Teoh Beng Hock was among us, at the Penang Speakers Square last night.

I return home about 10.30pm to file my story. Was dissapointed that it was reduced to a minor link. So thought I highlight it “HERE”.

It didn’t quite happen at the exact square as nearby there was a movie showing on one of those big wide screens, courtesy of the Heritage celebrations.

So the gathering moved to the road side, facing the sea, the mainland is but a dim row of hills.

I wish it was more of a peoples gathering than one about DAP. Even if it were more a Pakatan Rakyat thing would also be good. But there were hardly any PKR or PAS people. 

Perhaps I didnt recognise many. I saw Pantai Jerejak YB Sim Tze Tsin (did not speak) and PAS Ramlah Bee Asiahoo, who spoke rousingly, calling Teoh “a Malaysian son”; “a hero” and “a freedom fighter”. Wow.

Many of the uncle and aunties who usually frequent the Speakers Square on Sunday attended Teoh’s event too, carrying candles like everyone else, shouting slogans, listening attentively to the speeches.

A group of young people, whom I recognised as the USM student progressive front, and Suaram, were among the crowd, chanting slogans whenever they felt like it.

The cool night was full of warmth from the candle light and people’s solidarity, but heavy with sympathy.

Even the SBs seem to be blending with the crowd, as they always do anyway.

When the candles were line-up on the street, I felt it was a reminder that the road to freedom and justice was long and windy, marked by fire and brimstones, littered with blood.


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  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

    💡 GOD bless Teoh Beng Hock good soul n bless his Parents,New born child,Wife n all his family members 💡

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

  2. hutchrun says:

    After Altantuya, the habit is hard to break. The directions to MACC came from Putridjaya who must bear the blame. Like this Lembu from Johor promising more of the same

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    😆 SINGING 😆
    😆 We are the PEOPLES 😆 We are the RAKYAT 😆 We are the one who will votes you WIN or votes you LOSE 😆 So you bad-x murderers 😆 Don’t ever try to pretend day by day 😆 Bcoz when times come we all going to votes you all out 😆 singing…more or less 😆 😆 😆

  4. kandhan says:

    On the surface, Umno is all calm and stable. But beneath the seeming tranquillity, discontent is simmering – and sending the jitters down the backbone of the Barisan Nasional.

  5. kandhan says:

    Yes, BSA Tahir was not detained under the ISA because he was a threat to national security. He was detained under the ISA so that he need not be put on trial where many important people would be implicated in illegal activities. And BSA Tahir’s opening statement clearly demonstrates this.

  6. kandhan says:

    “If BSA Tahir had been put on trial it would have been very damaging to the Prime Sinister’s family. So they chose to detain him instead under the ISA and then conducted a closed-door inquiry so that the secret would not become public knowledge. Then, with this ‘secret’ information, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was forced to resign as Prime Sinister to clear the way for Najib Razak to take over.”

  7. sabra says:

    Beng Hock’s younger sister, Lee Lan, slammed Abu Kassim today for his “insincere” effort.

    “What he said is just a front, for image only, but actually he did not do what he said in the statement,” she told reporters here after offering prayers for her brother’s soul at his death site.

    “If he is sincere, please find the one who did the thing, [and] not ask the MACC lawyer to do whatever to stop people being charged,” Lee Lan said.

    Lee Lan, now 30, also chided Abu Kassim for forgetting the actions of certain MACC officers who had in January this year lodged several police reports against Dr Pornthip.

  8. wits0 says:

    The obfuscating MSM must’ve thought that the tale of BSA Tahir is long forgotten too.
    Mr Clean!? Where in this world, can or does such a one ever exist within bUmno, Curry Oxfart?!

  9. wits0 says:

    MACC and Malusial regime goes together – like the old jingle from Nescafe of, “Love and Marriage…You can’t have one without the other..”

  10. gunong tahan says:

    Dap is just a hopeless party.

    Just get one of the culprits, send to Quantanamore. Voila, all the details revealed.

    Dap, balek tong san!

  11. GDP says:

    Pakatan to round-up Toyols…….

    The Selangor government has promised to expose the directors of companies awarded with rights to mine sand in the state prior to 2008 when Pakatan Rakyat (PR) took over the government.

    ….. the names would be revealed upon confirmation that they served as directors when the sand mining rights were awarded.

  12. GDP says:

    UMNO toyols can do it………….

    “It is impossible to excavate 10 million tonnes in two weeks because we need 500,000 lorries to transport that much of sand,” he quipped.



    Surely the dead cannot cry
    For their eyes are already dry
    But their souls will continue to try
    At the door of natural justice to pry

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 170710
    Sat. 17th July 2010.

  14. wits0 says:

    “We want to support a party because it helps us, not because it disgusts us less.”

    Only the craven would support a party that insults them as a right!

  15. kittykat46 says:

    “UMNO toyols can do it………….” – GDP

    The biggest and most lucrative illegal sand mining operation in Malaysia is in BN-controlled Johor….but the MSM pretends it doesn’t exist.

    Not to excuse Selangor – the State Govt. needs to go after the illegals.

    Singapore practically requires mountains of sand for its land reclaiming works.
    Sea-bed sand cannot be used because its laden with salt, which will attack buildings constructed on the reclaimed land later. So it has to be river bank or other on-land sand.
    Singapore has zero, and even the nearby Indonesian islands have little of that.
    Guess who’s making millions out of secretly selling mountains of sand to Singapore…

  16. kittykat46 says:

    Oh, its not a secret – its done in broad daylight, on a massive scale..
    The authorities in Johore look the other way because….(you fill in the blanks)…

  17. Jed Yoong says:

    Najib — Pemerintahan Hantu.

  18. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

    💡 Life Goes On 💡 TBH junior at Dad’s memorial service 💡
    💡 http://bit.ly/9ARlsy
    💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

  19. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡
    💡 GOD bless all good human being 💡

  20. wits0 says:

    “The authorities in Johore look the other way because….(you fill in the blanks)…” – KK46.

    Any discerning reader would have wondered why sand has to come all the way from Selangor only.

  21. tourman53 says:

    If UmNO says no pay for MACC then these MACC goons will eat shit.

  22. wits0 says:

    “MACC Chief: Public must fight corruption, not fight with MACC” – BANANA

    Beating about the bush and pretending that MACC is still above board.

  23. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡
    💡 RELAX your SOUL,BODY n MIND 💡

  24. gandalf says:

    To fight MACC
    Fighting corruption

  25. mirip says:

    Fighting MACC
    Fighting corruption

  26. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆

    😆 Kangaroo Court are useless as they protect 👿 n no cases can be solve 😆
    😆 International Criminal Court will be fair to all HUMAN kinds to charge those killers 😆

    Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆

  27. wits0 says:

    “‘Abu Kassim, this perception that you are the enemy was created by you, so it is you who must change the perception to re-instil faith in MACC.'”

    “Perception”, is their word. “Fact”, is ours.

    Fact is fact ; perception does not alter the fact, not about what occurred.

  28. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳

    😳 KILLERS (Mc-sisies) still scotch free n on the loose with DNA sick trick + sweep under the carpet by their 👿 species goons 😳

    Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho :oops: 

  29. kahkahkahkah says:

    Surprise, surprise! Paul, who scored a 100 percent success in his predictions for World Cup matches including Spain’s 1-0 victory over the Netherlands in the final, delicately moved his tender-loving tentacles into the Pakatan Rakyat box and gobbled the tasty mussel.

    Someone was overheard as saying: “Oh, oh, Paul will need a bodyguard or two just in case some crazy, hungry loser decides to turn him into a hot plate of sambal sotong.” It won’t sound like a joke if Paul hears it.

  30. kahkahkahkah says:

    Is this guy for real?
    To me he is just like Ali Baba’s brother, the greedy Kassim Baba.
    So what do we have here. . ., Abu Kassim Baba and the 40 thieves!

  31. wits0 says:

    If “Perception”, can alter the Fact, then morally pathetic Abu Kassim can truly walk on water!

  32. kittykat46 says:

    MACC is never going to regain credibility as long as it acts as a coercive branch of UMNO.

  33. kahkahkahkah says:

    Hisapmydick bin who said on,

    defended the government’s move to establish a committee to stop the dissemination of false news.

    “The freedom of expression is not an absolute right if it splits the country,”
    He said the guidelines are being drafted by the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

    He added that current agencies involved in regulating the media have all been demonised and the panel was set up to counter the cynics.

    And so he form another demon—now he will be “DEMON MASTER”

  34. kahkahkahkah says:


  35. wits0 says:

    “The freedom of expression is not an absolute right if it splits the country,”

    You and your ugly duplicitous ilks have splited the country for 53 tears! This is the essence behind your never ending hypocrisy and peverse talk.

  36. kittykat46 says:

    RM 10 Million program to reeducate university graduates…


    What do they teach students in local universities these days ?

  37. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    AFRAID OF what ❓ ➡
    ➡ CARTOON 4 = sound like c4
    ➡ INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT = make their Kangaroos Court close shop
    ➡ PRICE INCREASE = make RAKYAT angry n voted them out
    ➡ DSAI = our next good PM
    ➡ PR newspaper = bcoz all are telling nothing but truth
    ➡ Altantuyas name in p’liment = jibs scared of tuyas GHOST
    :mrgreen: ai yo yoyoyo many many more that need to continue lo :mrgreen:

  38. kahkahkahkah says:

    BN GORMAN FARKED……Terrorist Najis to beg US for mercy……….

    Previously unpublished English translations of sermons from Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development reveal potentially lethal levels of hostility towards the West that appear to have gone unnoticed. The Department of Islamic Development cannot be dismissed as some renegade fringe group. It is an official and intrinsic part of the Malaysian government, similar in function to the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States.

    He was parading the 1st Lady in US. Aiyah that fat GRO baytch nobody want la.

  39. kahkahkahkah says:

    “What do they teach students in local universities these days ?”

    How to Hisapumnodicks

  40. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄

    🙄 “What do they teach students in local universities these days ?”-KK46 🙄
    😆 CAMEL @ KAMLAN is one good example 😯 go all down to kiss mydik 😆

    Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄

  41. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 2nd Bala coming soon :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    💡 http://bit.ly/cT6g2L 💡
    :mrgreen: I wonder what type of HELL TORTURE he went through? :mrgreen:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  42. wits0 says:

    “What do they teach students in local universities these days ?”

    How to be umnoputrid tuans and puans by entitlement.

  43. kittykat46 says:

    MCA supports Najis


    Of course….MCA is a dead duck if not for continuing patronage from its master.
    I’m not sure how long the patronage will continue though…with some 20% Chinese support left, mainly from elderly voters and Machai beneficiaries, MCA is practically just a passenger these days.
    How long will UMNO tolerate a passenger, especially when their own position isn’t strong ?

  44. kittykat46 says:

    I’m personally well aware that broad-based subsidies have a negative effect on the efficiency of the economy.
    What angers me is that this subsidy removal is simply to help balance the books so that UMNO can continue to plunder the country.
    Its the same issue with the upcoming GST tax.

  45. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆
    😆 Say No To Racism n Reject Racism 😆 Say Yes to Harmony n Good songs 😆

  46. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄
    :oll: Tubuh Suruhanjaya Diraja Siasat Kes TBH – Majlis Peguam M’sia http://bit.ly/9VnJWA 🙄
    Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄

  47. WILSON WILL says:

    ” The World is a dangerous place not because of people who do evil only, but because of good people who look on and do nothing about it.”

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