika ditahan polis, hubungi hotline peguam PAS: 0163126463 / 0163126473 / 0146451753 / 0123928379.

* In case of emergency and arrest BERSIH HOTLINE 013-2102002 or Legal Aid O3-26913005 or 03-55107007. Call & Lawyer will provide legal assistance.

* IN CASE of ARRESTS – KL Legal Aid Centre Urgent Arrest: Ravin tel nos 0193255825. Leena 0122841895. Stephanie 0163435202. Jeeva 0196353151 – SPREAD IT PEOPLE!!!


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  1. i-4-c says:

    To the leader of “Bersih”, my advice, wash your dirty arse clean first LOL and pleaseee do not betray your own country again for the sake of your selfish ambition. You had your opportunity to be PM but you threw it out of the window because the CIA had a hold on you yes on your arse hole hehe.

  2. wandererAUS says:


    You are a bigger asshole!!…you live on the droppings of decent true Malaysians.
    A typical deranged low life like you will be willin to sniff between Rosie’s navel and her knees…just to enjoy your pleasure of life.

  3. To the writer of 6.04 a.m..
    Do not pretend to be a patriot !
    Also are you saying that you too are just like Perkasa and Umno youth want to prevent the Bersih rally from asking for a fair and free election ?
    It is not a political rally by a political party and any attempt to stop it from taking place is just an attempt to obstruct justice. Typical of your kind, pure ignorance !

  4. Kiru says:

    Well, there was one PM, was not around as well when Memali happened. The Deputy had to take the blame…………

  5. I'm Malaysian says:

    I’m Malaysian first and all Malaysians are clean..
    The 1 who are dirty is BN..

  6. I'm Malaysian says:

    I’m Malaysian and i support free and fair election for all Malaysians..

  7. I'm Malaysian says:

    I’m Malaysian first..
    All fellow Malaysians out there must wake up to fight for our future..
    We all wants fair and clean election..

  8. I'm Malaysian says:

    I’m Malaysian first and I’m clean and fair to all..

  9. I'm Malaysian says:

    GOD bless all Malaysians..

  10. I'm Malaysian says:

    BN najib so scared of BERSIH because he is dirty..
    All Malaysians must wonder why najib can’t agree to clean and fair election!..

  11. I'm Malaysian says:

    When Malaysia city in need of najib to solve this major problem..
    Why he go overseas to meet the Pope?..
    Why can’t he postpone his meeting with Pope?..
    His ‘Rakyat didahulukan’ & ‘1 Malaysia’ will be rejects by the ‘Rakyat Malaysia’ soon..
    We need to ‘CHANGE’ this kotor g’ment..

  12. I'm Malaysian says:

    The more najib dogs arrest their own clean citizens..
    The more Malaysians will reject dirty BN in coming GE..

  13. I'm Malaysian says:

    Malaysians will always remember bn 2 sets of Law..
    1 for bn and another 1 for Malaysians..

  14. I'm Malaysian says:

    Power is in our hand fellows Malaysians..
    Reject this unfair and incompetence bn g’ment..
    We all need a fair and clean Government..
    CHANGE is a must now..

  15. charlie chan says:

    BN is very clean as 2 EX MCA chiefs are facing corruption charges in the multi BILLION PKFZ scandal. BN IS BERSIHKAN NEGARA, (9 JULY 2011 represents freedom day as malaysians are now set free from fear,thanks alll malaysains who walk for freedom.

  16. i-4-c says:

    Only the stupid and ungrateful took part in the “Bersih” rally which only had one line coverage in bbc hahahaha. A TOTAL FAILURE!!! The world knows how good Malaysia and Malaysians are without the need for these morons to shout on the streets hehe. However, there will always be pariah citizens led by the most pariah of them all, the Traitor of All Time ie needless to say that Arse Banger !!!

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