Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is going to walk about tomorrow to mark the second anniversary of George Town as a Unesco Heritage site. His programme include:

(1) 8.30 am, Municipal Council, Jalan Padang Kota Lama;

He’s taking a trishaw tour from the MPPP building (officiating the Trea-Saw Hunt) to the Court House (9.45am); 1, Lebuh Penang (Leon Lim “The Last Chair” exhibitio) (10.15am); 29, China Street (10.30am) – “Parting Shot” oby Sharon Cheah; Stewart Lane (“Dream Ficus” by Fuan Wong) (11.05am); Transfer Road (Project “Marking George Town”) (11.25am); Transfer Road/ Lebuh Clark (Mosaic art) (11.50am); Lebuh Carnarvon/ Warisan Dunia office / “ Greening George Town” – official ceremony/ exhibition (12.20am); Refreshments – Armenian Street: Yap Kongsi (1.00am).

3. UNFORGETTABLE GEORGE TOWN NIGHT – STREET CELEBRATION (5.30pm) – Teow Chew Association, Chulia Street;

4. Armenian Street (Yap Kongsi) lunch (1.00pm)

5. UNFORGETTABLE GEORGE TOWN NIGHT – STREET CELEBRATION (Governor will attend) (5.50pm) – eochew Association, Lebuh Chulia;

6. CLOSING CEREMONY – 9.00pm – Padang Kota Lama.


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  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆
    😆 SAY NO TO RACISM :lol:


    The latest thinking on heritage
    Is not based entirely on mere age
    Yet proponents must have the necessary courage
    Before parts of history are wiped off with rage

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 060710
    Tue. 6th July 2010.

  3. gunong tahan says:

    Long live Emperor Lim GE!

  4. rebena says:

    Yes, Penang voters have continue to show supports to PR led-state .
    We aware and understand LGE team has bring The Oriental Pearl to another height – even in the Unesco heritage and culture, too.

  5. rebena says:

    Penang was lay back due to ex-bn reign.. katak buruk zrain and gerakan hanya jaga pocket meraka sendiri aje. Notherlands has beaten uruguay 🙂

  6. tribes says:

    Octopus oracle Paul is predicting Germany will be defeated by Spain at the World Cup semifinal. Sea Life Aquarium’s spokesman Daniel Fey said Tuesday that the famous mollusk from Oberhausen chose a mussel from a glass tank marked with a Spanish flag, while ignoring the tank marked with the German colors – indicating a Spanish victory in Wednesday’s semifinal.

    Read more:

  7. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳
    😳 The POOR we bacome POORER n the RICH will becomes RICHER when the subsidies reduce in a matter of time when those mismanagement goons cannot manage + tahan no more n we can see that everything expecially PETROL,SUGAR,FOODs price will jump up like BIG SPENDER FROGS very soon 😳 SICK OF THIS BARANG NAIK GOMEN
    💡 Time for CHANGE 💡 TIME for PAKATAN RAKYAT to manage n give back to RAKYAT better future n benefits 💡

  8. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

  9. mirip says:

    Penyiasat peribadi, Balasubramaniam kemungkinan mempunyai ‘anak kunci peti rahsia’ kes pembunuhan gadis Mongolia, Altantuya Shaariibuu, kata Naib Presiden PAS, Mahfuz Omar.

    “Ada sesuatu disembunyikan dari kita, seolah-olah Bala ini pegang ‘kunci peti rahsia’ tak kiralah kes Altantuya atau rahsia aktiviti isteri orang nombor satu negara,” jelas beliau petang tadi di lobi Parlimen.

    Sekiranya tidak, beliau berkata, takkan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) membatalkan niat menghantar tiga pegawai penyiasat (IO) ke London untuk bertemu Bala.
    Dalam pada itu, beliau turut mempersoal keengganan SPRM itu kononnya atas nasihat Peguam Negara, Abdul Gani Patai.

    “Tengah malam pun, SPRM sanggup buat rayuan di mahkamah supaya mereka boleh siasat, takkan dalam isu Bala ini, mereka ikut Peguam Negara dengan serah soalan pada peguam Bala saja,” jelas beliau.

  10. rebena says:

    Parliaments house has hold a durian party for the MP..
    oh.. they have overlook and miss to invite Ho Ho Ho..

    See , when the durian and much food and fruits were served, then the attendence of the MP for the parliaments session appeared to be nice ………ceh…..

  11. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

    😆 Howdy to Rebena n Frens n as we all know HEALTH IS WEALTH n we must stay fit n alert with full of conscious mind every now n then to keep on with the challenge ahead of us 😆 Durians is really the king of fruits BUT if taken with alcohol or too much is hazardous to HEALTH 😆 KEEP FIT 😆 KEEP SMILLING 😆 KEEP YOUNG 😆 KEEP MORE MONEY 😆 but don’t KEEP MISTRESS oopS hahahahahahaha or you will get into trouble as you know n I know la Mongol case 😆 Keep It Up Man n Tq 😆

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

  12. rebena says:

    Let the good works of PR continue in Penang , Selangor..etc

    Ho Ho Ho,
    heard Bank Negara increase the interest rate .. is it about the housing loan ? personal loan interest ?
    what’s the impact to rakyat ?

  13. kahkahkahkah says:

    “what’s the impact to rakyat ?”

    Book places at pedestrian walk ways to live at before all space is taken up…..current top living at DayaBumi KL.

  14. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 🙄 Ho 😳 Ho 😆

    😳 The impact will be this type of ‘Barang Naik’ gomen will be voted out by majority ‘RAKYAT’ comes this 13th GE n change new n better PEOPLE FRIENDLY n CARING Gomen 😳

    Ho 🙄 Ho 😳 Ho 😆

  15. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡
    💡 Rain or Shine 💡 RAKYAT will be with PR 💡 ALL THE WAY 💡

  16. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡
    💡 LOVE n CARE for your Family n Children future + Health because they are your EVERYTHING 💡 LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST

  17. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄

    🙄 Ai yo yoyoyo this Chief WHO secret-tary where he should stand n fight for fairness n justice ????
    Chief Cook he is NOT 🙄 Chief Secretary he is NOT 🙄 Chief Trojan Horse Bodek bumNO = Yes Yes Yes n Correct Correct Correct

    Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄

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